History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

St. John, - 50095
St. John, John P. 50058
Stacy, - 40059
Stahl, Rachel B015.02
Stall, Mary A. B063.07
Stanberry, - 40030
Standish, Sophronia B116.02
Standley, Ralph 140040
Standwattie, - 30010, B001.03
Stanley, - 160980, B047.02, B047.03, B234.09
Stanley, Mary Ann B157.04
Stanley, Phoebe Jane B010.02
Stansbury, Edward E. 100033
Stapleton, Nelson 160822
Starks, Sallie B067.02, B070.02
Starkweather, G. E. 160815
Starrett, W. H. 160796
Staton, Etta 60004
Staton, Geo. H. 160806
Stauffer, (unnamed infant) B284.05
Stauffer, Addie B284.05
Stauffer, Dorothy B284.05
Stauffer, Elizabeth B284.02, B284.05
Stauffer, Eva B284.05
Stauffer, Fleta B284.05
Stauffer, Harriet B284.05
Stauffer, Henry K. B284.02
Stauffer, Imogene B284.05
Stauffer, James K. B284.05
Stauffer, Jennie B284.05
Stauffer, John 50068, 50071, B284.01, B284.02, B284.05
Stauffer, Juanita B284.05
Stauffer, Lulu B284.05
Stauffer, Maggie B284.05
Stauffer, Millie B284.05
Stauffer, Mollie B284.05
Stauffer, Naomi B284.02
Stauffer, Paul B284.05
Stauffer, Samel B284.05
Stauffer, Samuel B284.02
Stauffer, Sameul K. B284.05
Stauffer, Thaddeus B284.05
Steadman, - B135.03
Stebbns, - 80019
Steel, A. P. 30037
Steel, Lamenta B029.06
Steever, J. W. 70017
Steinbrook, Lizzie B041.06
Stephen, Charles B148.01
Stephens, - B063.04
Stephens, Charles P0001, 50080, 50084, 70037, 170018, 170022, 170022, B250.02
Stephens, D. A. 30027
Stephens, Edward B279.05
Stephens, Emma C. B148.03
Stephens, Mary A. B279.05
Stephens, P. C. 170022
Stephenson, Martha B188.02
Stephenson, William B188.02
Sterns, Tyler B. 160843
Stevens, Charles B140.04
Stevens, E. E. 80030
Stevens, Grace B140.04
Stevens, Katherine B268.04
Stevenson, J. M. B134.03
Stevenson, Lizzie B134.03
Steward, B. F. 30067, 120026, B082.02
Steward, Louise H. B082.05
Steward, M. H. B082.02
Steward, M. R. 30067
Steward, Mabelle B082.05
Steward, Milton R. 120026, B082.01
Stewart, - 70010
Stewart, Annie B111.04
Stewart, John T. 150028
Stewart, Lola B111.04
Stewart, Nellie 60006
Stewart, William B111.04
Stice, B. W. B117.06
Stice, Blanche B117.06
Stice, D. M. B117.03
Stice, J. Frank 160825
Stice, James L. B117.03
Stice, W. E. B117.01, B117.06
Stiles, - 30036
Stiles, Fannie B046.01
Stiles, Wm. A. 160814
Stinnett, Lewis 160785
Stinson, Eliza B073.02
Stirele, Minnie B154.04
Stirele, William C. B154.04
Stires, Clarissa B227.03
Stires, Jacob B227.03
Stock, Catherine B101.02
Stock, Joseph B101.02
Stockley, Adelle B110.04
Stockslager, - 50044
Stockslager, C. O. 50038, 50057, 70036, 140008, B237.02
Stockslager, Charles O. 140011
Stockslager, T. S. 50034, 60015
Stoice, Ed. 140020
Stoker, J. 160837
Stone, - B103.02
Stone, Adah Heletha B055.05
Stone, Albert B293.05
Stone, Amanda B293.02
Stone, C. B. B015.05
Stone, Caroline B293.02
Stone, Carrie B293.05
Stone, Dora B293.05
Stone, Elijah B293.02
Stone, Eliza B293.05
Stone, Elsie B293.05
Stone, Etta B293.05
Stone, Fay B055.05
Stone, Floyd B293.05
Stone, Goldie B293.05
Stone, Hazel B293.05
Stone, J. W. B168.07
Stone, James 100022, B293.02
Stone, John W. B293.01
Stone, Joseph B293.02
Stone, Martha B293.02
Stone, Mary B293.05
Stone, Mary Jane B293.02
Stone, Minnie B293.05
Stone, Minnie M. B168.07
Stone, Paul B293.05
Stone, Ray B293.05
Stone, Ruth B293.02
Stone, T. B. S. 160767
Stone, W. B. 30061, 50053, 140020, 160768
Stone, W. L. 120015
Stone, William B293.05
Stone, William A. 60026
Stonecipher, Ellen B295.03
Stonecipher, J. C. B295.03
Stonecipher, Martha B268.04
Stoner, C. W. 160791
Stoops, Mary M. B157.04
Story, D. M. 160832
Story, James H. 30028
Story, Louther 30028
Stoskopf, Andrew B179.02, B179.05
Stoskopf, Catherine B179.02
Stoskopf, Ethel B179.05
Stoskopf, George B179.01, B179.05
Stoskopf, Helen B179.05
Stoskopf, Hilda B179.05
Stoskopf, John B179.05
Stoskopf, Leonard B179.01, B179.03, B179.05
Stoskopf, Louise B179.05
Stoskopf, Margaret B179.02
Stoskopf, Mary B179.02
Stoskopf, Mary Evalena B179.05
Stoskopf, Maud B179.05
Stoskopf, Opal B179.05
Stoskopf, Pros John B179.05
Stoskopf, Salome B179.01, B179.02
Stoskopf, Valentine B179.02, B179.05
Stoskopf, William B179.05
Stott, Helene B280.06
Stott, Mary Z. B280.05
Stott, Polly B280.01
Stott, R. H. 50048, 50052, 120035, 160830
Stott, Richard B280.01
Stott, Richard H. B280.01
Stotten, Addie B139.02
Stough, Daisy B173.04
Stough, Harry 140020
Stoughton, S. D. 160817
Stover, Eva B313.03
Stowell, W. N. 30050
Stowelll, L. P. 50037
Strahn, Sarah C. B182.01, B182.03
Streat, W. B. 160771
Street, - 70010
Street, Thomas 160798
Street, William B030.19
Streeter, A. H. 50110
Streeter, A. J. 50065, 50109
Strickers, I. E. B144.03
Striker, I. E. 150017
Strother, Anthony S. B247.01
Strother, Aura B247.01
Strother, B. L. 80030
Strother, George S. B247.03
Strother, J. R. 70037, B247.01
Strother, Ora B. B247.03
Strother, Rebecca S. B247.03
Stuckey, Henry 30027, 160841
Stucky, Ann B306.02
Stucky, Daniel B306.02
Stump, Emma C. B148.03
Stuyvesant, Peter B269.05
Suddith, Priscilla B281.02
Suit, Catherine B078.01
Sullivan, Hannah B238.04
Sullivan, John 150014
Summerville, Margaret B094.05
Sumner, Henry T. 70036
Sutton, Daniel B175.02
Sutton, Martha A. B175.02
Swain, Mary B171.03
Swalley, Abraham 160801
Swan, Alvin B123.04
Swan, Kate B083.02
Swan, Millie B123.04
Swaney, D. A. 160776
Swanson, W. E. 40049, 50048, 50053, 50059
Swanson, William 30032
Sweany, Blanch B036.04
Sweany, Edith B036.04
Sweany, Frank B036.04
Sweany, Grace B036.04
Sweany, Irene B036.04
Sweany, Raymond B036.04
Sweany, Walter B036.04
Swearinger, A. B. 160835
Sweeney, C. N. 100014
Sweeney, Charles M. B272.01
Sweeney, George R. B272.01
Sweeney, Jas. N. 160784
Sweeney, Mary B144.05
Sweet, Ellen B306.04
Sweet, Emanuel B306.04
Swensen, Andrew B198.02
Swinney, Alvaretta B036.05
Swinney, Arthur B036.05
Swinney, Aul B036.05
Swinney, Belle B036.05
Swinney, Delaney B036.05
Swinney, Elizabeth B036.05
Swinney, Fanny B036.05
Swinney, Isaac B036.05
Swinney, John W. B036.05
Swinney, Lane B036.05
Swinney, Lee B036.05
Swinney, Malinda B036.05
Swinney, May B036.05
Swinney, Nancy B036.05
Swinney, Ora B036.05
Swinney, Pearl B036.05
Swinney, Riley B036.05
Swinney, S. W. 50082, 50086
Swinney, Sarah B036.05
Swinney, Sinah B036.05
Swinney, Thomas B036.05
Swinney, Tillie B036.05
Switzer, Charles B175.07
Swogger, Edna B162.05
Swogger, Harvy B162.05
Swogger, Merle B162.05
Swogger, Zilpha B162.05
Swords, Kinsey B170.03
Swords, Sarah Jane B170.01, B170.03
Syler, Mary A. B300.04

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