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  John E. Lindquist.

Captain and Surgeon:
  Victor E. Watts.

Captain and Supply Officer:
  Charles E. Adams.
Captain and Adjutant:
  Michael E. Brady.

This organization did not furnish any report as to activities.


  Jesse H. Hampshire.

First Lieutenant:
  Perry E. Nicholas.

Second Lieutenant:
  Lawrence E. Eldred.

First Sergeant:
  Kirby, George M.

Battalion Supply Captain:
  Charles A. Adams.

  Amis, Harold W.
  Jenkins, Ira J.
  Murlenburg, Herbert T.
  Thompson, J. Henry.

  Adams, Howard.
  Bell, Walter.
  George, Leonard E.
  Monroe, Emmet G.
  Walgamoth, Everett L.

  Bock, Carl.

  Ingram, Raymond K.

  Hatch, B. Pearve.

  Adams, J. Lyle.
  Adams, John W.
  Addams, Robert J.
  Amis, Eli.
  Amis, John G.
  Amis, Robert M.
  Bales, F. Charles.
  Bell, Earl.
  Bonecutter, James H.
  Brady, Frank.
  Buchanan, Arthur E.
  Carpenter, Boyd.
  Cox, Joseph E.
  Crabb, Edgar T.
  Downey, John H.
  Empson, Max.
  Flood, Charles F.
  Fryback, Earl R.
  George, John Marshall.
  Godden, Arthur.
  Griffith, Bart.
  Grover, Floyd E.
  Haggart, Bert R.
  Hartman, Hoyt A.
  Hays, Elmer.
  Herndon, Albert E.
  House, Lyman A.
  Hubbard, Minor D.
  Ingrain, Clarence E.
  Isom, Oliver M.
  Kattenberg, Henry.
  Keever, Alford M.
  Keever, Ralph.
  Kellogg, Charles W.
  Lake, Senica S.
  Lattimer, Alvin.
  Lattimer, Harry A.
  Linn, W. Draton.
  Locke, Ernest.
  Lockwood, Elmo L.
  Mace, Frank A.
  Mace, Lewis H.
  Maginness, Edgar H.
  Martin, William J.
  Martin, Walter.
  Miller, Frank.
  Moore, Charles.
  Moore, C. Pearl.
  Moore, Ray.
  Neal, Harry R.
  Neal, Sam A.
  Newell, Mylar A.
  Newton, Robert R.
  Oswald, Marion W.
  Pennington, Charles F.
  Roush, James F.
  Sample, W. Irvin.
  Schlatter, Ernest.
  Simmons, W. Leroy.
  Smith, Homer E.
  Snyder, Jesse G.
  Taylor,Virgil A.
  Vyff, Cleo.
  Wadley, Benjamin F.
  Watson, Austin T.
  Woods, Hobart C.
  Woodworth, Lonnie.
Second Lieutenant:
  Lee R. Cummings,

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Munsell, Everett C.,

  Bonecutter, John L.,

  Atkins, Vernon D.,
  Compton, Reed W.,
  Longley, Glen M.,

  Hobbs, Howard M.,

  Wiggs, James E.,

  Atwood, Charley M.,
  Brown, Fred L.,
  Brown, George E.,
  Buchanan, N. C.,
  Buell, Francis E.,
  Chase, Carl J., discharged.
  Cline, Ross, discharged.
  Flood, Manie L.,
  Greene, Perry C.,
  Herndon SyIvester W.

  Laughlin, John,
  May, John H., discharged.
  May, Wardie L.,
  Moore, Cleo, discharged.
  Rice, Merritt L.,
  Bickford, C. Arthur,
  Rogers, Fred E.,
  Story, Orrend W.,
  Warner, Charles C.,
  Watson, Everett C.,
  White, Gerald L.,

Company A did not furnish any report as to activities.

COMPANY "B," 13TH BATTALION, Smith Center.

  Joseph A. Barker.

First Lieutenant:
  Herbert Fryback.

Second Lieutenant.
  Miles, Elson.

First Sergeant:
  Lowery, Bert F.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Crosbie, Arch A.

  Barry, Ralph W.
  Ford, Edward F.
  McMullen, William.

  Haberly, Otto E.
  Myers, Seth L.
  McDowell, J. G.
  Nulty, John R.
  Reed, Harry E.
  Reed, W. W.
  Winemiller, John J. E.

  Garrison, C. A.

  Baldwin, E. O.
  Barker , Walter W.
  Barry, Floyd G.

  Baxter, Emery.
  Baxter, John.
  Bell, Daniel G.
  Bell, William J.
  Bolton, James R.
  Bolton, William L.
  Boston, Jay G. P.
  Briles, William H.
  Brogan, Harry O.
  Buchner, John G.
  Burgess, Chester V.
  Burr, Hugh A.
  Carpenter, Chester.
  Carson, Frank M.
  Carver, Jasper T.
  Carver, Roy Martin.
  Carver, Samuel W.
  Chandler, Charles.
  Clinkenbeard, Robert N.
  Daniels, N. M.
  Davis, Joseph M.
  Dimond, Merrill R.
  Ellwood, Roy C.
  Ford, William.
  Grabast, Joseph E.
  Gras, Harry.
  Hays, Ralph L.
  Henderson, R. E.
  Hill, Harlan G.
  Hinshaw, Clarence F.
  Hommon, Chester.
  Jones, Clyde N.
  Jones, Frank H.
  Jones, Richard O. K.
  Kingsbury, Charley C.
  Lannigan, Ebon O.
  Lannigan, Ralph L.
  Marxmiller, William.
  Miller, Clarence.
  Morin, Herbert G.
  Morris, W. J.
  Mundell, Walter W.
  McElfresh, Elmer A.
  McElfresh, Harold.
  Neal, John W.
  Oberdorf, Phillip.
  Ogle, Walter A.
  Otis, Lewis L.
  Peck, Harold.
  Plaster, Frank.
  Pollosk, John Samuel.
  Rogers, John E.
  Rounsley, Harry.
  Rounsley, William M.
  Rugger, Arch.
  Rugger, Cecil H.
  Rugger, Ray O.
  Seever, Claude E.
  Shepardson, Loyal L.
  Shoemaker, Charles D.
  Starbuck, Clarence.
  Starbuck, Cliff.
  Starbuck, Perry C.
  Strieby, Samuel S.
  Taylor, Robert L.
  Weaver, George.
  Weed, Raymond E.
  Welch, Perry.
  Weltmer, Charles L.
  Weltemer, David W.
  White, Bruce.
  White, Fred.
  Williams, Henry A.
  Wilson, William A.
  Wolfe, Omer B.
  Yeo, Leo.
First Lieutenant:
  J. C. Behnke, resigned.

Second Lieutenant:
  A. F. Rader, resigned.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Chatelle, Rodney L., died.

  Barker, Joseph A.,
  Elson, Miles, discharged.
  Fryback, Herbert,
  Morris, Floyd G.,
  Sutton, Ray, discharged.
  Tweedy, Harry M.,

  Moore, Lewis, discharged,
  Plum, William J.,
  Stein, J. B., discharged.

  Dundis, Ralph E.,
  Lowery, Glen O.,

  Alford, William A.,
  Apple, James A.,
  Atwood, Leroy,
  Bowman, Cleave,
  Barger, Vergil E.,
  Brady, M. E.,
  Carson, Benjamin H.,
  Clark, Vern H.,
  Cook, Jesse M.,
  Coolidge, Archie,
  Coolidge, Rogers J.,
  Ford, Russell,
  Garrison, Leo,
  Graham, James,
  Hill, Ira, died.
  Jones, Orrin;
  Kindred, Earl;
  Kirkenschlager, Cliff,
  Lamman, Arden L.,
  Mathis, Curtis,
  Mathis, Sherman,
  Miller, Byron L.,
  Miller, Carl, died.
  Miller, Floyd D.,
  Moore, Pliny,
  Muvlow, Ralph D.,
  Peterson, Clyde,
  Potter, John F.,
  Smith, Hobart A.,
  Stevens, Walter A.,
  Tallent, Virgil M.,
  Tallman, Elmer,
  Vance, Millard.
  Wagner, Albert F.
  Watts, Victor E.,
  Whitinger, Henry.
  Yenne, W. A.


This company took part as an organization in several service flag ceremonies at various churches over the county, and a patriotic service field in Smith Center, in June, 1918, at the time of the laying of the corner stone of the new court house.

The organization stood guard with full company on the night of November 5, 1918, during celebration of the signing of the Armistice in Smith Center; attended twelve soldiers funerals in this county, giving such soldiers a full military burial, and going as far as the east side of Smith county to give one soldier his last rites.

The majority of this company showed a full willingness to give of their time and energy in any sacrifice necessary to build and maintain a high conception of the patriotic duties owed to their country, and to the brave boys in the service of their country. We materially assist in developing in the hearts of all of our citizens of this community that fine spirit of sacrifice and assistance which was characteristic of all true American citizens, still, I believe, this company deserves special mention and credit for their part in moulding public sentiment in this community.

COMPANY "C," 13TH BATTALION, Smith Center.

  Harry M. Tweedy.

First Lieutenant:
  John Beardslee.

Second Lieutenant:
  John W. Bullard.

First Sergeant:
  Hitchcock, Harry.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Smiley, Harvey A.

  Timmins, Merle H.

  Clough, Roy G.
  May John E.
  Ring, William C.
  Yenne, Walter.

  Bowman, Cleve H.
  Brown, Ernest.
  Campbell, Delbert.
  Clark, Verne H.
  Graham, Jim.
  Million, Frank E.

  Armitstead, Charles F.
  Martin, Jesse.

  Clark, Lewis H.

  Abbott, Earl.
  Baker, Dan.
  Barnes, Harry.
  Barnes, Ralph C.
  Barrett, C. Guy.
  Beardslee, Harold.
  Blair, Rolla.
  Blair, William H.
  Braden, Carl R.
  Branton, William D.
  Brown, Frank.
  Brown, Freddie.
  Brown, John.
  Brown, Willie.
  Buss, Clinton.
  Cameron, Charles G.
  Campbell, James.
  Campbell, Roy.
  Chance, Franklin R.
  Chapman, Tom.
  Collins, Samuel D.
  Cowan, Bert L.
  Cowan, Perry.
  Dunton, Jason.

  Gineau, George.
  Green, Perry C.
  Hutchinson, Edwin F.
  Jones, Malcom.
  Jones, Orrin C.
  Jones, Orvil.
  Kimsey, Isaac N.
  Kirkenschlager, Cliff.
  Logan, Walter.
  Lumpkin, Eimer E.
  Mays, Jay.
  McCary, Alvah F.
  McDonald, Harry.
  Peterson, Clyde L.
  Peterson, Dan.
  Relihan, Rex.
  Ring, Harry B.
  Sellars, Fred W.
  Shockley, Wilbur.
  Smiley, Earl B.
  Spurrier, Austin.
  Tallman, Ernest H.
  Vance, Millard.
  Venables, Vern V.
  Williams, Clarance R.
  Williams, Ralph.
  Warner, Emmet.
  Yenne, James.
  Yenne, W. Arthur.
  Coulson, Harry A.,
  Coulson, Keith, discharged.
  Martin, Walter A.,
  Relihan, Dan, discharged.
  Rorabaugh, Narvin L.,
  Tallman, Elmer, discharged.


Company C took part, as an organization, in several flag ceremonies at the churches in the communities where the members resided, and had charge of Pawnee and Cora townships in Smith county in the drive for funds for the united war workers and made a creditable showing.

The unit stood guard, together with Company B, at Smith Center on the night of November 11, 1918.

With the exception of three or four members, this company was composed of farmers. Considering the shortage of help during the season of 1918, and the size and kinds of crops, the company deserves special praise for their devotion to the cause. When men have worked hard all day and all week, it takes one hundred per cent Americanism to inspire them to drive from five to ten miles to drill two or three hours of an evening, or on Sunday afternoons. Taken altogether, it is surprising that the attendance was as good as it was and gratifying to the officers that the organization made the progress it did.

BAND, 13TH BATTALION, Smith Center.

Chief Musician:
  Stevens, Walter A.

Principal Musician:
  Nelson, Arthur E.

  Brady, Michael E.

  Alford, William A.
  Plumb, William J.
  Smith, Wilbert F.
  Stevens, Louis H.

  Coolidge, James R.
  Henning, Joe R.
  Muxlow, Ralph D.
  Reese, Harry T.
  Underwood, Lawson R.
  Wolfe, Laverne.

  Hommon, Floyd M.
  Luse, Wyley E.

  Dundas, Ralph E.
  Johnson, Joseph F.
  Kirk, Granville.
  Wolfe, Glenn L.

Principal Musician:
  Underwood, Dooley L.,
  Hill, Ira M., died.
  Lowery, Glenn, discharged.
  Luse, Alvin E., discharged.
  Werts, Mack A.,


This band conducted rehearsals and drills two days a week, and public band concerts one day in week, The organization participated in the 13th Battalion drill at Lebanon, Kan.

Transcribed from History and Roster of the Kansas State Guard, August 6, 1917, to November 11, 1919, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, B. P. Walker, State Printer, Topeka. 1925. 10-4436 Kansas State Guard footer

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