History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Page, Annie B173.02, B173.04
Page, Barbara B173.04
Page, Irene B173.04
Page, James B173.04
Page, John 140008, 140011, 140012, B173.01
Page, Marie B173.04
Page, Pearl B173.02, B173.04
Page, Richard B173.02, B173.04
Page, Richard Barmby B173.02
Palmer, - 50081, 140012
Palmer, Alfred 50037, 50039, B030.21
Palmer, Amanda B126.02
Palmer, Irvin B140.04
Palmer, Nellie B140.04
Pancake, Geo. H. 160705
Pangborn, H. L. 160674
Paralee, Ditha B303.02
Parden, Bridget B095.02
Pargen, Ellen B095.04
Pargen, Francis O. B095.01
Pargen, George P. B095.02
Pargen, James B095.04
Pargen, James S. B095.02
Pargen, John B095.02, B095.04
Pargen, Leo B095.04
Pargen, Owen B095.02, B095.04
Pargen, Thomas O. B095.02
Parker, - 120011
Parker, Archibald B271.02
Parker, G. E. T. 160706
Parker, Geo. W. 160704
Parker, Isaac 30029, 160719
Parker, J. M. 160688
Parker, Lucinda B271.02
Parr, J. P. 30054
Parsons, A. J. 160695
Parsons, Cedelia B273.03
Parsons, Janet B271.05
Parsons, Joseph B271.05
Parsons, Lee B271.05
Parsons, Leslie J. B271.05
Parsons, Samuel R. B271.05
Parsons, William B271.05
Pasley, Hannah B139.01
Pasley, Hannah B139.02
Patterson, Anna Eliza B271.02
Patterson, Carns B271.01
Patterson, Catherine B271.02
Patterson, Ellis 160697
Patterson, George Lowrey B271.05
Patterson, Horace Joseph B271.05
Patterson, J. Leslie B271.05
Patterson, James B271.02
Patterson, Janet B271.05
Patterson, John 160680
Patterson, Johnson 100007, 150004, 150005, B271.02, B271.03, B271.04
Patterson, Leslie P0001, 30050, 100007, 150004, 150007, 150008, 150009, 160715, 170024
Patterson, Leslie B271.01
Patterson, Lucinda B271.02
Patterson, Lyle Edward B271.05
Patterson, Mamie B194.05
Patterson, Maria B271.02
Patterson, Martha B073.04
Patterson, Mary B022.01
Patterson, Nancy T. B271.02
Patterson, Olive 170024
Patterson, Olive B271.04
Patterson, Sarah B271.01
Patterson, Stella B271.05
Patterson, William Lee B271.05
Patti, - B056.02
Patton, Rebecca B194.01
Patty, - 70007
Pattyson, - B132.01
Pattyson, Addie M. B074.04
Pattyson, Agnes B074.04
Pattyson, Arthur E. B074.04
Pattyson, Darius 30028, 160689
Pattyson, E. R. 30042, 30051, 50092, 120025, 120026
Pattyson, Elbridge W. B074.02
Pattyson, Elmer R. 60025
Pattyson, Elmore Robert B074.01, B074.02
Pattyson, Irene B074.04
Pattyson, May B074.04
Pattyson, Maynard A. B074.04
Pattyson, Maynard I. B074.02
Pattyson, Orilla B074.01
Pattyson, P. 30027
Pattyson, Philonas B074.01, B074.02
Pattyson, Roscoe H. B074.04
Paul, Bessie B317.06
Paul, Elizabeth B317.04
Paul, Jackson B317.02, B317.03, B317.04
Paul, Silas L. B317.01
Paxon, Maud B179.05
Payne, E. B. 70017
Payne, James F. 160718
Payne, Jas. M. 160679
Payne, R. N. 160699
Pearce, R. C. 160693
Pearson, John 30036
Peck, Calzonia B193.05
Peck, Ira. 160703
Peet, Lydia B079.06
Peffer, - 50095
Pellett, C. S. B281.04
Pemberton, Russell 160692
Pence, D. N. 160698
Pence, Melinda R. B162.03
Pender, Catherine B156.02
Pender, Frank B156.06
Pender, Frederick B156.06
Pender, Isabel B156.01
Pender, James B156.02, B156.06
Pender, Lida B156.06
Pender, Mabel B156.06
Pender, Margaret B156.02
Pender, Mary B156.02, B156.06
Pender, Nettie B156.06
Pender, Norris B156.06
Pender, Olney B156.06
Pender, Thomas B156.01, B156.02
Pender, W. C. 30031, 50031
Pender, William C. B156.01
Pender, William S. B156.06
Pendergrass, Catherine B183.05
Pendergrass, Charles B183.06
Pendergrass, Edward B183.05
Pendergrass, Franklin H. B183.05
Pendergrass, James 30031, 160710
Pendergrass, James J. B183.06
Pendergrass, James P. B183.01, B183.05
Pendergrass, Joel B183.05
Pendergrass, John F. B183.06
Pendergrass, Lela B183.06
Pendergrass, Maria B183.05
Pendergrass, Marinda B183.05
Pendergrass, Martha E. B183.06
Pendergrass, Mary B183.05
Pendergrass, Mary Ann B183.05
Pendergrass, Mary E. B183.06
Pendergrass, Rachel B183.06
Pendergrass, Rachel Edith B183.06
Pendergrass, Tillie B183.06
Pennington, Thomas 30037
Pennock, Susan 30063
Penrod, Solomon 160713
Perkins, - 50105, 70028, 70036
Perkins, B. W. 50107, 70023
Perkins, Benjamin D. B269.04, B269.05
Perkins, Benjamin D. Jr. B269.04, B269.06
Perkins, Benjamin Douglas B269.06
Perkins, Benjamin Douglas B269.08
Perkins, Bishop W. 160980
Perkins, Caroline B269.04, B269.07
Perkins, Caroline C. B269.08
Perkins, Carrie Campbell B269.08
Perkins, Darrell B152.07
Perkins, Elisha 160690, B152.01, B152.02, B152.03, B269.02, B269.03, B269.04
Perkins, Elisha Lee B152.07
Perkins, Elizabeth R. B269.07
Perkins, Ella B269.08
Perkins, Ellen B152.05
Perkins, F. M. 130028
Perkins, Frank M. B269.08
Perkins, Frank Marbury B269.08
Perkins, Grace E. B269.08
Perkins, Hattie B152.05
Perkins, Ira Campbell B269.08
Perkins, J. H. B152.05
Perkins, J. P. 70036
Perkins, Jacob B269.01
Perkins, Joseph B269.01, B269.02
Perkins, L. M. 130028
Perkins, L. Murray B269.01
Perkins, L. Murray Jr. B269.08
Perkins, Louisa B152.05
Perkins, Mark B152.05
Perkins, Martha B269.02
Perkins, Mary B152.05, B269.04, B269.05, B269.06
Perkins, Minnie B152.05
Perkins, Minnie A. B152.07
Perkins, Nettie B269.08
Perkins, Orlena B152.05
Perkins, Rachel B152.05
Perkins, Ruth E. B269.08
Perkins, Sally B152.05
Perkins, Sarah B269.03
Perkins, William B152.01, B152.05, B152.07
Perkins, Zerelda B152.01, B152.05
Perrin, J. H. 160714
Perrine, M. C. 150009
Perry, - 150014, 150015, 150028, B193.03
Perry, A. 40025
Perry, Anna B253.05
Perry, E. A. 70036
Perry, E. N. 140011
Perry, John 100010, 150028
Perry, L. J. 160678
Perry, W. C. 100012
Perry, William 160711
Person, Laura 60005
Peters, - 30013, 40041
Peters, A. V. 30012, 40039, 40040, 40042, 50004, 50030, 120004
Peters, Abbie C. B244.04
Peters, Ahasuerus B244.05
Peters, Ella O. B244.04
Peters, Emma E. B244.04
Peters, George A. B244.02
Peters, Harriet A. B244.04
Peters, James R. B244.01
Peters, John Cotton Smith B244.01
Peters, Joseph 160700
Peters, Pearl Estella B244.04
Peters, Sarah B239.04
Peters, Sarah A. B244.04
Peters, W. H. 30035, 30050, 40039, 50077, 50084, 160701
Peterson, C. J. 30053
Peterson, F. W. 60004
Peterson, John 30038
Peterson, Mary B183.05
Petit, Julius C. 50004, 50006, 50030
Pettee, Susan B130.04
Peyreferry, Margaret B189.01
Pfenning, Philip 130008

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