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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library. (Some of the affidavits from the 1870's and 1880's are missing from the files even though the names appear in the index). MHGS has copies of the marriage returns for 1882 and 1883, then 1885 through April 1913. These contain the same information as the affidavits along with when the marriage was performed and by whom.

Here you can access a marriage index covering Books A through Z, 9 May, 1870 to 24 May 1922. If you would like a copy of any affidavit we have, please send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each affidavit to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. You must include the names of the bride and groom, the date, Book and page number or our committee will be unable to fulfill your request.

If there is no date in the date column there was no return made to Probate Court that the marriage was performed. From April 1, 1915 to May 28, 1917 (R405 through T386) no marriages were recorded in Sedgwick County, only that application was made for a license. These must be obtained from Vital Statistics in Topeka.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

I - L

Iames, Bertha         Gile, S.W.             15-Oct-00      H432

Ibbetson, Rollo       Kenipp, Jennie         21-Jun-20      X418

Ibbotson, G. Albert   Mooney, Carrie M.      15-Dec-09      M560

Iberg, Oscar J.       Heilman, Vada Lee      18-Dec-17      U359

Ibes, John Franklin   Lewellen, Katherine    15-Dec-10      N498

Ickes, Edward J.      Baker, Fanny J.        30 Dec 1875    A186

Idding, T.R.          Green, Blanche M.                     S317

Ieorger, Louiza       Braddy, Joseph H.      24 Nov 1878    A380

Igon, Elmer           Phelps, Myrtle May     3-Dec-12       P550

Ihinger, A.R.         Thorn, L.C.E.          28 Nov 1886    C540

Ihrig, William        Loudenslager, Cora     29 Aug 1889    D595

Ikerd, Roscoe A.      French, Norah M.       27-Apr-21      Y605

Ille, Emma            Ruesz, Martin          02 Jun 1879    A428

Ille, Fred            Kopplin, Emma          13 Sep 1877    A285

Iman, Clara Thelma    Ticer, Frank E.        14-Jan-18      U476

Imbler, Alida J.      Glass, Robert L.       06 Jan 1884    C023

Imbler, Dorcas A.     Stevens, William F.    28 Nov 1872    A052

Imbler, Florence B.   Mann, C.E.             8-Jul-09       M339

Imbler, Frances E.    Rhodes, Lewis          07 Sep 1873    A084

Imbler, Pearl         Hyde, Arthur S.        22-Feb-06      K207

Imbler, William ClarenJewell, Ethel Elva     15-Oct-13      Q377

Imboden, Blanche SeabrStanley, Harry Collbus(28-Nov-06      K460

Imboden, Evelyn Anna  Cromer, Archie Owen    8-Oct-02       I370

Imboden, Hiram        Smith, Emma R.         20 Apr 1876    A199

Imboden, Hortense     Hudson, William Marion 5-Sep-11       O308

Imel, Charles         Hiatt, Annie M.        17 May 1893    F137

Imes, Nellie E.       Wagner, Reginald V.    8-May-04       J228

Imhoff, Anna S.       Campbell, Oliver C.                   I204

Imhoff, Nettie        Cuff, M.B.             31-Jul-12      P354

Imhoof, Flora B.      Simpson, Henry O.      08 Sep 1897    G355

Imhoof, Libbie        Bolte, Robert C.       24 Nov 1898    G622

Imhoof, Mary          Bishop, Samuel         04 Jul 1897    G321

Immele, Edward J.     McFadden, Lenora       17-Apr-18      V092

Indermill, Louis L.   Chapman, Bertha E.     1-Mar-20       X224

Ingalls, Harry E.     Clawson, Susie         30 Nov 1893    F258

Inge, John            Lawrence, Pearl        18-Jul-17      T512

Inge, Prince          Banks, Thisby          16-Mar-14      Q569

Ingels, R.T.          Deam, Madeline         15-Sep-20      Y106

Ingersoll, Esther W.  Anthony, Hugh D.       26-Jun-09      M317

Ingersoll, W.H.       Copeland, B.           15-Jun-20      X493

Ingham, E. Leon       Johnston, Gladys       14-Jan-15      R327

Ingham, J.B.          Woods, Mary E.         30-Mar-04      J196

Ingham, James K.      McIlhenny, Florence B.                R504

Ingle, Georgia May    Stonberger, James Clare18-May-10      N143

Ingle, Martin         Miller, Cleo           17-Sep-13      Q329

Ingle, Mary S.        McLeod, Angus                         T039

Ingle, May            Elliott, E.P.          2-Jun-14       R011

Ingle, Millard        Morgan, Clara          22-Dec-17      U382

Ingle, Nessie         Draper, Isaac N.       9-Oct-20       Y181

Ingles, David F.      Fair, Ida M.           02 Jul 1890    E165

Inglis, Eva           Scales, G.W.           24-Oct-14      R208

Ingmire, Phebe        Elmund, Charles G.     22 Apr 1880    B062

Ingold, Cora E.       Broughton, Thomas D.   28-Oct-03      J067

Ingold, Herman        Boucher, Martha Marie  11-Aug-17      T570

Ingold, Ross E.       Hill, Marion           10-Jan-20      X123

Ingold, Wilma B.      Tinkler, William Everet26-Dec-17      U391

Ingraham, C.R.        Farra, Hattie          16-May-18      V151

Ingraham, W.H.        Fitzgarald, Mahala J.  05 Feb 1888    D219

Ingram, A.R.          West, Louella          12 Nov 1895    F624

Ingram, Geneva        Nickols, Daniel D.     3-Aug-21       Z180

Ingram, James N.      Dagen, Elizabeth       26-Apr-05      J555

Ingram, Mabel         Fitzpatrick, S.C.                     T145

Ingram, Mary          Bohannon, Henry        17-Jul-20      X588

Ingram, Maud L.       Lawrence, E.V.         .. Dec 1896    G204

Ingram, Ralph C.      White, Rose D.         09 Feb 1897    G251

Ingram, William K.    Ratzell, Mary E.       17 Apr 1879    A420

Ingram, Young S.      Osborn, Eva            3-Apr-02       I213

Ingstrom, Leonard     Palmitier, Edith       30-Oct-20      Y232

Inkelaar, L.T.        Burnes, Helen G.                      S039

Inman, Goldie B.      Lockett, Charles N.    12-Jun-07      L013

Inman, K. Pearl       Sutton, Robert M.                     R536

Inman, Lucy           Mead, James R.         02 Feb 1873    A059

Inman, Revy C.        Smith, Pearl           29-Dec-17      U423

Inman, Tressie A.     Thompson, Walter                      S114

Innes, Bessie M.      Galland, W.H.          24-Jun-03      I587

Innes, Walter P.      Brown, Margaret M.     01 Jun 1899    H102

Inscho, James B.      Collins, Helen         15-Jun-18      V218

Inslee, Laura         McGilliard, P.C.       16-Feb-20      X204

Insley, Alice         Eslinger, G.W.         31 Jul 1884    C114

Insley, Andrew        Brown, Mattie          19 May 1888    D304

Insley, Sadie A.      Manning, M.E.          26 Jan 1889    D481

Ioeger, Michael       Pfeifer, Mary          13 Dec 1883    C013

Ioerger, F.W.         Mueller, Anna M.       29-Nov-05      K117

Ion, Eneth            Burton, James A.       17 Oct 1896    G170

Ioub, Faridey         Kallial, Ellis         25-Jul-09      M355

Ipsen, Albert         Adams, Helen           6-Sep-12       P400

Irby, C.W.            Mosley, Maude E.       7-Jan-22       Z542

Irby, S.H.            Begley, Hazel          6-May-18       V133

Irby, Samuel          Moorhouse, Alta        11-Aug-02      I323

Irby, William J.      Bessette, Maybel May   1-Jul-20       X549

Ireland, Anna         Murray, Aaron          29-Feb-04      J177

Ireland, E.E.         Uhl, Lula              5-Oct-21       Z326

Ireland, Esther       Conklin, F.D.          27-Aug-18      V352

Ireland, Gertrude C.  Smith, Herbert E.      12 Jan 1896    G033

Ireland, Grace D.     Davis, F.A.            13-Jul-01      H639

Ireland, Josie        Wilcox, James P.       26 Dec 1893    F281

Ireland, Laura        Swan, Nelson           26 Aug 1885    C295

Ireland, Lillian P.   Westgate, Lloyd A.     20-Nov-17      U241

Ireland, M.           Roush, Zerelda E. (Mrs.15 Apr 1886    C426

Ireland, S.D.         Kendall, Grace         14-Feb-11      O014

Irons, Fred L.        Wright, Jennie         14-Nov-08      M004

Irons, George T.      Joerg, Martha R.       1-Feb-10       N003

Irons, Jennie C.      VanVolkinburg, William 27-Oct-10      N419

Irons, Samuel         Armor, Jennie          14 Feb 1877    A250

Ironton, Sarah Ann    Hughes, James          27 Apr 1876    A200

Irsik, Josephine      Bugner, John                          S006

Irsik, Verona         Musenbrock, B.J.       10-Oct-18      V438

Irvin, Daisy B.       Hollenkamp, Joseph M.  20-Jan-13      P640

Irvin, Esther         Sims, James            4-Sep-11       O300

Irvin, F.S.           Showalter, Grace L.    12-Oct-02      I375

Irvin, Ivor           Montgomery, Yarbo                     S341

Irvin, J. Howard      Saunders, Frances Rema 3-Oct-06       K395

Irvin, James          Robbins, Nellie        19-Oct-17      U103

Irvin, Laura          Law, James F.          07 May 1882    B269

Irvin, Milton         Archer, Jessie E.      18-Nov-14      R241

Irvin, S.T.           Lewis, Delphia         4-Mar-03       I500

Irvin, Thomas J.      Fowler, Mary E. (Mrs.) 09 Mar 1893    F095

Irvin, Tina           Becker, C.B.           25-Nov-04      J428

Irvin, Zella          Edgerton, Harley       23-Aug-10      N289

Irvine, Eva B.        Myers, Davis L.        17 Mar 1890    E102

Irvine, J.R.          Middleton, Goldie      1-Aug-19       W325

Irvine, Rebecca (Mrs.)Rogers, G.H.           9-Feb-00       H268

Irving, Harry A.      Higgins, Monica R.     30-Jun-20      X543

Irving, Ora           Sproull, Frank         29-May-18      V179

Irwin, Ada B.         Hess, Larnie A.        24-Feb-09      M156

Irwin, Adeline MargareBarnes, Cecil F.       7-Feb-20       X182

Irwin, Alice          Franklin, Marshall     3-Dec-08       M033

Irwin, Anna Marie     Wagner, William P.     10-Apr-18      V080

Irwin, Annie          Mosteller, George W.   06 Jun 1889    D554

Irwin, Brown Clifton  Cassell, Bessie Hawkins24-Aug-18      V345

Irwin, Charles E.     Chambers, Emily        9-Jan-06       K174

Irwin, Charles W.     Brant, Lena May        23-Nov-08      M026

Irwin, David L.       Neild, Hazel H.        25-Jun-08      L457

Irwin, Edna           Thomas, Claud          31-Mar-07      K588

Irwin, Florence       Anderson, Howard                      S324

Irwin, Fred W.        Roe, Julia O.          21-Feb-20      X215

Irwin, J.C.           Mullin, Dora           6-Oct-06       K400

Irwin, J.G. Jr.       Linder, Freida                        S032

Irwin, John M.        Cochran, Lucy O.       01 Feb 1899    H037

Irwin, Lindsey G.     Lamoreaux, Helen Louise26-Jun-18      V247

Irwin, Lois A.        Southwell, C.R.                       S383

Irwin, Marie          Barker, O.C.           24-Dec-20      Y363

Irwin, Nora           Brown, Calder          5-Apr-09       M206

Irwin, Pauline        Hilbert, Bernal W.     25-Jul-18      V291

Irwin, Sadie          Lindsey, James M.      19-Dec-21      Z488

Irwin, Thomas L.      Buell, Vina            13-Sep-09      M422

Irwin, Walter         Cline, Virgil          1-Sep-13       Q299

Irwin, Zella          Edgenton, Harley       23-Aug-10      N289

Isaac, Cora           Rodgers, John          9-May-11       O141

Isaacs, Julia Marie   McDonald, James R.     5-Jan-20       X111

Isaacs, William C.    Brainard, Mary         12 Jan 1892    E475

Isabell, Josie E.     Boden, John            19-Mar-02      I205

Isbell, Ward          Merrill, Bessie        5-Feb-10       N007

Isch, Emma E.         Siemer, Joseph A.      13 Feb 1889    D494

Isch, Theresa         Tuders, William I.     14 Nov 1890    E246

Ischopp, A.L.         Mendenhall, E.C.       2-Jun-01       H602

Iseley, W.H.          Nickerson, Frances E.  30 Aug 1893    F190

Isely, Bliss          Duncan, Flora K.       31-May-11      O172

Isely, Charles C.     Cook, Almeda E.        15-Jun-04      J260

Isely, Dwight         Dort, Blessie                         S611

Isely, F.B.           Nickerson, Mary E.     8-May-01       H583

Isely, Merrill N.     Myers, Mildred         10-Jun-20      X477

Iseminger, Dan        Allmon, Stena                         S353

Iseminger, Ethel      Mosley, Audie          25-Jul-18      V292

Isenhart, W.R.        Hoover, Emily          20 Sep 1899    H162

Isenhour, Laura       Aubrey, W.F.           12-Jan-12      P062

Isham, G.M.           Boyd, Ella             17-Aug-12      P376

Isham, Mattie         Brown, William         23-Jan-05      J478

Isham, Mattie         Hall, J.F.             15-Apr-02      I220

Ishen, Jessie         Sackett, George        23-Dec-06      K492

Ishmael, J.L.         Higgins, Grace J.      2-May-09       M244

Isler, Ethel          Weyms, George          24-Dec-02      I435

Isley, Edward         Williams, Barbara      26-Nov-13      Q440

Isley, Viola          Hopkins, Charles S.    29 Nov 1894    F444

Isminger, Sarah       Clark, Charles A.      19 Dec 1888    D454

Isom, John            Jones, Georgia         11-Feb-22      Z601

Israel, Celia M.      Carter, Basil P.                      S546

Israel, E. Frank      Lewis, Winnie B.       01 Jun 1883    B376

Israel, Edna M.       Ashcraft, Charles F.   21-May-01      H595

Israel, Ethel         Ross, John A.          30-May-17      T394

Israel, George W.     Berry, Leonora Donnell 06 Apr 1899    H065

Israel, Goldie        Churchill, Roy C.                     S345

Israel, Harry         Coin, Ada              23-Sep-07      L134

Israel, Helen Marie   Fellow, Fred D.        22-Sep-20      Y130

Israel, Isaac         Cochran, M. J.         13-Mar-15      R387

Israel, Iva           Castle, L.E.           3-Jan-04       J133

Israel, Libbie        Hollinger, J.A.        __ Apr 1882    B264

Israel, Ola M.        Curry, Arthur L.       28-Jun-11      O225

Israel, Robert E.     Downing, Blanche Ethel 14-Dec-07      L235

Isreal, Daniel        Puett, Allie           04 May 1899    H080

Isreal, Fred W.       Lewis, Nettie L.       09 Jun 1880    B073

Isrel, M.J. (Mrs.)    McKiernan, James       18 Sep 1899    H160

Itten, Alfred         Redwine, Kezzie Amma                  R585

Ittner, Bertha        Collins, John B.       26-Nov-10      N474

Ittner, Leonard       Furtney, Elizabeth K.  30-Dec-12      P608

Ittner, Lewis B.      Dickerson, Della       20-Feb-02      I185

Ittner, Minnie        Marsh, E.E.            3-Jun-17       T405

Ittner, Robert A.     Alexander, Louisa J.   09 Feb 1890    E073

Ittner, S.C.          Jackson, C.M.                         C510

Itzen, John           Harvey, Eddle M.       26 Nov 1896    G197

Ivens, Fay            Owen, J.T.             7-Sep-18       V377

Ives, Bernard F.      Hall, Annis            19-Jul-04      J297

Ives, Dale            Adler, Martin F.                      S214

Ives, Earl H.         Matthews, Beulah       12-Mar-20      X249

Ives, Florence        Scott, E.              26-Mar-12      P161

Ives, Lester G.       Cooke, Leah            3-May-19       W111

Ives, Oran Fred       Pollard, Anna R.       26-Oct-10      N432

Ives, Walter R.       Jewell, Gladys         25-Aug-20      Y052

Ivey, Belle           Bailey, J.W. Jr.                      K333

Ivey, Ben E.          Shamblin, Mamie        24-Nov-17      U255

Ivey, Bessie          Guinn, Almon           8-Jun-08       L424

Ivie, James E.        Hall, Mamie                           T237

Ivy, Hattie           Yazel, Charles S.      22 Mar 1893    F103

Jaax, Carl            Albers, Sophia         31-Aug-20      Y049

Jaax, Edward          Jansen, Frances        18 Apr 1893    F114

Jaax, Edward Jr.      Freund, Hilda          30-Jul-19      W320

Jaax, Francis         Pauly, Cyril           9-Feb-15       R343

Jaax, Therese (TeresiaLies, Peter            11 Nov 1890    E231

Jabara, Adeba         Bayouth, Shekery F.    25-Feb-12      P122

Jabara, Melham        Razook, Melia          6-Jan-07       K508

Jabben, Gesine        Jabben, William        8-Jan-08       L250

Jabben, William       Jabben, Gesine         8-Jan-08       L250

Jabes, Ewald E.       Eads, Hazel            5-Nov-21       Z410

Jabes, Minnie         Brenner, A.M.                         T133

Jabs, Anald(Awald)    Luening, Martha        16 Apr 1899    H070

Jack, Anna            Plimmer, Harry                        R500

Jack, Charles B.      Coffman, Beulah Florene26-Sep-07      L141

Jack, Pearl           Pease, W.R.            31-Aug-21      Z242

Jacke, Fred           Wagner, Fredericke     23 Jan 1885    C199

Jackman, Austin C.    Moore, Marie F.        05 Jun 1889    D553

Jackman, David S.     LaGrant, Nora Ethelyn                 S596

Jackman, Howard J.    Kendrick, Grace L.     12-Jan-18      U472

Jackman, Marshall J.  Blazer, Bessie L.      2-Jul-02       I287

Jackman, Martha S.    Kuch, O.M.             12-Dec-06      K477

Jackman, Mattie       Cain, A.M.             20 Mar 1897    G271

Jackman, Theresa E.   Patterson, Phillip M.                 R606

Jackman, Verne        McAdow, Fred           31-Dec-01      I149

Jacks, B.O.           England, Daisy(sey) F. 28-May-06      K276

Jacks, Fred W.        Osborne, Marion        23-Sep-13      Q335

Jacks, Henry          Eck, Lovie             27 Dec 1891    E454

Jacks, John W.        Selysbery, Belle       12-May-10      N137

Jacks, Robert         Lewisson, Julia        01 Oct 1882    B302

Jackson, A.           Hill, Julia            29-May-19      W170

Jackson, A.E.         Winters, Alwine        7-Sep-21       Z264

Jackson, A.T.         Marvin, Pearl                         T111

Jackson, Albert B.    Nachtrieb, Lizzie E.   03 Mar 1886    C400

Jackson, Alice        Joyner, John C.        24-Sep-02      I360

Jackson, Anna         Dodd, Jackson I.       24-Sep-02      I361

Jackson, Anna         May, John              18-Aug-10      N278

Jackson, Anna         Ritter, J.H.           16 Dec 1885    C358

Jackson, Anna         Wilbert, Ennis         01 Dec 1899    H218

Jackson, Anna E.      Northrop, Thomas       28 Mar 1886    C416

Jackson, Anna T.      Cossitt, Bruce Fred    17-Jan-22      Z559

Jackson, Annie L.     Shaw, Marcus X.        10-Jun-09      M289

Jackson, Belle A.     Waterfall, Lewis G.    7-Mar-04       J182

Jackson, Belva        Swindler, William      23-Feb-08      L313

Jackson, Bertha       Hearle, Edward         27-Jun-14      R046

Jackson, Bessie M.    Lill, Harry A.         25-Sep-07      L138

Jackson, C.L.         McCorgary, Margaret                   S495

Jackson, C.M.         Ittner, S.C.                          C510

Jackson, Carl M.      Steadman, Hazel                       R573

Jackson, Charles A.   Wilhoite, Jasmine      19-Aug-01      I023

Jackson, Charles E.   Meyer, Maybelle H.     23-Nov-07      L208

Jackson, Clara        Mullenneix, Albert Theo29-Jul-10      N260

Jackson, Clarence A.  Turner, Ollie          14 Feb 1894    F313

Jackson, Clarence C.  Gillett, Pearl         2-Jul-19       W261

Jackson, Clark H.     Skeels, Frances Emeline13-Nov-19      W604

Jackson, Claude W.    Sanborn, Ruth          3-Mar-20       X233

Jackson, Cody         Oatman, Lena           14-Sep-10      N331

Jackson, D.C.         Hayes, Maude           19-Apr-19      W082

Jackson, Daisy        Cody, James W.         19-Jul-21      Z142

Jackson, Daisy A.     Melick, W.H.           9-Jun-01       H608

Jackson, David        Elliott, Grace Iowa    07 Jan 1888    D197

Jackson, Don C.       Reeves, Minnie                        R444

Jackson, Dora         Hollands, Will         2-Apr-13       Q089

Jackson, E.G.         Boardman, Mary E.      12-Jun-12      P275

Jackson, E.J.         Green, Inez M.                        S158

Jackson, Edna         Homesley, Ole Isaac    12-Jul-21      Z126

Jackson, Elba L.      Stephens, Gilbert T.   24-Dec-08      M066

Jackson, Ella         Cheneth, John T.       01 Nov 1898    G603

Jackson, Ella         Chinneth, John T.      01 Nov 1898    G603

Jackson, Ellah C.     Sillas, J.H.                          R584

Jackson, Elmer        Smith, Lula            12-Mar-22      Z650

Jackson, Elsie M.     Huey, Frank S.         9-May-12       P231

Jackson, Emery        Rimer, Floy                           R500

Jackson, Emma         Clark, O.E.            15 Feb 1880    B033

Jackson, Emma         Smith, James           24-Jul-18      V290

Jackson, Emma         Williams, Charles      31-May-11      O166

Jackson, Ernest E.    Reetz, Emma A.         26-Feb-08      L321

Jackson, Ernest E.    Sutton, Fern           24-Dec-08      M060

Jackson, Ethel        Walker, C.P.           04 Jun 1898    G520

Jackson, Everett      Warrell, Agnes                        S618

Jackson, Fannie R.    Bratch, W.H.           14 Jul 1898    G540

Jackson, Fannie(ny) L.Martin, Charles F.     06 Jun 1893    F151

Jackson, Fern         Maskrid, Ed            12-Aug-11      O279

Jackson, Flora        Dotson, Joseph         25 Aug 1890    E187

Jackson, Floyd M.     Hawkins, Emily E.      24-Jun-20      X528

Jackson, Franz S.     Wilson, Annie L.       02 May 1892    E539

Jackson, G.M.         Lent, C.C.             27 Feb 1879    A405

Jackson, Genevieve    Watson, Charles A.                    R583

Jackson, George W.    Faris, Daisy D.        25-Dec-00      H487

Jackson, George W.    Schwartz, Nellie Margar17-Aug-04      J320

Jackson, George W.    Swartz, Nella M.       8-Nov-08       L637

Jackson, George W.(G.)Savan, Nellie          27 Apr 1881    B155

Jackson, Gertrude     Dobson, Ross           22-Dec-19      X058

Jackson, Gertrude G.  Stover, Duane T.       27-Feb-13      Q049

Jackson, Harry D.     Klopfstein, Clara Ada                 R518

Jackson, Hattie (Mrs.)Frazier, John          6-Sep-00       H386

Jackson, Hazel Louise Trollope, Wilbur C.    31-Dec-12      P610

Jackson, Helen K.     Sim, Arthur B.         18-Jun-07      L022

Jackson, Henry        Fare, Carrie                          T296

Jackson, Ida E.       Cloud, James W.        26 Jan 1887    C577

Jackson, Ira M.       Palmer, Cordelia A.    24 Oct 1882    B313

Jackson, J.L.         DeVore, Irene          6-Mar-12       P139

Jackson, J.W.         Reynolds, Lillie M.    21-Apr-01      H563

Jackson, Jane         Kelly, Isaac           28-May-00      H330

Jackson, Jennie       Glosser, T.B.          09 Dec 1888    D450

Jackson, Jennie       Moody, Peter           08 Apr 1888    D265

Jackson, John         Jones, Jenette A.      14-Dec-21      Z480

Jackson, John         Simpson, Maggie        02 May 1898    G499

Jackson, John         Walker, Pearl          29-Jul-12      P352

Jackson, John M.      Orr, Della             26-Feb-18      V008

Jackson, John T.      Crichton, Wilhelmina   31 Aug 1892    E603

Jackson, Joseph H.    Atcheson, Matilda (Mrs)09 Apr 1890    E116

Jackson, Katherine MarHuston, William Page                  S589

Jackson, Katie        Stevens, Thomas T.     8-Jun-10       N175

Jackson, Laura        Sanders, William H.    01 Feb 1874    A102

Jackson, Lee          Greer, Emma                           S294

Jackson, Lela         Watkins, Homer         28-Aug-20      Y063

Jackson, Lelah E.     McDonal, William       06 Jan 1893    F050

Jackson, Leonard C.   Titsworth, Edith S.    08 Apr 1885    C238

Jackson, Lillian      Oldfield, Seth         29 Dec 1897    G435

Jackson, Lillie M.    Thompson, Robert A.    16-Mar-04      J188

Jackson, Louise M.    Wardell, T.D.                         S028

Jackson, Lova         Crow, Henry A.         20-Sep-05      K046

Jackson, Lyman F.     Caldwell, Gail         26 Dec 1893    F279

Jackson, Mae          Hoffman, Harry T.      1-Feb-10       N001

Jackson, Margaret LeonHess, Charley B.                      S365

Jackson, Martha S.    Wagner, Calvin         10 Jul 1873    A078

Jackson, Mary         Butler, J.D.                          T120

Jackson, Mary A.      Schattner, Fredrick    31 Jul 1873    A079

Jackson, Maud M.      Newenham, Manly O.     7-Oct-13       Q363

Jackson, Maudie       Turner, Blaine         9-Jun-10       N180

Jackson, May          Drake, Orville L.      06 Mar 1881    B141

Jackson, Millie A.    Trissal, Ott           19-Apr-14      Q596

Jackson, Monclov      Elliott, Ruth M. (Mrs.)11-Jul-00      H357

Jackson, N.P.         Allen, Sarah Ida       20 Sep 1877    A286

Jackson, Nannie       Joy, William G.        12-Jun-10      N183

Jackson, Neva Belle   Wilhite, L. Errol      1-Nov-19       W566

Jackson, Nora         Stubbs, Cornelius H.   19 Jul 1891    E360

Jackson, Oliver       Hayden, Lillian        23-Mar-12      P158

Jackson, Ona M.       Freeman, Thomas        22-Oct-05      K086

Jackson, Opal June    Finley, Roy E.         4-Sep-19       W412

Jackson, Ora          Covington, Alfred      21 Oct 1891    E407

Jackson, Paris TimmonsMessner, Laura Mabel                  S357

Jackson, Paul R.      Wilder, Eleanor        15-Oct-19      W521

Jackson, Paul Theo    Knoblauch, Lauretta Joh15-Nov-19      W606

Jackson, Ralph B.     Manor, Lora Ruth       29-Jan-20      X162

Jackson, Raye         Dunaway, Arthur        9-Mar-07       K570

Jackson, Robert E.    Roberson, Eula         5-Aug-10       N267

Jackson, Robert L.    Stuart, Margaret H.    21-Jan-19      V575

Jackson, Robert L.    Wiggins, Blanche       22-Apr-21      Y595

Jackson, Robert Lee   Miller, Luanna B.      18-Jan-19      V570

Jackson, Rupert       Hugaboon, Veta         27-Jun-18      V251

Jackson, Russel(ll) A.Seely, Jessie L.       1-Jun-10       N167

Jackson, Russell      Moore, Elizabeth       13-Oct-20      Y185

Jackson, Ruthalia     Sence, Leslie Basil    14-Jan-22      Z552

Jackson, S.B.         Bond, Maggie May (Mrs.)4-Sep-04       J331

Jackson, Samuel B.    Rush, Susan J.         23-Jan-07      K527

Jackson, Sara J.      Hall, J.C.             11 Jun 1877    A271

Jackson, T.A.         White, Anna E.         6-Nov-00       H455

Jackson, Thelma L.    Karlowski, Walter A.   27-Dec-21      Z513

Jackson, Toker        Hornbeek, Daisy        30-Sep-03      J037

Jackson, W.T.         Turnock, Flora Hupp    15 Feb 1888    D225

Jackson, Ward         Babb, Grace            22-May-09      M263

Jackson, William      Patrick, Elizabeth     10 Jan 1874    A099

Jackson, William H.   Bennett, India                        S086

Jackson, William H.   Hunter, Gladys M.      21-Dec-13      Q464

Jackson, William L.   Balch, Maggie A.       26 Feb 1884    C042

Jackson, William MichaBahlman, Adella Margare19-Apr-22      Z713

Jacob, Arthur W.      White, Nelle                          T112

Jacob, Ferris         Shidid, Rosa           10-Oct-20      Y179

Jacob, Samuel M.      Ketchum, Carrie (Mrs.) 19 Oct 1892    E634

Jacob, Susie I.       Morris, Thomas D.      13-May-14      Q628

Jacob, William J.     Pitcher, E.L.          03 Jan 1889    D471

Jacobe, Matilda       Geselle, Theodore                     T127

Jacobs, Anne M.       Friend, David M.C.     16 May 1882    B271

Jacobs, Bernice M.    Garner, Walter F.      23-Nov-21      Z448

Jacobs, Bessie        Leimbach, William H.   25-Jan-13      Q008

Jacobs, Bessie May    Smith, Harry E.        14-Jun-02      I273

Jacobs, Charles       Rupert, Nora           8-Sep-12       P401

Jacobs, Della         Nichols, Victor        26-Jul-19      W314

Jacobs, E.A.          Schwint, Nettie        18-Apr-04      J216

Jacobs, Effie         Mitchell, Leroy        2-Oct-19       W490

Jacobs, Eva           Simon, Fred J.         27 Jul 1884    C112

Jacobs, Francis AlbertPoland, Mamie Margaret 29-Jan-04      J151

Jacobs, Fred L.       Wiley, Gertrude L.     29-Dec-19      X088

Jacobs, Grace M.      Barnes, Arthur C.      1-Jun-03       I564

Jacobs, Henry J.      Helger, Margaret       22-Oct-19      W527

Jacobs, Joseph        Nirschl, Thresa        2-Sep-13       Q280

Jacobs, Leroy Arthur  Welch, Bess M.                        S126

Jacobs, Maggie W.     Newton, John W.        19 Oct 1886    C518

Jacobs, Mary (Mrs.)   Dawson, Bernard B.     20 Mar 1892    E519

Jacobs, Mary E.       Adams, Joe L.                         S288

Jacobs, Nita          Scrivner, Archie D.    1-Feb-15       R348

Jacobs, Sam           Wittmeger, Ida                        S050

Jacobs, Thelma        Canon, James                          S275

Jacobs, W.E.          Lewis, Ida Lillian     10-Aug-04      J313

Jacobsen, E.          Edwards, Grace M.      22-Apr-09      M229

Jacobson, Emma        Schissler, Fred M.     10 Sep 1890    E195

Jacobson, Esther F.   Doane, G.M.                           T016

Jacobson, Helena      Handford, Mathew                      E051

Jacobson, Helena      Shepherd, Nelson J.    19-Nov-03      J084

Jacobson, Jessie BelleFossett, W.D.          3-Feb-04       J157

Jacobson, S.          Litsey, Flora A.       17-Apr-13      Q112

Jacoby, Jennie        Manthey, J.A.          27 Feb 1888    D234

Jacoby, Mary M.       Francis, W.A.          20-Dec-06      K489

Jacoby, Mollie        Kleinhein, Charles H.  1-Oct-03       J038

Jacoby, N.B.          Clark, Mary M.         09 Nov 1884    C157

Jacques, Alta         Heller, H.O.           25-Jul-12      P348

Jacques, Arthur E.    Solter, Mamie          29 Sep 1897    G365

Jacques, B.H.         McDill, J.L.           11 Jan 1898    G440

Jacques, Beula        Besore, Clyde          6-May-14       Q616

Jacques, Effie        Wilhite, W.H.          25-Dec-00      H487

Jacques, Ella         Elliott, G.D.          11 Aug 1895    F575

Jacques, F.C.         Bump, Effie            18 Mar 1896    G067

Jacques, F.M.         Barlow, Cecile         8-Jul-07       L046

Jacques, F.M.         Fox, Lillie            23 May 1897    G304

Jacques, George L.    Ruble, Pearl           01 Feb 1894    F307

Jacques, Mildred Mae  Hock, Lester C.        1-Sep-12       P388

Jacques, O.L.         Shea, Bernice                         S542

Jacques, Orva L.      Brown, Erma E.         23-Nov-10      N469

Jacques, Thede        Hecker, Dola Esther    16-Aug-21      Z215

Jacques, Verna B.     Brooks, Charles A.     23-May-20      X420

Jager, Thor (Dr.)     Case, Margaret Blair   22-Nov-11      O428

Jaggers, Gertrude     McAuley, Ralph T.                     S147

Jaggers, Wilnette     Peterson, John A.      12-Feb-10      N015

Jahn, Elizabeth       Kohler, John           19-Feb-08      L308

Jahnes, Elizabeth     Koehler, John          19-Feb-08      L308

Jahns, Amanda M.      Wulf, Otto E.D.        16-Sep-03      J016

Jahraus, Gerald       Cochran, Ethel         21-Dec-21      Z492

Jaloma, Blass R.      Denney, Inez           30-Aug-17      T604

James, Ada M.         Wright, S.L.           28-May-01      H600

James, Adella         Turk, R.F.             15-Nov-17      U213

James, Allen          Mulch, Bertha          24-Jul-12      P347

James, Allene(line) A.Walker, Elijah Alexande24-Dec-12      P592

James, Alma           Sykes, Roy Ross        1-May-10       N137

James, Alvin Jesse    Lamunyon, Goldie       31-Dec-17      U434

James, Augustus R.    Folwell, Katharine H.  27-Aug-04      J326

James, Belle          Thompson, Tom          5-Jul-17       T492

James, Bertha M.      Roe, Frank L.          24-Dec-11      P026

James, Boyd           Daugherty, Grace       1-Mar-11       O038

James, C.M.           Jobe, Jennie           20 Mar 1878    A324

James, Dansby         Morris, Lula           10-Aug-09      M370

James, Dorothy        Wilson, Fred           10-Apr-21      Y572

James, Edward F.      Marshall, Mary E.      24-Nov-04      J426

James, Elizabeth      Smith, T.J.                           S433

James, Ella           Reaney, Thomas         8-Mar-19       W013

James, Emma           Huber, Louis Jr.       18-Jun-02      I274

James, Emma           Mechura, Bohumil       9-Oct-20       Y180

James, Emma           Renegar, Thomas        2-Dec-19       X014

James, Evaline        Butcher, John          13-Nov-17      U202

James, Frank          Brown, Mabel           28-Oct-09      M506

James, Fred           Dooms, Lillie D.       7-Jun-21       Z026

James, George W.      Porter, Alice E.       16 Oct 1889    D634

James, Gertrudes      Jimenez, Joe           10-May-19      W129

James, H.C.           Bowers, Mamie          2-May-10       N124

James, H.W.           Warner, Filena                        R596

James, Harry          Staats, Ruby           4-Dec-10       N486

James, Harry A.       Mattice, Malissia      30 Mar 1895    F516

James, Hazel Lucile   Forney, Elza Lee       28-Jun-13      Q221

James, Irving F.      Coble, Jula                           T385

James, J.D.           Burge, Louisa P. (Mrs.)3-Jun-02       I260

James, J.E.           Tarde, Bell            13-Feb-10      N014

James, J.R.           James, M.E.            18-Dec-13      Q462

James, J.W.           Newton, Katie (Mrs.)   26-Aug-00      H382

James, John R.        Butters, Ermina C.     16-Feb-05      J502

James, John R.        Rowley, Orilla A.      11 Jan 1887    C574

James, John S.        McSwain, Katie         20-Sep-10      N344

James, Levina E.      Rush, William A.J.     20 Nov 1888    D435

James, M.E.           James, J.R.            18-Dec-13      Q462

James, Maggie         Johnson, T.J.          2-Dec-14       R266

James, Maggie E.      Moore, J.C.                           X110

James, Mary L.        Rochette, William      30-Sep-02      I367

James, Maude          Beck, Hal                             S332

James, Nathan B.      Goyette, Mabel Estelle 31-Jan-22      Z581

James, Nora           Barnes, A.             30-Mar-11      O072

James, Pearl L.       Stotts, Harry O.       23-Apr-19      W092

James, Robert         Palmer, Bertha Esther  29-Nov-20      Y308

James, Robert         Stanton, Pearl         6-Aug-08       L506

James, Rosa           Brown, John            4-Apr-21       Y562

James, Sarah          Betts, John W.         24-Jul-05      J637

James, Sophia         Renegar, Henry         7-Dec-03       J102

James, T.B.           Sullivan, M.E.         13-Feb-12      P102

James, William D.     Withrow, Arminta       25 Jun 1876    A208

James, William L.     Barnes, Lena           9-Dec-10       N492

James, William McKinleOsborn, Mildred Virgini21-Apr-19      W086

James. H.W.           Turner, N.E.           16 Dec 1886    D078

Jameson, Jasper       Vandebeer, Elizabeth   26 Mar 1888    D256

Jameson, Jesse U.     Carmichael, Ruth R.    12-Feb-13      Q011

Jameson, Marie        Bates, Charlie                        S604

Jameson, Nana(Nanna)  Friend, George W.      30 Aug 1893    F190

Jameson, Ora O.       Lewis, Ethel                          T053

Jameson, Sadie        Embray, Willie         2-May-22       Z744

Jamez, Mario          Castro, Agrepina       11-Oct-19      W517

Jamieson, Andrew C.   Cunningham, Sarah H.   26-Aug-02      I334

Jamieson, Arthur C.   Howard, Eunice M.      4-Jun-21       Z015

Jamieson, Byron G.    Hayes, Olive G.        29-Oct-21      Z392

Jamieson, Ethel M.    Padgett, Milo W.       12-May-20      X395

Jamieson, James M.    Porter, Effie Elvira   30 Mar 1892    E521

Jamieson, John S.     Blumenshine, Carrie M. 11-Nov-08      M001

Jamieson, Margaret    Jamieson, Thomas       5-Mar-02       I194

Jamieson, Thomas      Jamieson, Margaret     5-Mar-02       I194

Jamieson, Thomas L.   Critzer, Edna          17-Sep-13      Q327

Jamieson, Walter S.   Willey, Stella M.                     S052

Jamison, Bulah        Kelley, Ralph          19-Sep-11      O327

Jamison, E.L.         Medor, Iva             18-Apr-21      Y582

Jamison, Edith        Haak, Jesse            1-Aug-13       Q265

Jamison, Esther       Owens, B.F.                           S348

Jamison, Frank FillmorBarker, Mabel Magedine 8-Jan-21       Y402

Jamison, Jennette     McCredie, Thomas       26 Feb 1872    A031

Jamison, Sarah        Shriver, William I.                   R533

Jamison, Susan        Jamison, William       17 Jul 1884    C106

Jamison, William      Jamison, Susan         17 Jul 1884    C106

Jamison, William T.   Nance, May                            R638

Janes, Harry G.       Rohlfs, Grace (Mrs.)   17-Oct-14      R201

Janeway, Malcolm E.   Cozine, Cora May       9-Apr-21       Y570

Janicke, Ruby C.      Klose, Clyde C.        9-Feb-13       Q025

Janke, Herbert F.     Cline, Bertha          28-Aug-21      Z241

Jankowsky, J.B.       Taylor, Julia          4-Aug-10       N266

Jankus, Katie         Foster, L.H.           22-Oct-03      J061

Janney, Henry         Folkers, Clara         19-Feb-13      Q034

Jansen, Albert J.     Mies, Mary A.          20-Nov-06      K440

Jansen, Anna          Holmes, R.B.           26-Oct-10      N417

Jansen, Anna Dora     Behner, G.B. McClellen 01 Jan 1888    D189

Jansen, B.A.          Beaver, H.E.           12-Jun-12      P275

Jansen, Charles       Prock, Zoela           1-May-18       V126

Jansen, Edward O.     Tomford, Lulu          29-Jan-06      K189

Jansen, Elizabeth L.  Evertz, Adam           26 Nov 1891    E426

Jansen, Elizabeth L.  Ewertz, Adam           26 Nov 1891    E426

Jansen, Etta K.       Mahlandt, A.W.         8-Aug-00       H375

Jansen, Frances       Jaax, Edward           18 Apr 1893    F114

Jansen, Harman H.     Allen, Bertha R.       25-Oct-10      N410

Jansen, Helen         Neville, Edward L.     15-Jan-03      I465

Jansen, Ida M.        Bock, Valentine        15 Apr 1890    E116

Jansen, J.            Pollock, Opal          2-Dec-07       L222

Jansen, Manda(Amanda) Baldwin, A.E.          25 Apr 1895    F531

Jansen, Mary C.       Kessler, Loren L.                     E064

Jansen, Minnie        Marnane, Joseph        30-Apr-12      P211

Jansen, R.L.          Harpstrite, Florence M.2-Mar-10       N034

Jansen, Susanna(soma) Springob, Peter        5-Jun-00       H331

Janson, Maud Cordella Myers, Clarence Arthur 20-May-08      L407

Janssen, Anna         Seiler, Peter          16 Jan 1883    B338

Jantz, Daniel B.      Yost, Gunda                           T317

January, Susie        Jones, Frank           24-Jun-11      O215

Jaquat, Adeline       Antoine, Eugene Paul   05 May 1892    E540

Jaques, Alice (Mrs.)  Pierpont, J.S.         15 Oct 1898    G591

Jaques, Mittie F. FreeNolan, Samuel L.                      T153

Jaques, Theophilus E. Leeder, Ida M.         04 Jan 1893    F042

Jaques, Viva Linton   Neeld, A.D. Jr.                       T386

Jaquins, Carrie       Baden, Ernest H.       3-Sep-02       I343

Jaquith, Bret W.      Wiley, Pearl           16-Apr-02      I222

Jaquith, Mark H.W     Blanger, Nellie        28 Jul 1894    F382

Jardon, Milton D.     Bates, Mildred N.      14-Dec-11      P017

Jared, Esther Mae     Drake, William McKinley6-Dec-20       Y314

Jared, Leroy          Pratt, Olive Catherine                T192

Jared, Ruby Mildred   Moss, Clay H.          30-Jun-20      X534

Jared, W.B.           Bonhan, Dona                          S085

Jarnagin, W.B.        Dillon, Hilda          16-Apr-21      Y585

Jarrett, C.S.         Pennypacker, Andella   09 Jul 1899    H119

Jarrett, James D.     Hinton, Mollie         25 Dec 1889    E049

Jarrett, Lela         Glover, Albert T.      12 Dec 1899    H224

Jarrus, Adella        Viets, C.R.                           S136

Jarvey, Christine     Zody, Bert                            T189

Jarvis, A.W.          Lawyer, Lucy Sina      06 Aug 1889    D586

Jarvis, Ada           Tilford, Harold        13-Jul-12      P332

Jarvis, Blanch(he)    McNicol, Will D.       30-Jan-09      M122

Jarvis, Charles Doyne Lehman, Ernest Curtis  3-Jul-20       X557

Jarvis, Harry         Hardgrove, Helen       1-Sep-17       T607

Jarvis, Harvey E.     Mossbarger, Hazel Thelm29-Nov-18      V502

Jarvis, Hattie        Hurst, Hilary          5-Sep-07       L107

Jarvis, Lena          Pruett, C.E.           9-Apr-19       W063

Jarvis, M.C.          Bryant, Mildred        11-Mar-22      Z651

Jarvis, M.C.          Cart, Hazel I.         24-Sep-04      J356

Jarvis, Nina          Wilson, Harold         1-Aug-18       V301

Jarvis, Oscar         Maus, Lena             11-Mar-08      L336

Jarvis, Roy           Horsley, Grace M.      31-Dec-12      P609

Jarvis, William E.    Boyer, Frances A.      31-Mar-06      K234

Jaschke, Hattie Agnes Myrick, George Edward  1-Oct-08       L586

Jason, Arthur LeRoy   Banks, Etta G.         30-Jun-19      W256

Jason, Bertha B.      Baenisch, Allie        12-Sep-05      K039

Jason, Bertha BaenischBaenisch, Allie        24-Jun-08      L453

Jason, Charles        Caster, Lida Belle     7-Dec-03       J101

Jason, Etta           Dittmer, Paul          30-Jul-04      J306

Jason, Ira            Dunlap, Eva            25-Oct-20      Y222

Jason, John           Morris, Mattie         14-Feb-00      H272

Jason, John           Willard, Grace         28-Oct-02      I388

Jason, Katie          Snyder, Henri          21 Aug 1896    G136

Jason, Mary Etta      Wills, C.                             T068

Jason, Oscar          Taylor, Flora E.       3-Sep-08       L552

Jason, Peter          Morris, Lottie         10 Oct 1896    G165

Jason, Peter          Winn, Fannie           24-Apr-09      M232

Jason, Walter         Lanham, Lillian Beatric20-Aug-18      V333

Jason, William        Tryon, Maud Cordelia   08 Mar 1897    G268

Jasper, Louisa        Robben, Henry          26 Nov 1889    E014

Jatty, Morris         Moore, Minnie          02 Jun 1891    E346

Javaquere, Mariana    Ruiz, Esteben          23-Oct-11      O378

Jay, Almeda           Buerhaus, Charles J.   24 Nov 1898    G619

Jay, Elizabeth        Wilkins, J.R.          17-Mar-14      Q571

Jayco, Maude A.       Mueller, E.H.                         R442

Jaycox, Jessie O.     Vincent, David D.      12 Mar 1896    G065

Jayne, Clora          Sands, Emery           10-Feb-09      M134

Jayne, Fay            Smith, Gertrude        29-Oct-17      U143

Jeager, Katherine E.  Schlotthauer, Benjamin 3-Oct-18       V426

Jeanes, Lula B.       Lynn, Charles F.       30-Jun-09      M328

Jearles, Jewell       Perry, William J.      19-Jan-21      Y422

Jearls, Jewel         Bate, Bloyce           7-Sep-19       W420

Jearls, Marie         Cox, Lloyd Carl        6-Dec-19       X021

Jeck, Freda Irene     Doyle, Charles Jr.     25-Jul-17      T524

Jecke, Bertha         Kerschen, Leo          2-May-22       Z716

Jecke, Emma           Smarsh, Andrew         10-Nov-08      L630

Jecke, Max C.         Freegard, Florence     24-Nov-08      M020

Jecke, R.N.           Grove, Hazel           2-Jun-19       W182

Jedeke, Thomas        Petzold, Lena          29 Mar 1893    F105

Jefferies, Cora Mabel Acker, Louis           5-Nov-13       Q409

Jefferies, Harold WeslCarmain, Iona          25-Nov-20      Y290

Jefferies, Minnie A.  Dorsey, Harry H.                      T233

Jefferies, Rolla      Lish, Isla             20-Dec-19      X053

Jefferies, Stanley    Utt, Fannie            14-May-11      O144

Jeffers, Victor H.    Arnold, Irene M.       18-Aug-19      W364

Jefferson, Albert     Dixon, Ida             20-Dec-21      Z491

Jefferson, Albert     Neff, Carrie           19-Aug-07      L088

Jefferson, Eliza      Hardin, Frank                         R513

Jefferson, Garfield   Booker, Emma           20-Jun-07      L026

Jefferson, Maebelle   Vickers, Jack          26-Oct-18      V456

Jeffery, Bessie       Bodle, E.M.            30-Oct-07      L188

Jeffery, Charles R.   Kyle, Edna M.          10-Mar-10      N044

Jeffery, Clara        Speer, John            6-Oct-08       L594

Jeffery, Ernest       Loomis, Mamie          20-Apr-22      Z703

Jeffery, George F.    Kerr, Margaret                        T290

Jeffery, Richard      Bohall, Lizzie         28 Oct 1886    C521

Jeffery, Thomas (John)Bohall, Sarah C.       13 Mar 1886    C409

Jeffery, William T.   Parks, Merta M.        27-Apr-10      N118

Jeffords, Rose        Steck, James F.        08 Jul 1887    D055

Jeffress, Ellen       Howard, Charles                       D599

Jeffress, Ellen       Howard, Charles        02 Sep 1889    D599

Jeffress, Vernie E.   Jones, Arthur J.       10-Jul-05      J625

Jeffrey, Alice        Hume, Ellsworth        21 May 1892    E550

Jeffrey, Elizabeth A. Speer, Robert          1-Dec-04       J433

Jeffries, Beven Good  Harkness, Ella F.      27-Jul-11      O263

Jeffries, Charley     Mulnix, Blanche        21-Sep-09      M439

Jeffries, Elizabeth FrWyatt, Henry H.        16-Feb-20      X202

Jeffries, Ellen       Logan, James Cleo                     T148

Jeffries, Florence    McFerren, E.L.         30-Jul-19      W320

Jeffries, Gladys Faye Bruce, Charles         20-Sep-10      N353

Jeffries, Lula        Drumm, Frank           19-Jan-21      Y418

Jeffries, Mahlon      Drury, Jennie          1-Jul-11       O231

Jeffries, Margaret    Peebler, Robert Dewey  31-Jul-17      T545

Jeffries, Montie      King, O.J.                            S134

Jeffries, Nellie      Logan, Henry Charles   29-Sep-17      U024

Jegen, Annie Mary     Heimermann, John       24 May 1892    E546

Jehle, Fred G.        Lauber, Elizabeth T.(F)24-Oct-11      O382

Jeletee, Margery      Clark, Lawrence S.                    X558

Jellison, Fanny LuellaBennett, Thomas E.     17-Feb-02      I183

Jelts, William        Jorden, Susa           06 Jun 1887    D027

Jendel, Charles       DuPree, Mabel          17-Mar-19      W028

Jenetzky, Walter D.   Johnson, Margaret J.   9-Oct-13       Q364

Jenifer, Jessie       Schreiber, Edward      23-Dec-10      N515

Jenisch, Ignaz        Tschepl, Josepha       1-Aug-04       J300

Jenkins, Allie        Davis, W.J.            30-Aug-21      Z246

Jenkins, Bernice      Miles, Enoch           16-Oct-12      P465

Jenkins, Charles C.   Bartholomew, Olive                    S243

Jenkins, Clara        Edwards, Allen         27-Jul-07      L065

Jenkins, Edward W.    Campbell, Anna         22 Jul 1889    D576

Jenkins, Florence B.  Peterson, Carl A.      19-Oct-04      J383

Jenkins, Frank        Brown, Delpha          27-Jun-11      O221

Jenkins, Fred         Sims, Mabel            17-Sep-12      P417

Jenkins, G.R.         Ebbers, Louise                        S416

Jenkins, George       Strobel, Maggie        13-Apr-07      K604

Jenkins, Harry J.     Plaugher, Edith        16-Dec-18      V515

Jenkins, Helen E.     Jenkins, W.E.          7-Jul-06       K320

Jenkins, Henry        Wright, Nellie                        H533

Jenkins, Irene        Savage, Welbern        4-Oct-17       U023

Jenkins, J. Harold    Binford, Margaret Ketur8-Jun-21       Z032

Jenkins, J.A.         Smiley, Ada (Mrs.)     27-Mar-11      O068

Jenkins, Jahugh       Fisher, Lilla          10 Oct 1892    E627

Jenkins, James        Sisson, Verna          15-Sep-20      Y110

Jenkins, James L.     Mayfield, Jessie E.    31-Dec-19      X095

Jenkins, John         Buckman, Dora                         R460

Jenkins, John         Knotts, Annie          20-Jul-17      T516

Jenkins, Josie(ssie)  Coomer, Ethan          7-Feb-07       K541

Jenkins, Letty        Betty, Claud F.        24-Apr-11      O119

Jenkins, Linnie S.    Callaway, Joseph G.    16 Sep 1894    F399

Jenkins, Lloyd M.     VanArsdale, Lucile K.                 T268

Jenkins, Lydia MildredBaldwin, John Albert   7-Jun-14       R015

Jenkins, M.E.         Thompson, Fannie Bell  29-Aug-08      L539

Jenkins, Mark         Weurst, Kate           10-Oct-19      W509

Jenkins, Max          Buckeridge, Marjorie   21-Sep-21      Z297

Jenkins, Minnie       Smith, W.R.            4-Sep-17       T606

Jenkins, Mollie       Tuck, W.F.             3-Mar-19       W004

Jenkins, Roy          Schallere, Emma        23-Jun-06      K301

Jenkins, Roy E.       Bump, Ruby Jane        16-Apr-20      X333

Jenkins, Ruby         Beilman, E.A.          11-Dec-14      R276

Jenkins, Ruby         Johnson, Leon R.       3-Jun-13       Q179

Jenkins, S. Lewis     Cummings, Nell C.                     R435

Jenkins, Vera E.      Bevis, Edward Otho     19-Sep-18      V399

Jenkins, W.E.         Jenkins, Helen E.      7-Jul-06       K320

Jenkins, W.R.         Crawford, Lucy                        T245

Jenkinson, Hannah     Stuart, John A.        12 Dec 1871    A023

Jenks, Bertie         Lyon, Fred C.          07 Apr 1884    C066

Jenner, William R.    Johnson, Elizabeth Elai1-Oct-21       Z321

Jenness, Walter A.    Edmisson, Edna Earle   10-Aug-03      I625

Jennings, Adaline     Gale, Earl G.          2-Dec-11       P002

Jennings, Alice       Wade, Earl             6-Aug-21       Z191

Jennings, Austin      Herbert, Ruth C.       11-Mar-20      X245

Jennings, Belle L.    Gibson, Frank          30 Nov 1892    F027

Jennings, Clarence W. Drummond, Abbie        8-Sep-20       Y090

Jennings, Claud E.    Harrison, Anna M.      5-Jun-10       N171

Jennings, Della       Pierce, Clyde H.                      T137

Jennings, Edith L.    Danneberg, John G.     21-Dec-20      Y346

Jennings, F.H. (Mrs.) Wentz, R.F.            20-Oct-10      N402

Jennings, F.S.        Stewart, Mabel         14-Feb-09      M139

Jennings, Gertrude L. Riley, Edward S.       28-May-21      Y667

Jennings, Grace       Nesmith, Fred S.       12-Dec-20      Y332

Jennings, Helen       Minges, H.V.           18-Nov-20      Y279

Jennings, Julia       Young, J.R.            08 Apr 1888    D264

Jennings, Katharine NeMiller, Myron C.       31-Jan-20      X169

Jennings, Leah        Beard, C.O.            17-Jul-07      L052

Jennings, Leota       Putnam, F.L.           22-Sep-20      Y132

Jennings, Madeline    Nichols, Clarence      20-Jul-12      P349

Jennings, Marguerite  Johnson, Harry B.      19-Jul-05      J632

Jennings, Mary        Corns, F.M.            19 Sep 1887    D108

Jennings, Mary        Dunlap, Charlie E.     22-Sep-19      W456

Jennings, Mary Ella   Spencer, W.H.          13 May 1887    D008

Jennings, Nellie      Myers, A.E.            22-Jul-00      H363

Jennings, Parnell     Brodie, Nell E.        6-Apr-11       O087

Jennings, Pearl       Carpenter, V.O.        23-Apr-21      Y599

Jennings, Walter W.   Arnholz, Johanna R.    11-Jan-05      J468

Jenree, Julia Evelyn  Ammann, Charles Albert 15-Nov-05      K109

Jensen, Agnar         Wilson, Helen          29-May-18      V175

Jensen, Carolina      Oyler, Alonzo          21-Jan-15      R337

Jensen, Ethel         Kirby, Richard         28-Aug-19      W389

Jensen, Helen         Riggs, Ollie B.        16-Feb-20      X204

Jensen, John          Kepferle, Alice H.                    S375

Jensen, May (Mrs.)    Reed, Decatur          6-Sep-01       I036

Jensen, Thyra         Larsen, L.C.           15-Dec-20      Y335

Jentsch, H.B.         Myers, Pearl W.        31-Dec-21      Z526

Jentsch, Paul Max     Myers, Beulah          12-Jun-18      V205

Jenue, A.F.           Seymour, Huldah        13-Mar-20      X252

Jephson, Adeline      Fitzgibbon, R.K.       3-Nov-21       Z366

Jergens, Ellen        Mulvania, L.                          S213

Jerls, John           Burley, Nellie         02 Aug 1884    C115

Jermain, Flossie L.   DeFrates, J.L.                        S489

Jerman, Ambrocina     Hoover, Samuel H.      23 Jul 1873    A079

Jerman, Eldon L.      Hull, Pearl            5-Feb-12       P091

Jerman, Eldon Leroy   Morrison, Estella Lea  12-Sep-08      L562

Jernberg, Fred        Estrada, Anna Julia    31 Jul 1889    D580

Jerome, Lee           Zimmerly, Nettie       04 Apr 1888    D282

Jerrick, Anna         Zenner, Edward         09 Nov 1886    C520

Jerrick, George       Dillon, Maggie         18 Jan 1899    H027

Jerrick, John         Hartman, Josephine     19-Sep-05      K038

Jesko, Harry R.       Kaiser, Susie          10-Sep-19      W428

Jessen, Fred          Perkins, Estella M.    13-Sep-13      Q318

Jesseph, Allen        Bright, Mona                          S010

Jesseph, George L.    Hatfield, Hazel Ann    4-Jun-19       W187

Jessup, Arthur M.     Townsend, Elsie May    3-Nov-17       U166

Jessup, Eva Pearle    Petersen, Edward H.    13-Feb-22      Z604

Jessup, Frank H.      Stout, Tirzah E.       16-Feb-13      Q037

Jessup, William       Farmer, Ollie B.       1-May-10       N122

Jessup, William HerberNewton, Iva Belle      10-Mar-09      M174

Jester, Abraham       Taylor, Ida B.         06 May 1882    B261

Jester, Effie Dora    Wadley, J.W.           17 Mar 1893    F100

Jester, Jennie        Carter, William        09 May 1873    A071

Jester, Lydi          Carter, W.M.           02 Aug 1877    A281

Jester, Minnie        Decker, Lincolin M.    25 Feb 1883    B351

Jestes, William       Gill, Sallie           04 May 1887    D002

Jeter, Anna           Laird, W.H.            2-Jan-12       P053

Jeter, Celia C.       Hampton, Charlie M.    19-Aug-14      R107

Jeter, George         Hammond, Eva J.        08 Jan 1898    G440

Jeter, George T.      Bowen, Goldie          18-Feb-14      Q538

Jeter, Jennie         Patrum, Henry          01 Nov 1888    D422

Jeter, Marie Madeline Jones, Frank Laurence  26-Jun-01      H627

Jett, Lillane         Black, Emery           15-Apr-18      V097

Jett, Richard         Perry, Emma            18-Sep-00      H403

Jett, William A.      West, Emma R.          03 Jul 1888    D333

Jetter, Fern          Haas, Murrell          28-Nov-18      V500

Jetter, Lorenzo       Bray, Sadie            30-Dec-11      P048

Jetton, J.M.          Miers, Hannah          22-Aug-21      Z201

Jetton, Valda V.      Tucker, Lora           26-Oct-18      V459

Jewell, Carrie Etta   Moore, J.L.            13 Nov 1886    C528

Jewell, Daniel I.     Maxwell, May Belle     17 Oct 1889    D634

Jewell, Ethel Elva    Imbler, William Clarenc15-Oct-13      Q377

Jewell, George E.     Rash, Ella             26 Mar 1887    C618

Jewell, Gladys        Ives, Walter R.        25-Aug-20      Y052

Jewell, John S.       Knox, Adna Lee         20-Oct-20      Y212

Jewell, Lillie May    Bruce, Hugh L.         10-May-22      Z759

Jewell, Marion        Brown, Lital                          Y087

Jewell, Mary I.       Durand, Charlie G.     16 Oct 1881    B200

Jewell, Roy F.        Bastow, Clara E.       13-Mar-12      P143

Jewell, Thomas R.     Thayer, Cordelia Victor16 Oct 1878    A368

Jewett, Elsie         Viele, James M.        02 Nov 1884    C153

Jewett, Elsie L.      Hall, S.L.             22 May 1886    C443

Jewett, George A.     Pitman, Esther A.      03 Apr 1873    A067

Jewett, Grace E.      Volk, J. Gerald        04 Jun 1896    G101

Jewett, Jasper S.     Furnish, Louisa A.     01 Dec 1880    B114

Jewett, John A.       Foust, May             24 Nov 1884    C169

Jewett, Josephine     Williams, William J.   08 Nov 1874    A140

Jewett, Kate A.       Barnhart, C.W.         2-Mar-20       X228

Jewett, Leonard       Moody, Cynthia         26-Sep-14      R165

Jewett, Lilla B.      Feighner, William      11 Jan 1882    B234

Jewett, Martha        McCabe, James F.                      B252

Jewett, Mary Alice    Bircher, Adolph                       S211

Jewett, Minnie F.     Allen, H.B.            01 Sep 1886    C493

Jewett, Rebecca J.    Hargett, Anderson K.   27 Dec 1876    A242

Jeys, Clara C.        Currier, O.D.          7-Mar-20       X239

Jezek, Frances        Salda, Charles J.                     S573

Jezzard, W.H.         Hovis, Kate L.         20 Nov 1888    D435

Jiles, Alice          Howey, Oscar           15 Jan 1889    D478

Jiles, Betty          Triplett, Addison      7-Feb-13       Q025

Jillins, George H.    Cox, Laura             30 Mar 1887    C620

Jimenez, Joe          James, Gertrudes       10-May-19      W129

Jimerson, J.J.        Leyman, Mary J.        26 Mar 1884    C060

Jinkaway, W.J.        Ertz, Nora             29-Jul-07      L066

Jinkaway, W.J.        Thonert, Augusta                      R583

Jinkaway, W.R.        Houk, Sylvia           30-Mar-20      X290

Jinks, Edna           Kernaghan, Jack B.     16-Jan-20      X136

Jinks, Harry L.       Perdue, Lottie         6-Aug-19       W338

Jinks, William A.     Hampton, Eva Sarah     __ ___ 1901    H572

Jinnett, William J.   Holmes, Rosa B.        15-Oct-02      I378

Jirreick, James       Bertrand, Clarissa     28 Dec 1898    H001

Jirrels, Daisy M.     Thomas, Frank E.       18-Mar-13      Q066

Jirrels, Eva          LeGrand, John H.       14-Apr-10      N097

Jirrels, Roy          Howerton, Bessie                      T002

Jobe, Jennie          James, C.M.            20 Mar 1878    A324

Jobe, John William    Rash, Lula             24-Jul-19      W313

Jobes, Emily          Stevenson, Alfred W.   16 Mar 1892    E517

Jobes, Iley Coleman   Hoyt, Walter Stiles    20-Apr-12      P195

Jocelyn, Genevva M.   Doze, J.B.             17-Jan-11      N556

Jocelyn, Shirley T.   Nessley, Mina          27-Dec-05      K159

Jocelyn, T.E.         Hatton, Stella         9-Jan-08       L274

Jochems, William D.   Roetzel, Helen         7-Nov-11       O409

Jockers, Allen        McAlister, Martha      23-Dec-20      Y359

Joerg, Martha R.      Irons, George T.       1-Feb-10       N003

Joffray, William F.   Hoofer, Edna Marie     19-Jul-11      O253

Johanning, Helen      Anderson, Arthur Gilmor28-Apr-20      X355

John, Carrie          Grimes, A.L.           10 May 1887    D005

John, Floyd S.        Sealock, Gertrude      1-Jan-18       U428

John, H.F.            Crabb, Minnie          27 Nov 1884    C170

John, Minnie V.       McGinniss, W.T.        2-Jul-19       W263

Johnessee, Cyrus      Smith, Maud(de) E.     03 Jun 1891    E344

Johnisee, Ellen       Bevers, C.R.           8-Jan-18       U463

Johns, Bertha M.      Lentz, W.A.            21 May 1898    G510

Johns, Dora           Woodring, Jesse        17 Jun 1896    G108

Johns, E.R.           Botkin, Jessie         21-Aug-17      T587

Johns, Henry          Grayson, Mary E.       23-Jun-10      N204

Johns, J.B.           Bowers, Hattie E.      8-Sep-04       J338

Johns, Leslie         Darling, Hazel                        P152

Johns, Pauline        Black, George W.       29-Aug-21      Z242

Johns, Roy            Burr, Bessie           13-Mar-06      K224

Johnsen, Ruby         Babb, Henry R.         30-Jan-21      Y439

Johnsey, William J.   Taylor, Edna B.                       T291

Johnson, A.           O'Dell, Lillie         25-Oct-03      J060

Johnson, A.C.         Guenther, Therese                     S033

Johnson, Ab C.        Sulard, John W.        25 Oct 1876    A229

Johnson, Adie J.      Stafford, L.H.         05 Mar 1878    A317

Johnson, Agnes O.     Hutchison, Sanford S.  4-Oct-19       W495

Johnson, Albert DaytonBeard, Margaret Marie  26-Jun-20      X535

Johnson, Albert L.    Cannon, Amanda J.      6-Nov-11       O400

Johnson, Alberta      Hodges, Earn           29-Jun-07      L040

Johnson, Alfred G.    Hammon, Blanche        21-Apr-21      Y593

Johnson, Alice        Armstrong, Charles H.  24-Jun-14      R040

Johnson, Alice        Hamilton, W.D.                        T127

Johnson, Alice        Kardt, August E.       23 Feb 1878    A314

Johnson, Alice (Mrs.) Dancey, Moses          10 Aug 1893    F180

Johnson, Amanda       Towers, William        19-Jan-10      M625

Johnson, Amos L.      Clark, Minnie L.       03 Feb 1895    F486

Johnson, Andrew       Johnson, Beatrice      6-Aug-17       T557

Johnson, Andrew       White, Ellen O.        25 Sep 1897    G366

Johnson, Andrew J.    King, Mary E.          01 Feb 1893    F066

Johnson, Anna         Driscoll, Frank        11-Dec-07      L231

Johnson, Anna         Martin, J.A.           7-Jul-04       J287

Johnson, Anna         Smith, Curtis E.       28 Jan 1893    F064

Johnson, Anna B.      Oliver, S.D.           9-Oct-21       Z337

Johnson, Anna ElizabetSternberg, William Olin29-Jul-09      M359

Johnson, Anna M.      Moss, Edward M.        17 Sep 1888    D389

Johnson, Anna(nie)    Ribbins, J.W.          28 Dec 1898    H008

Johnson, Annabelle    Livingston, Milton                    T221

Johnson, Archie       Bowles, Ida F.                        E137

Johnson, Arthur C.    Rahm, Margaret         4-Mar-10       N041

Johnson, Arthur L.    Parks, Epsy                           S588

Johnson, Atta         Hinchcliffe, Arthur J. 9-Sep-03       J014

Johnson, B.F.         Lawson, Sarah          30-Mar-21      Y553

Johnson, B.M.         Brown, W.S.                           S377

Johnson, B.W.         Reeves, Eva L.         18-Jun-06      K294

Johnson, Beatrice     Johnson, Andrew        6-Aug-17       T557

Johnson, Benjamin FranFreeman, Addie May     4-Jul-11       O237

Johnson, Bertha       Warren, Wayne H.                      S572

Johnson, Bessie       Chamness, Herbert      15-Apr-14      Q594

Johnson, Bessie       Crowe, Sterling        3-Nov-12       P449

Johnson, Bessie       Green, Claud           29-Oct-12      P486

Johnson, Bessie       Murphy, Clarence T.    22-Jul-13      Q250

Johnson, Bessie H.    Hannon, Gillespie R.   3-Jul-18       V262

Johnson, Birdie       Lee, C.M.              24-Dec-00      H478

Johnson, Bryan        Cherry, Rosalie        20-Apr-22      Z715

Johnson, C.N.         Allison, Mabel A.      20-Jun-12      P296

Johnson, C.W.         Sell, Myrtle           17-Nov-17      U230

Johnson, Carl A.      Bowman, Verna May      31-Dec-12      P607

Johnson, Carl P.      Moore, Lucy            07 Oct 1896    G163

Johnson, Carl T.      Marrison, May          1-Jun-10       N161

Johnson, Charles      Pruett, M. Ella        8-Apr-04       J209

Johnson, Charles A.   Doane, Cora A.         1-Jun-05       J585

Johnson, Charles F.   Burr, Mamie            10-Sep-05      K035

Johnson, Charles H.   Davidson, Ora B.       10 Feb 1885    C209

Johnson, Charlie      Silor, Mabel           13-Nov-14      R232

Johnson, Chessie      Walker, Edwin F.       22 Apr 1888    D272

Johnson, Chester A.   Embrey, Ethel R.       18-Nov-14      R234

Johnson, Chester F.   Cook, Pauline          28-Apr-20      X358

Johnson, Christine L. Myers, Charles H.      25-Mar-18      V053

Johnson, Clara        Motsinger, C.E.        15-Nov-19      W612

Johnson, Clara JosephiSmith, John Roy        30-Jun-12      P309

Johnson, Clarence E.  Huey, Maisy            16-Mar-21      Y528

Johnson, Claude       Miller, Mary           6-Nov-09       M518

Johnson, Clemson C.   Higgins, Belle         24-Mar-19      W034

Johnson, Cleo         Beard, George R.       18-Feb-22      Z613

Johnson, Clifford C.  Stone, Pearl                          X124

Johnson, Clyde H.     McCullough, Edith Lyle 8-Jun-11       O184

Johnson, Cora         Larson, Olof           1-Feb-10       N002

Johnson, Cora B.      Frantz, John M.        25 Feb 1892    E504

Johnson, Cora Ellen   Bell, Logan Leroy      6-Oct-09       M462

Johnson, Corean       Hall, George N.        25-Sep-09      M446

Johnson, Crete M.     Brown, Jay F.          2-Jul-03       I597

Johnson, D.           McDonald, Lydia        28 Nov 1888    D442

Johnson, D.M.         Bird, Laura C.                        S061

Johnson, Daisy        Conrad, Bert           11-Oct-09      M467

Johnson, David H.     Law, Vera              2-Nov-10       N427

Johnson, Della        Woods, Andrew          15 Oct 1888    D406

Johnson, Della L.     Gaston, R.H.           1-Sep-21       Z249

Johnson, Dolly Inez   Scott, William Jewell  26-Jun-01      H626

Johnson, Dudley       Hyde, Georgia          2-Oct-19       W493

Johnson, E.B.         Oliver, Pearl          4-Jan-19       V555

Johnson, E.E.         Halter, Phrona                        T088

Johnson, E.J.         Gatten, C.E.           22-Jun-03      I585

Johnson, E.N.         Shipley, Jessie B.     25-Dec-06      K495

Johnson, Earl         Moore, Nellie H.       9-Mar-06       K221

Johnson, Earl Gordon  Pumphrey, Ruth Elizabet22-Dec-21      Z497

Johnson, Earnest      Prinn, Carmel                         S007

Johnson, Edessa       Mun, Henry M.          18 Dec 1895    G011

Johnson, Edith        Myler, Z.T.            19-Nov-06      K451

Johnson, Edith        Nyler, Z.T.            19-Nov-06      K451

Johnson, Edward       Colemean(aan), Bettie  14-Oct-05      K075

Johnson, Edward       Snooer, Lucile         4-Mar-12       P135

Johnson, Edward C.    Young, Ethel B.        16-Dec-09      M558

Johnson, Edwin        Tansey, Armindia       28-Mar-08      L350

Johnson, Effie        Bishop, Harm           22-Oct-17      U112

Johnson, Effie        Mahanna, Clifford                     S131

Johnson, Effie F.     Olson, Charles A.                     S556

Johnson, Elisabeth EvaEmerick, Josiah D.     14 Mar 1878    A318

Johnson, Eliza B.     Fluke, William         1-Nov-06       K431

Johnson, Elizabeth    Morney, G.R.           20-Jun-14      R033

Johnson, Elizabeth ElaJenner, William R.     1-Oct-21       Z321

Johnson, Ella         McVicker, John R.      01 Apr 1877    A263

Johnson, Ella W.      Rider, Morris B.       09 Jan 1892    E473

Johnson, Ellen D.     Lane, George W.        5-Sep-00       H389

Johnson, Elmer W.     Halverstadt, Dalena    28-Feb-21      Y497

Johnson, Elsie        Richardson, Edgar                     S227

Johnson, Elsie May    Ditlow, B. Harry       30-Nov-10      N481

Johnson, Emily        Bryant, James J.       22-May-10      N148

Johnson, Emily        Sherman, Aaron         29 Mar 1880    B065

Johnson, Emily P.     Thompson, George H.                   D063

Johnson, Emily P.     Thompson, George H.    19 Jul 1887    D064

Johnson, Emma         Benson, John           16 Jul 1880    B079

Johnson, Epsey G.     Krause, O.W.           16-May-20      X407

Johnson, Ernest R.    Turner, Nellie L.      25-Apr-10      N110

Johnson, Essie A.     Wilhite, P.E.          02 Jun 1897    G305

Johnson, Estelle      Surtees, Cale          27-Apr-12      P212

Johnson, Ethel        Cook, Fred             17-Feb-19      V618

Johnson, Ethel        Gilger, Jesse          23-Oct-11      O379

Johnson, Eunice       Wood, Clifford A.      22-Nov-11      O425

Johnson, Eva          Glassford, George R.   12-Jul-11      O245

Johnson, Eva          Perkins, Robert E.     5-Dec-20       Y317

Johnson, Everett F.   Snyder, Lovicia E.     18-Mar-15      R392

Johnson, F.G.         Hamilton, Lottie       7-Jan-20       X117

Johnson, Falbey       Patterson, Buck        23-Dec-14      R294

Johnson, Fannie       Carnes, Roy Elery      24-Aug-10      N294

Johnson, Fannie       Davis, Robert          1-Nov-09       M509

Johnson, Fannie       Fleshman, Charlie R.   17-Jan-20      X139

Johnson, Fannie       Hastings, Paul         23 Sep 1896    G149

Johnson, Florence May Miller, Ormus Floyd    21-Sep-21      Z251

Johnson, Floy M.      Warwick, Dawson S.     16-Oct-13      Q382

Johnson, Floyd L.     Gieswein, Mollie       5-Jul-19       W271

Johnson, Forrest      Hartman, Allen         31-Dec-19      X096

Johnson, Frank        Hastings, Lillie M.    22-Mar-04      J191

Johnson, Frank        Meredith, Maggie       26 Mar 1889    D513

Johnson, Frank C.     Alger, Grace           21 Dec 1887    D183

Johnson, Frank K.     Montgomery, Elfie      5-Nov-12       P497

Johnson, Fred         Goodman, Hazel         7-Oct-10       N382

Johnson, Fred         Hedge, Laura                          S334

Johnson, Fred L.      Bertholf, Ruth E.      3-Oct-17       U038

Johnson, Fred L.      Dickson, Clara Louise  08 Dec 1898    G630

Johnson, Fred LaForestHoyt, Augusta Lee      14 Nov 1889    E018

Johnson, G.A.         Donegan, Lela M.       17-Dec-20      Y343

Johnson, G.C.         Hoff, Fannie           20-Mar-00      H291

Johnson, Geneva       Alfrey, Clarence Howard27-Apr-19      W096

Johnson, Geneva       Reed, Nelson A.                       T274

Johnson, George       Carter, Irene          25-Jan-15      R341

Johnson, George       Hamilton, Susie        19-Sep-21      Z292

Johnson, George       Peck, Emma Belle       17 Feb 1874    A101

Johnson, George D.    Benedict, Sarah        13 Jun 1897    G312

Johnson, George G.    Scherbonier, Marie     25-Jan-15      R340

Johnson, George Jr.   Champe, Anna Honorene  20-Nov-19      W616

Johnson, George Jr.   Wycoff, Vida           27-Oct-17      U140

Johnson, Georgia      Crump, Samuel          16-Jul-17      T508

Johnson, Gladys       Osborne, J.M.          22-Apr-20      X348

Johnson, Glenn N.     Clemmer, Lola          29-Nov-20      Y307

Johnson, Grace        Kessinger, Jesse H.                   T067

Johnson, Grace May    Osborn, Albert Henry   25-Mar-08      L346

Johnson, Gustave      Fryklund, Christia     24 Dec 1888    D464

Johnson, H.F.         Round, Chloey Ann      28-Jun-13      Q221

Johnson, H.M.         Johnson, Hazel         22-Feb-21      Y484

Johnson, Harriet(rett)Taylor, John           17 Nov 1898    G612

Johnson, Harry B.     Jennings, Marguerite   19-Jul-05      J632

Johnson, Harry E.     Spencer, Beatrice      12-Jan-21      Y409

Johnson, Hattie B.(MrsMcLean, F.J.           20 Sep 1899    H162

Johnson, Hattie May   Bledsow, Birt          27-Jul-21      Z160

Johnson, Hazel        Hameister, Fred Jr.    18-May-13      Q144

Johnson, Hazel        Johnson, H.M.          22-Feb-21      Y484

Johnson, Hazel        Landrum, James         15-Jan-21      Y411

Johnson, Heicka E.    Robinson, Homer L.     25-Dec-08      M065

Johnson, Helen        Offenstein, F.J.       17-Oct-14      R200

Johnson, Helen Marie  Davis, Harold W.       4-Aug-17       T554

Johnson, Helen Marie  Duckworth, Porter      22-Oct-21      Z371

Johnson, Henry        Hobson, Maggie         20 Aug 1873    A081

Johnson, Henry        Ketchum, Cynthia       02 May 1876    A200

Johnson, Henry        Thompson, Evealyne     22 Aug 1886    C484

Johnson, Henry        Watson, Kate E.        12 Mar 1877    A258

Johnson, Henry        Wilson, Kate E.        12 Mar 1877    A258

Johnson, Henry A.     Valentine, Laura       15 Sep 1888    D388

Johnson, Herman E.    Garrison, Myrtle A.    21-Jun-18      V229

Johnson, Herman J.    Hascall, Nettie        1-Sep-10       N298

Johnson, Herman TheodoPowell, Fern Frances   4-May-21       Y621

Johnson, Howard       Small, Rosa            18-Dec-07      L244

Johnson, Howard M.    Baker, Chloe E.        3-Apr-11       O077

Johnson, Hugh         Moudy, Jessie May Parke7-Aug-20       Y010

Johnson, Ida          Hammond, Harry         1-Jun-17       T402

Johnson, India M. (MrsFassett, A.L.          27-Nov-02      I414

Johnson, Isaac V.     McCrea, Sadie W.       03 Sep 1889    D597

Johnson, Iva E.       Heacock, E.M.          28 Jul 1897    G330

Johnson, Ivy          Starr, John C.         13 Oct 1882    B307

Johnson, J. Earl      Burchinal, Alta Blanch 3-Nov-20       Y244

Johnson, J. Perry     Turner, Corda M.       03 Apr 1889    D515

Johnson, J.K.         Kelly, Maria           21-Nov-04      J421

Johnson, J.S.         Highbarger, Catherine  10 Oct 1899    H178

Johnson, J.W.         Wentz, Minnie          13-Mar-21      Y520

Johnson, James        Kennedy, T.F.          02 Oct 1888    D400

Johnson, James F.     Daniels, Malinda       06 Jan 1896    G029

Johnson, James H.     Green, Oma             21-Oct-09      M491

Johnson, James W.     Scoggins, Ida Belle    9-Sep-09       M416

Johnson, Jennie       Erskern, William       31 Jul 1887    D073

Johnson, Jennie       Turner, Pink           4-Aug-03       I621

Johnson, Jennie C.    Hutchison, Harry M.    27 May 1886    C443

Johnson, Jennie E.    Frueh, Max E.                         S638

Johnson, Jennie MatildJohnson, Otto E.       19-Aug-01      I023

Johnson, Jerutha      Taylor, Lloyd          15-Jun-20      X494

Johnson, Jesse H.     Kerr, Laura B.         31-Jul-12      P353

Johnson, Joanna F.    King, Chester E.       28 Aug 1881    B192

Johnson, John         Nighswonger, Ella      24-Feb-15      R369

Johnson, John A.      Ault, Shirley I.       1-Jul-19       W258

Johnson, John B.      Parkinson, Mina        02 Dec 1896    G200

Johnson, John H.      Becktell, Cora         17 May 1899    H089

Johnson, John H.      Palmgren, Anna S.      17-Jan-02      I162

Johnson, John J.      Oliver, Josie          31-Dec-09      M602

Johnson, John W.      Power, Florence R.     15 Nov 1884    C162

Johnson, Johnie       Beard, Matthew         30-Jul-21      Z173

Johnson, Joseph M.    Brunker, Amy E.        28 Oct 1894    F426

Johnson, Julia M.     Thompson, C.E.         9-Oct-01       I069

Johnson, Kate         McDonald, George       01 Dec 1880    B115

Johnson, Kent         Silknitter, Minnie     01 Nov 1899    H200

Johnson, Laura A.     Messinger, Walter F.   31-Dec-13      Q484

Johnson, Lavina Viola Chouteau, Charles P.   21-May-10      N146

Johnson, Lee M.       Cheever, Anna          24-Nov-14      R254

Johnson, Lena         Moore, Edgar VanBuren  4-Apr-20       X302

Johnson, Leon R.      Jenkins, Ruby          3-Jun-13       Q179

Johnson, Leonard L.   Gregory, Ouida B.                     R599

Johnson, Leota Fern   Humbolt, Homer                        R525

Johnson, Leroy R.     Knox, Nancy            31 Jan 1888    D209

Johnson, Leslie P.    Terwillegar, Florella I10-Mar-15      R371

Johnson, Letitia      Davidson, M.C.         20-Oct-20      Y212

Johnson, Lewis        Bassett, Lola Gena     1-Jan-08       L268

Johnson, Libbie       Long, Lock             14-Nov-13      Q420

Johnson, Lillian      Atkinson, B.O.         10-Sep-18      V382

Johnson, Lillian      Parsons, P.H.          15-Nov-09      M526

Johnson, Lillian      Wanzer, Henry          28-Apr-07      K616

Johnson, Lillie M.    Berry, James Wilson    18-Oct-17      U098

Johnson, Lizzie J.    Mathew, William H.     3-Jan-05       J462

Johnson, Lorene       Hilbert, E.R.                         T307

Johnson, Lottie       Marshall, W.M.                        S204

Johnson, Louis        Fry, Pearl             21-Feb-12      P110

Johnson, Louis Vernon Stone, Mildred May     27-Oct-20      Y224

Johnson, Lucy         Stout, Joseph W.       16-Jul-13      Q245

Johnson, Lula         White, Thomas                         T269

Johnson, Lyman        Lloyd, Annett          21 May 1879    A426

Johnson, M.C.         Burk, C.E.             17-Apr-04      J215

Johnson, Mabel Clara  Stevens, John W.                      S454

Johnson, Maggie       Graham, Edward         22 Sep 1896    G151

Johnson, Maggie       Marshall, John L.      1-Feb-12       P088

Johnson, Maggie       Turner, Sewall A.      16 Oct 1892    E635

Johnson, Margaret     Taylor, Emanuel        2-May-22       Z737

Johnson, Margaret J.  Jenetzky, Walter D.    9-Oct-13       Q364

Johnson, Marie        Collett, James D.      12-Dec-21      Z479

Johnson, Marion C.    Oliver, Anna Leona     9-Jun-21       Z035

Johnson, Mary         Benefield, Henry       28 Jun 1887    D044

Johnson, Mary         Foster, Clarence       19-Jul-20      X591

Johnson, Mary         Gustufson, Charley     16 Oct 1874    A137

Johnson, Mary         McLaughlin, J.B.       26 Nov 1884    C168

Johnson, Mary         Newton, Lewis          23-Oct-17      U120

Johnson, Mary         Walker, Chester W.                    S453

Johnson, Mary         Waters, Emanuel        7-May-13       Q135

Johnson, Mary A.      Ahlf, John C.          13 Dec 1875    A182

Johnson, Mary A.      Holcomb, W.C.          07 Feb 1896    G044

Johnson, Mary E.      Corr, Harry H.                        S306

Johnson, Mary E.      Lehr, Charles J.       1-Jan-02       I151

Johnson, Mary E.      Shipley, George J.     04 Jul 1893    F164

Johnson, Mary E.      Ulsh, Charles M.       8-Aug-06       K346

Johnson, Mary F.      Cox, Eugene            28-Jan-07      K530

Johnson, Matilda      Eduluna, Peter         17 Nov 1877    A297

Johnson, Mattie       Friend, William        29 Dec 1877    A305

Johnson, Mattie       Turner, George         01 Jul 1876    A211

Johnson, Maud         Byers, H.W.            8-Apr-09       M211

Johnson, Maude        Ferguson, Verne        3-Nov-20       Y241

Johnson, May          Smith, Tommy W.        1-Jan-19       V546

Johnson, Miles        Knock, Mary            25-Feb-14      Q546

Johnson, Minnie       Wallace, J.W.          4-Oct-19       W499

Johnson, Myrtle       Epperson, Frank        01 Jun 1895    F549

Johnson, Myrtle       Sutton, J.C.           5-Jul-21       Z116

Johnson, N.M.         Bush, Rachel M.        23-Feb-18      V005

Johnson, N.T.         Clifton, Mattie        10-Jul-20      X572

Johnson, Nancy        Giddings, J.W.         26-Feb-01      H530

Johnson, Nannie       Alley, J.M.            12-Aug-18      V318

Johnson, Nannie       Reschke, William F.    20-Sep-10      N342

Johnson, Nathan Ray   Mangan, Margaret                      R611

Johnson, Neale        Crabtree, Catherine    18 Jun 1887    D037

Johnson, Nell         Richmond, Frank        17-Apr-19      W077

Johnson, Nellie E.    Travis, Albert         1-Jun-21       Z012

Johnson, Nellie I.    Haas, Samuel H.        11-Feb-03      I481

Johnson, Nettie       Evans, W.H.                           S636

Johnson, Nettie       Smith, J.W.            29-Jun-10      N212

Johnson, Neva         Hart, John             14 Nov 1879    B005

Johnson, Neva         Stepp, Bernie          28-Feb-21      Y496

Johnson, Neva         Weger, Elymus                         S568

Johnson, Olaf         Giles, Rose B.         1-May-01       H577

Johnson, Oline Omeda  Mathewson, William Col.16-Apr-11      O099

Johnson, Olla Mable   McNaghten, S.D.        25 Dec 1895    G016

Johnson, Oran J.      Hilliard, Emily        27-Apr-20      X356

Johnson, Orie         Binford, Gertrude      15-Apr-14      Q592

Johnson, Orion G.     Carter, Nora N.        1-Jun-05       J584

Johnson, Orlo O.      Keck, Frances Higbee   11-Feb-22      Z599

Johnson, Orville W.   Tremain, Hattie S.     30-Jun-12      P313

Johnson, Oscar        Adamson, Pearl         24-Dec-08      M060

Johnson, Otha         Preston, John          23-Dec-14      R294

Johnson, Othor        LaForge, Carrie        3-Jun-17       T415

Johnson, Otis         Carr, Mattie           27-Jul-21      Z159

Johnson, Otto E.      Johnson, Jennie Matilda19-Aug-01      I023

Johnson, P.B.         Mounts, Martha         19 Dec 1888    D454

Johnson, P.J.         Davis, M.J.            14 Jul 1888    D343

Johnson, P.P.         Baxter, S.E.           29-Oct-11      O389

Johnson, Palmer B.    Kolb,                                 B081

Johnson, Patrick      Sleeth, Faye           30-Apr-21      Y613

Johnson, Pauline      Blomberg, Philip W.    26-Dec-19      X081

Johnson, Pearl        Carter, Harry          21-Apr-13      Q115

Johnson, Pearl        Greenamyre, Ralph      22-Sep-20      Y131

Johnson, Pearl Edna   Heddens, Charles Hazen 18-Nov-09      M530

Johnson, Pearl I.     Buckley, Mert T.                      R533

Johnson, Peter        Black, Cora                           D047

Johnson, Preston      Jurgens, Angie                        R551

Johnson, R.           Boyle, Frances         13 Jul 1883    B391

Johnson, R.E.         Hartley, Maye          5-Feb-22       Z590

Johnson, R.H.         Carey, Emma I.H.       31-Dec-08      M084

Johnson, Raleigh H.   Manning, Elsie E.                     T335

Johnson, Ralph C.     Smith, Hazel M.        24-Dec-18      V536

Johnson, Ralph E.     Green, Grace E.        16-Apr-05      J545

Johnson, Ralph R.     Pratt, Ella M.                        T231

Johnson, Raymond M.   Dobbins, Etta Agnes    11-Jul-17      T500

Johnson, Rebecca      Shank, J.S.            16 Oct 1872    A046

Johnson, Rena         Seymour, W.I.          05 Jun 1889    D552

Johnson, Rhe          Waller, J.W.           9-May-19       W131

Johnson, Richard K.   Weaver, Sarah L.       29 Dec 1881    B222

Johnson, Richard W.   Edmondson, Marvel H.   21-Oct-20      Y210

Johnson, Robert       Race, Myrtle                          S198

Johnson, Robert M.    Lynch, Mary J.         21-Oct-19      W542

Johnson, Rosana       McDaniel, Anson        26-Oct-07      L185

Johnson, Ross         Lambert, Ocie          25-Jul-10      N256

Johnson, Roy          Moss, May              17-Jul-00      H360

Johnson, Ruby         Black, Oliver          29-Apr-12      P216

Johnson, Ruby L.      Geddes, W.A.           10-Jan-20      X122

Johnson, Rudy L.      Camp, Ora Mabel        14-Oct-19      W523

Johnson, Russell      Case, Alta             15-Feb-19      V614

Johnson, Ruth         Hammond, Clarence C.   16-Mar-21      Y525

Johnson, S.D.         Lawrence, Geneva       4-Mar-20       X233

Johnson, Sadie        Farmer, George         27-Jul-04      J303

Johnson, Samuel H.    Payne, Elisabeth       26 Mar 1882    B258

Johnson, Samuel K.    Davis, Annie (Mrs.)    08 Jun 1892    E560

Johnson, Samuel R.    Burleigh, Abbie S.                    P567

Johnson, Samuel R.    Chapman, Effie         24-Mar-09      M191

Johnson, Samuel T.    Crawford, Rena         14 Apr 1887    C628

Johnson, Samuel T.    Fleming, Henrietta G.  31 Dec 1889    E054

Johnson, Sarah        Rhoads, Wilson H.      21-Jul-05      J632

Johnson, Sarah M.     Powell, Guy B.         8-May-20       X388

Johnson, Scott W.     Lumbert, Dollie A.M.   4-Jun-19       W186

Johnson, Stella       Williams, George       24-May-20      X423

Johnson, Stephen      Carroll, Frankie (Mrs.)10-May-04      J230

Johnson, Sydney       Merryfield, Dawn       28-Nov-10      N460

Johnson, Sylvia       Gibson, Alfred         23-Mar-02      I208

Johnson, T.C.         Lynch, Helen M.        30-Jun-09      M326

Johnson, T.J.         James, Maggie          2-Dec-14       R266

Johnson, Thobee       Roeder, Millie         10 Aug 1890    E181

Johnson, Thomas       Anderson, Biddy        26 May 1877    A268

Johnson, Thomas       Wilson, Sarah L.D.     16 Jul 1872    A039

Johnson, Tillie       Gabrielson, A.         16 Jan 1886    C378

Johnson, Ulna         Hawkins, Doretha       30-Dec-12      P609

Johnson, Umfrey       Jordan, Zuella Marie   19-Feb-21      Y482

Johnson, Vera May     Dennett, Lee Emel      12-Jun-20      X480

Johnson, Victor       Anderson, Emma         27 Oct 1894    F421

Johnson, Virginia     Butler, D.C.           2-Nov-10       N423

Johnson, Virtue       Hillis, Earl           4-Nov-08       L628

Johnson, Virtue       Hills, Earl            4-Nov-08       L628

Johnson, Volney O.    Shellhammer, Tina L.   22-Jun-10      N202

Johnson, W.F.         Huber, Ella M.         2-Feb-12       P089

Johnson, W.H.H.       Fenton, Nancy (Mrs.)   24 May 1898    G512

Johnson, W.J.         Leach, Alice (Mrs.)    8-Aug-14       R088

Johnson, W.L.         Ray, Mary              18 Oct 1877    A291

Johnson, W.S.         Shipley, Mary E.       26 Apr 1881    B154

Johnson, W.W.         Keir, Catherine M.     21 Feb 1898    G466

Johnson, Walter       Stevens, Elsie                        R475

Johnson, Walter C.    Hoke, Bessie Pearl     5-Jan-01       H500

Johnson, Walter C.    Hoke, Bessie Pearl     5-Jan-01       H500

Johnson, Wesley Elmer Gibson, Ethel Helen    6-Dec-20       Y319

Johnson, Wesley M.    Likes, Lillie L.       25 Feb 1887    C595

Johnson, Wiley        Osborn, Dora C.        05 Nov 1890    E237

Johnson, Will         Jones, Effie           25-Nov-18      V496

Johnson, William      Clester, Della         30-Sep-14      R170

Johnson, William      Davis, Lucy            1-Nov-19       W565

Johnson, William      Waldrop, Jayne         27-Jan-20      X158

Johnson, William G.   Hartwell, Fannie E.    04 Feb 1879    A395

Johnson, William H.   Christein, Minnie                     S240

Johnson, William J.   Wells, May P.          22-Aug-12      P382

Johnson, William M.   Duncan, Ada May        7-Nov-09       M508

Johnson, William TheodStrong, Jaunita Mae    10-Jun-11      O190

Johnson, Willie       Thompson, Roscoe       28-Aug-18      V357

Johnson, Willis J.    Heywood, Rosa L.       15-Jun-05      J601

Johnson, Zeal Ernest  Tibbett, Helen         24-Aug-11      O295

Johnston, A.E.        Powling, Lucinda B.    03 Dec 1879    B009

Johnston, A.F.        Crans, Margaret A.     7-Mar-07       K569

Johnston, A.R.        Ham, Hattie            01 Jan 1887    C569

Johnston, Alfonso T.  Noel, Alice            20 Feb 1890    E082

Johnston, Alice       Lewis, John E.         27 Dec 1893    F284

Johnston, Andrew      Gaugh, Brooksie McKissi9-Jul-07       L047

Johnston, Anna E.     Sipes, Jasper          07 Apr 1884    C065

Johnston, Anna May    Clough, Chancy June    1-Mar-05       J509

Johnston, Arthur      Arrowsmith, Mabel      2-Jan-01       H498

Johnston, Bertha L.   Caswell, C.E.          3-Aug-04       J309

Johnston, Bessie MargaVanAusdell, P.D.       10-Sep-18      V380

Johnston, Blanche E.  Smith, Forrest L.      1-Jun-13       Q170

Johnston, Clara C.    Marsh, C.C.            20 Apr 1899    H075

Johnston, Clarence    Curts, Louise                         S615

Johnston, Clark VaughnHindes, Ada            8-May-12       P228

Johnston, Cleve       Peak, Emma                            S561

Johnston, Elisabeth ViDaniels, Edward        25 May 1887    D016

Johnston, Ella B.     Cornell, E.J.          01 Jun 1899    H100

Johnston, Emmett VictoCaswell, Lucy A.       25 Jan 1893    F061

Johnston, Ethel       Beshears, Benjamin W.  10-Mar-09      M176

Johnston, F.G.        McRill, Harriet        4-Apr-00       H301

Johnston, Frances     Worthington, William H.03 Jul 1888    D335

Johnston, Francis StepRandle, Bessie Marian  12-Dec-03      J106

Johnston, Geneva      Williams, Roy                         S115

Johnston, George NathaWallace, Minnie Belle  28-Feb-12      P127

Johnston, Gertrude    Dunbar, James L.                      K296

Johnston, Gertrude    Fisher, Wilhelm R.     14-Jul-17      T493

Johnston, Gertrude    Pulliam, Samuel        3-Jun-14       R012

Johnston, Gladys      Ingham, E. Leon        14-Jan-15      R327

Johnston, Grace J.    Nevins, Mason C.       21 Oct 1896    G173

Johnston, Guy         Wilson, Anna May       28-Mar-14      Q579

Johnston, H. Raymond  Briggs, Edith A.       11 May 1898    G503

Johnston, H.C.        Moran, Pearl           8-Aug-17       T564

Johnston, H.P.        Wernett, Nina          6-Nov-17       U170

Johnston, Harriet I.  Cooper, Alfred         06 Nov 1895    F621

Johnston, Harry       Hain, Adda             14 Oct 1885    C321

Johnston, Ione        Underwood, Howard Umphr24-Nov-19      W630

Johnston, J. Penmore  Gay, Myrtle            19-Nov-12      P519

Johnston, J.E.        Cartwright, Lillian    3-Jan-22       Z537

Johnston, Jack        Fonce, Lorene          11-May-18      V143

Johnston, James       Franklin, Mary         1-Oct-12       P437

Johnston, Jane        Wirtz, Daniel L.       26-May-20      X428

Johnston, John Paul   Riley, Ruth Ellen      12-Feb-20      X190

Johnston, Julius      Goodrick, Lulu         29 Aug 1891    E377

Johnston, Kirk        Aske, Mary             6-Dec-11       P009

Johnston, Laura       Flickinger, William                   S593

Johnston, Lillian D.  Buford, William        25-Mar-15      R401

Johnston, Lizzie      Skinner, John W. Jr.   28-Dec-04      J457

Johnston, Lucille E.  Hutto, J.W.            31-Dec-21      Z522

Johnston, Mabel       Logan, Walter R.                      R431

Johnston, Mabel C.    Cross, Albert N.       24-Dec-07      L255

Johnston, Maggie      Forte, J.A.S.          26-Dec-14      R303

Johnston, Margaret    Miller, Carl           16-May-21      Y643

Johnston, Mary E.     Briley, Otto J.                       T195

Johnston, Mary E.     Runyan, W.C.           23-Mar-03      I515

Johnston, Mary E. CartMcHarg, Samuel M.      14-Jan-22      Z551

Johnston, Mollie      Addy, V.E.             9-Nov-11       N538

Johnston, Nelle Leone Ralston, Albert Elmer  16-Mar-18      V040

Johnston, Opal MildredKetzler, Russell C.    22-Jun-19      W228

Johnston, Pervey(roly)Fisher, John           28-Feb-12      P128

Johnston, R.M.        Flinn, Bertha E.       18 Dec 1896    G208

Johnston, Robert H.   Dorsey, Margaret       12-Sep-05      K039

Johnston, Robert M.   Gwinn, Avis            5-Jun-21       Z021

Johnston, Roy R.      Hicks, Ruth            2-Jan-22       Z531

Johnston, Russell     Kilmer, Bernice        17-Dec-20      Y342

Johnston, Ruth        Longs, B.                             S030

Johnston, S.E.        Walker, David V.       21 Jun 1887    D039

Johnston, Victor A.   Hildenbrand, Effie Mary21-Oct-21      Z368

Johnston, Viola C.    Carpenter, Horace      16 Dec 1880    B120

Johnston, Virginia LauEastman, O.J.          27-Aug-13      Q284

Johnston, W.E.        Lake, Lulu             15 Apr 1895    F523

Johnston, Wayne C.    Crawford, Vida C.      16-Jun-20      X496

Johnston, William O.  Benedict, Gertrude L.  11-Jul-05      J626

Johnston,Otterbein EarKisner, Myrtle         4-Sep-07       L105

Joiner, L.B.          Swartz, May            1-Nov-14       R217

Joiner, Leah          Brooks, Richard F.     16-Apr-20      X336

Joines, Charles E.    Goeldner, Caroline Anna4-Sep-12       P398

Jolley, Sylvia Irene  Sherman, Paul E.       28-Jul-18      V293

Jolliffe, H.G.        Sutorius, Clare        17-Jan-20      X134

Jolly, David W.       Aldrich, Ethel S.      8-May-05       J566

Jolly, Ethel          Oldridge, Charles H.                  S208

Jolly, William J.     Gorin, Mary E. (Mrs.)  19 May 1896    G082

Jone, Iva O.          Schneider, G.B.                       T063

Jones, A.             Kiel, Ada              24-Apr-22      Z727

Jones, A.L.           Ritzell, Edith         22-Dec-20      Y353

Jones, A.V.           Larimer, Lena          11-Jun-12      P273

Jones, Ada Pauline    Williams, Donald O.    10-Aug-19      W345

Jones, Agnes          Hennes, Frank          17-Nov-03      J082

Jones, Alexander      Dosier, Effie          8-Apr-01       H549

Jones, Alexander      Dozier, Effie          8-Apr-01       H549

Jones, Alfred L.      Chapell, Pauline       12-Oct-21      Z345

Jones, Alice          Gibson, W.P.                          R478

Jones, Alice          Will, John Conrad      27-Jan-09      M116

Jones, Alma           Patten, Jesse          23-Mar-21      Y540

Jones, Alta           Peavey, Raymond W.     22-Nov-07      L207

Jones, Alta Marie     Sturm, Harry           12-Dec-17      U328

Jones, Amanda         Hancock, William       15 Oct 1893    F227

Jones, Amelia         McCurdy, Raleigh       13-May-22      Z763

Jones, Amos C.        McLelland, Iva         20-Aug-08      L523

Jones, Amy            Stout, Walter Allen    26-Sep-14      R165

Jones, Anna           Bruning, James Edward  5-Sep-18       V375

Jones, Anna           Dadisman, Lewis        12 Oct 1883    B417

Jones, Anna           Yoder, R.H.            7-Jan-01       H502

Jones, Anna L.        Cottman, Harry D.      03 Apr 1899    H063

Jones, Anna L.        Espell, Michael        18-Apr-00      H306

Jones, Anna Marie     Hill, William          8-Jun-21       Z027

Jones, Anna May       Anderson, Ora A.       25-Dec-01      I139

Jones, Annie          Herndon, John          23 Oct 1888    D413

Jones, Arlene         Williams, Abe A.       24-Oct-21      Z378

Jones, Arthur         Sellers, Golda May     14-Dec-12      P565

Jones, Arthur C.      Walls, Lizzie E.                      S063

Jones, Arthur C.      Weirick, Virgie V.     29-Jul-03      I615

Jones, Arthur J.      Jeffress, Vernie E.    10-Jul-05      J625

Jones, B.F.           Martin, Hattie         19 Sep 1878    A360

Jones, B.H.           Barnard, Nora          28-Mar-00      H295

Jones, Ben            Martin, Josephine      29 Sep 1897    G370

Jones, Benjamin F.    Davis, Elizabeth       11-May-03      I551

Jones, Benjamin Owen  Schoffen, Rose         2-May-13       Q133

Jones, Bernice        Scott, Enoch A.        12-Nov-21      Z423

Jones, Berniece I.    Lombard, Ernest H.     11-Sep-21      Z270

Jones, Bert           Greenway, Georgia      23-Nov-19      W626

Jones, Bert K.        Elliott, Ida May       30-Apr-21      Y607

Jones, Bertha         Carpenter, Joseph      1-Mar-11       O038

Jones, Bertha A.      Schnug, George H.      17-Nov-17      U222

Jones, Bessie         Carsten, Louis         1-Mar-19       W002

Jones, Bessie         Evans, Callis          18-Dec-01      I130

Jones, Bessie         Stewart, Edward        18-Oct-19      W535

Jones, Beulah         Harwood, Cash          21-Jun-19      W233

Jones, Beulah         Richardson, Ben                       S416

Jones, Blanche        Kemp, W.C.             24-Oct-06      K418

Jones, C.E.           Aldrich, F.            18 Jun 1888    D324

Jones, C.J.           Swonger, Clara B.                     R553

Jones, C.T.           Harrison, Anna (Mrs.)  19-Aug-04      J318

Jones, C.W.           Dodge, Frances E.      31-Dec-12      P615

Jones, Caleb N.       Clark, Anna O.         23 Sep 1888    D394

Jones, Caleb N.       Lake, Anna O.          23 Sep 1888    D394

Jones, Camp A.        McKinley, Laura        3-Aug-12       P357

Jones, Carl           Tuders, Lesta          14-May-20      X401

Jones, Carl B.        Belgard, Libbie        22-Apr-14      Q602

Jones, Carrie F.      Shuman, Fred R.        30 Sep 1896    G158

Jones, Carrie V.      Hatten, James          30-Nov-21      Z459

Jones, Cecil L.       Tarr, Charles W.       14-Nov-08      M005

Jones, Charles F.     Canon, Winnie Effie                   S118

Jones, Charles F.     Snyder, Edyth J.                      T342

Jones, Charles G.     Jones, Lillian V.      6-Jun-13       Q185

Jones, Charles G.     Osborn, Nellie         24 Sep 1892    E618

Jones, Charles L.     Stewart, Margaret      19 Mar 1883    B357

Jones, Charles M.     McFarland, Bess        23-Apr-18      V108

Jones, Charles WilliamFegtly, Edith Olive    14-Oct-08      L603

Jones, Charles WilliamLegteley, Edith Olive  14-Oct-08      L603

Jones, Christenia BellCarnahan, William B.   14-Mar-01      H538

Jones, Clara          Parish, R.G.           19-Dec-17      U367

Jones, Clara O.       Miller, Edward E.      12-Aug-03      I629

Jones, Clarence       Hendrix, Nellie        3-Feb-18       U527

Jones, Claud A.       Clymar, Wealtha        12-Apr-06      K242

Jones, Claudia A.     Carton, Djalma A.      30-Apr-11      O126

Jones, Clifford Grant Cain, Pearl Mae        24-Dec-13      Q472

Jones, Clyde B.       Manning, Susie         13-Apr-20      X326

Jones, Cora J.B.      Waldie, Robert         18-Mar-18      V043

Jones, Cornelius      Kay, Ellen             22 Mar 1887    C614

Jones, Corrolah(oralahTrue, William K.       15 Jul 1894    F380

Jones, D.A.           Gill, Clara            30-Sep-14      R169

Jones, D.J.           Walters, Tiny          24-Sep-10      N354

Jones, D.S.           Rule, Mattie           22 Sep 1897    G361

Jones, D.W.           Andrus, Cora J.        3-Nov-20       Y242

Jones, Daniel         Doty, Ollie                           S554

Jones, David          Watters, Marguerite    22-Jun-12      P298

Jones, David J.       Bodine, Esther                        S425

Jones, David J.       Struthers, Julia C.    24-Apr-02      I224

Jones, David W.       Waddell, Sarah M.      16 Sep 1883    B409

Jones, Delia A.       Clever, Bert           27-Nov-02      I408

Jones, E.A.           Osborne, M.B.          22-Mar-14      Q575

Jones, E.L.           Griffitts, Anna        2-Oct-06       K394

Jones, Earnest L.     Bosworth, Atlena Della 31-Jan-10      M637

Jones, Edmond M.      Morris, Emma           24 Oct 1893    F238

Jones, Edna           Plummer, Chester A.    16-Dec-08      M048

Jones, Edna Marie     Stevens, Hobert McKinle21-Jun-20      X518

Jones, Edward         Weirick, Mary E.       20-Oct-09      M483

Jones, Edward A.      McClung, Ethel Lorraine24-Aug-10      N293

Jones, Edward W.      Martin, Ella Pearl     2-Sep-06       K361

Jones, Edwin Dale     Kilmer, Martha Washingt2-Apr-13       Q090

Jones, Effie          Johnson, Will          25-Nov-18      V496

Jones, Effie          Williams, E.S.         14-Jul-20      X582

Jones, Elizabeth      Stevens, Ira           16 Jul 1897    G326

Jones, Elizabeth BelleTuttle, W.W.D.         13 May 1899    H085

Jones, Elizabeth M.   Packer, A. Allen       26 Feb 1874    A108

Jones, Elizabeth OldfiJones, Sylvester T.    29 Jan 1884    C033

Jones, Ella B.        Sieg, August C.        19-Jan-05      J477

Jones, Ellen          Regan, Joseph B.M.     25 Dec 1874    A148

Jones, Elsie          Hadley, Harold         1-Sep-18       V365

Jones, Elva           Doyle, E.C.            20-Oct-13      Q389

Jones, Emma           Cunningham, Clarence   7-Sep-09       M411

Jones, Emma           Edwards, William L.    22-Aug-17      T589

Jones, Emma           Nelson, William        29-Mar-19      W042

Jones, Emma           Simmons, A. Paul       21-Mar-15      R395

Jones, Emma (Mrs.)    Mullendore, Albert                    D208

Jones, Emma Arilla    Glaser, Paul Fred      5-Mar-19       W010

Jones, Emma Jane      Downs, Thomas H.       17 Aug 1888    D361

Jones, Ethel          Ralls, Ray G.                         S610

Jones, Ethel          Register, Jesse        20 Sep 1893    F204

Jones, Ethel E.       Morse, George E.       22-Aug-05      K019

Jones, Ethel S.       Hay, Iva Lawrence      30-Jun-10      N215

Jones, Eunice ElizabetHutt, Joseph William                  T097

Jones, Eva            Dawson, Jesse L.                      S222

Jones, Eva            Settles, Rolla         23-Sep-11      O338

Jones, Eva L.         Ely, B.F.              25-Jan-20      X149

Jones, Everett K.     Coons, Marie                          R620

Jones, F.H.           MacFarland, Olive G.                  R612

Jones, Fadina Anne    Price, Edward                         T385

Jones, Flora          Gadeke, August         1-Feb-03       I475

Jones, Flora L.       Dillon, Clyde W.       4-Jul-20       X561

Jones, Florence       Steele, A.B.           27-Feb-19      V635

Jones, Florence BeatriPottorff, Ray G.       18-Oct-11      O372

Jones, Florence M.    Chism, Vernon B.       19-Apr-21      Y591

Jones, Florence M.    Reed, William          08 Mar 1893    F094

Jones, Flossie (Mrs.) Haggart, A.A.          17-Feb-12      P109

Jones, Floy           Conklin, Hugh          1-Dec-17       U296

Jones, Frances Z.     Almond, Wilbur L.      6-Dec-14       R270

Jones, Francis Edward Williams, Lulu Belle   1-Sep-12       P394

Jones, Frank          Gove, Ruby L.          22-Aug-05      K020

Jones, Frank          January, Susie         24-Jun-11      O215

Jones, Frank          Moore, Jane            20 May 1876    A202

Jones, Frank E.       Rice, Sally            14-May-03      I554

Jones, Frank Laurence Jeter, Marie Madeline  26-Jun-01      H627

Jones, Frank R.       Ayers, Rose            21-Mar-00      H293

Jones, Frank S.       Lindsay, Annie L.      25 Feb 1875    A153

Jones, Frank S.       Suits, Cleopatra       9-Nov-04       J412

Jones, Frank W.C.     Bender, Lottie Mae     9-Mar-10       N045

Jones, Fred           Layton, Laura          29 Feb 1888    D231

Jones, Fred H.        Coffman, Bertha E.     3-Sep-05       K030

Jones, G.W.           Gubitz, Mary           12-Mar-11      O047

Jones, G.W.C.         York, Minnie           02 Jun 1877    A268

Jones, Garnett Fern   Seger, Leonard H.      4-Aug-20       X631

Jones, George A.      Saunders, Vivian B.    27-Sep-08      L579

Jones, George W.      Coberly, Marguerite    21-Oct-21      Z369

Jones, Georgia        Isom, John             11-Feb-22      Z601

Jones, Gertrude L.    Allen, William G.      9-Jun-13       Q187

Jones, Gertude H.     Welch, George H.       29-Nov-05      K119

Jones, Gilbert        Lane, Minnie           30-Jul-08      L499

Jones, Gladys         Ziegler, Marvin        24-Sep-19      W470

Jones, Glen M.        Sence, Ruth E.         6-Sep-14       R129

Jones, Golda          Smyder, H.W.           11-Jun-12      P273

Jones, Goldie         Harris, Chester A.                    T160

Jones, Grace          Mattison, C.E.         12-Feb-13      Q036

Jones, Grace          Miller, Lemuel                        Y533

Jones, Grace          Miller, Lemuel         11-Jul-21      Z125

Jones, Grace M.       McGovney, John         17-Jun-08      L443

Jones, Griffith H.    Phillips, Laura L.     29-Sep-17      U026

Jones, Grover         Green, Fannie          25-Apr-08      L384

Jones, H.C.           Carmichael, Kattie     06 Oct 1897    G376

Jones, Hamilton H.    Grace, Emma            03 Jul 1892    E575

Jones, Harry          Gregg, Marietta        25-Mar-20      X277

Jones, Harry          Reinbold, Emma         28-May-08      L415

Jones, Harry H.       Money, Nina            19-Feb-21      Y483

Jones, Harry L.       Prather, Bessie B.     26-Mar-18      V055

Jones, Harry R.       Harris, Etta M.        17-Jun-11      O201

Jones, Harry W.       David, Edna            31-May-13      Q165

Jones, Hazel          Manning, George W.     1-Feb-11       N573

Jones, Hazel          Walters, Jacob         11-Aug-17      T568

Jones, Helen L.       Mathes, Edward T.      27 Dec 1892    F043

Jones, Henry          Hildebrand, Rosa V.    03 Jul 1893    F163

Jones, Henry M.       Bolt, Fanny A.         12 Nov 1889    E015

Jones, Henry P.       Baker, Nancy R.        10 May 1888    D295

Jones, Henry W.       Larry, Eliza           05 May 1893    F129

Jones, Herbert C.     Cramer, Alma L.        27 Dec 1891    E456

Jones, Herbert F.     Oglesby, Ella J.       05 Oct 1892    E625

Jones, Hester         Smith, S. Earl         29-Jan-10      M637

Jones, Hilda (Mrs.)   Fesmire, Charley       2-Oct-10       N363

Jones, Homer          Buckles, Evaleth       20-Aug-17      T584

Jones, Howard M.      Murphy, Minnie         23-May-14      R002

Jones, Hugh           Wandel, Susie          26 Aug 1882    B288

Jones, Ida            Burks, Winfield        2-Jul-21       Z102

Jones, Ida            Moore, Otis            28-Nov-00      H468

Jones, Ida May        Arment, Joe A.         01 May 1883    B370

Jones, Iona Belle     Middleton, Charles M.  31-Mar-15      R405

Jones, Ira D.         Seward, Millie J.      28-Apr-13      Q123

Jones, Irene          Cone, Harry Edwin      20-Jul-10      N253

Jones, Irene          Grounds, A.W.          21-Jun-09      M308

Jones, Isaac          Day, Laura Greeley     27-Dec-11      P043

Jones, Isaac G.       Taylor, Jennie         10 Nov 1892    F013

Jones, Iva            McGrath, Daniel J.     2-Jan-21       Y393

Jones, Ivie Alice     Rice, William Cyrus    19-Jun-07      L024

Jones, J. Harrison    Way, Huldah P. (Mrs.)  07 Sep 1892    E608

Jones, J. Joy         Batt, Euell H.                        T355

Jones, J.A.           Jones, Maggie                         T133

Jones, J.B.           Giger, L.A.            22-Feb-04      J169

Jones, J.B.           Unangst, Florence      08 Oct 1885    C318

Jones, J.E.           Reed, Nellie           18-Apr-01      H561

Jones, J.F.           Fent, I.M.             4-May-18       V131

Jones, J.F.           Overbay, Josetta Maybel17-Sep-04      J350

Jones, J.J.           King, Eunice           28 Sep 1897    G367

Jones, J.J.           Tavender, Margaret E.  17-Aug-11      O282

Jones, James Albert   Spencer, Anna May      31-Dec-21      Z526

Jones, James C.       Casto, Amy             30-Sep-11      O350

Jones, James D.       Clark, Margaret M.                    S095

Jones, James W.       Gibson, Rosa           30 Nov 1879    B008

Jones, James W.       Morrison, Grace        22-Dec-10      N512

Jones, Jean P.        Willis, Mona Lee                      S451

Jones, Jenette A.     Jackson, John          14-Dec-21      Z480

Jones, Jennie         Kennedy, Thomas R.     18 Dec 1893    F268

Jones, Jerome C.      Strausser, Nettie (Mrs)01 Jan 1891    E274

Jones, Jesse          Kinzy, Ruth            28-Aug-19      W391

Jones, Jesse H.       Dye, Etta S.           11 Jan 1893    F053

Jones, Jessie May     Koblitz, Karl          23-Jan-07      K526

Jones, Joanna         Walker, Bud            4-Jun-17       T420

Jones, John Daniel    Smith, Ruby Ione       12-Jun-18      V207

Jones, John H.        Cronin, Lora E.                       S460

Jones, John H.        Moss, Maude W.                        V486

Jones, John Harris    Duffer, Mattie A.      3-Aug-10       N263

Jones, John Henry     Schappel, Maud Alice   24-Nov-14      R253

Jones, John J.        Muhlhausen, Mary       10-Oct-10      N386

Jones, Joseph A.      Green, Lena L.         19-Mar-02      I205

Jones, Josephine      Lawson, Claudious L.   17-Jan-04      J142

Jones, Josephine      Suddard, Charles A.    6-Nov-19       W584

Jones, Josie          Hathman, Edward        10-Apr-01      H552

Jones, Julia M.       Engel, William J.      7-Jun-03       I575

Jones, Katie          Hinderer, George       02 Mar 1898    G472

Jones, L.C.           Dibble, Edward         20-Aug-12      P378

Jones, L.F.           Hembling, Adelaide     22 Nov 1885    C345

Jones, L.V.           Erwin, Elizabeth       11-Apr-13      Q100

Jones, Lafayette W.   Offenstein, Mathilda   1-Jun-10       N167

Jones, Laura          Bentley, Alfred        16-Sep-19      W441

Jones, Laura          Enoch, Henry L.        29-Mar-10      N075

Jones, Laura M.       Dunstone, H.W.         9-Feb-21       Y468

Jones, Laura May      Nair, Omega B.         14-Jan-03      I467

Jones, Lee            Carson, Hazel          18-Sep-20      Y121

Jones, Lee Ruth       Gubitz, George         12-Dec-17      U332

Jones, Lena E.        Darling, Clyde F.      28-Dec-07      L262

Jones, Leona          Cummings, Arthur G.    1-Jul-12       P314

Jones, Leona          Green, Albert          03 Aug 1892    E589

Jones, Leona Frances  Rice, Carl E.          4-Mar-14       Q553

Jones, Lexy H.        Shreves, Alice         30-Dec-14      R144

Jones, Lillian        Greene, R.M.           9-Jun-17       T436

Jones, Lillian        McMillan, Charles R.   16-May-22      Z768

Jones, Lillian M.     Negley, Cyril G.       22-Mar-18      V050

Jones, Lillian May    McMillan, Charles Ross 2-Sep-14       R123

Jones, Lillian V.     Jones, Charles G.      6-Jun-13       Q185

Jones, Lillie         Uphoff, Frank          24-Dec-13      Q469

Jones, Lillie May     Fuller, Charles J.     3-Nov-21       Z401

Jones, Lizzie         Woolley, J.M.          1-Apr-18       V065

Jones, Lloyd W.       Stafford, Anna (Mrs.)  18-Jan-11      N560

Jones, Lola           Curts, J.C.            7-Feb-15       R352

Jones, Lola M.        Chappelle, C.V.                       S619

Jones, Loren Garfield Thompson, Laura Lucinda4-Sep-07       L102

Jones, Louetta M.     McKinney, George S.    23-Sep-09      M445

Jones, Louis Verne    Appleman, Mary Harriet 3-Nov-18       V457

Jones, Lucy           White, W.H.            23 Dec 1899    H235

Jones, Lula(lu)       Bradford, Arthur       23-Oct-07      L181

Jones, Lura Ada       Rhine, Charles Franklin5-Jun-18       V190

Jones, M.O.           Barton, Myrtle         9-Jan-07       K513

Jones, Mabel          Robinson, E.J.         9-Oct-20       Y179

Jones, Mabel          Still, H.T.            8-Sep-02       I344

Jones, Mabel E.       Peck, Francis J. Jr.   15 Nov 1893    F250

Jones, Maddie         Back, Herman           26 Aug 1886    C488

Jones, Mae            Sloan, Roy James                      S325

Jones, Maggie         Jones, J.A.                           T133

Jones, Maggie         Martin, Lee San        12-Jul-20      X577

Jones, Maggie A.      DeWitt, Fred C.        26-Jul-05      J638

Jones, Maggie E.      Bettis, William A.     20 Mar 1889    D510

Jones, Mamie          Arnholz, Louis W.      30-Jul-10      N261

Jones, Mamie          Martin, William E.     17-Aug-14      R102

Jones, Mamie          Ragan, C.R.            20-Aug-19      W371

Jones, Mamie          Stanley, Everett       6-Aug-21       Z190

Jones, Margaret C.    Buechel, Edward J.     10-May-04      J230

Jones, Margaret ElizabBodenhamer, Halbert    2-Jan-14       Q492

Jones, Margaret M.    Clements, Hughart H.   2-Aug-13       Q267

Jones, Margaret M.    Long, Carl C.          15-Mar-21      Y524

Jones, Marie          Lloyd, Joseph          25-Oct-19      W553

Jones, Marie M.       Noble, Joseph M.       1-Feb-22       Z582

Jones, Marjorie       Williams, Neal         19-May-21      Y650

Jones, Martha M.      Kitsmiller, Louis T.   03 May 1883    B369

Jones, Mary           Beatty, David          04 Dec 1895    G003

Jones, Mary           Fellows, John W.       23 Oct 1889    E002

Jones, Mary A.        Weeks, Harmon J.       04 Feb 1879    A395

Jones, Mary J.        Frank, Richard E.                     S359

Jones, Mary Louise    Watson, Howard Maurice 25-Mar-22      Z672

Jones, Maud           Mosbacher, Charles     18 Feb 1884    C040

Jones, May O.         VanArsdale, W.O.                      T294

Jones, Melville C.    Culp, A. Blanche       27 Sep 1893    F213

Jones, Melville C.    Kirkendall, Florence   14-Oct-14      R190

Jones, Meta           Wilkerson, Jesse T.    6-Apr-07       K595

Jones, Milo T.        Chandler, Mayme        25-Jan-05      J479

Jones, Minion         Varner, Gertrude                      T043

Jones, Minnie A.      Allyn, A.M.            27-Oct-10      N415

Jones, Minnie F.      Romine, William G.     16 Sep 1896    G147

Jones, Minnie Juanita Billings, Byrd Aaron   29-Dec-13      Q481

Jones, Mithra C.      Wheeler, Maggie        28 Apr 1875    A156

Jones, Mort           Russell, Ruth                         R476

Jones, Moyne L.       Pike, Archie G.        29-Dec-17      U415

Jones, Myrtle         Gates, Arthur W.       20-Nov-01      I105

Jones, Myrtle E.      Paullin, Francis Wilfre20-Mar-02      I207

Jones, Myrtle V.      Caldwell, Roy V.       30-Sep-13      Q335

Jones, Nannie         Engleman, C.C. (Dr.)   26 Sep 1888    D395

Jones, Neal           Christman, Josie       22-Mar-13      Q072

Jones, Ned E.         McGinness, Carolyn L.  15-Jun-21      Z051

Jones, Nelia          Foley, James W.        24-Dec-19      X076

Jones, Nellie         Walter, Fred E.        12-Nov-05      K103

Jones, Nettie         Allen, Essex           20 May 1891    E341

Jones, Nettie         Kelsey, Ansel A.       12 Oct 1889    D630

Jones, Nettie A.      Ballard, William L.                   T171

Jones, Newton David   Houston, Jessie        19-Aug-09      M384

Jones, Nora           Mitchell, Charles E.   21 Feb 1897    G258

Jones, Nora           Willis, O.F.           6-Apr-10       N088

Jones, O.D.           Maxwell, Ruth          16-Jun-20      X498

Jones, O.E.           Perry, Hazel           16-Oct-20      Y202

Jones, O.S.           Oglesby, Emily         27 Nov 1895    F633

Jones, Orie           Brosseau, Marguerite   16-Jan-19      V567

Jones, Oscar          Loshbaugh, Florence    5-Mar-19       W010

Jones, Oscar A.       Silknitter, Gertrude M.16-Feb-05      J501

Jones, Otis T.        Davis, Ruth            30-Apr-01      H571

Jones, Paul D.        Coates, Elsie E.       17 Jun 1897    G316

Jones, Paul E.        Bear, Grace M.         25 Oct 1888    D413

Jones, Paul R.        Tedman, Pauline J.     15-Sep-14      R147

Jones, Pazzetta       Newlin, J.W.           5-Mar-04       J178

Jones, Pearl          Cantrell, W.H.         22-Dec-17      U376

Jones, Pearl          Law, George P.         17 Jul 1888    D345

Jones, Pearl          Myers, Otho P.         26-Aug-18      V349

Jones, Pearl Odilla   Marshall, Frank Ross   12-Feb-08      L306

Jones, Phillip A.     Stewart, Lizzie        1-Aug-07       L068

Jones, R. Lee         Devine, Grace          15-Feb-05      J492

Jones, R.E.           Blake, Mabel                          S577

Jones, R.L.           Erickson, Edna L.                     T326

Jones, Ray J.         Russum, Anna M.        18-Aug-14      R103

Jones, Reed           Pierce, Effie          9-Jan-22       Z544

Jones, Robert         Coker, Alice           20-Oct-00      H438

Jones, Robert         Grant, Viola           25-Aug-18      V347

Jones, Robert B.      Goforth, Josie         9-Dec-08       M040

Jones, Rosa Lee       Luck, William Walter   26-Oct-17      U131

Jones, Roscoe L.      Beach, Myrtle          21-May-21      Y656

Jones, Rosie          Smith, Virgil          1-Oct-03       J039

Jones, Ross           Shaw, Velma            21-Jul-19      W305

Jones, Roy D.         Bush, Ethel            31-May-12      P253

Jones, Roye C.        Walden, Lenora         4-Mar-11       O042

Jones, Ruth           Abbott, Richard        17-Oct-17      U092

Jones, Ruth           McConnell, Harry       21-Jul-19      W306

Jones, Sadie Evelyn   Powell, James W.       4-Dec-12       P543

Jones, Samuel         Couch, Ella            29-Nov-03      J095

Jones, Samuel         Waugh, Martha C.       02 Jan 1873    A058

Jones, Samuel W.      Covington, Mary I.     04 Feb 1891    E296

Jones, Seaborn B.     Slade, Mattie E.       30 May 1895    F546

Jones, Shanton        Harper, Rosa           17-Sep-10      N336

Jones, Shem           Sprague, Nellie M.     8-Jun-10       N179

Jones, Stanley M.     Frohman, Gertrude S.   6-Oct-03       J042

Jones, Susie          Russ, Thomas           15-Apr-05      J546

Jones, Sylvester T.   Jones, Elizabeth Oldfie29 Jan 1884    C033

Jones, T.D.           Grady, Mamie G.        22 Sep 1893    F208

Jones, T.J.           Gibson, H.             5-Oct-03       J043

Jones, Thomas Elmer   Hathaway, Mary Gladyce 10-Aug-04      J306

Jones, Thomas R.      Miller, Pearl          21-Sep-10      N342

Jones, Tillman F.     Reber, Minnie          1-Jan-15       R305

Jones, Travis         Collins, Inez          3-Sep-21       Z254

Jones, Urner M.       Koontz, Marguerite E.  5-Jul-04       J263

Jones, Vandella       Pumphrey, Lewis                       S164

Jones, Vera           Young, Eldon           27-Jun-18      V249

Jones, Vera D.        Davis, Charles E.      21-Mar-21      Y537

Jones, Vera Sofronia  Bandy, LeRoy Walter    16-Jul-11      O243

Jones, Verna          Stepleton, W.P.        27-Nov-09      M544

Jones, Verna          Thrush, Claud          26-Jun-20      X538

Jones, W.A.           Ross, Edith L.         3-Dec-02       I418

Jones, W.A.           Shields, Katherine     17-Feb-10      N023

Jones, W.B.           Merritt, Mary          19-Jul-02      I301

Jones, W.C.           Smith, Hazel           2-Aug-18       V300

Jones, W.D.           Ashley, Julia May      12 Mar 1896    G064

Jones, W.F.           Morrison, Bertha       4-Jul-01       H632

Jones, W.H.           Carr, Dora M.          21-May-02      I248

Jones, W.K.           Getto, T.M.            6-Apr-04       J203

Jones, Walter H.      Greenfield, Alice E.   9-Dec-14       R269

Jones, Walter M.      Martin, Frances E.     24-Sep-13      Q339

Jones, Walter R.      Goodwin, Emma          17-Jun-02      I274

Jones, Waunetta       Rogers, Lawrence B.    11-Aug-20      X627

Jones, William A.     Kermode, Alice         1-Nov-05       K096

Jones, William B.     Fetty, Ethel           20-Oct-06      K413

Jones, William CliftonDozier, Mary           23-May-07      K634

Jones, William H.     Hill, Arzelia          15 May 1890    E141

Jones, William H.     Montgomery, Emma E.    16 May 1894    F351

Jones, William H.     Toliver, Angeline      3-May-11       O133

Jones, William K.     Norcross, Sara E.      11-Jun-07      L011

Jones, William M.     Ellison, Alice         20-Sep-20      Y128

Jones, William R.     Todd, Rose             12-May-07      K628

Jones, Willie E.      Cox, Hilda L.          20-Feb-07      K550

Jones, Wilton C.      McClain, Effie         4-Sep-13       Q304

Jones, Winona         Sinnett, Roy                          S565

Jones, Zollie B.      Richards, Irene        12-Oct-09      M471

Jonston, Mary Justin  Mingenback, E.C.                      S270

Jordan, Addie (Alice) Massey, Robert         21 Sep 1892    E616

Jordan, Aileen        Moore, Arthur          5-Oct-21       Z329

Jordan, Alford        Wilson, Pauline        11-Sep-20      Y097

Jordan, Allen         Lenla, Cattie          21-Jun-20      X517

Jordan, Alma E.       Fletcher, Leland V.    14-Jan-03      I466

Jordan, Carl          Shults, Nellie                        Q087

Jordan, Clarice Ruth  McArthur, Wallace      12-Mar-18      V032

Jordan, Daisey A.     Temple, W.T.           3-Jul-06       K315

Jordan, Edward C. Jr. Miller, Helen Bryant   24-Jan-22      Z570

Jordan, Ethel         Clemence, George       24-Nov-21      Z437

Jordan, Ethel N.      Woodsworth, William C. 2-Jan-06       K170

Jordan, Etta Eleanor  Schulte, Albert T.     1-Aug-17       T546

Jordan, Eva M.        Conaway, Franklin      22 Mar 1882    B252

Jordan, Ezekiel       Earl, Leonore                         R615

Jordan, Frank         Jordan, Ruth                          S526

Jordan, Frank         Sheridan, Ruth         22-Feb-09      M149

Jordan, Frank M.      Royse, Mattie          29 Sep 1897    G369

Jordan, Frederick C.  Hearty, Ellen Dora     30 Sep 1894    F408

Jordan, Fremont U.    Faker, Elizabeth R.    07 Feb 1893    F070

Jordan, Harry         Worth, Willdia M.                     K475

Jordan, Helen         Dial, Milford Harold   18-Mar-19      W028

Jordan, Hunter G.     Mead, Fern F.          8-Nov-14       R226

Jordan, Jacob M.      Royse, Anna            01 Oct 1895    F603

Jordan, Lee           Shaffer, Elizabeth     21-Sep-10      N347

Jordan, Lettie        Miller, William        15 Nov 1873    A090

Jordan, Lewis G.      Keener, Ethel N.       26 Dec 1898    H004

Jordan, Louise        Kleinpeter, Edward J.                 T234

Jordan, Luella M.     Winkelmann, Claus J.   23 Aug 1899    H141

Jordan, Mary          Haddock, C.B.          12 Jan 1898    G442

Jordan, Maude L.      Devlin, F.E.           27-Oct-17      U133

Jordan, Myrtle        Crow, Martin           31-Oct-07      L188

Jordan, Odie          Nystrom, J.A.                         T177

Jordan, P.            Fitzgerald, T.         17-May-21      Y647

Jordan, Pearl         Purdy, Otto I.         3-Jun-03       I568

Jordan, Ray           Scott, Lillie                         R484

Jordan, Ruth          Jordan, Frank                         S526

Jordan, W.A.          Walker, M.L.           12-Feb-08      L307

Jordan, W.H.          Holtsclaw, Clara                      S249

Jordan, William       Crombie, Lillian       29-May-12      P250

Jordan, William A.    Maupin, Rose           08 Nov 1891    E416

Jordan, William C.    LaPorte, Zella V.      02 Jan 1892    E467

Jordan, William C.    Williams, Minnie Esther               T317

Jordan, Willis T.     Reimelt, Cecil Agnes   26-Dec-08      M072

Jordan, Zadie C.      Dalton, Cecilia                       S511

Jordan, Zuella Marie  Johnson, Umfrey        19-Feb-21      Y482

Jorden, Catherine     Hoban, Thomas          27 May 1887    D014

Jorden, Susa          Jelts, William         06 Jun 1887    D027

Jordon, Adaline       Robertson, Charles     10 Aug 1870    A001

Jordon, Ernest W.     Hubbard, Alice         8-Oct-21       Z334

Jordon, Nettie A.     Kahoe, John            01 Apr 1897    G276

Jordon, Ralph         Wilson, Mary E.        08 Apr 1886    C424

Jorgensen, C.S.       Harris, Anna           23-Apr-02      I224

Jorgensen, F.C.       Bishop, Bertha         21-Jan-00      H256

Jorgensen, John F.    Williams, Eva M.       4-Jun-05       J586

Jorgensen, Mamie H.   Porter, Edward M.      9-Dec-08       M039

Jorgensen, Rasmus NikoAnderson, Martha Matild10-Mar-14      Q559

Joseph, Alonzo A.     Staly, Mary            12-Jan-00      H253

Joseph, Anna          Wilkinson, George E. (D16-Sep-09      M430

Joseph, Ethel M.      Costner, Jesse         9-Aug-10       N270

Joseph, John S.       Shuman, May            5-May-05       J564

Joseph, Lillian I.    Wilson, Volney E.                     R502

Joseph, Minnie        Schweizer, Jacob       21 Jan 1891    E290

Joseph, Sadye         Cohen, Meyer S.        6-Jun-06       K287

Joseph, Violet M.     Zongker, H. Earl       4-Aug-11       O270

Joseph, W.E.          Keplinger, Grace       15-Nov-18      V483

Joslin, Almeda        Collier, Lee           20-Apr-13      Q119

Joslin, Goldia Gladys Morgan, Walter A.      7-Jun-20       X465

Joslin, J.W.          Raymond, Dorothy (Mrs.)8-Feb-14       Q524

Joslin, James E.      Lydick, Daisy G.       4-Oct-20       Y159

Joslin, Walter B.     Clark, Vinnie L.       19 Aug 1892    E599

Joslyn, Nora E.       Davis, Joseph H.       01 Jan 1891    E275

Jost, Katie           Lingg, Alois           24 Nov 1897    G403

Jost, Mary Ann        Stockemer, Mathias     16 Jan 1883    B337

Jouker, Rebeka        Derry, Peter M.                       S566

Jourdau, J.W.         Millis, Goldie Petrie  19-Jan-15      R334

Jowers, Elmer W.      Mason, Myrtle                         R413

Joxen, Agnes          Giefer, Mathias J.     30 May 1893    F134

Joy, Cora J.          Hansen, John V.        31-Oct-11      O392

Joy, E.E.             Rex, Daisy             25-Mar-22      Z674

Joy, Howard W.        Smith, Ruth            10-Nov-19      W595

Joy, Lorena           Lee, Homer             15-Aug-17      T577

Joy, Ralph Brackett   Ness, Viola C.         16-Oct-13      Q381

Joy, Ross L.          Mitchell, Emma         4-Jan-00       H249

Joy, William G.       Jackson, Nannie        12-Jun-10      N183

Joy, William G.       Williams, Maude        14-Jun-19      W204

Joyce, Edward L.      Garner, Lorena E.      19 Jan 1894    F299

Joyce, Marie          Brandt, Walter         31-Jul-20      X620

Joyner, John C.       Jackson, Alice         24-Sep-02      I360

Joyner, Robert        Craft, Gladys          11-Nov-06      K442

Joyner, Sadie D.      Welch, Ernest C.       15-Apr-06      K244

Juares, Maria         Lopes, Jose            4-Jan-22       Z532

Juarez, Louisa        Cabrera, Marcos        28-Sep-12      P433

Juarez, Saledad       Guenero, Joaquin       2-Sep-17       T607

Juchter, Annie M.     Miltner, Henry F.      27 Oct 1889    E004

Judah, Claud          Scales, Eva M.         7-Nov-17       U177

Judah, Florence       Sellers, Wayne         10-May-10      N132

Judah, Jennie B.      Dunn, I.N.             27 Sep 1899    H166

Judah, John W.        Beard, Mollie Virginia 25 Dec 1889    E046

Judah, Minnie         Harness, F.A.          7-Mar-14       Q557

Judah, William H.     Miller, Grace (Mrs.)   3-Oct-10       N372

Judah, Winepark       Hadley, Emma           31 Dec 1879    B021

Judckins, Katie Lula  Littlejohn, Abraham S. 22-Dec-18      V528

Judd, Anna            Ellam, Edward J.                      S284

Judd, Carl K.         White, Ella Mae        16-Jan-01      H507

Judd, Ivah            Holden, William        21-Dec-12      P574

Judd, Mary Ann        Lee, Willis M.         02 Sep 1877    A283

Judd, Reuben          Evans, Agnes           29 Sep 1892    E621

Judd, William Oren    Cogdell, Carolyn T.    7-Sep-04       J335

Judkins, Mary         Powers, J.J.           15-Jan-20      X132

Judy, Mary M.         Gitterman, Robert S.   28-Feb-14      Q549

Juengling, Edward O.  Klentz, Sophia         31-Dec-05      K168

Juett, John P.        Holly, Hattie Pratt    23 Mar 1895    F514

Juimenez, Refugnio    Morater, Crecencio     21-Oct-17      U106

Julian, Ernest E.     Doty, Lola             28-May-19      W163

Julian, John H.       Parker, Anna H.        12 Nov 1885    C339

Julian, Lewis Otis    Gibson, Mabel Anna     12-Jun-07      L013

Julien, Mary          Millhaupt, John F.     25 Oct 1888    D415

June, Bessie          Albright, Vernon       1-Jul-14       R052

June, Edith           Shaffer, J.C.          5-Nov-02       I397

June, Glenn           Parker, Lapera         30-Jul-13      Q262

June, Howard          Parker, Orpha          1-Oct-13       Q352

June, Ida             Ferguson, W.L.         7-Jan-20       X109

June, Saide Josephine Benton, George Ralph   17-Oct-11      O371

Jung, Herbert A.      Dunkle, Viola          23-Jun-19      W237

Junkins, Alvin        Hunt, Eva              28-Nov-17      U286

Junkins, Dewey        Beymer, Jessie         4-Aug-21       Z185

Junkins, Margaret E.  Baxter, Ray M.         25-Jun-14      R039

Junkins, Olive Geneva Green, Bert W.         1-Aug-14       R080

Junod, Arthur A.      Roberts, Hazel May                    S157

Junod, Ruth           Ward, Cleveland                       R572

Jupe, Edna            Nixon, William W.      11-Aug-10      N272

Jurdon, Myrtle        Allen, J.E.            2-Apr-19       W047

Jurgena, Herman       Wetmore, Minnie        30-Jun-17      T481

Jurgens, Angie        Johnson, Preston                      R551

Jurgens, Anna Ellen   Freeman, Walter L.                    R441

Jurgens, Helen FrancisKnipp, Richard C.F.    30-Dec-18      V544

Jurgens, J.N.         Welch, Nancy E. (Mrs.) 4-Jul-00       H351

Jurgens, Louise I.    Attebury, Joseph H.    6-Mar-20       X239

Jury, J.W.            Barker, Marie          4-Dec-20       Y316

Just, Anna            Shuster, George J.     21-Sep-04      J351

Just, Elizabeth       Buckman, J.L.          8-Apr-19       W061

Just, Robert H.       Woodside, Winnifriede J10-May-05      J567

Just, William J.      Wiechman, Elise        11-Mar-08      L325

Justice, H.L.         Doile, Lottie          6-May-13       Q136

Justice, Jessie       Harms, Herbert         16-Dec-20      Y341

Justice, Jessie Marie Thorp, Walter Roy                     T082

Justice, Mary         Stevens, E.H.          19-Jun-20      X509

Justice, Olla         Keller, Harley         15-Oct-13      Q382

Justus, George        Manning, Clara         29-Apr-01      H570

Kaats, Josephine CharlBailey, Earl R.        9-Feb-21       Y469

Kabatchnick, Rebecca  Becker, Morris         25-Mar-11      O065

Kabler, Essie M.      Young, W.D.            01 Oct 1898    G579

Kackley, G.W.         Hackett, Marie         7-Feb-21       Y462

Kady, May             Eaton, A.L.            25-Jun-06      K302

Kaebnick, Bertha M.   Storck, A.M.                          T086

Kahn, Herman          Lahn, Sylvia           9-Nov-19       W585

Kahoe, Dollie         Shelton, Rily(ley)     04 Nov 1896    G181

Kahoe, John           Jordon, Nettie A.      01 Apr 1897    G276

Kahrs, Anna           Durling, Clarence                     S366

Kailer, Bertha M.     Childs, Samuel         2-Feb-02       I171

Kailer, C. David      Fisher, Myrtle         27-Jun-06      K310

Kailer, C.D.          Fisher, Gertrude Irene 1-Oct-19       W487

Kailer, Carrie        Compton, L.D.          12 Nov 1899    H208

Kailer, Jeannette A.  Mace, Frederick W.     14-Jul-03      I603

Kailer, Minnie E.     Bryan, Joseph E.       30 Oct 1892    F004

Kain, Violet          Sites, E.O.            31-Aug-14      R122

Kaiser, Adolph G.     Wright, Velma                         T252

Kaiser, Anna          Allen, Earl B.         9-Jan-19       V561

Kaiser, Cecil C.      Wagner, John J.                       T303

Kaiser, Chalon L.     Stitt, Mary Ellen                     T114

Kaiser, Della         Cranmer, W.M.          18-Oct-13      Q385

Kaiser, Ethel         Keefe, H.L.            3-Jun-17       T409

Kaiser, Gustave       Simpson, Mary A.       10 Apr 1888    D267

Kaiser, Karl          Armstutz, Mary         29 Jan 1898    G452

Kaiser, Marie         Turner, Raymond        5-Jun-18       V190

Kaiser, Mary          Wolter, Julius         18 Jun 1886    C456

Kaiser, Mildred       Appling, Winfield      8-Jul-20       X568

Kaiser, Minnie        Miller, J. Theodore    07 Apr 1889    D519

Kaiser, Susie         Jesko, Harry R.        10-Sep-19      W428

Kaiser, Trisa (Thrisa)Arbaugh, Arthur        25-Jan-11      N568

Kakara, Anna          Dillingham, Lloyd A.   17-Nov-05      K112

Kalb, Benjamin        Dougherty, Clara       01 Oct 1889    D619

Kalb, Mary            Bush, John             03 Dec 1881    B214

Kalb, Nell May        Macready, Edgar        15-Aug-10      N277

Kale, J.H.            Thompson, Jennie       07 Mar 1888    D244

Kale, Mahuta E.       Ford, Frederick L.     27 Nov 1879    B002

Kalle, Frank          Halsig, Veronika       05 Nov 1892    E633

Kallenbarger, George WFetters, Hannah Rosetta17 Jun 1891    E350

Kallenbarger, Lizzie  Reed, A.E.             25 Feb 1884    C050

Kallenberger, Henry J.Purvis, Jennie (Mrs.)  12 Nov 1889    E015

Kallial, Ellis        Ioub, Faridey          25-Jul-09      M355

Kallman, Esther       Margules, Sam                         R565

Kaltenbach, Kittie    Skripsy, Otto          15-May-19      W142

Kaltwasser, Annie E.  Nudd, Emery H.         18 Jun 1882    B278

Kaltwasser, Charles G.Walters, Lizzie B.     18 Sep 1889    D608

Kaltwasser, Elizabeth Kinsey, W.S.           21 Feb 1885    C215

Kaltwasser, Henry     Holtke, Louise         30-Jul-04      J307

Kamas, Lena           Stevens, S.M.          6-Dec-21       Z468

Kamas, Sam G.         Annette, Mary G.       10-Jan-15      R320

Kamb, Mary            Coury, John            29-Mar-20      X288

Kamenesky, Minnie     Stein, Max             11-Feb-13      Q028

Kamensky, Rose        Berkowitz, John        21-Jun-10      N198

Kamensky, Rose        Frankel, A.                           S543

Kammerer, Dollie      Rodney, Jesse L.       2-Nov-04       J404

Kammerer, E.R.        Barr, Amelia           21-Sep-05      K047

Kammerer, Robert      Morris, Ruby(bey)      15-Mar-11      O052

Kammerer, Robert Lee  Barrow, Allie          16-Nov-08      M007

Kammerer, William     Husted, Grace          6-Nov-11       O399

Kammerer, William G.  Hicks, Daisy Abilene   16-Sep-01      I042

Kamp, J.W.            Martin, Dora                          T223

Kampling, Anna F.     Rau, William J.        25-Aug-03      I620

Kampling, Caecilia E. Klausner, Michael C.   30-Oct-07      L166

Kampling, Gertrude    Weber, Aloysius        26-Apr-21      Y592

Kampling, Herman      Landwehr, Lucy         9-Jan-12       P054

Kampling, Ida         Gunzelmann, Ferdinand  26-Oct-10      N381

Kampling, Joe         Rausch, Frances        9-Feb-10       M615

Kampling, John H.     Gittrich, Rose Catherin23-Sep-19      W468

Kampling, Katherine   Marx, John             12-May-08      L386

Kampling, Maria MagdalLinnebur, Frederick B. 16-Apr-12      P167

Kampling, Rose        Scheve, Henry          11-Jan-21      Y401

Kanatazer, Ella       Stansbury, Clyde                      T158

Kanatzar, Earl        Widdoes, Stella        18-Jan-15      R332

Kanatzar, Lillie M.   Bodle, Charles M.      19-Oct-05      K078

Kanatzar, Reba Kansas Tjaden, Jacob Hike     21-Apr-12      P197

Kanauer, Beatrice MargBurton, F.L.           17-Jan-20      X138

Kancher, Alma         Whitters, E.R.         2-Mar-22       Z637

Kandt, Robert H.      Merritt, Jennie        25-Nov-12      P525

Kane, Bertha          Epperly, O.M.          9-Nov-14       R225

Kane, G.W.            Pearl, Tesse Bell      30-Nov-14      R264

Kane, John Fletcher   Adamson, Grace         16-Mar-09      M181

Kane, Lizzie          Siebrandt, John Reinhol25 Apr 1895    F529

Kane, Nina            Williams, Will Wilbert 18-Feb-22      Z608

Kane, Thomas          Stones, Eula           2-Jun-20       X444

Kane, Viola J.        Oehler, Arthur         5-Sep-19       W415

Kaner, Robert         Hanon, Reaka                          T195

Kankins, Jesse        Wyatt, Florence        26-Mar-10      N068

Kann, Sydney          Bamberger, Estelle                    R632

Kannier, Hershel      Clark, Erma            8-Sep-20       Y093

Kantz, Worth          Clement, Martha (Mrs.) 21 May 1899    H092

Kantz, Worth          Little, Anna E.        03 Oct 1881    B195

Kappes, Nora          Shriver, James L.      24-Jun-03      I589

Kardt, August E.      Johnson, Alice         23 Feb 1878    A314

Karlowski, Walter A.  Jackson, Thelma L.     27-Dec-21      Z513

Karminski, E.F.       Coons, Susie           10-Aug-18      V314

Karnes, Ida L.        Herlacher, S.G.        17-Oct-00      H435

Karnes, Mildred       Evans, John                           S592

Karns, Harry V.       Howe, Gertrude         12-Apr-11      O098

Karper, Edward        Allen, Lucy            13-Jan-12      P064

Karper, Francis (TraviBailey, Mary           23 Jul 1896    G124

Karr, Effie Pearl     Robertson, F.B.        5-Oct-14       R175

Karr, Jennie E.       Mills, Roy             30-Aug-19      W394

Karr, Orville A.      Brown, Jessie E.       20-May-14      Q637

Karraker, Charles C.  Sherman, Helen Josephine              T353

Karsey, Harry         Porter, Mary Lee       2-Dec-21       Z461

Karvella, Herman      Aula, Britta (Bryta)   27 Sep 1886    C503

Kasamis, James        Williams, Myrtle       30-Dec-20      Y387

Kasbeer, J.H.         Hardesty, C.A.         26 Dec 1888    D465

Kase, Louise C.       Stocker, Robert E.                    R465

Kase, W.C.            Reed, Mamie            18-Jan-21      Y416

Kase, William C.      Major, Lillian         19-Jan-11      N557

Kasel, Nicholas P.    Kraus, Elizabeth Marie 17-May-20      X371

Kaselo, Ethel May BrooMerchant, Dopf Burnett 5-Aug-11       O272

Kasenberg, Helene     Robinson, Herbert L.                  S624

Kasenberg, James N.   Krapf, Mabel A.        3-Oct-20       Y154

Kasenberg, James U.   Thorpe, Helene M.      28-Feb-10      N034

Kasenberg, Julia BlancMorris, Burton L.      25-Oct-05      K090

Kasenberg, Nellie MabeDavis, J.P.            12-Jan-13      P627

Kasenberg, P.E.       Reed, Lucy M.          4-May-04       J226

Kasmirsky, Anton      Wilkus, Elisabeth      18 Feb 1878    A313

Kassahn, Ray          Smith, Mary Ellen      11-Oct-21      Z342

Kast, Charles         Seidl, Elizabeth       30-Mar-22      Z680

Kasten, Alfred W.     Grant, Florence        14-Jul-12      P326

Kasten, Bell M.       Zueber, Henry          30 Jul 1874    A127

Kasten, Madge E.      Fisher, George W.      1-Jun-22       Z777

Kastens, Leone        McDonald, Fred A.      5-May-20       X378

Kastens, Raleigh LarenDaly, Anna Winifred    19-Apr-22      Z716

Kaster, Dora V.       Crockett, Charles A.   11 Mar 1880    B049

Kater, Marie          Coen, Orville          28-May-22      Z779

Kathan, Louis         Gehring, Bettie        26 Jun 1879    A432

Katterjohn, Venette A.Winters, G.W.          31-Mar-18      V061

Katz, Freida Olive    Thomas, Herbert Marion 13-Jun-19      W210

Katzinger, Edward     Waldner, Anna                         D307

Katzman, William J.   Stetter, Bertha L.     16-Aug-13      Q277

Kauer, Guido          Brunhoeber, Mary       26-Nov-14      R258

Kauffman, Anna        Ralston, C.L.          27 Sep 1899    H170

Kauffman, Gideon      Rearick, Martha        24 Dec 1890    E271

Kauffman, Pearl       Warfield, Walter       19-Aug-00      H377

Kauffman, Samuel      Dyte, Lottie           25 Dec 1887    D187

Kaufholz, Lee George  McArdle, Marguerite    24-Sep-21      Z303

Kaufman, Anna M.      Carter, Edward N.      25 Jan 1892    E482

Kaufman, Clara        Lynch, John            26 Nov 1891    E431

Kaufman, Ella         Haas, Adam             11 Dec 1883    C012

Kaufman, Florence     McDermott, John        24-Nov-14      R248

Kaufman, Hilbert      Garberich, Lottie May  8-Feb-15       R350

Kaufman, Lydie E.     Allen, A.S.            03 Nov 1897    G396

Kaufman, Mary ElizabetParks, Alfred N.       26-Nov-13      Q439

Kaufmann, Charlotte   Cutler, James E.       24-Jan-22      Z572

Kaufmann, Rosa        Offhausen, Ernest      05 Jun 1892    E558

Kay, Allen            Potter, Kitty Flora    10 Dec 1896    G210

Kay, Ellen            Jones, Cornelius       22 Mar 1887    C614

Kay, Flora K. (Mrs.)  Creed, Albert N.       21-Jan-01      H509

Kay, William          Nicoson, Ora A.        02 Apr 1885    C236

Kaylor, C.            Robinson, Nellie                      T020

Kayser, George        Foerst, Katie          02 Nov 1879    A462

Kayser, Jesse W.      Muckle, Grace          22-Sep-09      M441

Keagy, Howard S.      Gardner, Carolyn                      R575

Kean, Ruth Hanah      Elder, Benjamin David  1-Mar-21       Y501

Kearney, C.E.         Sisco, Alta            20-Jan-21      Y423

Kearney, Delia J.     Busch, Ambrose J.      7-Jun-05       J588

Kearney, F.L.         Carlton, Osie A.       15 Apr 1883    B367

Kearney, Marion       Dillon, James E.       12-Apr-04      J211

Kearns, Charles       Store, Lillie          26-Feb-19      V632

Kearns, Elsie May     Butterfield, William Ha20-Sep-11      O331

Kearns, Fay           Yazel, Charles S.      10-Sep-13      Q313

Kearns, Loyd          Hayford, Mamie         22-Sep-09      M443

Kearns, N. Ellen      Price, Earl R.         23-Sep-14      R159

Kearse, Arthur        Greene, Marie Jane     11-Nov-14      R229

Keasling, Emmor L.    Hoffman, Murna         24-Dec-20      Y361

Keating, A.W.         Drake, Gladys                         S258

Keating, John SterlingRoberts, Kate (Mrs)    04 Feb 1890    E072

Keating, Nellie       Chritton, D.B.         12-Dec-03      J106

Keating, Redmond      Gillig, Leta (Lydia)   06 Jun 1899    H103

Keatley, Jordan W.    Downing, Lucy R.       21-Dec-11      P027

Keck, Frances Ferree  Ross, Finlay Fuller                   S121

Keck, Frances Higbee  Johnson, Orlo O.       11-Feb-22      Z599

Keckley, Hattie S.    Clark, Martin R.       15 Feb 1876    A192

Kedney, Pearl         Figgemeier, Tony       11-Feb-14      Q529

Kee, Pearl            Dewey, Perrin          16 Dec 1895    G008

Keech, Myllie         Eilerts, G.T.                         T181

Keef, Lucy Ann        Simons, John           18-Apr-03      I531

Keef, T.F.            Fearey, Annie          25-Dec-04      J451

Keefe, Anna           Burget, J.L.(S.)       15 Dec 1895    G007

Keefe, Elizabeth      Lister, Jacob F.       30 Sep 1896    G156

Keefe, H.L.           Kaiser, Ethel          3-Jun-17       T409

Keefe, John Horace    Mercer, Mabel Millie   16-Jan-21      Y412

Keefer, Iva           Roberts, Clinton D.                   S308

Keefer, Millie C.     Springgate, James B.   02 Oct 1881    B195

Keefer, R.C. Jr.      Barnhart, Lydia        15-Oct-03      J055

Keefer, Richard C. Jr.Therhold, Hattie       4-Jan-13       P621

Keefover, Anna M.     Graham, George W.      15-Jan-20      X132

Keefover, Margaret E. Haagen, Glenn J.       1-Sep-20       Y055

Keele, Tillitha       Chapman, C.E.          15 Feb 1880    B037

Keele, William        Blew, Edna                            N155

Keeler,               Sincer,                               B379

Keeler, Earl          Berry, Ollie                          S411

Keeler, Ollie         Kehl, Jesse            9-Feb-21       Y468

Keeler, Ray Adelbert  Lumbert, Grace Gertrude17-Jun-14      R029

Keeley, Besse         Dennis, Henry Clair    10-Jan-09      M095

Keeley, Charles       Smith, Myrtle F.       24-Mar-06      K230

Keelor, Mary Ethel    McWilliams, Guy C.     21-Dec-10      N509

Keely, Herbert        Ruckle, Ethel          4-Jun-17       T418

Keely, Victor Hugo    Brooks, Effie          15-Mar-18      V031

Keen, E.              Ryan, May              24-Jan-00      H260

Keen, Fred S.         Wilkinson, Reba        4-Dec-19       X017

Keen, Freda           Netherton, Cecil       23-Aug-17      T591

Keen, John E.         Fletcher, Laura E.     24 Dec 1882    B333

Keenan, Anna          Bordewick, B.W.        4-Mar-05       J513

Keenan, Bruce L.      Overstreet, Alice M.   16 Oct 1890    E218

Keenan, Hanlon H.     Fultz, Gladys A.       3-Jan-15       R311

Keenan, Katherine     Benedix, W.H.          28-Oct-19      W556

Keene, Bernice        Eakin, Guy W.          25-Dec-13      Q473

Keener, Ethel N.      Jordan, Lewis G.       26 Dec 1898    H004

Keeney, Marion E.     Hayes, Nancy M.                       T070

Keeney, Merrill E.    Morgan, Marie T.       1-Oct-10       N371

Keeney, Merrill E.    Morgan, Marie T.       1-Oct-10       N381

Keense, William       Schrader, Friederke    26 Jan 1883    B345

Keepers, D.F.         Shumard, Iva           11-Aug-20      Y019

Keeran, Bertha        Aaron, Charles G.      24 Jun 1890    E160

Keeran, Della D.      Williams, John B.      25 May 1889    D534

Keeran, Mannie        Beard, Henry           30 Jun 1888    D331

Keeran, W.G.          Simmons, Laura J.      19 Aug 1888    D363

Keese, Mollie         Ball, Melvin S.        03 Oct 1890    E211

Keethler, J.A.        Chase, Rosetta C.      15 Feb 1899    H041

Keeton, Sylvia E.     Morrow, William S.     5-Mar-21       Y504

Keever, Maggie (Mrs.) Pinkston, C.E.         11 Jan 1899    H023

Keffer, Eli           Keffer, Mary           04 Feb 1884    C037

Keffer, Eva           Schooley, John M.      18-Jul-08      L484

Keffer, Mary          Keffer, Eli            04 Feb 1884    C037

Kegebehn, Emma L.S.   Norris, Alexander      1-Feb-14       Q519

Kehl, Clara           Hill, John                            S178

Kehl, Frank           Smith, Bulah (Beulah)  1-Feb-08       M122

Kehl, Jesse           Keeler, Ollie          9-Feb-21       Y468

Kehl, Margaret ElizabeHill, Grover Calvin                   S196

Kehmeier, Louise      Roberson, B.C.         21-Nov-06      K456

Kehr, Eugene          Stewart, Nora          2-Oct-20       Y153

Keifer, Dela          Stiles, J.W.           27-Jun-13      Q159

Keifer, Lena          Greene, Charles James  20-Mar-18      V047

Keifer, Mattie A.     Caldwell, J.A.         02 Oct 1884    C142

Keihl, Ray W.         Osborn, Lelia B.       6-Nov-01       I087

Keil, Anna V.         Pfeiffer, John         20-Feb-13      Q041

Keil, Bertha          Brugman, Frank F.      26-Jun-12      P305

Keil, Emil G.         Bowles, Silvie         6-Jun-06       K286

Keilholtz, George E.  McGrew, Mary           27 Feb 1890    E088

Keiller, Agnes Hope   Slade, Stephen         30 Mar 1881    B148

Keiller, Maggie       Hardie, Adam R.        09 Feb 1892    E491

Keim, George E.       Logan, Lillie          10-Nov-20      Y258

Keim, Gladys M.       McLaughlin, Quiller C.                T014

Keim, Grace           Key, Benson            12 Jun 1889    D556

Keim, Susie A.        Dunn, Horace J.        09 Jul 1896    G118

Keimig, Louise        Lauterbach, Frank      5-Aug-14       R086

Kein, Wilmuth         Lusk, George B.        28-Sep-17      U019

Keir, Catherine M.    Johnson, W.W.          21 Feb 1898    G466

Keir, Sarah M.        Hartman, Mathias L.    11 Nov 1879    B004

Keirm, Dwain          Horstman, Lena         6-Sep-10       N313

Keiser, Aline         McQuiston, Earl        20-Nov-20      Y284

Keister, Bettie B.    Powers, Paxton L.      08 Jul 1882    B277

Keister, Charles A.   Alexander, Mary E.     17 Apr 1884    C074

Keister, Erma S.      Magill, Clyde          25-Jun-13      Q214

Keister, James A.     Hunt, Amanda M.        25 Feb 1883    B350

Keister, James B.     Frank, Minnie M.       30 Sep 1889    D618

Keister, Marie        Herndon, B.B.          21 Sep 1893    F206

Keiter, Elisabeth     Zensen, Adam           23 Nov 1892    F012

Keiter, Elizabeth     Knoblauch, Frank       25-Sep-18      V389

Keiter, Henry H.      Nepper, Victoria       27-Jan-03      I457

Keiter, Joseph        Martin, Mary           23 Nov 1899    H205

Keith, Ada B.         Cooley, M.F.           25-Sep-07      L138

Keith, Ada M.         Stringer, William      06 Mar 1889    D504

Keith, C.A. (Mrs.)    Craim, G.E.            24-Apr-11      O117

Keith, Edith A.       Kellum, George W.      06 Nov 1875    A174

Keith, Florence E.    Hicks, Glenn           29-Nov-17      U287

Keith, Floyd          Claxton, Gertrude      27-Dec-19      X074

Keith, Hazel Marie    King, H. LaVergne      17-Apr-19      W067

Keith, Ida B.         Rochelle, Homer L.     18 Oct 1886    C518

Keith, Jennie         Dangerfield, C.H.      23 Feb 1886    C397

Keith, Libbie         Cline, Charles         4-Sep-00       H388

Keith, Linnie         Alexander, G.C.        6-Sep-11       O313

Keith, Raymond        Purdon, Maude          26-Sep-18      V414

Keith, Rosa           Haynes, Charles G.     19-Oct-18      V452

Keith, W.D.           Hess, Ida B.           12-Oct-18      V444

Keith, William        Mendenhall, Edna       13-Mar-20      X253

Keithly, Bessie Raye  Notter, John David     10-Sep-12      P402

Kekahbah, Charles     Looney, Hazel          31-Dec-21      Z529

Kelch, Anna           Flagg, Andrew D.       05 Jul 1884    C099

Kelchner, W.H.        Hinkle, Jennie         25 Dec 1888    D460

Kelker, David N.      McKean, Fannie         21 Jun 1889    D559

Kell, Addie           McCombs, Abraham C.    22 Jan 1893    F058

Kell, John B.         Baughman, Willya E.    22 Sep 1890    E201

Kellaher, Cora B.     Tibbetts, Albert E.    20-Jun-17      T459

Kellam, Ida May       Hamm, Frederick Jacob  16-Oct-18      V449

Kellems, Bertha       Fletcher, Mark         17-Feb-21      Y480

Keller, A.F.          Rodney, J.A.           14-Jan-07      K518

Keller, Alice J.      Dick, Elmer            01 May 1887    D001

Keller, Anna H.       Miller, Clarence W.    10-Mar-14      Q559

Keller, Arthur        Skiles, Marian         3-Aug-18       V303

Keller, C. Allen      Armstrong, D. Alice    17-Aug-09      M379

Keller, C.A.          Mauzy, May(ary) M.(Mrs)31 Dec 1898    H013

Keller, Charles E.    Howard, Nora L.        21 Sep 1898    G569

Keller, Charles E.    Richardson, Elanore    2-Feb-10       N005

Keller, Charles Leroy Stilts, Viola Frances  23-Dec-08      M058

Keller, Edith         Freeman, H.M.                         R408

Keller, Elizabeth A.  Veatch, Henry W.       23 Feb 1888    D231

Keller, Ethel         Godsey, Samuel W.      4-Feb-00       H264

Keller, Ethel         Purtell, James W.      26-Feb-12      P123

Keller, Fern          Hyde, Albert           4-Apr-07       K593

Keller, Frank         Smith, Hazel           4-Sep-07       L103

Keller, Grace         German, Hosea          23-Sep-12      P426

Keller, Harley        Justice, Olla          15-Oct-13      Q382

Keller, Hazel         Warrick, M.P.          24-Nov-17      U257

Keller, Henry N.      Bozarth, Georgie A.    10-Sep-07      L115

Keller, Itis          Crispian, Nellie       08 Apr 1888    D264

Keller, Jacob         Updegraff, Mary E.     26 Jun 1879    A433

Keller, Jesse         Moss, Leota            11-Oct-19      W507

Keller, Jessie E.     Barney, Earl D.        21-Oct-03      J057

Keller, Joseph        Langschmidt, Emlie     8-May-11       O139

Keller, Luella        Shutt, Harold S.       9-Aug-19       W346

Keller, M.L.          Dykes, Ella            30-Jun-02      I285

Keller, Maggie        Rice, R.C.             15-Apr-03      I527

Keller, Margaret J.   Avery, Charles H.      15 Jul 1896    G121

Keller, Mary Beth     McLean, John           17-Dec-21      Z484

Keller, Mary E.       Craig, Scott E.        24 Jan 1897    G242

Keller, Maude         Crumpton, R.M.         7-Apr-18       V076

Keller, May           Crawford, Melville R.  16-Nov-07      L202

Keller, Minnie F.     Bates, Bruce           11 Jul 1894    F379

Keller, N.W.          Tomford, F. Frances    17-Feb-04      J166

Keller, Naomi Daisy   Allison, John Leroy    20-Nov-12      P520

Keller, Nelia         Laudermilk, J.D.       19 Jun 1887    D038

Keller, O.F.          Osborn, I.O.           27-Dec-11      P024

Keller, Ora E.        Marquis, F.E.          27 Nov 1895    F637

Keller, R.M.          Lightner, Elsie                       T375

Keller, Roy           Drake, Esther          29-Nov-20      Y307

Keller, Walter        Hyten, Lulu            19-Nov-10      N455

Keller, William       Newmeyer, Nellie                      R443

Keller, William AnthonKoetting, Agnes H.                    T172

Kellerman, Ida May    Smith, Frank V.        26-Aug-18      V351

Kelley, Annie M.      Chapman, John B.       10 Mar 1880    B051

Kelley, B.L.          Pinney, Olga           10-Nov-19      W594

Kelley, E.M.          Murphy, Oscar          11-Jun-17      T439

Kelley, Ed            Wydner, Fern           12-Jul-13      Q240

Kelley, Emmie         Norfleet, J.W.         8-Jun-18       V202

Kelley, Franklin A.   Rhodes, Martin L.      21 Apr 1880    B063

Kelley, Freda         Webb, Blaine           2-Jul-19       W260

Kelley, George W.     Bonewell, Lela         9-Sep-19       W427

Kelley, Harold        Gard, Maude A.         14-Jun-05      J599

Kelley, Hazel         Branson, O.D.          21-May-19      W153

Kelley, Louis         Davis, Helen           16-Sep-17      T628

Kelley, Mabelle       Hunt, Roy              26-May-00      H328

Kelley, Millie        Kelley, William (Dr.)  6-Jan-09       M090

Kelley, Myrtle        Sherrill, F.E.         20-Jul-12      P341

Kelley, Nellie        Phillips, Fred M.      23-Aug-19      W380

Kelley, Oral          Corbin, Lula           23-Sep-21      Z299

Kelley, Ralph         Jamison, Bulah         19-Sep-11      O327

Kelley, Ralph F.      Maddox, Ethel M.       25-Nov-17      U256

Kelley, Roy           Bucher, Emma           15-Feb-15      R360

Kelley, Sadie E. (Mrs.Forbes, Erastus W.     26 Nov 1891    E430

Kelley, Verne L.      Redfern, Golda M.      14-Jan-22      Z552

Kelley, Will          Boyd, Elizabeth                       R457

Kelley, William (Dr.) Kelley, Millie         6-Jan-09       M090

Kelley, William O.    Wilson, Mattie         6-Apr-18       V077

Kelley, Zelma         Chandler, Sam          13-Nov-19      W604

Kellison, James R.    Berry, Nellie M.       3-Sep-13       Q302

Kellogg, Annie B.     Alexander, John D.     23 Mar 1882    B257

Kellogg, Cora B.      Osenforth, George W.   20-Oct-06      K414

Kellogg, Dora IsabellaCline, W.H.            31 Dec 1883    C024

Kellogg, Ella F.      Stage, I.N.            10 May 1887    D004

Kellogg, Eva          Kennedy, J.W.          29 Dec 1885    C368

Kellogg, F.H.         Lewis, M.M.            26 Dec 1896    G225

Kellogg, Harry L.     Harper, Lottie A.      9-Oct-07       L162

Kellogg, Henry A.     Rochette, Mary         06 Dec 1883    C011

Kellogg, S.J. (Mrs.)  Sturns, J.W.           01 Sep 1881    B180

Kellogg, Seth R.      Stevens, Marie E.      16-Jun-17      T448

Kellogg, Verne H.     Sparks, Ethel May      12-Jun-12      P274

Kellum, George W.     Keith, Edith A.        06 Nov 1875    A174

Kelly(ley), Charles B.Swegle, Mabel A.       15-Jun-05      J599

Kelly(ley), George    Linder, Ray (Mrs.)     21-Oct-00      H440

Kelly(ley), Harry     Stutes, Rachel E.      27 Nov 1894    F445

Kelly, Ada            McCullough, Henry      23-Aug-10      N292

Kelly, Aileen         Cooke, Sidney G.       10-Sep-21      Z271

Kelly, Albert Henry   Holcomb, Mildred Maud                 R458

Kelly, Alice M. (Mrs.)Kelly, E.R.S.          30-Jun-04      J280

Kelly, Andrew J.      Heimann, Katherine                    S531

Kelly, Caroline       Brandley, Peter        29-Jul-08      L498

Kelly, Carolyn BerniceSowers, Clarence R.    3-Feb-19       V594

Kelly, Clinton C.     Conway, Nora           21 Dec 1893    F270

Kelly, Donald F.      Bennett, Blanche G.    31-Aug-19      W398

Kelly, E.E.           Enegren, Anna          19 Jan 1898    G443

Kelly, E.P.           Tucker, May            18-Feb-19      V619

Kelly, E.R.S.         Kelly, Alice M. (Mrs.) 30-Jun-04      J280

Kelly, Edgar R.S.     Butler, Alice M.       16 Aug 1892    E596

Kelly, Edith          Tice, Louis            3-Oct-07       L151

Kelly, Effie          St. Denis, T.B.        24 Mar 1895    F511

Kelly, Emma           Regan, J.J.            10-Jan-20      X123

Kelly, Ernest         Waford, Margaret       1-Sep-13       Q299

Kelly, Etta           Hilbert, L.C.          14-May-08      L402

Kelly, Etta K.        Simpson, Edgar S.      27-Jul-04      J304

Kelly, Florence G.    Sullivan, T.A.         20 Dec 1899    H229

Kelly, George         Shafer, Hattie M.      04 Sep 1883    B413

Kelly, H. Clyde       Sheets, Leda A.        7-Aug-18       V309

Kelly, Harry M.       Kohr, May              17-Aug-11      O286

Kelly, Isaac          Jackson, Jane          28-May-00      H330

Kelly, J.E.           Hartley, Lizzie B.     25 Dec 1882    B328

Kelly, James AlexanderSchappel, Nell Mae     22-Sep-20      Y134

Kelly, James Evans    Kregle, Hazel          10-Sep-17      T620

Kelly, Jim            Hendrix, Leona         27-Mar-21      Y545

Kelly, John           Rutan, Mary Emma       09 Nov 1899    H207

Kelly, John R.        Winch, Ora B.          24-May-03      I560

Kelly, Julia          Curtis, Walter         7-Jan-20       X118

Kelly, Kate E.        Blake, John            28 Apr 1896    G084

Kelly, Kathleen       Alexander, Ralph H.    16-Feb-14      Q533

Kelly, Kathleen       Andrews, Joe           15-Jun-19      W213

Kelly, L.O.           Bales, Mabel           26-Feb-19      V633

Kelly, L.W.           Troy, Ruby             2-Aug-21       Z178

Kelly, Lessie L.      Davis, Lawrence L.     24-Sep-13      Q340

Kelly, Loyce          Larkin, George A.      25-Dec-20      Y347

Kelly, Lucy           Allen, M.C.            15 May 1899    H086

Kelly, Margaret       Brown, Charles I.      18 Nov 1896    G190

Kelly, Maria          Johnson, J.K.          21-Nov-04      J421

Kelly, Mary A.        Reder, Theodore        25 Dec 1884    C174

Kelly, Merle Dutton   Ratliff, Muriel Fay    14-Oct-14      R194

Kelly, Mildred E.     Boyer, John D.         11-Sep-12      P411

Kelly, Nellie E.      Freeman, R.D.          19-Feb-14      Q540

Kelly, Nicholas       Glazier, Charles H.    05 Aug 1885    C289

Kelly, Sarah A.       Noe, C.R.              19-Apr-11      O111

Kelly, Stella         Rose, Chester Arthur   3-Dec-21       Z462

Kelly, Theresa F.     Crawford, Ora C.       19 Feb 1890    E084

Kelly, Thomas P.      Culbertson, Stella M.  26-Feb-12      P124

Kelly, W.B.           Wilson, Elsie          5-Mar-14       Q555

Kelly, W.S.           Welch, May(ary)        23 Dec 1899    H234

Kelly, Ward           Russell, Grace         23-Oct-20      Y219

Kelsch, Joseph        Wurstbauer, Theresa    16 Jun 1887    D033

Kelsey, Ansel A.      Jones, Nettie          12 Oct 1889    D630

Kelsey, H.S.          Wilson, Ruth           29-May-17      T392

Kelsey, Rosana MargareBrady, Joseph W.       22 Nov 1899    H213

Kelsh,                Stafford,                             C167

Kelsh, Benjamin       Kuhn, Maggie           15 Nov 1881    B259

Kelso, Ada            Chester, H.B.                         S116

Kelso, Della Parks    Melin, Charles Raymond 17-Dec-21      Z482

Kelso, Mary           Quiring, William Jr.   6-Feb-12       P092

Kelso, May E.         Moffat, Howard W.      21-Oct-05      K087

Kelso, Roy Emmett     Dunn, Lois Joyce       18-May-18      V156

Kelso, Thomas P.      Parks, Maude           3-May-00       H313

Kelso, V.R.           Abbott, Elizabeth      21 Oct 1877    A291

Keltner, Florence     Fritz, H.H.            24-Sep-00      H408

Keltner, Rose         Brown, Alfred          19 Oct 1889    D639

Kelton, William M.    Maskrid, Sadie         10-Apr-19      W065

Kelum, Bettie         Liming, Jesse          26-May-09      M265

Kemp, Edith           Henson, Willard        17-Nov-09      M528

Kemp, George E.       Carpenter, Agnes       11 Sep 1876    A223

Kemp, Ida B.          McCamant, H.C.         09 Sep 1885    C300

Kemp, Naomi           Montgomery, James Brown12-Jul-19      W278

Kemp, Norman E.       Markland, Myrtle       04 Aug 1891    E367

Kemp, W.C.            Jones, Blanche         24-Oct-06      K418

Kempen, Ida           Bottjer, Fred W.       24-Nov-10      N468

Kemper, Lucia HenriettGoeldner, Otto Richard 16-Nov-11      O416

Kemper, W.L.          McAdams, Mary P.       10-Jan-03      I461

Kempinsky, Esther     Bass, A.E.             25-Sep-03      J030

Kenady, Lovice        Lingenfelter, Albert   24-Aug-11      O296

Kenagy, Marie GertrudeBrown, William W.      12-Sep-06      K372

Kenagy, Mary E.       Kinsinger, Joseph A.   20 Aug 1889    D591

Kenagy, P.J.          Hanlon, Vera           28-Jun-11      O336

Kendall, Albert D.    Coffman, Lizzie        04 Jul 1883    B387

Kendall, Alice        Sailor, Earl           1-Oct-21       Z323

Kendall, Anna         Bress, William         22-Jun-02      I276

Kendall, Charles E.   Miller, Lidia H.       17 Apr 1888    D274

Kendall, Clarence C.  Young, Lorettie        23-May-08      L410

Kendall, D.B.         Warner, Goldie                        R633

Kendall, E.W. (Mrs.)  Townsend, N.E.         21-Mar-13      Q071

Kendall, Edith R.     Cook, Harold S.        15-Oct-21      Z350

Kendall, Ella         Rowland, Louis M.      31 Oct 1888    D421

Kendall, George       George, Grace          1-Jul-08       L470

Kendall, Grace        Ireland, S.D.          14-Feb-11      O014

Kendall, Guy M.       Stewart, Anna          9-Jun-08       L429

Kendall, J.R.         Woods, Maggie J.       22-May-22      Z783

Kendall, John F.      Lockwood, Anna Z.      1-Dec-09       M538

Kendall, Josie W.     Miller, Henry E.       10 Dec 1890    E259

Kendall, Lavern       O'Brien, Lucille       17-Dec-13      Q459

Kendall, Maude Goldie Randle, Frank S.                      S632

Kendall, Myrtle       Klentz, George A.      20 Feb 1896    G049

Kendall, Ray          Cale, Myrtle           18-Nov-20      Y282

Kendle, Jessie B.     Bone, R.L.             20-May-05      J575

Kendrick, Belle C.    Armstrong, Walter G.   02 Jan 1889    D471

Kendrick, Carl L.     Cox, Maurine L.        29-Nov-11      O432

Kendrick, Dorothy     Stewart, A.T.          8-Jun-19       W183

Kendrick, Francis A.  Lewis, Loma Idell      12-Jul-19      W280

Kendrick, Frank       Barber, Frankie        4-Aug-11       O271

Kendrick, Grace L.    Jackman, Howard J.     12-Jan-18      U472

Kendrick, Hazel M.    Elswick, Ernest W.     21-Aug-20      Y047

Kendrick, Henry B.    Rose, Bess M.          24-Aug-14      R111

Kendrick, Ida F.      Adams, J.K. (R.)       12-May-04      J232

Kendrick, Lela L.     Safe, Martin C.                       R515

Kendrick, Lelia       Grable, Frank          20-May-19      W151

Kendrick, Marion A.   Painter, George F.     14-Sep-04      J342

Keneda, Tildie        Lesperance, Theles W.                 D251

Kengery, Eva          Henderson, Alpha       12-Dec-21      Z478

Kenipp, Jennie        Ibbetson, Rollo        21-Jun-20      X418

Kenison, Elmer H.     Walters, J. Faye       6-Oct-21       Z328

Kenison, Fred R.      Lehman, Flora          17-Aug-20      Y035

Kenison, Lizzie       Lockhart, Charles H.   20 Apr 1893    F119

Kennar, Lewis         Moore, Cora            26-Nov-09      M540

Kennard, Ray Hartwell Weeks, Cora Mabel      15-Sep-20      Y112

Kennard, Willis H.    Marshall, Estellee     16-Oct-20      Y198

Kenneck, Florence E.  King, R.E.             29-Dec-08      M077

Kennedy, Anna         Stoffer, Jess          17-Jun-14      R027

Kennedy, Arvila       Manson, L.C.           08 May 1877    A266

Kennedy, Bettie (Mrs.)Skaggs, Soley          10 Aug 1899    H136

Kennedy, Bridget T.   Fox, James F.          09 Mar 1886    C403

Kennedy, Bryon E.     Wible, Willa                          T193

Kennedy, Charles L.   Allhands, Emma R.      17 Aug 1890    E184

Kennedy, Charley PatriAllen, Frances         15-Oct-14      R195

Kennedy, Clara Esther Thompson, Ernest       9-Jun-20       X468

Kennedy, Clyde D.     Ritter, Mary E.        3-Aug-04       J309

Kennedy, Cora E.      Reno, John F.          5-Nov-08       L634

Kennedy, David W.     Taylor, Nora                          R592

Kennedy, E.A.         McColloughen, Elizabeth               S113

Kennedy, E.A.         Wise, Jennie           27 Mar 1883    B360

Kennedy, E.E.         Talman, Zoe Elta       20-Aug-02      I329

Kennedy, Earl         Martin, Nannie         15-Dec-09      M562

Kennedy, Edith        Mentzel, Elmer                        L018

Kennedy, Edward R.    Wood, Minnie           15 Jan 1888    D200

Kennedy, Elizabeth    Langan, Thomas E.      5-Aug-02       I313

Kennedy, Elizabeth    White, Louie           21-Dec-10      N507

Kennedy, Elva         Reynolds, Clarence H.  18-Oct-11      O370

Kennedy, Ethel        Travenia, Michel       8-Jan-15       R318

Kennedy, Ethel E.     Rowland, William S.    31-Aug-19      W393

Kennedy, Francis P.   Anderson, Hester A.    08 Mar 1875    A154

Kennedy, Frank Leroy  Schlegel, Clara Louise 20-Dec-11      P026

Kennedy, George Ewing Stutsman, Carrie Ethel 12-Jan-21      Y407

Kennedy, Gertrude     McVay, R.A.            31-Dec-20      Y390

Kennedy, Grace        Blick, John N.         25-Aug-20      Y037

Kennedy, Grace        Westfall, Earl G.      11-Aug-17      T571

Kennedy, Grace E.     Clark, Charles W.      28-Feb-06      K211

Kennedy, Harry        Palmer, Minnie Belle   8-Jul-20       X568

Kennedy, Hazel        Geile, Henry J.                       S611

Kennedy, J.H.         Hill, Fannie Irene     19-Apr-11      O111

Kennedy, J.W.         Kellogg, Eva           29 Dec 1885    C368

Kennedy, J.W.         Meixsell, Jennie (Mrs.)27 Aug 1899    H144

Kennedy, James        Donnell, Mary          11 Jan 1889    D476

Kennedy, John Joseph  Monckton, Nellie Cather14-Oct-14      R189

Kennedy, Juanita      McDowell, D.W.         13-Nov-17      U203

Kennedy, L.C.         Helvie, L.F.           27 Jun 1895    F560

Kennedy, Leora Faye   Puckett, Joshua        3-Nov-21       Z401

Kennedy, Lillie (Mrs.)Munson, D.P.           14 Dec 1898    G634

Kennedy, Lulu B.      Singer, W.S.           2-Oct-17       U035

Kennedy, Luther       Oren, Edna             24-Mar-08      L345

Kennedy, Marguerite   Ong, William           6-Nov-19       W583

Kennedy, Marguerite   Roths, William J.      24-Jul-17      T497

Kennedy, Mary         Boylan, Patrick Joseph 17 Jan 1893    F046

Kennedy, Mary         Miller, John J.        8-Nov-11       O401

Kennedy, Maude        Beard, L.B.            26-Oct-07      L184

Kennedy, Maurice M.   Davis, Ila L.          14-Sep-21      Z277

Kennedy, Minnie M.    Payne, Robert L.       05 Sep 1894    F394

Kennedy, Mollie E.(L.)Cross, M.W.            02 Jan 1879    A389

Kennedy, Ola          Benjamin, Milton       21-Sep-21      Z296

Kennedy, Olive LucindaStandrich, Earl Albert                S026

Kennedy, P.F.         Walsh, Margaret        31 Aug 1897    G346

Kennedy, Patrick      Allen, Eliza L.        29 Apr 1875    A156

Kennedy, Peter        Norton, Annie          13 Jan 1892    E475

Kennedy, Rachel       Clark, George          13 Apr 1891    E317

Kennedy, Robert E.    Funchess, Ada          26-Mar-10      N067

Kennedy, Roy Mitchel  Houston, Dolly May     6-Aug-18       V309

Kennedy, S.D.         Ridgway, Sylvana       16-Oct-21      Z350

Kennedy, Sarah J.     Whitmore, Eli          22 Jul 1877    A278

Kennedy, T.F.         Johnson, James         02 Oct 1888    D400

Kennedy, Thomas E.    Driscoll, Margarite C. 18-Nov-02      I404

Kennedy, Thomas R.    Jones, Jennie          18 Dec 1893    F268

Kennedy, W.E.         Maxwell, Hallie Scott  28-Sep-18      V415

Kennedy, William L.   McDonald, Ida          23 Sep 1890    E203

Kennedy, Wyatt M.     Henderson, Minnie      16 Aug 1884    C128

Kenneke, Augusta C.   Turner, Brice H.       24-Dec-06      K498

Kennell, Alice        Persons, W.C.          11-Apr-19      W067

Kennell, Clara        Richardson, A.D.       17 May 1898    G508

Kennell, M.V.         Shaffer, Estella                      S203

Kennell, Mary E.      Sweeney, J.W.          1-Jul-08       L469

Kennell, Neoma Viola  Harrison, George M.    25-Nov-08      M018

Kennell, Roy E.       Cottman, Olive M.      17-Dec-02      I428

Kenner, Warren M.     Pitts, Mary            4-Apr-10       N083

Kenner, William H.    Rudsill, Lillie        23 May 1874    A121

Kennett, Alice AnnettaTate, Clarence E.      21-Dec-18      V523

Kennett, Inzie        Matthews, J. Reuben    1-Mar-18       V012

Kennett, Mary         Montanye, Vall         25-Jun-08      L456

Kennett, Minnie       Stunley, H.F.          18-Apr-18      V102

Kenney, Catharine     O'Neill, Henry C.      19-Aug-01      I022

Kenney, Ethel E.      Rosenberger, H.M.                     T142

Kenney, Grace         Houston, George        17-Sep-17      T631

Kenney, Harry M.      Anglish, Elizabeth     11-Dec-09      M557

Kenney, Margaret      Griffing, James T.     6-Oct-19       W500

Kenney, Mercedes      Michler, Don           27-Apr-18      V114

Kennick, Joseph       Beuker, Emilie         24-Feb-09      M157

Kenny, William Dennis Wey, Edith Catherine                  S313

Kenoyer, Gladys       Beach, Ralph           22-Jun-20      X521

Kenoyer, Sara La Vene Wright, Edward L.      17-Dec-05      K139

Kenoyer, Vene         Clifford, B.W.         28-May-09      M269

Kensler, Frank C.     Bowman, Cora E.        30-May-06      K279

Kensler, Ida May      Putman, Robert         7-Apr-02       I214

Kensy, Dora           Sisk, V.E.             17-Jun-20      X504

Kent, Amos M.         Porter, Lou C.         05 Sep 1888    D378

Kent, C.R.            Reed, Clarence B.      22-Sep-06      K380

Kent, Don W.          Bish, Jessie                          T232

Kent, E.J.            McClave, Mae                          T126

Kent, Floyd           Swinwick, Cornelia     26-Nov-21      Z454

Kent, Floyd E.        Currier, Blanche       12-Sep-14      R143

Kent, Homer E.        Holdren, Modena LaVera 25-Dec-20      Y379

Kent, Lee             Carter, Frances        28-Dec-21      Z516

Kent, Mary J.         Mulkey, William C.                    T041

Kent, Mary J.         Mulkey, William C.     2-Dec-11       P002

Kent, Minnie          Brown, Ray L.          27-Aug-10      N299

Kent, Robert M.       Hanes, Edna            19-Jul-21      Z141

Kent, Sam Lawrence    Henry, Zilpha Mae      2-Apr-21       Y559

Kent, Thomas W.       Binder, Emma           4-May-04       J225

Kentner, G.W.         Shannon, E.E.          11-Oct-20      Y182

Kenton, Bernice       Mark, Lloyd            1-May-20       X368

Kenton, Sarah C. (Mrs.Shore, B.D.            27 Oct 1898    G599

Kenworthy, Charles F. Hoover, Mamie E.       10 May 1899    H082

Kenworthy, Charley J. Swoap, Jennie K.       22 Feb 1887    C593

Kenworthy, Lillie E.  Cooper, Daniel W.      29 Jun 1889    D564

Kenworthy, Olive L.   McNaughten, W.E.       14 Jul 1887    D059

Kenyon, B.F.          Weiss, Marie           30-Jun-09      M329

Kenyon, C.E.          Monasmith, Myrtle      03 Jul 1899    H119

Keohane, Michael W.   Hill, Mary             04 Jan 1892    E469

Keopple, Maude        Divine, Oscar          29-May-20      X437

Keough, Alice         McClung, Albert        13 Dec 1871    A022

Kepferle, Alice H.    Jensen, John                          S375

Kepler, Sarah T.      Ott, J.W.              4-Mar-13       Q053

Keplinger, Alva L.    Filkins, Maud H.       3-Oct-03       J041

Keplinger, C.C.       Potts, Alta            16-Jun-17      T446

Keplinger, Cecil E.   Davis, Myrtle L.       22-Sep-21      Z295

Keplinger, Grace      Joseph, W.E.           15-Nov-18      V483

Kepple, James K.      Parsons, Minnie A.     19-Nov-08      M015

Keppler, John L.      Armbruster, Kate       18-Apr-07      K582

Kerbaugh, Asbury B.   Pitman, Frankie        02 Jan 1891    E278

Kerbaugh, Marietta(MrsSmith, Charles H.      25 Jun 1898    G530

Kerbaugh, Myrtle Lee  Chambers, Stanley Newto29-Jun-12      P313

Kerbaugh, Nora Hazel  Kirkwood, R.G. Jr.     28-Jul-17      T535

Kerber, Edward        Koehler, Emma (Mrs.)   01 Mar 1891    E307

Kerber, Sebastian     Courtney, Mary F.      16 Apr 1879    A419

Kerby, James M.       Knowles, Jane F.       29-Mar-11      O071

Kerfoot, William P.   Soper, Lillian D.      17-Dec-04      J442

Kerley, Albert M.     Williams, Lillie M.    19-Dec-09      M565

Kerley, Mary          Unangst, H.E.          22 Jan 1899    H029

Kerley, Paul          Voil, Anola Ruth       11-Jan-20      X121

Kerley, Roy           Lauterbach, Delia                     T262

Kerley, Verne         Marts, June            15-Jan-21      Y410

Kerley, Winfield Ray  Swartz, Etta E.                       T075

Kermode, Alice        Jones, William A.      1-Nov-05       K096

Kern, Eva Lucile      Scott, Lyman Leroy     28-Jun-08      L461

Kern, Freda           Harmon, J.S.           31-Jul-03      I618

Kern, Martha E.       McCurley, L.D.         23-Jun-19      W235

Kern, Paul            Rotmiller, Mary        14 Aug 1893    F184

Kern, Rose            Shacklett, Elbert      18-Sep-10      N335

Kern, William         Maxwell, Jennie        19-May-08      L404

Kernaghan, Jack B.    Jinks, Edna            16-Jan-20      X136

Kerner, John C.       Lynch, Mildred         28-Jan-15      R344

Kernes, G.B.          Borton, Belle          18-Apr-03      I531

Kernohan, Edward      Bird, Jessie           27-Dec-17      U413

Kernohan, Eliza       Roy, David             1-Dec-03       J096

Kernohan, Henry       Hascall, Mary F.       18-Dec-01      I129

Kerns, A.T.           McKee, Aletha L.       19-Oct-03      J056

Kerns, A.T.           Whitmoyer, Minnie      10-Aug-02      I319

Kerns, Charles E.     Howard, Ruth Russell   24-Jan-21      Y430

Kerns, Emma           Schnitzler, William H. 08 Oct 1895    F607

Kerns, Evins          Shaul, Grace V.        05 Sep 1899    H150

Kerns, L.H.           Thompson, Ella         26 Jan 1898    G448

Kerns, Maude L.       Mathis, Charles C.     12-Aug-09      M372

Kerns, R.H.           Carlton, Fannie        3-Apr-09       M198

Kerns, Samuel P.      Bailey, Lucetta Bell   22-Dec-09      M575

Kerr, Alfred          Greewalt, Viola V.     25-Jul-00      H366

Kerr, Alta S.         Sprague, Roy K.        7-Oct-07       L156

Kerr, Andrew A.       Maypole, Elsie May     12-Jan-02      I152

Kerr, Anna(nie)       Shipley, R.E. (S.)     06 Jan 1897    G234

Kerr, B.F.            Garnett, Beulah                       T287

Kerr, Carl Louis      Sandstrum, Elva Bell   25-Oct-19      W552

Kerr, Charles E.      Ogan, Eva F.           23-Jul-05      J636

Kerr, Charles H.      McFatridge, Myrtie A.  03 Jul 1890    E166

Kerr, D.W.            Nelson, Eva M.         20-Jul-21      Z143

Kerr, Frank           Brown, Edna            12-Jun-07      L017

Kerr, Henry           Obel, Christina        13-Oct-08      L599

Kerr, J. Glenn        Snyder, Edith E.       6-Jun-05       J592

Kerr, J.C.            Lindsay, Elizabeth                    T076

Kerr, J.H.            Cain, Grace E.         15-Jun-19      W210

Kerr, James C.        Wickham, Erna G.       18-Jul-06      K325

Kerr, Jefferson       Goodall, Emma          06 Nov 1890    E240

Kerr, Jennie E.       Cooksey, E.C.          2-Oct-07       L135

Kerr, John A.         Shipley, Rachel J.     7-Jun-05       J594

Kerr, Laura B.        Johnson, Jesse H.      31-Jul-12      P353

Kerr, Leila M.        Taylor, E.D.           23-May-20      X416

Kerr, Luther          Amey, Nellie                          T121

Kerr, Margaret        Jeffery, George F.                    T290

Kerr, Mary Ellen      Rhodes, Charles A.     17-May-06      K269

Kerr, Mary J.         Meridith, Jonah H.     22 Dec 1889    E041

Kerr, Minnie          Powell, Roxie T.       24-Mar-22      Z671

Kerr, Oscar Holland   Lane, Elizabeth Winnifr1-Jul-08       L469

Kerr, Thomas          Wilson, Florence       25-Sep-07      L135

Kerr, William         Barr, Minta            19-Aug-08      L520

Kerre, W.E.           Fetrow, Mary A.        17-Mar-21      Y532

Kerrett, Thomas W.    Rathbun, Nettie        10 Feb 1880    B034

Kerschen, Annie       Thieme, Alfred         19-Feb-12      P089

Kerschen, Catharine   Neises, Joseph         20-Apr-09      M193

Kerschen, F.H.        Scheer, Anna                          S580

Kerschen, Frank       Girrens, Katie         24 May 1892    E543

Kerschen, J.P.        Mertes, Helen Anna     10-Nov-20      Y230

Kerschen, Jacob       Orth, Ida              25-Oct-21      Z340

Kerschen, Johanna     Ridder, Joseph         14-Feb-22      Z583

Kerschen, John        Girrens, Clara         10 Oct 1882    B308

Kerschen, John M.     Sommerhauser, Mabel    4-Mar-19       V620

Kerschen, Joseph      Gunzelman, Frances     20-Jan-14      Q494

Kerschen, Katie       Bausch, Nick           24-Nov-19      W602

Kerschen, Leo         Jecke, Bertha          2-May-22       Z716

Kerschen, Lucy        Becker, Jacob          23-May-22      Z767

Kerschen, Marie       Panek, Anton                          T313

Kerschen, Mary        Meyer, Joseph H.       27-May-19      W130

Kerschen, Mathias     Gunzelman, Mary        3-Mar-19       V637

Kerschen, Michael     Bugner, Anna           29-Jan-07      K515

Kerschen, Nick        Weber, Aggie           18-Nov-19      W613

Kerschen, Victor      Weber, Katherine (Ca..)30-Jan-11      N551

Kerschen, Virginia    Weber, Nickolous       30-Jan-12      P079

Kersey, Helen         Henry, John E.         21-Sep-20      Y126

Kersey, M. Anna       Newton, J. Russell     5-May-11       O136

Kersey, Marion F.     Hervey, Lucy K.        12-Jul-11      O247

Kersey, Mattie (Mrs.) Hall, R.R.             5-Nov-02       I398

Kersey, Ruth A.       Dudley, William S.     28 Nov 1891    E432

Kersey, Walter Roscoe Shauf, Eunice          13-Aug-13      Q272

Kershan, Edwin        Hostettler, Louaddie   14 Jul 1884    C104

Kershaw, Mary         Russell, John A.       16 Dec 1885    C360

Kershaw, Theodore F.  Weathers, Mary Virginia23 Apr 1891    E329

Kershner, Gracia      Manley, Edgar C.       2-Nov-19       W570

Kershner, Howard E.   Townsend, Gertrude E.                 R530

Kerstetter, Harry H.  Needs, Alpha O.        5-Jun-18       V196

Kerston, Albert       Shane, Nellie          15-Sep-09      M429

Kertman, G.F.         Morgan, Gladys V.      24-Oct-14      R207

Kerwin, Fred William  Whitsell, Hester May(ar15-Jun-12      P284

Kerwin, John F.       Krebil, Katie          12 Sep 1897    G356

Kerwood, David        Butler, Lulu B.        30-Jan-05      J485

Kesler, Fred W.       Lawrence, Zoe          18-Apr-20      X340

Kesler, William       Chambers, Mary E.      02 Aug 1885    C284

Kesner, Nannie E.     Saxton, Joseph C.      15 Mar 1889    D506

Kessberger, Lawrence ABerg, Margaret         4-Jun-20       X455

Kessinger, Anna       Walters, George M.     17-Feb-14      Q536

Kessinger, C.E.       Bland, E.L.                           S268

Kessinger, Clyde      Schaper, Myrtle        28-Feb-12      P119

Kessinger, E. Burr    Taylor, Jennie M.      19-Apr-08      L368

Kessinger, Estelle M. Spear, E.W.            8-Sep-13       Q308

Kessinger, Jesse      Cooper, Effie                         S308

Kessinger, Jesse H.   Johnson, Grace                        T067

Kessinger, John       Harvey, Pearl          08 Jan 1891    E281

Kessinger, Virgil N.  Howard, Jessie N.      16-Aug-14      R101

Kessler, A.G.         Mahannah, Mattie I.    13 Sep 1894    F398

Kessler, Charles N.   Buerhaus, Bertha B.    15 Jan 1891    E287

Kessler, Clara E.     Nelson, Forrest E.     6-Dec-06       K473

Kessler, Eliza        Craig, Archibald       06 Nov 1877    A295

Kessler, George H.    Grandfield, Lillie     23 Jan 1884    C030

Kessler, George Leon  McNaghten, Olive Craig 4-Jun-02       I263

Kessler, H.R.         Hill, Viola M.         27-Jun-17      T476

Kessler, Ida H.       Neville, Stephen D.    12-Oct-04      J375

Kessler, Irma         Moran, Floyd           3-Aug-19       W325

Kessler, Jerome       Gibbons, Agnes         15-Apr-13      Q104

Kessler, Jessie       Henry, Victor G.       8-Jul-13       Q232

Kessler, Loren L.     Jansen, Mary C.                       E064

Kessler, M.V.         Siever, Jasper         05 Mar 1884    C049

Kessler, Mabel B.     Carter, Chester A.                    T059

Kessler, Pearl        Hoover, J.N. (Rev.)    29-Nov-00      H466

Kessler, Vixen K.     Smyser, Cleve M.       2-Nov-04       J401

Kester, Byron         Schaechtele, Alma      22-Nov-13      Q432

Kester, Rieves RussellPhilips, Meta          4-Sep-18       V375

Kesterson, Carl       Crist, Avis                           T021

Ketcham, Ruth         Meyer, Edward D.       26-Jun-19      W246

Ketchel, Anna L.      Doran, Harry I.        27-Aug-01      I027

Ketchel, Cora         Hammers, Jay T.        16-Oct-07      L168

Ketchel, Flossie M.   Graham, Clyde W.       21-Jan-12      P072

Ketchel, Garnett      Gawthrop, Claude       5-Apr-22       Z687

Ketchel, George       Harrington, Malinda    15 Apr 1880    B061

Ketchel, Grace        Wilson, Byron          1-Jan-12       P047

Ketchel, Jacob J.     Baggett, Minnie        07 Nov 1887    D151

Ketchel, Nona         Young, Harry C.        1-Jun-04       J247

Ketchel, Thora        Dooley, Roy            26-Jan-22      Z573

Ketchel, Zora         Fletcher, Andrew       24-Jun-13      Q215

Ketchem, Esther       McNutt, J.             31 Dec 1881    B231

Ketchin, Daisy        Rogers, W.C.           21-Apr-03      I534

Ketchum, A.J.         Rogers, Anna B.        23-Dec-20      Y359

Ketchum, Alice        Stephens, H.A.         11 Jul 1886    C464

Ketchum, Alice        Stevens, H.A.          11 Jul 1886    C464

Ketchum, Carrie       Buss, Henry G.         07 Aug 1879    A438

Ketchum, Carrie (Mrs.)Jacob, Samuel M.       19 Oct 1892    E634

Ketchum, Cynthia      Johnson, Henry         02 May 1876    A200

Ketchum, Jennie       Loury, Garret          25 Dec 1881    B227

Ketchum, Jennie (Mrs.)Crouch, Will                          F022

Ketchum, Lark J.      Lanning, Carrie        14 Feb 1891    E300

Ketchum, Maud         Eickstaedt, W.C.       28-May-13      Q161

Ketchum, Phebe A.     Phillips, M.P.         26 Nov 1882    B323

Ketchum, Walter E.    Ollinger, Grace F.     31-Dec-04      J460

Ketelsen, Dora        Lehmbeck, Hermann      05 Apr 1890    E113

Ketrom, R.M.          Ballard, Bessie        18-Apr-14      Q596

Ketron, Earl J.       George, Lorene         17-Jan-19      V568

Ketzler, Charles F.   Dutton, Angeline M.    24 Jun 1896    G112

Ketzler, Etta         Morris, J.C.           22 Feb 1897    G259

Ketzler, Eugene F.    Neely, Blanche C.      09 May 1894    F349

Ketzler, George       Harvey, Eliza J.       20-Jan-12      P071

Ketzler, Harold E.    Dehner, Gladys         18-Jun-19      W223

Ketzler, Russell C.   Johnston, Opal Mildred 22-Jun-19      W228

Ketzner, Frances      Foster, George W.      7-Nov-06       K416

Ketzner, Frank N.     Kopfammer, Carolina    9-Apr-07       K587

Ketzner, James        Eck, Anna              24-Oct-05      K066

Ketzner, John         Blick, Mary            08 Feb 1898    G445

Ketzner, Margreta     Gorges, Joseph         17-Feb-14      Q525

Ketzner, Mary ElizabetEngelbrecht, Joseph    14 Jun 1892    E557

Ketzner, Nellie       Engelbrecht, John      24 Nov 1898    G620

Keune, Henry          Stansfier, Elizabeth                  T339

Keut, Luella          Davis, T.W.            18-Sep-13      Q333

Kevan, W.J.           Haddon, L.M.           11-May-01      H585

Key, Benson           Keim, Grace            12 Jun 1889    D556

Key, Edward G.        Guyer, Jeannetta L.    06 Nov 1890    E243

Key, George E.        Doran, Emma            30-Jun-02      I284

Key, Grant E.         Cornelius, Vina        7-Jul-17       T495

Key, Thurley          Faylor, J.G.                          S303

Keyes, Bessie         Myers, Miner H.        02 Nov 1898    G603

Keyes, Seymour T.     Smith, Lula K          23-Sep-14      R158

Keys, Ethel B.        Bigley, E.A.           18-Dec-09      M567

Keys, J.E.            Strieff, Julia                        S112

Keys, Minnie C.       Wineteer, Nephi        13 Mar 1892    E515

Keyser, Jesse         McClaran, Grace        01 Jan 1896    G026

Keyser, Ned Clarence  Leonard, Sadie         29-Jun-04      J278

Keyser, Plass         Ragan, Cora            24-Feb-04      J173

Keyser, Susan M.      Stamback, Charles E.   31-Jan-06      K190

Keyte, Walter         Stutzman, Ida May(ary) 2-Apr-07       K589

Keyte, Walter         Suutzman, Ida May      2-Apr-07       K590

Kibbe, James Aratus   Elum, Beatrice         14-Feb-19      V610

Kibbe, L.D.H.         Woodard, T.A. (Mrs.)   04 Nov 1899    H203

Kibbe, W.E.           Wilson, Hallie         20-Aug-11      O288

Kibble, William       Carmick, Annie         12 Jul 1899    H124

Kibble, William       Cormack, Annie         12 Jul 1899    H124

Kibby, Charlotte E.   Enoch, Alfred W.                      T031

Kibby, Hazel Dean     Bergen, John Howell                   S033

Kibler, Inez          Scott, David D.                       S433

Kibler, Leona         Wolf, Webster          07 Apr 1890    E113

Kice, George W.       McPherson, Letita      27 Nov 1890    E250

Kice, Wilbur          Winzer, Minnie         15-Apr-14      Q593

Kidd, Alfred          Hamson, Belle          14 Nov 1885    C340

Kidd, Ethel           Studebaker, G.B.       11-Sep-19      W434

Kidd, Frank           McQuillan, Minnie C.                  S088

Kidd, Frank           Scott, Katie E.        18-Sep-09      M436

Kidd, George          Grier, Margaret D.     25-Jun-19      W237

Kidd, Paul            Boggs, Irene           8-Aug-14       R088

Kidder, Earl D.       Zimmerman, Viva Ethyl  14-Sep-19      W438

Kiddoo, Ethyl         Wilk, H.R.             23-Feb-18      U572

Kiddoo, Gladys W.     Black, Richard E.      24-Apr-12      P207

Kiddoo, Hallie        Hamilton, Gail         25-Oct-11      O383

Kiddoo, Muriel E.     Leask, W.H.            18-Sep-12      P415

Kidney, Belle         Ward, Fred             27-Jun-10      N209

Kidson, Daisy B.      Schoeppel, John A.     5-Jan-18       U452

Kidwell, Edson B.     Young, Louise A.       8-Jan-07       K511

Kidwell, George W.    Crabtree, Grace        17-Nov-08      M012

Kidwell, Guy          Drake, Mable                          T119

Kidwell, Mary June    Wallis, Edgar Creighton28-Oct-17      U130

Kiefer, Teresa GertrudMitchell, Ralph Neal   24-Jun-19      W236

Kiefer, Zita          Hendrickson, G.T.      29-Oct-21      Z391

Kieffer, George       Harpham, Jennie        29-Jun-09      M325

Kiefner, H.L.         Oliver, Effie Mae      15-Oct-12      P462

Kiefner, John R.      Collins, Ella Marie                   S187

Kiefner, Lynn E.      Hudson, Grace Dodson                  S428

Kiefner, S.B.         McAleer, Faye L.       28-Jan-21      Y440

Kiefner, Samuel B.    Armstrong, Caddie      21 May 1889    D542

Kieft, Anna           Claar, Leonard                        X457

Kiehl, Dale M.        Hobson, Chastaine      4-Sep-21       Z252

Kiehl, Jonas          Armstrong, Lucy        6-Nov-05       K101

Kiehl, Lola           Roby, John William     12-Jul-10      N235

Kiehl, Loretta        Newman, Charles R.     06 Sep 1892    E607

Kiehl, Mamie          Munyon, C.I.                          S517

Kiehl, William C.     Robertson, Mary Alice  31-May-21      Z005

Kiel, Ada             Jones, A.              24-Apr-22      Z727

Kiel, Ada B.          Beebe, T.M.                           R630

Kielendeck, Gesiene   Gibbens, Edward Morris 27-Aug-18      V343

Kier, Edith           Robinson, Everett A.                  C155

Kier, Edith B.        Robinson, Everett A.   11 Nov 1884    C156

Kier, J.M.            Hays, Matilda M.       7-Nov-06       K436

Kier, Katheryn Alice  Power, Homer C. (E.)   16-Dec-08      M045

Kier, Willis B. (R.)  Race, Mary A.          15 Sep 1881    B187

Kiernen, Hubert       Shanley, Annie         08 Aug 1888    D353

Kiesewetter, Bruno    Herweg, Emmy           29-Apr-12      P208

Kiff, Geraldine       Knox, Howard M. Jr.    19-Jan-21      Y420

Kiger, B. Pearl       Pendleton, Dean O.     17-Sep-13      Q329

Kightlinger, F.W.     Centgraf, Mamie        25-Jun-19      W245

Kikendall, Florence E.Harryman, Harvey J.    9-Oct-07       L163

Kiker, Charlie        Cusice, Pearl          26-May-12      P245

Kilby, Karl E.        Campbell, Alys         12-Oct-10      N387

Kildow, Emma          Gallagher, C.J.        15-Sep-20      Y107

Kildow, John B.       Bowman, Clara          20 Feb 1895    F497

Kile, Emma            Chamberlin, William E. 16 Jun 1889    D557

Kile, Ervin           Eastman, Martha        10 Nov 1883    C001

Kile, Lucy            Phillips, Ernest       05 May 1889    D535

Kile, Warren          Haney, Florence        21-Jun-09      M309

Kiles, Carrie         Hewitt, J.C.                          J026

Kilgore, Jennie M.(MrsFine, David V.         19-Mar-01      H542

Kilgore, Selden H. Jr.Meeks, Hazel           11-Jun-21      Z040

Kilgore, Violet GeorgiWoodward, George J.    3-Apr-18       V070

Kilgore, Zola E.      Sinclair, Burke H.(E.) 14-Apr-02      I220

Kilgour, Anna M.      Thompson, Wilbur W.    13-Apr-20      X326

Kilgrove, Lula May    Turner, Benford M.     4-Aug-21       Z183

Killam, Guy Bee       Wyckoff, Marchie Jarret14-Sep-18      V396

Killam, Marchie       Humes, Harry           16-Aug-20      Y032

Killen, Schuyler C.   Darragh, Anna J.       02 Dec 1891    E437

Killgrove, O.E.       Heady, L.M.            6-Nov-01       I095

Killingsworth, Allie MBelknap, Roy           7-Aug-17       T560

Killion, G.D.         Hunt, J.R.             01 Apr 1886    C420

Killion, John D.      Huffman, Kate          09 Sep 1888    D383

Killion, Lewis R.     Cochran, Martha A.     28 Aug 1887    D088

Killion, Lillie M.    Swain, Eugene          09 Jun 1889    D555

Killmer, Ada G.       Ross, Edwin E.         6-Jul-13       Q230

Killmer, Charles E.   Simpson, Isabell L.    14 Aug 1898    G550

Killoven, William J.  Davis, Cora            12-Jun-11      O192

Kilmer, Alice         Dustin, John G.        03 Feb 1891    E295

Kilmer, B.A.          Carter, Effie B.       21-Jan-02      I164

Kilmer, Bernice       Johnston, Russell      17-Dec-20      Y342

Kilmer, Clarence      Bird, Arizona          4-Mar-15       R377

Kilmer, Gladys        Dietrick, Joshua A.    17-Aug-10      N280

Kilmer, H.G.          Stockstill, Marguerite 2-Nov-21       Z399

Kilmer, Helen V.      Casey, Willard A.      26-Dec-05      K158

Kilmer, Lottie M.     Dunmire, Clarence C.   15-May-12      P231

Kilmer, Martha WashingJones, Edwin Dale      2-Apr-13       Q090

Kilmer, Oscar         Davison, Marie         26-Apr-11      O118

Kilmer, Samuel L.     Young, Lula M.         01 Dec 1891    E436

Kilroy, Margaret      Hayes, Carl C.         23-Oct-20      Y222

Kimball, Alma J.      Hudson, James F.       01 Jan 1894    F286

Kimball, Anna         Furcht, F.T.           01 Feb 1888    D212

Kimball, Artelia M.   Hall, Edward H.        31 Oct 1891    E413

Kimball, Bert K.      Davey, Sadie A.        16 May 1896    G093

Kimball, Carolina E.  Finn, A.N.             21-Sep-07      L122

Kimball, Cynthia      Shaw, James                           A012

Kimball, Frank        Moses, Augusta E.      11 Nov 1883    C003

Kimball, George H.    Beumer, Ida L.         09 May 1888    D294

Kimball, Hattie R.    Lackey, Fred B.        24 Aug 1895    F582

Kimball, May          Smith, S.W.                           S555

Kimball, Walter       Rice, Mamie            24-Jun-08      L448

Kimball, William L.   Dow, E.B.              20-Apr-09      M222

Kimbell, Mabel        Bowen, E.H.            23 Dec 1897    G428

Kimbell, May          Goodrick, Ellsworth    20 Jun 1895    F557

Kimbell, P.L.         Tullis, Minnie Terrissa16-Oct-07      L168

Kimber, Eva           Bacon, W.M.            27 Sep 1896    G155

Kimberland, Winnie    Wyman, A.C.            02 Dec 1896    G200

Kimberlin, Deborah AnnAshenfelter, Martin    11 Aug 1878    A351

Kimberlin, Horace     Smyth, Mary            26-Jan-09      M118

Kimberlin, Jerry      Ewert, Edith           24-Nov-20      Y292

Kimberlin, Mary J.    Bain, J.T.             10 Sep 1876    A222

Kimberling, Frank J.  Clark, Ida             15-Jul-10      N244

Kimberling, J.W.      Yockum, Madge          17-May-04      J236

Kimberling, Jessie P. Cox, Silas W.          23-May-05      J578

Kimberly, Eva         Hanson, C.J.           12-Nov-17      U201

Kimberly, Glenn Elsie Eakin, James Rollo     16-Jun-13      Q200

Kimble, Carl B.       Seekamp, Leota M.      13-Mar-19      W021

Kimble, Edward M.     Flinn, Elma Grace      7-Nov-20       Y247

Kimble, Emma A.       Carnahan, Alexander Jr.06 Feb 1879    A396

Kimble, Grace         Cooke, Chauncey        1-Nov-20       Y239

Kimble, Marcus N.     Singer, Lulu E. (Mrs.) 01 Mar 1893    F089

Kimble, Sam F.        Hufbauer, Hazel        1-Jun-11       O162

Kimbrough, Delia      McGonigal, W.A.                       T238

Kimel, Abigail M.     Macredie, S.T.         22-Oct-01      I081

Kimel, Charles O.     Eshom, Ella E.         11-Apr-04      J211

Kimel, Chester        Staples, Aletha                       R612

Kimel, Dollie         Phillips, George J.    6-Jun-05       J590

Kimel, Harvey Oran    Grimsley, Dora         17 Feb 1892    E497

Kimel, Jonathan M.    Wattles, Hattie L.     30 Apr 1890    E131

Kimel, Neva M.        George, Nelson H.      12 Jan 1887    C574

Kimel, Ray            Cooper, Marie                         S601

Kimel, S.G.           Kirkwood, Edna M.      16-Oct-01      I079

Kimel, Thomas K. Jr.  Leichhardt, Lillian N. 1-May-02       I233

Kimel, W.E.           Little, Ella M.        29 Nov 1888    D443

Kimery, A.            Mattison, Maude        14-Mar-03      I507

Kimery, Maude         Scoggins, J.C.         24-Jan-20      X150

Kimmel, Ella          Reiche, Edward C.                     S174

Kimmel, Emanuel M.    Newfieldt, Anna V.     16-Oct-19      W525

Kimmerle, Ernest      Maukowski, Augusta M.  25 Dec 1897    G432

Kimmerle, John        Bauer, Louisa          24 Dec 1888    D459

Kimpler, Marie E.     Benke, Otto C.         9-Sep-18       V378

Kimpton, Dene         Barnett, Angie         16-Aug-20      Y031

Kimsey, Lena E.       Locke, George W.       2-Nov-09       M510

Kinahan, Birdie G.    Heydorf, J. Howard     1-Jun-11       O170

Kinahan, Emily        Walton, William        16 Aug 1899    H138

Kinahan, Nellie P.    Brimmer, C.R.          27-Jun-06      K306

Kinbrough, Annie      Meixsell, William H.   31 Mar 1874    A112

Kincaid, Annie        Peters, William        6-Nov-21       Z408

Kincaid, Eva          Bloomenshine, George   26-Mar-13      Q077

Kincaid, Maggie H.    Armour, Samuel R.      17 Nov 1892    F016

Kincaid, Maud         Shanton, C.R.          29 Dec 1897    G414

Kincaid, Minnie O.    Freemyer, Dave         22-Jul-06      K332

Kincheloe, Anna       Alderman, Henry        30-May-17      T394

Kincheloe, Grace      Nichols, Loarn E.      2-Oct-07       L148

Kincheloe, Lola       Kleystenber, Fred      10-Feb-22      Z596

Kincheloe, Orton T.   Marlow, Mamie B.       19-Apr-05      J548

Kinder, Anna L.       Dunn, W.G.             7-Sep-20       Y090

Kinder, G.P.          Berry, Helen                          T196

Kinder, Iva           Newman, Leo Henry      2-May-18       V127

Kinder, May           Burnett, Roscoe        26-Nov-07      L215

Kinderknecht, Ester EdLogsdon, Glenn T.      17-Jul-12      P337

Kindig, Arthur D.     Wright, Nelle Bly      22-Mar-12      P155

Kindred, Flo B.       Noel, W.G.             2-Jul-12       P318

Kindred, George C.    Hartman, Nora E.       18-Dec-09      M564

Kindred, Ivy          Ate, Louis Clyde                      S016

Kindred, John A.      Greene, Callie         1-Aug-08       L501

Kindred, Merle        Wells, Chester         17-Jun-11      O200

Kindred, O.H.         Shairar, D.M.          22-Jul-03      I612

Kindred, Orville W.   Craig, Alice L.        25-Dec-03      J116

Kindred, Retha E.     Reeves, Norman         30-Jan-18      U517

Kindseder, Ignatz     Fishback, Susanna      24 Feb 1887    C591

Kindseder, Margarite  Spark, Diedrick M.     23-Jun-03      I586

King, A.R.            Whitney, J.S.          16-Feb-18      U563

King, Alma Rosalie    Wise, Walter Ulysses   3-Jun-19       W184

King, Alpha J.        Bupp, Ernest E.        18-Jul-12      P340

King, Angie A.        Woodson, Charles K.    31 Aug 1882    B292

King, Anna L.         Bennett, George H.     -1901          H629

King, Argyle Grant    Osbourn, Inez Marie    24-Jan-19      V575

King, Arthur G.       Quick, Lula            6-Apr-12       P181

King, Athena          Venstra, E.A.          28 Dec 1886    C566

King, B.P.            Rohlman, Mary          01 Oct 1897    G373

King, Beatrice        McFrederick, Dallas Ray               S211

King, Bertha A.       Sidles, Noble E.       24-Dec-10      N518

King, Bessie C.       Blase, O.H.            27-Jun-06      K311

King, Burns           Davis, Lorena          2-Apr-21       Y559

King, Carl W.         Adkins, Dee            17-Sep-19      W445

King, Charles Dewey   Smith, Susie Marguerite1-Jan-22       Z524

King, Charles P.      Mann, Myrtle           2-Jan-19       V552

King, Charles William Landes, Emily Agnes    4-Feb-08       L297

King, Chester E.      Johnson, Joanna F.     28 Aug 1881    B192

King, Chilley         Dillit, Lena           31-Dec-20      Y385

King, Clara F.        Whiting, Fred H.       25-Dec-19      X067

King, Clarence        McGlasson, Zana                       S059

King, Clarence W.     Brockett, Mary         2-Feb-10       N005

King, Corydon G.      Orr, Adaline H.        28 Mar 1889    D506

King, Daisy           Dunn, William Lee      3-Jul-18       V262

King, Dale            Hoben, Katherine                      R557

King, Delia           Beam, W.A.             30 Jul 1885    C285

King, E.B.            McBride, G.W.          30 Sep 1897    G371

King, Edith Fay       Grubb, Benjamin L.     10-May-21      Y631

King, Edna B.         Oburn, Hugh N.         23-Dec-08      M058

King, Edna I.         Rexroad, Herbert W.    9-Jul-02       I295

King, Eliza M.        Thompson, Quincy L.    13-Sep-19      W436

King, Emma J.         Spawn, Henry C.        29 Sep 1879    A451

King, Ernest O.       Schaeffer, Marjorie    25-Jul-20      X603

King, Etta E.         Latta, Robert W.       5-May-20       X380

King, Eunice          Jones, J.J.            28 Sep 1897    G367

King, Fay             Corzine, Ernest                       S097

King, Fern            Chadwick, William      7-Oct-21       Z334

King, Flo             Lowe, Fred                            T204

King, Florence D.     Bower, Hiram G.        26-Dec-12      P599

King, Florence L.     Vanderbilt, E.M.                      R494

King, G.W.            Dye, Pearle            22-May-11      O155

King, G.W.            Hupp, Mary E. (Mrs.)   21 Jun 1898    G528

King, George M.       Cox, Lillie A.         12-Mar-21      Y519

King, Gerald          Knowles, Maud          11-Sep-12      P410

King, Gertrude I.     Gillespie, Herbert L.  14-Aug-20      Y025

King, Gladys          Greenwood, Evans                      S346

King, Grace           Howard, Otis                          S085

King, H. LaVergne     Keith, Hazel Marie     17-Apr-19      W067

King, H.C.            Schwartz, Nora         12-Dec-06      K478

King, Harry C.        Tyree, Mary D.         15-Apr-12      P193

King, Harry Page      Barker, Madeline       25-Aug-21      Z234

King, Henry           Brown, Edith           6-May-08       L398

King, I.N.            Aldridge, Seala        28 Jul 1879    A437

King, J.O.            Parker, Leone H.       21-Nov-17      U245

King, James           Carroll, Daisy         16-Feb-22      Z611

King, Jefferson H.    Cox, Mildred           17-Jan-18      U484

King, Jessie M.       Campbell, F.B.         5-Oct-10       N374

King, Joseph R.H.     Grant, Cora E.         13 Jun 1889    D557

King, Josephine Rose  Herlock, Edward Paul   12-May-20      X397

King, Josie           Arthur, Abram L.       20-Mar-02      I206

King, Josie(ssie)     Crabill, J.L.          21 Dec 1897    G424

King, Katherine       Smith, Claude F.       2-Jul-21       Z100

King, Kathleen        Howard, Edward C.      2-Aug-09       M366

King, Leona           Tallman, Robert S.     3-Nov-19       W573

King, Leslie E.       Stout, Ruth A.         05 Dec 1880    B116

King, Lewis L.        Hellar, Anna C.        04 Apr 1880    B065

King, Lucille         Morton, Paul M.        24-Dec-21      Z501

King, Lucy M.         Norris, Harry(Henry) E.03 Aug 1886    C477

King, M. Arthur       Coats, Leona S.        25-Mar-11      O066

King, Martha          Davis, Albert L.       2-Jul-06       K313

King, Mary            Bruce, Arthur          13-Aug-18      V320

King, Mary E.         Johnson, Andrew J.     01 Feb 1893    F066

King, Mary E.         Neagle, J.T.           25-Mar-14      Q577

King, Mary J.         Kinsey, Phillip R.     28 Nov 1886    C536

King, Mary Mable      Anderson, George W.    22 Oct 1899    H188

King, Mary Myrtle     Goodrich, Ralph        27-Sep-10      N359

King, Mary Rose (Mrs.)Long, Jesse D.         16 Aug 1892    E596

King, Maud M.         Teal, Elliott D.       12 Mar 1888    D246

King, May E.          Eisiminger, Arthur G.  30-Jul-19      W323

King, Meacy A.        Porter, C.K.           25 Sep 1879    A450

King, Melvin          Lindholm, Gale M.                     S449

King, Mildred         Argo, Charles J.                      S258

King, Minnie          Greer, Howard A.       07 Oct 1897    G378

King, Minnie M.       Thayer, Ralph Ashton   9-Oct-06       K396

King, Nathan          Davis, Ellen           8-Jul-20       X567

King, O.J.            Jeffries, Montie                      S134

King, Ora Lee         Riley, N.L.            07 Dec 1887    D174

King, Otto V.         Huntington, Fern       16-Aug-20      Y029

King, P.B.            Baldwin, Mary M.       23-May-19      W155

King, R.E.            Kenneck, Florence E.   29-Dec-08      M077

King, Roltz C.        Powell, Hazel B.       27-Dec-19      X086

King, Ruth E.         McNaughten, Fred R.    3-Nov-13       Q407

King, S.A.            Hill, Vera             19-Feb-18      U573

King, S.S.            Mozier, A.J.           25 Dec 1872    A055

King, Thomas          Harris, Nancy          29 Dec 1881    B230

King, Thomas          Madden, Helen          23 Sep 1871    A014

King, V.T.            Williver, Laura        24-Sep-08      L577

King, Vera M.         Smith, L.F.            31-Jul-07      L068

King, W. Frank        Mull, Grace E.         8-Jan-01       H501

King, W.E.            Adams, Viola B.        05 May 1895    F535

King, Wesley          Brown, Eva             28-Apr-02      I230

King, Willard         Miesse, Lenore         12-Feb-22      Z597

King, William         Cochran, Cora          07 Mar 1888    D243

King, Willis A.       Piper, Maude           01 Jan 1877    A245

Kingely, Denzel       Scott, Girard L.       5-Sep-17       T612

Kingham, Robert       Hannon, Sadie          18 Oct 1888    D407

Kingsbury, S.S.       Shattuck, Elizabeth    8-Jun-04       J253

Kingsley, Fred L.     Sorenson, Frances D.   10-Jun-19      W202

Kingsley, John FreemanPeyton, Mamie Pearl    15-May-18      V147

Kingsley, Walter EugenGates, Nola Opal       2-Jul-19       W265

Kinkade, Clarence     Purdum, Myrtle         16-Jan-15      R329

Kinkade, Eunice Carr  Pratt, Charles W.      30-Dec-20      Y386

Kinkaid, Lee          Stoddard, Ruth Lavelle 30-Nov-11      O438

Kinkaid, Lee          Wagner, Lucille        24-Mar-15      R396

Kinkaid, Mary Alice   Sager, H.A.            28-Feb-02      I190

Kinkaid, Roy C.       Chapple, Mary Etta     6-Jun-06       K285

Kinkaid, Viola        Gordon, J.A.           16-Jul-13      Q245

Kinkead, Aaron R.     Atkinson, Bertha M.                   S328

Kinkead, Clark        Winders, Mary Alice    15 Jan 1879    A391

Kinkead, F.           Clark, Lottie                         S260

Kinkead, Hazel        Pine, L.D.                            T092

Kinkead, Henry N.     Zimmerman, Myrtle      07 Mar 1892    E509

Kinkel, W.P.          Constant, Nina         20-Jul-01      I005

Kinley, Edward A.     Smith, Hettie          16 Aug 1885    C293

Kinley, Elery         Thurman, Nola A.       10-May-06      K267

Kinley, May C.        Reynolds, H.W.         09 Dec 1896    G207

Kinley, Ray           Beal, Ethel            20 Dec 1899    H229

Kinlund, J.W.         Hutchins, Lillian May  8-Oct-17       U058

Kinly, Luella         Waltz, John H.                        H051

Kinman, Levi L.       McWherter, Mattie Esta 21-Jul-17      T519

Kinne, William C.     O'Brien, Clara         15-Feb-11      O017

Kinnear, Wilbur       Wharton, Pearl         2-Jun-21       Z014

Kinnear, William H.   Chapman, Mary Elizabeth17-Dec-20      Y342

Kinney, Amy J.        Robbins, G.C.          23 Oct 1898    G596

Kinney, Anna          Anderson, W.A.         2-May-20       X370

Kinney, Anna R.       Gregory, Orley                        S493

Kinney, Augusta       Stoner, William        23 Oct 1894    F422

Kinney, Dora          Cross, Cyrus A.B.      20 Jul 1890    E171

Kinney, Edward        Waterhouse, Emma       26 Jan 1885    C202

Kinney, Homer V.      Drum, Mamie Alice      4-Dec-19       X016

Kinney, Jacob         Porter, Grace M.       30 Mar 1898    G485

Kinney, Nettie Mae    Seebold, Hde B.        15-Mar-22      Z655

Kinney, Olive         Boylan, Daniel A.      31-Oct-19      W565

Kinney, Valeria       Winfield, Richard W.                  S335

Kinney, Wesley S.     Mason, Catalina        30-Dec-03      J128

Kinohan, J.H.         Reams, Maude           10-Jun-13      Q192

Kinsch, Eva           Oswald, Everett L.                    S152

Kinscher, Albert      Achilles, Elizabeth    21 Jul 1897    G328

Kinser, Addie         Arnall, George W.      1-Aug-10       N263

Kinser, Effie         Kirkendall, Charles    07 Jan 1883    B337

Kinser, Mary E.       Daniels, Robert S.     19 Feb 1887    C589

Kinser, Ollie S.      Lumpkin, M.F.          05 Sep 1878    A355

Kinser, W.N.          Bennett, Nellie        23-Sep-20      Y135

Kinsey, Adelia        Bransen, John J.                      B188

Kinsey, Adelia        Branson, John J.       15 Sep 1881    B189

Kinsey, Cora B.       Deatherage, James L.   13-Jun-11      O194

Kinsey, Etta          Armstrong, Clarance                   R456

Kinsey, Lizzie        Myers, John A.         03 Oct 1893    F216

Kinsey, Lulu May      Sanders, John Edwin    3-Jun-08       L422

Kinsey, Mamye         Colen, Arvel           9-Mar-11       O044

Kinsey, Nellie M.     Parks, Clement R.      16-Jan-15      R330

Kinsey, Phillip R.    King, Mary J.          28 Nov 1886    C536

Kinsey, Ruth          Means, E.A.            14-Feb-22      Z595

Kinsey, Sarah S.      Landon, E.L.           23 Dec 1885    C360

Kinsey, Seaman F.     Higgins, Rosella       12-Jun-12      P276

Kinsey, Susan         Atkinson, W.E.         3-Feb-15       R350

Kinsey, W.S.          Kaltwasser, Elizabeth R21 Feb 1885    C215

Kinsinger, Joseph A.  Kenagy, Mary E.        20 Aug 1889    D591

Kinslow, Amanda ElizabDuncan, Raymond T.     23-Dec-12      P581

Kinsman, Mildred C.   Pierce, Weston E.      26 Jan 1888    D206

Kintner, Christine    Logan, J.W.            11-Oct-19      W516

Kintner, Ila ElizabethWoodard, Chalmer Edison10-Jun-14      R021

Kintner, Olis         Cook, Pauline                         T206

Kintz, W.S.           Devlin, Mary           28 Aug 1884    C126

Kintz, W.S.           Morgan, Amanda         03 Apr 1897    G278

Kintzley, Sarah F.P.  Hornbeck, C.H.         28 Jun 1888    D309

Kinzer, Alfred L.     Snyder, Goldie M.      02 May 1894    F346

Kinzer, E.A.          Wise, Lida M.          23 Sep 1897    G362

Kinzer, Fred M.       Miles, Leota M.        18-Sep-19      W446

Kinzer, Olive M.      Fry, George            14 Dec 1892    F031

Kinzie, Guy E.        Bainum, Audrey         29-Jun-19      W252

Kinzle, Anna C.       Overbaugh, John        5-Apr-21       Y563

Kinzle, Frank         Kullman, Lena (Mrs.)   29 Apr 1893    F125

Kinzle, Hildegard ElizBuckner, Chester A.    1-Oct-17       U033

Kinzy, Ruth           Jones, Jesse           28-Aug-19      W391

Kipers, Henry J.      Foster, Emma A.C.      19-Jul-07      L056

Kipers, John Golden   Weeks, Florence Mae    29-Dec-17      U417

Kipp, Lillian         Dwyer, Will            3-Jan-19       V551

Kipper, Addie         Sommers, John M.       22 Apr 1885    C246

Kipper, Cordelia H.   Davis, William         26 Jan 1889    D483

Kirby, Agnes G.       Doyle, D.E.            1-May-01       H577

Kirby, Arthur         Horner, Fannie         15 Dec 1897    G419

Kirby, Charles        Sage, Elizabeth Julia  25-Dec-10      N519

Kirby, Ellen          Emory, Charles         11 Apr 1878    A329

Kirby, Emma           Carson, E.P.           31 Aug 1886    C490

Kirby, George Lee     Rosecrants, Marieta Rox16-May-20      X404

Kirby, Helena M.      Robbins, Henry         16 Aug 1896    G134

Kirby, James M.       Knowls, Jane F.        29-Mar-11      O071

Kirby, Laura E.       Fairchild, Ernest E.   27-Jun-06      K303

Kirby, Lavern         Sherman, Harriett      20-Feb-10      N025

Kirby, Lenora         Bishop, Perry E.       26-Dec-01      I145

Kirby, Leon E.        Walker, Ethel          22-Nov-06      K457

Kirby, Lou            Curtis, Will D. (Elder)13 Nov 1886    C527

Kirby, Lulu           Taylor, Archie A.      20-Oct-09      M487

Kirby, Malissa        Lee, Edgar A.          16 Mar 1890    E099

Kirby, Martha M.      Waltermire, M.H.       04 Mar 1887    C600

Kirby, Mattie         Hillhouse, George A.   24-Aug-08      L529

Kirby, Richard        Jensen, Ethel          28-Aug-19      W389

Kirby, Samuel         Lee, Lula May          20 Sep 1891    E390

Kirby, Thorn          Miller, Gertrude       6-May-11       O137

Kirch, Regina         Hughes, William M.     10-Apr-12      P188

Kirchhofer, Reno S.   Stutler, Fay           29-May-20      X431

Kirchner, John        Westfall, Georgie (Mrs.)              A170

Kirchner, Louis A.    Ash, Daisy             23 Feb 1888    D229

Kirk, A.E.            Moore, Gladys Mae      7-Oct-09       M465

Kirk, Bessie May      Powell, B.E.           7-Feb-15       R353

Kirk, Beulah          McFadden, R.E.         4-Jun-21       Z004

Kirk, Charity         Cox, J.A.              18-Apr-14      Q598

Kirk, Clifford        Hawley, Esther         8-Nov-17       U173

Kirk, Cynthia A. (Mrs.Hinkle, George A.      05 Jul 1890    E162

Kirk, Earl L.         Snyder, Alice L.       9-Jul-00       H354

Kirk, Eva May         Smith, John Franklin   24-Jun-09      M315

Kirk, George W.       Harlan, Ada            10-Nov-18      V476

Kirk, Ida             Quick, J.              26-Nov-14      R260

Kirk, John            Burnette, Eva St. Clair18-Oct-19      W532

Kirk, Joseph          Walton, Eva May        30 Nov 1893    F259

Kirk, Joseph Harvey   Cummins, Flora A.      22-Jul-03      I608

Kirk, Joseph L.       Shorten, Genevieve     23-Dec-06      K480

Kirk, O.D.            Haymaker, Laura F.                    S620

Kirk, Robert Walton   MacDermott, Rubie Marga18-Aug-21      Z222

Kirk, Ruby Lucretia   Cowman, Louie          21-Nov-21      Z440

Kirk, Sarah A.        Smith, William C.      18-Aug-09      M383

Kirk, V.S.            Wakefield, Emma        22-Dec-11      P028

Kirk, Viele           Seamans, Edith M.      8-Dec-01       I118

Kirk, W.H.            Kramer, Lillian        22-Dec-00      H485

Kirk, Waldo H.        Eastman, Flora Della   11-Sep-19      W431

Kirkbride, Pluma E.   Winn, W.L.             31 Dec 1895    G024

Kirkbride, W.R.       Cromer, Luella         2-Jan-13       P620

Kirkbride, W.R.       Davidson, Margaret A.  14-Jan-14      Q504

Kirkendall, Charles   Kinser, Effie          07 Jan 1883    B337

Kirkendall, Florence  Jones, Melville C.     14-Oct-14      R190

Kirker, Luella M.     Marsh, Arthur R.       29 Jun 1898    G530

Kirker, Paul E.       Sutton, Gail           22-Jun-05      J607

Kirkland, Beatrice    Warnock, Wray          10-May-11      O153

Kirkland, Clo         Grantz, H.A.           21-Nov-09      M532

Kirkland, Josephine   Osborn, W.M.                          R629

Kirkland, Katie M.    Dadisman, Russell L.   24-Jan-06      K185

Kirkland, Leah        Furnas, James          24-Jan-11      N566

Kirkland, W.J.        Reeside, Mona          3-Oct-03       J040

Kirkling, Jesse(sie) EBaker, David           27-Nov-00      H464

Kirkman, Mattie (Mrs.)Henderson, Thomas S.   20-Dec-00      H482

Kirkpatrick, A.       Dennett, Clara         1-Mar-05       J509

Kirkpatrick, AlexanderPatterson, Rosina K.   22 Nov 1896    G193

Kirkpatrick, Bessie   Salander, LeRoy        6-Nov-10       N430

Kirkpatrick, Caroline Hunter, E.J.           30 Sep 1886    C507

Kirkpatrick, Dora     Philips, W.H.          27 Dec 1883    C022

Kirkpatrick, E.E.     Cheatham, May          03 Mar 1895    F500

Kirkpatrick, Effe     Soper, S.J.            02 Nov 1879    A461

Kirkpatrick, Effie    Rowley, Francis        06 Sep 1883    B406

Kirkpatrick, Eliza A. Davis, Samuel L.       13 Jul 1881    B171

Kirkpatrick, ErnestinePike, John C.          01 Jul 1899    H118

Kirkpatrick, Esther AlGunzelman, Dewey       26-Sep-20      Y140

Kirkpatrick, Fannie   Spencer, Oll           6-Apr-10       N087

Kirkpatrick, Ford L.  Schreiber, Selma L.    25-Dec-13      Q478

Kirkpatrick, Frank    Strong, Emma           15 Jan 1899    H023

Kirkpatrick, George W.Doty, Lida(Lyda)       06 Sep 1893    F193

Kirkpatrick, H.F.     Fulkerson, Cora A.     2-Feb-02       I170

Kirkpatrick, H.S.     Brown, Lizzie M. (Mrs.)25-Apr-12      P209

Kirkpatrick, H.S.     Reynolds, M.M.         07 Jul 1886    C465

Kirkpatrick, James H. Shufelburger, Blanche  22 Mar 1896    G071

Kirkpatrick, John     Ensor, Frances M.      27 Jan 1896    G039

Kirkpatrick, John W.  Thayer, Esther Louise  6-Jun-06       K286

Kirkpatrick, Julia    Sexton, W.L.           18 Mar 1884    C056

Kirkpatrick, Lenora R.Marlman, Elmer W.      3-Mar-19       W001

Kirkpatrick, Mae      Wertz, Harry Scott     27-Dec-10      N514

Kirkpatrick, Mattie   Kreie, Arthur H.       14-Jul-10      N242

Kirkpatrick, Paul D.  Stewart, Fern          19-Feb-19      V619

Kirkpatrick, Phebe    Bodine, Henry          01 Jul 1884    C094

Kirkpatrick, Richard HTrice, Charlotte Myra  28-Feb-20      X222

Kirkpatrick, Robert J.Maddox, Bessie B.      12-Aug-20      Y021

Kirkpatrick, Rosa     Mixon, R.G.            13 Aug 1897    G334

Kirkpatrick, Ruby     Orcutt, Albert Earl    29-Mar-21      Y552

Kirkpatrick, Samuel   Carr, Eva J.           12 May 1895    F538

Kirkpatrick, Sanford  Campbell, Susie        15-May-00      H318

Kirkpatrick, Stella   Likely, Harry          08 Nov 1896    G184

Kirkpatrick, Sue BarneShoemaker, George Oscar30-Oct-07      L187

Kirkpatrick, V. Leota Reece, Will C.         11-Jul-12      P330

Kirkpatrick, William LFinley, Merna L.       4-Sep-19       W412

Kirkpatrick, William MFalkenstein, Della     14 Oct 1891    E404

Kirkpatrick, William RManson, Addie P.       08 Sep 1875    A166

Kirkpatrick, Willis H.Philinlee, Mary        24 Dec 1893    F279

Kirkpatrick,Cornelia FBirrer, William F.     02 Feb 1890    E072

Kirksey, J.S.         Murff, Willie                         S496

Kirksey, J.S.         Parris, Ellen          24-Sep-12      P426

Kirksey, J.S.         Pollard, Rosa Lee                     L316

Kirksey, Viola        Doss, Beech            29-May-20      X433

Kirksey, William S.   Spangler, Beulah M.    8-Nov-19       W586

Kirkwood, Edna M.     Kimel, S.G.            16-Oct-01      I079

Kirkwood, Murray W.   Munn, Grace E.         17-Nov-10      N453

Kirkwood, R.G. Jr.    Kerbaugh, Nora Hazel   28-Jul-17      T535

Kirsch, Henry         Kirsch, Katie          30-Dec-07      L266

Kirsch, Katie         Kirsch, Henry          30-Dec-07      L266

Kirtland, Paul        Price, Margaret        21-Nov-19      W623

Kirtley, Bertie       Bramwell, Joseph       23 Sep 1884    C139

Kirwin, Della         Mellington, C.A.                      T309

Kirwin, Ethel         Riley, Thomas Jerome   7-Feb-21       Y462

Kirwin, Hugh B.       Taylor, Alice          25 Sep 1893    F211

Kirwin, Rose E.       Gaskill, A.B.          17 Feb 1897    G256

Kirwin, William J.    Walton, Jeannette      22-Oct-20      Y216

Kiser, Charles C.     McAtee, Margaret       24 Dec 1893    F277

Kiser, Cora E.        Linder, Charles W.     7-May-19       W119

Kiser, Floyd W.       Hinton, Lillian Mae    25-May-18      V167

Kiser, Roy W.         Pease, Eva Mae                        T373

Kisinger, Sadie       Briley, Lee B.         13-Jul-10      N239

Kismard, Florence     Burks, W.C.                           N256

Kisner, Connell C.    Roads, Elsie           7-Mar-00       H286

Kisner, James S.      Daughty, Sallie L.     28-Feb-12      P126

Kisner, Lillie        Olmstead, William M.   17-Jan-00      H257

Kisner, Myrtle        Johnston,Otterbein Earl4-Sep-07       L105

Kisner, Pearl         Learned, C.E.          1-Jun-21       Z013

Kissee, Sylvie S.     Glines, Charles S.     12-Oct-01      I078

Kissick, Lula         Frazee, B.L.           28-Aug-20      Y062

Kissick, Lulu         Carter, James          25-Nov-08      M021

Kissick, Lulu C.      Garrison, Lester M.    6-Dec-05       K128

Kissick, Luther C.    Fisher, Irma L.        14-Jul-18      V275

Kissick, Minnie       Bauman, John F.        24-Aug-10      N290

Kissick, Nora A.      Carlisle, Alfred G.    8-Feb-12       P098

Kissick, R. Dewey     Porter, Olive Marie    29-Aug-17      T598

Kissick, W.S.         Carr, Mabel(ble)       01 Jun 1898    G515

Kissinger, John       Harvey, Pearl          07 Jan 1891    E281

Kistler, Agnes C.     Springborn, William C. 28 Dec 1892    F045

Kistler, Annie V.     Longsdorf, W.L.        01 Jun 1898    G517

Kistler, Bert R.      Mustoe, Blanche Lillian21-Jun-18      V239

Kistler, Beulah       Scott, Harry S. Jr.    11-Aug-20      Y012

Kistler, Clara R.     Gray, Claude William   29-Oct-21      Z395

Kistler, Daisy        Smyser, N.E.           15-Aug-17      T576

Kistler, E.J.         Summers, Mabel G.      31-May-04      J245

Kistler, Edwin        Alexander, Lela        15 Aug 1898    G553

Kistler, Edwin Gordon Williams, Aline Alexand10-Jun-14      R018

Kistler, Ernest L.    Phillips, Bessie       4-Aug-17       T554

Kistler, Eugene N.    Smith, Ella N.         10-Sep-06      K371

Kistler, F.W.         Kittsmiller, Jessie    28 Oct 1898    G599

Kistler, George       Banfill, Vina          2-Jul-12       P319

Kistler, H.B.         Meguiness, Rose        3-Aug-04       J308

Kistler, H.B.         Runyan, Glenn          3-Sep-06       K364

Kistler, Harry H.     Boulton, Libbie        26-Mar-04      J193

Kistler, Imo B.       Brane, John E.         31-Jul-05      K001

Kistner, Catherine    Kostner, Frederick     03 Mar 1885    C220

Kitchell, J.F.        Stevens, Marie E.      26-Sep-12      P431

Kitchen, C.F.         Hamilton, Mary A.C.    05 Mar 1871    A008

Kitchen, Paul T.      Kuykendall, Ruth       9-Jul-20       X572

Kitchen, S.M.         Burge, Margaret        11-Apr-22      Z701

Kitchen, T.R.         Ewing, Delora          26-Oct-21      Z387

Kitchen, Theodore W.  Boothe, Viola M.       08 Aug 1876    A216

Kitchen, W.F.         Brathcer, Goldie       3-Oct-20       Y139

Kitchin, Edward       Cox, Ethel             7-Mar-09       M172

Kitching, Catherine M.Way, Herbert William Le15 Jul 1890    E171

Kitching, Edward      Suits, Artie           19 Feb 1885    C213

Kite, Margaret        Dix, Henry             1-Oct-17       U031

Kitsmiller, Louis T.  Jones, Martha M.       03 May 1883    B369

Kitterman, H.W.       Gould, Jessie          22-Dec-20      Y350

Kitterman, Mabel E.   Smith, E.S.            16-Jun-18      V216

Kitterman, Mildred    O'Hara, Edward         26-Jan-22      Z575

Kittredge, John F.    Richter, Edna          10-Nov-08      L638

Kittridge, May        Good, John             20-Feb-00      H278

Kittsmiller, Jessie   Kistler, F.W.          28 Oct 1898    G599

Kitzmiller, Martha M. Hacke, Christopher H.  22 Aug 1889    D591

Kivett-Bozarth, Ruth  Dunn, Francis                         S304

Kizer, Chester E.     Clark, Aleene H.       2-Apr-13       Q089

Kizer, Jesse E.       Aldrich, Esther A.     18-Nov-19      W617

Kizler, Nettie        Schmidt, Fred H.       11-Feb-09      M124

Klasen, Anna          Fuller, Carl S.        25-Nov-20      Y286

Klaus, Andrew         Yanko, Emma            30 Sep 1878    A363

Klaus, Cleo Vesta     Babb, Byron E.         28-Dec-20      Y376

Klaus, Nicholas       Berner, Pauline        30 Sep 1880    B097

Klaus, W.C.           Loshbough, Ellen                      S035

Klausmeyer, Henry     Scheve, Frida          4-Oct-10       N340

Klausmeyer, Kattie    Linnebur, Joseph       18 May 1897    G295

Klausmeyer, Mary      Cordes, Bernard H.     04 May 1886    C433

Klausmeyer, Mina(nnie)Linnebur, John         08 May 1895    F525

Klausmier, Lawrence   Parson, Nevida         7-Oct-20       Y170

Klausner, Michael C.  Kampling, Caecilia E.  30-Oct-07      L166

Klausner, Thomas P.   Linnebur, Anna M.      21-Jan-13      P630

Kleczkowska, Yvonne   Navas, Rafael          9-Dec-08       M038

Kleeberger, George M. Sheehan, Annie C.      14 Oct 1895    F610

Klein, Bettie         Sternback, Julian      2-Nov-19       W558

Klein, Cadi           Berlowitz, Clara       29 Dec 1890    E272

Klein, Carl           Randall, Paulina B.    17 Dec 1894    F459

Klein, Charles C.     Thackery, Blanche M.   21-Oct-08      L612

Klein, David          Sween, Annie           27-Sep-09      M450

Klein, Emma           Young, Joseph          15 Sep 1891    E388

Klein, Ernest I.      Berger, Charlotte      5-Aug-12       P358

Klein, Frank          Young, Erma W.         23-Feb-09      M150

Klein, Fred F.        Eller, Minnie          23-Dec-11      P029

Klein, Freda I.       Hughes, William A.     26-Mar-21      Y541

Klein, G.F.           Kline, Ida                            S192

Klein, J.H.           Trimble, Susie         14-Sep-20      Y104

Klein, John           Cordell, Florence      20-Aug-18      V301

Klein, John           Parget, Mary           19-Jul-04      J267

Klein, John W.        Sommerhauser, Josephine20-Jan-07      K510

Klein, Karl           Morris, Ada            18-Jul-06      K329

Klein, Mary M.        Schneider, Jacob W.    18-Oct-05      K082

Klein, Nicholas       Pargett, Agnes         4-Sep-06       K349

Klein, Peter Lee      Hanna, Salina Martha   23-Jun-07      L030

Klein, Randall T.     Magill, Mary Esther    16-Nov-20      Y272

Klein, Shirley        Boyd, Ralph H.         11-Aug-18      V316

Klein, William        Walker, Louisa         27-Feb-01      H523

Kleinegger, G.L.      Bachmann, Teresa (Threa10 Nov 1896    G185

Kleinegger, J.E.      Thoman, F.A.           01 Oct 1895    F602

Kleinegger, James     McNiell, Dorah(Deborah)08 May 1897    G291

Kleinegger, Laurence  Utt, Ida Pearl         26-Feb-20      X220

Kleinegger, Mary      Church, Harry E.       03 Jan 1899    H015

Kleinegger, Peter J.  Sloat, Ethel F.        26 Jul 1890    E177

Kleinfelter, Tiene    Schroeder, William     5-Apr-09       M205

Kleinhein, C.K.       Green, Lela M.         31-May-13      Q167

Kleinhein, Charles    Hubble, Hannah         09 Jun 1884    C089

Kleinhein, Charles H. Jacoby, Mollie         1-Oct-03       J038

Kleinpeter, Edward J. Jordan, Louise                        T234

Kleinpeter, Willie A. O'Brian, Nellie        1-Jun-11       O168

Klentz, Frederika H.  Gay, Emory             02 Jan 1887    C568

Klentz, George A.     Kendall, Myrtle        20 Feb 1896    G049

Klentz, Sophia        Juengling, Edward O.   31-Dec-05      K168

Klepinger, Charles R. Barr, Nora (Mrs.)      4-Jul-06       K314

Kletchka, Kate        Zoglmann, John B.                     T312

Kletchka, Loretta     Gorges, Peter                         S219

Kletchka, Matt        Burns, Frances                        T174

Kleystenber, Fred     Kincheloe, Lola        10-Feb-22      Z596

Kline, Arthur T.      McNulty, Opal          14-Feb-20      X199

Kline, Charles G.     Mohr, Mollie A.        30 Apr 1882    B269

Kline, Claude         Wine, Nora             22-Apr-20      X348

Kline, E.L.           Daisy, E.G.            21 Apr 1886    C430

Kline, Edward         Ayres, Mary            12 Apr 1883    B364

Kline, Edward Leo     Workman, Edna          9-Jun-20       X470

Kline, Edythe M.      Hartel, Victor V.      26-Oct-18      V460

Kline, Ella           Root, Elisha           03 Jul 1879    A434

Kline, Emma           Young, Joseph          15 Sep 1891    E388

Kline, Etta           Parmenter, J.B.        17-May-21      Y645

Kline, Gerald         Minnich, Ruth                         T270

Kline, Harry H.       Stewart, Hattie M.     13 Feb 1889    D493

Kline, Ida            Klein, G.F.                           S192

Kline, Mabel          Spark, Otto H.         1-Aug-18       V299

Kline, Mary           Braiser, Henry         03 Mar 1880    B046

Kline, Mary M.        Schneider, Jacob W.    18-Oct-05      K082

Kline, R.W.           Howell, Hazel Fleming  9-Apr-21       Y573

Kline, Robert W.      Buechel, Lydia E.      24-Dec-10      N527

Kline, Sarah A.       Lassell, Edward W.     13-Oct-13      Q375

Kline, W.G.           Linskey, Blanch        18-Feb-19      V617

Kline, Zua            Townsend, Frank        20-Nov-10      N457

Klinepeter, Clara B.  Cox, C.L.              3-Jul-17       T487

Kling, Alfred Lavern  Hanna, Freda           6-Jan-20       X114

Kling, Daisy          Harnish, William E.    1-Jun-10       N164

Klingensmith, Fannie  Stine, Edwin           3-Oct-00       H418

Klinger, Cora B.      Carroll, John W.                      R556

Klinger, Edna         Smith, Charley         1-Apr-08       L353

Klinger, Floyd        Beaver, Theresa        12-Mar-07      K571

Klingler, L.R.        Heath, Florence        8-Oct-07       L157

Klingman, Albert      Stilts, Ida            24-May-09      M264

Klingman, Samuel D.   Stone, Lucinda C.      08 Aug 1888    D355

Klinker, Frieda       Hillman, George        17-Mar-18      V039

Klinker, John         Uppendahl, Dora        05 Apr 1887    C620

Klish, John W.        Berthoff, Ruth         15-Sep-09      M428

Kliwer, Arthur        Marbourg, Mary         3-Aug-18       V304

Kloepfer, Carolyn     Benson, Harry Cline    9-Oct-10       N383

Kloepfer, John        Rade, Bertha                          S099

Klofinger, Nora B.    Gray, L. Walter        6-May-08       L394

Klofkorn, Fritz       Thomann, Ida           24 Nov 1876    A236

Klopfenstein, Aaron D.Humphrey, Leila        17 Dec 1896    G213

Klopfstein, Albert F. Newlove, Lulu E.                      S626

Klopfstein, Clara Ada Jackson, Harry D.                     R518

Klopfstein, Ernest    Yandle, Ethel          16-Jun-18      V214

Klopfstein, Maria     Bohnsack, H.A.         25-Oct-11      O385

Klopfstein, Pauline   Teverbaugh, Frank      2-Jun-18       V184

Klopp, Harry          Ross, O. Gleem         31-Oct-05      K095

Klose, Clyde C.       Janicke, Ruby C.       9-Feb-13       Q025

Klose, Laurance Carl  McClarnan, Jo Hall     25-May-18      V166

Kluber, Helen         Forbes, Roy            22-Nov-21      Z442

Klubo, Julia L.       Hamilton, Arthur P.    15-May-13      Q141

Klupik, Joe           Rose, Sadie                           S137

Kluseman, A.R.        Potts, Irene                          R469

Kluseman, Eva         Whitaker, Robert       6-Mar-22       Z644

Kluwer, Simeon S.     Claassen, Anna         6-Mar-12       P137

Knaak, Ruben          Geis, Rachel           18-Feb-14      Q539

Knackstedt, George    Dillon, Grace                         T066

Knapp, Cliff          McKeen, Pearl          22-Dec-09      M579

Knapp, D.J.           Altswager, F.J.        06 Jan 1896    G029

Knapp, Frank E.       Brown, Alice L.        09 Feb 1894    F311

Knapp, James J.       Nedrow, Flo B.         02 Jun 1894    F360

Knappenberger, Bessie Gramley, Lee Foster    30-Aug-05      K025

Knapper, Maggie       Holmes, J.T.           09 May 1895    F537

Knauft, Zetta         Sellers, Roy           22-Nov-21      Z441

Knauss, Irvin         Simpson, Lizzie        9-Jan-12       P059

Knebler, Charles J.   Crider, Alpha A.       21-Feb-06      K204

Knebler, John         Flannigan, Hannah      7-Jan-04       J135

Knebler, Lizzie       Bachelder, W.H.        9-Jan-00       H252

Kneebone, Otto G.     Gardner, Nola          24-Dec-18      V533

Knepple, F.B.         Blades, Sadie          01 Nov 1893    F244

Knepple, Grace        Smith, Ralph L.        25 Jul 1895    F569

Kness, Elizabeth Jane Altman, Samuel         24-Dec-13      Q473

Kness, I.A.           Commons, M.E.          23 May 1898    G511

Kness, I.A.           Harland, Lydia S.                     S421

Knickerbocker, Myrtle Hanson, Walter         30-Mar-14      Q579

Knierihm, Edna        Smith, John M.         1-Jun-11       O168

Knife, Frankie A.     Viney, Charles R.      8-Nov-09       M519

Knifley, Charlie      Scott, Rose            12-Mar-14      Q564

Knight, Bertha        Miner, J.W.                           Y554

Knight, Bertha        Tryon, George E.       18-Oct-11      O373

Knight, Bertha        Wood, Willie           12 Nov 1898    G608

Knight, C.E.          Been, Lillian Ann                     R481

Knight, C.M. (Mrs.)   Roberts, F.S.          14 Dec 1886    C553

Knight, Calvin H.     Hannum, Mabel M.       20-Sep-18      V398

Knight, Clara         Greene, C.D.           23-Sep-00      H407

Knight, David         Clark, Iva                            S598

Knight, E.R.          Trout, Ida May         28-Oct-05      K093

Knight, Edward Frank  Hall, Ada Fay          14-Mar-20      X250

Knight, Emma          Petersen, H.H.         15-Apr-03      I530

Knight, Glenn O.      Catt, Bonnie Marie     3-Dec-19       X015

Knight, Henry G.      Dryden, Nellie E.      29-Jun-05      J612

Knight, L.H.          Peters, M.I.           8-Oct-17       U054

Knight, Leata         Thackeray, Eddie                      Z156

Knight, Leota Mae     Easley, Carl           20-Mar-22      Z665

Knight, Mattie E.     McCrary, Norman E.     1-Sep-21       Z247

Knight, Maude Myrtle  Slyter, D.A.           29-Jun-10      N214

Knight, Muriel        Wallace, James         26-Oct-20      Y226

Knight, Nancy Ethel   Brink, Wilbur Lee      8-Sep-10       N318

Knight, Nannie        Hizer, W.M.            26 Oct 1888    D418

Knight, Newton W.     Crowder, Eleanor M.    1-Jan-22       Z523

Knight, Ollie         Taylor, J.M.           31-Dec-14      R307

Knight, R.W.          Trego, Mattie Jane     20-Jan-22      Z564

Knight, Robert FrankliFaries, Mildred        28-Nov-00      H469

Knight, Stella Viola  Coberly, Ralph Homer   19-Sep-11      O328

Knight, William       Risdom, S.J.           24-Oct-10      N408

Knight, William L.    Davis, Mabel M.        1-Jan-05       J461

Knightley, James WilliDuross, Margret        08 Mar 1886    C401

Knightley, John       Howard, Beulah H.      17-Jun-20      X498

Knightley, Katherine FWilson, Harry E.       25-Aug-08      L532

Knightley, Mary F.(MrsHatfield, Ellsworth    3-Sep-02       I341

Knightley, W.J.       Roach, Mary C.         21-Jun-21      Z068

Knightly, Robert J.   Langan, Stella         22 Jun 1897    G318

Knipe, Harry          Burnett, Cynthia                      S347

Knipp, Frank A.       Gorman, May                           T364

Knipp, Richard C.F.   Jurgens, Helen Francis 30-Dec-18      V544

Knisely, Levi         Hiser, Nancy J.        12 Dec 1876    A240

Knoblauch, Bernard    Means, Mary Elizabeth  4-Aug-14       R069

Knoblauch, Cornelia   Toler, J. Harry        4-Jun-13       Q180

Knoblauch, Edward     Rudolph, Sophie        03 Apr 1879    A420

Knoblauch, Elsie      Mastock, George M.     16-Dec-08      M045

Knoblauch, Elsie      Matlock, George M.     16-Dec-08      M045

Knoblauch, Frank      Keiter, Elizabeth      25-Sep-18      V389

Knoblauch, John B.    Stump, Elizabeth       09 Feb 1891    E297

Knoblauch, John F.    Gribi, Emma L.         23 Dec 1890    E265

Knoblauch, Joseph     Bichsel, Caroline      06 Jul 1880    B074

Knoblauch, Lauretta JoJackson, Paul Theo     15-Nov-19      W606

Knoblauch, Lena       McCall, H.H.           14-Jan-03      I466

Knoblauch, Leo E.     Donnell, Laura A.                     K473

Knoblauch, Paul       Tenbarge, Margaret     29-Aug-17      T559

Knoble, Amelia Jennie Roberts, Lewis Glenn   21-Sep-21      Z293

Knobloch, Christina   Smith, John A.         30-Oct-00      H448

Knobloch, Teresa      Bichsel, George        07 Jan 1880    B023

Knoblock, Charles     Cayne, Mary L.         15 Jan 1890    E064

Knoboth, Millie       Prinster, Joseph F.    19 Oct 1889    D636

Knock, Iloe           Beaver, Thurza                        T130

Knock, Mary           Johnson, Miles         25-Feb-14      Q546

Knode, Hazel          Layne, C.R.            17-Feb-18      U557

Knode, Samuel L.      Corn, Etta             14 Jul 1889    D573

Knoeber, John C.      Scheve, Hannah (Johanna2-Nov-12       P493

Knoedler, Paul A.     Carney, Frances I.     20-Oct-21      Z359

Knoffloch, Adam F. (T.Gorman, Agnes M.       4-May-05       J563

Knoffloch, John W.    Hartzell, Nina                        S167

Knoffloch, Joseph     Plumley, Sarah J.      22 Dec 1891    E448

Knoffloch, Joseph     Srader, Christina (Mrs)28 Jun 1899    H116

Knoffloch, Marion F.  Robinson, Mary         31-Jan-21      Y443

Knoffloch, Mary A.    Osburn, Norman E.      28 Dec 1882    B332

Knoffloch, Minnie R.  Cooley, Elmer Frank    9-Feb-02       I177

Knoffloch, Sarah      Eshol, C.E.            9-Nov-20       Y256

Knofflock, Charles E. Aaron, Bessie                         S186

Knofflock, Elsie E.   Stover, Harry K.       13 Oct 1889    D626

Knofflock, Ida M.     Clay, H.C.             03 Jul 1888    D336

Knofflock, John W.    Taylor, Clara A.       19 Jul 1893    F168

Knofflock, Sarah      Martinson, Otto        04 Apr 1876    A201

Knoles, Eddy J.       Allen, Lucinda J.      21-Jul-02      I302

Knoles, James C.      Brown, Margaret        24-Dec-12      P596

Knoll, Vera           Ackley, Floyd          29-May-20      X361

Knollenberg, F.W.     Petrie, Elizabeth J.   11-Feb-22      Z598

Knollenberg, John H.  Taylor, Cora           8-Jul-12       P328

Knollenburg, Lena     Dennett, Wesley        23-Mar-12      P157

Knollmuller, Frank    Silverton, Lena        09 Mar 1887    C604

Knorr, Charles H.     Hays, Amy A.           16 Jun 1897    G315

Knorr, George W. Jr.  Thomas, Mandaline      8-Jan-02       I154

Knorr, Jessie Eleanor Robertson, Frank Mather3-Oct-21       Z307

Knott, Alexander      Vince, Nancy A.        01 Jul 1888    D332

Knott, Carrie         Nitschke, Frank        01 Jan 1877    A244

Knott, Josephine      Daffron, George B.     25-Jun-21      Z083

Knott, Josephine      Patee, S.J.            2-Sep-19       W403

Knott, Myrtle         Samano, Frank          9-Nov-12       P503

Knott, Rachael Jane   Thomas, Elmer C.       2-Jun-20       X442

Knott, Viola          Denneby, Eugene J.     26-Oct-10      N408

Knott, William V.     Smith, Lydia Ellen     16-Jul-10      N244

Knotts, Annie         Jenkins, John          20-Jul-17      T516

Knowland, W.T.        Clark, Ollie           8-Aug-21       Z194

Knowles, Carrie       McLean, G.A.           27-Nov-18      V501

Knowles, H.A.         Gager, Sarah F.        31 Oct 1888    D422

Knowles, Howard       Budlong, Jessie L.     31-Oct-01      I092

Knowles, Jane F.      Kerby, James M.        29-Mar-11      O071

Knowles, Louis C.     Armstrong, Pearl Vera  14-Feb-22      Z606

Knowles, M. Elizabeth Ainsworth, E.N.        28-Mar-04      J194

Knowles, Martha E.    Shipley, Albert P.     30-Oct-13      Q402

Knowles, Maud         King, Gerald           11-Sep-12      P410

Knowles, Olive        Hobbs, Harry A.        14-Mar-21      Y522

Knowles, Paul         Paisley, Matilda       9-Jun-09       M287

Knowles, Sadie        Pattee, W.M.           19 Aug 1884    C129

Knowles, Senie        Ballard, John J.       15-Jan-05      J470

Knowles, Warren W.    Stone, Mabel(ble)Jessie2-Jan-03       I453

Knowls, Delma         Brown, Raymond         26-Oct-19      W554

Knowls, Jane F.       Kirby, James M.        29-Mar-11      O071

Knowlson, J.B.        Evans, Hattie          5-Jan-14       Q494

Knowlton, Frank W.    Hardy, Vina            23-Nov-10      N466

Knowlton, George G.   Peters, Lillie P.      28-Aug-07      L096

Knox, Adna Lee        Jewell, John S.        20-Oct-20      Y212

Knox, Charles D.      Cowans, Nancie         21-Dec-19      X053

Knox, Clarence B.     Roethler, Martha Anna                 R606

Knox, Clarence E.     Mecum, Violet S.       16-Jun-20      X499

Knox, Clark           Cunningham, Delia      21-Sep-20      Y129

Knox, E.W.            Samuel, E.D.           8-Jun-17       T431

Knox, Edward Powell   Hartman, Mabel Hartley 20-Jun-19      W228

Knox, Enola           Roberson, Abel         10-Sep-11      O316

Knox, Howard M. Jr.   Kiff, Geraldine        19-Jan-21      Y420

Knox, Isaac J.        Umphrey, Mattie        28 Nov 1894    F447

Knox, Lea             Reed, C.S.             11-Jan-22      Z546

Knox, Lee             Hohimor, Ruth          24-Jan-20      X151

Knox, Lillian         Morris, Charles        23 Aug 1897    G344

Knox, Lydia           Fitzgerald, James      10 Feb 1880    B035

Knox, Mabel           Vaughn, Ira Leo        22-Feb-19      V627

Knox, Nancy           Johnson, Leroy R.      31 Jan 1888    D209

Knox, R.S.            Claunch, A.L.          2-Mar-22       Z637

Knox, Ralph C.        Grimsley, Letha Ferne  2-Jun-20       X441

Knox, Stella A.       Brown, Elmer R.        7-Oct-02       I371

Knox, W.F.            Myler, Beulah                         S419

Knox, W.H.            Salton, Mollie         12-Feb-20      X195

Knuckey, James        Hodson, Frances                       T307

Koble, Elva           Tusler, L.C.           14-Aug-01      I018

Koblitz, Frank GoddfriKoster, Gretchen Christ20-Apr-13      Q114

Koblitz, Fred         Petersen, Ethel        10-May-11      O142

Koblitz, Gottfried    Roeder, Elizabeth      06 Dec 1874    A145

Koblitz, Karl         Jones, Jessie May      23-Jan-07      K526

Koblitz, Una ElizabethReece, Earl Sylvester                 S349

Koby, Alfred S.       Thomas, Jessie G.      16-Feb-15      R360

Koch, August FrederickPetzold, Otillie Amalie29-Nov-08      M012

Koch, Charles         Reddick, Margaret      30-Jul-21      Z170

Koch, Edith           Schierenbeck, Fred     7-Aug-21       Z177

Koch, George          Teeter, Maude          18 Aug 1899    H139

Koch, Harry H.        Neff, Adeline          30-Jan-18      U516

Koch, Johanna         Oehlert, Randolph H.   5-Oct-04       J359

Koch, Mollie K.       Martins, Robert J.     19 Oct 1889    D633

Koch, Otto            Roller, Annie          16 Apr 1888    D272

Koch, Samuel M.       Stout, Ettie           05 Aug 1883    B398

Kociemski, Joseph     Polsley, Ruth          10-Dec-20      Y328

Kocour, John E.       Falk, Emma             17-May-10      N129

Koefoed, Freda Marie  Herz, Will M.          7-Sep-17       T617

Koehler, Catherine    McGinley, Frank J.     28-Jun-11      O217

Koehler, Emma         Freeman, Silas S.      11-Aug-09      M372

Koehler, Emma (Mrs.)  Kerber, Edward         01 Mar 1891    E307

Koehler, Frances      Lochmann, John         20-Oct-13      Q389

Koehler, John         Jahnes, Elizabeth      19-Feb-08      L308

Koehn, David J.       Base, Susie S.         24-Feb-03      I493

Koehn, Katie          Bauman, Harry A.                      P232

Koehn, Wanda Lillian  Root, William Estes    25-Sep-18      V411

Koeller, Mamie        Kuechenmeister, Will                  T315

Koeller, Otto Henry   Braden, Beryl Martha   23-Jun-09      M307

Koelling, Eunice      Threlfall, Duane       8-Apr-12       P185

Koeneke, Ella A.      Coates, George R.      26 Sep 1885    C310

Koeneke, Henry W.     Peniwell, Carolyn Gertr31-Dec-10      N536

Koeneke, Laverna      Ellis, A.              9-Aug-13       Q271

Koenig, Barbara(am)   Deckert, Joseph        12 Jun 1894    F357

Koenig, Frank H.      Orso, Katharine        7-Oct-01       I037

Koenig, Joseph H.     Corbett, Mary Ethel    31-Dec-13      Q488

Koenigs, John         Becker, Annie          14-Jan-13      P602

Koenigsman, Nicholas NPantle, Ida May        12-Aug-11      O279

Koens, Kate           Christopher, Edward                   F549

Koeppel, Emil         Bowman, Marian F.      20-Apr-11      O107

Koerner, Robert       Wright, Vera Unice     16-Sep-20      Y114

Koester, Henry D.     Simon, Hilda           1-Feb-21       Y424

Koesters, George C.   Gerlach, Lena          9-Aug-21       Z171

Koetsch, Charles HenryBird, Daisy            07 Jan 1891    E281

Koetting, Agnes H.    Keller, William Anthony               T172

Koetting, May         Schauf, Jake           5-Aug-19       W331

Kogel, A.M.           Applegate, A.J.        22 Nov 1885    C346

Koger, Gertrude C.    Horn, Fred             26-Oct-21      Z382

Koger, Laura          Clarke, Omer           30-Nov-17      U291

Koger, Laura          Krell, Howard          28-Mar-08      L349

Kogler, Charles       Foth, Alice            19-Sep-09      M433

Koher, Eva (Mrs.)     Shields, John B.       07 Nov 1898    G605

Kohl, Anna P.         McCormick, Clarence A. 4-Aug-02       I313

Kohl, Mazie M.        Runnels, L.C.                         R561

Kohler, A.D.          Burnam, L.J.           2-Jun-02       I259

Kohler, Albert        Middle, Allie          15-Jan-08      L280

Kohler, August        Guetschow, Anna                       T233

Kohler, Dallas A.     Tiffin, Lillie Blue    14-Apr-01      H556

Kohler, George        Schierenbeck, Minnie   4-Dec-19       X018

Kohler, Henry         Schierenbeck, Laura    20-Mar-19      W031

Kohler, John          Davis, Nellie          17-Dec-07      L239

Kohler, John          Jahn, Elizabeth        19-Feb-08      L308

Kohler, Josie         White, Charles C.      18-Oct-11      O374

Kohler, Maria         Hillman, John          10 Mar 1877    A257

Kohler, Mary E.       Dewees, Samuel C.      24 Mar 1885    C231

Kohler, R.H.          Alsenz, Nellie         27-Nov-06      K462

Kohler, Raymond       Vosburgh, Gladys       31-May-18      V169

Kohn, Belle           Calisch, Albert        12 Jan 1887    C573

Kohnle, Edith         Rogers, Harry Solomon  14-Oct-09      M475

Kohr, Edgar R.        Burris, Helen L.       18 Aug 1897    G341

Kohr, May             Kelly, Harry M.        17-Aug-11      O286

Koide, M.             Schlemmer, O.                         R005

Kokenos, Harry        Steward, Stella                       Y022

Kolb,                 Johnson, Palmer B.                    B081

Kolb, Anna            Gist, Cornelius W.     17-Nov-03      J081

Kolb, Barbara         Lauterbach, George     02 Aug 1883    B405

Kolb, Charles L.      Rowan, Ida May         28 Sep 1892    E620

Kolb, Clarence C.     Harris, Mary M.        8-Jan-10       M611

Kolb, Conne           Goll, William          05 Apr 1888    D263

Kolb, E.C.            Rice, Cora             18 Apr 1899    H071

Kolb, George AlexanderThomas, Julia R.       26 Feb 1880    B042

Kolb, Lizzie N.       Rayburn, Thomas R.     02 Apr 1889    D517

Kolb, Margaret A.     Shiblom, A.            25 Mar 1883    B359

Kolb, Mary L. (J.)    Pridean, Edward        12 Sep 1875    A166

Kolbus, H.H.          Layne, Mary            01 Nov 1899    H199

Kollar, Glee          McKiernan, J.M.        4-Jun-13       Q183

Koller, Theresia(rasieMenges, Frank          17 Feb 1898    G457

Kolstad, N.P.         Schumacher, Katie      12 Dec 1883    C013

Komah, Carrie         Dillon, Dell                          R559

Komma, Emma           Ziener, Henry          3-Jun-13       Q167

Komma, George         Lies, Susan            5-Aug-13       Q264

Komma, Thresa         Hetzel, Peter          3-Jun-13       Q163

Konecky, Anna         Miller, Joseph Marcus  19-Oct-10      N373

Konecny, Adolph       Fisher, Marie          14-Jul-08      L480

Konecny, Anna M.      Lewis, Eugene J.       16-May-11      O148

Konecny, C.F.         Axman, Mary            24-Aug-09      M375

Konecny, Genevieve T. Lange, Edward J.       23-Jan-12      P069

Konecny, Hermina      Clark, Vance           12-Nov-07      L196

Konecny, Joseph       Halsig, Annie          23 Jan 1899    H028

Konecny, Joseph       Neuhold, Julia         04 Jun 1894    F361

Konecny, Lawrence     Allen, Beatrice        24-May-22      Z769

Konecny, Leo          Biggs, Katherine       28-Apr-21      Y604

Konecny, Philomena    Thomas, Frederick Richa11-Nov-02      I400

Konecny, Rudolph C.   Weiser, Anna Therssa   27-Apr-20      X347

Konig, Rosa           Bell, Frank            22 Jan 1895    F481

Konnis, Andrew        Douglas, Dorothy       19-Jun-21      Z057

Konold, Merle R.      Gustafson, C.E.        27-Mar-22      Z661

Konsheim, Edward G.   Stanton, Mary          5-Mar-07       K566

Konzel, Agnes         Berdick, Adolph        20-Apr-12      P198

Koob, Charles B.      Badley, Laura B.       25-Sep-05      K050

Koob, Charles B.      Earhart, Martha May    24-Nov-03      J088

Koob, John            Schild, Frances        12-Nov-12      P490

Koob, Leo             Armbruster, Agnes      12-Feb-01      H510

Koob, Matilda(thilde) Puetz, Peter           27 Aug 1895    F580

Koob, Susie           Wiske, Carl H.         6-Feb-22       Z587

Koob, Virginia        Scheer, Nicholas       08 Jan 1895    F461

Koochel, Joe          Hickey, Kathryn        12-Jul-13      Q237

Kooken, Blanche       Trexler, Frank Marion  23-Dec-09     aM581

Koon, Fred            Gerian, Maude          13-Aug-19      W351

Koons, Hazel          Schultz, Charles H.    5-Feb-14       Q524

Koons, Ruth           Fairman, Denver        2-Feb-21       Y451

Koontz, Geraldine     Wallace, Leslie C.     6-Mar-18       V024

Koontz, Grace Vivian  Hamilton, Robert John  10-Jun-08      L434

Koontz, Juanita       Thompson, Clyde                       T346

Koontz, M.G.          Walker, Minnie         11-Dec-20      Y331

Koontz, Marguerite E. Jones, Urner M.        5-Jul-04       J263

Koontz, Nannie (Mamie)Glover, Leroy          13-Aug-03      I630

Koontz, William D.    Coppice, Elora May     11-Apr-11      O093

Koop, Nick            Steinla, Ella          26-Feb-19      V634

Koors, Elmer          Bittman, Elizabeth     7-Mar-11       O031

Kopf, Ethel           Metzger, Otto          10-Mar-18      U306

Kopf, Rudolph         Bornhage, Mary         14-Apr-01      H556

Kopf, Will            Bickel, Alice          3-Jun-06       K282

Kopfammer, Carolina   Ketzner, Frank N.      9-Apr-07       K587

Kopitz, Agnes Anna    Suellentrop, Frederic  28-Oct-08      L619

Kopp, Belle           Rawlings, H.H.         15-Jul-12      P334

Kopp, Elizabeth L.    Phillips, Charles W.   09 Mar 1896    G062

Kopplin, Alwine Anna CTaylor, J.W.           14-Aug-01      I019

Kopplin, Emma         Ille, Fred             13 Sep 1877    A285

Kopplin, Fred E.      Heller, Wilhelminie                   S477

Kopplin, Henrietta    Edwards, John          23-Dec-13      Q465

Kopplin, L.H.         Craig, Mary Juliet     17-Dec-07      L240

Kopplin, Otto         Rudolph, Edia          18 Jan 1881    B132

Korb, Alfred          Redmon, Mary           12-Jan-21      Y408

Korber, Alma Malinda  Wilkinson, Roy Richard 10-Nov-20      Y259

Korber, Carrie        Brandner, Charles J.   29-Jun-10      N216

Korber, Lillian       Richardson, Percy J.                  S226

Korber, Tillie        Blake, Henry           27-Aug-12      P387

Korbs, C.             Bay, Pauline           14-Jun-20      X489

Kord, Andy            Bell, Lillie                          N356

Kordel, Genie (Regina)Simon, Peter           08 Nov 1892    F006

Kordel, Lizzie A.     Simon, John M.         06 Nov 1894    F424

Kordel, Simon         Lies, Elizabeth        13 Feb 1893    F063

Kordell, Margaret     Freund, Michael        28 Apr 1880    B058

Kornele, E.E.         Hayes, Mabel                          T124

Kornstett, Clarence M.Poore, Bessie Marguerit21-Apr-22      Z722

Korsmeier, F.A.       Zeininger, Esther      25-Oct-19      W550

Koshminski, Justine   Kuhl, Frank                           T295

Koster, Gretchen ChrisKoblitz, Frank Goddfrie20-Apr-13      Q114

Koster, Henry         Elling, Emma           11-Apr-01      H543

Koster, J.C.          Haynes, A.             23-Dec-13      Q460

Koster, John          Schweitzer, Lizzie     13 Feb 1896    G044

Koster, Lillie        Clark, Leslie          24-Apr-21      Y596

Koster, Rachel        Krenzel, Herman W.                    T016

Kostner, Casper       Rost, Margaret         03 Mar 1885    C219

Kostner, Frederick    Kistner, Catherine     03 Mar 1885    C220

Kotsiopulos, Sam      Wright, Anna           16-Sep-19      W443

Kottler, Christian J. Daniels, Alta F.W.     11-May-01      H586

Kottwitz, Lena P.     Sager, Eugene C.       4-May-21       Y618

Kountz, Charles       Radey, Lottie E.       16-Jun-07      L019

Kowal, Andrew         Price, Eva                            T099

Kowertz, Frank        Miller, Margaret Ellen 1-Oct-19       W488

Kowing, Henry         Rutter, Ruth           10-Apr-22      Z699

Kraber, Otto          Wood, May              5-Apr-11       O082

Kracaw, Lola (Eva)    Watson, L.A.           20-Nov-00      H459

Kracaw, Raymond       Green, Pearl           1-Jun-10       N168

Kracht, Frederick W.  Thompson, Laura D.     21 Dec 1876    A241

Krack, C.L.           Bierer, Mary F.        1-Sep-10       N303

Krack, Charles L.     Bolt, Eva A.           30 Sep 1891    E395

Krack, Harry I.J.     Sullivan, Sarah        09 Dec 1896    G203

Krack, Lizzie D.      Hitchcock, Charles O.  21 Nov 1894    F439

Krack, Murl Alden     Fry, Kenneth S.                       T058

Kraff, Mabel          Wellborn, Harry        12-Feb-11      O012

Kraft, Arthur E.      Voss, Harriett                        Z778

Kraft, Emma M.        Clark, Eugene I.       06 Sep 1880    B090

Kraft, John           Reiff, Carrie          31 Jan 1888    D213

Kraft, Louise M.      Cornell, Carlyle P.    25-Feb-11      O030

Kraft, Mary           Wiske, William A.      02 Oct 1884    C144

Kraft, William E.     Gise, Gladys           28-Jul-21      Z163

Kraker, Henry         Matz, Amelia           25 May 1892    E554

Kralicek, Grover C.   Morgan, Dorothy A.     15-Feb-19      V616

Kramer, Carrie        Thresher, William      5-Jul-19       W270

Kramer, Charles       Siehndel, Minnie       26-Apr-11      O120

Kramer, Charles C.    Ream, Nita             12-Jun-20      X477

Kramer, Ella C.       Young, C.H.            26-Nov-03      J090

Kramer, Emma L.       Hladik, William B.     23-Sep-05      K048

Kramer, Ernest W.     Ellis, Sadie           19-Jun-01      H619

Kramer, George        Nilles, Mary J.        5-May-03       I537

Kramer, Henry J.      Omman, Minnie          5-May-09       M246

Kramer, Henry T.      Baynum, America        28 Aug 1873    A083

Kramer, J.            Ross, Goldie E.        25-Dec-12      P586

Kramer, L.R.          Dewees, Minnie Estelle 9-Aug-14       R089

Kramer, Lillian       Kirk, W.H.             22-Dec-00      H485

Kramer, Mabel         Masters, Fred          15-Oct-19      W522

Kramer, Minnie        Erdwein(wien), Edo.    15 Feb 1894    F314

Kramer, Ruth A.       Whited, Simon Alfred   25-Dec-20      Y364

Kramer, W.D.          DeShurley, Daisy       8-Jun-10       N178

Kramer, Will K.       Bagley, Lydia E.       13 Sep 1892    E609

Kramp, Josephine      Bumm, Fred             16-Feb-15      R351

Krapf, Mabel A.       Kasenberg, James N.    3-Oct-20       Y154

Krase, Anna A.        Ramsdale, W.M.         21 Jan 1886    C381

Krase, Charles        Olthoff, Emma          16 Jul 1891    E360

Krase, Fred F.        Fricke, Emma L.        8-May-01       H584

Krase, Recka          Gutschow, William      06 Mar 1879    A405

Krase, Rudolph C.     Parson, Gertrude       9-Mar-04       J183

Krase, William M.     Fearey, Hattie R.      20 Oct 1896    G173

Krashin, Sarah        Marmelstein, Joseph L. 29-Mar-10      N059

Krashin, Sarah        Mermelstein, Joseph L. 29-Mar-10      N059

Kratoska, Emil Albert Stitt, Anna            12-Jan-14      Q501

Kratz, Lillie         Brown, Albert          25-Dec-20      Y360

Kratzer, Kattie       Tappan, W.E.           30-Jul-01      I010

Kratzer, William      Warfield, Mary         1-Oct-21       Z323

Kraus, Anna           Miller, Frank J.       26-Aug-19      W374

Kraus, Anna           Schauf, J.J.           5-Feb-07       K527

Kraus, Catharine      Mork, Nicholas         19 Jul 1876    A213

Kraus, Elizabeth MarieKasel, Nicholas P.     17-May-20      X371

Kraus, Frances        Giesen, Henry          28-Oct-18      V447

Kraus, Gertrud        Reitober, Ignatz       15 Feb 1887    C583

Kraus, Henry J.       McAllister, Georgia    10 Oct 1888    D402

Kraus, John           Ditgen, Kate A.        30-Jul-01      H638

Kraus, John           Rausch, Elizabeth      14-Jan-19      V559

Kraus, Joseph         Young, Matilda(thilde) 10 Oct 1899    H163

Kraus, Josephine      Schauf, Matt           24-Nov-14      R236

Kraus, Katie          Giesen, Jacob          17-Dec-04      J440

Kraus, Lena           Giesen, William        19-Sep-08      L571

Kraus, Louis          Orth, Anna             11-May-20      X359

Kraus, Martin H.      Hein, Mary             4-Jun-13       Q164

Kraus, Mary           Berndsen, John         26-Jan-09      M096

Kraus, Mary           Patrig, Louis          13 Apr 1880    B060

Kraus, Mary Ann       Bestgen, John          09 Aug 1884    C122

Kraus, Mathew         Bierscheid, Anna       06 Mar 1886    C399

Kraus, Nicolaus       Hoheisel, Mary         26-Nov-07      L207

Kraus, Peter          Weber, Clara                          T289

Kraus, Regina         Dwyer, Johnie          3-Mar-09       M168

Kraus, Simon          Bierscheid, Katie      17 Apr 1883    B363

Kraus, Susanna        Hein, Peter            25-Jul-11      O243

Krause, Henry         Clever, Lulu           29-Nov-06      K464

Krause, J. Fred       Barkhurst, Elsie       9-Dec-11       P012

Krause, O.W.          Johnson, Epsey G.      16-May-20      X407

Krause, O.W.          VanWinkle, Dessie      9-Nov-11       O407

Krauss, Christiane    Hahn, Ernst            16 Dec 1886    C554

Krauss, Ed            Rentz, Elizabeth       15 Jul 1886    C467

Krauss, Herman        Williams, Laura        19-Mar-19      W030

Krebhiel, Addie       Patton, Frank          21-Apr-19      W085

Krebil, Katie         Kerwin, John F.        12 Sep 1897    G356

Krebs, Al D.          Beaman, Ida E.J.       1-Mar-10       N036

Krebs, C.M.           Harrel, Inez Ople      14-Feb-20      X198

Krebs, Lola M.        Rathburn, J.F.         25-Mar-02      I209

Krebs, Phillipine C.  Minter, W.E.           06 May 1886    C437

Krebsbach, Joe        Arbach, Barbara        4-Jun-14       R004

Kreeger, James        Wagoner, Elsie                        T054

Kregle, Hazel         Kelly, James Evans     10-Sep-17      T620

Krehbiel, Daisy AdalinHarrington, Homer B.   24-Nov-20      Y293

Krehbiel, Irene       Christenson, W.H.      28-Feb-19      V640

Krehbiel, Rhoda Clara Long, Wellington F.                   S208

Kreibel, Bessie       Hopkins, William       5-Feb-13       Q024

Kreible, George D.    Cooley, Anna (Mrs.)    2-Aug-02       I311

Kreider, Frank W.     Wadleigh, Helen M.                    T291

Kreider, G.S.         Clark, Nellie                         W628

Kreidler, Abraham L.  Kreidler, Maggie (Mrs.)25 Oct 1891    E411

Kreidler, Maggie (Mrs.Kreidler, Abraham L.   25 Oct 1891    E411

Kreie, Arthur H.      Bearce, Grace M.       7-Jun-13       Q186

Kreie, Arthur H.      Kirkpatrick, Mattie    14-Jul-10      N242

Kreie, Earl E.        Webb, Anna Lee         31-Oct-19      W564

Kreie, Emma L.        Grier, Adam A.         28-Feb-12      P127

Kreie, Evalyn(velyn)  Clark, Ernest (Earnest)27-Nov-07      L216

Kreig, Caroline       Warneke, Friedrick     02 Jul 1887    D055

Kreiger, Amanda       Higgs, William         09 Feb 1898    G458

Kreiger, Minnie       Hawkins, H.D.          3-Jan-18       U448

Kreis, Harry L.       Helm, Cora E.          01 Aug 1888    D350

Kreischer, Charlotte  Clark, Richard Robert  4-Sep-20       Y078

Kreisel, Gladys       Hodges, L.G.                          T258

Krelach, Wesley       Rhea, Agnes            12 May 1884    C079

Krell, Howard         Koger, Laura           28-Mar-08      L349

Kremer, Birdie FrancesHodson, W.T.           5-Oct-02       I369

Krenzel, Edward L.    Bloesser, Mary C.      26-Jul-14      R070

Krenzel, Herman W.    Koster, Rachel                        T016

Krenzin, David        Miller, Maud Irene                    S137

Krepps, Henry E.      Newell, Adele M.       17-Nov-10      N452

Kress, Lena           Colwell, Louis C.      30-Jul-17      T543

Kress, Trece          Collins, William       28-Jun-11      O217

Kresse, Emma          Sudduth, Henry J.      18 Aug 1890    E185

Kretchmar, Marie L.   Vestring, Louis F.     7-May-19       W123

Kreutel, Mark E.      Snyder, Bessie Irene                  S549

Krider, C.M.          Morrison, M.J.         11-Jun-21      Z039

Krider, David         Walker, May            2-Apr-11       O074

Kridler, Minnie       Terrill, T.P.          6-Jan-09       M091

Kriebel, Ella May     Tucker, Arthur         1-Jun-01       H602

Kriebel, Emma S.      Diehl, John E.         29-Jul-00      H365

Kriebel, Joel         Dennis, Ella P.        16-Mar-21      Y525

Kriebel, Joel         Glaser, Rosa           24 Jul 1880    B084

Kriebel, Mahalon      Copner, Sarah          24 Dec 1885    C361

Kriebel, Minnie       Bedinger, Charles                     S066

Kriebil(bel), Cora E. Drehl, John E.         03 Jan 1892    E468

Kriegel, Ferd         Shafer, Catherine      17-Oct-17      U096

Krieger, Ada          Roach, Elmer           6-Apr-14       Q584

Krieger, Arthur L.    Montgomery, Zetta E.   17-Jul-05      J631

Krieger, S.J. (F.)    Odell, Mary Jane       09 Sep 1877    A284

Krigline, George D.   Pasters, Josie M.      7-Nov-00       H456

Krimmel, Pauline      Haeberle, John         23 May 1882    B271

Kristernsen, Johanna  Simonsen, Christian    08 Sep 1888    D382

Kristof, Vivian       Butts, W.H.            9-Nov-13       Q414

Kritikos, Andrew      Petropoulon, Pipina    25-Jul-13      Q254

Kritzmier, G.C.       Runkel, Lizzie         22-Sep-11      O337

Kritzmire, Arthur     Owen, Margaret         12-Aug-09      M385

Kritzmire, L.D.       Cupp, M.B.             17 Apr 1897    G283

Krober, Anna          Ricksecker, Allen S.   5-Apr-11       O081

Kroboth, Josephine    Hein, Peter            09 Sep 1890    E184

Krocker, Gusta        Sounders, Otto R.      14-Jun-14      R024

Kroescher, Mary W.    Anderson, W.D.         29-Nov-20      Y308

Kromer, Anna          Stenzel, Henry         6-May-18       V132

Kron, Frank           Domham, Goldie                        S271

Kronert, George       Sauer, Lizzie          17 Mar 1881    B144

Kropf, Alma           Gorges, Anthony        3-Jun-13       Q149

Kropf, Della          Fouquet, Robert C.     29-Sep-14      R153

Kropf, Roy Otto       Lyons, Stella          9-Nov-17       U186

Kropp, Guy Erl        Ogle, Bertha Agnes     23-Aug-09      M387

Krotz, Barbara        Shadiwetz, Frank       31 May 1874    A122

Krotz, Mary           Gardiner, Charles      18 Mar 1878    A323

Krouse, Charles A.    Ayars, Lena            05 Jan 1892    E471

Kruckenberg, Arthur J.Dufield, Hattie        17-Nov-09      M528

Kruckenburg, Wanda    Lomax, Claude E.       25-Dec-09      M590

Kruegal, Fred W.      Proud, Lizzie S.       05 Sep 1888    D380

Kruegel, Lizzie S.(MrsMcCutchen, Frank       01 Jun 1891    E345

Krueger, Carl         Dick, Oliva            10-Sep-13      Q314

Krueger, F.E.         Taylor, Dora Dean      30-Jul-10      N261

Krueger, Minnie       Hamler, Edward C.      6-Feb-12       P087

Kruger, A.F.          Carpenter, Minnie      7-Nov-06       K438

Kruger, Arthur L.     Gary, Laura            14-Aug-07      L085

Kruger, Edna          Scrivner, Guy P.       8-Jun-18       V200

Kruger, Lola M.       Chesney, George E.     20-Jan-12      P073

Kruger, Mabel Belle   Lomax, Alonzo P.       6-Aug-05       K009

Kruger, Maybelle      Ross, George H.        18-Mar-14      Q573

Kruger, Paul          Starkey, Lillian       22-Oct-12      P475

Kruger, Robert B.     Toy, Katie E.                         D182

Kruger, Robert B.     Toy, Katie E.          13 Dec 1887    D176

Krumm, Julius         Hoover, Sarah          23-Sep-04      J355

Kruse, Henry          Masterson, Ellen       26-Jul-10      N249

Kubik, Frank L.       Neff, Josephine        2-Sep-20       Y077

Kubitscheck, Lawrence Walker, Bertha         11-Oct-09      M468

Kuch, O.M.            Jackman, Martha S.     12-Dec-06      K477

Kuchar, Lucy          Tomasek, John          30-Sep-03      J036

Kuchar, Matilda R.    Dingle, C.A.           6-Dec-11       P007

Kuchar, Rosa          Watzlavek, William     25-Apr-08      L382

Kuchl, Emma           Schierenback, Herman   21 Dec 1884    C177

Kuechenmeister, A.    Bormann, Lizzie        31 Jul 1887    D069

Kuechenmeister, FerdinUhl, Bertha            18 Sep 1888    D389

Kuechenmeister, Henry Brown, Maggie          27 May 1888    D306

Kuechenmeister, HenryeMcBride, Frank         13-Jan-15      R323

Kuechenmeister, Lena  Sourbeer, Leslie E.                   R520

Kuechenmeister, LucindBernman, Frank         17 Jun 1886    C453

Kuechenmeister, MargarDunn, Charles E.       29-Jan-12      P082

Kuechenmeister, MargarSickert, Hermann       17-Apr-07      K608

Kuechenmeister, MarthaScholp, Walter H.      8-Jun-21       Z034

Kuechenmeister, Olga  Powers, Martin L.      10-Aug-20      Y015

Kuechenmeister, Otto  Boyd, Azalia           19-Jun-18      V233

Kuechenmeister, TheresSmith, John P.         5-Sep-06       K364

Kuechenmeister, Will  Koeller, Mamie                        T315

Kuehl, Alma           Volkmann, Emil         27-Mar-01      H540

Kuehl, Clara          Stoehr, Philip         04 Oct 1891    E381

Kuehl, Laura          Abel, Fred             11 Oct 1894    F411

Kuehn, Amelia         Ankerholz, Charley     26-Dec-11      P038

Kuehn, Edith          Wiske, William C.      5-Dec-20       Y306

Kuehn, Wilhelm L.     Lentz, Elizabeth       15-Apr-03      I513

Kuehne, Dora          Stone, W.E.            29-Jul-17      T539

Kuenzic, Mary         Thomas, F.             6-Dec-05       K129

Kugel, Florence       Ells, W.E.             22 Jan 1888    D204

Kugler, Mary K.       Sollars, Louie L.                     T138

Kuhen, Ruben          Waterhouse, Emma       17 Jan 1878    A309

Kuhess, Emma          Glassburn, Charles     22-Nov-04      J423

Kuhl, Frank           Koshminski, Justine                   T295

Kuhl, Lon L.          VanderVeer, Leah Westbr18-Jun-12      P289

Kuhle, Lizzie         Tobeck, Henry          08 Aug 1886    C477

Kuhlmann, Cora L.     Moore, Robert M.       19-Oct-18      V451

Kuhlmann, Elmer J.    Sights, Leona May                     R611

Kuhlmann, Grover F.   West, Daisie E.                       S294

Kuhn, C.B.            Greenland, Lucile      10-Apr-20      X314

Kuhn, Caroline        Hohn, H.               27-Nov-12      P533

Kuhn, Elizabeth Mary  Ohl, Peter             26 Jan 1897    G242

Kuhn, Emma            Volz, Gabriel          18 Mar 1882    B253

Kuhn, Eva             Bidwell, A.J.                         S273

Kuhn, Eva             Bidwell, Andrew Jackson19-Oct-14      R203

Kuhn, Gertrude        Girrens, Joseph        22-Oct-18      V445

Kuhn, Mabel           Hendershot, James      21-Jan-11      N561

Kuhn, Maggie          Kelsh, Benjamin        15 Nov 1881    B259

Kuhn, Martin          Langan, Alice          20 Oct 1896    G172

Kuhn, Mary            Ternes, John P.        31 Jan 1893    F065

Kuhn, Mary V.         Faber, John            30 Sep 1896    G157

Kuhn, Rena Belle      Penrose, Jesse A.                     S014

Kuhn, Retta           Swain, Blaine C.       22-Dec-21      Z498

Kuhne, F.L.           Bowers, Hazel          3-Jul-12       P323

Kuhne, R.H.           Bryan, Ella Gertrude   22-Apr-22      Z723

Kuhns, Katie          Schon, Hiram           14-Mar-05      J520

Kull, Anna            Costin, Isaac          12 Jul 1884    C100

Kullman, Harry ClarencMoore, Winnie May      20-Aug-11      O289

Kullman, Lena (Mrs.)  Kinzle, Frank          29 Apr 1893    F125

Kulp, Joseph Henry    Ryan, Alice            16-Sep-07      L123

Kulp, Matilda Amanda  Harris, Louis Earl     19-May-19      W148

Kumberg, Bessie       Vernon, Archie L.      23-Jul-21      Z151

Kumberg, Maude        Wade, Creth            18-May-18      V158

Kumli, Philip Jr.     Gasseur, Eva           10-Jun-12      P271

Kunan, Harry          Potts, Hazel Lucile    15-Jun-20      X494

Kunckel, Ida          Finley, John           01 Jan 1890    E057

Kungle, Naomi W.      Wilber, Edgar          11-Mar-15      R384

Kunkel, Albert        Boreman, Anna Bertha   22 May 1893    F139

Kunkel, Albert        Davis, Martha          30-Mar-04      J195

Kunkel, Glenna O.     Houser, Cuthbert F.    23-Dec-09      M584

Kunkel, Nina          Wade, Perry            10-Mar-15      R382

Kunkle, Charles M.    Beadles, Della V.      14-Apr-06      K245

Kunkle, Martha A.     Hanratty, F.J.         15-Dec-03      J110

Kunkle, Sadie         Edwards, H.H.          03 Jan 1899    H015

Kunkler, S.R.         Eilert, Lena           20-Oct-00      H441

Kunkler, Will S.      Coiner, Hazel Irene    7-Nov-17       U175

Kunsch, John          Grounds, Kattie        15-Apr-08      L371

Kunsch, Richard L.    Avery, Nellie          11-Feb-07      K544

Kuntz, Charles F.     Parsons, Mabel M.      27-Jun-21      Z081

Kuntz, L.W.           Harrold, Gaie Lyndal   3-Jun-20       X446

Kuntz, Mary           York, Harmon Bearl     15-Jun-19      W218

Kunzel, Agnes         Ricord, Pearl C.       17-Apr-20      X337

Kunzel, Mathilda      Einhaus, A.G.          24-Nov-03      J087

Kunzel, Rose          Scherger, H.B.         24-Mar-19      W033

Kupper, Luella        Wilhelm, Arthur E.     24-Jun-08      L454

Kurie, Charles W.     Hill, Mary W.          19 Jan 1887    C576

Kurnes, Mabel         Swanson, Alfred        16-Mar-20      X259

Kurz, Luise K.        Rombold, C. David      02 Feb 1892    E492

Kurz, Marion          Ullam, James                          S116

Kuselman, Hattie L.   Ledbetter, Lewis C.    18-Aug-03      I633

Kush, Bertha M.       Hill, Charles          5-Jul-05       J623

Kush, Emma            Croskey, Henry         6-Oct-04       J369

Kush, H.A.            Dyer, Nora M.          20-Jan-12      P074

Kush, John            Born, Josephine        17 Mar 1884    C056

Kusler, Emma Rene     Shy, Simeon            23 Feb 1889    D500

Kuster, Christian     Loeffler, Martha M.    17 Dec 1891    E441

Kuster, Lillian L.    Covell, Tom G.                        T271

Kuykendall, Ruth      Kitchen, Paul T.       9-Jul-20       X572

Kuyper, Adolph GerrardLarsh, Alice Emma      11-Feb-22      Z597

Kuzmie, Katie         Swale, Alfred          8-Jul-07       L042

Kyle, Charles B.      McIntosh, Una          17-Sep-11      O324

Kyle, Edna M.         Jeffery, Charles R.    10-Mar-10      N044

Kyle, Effie           March, G.D.            5-Jul-19       W271

Kyle, Eleanor         Chamberlain, Frank     2-Jun-10       N165

Kyle, Ella            Gibbs, Walter          1-Sep-09       M401

Kyle, Ella            Hudspeth, James        11-Jun-00      H336

Kyle, Frank R.        Bird, Grace O.         8-Feb-21       Y461

Kyle, Gladys Marie    Brandt, O.W.           23-Aug-21      Z232

Kyle, Guy W.          Binkley, Elizabeth M.  26-Dec-10      N528

Kyle, James W.        Gove, Gladys           17-Jul-20      X587

Kyle, Patrick G.      Davis, S.M. (Mrs.)     14-Jul-19      W284

Kyle, R.A.            Boyer, Ella            15 Aug 1898    G551

Kyle, Ruth            Slingland, Con                        R591

Kyler, Lizzie         Comstock, Edwin J.     29 Sep 1889    D614

Kyte, H.              Cline, Emma            1-May-13       Q133

Kyte, Hartley         Williams, Emma Frances 17-Nov-08      M010

La Bonte, Wilber OsmonDavis, Edith Daisy     11-Nov-07      L197

Labarge, Colletta TherPuttock, Thomas E.     19-Aug-19      W368

LaBarr, Ernest        Clark, Fannie          16-Sep-09      M430

Labenburg, Laura Bell Doran, J.W.            14-Jun-21      Z043

Labrado, Teresa       Ayala, Victor          19-Mar-21      Y535

Labunker, C.A.        Hanson, L.             3-Mar-01       H533

Labusier, Rose        Ford, Warren C.                       Y146

Lacey, Luther E.      Breeze, Iva            6-Dec-19       X023

Lacey, R.C.           Newcomer, Lola M.      29-Feb-20      X224

Lacey, Stonewall      Thompson, Pauline      17-Jun-20      X503

Lachenmayre, Norman   Harttleroade, Lula     23-Aug-17      T590

Lackamp, William L.   Miller, Margaret                      T364

Lackey, Alice E.      Humbolt, William H.    28-Oct-06      K422

Lackey, Andrew        Branson, Phebe         29 Oct 1879    A460

Lackey, E.E.          Musshorn, H.A.         23-Nov-18      V493

Lackey, Elizabeth     Ambler, Elmer S.(L.)   24 Dec 1895    G017

Lackey, Fred B.       Kimball, Hattie R.     24 Aug 1895    F582

Lackey, George A.     Brower, Ellen M.       23-Dec-08      M062

Lackey, George E.     McArthur, Jessie A.    17 Feb 1893    F079

Lackey, Hiram D.      Taylor, Pearl Florence 7-Oct-02       I372

Lackey, Jania         Chance, Bryan          6-Oct-20       Y168

Lackey, Joseph Arvy   Conner, Inez Iona      26-Apr-06      K255

Lackey, Millie C.     Beam, Homer P.         2-Jan-13       P620

LaClaire, Florence KatHaupt, William H. Jr.  20-Aug-17      T583

LaClaire, James H.    Gatrell, Myrtle O.                    R547

LaCoss, Victor        Shute, Bonny           19-Jan-15      R331

LaCroix, Rodolphe     Winkler, Violet        7-Sep-18       V381

Lacy, Alma            Anakolio, George P.    4-Sep-19       W411

Lacy, C.C.            Page, M.M.             25-Oct-08      L618

Lacy, Katherine       Truesdell, Clifford Alo8-Apr-07       K597

Lacy, Marie A.        Lott, J.T.             1-Jun-09       M273

Lacy, Maude E.        Moore, Fred M.         6-Jan-07       K511

Lacy, Nora            Shetterly, Charles     19-Apr-05      J549

Ladd, Margaret        Hart, Ralph W.         4-Jun-13       Q181

Ladoux, George J.     Schober, Marie         14-Jan-03      I462

Lafary, Perry         Runion, Lona           29-Apr-08      L390

Lafaver, Daniel J.    Smith, Etta                           S312

LaFayette, M.W.       Charles, Laura B.      09 Mar 1887    C603

Lafever, E.W.         Pennypacker, Katie     10-May-04      J231

Laff, John M.         Carnahan, Hattie       6-Oct-00       H427

Lafferty, J.B.        Elder, Ida M.          12 Mar 1882    B250

LaFiske, Helen M.     Graham, Josiah T.      4-Mar-18       V019

Laflin, Mary H.       Throckmorton, Jonas E. 1-Jun-10       N163

Laflin, Minnie FlorencArmour, James C.       4-Oct-06       K398

LaFlumboise, Peter MilBurr, Ruby Melissa                    S423

LaForce, Rita M.      Forster, Theodore W.   21-Nov-21      Z440

LaForce, Viola        Cowell, Wallace        24-Sep-08      L576

LaForge, Carrie       Johnson, Othor         3-Jun-17       T415

LaForge, Homer        Goss, Emma L.          2-Feb-18       U520

Lafoy, Helen          Campbell, J.B.         3-Jun-20       X443

LaFoy, Richard        Hayes, Violet          29-Jul-21      Z168

Lafsman, Annie        Chamberlain, F.M.      02 Mar 1887    C598

Lagal, Mary M.        Fowler, John G.        11-Apr-06      K242

Lagaly, Peter         Smarsh, Anna           25-Nov-19      W603

Laggart, Dora         Weber, Peter           24 Jan 1899    H016

Lagle, Norman         Stroppel, Sophia M.    29 Aug 1880    B087

LaGrant, Nora Ethelyn Jackman, David S.                     S596

Lahey, Alva Robert    Ansbro, Delia Marie                   S629

Lahey, Charles E.     Gregg, Marie           18-Jun-13      Q197

Lahey, Edward A.      Murphy, May                           T145

Lahey, Ella Angela    Fitzpatrick, Jerry     19-Jun-12      P290

Lahey, Grace          Long, Dick Rodney      26-Nov-19      X003

Lahey, Marie A.       Barrett, Elmer E..     3-Apr-06       K235

Lahey, Mary           Tognetti, Frank        07 May 1888    D292

Lahme, Dena           Shaw, Henry E.         09 Feb 1893    F072

Lahme, Minnie         Leighton, William      23-Apr-02      I226

Lahn, Sylvia          Kahn, Herman           9-Nov-19       W585

Lahnar, John          Sharkley, Lena (Mrs.)  27-Dec-00      H491

Lahr, Maud D.         Alexander, Curtis C.   12-Aug-03      I628

Laidlaw, Carl         Hodson, Lucile         7-Jan-18       U451

Laidlaw, Florence     Williams, Rollin E.    27-May-11      O161

Laidlaw, J.W.         Blake, Amanda          1-Nov-17       U151

Lainer, Mildred       Parson, George E.      2-Jul-19       W264

Laing, Charles M.     DeBord, May J.         1-Oct-01       I060

Laird, Anna           Swartz, J.J.           2-Jun-12       P254

Laird, Clarence       Currie, Annie          16-Aug-13      Q280

Laird, Dora           Thomas, William        22-Jul-17      T521

Laird, Ester          Woods, Robert          26-Aug-09      M391

Laird, Estle          Scrivner, Katheryn     3-Mar-15       R376

Laird, Harry          Crines, Rosannah       10-Oct-12      P453

Laird, Mack           Sutton, Gladys         21-Jul-17      T520

Laird, Ralph Waldo    Bohannon, Blanche Hart 19-Apr-11      O112

Laird, W.H.           Jeter, Anna            2-Jan-12       P053

Laisen, William       Surber, Ruth           4-Sep-18       V373

Lajoie, A.M.          Cederbrand, A.E.       10 Sep 1887    D100

Lake, Anna O.         Jones, Caleb N.        23 Sep 1888    D394

Lake, Carl            Hartman, Myrtle                       T037

Lake, Charles         Sisk, Carrie           7-Oct-12       P445

Lake, Clyde W.        Stallings, Nellie L.   20-Dec-07      L246

Lake, E. (Mrs.)       Ebert, John D.         4-Jun-13       Q184

Lake, Emma            Brasier, Lincoln L.    20 Aug 1899    H141

Lake, Lulu            Johnston, W.E.         15 Apr 1895    F523

Lake, M.C.            Lewis, Eva J.          4-Feb-05       J491

Lake, Russell B.      Roark, Sarah E.        14-Oct-17      U080

LaKeman, Wilhelmina I.Tracy, Frank E.        27 Apr 1881    B155

Laker, C.H.           Fye, Stella            30 Sep 1899    H171

Lakey, Mary A.        Morgan, James C.       25 Dec 1878    A386

Lakin, Samuel A.      Corn, Nellie B.        7-Oct-06       K400

Lakin, T.B.           Caraway, Grace         12-May-13      Q140

Lalk, Charlie         Criswell, Dollie       26-Apr-20      X354

Laloge, Peter         Hyde, Susie B.         18-Jan-11      N555

Lam, Effie A.         Woodrow, H.C.          8-Nov-13       Q415

LaMar, Bessie         Cannan, Claud          21-Oct-08      L614

Lamaster, Celi(ia)    Schied, Andrew         7-Sep-07       L110

Lamaster, Rhoda       Vandeventer, H.H.      2-May-00       H315

Lamb, Alton C.        Mounts, Maude R.       14 Jun 1898    G525

Lamb, Anna            Morrison, H.C.         13-Jun-19      W211

Lamb, Annie           Cunduff, J.G.          26-Oct-10      N415

Lamb, Aurelius        Byfield, Mary B.       31 Jan 1893    F065

Lamb, Bert            Winters, Love          14-Dec-08      M043

Lamb, Bertha          Meredith, Charles Warren              T382

Lamb, Eliza J.        Wells, David S.        8-Mar-13       Q056

Lamb, Eva             Lewis, Charles F.      23-Jun-01      H621

Lamb, George A.       Mathews, Edna          17-Nov-10      N452

Lamb, H.W.            Watkins, Carrie A.     26 Feb 1896    G055

Lamb, J.A.            Bedwell, Flora         22 Apr 1896    G083

Lamb, Lela            Walker, Bruce          29-Apr-19      W103

Lamb, Lenora A.       Hawk, William S.       13-Sep-05      K040

Lamb, Lucile          Thompson, Walker O.    15-Jun-11      O188

Lamb, Mabel           Harden, Andrew         23-May-11      O157

Lamb, Mallie          Hawkins, Mabel         19 Jan 1893    F057

Lamb, Marie           Morphew, Dwight        3-Mar-20       X229

Lamb, O.O.            Click, Pearl Margrie   3-Aug-03       I620

Lamb, P.W.            Marshall, C.H.         21-Oct-03      J058

Lamb, Rachel J.       Avery, George N.       14 Sep 1885    C305

Lamb, Robert Timothy  Yaw, May               10-Dec-12      P560

Lamb, Roy R.          Royer, Harriett H.     8-Aug-21       Z193

Lamb, Russell         Gray, Floy             22-Dec-08      M055

Lamb, W.F.            Bechtel, Lovilla       29-Jul-13      Q260

Lamb, William M.      Shannon, Estella May   29-Jun-04      J277

Lambdin, Gertie E.    Rennick, Miles         20-Oct-09      M478

Lambdin, Hiram S.     Haley, Mary S.         5-Jun-04       J251

Lambdin, M.W.         Stover, Mildred        5-May-13       Q135

Lambdin, Nell         Pinney, R.O.           5-Jun-18       V194

Lambe, H.W.           Bradshaw, Madeline     17-Feb-21      Y480

Lambe, Henry P.       Shirlie, Ethel         15-Jan-10      M619

Lambert, Adolph       Marx, Augusta          03 Apr 1887    C622

Lambert, Bertha       Wyckoff, John          16-Jul-01      I001

Lambert, Catherine    Black, Joseph F.       27 Feb 1890    E087

Lambert, Clarence W.  Harris, Carrie L.      2-Dec-12       P550

Lambert, Emma         White, Lee Roy                        R473

Lambert, G.P.         Moffitt, Martha        29-Jun-10      N215

Lambert, George A.    Swezey, Bertha E.      04 Sep 1895    F588

Lambert, Nettie B.    Meers, Charles W.      11-Nov-08      M002

Lambert, Ocie         Johnson, Ross          25-Jul-10      N256

Lambert, Rebecca      McGill, Thomas         23 Mar 1882    B254

Lambert, Rosa         Burnaugh, Leslie       03 Oct 1896    G160

Lambert, Thelma       Fennessey, Paul                       W558

Lambeth, F.H.         Sapp, Rosa L.          15-Sep-21      Z282

Lambeth, Hugh         Miller, Thelma         2-Mar-22       Z635

Lambeth, Irene A.     Craig, William Earnest 6-Sep-19       W420

Lambing, Clara A.     Stewardson, Robert     30 Oct 1882    B315

Lambkin, Della        Myles, Henry                          R593

Lambkin, Frank B.     Craig, Lena            8-Oct-02       I373

Lambky, Augusta       Church, Lester H.      21-Sep-02      I355

Lambky, Chris H.      Brown, Lena            26-Feb-13      Q045

Lambky, W.C.          Oehlert, M.W.          28-May-02      I255

Lamborn, Benjamin VintWaller, Hazel Ann      2-Nov-12       P490

Lames, Hermclinda     Ornelas, J.            15-Dec-20      Y337

Laming, Zella         Francis, C.F.          18-Jun-00      H342

Lamirand, Martha      Marcy, C.F.            22-Jan-22      Z569

Lamkin, Frank B.      Craig, Lena            8-Oct-02       I373

Lamkin, Lena C.       Naramore, John M.                     S297

Lamkin, Richie        Butterfield, E.L.      5-Feb-21       Y440

Lammel, Simon         Mohr, Helena           23 Jan 1896    G038

Lammers, George F.    Pratt, Alice Cordellia 26-Feb-19      V633

Lamon, E.O.           Overman, Cora E.                      T374

Lamon, O.C.           McLain, Blanche B.     9-Nov-20       Y257

LaMonte, Nellie       Oldfield, Charles H.   21-Oct-18      V453

Lamoreaux, Helen LouisIrwin, Lindsey G.      26-Jun-18      V247

Lamoree, Winifred     Parkhurst, Otis        15-Apr-08      L370

Lampe, August B.      Bergkamp, Elizabeth    19-Aug-19      W347

Lampe, John Henry Jr. Brandley, Flora        11-Sep-07      L117

Lampert, C.C.         Hays, Winnie E.        6-Jun-04       J252

Lampertz, Charles J.  Schumacher, Lillian Eme3-Jun-14       R010

Lampher, Lucretia     Miller, Charles E.     31 Mar 1879    A415

Lamphere, Elbert T.   Piele, Clara           27 Nov 1890    E255

Lamping, Lizzie       Mills, L.R.            13 Jul 1884    C101

Lampl, Anna           Bone, Dave C.          28-May-18      V173

Lampl, Mary           Silverstein, Henry                    S192

Lampshire, John W.    Stewart, Alma E.       31-Jul-20      X622

Lampson, William T.   Marts, Clara B.        21-Dec-06      K491

LaMunyon, Edith       Thurman, Roy A.        16-Dec-14      R283

Lamunyon, Goldie      James, Alvin Jesse     31-Dec-17      U434

Lancaster, Belle      Andrews, H.B.          10 Sep 1896    G142

Lancaster, Joe        Cowles, Myrtle         23-Feb-18      V003

Lancaster, John W.    Fore, Matilda E.       09 Nov 1882    B325

Lancaster, Nettie     Chambers, Earl T.      28-Jun-19      W253

Lancaster, Ruby D.    Mitchell, John M.      12-Apr-20      X322

Lance, Mary           Clark, George          23 Jan 1883    B342

Lancet, J.W.          Gibson, Carrie M.      29 Aug 1886    C488

Lancett, Anna M.      Daily, Fred            14-Jul-20      X580

Land, Audrey          Crockett, Orley        23-Aug-19      W383

Land, Frances         Turner, W. Dell        8-Nov-14       R225

Land, James M.        Wilson, Mernie (Mrs.)  8-Oct-01       I070

Land, Olis            Pinkston, Willard D.   17-May-21      Y640

Lander, Florine N.    McComb, J.W.           4-Mar-19       W007

Lander, Francis J.    Vestering, Irene       11-Jun-19      W201

Landers, Bert A.      DeWitt, Effie M.       15-Sep-20      Y113

Landers, Charles S.   Chester, Lucy          22-Feb-05      J503

Landers, P.R.         Bailey, Faye           28-May-18      V171

Landes, Charles       Ramsey, Inez           28-Jan-18      U508

Landes, Emily Agnes   King, Charles William  4-Feb-08       L297

Landes, Frances       Thompson, H.D.         1-Mar-06       K216

Landes, Fred          Chance, Nancy          6-Jun-17       T428

Landes, Paul          Ewing, Waldena         15-Jun-18      V217

Landewehr, John       Strunk, Katie          20 Sep 1898    G564

Landford, Anna        Langford, Bert         16-Feb-18      U561

Landis, Amos          Richards, Rebecca      06 Mar 1894    F321

Landis, David Delta   Gagan, Alta Mary       16-Jan-13      P636

Landis, H.W.          Rakestraw, Birtie B.   14-May-20      X402

Landol, Estella       White, Walter                         T376

Landon, Ada           Hall, Jesse C.         1-Jun-21       Z008

Landon, Adelia        Norris, Fred                          S259

Landon, C.L.          Christen, Nannie       18-Aug-21      Z221

Landon, Daniel Warren Means, Serepta E.      19 Jan 1893    F057

Landon, Dora E.       McVey, Roy             1-Jun-21       Z010

Landon, E.L.          Kinsey, Sarah S.       23 Dec 1885    C360

Landon, H.J.          Adams, Eliza           2-Jan-18       U440

Landon, Ira Kaull     Songer, Adah Joan      4-Sep-21       Z256

Landon, T.P.          Baker, Cinna (Mrs.)    31-Aug-06      K360

Landon, William V.    Graff, Mary Ethel      1-Oct-20       Y153

Landreth, Jennie B.   Agnew, R.              14 Feb 1888    D224

Landreth, Lou         Owen, Robert C.        2-Feb-07       K534

Landreth, Pearl       Clemmons, Marcus O.    3-Jun-13       Q176

Landrith, Eva         Vaughn, Paul Ray       21-Oct-19      W541

Landrum, E.D.         Ray, Winifred          15-Jul-14      R066

Landrum, Edward       Rowles, Ella           22 Dec 1897    G428

Landrum, Elza         Calb, Minnie           2-Feb-09       M126

Landrum, James        Johnson, Hazel         15-Jan-21      Y411

Landsaw, Laura        Pauley, Stephen E.     5-Mar-21       Y505

Landsidel, Christina  Schauner, William H.   06 Nov 1889    E009

Landuca, Albert P.    Sundberg, Lucile       6-Nov-17       U136

Landus, Adell         Young, Alpheus S.      21-Nov-10      N458

Landwehr, Ben         Zoglman, Anna          12-May-14      Q599

Landwehr, Carolina    Roths, Mathias         20-Aug-07      L074

Landwehr, Frank       Friess, Elizabeth      31-Jul-17      T528

Landwehr, Gerhart     Blick, Katie           28-Apr-03      I523

Landwehr, Gertrude    Adelhardt, Joseph J.   28-Feb-22      Z612

Landwehr, Joseph H.   Voegely, Minnie M.     1-Oct-01       I040

Landwehr, Lucy        Kampling, Herman       9-Jan-12       P054

Landwehr, Martin      Martin, Rosa           4-Sep-00       H380

Landwehr, Mary        Martin, Edward         12-Jan-04      J127

Landwehr, Mary R.     Ebenkamp, Herman A.    11-Oct-04      J356

Landwehr, Minnie      Stuhlsatz, Mike        3-Nov-09       M493

Landwehr, William J.  Clasen, Margaret       6-Jun-11       O151

Landy, Reece          Reese, Almetta         29-Jun-18      V255

Lane, A.F.            Morris, Julia F.       18-Aug-10      N283

Lane, Alfred N.       Parks, Jennie E.       13 Aug 1885    C291

Lane, Alice           Starks, Ira            31 Oct 1877    A293

Lane, Alice E.        Devore, Joshua T.      13 Mar 1878    A321

Lane, Alva            Coleman, Meda          18-Mar-22      Z663

Lane, Bert L.         Pearson, Hattie        2-Nov-08       L629

Lane, Bessie          Allison, Watson G.     27-Mar-18      V057

Lane, Bessie          VanCuren, Rollie       23-Nov-10      N465

Lane, Blan B.         Patton, Goldie         8-Apr-18       V083

Lane, Blendeania      Rebhan, Edward A.      2-Dec-08       M031

Lane, Catharine E.    Decker, R.J.           15 Nov 1872    A049

Lane, Cecil I.        Howard, Horace M.      29 Oct 1893    F241

Lane, Charles H.      Goodin, Marguerite E.  2-Apr-00       H298

Lane, Charles H.      Starrigus, Zula T.     31-Jan-11      N573

Lane, Clara E.        Williams, Charles H.   25 Aug 1886    C487

Lane, Claude Alvin    Russell, Ada           17-Mar-15      R391

Lane, Coila G.        Dougherty, Gerald E.   8-Dec-09       M554

Lane, Cora            Farmer, W.H.           24-May-19      W158

Lane, Dorothy M.      Roche, Leslie A.       11-May-22      Z759

Lane, Edna E.         Hamilton, L. R.        26-Apr-14      Q605

Lane, Elizabeth WinnifKerr, Oscar Holland    1-Jul-08       L469

Lane, Emma            McCullough, John       18 Jun 1895    F555

Lane, Esther A. (M.)  Decker, Frank M.       26 Sep 1875    A169

Lane, Ethel           Bates, Clarence P.     1-Jan-18       U439

Lane, Eunice R.       Parman, Paul           3-Jul-19       W266

Lane, Euphemia L.     Tracy, Rudolph         09 Jan 1872    A026

Lane, F.S.            Lester, Lillie         16-Mar-04      J188

Lane, Fern            Dosda, William                        R546

Lane, Frank F.        Tremain, Carrie M.     28 Nov 1894    F446

Lane, George W.       Johnson, Ellen D.      5-Sep-00       H389

Lane, Guy             Wilkinson, Ureth       22-Dec-09      M570

Lane, Guy R.          Tremain, Edna          15-May-13      Q143

Lane, Harry           Mann, Eva              4-Mar-22       Z642

Lane, Hazel           Holman, Roy            12-Nov-20      Y262

Lane, I.H.            Nessly, W.R.           20 Apr 1886    C429

Lane, Ida L.          Clark, George E. (C.)  11-Feb-01      H519

Lane, J.H.            Dickson, Cealey        12-Oct-13      Q372

Lane, John Elmer      Frame, Gladys          11-Mar-22      Z652

Lane, John L.         Frey, Lulu M.          25-Dec-01      I140

Lane, John W.         Decker, Eliza A.       19 Sep 1875    A167

Lane, Katie           Morrow, E.F.                          R532

Lane, Katie E.        Williams, George W.    26-Jan-02      I168

Lane, Laura           Scott, James A.        27 Aug 1895    F583

Lane, Lenna May       Munson, Arthur W.      30-Dec-11      P048

Lane, Logan J.        Arrington, Maud        4-Jan-09       M603

Lane, Lola Farrell    Branson, Ned H.                       Z190

Lane, Louis H.        Wilbur, Lestie         8-Oct-09       M464

Lane, Lucy            Gould, William P.      16 Apr 1891    E325

Lane, Mary Ann        Hill, Daniel           22 Jun 1876    A209

Lane, Mary E.         Cramer, George         14 Jan 1875    A150

Lane, Mary E.         Vorhees, Theodore      19 Feb 1880    B038

Lane, Mary Elizabeth  Newman, Paul B.        4-May-13       Q131

Lane, Mary Jane       Ferguson, John W.      08 Aug 1872    A042

Lane, Mary L.         Holms, Thomas J.       05 Mar 1878    A317

Lane, Maude Pearl     Fulzenloger, John O.                  S121

Lane, May K.          Stringer, H.S.         14-Mar-11      O048

Lane, Milo            Lembright, Hulda       16-May-21      Y643

Lane, Minnie          Jones, Gilbert         30-Jul-08      L499

Lane, Minnie M.       Stokes, George E.      30 May 1895    F547

Lane, Nannie          Dean, Earl             10-Apr-07      K599

Lane, Nellie R.       Schulte, William H.    3-Jul-01       H629

Lane, Nettie          Clifton, I.A.          13-Sep-00      H398

Lane, Pearl           Slater, Burt A.        28-Sep-07      L143

Lane, Philip          Bruce, Neola           11-Oct-11      O364

Lane, Reuben C.       Rogers, Nancy A.       06 Jun 1875    A159

Lane, Robert L.       Hill, Grace M.         23-Jul-17      T522

Lane, Ruth            McGarvey, Wiley        28-Jan-19      V585

Lane, Samuel C.       Taylor, Daisie V.      22 Dec 1897    G427

Lane, Susie           Howard, C.W.           11 Aug 1885    C286

Lane, Sylvia          Patterson, Lee         28-Apr-20      X358

Lane, Sylvia          Patterson, Otis        10-May-21      Y631

Lane, T.A.            Tremain, Lillie        29 Nov 1896    G199

Lane, T.C.            Welty, Maude           16-Jan-15      R330

Lane, Thomas C.       Pearson, Myrtle        20-Jul-08      L485

Lane, Timothy M.      Waltermire, Cornelia O.28 Apr 1891    E335

Lane, Tom F.          Hunt, Mae              2-Sep-19       W403

Lane, W.F.            Perkins, Harriett A.   30 Aug 1887    D091

Lane, W.K.            Robinson, Ida F.       21 Jun 1876    A209

Lane, Walter E.       Dotson, Lillian I.     13-Oct-01      I077

Lane, William J.      Moore, Jennie A.       28 Dec 1892    F044

Lane, William M.      Shirkey, Mellie Cleo   11-May-02      I242

Lane, Zack            Worford, Blanche       7-Mar-06       K219

Lanferman, Edna       Carr, E.W.             28-Jan-14      Q517

Lang, Alline          Tidwell, J.M. Jr.      26-Feb-22      Z613

Lang, Anna            Thompson, Fred C.      15-Jul-09      M345

Lang, Anna            Trotter, John W.       29-Aug-10      N303

Lang, Edward          Dixon, Pearl                          S184

Lang, Jacob           Woodmansee, Loucina    11 Oct 1874    A136

Lang, Johannah        Freeman, Charles Allan 30-Mar-21      Y548

Lang, John E.         Edwards, Oglva                        S173

Lang, Josephine       Slyter, W.S.           24-Aug-18      V348

Lang, Leslie William  Casto, Nellie Ethel                   S636

Lang, Mary L.         Lowery, W.R.           04 Nov 1878    A372

Lang, Sara Alice      Herard, Joseph Virgil  07 Aug 1899    H134

Lang, Stella M.       Egy, I.W.              24-Dec-20      Y363

Lang, Tillie          Bernritter, Frank August              S523

Lang, William A.      VanEaton, Lulu B.      30 Sep 1885    C311

Langan, Alice         Kuhn, Martin           20 Oct 1896    G172

Langan, James H.      Foreman, Ella          07 Feb 1889    D487

Langan, Josephine C.  Larsh, Almon C.        3-Jul-10       N217

Langan, Kattie Agnes  Maus, J.R.             25-Jun-01      H623

Langan, Mary          Green, John F.         07 Mar 1883    B354

Langan, Maurice M.    Friend, Louisa         13 Oct 1892    E628

Langan, Stella        Knightly, Robert J.    22 Jun 1897    G318

Langan, Thomas E.     Kennedy, Elizabeth     5-Aug-02       I313

Langden, William CharlRembe, Mary            10 Jan 1899    H022

Langdon, Annie        Turner, James          10 Jul 1890    E169

Langdon, Lizzie       Gore, Addison R.       29 Apr 1873    A069

Lange, Edward J.      Konecny, Genevieve T.  23-Jan-12      P069

Lange, Emil           Hart, Henrietta        23-Nov-05      K116

Lange, Henritta PaulinTrent, E.S.            18-Feb-14      Q535

Langenegger, Ernest S.Zuercher, Minnie                      T056

Langer, Lena          Pike, William          19-Apr-10      N100

Langford, Bert        Landford, Anna         16-Feb-18      U561

Langford, Ethel       Wilbur, George Washingt23-Jun-19      W234

Langford, W.A.        Dillard, Anna          21-Feb-13      Q042

Langley, Arbie T.     Thierstein, Ida E.     1-Feb-21       Y446

Langley, Grover       Spoon, Minnie          11-Aug-09      M371

Langley, H.W.         Meredith, Clare T.     31-Aug-18      V362

Langley, Jessie J.    Laurie, Lula E.        1-May-21       Y616

Langley, John S.      Bowers, Belle          12-Mar-11      O048

Langley, Leo          Wedekend,Dora Elizabeth21-Oct-12      P472

Langley, Nettie       Buckley, Fred          25 Nov 1886    C535

Langloss, Martha J.   Grable, Andrew J.      23-Jan-06      K184

Langloys, C.          McBroon, Agnes         24-Dec-19      X077

Langloys, Louise      Hurst, Emmett M.       22-Dec-21      Z499

Langowsky, Jacob D.   Finefrock, Margaret Pea24-Jul-08      L449

Langschmidt, Emlie    Keller, Joseph         8-May-11       O139

Langsdale, Cliff      Smyth, Esther E. (I.)  14-Sep-10      N328

Langston, Edith       Crum, Paul F.          26-Mar-12      P162

Langston, Hugh        Caiger, Mary           9-Sep-17       T616

Langston, Jennie      Weaver, Peter          13 Dec 1886    C550

Langwell, Ray         Posey, Letha           26-Jun-21      Z082

Langworth, Georgie E. Eastin, William N.     27-Jul-07      L065

Langworthy, H.P.      Sprague, Julia W.      12-May-03      I553

Lanham, Eva           Walthall, Elmer        2-Mar-18       V017

Lanham, Floyd         Talbott, Ruth          6-Oct-18       V430

Lanham, Guy W.        Farrar, Mamie H.       9-Nov-19       W588

Lanham, Lillian BeatriJason, Walter          20-Aug-18      V333

Lanham, Maggie        Moore, R.B.            10 Apr 1886    C425

Lanham, Ralph         Hammond, Corda         15-Jan-20      X131

Lanham, William Wess  Boice, Aurilla         22-Dec-21      Z500

Laning, Alma A.       Gibson, Samuel F.      04 Jul 1884    C098

Lank, Clarence D.     Carrier, Macey (Marcy) 29-Dec-09      M595

Lank, W.J.            Burton, Blanche        10-Nov-09      M522

Lankford, Annie       Leedy, James           28 Sep 1898    G575

Lankford, E.G.        Carr, Carrie M.        5-Apr-22       Z689

Lankford, L.M.        Ward, J.M.             07 Jan 1896    G030

Lankford, Marie       Huber, Albert O.       27-Sep-08      L578

Lankford, Rheusilla   Ray, Lincoln           10-Apr-19      W066

Lankford, W.H.        Ward, Jennie C.        24-Apr-01      H565

Lankton, Alberta      Dunkin, William H.     30 May 1896    G098

Lankton, Charles A.   Phillips, Lola Alberta 17 Feb 1889    D496

Lanning, Carrie       Ketchum, Lark J.       14 Feb 1891    E300

Lanning, Dorothy EdgarSmith, Charles Francis                S519

Lanning, E.B.         Dyer, Sadie            07 Nov 1888    D428

Lanning, Elsie A.     Crum, Rufus M.         18 Nov 1895    F630

Lanning, Flossie      Gibson, L.E.           27-Dec-11      P043

Lanning, George L.    Mathis, Estella E.     15-Oct-14      R197

Lanning, Jennie M.    Crum, Nathan           24 Aug 1889    D593

Lanning, Lola         Chain, Orin            18-Apr-11      O107

Lanning, Milton I.    Crum, Maggie A.        03 Apr 1887    C622

Lanning, P.B.         Hartman, Gertrude      20-May-14      Q638

Lanning, VallandinghamHixon, Emma E.         05 Mar 1885    C222

Lanning, William P.   Shaur, Stella          30-Nov-04      J431

LaNone, Eda           Wynn, George E.        22-Dec-17      U380

LaNoue, Eva Mary      Hosch, Harry M.        19-Jul-21      Z141

Lansdon, David        Harris, Loucelle A.    4-Feb-02       I172

Lansdown, Erman       Zerner, Marie          4-Aug-20       X631

Lansdown, Pearl       Ryniker, Frank A.      20-Oct-20      Y208

Lansdown, Ralph       Beckett, Gladys        11-Jan-19      V564

Lansdowne, Clara      Reed, Harry C.                        S118

Lansdowne, David S.   Clouse, Emma G.        11-Aug-07      L075

Lansdowne, J.E.       Altman, Sophie E.      26-Jun-11      O216

Lansdowne, Sterling C.Huber, Laura E.        23-Aug-08      L528

Lansing, Amdia (Mrs.) McCauley, Arthur                      E152

Lansing, Nelson O.    Lucas, Laura A.        9-Sep-02       I345

Lansing, W.J.         Coffman, Rose E.       23-Mar-03      I516

Lant, Della           Pinkerton, E.V.        02 Feb 1898    G455

Lantelme, Catherine MaGrimsley, Charles Russe25-Oct-09      M498

Lantis, George H.     Clark, Eunice Elisabeth23 Dec 1879    B018

Lantz, Georgiane      Constant, Nelson R.    7-Jul-07       L045

Lantz, Harry          Cochrane, Pearl        7-Nov-06       K439

Lantz, Jessie V.      Hill, Harry R.         06 Jul 1898    G536

Lantznester, J.F.     Mathews, Georgie E.    27 Apr 1887    C635

Lantznester, J.F.     Mathis, Georgie E.     27 Apr 1887    C635

Lapes, Phillip P.     Heydon, Fannie A.      12 Jun 1895    F552

Lapes, Phillip P.     Hyden, Fannie A.       12 Jun 1895    F552

Lapham, Francis FrazieStrain, Jessie                        S372

Lapham, Grace         Middleton, William H.  10-Oct-03      J050

Lapham, W.G.          Clairmont, Florence Bel19 Jul 1888    D347

LaPlant, Marie IsabellHerndon, Marcellus     13-Sep-01      I041

LaPlante, Earl Ellard VanWagonen, Nellie     7-Jan-19       V558

Laport, Arthur L.     Callahan, Mattie M.    12-Mar-02      I196

LaPorte, Nannie C.C.  Mayberry, George W. Jr.02 Jan 1892    E469

LaPorte, Zella V.     Jordan, William C.     02 Jan 1892    E467

Lappin, Dollie        Shockey, Richard       15-Jan-07      K518

Lappin, Emma          Nichols, E.            28-Nov-17      U274

Lappin, George B.     Nelson, Bessie                        R625

Lappin, Gill A.       Garrett, Emma A.       31-Oct-06      K430

Lappin, Hazel         Lindsey, E.R.          6-Jun-20       X459

Lappin, James         Miles, Mary            10 Jan 1875    A149

Lappin, John C.       Daly, Annie G.         24-Apr-00      H310

Lappin, Mary E.       Smith, Vincent A.      17-May-22      Z767

Larabee, Jennie       Rickert, Harley Everett31-Oct-21      Z396

Lard, K.W.            Ervin, Martha          28 Sep 1887    D115

Lares, Pedro          Salasar, Julia         21-Dec-21      Z488

Large, Mildred        Price, Sam             1-Jan-21       Y394

Large, Tennie M.      Rodgers, John W.       7-Sep-04       J335

Largent, Belle        Woodburn, Melville     23 Oct 1893    F236

Larimer, Amy          Taylor, Albert D.      01 Aug 1894    F383

Larimer, C.V.         Cooper, Pearl          29-Aug-18      V359

Larimer, Lena         Jones, A.V.            11-Jun-12      P273

Larimer, Mabel C.     Shattuck, S.W. Jr.     4-Jun-01       H604

Larimer, Wilbur       Baxter, Pauline        20-Nov-19      W622

Larimer, Wirt         Hamilton, Della        27 Aug 1896    G138

Larimore, Leland S.   Swaim, Verna L.        26-May-07      K637

Lark, James Albert    Payn, Betty            28-Aug-19      W390

Larkin, Allen R.      Bishop, Gertrude       16-Jun-09      M300

Larkin, Eleanor TorrenTaylor, Thomas S.      23-Oct-12      P469

Larkin, Frank A. Jr.  Brannam, Olive         29-Jan-20      X163

Larkin, George A.     Kelly, Loyce           25-Dec-20      Y347

Larkin, Henry TorrenceParker, Lulu Belle     26-Nov-01      I110

Larkin, Hugh          Hanselman, Geraldine El12-Apr-09      M215

Larkin, John P.       Moore, Helen Irene     9-Nov-21       Z413

Larkin, Lucy Maie     Braiser, Joseph J.                    R514

Larkin, Mark J.       Rickabaugh, Margaret L.24-May-22      Z780

Larkin, Teresa        Haworth, Merle L.      13-Apr-18      V094

Larkin, Vera          Williams, I.N.         30-Sep-21      Z302

Larkin, Walter I.     Elder, Kate M.         02 Feb 1888    D214

Larmar, Annie         Rainey, James          15 Nov 1883    C006

Larmer, Burleigh V.   Bailey, Carrie Y.      31-Dec-20      Y392

Larmer, Dulcie        Runyan, Edwin                         S346

LaRosa, Jacque        Davis, Vera Lorane     21-Feb-15      R365

Larrance, Lelia EstellBurton, Walter P.      18-Jul-14      R068

Larrance, Lettie E.   Baldridge, John F.     29-May-13      Q166

Larrance, William H.  Baldwin, Hannah Josephi27 Mar 1896    G074

Larrimer, Eva AlbertinBrian, Floyd S.        26-Jun-20      X533

Larrison, L.O.        Frase, Emma                           T005

Larry, Eliza          Jones, Henry W.        05 May 1893    F129

Larsen, Albert        Christensen, Sophia O. 14-Apr-04      J212

Larsen, George        Boyer, Dollie          16-Feb-03      I485

Larsen, L.C.          Jensen, Thyra          15-Dec-20      Y335

Larsh, Alice Emma     Kuyper, Adolph Gerrard 11-Feb-22      Z597

Larsh, Almon C.       Langan, Josephine C.   3-Jul-10       N217

Larsman, Louisa       Braitsch, John         28 Nov 1874    A144

Larson, Bertha AugustaFord, Hayes            15-Aug-10      N275

Larson, Frank         Galloway, L.J.         31-Aug-03      J006

Larson, Lewis         Warlow, Julia          20-May-22      Z775

Larson, Marguerite    Brooks, Floyd          24-Aug-19      W381

Larson, Mary B.       Rimel, Edwin B.        16-Nov-10      N449

Larson, Olaf          Ziebell, Minnie        18-Jun-12      P287

Larson, Olof          Johnson, Cora          1-Feb-10       N002

Larson, William E.    Rounsavell,Myrtle Hazel26-Dec-10      N522

Lasell, Enola         Miles, Steven          25 Apr 1886    C434

Lash, Hazel           Pence, Linzy           29-Apr-13      Q126

Lash, R.V.            Bell, Zella            9-Jun-20       X474

Lashbough, Henry      Morris, Mary Z.        01 Mar 1886    C396

Lasheart, Gus.        Conner, Lulu           27-Sep-02      I363

Lashley, Clarence S.  Malaby, Vera Ellen     15-Oct-13      Q373

Lashley, David        Cornelison, Maude      21-Apr-20      X344

Lashley, Richard      Woltz, Myrtle          1-Mar-09       M162

Lashly, Becca A.      Cox, Larkin            01 Jan 1896    G024

Lashmett, Lula M.     Coats, Martin D.       2-Jan-05       J461

Lasley, J.M.          Lyles, Vivian          20-Jan-18      U491

Lasota, Amalia        Delivuk, Charley       23-Feb-09      M152

Lassell, Achsah       Spencer, William E.    19 Dec 1889    E041

Lassell, Alberta L.   Gilchrist, A.J.        15 Apr 1886    C426

Lassell, Edward W.    Carroll, Mary E.       28-Feb-03      I496

Lassell, Edward W.    Kline, Sarah A.        13-Oct-13      Q375

Lassell, Edward W.    Miller, Dora L.        9-Sep-01       I037

Lassell, Edward W.    Stewart, Irene L.      19 Nov 1874    A142

Lassen, Teressa       Comley, C.A.           30-Oct-17      U135

Lassen, W.H.          Skillings, D.J.        15-Mar-21      Y524

Lasswell, Daisy M.    Cox, Roy L.            13-Oct-19      W519

Lasswell, Frank B.    Rood, Maude                           S456

Lasswell, Lulu(la)    Ferch, Robert R.       12-Dec-07      L234

Laster, George D.     Holmes, Gertrude                      T250

Latham, Allie         Thrush, George R.      25 Feb 1874    A107

Latham, Anna A.       Sellers, William       10 Dec 1873    A096

Latham, Catherine     Marley, J.             05 Mar 1888    D241

Latham, Edith B.      Davis, Alvin R.        19-May-20      X410

Latham, Jennie        Phillips, William E.   16 Apr 1885    C242

Latham, Lillie        Fry, Herman            01 Jun 1892    E544

Latham, Sarah L.      Short, David L.        21 Apr 1891    E329

Lathrop, Bessie       Toler, Charles B.      24-Dec-17      U399

Lathrop, Charles F.   Lauterbach, Mina B.    17-Dec-12      P570

Lathrop, Ethel        Scott, Goldie          30-Mar-10      N076

Lathrop, J.N.         Halwick, Elsie         16-Mar-14      Q569

Lathrop, Margaret     Tobin, Thomas James    17-Feb-09      M145

Latimer, Mabel LillianLee, Ross B.                          S133

LaTourrette, C.J.     Stoker, Lillie M.      1-Oct-06       K391

Latta, Gladys May     Sparr, Sidney Leigh    11-Jun-18      V205

Latta, John M.        Hardy, Jennie          03 Jul 1888    D334

Latta, Lizzie (Mrs.)  Brady, Franklin        24 Aug 1891    E373

Latta, Robert W.      King, Etta E.          5-May-20       X380

Latta, Samuel F.      Neal, Ida              24 Apr 1891    E333

Latta, Trine          Henry, Cecil L.        8-Aug-19       W340

Lattimer, Polly FranceHowell, John Thomas    25-Nov-11      O441

Lattin, Mabel Ruth    Washburn, J.E.         29-Aug-06      K359

Lattin, Mary          Bullinger, Harvey E.   15 Apr 1886    C427

Lattin, Miles J.      McCluster, Kate        10 Jul 1891    E359

Lattin, Will M.       Noel, Bessie                          S342

Lattiner, Lydia A.    Schoonover, Milton     01 Jul 1886    C462

Laub, Mary            Wolter, Herman         16 Dec 1883    C016

Lauber, Albert        Bottorff, Maud         30-Nov-11      O408

Lauber, Elizabeth T.(FJehle, Fred G.         24-Oct-11      O382

Lauber, Henry W.      Toy, Ivonona           21-Jun-10      N198

Lauber, L.            Bolle, Lizzie                         D071

Lauber, Minnie E.     Becker, Joseph C.                     S044

Lauchland, Emma       Farmer, Fred           14-Sep-02      I348

Lauchland, J.A.       Merryfield, Winifred E.29-Nov-04      J430

Lauchland, Jessie J.  Baird, Robert K.       25-Dec-05      K156

Lauchland, Maggie M.  Collier, George N.     15 Oct 1889    D623

Lauchland, William    Barwise, Mary A.       01 Jun 1898    G517

Lauck, Alfred H.      Robinson, Dovie        03 Aug 1892    E588

Lauck, Dee Robinson   Errickson, Irene Gertru21-May-13      Q153

Lauck, Irene Erickson Walker, William Harry  1-Jan-21       Y381

Lauck, Lucile M.J.    Vickrey, O.A.          14 Apr 1888    D269

Laudermilk, J.D.      Keller, Nelia          19 Jun 1887    D038

Lauer, Antone P.      Hemmen, Martha M.      10-May-21      Y628

Lauger, Mary          Roberts, Lowell        24 Aug 1884    C121

Laughlin, Beulah      Millhorn, Merle        29-May-21      Y667

Laughlin, Dorothy     Tomlinson, D.C.        14-Mar-14      Q566

Laughlin, Laura R.    McGinnis, Schuyler A.  23 Jun 1891    E353

Laughlin, Maggie      Sweet, Lester          25-Sep-07      L136

Laughlin, Marie       Stimmel, W.A.          25-Jan-03      I476

Laughlin, Simon       Williams, Phebe G.     25 May 1879    A425

Laughlin, W.E.        Franke, Katherine M.   24-Jul-17      T523

Laughlin, W.H.        Curtis, Bess                          T359

Laukas, John F.       Dunn, Bessie           1-Apr-22       Z683

Laurance, Frank Dudly Starr, Mary Stanfield  24-Dec-07      L254

Laurence, Alice Mary  Mann, William Arthur   09 Apr 1899    H067

Laurence, Anna May    Cosner, S.C.           02 Apr 1893    F131

Laurence, May         Chapman, C.A.          18-May-03      I558

Laurence, W.J.        Eatherton, Allie       4-Jun-17       T419

Laurent, Emile A.     Rogers, Ruth E.        17-Feb-09      M141

Laurent, Henry        Rosswog, Martha        19 Oct 1881    B198

Laurent, Marie        Terry, Sherman         30-Mar-13      Q085

Laurie, Annie         Allen, J.H.            08 May 1899    H080

Laurie, Charles M.    Cadwallader, Jessie M. 28-Jun-05      J613

Laurie, Effie Grace   Wolf, Emerson          22-Dec-09      M574

Laurie, Francis W.    Brown, Maggie K.       25 Feb 1881    B138

Laurie, Henry A.      Light, Mary E.         25 Aug 1876    A218

Laurie, Louise M.     Ruckle, Homer E.       14-Aug-06      K350

Laurie, Lula E.       Langley, Jessie J.     1-May-21       Y616

Laurie, Mabel         Giese, Richard         23-Aug-13      Q287

Laurie, Maggie        Crum, P.S.             16-Oct-04      J377

Laurie, Mary M.H.     Mason, George          01 Sep 1892    E602

Laurie, Nellie E.     Mason, William S.      6-May-03       I545

Laurie, Robert        Barnett, Lena          26-May-20      X429

Laurie, Thomas M.     Chalders, Eva          17-Sep-07      L124

Laurie, William J.    Buchholz, Mary H. Augus20 Jan 1891    E288

Laurine, Ida          Gire, Joseph M.        18 Apr 1898    G490

Laushbough, Adella    Walls, J.W.            28 Sep 1887    D114

Lauson, Florence      Springer, J.A.                        I283

Lauterbach, Charles   Herrington, Mabel(ble) 12-May-08      L400

Lauterbach, Delia     Kerley, Roy                           T262

Lauterbach, Elizabeth Simpier, Eugene Manning25-Jul-18      V279

Lauterbach, Frank     Keimig, Louise         5-Aug-14       R086

Lauterbach, Fred      Ellis, Leila           15-Jul-19      W287

Lauterbach, George    Kolb, Barbara          02 Aug 1883    B405

Lauterbach, John RalphOrdway, Sadie May      18-Nov-08      M009

Lauterbach, Lawrence  Posch, Elizabeth       19-Sep-11      O320

Lauterbach, Lewis F.  Hettrick, Maude        20-Nov-04      J421

Lauterbach, Liberty F.Downey, Mary A.        12-Sep-04      J341

Lauterbach, Marietta  Schoeppel, Henry Willia24-Sep-13      Q340

Lauterbach, Mina B.   Lathrop, Charles F.    17-Dec-12      P570

Lauterbach, Roy       Mennell, Gertrude Elean16-Jun-20      X499

Lauterbach, William   Booth, Bertha Mae      4-Jun-13       Q164

Lauterback, Clara     Overman, Bert N.       30-Nov-12      P547

Lauterio, A.F.        Bega, Marie            16-Sep-10      N320

Lauterio, Mary        Acosta, Abel                          S135

Lauver, George L.     Edwards, Lila (Lela)   24-Jul-12      P346

Lauver, Merl E.       Morris, Bertha         16-Jun-13      Q200

Laux, Pauline         Butler, Guy            5-Apr-20       X295

LaVance, John         Taylor, Lillian J.     05 Nov 1889    E007

Lavenburg, Hulda DolorStowell, Harry         19-Jun-07      L023

Lavenburg, Walter ElswCarlton, Mabel Renollet31-Dec-11      P054

Lavender, Eva GertrudeNaylor, Carl H.                       T061

Lavender, Harry       Miller, Margaret E.    12 Jan 1884    C027

Lavender, O.O.        Willis, Mildred Gladys 6-Sep-14       R134

Lavender, William EdwaHolt, Eva              15-Feb-10      N020

Lavers, E.G.          Follett, Katherine J.  27-Feb-09      M161

Laverty, B.G. (Mrs.)  Teter, Lincoln         20 Jan 1885    C197

Laverty, Lewis        Casselman, Maggie L.   2-Dec-00       H472

Laverty, William H.   Sparks, Effie C.       3-Jul-10       N220

Lavin, Charles M.     Lutes, Emma            19 Apr 1893    F117

Lavin, Eunice         Goble, George R.       4-Apr-18       V072

Lavington, Robert A.N.Taylor, Florence       6-May-03       I546

Law, Ada Lee          Nichols, G.W.          30-Mar-10      N079

Law, Albert C.        Robson, Carrie I.      20 Jan 1894    F300

Law, Davidena         Williams, William H.   17-Jul-17      T509

Law, Fannie           Norton, Charles W.     22 Jan 1882    B237

Law, George P.        Jones, Pearl           17 Jul 1888    D345

Law, James F.         Irvin, Laura           07 May 1882    B269

Law, Jay B.           Bean, G.O.             14-Aug-21      Z206

Law, John E.          Hughes, Nellie Louise  31-Oct-09      M497

Law, Lizzie           Archibald, James       28 Apr 1884    C076

Law, Nellie L.        Meyer, Guy R.          16-Oct-07      L169

Law, Ollie            Call, Theodore         5-Aug-12       P360

Law, Stella           Bland, George          12-Aug-07      L083

Law, Vera             Johnson, David H.      2-Nov-10       N427

Lawell, Lula E.       Straw, Walter F.       22-Sep-01      I050

Lawellin, Bonnie M.   Neil, Arnold J.        4-Feb-18       U534

Lawerance, Oscar B.   Dorman, Lizzie J.      04 Aug 1878    A349

Lawhead, Allie Belle  Humfeld, Charles W.                   R491

Lawhead, LeRoy Leman  Moore, Nora M.         20-Apr-07      K613

Lawhorn, Cora Bell    Orram, Virgil          6-Aug-17       T558

Lawler, Julia (Mrs.)  Williamson, William    26-Jan-09      M118

Lawles, Jessie        Raymond, O.J.          22-Sep-13      Q336

Lawles, William J.    Amann, Adelina (Mrs.)  26-May-00      H329

Lawless, Ansel Lee    Fleshman, Ethel        18-Jan-19      V572

Lawless, Bess         Rissell, Ralph L.      16-May-14      Q632

Lawless, Kate (Mrs.)  Vornauf, George P.     28 Aug 1899    H144

Lawless, Shermie F.   Siceloff, Rex D.       3-Aug-14       R084

Lawless, Thomas       Earhart, Jessie K.     03 Aug 1891    E367

Lawlor, Everett M.    Davidson, Julia (Mrs.) 12 Nov 1892    F013

Lawrance, Elma        Plant, Frank W.        26 Nov 1887    D168

Lawrance, Fleta G.    Stiles, Luther M.      07 Jul 1887    D079

Lawrence, Alexander   Hammers, Alys          7-May-02       I238

Lawrence, Angie       Page, Aquilla Gordon   3-Jun-12       P259

Lawrence, Bartlett    Staten, Addie          01 Jan 1889    D469

Lawrence, C.E.        Stewart, Susie         29 Aug 1886    C490

Lawrence, Clara B.    Hackney, Howard H.     7-Jun-11       O179

Lawrence, E.V.        Ingram, Maud L.        .. Dec 1896    G204

Lawrence, Geneva      Johnson, S.D.          4-Mar-20       X233

Lawrence, George H.   Selgett, Adaline       12-Nov-19      W598

Lawrence, Grace       McGriff, F.L.          05 Dec 1898    G626

Lawrence, H.K.        Mathies, Ethel Louise                 T105

Lawrence, Harry A.    Stewart, Bertha H.     31-Dec-13      Q486

Lawrence, Hattie      Austin, Charles A. Jr. 25-Aug-14      R113

Lawrence, J.O.        Huffman, Mollie        26 Feb 1899    H048

Lawrence, James A.    Menefee, Leona         9-Jun-20       X475

Lawrence, Jane        Murphy, John           03 Sep 1872    A045

Lawrence, Jesse P.    Haynes, Mary Alyce                    S380

Lawrence, Louis L.    Robbins, Ruth E.                      T328

Lawrence, Lulu Marie  Pepperell, William E.  1-Feb-21       Y442

Lawrence, Mary        Baker, A.W.            10 Oct 1886    C513

Lawrence, Mary C.     Purcell, W.M.          14-Sep-08      L564

Lawrence, Mary R.     Rogers, George E.      10 Jun 1896    G104

Lawrence, Pearl       Inge, John             18-Jul-17      T512

Lawrence, Ruth L.     Wright, Hugh E.                       S326

Lawrence, Sarah E.(MrsStaker, William        10-Nov-01      I097

Lawrence, T.K.        Sloan, Edith           05 Mar 1896    G060

Lawrence, Viola Ethel Schafer, William       31 Dec 1896    G232

Lawrence, Walter S.   Bain, Rosetta          04 Apr 1889    D508

Lawrence, Zoe         Kesler, Fred W.        18-Apr-20      X340

Laws, E.J.            Finner, Pearl          25-Dec-20      Y369

Laws, Jim F.          Byfield, Bessie        1-Jun-19       W178

Laws, Mollie          Wilson, Charles        24 Apr 1887    C631

Laws, Rebecca (Mrs.)  Moore, Clark           04 Sep 1892    E606

Lawson, A.A.          Waters, Lucy M.        28-Jan-04      J151

Lawson, Agnes         Andrews, Harry R.      8-Aug-19       W341

Lawson, Alex          Paden, Bertha F.       31-Jan-09      M123

Lawson, Anna J.       Dofflemyre, Charles C. 24-Oct-06      K419

Lawson, C.J.          Garrison, Mattie Armstr21 Dec 1887    D183

Lawson, Catherine L. (Adams, W.L.            24 Aug 1887    D086

Lawson, Cecil Jane    Lee, Robert Claud      3-Sep-17       T609

Lawson, Charles       Lingo, Mattie          14-Apr-07      K603

Lawson, Clara M.      Duguid, Albert B.      05 Apr 1892    E528

Lawson, Claudious L.  Jones, Josephine       17-Jan-04      J142

Lawson, Dora          Vandiver, W.G.                        S330

Lawson, Dwight T.     Holderman, Florence    23-Nov-10      N466

Lawson, Elsie M.      Walker, August H.      11 Oct 1896    G164

Lawson, Flora         Stockert, John         02 Mar 1892    E508

Lawson, Florence      Ellege, G.W.           08 Aug 1887    D079

Lawson, Flossie       Clough, Floyd                         S517

Lawson, Frank Edward  Avery, Dora Chatherine 22 Mar 1898    G480

Lawson, George        Stanley, Bessie        23-Mar-13      Q070

Lawson, Grace         Stephens, R.E.                        R626

Lawson, Grace M.      Chamberlain, E.W.      17-Jun-14      R022

Lawson, Harry C.      Brunker, Elizabeth A.  2-Apr-05       J531

Lawson, Hazel E.      Miller, Claude A.      21-Sep-17      T640

Lawson, J.M.          Gadeke, Margaret                      T208

Lawson, John D.       Cook, Clara M.         24-Dec-02      I439

Lawson, John R.       Henninger, Alice V.    20 Feb 1895    F496

Lawson, Katie L.      Stewart, Noah N.       07 Mar 1886    C403

Lawson, Leonard Floyd Carman, Emma Belle     24-Nov-20      Y293

Lawson, Lulu May      Baker, Criss D.        24-Dec-02      I440

Lawson, Mabel(ble)    Denton, Lon P.         11 Jun 1894    F370

Lawson, Martha J.     Ogden, Ezekiel         18 Jan 1881    B132

Lawson, Mollie        Boone, Frank S.        3-Oct-00       H419

Lawson, N.P. Jr.      Crater(tir), Beulah M. 2-Apr-02       I212

Lawson, Pearl         Hanouw, Gert           12-Jan-11      N551

Lawson, Rachael E.    Bear, R.K.             6-Jan-15       R312

Lawson, Richard       Owens, Eda             31 Jul 1886    C474

Lawson, Richard       Teachout, Julia        31-Mar-09      M196

Lawson, Ruby          Chaney, Ralph          12-Jun-21      Z036

Lawson, Sarah         Johnson, B.F.          30-Mar-21      Y553

Lawson, Sylvia        Vick, Louis            27-Oct-10      N418

Lawson, W.A.          Letsinger, Lorinda                    S359

Lawson, William E.    Brosius, Carrie        1-Jun-18       V182

Lawyer, Lucy Sina     Jarvis, A.W.           06 Aug 1889    D586

Lay, C.H.             Elliott, Anna F.       16-Oct-00      H433

Lay, Charlie          Moncrieff, Hazel       28-May-18      V168

Lay, Dove             Wood, R.O.             1-Sep-20       Y071

Lay, Gladys Marie     Shirkey, G.D.          2-Jun-20       X448

Lay, Jarvis V.        Fonda, Katie V.        12-Dec-05      K136

Lay, William Everett  Reddick, Sarah         3-Mar-10       N040

Laybourn, Walter F.   Smith, Roxie           30-Apr-21      Y614

Laycock, Florence M.  Gartner, Frank         15-Aug-08      L517

Laycock, Mabel        Hege, Samuel E.        31 May 1898    G514

Layman, Etta          Vinyerd, Nelson        03 Jun 1878    A336

Layman, Ida B.        Willison, John C.      20-Feb-02      I185

Layman, Jennetta      Hite, J.P.             1-Jun-04       J246

Layman, Lura          Sparks, Clifford       15-Dec-20      Y338

Laymon, Josephine     Ramsey, A.N.           9-Jul-20       X570

Layne, Bettie         Horner, Walter G.      03 Dec 1893    F263

Layne, Bettie G.      Struthers, Lee H.      12-Aug-14      R093

Layne, C.R.           Knode, Hazel           17-Feb-18      U557

Layne, Gail F.        Preston, Roy F.        23-Dec-17      U377

Layne, Harvey         Brewer, Jack                          S328

Layne, Henry          DeBruce, Jennie        6-Oct-01       I068

Layne, Hope           Price, E.W.            19-Jun-14      R032

Layne, Katie J.       Branson, Samuel Joseph 27 Oct 1891    E409

Layne, Lola           Stuckey, D.S.          26 Dec 1897    G423

Layne, Mary           Kolbus, H.H.           01 Nov 1899    H199

Layton, A.L.          Boles, Hattie Bell                    S562

Layton, D.A.          Gun, C.E.              12-Jun-13      Q194

Layton, Eliza May     Clark, Russell Herbert 6-Mar-09       M170

Layton, Laura         Jones, Fred            29 Feb 1888    D231

Layton, Laura Mae     Blair, W.A.            1-Sep-12       P392

Layton, Martha        Torrance, Charles      29 Jan 1891    E292

Layton, Martha Velma  Wheeler, Cecil C.      26-Jun-19      W247

Laywell, M.A.         George, L.A.           30-Jul-17      T541

Lazarus, Rosa         Rothschild, David      18 Apr 1886    C428

Le Baron, Bertha      Simons, Joseph Lawrence12 Jul 1899    H123

Le Valley, S.D.       Clader, J.F.           14 Jun 1897    G313

Lea, A. Eugene        Brandon, Melissa       6-Sep-08       L550

Lea, Anna             Crocker, O.R.          21-Oct-02      I381

Lea, Lena F.          Bertholf, C.G.         25-Mar-03      I514

Leabo,Charlie JeffersoGrobe, Frances         21-Oct-09      M490

Leach, A.P.           Carey, Irma            15-Mar-19      W024

Leach, Alice (Mrs.)   Johnson, W.J.          8-Aug-14       R088

Leach, Delphia        Barry, Joe             9-May-20       X385

Leach, Edgar M.       Hinman, Gabrielle      26-Jun-07      L038

Leach, Edward         Brooks, Dora           20-Feb-09      M148

Leach, Ethel          Lenhart, J.H.                         S283

Leach, F.C.           Lenox, N.J.            29-Dec-04      J458

Leach, Frances Guy    Carlton, R.R.          5-Mar-13       Q055

Leach, Harrison T.    Frederick, Marie G.    15-Apr-20      X332

Leach, Ida M.         Seidl, Martin          4-Nov-02       I394

Leach, L.W.           Stainton, Olive Lawrenc31-Jul-01      I010

Leach, Lillie         Richards, John         30 Jan 1898    G453

Leach, May            Beaudette, H.F.        25 Sep 1895    F599

Leach, Nellie TullouchThompson, Harry        02 Mar 1898    G472

Leach, Nettie         Young, Harry C.        04 Dec 1894    F452

Leach, Omar D.        Loy, Eva Leone         17-Mar-12      P149

Leach, Pearl E.       Smart, Charley N.      18-Jun-20      X507

Leach, Sidney C.      Summers, Alice J.      23 Sep 1896    G153

Leach, Susanah        Crum, P.S.             26 Jan 1898    G449

Leach, Tillie C.      Dawson, Robert E.      18-Sep-07      L125

Leachman, L.          Childs, Hilma          6-Nov-14       R224

Leachman, Leonard     Watkins, Rena          12-Jul-01      H637

Leaderbrand, Lester   Smithisler, Helen      1-May-12       P217

Leahy, M.D.           Powers, Beulah         29-Dec-19      X087

Leahy, M.L.           Threlfall, Ruth        23-Sep-19      W465

Leak, Ada             Shireman, Jesse        17-May-05      J573

Leaming, Charles S.   Goodin, Dora A.        13-Jan-15      R324

Leamon, George        McCaslin, Mary         12 Dec 1888    D452

Leamon, Grace         Rosenhamer, August     19-Oct-20      Y192

Leap, Arthur E.       VanSlyke, Minnie       07 Nov 1894    F430

Leap, Corbit C.       Bachelder, Stella      28-Feb-12      P129

Leape, Blanche A.     Hurt, Harry A.         4-Dec-12       P553

Lear, Vern            Pottlitzer, Mortimer E.26-Nov-12      P530

Leard, Mary           Dixon, F.A.            27 Aug 1888    D368

Learnard, Floyd E.    Wallace, M.L.                         S089

Learned, C.E.         Kisner, Pearl          1-Jun-21       Z013

Learned, Carrie       McKnight, Clare        24 Dec 1895    G019

Learned, Ed. C.       McKnight, Leona A.     23-Apr-02      I226

Learned, Henry Albert Shreve, Tona M.        6-Dec-04       J435

Learned, Ida M.       Campbell, John H.      11-Jul-03      I602

Learned, Richard ArthuRhodes, Lida May                      S074

Learned, Roy          Moreland, Vivian       11-Jun-20      X478

Learned, Theodore H.  Montray, Esther                       S351

Leask, Robert G.      Tarter, May Faune                     S421

Leask, W.H.           Kiddoo, Muriel E.      18-Sep-12      P415

Leatherberry, Opal I. Yager, Charley C.      16-Mar-12      P147

Leatherberry, Virgie  Meibert, Elmer         5-May-08       L393

Leatherburry, Amy D.  Hickok, J.L.           15 May 1887    D010

Leatherman, Floyd     Shipp, Ruby                           T109

Leatherman, O.V.      Burch, Lillie          21-Sep-06      K379

Leavell, Alice (Mrs.) Bear, Elijah M.        22-Jan-02      I166

Leavell, Nela         Pearce, James W.       30-Aug-11      O303

Leavitt, C.M.         Varner, Flora A.       09 Oct 1882    B306

Leavitt, Edward LawrenTrim, Ida              17-Oct-18      V449

Leavitt, Edwin        Hammond, Nettie                       T046

Leavitt, Emily L.     Sholes, Demott E.      19-May-01      H593

Leavitt, H.H.         Bruce, Hattie          11-Jul-00      H356

LeBarre, Eva May      Sanders, James         5-May-22       Z749

LeBeau, Margureitte A.Grindle, George W.     10-May-03      I549

Lebhart, Amelia       Peck, C.A.             17-May-09      M254

Lebherz, Charles M.   Strode, Emma J.        24 Oct 1890    E227

LeBlond, Connie       Busch, Frank           28-Jun-20      X427

Lebo, John A.         McKee, Lucy M.         26-Feb-03      I494

LeBreton, Edward      Young, Alice M.        14 May 1889    D537

Lebsack, Charles      Rapp, Emma             7-Jan-22       Z542

Lechner, Fred         Thiel, Katie           17-Sep-13      Q328

Leckington, Edna      Heine, F.H.            14-Jun-17      T445

LeClaire, Pearl       Myers, R.M.            4-Feb-18       U529

Ledbetter, Catherine  Clark, Arthur          24-Nov-08      M019

Ledbetter, Dixie      Culver, Luther         24-Nov-21      Z452

Ledbetter, Lewis C.   Kuselman, Hattie L.    18-Aug-03      I633

Ledbetter, Lizzie     Nolan, Michael V.      08 Jan 1895    F473

Ledbetter, Marie      Bettis, Emmett         3-Nov-17       U160

Ledbetter, Rebecca AliTalbott, Clifford Allin4-Jan-09       M605

Leddon, Ira           Price, Blanche         23-Jul-13      Q253

Leddy, John           Pearisho, Juanita Blanc26-Sep-18      V413

Leddy, Margaret AdalinSmall, Andrew George   26-Nov-08      M018

Leddy, Marie          Citizen, Theodore L.   7-Apr-11       O088

Leddy, Mary           Greever, Lloyd T.      16-Oct-12      P458

Leddy, Rose           Fuller, C.E.           13 Apr 1893    F130

Ledeker, William E.   Grimes, Mazy Frances   16-Sep-20      Y115

Ledford, John E.      Harris, Alice          22 Dec 1870    A005

Ledgerwood, Alta Ruth Carden, John W.        17-Apr-18      V101

Ledgerwood, Clyde ArthGrieve, Ruth Ella      22-Oct-14      R205

Ledgerwood, Stella    Mitchell, John         16-Mar-11      O053

Ledgerwood, Vivian    Burris, J.C.           22-Nov-20      Y287

Ledlie, H.F.          Wells, Maud C.                        T320

Ledosma, Ramon        Peres, Cacimira        16-Mar-18      V040

Ledoux, S.A.          Miller, E.             15 Apr 1887    C626

Lee, Albert           Hale, Rachel                          T322

Lee, Allie Ethlyn (MrsYoung, Ed              1-Jun-12       P256

Lee, Anna             Hazen, Edward L.       15-Oct-04      J378

Lee, Audrey           Rowland, Kenneth P.    15-Apr-19      W073

Lee, Bruce            Sickles, Ruth          5-Mar-10       N043

Lee, Bud              Whitted, Maria         18-Jul-09      M348

Lee, C.M.             Johnson, Birdie        24-Dec-00      H478

Lee, Carrie(Caroline)ERader, W.H.            13 Mar 1898    G476

Lee, Chester(Charles)HHibarger, Edith        17 Feb 1897    G255

Lee, Cora             Davis, Walter          14-Sep-07      L121

Lee, Corine           Hill, Johnie           11-Sep-20      Y095

Lee, Daisy A.         Graham, Joseph T.      25 Jul 1893    F171

Lee, Dot              Wooten, James E.       21-Nov-18      V490

Lee, Earl             Roberts, Bertha F.     24-Dec-01      I138

Lee, Ed               McKee, Maud                           T057

Lee, Edgar A.         Kirby, Malissa         16 Mar 1890    E099

Lee, Emma             Priest, Edward         25 Feb 1892    E506

Lee, Emma J.          Calkins, William       27 Apr 1884    C072

Lee, Esther May       Tate, Robert Glen      1-Jan-22       Z520

Lee, Eva              Herbert, Logan         2-Feb-21       Y453

Lee, Fannie E.        Callison, Carl W.      16-Mar-21      Y527

Lee, Fay              Whitny, John A.        3-Jul-11       O237

Lee, Florence         Barton, C.H.                          S541

Lee, Frances M.       Corbett, Wilfield S.   28 Oct 1873    A088

Lee, Francis Marvin   Speer, Bertha Maud     24-Dec-11      P039

Lee, Frank A.         Fowler, Marion         3-May-20       X373

Lee, Gertrude         Vick, Russell H.       17-Nov-20      Y272

Lee, H.A.             Curry, Ella J.         10-Feb-19      V601

Lee, H.G.             Hadler, Dora C.        30-Sep-02      I367

Lee, H.G.             Webb, S.E.             12 Oct 1896    G166

Lee, Harker H.        Purdum, Abbye Helen    8-Dec-08       M036

Lee, Harry            Briley, Anna           20-Aug-10      N286

Lee, Harry H.         Bentley, L.                           S248

Lee, Hazel            Russ, Lyle M.          16-Feb-21      Y478

Lee, Homer            Joy, Lorena            15-Aug-17      T577

Lee, Horace           Cutler, Mabel          11-May-04      J231

Lee, Horace           Cutter, Mabel          11-May-04      J231

Lee, Howard M.        Bell, Nannie E.        13 Nov 1884    C159

Lee, Ina              Brownfield, Haynes W.  11-Oct-07      L165

Lee, Ira Franklin     Oldfield, Allie Ethel  27-Sep-04      J358

Lee, Irene Laveda     Coberly, Clyde William 27-Dec-19      X087

Lee, Isaac            Young, Goldie          25-Jul-10      N257

Lee, Isaac B.         Mead, Mary E.          02 Jun 1892    E557

Lee, Iva              Carey, John Jr.        6-Apr-04       J205

Lee, J.R.             Anderson, Ella         17-May-21      Y625

Lee, James            Fleeman, Edith M.                     S183

Lee, James Henry      Spencer, Dora          13 May 1892    E548

Lee, Jesse            Harvey, Edith Mae      22-Aug-18      V340

Lee, Joe              Merritt, Anna          12-May-19      W134

Lee, John C.          Metzger, Viola Jane    13-Oct-19      W518

Lee, John W.          Allison, Nora          2-Jul-10       N223

Lee, Joseph R.        Mundy, Fannie          8-Jul-18       V246

Lee, Josie Ethelyn    McCluer, James E.      20 Sep 1896    G150

Lee, Kate E.          Perry, Lee Austin      6-Aug-02       I316

Lee, Lettie           Schauf, Joe            20-Sep-12      P424

Lee, Lillian          Hamilton, O.T.         02 Oct 1898    G579

Lee, Lora E.          Williams, E.C.         27 Sep 1899    H169

Lee, Lucile           Wilson, Raymond        23-Feb-22      Z625

Lee, Lula             Adams, George W.       06 May 1891    E338

Lee, Lula May         Kirby, Samuel          20 Sep 1891    E390

Lee, Mary             Guest, Norman          03 Dec 1885    C352

Lee, Mary             Harlan, Roy                           S430

Lee, Mary             Murry, Jasper W.       7-Aug-09       M369

Lee, Mary             Putnam, R.F.           28-Jan-14      Q516

Lee, Maud(de)         Bentley, James M.      6-Nov-00       H455

Lee, Merrit R.        Bevis, Florence S.     19-Nov-19      W621

Lee, Millie M.        Cunningham, W.W.       29-Jun-17      T480

Lee, Myrtle           Rohrer, J.B.           24 Dec 1899    H236

Lee, Neelea Gertrude  Rush, William T.       6-Sep-03       J013

Lee, Nina Mae         Browser, C.H.          24-Jun-20      X527

Lee, Ora J.           Smith, Fred R.         22-May-01      H596

Lee, R.D.             Rogers, Mary M.        16-Feb-15      R363

Lee, Richard Henry    Barlow, Eliza Blanch   16 Jun 1881    B164

Lee, Richard Henry    Marlow, Eliza Blanch   16 Jun 1881    B164

Lee, Robert A.        Smith, Maggie M.       16 Jun 1897    G314

Lee, Robert Claud     Lawson, Cecil Jane     3-Sep-17       T609

Lee, Ross B.          Latimer, Mabel Lillian                S133

Lee, Roy Ellis        Hill, Lura Catherine                  R510

Lee, Ruby             Ebert, Henry           4-Apr-20       X297

Lee, Ruth Virginia    Burkhalter, Roy Dwight 24-Nov-20      Y294

Lee, Sam              Stiggins, Edith        28-Jun-19      W244

Lee, Viola            Huggins, Thomas J.     01 Jan 1896    G025

Lee, W.E.             Long, Della            2-Sep-03       J010

Lee, W.F.             Orr, Mary              07 May 1896    G089

Lee, Walter           Hand, Hettie           27 Dec 1886    C565

Lee, William          Wiltimore, Flora K.    27-Jan-01      H512

Lee, William Arthur   Roof, Pearl Bernice    18-Jul-20      X589

Lee, William Fletcher Alford, Lorena (Mrs.)  22 Oct 1891    E408

Lee, Willis M.        Judd, Mary Ann         02 Sep 1877    A283

Leeburg, Charles      Anderson, Jennie                      S442

Leech, Harley         Guilkey, Emma L.       03 May 1899    H078

Leech, Ruth           Miller, Lee                           S046

Leeder, Ida M.        Jaques, Theophilus E.  04 Jan 1893    F042

Leedom, Caskey G.     Aspey, Florence        10 Oct 1889    D629

Leedon, Florence      Buffington, C.E.       1-Dec-20       Y310

Leedon, Osa Germaine  Tjaden, H.L.                          S596

Leedy, James          Lankford, Annie        28 Sep 1898    G575

Leedy, Marietta       Wirth, Gilbert Cecil   16-Feb-22      Z610

Leedy, Minnie B.      Nelson, James H.       06 Mar 1890    E093

Leek, Louis E.        Crellein, Maude E.     29-Dec-12      P604

Leekley, Ruben M.     Adkins, Besse M.       7-Jan-22       Z541

Leen, Lizzie          Herrig, N.A.           23 May 1889    D544

Leendertse, J.M.      Tamboer, C.C.          12-Oct-07      L164

Leendertse, M.A.      Wilderom, P.           12-Oct-07      L165

Leeper, Ella Carmen   Trout, Harold          25-Aug-14      R114

Leeper, Ross G.       Fletcher, Marie        15-Apr-18      V099

Leeper, Sarah C.      Diamond, August        05 May 1886    C437

Lees, Jacob           Glahn, Mabel           12-Jun-09      M290

Lees, Leona           McCoy, Orlando J.      11-Apr-09      M214

Leeseburg, Lena       Allen, J.B.                           S352

Lefever, E.W.         Pennypacker, Katie     10-May-04      J231

LeFever, Edward WilliaHandcock, Ruth Ola     24-Jun-18      V242

Lefever, Lawrence B.  Mann, Edna M.          4-Jul-17       T486

Lefever, Levi         Wilson, Myrtle         9-Nov-06       K442

Leffer, William R.    Wigington, Carrie E.   24-May-08      L410

Leffingwell, Matilda JDavis, William K.      17 Jun 1873    A077

LeGard, I.N.          Wilson, L.C.           27-Nov-12      P535

Legard, Julia         Conwell, Everett                      S318

Legate, C.H.          Briggs, Frances        22-Sep-14      R157

Legate, James E.      Wetterhold, Olive M.   2-Nov-19       W566

Legate, Theda         Flaherty, B.O.                        S238

Legerwood, Carrie A.  Trent, E.W.            12-Oct-01      I076

Legett, Frederick     Finley, Stella May     23-Sep-01      I051

Legg, Clyde Medscar   Murphy, Gracie Ella May               T090

Legg, T.L.            Bruner, Cora E.                       S475

Leggett, Anna         Prunty, Melvin                        S545

Leggett, Fred         Money, Rachel          23-May-07      K636

Leggett, Isabell      Frakes, Charles A.     31 Jan 1887    C580

Leggett, James WilliamGise, Hazel            23-Mar-09      M189

Leggett, Levia Lillie Throckmorton, Ogden    15-Nov-02      I402

Leggett, Warren G.    Plummer, Norma D.      04 Feb 1888    D217

LeGrand, Elizabeth    Stout, Fred            21-Nov-06      K454

LeGrand, John H.      Day, Elsie                            S248

LeGrand, John H.      Jirrels, Eva           14-Apr-10      N097

LeGrand, Maude L.     Barkley, William A.    19-Jan-05      J476

Legteley, Edith Olive Jones, Charles William 14-Oct-08      L603

Leguerrier, Adrain    Carter, Annie C.       21 Sep 1897    G361

Leguerrier, Adrain J. Barret,Melissa Beatrice19 Oct 1898    G592

Leguerrier, Hilda     Berg, Lance R.                        T381

LeHew, J.A.           Enterkin, M.E.         12-Nov-19      W597

Lehman, Cora          Brown, Ernest                         S635

Lehman, Ernest Curtis Jarvis, Charles Doyne  3-Jul-20       X557

Lehman, Flora         Kenison, Fred R.       17-Aug-20      Y035

Lehman, Jacob E.      McCart, Emma May       16-Jun-13      Q187

Lehman, S.C.          Gillilan, Minnie A.    11 Jul 1888    D339

Lehmann, Barbara A.   Vesper, Henry W.       02 Jun 1886    C446

Lehmann, Bertha Beryl Gray, W.F.             27-Jun-17      T474

Lehmann, Bertha Beryl Hereford, Clarence Euge06 Apr 1898    G488

Lehmann, Edward       Stafford, Josephine G. 10-Feb-04      J161

Lehmann, Minnie       Hunt, Arthur C.        7-Dec-18       V510

Lehmann, Nell M.      Wheeler, Marion Jr.    3-Oct-06       K395

Lehmann, Verna MarguerChurchward, Thomas P.  3-Jun-14       R012

Lehmbeck, H.          Martin, L.B.                          T265

Lehmbeck, Hermann     Ketelsen, Dora         05 Apr 1890    E113

Lehner, Frank         Pressburger, Sarah     31 May 1887    D021

Lehr, Andrew J.       Hughes, Katie          03 Oct 1894    F410

Lehr, Anna E.         Somers, John F.                       T330

Lehr, Charles J.      Johnson, Mary E.       1-Jan-02       I151

Lehr, F.L.            Dovel, Ethel           23-Feb-22      Z624

Lehr, J.S.            Douglas, Rebecca R.    01 Jun 1896    G102

Lehrling, A.E.        Wischer, Carrie        27 Jan 1898    G451

Leibich, Anna         Mapel, Edwin A.        18 Oct 1882    B309

Leibich, Anna         Maple, Edwin                          B312

Leibmann, Olive       Moore, Albert          11-May-20      X396

Leibrand, Crist       Gillenwater, Zennie Ell24-Dec-01      I131

Leibrand, Louis       Holden, Myrtle         4-Jul-18       V254

Leibrand, Mary        Smith, William         25-Aug-19      W385

Leichardt, Anna       Trotter, L.S.          30 Aug 1899    H148

Leichhardt, Bertha    Fisk, F.P.             10 Mar 1888    D240

Leichhardt, G.A.      Harvel, Susie E.       07 Dec 1899    H222

Leichhardt, Lillian N.Kimel, Thomas K. Jr.   1-May-02       I233

Leichhardt, Norris    Walkley, Nellie        17-May-22      Z770

Leichhardt, Preston H.Parsons, Mary A.       07 Oct 1896    G161

Leichmer, Mary        Reimer, C.W.           09 Feb 1878    A310

Leidy, Blanche E.     Claxton, Arvel                        S434

Leidy, Fremont        Martin, A. Zota        9-Sep-14       R136

Leidy, Martin R.      Healea, Mildred E.                    T219

Leiendecker, John     Lies, Susanna(Susie) M.07 May 1895    F530

Leies, John           Young, Emma            23 Nov 1880    B110

Leigh, Nellie (Millie)Miller, Albert S.      21 Mar 1892    E519

Leighnor, D.C.        Freeman, Hazel B.      28-Apr-18      V115

Leighter, Homer       Warren, Nellie         19-Dec-17      U366

Leighton, Eva M.      Norris, R.G.           9-May-03       I550

Leighton, Fannie      Hutchison, Owen G.     28-Jan-05      J484

Leighton, Hattie E.   Smith, Oscar Z.        18-Jan-05      J467

Leighton, Norma D.    Workman, James L.      12 Oct 1897    G380

Leighton, Vear        Pingrey, Madeline      23-Aug-19      W383

Leighton, William     Lahme, Minnie          23-Apr-02      I226

Leighty, J.M.         Bell, Gertrude Virginia15-Dec-13      Q458

Leimbach, William H.  Jacobs, Bessie         25-Jan-13      Q008

Leinbach, P.F.        Stevens, May           28-Feb-06      K214

Leindeker, Lizzie     Schaplowsky, Frank A.  09 Nov 1898    G588

Leininger, Leota L.   Armstrong, E.W.        11-Oct-11      O364

Leininger, Oscar      Moore, Marie           12-Aug-17      T569

Leininger, Vianna     Adkisson, L.           4-Dec-13       Q448

Leiphart, Emma        Hoppe, Arthur          01 Sep 1895    F584

Leipp, E.M.           McClain, Joseph M.                    T194

Leis, Albert          Nilles, Rosa           24-Feb-08      L302

Leis, Andy            Elpers, Celia          7-Jan-19       V547

Leis, Elizabeth       Cordel, Simon          13 Feb 1893    F063

Leis, George          Schreck, Sophia                       S564

Leis, Joseph          Schreck, Carolina      26-Feb-08      L303

Leis, Rosa M.         Steinke, Anton         15-Nov-04      J412

Leis, Sophia          Roths, Frank           10-May-10      N128

Leisure, Beatrice EvelHagberg, Carl Arthur   24-Jan-12      P075

Leisure, Beatrice EvelHayberg, Carl Arthur   24-Jan-12      P075

Leiter, Arline Island Piper, John Ray        12-Jun-20      X485

Leiter, Hellen R.     McCallister, M.M.      26 Jul 1877    A280

Leiter, Lauretta      Newman, Charlie        10-Feb-09      M136

Leitzke, Viola May    Boucher, Aubrey W.     25-Mar-22      Z675

LeKron, Victor        Willis, Grace          7-Nov-07       L194

Leland, Jesse L.      Bell, Effie            09 May 1894    F349

Leland, Louis Dale    Gilbert, Edith May     30-Apr-20      X362

Lellard, James C.     Hatch, Vesta           17-Dec-19      X047

LeMar, Elizabeth      Anthony, Elmer         11-Aug-20      Y017

Lemaster, Odie        Sample, William K.     29-Jun-10      N214

Lemasters, Septemus   Adams, Rena E.         23 Dec 1894    F463

Lembright, Anna Lee   Hess, LeRoy            18-Dec-21      Z486

Lembright, Hulda      Lane, Milo             16-May-21      Y643

Lemcke, Charles       Forest, Mary           09 Sep 1877    A285

Lemcke, Mary Caroline Nitschke, Joseph Frank 15-Dec-03      J108

Lemley, Oscar M.      Todd, Ruth L.          13-Nov-18      V481

Lemme, Forrest W.     Webster, Josephine     31-Oct-20      Y234

Lemmel, Marie         Girrens, Nicholas A.   24-Aug-20      Y003

Lemmon, Dicie         Haden, S.L.            5-Jun-07       L003

Lemmon, Hattie Mary   Robertson, Edward Alans25-Jun-02      I280

Lemmon, Malvina       McCarl, Guy            15-Jul-09      M344

Lemmon, Margaret      Haden, William         17-Jun-09      M302

Lemmon, Otho William  Parker, Ella Luthera   19-Jun-09      M303

Lemmon, Pearl E.      Smith, Bert                           S376

Lemmon, William A.    Lyons, Iva May         1-Oct-05       K054

Lemmond, Clarence C.  Smith, Gladys          3-May-19       W115

Lemon, Gracie         Curry, Thomas          12-Apr-08      L365

Lemon, Harry V.       Root, Leta             27-Mar-21      Y547

Lemon, Joseph P.      Speaker, Mollie        13 Mar 1879    A409

Lemon, Lawrence       Middleton, Ruth        29-Jun-21      Z093

Lemon, M. Della       Dewing, Harry L.       18-Dec-01      I131

Lemon, Maud           Winter, Joseph E.      20-May-08      L406

Lemon, Robert         Crabtree, Lillie       04 Dec 1888    D448

Lemon, Sarah          Brown, George W.       14 May 1876    A204

Lemon, Verna Alma     Losee, George Harry    25-Jun-07      L034

Lemon, William        Rogers, Margret Ann    16 Mar 1879    A410

LeMonde, Marie        Ceurvorst, Louis Freder25-Jun-14      R042

Lemons, George E.     Brixey, Annie          27 Sep 1892    E619

Lempen, Katie         Schroll, Albert        10 Dec 1883    C014

Lenard, Louise        Thornton, David T.     24-Mar-06      K231

Lenhart, J.H.         Leach, Ethel                          S283

Lenington, Stuart S.  McLaughlin, Mabel Merle25-Jun-21      Z077

Lenla, Cattie         Jordan, Allen          21-Jun-20      X517

Lennon, Lucinda J.(MrsBusby, Thomas C.       09 Nov 1892    F011

Lenox, N.J.           Leach, F.C.            29-Dec-04      J458

Lenox, O.J.           Hoenscheidt, Katie     28-Jan-07      K530

Lent, Arthur J.       Paxton, Elsinore M.    5-Dec-08       M035

Lent, C.C.            Jackson, G.M.          27 Feb 1879    A405

Lent, George          Haden, Katie           11 Jan 1885    C192

Lent, Grace           Dirlam, Tommy          14-Jun-09      M296

Lent, Grace           Edwards, James W.      20-Nov-19      W612

Lent, Harry A.        Chambers, Leota                       X270

Lent, Hugh Perry      Weaver, Jessie N.                     S057

Lent, Marian Agnes    Hutchason, Franz       26-Dec-12      P601

Lentz, Augusta        Zerner, John           15 Nov 1891    E421

Lentz, Christ         Mahlandt, Martha       25 Jul 1897    G328

Lentz, Elizabeth      Kuehn, Wilhelm L.      15-Apr-03      I513

Lentz, Emil           Mahlandt, Mathilda     24-Jan-15      R336

Lentz, F.S.           Cooper, May            29-Jun-14      R047

Lentz, Frank C.       Stover, Helen M.       15-Sep-09      M423

Lentz, George         Hamersky, Mary         10-Jan-07      K482

Lentz, Henry          Anderson, Mary (Mrs.)  18 Aug 1881    B178

Lentz, Herman         Scheumann, Ida         16-Mar-11      O041

Lentz, Louis          Opitz, Anna            29-Jul-09      M352

Lentz, W.A.           Johns, Bertha M.       21 May 1898    G510

Lentz, Will           Morgan, Flossie        2-Nov-18       V468

Lenz, J.J.            Todd, Cecil            12-Jun-18      V210

Lenzen, Frank         Lumpp, Mary Christina  23 Apr 1889    D528

Leon, Roberto         DeAlva, Josephine      17-Apr-20      X338

Leon, Ubertino        Martinez, Sanguanita   2-Apr-21       Y557

Leonard, Alice (Mrs.) Campbell, Hugh P.      20-Jul-10      N252

Leonard, Barbara A.   Murray, J.B.           10-Mar-11      O047

Leonard, Charles F.   Carr, Lydia E.         01 Oct 1891    E397

Leonard, Clara        Bradshaw, J.A.         23 Oct 1887    D139

Leonard, Claudia G.   Murdock, E.R.          15-Nov-19      W606

Leonard, Daisy        Todtman, J.W.          31-Aug-04      J327

Leonard, Fay          McDaniel, Frederick    2-Aug-19       W327

Leonard, Frank        Ritter, Pauline        01 Dec 1898    G625

Leonard, Fred B.      Sanford, Mary J.       3-May-12       P221

Leonard, Fred K.      Hall, Edna             4-Jan-22       Z538

Leonard, George O.    Hite, Anna E.          29-Oct-01      I089

Leonard, Harvey G.    Hall, Sarah Eveline    26-Nov-01      I110

Leonard, Hazel Irene  Sampson, Jim M.                       S306

Leonard, Irene        Gilbert, J.R.                         T294

Leonard, J.T.         Means, Calla M.        14-Jun-13      Q194

Leonard, John         De Long, Alice         04 Jul 1895    F565

Leonard, John T.      Burris, Rebecca                       R507

Leonard, Joseph L.    Hornbeek, Daisy        14-Jan-07      K519

Leonard, Joseph L.    Tole, Catherine        12 Apr 1892    E531

Leonard, Leonora      Feller, F.B.           3-Jan-12       ****

Leonard, Lizzie       Cook, Daniel           25 Dec 1898    G637

Leonard, Lulu(la) BellSimms, W.L.            7-Jun-05       J593

Leonard, M.G.         Rich, Maggie E. (Mrs.) 20-Sep-00      H405

Leonard, Mary E.      Binckley, John H.      02 Feb 1887    C581

Leonard, May          Smith, Joseph D.       18 Nov 1892    F018

Leonard, Minnie       Brawley, A.T.          14 Sep 1887    D101

Leonard, N.G.         Marshall, Malissa      31-Mar-10      N077

Leonard, Newton       Shaffer, Emma          15 Feb 1899    H042

Leonard, Nina         Ross, William J.       20-Oct-11      O377

Leonard, Nona B.      Heath, Elmer           1-Apr-03       I521

Leonard, Sadie        Keyser, Ned Clarence   29-Jun-04      J278

Leonard, Thomas       Alliston, Kate         19-Sep-00      H405

Leonard, W.E.         Arnstein, Sophia       20-Jun-20      X509

Leonard, W.M.         Franklin, Sarah A.     29 Dec 1887    D190

Leonard, Will W.      Paul, Margaret Rachel  4-Nov-10       N430

Leonard, William Earl Fenton, Mary           22-Aug-10      N289

LeOscar, Ruby         Halbrook, Albert P.    16-Aug-19      W361

Lepel, Frank H.       Ohlmann, Elisabeth H.  25 May 1879    A426

Leppelman, Ray Harold Phillips, Nellie       7-Aug-08       L509

Lepu, Anton P.        Neidhardt, Wilhelmina  27 Mar 1890    E108

LeRoy, Anna           Dillon, J.S.                          C456

LeRoy, Annie (Mrs.)   Burress, Paul Samuel   18 Jul 1892    E582

LeRoy, Margaret       Owsley, Joseph H.      2-Jul-19       W263

Lesco, Juanita        Newfeldt, John         15-Dec-17      U347

Lesco, L.O.           Epperly, Rose Nellie   31-May-14      R008

Lesco, Velma Mae      Hurst, Ed A.           31-May-18      V181

Lesher, Jennie E.     Dawson, Harry G.       14 Aug 1889    D588

Leslie, E.M.          Shanklin, Pauline      1-Feb-21       Y448

Leslie, Euphemia AnnieCovey, Howard Lyman    30-Apr-19      W107

Leslie, Jessie Lee    Dodson, W.A.           09 Feb 1899    H040

Leslie, Josephine     Skidmore, George L.    1-Jul-17       T474

Leslie, Lina A.A.     Major, John C.         18 Jul 1877    A278

Leslie, Preston L.    Wilbur, Margaret       5-Nov-21       Z404

Leslie, William C.    Richardson, Allice     10 Nov 1892    F020

Lesperance, Theles W. Keneda, Tildie                        D251

Lessig, Elmer         Parker, Gertrude       16-Jan-04      J142

Lessig, Marie         Riggs, S.              21-Aug-20      Y044

Lessley, Cole Y.      Baker, G.B.            11-Feb-04      J162

Lessmann, D.M.        Schroeder, Mary        16 Jun 1882    B273

Lester, Albert        McCormick, Alice       05 Feb 1888    D218

Lester, Elizabeth L.  Bloss, Hiram H.        28-Oct-14      R213

Lester, Emma          Findlay, Walter R.     21-Apr-13      Q116

Lester, Frank D.      Schoonover, Pearl      15-Dec-06      K482

Lester, Hugh David    Ballin, Edna French    21-Dec-04      J444

Lester, Hugh David    Battin, Edna French    21-Dec-04      J444

Lester, Lillie        Lane, F.S.             16-Mar-04      J188

Lester, May           Meyers, Clinton        25 Jun 1887    D043

Letcher, Roy          Fleming, Myrtle        12-Sep-09      M421

Lethers, Maggie E.    Wheeler, Joseph T.     26 Feb 1885    C216

Letscher, Huryette    Doramus, D.C.          9-Jul-19       W277

Letsinger, Lorinda    Lawson, W.A.                          S359

Letsinger, Paris E.   Smith, Gertrude B.     2-Aug-11       O269

Lett, Mattie A.       Burns, James D.        13 Dec 1893    F267

Lettau, Edward        Evans, Sadie           30-Sep-21      Z320

Letterman, Eva        Arvs, G.O.             24-Sep-17      U003

Letts, H.S.           Bosworth, Sylvia       14-Jul-13      Q240

Leuman, Gertie (Mrs.) Cephas, Klaus Frederick1-Nov-00       H451

Leusch, Rudolph       Cobble, Mame E.        3-Jan-09       M603

Levan, Harry          McGhee, Ida            16-Nov-21      Z429

Level, George         Smith, J.              21 Dec 1887    D184

Level, Julius         Wills, Lillie          26 Apr 1885    C245

Leverett, Sylvia      Hamilton, Ray          17-May-22      Z769

Leveridge, Catherine  Wagstaff, Richard      12-Jun-00      H337

Leveridge, J.M.       Hanley, Kittie T.      12 Sep 1881    B184

Levering, Benton      McGehe, Elizabeth Alice29-Feb-08      L324

Levering, Edith N.    Bachelder, Virgil W.   30-Apr-14      Q612

Levering, Gertrude    Corey, Frank           18-Dec-06      K484

Levert, James         Robinson, Sadie        09 Jul 1881    B170

Levi, Bernhard        Nassauer, Bettie       30 Nov 1884    C170

Levick, Elda          Bush, Robert Henry     25-Dec-09      M588

Levick, LaVerne       Gordon, Earl           28-Jun-21      Z091

Levine, Alfreda       Branson, Earl C.       7-Nov-21       Z411

Levis, Mildred CornellPotter, Samuel         30-Jul-21      Z168

Levitt, Irvin Reuben  Fuff, Virginia         13-Apr-21      Y576

Levy, Mike            Hudson, Viola                         Y173

Levy, Morris E.       Bronston, Marie Rebecca25 Aug 1898    G561

Levy, Morris E.       Broston, Marie Rebecca 25 Aug 1898    G561

Levy,Marie Adele MicheFoucher,Francois Desire16 Sep 1890    E115

Lewallen, Molisa      Hill, W.H.                            T190

Lewallen, Nellie      Munkirs, Dougherty     20-Sep-19      W454

Lewark, J.H.          Wilson, Helen E.       26-Feb-10      N032

Lewellen, Catheryn    Finney, Ray            25-Jul-13      Q254

Lewellen, Doctor      Pendergraf, Delilah    02 Jul 1880    B075

Lewellen, Gertrude    Gilchrist, C.W.        9-Oct-17       U060

Lewellen, Grace       VanAken, Laurence W.                  R528

Lewellen, J.W.        Cook, Adelaide M.      9-Jun-17       T426

Lewellen, John Thomas Crawford, Elsie        20-Dec-14      R285

Lewellen, Katherine   Ibes, John Franklin    15-Dec-10      N498

Lewellen, Lena        Strain, Archie         26-Aug-08      L536

Lewellen, Tencia      Hullihan, J.C.         16-Dec-14      R282

Lewelling, Mary MagdalOsborn, Earl M.        22-Dec-11      P028

Lewelling, W.C.       Raeschke, Ida May      25 Jun 1896    G113

Lewelling, Wilbur A.  Lozier, Coral E.       4-Feb-22       Z591

Lewin, Charles W.     Collins, Mattie (Mrs.) 12 Jan 1891    E285

Lewis, Abbie          Beaumont, Walter       20 Aug 1884    C121

Lewis, Alice          Byrns, Roy L.          18-May-21      Y649

Lewis, Alice (Mrs.)   Smith, F.L. Ewing      4-Sep-02       I343

Lewis, Alpha W.       Neal, Grace V.                        T062

Lewis, Ancel Oscar    Bale, Virginia Elizabet21-Sep-13      Q331

Lewis, Anna           Porterfield, Leonadus C21-Dec-04      J447

Lewis, Anna           Wesley, David J.       11-Jul-08      L477

Lewis, Aura           Dowd, Dorothy                         T116

Lewis, Bertha         Allen, W.V.                           T220

Lewis, C.E.           Black, Rosa            21 Nov 1887    D164

Lewis, Charles        West, Lovica           3-Aug-12       P358

Lewis, Charles F.     Lamb, Eva              23-Jun-01      H621

Lewis, Charles F.     Marriott, Mary E.N. (Mr27-Apr-04      J221

Lewis, Charles F.     Wilkins, Anna          22-Aug-02      I330

Lewis, Charles L.     Mayne, Georgia         27-Mar-09      M194

Lewis, Clarence W.    Blackwell, Treva R.    24-Jul-17      T525

Lewis, Della          Griffin, Harry M.      3-Jun-13       Q176

Lewis, Della          Griffin, Harry M.      3-Jun-13       Q177

Lewis, Delphia        Irvin, S.T.            4-Mar-03       I500

Lewis, Dougless       Page, Allie            05 Sep 1880    B089

Lewis, Earnest        Everius, May Lou       28-Dec-18      V538

Lewis, Edith          Dittemore, C.T.        15-May-20      X385

Lewis, Ella           Eversole, J.C.         6-Mar-01       H534

Lewis, Elmer          Rose, Margaret         26-Dec-17      U407

Lewis, Elmer Reed     Donnellan, Ada Florence               T285

Lewis, Ernest         Warlon, Ola            14-May-22      Z763

Lewis, Ethel          Jameson, Ora O.                       T053

Lewis, Eugene J.      Konecny, Anna M.       16-May-11      O148

Lewis, Eunice Rose    Cristensen, Herman Mart22-Oct-13      Q393

Lewis, Eva J.         Lake, M.C.             4-Feb-05       J491

Lewis, Eva M.         Garger, James          06 Sep 1883    B406

Lewis, Florence       Shellhammer, John      11 Apr 1893    F113

Lewis, Francis M.     Robinson, Samuel A.    31-Mar-01      H546

Lewis, Frank          Murphy, Mary                          S277

Lewis, Frank A.       McElroy, Geneva        18-Oct-05      K083

Lewis, Frederick S.   Marshall, Lulu         30 Jun 1893    F161

Lewis, Genevieve      McIntosh, Claude       11-Feb-18      U548

Lewis, George W.      Crumbaugh, Maggie G.   07 Aug 1894    F385

Lewis, George W.      White, Myrtle          28-Dec-10      N530

Lewis, Gladys         Cole, Gordon           2-Sep-20       Y069

Lewis, H.W.           Strong, Kittie C.      18 Nov 1880    B111

Lewis, Harry          North, Lone            13 Jun 1883    B381

Lewis, Harry GranvilleHollingsworth, Nettie  14-Aug-19      W354

Lewis, Harvey         Hyde, Mary             25-Jun-07      L035

Lewis, Hattie         Upshaw, John W.        11-Oct-14      R181

Lewis, Hattie         Whitney, John P.       05 Jan 1881    B127

Lewis, Henry A.       McGriff, Daisy         10-Aug-00      H376

Lewis, Henry M.       Rugh, Winnifred        7-Aug-20       Y006

Lewis, Hiram W.       Butts, Madeline                       T363

Lewis, Ida A.         McFrederick, William F.12 Mar 1884    C053

Lewis, Ida B.         Smith, W.P.            24 Jun 1897    G318

Lewis, Ida Lillian    Jacobs, W.E.           10-Aug-04      J313

Lewis, Ike W.         Miller, Ruby Eileen    13-Oct-21      Z347

Lewis, Irene          Hopkins, Sam           28-Nov-19      X004

Lewis, Izana          Green, George          27-Apr-20      X355

Lewis, J. Archie      Sittler, Mary J.       10-Jan-05      J467

Lewis, J.B.           Roberts, Viola         10-Dec-13      Q454

Lewis, J.H.           Arnholz, Luella Keefer 19-Oct-20      Y205

Lewis, J.H.           Windover, Gertrude     3-Mar-02       I192

Lewis, James W.       Halderman, Opal        15-Mar-20      X254

Lewis, John           Thompson, Mura Churchil5-Jan-10       M606

Lewis, John E.        Johnston, Alice        27 Dec 1893    F284

Lewis, John E.        Talbert, Rosie         01 Jan 1888    D191

Lewis, John S.        Hamel, Catherine       14-Feb-10      N017

Lewis, John William   Hodgson, Frances Z.    26-Jun-18      V247

Lewis, Joseph R.      Bradshaw, Effie        25-Jun-10      N206

Lewis, Joseph R.      Tooley, Edith Louise                  S165

Lewis, Josephine      Carroll, Oscar         21-Jun-21      Z068

Lewis, Josie          Ryan, Patrick          25-Sep-20      Y138

Lewis, Katharine      Mechem, Kirke F.       22-May-20      X417

Lewis, Lillie         Zerener, John H.       21-Aug-17      T581

Lewis, Loma Idell     Kendrick, Francis A.   12-Jul-19      W280

Lewis, Lucy           Purves, George Kern    28-Nov-05      K118

Lewis, M.A.           Carnahan, R.G.         07 Mar 1897    G268

Lewis, M.M.           Kellogg, F.H.          26 Dec 1896    G225

Lewis, Mabel          Neagle, Levi S.        11-Mar-03      I504

Lewis, Mamie          Hayles, Champion       8-Dec-14       R273

Lewis, Mamie          Merritt, Ray           2-Jul-10       N217

Lewis, Martha         Muma, Frank            22 Dec 1879    B019

Lewis, Mary           Roberts, Walter        26-May-14      R004

Lewis, Mary Aletha    Christman, Albert Josep3-Sep-18       V354

Lewis, Mary Ellen     Stokman, Harry J.      25-Jun-17      T467

Lewis, Mary J.        Newell, James M.       23 Aug 1881    B175

Lewis, Mattie         Southwick, Norman M.   02 Jul 1885    C270

Lewis, Maud           Barnes, Abner          2-Feb-04       J155

Lewis, Maud A.        Whitney, Vernon E.     10-Oct-07      L164

Lewis, May S.         Smith, Richard E.      04 Aug 1889    D583

Lewis, Mercie E.      Thorp, Robert E.       8-Sep-12       P404

Lewis, Milton         Bivens, Mattie         10-Oct-17      U068

Lewis, Minnie         Hammon, Clyde W.       6-Nov-09       M533

Lewis, Nathaniel      Blye, Ruth                            S464

Lewis, Nettie L.      Isreal, Fred W.        09 Jun 1880    B073

Lewis, Nina May       Willingham, E.G.       23-Sep-18      V408

Lewis, Oliver         Hicks, Juanita         4-Aug-18       V304

Lewis, Orlena         Collins, C.P.          14-Jun-17      T444

Lewis, Ouray          Cook, Irvin B.         18-Jan-04      J143

Lewis, Ouray C.       Fogle, W.G.            27-Nov-07      L218

Lewis, P.C.           Clark, Emma                           R422

Lewis, Paul W.        Stoltz, Jeanette       19-Sep-21      Z292

Lewis, Philip Knight  Ellis, Mable Irene     23-Jun-09      M312

Lewis, R.E.           Hartman, Ella M.       17 Feb 1898    G463

Lewis, R.P.           Rosecran, J.M.         25-Dec-19      X071

Lewis, Ray F.         Compton, E.F.          31-Mar-20      X292

Lewis, Ray F.         Henderson, Ethel       25-Apr-21      Y600

Lewis, Reese          Eatin, Edythe Edelen   14-Mar-12      P145

Lewis, Reese          Eaton, Edythe Edelen   14-Mar-12      P145

Lewis, Roberta        Hobby, Ben             9-Nov-21       Z418

Lewis, Roberta        Miller, Sterling       1-Nov-20       Y237

Lewis, Rosa           Harrison, Levi         21 Jan 1895    F481

Lewis, Roxie L.       Tignor, J.O.           7-Jul-10       N231

Lewis, Roy            Baker, Nellie          1-Sep-09       M400

Lewis, Ruth V.        Stevenson, Lloyd D.    14-Aug-19      W354

Lewis, S.B.           Woods, Hazel Acres                    T374

Lewis, Sallie Will    Wright, Albert         31-Jan-21      Y444

Lewis, Sarah          Brown, James           21-Sep-18      V404

Lewis, Sarah          Crandall, Lucius W.    4-Sep-04       J332

Lewis, Sarah          Morney, Jerry          23-Apr-22      Z721

Lewis, Sarah J.       Cokely, Joel           14-Mar-07      K572

Lewis, Smith          Morris, Lora           25-Nov-03      J091

Lewis, Thelma M.      White, Roy L.                         S078

Lewis, Vade           Rutherford, Elliott F.                S339

Lewis, Viola A.       Stocker, Zellen R.     27 Sep 1899    H171

Lewis, Viola D.       Groves, J.A.           07 Jul 1887    D054

Lewis, W.G.           Herzer, Helen          1-Jan-00       H243

Lewis, W.J.           Clark, A.E.            8-Apr-18       V080

Lewis, Warren         Moore, Edna            10-Sep-11      O316

Lewis, Wesley         Reid, Nettie           25-Oct-10      N410

Lewis, Willie Samuel  Thompson, Mary Victrola21-Apr-21      Y592

Lewis, Winnie B.      Israel, E. Frank       01 Jun 1883    B376

Lewis, Zoe            Carleton, H.A.         7-Dec-08       M034

Lewisson, Julia       Jacks, Robert          01 Oct 1882    B302

Lewman, Myrtle L.     Himelic, Marshall G.   27-Aug-04      J325

Leyda, Della          Ebright, John D.       28 Dec 1882    B341

Leyman, Mary J.       Jimerson, J.J.         26 Mar 1884    C060

Libby, Roscoe         Rickard, Emma          18-Mar-22      Z662

Libby, Simeon         Doyle, Laura L.        28 May 1881    B160

Libhart, Louretta     Ewing, William R.      15-Dec-09      M562

Lible, Ida            Sommerhouser, Joseph   19 Apr 1898    G486

Lible, Martha         Peltzer, Oscar         28 Nov 1899    H212

Lible, Mary           Marx, Nicholas         12 May 1891    E332

Lichliter, Oscar E.   Smith, Nelle E.        3-Dec-13       Q446

Lichlyter, Frank E.   Barnes, Nellie                        S422

Lichlyter, Gibbs      White, Mayme                          S587

Lichlyter, Lillian H. Craft, Chester R.      16-Nov-10      N445

Lichte, Anna(nie)     Bangerter, Ernest      21 Feb 1897    G240

Lichte, Frederick W.  Bangerter, Lena(Lina)  29 Mar 1896    G068

Lichtenberger, Gladys Thomas, J.B.           21-Jan-22      Z568

Lichtenberger, Ralph WSturgeon, Maggie       3-Oct-21       Z324

Lickes, John          Roberts, Susan         16 Jun 1877    A273

Lickes, Susan (Mrs.)  Record, E.A.           11 Apr 1888    D256

Lickey, Deloris       Stires, Oakley         28-Jan-18      U509

Lickey, Mildred       Griffiths, George Chester             S120

Lickly, Morris J.     McCurry, Grace         14-Jan-20      X119

Liddell, Howard       Norris, M. Louzella    4-Sep-21       Z254

Lidley, Pauline C.    Massey, Edward Orr     27-Oct-01      I088

Liebau, Martha        Arbuckle, John M.                     R428

Liebbe, George J.     Cotterill, Mae         22-Sep-14      R158

Liebenhimer, Sarah    Mann, B.L.             11-Oct-00      H431

Liebhart, Elizabeth C.Aker, Willie L.        6-Feb-10       N006

Liebhart, Laura Belle Hartmann, John         28 Dec 1893    F283

Liebmann, Walter      Stevens, Mabel         12-Jan-21      Y409

Liebrand, Lizzie      Steeber, Conrad        06 Nov 1884    C154

Lieghtenberger, PaulinFaidley, Albert        26-Apr-19      W099

Liens, Roy D.         Rankin, Bernice E.     6-Oct-09       M461

Lierle, Chloe S.      Deterding, William H.  11-Jun-18      V206

Lierle, Iona          Huddleston, George A.  27-Dec-05      K162

Lies, Abbie           Heimermann, M.J.       20 Jun 1893    F147

Lies, Anna            Mies, William          14 Nov 1882    B326

Lies, Annie           Zoglmann, Christian    16-Apr-12      P176

Lies, Balthasar       Girrens, Katherine     19-Aug-19      W345

Lies, Bertha          Majerus, Henry         25-Feb-19      V624

Lies, Charles         Geiger, Rosa           12 Feb 1895    F492

Lies, Charles         Gressl, Susan                         T280

Lies, Edward          Miller, Anna           30-Apr-12      P205

Lies, Elizabeth       Hahn, Stephen          10 Apr 1894    F328

Lies, Elizabeth       Kordel, Simon          13 Feb 1893    F063

Lies, Frances         Doffing, M.C.          24-Aug-09      M381

Lies, Frank           Rohling, Carolina      27-Jan-15      R321

Lies, Jacob           Schemel, Rosa          23 Jan 1883    B342

Lies, John            Gorman, Kate(tie) C.   15 Feb 1898    G457

Lies, John N.         Linnebur, Mary         25-Oct-21      Z341

Lies, Katie           Hein, Michael          6-Jun-05       J577

Lies, Katie           Simon, J.F.            08 Feb 1888    D210

Lies, Katie C. (Mrs.) Halsig, Michael J.     18-Oct-04      J376

Lies, Marie Brennan   Simon, Edward W.       23-Apr-18      V097

Lies, Markus          Hamersky, Amelia Mary  4-Feb-19       V578

Lies, Mary            Doffing, George E.     18-May-09      M258

Lies, Mary A.         Betzen, Barthel        23-Apr-12      P175

Lies, Mathias         Betzen, Margareth      26-Feb-06      K202

Lies, Mathilda        Neises, Peter          2-Jun-14       Q634

Lies, Nicholas(aus)   Blick, Carrie          22-Oct-07      L170

Lies, Nicolas P.      Schwartz, Katherina    11 Nov 1884    C172

Lies, Peter           Durmann, Rosa M.       19 Nov 1889    E017

Lies, Peter           Jaax, Therese (Teresia)11 Nov 1890    E231

Lies, Susan           Komma, George          5-Aug-13       Q264

Lies, Susanna(Susie) MLeiendecker, John      07 May 1895    F530

Lies, Susannah        Smarsh, Joseph         24 Jan 1882    B237

Lies, Susie           Stuber, William        27 May 1884    C085

Lietzke, Rebecca E.   Phillips, J.R.         15-Aug-17      T575

Lieurance, Mary LodemaGraves, Percy          21-Jun-19      W231

Lieurance, Silsbee D. Canaday, Gertrude B. (M25 Oct 1892    E641

Liggett, C.R.         Evans, Grace Edith     1-Mar-11       O034

Liggett, Edward W.    Merrill, Susan M.      29 Sep 1897    G366

Liggett, F.G.         Etherton, Grace        2-Jul-01       H630

Liggett, Francis MarioCrandall, Neva Ruth    31-Aug-19      W399

Liggett, Jessie LouiseHoldren, Don R.        30-Jun-20      X547

Liggett, Lulu Maude   Frye, Ezra Elmer       21-Jan-09      M113

Liggett, Nannie       Cross, H.W.            29-Apr-18      V121

Liggett, Roscoe       Chaney, Bertha         10-Jan-20      X114

Liggett, Roscoe       Chaney, Bertha         25-Aug-17      T592

Liggins, Hallie       Hollingsworth, Hersie  26-Nov-19      W634

Light, Annie B.       Wommack, J.M.          19 Sep 1895    F596

Light, Augusta        Brown, Albert          19-Sep-01      I049

Light, C.A.           Davies, Ella           21-Oct-00      H439

Light, Emma           Brick, Timothy         16-Jul-21      Z135

Light, Harrie C.      Vance, J.J.            06 Sep 1888    D380

Light, Mary E.        Laurie, Henry A.       25 Aug 1876    A218

Light, Rachel         Davis, Sidney C.       24 Sep 1888    D394

Light, Sarah Louise   Livingston, Alexander M29 Apr 1888    D284

Lightfoot, M.A.       Farnsworth, S.G.       18 Nov 1880    B108

Lightle, Katie        Meyers, Alfred                        R007

Lightner, Elsie       Keller, R.M.                          T375

Lightner, Paul A.     Ernst, Hazel C.        2-Apr-22       Z686

Lightner, R.E.        Buckwalter, Maude      26-Dec-00      H483

Lightner, Ralph E.    Sherman, Retta E.      21-Jun-08      L445

Lightner, Scott W.    Morris, Etta May       2-Jun-12       P255

Lightner, Winifred    Roseberry, Michael     12-May-20      X395

Lights, Margaret(te)  Cation, Campbell       17-Apr-13      Q113

Lightwater, A.S.      Myers, Maggie          03 Jul 1883    B387

Likely, Bessie Mae    Senter, Clay Randolph  17-Mar-09      M180

Likely, Fred          Clemmer, Mertie        24-Nov-04      J422

Likely, Harry         Kirkpatrick, Stella    08 Nov 1896    G184

Likely, Laurena PaulinCross, W.J.B.          1-Jul-21       Z097

Likely, Mollie        Doran, William W.      15 Sep 1874    A132

Likely, U.G.          Harding, Clara         5-Aug-00       H371

Likens, Belle         McGinnis, Thomas C.    14 Oct 1885    C321

Likes, Annie          Ratliff, Walter        8-Dec-04       J437

Likes, John           Wing, Amelia           28 Dec 1882    B334

Likes, Juda           Simpson, George        29 Dec 1881    B228

Likes, Lillie L.      Johnson, Wesley M.     25 Feb 1887    C595

Lile, Tilman J.       Coors, Margaret M.     25-Jun-21      Z086

Liles, Pairlee        Davis, M.              14-Aug-20      Y023

Liljestrom, Arthur E. Raney, Leola M.                       S427

Lill, Harry A.        Jackson, Bessie M.     25-Sep-07      L138

Lillard, Gertrude     Hopper, H.M.           10-Mar-01      H536

Lillard, Jessie       Pierpont, W.H.         22-Sep-04      J354

Lillard, M.J.         Andrews, G.P.          12 Aug 1888    D353

Lille, Alvie          Waugh, C.A.            13-Nov-01      I100

Lilley, Ara           Brown, Troy            18-Apr-22      Z698

Lilley, Glenn H.      Fulton, Lois           1-Jun-17       T401

Lilley, Guy G.        Rader, Irma            15-Feb-12      P108

Lillibridge, Glenn    Shelton, Pearl E.      3-May-18       V129

Lillie, Lizzie Bell   Pierce, Samuel T.      17-Aug-12      P375

Lillis, Joseph P.     Craddock, Claudia E. (M26 Apr 1890    E129

Lilly, Blanche V.     Hogard, Charlie D.     11-Jan-11      N549

Lilly, Charles G.     Pechin, Effie F.       30 Sep 1890    E207

Lilly, Fern           Craddock, Sydney V.    14-Apr-13      Q108

Lilly, Gustus C.      Wood, Loura A.         17 Dec 1876    A241

Lilly, Myrtle D.      Price, Edward          24 Mar 1895    F513

Limbert, Charles W.   Owens, Ethel L.        17-Sep-05      K042

Liming, Charles R.    Sloat, Annie           25 Jan 1891    E290

Liming, Elen          Blair, John Edward     2-Oct-18       V426

Liming, Frank         Peachey, Zella         15 Mar 1896    G065

Liming, Jesse         Kelum, Bettie          26-May-09      M265

Liming, McClelland    Hardy, Elizabeth       06 Apr 1899    H064

Limper, E.F.          Payton, Lillian                       S372

Linam, Nellie         Fuqua, Thomas          18-Feb-20      X206

Linard, Fred C.       Carpenter, Mame M.     7-Dec-08       M036

Linch, Arthur         Smith, Alice           05 Jul 1899    H120

Lincoln, Charles P.   Allen, Lizzie D. (Mrs.)15 May 1899    H086

Lincoln, Fred F.      Bowles, Helen R.       24-Nov-21      Z445

Lind, Edward Richard  Mayer, Lydia Doris     13-Dec-21      Z479

Lind, Laura E.        Eastman, F.D.          28-Oct-19      W557

Lindaberry, Otis      Pendergrass, Mildred M.31-Jul-20      X621

Lindabery, Maggie     Neas, Arthur           12-Jul-08      L479

Lindar, John          Rehm, Frederika        31 Oct 1889    E005

Lindblom, Tillie      Shields, George D.     23-Dec-20      Y357

Lindemuth, Lewis      Wilber, Harriet N.     27 Mar 1890    E108

Linden, J.E.          Bullinger, W.A.                       S448

Lindenberger, Anna M. Young, Wiley Lee       1-Jun-10       N150

Lindenberger, Charles Adkins, Ruth           25-Jun-19      W241

Lindenberger, Emma M. Gray, Roy L.           2-Nov-10       N425

Lindenberger, Gladys  Bauer, Leon R.         1-May-21       Y606

Lindenburger, Kate E. Reimer, Albert                        S478

Linder, Charles W.    Kiser, Cora E.         7-May-19       W119

Linder, Freida        Irwin, J.G. Jr.                       S032

Linder, Ray (Mrs.)    Kelly(ley), George     21-Oct-00      H440

Lindgren, J.G.        Dean, Mary A.          10-Apr-12      P191

Lindholm, Ernest C.   Borror, Nora Ann       25-May-21      Y659

Lindholm, Esther      Turner, L.L.           14-Jun-18      V208

Lindholm, Gale M.     King, Melvin                          S449

Lindholm, Paul A.     Blakey, Pauline        6-Sep-19       W419

Lindley, Clare E.     Daley, Ora V.                         T235

Lindley, Earnest      Brewer, Annie          30 Jan 1890    E069

Lindley, Edgar        Woolwine, Velma        23-Feb-18      V004

Lindley, Edith        Patterson, Joseph      21-Jan-22      Z566

Lindley, Emma         Fry, Christopher       12 Feb 1879    A397

Lindley, Florence     McGraw, Herschel       25-Jun-10      N206

Lindley, George E.    Terril, Cora O.        09 Jul 1889    D568

Lindley, Grear        Snedegar, Mary May     7-May-21       Y624

Lindley, Jonathan MiltPutney, Mary Edythe    8-Oct-13       Q365

Lindley, Justin       Covault, Nettie        16 Dec 1894    F459

Lindley, Thomas       Dearth, Lottie         23-May-12      P241

Lindley, William F.   Heller, Allye C.       26-Mar-05      J533

Lindquist, Edith E.   Walker, John C.        16-Aug-21      Z214

Lindsay, Annie L.     Jones, Frank S.        25 Feb 1875    A153

Lindsay, Charles T.   Overlees, Daisy        22-May-00      H326

Lindsay, Charlie      Mayfield, Lillie                      R610

Lindsay, Claude       Edwards, Jewell        15-Nov-08      L639

Lindsay, Claude       Lindsay, Jewel(ll)     28-Apr-11      O124

Lindsay, Elizabeth    Kerr, J.C.                            T076

Lindsay, Ethelyne J.  Clark, Clarence V. Jr. 13-Sep-20      Y102

Lindsay, Fanny        Abbott, E.B.           11-Nov-12      P508

Lindsay, Grace Emily  Handy, Calvin T.       25-Oct-17      U127

Lindsay, Henry H.     Hughs, Annie L.        09 Sep 1871    A014

Lindsay, Jewel(ll)    Lindsay, Claude        28-Apr-11      O124

Lindsay, Junior Scott Millhaubt, Marie Julien9-Jun-20       X472

Lindsay, Nimrod       Whitaker, Izola        17-Jan-10      M622

Lindsay, Sadie        Byxbee, E.C.           12-Dec-17      U335

Lindsay, Sarah A.     Cutshall, James A.     15 Apr 1874    A115

Lindsey, E.R.         Lappin, Hazel          6-Jun-20       X459

Lindsey, Grace T.     Morgan, Theo. A.       10-Jul-05      J624

Lindsey, J.H.         Smart, Etta M.         9-Oct-01       I073

Lindsey, James M.     Irwin, Sadie           19-Dec-21      Z488

Lindsey, Melissa      Taylor, Emanuel        9-Jul-21       Z123

Lindsey, Sarah J.     Sidey, W.H.            26-Feb-21      Y494

Lindsley, Edith EvelynPieper, Will           12-Sep-11      O319

Lindsley, Frank A.    Fees, Clare M.         15-Jul-20      X583

Lindstrom, John       Shiblom, Eleonora      07 Mar 1880    B045

Lindwall, Andrew T.(F.Parrish, Estelle M. (Mr08 Jan 1890    E061

Line, Aaron M.        Roberts, Albertina W.  09 Nov 1890    E241

Lineball, May         McGill, W.             29-Dec-14      R306

Linell, Cordelia A.   Dockum, Harry A.       6-Jun-00       H333

Lines, Alfred         Hetrick, Regina        19-Jan-09      M108

Lines, Bessie         Wolf, Adrian           7-Feb-09       M131

Lines, Bond           Little, Clara          24 Mar 1885    C230

Lines, Frances L.     Hanchett, George B.    18 Oct 1883    B421

Lines, George S.      Chase, Ella E.         16 Feb 1882    B244

Lines, Lucile Aurita  Washburn, William Harol23-Feb-21      Y487

Lines, Mary T.        Peffeley, Z.           18-Apr-07      K609

Lines, Nellie E.      Phillips, Everett A.   24-Jul-17      T516

Lines, Orilla W.      Cottrell, Oscar K.     18-Jan-05      J471

Linfield, Louis       Gardner, Mabel         21-Mar-05      J526

Ling, Howard          Ferris, Lillian        21-Jun-11      O210

Lingafelter, Hosie    Asmussan, Melva        24-Dec-20      Y361

Lingenfelter, Albert  Kenady, Lovice         24-Aug-11      O296

Lingenfelter, J.W.    Ridge, Elizabeth       21 Oct 1899    H191

Lingenfelter, P.A.    Emmons, Helen          19-Aug-21      Z223

Lingenfelter, Peter   Minger, Nancy          18 Jan 1887    C575

Lingg, Alois          Jost, Katie            24 Nov 1897    G403

Lingo, George B.      Trenary, Alta Etta     4-Dec-02       I420

Lingo, Ida E.         Carroll, J.B.          19 Dec 1895    G010

Lingo, Mattie         Lawson, Charles        14-Apr-07      K603

Lingo, Sarah E.       Parkinson, Francis M.  13 Nov 1890    E246

Linhart, Bertha       Diaz, Felix(lex)       2-Jul-10       N221

Lininger, F.M.        Wright, Laura          20-Nov-12      P521

Link, Effie May       Poland, Martin V.      24-Dec-12      P590

Link, Leona L.        Huddleston, S.P.       12-Nov-19      W599

Linke, Mildred        Miner, Herbert         3-Aug-17       T551

Linkletter, Irene     Hoffman, Harry         27-Dec-09      M592

Links, Mary           Uithoven, Jacob        27 Mar 1896    G074

Linn, Elta Mae        Smith, Carlyle         28-Apr-09      M235

Linn, Emma            Hall, I.B.             15-Dec-18      V514

Linn, Emma L.         Reasoner, Roy L.       26-Sep-07      L140

Linn, Ernest          Sipe, Sadie            19-Apr-19      W084

Linn, Eva E.          Fox, N.S.              26-Jun-06      K307

Linn, George N.       Ford, E. Maude         20-Aug-02      I330

Linn, Harry D.        Wesley, Marie          20-May-08      L406

Linn, Omar B.         Humphreys, Ethel       14-May-19      W139

Linnebur, Anna ChristiMay, Frank J.          30-Oct-17      U128

Linnebur, Anna M.     Klausner, Thomas P.    21-Jan-13      P630

Linnebur, Ben J.      Elpers, Lona           30-Jan-22      Z562

Linnebur, Christina   Hotze, Alph            21-Jul-19      W300

Linnebur, Ellen       Simon, August                         T013

Linnebur, Frances     Greiving, John         4-May-20       X338

Linnebur, Frederick B.Kampling, Maria Magdale16-Apr-12      P167

Linnebur, H.C.        Seiwert, Maggie        11 May 1897    G286

Linnebur, John        Klausmeyer, Mina(nnie) 08 May 1895    F525

Linnebur, Joseph      Klausmeyer, Kattie     18 May 1897    G295

Linnebur, Joseph      Puder, Agnes           29-Jul-13      Q249

Linnebur, Joseph      Zwicke, Anna           14-Apr-20      X284

Linnebur, Katie       Howard, W.J.           2-Sep-13       Q296

Linnebur, Mary        Lies, John N.          25-Oct-21      Z341

Linnebur, P.T.        Cassidy, Celia         21-Apr-14      Q593

Linnebur, Peter       Schroeder, Elisabeth   18 Oct 1892    E633

Linnen, William G.    Pinkerton, Gladys M.   24-Sep-19      W469

Linneus, Mabel        Burns, Bert            16-Jun-01      H614

Linot, Mary           Dillon, J.             27-Jun-06      K304

Linot, Thomas J.      White, Minnie V.       10-Feb-04      J160

Linquist, Edith       Campbell, Charles      8-Apr-12       P185

Linscott, D.C.        Greer, Byrel           6-Jun-00       H333

Linskey, Blanch       Kline, W.G.            18-Feb-19      V617

Linsner, Hattie       Nelson, Harry A.       28-Dec-09      M596

Linstrot, Frank P.    Teverbaugh, Fern A.    12-Jun-19      W207

Lint, Henry Clay      Morris, Clara King     27-Dec-17      U412

Lintner, Iva Leila    Wilder, Clyde Preston  31-Oct-21      Z397

Lintner, Mary Agnes   Whitmore, Roy W.       30-Jun-18      V249

Linton, Letha A.      Trisler, Ben H.        12-Feb-10      N015

Linton, Pearl         Smith, H.E.            3-Nov-09       M512

Linville, Edgell M.   Hawkins, John H.       15-Feb-15      R361

Linville, Orville     Thompson, Armyn        1-Jun-08       L418

Linville, Ralph       Perkins, Hazel         12-Jun-11      O192

Linville, Scott       Ullom, Hazel           10-Jun-17      T434

Linwood, Mary L.      Tyrrell, A.J.          20-May-12      P238

Lipke, Francis        Simon, Philip          13 Apr 1899    H058

Lipke, Frederic       Schmitt, Margeretha    26 Sep 1899    H155

Lipke, Helen          Lohkamp, Theodore      7-Jan-20       X110

Lipke, Joe            Robbins, Maude         17-Feb-15      R362

Lipke, Katharina(KatieSimon, Peter H.        13 Feb 1899    H040

Lipke, Rose           Roets, Edward B.       11-May-20      X391

Lipp, C.B.            Brown, L. Maud         17 Sep 1899    H158

Lipp, Maud            Wilson, I.N.           19-Feb-02      I184

Lipp, Sadie B.        Huston, C.M.           01 Dec 1898    G623

Lippard, Orin K.      Sorey, Mary Helen      3-May-19       W114

Lippencott, Rebecca   Howard, George         24 Jul 1872    A040

Lipperd, Ella Odessa  Payne, Alva Abraham    1-Jun-09       M272

Lippert, William J.   Campbell, Mary E.(Mrs.)02 Nov 1890    E238

Lippincott, Beryl     Fowler, L.T.           27-Dec-11      P030

Lippincott, Grace     Sherman, Ray                          S594

Lippy, M.C.           McMillan, W.W.         23 Feb 1897    G261

Lipscomb, Russell     Simpson, Effie         11-Apr-07      K602

Lipton, Otto Ernest   Gaede, Helen           30-Aug-18      V355

Lish, Isla            Jefferies, Rolla       20-Dec-19      X053

Lish, Minnie          Lish, Roy              15-Jun-20      X491

Lish, Roy             Lish, Minnie           15-Jun-20      X491

Lish, Russell         Harson, Myrtle         1-Nov-19       W569

Lishman, Ester Smith  Ford, R.D.             9-Oct-13       Q369

Lisk, William A.      Boyer, Elizabeth A.    1-Sep-19       W356

Lissig, Elmer         Parker, Gertrude       16-Jan-04      J142

Lister, Anson T.      Edwards, Mary                         S540

Lister, Jacob F.      Keefe, Elizabeth       30 Sep 1896    G156

Lister, Len           Diggs, Olive           19-Nov-08      M015

Listerman, Mary E.    Clifford, Luther E     27 Oct 1889    E003

Liston, Elizabeth J.  Madigan, Thomas J.     27-Jan-10      M632

Litchfield, E.M.      Sherman, Edna          25 Feb 1899    H048

Litchfield, Edna (Mrs.Coates, John J.        1-Nov-00       H439

Litchfield, Edna (Mrs.Coats, John J.         1-Nov-00       H439

Litchfield, Frank M.  Berrick, Lizzie A.     25 Dec 1893    F275

Litchford, Bryan      Walker, Flora          25-Feb-20      X219

Lite, Anna            Miller, Harry          08 Sep 1883    B407

Litke, Edward E.      Finney, Laura L.       3-Nov-21       Z402

Litsey, Flora A.      Jacobson, S.           17-Apr-13      Q112

Litsey, Floyd R.      McKee, Aimee           1-Mar-09       M163

Litsey, Orpha         Carrington, F.C.       4-Sep-10       N310

Litson, Frank         Cachard, Julia         25 Nov 1896    G197

Litt, Henry B.        O'Connar, Eliza        23 Aug 1875    A162

Littell, Eva L.       Hitt, P.J.             18-Sep-01      I046

Littell, George E.    Coutlet, Eva L.        13 Feb 1890    E077

Littell, Margaret AlicBleckley, Elmer E.     14 Jan 1892    E477

Little, A.D.          Bell, Nora             11 Mar 1897    G270

Little, A.D.          Bill, Nora             11 Mar 1897    G270

Little, Addie         Williams, Samuel Everett              R554

Little, Alma E.       Gilchrist, William M.  05 Dec 1880    B115

Little, Anna E.       Kantz, Worth           03 Oct 1881    B195

Little, Annie E.      Green, John H.         12 Aug 1891    E369

Little, B.A.          Hoppel, Marie (Mrs.)   27-Apr-00      H313

Little, B.A.          McGriff, G.M.          13-Jul-05      J628

Little, Bert S.       Hoover, Olive G.       24 Jan 1899    H030

Little, Bessie        Nicholson, William Erne20-Aug-07      L088

Little, Candace       Taylor, William        07 May 1892    E534

Little, Charles S.    Stanback, Susan Mary   25 Apr 1894    F343

Little, Charles W.    Meek, Alice (Mrs.)     14 Jan 1891    E286

Little, Clara         Lines, Bond            24 Mar 1885    C230

Little, Curtis H.     Lunberg, Nellie R.     10 Feb 1896    G045

Little, Dora I.       Bidwell, Alonzo        24 Dec 1889    E042

Little, Edith Estella Dunn, Harry Samuel     28-Sep-04      J360

Little, Edward F.     Fullerton, Fredda L.                  R490

Little, Elizabeth (BesMcBurney, Asaph G.     21 Sep 1892    E614

Little, Ella M.       Kimel, W.E.            29 Nov 1888    D443

Little, Emma          Darby, Jasper          01 Mar 1885    C218

Little, F.E.          Harper, W.H.           15 Nov 1887    D158

Little, Florence      Milliken, W.E.         17-Jun-20      X502

Little, Francis       Hunter, Edith          23-Nov-21      Z445

Little, Francis T.    Stevens, Martha L.     12 Sep 1882    B295

Little, Fred W.       Ross, Sara E.          21-Nov-01      I106

Little, Helen Mary    Major, Oma Robert                     R622

Little, Isaac M.      Perin, Myrtle          02 Sep 1891    E379

Little, James R.      Moore, Abbie T.        12-Feb-19      V601

Little, Jennie        Nelson, A. Frank       14 Aug 1889    D589

Little, Jennie L.     Carr, John C.          14 May 1886    C441

Little, John C.       Shores, Gracie E.      26 Sep 1894    F405

Little, John D.       Hoyt, Mattie J.                       S030

Little, John N.       Miller, Minerva        17-Sep-03      J022

Little, Joseph O.     Maguire, Ida Pearl     29-Sep-12      P429

Little, Josie         McCain, Robert         20 Oct 1890    E223

Little, Kate          Dunn, Frank            24 Oct 1894    F424

Little, LeVerne       Bronellette, Clara     20-Jun-20      X513

Little, Lydia J.      Bush, Wilbern          29 Feb 1892    E506

Little, M.I.          Harper, D.E.           09 Oct 1888    D404

Little, Mabel May     Hulse, Lee Robert      29-Jul-19      W318

Little, Marie E.      Matthews, L.J.         11-Dec-04      J438

Little, Martha E.     Atchison, Eldridge S.  18 Sep 1899    H161

Little, Mattie        Renner, Martin C.      29-Oct-12      P485

Little, Mildred C.    Deses, Albert H.       2-Nov-12       P546

Little, Naomi W.      Culver, William V.     24-Jun-08      L447

Little, Nettie B.     Robinson, J.C.         15 Dec 1898    G634

Little, Noah          Blair, Elsie           21-Oct-09      M494

Little, Pauline       Richardson, Benjamin   30-Jul-18      V284

Little, Priscilla     Locke, T.S.            8-Mar-21       Y510

Little, R.H.          Orr, Minnie            16 Jul 1896    G121

Little, Sadie (Mrs.)  Howey, George          20 Oct 1890    E222

Little, Sarah E.      Davis, M.R.            4-Jan-00       H241

Little, St. Clair     Barns, Mae             15-Oct-08      L603

Little, Susie         Miller, Samuel A.      29-Nov-09      M546

Little, Thelma R.     Dillon, G. Earl        24-Oct-05      K089

Little, Virginia L.   Clogston, Robert H.    21-Nov-01      I107

Little, W.N.          Connor, Emily          20-Jan-19      V574

Little, W.T.          Mitchell, Beryle       16-Oct-12      P467

Little, William       Sulcer, Sarah E.       21 Aug 1892    E599

Littlefield, Nellie   Patterson, John        12 Oct 1883    B418

Littlefield, Samuel H.Christopher, Mary      25 Apr 1886    C433

Littlefield, Stella   Reynolds, Charles      11 Oct 1890    E216

Littlefield, W. LeclarAlbright, Clarion E.   27-Jun-10      N209

Littlejohn, Abraham S.Judckins, Katie Lula   22-Dec-18      V528

Littlejohn, Frank     Williamson, Edith      05 Apr 1898    G487

Littlejohn, Lewis M.  Snyder, Jemima                        R411

Littlejohn, Lula      Ritz, Iva L.           28-Sep-10      N361

Littlepage, William   Ruley, Josephine       01 Nov 1882    B340

Littler, Edith        Pasewalk, L.H.         27-Feb-22      Z633

Littler, Harry        Oland, Bertha          3-Sep-18       V370

Littler, Mary         Marks, Irvin           07 Aug 1895    F572

Littler, Viola M.     Grier, R.S.            18-Oct-04      J380

Littles, Elizia       Medcalf, Henry         3-Jun-18       V187

Litton, C.W.          Corliss, Lula A.       4-Apr-05       J537

Litton, Clemma M.     Lytton, C.L.           30-Jul-17      T543

Littrall, L.C.        Valentine, Camille A.  6-Jun-14       R016

Littrell, Rosa        Suddarth, Joseph Edward29-Oct-14      R216

Liurance, Clara       McHenry, Paul          3-Jun-21       Z017

Lively, Bessie Edna   Fellers, George William14-Aug-11      O281

Lively, Ruth          Craig, G.H.            15-Jan-18      U482

Livengood, Arthur J.  McCormick, Mareta      4-Jun-09       M277

Livesay, Edwin        Cale, Bonnie Bell      07 Feb 1888    D220

Livesay, Lizzie       Crane, N.A.            16 May 1888    D301

Livesay, William      McKee, Iona            4-Nov-19       W576

Livingston, Alexander Light, Sarah Louise    29 Apr 1888    D284

Livingston, Boynton T.Ald, Ada May           20 Mar 1895    F511

Livingston, Emma J.   Wing, Alva T.          04 Sep 1889    D602

Livingston, George ElmRathbone, Della Lee    28-Mar-19      W041

Livingston, Iva       Dobbin, Archie         25-Dec-12      P578

Livingston, James G.  Conway, Cynthia A.     01 Aug 1886    C475

Livingston, Jennie    Gress, John            01 Dec 1885    C351

Livingston, L. Lyle   Pierce, Marie R.       20-Jun-07      L027

Livingston, Lewis     Etter, Belle           23-Dec-14      R268

Livingston, Lillian E.Shufelberger, M.E.     16-Dec-04      J441

Livingston, Marie PierSmith, Earle D.        25-Dec-17      U401

Livingston, Mary      Nighswonger, Oscar     10 Oct 1889    D628

Livingston, Milton    Johnson, Annabelle                    T221

Livingston, Pat       Smith, Ida             17-Apr-00      H307

Livingston, R.J.      Dobbin, Margaret Pearl 24-Jan-00      H261

Livingston, Rosa B.   Moore, Ralph           12 Jan 1880    B024

Livingston, Stephen L.Engstrom, Fredricka T.                S348

Livingston, W.R.      Rhodes, Ethel J.       25 Dec 1895    G012

Livingston, William   Shaw, Nettie B.        25 Sep 1876    A225

Livingston, William EaSholt, Vernetta Rebecca18-Feb-14      Q534

Livsay, Edwin         Cale, Bonnie Bell                     D219

Lizar, Edna           Pray, James A.         20 Dec 1888    D455

Lloyd, Addie          Watt, James E.         16 Aug 1876    A218

Lloyd, Amos B.        Turner, Maude M.       8-Nov-19       W588

Lloyd, Anna May       Salsbury, Frank        29-Sep-21      Z317

Lloyd, Annett         Johnson, Lyman         21 May 1879    A426

Lloyd, Bruce          Oswell, Amelia         15 Feb 1881    B136

Lloyd, Edward C.      Henry, Ida             04 Sep 1890    E192

Lloyd, Floy           Nelson, William R.     2-Jan-09       M085

Lloyd, Joseph         Jones, Marie           25-Oct-19      W553

Lloyd, Mattie         Maxson, William H.     23 Aug 1888    D367

Lloyd, Nora           Sullivan, R.D.R.       8-Feb-05       J494

Lloyd, Robert P.      Brewer, Jacqualine     20-Mar-22      Z666

Lloyd, Samuel E.      Schreffler, Sallie     5-Jul-05       J622

Lloyd, William B.     Young, Marguerite A.   24-Nov-10      N464

Loar, Nettie          Green, E.A.            22 Jul 1872    A039

Loar, Zachariah       Fletcher, Sarah Elizabe10-Nov-06      K440

Lobdell, Lena         Dye, Jay R.            18-Nov-08      M011

Lobdell, Mildred E.   Norris, David F.       9-Nov-07       L195

Loch, William A.      Lovell, Emma L.        30-Sep-20      Y149

Lochmann, John        Koehler, Frances       20-Oct-13      Q389

Lochmann, Katie       Mack, Fred             26-Apr-14      Q601

Lockard, James A.     Weir, Anna             28 Jun 1877    A274

Lockard, John A.      Elder, Lucy (Mrs.)     09 Jul 1892    E577

Locke, Charles        Chatfield, Mary O.     10 Apr 1889    D524

Locke, G.V.           Pugh, Pearl            20-Sep-11      O330

Locke, George W.      Kimsey, Lena E.        2-Nov-09       M510

Locke, George W.      Makinson, Sarah I.                    T083

Locke, L.C. (Mrs.)    Pickrell, J.T.         12-Dec-17      U336

Locke, Mary E. (Mrs.) Sternberg, W.H.        12-Nov-01      I099

Locke, T.S.           Little, Priscilla      8-Mar-21       Y510

Lockerman, Ethel      Pratt, William E.                     T025

Lockerman, Jennie     Self, Robert           19-Jun-18      V232

Lockett, Charles N.   Inman, Goldie B.       12-Jun-07      L013

Lockett, Dora E.      Gaitskill, Joseph E.   22-Aug-17      T588

Lockett, J.F.         Miller, Mary E.        28 Jan 1886    C385

Lockhart, Charles H.  Kenison, Lizzie        20 Apr 1893    F119

Lockhart, F.E.        McNamara, Dorothy Franc28-Nov-17      U276

Lockhead, Myrtle      Mennis, Karl           18-Aug-21      Z223

Lockhead, W.R.        Franklin, Hallie                      S484

Lockridge, Felix      Broils, Phoebe         9-Feb-07       K542

Lockwood, Anna Z.     Kendall, John F.       1-Dec-09       M538

Lockwood, Anna Z. (MrsLockwood, H.C.         4-Jul-00       H353

Lockwood, H.C.        Lockwood, Anna Z. (Mrs)4-Jul-00       H353

Lockwood, Henrietta   Cale, James C.         17 Jul 1893    F169

Lockwood, Lurena      Ward, Lewis M.         17-Sep-11      O322

Lockwood, Samuel      Clark, Nina A.         19-Sep-10      N341

Lockwood, Stella      Hellums, Charles F.    25-Jul-06      K338

Lockwood, Susie May   Himmelwright, Homer M. 19-Jun-20      X512

Lockwood, W.M.        Graham, Lucinda(dia)   05 Apr 1897    G279

Lockyer, Albert EdwardFisher, Grace Leona    25-Dec-18      V535

Loder, Nellie M.      Anderson, Robert H.    25-Oct-14      R206

Lodge, Edith M.       Seneker, George W.     06 Jul 1890    E167

Loe, Violet Mildred   Euard, Arthur          31-Dec-19      X093

Loeffler, Martha M.   Kuster, Christian      17 Dec 1891    E441

Loehr, John           Hamersky, Lena         7-Jan-03       I423

Loera, Donaciana      Galvan, Severiano      3-Dec-20       Y313

Loevenich, Lizzie     Engelbrecht, Ben       25 Nov 1897    G409

Loewen, Marie         Mosier, George D.      20-Dec-06      K489

Loffler, Elise        Wolter, E.H.W.         17 Apr 1888    D275

Lofinck, M. Ida       Hoffman, Henry F.      14-Apr-21      Y577

Lofland, Nellie       Palmer, I.H.           13-Sep-08      L560

Loflin, Beulah        Anderson, H.B.         27-Dec-21      Z512

Loftis, Mary I.       Hagerty, Charles A.                   T184

Logan, Cora           Wight, Addis           13 Aug 1890    E182

Logan, Cordelia M.    Clayton, John W.       14 Nov 1878    A376

Logan, Ethel          Beal, George           20-May-14      Q636

Logan, Ethel          Elmore, E.W.           12-Nov-12      P511

Logan, Frank Burton   Gilcrease, Lena Viola  30-Jul-19      W322

Logan, Harry J.       Combs, Lillie A.       28-Nov-09      M543

Logan, Henry Charles  Jeffries, Nellie       29-Sep-17      U024

Logan, J.W.           Kintner, Christine     11-Oct-19      W516

Logan, J.W.           Nichols, May           30 Oct 1887    D145

Logan, James          Fox, Mildred           7-Jul-20       X564

Logan, James Cleo     Jeffries, Ellen                       T148

Logan, James E.       Rasmussen, Mabel A.    16-Nov-11      O417

Logan, John J.        Moore, Cora E.         3-Jul-20       X556

Logan, Josie          White, P.W.            24 Aug 1886    C486

Logan, Lillie         Keim, George E.        10-Nov-20      Y258

Logan, S.O.           Raisler, Louisa A.     15 Oct 1888    D405

Logan, Thomas P.      White, Gertrude        17-Nov-06      K449

Logan, Walter R.      Johnston, Mabel                       R431

Logart, Michael       Seidenfaden, Dorothea  06 Jul 1878    A342

Logemann, John        Stamm, Lizzie          07 Nov 1889    E012

Loger, Dena           Buse, Raymond          24-May-02      I252

Loger, Dora M.        Hastings, Paul F.      15-Oct-08      L606

Loger, Eda Pauline    Mourning, John Elton                  S161

Loger, Otto           True, Stella           28-Sep-21      Z313

Loger, Teady          Gise, Ernest           15-Oct-08      L605

Loger, W.H.           Graham, Eva            11-Feb-09      M137

Loger, Walter         Haupt, Laura           24-Jun-17      T465

Logerman, Katie L.    Adams, Warren R.       23-May-09      M262

Logerman, Minnie      Grunden, Ira           14-Sep-18      V395

Logsdon, F.D.         Reed, Nelle R.         21-Feb-19      V622

Logsdon, Glenn T.     Kinderknecht, Ester Edn17-Jul-12      P337

Logsdon, Glenn T.     Rinderknecht, Esther Ed17-Jul-12      P337

Logsdon, James H.     Ball, Cynthia          17 May 1888    D302

Logsdon, Janie(nnie)  Hart, Orie             10 Jul 1897    G324

Logsdon, Lawrence H.  Hart, Edith M.         1-Sep-07       L098

Logsdon, Nina M.      Davis, Charles C.      26 Nov 1897    G413

Logsdon, Nora         Vickers, Frank R.      10 May 1890    E140

Logston, Alice        Schoonover, George     26 Jun 1889    D560

Logston, Lydia V.     Showers, Melville J.   23 Feb 1892    E502

Logue, Flossie May    Howe, A.C.             29 Dec 1898    H011

Logue, Raymond Dixon  Viets, Hazel Stella    29-Aug-17      T602

Logue, Retta          Wilson, E.C.           03 Mar 1897    G266

Logue, Robert C.      Smith, Josie Isabell   10 Oct 1886    C508

Logue, Robert FranklinHowe, Hattie May       27-Aug-04      J324

Logue, Stella S.      Howe, William F.       28 Feb 1898    G469

Lohkamp, Frank        Rau, Katherine         6-May-20       X374

Lohkamp, Jacob J.     Martin, Mamie Thressie 25-Jun-12      P301

Lohkamp, Paulina Anna Roets, Philip George   9-Oct-12       P449

Lohkamp, Theodore     Lipke, Helen           7-Jan-20       X110

Lohmiller, Louella    Brock, James L.        21 Aug 1897    G343

Lohrding, Henry W.    Yungmeyer, Dora        17 Jul 1888    D343

Lohrey, Mae           Dewees, I.L.           19-Mar-21      Y534

Loisean, Anna M. (Mrs.Moorhead, Wallace      19 Nov 1892    F019

Lokamp, Mary          McLaughlin, M.         20-Apr-21      Y589

Lomax, Alonzo P.      Kruger, Mabel Belle    6-Aug-05       K009

Lomax, Claude E.      Kruckenburg, Wanda     25-Dec-09      M590

Lomax, George         Yaw, May               6-Jun-08       L424

Lomax, Hazel M.       Marshall, A.W.         3-Feb-12       P090

Lomax, Jesse H.       Eddingfield, Bessie E. 18-Jun-05      J602

Lomax, Lon P.         Poe, Roberta Ruth      16-Oct-12      P464

Lomax, W.A.           Walker, Carrie         3-Nov-17       U164

Lomax, Walter D.      Boggs, Genevieve       15-Sep-19      W440

Lombard, Albert FranciFarley, Marie Virginia 14-Aug-21      Z209

Lombard, Ernest H.    Jones, Berniece I.     11-Sep-21      Z270

Lomilo V, Joe         Ortez, Conzuelo        3-Aug-20       X628

London, Stella        Hawkins, Wilson        3-Feb-20       X175

Londrey, Frank O.     Bryant, Coral          10-Jun-14      R017

Lonergan, Rosa E.     Brown, Eli L.          7-Nov-20       Y220

Loney, James R.       Thomas, Pearl Frances                 S027

Loney, Mary           Williams, Lee                         S210

Long, A.C. (Mrs.)     Edwards, O.L.          22 Mar 1881    B145

Long, Ada             Miller, N.U.           21-May-08      L408

Long, Bernice         Poulos, Leon           20-Sep-20      Y127

Long, Bertha          Smith, Charles L.      23-Mar-05      J530

Long, Bess L.         Hormel, Neal V.        9-Jun-20       X475

Long, Bessie L.       Crone, W.W.            12-Sep-14      R141

Long, Blanche         Craig, R.M.            16 Mar 1893    F097

Long, C.D.            Hunley, Ona E.         27-Dec-09      M591

Long, C.W.            McCormick, Grace       24 Feb 1897    G259

Long, Carl C.         Jones, Margaret M.     15-Mar-21      Y524

Long, Carrie          Dickerson, Alvah       12-Sep-06      K373

Long, Celia           Blackburn, John        28-Nov-18      V499

Long, Charles F.      Plummer, Erma C.       10-May-09      M248

Long, Clinton         Falk, Goldie           15-Feb-20      X197

Long, Cora            Tomia, E.M.            12-Apr-03      I528

Long, Cora Alice      Wagoner, Lemuel Jacob  29-Jul-14      R076

Long, Della           Lee, W.E.              2-Sep-03       J010

Long, Dick Rodney     Lahey, Grace           26-Nov-19      X003

Long, Donald O.       Hiatt, Caroline M.     24-Nov-17      U250

Long, Doss Virgle     Troup, Bertha          2-Aug-19       W329

Long, E. Arnold       Rucker, Jessie M.                     T176

Long, E.R.            Woollam, Lulu          30-Mar-19      W040

Long, Edgar H.        Maynard, Mamie         10-Jun-08      L430

Long, Effie M.        Reeves, Joseph O.      15 Mar 1882    B251

Long, Eli             Smith, Elvira          10 Jan 1882    B233

Long, Eliza B.        Marshall, William J.   21-Sep-04      J353

Long, Elizabeth       Hall, Walter           27-Apr-08      L387

Long, Elizabeth J.    Thorn, Edwin S.        29 Nov 1893    F259

Long, Ella            Persyn, George T.      22-Nov-20      Y288

Long, Elmer           Newton, Ida Bell                      S344

Long, Elmer Preston   Markham, Mabel         4-Oct-20       Y160

Long, Emma            McLeod, Allan E.       28-Jul-21      Z165

Long, Emma J.         Fanning, Erwin C.      31 Jan 1889    D484

Long, Ephrain         Maquilin, Carrie E.    22 Jul 1886    C470

Long, Esther Maria    Hoss, H.E.             24-Feb-09      M156

Long, Eva             Crowley, W.H.          07 Jun 1897    G309

Long, Eva V.          Reeves, Clyde L.       22-Jan-04      J146

Long, Frank E.        Webber, Minnie G.      2-May-13       Q134

Long, George          Thompson, Eva Gladys   28-Jul-17      T536

Long, George S.       Eilerts, Lydia         31-Oct-00      H445

Long, Gladys          Graham, Alva                          S069

Long, Grant           Freeman, Lulu May      15-Sep-03      J018

Long, H.C.            Dunn, Julia A.         16-Aug-18      V325

Long, Harry E.        Folkers, Margretta A.  16-Feb-10      N018

Long, Ida             Ogden, S.B.            06 Jan 1885    C192

Long, Irvin D.        Robb, Luella           26 Jan 1888    D207

Long, Ivel Marie      Curless, Stephen       14-Mar-20      X252

Long, J.B.            Morris, Ruby           25-Sep-01      I054

Long, James K.        Pedigo, Minnie E.      29 Nov 1888    D442

Long, James M.        Halsey, Claudine       11-Jul-17      T499

Long, Jesse D.        King, Mary Rose (Mrs.) 16 Aug 1892    E596

Long, Joshua          Tunis, Pearl           10 Feb 1897    G252

Long, Julia           Chaney, Orin E.        9-Jan-21       Y403

Long, L.L.            Howerton, Leone        3-Apr-13       Q091

Long, Lankford N.     Hess, Maude Belle      26-Jun-10      N207

Long, Laura Lee       Hall, O.R.             13-Jul-12      P332

Long, Lawrence        Nixon, Belle           19-Feb-08      L313

Long, Lena Waterman   Waterman, Orpheus      04 Aug 1889    D578

Long, Leroy           Duren, Elizabeth       31-May-19      W173

Long, Lillie M.       Williams, Albert H.    27 Sep 1896    G154

Long, Lock            Johnson, Libbie        14-Nov-13      Q420

Long, Lulu            Ramsey, John           22 Dec 1899    H231

Long, M.H.            Andrews, Maud(de)      25 Aug 1898    G561

Long, M.H.            Lynn, Ida              8-Dec-07       L228

Long, M.J.            Perry, Susanne Lucile                 R562

Long, Maggie J.       Guyton, George F.      26 Feb 1889    D502

Long, Margaret        Stanley, William Eugene18-Jan-22      Z560

Long, Mary Charlotte  Hoover, Fred           15 Jan 1895    F478

Long, Mary Lida       Deffenbaugh, Miles W.  31-Jul-05      K005

Long, Matilda A.      Winders, Henry J.      04 Oct 1881    B196

Long, May             Hammon, John L.        28 Dec 1893    F284

Long, May(ary) E. (C.)Herr, Henry E.         04 Oct 1881    B196

Long, N.R.            Yungmeyer, Frances     11-Jun-18      V203

Long, Nathan          Longsdorf, Louisa      30 Dec 1879    B022

Long, Nina A.         McGaha, John W.        04 Sep 1889    D596

Long, Pauline         Haggert, John          25-Apr-22      Z727

Long, Pearl           Sparks, Hardie         18-Apr-21      Y588

Long, R.E.            Crance, Frances                       T094

Long, R.G.            Torrington, Emilie W.  24-Aug-04      J322

Long, Rena            Coate, Hugh L.         15-Sep-09      M428

Long, Richard E.      Spencer, Carrie        20-Jun-12      P295

Long, Sidney Bell     Graves, Gene C.        3-Oct-20       Y144

Long, Sidney David    Thomas, Lillian Estella24-Jan-00      H262

Long, Tena            Harper, Fred H.        27 Dec 1891    E460

Long, Thomas Chester  Bowlin, Lora           7-Jun-21       Z029

Long, Vernon Carl     Taylor, Elizabeth      18-Jun-18      V226

Long, W.C.            Florence, Berthene     27-Sep-20      Y139

Long, W.E.            Collins, Arie          28-Sep-21      Z314

Long, W.H.            Spencer, Elma          11-May-04      J232

Long, W.M.            Gorman, Pearl          11-Jul-21      Z125

Long, Walter T.       Rooks, Iva             4-Jul-14       R059

Long, Wellington F.   Krehbiel, Rhoda Clara                 S208

Long, William H.      Boyle, Clara V.        29 Oct 1889    E004

Long, William O.      Parsons, Hazel                        T285

Long, William W.      Poole, Alice A.        23 May 1894    F356

Long, Zella           Shelton, Erwin                        T350

Long, Zora            Nicholas, Arthur       15-Dec-06      K483

Longhofer, John D.    Schwab, Rosie                         S106

Longhofer, Lydia      Windsor, C.L.          14-Aug-18      V321

Longhofer, Rachel     Dick, Alexander                       S265

Longlands, Percy      Brown, Emma J.         25 Jul 1882    B287

Longley, Maggie E.    Culp, Harry I.         28-May-06      K278

Longmire, Mingon M.   Williams, C. Lester    27 Aug 1890    E189

Longnecker, N.W.      Ward, Minnie           25-Sep-11      O340

Longowsky, Jacob D.   Finefrock, Margaret Pea24-Jul-08      L449

Longria, Ralph        Ferdnandes, Apaminia   26-Aug-18      V349

Longs, B.             Johnston, Ruth                        S030

Longsdorf, Bertie L.  Cook, Levi             05 Jun 1887    D024

Longsdorf, Lizzie     Riley, Christopher     20 Jul 1891    E362

Longsdorf, Louisa     Long, Nathan           30 Dec 1879    B022

Longsdorf, W.L.       Kistler, Annie V.      01 Jun 1898    G517

Longsdorff, Anna H.   Amborn, George W.      01 Dec 1886    C542

Longstreth, Blanche   Rose, Forrest H.       20-Feb-01      H525

Longstreth, Lloyd M.  Manor, Elsie E.        3-Mar-21       Y503

Longstreth, Myrtie E. White, John W.         27 Mar 1887    C617

Longwell, Clyde J.    Putman, Neva M.                       S524

Longwell, Ina         Young, Walter          12 Nov 1894    F434

Longwell, Ina E.      Gilleland, Charles M.  28-Jun-04      J276

Longwill, Hanah M.    Weathers, Oscar        07 Nov 1898    G604

Longwill, James L.    McQuihy, Harriet M.    18 Feb 1877    A254

Longwill, William D.  Bowman, Mary E.        27 Feb 1884    C043

Longworth, Carrie P.  McCormick, James P.    22-Jan-18      U499

Longworth, Lydia M.   Carter, O.C.           23-Jun-17      T463

Lonnecker, Minnie     Stanley, William E.    4-Oct-00       H422

Loofbourrow, Ersel    Dunham, Alva T.                       S570

Look, Grace           Clary, Gilbert         22-Dec-10      N513

Looker, Eugene Wesley Duncan, Rachel Lucile  9-Jun-20       X471

Looman, William T.    Atkinson, May W.       9-Mar-10       N051

Loomis, Addie N.      Haskin, William        15-Oct-02      I377

Loomis, Arthur D.     Walker, Eva D.         30 Jan 1893    F064

Loomis, Cora          Fuller, C.I.           27 Jan 1887    C579

Loomis, Daniel H.     Loomis, Mamie                         G061

Loomis, Dudley        Pocock, Lillie M.      7-Sep-02       I344

Loomis, Emerson       Runyan, Jennie (Mrs.)  16 May 1899    H088

Loomis, Fred          Fullerlove, Grace      19-Jun-11      O206

Loomis, Frederick HerbRathman, Claudine Margu29-Dec-17      U421

Loomis, George        Underwood, Minnie      11 Feb 1894    F312

Loomis, Hazel         Bradley, F.S.          27-Mar-11      O067

Loomis, Henry C.      Sherrick, Jennie                      T328

Loomis, Ida M.        Haniphan, T.L.                        S108

Loomis, Ida M.        Loomis, O.S.           20 Apr 1887    C630

Loomis, Laura         Pipkin, Robert D.      28-Oct-02      I389

Loomis, Mamie         Jeffery, Ernest        20-Apr-22      Z703

Loomis, Mamie         Loomis, Daniel H.                     G061

Loomis, Mamie         Stiles, Frank          21-Apr-04      J217

Loomis, Marie         McQuiston, I.P.        17-Feb-13      Q033

Loomis, Mattie        Foreman, William       22 Sep 1884    C141

Loomis, Nellie        Fisher, Hugh           6-Nov-20       Y250

Loomis, O.S.          Loomis, Ida M.         20 Apr 1887    C630

Loomis, Otto          Havens, Ruby           14-Mar-07      K571

Loomis, W.C. (M.D.)   Windsor, Myrtle Lillian18-Mar-15      R393

Loomis, William Edwin Clark, Nellie          13-Oct-13      Q374

Looney, Hazel         Kekahbah, Charles      31-Dec-21      Z529

Loop, Earl M.         Petticord, Elsie       6-May-11       O136

Looper, Irene         Dager, Jean Allen                     S337

Looper, Johanna       Persell, L.M.          02 Jul 1885    C273

Looper, Ora           Holle, Henry           8-Oct-21       Z337

Loosen, E.C.          Burhaus, Emeline L.    14 Nov 1899    H209

Loosley, Helen W.     Morgan, John W.        06 Feb 1895    F490

Loper, A.D.           Hilyard, Mabel         3-Sep-13       Q303

Loper, B.F.           Dennis, Sarah J. (Mrs.)04 Dec 1878    A383

Loper, Effie          Sawin, Will            10-Mar-08      L333

Loper, Ethel          Nelson, Homer          18-Aug-09      M383

Loper, Florence Annie Briley, Harry Estle    17-Jan-06      K177

Loper, Leta           Brooks, Edd            4-Aug-17       T553

Loper, Margaret A.    Drake, R.H..           24-May-22      Z784

Loper, Mary           Denton, Eugene         25 Feb 1880    B042

Loper, Mira M.        Ransom, Edmund L.      11 Feb 1893    F074

Loper, Nora B.        Henry, R.V.            24-Sep-02      I357

Lopes, Antonio        Feliz, Deffina         3-Sep-21       Z252

Lopes, Donacina       Tores, Frank M.        27-Jan-19      V581

Lopes, Jose           Juares, Maria          4-Jan-22       Z532

Lopes, Louisa         Villalpando, Augustin  5-Apr-19       W056

Lopez, Carmen         Lopez, Jose            16-May-19      W143

Lopez, Jose           Lopez, Carmen          16-May-19      W143

Lopez, Marselino      Regalado, Guadalupe                   U006

Lopez, Mary           Camacho, Julio H.      9-Jun-20       X464

Lopsez, Donacrana     Rodriguez, Guadalupse  17-Nov-14      R239

Lora, Merta           Slothower, Truman                     T237

Lorang, Mary Margaret Blades, Russell Francis               S055

Lorash, E.Z.          Robertson, Mary Jane   13 Oct 1887    D132

Lord, Beatrice D.     Smith, George J.       5-Oct-08       L593

Lord, Ernest E.       Bacon, Anna C.         12-Aug-10      N272

Lord, Eva             McCabe, J.R.           5-Sep-19       W417

Lord, Warren Ambrose  Henley, Lena           14-Jan-15      R324

Lorenz, Bertha        Wichman, Henry         15-Feb-01      H521

Lorenz, Emil          Holtje, Marie          1-May-02       I228

Lorenz, Henry         Asendorf, Clara        9-Jun-10       N164

Lorg, John            Halten, Maggie         16 Nov 1897    G398

Lorg, John            Helten, Maggie         16 Nov 1897    G398

Lorg, Mary            Paney, Paul P.         18-Oct-21      Z324

Loring, Blanche       McCabe, Melvin                        S603

Loring, C.E.          Wade, Effie            4-Nov-17       U159

Loring, Lucius P.     Holladay, Maude L.     28-Aug-07      L094

Lorson, Anna          Heschmeyer, John       5-May-08       L377

Lorson, Peter         Schwartz, Emma         20 Jun 1888    D326

Lorton, H.E.          Burr, Bertha           24-Jul-12      P345

Losano, Juana         Murillo, Alejo         2-May-21       Y617

Losee, D.M.           Taylor, Ida May        03 Sep 1882    B293

Losee, George Harry   Lemon, Verna Alma      25-Jun-07      L034

Losee, Jesse G.       Baker, Sarah A.        13 Feb 1897    G254

Losee, Kate L.        Clark, George A.       17 Apr 1888    D273

Losey, Florence       Skripsy, Joe F.        23-Jun-13      Q209

Losey, George W.      Brinkman, Minnie T.    27 Aug 1896    G139

Losh, John O.         Shannon, Martha        24-Sep-02      I357

Losh, Lee F.          Barns, Edna B.         10-Oct-14      R183

Losh, Pearl(le)       Bankey, Charles        1-Feb-13       Q014

Losh, Sarah           Hawkins, David         9-Jun-08       L429

Loshbaugh, Florence   Jones, Oscar           5-Mar-19       W010

Loshbaugh, William    Tupper, Dora           08 Aug 1897    G333

Loshbough, Clara      Blachley, Charles W.   17-Sep-05      K042

Loshbough, Ellen      Klaus, W.C.                           S035

Loshbough, George H.  Ashby, Belva J.        23-Feb-09      M149

Loshbough, William    Geiger, Elsie          12-Oct-10      N389

Lossee, Edna Adaline  Meyer, S.A.            10-Oct-17      U070

Losure, Fannie        Gay, Charles           03 Jul 1882    B281

Lott, Ame L.          Peck, W.M.             18-Oct-06      K410

Lott, J.T.            Lacy, Marie A.         1-Jun-09       M273

Lott, Jesse D.        Munroe, Ella           17-Oct-07      L173

Lott, Melvin H.       Frazier, Pauline       18-May-18      V156

Lott, Moses           Glazbrook, J.F.        28 Jul 1878    A346

Loucks, Anna C.       Geisinzer, Rollin C.   17 Mar 1888    D250

Loucks, John E.       Davis, Billie O.       21-Mar-21      Y538

Loudenslager, Adda    Royal, William I.      07 Jan 1892    E471

Loudenslager, Cora    Ihrig, William         29 Aug 1889    D595

Loudenslager, Emma    Dotson, Lewis          21 Nov 1883    C007

Loudenslager, Hettie  Nicholson, Lewie       27 Sep 1894    F407

Loudenslager, Jennie GDowning, John B.       24 Dec 1895    G017

Loudenslager, Joseph  Packard, Sarah         22 Feb 1883    B349

Loudenslager, Lenora GPosey, William A.      28-Aug-07      L095

Loudenslager, Lewis H.Riley, Maud E.         10-Feb-04      J159

Loudenslager, Murray  Adamson, Ollie         21-Oct-08      L609

Louderback, Dollie M. Parsons, B.F.          23-Sep-02      I359

Louderman, W.M.       Powers, Addie          14-Aug-10      N273

Loudermilk, Audrae    Shumaker, Ross Ara     10-Jul-18      V271

Loudermilk, Emma L.   Baker, Herman E.       30 Oct 1895    F616

Loudermilk, James D.  Payne, Myrtle          23 Aug 1893    F187

Louderslager, Ollie E.Bailey, Edward         19-Oct-02      I381

Lough, Edna B.        Wells, Joseph L.       31-Aug-08      L542

Lough, Ella           Haeberle, Albert P.    4-Dec-12       P548

Loughlin, Amy O.      Clune, Mathew                         S445

Loughmiller, Cora     Ross, George W.        28 Jul 1898    G546

Loughmiller, Fannie   Roberts, Frank W.                     S190

Loughmiller, May E.   Gillespie, Roy                        T362

Loughmiller, Pearl    Pickering, Ira         26-Dec-14      R303

Loughridge, Linn WilsoGatton, Rhoda M.       6-Dec-14       R272

Louie, Emma           Werner, Lester C.      11-Mar-14      Q563

Louie, Grace          Donagan, David         11-Sep-20      Y097

Louie, Jessie         Campbell, T.W.         10-May-06      K268

Louis, Fred           Thomas, Irene          7-Jul-17       T495

Louis, Ida B.         Smith, W.P.            24 Jun 1897    G318

Louker, Clara V.      Watts, S.L.            8-Mar-15       R381

Louneke, Grace        Rudolph, Carl          24-Dec-21      Z505

Loury, Garret         Ketchum, Jennie        25 Dec 1881    B227

Loutz, Lulu(la)       Harlow, C.W.           4-Oct-10       N372

Loutzenhiser, Cecil MaTurner, David Edward   26-Feb-22      Z629

Loutzenhiser, Vera    Hintz, Fred                           T211

Lovci, Adolph         Moore, Ida Pearl       22-Jun-09      M305

Lovci, John           Hubka, Josie           27-Jan-04      J149

Love, A.S.            Witoschek, Josie       1-Sep-18       V367

Love, Bertie          Thomas, Noah                          S029

Love, Buena           Graves, John           13-Sep-13      Q319

Love, Carrie          Arnold, William                       X243

Love, Charles H.      Blackman, Marguerite   25-Jan-21      Y433

Love, Fred C.         Allen, Louise          11-May-11      O143

Love, Fred C.         Gaines, Allie          18-Mar-13      Q064

Love, Jahiel M.       Campbell, Ella T.      24-Oct-09      M496

Love, James L.        Hatcher, Josephine E.  26 Jul 1892    E583

Love, Jesse T.        Graham, Clara                         S156

Love, L.G. (Mrs.)     Doane, Harry E.        17-Dec-03      J114

Love, Lewis E.        Miller, Bessie L.      11-Feb-03      I482

Love, Lizze           Scheffler, August      16-Feb-21      Y477

Love, Lula            Brockert, Thomas       26-Nov-14      R255

Love, Myrtle          McKee, Glenn           21-Oct-19      W536

Love, Nettie          Williams, R.W.         21-Jan-22      Z569

Love, Ophelia         Edwards, H.N.          21-Jan-03      I471

Love, Orpha M.        Whitehead, Thomas E.   18-Aug-18      V326

Love, Otis            Minnich, Mary          28-Nov-11      O435

Love, R.H.            Herring, Hattie        7-May-03       I549

Love, Raleigh W.      Bowser, Mary E.        24-Nov-20      Y292

Love, Ruby Lee        Foster, J.E.           22-Dec-14      R291

Love, Sylvia          Underwood, James       24-May-19      W160

Love, True            Herman, W.C.           22-Sep-01      I049

Love, W.L.            Bush, Mary Elizabeth   29-Jul-17      T531

Loveall, Claude C.    Godsey, Edna           1-Jan-13       P618

Lovelace, Edna        Burris, F.S.           26-Feb-02      I189

Lovelace, Gay         Wimp, Frank            8-Jan-03       I459

Lovelace, Lizzie J.   Sullivan, Edward J.    18 Dec 1890    E263

Lovelace, Lynn C.     Ritchey, Rachel Catheri3-Aug-21       Z179

Lovelace, M.M.        Nedrow, E.M.           11 Jun 1896    G099

Lovelace, W.C.        Hays, Lettie           12 May 1895    F538

Lovelady, E.W.        Cobb, Annie May        11-Oct-05      K070

Loveland, Albert      Burris, Helen                         S491

Loveland, Harry       Herron, Frances                       S556

Loveland, Homer D.    Piatt, Hazel           26-Sep-11      O343

Loveland, Pearl L.    MacKenzie, W.J.        25-Dec-11      P032

Loveland, Robert E.   Green, Jennie          31-Dec-11      P047

Loveland, Winifred    Herning, John N.       8-Nov-03       J070

Loveless, Gertrude S. Loveless, Lin H.       5-Jun-20       X461

Loveless, J.N.        Turner, Sarah M.       1-Sep-08       L546

Loveless, Laura B.    Hurn, John H.          03 Nov 1885    C331

Loveless, Lin H.      Loveless, Gertrude S.  5-Jun-20       X461

Lovell, Charley       Coleman, Lola Belle    14-Sep-14      R146

Lovell, Elizabeth     DeWitt, Lewis Thomas                  T096

Lovell, Emma L.       Loch, William A.       30-Sep-20      Y149

Lovell, H.C.          Mercer, Daisy          15-Apr-11      O101

Lovell, John A.       Morgan, Frances        3-Jul-20       X557

Lovell, Lewis         Lovell, Sarah S.       29-Mar-10      N075

Lovell, Lewis         Taylor, Mary Sarah Ann 21-Aug-07      L091

Lovell, Sarah S.      Lovell, Lewis          29-Mar-10      N075

Lovell, W.H.          Dague, Mary            27-Mar-12      P164

Lovett, Alice Jane    Devlin, John           18-Apr-08      L373

Lovett, B.L.          Zimmerman, Dot         26-Sep-21      Z308

Lovett, Lee           Willis, Effie          6-Feb-07       K538

Lovett, Nellie E.     Fanning, Grover C.     22 Nov 1898    G616

Loving, Lorena        Hoge, John H.          15-Sep-20      Y107

Lovingfoss, A.A.      Ash, Nettie L.         17-Jun-20      X501

Lovingfoss, Herold C. Rash, Faye Beulah      30-Dec-19      X094

Lovingier, Bertha     Childs, Guy            5-Jul-19       W272

Low, A.D.             Fisher, Mary E.        05 May 1881    B157

Low, Cornelius G.     Strout, Stella                        S218

Low, Grace            Conway, Robert         23-Jul-06      K335

Low, Lawrence         Brown, Mary            06 May 1889    D534

Low, Rosie            Elie, Charley          25-Jun-08      L458

Lowden, Annabelle     Edmiston, Lee          3-Jun-17       T397

Lowden, Winifred      Sage, William Jewell   24-Jun-14      R037

Lowe, Annie Lee       Bell, Max              3-Jun-21       Z016

Lowe, Beatrice L.     Roberts, William H.    2-May-04       J223

Lowe, Chester L.      Gates, Olga            18-May-18      V154

Lowe, Dorothy         Shuberg, J.M.          31-Aug-19      W399

Lowe, Fred            King, Flo                             T204

Lowe, Fredreka        Hawk, J.M.             12 Sep 1896    G147

Lowe, Lula H.         Winfield, R.W.         12-Jun-20      X484

Lowe, Mary L.         Brown, George W.       22-Aug-12      P382

Lowe, Maude Pearl     Moore, Henry H.        29-Jan-10      N004

Lowe, May             Wilson, Max            24-Dec-19      X067

Lowe, Oren            Miller, Ida            18-Dec-12      P571

Lowe, Pearl           Browning, Oliver H.    27-Nov-12      P536

Lowe, R.N.            Foutz, Olive M.        12-Aug-03      I629

Lowe, Russell L.      Way, Irene             13-Feb-21      Y472

Lowe, Ruth M.         Weaver, L.H.                          S231

Lowe, Sadie Jane      Berggren, David F.     11-Jan-19      V556

Lowe, Vina            Baldridge, George Franklin            S579

Lowe, W.A.            Hunter, Alice          10 Nov 1897    G399

Lowe, William         Person, Elenora                       T277

Lowe, Willie          Davis, Armanetta       20-Mar-22      Z664

Lowel, Genevia        Craig, C.              29 Dec 1887    D191

Lowen, Evelyn         Hawton, Arthur         31-Aug-19      W391

Lower, Archie L.      Simpson, Silence       26-Feb-19      V632

Lower, J.H.C.         Behm, Agnes            4-Jun-02       I261

Lower, James W.       Middleton, Lectra      7-Jun-21       Z024

Lower, Zola           McCrea, Robert         28-Mar-18      V060

Lowery, Bessie        Minson, Delbert O.     6-Nov-01       I091

Lowery, Burton G.     Noel, Annie            1-Jan-00       H243

Lowery, Iva C.        Palmer, George W.      28-Feb-05      J508

Lowery, Margaret      Granger, George        20-Apr-22      Z721

Lowery, Maud          Mootz, Herman          14 Nov 1898    G609

Lowery, Roda J.       Corn, Joseph F.        07 Feb 1885    C206

Lowery, Stella        Graves, Milo           1-Sep-18       V364

Lowery, W.R.          Lang, Mary L.          04 Nov 1878    A372

Lowman, Charles       Melson, Nellie         23-Apr-21      Y600

Lowman, Clissa        Bowman, Milton S.      31 May 1894    F359

Lowman, Edna          Cummings, W.L.                        R549

Lowman, Frank         Simmons, Lois          28-Dec-20      Y381

Lowman, Hollie C.     Schwerdsfager, Lyda                   S285

Lowman, Lydia         Crane, Alfred          16-Mar-18      V041

Lowman, Margaret      Douthitt, J.H.         07 Jan 1897    G234

Lowman, Samuel        Marx, Augusta          21 Dec 1881    B219

Lowrey, Flora Susan   Hurst, Evan Mark       25-Nov-19      W632

Lowrey, J.W.          Swentzell, Louisa      28 Oct 1885    C327

Lowrey, Susie         Carr, D. Roy           9-Oct-19       W508

Lowrie, Minnie        Mills, Jesse Harrison  4-Nov-07       L190

Lowry, Clark          Minson, Marie A.       28-Jun-05      J614

Lowry, Edna M.        Smith, Herbert E.      18-May-21      Y647

Lowry, Francis        Clokey, Reid                          R430

Lowry, J.C.           Bowder, Bessie         25 May 1898    G512

Lowry, J.C.           Browder, Bessie        25 May 1898    G512

Lowry, James H.       McGrew, Lizzie K.      26 Mar 1892    E524

Lowry, John C.        Hill, Lizzie           30-Apr-11      O128

Lowry, Lexie E.       Roudebush, Mabel       11-Jul-20      X544

Lowry, Mary           Eidson, Jim D.         22-Apr-12      P203

Lowry, May            Alexander, W.T.        17-Jul-11      O251

Lowry, Minnie         Horner, Oliver A.      17 Dec 1899    H226

Lowry, Rose           Humphrey, C.W.         12-Oct-04      J377

Lowry, Valley V.      Manifee, Louis W.      18 Jan 1898    G444

Lowry, Virgie         Duvall, J.H.                          S321

Lowry, Will S.        Hunt, Helen E.                        R578

Lowther, B.H.         Giroux, Sarah                         S092

Lowther, E.F.         Peterson, Ruby Blanche                R547

Loxley, Leslie E.     Willis, Kathryn A.     25-Nov-14      R255

Loy, Catharine L.     Brooks, Joseph M.      25 Sep 1876    A225

Loy, Clara May        Ervin, Hurley J.       3-Nov-14       R220

Loy, Eva Leone        Leach, Omar D.         17-Mar-12      P149

Loy, Jarvis V.        Fonda, Katie V.        12-Dec-05      K136

Loya, Aurilo          Miler, Anita           5-Oct-11       O356

Loyd, Alice Iona      Richter, Kurt                         P391

Loyd, Eva             Clifford, Tim                         C279

Loyd, Mabel           Moon, A.E.                            R535

Loyd, William H.      McPherson, Phyllis     1-Nov-13       Q406

Lozano, Domingo       Lugo, Landra           24-Feb-05      J504

Lozano, Yunasio       Tellez, Tusta                         S314

Lozier, Coral E.      Lewelling, Wilbur A.   4-Feb-22       Z591

Lubbers, Henry        Pietz, Mary            13-Oct-08      L575

Lubbers, John         Gorges, Lizzie         9-Nov-10       N407

Lubbock, H.S.         Tegener, Tessie I.     15 Mar 1899    H056

Lubrich, Charles A.   Davison, Eva           20-Mar-11      O058

Lucas, Blanche        Pennick, John          21-Nov-14      R244

Lucas, Charles E.     Bish, Esther           26-Apr-13      Q120

Lucas, Cloys M.       Simpson, Mabel         30-Mar-11      O073

Lucas, Elenore A.     Hall, Fred H.                         T282

Lucas, Elsie Ruth     Elliott, Robert A.     19-Nov-10      N454

Lucas, Fannie         Williams, Roy L.       9-Mar-08       L332

Lucas, Grace          Turley, E.M.           8-Jan-02       I155

Lucas, Hennie         Bell, Fred L.          03 Feb 1893    F068

Lucas, Ira F.         Cline, Daisy           27-Jul-21      Z159

Lucas, James Lloyd    Thomas, Shirley E.     1-Oct-19       W489

Lucas, Jennie         Hanley, James J.       25 Dec 1891    E470

Lucas, Jesse S.       Farrar, Minnie         14-Jan-12      P063

Lucas, John L.        Franklin, Frankie      22 Jun 1886    C457

Lucas, Laura          Howard, Rufus J.       01 Jan 1885    C188

Lucas, Laura A.       Lansing, Nelson O.     9-Sep-02       I345

Lucas, Loretta        Stutzman, Eli          30-Jun-14      R050

Lucas, Mable N.       Stanley, A.L.(F.)      2-Jul-10       N219

Lucas, Marie          Bennett, Andrew                       S331

Lucas, Mary C.        Thompson, C.V.         1-Jul-17       T481

Lucas, Mary E.        Sites, Edmond M.       12 Nov 1892    F014

Lucas, Minnie D.      Brinkman, Fred W.                     S295

Lucas, Myra           Hammers, F.M.          11-Jul-06      K322

Lucas, Nancy E.       Burch, Francis C.                     T174

Lucas, Raymond Marcus Forward, Cecil         26-Nov-03      J090

Lucas, Robert C.      Doty, Maggie J.        03 Mar 1895    F502

Lucas, Roy            McQuiston, Fay                        T375

Lucas, Stuart         Buford, Beulah                        R586

Lucas, Wilma          Stewart, Winfred E.    14-Dec-19      X032

Luce, Albert W.       Baird, Anna A.         29 May 1894    F359

Luce, Minnie May      Plastridge, C.A.                      S453

Lucier, Floyd         Baker, Blanche         11-Nov-17      U197

Luck, William Walter  Jones, Rosa Lee        26-Oct-17      U131

Lucken, Philomena     Gehlen, George         06 Sep 1898    G557

Luckett, Genevieve    Hawkins, Victor H.     15-Dec-21      Z480

Luckey, David         Lunnam, Hattie         26-Jul-07      L063

Luckie, Henrietta     Matson, J.P.           5-Jul-09       M335

Luckie, W.E.          Ward, Ethel            21-Aug-11      O290

Luckner, Albert E.    Bull, Lucy M.          14 Feb 1895    F494

Luckner, E.C.         Hauser, Elsi(ie)       14-Feb-00      H272

Luckner, E.C.         Mourning, Martha                      S437

Luckner, Floyd E.     Grist, Melba L.        31-Aug-20      Y066

Luckner, Hilda        Barton, W.H.           21 Dec 1887    D181

Luckner, Jennie       Rice, Charles B.       07 Dec 1892    F029

Luckner, Minnie       Bull, William          24 Dec 1895    G015

Ludemann, Adolph      Wolslecker, Albertina  13 Dec 1887    D178

Ludes, Gertrude JosephAlley, Frank           23-Oct-21      Z371

Ludlam, Burt C.       Sheldon, May W.        17-May-04      J235

Ludlam, C.H.          Brooks, Anna Helen     9-Mar-10       N045

Ludlam, Mable         Harrison, B.T.         29-Aug-06      K359

Ludlam, Maude D.      Graham, William D.     14-Nov-06      K445

Ludlam, Myrtle E.     VanMetre, James C.     28-Feb-15      R373

Ludlam, W.C.          Gibson, M.M.           21-May-02      I249

Ludlam, William C.    Ripperton, Ethel       4-Sep-07       L104

Ludlow, J.M.          Fowler, Leona          7-Oct-12       P445

Ludlum, Bess Conway   McCammon, William Walla12-Apr-11      O096

Ludlum, Corine Louise Harwi, Warren Alfred   10-Jun-08      L431

Ludlum, Lettie L.     Bennett, Merle K.      24-Oct-14      R206

Ludlum, Pearle N.     Howard, John L.        14-Nov-02      I402

Ludrick, Nettie May   Whitton, Samuel E.     7-Sep-19       W418

Ludwick, Elsie N.     Williams, G.W.         24-Jan-06      K185

Ludwick, Ivan E.      Sutton, Grace                         S180

Ludwick, Pearl        Hendrix, Eursel        8-Mar-20       X242

Ludwick, Scesna Leona Henderson, George      9-Feb-20       X186

Ludwigs, Emil A.      Bissantz, Lena         22 Sep 1896    G150

Luebke, William A.    Herst, Pearl           28-Dec-11      P045

Luebken, Lula         Raleigh, Ross          1-Aug-17       T547

Lueken, Lena M.       Olte, Bernard          14-May-01      H569

Lueken, Lena M.       Otte, Bernard          14-May-01      H569

Luellen, Emma         Slyter, Richard R.     31 Dec 1881    B232

Luening, Adele        Hartman, George F.     2-Sep-02       I338

Luening, Augusta      Tobin, James           10-Feb-10      H518

Luening, Bertha H.    Miller, O.V.           18-Sep-04      J349

Luening, F.C.         Meirs, August C.       6-Feb-07       K537

Luening, Henry C.     Miers, Alice E.        15-Jun-10      N185

Luening, Martha       Jabs, Anald(Awald)     16 Apr 1899    H070

Luening, Minnie       Heim, Peter            31 Aug 1898    G562

Luening, W.F.         Harpstrite, Maud(de) F.25-Oct-03      J062

Luey, Sarah A.        Thilman, John          14 Sep 1881    B185

Luey, Virgaline J.    Sharpe, C.E.           16 Mar 1893    F099

Lugent, Esther        McNulty, Samuel H.     08 Aug 1889    D587

Luger, Ferdinand      Everett, Edna          26-Jun-01      H624

Lugo, Landra          Lozano, Domingo        24-Feb-05      J504

Lugowski, Verna       Pattison, R.J.         5-Jan-20       X111

Luke, A.M.            Smith, J.G. (Mrs.)     20 Nov 1886    C531

Lukecart, Catherine E.Gibson, Thomas P.      19 Feb 1873    A062

Lukens, Andrew A.     Huff, Almeda May       16 May 1886    C442

Lukens, Stella        Smith, William         17 Nov 1887    D158

Lukens, Verna Ada     Miller, Herbert A.     24-Dec-07      L247

Luker, Minnie         Warrenburg, George                    S170

Luker, Rillie May     Deshazer, Charles F.   4-Sep-20       Y081

Lukey, Alma           Scobey, F.L.           10-Jun-21      Z039

Lukins, Irene         Vise, Dewey            1-Feb-19       V592

Luling, Albert WoodcocWindsor, Margaret Flore17-Nov-17      U219

Luling, Julius E.     Woodcock, Minnie (Mrs.)30 Oct 1899    H197

Luling, Marie HenriettMoffat, Howard W.      10 Jun 1899    H104

Lull, P.F.            Pierpont, Harriet      28 Aug 1878    A356

Lumberger, Mary       Baker, Adlia M.        11-Feb-22      Z600

Lumbert, Alice        Haskins, Homer F.      19 Apr 1891    E327

Lumbert, Alpheus      Hines, Elizabeth       25 Nov 1892    F023

Lumbert, Dollie A.M.  Johnson, Scott W.      4-Jun-19       W186

Lumbert, Ella         Haskins, Horner F.     27 Apr 1884    C069

Lumbert, Fern         McKie, Myrl            7-Sep-14       R135

Lumbert, Frank        Dodd, Flora            06 Apr 1894    F335

Lumbert, Frank        Hudspeth, Ada Bell     28-Aug-04      J324

Lumbert, Grace GertrudKeeler, Ray Adelbert   17-Jun-14      R029

Lumbert, Ida M.       Travis, Arthur E.      19-Jul-02      I300

Lumbert, Jerry        Moreland, Florence     18-Oct-08      L607

Lumbert, Laura        Forward, Delbert       25 Dec 1896    G222

Lumbert, Mary         Main, J.W.             28 Aug 1888    D369

Lumbert, Theo Thelma  Stringer, E.T.         23-Mar-15      R398

Lumley, Stella        Cline, J.A.            29-Sep-04      J361

Lumpkin, M.F.         Kinser, Ollie S.       05 Sep 1878    A355

Lumpkins, Lemuel      Tucker, Minnie P.      13-Sep-06      K374

Lumpp, Mary Christina Lenzen, Frank          23 Apr 1889    D528

Luna, Esiquio Jr.     Vernon, Vivian                        R566

Luna, Lola            Bravo, Jose            13-Jul-21      Z128

Lunberg, Bertha       Reber, C.H.            31 Aug 1897    G347

Lunberg, Nellie R.    Little, Curtis H.      10 Feb 1896    G045

Lunceford, M.A.       Allen, Clement L.V.    17 Nov 1885    C342

Lund, Argus           Crabill, Alta May      1-Mar-04       J174

Lund, Carroll L.      Elliott, Hazel Gene    20-Jul-20      X597

Lund, J.D.            Clayton, Olive E.      29 Nov 1899    H216

Lundquist, A.C.       Benbow, Dora           21-Jul-02      I302

Lundquist, Alice      Baum, E.H.             1-Mar-20       X225

Lundy, John E.        Ryan, Louise           29-Apr-14      Q610

Lung, Lucy            Marquis, Clyde         1-May-20       X368

Lungester, Jacob AnderWhite, Sarah (Mrs.)    20-Apr-10      N106

Lungwitz, Ernest      Wiechman, Martha       8-Feb-22       Z593

Luning, Charles       Crass, Catharine       29 May 1873    A073

Lunn, Bessie          Tucker, L.W.           19-Aug-18      V330

Lunnam, Hattie        Luckey, David          26-Jul-07      L063

Lunnam, J.L.          Lunnam, Susie          6-Sep-19       W422

Lunnam, Jesse         Holmes, Kattie         21-Oct-08      L615

Lunnam, Oliver Otho   Ross, Suzan            14-Mar-12      P146

Lunnam, Susie         Lunnam, J.L.           6-Sep-19       W422

Lunsford, Birt        Bentley, Daisy Lee     25-Aug-03      I640

Lunt, Oral            Grimes, Edward L.      18-Sep-21      Z280

Lunt, William M.      Davis, Alice           11-Apr-00      H303

Luoma, Josephine      Helbert, Ray C.        14-Oct-21      Z348

Lupher, Adda          McMillin, Edmund Earl  29-Sep-09      M456

Lupher, Ernest Admril Davis, Essie Frances   10-Dec-13      Q453

Lupton, Ellis A.      Sterrett, Ruby R.      30-Apr-14      Q611

Lupton, Ruby R.       Brown, William         24-May-21      Y661

Lushbough, John H.    Weaver, Gertrude       13 Oct 1894    F417

Lusk, Charles Jason   Campbell, Ollie Mabel  2-Jun-20       X440

Lusk, Frank           Gresham, Grace         24-Jul-21      Z146

Lusk, George B.       Kein, Wilmuth          28-Sep-17      U019

Lusk, Mary B.         Moore, J.W.            5-May-08       L392

Lusk, N.L.            Higgins, Gladys        26-Jun-20      X538

Lusk, Pearl           Elrod, Eddie H.        26-Oct-20      Y227

Lutes, C.F.           Ritchie, Katherine                    R415

Lutes, Emma           Lavin, Charles M.      19 Apr 1893    F117

Lutes, Eva            Cooley, John           27-Oct-07      L186

Lutes, Isaac M.       Cutler, Martha         26 Jan 1894    F303

Lutes, Isaac M.       Cutter, Martha         26 Jan 1894    F303

Lutes, James A.       Dill, Lola May         3-Aug-01       I013

Lutes, Nannie E.      Bright, Oscar          23 Feb 1893    F084

Lutes, Virginia       Shelley, Edward H.     03 Oct 1886    C508

Lutes, W.P.           Allen, Jennie (Mrs.)   15 Nov 1899    H210

Lutes, W.P.           Younger, Emma          20 Nov 1887    D161

Luther, W.A.          Yonge, Ella            14-Aug-17      T575

Lutjens, August       Busenbark, Augusta E. (28 Apr 1892    E538

Luton, Royal          VanBruen, Ruby         8-Dec-17       U321

Luttgen, William      Schweiter, Lillie M.   2-Jun-09       M279

Luttrell, Cynthia J.  Buchan, Champion L.    26-Aug-03      J002

Luttrell, Jessie E.   Allen, Howard E.                      T325

Lutz, Anna            Carey, Alfred          19-Oct-10      N399

Lutz, Bertha Turner   Edwards, L.G.          8-Jan-12       P057

Lutz, Carmie Estella  Cain, Orville Alonzo   3-Dec-18       V506

Lutz, F.R.            Parish, Nelle A.       9-Feb-21       Y467

Lutz, G.T.            McMahan, Emma A.       25-Aug-17      T594

Lutz, Howard O.       Morrow, Erma           30-Jun-18      V254

Lutz, Isaac J.        Stitzel, Mary          30 Nov 1883    C010

Lutz, S.O.            Rogers, Cora B.        24 Dec 1896    G221

Lutz, Verna E.        Hamer, Fred F.         30-Jan-18      U515

Luxnberg, Ester       Friedman, William      21-Jun-14      R032

Luyben, Ross          Rhoades, Lillian       20-Sep-18      V402

Luzadder, Ray D.      Hampton, Mable         25-Feb-14      Q546

Lybarter, Lee         Droddy, Ethel          22-Jun-20      X523

Lyda, Elmer           Watson, Lillian        18-Feb-14      Q538

Lyde, William         Willis, Alice J.       22-Mar-05      J529

Lydick, Chester C.    Benjamin, Rebecca      9-Oct-13       Q368

Lydick, Daisy G.      Joslin, James E.       4-Oct-20       Y159

Lydick, Helma         Wilson, Fred G.        25-Aug-21      Z236

Lyeth, Clinton H.     McGee, Helena E.       16 Apr 1884    C068

Lygrisse, Leone       Grotts, I.J.           22-Aug-21      Z229

Lygrisse, P. Frank    Austin, Alice          10 Oct 1887    D129

Lygrisse, Victor FrancOcher, Bly             18-Aug-21      Z220

Lygrisse,Victor FranciAlliston, Sylvia Lucile20-Feb-13      Q034

Lyles, Ida May        DeFrance, Martin J.    27-Jan-12      P081

Lyles, Vivian         Lasley, J.M.           20-Jan-18      U491

Lyman, Adelaide       Ryel, John A.          21-Dec-20      Y348

Lyman, Bess Lucile    Richardson, Neil       28-Apr-19      W101

Lyman, C.M.           Cooper, E.F.           3-Dec-17       U311

Lyman, Edna           Wood, W.M.             13-May-11      O144

Lyman, Ethel          Dawson, W.E.                          T258

Lyman, George D.      Cordell, Carroll       18-Nov-07      L203

Lyman, Grace L.       Howard, Z.D.           25-Dec-17      U398

Lyman, Ila            Clark, Glenn           16-Jan-22      Z554

Lyman, Minnie D.      Hughes, Christopher C. 25-Nov-08      M023

Lyman, Sarah          Morgan, Sam            5-Nov-14       R224

Lyman, Sarah (Mrs.)   Greer, David A.        16 Nov 1889    E020

Lynch, Anna M.        Smyth, Charles H.      18 Oct 1883    B419

Lynch, Clara          Coleman, R.R.                         D015

Lynch, Daisy          Dennis, Robert A.      16-Sep-03      J018

Lynch, Edna           Harcleode, C.M.                       T179

Lynch, Helen M.       Johnson, T.C.          30-Jun-09      M326

Lynch, John           Kaufman, Clara         26 Nov 1891    E431

Lynch, John J.        Helstern, Marie        15-May-18      V147

Lynch, John P.        Daugherty, Cora Leah   18-Mar-22      Z662

Lynch, Letitia        Talbert, Elmer B.      22 Mar 1890    E105

Lynch, Mary E.        Price, Francis O.      8-Apr-03       I526

Lynch, Mary J.        Johnson, Robert M.     21-Oct-19      W542

Lynch, Mattie         Oliver, Samuel R.      13 May 1884    C079

Lynch, Mildred        Kerner, John C.        28-Jan-15      R344

Lynch, Nellie         Vanocker, O.W.         26-Sep-00      H411

Lynch, R.             Frazier, Lizzie        1-Jun-18       V183

Lynch, Rosetta        Penicks, Jesse         20-Oct-14      R203

Lynch, W.C.           Bauer, Martina         19-Jun-18      V227

Lynch, W.W.           Vance, Clara N.        22 Nov 1887    D164

Lyndahl, Nora         Danford, Cleo S.       26-Feb-21      Y494

Lynde, Arthur C.      Grounds, Margaret Helen29-Jun-11      O220

Lynde, Charles L.     Thompson, Erdula R.F.  28 Nov 1889    E028

Lynde, Martha E.      Holden, Clifford E.    12-Jan-15      R322

Lynde, Myldred        Anderson, J.H.         7-Jul-20       X563

Lynde, Myldred        Dudley, W.A.           10-Oct-17      U064

Lynde, William A.     Crawford, Mary         08 Nov 1879    A462

Lyne, Ellen           Davis, Ross            5-Sep-18       V376

Lynes, Laura          Munns, Steven          09 May 1886    C438

Lynes, Rena E.        Rogers, Frank W.       18 Jul 1886    C469

Lyness, Willard E.    Rawlings, Edna I.      26-May-20      X426

Lynn, Alice C.        Dennett, Frank E.      22-Jul-08      L489

Lynn, Almira          Atkinson, Elmer        24-Oct-10      N413

Lynn, Ben H.          German, Audra          21-Jun-20      X515

Lynn, Charles F.      Jeanes, Lula B.        30-Jun-09      M328

Lynn, Daisy           Stuckey, Charles K.    20-Oct-04      J387

Lynn, David D.        Strayer, Sibyl Fern    23-Mar-21      Y542

Lynn, Frank Leonard   Polley, Hazel May      6-Jan-14       Q496

Lynn, Ida             Long, M.H.             8-Dec-07       L228

Lynn, Jessie          Travelstead, C.C.      4-Jun-14       R014

Lynn, Lillie (Mrs.)   Stevens, Charles       20-Oct-09      M488

Lynn, Nellie          VanCamp, L.B.          2-Apr-18       V067

Lynn, Omer            Burner, Louise         12-Mar-21      Y519

Lynn, Vera Margaret   Beck, J. J.            30-Jun-13      Q224

Lynn, William I.      Geesaman, Lenora C.    27-Aug-19      W386

Lyon, A.D.            Fulton, Beth           29-Aug-17      T599

Lyon, Alberta Lura    Hodges, Walter A.      7-May-20       X382

Lyon, Amy             Green, William C.      9-Sep-21       Z269

Lyon, Frank A.        Yarnell, Mary D.                      R477

Lyon, Frank T.        Young, Laura Edna      19-Jun-10      N194

Lyon, Fred C.         Jenks, Bertie          07 Apr 1884    C066

Lyon, George E.       McCaw, Clementine      17 Mar 1894    F326

Lyon, H.J.            Shults, Eva Dale       18-Jul-17      T512

Lyon, Ida May         Starr, Elmer Oscar                    T327

Lyon, L.H.            Fraizer, Carrie        16 Apr 1899    H068

Lyon, Lillie L.       Sexton, H.W.           30 Mar 1898    G485

Lyon, Louisa          Rickards, George M.    30 Jan 1879    A393

Lyon, N.B.            Felsinger, John                       S601

Lyon, Omar            Williams, Hattie       24 Oct 1892    E641

Lyon, Peter W.        Booth, Mary E.         10 Oct 1876    A230

Lyon, Peter W.        Money, Barbara J.      30 May 1893    F143

Lyon, Pyts            Huston, Frona          5-Feb-08       L299

Lyon, Taylor          Porter, Marie          15-May-07      K630

Lyon, W.S.            Bailey, D.             1-Jun-10       N161

Lyons, Andrew W.      Campbell, Eliza E.     03 Aug 1884    C117

Lyons, Andrew W.      Campbell, Eliza E.     03 Aug 1884    C128

Lyons, Bess E.        Tanner, Z.                            S113

Lyons, Carrie B.      Blue, O.W.             20-May-03      I558

Lyons, Clyde          Goodenough, Jessie     1-Nov-20       Y238

Lyons, E.D            Hamilton, Opal Irene   25-Jun-21      Z081

Lyons, Elmer A.       Walty, Goldie          3-Nov-13       Q408

Lyons, Henry          Burke, Margret E.      16 Nov 1886    C530

Lyons, Iva M.         Mowry, William F.      20-Nov-07      L206

Lyons, Iva May        Lemmon, William A.     1-Oct-05       K054

Lyons, Jas. A.        Sharp, Maud            5-Oct-07       L155

Lyons, Jennie(essie) BBurrows, Clarence R.   17-Mar-03      I509

Lyons, John M.        Gregory, Ercel E.      22-Apr-18      V104

Lyons, Leta           Queen, Dewey           2-Aug-19       W327

Lyons, Lizzie         Chambers, C.H.         16 Oct 1898    G590

Lyons, Lucile         Grapes, John R.                       S151

Lyons, Lucy D.        Heuser, Adolph         31 Mar 1878    A326

Lyons, Lulu E.        Bashford, C.A.         8-Nov-11       O402

Lyons, Lyda           Thompson, W.M.         28-Mar-03      I519

Lyons, Marietta       Wilson, Lafayette      09 Jul 1877    A276

Lyons, Minnie         Ward, Oral Franklin    17-Sep-12      P416

Lyons, R.E.           Pember, John Quincy    04 Mar 1873    A064

Lyons, Robert P.      Chick, Florence        16-Nov-17      U218

Lyons, Stella         Kropf, Roy Otto        9-Nov-17       U186

Lyons, Tim            Rodneck, Naomie        04 Jul 1880    B075

Lyte, W.H.            Stilts, Mary           10-Nov-20      Y261

Lytle, C. May         Spencer, F.A.          8-Jun-18       V201

Lytle, C.M. (Mrs.)    Chadwick, J.J.         7-Apr-04       J208

Lytle, Emma           Walters, John          20-Nov-09      M533

Lytle, Harry W.       Woodcock, Laura E.     05 Jun 1889    D551

Lytle, Maria          Massey, P.H.           02 Feb 1880    B032

Lytle, Mary L.        Erwin, W.E.            25-Dec-19      X048

Lytle, Wilma          Means, Jay             5-May-14       Q616

Lytton, C.L.          Litton, Clemma M.      30-Jul-17      T543


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