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Early Residents of Concordia, KS


Atwood, Fred      Banker
Barber, Halsey Sr.      Banker
Betourney, C. A.       Grocer
Brady, J. A. 
Branch, W. T.       Banker
Brown, Napolean Bonaparte       Banker
Burns, H. J. 
Carlgren, Russell 
Caton, Charles       Physician
Crill, Nelson       Hotel
Darlington, Mr. 
Diebel, John       Shoe Store
Guilbert, C.       Hardware
Hagaman, James 
Hinman, Columbus      Businessman
Kennett, Wm.      Carpenter
Kershner, J. K. 
LaRocque, Joseph 
Maddox, Mr. 
Marshall, G. W.      Hotel Owner
McDonald, C. W.      Attorney
McKinnon, Malcolm      Railroad Employee
Messall, E. J.      Bottling
Messall, E. J.      Mayor
Murdock, P. M. 
Nelson, Walter 
Pratt, Dr.      Physician
Priest, W.      Physician
Pulsifer, Park      Attorney
Rigby, George      Builder
Rogers, "Punch" 
Sage, A. O.      Dentist
Sawhill, Wm. F.      Teacher
Sheafor, J. W.      Judge
Short, W. T.      Construction
Stewart, John      Mayor
Sturges, F. W.      Attorney
Sutherland, M. D.      Merchant
Sweet, Charles      Banker
Van de Mark, Martin      County Attorney
Weaver, Asa      Surgeon
Willson, A.A.      Merchant


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