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Below are class Senior Class list for 1916, 1917 and 1919. 

I do not have a list for 1918, so I included the Juniors from 1917.   


                                         1916 Seniors                    1917 Seniors                 1917 Juniors              1919 Seniors

Adcock Ruby   Augustine Minnie   Avery Hazel   Ackley Ernest
Ames Clarinda   Belisle Lucile   Barrett William   Aldrich Beulah
Barrett  James   Bray Vera   Bethel Robert   Beatty Dale
Cole William   Calrgren Florence   Bethel Chloe   Bivin Wilma
Cook Ida   Carlson Edna   Beverly Andrew   Campbell Iva
Cunningham Mary   Choquette Josephine   Bruner Julius   Capes Leone
Davies George   Christi Eulala   Byrom Millie   Carney Alice
Davis Barton   Churchill Mildred   Cary George   Ceder Ruth
DeWaide Gladys   Clawson Everett   Cimmins Catherine   Cimmins Constance
Gay Margaret   Cunningham Ruth   Clawson John   Clark Berniece
Griffin Fred   Day Edith   Cory T. J.   Cook Lily
Hanson Camilla   Duff Velma   Cory Orville   Day Floyd
Lamb Edna   Evert Harold   Elliott Bertha   Ganstrom Dorothy
Lane Edwin   Gildersleve Marie   Eustice Opal   Gould Orrin
Lowman Hope   Goodwin Arthur   Finley Grace   Grant Amy
McCrary Claburn   Hackley John   Hanson Harvey   Hanson Wilbur
McCullough Eldora   Hall Gladys   Houghton Lester   Houghton Lester
Moore Lawrence   Hanson Harry   Humfeld Ruth   Johnson Ethel
Myers Howard   Hazen Sanford   Huscher Gladys   Kellogg Edna
Neitzel Mildred   Johns   Ruth   Huscher Jesse   Kempton Edith
Pottenger Clyde   Johnston Harry   Johnston Dewey   Manwarring Gladys
Rader Florence   Kelly Vera   Johnston Archie   McNeil Vera
Spenser Dorothy   Lamphere Mildred   Kuhnle Fred   Palmer Helen
Thompson Earl   Lanz Nellie   Lease Richard   Perry Johns
Wallace Dewey   Lewis Arthur   Lewis Ruby   Ramsey Verna
Ward Ruth   Lowman Helen   Lundy Hazel   Shinn Birney
Wilmoth Wm.   Mahin Nellie   Marcy Mayme   Sjogren Alice
    Melcher Marie   Matthews Myrtle   Smith Pryor
    Melcher Henry   McGaugh Lyle   Smith Roy
    Moore Carl   McLean Crystle   Snyder Doris
    Munch George   Millirons Walter   Spencer Milton
    Murdock Marguerite   Moore Ralph   Stilson Gladys
    Murphy Wallace   Murdock Mearl   Stocker Gladys
    Olney Vivian   Neitzel Isabel   Swenson Alvena
    Perkins Doan   Patterson Lora   Turner Ruth
    Perry Walter   Rogers Ruth   Wade Glen
    Pettit Manelva   Saindon Orphir   Welch Marguerite
    Rader Maude   Salmon Faye   Wilkerson Katherine
    Rodgers Charles   Seyster Margaret      
    Rolph Wilbur   Snider Juanita      
    Scott Miles   Spencer Milton      
    Stockton Esther   Springsted Florence      
    Sturges Russell   Stilson Gladys      
    Townsdin Erwin   Strohl Edith      
    Wallendorf Violet   Taylor Edith      
          Taylor Earl      
          Vignery Melane      




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