History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

O'Brien, T. E. B238.04
O'Brien, Theresa B238.04
O'Connell, John 160662
O'Connor, - 70010
O'Dowd, Bridget B095.02
O'Dowd, John B095.02
O'Maley, Joan B017.04
O'Malley, Catherine B171.02
O'Malley, David B171.02
O'Malley, Fannie B171.02, B238.04
O'Malley, James 160671, B171.01
O'Malley, Jane B171.03
O'Malley, John B171.02, B171.03
O'Malley, Kate B171.03
O'Malley, Lena B171.03
O'Malley, Mabel B171.03
O'Malley, Margaret B171.03
O'Malley, Mary B171.02, B171.03
O'Malley, Maude B171.03
O'Malley, Michael B171.03
O'Malley, Patrick B171.02
O'Malley, Patrick B171.03
O'Malley, Rosie B171.03
O'Malley, William A. B171.03
O'Mally, Joanna B296.02
O'Neill, Hugh 160672
O'Reagan, Bridget B122.02
O'Reagan, Francis Leland B122.04
O'Reagan, James Maurice B122.04
O'Reagan, Johannah B122.01, B122.04
O'Reagan, Margaret Lenora B122.04
O'Reagan, Mary B122.02
O'Reagan, Mary Theresa B122.04
O'Reagan, Michael B122.01, B122.02
O'Reagan, Micheal Lawerence B122.04
O'Reagan, Morton B122.02
O'Reagan, Nora B122.04
O'Reagan, Patrick B122.01
O'Reagan, Patrick Thomas B122.04
O'Riley, John 140020
Ogden, James B267.02
Ogden, Mary Jane B267.02
Ogleby, J. C. 160668
Oglesby, - B070.07
Oglesby, Alice B278.05
Oglesby, Alta B278.06
Oglesby, Charles B278.05
Oglesby, Eliza A. B278.05
Oglesby, Emma B278.06
Oglesby, Harriet B278.06
Oglesby, Harry B278.06
Oglesby, James B278.05
Oglesby, James P. B278.06
Oglesby, Job B278.05
Oglesby, John C. B278.01
Oglesby, John H. 160673
Oglesby, Joseph B278.06
Oglesby, Letha B070.07
Oglesby, Madge B278.06
Oglesby, Madge G. B184.05
Oglesby, Minnie B278.06
Oglesby, Mollie B278.06
Oglesby, Paton B278.05
Oglesby, Philip B070.07, B278.06
Oglesby, Rebecca B278.05
Oglesby, Richard B278.06
Oglesby, Sarah J. B278.05
Oglesby, Susan B278.06
Oglesby, Susan E. B278.05
Oglesby, Tennie May B070.07
Older, E. B. 30051
Olinger, S. H. 160666
Oliphant, O. S. 160670
Oliphant, W. R. 160669
Oliver, E. T. 160665
Oliver, R. D. B061.02
Ollenger, Samuel 30031
Opperman, J. B. 130008, 130028, 160661
Orr, Eva 60005
Orr, Isabel B022.05
Orr, James B022.05
Orr, Jane B022.05
Orsdall, I. D. Van B132.01
Orwan, F. M. 160664
Osborne, Belle B273.05
Osborne, James W. B273.05
Otto, Frank W. 140014
Overholser, Ida B289.02
Overholser, May B059.05
Owen, D. W. B145.04
Owen, Henry L. 160667
Owen, J. M. 160663
Owen, Lillie B145.04
Owens, Alice B019.08
Owens, Elizabeth A. B226.03
Owens, J. P. 30039
Owens, Lydia B167.04
Owens, Mary B122.04

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