Lincoln County Marriages, 1880s

These marriage notices were gleaned from various newspapers from the 1880s.

Lincoln Register, Jan. 9, 1880

On Jan. 4, 1880, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. Charles Steinhaus and Miss Emma E. Achterberry, by Rev. M.R. Erdmon, all of Lincoln county.

Lincoln Register, April 29, 1880

April 22nd, 1880, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Hugh A. Owen, and Amanda Miller of Pottersburg.
On Sunday, April 26th, at the home of the bride’s father, Mr. Charles Ingham, son of George Ingham, to Miss Maggie Powell, both of Colorado.

Lincoln Register, May 6, 1880

Tuesday, May 4, 1880, by Judge Wellman, at his residence, Mr. Abel Jolley and Miss Julia A. Watson, both of Valley township. As these two through life will always be Jolley, no matter what happens, though congratulations are always in order, wishes for happiness, while they are many and heartfelt, are superfluous.

Lincoln Register, Sept. 24, 1880

At Lincoln Center, Sept. 22nd, 1880, by Henry C. Bradbury, assisted by Rev. E. Bradbury, William E. Ross, of Ellsworth county, to Ida Albright, of Lincoln county.

Lincoln Register, Oct. 1, 1880

At the residence of the bride’s father, on the 10th day of September 1880, by Rev. C.D. Boonie, Mr. Gideon G. Shannon and Miss Matilda A. Gardner, all of this county.

Lincoln Register, Feb. 4, 1881

At the residence of the bride’s parents, on Saturday, Jan. 29, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, Luther H. Mead, of Greenwich, Ohio, and Miss Fannie Filmer, of Lincoln County, Kan.
On Tuesday, Feb. 1, 1881, at the residence of Rev. Miller in Ottawa county, Mr. Charles W. Harris and Miss May F. Wait, all of this city.

Lincoln Register, Sept. 23, 1881

At the M.E. parsonage, Tuesday, Aug. 13, at 6 o’clock p.m., by Rev. W.H. Gillam, Mr. Joseph N. Mason, of Fort Collins, and Miss Ellen C. Anderson of Boulder. The pair immediately left for the East, where they intend to reside. – Boulder (Colo.) Herald

Saline Valley Register, April 14, 1882

In this city on April 9, 1882, by Father O’Connell, Mr. Owen Mulloy and Miss Adele Whalen.

Saline Valley Register, June 23, 1882

At Lincoln, Kan., on June 20, 1882, by H.C. Bradbury, Charles Kenzy and Miss Ella J. Wolfkeil (Wolfkiel). All of this county.

Saline Valley Register, Aug. 4, 1882

In Lincoln center on July 31, 1882, Mr. Thomas Conley and Alice Rankins.
In Lincoln Center, on July 31, 1882, by Judge Artman, Mr. Ellsworth Lang and Edith A. Blount, all of this county.

Saline Valley Register, Sept. 15, 1882

On Sept. 5th, 1882, by Justice E.M. Sprague in his office in Golden Belt, Mr. Freeman Belt and Miss Catharine J. Smith, both of Wilson.

Saline Valley Register, Oct. 13, 1882
At the residence of Mr. C. Kruse, on Oct. 8, 1882, by Rev. Mr. Keiser, Fred. Bredlow to Mary Myers, both of this county.

Saline Valley Register, Nov. 3, 1882

At Lincoln, Kan., Nov. 2, 1882, by Rev. H.C. Bradbury, assisted by his father, Rev. E. Bradbury, Josephus F. Baker to Rebecca M. Parks, both of Lincoln County, Kan. This couple is well known in Lincoln county and we extend our most hearty congratulations.

Saline Valley Register, Dec 1, 1882

At the residence of the bride’s parents on Nov. 26, 1882, by Judge Artman, Henry Anderson and Laura McNight, all of this county.

Saline Valley Register, Sept. 20, 1883

At the residence of the bride’s parents near Monroe, on the 17th of September 1883, by Rev. Medcraft, M.B. Wright and Lou Ricord, all of this county.

Saline Valley Register, Oct. 11, 1883

In Salina by Judge Weaver on the 27th of September, 1883, Mr. S.S. Fletcher and Mrs. A.H. Winder, both of Shady Bend in this county.

Lincoln Banner, June 4, 1884

At the residence of Judge Artman, George W. Bird and Samantha Ann Renfro. Both of Lincoln, Kansas.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 11, 1884

At Lincoln Center, Kansas, United States of America, on the 9th day of December, 1884, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, assisted by his father, Rev. E. Bradbury, Joseph Bobenreith and Anna M. Spany, both of Lincoln county.
Joseph has been trying to "bach" in our county for 11 long years. We hope his lonely home will be made very happy now the Lord has sent him such a good helpmeet. The bride is a native of Switzerland.

Lincoln Beacon, Jan. 8, 1885

At Lincoln Center, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1885, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, Philemon Pierce, of Colorado [township, I believe], with Mrs. Elizabeth Austin, of Pottersburg.
On New Year’s day, 1885, at the home of the bride’s parents, at Sylvan Grove, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, Herman J. Blythe with Miss Rosa J. Richardson.
On New Year’s day, at the residence of the bride’s father, in Orange township, H.M. Clark with Miss Belle Dickinson. The marriage ceremony was performed by Squire J.O. Staley.

Lincoln Beacon, March 5, 1885

At the residence of C.B. Stover, on the evening of Feb. 26, 1885, by Rev. W.T. Robinson, Mr. James Johnston of Salina and Miss Edith Runnalls of Shady Bend. Mr. Johnston is one of Salina’s fine young men, and is quite extensively engaged in the marble trade. After procuring a beautiful home, he concluded that it was not good to live alone. Acting like a wise man, he came over and took one of Lincoln County’s fair damsels for a helpmeet. May they have a long and prosperous life.

Lincoln Beacon, April 9, 1885

At the home of Richard Cline, Bashan, April 2, 1885, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, Henry Kroenlein and Jennie Cline, both of Bashan. A party of young folks, relatives of the bride and groom, were present and enjoyed the wedding feast and a good time.
On the 2nd day of April 1885, by Rev. W.T. Robinson, Mr. McClain of Marquette, to Miss Ellen Staats, of Shady Bend. There was a family reunion at Mr. Staats on the day of the marriage. It was quite an enjoyable affair, the whole family on both sides of the house being there save one. Mr. Dr. Smith and lady of Nebraska came after the ceremony was performed. Mrs. Smith is Mrs. Staats’ youngest sister.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 10, 1885

At the resident of the bride’s parents, near Rosette, Mr. Frank Sutton and Miss Belle White, Rev. B.F. McMillan officiating.
Dec. 2, in Cedron, Mr. John Henry, of Phillips county, and Miss Sallie A. Williams, of Cedron, by Rev. A.C. Garner.
On Nov. 8, by Rev. George Tenney, at his residence, Mr. F.W. Dill and Miss Mary Lovin, all of this place.

Lincoln Beacon, March 4, 1886

D.S. Meyers Esq. tied a knot on Sunday, Feb. 28, that will require a greater genius, or at least one higher in authority than himself, to unravel, simply by uniting Mr. Eugene Donovan and Miss Frankie Wicks in the bonds of matrimony.

Lincoln Beacon, April 8, 1886

Willis Daily and Jennetta Twibell, both of Pottersburg, March 25, at the residence of the officiating clergyman, H.C. Bradbury, at Lincoln Center.

Lincoln Beacon, June 24, 1886

June 21, 1886, in Lincoln Center, Kansas, by Probate Judge Smith, Solomon Metzger to Maggie J. Baldwin.

Lincoln Beacon, July 8, 1886

At the bride’s home, in Sylvan Grove, Lincoln county, Kan., on Sunday, the 4th of July 1886, by the Rev. Benj. F. McMillan, Charles H. Loy, of Vesper, and Nannie B. Merriman, of Sylvan Grove.
After the ceremonies a fine dinner was in waiting to which all did ample justice. We would make especial mention that the bride herself was the principal one in the preparation – an example for others to follow. The Merriman family is well and favorably known over all of eastern Kansas by all the oldest settlers, and by the officers and soldiers in the times of the Indian raids. They settled near Fort Harker before the fort was built there and have lived in Ellsworth and Lincoln counties ever since.
The Loy family came along with a great many others from Maryland and Virginia in 1872, and are noted for their hospitality – so characteristic of those people wherever you find them.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 2, 1886

At the house of the bride’s parents, Beaver township, Lincoln County, Kan., Sunday, Aug. 29, by Henry C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, James Westley Dane and Minnie May Brazier, both of Lincoln County, Kan. Both have lived a long time in our county, and have been well acquainted with each other for a number of years. They are now off for a wedding trip in the eastern part of Kansas.
At the residence of Dr. Watkins, Aug. 6, Mr. C.M.C. Robinson and Miss Minnie A. Woodhouse, both of Sylvan Grove. Rev. W.D. Ward pronounced them husband and wife, after which they received the congratulations of the few related guests who were present. The affianced parties are both well known at Sylvan Grove where many friends will be glad to welcome them back to their future home. The groom is well fixed in temporal things and we prophesy great felicity for the happy pair in the years to come.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 16, 1886

On Sunday morning, at 10 o’clock at the residence of the bride’s father, Mr. E.S. Adamson, by Elder A.D. Goodwin, Mr. James E. Kerr and Miss Lula M. Adamson. All of Lincoln Center.
Sept. 13, 1886, at the residence of the bride’s parents, near Tescott, Kan., J.D. McLaren, of Kansas City, Mo., to Miss M.L. True, of Tescott, Kan. Mr. McLaren is a graduate of Lawrence University, and the bride is a graduate of Baker University, Kansas.
The ceremony was performed by the Pastor of the M.E. church, of Lincoln, in the presence of the parents of the contracting parties, and a few invited guests from Minneapolis and Brookville. The happy couple took the train the same evening for their future home in Kansas City, Mo. May their lives be as full of sunshine as the beautiful autumn day in which they were made one, is the wish of their many friends.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 30, 1886

--Sept. 27, at the home of Thomas Malone, in Lincoln Center, by Rev. J.J. Hillman, Aaron O. Strange with Miss Hattie B. Couse, of Saltville, Mitchell County. Quite a large company assembled to witness the ceremony and bid the young people a Godspeed on the journey of life.

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 7, 1886

At Lincoln, Kan., Oct. 3, 1886, Mr. Orton L. Harding and Miss Annie M. Taylor. The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride’s father, by Rev. W.D. Ward, Pastor of the Presbyterian church. Mr. Harding is one of the many that have come to Lincoln within the past year, seeking homes. Having found the place desirable, he sought again for someone to make home happy by her presence and affection. Members of the community who know Miss Taylor will say that he has made the right choice. "Good luck to ‘em" and God’s blessing besides.

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 14, 1886

At the house of the bride’s parents, Lincoln, Kansas, Sunday, Oct. 10, 1886, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, William H. Cecil and Jennie L. Rees.

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 21, 1886

At Lincoln, Kansas, Oct. 20, 1886, by Henry C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, Sylvester H. McAfee, of Ellsworth, and Jennie S. Walters, of Pleasant Valley, Kan.
On the 13th inst., at the residence of the bride’s mother, John Wilton to Martha Palmer, all of Lincoln County, Kan. Rev. I. McDowell, of the M.E. church, officiating.
At the Grand Central Hotel, in Ellsworth, Kan., by Rev. J.E. Leyda, on Oct. 13, 1886, Col. D.E. Latto, of Lincoln Center, Kan., to Miss Ida B. Hurst, of Sedalia, Mo. This popular couple begin life here with the congratulations and good wishes of all our people, who have known them but a short time to be sure, but who feel that that short acquaintance warrants them in extending the hand of confidence and neighborly goodwill. Mr. Latto and wife will make this their future home, and will soon reside in the Colonel’s new house, which is going up at the corner of Second and Yauger streets.
On Sunday, Oct. 24, 1886, at the bride’s house, Mr. Fred Morse, of Milo, Lincoln County, to Miss Jennie Blair, of Ellis County. Rev. Tatum, the bride’s great-grandfather, a venerable old gentleman of 97 years, pronounced the words that made them man and wife. An eyewitness describes the ceremony as the most affecting and impressive he ever witnessed. Mr. Tatum’s serene countenance and great age should be an incentive to his great-grandchildren to lead temperate and useful lives. Fred and his wife have the good wishes of a large circle of warm friends.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 11, 1886

Thursday evening, Nov. 4, 1886, at the home of R.S. Wilmarth, in Lincoln, Kan., by Judge J.H. Smith, Frank Wilmarth to Miss Minnie Dewey, both of Lincoln.
No young couple in Lincoln ever stepped off the plank into the sea of wedded life followed by more congratulations and sincere wishes for long lives of happiness and prosperity. Mr. Wilmarth has grown up from boyhood in Lincoln County, and dates his residence here from 1871, and counts as wellwishers hosts of newcomers, as well as the old settlers among whom he has ever been a conspicous figure and a popular associate. He is a popular businessman and probably has more than an average business career before him. Miss Dewey is particulary fortunate in being able to count as admirers all who have met her during her residence here.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 18, 1886

Saturday evening, Nov. 13, 1886, at the residence of the bride’s parents, in Logan township, by Rev. J.H. Woody, John S. Fortune to Miss Alice Lance, both of Orworth, Lincoln County. The young couple receive far more than an average share of congratulations, from a wide circle of admiring friends.
At the M.E. parsonage, in Lincoln, Nov. 10, 1886, R.L. Kee to Isikelle Mc Faddon, both of Beverly, Lincoln County, J. McDowell, pastor of the M.E. Church, officiating.
Wednesday, Nov. 10, 1886, by the Rev. B.F. McMillan, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Franz, Sunnymeade Farm, near Sylvan Grove, Mr. Charles N. Jay of Salina and Miss Lulu A. Franz of Sylvan Grove.
Sept. 29, 1886, at Corinth, Williamson County, Ill., John Henderson and Della Duryee, formerly both of this place. As child, youth and man we have known John Henderson and have yet to hear the first unkind or disrespectful word spoken of him. He was my pupil 14 years ago, in the first school ever taught in Lincoln Center. "Johnnie" and Della were both my pupils in the Lost Creek school nine years ago, and I remember they had a "leaning toward" each other in those days. Della, I remember as a gentle-mannered, intelligent and amiable girl. A year or two later she removed with her parents to Illinois.
Having relatives in that state, John went there last August, and "All’s well that ends well." "May they live long and prosper," is the wish of hundreds of friends in Lincoln County. – A.C.W.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 7, 1886

In Fairview Township, Russell County, Kan., Nov. 23 [date hard to read], 1886, by H.C. Bradbury, Edward R. Troup, of Gove County, and Serepta A. Pinkerton, of Russell County.
The above parties are well known in Vesper, Edward is a son of John E. Troup. The bride and groom have one to their new home near Quinter, Gove County, Kan.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 2, 1886

At Saltville, Mitchell county, Nov. 27, 1886, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, William H. Simmons and Hattie Cole, both of Saltville. Mr. Simmons was formerly of Georgia. A house full of friends were present. The North and South were well represented at the wedding. Joy and peace abounded.
At Golden Belt, Lincoln County, on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 25, 1886, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, George Buckbee, of Ellsworth county, and Bertha A. White, of Golden Belt, Kan.
Many neighbors, friends and relatives were at the wedding and enjoyed the splendid Thanksgiving feast and participated in the vocal music.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 16, 1886

At the residence of Elder M.P. King, in Lincoln, Kansas, on Dec. 15, 1886, Elder King officiating, Miss Clara Price, of Beverly, to Mr. Charles C. Prince, of Herman, Kan.
At the residence of the bride’s parents, Orworth, Kan., Dec. 8, 1886, by Rev. A.M. Lott, assisted by Rev. J.H. Lockwood, Mr. Lawrence Minx, of Lincoln, and Miss Everett L. Watson, Orworth, Kan.

Lincoln Beacon, Jan. 3, 1889

At the residence of the bride’s parents in Lincoln, Kan., Dec. 28, 1888, Henry B. Miller, of Ottawa, Kan., to Miss Addie E. Readshaw, of Lincoln, Kan., Prof Thomas Bartlett officiating.

Lincoln Beacon, Jan. 10, 1889

By Probate Judge Dunham, at his office in Lincoln, Dec. 26, 1888, John R. Hickey of Wheaton, Kan., with Anna T. Engle of Cedron, Kan.
By Probate Judge Dunham, Jan. 2, 1889, at his office in Lincoln, Kan., Orville C. Capper with Miss Pearle R. LaBar, both of Beverly, Kan.
By Rev. John M. Hahn, at the German Lutheran church three miles south of Lincoln, on Jan. 1, 1889, Henry Kruckenberg with Miss Ann Maria Prior, both of Lincoln County.
[From the Barnard Times] An elopement was the cause of considerable excitement in this neighborhood last week. The facts are that Mr. Dan Burns and Miss Irene Forest made up their minds to commit matrimony wihtout the consent of the lady’s parents and accordingly started for Ellsworth on Christmas Eve, drove all night and arrived at their destination early enough to be married at eight o’clock on Christmas morning. They then returned and were seen at Perry Spencer’s ball on Wednesday evening as smiling and happy as two Dutch boys with a link of bologna.

Lincoln Beacon, Jan. 31, 1889

We are in receipt of an invitation to be present at the marriage of Miss Emily M. Pilcher to William T. McDonald, to take place Wednesday morning, Jan. 30, at the residence of Miss Pilcher’s sister, Mrs. H. Annette, in Detroit, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. McDonald will make their future home in Chicago.

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 14, 1889

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 1889, at the home of the bride’s parents, in Lincoln, Emerson Hammer with Miss Belle Green, both of Lincoln, Rev. William Campbell officiating. A small party of relatives and intimate friends only were present and accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Hammer ot the depot, where they took the 10 o’clock train on their way to Washington Territory, which may be their future home if Mr. Hammer finds there a suitable location. They expect to be absent at least two months. Neither bride nor groom need an introduction to a large majority of the people of Lincoln county, where Mrs. H. was born and reared and where Mr. H. has been a successful and popular businessman for about 12 years. Mrs. H. counts probably a wider circle of acquaintances than any young lady in the county and has always been a universal favorite on account of a most amiable and attractive disposition. All regret the prospect of their locating elsewhere and hope for their return.

Lincoln Beacon, Feb. 21, 1889

D.N. Smith and Miss Nancy Chard of Delhi were married on Feb. 11, 1889, the ceremony being performed by Squire T.J. Bonham of Cedron.

Lincoln Beacon, March 7, 1889

At Lincoln, March 2, 1889, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel, William Manford F. Shafer, of Bashan, Kan., and Melissa Dane, of Beaver township, Lincoln County. Both the above parties are old settlers in Lincoln County, and their many friends wish them a long life of love, joy and prosperity.

Lincoln Beacon, March 14, 1889

At the residence of Mrs. M.A. McFarland, in Lincoln, March 12, 1889, at 8 p.m., H. Walker of North Bend, Neb., with Miss Mary B. Eckersman, of Washington, Iowa, Rev. C.W. Caseley officiating. Mr. and Mrs. Walker took the 10 o’clock train for their home in Nebraska. The groom is a stranger in Lincoln, but is said to be a young man of excellent character and considerable means. Miss Eckerman has been spending some months visiting with her aunt, Mrs. McFarland, and though previously a stranger here, her many attractive qualities have made her a friend long to be remembered by quite a wide circle of appreciative acquaintances here. The wedding was attended by a small party only of the immediate friends and relatives of the contracting parties.

Lincoln Beacon, March 21, 1889

We are in receipt of an invitation to attend the marriage of G. Herzberg of this place with Miss Mina Neu, of Chicago, Ill., on Tuesday, March 19, at 7 p.m. The wedding was to take place at the home of the bride’s brother, Mr. Bernhard Neu. Mr. and Mrs. Herzberg will make their home in Lincoln and will be cordially welcomed here by a wide circle of the groom’s friends. We wish them many years of prosperity and happiness here.

Lincoln Beacon, April 25, 1889

G.T. Doherty of Lincoln, and Miss Clara Harper of Barnard, were married on April 21, 1889, by Probate Judge Dunham, at his office in Lincoln.

Lincoln Beacon, May 2, 1889

Martin Damker of Grant Township, Lincoln County, and Miss Anna Nelson of Minneapolis were married in Minneapolis, Kan., April 28, 1889, Rev. C.A. Eyler officiating. Mr. Damker is a substantial, hardworking, straightforward citizen and a wide circle of acquaintances wish a long life of prosperity and happiness for himself and the wife he has chosen.

Lincoln Beacon, June 13, 1889

Edward Witte and Miss Alvina Myers of Sylvan Grove were married June 1, 1889, at Sylvan Grove, Rev. John M. Hahn, of Ellsworth officiating.

Lincoln Beacon, June 27, 1889

At Lincoln, June 20, 1889, Dietrich Wolting and Miss Maria Tiemann, both of Lincoln, were married by Rev. John M. Hahn.
At the residence of the bride’s parents, near Milo, June 20, 1889, Mr. S.C. Lenhart and Miss Esther McCurry were united in marriage, Rev. E.B. Tucker officating.

Lincoln Beacon, July 11, 1889

Abe Hoss and Miss Jiney Edwards were married last week and have gone to housekeeping. -- Kanopolis Journal

Lincoln Beacon, Aug. 1, 1889

Thomas Wallace and Miss Lizzie Cramb, both formerly of Lochee, Dundee, Scotland, were married at their new home, near Barnard, July 26, 1889, by H.C. Bradbury, minister of the gospel.

Lincoln Beacon, Aug. 15, 1889

At Central Halls, Edinburg, Scotland, July 23, 1889, John A. Simpson with Miss Jane Conacher, of 249 High St., Edinburgh. Mr. Simpson is a citizen of Lincoln County, and will return here with his wife sometime in September, to reside in the Scotch settlement near Barnard. This settlement is comprised in the main of as good citizens as the country affords. A large number of people besides his countrymen will welcome Mr. Simpson back.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 12, 1889

At the residence of A. Klotz, Sept. 1, 1889, Mr. John L. Cook, of Wilson, and Miss Mary A. Carmony. – Sentinel
Wednesday evening, Sept. 4, 1889, at the home of the bride’s parents, in Lincoln, E.A. McFarland, with Miss Nannie M. Smith, both of Lincoln. Rev. H.C. Bradbury officiating. Mr. McFarland needs no introduction to anyone in Lincoln County, while Mrs. M. counts as long a list of fast and admiring friends as any teacher who ever presided over a Lincoln county school. Our congratulations are for both, hoping that Lincoln will count them as her citizens for the rest of her days.
On Thursday evening, Sept. 5, 1889 , at the home of the bride’s mother, in Normal, Ill., L.W. Harbaugh, of Lincoln, with Miss B.M. Harris, of Normal, Ill., Rev. McVety, of Normal, officiating. Lincoln was taken somewhat by surprise when Mr. Harbaugh returned from his trip east on Saturday last with a wife. He is a subject for congratulations, if his usual accurate and sound judgment has asserted itself in his choice of a wife, and we assure Mrs. H. a kindly welcome from our best people, as a tribute to her husband’s popularity in Lincoln.

Lincoln Beacon, Sept. 19, 1889

Thursday, Sept. 12, 1889, at the home of the bride’s parents, in Abilene, Kan., Mr. Ralph N. Jones and Miss Alla E. Wellman. Mr. Jones is a prosperous young businessman, of unblemished character who has grown up in Abilene, and Miss Alla is a prize any man might be proud to win. Hosts of friends in Lincoln where Miss Alla lived from 3 to 10 years of age, will join in a heartfelt "God Bless you," to the young couple. They are at home at 601 Spruce St., Abilene. – A.C.W.

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 24, 1889

At Sylvan Hotel, in this place, by Rev. B.F. McMillan, on Wednesday night, the 16th of October, 1889, Mr. Joseph E. Cheney and Miss Alice V. Lewis, both of Lincoln County, Kan. – Sentinel

Lincoln Beacon, Oct. 31, 1889

By Rev. B.F. McMillan, at Vesper chapel, Lincoln County, on Oct. 24, 1889, Mr. Otho W. Seibert and Miss Henriette L. Cheney, both of Vesper, Lincoln County. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large number of invited guests and friends of the groom and bride, after which congratulations and numerous gifts were presented to these worthy young people starting out on life’s pathway together. They need no recommendation where they are known, as they represent good families, and are known as among the best in our county. – B.F. McMillan

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 7, 1889

George Elrod and Miss Lola Wingett were married Wednesday evening, Nov. 6, 1889, at the residence of Dr. J.D. Sherrick, of Lincoln, Rev. W.E. Mack officated. Both the contracting parties are residents of Lincoln and count as friends and earnest well wishers all who have ever made their acquaintance.

Lincoln Beacon, Nov. 28, 1889

At the residence of the bride’s parents, on Sunday, Nov. 17, 1889, by Rev. T.J. McCurry, Miss Martha Wild and Mr. J. Smith. Our best wishes go with the happy young couple. – Barnard Times.

Lincoln Beacon, Dec. 12, 1889

At the home of John Kyle, brother of the bridegroom, at Lincoln, Kan. Dec. 5, 1889, by H.C. Bradbury, minster of the gospel, Warren W. Kyle of Rice County, Kan., and Annie M. Ward, of Lincoln. After the marriage ceremony the guests were invited to a plentiful marriage feast. Mr. and Mrs. Kyle have gone to their home in Rice County. The bride and groom were the recipients of many handsome presents from friends in Lincoln.

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