History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Fagan, George B038.09
Fagan, Margaret B038.09
Fagan, Margaret Ann B038.09
Fagan, Thomas W. B038.09
Fairbanks, W. H. B030.25
Fairchild, A. L. 160299
Fallis, - 140011
Fanna, Anna 60007
Farley, O. P. 30037
Farrer, I. 160290
Farris, Sarah B068.01
Farwell, Phene B297.02
Fast, C. M. 160296
Fast, Isaac 160294
Faulkner, Carlisle 140039
Faulkner, J. S. 160285
Faulkner, Minnie B116.04
Faust, Aaron 160297
Favor, Ambrosia E. B006.05
Favor, Jonathan B006.06
Favor, P. M. B006.05
Favor, Pingry B006.06
Fee, Daniel 160287
Fee, Florence B045.04
Fehrenback, W. E. 160298
Felt, Mary B156.06
Ferguson, - 120010
Ferguson, Annie B094.05
Ferguson, Azel F. B094.05
Ferguson, Hamilton E. B094.05
Ferguson, John 160283
Ferguson, Josiah S. B094.05
Ferguson, Margaret B094.05
Ferguson, Mary B094.05
Ferguson, Nancy B094.05
Ferguson, Samuel M. B094.05
Ferguson, Sarah A. B094.05
Ferguson, Sarah J. B007.03, B094.04
Ferguson, W. T. B007.03
Ferguson, William B094.05
Ferguson, William T. B094.01
Ferrell, Charles B264.02
Ferrell, Isabelle B264.02
Ferrell, Mary B264.02
Ferrier, J. C. B103.03
Ferris, Della B116.04
Ferris, O. B. 30029
Fesler, Adam B. 160291
Field, H. 160286
Field, Peggy Ann B282.03
Fields James 30036
Fields, George 30025, 30035
Fields, Richard 30025, 30035, 30036
Fierce, W. 30058
Fifer, - B195.03
Filler, J. M. 110011, 110012
Filler, Odell 30051
Finch, H. C. 70037
Fink, Martha B241.01
Finkelstein, Samuel 140039
Finley, Ann B286.04
Finley, Edward B286.04
Finley, Ellen B286.04
Finley, John B286.04
Finley, Kate B286.02, B286.04
Finley, Maggie B286.04
Finley, Mary B286.04
Finley, Owen B286.01
Finley, William B286.04
Finn, D. C. 30010, 50006, 50008, 50009, 50009, 50010, 50013, 50014, 50030, 160278
Finn, Daniel C. 50004
Finnell. Jas. S. 160272
Fisher, A. J. 160305
Fisher, Albert B102.03
Fisher, Benjamin B054.01
Fisher, Benjamin H. B054.05
Fisher, Carrie B054.05
Fisher, Charlotte B054.01
Fisher, Frederick B054.05
Fisher, George M. B054.01, B172.03
Fisher, Georgia B054.05
Fisher, Jane B054.01
Fisher, Jennie B054.04
Fisher, John 30035
Fisher, Kathryn B054.05
Fisher, Mary B282.03
Fisher, Mary Jane B041.04
Fisher, Samuel B282.03
Fishley, Alice B304.05
Fishley, John B304.05
Fitzgerald, Ellen B133.01
Fitzgerald, James B133.01
Fitzgerald, James B133.02
Fitzgerald, John B133.01
Fitzhenry, John B044.05
Fitzhenry, Phoebe B044.05
Flannagan, - 30045
Flanner, Charles 160307
Fleming, Agnes B238.04
Fleming, David B238.04
Fleming, Edward B238.04
Fleming, Ellen B238.04
Fleming, Fannie B171.02, B238.04
Fleming, Hannah B238.04
Fleming, James B238.02
Fleming, Johanna B238.04
Fleming, John B238.04
Fleming, Kate B238.04
Fleming, Maggie B238.04
Fleming, Margaret B238.01, B238.04
Fleming, Mary B238.04
Fleming, Michael B238.01
Fleming, Patrick B238.02, B238.04
Fleming, Theresa B238.04
Fleming, William B238.01, B238.02, B238.04
Flemming, Michael B171.02
Fleshman, Mary B268.02
Flinckinger, Effie May B178.04
Flinckinger, Eliza B178.04
Flinckinger, Eliza Ann B178.05
Flinckinger, William B178.04
Flint, Austin B150.03
Floyd, - 120010
Fogle, J. C. 50084
Forest, Jacob 160280
Forkner, Grace B043.04
Forkner, H. A. 70037
Forkner, J. C. 120026, B043.04
Forkner, Jesse 50064, 70037, 120043, 160284, B276.03
Forkner, W. T. 50077, 120006, 120026
Fortner, Amanda B134.06
Foster, - 40045, 40046, 40047
Foster, Eliza A. B278.05
Foster, Greer B197.02
Foster, Gus 30054
Foster, H. S. 160301
Foster, J. 40050
Foster, Mary B177.01, B258.02
Foster, Sarah M. B197.01, B197.02
Foster, T. J. 160288
Foster, Turner 160281
Foster, W. B. 160279
Foster, Wm. P. 160289
Fowler, - B096.03
Fowler, Alexander B262.03, B294.04, B310.03
Fowler, Catherine Jane B310.03
Fowler, Isaac B310.03
Fowler, Lucinda B262.03, B294.04, B310.03
Fox, George B107.02, B269.05
Fox, J. D. B259.03
Foxe, Jane B014.01
Francis, L. R. 130028
Frank, Charles 160300
Frank, Frances B177.05
Frank, Mary Frances B303.02
Frank, W. M. B303.02
Frank, Willie B177.05
Franklin, - B280.03
Franklin, Clabourn B255.02
Franklin, Clabourne B168.02
Franklin, Mary Ellen B168.02, B255.01, B255.02
Franklin, P. C. B168.03, B255.03
Frasier, Elizabeth B063.01
Frasier, William B063.02
Frazee, Silas 160304
Frazier, John E. 160306
Frederick, Clementine 170026
Fredrickson, Geo. 160273
Freeman, Annie B239.04
Freeman, D. S. 50039, 120026, 160308
Freeman, Noah B. 160292
Freeman. H. H. 160276
Fremont, - 30011
Fremont, John C. B134.02, B284.03
French, Allie B258.05
French, Della 60007
French, John E. 160293
French, Oliver 160295
Fribley, Charles J. B105.03, B105.05
Fribley, Cornelia B105.03
Fribley, Daniel B105.01, B105.02, B105.03
Fribley, David B105.02
Fribley, Edward B105.03
Fribley, Edward J. B105.05
Fribley, Elizabeth B105.02
Fribley, Ellen L. B105.03
Fribley, Elsie B105.02
Fribley, Enoch B105.02
Fribley, J. J. 130008, 160275, 160972, 160978
Fribley, Jacob B105.02
Fribley, James B105.02
Fribley, James J. B105.01, B105.03
Fribley, James K. B105.05
Fribley, John B105.02
Fribley, Lambert E. B105.03
Fribley, Leah B105.01, B105.03
Fribley, Leila B105.05
Fribley, Margaret B105.02
Fribley, Mary B105.02
Fribley, Mary Alma B105.05
Fribley, Milton D. B105.03
Fribley, Robert C. B105.05
Fribley, Susan N. B105.03
Fribley, Thompson B105.02
Fribley, Wesley B105.03
Fribley, Wood S. B105.05
Friel, - 140012
Friend, Angust 160274
Fritz, Nancy B240.03
Fritz, Nancy A. B240.01
Fritz, Philip B240.03
Frogue, L. D. 160282
Frogue, W. M. B056.04
Fruth, George B021.05
Fruth, Margaret B021.05
Fruth, Sybilla B021.05
Fry, - 140007
Fry, Elizabeth B135.01
Fry, F. 40091, 30032, 120004, 120035
Fryer, James 160303
Fudge, Eliza B073.02
Fudge, Elizabeth B073.02
Fudge, Ella B073.02
Fudge, Jacob B073.01
Fudge, James B073.02
Fudge, Jane B073.01
Fudge, John T. B073.01, B073.02
Fudge, Martha B138.04
Fudge, Martha Jane B073.04
Fudge, Mary K. B073.04
Fulkerson, George W. 30036
Fuller, - 140011, B200.05
Fuller, L. C. B105.04
Fullman, John 160277
Furness, H. N. 50064, 120026, 160302

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