History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

McAdams, L. P. B018.03
Mcaleer, L. F. 30039
McAleer, S. F. 30039
McAllen, John 140028, 140029
McAllister, - B008.02
McAnally, J. V. 150009
McArdel, Maggie B053.05
McAtee, Benjamin I. B227.03
McAtee, Elizabeth B227.03
McAuliffe, D. F. B087.05
McAuliffe, Eliza B087.05
McAuliffe, Henry B087.05
McAuliffe, Nannie B087.05
McBirney, - 120011
McBride, Joseph 30034
McCaffery, Tillie B036.05
McCall, A S. B087.05
McCall, Franklin E. B087.05
McCall, Mabel G. B087.05
McCall, Rachel B087.05
McCall, Rolla E. B087.05
McCall, Samuel 160615
McCallum, Elizabeth B009.04
McCann, J. P. 140008, B117.09, B120.03
McCann, Sarah J. B149.01
McClellan, Andrew Jackson B025.02
McClellan, G. B. B144.03
McClellan, George B. B025.01, B144.02
McClellan, Sarah B025.01
McClelland, G. B. 150017
McClelland, George B. 70017
McClennehan, - B014.02
McClung, C. I. 140034
McClung, C. L. 50048, 140033, 140039
McClure, - B132.02
McClure, Catherine B304.05
McClure, Clarinda B042.06
McClure, Curtis 160618
McClure, G. M. 160634
McClure, George 30029
McClure, J. A. 160622
McClure, John A. 160623, B042.06
McClure, S. P. 160631
McClure, Sarah A. B042.06
McClure, Stephen 30030
McClure, Thos. A. 160624
McCollough, - 160621
McCollough, R. T. 160611
McComas, - 70036
McComas, Wm. N. 160626
McCombs, Adella B264.05
McCombs, Belle B264.05
McCombs, Charles B264.02
McCombs, David B264.01, B264.02
McCombs, David Alexander B264.02
McCombs, David E. B264.05
McCombs, Edith B264.05
McCombs, Isabelle B264.02
McCombs, James B264.02
McCombs, John T. B264.01
McCombs, Joseph B264.05
McCombs, Mary M. B264.02
McCombs, Myrtle B264.05
McCombs, R. Wesley B264.02
McCombs, Robert B264.01
McCombs, Robert J. B264.05
McCombs, Samuel B264.02
McCombs, Sarah J. B264.02
McCombs, William B264.02
McConnell, - B169.07
McConnell, Rachel B260.01
McCorkle, Geo. R. 160633
McCormick, Belle B256.01
McCormick, Christina J. B256.02
McCormick, Esther F. B256.02
McCormick, John S. B256.06
McCormick, John Samuel B256.01
McCormick, Lulu B256.02
McCormick, Margaret B256.02
McCormick, Martha B256.02
McCormick, Mary E. B256.02
McCormick, Minnie B256.06
McCormick, R. F. B256.02
McCormick, Rebecca B256.02
McCormick, Sarah Belle B256.06
McCormick, Sarah Elizabeth B283.04
McCormick, Theodore A. B256.02
McCormick, Walter A. B256.02
McCormick, Walter B. 30029, B256.01
McCue, - 70031, 70036
McCue, J. D. 70024
McCullough, John 140020
McCullough, Silas 160628
McCullum, Edward B. B155.01
McCullum, Hannah B155.01
McCumber, Charles B294.06
McCumber, Martha B294.06
McCune, Anna B028.05
McCune, Daniel B306.04
McCune, Jacob B028.05
McCune, Susan B306.04
McDaniel, Ed. B145.04
McDaniel, Minnie B145.04
McDevitt, Angeline B102.04
McDonald, J. N. 150028
McDonald, Edward H. B296.04
McDonald, Elizabeth B296.04
McDonald, Iantha B296.03
McDonald, J. N. P0001, 150028, 150030, 150034
McDonald, James N. B296.01
McDonald, James Russel B296.03
McDonald, Jennie B296.02
McDonald, Laura B296.04
McDonald, Maggie B296.04
McDonald, Mary B286.02, B296.02
McDonald, Susan B296.04
McDonald, Thomas A. B296.04
McDowell, A. W. 80031
McDowell, Albert 30036
McDowell, Birdie B174.05
McDowell, C. C. 40025, 50032, 60019, 70006
McDowell, Calvin C. 30034, B174.01, B174.02
McDowell, Eliza Jane B174.01
McDowell, Frank B188.06
McDowell, J. F. 50033, 50034, 70006, 80021, 80023, 80025, 120043
McDowell, Lafayette 30036
McDowell, Lucilla E. B174.05
McDowell, S. O. 30042, 70006, 80019, 80021, 80033, 120006, 120026, 120043, 160619, 160972
McDowell, Samuel Oscar B174.01
McDowell, Thomas 30036
McDowell, Wirt 30034
McDugal, Geo. W. 160612
McElhaney, Jane B284.05
McEway, James B231.02
McEwen, Ed B303.02
McEwen, James 160629
McEwen, Orpha B177.05
McEwen, Orpha A. B303.02
McFarland, - 120012
McFarland, John 160632
McFarren, Henry 160620
McGee, A. M. 20004
McGibony, William 30030
McGill, A. W. 50036, 50056, 80018
McGinnis, F. R. 70017
McGinnis, Fletcher 140033
McGinnis, H. L. 160616
McGinnis, Harrison 40028
McGinnis, Rebecca J. B245.02
McGowan, Susan B306.02
McGowan, William B306.02
McGrath, George T. 50080
McGregor, - B014.02
McGregor, Adam B176.02
McGregor, Eliza B176.04
McGregor, Frank R. B176.01
McGregor, Ida Martha B052.05
McGregor, John B052.05
McGregor, Martha B176.01, B176.04
McGregor, Mary B176.04
McGregor, R. P. 50060, 50066, 160972
McGregor, Robert P. B176.01, B176.02, B176.03
McGuire, Margaret B238.01
McGuire, Sarah E. B041.04
McGurdy, John 160630
McHaffey, Adella B264.05
McHaffey, Christiana B264.05
McHaffey, Lawrence B264.05
McHatten, Mary B164.01
McIlhaney, R. B. 160617
McIntosh, Addie B066.04
Mcintosh, Arthur B066.04
McKay, Angus 140040
McKay, Hugh 140034, 140039, 140040
McKee, Malden E. B183.06
McKee, Martha E. B183.06
McKee, William B070.06
McKeighan, - 70036, 80010
McKelvey, Elizabeth B011.06
McKenney, D. M. 50041, 70036
McKennis, H. 160627
McKillop, John 80025
McKinley, - 50081, B045.03, B235.02, B287.04
McKinsey, Birdie B174.05
McKinsey, Catherine B174.05
McKinsey, Catherine E. B033.03
McKinsey, John B174.05
McLahlan, James 160613
McLaughlin, Alvin B022.05
McLaughlin, Annie B022.05
McLaughlin, James Orr B022.05
McLaughlin, Jane B022.02
McLaughlin, John 50037, 50092, 170025, B022.01
McLaughlin, Mary B022.01, B022.05
McLaughlin, Matilda B022.02
McLaughlin, William 170025, B022.01, B022.02, B022.05, B022.05
McLaughlin, Willis 170025, B022.05
McLeod, - 150009, B271.07
McMahon, Bridget B277.01
McMahon, Honora B. B277.04
McMahon, John B277.01, B277.02
McMahon, John P. B277.04
McMahon, Maggie B277.04
McMahon, Mary B277.04
McMahon, Michael B277.01
McMahon, Patrick B277.02
McManus, P. L. 50089
McMickle, Bertha B009.05
McMickle, Bina B009.05
McMickle, Clinton 30031, 50031, 160625, B009.01
McMickle, Dougal B009.04
McMickle, Elizabeth B009.04
McMickle, Lorenzo B009.02, B009.04
McMickle, Marinda B009.04
McMickle, Ruth B009.04
McMickle, Theda B009.05
McMillan, Catherine Jane B262.03, B294.04, B310.03
McMillan, J. L. B262.03, B310.03
McMillan, Martha B012.06
McMillan, T. L. B294.04
McMillen, - 140011
McMillen, Harrison 140039
McMillin, Annie B168.06, B255.04
McMillin, John B168.06, B255.04
McMurry, Isabella B239.01
McMurry, J. B239.01
McNamara, Mary B144.05
McNamara, Patrick 150030, B144.05
McNay, Ada B. B260.09
McNay, Alexander T. B260.04
McNay, Anderson H. B260.04
McNay, Arthur S. B260.09
McNay, Brown B260.01, B260.04
McNay, Chauncey S. B260.04
McNay, Claudian H. B260.09
McNay, Della M. B260.04
McNay, J. M. 80020, 160978, B072.05
McNay, James S. B. B260.04
McNay, John B260.03
McNay, John L. B260.09
McNay, John M. 80037, 160614
McNay, John Melanchthon B260.01
McNay, Maggie M. B260.04
McNay, Mary B260.03
McNay, Nancy M. J. B260.04
McNay, Nellie B260.09
McNay, Rachel B260.01
McNay, Sarah J. B260.04
McNeal, - 140012
McNeal, E. W. 140020
McNeil, C. A. B183.02
McNeill, C. A. 30031, 30053, 50075, 70037, 120025, 120026, B056.04, B071.03, B114.01
McNEill, E. V. 30053, 70037, B114.02
McNeill, Maurice B114.08
McNeill, Nancy B114.01
McNier, Sarah B036.05
McNulty, James B238.04
McNulty, Mary B238.04
McNutt, Elizabeth B033.02
McNutt, L. R. 50059
McPhail, Dradie B071.04
McPherson, A. M. 140008, 140011, 140013, 140020, B101.06, B117.06
McPherson, Blanche B117.06
McPherson, E. M. 30039
McPherson, Edward 50037, 50039, 120035
McPherson, Elmira T. B117.06
McRay, Hugh 140033
McWethey, Jerome 160635
McWilliams, Ruth B009.04
McWilson, William 160610

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