History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Dalby, Albert 160220
Dale, Earl B293.05
Dale, Essie B293.05
Dale, Etta B293.05
Dale, G. W. B293.05
Dale, Grace B293.05
Dale, Marie B293.05
Dale, Opal B293.05
Dale, Otho B293.05
Dale, W. H. 160209
Dale, William 160245
Dana, C. T. 80030
Dana, L. D. 120010
Danford, - 70036
Danglade, J. B. 160207
Daniel, Justice 10008
Daniels, C. W. P0001, 50107, 130008, 130028, 160972, 160978, 160979
Daniels, Charles W. 160969
Daniels, Chas. W. 160206
Daniels, Preston 160979
Dansenburg, G. W. 140008
Dansenburg, George 140020
Dansenburg, George W. 140011
Dansenburg, Peter 140020
Daugharty, Emma B308.05
Daugherty, D. M. 160219
Daulton, Geo. W. 160237
DaVal, Electa B227.01
Davidson, A. F. 140011
Davidson, Ambrose L. B233.03
Davidson, Clyde C. B233.03
Davidson, Effie B233.03
Davidson, Elijah B233.02
Davidson, Ellis B233.01, B233.02
Davidson, Hazel A. B233.03
Davidson, Hobart B233.03
Davidson, J. P. 150009
Davidson, J. W. B233.02
Davidson, Lou Allen B233.03
Davidson, Lou E B233.03
Davidson, Margaret B233.02
Davidson, Ross 50082, 50086
Davidson, Ross W. B233.03
Davis Jefferson 50011
Davis, Andrew J. B290.02
Davis, Charles 160216
Davis, Charles E. B165.01
Davis, E. B. 30064
Davis, Effie B290.02
Davis, Ellen B165.05
Davis, Erma B290.02
Davis, Floyd B165.05
Davis, Franklin E. B165.05
Davis, G. W. 140033
Davis, George W. 140039, B165.02
Davis, Gertrude M. B165.05
Davis, Goldie May B165.05
Davis, H. M. 160228
Davis, H. S. 30050, 140011
Davis, Henry B165.01, B165.02
Davis, Hiram 160204
Davis, Ida B299.05
Davis, J. M. 30037
Davis, J. W. 70036, 160218
Davis, James B299.05
Davis, Jefferson 70020, 130006
Davis, John 30033, 50088, B290.02
Davis, Joseph B165.02
Davis, L. D. 160235
Davis, M. I. B132.01
Davis, M. J. 160232
Davis, Minerva B165.05
Davis, Opal B290.02, B299.05
Davis, Parthenia B165.02
Davis, Pboebe/?Phoebe B165.01
Davis, Silas C. 160229
Davis, Stephen B165.02
Davis, Susan B165.02
Davis, Viola Mabel B299.05
Davis, W. C. 30028
Davis, W. C. B. 30066
Davis, W. H. 160242
Davis, Webster 160980
Davis, William 30033, B165.02
Davison, F. M. 160222
Davy, A. M. B194.03
Davy, Ellen B199.07
Dawes, T. B. 160980
Dawsan, Drewry B294.04
Dawsan, Elizabeth B294.04
Dawson, Alford B239.02
Dawson, Drewry B262.03, B310.03
Dawson, Elizabeth B262.03, B310.03
Dawson, Sarah B239.02
Day, - 40063
Day, S. A. 160208
Dean, Catherine B096.03
Dean, James Moses B281.03
Dean, Louis Lafayette B281.01
Dean, Marjorie Louise B281.05
Dean, Mary Ida B281.05
Dean, Mollie M. B281.01, B281.03
Dean, Moses B281.02
Dean, Newton Jasper B281.01, B281.02, B281.03
Dean, Priscilla B281.02
Dean, Sylvester B096.03
Deane, Perry 160217
Deaneve, Egele B138.04
Dearth, Elizabeth B248.02
Dearth, Maxwell B248.02
Deary, Weymouth B293.05
Decamp, Lydia B157.07
DeChamp, - 150009
Decker, Eliza B301.01
Dedrick, C. E. 80027
Deem, D. A. 160215
Deem, Fred B303.03
Deem, George B. 60007, 150019
Deem, Harry B066.04
Deem, John W. 160231, B303.04
Deem, Maggie B066.04
Deem, Mattie B303.04
Delany, W. T. 160224
Deller, Wesley B157.07
Denman, Annie B267.02
Denman, Joseph B267.02
Denney, E. D. 160230
Dennis, Ami B303.02
Dennis, Maria B303.02
Dennis, Maria Narcissa B177.05
Dennison, A. S. P0001, 30038, 30042, 30051, 50044, 50048, 50052, 70037, 120026, 130022
Dennison, Abiel Samuel B030.01
Dennison, Alvin B030.01
Dennison, Clarence B030.29
Dennison, Ernest B030.29
Dennison, Eva B030.29
Dennison, Nina B030.29
Dennison, Philena J. B030.17
Dennison, Ralph B030.29
Dennison, Rhoda B030.01, B030.29
Dennison, Samuel B030.29
Dennison, William B030.02
Denny, Imbert B279.03
Denny, Malinda Jane B279.03
Denton, L. G. 130008
Denton, Lucien B103.02
Denver, John W. 10008
Denwith, Catherine 60012
Denyen, Johanna B238.04
Derry, - 120012
DeVoe, Hattie 30061
Dewees, - 120012
Dewees, T. F. 80011
Dewey, Dora B239.02
Dewey, Henry 150009, B239.02
DeWitt, - B018.03
Dewitt, C. 160241
DeWitt, Carrie 130028
Dickens, Charles B237.05
Dickson, Daisy B274.04
Dill, John S. 160223
Dillard, Daisy A. B003.06
Dillman, L. M. 80022, 80026, 80034, 140034
Dillon, A. H. 160233
Dillon, Irene Belle B185.04
Dillon, W. C. 160234
Dinkle, L. N. B296.04
Dinkle, Laura B296.04
Direley, A. C. 130028
Ditson, Jessie 60005
Divens, Dora B042.06
Divens, Frederick B042.06
Dix, John A. B043.05, B174.06
Dixon, - 150014, 150015, 150026
Dixon, Alexander B282.03
Dixon, Alice B034.05
Dixon, Alice J. B282.03
Dixon, Anna B034.05
Dixon, Charles B034.05
Dixon, Cora B034.05
Dixon, Eli B034.01, B034.02
Dixon, Elizabeth B282.03
Dixon, Ella B034.05
Dixon, Ellen B282.03
Dixon, Emily B034.04
Dixon, Enoch B282.03
Dixon, Esther B034.01, B034.02
Dixon, George Alexander B282.03
Dixon, Joel B034.05
Dixon, John B034.02
Dixon, Mary B282.03
Dixon, Morton B034.05
Dixon, Rhoda B034.02
Dixon, Rosa B034.05
Dixon, Sarah Ann B034.04
Dixon, Wade B282.03
Dixon, Zimri 30034, B034.01

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