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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbook in their library that contains newspaper clippings from Kirksville, Missouri area newspapers from 1965/66/67. Included in the clippings are births, deaths, burial permits, engagements, marriage announcements, anniversary announcements, general society news regarding area families. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks (except the births*). If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name.
* Births are not listed here but we will be glad to check our index if you ask for a specific name.

Index of Kirksville, Missouri area scrapbook

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Death         Idler              Arthur M.                    03-Jan-71  38

Death         Iselin             Columbus O'Donnell           03-Jan-71  43

Death         Jackson            Joe, Jr.                     24-Sep-65 112

Death         Jaco               Kenneth Wayne                03-Jan-71  38

Death         Jaeger             Margaret M.                     Sep-69  17

Death         Jakoubek (Jacoby)  Edward                       10-Sep-69  16

Death         Jakoubek (Jacoby)  Edward                       09-Sep-69  19

Death         Jantzen            Grace L. (nee Sommerfeldt)   15-Dec-70  20

Death         Jenkins            Glen                         17-Sep-65  90

Death         Jinks              Minnie (nee Bergman)         09-Sep-69  19

Death         Johnson            John W.                      15-Sep-65  87

Death         Johnson            George J.                    01-Sep-65  92

Death         Johnson            Mrs. Anna B.                 16-Sep-65  97

Death         Johnson            John Lloyd, Jr.              15-Oct-67 119

Death         Johnson            Lulu                         14-Aug-68 149

Death         Jones              Ida                             Sep-69  17

Death         Jones              Leslie R.                    07-Oct-65 113

Death         Jones              Mrs. Nancy Bloomer           27-Sep-68 130

Death         Jost               Steven                       01-Sep-69  24

Death         Joyce              Michael P.                1966         109

Death         Kaiser             Carl J.                      15-Dec-70  20

Death         Kalal              Elenora S. (nee Wehmueller   03-Jan-71  38

Death         Kane               Kathryn Arvilla                 Sep-69  17

Death         Karhoff            John H.                      30-Apr-67 120

Death         Keck               Armin P.                     10-Sep-69  26

Death         Kefauver           Nancy                        20-Nov-67162B

Death         Keithley           Mrs. Clarence                08-Nov-65 113

Death         Keller             Myrtle                       25-Jul-65  81

Death         Kellhofer          Edward John                  17-Aug-66  85

Death         Kelly              Robert L.                    10-Sep-69  16

Death         Kelsey             Mrs. Martha                  11-Jul-68 131

Death         Kennedy            Genevieve M.                    Sep-69  17

Death         Kephart            John E.                          1966  111

Death         Kepler             Mary A. (nee Titti)             Jan-71  41

Death         Kerr               Homer Chamers                   Sep-69  17

Death         Ketcham            Fred                         03-Nov-66 167

Death         Kinderman          K. Fay (nee Bauer)           03-Jan-71  36

Death         Kinderman          K. Fay (nee Bauer)           03-Jan-71  38

Death         Kirby              Louis F.                     03-Jan-71  38

Death         Kirchner           Dr. Arthur J.                   Jan-71  41

Death         Kirk               James Newton                     1966  103

Death         Kirk               David George                 12-Aug-68 149

Death         Kirsch             Blanche E. (nee Martin)      15-Dec-70  20

Death         Kittle             C. Lewis                     26-Mar-68 124

Death         Klein              Joseph                       02-Jun-65  77

Death         Klostermeyer       J. Virgil                    03-Jan-71  36

Death         Klostermeyer       J. Virgil                    03-Jan-71  38

Death         Knittel            John William                 19-Jul-68 127

Death         Knotts             Lewis Bale                   30-May-65  74

Death         Koch               Patricia Michelle               Sep-69  17

Death         Koehler            Walter E.                               28

Death         Koehler            Elmer Francis                02-Jul-71  46

Death         Koenig             Carlo F.                     02-Jul-71  46

Death         Kohlbusch          Lucille and Wayne            18-Aug-66 102

Death         Kolodziejczyk      Elizabeth (nee Burdzyia)     03-Jan-71  38

Death         Kopp               Frank H., Sr.                09-Sep-69  19

Death         Kormeier           Otto L.                      02-Jul-71  46

Death         Korte              Mary L. (nee Schmitt)        15-Dec-70  20

Death         Krebs              Roland                       15-Dec-70  20

Death         Kreienkamp         Amelia (nee Stricker)        15-Dec-70  20

Death         Kremer             Joseph J.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Kribs              Zona                                    39

Death         Krissler           Augusta (Gussie)                        39

Death         Kronsberg          Eugene                                  39

Death         Krueger            Frank M.                     03-Jan-71  36

Death         Kruise             Mrs. W. P. (Eileen)          23-May-65  71

Death         Kunze              William H.                   08-Sep-69  24

Death         Kurtz              George M.                    09-Sep-69  19

Death         LaChance           Donald H.                    15-Dec-70  20

Death         LaChance           Anna (nee Fleischhacker)     02-Jul-71  46

Death         Laird              Flossie H.                   10-Jul-68 126

Death         Lake               Lucille                      05-Jun-65  67

Death         Lake               Lucille                      05-Jun-65  69

Death         Lambert            Jim                              1965   83

Death         Lambert            James S.                     30-Aug-65  86

Death         Lambert            Fred                         06-Apr-67 175

Death         Lamkin             Lewis                           Aug-65 170

Death         Lampe              Gladys M.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Landers            Luther W.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Lane               Deloris Ann                  12-Dec-66 117

Death         Lanemann           Louis F.                        Sep-69  17

Death         Lanham             Fred Blaine                     Oct-67 121

Death         Lannert            Irvin G.                     10-Sep-69  24

Death         LaRico             Ben                          02-Jul-71  46

Death         Larkin             Rosemary R.                  02-Jul-71  46

Death         Larrick            Jewell                       29-May-65  71

Death         Larrick            Jewell                          Jul-76  77

Death         Lasheye            Mrs. Nellie                  03-May-67 176

Death         Lattray            William, Jr.                 10-Sep-69  16

Death         Lea                Samuel Ray                      Sep-66 101

Death         Lear               Edmund (Ed) J.               27-Jun-68 144

Death         Leaver             Raymond A.                   09-Sep-69  19

Death         Ledford            Miss Kay                        Nov-68 136

Death         Lee                Ruth W.                      06-Jan-71  40

Death         Lee                James                        17-Aug-66 117

Death         Leeper             Bessie (Smith)               05-May-67 179

Death         Leffert            Sister Geresine                         31

Death         Leonard            Goldie E.                    23-Jun-65  97

Death         Lewis              Rolen Marvin                    Sep-69  17

Death         Lewis              Roy C.                       23-Jul-66  60

Death         Ligion             Winnie T.                    06-Jan-71  40

Death         Liscombe           Dennis C.                    15-Dec-70  20

Death         Locke              Mrs. A. A. (Inez)            01-Sep-65  91

Death         Lockridge          Thomas                          Sep-69  17

Death         Loduca             Carmelina                    02-Jul-71  46

Death         Loflin             Claudd                       10-Aug-68 148

Death         Long               JoAnn (nee Hensley)          03-Jan-71  36

Death         Long               JoAnn (nee Hensley)                     39

Death         Lopez              Jacob (Jake) H.              06-Jan-71  40

Death         Louisda            Ralph W.                     15-Dec-70  20

Death         Low                Welcome J.                   15-Dec-70  20

Death         Lucas              Earl B.                      13-Jul-68

Death         Luckett            Forrest M.                   02-Jul-71  46

Death         Lunsford           William                                 39

Death         Lynch              Clarence                     01-Feb-67 176

Death         Maeher             Mrs. Walter Peter (Phyllis   23-Aug-66 111

Death         Mairs              J. I.                        14-Aug-68 140

Death         Malone             Mrs. W. J. (Tenie)           09-Jun-65  71

Death         Maloney            Irene E.                     03-Jan-71  36

Death         Maloney            Irene E.                                39

Death         Maltby             William                      29-Aug-65 112

Death         Mann               Sarah                        07-Jan-71  31

Death         Margiotta          Jeannine S.                             37

Death         Marohnich          Frank F., Jr.                06-Jan-71  42

Death         Martin             Melvin Charles               09-Sep-69  19

Death         Martin             Floys                        02-Jul-68 145

Death         Martin             Forrest L.                   18-Aug-66 170

Death         Martin             Theed                        11-Jan-67 180

Death         Martinez           Pvt. Conception              24-Aug-66 107

Death         Mason              Mrs. Florence                04-Jan-71  32

Death         Mason              Raymond L.                   27-Aug-66 162

Death         Matkin             Woolsey Luther               21-Jul-68 143

Death         Matlick            Newton A. (Newt)             11-Nov-65  95

Death         Mattingly          Hubert H.                    15-Dec-70  20

Death         Mauck              Miss Lorene                  29-Jun-68 145

Death         Maupin             Urcel Lee                    06-Aug-68 134

Death         Maupin             Alfred Henry                 09-Aug-69 149

Death         Maus               Joseph                       06-Jan-71  42

Death         May                Noah S.                      30-Apr-67 121

Death         Maya               Mariano M.                   06-Jan-71  40

Death         Mayer              Elmer W.                     22-Jul-71  34

Death         Mayer              George                       03-Jan-71  36

Death         Mayer              George                                  37

Death         Mayer              Werner H.                    06-Jan-71  40

Death         Mayer              Mary Louise                  11-Jun-65  73

Death         Mayes              A. C.                        04-Jul-68 146

Death         McAteer            Ellen C. (nee Clark)                    39

Death         McBee              Tom                             Jul-65  72

Death         McCabe             James H.                     01-Sep-66 107

Death         McCandless         Paul, Sr.                               37

Death         McCann             Jesse W.                                28

Death         McCleary           Dr. Glenn A.                 15-Oct-67 119

Death         McCown             Joseph M.                       Sep-69  17

Death         McCoy              Helen E.                     24-Aug-66 107

Death         McCoy              Jefrow, Jr.                  10-Aug-68 134

Death         McDaniel           Ollie (nee Clark)            03-Jan-71  36

Death         McDaniel           Ollie (nee Clark)                       39

Death         McElroy            Harve                        10-Oct-65 114

Death         McGill             Grant                           Sep-69  17

Death         McGinn             Charles Arthur               13-Apr-72 164

Death         McGinnis           Mrs. Rosmarie                02-Jun-65  72

Death         McGinnis           Mrs. Rosmarie                02-Jun-65  78

Death         McGlothlin         Merl Lee                     13-Oct-65 112

Death         McGrath            Lawrence F.                  10-Sep-69  16

Death         McGrath            Lawrence F.                  09-Sep-69  19

Death         McIntire           William (Mac)                14-Apr-72 163

Death         McKay              K. A.                        15-Aug-66 102

Death         McKeag             Ionne J.                        Sep-69  17

Death         McKenzie           Dr. C. T.                    28-Sep-65 112

Death         McKiddy            Harold                       17-Aug-66  86

Death         McKinney           Brian                                   31

Death         McKinney           Mrs. Hazel Irene             13-Aug-68 149

Death         McLeod             James H.                     06-Jan-71  40

Death         McNabb             Vada Pearl (Halliburton)     13-Jun-65  88

Death         McNew              Benjamin  Franklin           16-Sep-65  93

Death         McNichols          Lyle                         03-Jun-65  78

Death         Means              R. L.                        14-Aug-66 102

Death         Mellick            Helen Therese (nee Hausch)   15-Dec-70  20

Death         Meyer              Carl J.                         Sep-69  17

Death         Meyer              Veronica (nee Orzel)         15-Dec-70  20

Death         Meyers             Hattie B.                    10-Sep-69  16

Death         Michel             Hulda Mary                   18-Aug-66 102

Death         Miller             Roy Earl                     06-Jul-65  67

Death         Miller             Roy Earl                     06-Jun-65  70

Death         Miller             George G.                    28-May-65  71

Death         Miller             George G.                       Jul-65  77

Death         Miller             Miss Letha                   11-Nov-65  90

Death         Miller             Opal B.                      22-Apr-67 115

Death         Miller             Delmar                       22-Sep-68 137

Death         Miller             Henry                        08-Jan-67 179

Death         Miller             William Henry                01-Jan-67 181

Death         Miner              Blanche L.                       1966  103

Death         Minks              Lawrence                     13-Apr-72 164

Death         Minnick            Charles Arthur               15-Apr-67 177

Death         Miriani            Lucille W. (nee Fischer)        Dec-70  22

Death         Mitchell           Charles                         Sep-69  17

Death         Mitchell           Melvin, Jr.                  21-Jul-65  79

Death         Mitchell           Mrs. Pete                    24-Jul-65  81

Death         Mitchell           David R.                     01-May-67 176

Death         Mobley             William Allen                28-Jul-67 122

Death         Moehrle            Mary L. (nee Hawkins)                   37

Death         Moise              Pvt. 1/C Robert L.                      37

Death         Molloy             Edith                           Sep-69  17

Death         Monagan            Horace B., Jr.               03-Jan-71  36

Death         Monagan            Horace B., Jr.                          37

Death         Moncrief           Stella                       27-Jul-68 128

Death         Monia              Herman                       02-Jul-71  46

Death         Monson             Victor Henry                 26-Aug-66 160

Death         Montgomery         Elizabeth (nee Neighbors)    06-Jan-71  40

Death         Moore              Elmer L.                     10-Sep-69  16

Death         Moore              Earl                         06-Jan-71  40

Death         Moore              Henry Marshall               02-Nov-65  88

Death         Moore              Foster R.                    02-Oct-65  92

Death         Moore              Beatrice May Thurlo          13-Jun-65  98

Death         Moore              Foster R.                    04-Oct-65 112

Death         Moore              AP - 4 Ronnie G.             18-Jul-68 143

Death         Moots              Grace Conner                 21-Jul-68 132

Death         Moran              Delphine P. (nee Bange)         Dec-70  22

Death         Morawitz           Russell Gustave              09-Jun-65  77

Death         Morawitz           Russell Gustave              08-Jun-65  78

Death         Morris             Pfc. Doyle Anthony           10-Sep-69  16

Death         Morris             Calvin J.                    09-Sep-69  19

Death         Morris             Ivah Cleo                    18-Sep-65  89

Death         Morris             Ned                          14-Sep-65  93

Death         Morris             Thomas                       01-Sep-66 107

Death         Morris             Jessie                       20-Jul-68 133

Death         Morris             William Jubal                20-Jun-68 144

Death         Morris             Mrs.  Grace                  17-Jan-67 178

Death         Morrow             Albert Harris                26-Aug-65 113

Death         Morse              William Wallace              01-Jul-68 145

Death         Mosebach           Dr. Herbert J.               29-Aug-65  82

Death         Mosley             Mr. George ( Vada Jean)      01-Jun-65  70

Death         Mudd               Cora Isabelle                   Sep-69  17

Death         Mueller            Walter J.                    10-Sep-69  16

Death         Muir               Lincoln Adrain               01-Jul-65  89

Death         Mullenix           Preston                      06-Aug-65  91

Death         Mullin             Fred                         03-Jan-71  36

Death         Munaco             Ina (nee Parker)             10-Sep-69  16

Death         Munaco             Ina (nee Parker)             09-Sep-69  18

Death         Murphy             Emmett X.                               37

Death         Murphy             William Clyde                30-Jun-65  98

Death         Murray             Roy L.                          Dec-70  22

Death         Muskopf            Mrs. Lydia A.                03-Jan-71  32

Death         Musson             Delos Richard                18-Sep-65  90

Death         Muth               Lawrence L.                  06-Jan-71  40

Death         Myers              Frances M. (nee Samford)                37

Death         Myers              Almeda                       03-Jun-65  69

Death         Myers              Almeda                       02-Jun-65  69

Death         Myers              Almeda                       02-Jun-65  82

Death         Myers              Almeda                       03-Jul-65  82

Death         Neal               Vera M.                      02-Nov-65  95

Death         Neat               James N.                     16-Aug-66 103

Death         Nelson             Jeffery Eldon                25-Jul-65  80

Death         Nesser             John, Sr.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Netzeband          Rudolph W.                      Jan-71  41

Death         Neusel             Elizabeth Stark              03-Jan-71  36

Death         Neusel             Elizabeth Stark                         37

Death         Newcomer           James A.                     23-Aug-66 111

Death         Newman             Benjamin T.                     Dec-70  22

Death         Nichols            Josephine L.                 13-Jul-68 146

Death         Nickel             Marvin (Bud)                 03-Jan-71  38

Death         Nicolia            Clarence F.                  03-Jan-71  36

Death         Nicolia            Clarence F.                             37

Death         Nisbet             Mary Margaret (Mimi)         09-Sep-69  18

Death         Noe                George Thomas                18-Oct-65  96

Death         Noll               Marie E.                     09-Sep-69  18

Death         Noll               C. E.                        26-Oct-66 166

Death         Nooning            Mrs. Edward                  26-Aug-66 108

Death         Norhcut            Alton (Al)                              37

Death         Norhcut            Alton (Al)                              39

Death         Norman             Mrs. Etta                    29-Jul-68 147

Death         Nuhn               Clark                        25-Jul-68 147

Death         Oberschelp         John Alfred                  10-Sep-69  17

Death         Oberschelp         John Alfred                  09-Sep-69  18

Death         Oburn              Clara (nee anderson)                    37

Death         O'Connor           Edwin                           Mar-68 139

Death         Ogle               William Thomas               21-Jun-65  93

Death         Ohl                John                         03-Jan-71  28

Death         Ohlemueller        Philip                       10-Sep-69  17

Death         Olinger            Mrs. Lee                     14-Aug-68 140

Death         Overstreet         Mrs. Hattie E.               18-Nov-68 136

Death         Padgett            Ollie                        04-Jun-65  67

Death         Padgett            Ollie                        04-Jun-65  69

Death         Pahl               Auguste                   1965         116

Death         Parker             Lawrence                        Sep-69  17

Death         Parker             William L.                      Dec-70  22

Death         Parker             Mable V.                     11-Jun-65  79

Death         Parrish            Twila S.                     23-Aug-66 106

Death         Paterson           Robert                       22-Aug-66 105

Death         Patjens            Henry K.                                37

Death         Patrick            Russsell                     01-Aug-68 148

Death         Patterson          Helen                           Sep-69  17

Death         Patton             Mrs. Jonelia L.              30-Dec-70  30

Death         Patty              Mary E.                      25-Aug-65  94

Death         Pavelec            Mary Barbara                    Sep-69  17

Death         Payne              Frank                        30-May-65  74

Death         Payne              Frank                        31-May-65  75

Death         Pearce             Courtland Buddy              03-Jun-65  78

Death         Pechmann           Katherine L. (nee Westing)   10-Sep-69  17

Death         Pechmann           Katherine L. (nee Westing)   09-Sep-69  18

Death         Peck               Ernie                        31-Aug-65  82

Death         Pedersen           Johannes (John)                         37

Death         Peeler             Samuel Everett                  Jan-71  41

Death         Pepping            Edward George                   Sep-69  17

Death         Perry              Robrt Wallace                31-May-65  72

Death         Perry              Robert Wallace               23-May-65  74

Death         Perry              Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mack       24-Jul-65  79

Death         Peters             Fred J.                      09-Sep-69  18

Death         Peters             Joseph                                  37

Death         Peterson           John Alva                    08-Oct-65 113

Death         Petrakis           Jocho                             1965  86

Death         Petty              Vester V.                       Dec-70  21

Death         Pfeiffer-Brauer    Katherine (nee Huemann)                 37

Death         Pfieffer           Homer Franklin               21-Nov-67 139

Death         Pflueger           Ernst                                   29

Death         Pflum              Mrs. George (Carrie I.)      21-Jul-67 120

Death         Phelps             Gertrude Irons               16-Jul-68 132

Death         Phillips           Wesley Eugene                13-Jun-65  78

Death         Phillips           James                        04-Oct-65 113

Death         Pickard            Sandra Kay                   02-Jun-65  78

Death         Pike               James A.                     01-Sep-69  24

Death         Pinet              French                       06-Jun-65  77

Death         Pitman             Beatcher L., Sr.                Dec-70  21

Death         Place              Harry                           Jun-66 169

Death         Plowman            Mrs. Gradys Mae              15-Jan-67 179

Death         Poetting           Arthur A.                    09-Sep-69  18

Death         Pointer            John William                 02-Nov-65  97

Death         Ponting            Cora                         26-Aug-65 110

Death         Porter             Charles                      06-Oct-65 114

Death         Porter             Mrs. Lennie                  14-Aug-68 140

Death         Posen              Rose                                    37

Death         Posey              Clava                           Aug-68 135

Death         Postal             William J.                      Jan-71  41

Death         Poston             Leslie James                 22-Aug-66 104

Death         Poston             Leslie James                 22-Aug-66 109

Death         Potter             Jean                         09-Sep-69  18

Death         Potye              Susanna                                 39

Death         Pounds             Willis, Sr.                     Sep-69  17

Death         Powell             Elmer (Smoky)                    1966  107

Death         Powers             Stephen C.                   09-Sep-69  19

Death         Powers             Army Sp. 4 Charles               1966   85

Death         Preiss             Edward O.                               37

Death         Preiss             Edward O.                    06-Jan-71  42

Death         Presser            Ethel LaVaughn               07-Jul-68 144

Death         Price              Harry Patrick                   Jan-71  41

Death         Price              Mrs. Margaret                13-Aug-68 135

Death         Prothers           Jeffery Allen                21-Jan-67 181

Death         Provaznik          Francis J.                   10-Sep-69  17

Death         Pryer              Mary E. (nee Boewer)                    37

Death         Pryor              Garfeld H. (Bill)            23-Jun-65  89

Death         Pults              Edward LeRoy                    Jun-65  77

Death         Purdin             Stanley L.                   29-Jul-68 126

Death         Purdy              Anna Carroll (nee Bonus)        Dec-70  21

Death         Quinn              Hayes                        17-Aug-66 100

Death         Quirin             Mrs. Grace                              29

Death         Randant            Mrs. Helen                              29

Death         Rardon             Marty Lane                   27-Jul-68 133

Death         Rathouz            Mrs. Vera                               29

Death         Rechterman         Monroe E.                    09-Oct-65 113

Death         Reddish            Craig L.                     20-Jun-68 146

Death         Reed               Ora Isabelle                 17-Sep-65  98

Death         Reed               Minnie                           1966  105

Death         Reedal             George                       01-Jun-65  71

Death         Reedal             George                       01-Jun-65  73

Death         Reedal             George                       01-Jun-65  79

Death         Reger              James Fred                   03-Oct-65  91

Death         Reis               Anna R. (nee Sampson)           Jan-71  41

Death         Rekowski           Louise (nee Zegarski)        10-Sep-69  17

Death         Remmert            Marie K.                     15-Dec-70  20

Death         Reuther            Elizabeth                    09-Sep-69  19

Death         Rhoads             Robert Lee                      Aug-66 109

Death         Richardson         Anna (nee Bowles)            10-Sep-69  17

Death         Richardson         Laurence Eugene              02-Jun-65  77

Death         Richardson         Laurence Eugene              24-May-65  78

Death         Richardson         Mrs. Ethel                   14-Aug-66 170

Death         Richmond           Lloyd C.                     08-Aug-68 150

Death         Rickert            Miss Bertha A.                          31

Death         Riegel             William F.                      Sep-69  17

Death         Ripperdan          Ralph E.                     15-Aug-66 100

Death         Ripperdan          Raymond J. (Tucker)          30-Aug-66 111

Death         Robbe              John W. (Uncle Bill)         10-Sep-69  17

Death         Roberts            Endsley                      02-Jun-65  71

Death         Roberts            Endsley                      26-May-65  74

Death         Roberts            Roy Lee                         Aug-68 136

Death         Roberts            Luvenia                      21-Nov-67 139

Death         Robertson          Pearl M.                         1965   72

Death         Robertson          Pearl M.                     31-May-65  74

Death         Robinson           Thomas James                    Sep-69  17

Death         Robinson           Mrs. Floy Goodwin               Jan-71  41

Death         Robinson           Glenn                        05-Jun-65  98

Death         Robison            Richard C. and family        07-Jul-68 129

Death         Rodgers            Alfred H.                    13-Apr-721674

Death         Roe                Cora Jane (nee Brandon)         Jan-71  41

Death         Rogers             Jessie Phhillip              15-Apr-67 177

Death         Rogerson           Paul                             1966  102

Death         Rogerson           Paul                             1966  106

Death         Rogerson           Paul                             1966  111

Death         Roland             Katherine E.                 15-Dec-70  20

Death         Rolison            Viny Maude                   26-Mar-68 125

Death         Rolston            Nora E.                      01-Jun-65  67

Death         Rolston            Nora E.                      01-Jun-65  75

Death         Rolver             Elizabeth B. (nee Buettmann)            37

Death         Rolver             Elizabeth B. (nee Buettman   06-Jan-71  42

Death         Rose               Eugene                                  37

Death         Rose               Eugene                       06-Jan-71  42

Death         Rowe               Ramon                        24-Jun-68 135

Death         Rung               Rose (nee Schoy)             09-Sep-69  19

Death         Russell            Elenora D. (nee Laurent)        Jan-71  41

Death         Russell            Joel Edward                  30-Aug-65  83

Death         Ryan               Mary M.                      09-Sep-65  87

Death         Ryan               Nellie                       13-Apr-72 164

Death         Rybacki (Rybacka)  Martha                          Sep-69  17

Death         Saenger            Mrs.Christina O.                        29

Death         Saler              Virginia L. (nee Kessler)    02-Jul-71  47

Death         Salyer             Kenneth                      09-Jul-65  75

Death         Sandell            Philip A,                               37

Death         Sandridge          Ray W.                       23-Aug-66 105

Death         Sanford            John                         17-Aug-66 100

Death         Sayers             Owen O.                      14-Aug-68 149

Death         Sayre              Debra and Rosemary           22-May-66 124

Death         Schaefer           Mrs. Dorothy J.              02-Jan-71  33

Death         Schaeffer          Wilbert (Bud)                           39

Death         Schaub             George                                  31

Death         Scherer            Charles J. (Honkie)          09-Sep-69  18

Death         Scheufeler         Charles E.                              37

Death         Schiller           George M.                    06-Jan-71  40

Death         Schilli            Gene J.                      10-Sep-69  17

Death         Schilli            Gene J.                      09-Sep-69  19

Death         Schlaffer          Clara F. (nee Ficht)         15-Dec-70  20

Death         Schlueter          Frank T.                     02-Jul-71  47

Death         Schmidt            Alex                             1968   26

Death         Schmidt            Otto H.                                 37

Death         Schmidt            Mildred (nee Oberbeck)       02-Jul-71  47

Death         Schmitt            Eunice A.                    15-Dec-70  20

Death         Schneider          Dora                            Sep-69  17

Death         Schneider          Effie Mae                    08-Sep-69  22

Death         Schob              Otto E., Sr.                 09-Sep-69  19

Death         Schoenbaum         Raymond, Connie and Rose     25-Jul-65  81

Death         Schoonover         FloydE.                      11-Jul-67 115

Death         Schottel           Mathias E.                   02-Jul-71  47

Death         Schrader           Eleanor                      30-Dec-70  30

Death         Schrader           Max                             Jan-71  41

Death         Schrader           Max                          06-Jan-71  42

Death         Schramm            Verna Ann (nee Bauer)        10-Sep-69  17

Death         Schrick            Mrs. Mary Ellen              30-Dec-70  30

Death         Schrumm            Lulu Adelade                    Sep-69  17

Death         Schulte            Alvin H.                     22-Jul-71  34

Death         Schulte            Virginia                        Jan-71  41

Death         Schulze            Oscar Henry                             39

Death         Schweikert         Mathilda (Tillie) (nee Eng   10-Sep-69  17

Death         Scott              Amelia                       06-Jan-71  40

Death         Scott              Mary Florence                   Jan-71  41

Death         Scott              Mary Florence                06-Jan-71  42

Death         Scott              Wallace W.                   03-Jun-65  67

Death         Scott              Wallace W.                   03-Jun-65  69

Death         Scott              Harry W.                     27-Apr-67 182

Death         Seals              Pearl S. (nee Lambert)       02-Jul-71  47

Death         Seals              Harry E.                          1965  69

Death         Seckington         Dave                         13-Sep-65  97

Death         Seeger             Mrs. Alice                   07-Aug-68 149

Death         Selby              Eden                            Aug-68 136

Death         Senger             Angeline Schmidt (nee Muel   10-Sep-69  17

Death         Senger             Angeline Schmidt (nee Muel   09-Sep-69  18

Death         Servant            Robert M.                    02-Jul-71  47

Death         Settles            Ernest Elsworth              06-Jun-65

Death         Seufert            Teresa (Tanta)               09-Sep-69  19

Death         Sevits             William Leon                 02-Jun-65  69

Death         Seward             Mrs. Nadine Marion           13-Aug-66  85

Death         Sharp              May Ruth (nee Wehling)       15-Dec-70  20

Death         Shaver             Mrs. Emma                    10-Jan-67 179

Death         Shelton            Clara Anna                   04-Aug-65 110

Death         Shelton            James C.                     13-Oct-67 119

Death         Shelton            Ora Cecil                    23-Jan-67 181

Death         Shibley            Arleigh P.                       1965  161

Death         Shillington        Mary Pierce                     Sep-69  17

Death         Shoop              Mrs. Roy (Nancy)             07-Jun-65  70

Death         Short              Kenneth                      27-Jul-68 127

Death         Shreve             Dr. James A.                 31-Aug-68 151

Death         Shultz             Robert Henry                    Jul-65  79

Death         Shumaker           Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert         28-Jul-68 124

Death         Shutts             Leslie B.                    11-Aug-68 148

Death         Sidden             John H.                      28-Aug-66 160

Death         Sieg               Hattie C.                    10-Sep-69  17

Death         Simpson            Albert R.                               39

Death         Singer             Nicholas A.                  15-Dec-70  20

Death         Sinner             Mrs. Violet                  18-Aug-66 100

Death         Sinner             Violet Mae                   18-Aug-66 101

Death         Skinner            Effie Ethel                  20-Jul-67 121

Death         Slauson            Bertha Mae                       1968  126

Death         Slighton           Mamie (nee Brown)            15-Dec-70  20

Death         Smiley             George W.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Smith              Lula                            Sep-69  17

Death         Smith              Sister Grace A.              03-Jan-71  38

Death         Smith              Grace E.                        Jan-71  41

Death         Smith              Jeffrey                      23-Jul-65  74

Death         Smith              Bridget Irene                05-Jul-68 146

Death         Smith              Daniel Burton                19-Jun-66 169

Death         Smith              Raymond                      28-Apr-67 176

Death         Snodgrass          Beth Ann                     04-Jun-65  67

Death         Snodgrass          Beth Ann                     04-Jun-65  71

Death         Snyder             Katie P.                     23-Jul-68 143

Death         Sollmann           Emil S. (Bud)                10-Sep-69  17

Death         Sona               Alfred J.                    15-Dec-70  20

Death         Sorgenfrei         Axel                         13-Apr-72 163

Death         Sosey              Donald H.                    29-Jun-68 145

Death         Spilker            Carl W.                      09-Sep-69  19

Death         Spitznagel         Steven Ray                      Sep-69  17

Death         Spreng             John                            Sep-69  17

Death         Springmeyer        Edward Frank                    Sep-69  17

Death         Squires            Lois O.                      10-Oct-65 114

Death         St. Denis          Ruth                            Aug-68162B

Death         Stacey             William Luke                 28-Jul-68 142

Death         Stack              Sarah Grace                     Sep-69  17

Death         Stacy              Rolla N.                        Jul-65  79

Death         Stagg              George C.                    10-Sep-69  17

Death         Stagg              George C.                    09-Sep-69  18

Death         Stanley            Pearl (Toy)                  14-Mar-67 115

Death         Stansbury          Robert J.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Stark              Raymond Edward               06-Jan-71  40

Death         Stedelin           Jerome J. , Sr.                 Jan-71  41

Death         Stedelin           Jerome J. , Sr.              06-Jan-71  42

Death         Steffek            Paul                         06-Jan-71  40

Death         Steiner            Roy Kelso Melvin                Sep-69  17

Death         Steiner            Myrtle Sears                 06-Jul-68 146

Death         Steller            Lawrence M.                     Dec-70  22

Death         Stephenson         Mrs. B.  S. (Mabel Keith)    18-Aug-66  84

Death         Stephenson         Jasper Danna                 26-Aug-65 113

Death         Sternke            Ray L.                       20-Aug-66  84

Death         Stetch             Harvey                       16-Mar-67 181

Death         Steutermann        Clara J. (nee Nahler)           Jan-71  41

Death         Steutermann        Clara J. (nee Nahler)        06-Jan-71  42

Death         Stevenson          Dale                         30-Dec-66 179

Death         Stewart            Janice Sue                   18-Aug-66  84

Death         Stienhans          Emmett George                   Sep-69  17

Death         Stigall            Vernon Nevel                 09-Oct-65 113

Death         Stitch             J. W.                        12-Mar-67 181

Death         Stithem            Mrs. Franklin                13-Apr-72 164

Death         Stiwell            Mrs. Mabel J.                21-Jul-68 129

Death         Stiwell            Mrs. Mabel J.                24-Jul-68 143

Death         Stocker            Clarence E.                  10-Sep-69  17

Death         Stolberg           Miss Hilda M.                           31

Death         Stone              Mrs. Wilma                   17-Jul-68 143

Death         Strock             Mrs. Ernest (Mable Margare   21-Aug-66 105

Death         Strouvelle         Roy                          28-Aug-66 160

Death         Stufflebean        Mrs. Julia Ann Margaret      16-Aug-68 149

Death         Stumbaugh          James                           Dec-70  22

Death         Swain              Edward Everett, Sr.          12-Feb-72  15

Death         Swearingen         Floyd                        23-Jul-68 132

Death         Sweet              Lillian F. (nee Bilger)      06-Jan-71  40

Death         Swinderman         Mrs.                         06-Jun-65  74

Death         Swisher            Eli Laudwig                  17-Sep-65  93

Death         Swisher            Charley William                 Jul-68 134

Death         Talbert            Bert H.                      05-Jan-67 179

Death         Tarpening          Elmer Lee                    26-Jul-68 147

Death         Tate               Robert Allen                 19-Jul-68 125

Death         Tate               Diane Warlock                22-Sep-68 139

Death         Tattitch           Steve                           Dec-70  22

Death         Tavernier          Forrest P.                      Sep-69  17

Death         Taylor             Clarence E.                  30-Dec-70  30

Death         Taylor             Ann                          31-Aug-66 108

Death         Taylor             Robin                        23-Aug-66 110

Death         Tester             Mrs. Dela                    24-May-65  78

Death         Tester             Mrs. Dela                    02-Jun-65  78

Death         Teter              Kerry Michell                13-Aug-66 100

Death         Thomas             Edward S.                    17-Aug-66 104

Death         Thompson           John H.                      22-Jul-71  34

Death         Thompson           A. J.                        06-Jan-71  40

Death         Thompson           Mrs. Henry (Ola)             23-Jun-65  97

Death         Thompson           A. R.                            1966  103

Death         Thompson           Henry A.                     21-Aug-66 105

Death         Thompson           Henry A.                     21-Aug-66 106

Death         Thompson           Army Sgt. Odis               02-Aug-66 108

Death         Tippie             Louis                        03-May-67 176

Death         Tisher             Clarence                     31-Aug-65  86

Death         Tobin              Agnes Ruhle (nee Mann)       06-Jan-71  40

Death         Todd               Alice Veronica               22-Sep-68 137

Death         Tomes              Sgt. Edward C. and Suznne    24-Sep-65 112

Death         Tomich             Alexander O. (Ollie)         06-Jan-71  42

Death         Toney              James                     Jun 8 1965   116

Death         Toombs             Donald Royce                    Aug-66 106

Death         Traeger            Adolph H.                    02-Jan-71  33

Death         Truhlar            John F.                      02-Jul-71  47

Death         Truitt             Jesse M                      08-Jun-65  72

Death         Trumbull           Nellie Cullen                09-Sep-69  18

Death         Tucker             Tony Wayne                   10-Sep-69  17

Death         Tuggle             Harry M.                     01-Sep-66 108

Death         Turner             William                      10-Sep-69  17

Death         Turner             Floss N.                         1965   69

Death         Turner             Alfred E.                    27-Aug-65  83

Death         Twitchel           Nellie                       01-Jun-65  74

Death         Twitchel           Nellie                       31-May-65  75

Death         Underwood          Mrs. Lovie                   06-Jul-65  82

Death         Unger              Frances (nee Beckring)       09-Sep-69  18

Death         Urban              Ethel B. (nee Gazzard)       10-Sep-69  17

Death         Urban              Ethel B. (nee Gazzard)       09-Sep-69  18

Death         Uthe               Wm J.                        25-Apr-67 174

Death         Valentine          Walter C.                               39

Death         Van O'Linda        Dr. Calvin H.                17-Sep-65  96

Death         Vandas             Mabel A. (nee Malloy)        02-Jul-71  47

Death         Vanderbos          John C.                      06-Jan-71  42

Death         Vanderheyden       Elsie M.                     10-Sep-69  17

Death         Vandolecht         Tamara Dawn                  23-Jul-65  80

Death         Varllas            Della (nee Umrath)                      37

Death         Varllas            Della (nee Umrath)           06-Jan-71  42

Death         Vawter             Ida May                      31-Aug-66 108

Death         Viehman            Wilburn G.                   02-Jul-71  47

Death         Vintorin           FrankJ.                         Dec-70  22

Death         Vitale             William C.                   06-Jan-71  40

Death         Vohswinkle-Stein   Myrtle M. (nee McCulloch)               37

Death         Voyles             Mary Susan (nee Wright)                 37

Death         Voyles             Mary Susan (nee Wright)      06-Jan-71  42

Death         Wachter            Clara E. (nee Oberdieck)     09-Sep-69  18

Death         Waddill            Mrs. Nellie G.               07-Jul-65  97

Death         Waddill            Mrs. Arch D. (Maude May)     19-Aug-66 103

Death         Wade               Mrs. Margaret                23-Apr-67 174

Death         Waehter            James A.                        Sep-69  17

Death         Wagner             Bernard "Ben"                22-Jul-71  34

Death         Walka              George E.                       Dec-70  21

Death         Walker             Caroline (nee Gunther)       09-Sep-69  18

Death         Walker             Roy                          31-Aug-66 107

Death         Walkup             Virgil Glen, Sr.             21-Jul-68 146

Death         Wallace            Cora (nee Johnson)                      37

Death         Walls              John William              1966         101

Death         Walter             Mrs. Fannie Isabel           21-Jul-68 143

Death         Walther            Mamie Ann                       Jan-71  41

Death         Wandell            Russell D.                   22-Nov-68 135

Death         Ware               Haridon E.                   22-Jul-71  34

Death         Warner             George Andrew                03-Mar-67 178

Death         Warren             William                         Dec-70  21

Death         Warren             Keeneth Arthur (Tiny)        09-Oct-67 118

Death         Watkins            Oliver                                  39

Death         Watson             Ethren H.                    23-Jul-65  59

Death         Watson             Ezra                            May-65  77

Death         Watson             George W.                    28-Jun-65  92

Death         Watson             Lavina                           1966  103

Death         Watts              Harry Everett                19-Aug-66 110

Death         Weakly             William A.                      Jul-68 147

Death         Weaver             Daniel E., Sr.               02-Jul-71  47

Death         Weber              Fred                         09-Sep-69  18

Death         Weber              Raymond John                 02-Jul-71  47

Death         Weeks              Army PFC. Walter N.          31-Aug-66 107

Death         Wegen              Ethel D. (nee Holman)           Jan-71  41

Death         Wehking            Johanna C. (nee Stawitz)     10-Sep-69  17

Death         Weier              Fred B.                         Dec-70  28

Death         Welker             Theodore James                  Sep-69  17

Death         Westcott           Carrie Belle                 19-Aug-66  84

Death         Westermann         Fred P.                         Jan-71  41

Death         Weusthoff          William F.                   10-Sep-69  17

Death         Weusthoff          William F.                   09-Sep-69  18

Death         Wheeler            Rolla Logan                     Jun-65 138

Death         Whisenand          Nora                         05-Jun-65  77

Death         White              Victor C.                    16-Jun-65  69

Death         White              Jessie B.                    20-Aug-66 105

Death         White              George G.                    11-Jul-68 133

Death         Whitlock           Gertrude Mandy Dobbs         31-Jul-68 127

Death         Whitt              Mrs. Gertrude                25-Apr-67 175

Death         Wiedebusch         Louise M.                       Dec-70  21

Death         Wierciszewski      Mary Wier (nee Tocicki)      09-Sep-69  19

Death         Wilcox             Leonard                      23-Jul-68 143

Death         Wildt              John Clifford (Cliff)                   37

Death         Wildt              John Clifford (Cliff)        06-Jan-71  42

Death         Wilhardt           Ella M.                         Sep-69  17

Death         Willey             Mrs. Lavinia Bell               Aug-68 137

Death         Williams           SP/5 Orvis                   15-Dec-70  20

Death         Williams           Roy Harold                       1965   70

Death         Williams           Roy Harold                   27-May-65  82

Death         Williams           Ira J.                       26-Aug-65  99

Death         Williams           Dora A.                      31-Aug-66 107

Death         Williams           Wade Hampton                 19-Jul-68 126

Death         Williamson         Henry Edwin                  10-Sep-69  17

Death         Williamson         Henry Edwin                  09-Sep-69  19

Death         Williamson         B. Earl                      23-May-66  25

Death         Willis             Russell                                 37

Death         Willis             Sarah A. (nee Mason)         02-Jul-71  47

Death         Willmann           Arnold                          Sep-69  17

Death         Wilmette           Mrs. John (Julia Golik)      24-Jul-68 127

Death         Wilson             Joseph L.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Wilson             Mr. David H. (Marchie A.)    15-Aug-66 102

Death         Wilson             Roosevelt and Charles        23-Aug-66 195

Death         Wilson             George Frances               01-Jan-67

Death         Wimple             Mrs. Delma Drive                Apr-67 174

Death         Winn               Newton E.                    02-Sep-66 106

Death         Winters            Engene H.                    15-Dec-70  20

Death         Wirsing            Edward O.                    09-Sep-69  19

Death         Wirsing            Richard Edward               21-Jul-68 131

Death         Wissehr            Charles A.                   30-Dec-70  30

Death         Witherow           James F.                     17-Nov-66  68

Death         Witherow           Ellen                        10-Nov-65  99

Death         Wolfner            Walter                       30-Jun-71  35

Death         Wolfner            Walter H. S.                 02-Jul-71  47

Death         Wood               William E., Sr.              10-Sep-69  17

Death         Wood               Van D.                          Sep-69  17

Death         Wood               William E., Sr.              09-Sep-69  19

Death         Wood               Floyd                        03-Jun-65  70

Death         Wood               Floyd Cleo                   26-May-65  72

Death         Wood               Floyd                     Jun 3 1965   116

Death         Wright             Floyd                            1966  103

Death         Wynne              Mrs. Irea (Smith)            31-Mar-67 174

Death         Wyrich             Susan Olivine                   Oct-67 114

Death         Yantis             Fred                            Jul-65  73

Death         Yawitz             Jerome M.                       Sep-69  17

Death         Yoder              Verton H.                    25-Jul-68 128

Death         Yost               Harvey                       30-Jan-67 175

Death         Young              Lee, Sr.                        Sep-69  17

Death         Young              Joseph F.                    03-Jan-71  32

Death         Young              Thomas F.                               37

Death         Young              Amelia M. (nee Chernaskey)      Jan-71  41

Death         Youtsey            Rolla                        21-Apr-67 175

Death         Youtsey            David Rolla                  21-Apr-67 176

Death         Zahnow             Charles G.                   04-Jan-71  32

Death         Zanker             Bettie M. (nee Morris)       10-Sep-69  17

Death         Zeigler            Raymond                      23-Aug-66 109

Death         Zeni               Joseph A.                    10-Sep-69  17

Death         Zepp               Hill                            Sep-69  17

Death         Zimerman           Rose                            Sep-69  17

Divorce       Arthurs            Warren from Ruth Arthurs     01-Aug-65  53

Divorce       Auer               Mrs. June K. from Donald E   30-Jun-71  35

Divorce       Cooley             Patsy Lou from Jimmy Dee C   01-Sep-65  53

Divorce       Fogleman           Barbara Ann from Vernon Robert Foglema  59

Divorce       Garretson          Judith L. from Lance Garre      Apr-65  53

Divorce       Gilley             Mrs. Carolyn R. from Samue   30-Jun-71  35

Divorce       Greer              Mrs. Patricia from Weston    30-Jun-71  35

Divorce       Hays               Nada from Cecil Hays            Nov-66  53

Divorce       Hays               Cecil Carl from Nada L. Hays            59

Divorce       Higdon             Mrs. Brenda K. from Michae   30-Jun-71  35

Divorce       Kumer              Mrs. Sharon from Marvin C.   30-Jun-71  35

Divorce       McKim              Sally L. from Rodney D. Mc       1965   53

Divorce       Miller             Barbara Antonia from Phill      Jun-65  53

Divorce       Nurenberger        Mrs. Sherry L. from David    30-Jun-71  35

Divorce       Olson              Larry from Marilyn Olson                53

Divorce       Tillery            Roy W. from Marilyn J. Til       1965   53

Engagement    Ammon              Martin Eugene to Margaret       Jun-65  58

Engagement    Barnett            Dallas L. to Ritya Anne Bo       1965   55

Engagement    Beltrano           Pete, Jr. to Jacqueline Lo       1965   58

Engagement    Bennett            Bonnie Jean to Lester L. W      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Bittiker           Paul to Darlene Eizenga          1968  148

Engagement    Blackorby          Lavern to Linda Jean Mille      Aug-66  63

Engagement    Bloomfield         Larry to Lerea Woods         30-May-65  54

Engagement    Bohon              Deborah Jane to Lawrence R       1966   61

Engagement    Bower              Rita Anne to Dallas L. Bar       1965   55

Engagement    Bradley            Sandra Kay to Bob Farris        May-65  53

Engagement    Branscom           Wiliam E. to Vvelma Deane       Aug-66  62

Engagement    Briddle            Garry to Sharon Lee Guffey       1965   56

Engagement    Brockaw            Telma Pauline to Gary Alle   24-Apr-68 139

Engagement    Burgdorf           Lee to Mary Pickett              1965   55

Engagement    Burkhardt          Charles to Barbara Sue Gib       1966   60

Engagement    Burkhart           Ralph L., II to Sharon Stu   22-May-65  55

Engagement    Chancellor         Larry to Cathy Schuphach        Jul-68 143

Engagement    Christine          Wanda Sue to Lyndel Echter      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Clark              Janet Kay to A/2c Loren He   30-May-65  54

Engagement    Coen               Madilyn to Gary Perkins      04-Aug-68 142

Engagement    Davolt             Darla to Frankie Hicks           1965   55

Engagement    Defibaugh          Charlene to Jake Shermuly        1965   65

Engagement    Dooley             Harold Edward to Kelly Sue       1965   57

Engagement    Dye                Deanna Sue to Dana D. Harr      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Echternacht        Lyndel to Wanda Sue Christ      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Eizenga            Darlene to Paul Bittiker         1968  148

Engagement    English            Stephen Clark to Melva Lou      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Farnam             Keith to Sandra McCarty      14-Aug-68 140

Engagement    Farris             Bob to Sandra Kay Bradley       May-65  53

Engagement    Fleshman           Betty Jo to Harry L. Tyson   06-Jun-65  54

Engagement    Fletcher           Georgia Lynn to James R. H      Jul-68 147

Engagement    Flynn              Irvin to Cindy Mathes        11-Jul-68 145

Engagement    Frye               Lance Cranstn to Mary Eliz      Aug-66  63

Engagement    Garrett            Lyle Eugene to Shirley Jea      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Gibson             Kelly Sue to Harold Edward       1965   57

Engagement    Gibson             Barbara Sue to Charles Bur       1966   60

Engagement    Gillespie          Linda to Pvt. Donnie J. He      May-65  74

Engagement    Goodwin            Janet Elanie to Machal Dea   11-Jul-68 146

Engagement    Green              Ronald Dale to Angela Mari   06-Jun-65  54

Engagement    Greene             Beverly to A1C Dale A. Sla      Aug-68 149

Engagement    Greentop           Vivian to Ira Williams           1965   58

Engagement    Guffey             Sharon Lee to Garry Briddl       1965   56

Engagement    Harris             Leslie Ruth to Richard Nea   14-Aug-66  61

Engagement    Harris             Dana D. to Deanna Sue Dye       Jul-68 144

Engagement    Harvey             Violet to James E. Nolte         1965   55

Engagement    Harvey             Violet to James E. Nolte     17-Jun-65  57

Engagement    Haskell            Shirley Jean to Lyle Eugen      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Head               Pvt. Donnie J. to Linda Gi      May-65  74

Engagement    Heald              Gloria Jean to Joseph A. H      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Heath              Karen to Richard Parker          1965   65

Engagement    Heaton             Dorothy to Darrell Hornung       1965   54

Engagement    Hensley            Donald to Saundra Ann Mill   27-Aug-65  59

Engagement    Hesler             Joseph A. to Gloria Jean H      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Hess               Gary Allen to Tema Pauline   24-Apr-68 139

Engagement    Hicks              Frankie to Darla Davolt          1965   55

Engagement    Howerton           Steven E. to Judy Kay Kehr       1966   61

Engagement    Hulett             Anthony to Roberta Thompso       1965   58

Engagement    Hutchens           James R. to Georgia Lynn F      Jul-68 147

Engagement    Kehrer             Judy Kay to Steven E. Howe       1966   61

Engagement    Kelly              Lawrence Russell to Debora       1966   61

Engagement    Kelly              Nancy Kay to Thomas Jeffer      Jul-68 147

Engagement    Kent               Ronald to Barbara Jean Wil      Aug-65  56

Engagement    Lyon               Agnes Jane to Richard W. S      Jul-68 147

Engagement    Maloney            Michael to Carolyn Singer       Aug-66  62

Engagement    Mathes             Cindy to Irvin Flynn         11-Jul-68 145

Engagement    McAtee             Wayne to Karen Faye Solomo      Aug-68 149

Engagement    McCaa              Thomas Jeffery to Nancy Ka      Jul-68 147

Engagement    McCarty            Sandra to Keith Farnam       14-Aug-68 140

Engagement    McCombs            Coleen to Eldon Thomas          Jul-68 144

Engagement    Miller             Saundra Ann to Donald Hens   27-Aug-65  59

Engagement    Miller             Linda Jean to Lavern Black      Aug-66  63

Engagement    Mitchell           Larry Robert to Marilyn Jo      Aug-66  63

Engagement    Morgenstein        A3/c William to Patricia L       1965   60

Engagement    Muir               Marilyn Joanne to Larry Ro      Aug-66  63

Engagement    Myers              Mary Elizabeth (Betty) to       Aug-66  63

Engagement    Nolte              James E. to Violet Harvey        1965   55

Engagement    Nolte              James E. to Violet Harvey    17-Jun-65  57

Engagement    Ogden              Sharon to Marc  Wallerich       Aug-66  62

Engagement    Owens              Robert W. to June Kay Sher       1965   58

Engagement    Parker             Richard to Karen Heath           1965   65

Engagement    Parsons            Linda Sue and John Carson    14-Jul-68 144

Engagement    Passig             Marilyn to Alfred Wienhaus      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Patterson          Don H. to Carol Sue Ross     13-Oct-65  63

Engagement    Payne              Richard Neal  to Leslie Ru   14-Aug-66  61

Engagement    Perkins            Gary to Madilyn Coen         04-Aug-68 142

Engagement    Pickett            Mary to Lee Burgdorf             1965   55

Engagement    Richardson         Jacqueline Louise to Pete        1965   58

Engagement    Ridgeway           Robert to Pamela Woods       11-Jul-68 145

Engagement    Riley              Melva Lou to Stetphen Clar      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Ripley             Kenneth Joe to Juanita Wil   24-Apr-68 139

Engagement    Roberts            Machal Dean to Janet Elain   11-Jul-68 146

Engagement    Ross               Carol Sue to Don H. Patter   13-Oct-65  63

Engagement    Rufener            Wendell to Kathy Ann Van H      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Schuphach          Cathy to Larry Chancellor       Jul-68 143

Engagement    Shermuly           Jake to Charlene Defibaugh       1965   65

Engagement    Sherwood           June Kay to Robert W. Owen       1965   58

Engagement    Shier              Patricia Lee to A3/c Willi       1965   60

Engagement    Singer             Carolyn to Michael Maloney      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Slagle             A1C Dale to Bevrely Green       Aug-68 149

Engagement    Solomon            Karen Faye to Wayne McAtee      Aug-68 149

Engagement    Street             Richard W. to Agnes Jane L      Jul-68 147

Engagement    Stufflebean        Sharon to Ralph L. Burkhar   22-May-65  55

Engagement    Swisher            John Carson and Linda Sue    14-Jul-68 144

Engagement    Thomas             Eldon to Coleen McCombs         Jul-68 144

Engagement    Thompson           Roberta to Anthony Hulett        1965   58

Engagement    Timbers            Margaret to Martin Eugene       Jun-65  58

Engagement    Timmons            Velma Deane to Wiliam E. B      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Tucker             A/2c Loren Henry to Janet    30-May-65  54

Engagement    Tyson              Harry L., Jr. to Betty Jo        1965   54

Engagement    Van Houten         Kathy Ann to Wendell Rufen      Jul-68 144

Engagement    Wallerich          Marc to Sharon Ogden            Aug-66  62

Engagement    Ward               Angela Marie to Ronald Dal   06-Jun-65  54

Engagement    Wienhause          Alfred to Marilyn Passig        Aug-66  62

Engagement    Williams           Ira to Vivian Geentop            1965   58

Engagement    Wilson             Barbara Jean to Ronald Ken      Aug-65  56

Engagement    Wilson             Juanita to Kenneth Joe Rip   24-Apr-68 139

Engagement    Winkie             Lester L. to Bonnie Jean B      Aug-66  62

Engagement    Woods              Lerea to Larry Bloomfield    30-May-65  54

Engagement    Woods              Pamela to Robert Ridgeway    11-Jul-68 145

Family        Anderson           Mr. and Mrs. Eugene          30-May-65 156

Family        Anesi              Joanna Louise                   Jun-65 158

Family        Anesi              Joanna Louise and Susanna       Aug-66 159

Family        Anspaugh           Harry                            1965  123

Family        Atherton           Mr. & Mrs. Harry W.              1966    2

Family        Ayers              O. B. "Bud"                     Aug-66 155

Family        Bailey             Mr. and Mrs. L. A. and Ann   29-Aug-67 162

Family        Baker              Wayne                           Aug-68 150

Family        Baker              Miss Emily Melissa              Aug-66 155

Family        Baker              Mrs. Edward and Daniel       29-Aug-67 162

Family        Barnes             Mr. and Mrs. Ted C.          30-Aug-66 160

Family        Barnett            Mrs. Lou                         1965  153

Family        Barnett            Guy, John                        1965  153

Family        Baurichter         John                         14-Aug-66 154

Family        Bell               Mr. and Mrs. Chester         20-Jun-65 152

Family        Bell               Mr. and Mrs. W. D. and Del   23-Jun-65 161

Family        Belzer             Mr. and Mrs. Allen           29-Aug-67 162

Family        Beverlin           Rebecca Joan                 23-Jun-65 152

Family        Biggs              Marcellus Cannon and Nancy   29-Aug-65 153

Family        Blaine             Mr. and Mrs. Millard             1967 162B

Family        Bonfoey            Elizabeth Ann                09-Jun-55 159

Family        Bosley             Mildred                      02-Sep-66 159

Family        Bowman             Mrs. Claude                      1966  160

Family        Bradley            Cecil                           Jul-68 148

Family        Brashear           Col. R. M.                   14-Jun-25 123

Family        Brewer             Barbara A.                       1965  123

Family        Briant             Mrs. W. H.                   27-Jan-67 185

Family        Briggs             Frank P.                     04-Aug-28 142

Family        Brown              Joseph                       27-Jul-68 133

Family        Brown              Paul                            Jul-65 157

Family        Campbell           Cecil and Clark              13-Aug-68 148

Family        Campbell           Mr. and Mrs. Cecil           26-Aug-66 156

Family        Campbell           Mr. and Mrs. Cecil           25-Aug-66 157

Family        Casner             Nancy                        02-Aug-58 141

Family        Choueau            Col. C. E.                       1967   52

Family        Chuvalo            George                       21-Aug-68 150

Family        Clark              Mrs. Fannie                  20-Jun-65 152

Family        Clark              Mae                          20-Jun-65 152

Family        Claybrook          Mrs. Wendell                 29-Aug-65 153

Family        Collins            Marshall                     01-Aug-18 141

Family        Collins            Sfc. Loyd                    31-Aug-55 159

Family        Collis             Karel Edward                 18-Aug-66 157

Family        Colyer             Family reunion               28-Aug-66 154

Family        Conklin            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth         30-May-65 156

Family        Cook               Mason                        25-Aug-66 157

Family        Cornwell           Clifton                      01-Aug-28 141

Family        Cornwell           Mrs. Clifton and Clifton,       Jun-65 159

Family        Cover              Mr. and Mrs. Claude          30-Aug-661160

Family        Coy                Sheriff Leon                 02-Sep-66 159

Family        Daniels            Mrs. Arizona                 06-Jul-66 152

Family        Davis              Kenneth L. and Delores       23-Jun-65 161

Family        Davis              Mrs. Etta                    26-Jan-67 185

Family        Dean               Phil                            Aug-68 150

Family        Dodson             Roy B.                       01-Sep-45 123

Family        Dougherty          Vernon C.                       Jul-68 130

Family        Downing            Rev. C. E.                   01-Aug-48 141

Family        Downing            Robert                       13-Aug-68 148

Family        Downing            Eugene Walter                    1965  162

Family        Easley             Foster                       02-Aug-48 141

Family        Eby                Dr. Richard E.               31-Aug-65 158

Family        Edgar              Dr. and Mrs. Paul, Elaine    01-Sep-65 155

Family        Ellis              Mr. and Mrs. Richard and t   30-May-65 156

Family        Elwell             Mrs. Ethel                      Jul-68 148

Family        Engle              Mrs. Harry                   29-Apr-67 184

Family        Ewing              Airman Daniel                   Aug-66 161

Family        Foster             Barney                          Jul-68 148

Family        Foster             Miss Linda                      Aug-66 157

Family        Franklin           Sheriff Artis                16-Aug-56 137

Family        Fuller             Steven                       04-Aug-68 142

Family        Gallatine          Albert                       09-Apr-67 185

Family        Garth              Samuel R. & Alan D.             Aug-66   3

Family        Garth              David (US Army)                 Aug-66   3

Family        Gillaspy           Dennis                       27-Jul-68 130

Family        Gilvin             Mr. and Mrs. John and thre   30-May-65 156

Family        Guy                Mrs. Laura                   14-Jul-68 146

Family        Haffner            Henry                           May-65 159

Family        Hays               Family reunion                   1965  153

Family        Hedges             Mr. and Mrs. and Donald         Aug-66 160

Family        Higgins            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas          06-Jun-65 155

Family        Hinton             Dr. and Mrs. Donald, John,   06-Jun-65 159

Family        Hunt               Susie                            1966  152

Family        Jackson            Mr. and Mrs. Jesse              Aug-66 154

Family        Jamisom            G. H.                        02-Aug-65 156

Family        Johnson            James Chester                04-Aug-68 142

Family        Jones              Doris                           Jul-68 124

Family        Jones              Kenneth, Virginia, Gaylen,      Aug-66 156

Family        Kaser              William H. and Jessie Star   21-Aug-66 155

Family        Kelly              Kent                         27-Jul-68 130

Family        Kelsey             A3C Donald D.                19-Aug-54 161

Family        Kennedy            Kathleen                         1965  158

Family        King               Margaret                        Aug-66  13

Family        King               Lance                        22-Sep-68 137

Family        King               Melanie                          1969  138

Family        Kirby              S/Sgt. and Mrs. Wayman, Ma       1965  156

Family        Kline              John W.                      31-Aug-15 159

Family        Knight             Isrial C. and Emma               1965  158

Family        Knouse             Linda                        30-Aug-66 160

Family        Kramer             David Loren                  18-Aug-66 157

Family        Kroll              Ted                          16-Aug-56 137


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