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  Elmer Butler.

First Lieutenant:
  Floyd V. Field.

First Sergeant:
  Cannic, A. F.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Woodmas, W. P.

  Arnold, C. J.
  Painter, J. S.
  Stivison, Robert J.
  Washburn, Samuel A.

  Farrow, Charles E.
  Foley, John W.
  Gibson, George.
  Miller, C. Edwin.
  McBrayer, Fred W.
  Sowers, Jacob A.

  Erbar, E. H.
  Hillman, John W.

  Culbit, Frank R.
  Price, W. E.

  Arnold, C. C.
  Brighton, H. E.
  Brooks, Asa
  Brooks, Samuel F.
  Burgess, Charles.
  Canniff, George M.
  Cole, Earl O.
  Collard, Joseph R.
  Davidson, W. H.
  Davis, John.
  Eagle, W. M.
  Erbar, Herbert M.
  Farrow, W. H.
  Foley, Charley.
  Gardner, M. T.
  Grant, Johnie.
  Harlin, Jesse Homer.
  Hillman, John A.

  Hillman, Tom.
  Hollingsworth, Edd.
  Hutchinson, Joseph D.
  Jenks, E. E.
  Logan, A. W.
  Logan, C. E.
  Marshall, W. S.
  Mayden, A. N.
  Miller, C. E.
  Morris, Ben H.
  McMichael R.
  McMullen, C A.
  McMullen, Warren S.
  Newton, Henry.
  Newton, LeRoy.
  Pugh, Ralph D.
  Pyle, W. S.
  Rankin, J. T.
  Rush, R. R.
  Smith, Chester C.
  Sweetwood, George.
  Whitcher, Harry.
  Wiggans, Ned.
  Windett, Frank.
  Wilson, Fay.
  Woods, Glen.
  Wyman, C. H.
First Lieutenant:
  Moine Miller,

Second Lieutenant:
  Harry Harkness,

  Brann, Herbert O.
  Kersey, Lester,

  McMullen, C. W.,

  Poston, William O.,
  Rankin, John R.,

  Allan, Martin H.,
  Eagle, E. Ralph,
  Edmonson, Delmar,
  Kersey, Charles E.,
  Kersey, Horace A.,

  Logan, Challis K.,
  Neill, Ernest T.,
  Newton, William Jr.,
  Shaffer, Lawrence,
  Smith, LeRoy,
  Thompson, John H.,
  Watkins, J. W.,
  Windett, George S.,

This company did not render any report as to activities.


  Eldon C. Newby.

First Lieutenant:
  J. A. Holmstrom.

Second Lieutenant:
  B. E. Nygren.

First Sergeant:
  Christepherson, Anton C.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Goranson, Frank.

  Denison, Reuben E.
  Forsberg, Emil.
  Hedke, Henry H.
  Peterson, George E.

  Bales, L. E.
  McCosh, N. A.

  Peterson, August R.

  Hungerford, William,

  Anderson, Aaron E.
  Anderson, Emery.
  Anderson, Leslie.
  Anderson, Richard E.
  Axelton. A. G., Jr.
  Axelton, Elmer.
  Axelton, Reuben O.

  Beekman, H. C.
  Bergsten, Ray.
  Blanchard, Clarence.
  Blomgren, Clemon.
  Boles, Homer.
  Bovey, J. O.
  Bovey, W. I.
  Burgman, Oscar.
  Burkland, Martin.
  Carlson, C. J.
  Carlson, Godfrey.
  Carlson, Hugo.
  Carlson, Oscar.
  Carlson, Stanley.
  Cook, H. S.
  Copeland, J. F.
  Cyrone, Albert P.
  Dewey, Charles H.
  DeWyke, Bruce.
  DeWyke, Roy.
  Erickson, A. J.
  Floberg, A. T.
  Fritz, E.
  Hahn, W. H.
  Hagenmaier, Carl E.
  Haller, Bismark H.
  Haller, Court.
  Haller, Hans.
  Hanson, John.
  Heller, Charles A.
  Hillstrom, Fred.
  Holmberg, Ernest C.
  Holmberg, Leslie.
  Holtman, Edmund L.
  Houser, Julius.
  Isaacson, Marvin.
  Johnson, Carl J.
  Johnson, Elmer.
  Johnston, Carl W.
  Johnston, Ed J.
  Jones, Ben.
  Larson, Chester.
  Lund, C. A.
  Lundberg, Elmer L.
  Martin, Carl.
  Meline, August.
  Moon, Isaac.
  Moon, Thomas.
  Musil, J. F.
  McAninch, S. B.
  Newby, Gaylord T.
  Newby, Gerald R.
  Nohlen, Carl L.
  Nohlen, George C.
  Nordstrom, Elmer A.
  Nordstrom, P. A.
  Norris, C. H.
  Oberhelman, Vernon.
  Osbourn, A. C.
  Palmer, Sigurd.
  Parsons, Joseph.
  Peter, Arthur J.
  Peter, Fred C.
  Ren, J. O.
  Richter, William H.
  Rickson, Wilbert.
  Rose, Reuben L.
  Salberg, Ed.
  Salberg, Roy.
  Samuelson, A. N.
  Schwartz, Clarence E.
  Schwartz, Ed.
  Schwartz, Louis H.
  Seborg, Victor.
  Swanson, E. G.
  Sweany, H. V.
  Swenson, Nelon A.
  Vandahl, W. A.
  Vawter, Henry.
  Vogelsang, Henry.
  Walstrom, Leonard.
First Sergeant:
  Pfuetze, Karl N.,

  Edgerton, Charles M.,
  Pfuetze, Herman D.,

  Anderson, John,

  Blomgren, Raymond,
  Carlson, Walden N.,

  DeLong, Charles W.,
  Dicks, Arthur G.,
  Jones, L. O., discharged.
  Larson, Leonard, died.
  Mann, H. F., discharged.
  Weber, Max H., died.


Hon. J. G. Strong, of Blue Rapids, was present at the mustering-in of the company and made a stirring, patriotic address to the crowd of nearly 500 people who had assembled for the occasion.

Details were made for every Liberty loan drive, also Y. M. C. A. and Red Cross campaigns, to control autos and otherwise keep the place of meetings quiet that the speakers might have every opportunity to present the cause to the people. The township did not fail to meet its quota in any campaign.

On October 19, 1918, a squad, in charge of Corporal Hedke, attended the funeral of Private Gust Emanuel Gustafson, N. A., who died on October 15, at Camp Funston, of influenza and pneumonia. They acted as pallbearers and escort; no salute being fired because of rule of cemetery.

October 25 the company attended the funeral of Max H. Weber of our company who was accidentally killed by his own gun while trying to protect his poultry from rodents. The company acted as escort and provided Pallbearers and fired a salute at the grave. The company also dug the grave, provided the uniform for burial and a flag to cover the casket.

October 29, 1918, a squad, in charge of the commanding officer, attended the funeral of Private Ernest Joseph Belin, who died at Camp Doniphan, October 25, of influenza. This squad traveled sixteen miles through deep mud, by team, marched a mile leading the procession to the cemetery, fired the usual salute and returned home, making a trip of 32 miles for the occasion.

November 11, 1918, the company led a parade of school children and citizens in celebration of the signing of the Armistice with the central powers.

December 22, the company attended the funeral of Private Leonard Larson of our coinpan who died December 18, of pneumonia. Pallbearers were provided, a uniform and a flag, and the company escorted the procession to the cemetery, marching first to the church, in all, two miles of march, on a very cold day.

February 5, 1919, a squad in charge of the captain attended the funeral of Edward Secrest, a veteran of the Civil War, a respected and honored citizen. The flag was placed at half mast, before the services, on the flag pole in front of the deceased's residence and it remained until sundown. The company provided pallbearers and Grand Army of the Republic members acted as honorary pallbearers. The customary salute at the grave and sounding of taps.

March 17, 1919, the company, assisted by the local Red Cross auxiliary, conducted a public reception for returned soldiers, about 300 people being present. Captain Lee DeArmond of the 117th Ammunition Train was present and made a very interesting address.

Decoration Day, May 30, was observed by the company with a public program in the cemetery in which the schools and public joined us.

July 16, 17 and 18, a reunion for returned soldiers, which was largely attended. A recruiting train from Camp Funston in charge of Lieutenant Colonel Lemmon attended this reunion.


  Claude E. VanVoorhis.
First Lieutenant:
  Harold R. Maxwell.
Second Lieutenant:
  Harry Trees Lukert.
  Samuel J. White, resigned.

No muster-out roll furnished.


  Guy W. McNatt.

First Lieutenant:
  George W. Holsinger.

Second Lieutenant:
  John P. Jones.

First Sergeant:
  Stockton, Douglass C.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Rushton, Frank.

  Chandler, Marshall.
  Gernis, George.
  Sperry, Fred.
  Wilson, Lawrence.

  Collins, Walter.
  Drebert, Watson.
  Espenland, Dave.
  Ross, William.
  Rushton, Dick.
  Wisner, Herbert.

  Harris, James.
  Wisner, George.

  Bolen, Austin.
  Meyers, Ernest.

  Preston, Jesse.

  Baker, Leonard.
  Barnett, Benjamin.
  Bishop, George.
  Brownlee, James W.
  Buie, Donald.
  Campbell, Joseph.
  Collins, Walter.
  Espenland, Albert.
  Espenland, Fred.
  Ferguson, Earl.
  Gates, Horatio.
  Gerner, Leonard.
  Golden, Charles.
  Helmreich, Louis.
  Hervey, Edward.
  Hervey, William.
  Holsinger, Wallace.
  Hough, Roy.
  Johnson, George.
  Larson, William.

  Mann, George.
  Mercer, Harold.
  Mercer, Charles.
  Meyers, Benjamin.
  Meyers, Gilbert.
  McIntyre, Charles.
  McIntyre, John.
  Powell, John.
  Rees, Fred.
  Ringer, Paul.
  Rose, Edmund.
  Rose George.
  Rushton, George.
  Sanders, Ernest.
  Sayers, Clinton.
  Scheer, John.
  Scheuerman, George.
  Schoeller, Christopher.
  Seitter, Henry.
  Sheldon, Edgar.
  Spencer, Thomas.
  Stucker, Lester.
  Swarner, Earl.
  Trabon, Louis.
  Upton, Arthur.
  Williamson, Sidney.
  Wisner, Walter.
  Woodcock, George.
  Worth, Ray.
  Yaeger, Leslie.
  Yaeger, Harry.
  Zeff, Sam.

This company reported no activities.


  George Schlegel.

First Lieutenant:
  Eugene L. Bates.

Second Lieutenant:
  Clyde E. Smith.

First Sergeant:
  Renner, John C.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Dixon, Leroy E.

  Davison, Charles H.
  Deighton, William .I.
  Magerfleisch, Reinhold A.
  Remer, Samuel A.

  Barnes, Corwin.
  Barnes, Vergil.
  Holmes, John.
  Lewis, Robert A.

  Beaton, Charles H.
  Fairbank, Milton.
  Hall, John.
  Hallett, Leon.
  Heaton, Harvey J.
  Horacek, Jerry.
  Jennison, Willard C.
  Kain, Lee R.
  Kaufman, Charles F.
  Long, Clifton F.
  Lyman, Clarence H.
  Miller, Carl W.
  Morton, Jesse P.
  Peterson, Vernon.

  Popp, Fred.
  Popp, Joseph A.
  Pozalek, Adolph.
  Pozalek, Ralph.
  Renner, Andrew J.
  Renner, Frank.
  Renner, Ora L.
  Renner Walter H.
  Reynolds, Carl V.
  Russell, Bruce A.
  Schmidt, Fred G.
  Scranton, Charles F.
  Smith, Leon G.
  Styskal, Anton.
  Troudt, Henry.
  Ublaker, Otto.
  Burnes, James D.,
  Campbell, Lester R.,
  Hall, Clarence M.
  Ohl, George, discharged.

No report rendered.


  James W. King.
First Lieutenant:
  James Dillon.
Second Lieutenant:
  Andrew J. Francis.

No muster-out roll furnished.

Transcribed from History and Roster of the Kansas State Guard, August 6, 1917, to November 11, 1919, printed by Kansas State Printing Plant, B. P. Walker, State Printer, Topeka. 1925. 10-4436 Kansas State Guard footer

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