History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Skeen, Nancy M. B302.03
Skidmore, - 50044, 70032, B193.04
Skidmore, A. H. 30045, 30060, 50049, 50088, 70024, 70036, 70037, 120026, 120028, 170034, B058.03, B082.04, B119.03
Skidmore, Alice B119.03
Skidmore, Alice M. B003.06
Skidmore, Andrew Allen B003.06
Skidmore, Andrew H. B003.01
Skidmore, C. S. 70037
Skidmore, Daisy A. B003.06
Skidmore, Etta May B003.06
Skidmore, Hattie B119.03
Skidmore, Hazel B. B003.06
Skidmore, James 30058, 50110, 160781
Skinner, C. M. 30062
Skinner, Ella B249.04
Skinner, Julia B124.05
Skinner, Lillie B249.02
Skinner, O. E. B032.02, B032.06, B249.01
Skinner, Samantha B249.01
Skinner, T. J. 30062, 120026, B124.05
Slanger, A. H. B296.01
Slater, J. E. B030.19
Slauter, Prudence M. B038.08
Slease, Charles M. B062.04, B062.05
Slease, Emma Jane B062.02
Slease, George M. B062.02
Slease, Harvey B062.02
Slease, Helen Mary B062.05
Slease, Jacob B062.01, B062.02
Slease, John B062.02
Slease, L. J. 120006, 120026, B062.01, B082.04
Slease, Maggie B062.05
Slease, Mary B062.01
Sloan, J. 30037
Small, David B. B175.02
Small, Emma R. B175.07
Small, Hannah B175.07
Small, Herbert E. B175.07
Small, J. T. 30056, 150029, 150030, 150034, 160842
Small, James T. B175.01, B271.07
Small, John B175.01
Small, Lewis C. B175.02
Small, Mabel E. B175.07
Small, Margaret B175.01
Small, Martha A. B175.02
Small, Mary B175.07
Smalley, - 120013
Smalley, J. W. 160789
Smith, - 170027, 170028, B073.03
Smith, A. J. R. 80017
Smith, Ada Kate B283.03
Smith, Addie T. B149.04
Smith, Agnes B276.05
Smith, Albert 140020, B274.04, B283.02
Smith, Albert R. B232.04
Smith, Alexander V. B283.02
Smith, Alexander Vail B283.03
Smith, Amanda B169.09
Smith, Annie E. B051.04
Smith, David B039.03
Smith, Benjamin Franklin B283.02
Smith, Bertis L. B149.04
Smith, Beulah B274.04
Smith, Burton 130028
Smith, C. W. B196.04
Smith, Carrie B239.04
Smith, Charles B245.04, B274.04
Smith, Charles Andrew B283.03
Smith, Charles H. 50082
Smith, Charles L. 80029, 130028, 160978
Smith, Christopher B. B149.02
Smith, Clark D. B283.01, B283.02, B283.03
Smith, Clementine 170026
Smith, Cora B239.04
Smith, Cristopher B. B149.01
Smith, Daisy B274.04
Smith, Darthulia B310.05
Smith, David B310.05
Smith, Ed B239.04
Smith, Edith E. B149.04
Smith, Edmund B283.02
Smith, Edna B274.04
Smith, Edward B232.01, B310.05
Smith, Elda B239.04
Smith, Elizabeth B276.05
Smith, Elsie B239.04
Smith, Esther Julia B283.09
Smith, Eva B276.05
Smith, Fleta B169.09
Smith, Florence J. B069.05
Smith, Flossie May B169.09
Smith, Frederick B274.04
Smith, Geo. W. 160786
Smith, George B274.04
Smith, Gertrude A. B232.04
Smith, Grider B274.04
Smith, Harvey 150023
Smith, Helen M. B307.01
Smith, Hiram B283.02
Smith, Homer B239.04
Smith, Hugh 30039
Smith, Huldah B283.02
Smith, I. N. 30029, 50052
Smith, Isaac B169.03
Smith, J. A. 50009, 50010, 50011, 50037
Smith, J. D. 150009, B035.04
Smith, J. F. B169.09
Smith, J. H. 50039, 120026, 120035
Smith, James A. 50030, 70035, 70036
Smith, James Hiram B283.03
Smith, Jane B039.03
Smith, John B151.04
Smith, John O. 160788
Smith, Joseph S. 160813
Smith, Julia B149.03
Smith, L. S. 160765
Smith, Laburtis B258.05
Smith, Lillie B249.02
Smith, Lillie Ann B151.04
Smith, Lora B149.04
Smith, Lora B258.05
Smith, Lucy B276.05
Smith, Lydia Rodgers B283.01, B283.03
Smith, Mamie B274.04
Smith, Marcus B169.01
Smith, Marcus Lafayette B169.01
Smith, Margaret Gott B283.09
Smith, Margaret L. B232.04
Smith, Martha J. B232.04
Smith, Mary B108.01, B134.03, B260.03, B276.01
Smith, Mary L. E. B169.09
Smith, Millie A. B274.04
Smith, Minerva B274.04
Smith, Minnie C. B279.05
Smith, Moses B169.03
Smith, Moses M. 160828
Smith, Myrtle B245.04
Smith, N. M. 150009, B271.07
Smith, Nannie J. B169.09
Smith, Newberry B134.03
Smith, Nick 150014
Smith, Pearl B274.04
Smith, Peter 150014
Smith, Robert B039.03
Smith, S. E. B232.01
Smith, S. H. 160770
Smith, S. S. 30032, 50031, 50033, 120004, 120035
Smith, S. W. 30054, 50041
Smith, Samuel B283.02
Smith, Samuel H. 70037, 130028, B283.01, B283.03
Smith, Samuel W. B276.01
Smith, Sarah B169.01
Smith, Sarah Helen B283.03
Smith, Sarah J. B149.01, B232.01
Smith, Sarah Jane B310.05
Smith, Sidney S. 50009, 160821, 170026, 170029
Smith, Thomas Herbert B283.03
Smith, Viola B010.04
Smith, W. H. B279.05
Smith, William 30031, 140008, 140013, 140020, 140039, B109.03, B274.01
Smith, William B. B276.01, B276.02
Smith, William Bryce B283.03, B283.09
Smith, William E. B149.01
Smithpeter, James S. B007.04
Smithpeter, John B007.04
Smithpeter, Mary B007.04
Smithpeter, Nancy B007.04
Smithpeter, Sarah B007.04
Smithpeter, Tillie E. B007.04
Smyres, D. P. B241.02
Smyres, Emily E. B241.04
Smyres, H. F. B241.01
Smyres, L. A. B241.02
Smyres, Lewis B241.01, B241.02
Smyres, Lydia R. B241.04
Smyres, Martha B241.01
Smyth, Catherine B101.02
Smyth, Edward B101.02
Smyth, James B101.02
Snevely, Lida B004.04
Snevely,- B004.04
Snider, John W. 160809
Snider, Silas 160805
Snow, Joseph B265.02
Snow, Mary H. B265.05
Snow, Sabina B265.02
Snyder, D. W. 160840
Snyder, Saphronia A. B115.04
Songer, James 30039
Souder, Adam B021.04, B021.06
Souder, Agatha B021.04
Souder, Albert B021.06
Souder, Anna B021.06
Souder, Birdie B021.06
Souder, Charles A. B021.06
Souder, Cleda B021.06
Souder, Frederick B021.04
Souder, George 30032, 120004, B021.06, B021.06
Souder, George F. B021.01
Souder, Gladys B021.06
Souder, Henry B021.06
Souder, John B021.06
Souder, Lucy B021.06
Souder, Lyle B021.06
Souder, Ralph B021.06
Souder, W. H. B021.06
Souder, WIlliam B021.06
Souders, L. L. 70017
Southerland 40066
Sparks, Brosie B157.07
Sparks, Dottie B157.07
Sparks, Edmund L. B157.04
Sparks, Edward B157.05
Sparks, Henry J. B157.02
Sparks, Ida May B157.07
Sparks, John T. 160824
Sparks, Lulie V. B157.04
Sparks, Lydia B157.01, B157.04
Sparks, Mary Ann B157.04
Sparks, Mary C. B157.04
Sparks, Mary E. B157.04
Sparks, Mary M. B157.04
Sparks, Milton 160794
Sparks, Nancy B157.02
Sparks, O. W. 50082, 50086
Sparks, Oliver Walker B157.01
Sparks, Oliver Wallace B157.07
Sparks, Robert B157.02
Sparks, Samuel B157.01, B157.02, B157.03, B157.04
Sparks, Una B157.07
Sparks, Warren B157.07
Sparlin, Belle B273.05
Sparlin, Cedelia B273.03
Sparlin, Christopher Columbus B273.01
Sparlin, Fredonia B273.05
Sparlin, George B273.05
Sparlin, Jonathan B273.02, B273.03
Sparlin, Joseph B273.03
Sparlin, Julia B273.03
Sparlin, Margaret B273.05
Sparlin, Martha B273.03
Sparlin, Rachel B273.03
Sparlin, Thomas D. B273.03
Spauldwin, S. D. 160816
Spear, - 50044
Spears, John 160773
Spence, Alfred 30030
Spence, John 160818
Spencer, Albert B143.04
Spencer, Ambrosia E. B006.05
Spencer, Andrew B143.04
Spencer, Anna B143.04
Spencer, C. A. B006.02
Spencer, Charles F. B006.05
Spencer, Clara B006.05
Spencer, D. A. B006.02
Spencer, Elijah B143.04
Spencer, Elijah W. B143.01
Spencer, Elijah William B143.01
Spencer, Elvira B143.04
Spencer, Fannie B123.04, B124.01, B143.04
Spencer, Harold Hughes B006.05
Spencer, J. W. 50034
Spencer, James B143.04
Spencer, Jesse B143.04
Spencer, Johanna B143.04
Spencer, John W. 160780, B006.01
Spencer, Kenneth Aldrige B006.05
Spencer, Lyda Ambrosia B006.05
Spencer, M. W. 160787
Spencer, Mary B143.01, B143.04
Spencer, Nathan B180.03
Spencer, P. R. B012.03
Spencer, Sarah B180.03
Spencer, William B143.04
Spiva, (child) B259.02
Spiva, - B247.02
Spiva, Beatrice B259.04
Spiva, Edward B259.02
Spiva, Elzah B259.02
Spiva, Frank B259.02
Spiva, George B259.02
Spiva, J. A. B259.02
Spiva, J. C. B259.01, B259.02
Spiva, L. A. B259.02
Spiva, Lena B259.02
Spiva, Mary B259.01, B259.02
Spiva, Mary Gladys B259.04
Spiva, May B259.02
Spiva, Olive B259.02
Spiva, Will E. 70037, B259.01
Spiva, Will E. Jr. B259.04
Spriggs, Bertha B295.03
Spriggs, Joel B295.03
Spriggs, John 160831
Springer, Chas. E. 160792
Springer, John 30034
Springgate, Willis H. B233.03
Springston, A. J. 160779
Spurgeon, - 30036

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