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Captain-Judge Advocate:
  Elisha Scott.

  Robert L. Hamilton.
First Lieutenant:
  Robert H. Martin.
Second Lieutenant:
  William Bradshaw.

No muster-out roll furnished.

  H. I. Monroe.

First Lieutenant:
  James Johnson.

Second Lieutenant:
  B. F. Payne.

First Sergeant:
  Bradshaw, Clarence.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Edmonds, Henry.

  Morgan, Robert.
  Peak, Mell C.

  Scales, Green.

  Alexander, Ivan.
  Anderson, John.
  Beard, David.
  Beck, E. W.
  Bigbee, Bayless.
  Brannock, Leroy.
  Brooks, Abraham.
  Brown, Samuel.
  Burton, Benjamin.
  Burton, Curtis.
  Burton, Dwight.
  Conley, Edward.
  Cooper, W. D.

  Daniels, C. C.
  Daniels, Fred.
  Davis, Peter.
  Dennis, Harry.
  Donnelly, Elliott.
  Dotson, John.
  Drain, Edward.
  Edmonds, Henry.
  Estes, Reuben.
  Etherly, Albert.
  Evans, Earl E.
  Fisher, Harry.
  Fisher, Jerry.
  Fitchue, James.
  Floyd, Roberts.
  Foster, Robert.
  Gaines, William.
  Gordon, Ernest.
  Graham, V. A.
  Graves, G. F.
  Hardison, -----
  Hare, James H.
  Hatcher, William.
  Hawkins, S. P.
  Hickerson, E. E.
  High S. W.
  Holmaan, J. J.
  Howard, F. H.
  Johnson, Jack.
  Johnson, R. J.
  Jones, Edward.
  King, Leonard.
  Knott, Lewis.
  Lane, Ben.
  Martin, George.
  Martin, James R.
  Morrow, George K.
  Moss, C. C.
  Murry, Henry.
  Oliver, Wendell.
  Packer, W. M.
  Parks, Alexander.
  Payne, A. J.
  Payne, Samuel.
  Perkins, Ben.
  Poynter, Leonard.
  Reed, Taylor.
  Reeves, Leslie.
  Ridley, E.
  Robb, Carl.
  Roberts, Peter.
  Scott, Elisha.
  Shaw, Lary.
  Sims, R. S.
  Smith, George W.
  Smith, Ira.
  Smith, William.
  Spears, Carl.
  Starnes, John.
  Thompson, Fred.
  Thompson, George B.
  Thompson, Robert.
  Todd, W. E.
  Tucker, Robert.
  Walker, Joe.
  Washam, R.
  White, Scotty.
  Williams, Oscar.
  Williams, Terry.
  Williams, Theodore.
  Williams, William.
  Willis, Horace.
  Wims, William.


This company took part in parades; guarded the railway stations during the departure of troops and on other public occasions.


  Benjamin H. Dunbar.

First Lieutenant:
  D. W. Wilson.

Second Lieutenant:
  Victor B. Bassett.

  Wilson, William B.

  Buster, Charles L.
  Hammond, Drew R.
  Hill, Hugh.
  Jaggers, Jerry M.
  Prouty, Salem M.
  Shriver, Robert.
  Teegarden, Roy L.

  Hugo, J. O.

  Buster, Claude A.
  Buster, John I.

  Butler, Heber.
  Couch, Samuel A.
  DeLozier, Charles R.
  DeWitt, Heber H.
  Doss, Samuel.
  Douglass, A. Lawrence.
  Dowling, Oliver F.
  Durst, Alexander.
  Durst, Henry.
  Fields, Charles T.
  Fields, John C., Jr.
  Gilliland, Amulek.
  Gilmore, Lloyd D.
  Gilmore, Walter J.
  Harding, James A.
  Harding, Merle J.
  Hill, William T.
  Hiteshew, York.
  Hollingworth, Edward M.
  Hollingworth, Ivan.
  Howard, Truman.
  Ingmire, Arthur D.
  Jaggers, Ivy W.
  Jones, Henry D.
  Jordan, Albert L.
  Koger, Melvin.
  Koger, Murrill K.
  Lane, Joe.
  Mason, William.
  Matthews, William C.
  Mitchell, W. A.
  McGhee, Roy D.
  McGhee, Samuel N.
  McKee, Harry A.
  Orr, Leander.
  Parks, William H.
  Parsons, Oliver A.
  Prouty, Strauder M.
  Rathburn, George T.
  Ray, William H.
  Roper, Harvey J.
  Smith, Frank H.
  Smith, Leroy H.
  Snell, Clarence E.
  Souders, John H.
  Sutton, John R.
  Tasker, John H.
  Tuttle, Jasper Wesley.
  Williams, Jessie A.
  Wood, Perry.
  Yoe, Walter E.
  Young, Fred M.

No report was rendered by the Tyro company covering its war-time activities.


  Almon H. Barber.

First Lieutenant:
  William C. Ringeisen.

Second Lieutenant:
  Ransom R. Baker.

First Sergeant:
  Pierce, Vern.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Bjurkland, Ernest H.

  Engberg, David.
  Huitt, Elmer F.
  Johnson, Oscar.
  Sexson, John E.

  Alvord, Fred R.
  Bjorklund, Arthur.

  Carlson, Paul.
  Cox, Clarence Jackson.
  Teed, Earl.
  Wood, Clarence.

  Chaney, Elmer.

  Weed, Theodore.

  Bergquist, John G.
  Brees, Ernest.
  Brees, Roy.
  Cox, Everett L.
  Cox, Harold.
  Cox, Wilbur.
  Curtis, James.
  Emond, Thomas.
  Emond, William.
  Flanery, Robert C.
  Gauss, Michael I.
  Gordon, Alben.

  Hoyt, Charley M.
  Hunter, Thomas G.
  Johnson, George C.
  Leffingwell, L. W.
  Lutz, William H.
  Marsh, Erl .
  Miller, Carl G.
  McCartney, Glenn J.
  Nystrom, Carl A.
  Okeson, Olof.
  Padgett, Andrew I.
  Padgett, Leo.
  Putt, Edward H.
  Richard, Carl.
  Richard, John.
  Roundtree, Vern.
  Rosendall, Christ.
  Samuelson, Lawrence.
  Satterfield, James E.
  Shelley, Luther M.
  Swanson, Clarence E.
  Swanson, Nels David.
  Swartz, Hugh W.
  Wilcox, Guy E.
  Wilder, William A.


The Weskan Company assisted in all war-time activities, rendering every possible service.


  Will French.

First Lieutenant:
  Ralph D. Peters.

Second Lieutenant:
  Charles E. Allen.

First Sergeant:
  Drennan, C. M.

  Pritchard, D. G.
  Ray, C. W.

  Burney, James.
  Daves, John C.
  Pontius, D. L.
  Rembaugh, C. E.
  Stallcop, W. W.
  Stuber, Ralph T.

  Adams, G. Clinton.
  Allen C. E.
  Backus, Tom W.
  Bailey, V. E.
  Ballien, Frank E.
  Barnes, W. T.
  Beard, W. T.
  Beavers, F. T.
  Benniac, Thomas.
  Bird, R. B.

  Bloomfield, R. H.
  Brooks, Will.
  Brown, George S.
  Brown, Guy M.
  Burdette, Penrose.
  Burgener, Will Sey.
  Chase, H. H.
  Clark, J. K.
  Clay, V. F.
  Crandall, W. H.
  Crawford, L. B.
  Crawford, S. M.
  Danford, G. S.
  Dauber, I. A.
  Dodson, Maurelle.
  Drake W. O.
  Dudey, M. H.
  Dutton, D. D.
  Finch, J. H.
  Fink, Ellis.
  Forbes, Charles E.
  Foster W. D.
  Gentry, Ivan E.
  Gooch, W. E.
  Goodman, H. B.
  Grantham, Harold.
  Grantham, John.
  Guy P. H.
  Hanien, Homer.
  Hart, Harry.
  Henthorne, Lawrence.
  Hiigel, Clyde.
  Jobes, W. A.
  Johnston, Tom D.
  Kanoga, E. G.
  King, A. L.
  King, Harry.
  Kinninmonth, F. P.
  Latta, R. B.
  Lawrence, Harry.
  Leavell, G. E.
  Lefler, C. E.
  Martin, C. A.
  Moore, L. D.
  McGregor, J. F.
  Noble, A. L.
  Patterson, W. G.
  Reed, Ralph.
  Sage, W. J.
  Schwantes, John.
  Shockey, Earl.
  Snowhill, A.
  Snyder, A. K.
  Snyder, H. L.
  Spengler, H. H.
  Stoutimore, F. L.
  Stutzman, Ira.
  Swenson, John.
  Talla, Henry N.
  Terry, E. L.
  Thorp, G. M.
  Thorp W. B.
  Tuttle: E. G.
  VanDeWater, George H.
  Virden, Harry Lee.
  Wade, J. N.
  Watson, W. W.
  Woodson, R. C.
  Wooley, Howard.
  Wycoff, C. S.
  R. R. Gilbert, resigned.

First Lieutenant:
  James Hell, resigned.

  Wilson, R. M., resigned.

  Beach, Bert O., resigned.
  Bridges, Boyd H., resigned.
  Horton, Harry, resigned.

  Hudson, Eugene, resigned.
  Martin, Jarvis, resigned.
  Sumpter, Henry L.,
  Warner, Kern, resigned.


The Winfield company. Kansas State Guard, was called upon to perform guard duty at nights at the library in this city, which was at that time headquarters for the Cowley chapter of the Red Cross. This duty was performed throughout the spring and summer of 1918. The company was also called out upon several occasion to do guard duty over the mills and wholesale groceries of the city upon occasions which were deemed advisable. As the individuals of the organization were nearly all members of the local committee to work for the Liberty loans, Red Cross and other campaigns, the organization did not take part in any of these campaigns as a unit. The company was also called out for duty in connection with the exhibition train, and at another time to guard a government airship which remained in town some twenty-four hours.

All other work was of a routine nature, the company drilling once a week regularly, until after the ARmistice was signed. A good attendance was the rule and consequently the men progressed nicely in close drill and were give considerable work in extension order formation, guard duty, etc.

Transcribed from History and Roster of the Kansas State Guard, August 6, 1917, to November 11, 1919, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, B. P. Walker, State Printer, Topeka. 1925. 10-4436 Kansas State Guard footer

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