History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Hacker, - 140012
Hacks, J. H. 160381
Hadden, N. M. 160375
Haden, Elizabeth B067.02, B070.02
Hadley, J. H. 140034, 140039
Hadlock, Naomi B123.04
Hadson, James 160398
Haight, Chas. B. 160407
Hainer, Daniel W. 140011
Haines, (infant son) B237.05
Haines, Albert B115.04
Haines, Amos B115.02
Haines, Calvin B115.02
Haines, Carrie B115.04
Haines, D. T. B115.02
Haines, Edwin A. B115.01
Haines, Elmer E. B115.04
Haines, Flora M. B115.04
Haines, George 130028
Haines, Judith B115.01, B115.02
Haines, Judith Ann B115.02
Haines, Martha B115.02
Haines, S. A. B115.02
Haines, S. T. B115.02
Haines, Sarah E. B115.02
Haines, Sarah Louisa B115.04
Haines, Sphronia A. B115.04
Haines, Stacey B237.05
Haines, Stacy B115.01
Haines, Stacy B115.02
Haines, T. E. 80025
Hale, Alva Otto B181.04
Hale, Dora M. B181.04
Hale, Elizabeth B181.01
Hale, Iva M. B181.04
Hale, James Alfred B181.04
Hale, Kate B181.04
Hale, Louisa B181.02
Hale, Matilda E. B181.04
Hale, Meshech B181.01
Hale, Newton J. B181.01, B181.02
Hale, W. M. 160420
Hale, William B. B181.04
Haley, Mary B252.06
Haley, O. G. B252.06
Haley, P. Ann B252.06
Hall, Carl B239.04
Hall, E. W. 30033
Hall, Ernest B239.04
Hall, Hugh B239.04
Hall, James 160379, B239.04
Hall, Jane B227.03
Hall, M. B239.04
Hall, Martha L. B239.04
Hall, Myrtle B239.04
Hall, Nellie B239.04
Hall, Orvilla B239.04
Hall, Ray B239.04
Hall, Ross B239.04
Hall, S. 160385
Hall, S. T. 160372
Hall, Shadrach B227.03
Hall, Willard P. 30022
Hall, Zona Mabel B239.04
Hallam, W. H. 160403
Hallmark, Lewis 160391
Hallowell, - 80016
Hallowell, J. R. 50039, 50041, 50044, 70036, 120017, 120026, 160972, 160980
Halteman, D. E. B153.06
Halteman, Harriet H. B153.06
Hamblin, Amelia B295.03
Hamblin, Bertha B295.03
Hamblin, Charlie B295.03
Hamblin, Clara Belle B295.03
Hamblin, David B295.02, B295.03
Hamblin, Dora Mabel B295.03
Hamblin, Ellen B295.03
Hamblin, Lola B295.03
Hamblin, Lucy A. B295.02
Hamblin, Margaret B295.03
Hamblin, Mary B295.03
Hamblin, Samuel B295.01
Hamblin, Sarah Jane B295.03
Hamblin, William B295.03
Hamilton, - 100022
Hamilton, Amanda B252.04
Hamilton, Andrew B014.01, B252.04
Hamilton, Andrew Alexander B014.05
Hamilton, Andrew Jr. B014.02
Hamilton, Andrew Sr. B014.02
Hamilton, Anna B. B014.05
Hamilton, Benjamin Harrison B014.05
Hamilton, Elizabeth B252.04
Hamilton, Hugh 160401
Hamilton, J. H. 50060, 50064, 70037, 120026, B011.04
Hamilton, Jane B014.01
Hamilton, Jennie Foxe B014.05
Hamilton, John H. B014.01
Hamilton, John H. Jr. B014.05
Hamilton, Julia B252.04
Hamilton, Lucy B252.04
Hamilton, Margaret B136.05, B252.04
Hamilton, Martha B252.04
Hamilton, Mary B252.04
Hamilton, Matthew B014.02
Hamilton, Minerva B252.04
Hamilton, Nancy B252.04
Hamilton, Nancy B252.04
Hamilton, Tabitha B252.04
Hamilton, William 150014, 150023, B014.02, B136.05, B252.04
Hamlet, Aura B314.03
Hamlet, Charles C. B314.06
Hamlet, Cora B314.05
Hamlet, Dean J. B314.06
Hamlet, Don B314.06
Hamlet, Edward Willis B314.05
Hamlet, Emily B314.05
Hamlet, Emma B314.06
Hamlet, Harry B314.05
Hamlet, Henry Clay B314.05
Hamlet, Jean J. B314.06
Hamlet, John B314.02
Hamlet, Jotham Lowell B314.01
Hamlet, Robert L. B314.06
Hamlet, Susan B314.01, B314.03
Hamlet, Susan Jane B314.03
Hamlet, Thaddeus B314.02
Hamlet, Theodore B314.01, B314.03
Hamlet, W. L. 30068
Hamlet, William L. B314.05, B314.06
Hamlet, William T. B314.05
Hampstan, Ada B057.04
Hampstan, Joseph B057.04
Hampton, - 50044, B012.04
Hand, Mary B045.01
Handshy, Chester B158.02
Handshy, Mary Ann B158.02
Hanes, Charles 160427
Haney, Iva 60007
Hanks Jonathan B139.02
Hanks, Addie B139.02
Hanks, Alta B139.04
Hanks, Charles B139.04
Hanks, Clarence B139.04
Hanks, Currilda J. B139.04
Hanks, Elizabell B139.02
Hanks, Firman J. B139.02
Hanks, Frank B139.02
Hanks, George B139.02
Hanks, Hannah B139.01
Hanks, John B139.02
Hanks, Jonathan B139.01
Hanks, Joseph B139.04
Hanks, Maude B139.04
Hanks, Miflin Levi B139.02
Hanks, Robert P. B139.01
Hanks, Sydia Theressa B139.04
Hanks, Sydney B139.02
Hanley, Emily B138.04
Hanley, Joseph B138.04
Hanley, Walter B138.04
Hannah, John C. 160405
Hannon, Adam B087.02
Hannon, Andrew B087.01, B087.02
Hannon, Angeline B087.05
Hannon, Daniel B087.02
Hannon, Eliza B087.05
Hannon, Henry B087.01
Hannon, Joseph B087.02
Hannon, Mahala B087.05
Hannon, Mary B087.02
Hannon, Minnie N. B087.05
Hannon, Nancy D. B087.05
Hannon, Philander B087.05
Hannon, Rachel B087.05
Hannon, Samuel James B087.05
Hannon, Sarah B087.01
Hanson, J. P. 30033
Hanson, James 30051, B032.07
Harbaugh, J. E. 160397
Harding, H. N. 160425
Hardman, Ellen B105.03
Hardman, Lyman B105.03
Hargiss, Thad 150016
Harlan, - 30047, 40030
Harlan, David 170009
Harlan, David M. 30025, 30035, 30036, B116.04
Harlan, Lucinda B116.04
Harlan, Lucinda Ann B116.04
Harman, J. R. 160388
Harmon, Albert B131.06
Harmon, Belle B131.06
Harned, Jane B261.04
Harned, William B261.04
Harold, A. F. 50041
Harper, Alex. 160349
Harper, Arminda B186.07
Harper, G. W. 140011
Harper, George B186.07
Harper, George W. B186.06
Harper, George Washington B186.06
Harper, Henry H. B186.01
Harper, Margaret B151.01
Harper, Martha B186.06
Harper, Martha A. B186.07
Harper, Mary A. B186.06
Harper, Mary E. B186.07
Harper, Mary W. B186.07
Harper, William B186.06
Harperr, Lizzie B186.07
Harreld, Anderson F. B149.02
Harreld, Lee B149.02
Harrington, - 30034
Harris, - 50095
Harris, A. R. 160422
Harris, Addie B098.02
Harris, D. M. B098.02
Harris, Daniel B234.06
Harris, Elizabeth B234.06
Harris, Ellen B234.06
Harris, L. W. 160359
Harris, Lillian B261.04
Harris, Mary B102.04
Harris, W. H. 160348
Harrison, - 50072, 70024, B234.04, B287.04, B305.01
Harrison, Beatrice B259.04
Harrison, Benjamin 50065, 50098, B259.04, B300.03
Harrison, Geo. W. 160396
Harrison, I. H. B259.04
Harrison, Martha Lavina B301.04
Harrison, Tennessee B310.05
Harrison, William Henry 50107
Harshman, - B032.08
Hart, Margaret 70017
Hart, W. R. 70017
Hartley, J. F. 160380
Hartley, J. P. 160972
Hartley, James 130028
Hartley, W. T. 130028
Hartman, M. J. 160404
Hartman, Simeon 160363
Hartzell, Bishop B195.03
Harvey, A. D. C. 130028
Harvey, Angeline B162.03
Harvey, C. W. P0001, 30036, 30051, 160389
Harvey, Cyrus 50036
Harvey, Cyrus W. 170036
Harvey, Ephraim 30036
Harvey, Geoge O. 30036
Harvey, Henrietta B031.04
Haseltine, D. P. 160370
Haskell, Dudley C. 170037
Haskett, J. C. 130028
Haskins M. R. B105.04
Hastings, Rose B107.10
Hatfield, - 120013
Hatfield, Elijah 160358
Hathaway, Jane L. B254.01
Hawkins, - 120013
Hawkins, Mary B039.01, B039.03
Hawkins, Rebecca B109.02
Haworth, - 100047
Haworth, Erasmus 100042
Hayden, - 100022
Hayden, A. L. 50100, 80025
Hayden, G. W. B134.06
Hayden, Hayden, Flora B134.06
Hayden, Horace 80025, 150023
Hayes, Alice B036.04
Hayes, Alice B146.04
Hayes, Currilda J. B139.04
Hayes, Joseph B036.04
Hayes, Theressa B139.04
Hayes, Wesley B139.04
Hayhurst, William 30013, 30035
Haynes, Anna B028.05
Haynes, Artie B299.05
Haynes, Clara B028.05
Haynes, Cora E. B299.05
Haynes, David M. B037.05
Haynes, F. H. B299.05
Haynes, Frank B028.05
Haynes, Hannah B028.02
Haynes, Howard B028.05
Haynes, John B028.02, B028.05
Haynes, Lloyd B299.05
Haynes, Margaret B028.02
Haynes, Mary B028.02
Haynes, Nettie May B037.05
Haynes, Rosie B299.05
Haynes, Sarah B028.05, B306.02
Haynes, Sarah Agnes B028.05
Haynes, Thomas 160417
Haynes, Thomas B028.01
Haynes, Thomas B306.02
Haynes, William B028.02, B028.05
Hays, Wm. C. 160395
Hayton, T. S. 140012
Hazelton, Eva L. B184.05

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