History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Sachse, - B031.03
Sackett, J. A. 160799
Sadler, Annie E. B051.04
Sadler, Clytie B051.06
Sadler, Cora B051.06
Sadler, H. R. 30053, 50066
Sadler, Henry R. 160812, B051.01
Sadler, Lenford S. B051.06
Sadler, Scott B051.06
Sadler, Sidney F. B051.06
Sadler, Vinnie B051.06
Sadler, Winslow B051.06
Sales, Sarah J. B264.02
Salisbury, S. P. 30042, 30060
Sampy, Mary Ann B100.01
Sams, G. D. 150014
Samuelson, Emma A. B031.04
Sanders, Bina B009.05
Sanders, C. A. 120006
Sanders, Catherine B009.05
Sanders, Emily B033.01, B033.03
Sanders, G. W. 160802
Sanders, Jennie B261.02
Sanders, Jeremiah B009.05
Sanders, M. H. 160836
Sanders, S. H. B030.25
Sanders, Socrates B261.02
Sanderson, Lee B116.02
Sanderson, Maria B116.02
Sands, Lelia B105.05
Sands, R. H. 130028
Sands, Robert B105.05
Sandusky, H. W. 50038, 60015, 160829
Sanford, Amos 50032, 70036, 80011, 80023
Sapp, - B196.04
Sapp, Dexter B189.04
Sapp, E. E. 50080, 50084, 50088, 70036
Sapp, Edward E. 30045, 70037, 140021, B189.01
Sapp, Margaret B189.01
Sapp, Mary E. B189.04
Sapp, Rezin B189.01
Sapp, Thomas B189.04
Sapp, Viva B189.04
Sapp, W. F. B071.03, B189.02
Sapp, William F. 30045, 70036, 70037, 70037, 140020, 140021
Sargent, Charles 160833
Sargent, Wayne 150009
Saunders, A. B. 30057
Saunders, C. A. 50048, 50049
Saunders, Charles 50043
Saunders, Clementine B103.03
Saunders, J. F. 160775
Savage, Charles S. B150.02, B150.03
Savage, Charles Smith B150.01, B150.02
Savage, Elizabeth B150.01
Savage, Florence B150.06
Savage, H. R. 70017
Savage, Harrison B. B150.01
Savage, James B150.02
Savage, Margaret C. B150.02
Savage, Sally B150.02
Sawyer, C. L. 140020
Sawyer, Charles L. 140008, B120.03, B127.01
Sawyer, Eulah E. B127.05
Sawyer, Henrietta Louise B127.02
Sawyer, Martha B127.01
Sawyer, Max Yoder B127.05
Sawyer, Mila E. B127.05
Sawyer, Nellie E. B127.05
Sawyer, Thomas L. B127.01
Sayer, Charles B064.02
Sayer, Constance Annabel B064.05
Sayer, G. W. B064.01
Sayer, Grace Emeline B064.05
Sayer, Leila B059.05
Sayer, Margaret B064.01
Sayer, P. R. B059.05, B064.01
Sayer, Roy B064.02
Sayer, T. V. B064.02, B064.04
Sayer, William B064.02
Sayers, C. Dana 40025
Sayers, William 30030
Scaggs, - 120011
Scammon, - 70014, 100007, 150027, B004.04
Scammon, E. A. 50035, 50049, 50100, 70012, 70017, 120026, 150026, 150028, B004.01, B004.02
Scammon, E. C. 50057, 50059, 50062, 70012, 150026, 150028, 150029, B004.02
Scammon, Edward B261.04
Scammon, Ellen B261.04
Scammon, Harold B004.04
Scammon, Luther B004.01, B004.02
Scammon, Margaret B261.04
Scammon, Rhoda B004.01
Scammon, S. F. 70012, 150026, 150028, B004.02
Scammon, Samuel B261.04
Scammon, W. L. B004.02
Scheer, John M. 160793
Scheider, Christian B158.02
Scheider, Dora B158.02
Scheider, Martha B158.02
Schermerhorn, Abbie B049.05
Schermerhorn, E. B. 50092, 140012, 140020, B049.01, B157.05, B263.02
Schetzer, Catherine E. B235.03
Scheulin, Wilhelmina 60005
Schletere, Katherine B154.01, B154.02
Schlosstein, Clara B112.02
Schmell, Bertha B288.03
Schmell, Callie B288.03
Schmell, Catherine B288.03
Schmell, Emma B288.03
Schmell, Henry B288.03
Schmell, Louis 160819, B288.01, B288.03
Schmell, William B288.03
Schmereir, John G. 140008
Schmid, Catherine B288.03
Schnoor, Stella B271.05
Schock, H. M. 30065
Schock, Jerry 30053
Schott, - B060.02
Schreiner, A. E. 70037
Schumacker, - B267.02
Scofield, - B310.04
Scofield, Geo. W. 160778
Scoles, J. P. P0001, 70014, 70017, r> 140020, 160769
Scott, A. L. D. 160811
Scott, Addie M. B074.04
Scott, Arthur B317.04
Scott, C. H. 30051
Scott, Catherine B275.04
Scott, Charles 160980
Scott, Ethel B280.06
Scott, Eva B317.04
Scott, Helen B280.06
Scott, Helene B280.06
Scott, Jane M. B020.05
Scott, John H. 30027, 160844
Scott, John J. 160797
Scott, Maria B145.04
Scott, S. D. 100022
Scott, Walter B280.06
Scott, Winfield B045.02
Scovel, Hannibal B021.02
Scovell, H. 40091, 160782
Scovell, H. A. 30032, 30051, 120004, 120028
Scovell, Hannibal 30032, 30051, 120004
Scoville, A. R. 160838
Scoville, Fred 120026
Scranton, - 100022
Scranton, L. G. 50075, 50080, 170022, B311.03
Scroggin, Ella B026.05
Seaman, H. S. 160772
Searle, A. D. B020.05
Searle, D. B. B020.05
Searle, Frank B020.05
Searle, Jane M. B020.05
Searle, Julia A. B020.05
Sears, Annie B036.05
Sears, Calvin B036.05
Sears, Emma B036.05
Sears, Jessie B036.05
Sears, Laura B036.05
Sears, Nancy B036.05
Sears, Oscar B036.05
Sears, Roy B036.05
Sears, Walter B036.05
Sears, Zach. B036.05
Seaward, William 160783
Sebert, Elizabeth B191.01
Secrist, Joseph 160807
Secrist, W. M. 160766
See, Jane B073.01
Seibert, Abram B059.02
Seibert, Belle F. B059.04
Seibert, Catherine B059.02
Seibert, Clinton B059.05
Seibert, Crowe B136.01
Seibert, David B059.02
Seibert, DeWitt C. B059.01, B064.05
Seibert, Elizabeth B059.01
Seibert, Emma B059.02
Seibert, Harry B059.05
Seibert, Henry B059.01
Seibert, Leila B059.05
Seibert, Lewis B059.05
Seibert, Margaret B059.05
Seibert, May B059.05
Seibert, Rachel B059.02
Seibert, Susan E. B059.02
Seisor, George. 160839
Sellers, Amasa Erastus B055.05
Sellers, Andrew Preston B055.05
Sellers, Euphemia Alice B055.05
Sellers, Frank B055.02
Sellers, Melvin Powell B055.05
Sellers, Ruth Isarurah Moniah Isabelle Buchanan B055.05
Sellers, S. 30029
Sellers, Samuel B055.05
Sellers, Samuel Wesley B055.05
Sellers, Sarah Ann B055.02
Sellers, Sarah Catherine B055.05
Sells, Joshua S. B195.04
Sells, Laura Elberta B195.04
Sergeant, Amanda B027.04
Seright, William G. 50031, 70021
Seymour, E. C. 160820
Shackle, P. F. 30057
Shade, Eva B091.04
Shade, Susan B165.02
Shaffer , David B040.01, B040.02
Shaffer , Robert R. B040.02
Shaffer, (daughter) B040.05
Shaffer, Anna B040.05
Shaffer, Carl B040.02
Shaffer, Charles B040.02
Shaffer, Daniel 160808
Shaffer, Dee B040.05
Shaffer, Elsie B040.05
Shaffer, Eva B040.02
Shaffer, George B040.02
Shaffer, Jesse B040.02
Shaffer, Margaret B040.01, B040.02
Shaffer, Nelson B040.02
Shaffer, Ralph B040.05
Shaffer, William H. 50092, B040.01, Shailer, William F. 130028
Shank, - 140036
Shannon, J. 140034
Shannon, Wilson 10008
Sharp, Camilla B163.03
Sharp, George 160826, B163.03
Sharp, Mamie B162.05
Shatto, Amy B140.04
Shatto, E. B140.04
Shatto, Matilda B140.04
Shaw, Charles B102.05
Shaw, Fern B102.05
Shaw, G. B. B281.04
Shaw, I. W. B102.05
Shaw, James B052.04
Shaw, Jas. A. 160777
Shaw, Jessie G. B102.05
Shaw, John B052.04
Shaw, Malinda B192.06
Shaw, Martha B052.04
Shaw, Mary B052.04
Shaw, Thelma B102.05
Shaw, Wright B052.04
Shearer, Addie B066.04
Shearer, Andrew 30064, 50071, 50077, 120026, B066.01
Shearer, Catherine B163.03
Shearer, David B163.03
Shearer, Elizabeth B066.01
Shearer, Hugh B066.02
Shearer, John B066.02
Shearer, Kate B066.04
Shearer, Maggie B066.04
Shearer, Oliver B066.04
Shearer, Robert B066.01, B066.02
Sheehan, E.C. B227.03
Sheehan, Mary B227.03
Shelby, Joe B125.02
Sheldon, Mary B161.04
Shellhammer, W. H. 160804
Shelton, Daniel 160803
Shelton, Olive B314.05
Shepard, D. F. B018.06
Shepard, Eva G. B018.06
Shepherd, Mahala O. B129.04
Sheridan, - B001.06
Sheridan, James A. 30009
Sherman, - B009.02, B176.03, B271.03
Sherman, J. S. 50092
Shideler, Harry B229.03
Shideler, Susan E. B278.05
Shidler, Henry 160834
Shields, Caroline B293.02
Shields, John B293.02
Shipley, I. F. 160790
Shirk, Jonas S. 160823
Shivel, Emma 60005
Shockley, W. B. 50032
Shockly, W. B. 70022
Shoe, John 140029
Shoemaker, J. F. 160827
Shoemaker, Parthenia B165.02
Shoman, J. 60012, 140020, 140021
Shomon, J. B101.06
Short, J. R. 160810
Short, S. W. B001.03
Shortwell, John W. 160795
Shotwell, Mary B269.06
Shubach, Margaret B021.05
Shultz, - 140012
Shultz, Emanuel 160800
Shultz, Willard 130028
Shumacker, Mary Jane B267.02
Shumuay, Comfort B285.04
Sibley, - 120011
Sigel, - B245.03
Sigsworth, Anna B023.02
Sigsworth, Elizabeth B023.01, B023.02
Sigsworth, Joseph B023.02
Silver, Joseph R. B164.05
Simkin, Bessie B102.05
Simkin, Charles Edward B102.02
Simkin, Charles Ervin B102.05
Simkin, Charlotte B102.01
Simkin, Eulalia B102.05
Simkin, Frederick W. B102.01, B102.05
Simkin, George B102.01, B102.02
Simkin, George E. B102.05
Simkin, George Waston B102.02
Simkin, Jessie G. B102.05
Simkin, Mary B102.05
Simkin, Mary A. B102.04
Simkin, Nettie E. B102.05
Simkins, Fred 120026
Simmons, Ida B129.04
Simmons, Mary Jane B245.01
Simmons, Samuel B129.04
Simpson, Abbie B049.05
Sisson, John 160774
Sisson, Margaret B159.03
Sisson, Nancy B159.03
Sisson, Thomas B159.03
Sizemore Laura B042.06
Sizemore, James A. B042.06
Sizemore, James C. B281.05
Sizemore, Mary Ida B281.05

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