History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Meade, Geoge B. B019.02
Meade, Samantha B019.01, B019.02
Meads, James L. 160550
Meads, Josephine B108.04
Meads, T. E. 130028
Means, Margaret B041.04
Medaris, Jacob 160572
Medary, Samuel 10008
Medler, M. L. 160578
Medley, Ashford B172.04
Medley, Ashley B172.04
Medley, Ava B172.04
Medley, Callie B172.04
Medley, Evans M. B172.04
Medley, Frank B172.04
Medley, Georgia B172.04
Medley, Henry B172.04
Medley, Jennie B172.04
Medley, John W. B172.04
Medley, Leon B172.04
Medley, Lucy B172.04
Medley, Mary B172.04
Medley, Mollie B172.04
Medley, Wesley B172.04
Medlin, Addie B284.05
Medlin, L. W. 30059
Medlin, Littleton B284.05
Medsker, M. L. B132.01
Meeker, Benjamin 30036
Meeks, Charles W. B037.05
Meeks, Laura Belle B037.05
Meeks, Mary Elizabeth B037.05
Meeks, Nettie May B037.05
Megenity, Samuel 30031, 120035
Mena, Eleanor B230.01
Mentzer, H. C. 160556
Mentzer, Henry C. 120026
Mentzer, S. A. 60004
Meredith, Evan B153.01, B153.02
Meredith, Evan B. B153.02
Meredith, Gertrude Mary B153.06
Meredith, Harriet H. B153.06
Meredith, Janette Ann B153.01
Meredith, Jonathan Bradley B153.01
Meredith, Wayland H. B153.06
Merrell, Harriet B036.01
Merrick Walter B301.02
Merrick, Charles D. 30035
Merrick, Isabel B301.02
Merrick, Sophia Hortense B301.02
Merrick, Walter 30027, 30048, 30049, 50089, 50092, 60012, 160607
Merrill, Asa B. B265.02
Merrill, Betsy B265.01
Merrill, George B. B265.02
Merrill, Laura B265.02
Merrill, Mary H. B265.05
Merrill, Moses F. B265.01
Merrill, Nathaniel B265.01, B265.02
Merrill, Ruth D. B265.02
Merrill, Sabina B265.02
Merriman, Jas. N. 160608
Merriman, R. 160544
Merryfield, Martha E. B033.03
Messer, Lewis 160581
Metcalf, Andrew 160583
Metre, Minnie Van B168.06, B255.04
Metzler, C. G. 50048, 160594, B106.01
Metzler, Catherine B106.02
Metzler, Lillian B106.04
Metzler, Margaret 30058, B106.01
Metzler, Phil C. 30058, 120026
Metzler, Philip C. B082.04, B106.01, B106.02
Michner, E. M. 160576
Mickey, Ellis B143.04
Mickey, Mary B143.04
Mickey, Matilda B143.04
Middaugh, C. A. 30052, 120026
Middaugh, C. E. 120004, 120006, 120035, 160554
Miles, - B007.04
Miles, Mary B007.04
Miles, R. P. 160553
Millard, George B027.04
Millard, Lizzie B027.04
Millen, J. H. 160571
Miller, A. 30068
Miller, Bruce 50034
Miller, Catherine B179.02
Miller, Charlotta Jane B307.06
Miller, George B179.02
Miller, Henry 160575
Miller, J. 50009
Miller, J. A. 30057
Miller, John B307.06
Miller, John A. 160600
Miller, John G. 140011
Miller, Maggie B246.02
Miller, Marguerite 60005
Miller, Mary B145.04, B194.02
Miller, Sarah B307.06
Miller, Thomas 30035
Miller, William 30054
Milligan, - 140011
Milligan, J. M. 160596
Milliken, Margaret B010.01
Millikin, Alice B162.03
Mills, Dempsey B034.04
Mills, Laura C. B107.03
Mills, Mamie B090.03
Mills, Sarah Ann B034.04
Mills, William B107.03
Millstead, Alice B016.05
Millstead, Bertha B016.02
Millstead, Cora B016.05
Millstead, Elizabeth B016.01
Millstead, Fay B016.05
Millstead, Florence B016.05, B016.05
Millstead, Frank B016.02
Millstead, Harry B016.05
Millstead, J. M. B016.01, B016.02
Millstead, Junea B016.05
Millstead, Lulu B016.05
Millstead, Nellie B016.05
Millstead, Robert E. Lee B016.05, B016.05
Millstead, Ruth B016.05
Millstead, W. H. 70037
Millstead, William H. B016.01, B016.02, B016.03
Milne, R. 130028
Mingus, Jacob B168.04
Minier, Ann B290.01, B290.02
Mishler, Jacob 160606
Mitchell, - 100010, 150027
Mitchell, A. 160577
Mitchell, Chas. W. 160561
Mitchell, D. L. 160555
Mitchell, David 160603
Mitchell, Henry P0001, 30036, 30045
Mitchell, J. D. B026.02
Mitchell, John 160543
Mitchell, Josephine B026.02
Mitchell, Nellie 60008
Mizer, Dick B140.04
Mizer, Edward B140.04
Mizer, John B140.04
Mizer, Kate B140.04
Mizer, Matilda B140.04
Mizer, Orville B140.04

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