Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh'sBiographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm.

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A City of the Third Class 165
A New Era in Kansas - 1866 75
A Pioneer Wedding 80
A Poem to the History of Cloud County, by J.E. Burkhart of Miltonvale 27
A Tribute to the Women of Kansas. 121
Advantages and Attractions 120
Alfalfa 17
Ames 880
An Attempt to Change the County Line 58
Another Burial on the Frontier 57
Approving of Townsite and naming of County Seat 154
Area of the State of Kansas, Altitude, Resources, etc. 13
Arion Township 72
Aurora Township 899
Autumn Sunset 119

Banking History of Miltonvale 843
Benefit to the State 109
Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church 686
Bones in a Strata of Rock 142
Bridge Over Elk Creek 402
Brief Record of the State of Kansas 9
Buffalo Creek Valley 734
Buffalo Hunters from Grant Township 90
Buffalo Hunting on the Plains 88
Buffalo Hunting Expedition as Related by Geo. W. Teasley 95
Buffalo Township 71
Building of Wagon Bridge Over the Republican at Clyde 401
Burning Corn 15
Business Blocks erected - Concordia.161

Catholic Church and Convent of Clyde 415
Catholic Church of Glasco. 531
Center Township 74
Changing the Name of Shirley to Cloud 32
Chinch Bug 748
Christian Church of Glasco 532
Church of Christ 199
Church of Christ of Jamestown 744
Church of Christ of Miltonvale 841
Churches of Concordia 192
Church Organization of tHe Frontier 83
Claim Jumping 79
Cloud County Graduates 134
Cloud County Pioneer Association 143
Clyde's City Waterworks 400
Clyde Early History 398
Clyde Military Band 410
Clyde Postoffice 400
Clyde Public Schools 402
Clyde and Vicinity 407
Clyde's Watermelon Carnivals 405
Coal 18
Colfax Township 72
Concordia - Her Financial, Commercial and Industrial Interests 174
Concordia Town Company 156
County Fair Association 146
County Organization 28
County Seat Agitation 152
Creamery at Clyde 411

Dark Days for Concordia 157
Description of the streets in Concordia 156
Disastrous Cyclone in Cloud and Clay Counties 125
Drouth and Hot Winds 17
Drouth in 1870 143

Educational 24
Effingham and Muscotah Telephone Company 416
Elk State Bank of Clyde 409
Elk Township 70
Elm Creek Settlement 61
Events of 1872 163
Events of 1874 166
Exit of the Settlers in 1864 67

Fatal Fire in Clyde 404
First Christian Church of Concordia 197
First Newspaper 738
First Settlers of Cloud County 59
First School Building 160
First School in Concordia 79
First United Presbyterian Church of Jamestown 744
First Woman's Christian Temperance, etc. 404
Floods in Buffalo Creek Valley 735
From Clyde to Waterville 37
Frontier Hardships 56

General Growth of Clyde 399
Geographical Center 19
Glasco 523
Glasco Base Ball Team 537
Glasco Foot Ball Team 534
Glasco Newspapers 525
Glasco State Bank 533
Good Roads 106
Graded Schools 133
Grant Township 72
Grasshopper Visitation 107
Graves Postoffice 725
Growth of Concordia 173

Half Way, Lyon Township 697
History of the City of Concordia 150
History of the Cloud County Bank 186
History of Concordia Parish of the Catholic Church 200
History of the First Presbyterian Church of Clyde 413
History of the First Presbyterian Church of Glasco 529
History of the Glasco Schools 526
History of the Jamestown Banks 740
Historical Mention of Concordia Newspapers 166
Hollis 888
Horticulture 115
Hospital of the Sisters of St. Joseph 216
How Lewis Cassel, J.M. Hagaman and others got even with a Marauding Band of Indians in 1865 38
Hunting Narrative from Sibley Township 91

Indian Raid on the Republican Valley. 52
Indian Raid on the Solomon River 43
Indian Troubles on the Frontier 37

Jamestown 736
Jamestown Postoffice 737
Jamestown School 738

Kansas, an Agricultural State 24
Kansas Cyclones 123
Kansas in the Rebellion 20
Kansas Wind as she is Blown 123

Lake Sibley 115
Lawlessness on the Frontier 55
Lawrenceburg 888
Lawrence Township 73
Lincoln Township 74
List of Premiums Won by Sunflower State 16
Lutheran Church of Glasco 532
Lyon Township 73

Macyville 708
Massacre of the Cassel Party 39
Methodist Episcopal Church of Concordia 198
Methodist Episcopal Church of Clyde 412
Methodist Episcopal Chruch of Jamestown 743
Meredith Township 71
Militia Organization 48
Miltonvale 838
Miltonvale Base Ball Team 844
Minersville 888
Missionary Work in Kansas 22
Miss White Taken into Captivity 49
More County Seat Trouble 160
Murder of Joseph Nicholas Hagaman 55

Naming of Cloud County 30
Naming the Streets of Concordia 157
Nazareth Academy 210
Nelson Township 73

Oakes House 552
Oakland Township 74
Opposition in the Senate 33
Organization of the Clyde Town Co. 396
Organization of the Militia 69
Organization of School Districts 132
Origin of the First Baptist Church of Concordia 196
Other Early Settlers in Concordia 159
Other Wild Native Flowers 104

Petrified Fish 142
Petrified Turtles 142
Phenomena and Idiosyncrasies 140
Pleasures of the Chase as Told by E.C. Davidson 89
Postoffices 888
Post Office Established 525
Prairie Fires 109
Precipitation of Rainfall for Forty-three Years 111
Prohibition 26
Prominent Women Take Charge of Jamestown's City Government 741

Quivera 7

Ragweed 143
Railroads 127
Resume of the Cloud County Newspapers 172
Rice 887
Romance Of the Plain as Told by Uriah Smith 93
Rum Crusade 844

Salt Marsh 739
Scenic Lanscape 119
Schools in 1866 76
Shirley Township 71
Shooting Affair at Glasco 55
Sibley Butte 116
Sibley Township 71
Snakes 106
Snake Den Story 106
Society in the Early Seventies 122
Society on the Frontier as seen by J.B. Rupe 63
Soil 115
Solomon Township 70
Solomon Valley 522
Solomon Valley Wool Growing Assn 534
Some of Concordia's First Citizens. 158
Some Old Settlers 739
Stage Coaches 37
Starr Township 74
State Normal School 164
State Bank of Miltonvale 844
Statistics Recently Compiled 26
Strange Suicide in Lake Sibley 115
Street Scene in Concordia 174
St. Peters Catholic Church 890
Surface 114

Telephone System of Miltonvale 850
The Cathedral 202
The Church of Saron 749
The Clyde Exchange Bank 410
The Concordia Blade 171
The Concordia Electric Light Co. 184
The Concordia Library 189
The Concordia Public Schools 179
The Concordia Telephone Company 185
The Conklins 64
The County Seat Skirmish 151
The Daily Blade 172
The Dugout 79
The Expositor 170
The Farmers Voice 453
The Feathered Songsters of Kansas 101
The First Free Methodist Church of Concordia 199
The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Miltonvale 842
The First National Bank of Concordia 187
The First Presbyterian Church of Concordia 193
The Flood of June, 1902 146
The Founding of the Empire 167
The Great Visitation of Grasshoppers in 1875 108
The Great Western Business and Normal College 181
The Hessian Fly 747
The Jamestown State Bank 740
The Kansan 171
The Kansas Emigrant 16
The Killing of Benjamin White, etc. 44
The Methodist Episcopal Church of Glasco 530
The Picnic 292
The Pike Monument 145
The Pomeroy Library 746
The Prairie Gem School House 804
The Primitive Court House 159
The River Before Changing its Course 177
The Sermon 85
The Sirocco or Hot Winds 142
The Summitt Free Baptist Church 708
The Sunflower 103
The Swedish Baptist Church of Concordia 192
The Times 172
The United Brethren Church in Christ 195
The United Presbyterian Church of Miltonvale 839
The White Rock Massacre 42
The Young Men's Republican Club 144
Town Company Election of Officers 159
Township Organization 69
Tree Culture 99
Twin Mounds 116

Wagon Bridge over the Republican River at Clyde 126
Walnut Log found at a Depth of Twenty-eight feet 143
Water Courses of Cloud County, Industries, Towns, etc. 117
Weather Bureau 185
Wonderful Growth in Timber 101

Yuma 888

Transcribed from E.F. Hollibaugh's Biographical history of Cloud County, Kansas biographies of representative citizens. Illustrated with portraits of prominent people, cuts of homes, stock, etc. [n.p., 1903] 919p. illus., ports. 28 cm.

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1903 Cloud County Kansas History

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