History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Gailor, Jacob B271.05
Gaither, Cornelia B161.04
Gaither, James B161.04
Gaither, Margaret B059.05
Gaither, R. 160334
Galer, Jacob 30031, 170024
Gallagher, Catherine B106.02
Gallagher, George B106.02
Gallagher, Kate 30058
Galloup, John 160335
Galpine, Anna B039.05
Galpine, Grace B039.05
Galpine, Henry B039.05
Galpine, J. H. 30050
Galpine, James B039.02
Galpine, Jane B039.03
Galpine, Joseph 30027, B039.01
Galpine, Joseph M. B039.04
Galpine, Justice B039.05
Galpine, Mary B039.01, B039.03
Galpine, Mary Jane B039.02
Galpine, Nellie B039.05
Galpine, Robert J. B039.01, B039.02
Gambill, D. J. 160341
Gandy, Kate B245.04
Garbroeck, Marie B090.02
Gardiner, R. E. 150028
Garner, A. J. 160309
Garrett, J. H. 160316
Garrison, Alvin 30031
Garrison, E. A. B228.04
Garrison, Margaret A. B228.04
Gassaway, Martha B186.06
Gates, - 30034
Gates, Eliza B251.03
Gates, Jacob 160318
Gates, James B152.05
Gates, John L. B251.03
Gates, Mary J. B251.03
Gates, Sam'l S. 160327
Gates, Samuel 140011
Gates, Zerelda B152.01, B152.05
Gault, H. P. 160330
Gavigan, H. V. 120043
Gavin, James B164.05
Gaw, John W. 160329
Geary, Dora B293.05
Geary, John W. 10008
Geary, Murl B293.05
Geary, William B293.05
Geist, Polly B080.05
Gentry, J. B. 160340
George, Enoch B267.02
George, Mary Jane B267.02
German, Judson 160310
Gettman, - B194.06
Gibbons, John 160333
Gibbons, L. A. 30037
Gibbons, Martha B052.04
Gibbs, C. A. 50089
Gibbs, Charles A. B091.01, B091.02
Gibbs, Dorothea B091.04
Gibbs, Edith B091.04
Gibbs, Ernest B091.04
Gibbs, Eva B091.04
Gibbs, Fred W. B091.02
Gibbs, Ida P. B091.02
Gibbs, John B091.01, B091.02
Gibbs, Joseph B091.04
Gibbs, Mary B091.04
Gibbs, Nellie B091.04
Gibbs, Sarah J. B091.01, B091.02
Gibson, Authur B055.05
Gibson, Elsie Addie Euphemia B055.05
Gifford, - 30027
Gilber, James B036.05
Gilbert, Mattie B036.05
Gilbert, Roy B036.05
Gilbert, Sadie B252.05
Gilchrist, Jean B283.04
Gilfillan, Dessie B290.02
Gilfillan, Ella B290.02
Gilfillan, R. S. B290.02
Gilfillin, Alvin B290.02
Gilfillin, Pearl B290.02
Gill, Maskel 160314
Gilleland, Frances E. B192.06
Gillespie, J. S. 50046, 50057
Gillespie, John S. 50064
Gilliland, John 160345
Gillmore, Robert 150028, 150030
Gilmer, Mary B111.04
Giltenmier, Anthony B007.04
Giltenmier, Nancy B007.04
Gingery, Nellie B136.05
Girton, J. L. 160338
Givens, William 50031
Glascow, John 160317
Glass, W. B. B011.04
Glassbrook, W. T. 160326
Glasse, - 160980
Glasse, Amy B200.05
Glasse, Carey S. B200.05
Glasse, Helen B200.05
Glasse, Jacob B200.02
Glasse, Millie B200.05
Glasse, Paul B200.05
Glasse, W. B. 30045, 50088, 50092, 120017, 120026, B200.01
Glenn, A. T. 160312
Glenn. Jas. B. 160331
Glick, - 50095, 160980
Glick,- B004.05
Glover, Edith B027.04
Godard, A. A. B260.08
Goddard, A. A. B072.05
Goddard, Ira 30036, B245.02
Goddard, James B245.02
Godfrey, Anna B253.05
Godfrey, Elijah B319.02
Godfrey, Joel B253.05
Godfrey, Martha B319.01, B319.02
Goede, E. 140039
Goes, Mary 30058
Golden, Annie B190.01
Goldie, Sarah B180.03
Golding, J. W. 160339
Goldsbury, Geo. 160320
Goldsbury, T. W. 160321
Goldsbury, Theodore 30054
Goodfellow, Mary B279.03
Goodfellow, Thomas B279.03
Gooding, Hettie B234.02
Goodman, Elizabeth B141.02
Goodman, Henry B141.02
Goodner, Bird B033.05
Goodner, Elizabeth B033.05
Goodner, J. J. 50031, 50048
Goodner, James J. B033.05
Goodnight, Clark B129.04
Goodnight, Flora A. B129.04
Goodrich, Elisha B088.01
Gordon, Burt B040.02
Gordon, Dora M. B181.04
Gordon, Elizabeth B292.04
Gordon, Eva B040.02
Gordon, Hannah B228.04
Gore, Agnes B074.04
Gormel, Isabelle B230.02
Gott, Julia A. B283.09
Gould, Ada B136.05
Gould, Helen B307.04
Gould, S. W. 150016
Gould, Sidney B136.05
Gove, - B103.02
Graham, (infant) B287.05
Graham, Ada B287.05
Graham, Ann B287.05
Graham, Annie B287.05
Graham, C. H. B011.06
Graham, Elizabeth B011.06
Graham, J. C. 100022
Graham, J. Dale B011.05, B011.06, B194.03
Graham, James B044.05, B287.01, B287.05
Graham, James C. B287.05
Graham, Jeane B287.01
Graham, Jennie B287.02, B287.05
Graham, Kate B119.03, B287.05
Graham, Kate Smith B287.05
Graham, Lee Ann B287.05
Graham, Louisa B044.05
Graham, Madge A. B011.05
Graham, Peter 150029, B287.01, B287.05
Graham, R. S. 160337
Graham, Robert B287.02
Graham, Sarah J. B232.01
Graham, Thomas B287.05
Graham, Thomas R. B287.05
Graham, Tira B287.05
Gramm, Henry B231.04
Gramm, Lovinia B231.04
Gramm, Rachel B231.04
Grandle, H. M. 150016
Granson, Julia Anna B093.05
Grant, Catherine B286.04
Grant, Daniel B286.04
Grant, Ellen B286.04
Grant, Fred 150023
Grant, John B286.04
Grant, Lizzie B286.04
Grant, Mary B286.04
Grant, S. T. 160344
Grant, U. S. B320.02
Graver, G. W. B295.03
Graver, Margaret B295.03
Graves, James B097.01
Graves, Jane B097.02
Graves, Mollie E. B018.03
Gray, Alta B099.03
Gray, Alta B172.05
Gray, Caroline B057.02
Gray, Edith B099.03
Gray, Ellen B099.03
Gray, Harry B099.03
Gray, John 30057, 160343, B099.01, B172.05
Gray, John G. B099.03
Gray, Jonathan B099.01, B099.02
Gray, Lizzie B099.03
Gray, Lucy B099.03
Gray, Mahala B151.03
Gray, Martha B099.03
Gray, Nellie B099.03
Gray, Phoebe B099.01
Gray, Thomas B057.02
Gray, Tressa B099.03
Gray, William E. B099.03
Greathouse, Sidney E. 160311
Green, Alonzo Adams 30036
Green, Fred B028.05
Green, Geo. W. 160315
Green, John 160342
Green, Mary T. B041.06
Green, Moses E. B186.03
Green, Nancy B121.01
Green, Sarah Agnes B028.05
Green, W. S. 160324
Greene, - B088.01
Greene, Alice M. B081.04
Greenfield, Aaron B312.02
Greenfield, Margaret B312.02
Gregg, Emma 130028
Gregg, G. G. 50043, 50055, B030.19
Gresham, Walter Q. B015.03
Grider, Maggie B274.04
Griffin, - 120011, 150029
Griffin, A. C. 30037
Griffin, anna B261.04
Griffin, Edith B261.04
Griffin, Edward B261.04
Griffin, Ella B244.02
Griffin, Ellen B261.04
Griffin, Emma B261.04
Griffin, James B261.04
Griffin, Jane B261.04
Griffin, Jane B261.04
Griffin, Jas. W. 160313
Griffin, John B244.02, B261.04
Griffin, L. C. 160325
Griffin, Lillian B261.04
Griffin, Margaret B261.04
Griffin, Mary B261.04
Griffin, Stephen B244.02
Griffith, Thomas 30037
Grigsley, Robert 160328
Grimes, G. H. 160323
Grimes, Geo. H. 160322
Grimm, Adam 160332
Grinnell, Edwin B107.10
Grinnell, Eveline B107.10
Grinnell, F. B107.10
Grinnell, J. B. B030.19
Grinnell, Jeremiah A. B107.10
Grinnell, Lyda G. B107.10
Grinnell, Martha B107.10
Grinnell, Mary B107.10
Grinnell, Rose B107.10
Grinnell, S. S. B107.10
Grisham, D. B143.04
Grisham, Elvira B143.04
Grossman, Rebecca B285.04
Grossman, William B285.04
Groves, James B180.03
Groves, Martha B180.03
Grow, John 30054
Grow, William 160336
Guffin, A. 160319
Guinn, J. H. 150028
Gundy, Jennie Van B254.04
Gundy, Margaret Van B116.04
Guthrey, James B. B098.02
Guthrey, Jennie M. B098.02
Guthrie, E. F. 140011
Guy, M. C. 100022

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