History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Modisett, John F. 160566
Moeller, L. K. 140008, 140020
Moll, - 140007
Moll, Arthur B185.04
Moll, Barbara B185.01
Moll, Bertha B185.04
Moll, Charles P0001
Moll, Charles L. B185.01
Moll, David O. B185.04
Moll, Egidious B185.01, B185.02
Moll, Egidius 140006, B030.25
Moll, Emma B185.02
Moll, Henry B185.04
Moll, Ida B185.02
Moll, Irene Belle B185.04
Moll, J. E. B185.02
Moll, Mollie B185.04
Moll, Nancy E. B185.04
Moll, Nettie Dorris B185.04
Moll, T. C. B185.04
Moll, William Henry B185.02
Monahan, J. A. 50043
Monlux, G. C. 140012
Montagne, Estella B312.04
Montgomery, Ann A. B059.04
Montgomery, S. N. 50089, 60008, 60015, 140011
Moody, Benjamin B016.05
Moody, Florence B016.05
Moody, Frank B016.05
Moody, J. F. 160605
Moody, Pearl B016.05
Moody, Perly B016.05
Moody, Theodore B016.05
Moody, William B016.05
Moonlight, Thomas 160980
Moore, - 120013
Moore, A. B085.05
Moore, Alice B252.05
Moore, B. S. 140008, 140011, 140020, 140020, 140021
Moore, Benj. 160586
Moore, C. C. 140020, 140021
Moore, C. R. 160567
Moore, Clyda M. B230.04
Moore, Elder 140014
Moore, Eleanor B230.01
Moore, Eliza B176.04
Moore, Ellen B165.05
Moore, Ellen E. B230.04
Moore, Evaline M. B230.04
Moore, George B230.02
Moore, Grace B252.05
Moore, H. D. 50034
Moore, H. W. 160562
Moore, Isaac P. B230.04
Moore, Isabelle B230.02
Moore, J. C. 140020, 140021, B157.05
Moore, J. S. 30067
Moore, James B230.01, B230.02
Moore, James H. B230.01
Moore, Jas. H. 160569
Moore, John W. B115.02
Moore, Joseph B107.05
Moore, Kate L. B230.04
Moore, Margaret J. B230.02
Moore, Martha B115.02, B311.01, B311.02
Moore, Mattie L. 60006
Moore, Perrylee B230.04
Moore, Phil. 80025
Moore, Robert B230.02
Moore, Rosa B230.04
Moore, Ruth B230.04
Moore, Vida M. L. B230.04
Moore, W. J. 30042, 30045, 50068, 50071, 70036, 70037, 120026, B006.04, B071.03
Moore, William B085.05
Moorland, - 140007
Moran, George E. 140011
Moran, Thomas 150030
Morarity, M. E. 160588
Mordica, James 160604, B293.02
Mordica, Mary Jane B293.02
More, James J. B230.04
Morgam B188.06
Morgan, Lefea Loretta B135.05
Morgan, M. B135.05
Morgan, Austin 160602
Morgan, Eliza B116.02
Morgan, Harriet A. B244.04
Morgan, Jack 150016
Morgan, James 160597
Morgan, James D. B075.03
Morgan, Johiell B116.02
Morgan, Luzana B142.03
Morgan, Martha B269.02
Morgan, William 160601
Morrell, Betsey B119.03
Morris, - 30036
Morris, Achalas B195.02
Morris, C. D. 160551
Morris, Matilda B236.03
Morris, Matthew 160563
Morris, Penelope B107.01
Morris, Sarah Jane B195.02
Morris, W. H. B033.04
Morris,Sarah Jane B195.01
Morrisey, Mary B075.02
Morrow John H. B125.02
Morrow, C. J. B125.02
Morrow, J. W. B125.02
Morrow, James 30066, 120026, 160589
Morrow, Jane B001.01
Morrow, Jefferson B125.02
Morrow, Jesse B125.02
Morrow, John S. B125.01, B125.02
Morrow, Melsena B125.01, B125.02
Morrow, T. J. 130028
Morrow, Thomas J. B125.02
Morrow, Thomas Jefferson B125.01
Morrow, William B125.02
Morrow, Willie T. B125.04
Morse, John 160582
Morse, O. H. P. B314.04
Mortimer, D. B. B094.05
Mortimer, Margaret B094.05
Mortimer, Sarah A. B094.05
Morton, E. S. 50066
Morton, John 150034
Morton, Nannie B088.03
Morton, W. S. 150030
Mosher, T. B. 60006
Moss, Hannah B026.01
Mountjoy, Alice Louise B147.05
Mountjoy, Alma B147.05
Mountjoy, Ella Susan B147.05
Mountjoy, Lee Noel B147.05
Mountjoy, Leroy J. B147.01, B147.02
Mountjoy, Louisa Ann B147.01, B147.02
Mountjoy, Richard T. B147.02
Mountjoy, Robert F., Jr. B147.05
Mountjoy, Robert Fisher B147.01
Mountjoy, Wiley B147.02
Moyer, - B124.03
Moyer, George 30065
Moyer, Michael 30065
Moyer, Sarah B289.03
Mudge, - 20011
Mueller, Von 70017
Mullendore, Catherine B059.02
Mulliken, Albert 60012
Mulliken, Leander 30038, 30054
Mulliken, Lee 160574
Mulliken, William 160559
Mullin, Harriet B227.03
Mullin, Nettie B269.08
Mullin, Robert B227.03
Mulvaney, - 120011
Mulvaney, W. H. B196.05
Mumaw, C. R. B086.02
Mumaw, Mary Eveline B086.02
Murdock, J. C. 50100, 140020, 140021, B008.07
Murdock, John 140020
Murdock, John C. 140011
Murphey, James 160547
Murphy, - 120011, 140012
Murphy, Benjamin L. B311.01
Murphy, Blanche B311.02
Murphy, Clarence B311.04
Murphy, Douglas B311.02
Murphy, Honora B. B277.04
Murphy, James 100034, 140012, 140039, 140040. B173.02
Murphy, James B. B311.01, B311.02
Murphy, Jeremiah 40028
Murphy, Joseph S. B311.02
Murphy, Kate B286.02
Murphy, Lena B311.04
Murphy, Lloyd B311.02
Murphy, Maggie B311.02
Murphy, Martha B311.01, B311.02
Murphy, Mary B122.04
Murphy, Mary B286.02
Murphy, Minnie B311.02
Murphy, Nannie B311.04
Murphy, Neill 140040
Murphy, Nora B122.04
Murphy, Patrick B286.02
Murphy, Ralph B311.02
Murphy, Ray B311.02
Murphy, Rosa B311.02
Murphy, Samuel B311.02
Murphy, Thomas B122.04
Murphy, Tom B061.02
Murphy, William B277.04, B286.02, B286.03
Murphy, William Michael B277.04
Murray, Arthur B317.06
Murray, Bessie B317.06
Murray, Catherine B269.04
Murray, Catherine B269.05
Murray, Ewing B317.06
Murray, J. 160579
Murray, J. A. 50036, 60015, 120012
Murray, J. J. 30035
Murray, Jackson B317.06
Murray, John Jr. B269.04, B269.05
Murray, Lindley B269.05
Murray, Mary B269.04, B269.05
Murray, Mary E. B263.03
Murray, Robert B269.05
Murray, Roy B317.06
Murray, Sarah B317.06
Murry, W. W. 50037
Musselman, Barbara B250.03
Myers, Anna L. B007.04
Myers, Annie B007.03
Myers, Arthur M. B007.04
Myers, Bertha B007.04
Myers, Clara B007.04
Myers, Dillie B007.03
Myers, Ella B007.04
Myers, Emeline B007.03
Myers, Ethel B007.04
Myers, Jewell Evangeline B007.04
Myers, John Lane B007.01, B094.04
Myers, L. S. 100022
Myers, Leona B007.04
Myers, Lizzie S. B007.04
Myers, Maria M. B007.03
Myers, Martin B007.02
Myers, Sarah J. B007.03, B094.04
Myers, Tillie E. B007.04

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