History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Craddock, Mariah B259.02
Crage, J. M. 160203
Craig, A .W. B101.03
Craig, Curtis N. B248.05
Craig, Dean B101.03
Craig, Emily Mary B101.02
Craig, Graham B101.02
Craig, H. C. B173.02
Craig, Helen Catherine B101.02
Craig, Helen Mary Stewart B101.03
Craig, John W. 160132, 160190
Craig, Lida B156.06
Craig, R. M. B101.03
Craig, R. S. B101.03
Craig, Rebecca E. B248.05
Craig, Robert Annesley B101.03
Craig, Robert Stewart B101.02
Craig, Sam'l. 160155
Craig, Stewart B101.02
Craig, William 160185
Crain A. J. 160183
Crain, Henry B149.03
Crain, John B149.03
Crain, Julia B149.03
Crain, L. W. B295.03
Crain, Lewis W. B149.03
Crain, Sarah B149.03
Crain, Sarah Jane B295.03
Crale, Wesley B105.04
Crane, A. W. B284.05
Crane, J. J. 160131
Crane, Lulu B284.05
Crane, Oscar B032.07
Crane, Sallie 60015
Crawford, - 50005, 50030
Crawford, Ada Lincoln B300.04
Crawford, Elisha C. B300.01
Crawford, Florence B001.08
Crawford, G. W. B110.04
Crawford, George 30051, B001.08
Crawford, George Marshall B001.08
Crawford, Helen Elizabeth B110.04
Crawford, Hortense B001.08
Crawford, Isabel B001.08
Crawford, Isabel M. B001.08
Crawford, J. H. 160192
Crawford, Jane B001.01
Crawford, Lucian A. B300.04
Crawford, Mary A. B300.04
Crawford, Matilda B300.01, B300.02
Crawford, Minnie B300.04
Crawford, Samuel J. 30010, 50004, B001.01
Crawford, William B001.01, B300.01, B300.02
Crawford, William M. B300.04
Crewsen, - B078.03
Crewson, E. A. 80020, 120006
Crissman, J. 160160
Crist, S. B. 30027
Crites, John 130011
Crittenden, T. T. 50112
Crocker, - B019.05
Crocker, S. W. 160135
Crocket, Marinda B183.05
Crosby, Angeline B087.05
Crosby, Emma May B235.03
Crosby, George B235.03
Crosby, Mary I. B313.05
Cross, Amanda B126.02
Cross, B. 150009
Cross, Charles Edward B126.04
Cross, Chloe A. B126.04
Cross, Elizabeth B126.01
Cross, Emma J. B126.04
Cross, Harold Justice B126.04
Cross, Harry W. B126.04
Cross, James E. B126.04
Cross, Joseph B. B126.04
Cross, Matilda B126.04
Cross, Thomas B126.01
Cross, Thomas H. B126.01
Cross, Wilber B. B126.04
Crossley, William 160196
Crosson, Clara 60005
Crow, David 50046, 150023
Crow, J. R. 100022
Crowe, - 100022
Crowe, Ada Belle B136.05
Crowe, Adelaide B025.04
Crowe, Bernice B136.05
Crowe, Brady W. B136.05
Crowe, David B078.04, B136.01
Crowe, Effie May B136.05
Crowe, J. R. B068.03, B068.04
Crowe, J. Robert B136.05
Crowe, James B136.02
Crowe, Jennie B136.05
Crowe, Margaret B136.05
Crowe, Mark B136.05
Crowe, Mary B136.01
Crowe, Mary C. B078.04, B136.05
Crowe, Mary Catherine B136.05
Crowe, Nellie B136.05
Crowe, Robert B025.04, B136.02
Crowe, Samuel B136.02
Crowe, Samuel T. B136.01
Crowe, Stewart B136.05
Crowe, Susan B136.05
Crowell, Arthur B005.04
Crowell, B. F. 160146
Crowell, F. D. B004.04
Crowell, Fredrick B005.04
Crowell, H. R. 120026, 130008, B005.02
Crowell, Howard Randolph B005.01
Crowell, R. C. B005.02, B005.03
Crowley, Agnes B311.02
Crowley, Edna B311.02
Crowley, Edward B311.02, B311.03
Crowley, Maggie B311.02
Crowley, Ruby B311.02
Crowley, Vinnie B311.02
Cruickshank, Earl B045.04
Cruickshank, Florence B045.04
Cruickshank, George W. B045.01
Cruickshank, Grace B045.04
Cruickshank, Lola B045.04
Cruickshank, Maria B045.04
Cruickshank, William B045.01
Crum, - 70017
Crumrine, James 150030
Cubbison, J. K. 160980
Culbertson, Hattie M. B013.04
Cullison, E. H. 70037
Culp, Josiah 160137
Cummings, Amanda B169.09
Cummings, Carrie B263.03
Cuningham, Maria B123.04
Cunningham, Alice B123.04, B304.05
Cunningham, Andrew J. B123.01
Cunningham, Annie B304.05
Cunningham, Catherine B304.05
Cunningham, Charity B304.05
Cunningham, Eliza B123.04
Cunningham, Elizabeth B123.04
Cunningham, Ellen B123.04
Cunningham, Elmer B123.04
Cunningham, Fannie B123.04, B143.04
Cunningham, Herbert B123.04
Cunningham, Jacob B123.01
Cunningham, James B123.04
Cunningham, Jane B123.01
Cunningham, John B304.02
Cunningham, Joseph 160197, B123.04, B143.04
Cunningham, Lucy B123.04
Cunningham, Maggie B123.04
Cunningham, Malinda E. B123.04
Cunningham, Margaret B304.05
Cunningham, Mary B123.04, B304.02
Cunningham, Matthew B304.02
Cunningham, Millie B123.04
Cunningham, Minnie B123.04
Cunningham, Myrtle B123.04
Cunningham, Naomi B123.04
Cunningham, Robert B304.05
Cunningham, Rosie B123.04
Cunningham, Sam'l. 160187
Cunningham, Samuel B123.04, B304.01
Cunningham, Sarah B123.04
Cunningham, Thomas B123.04
Cunningham, W. G. 30021
Cunningham, William B123.04, B304.05
Cunningham,, Sarah B304.02
Curl, Fisher B115.02
Curl, Polly B034.04
Curl, Sarah E. B115.02
Curlis, Charles 160980
Curran, Jane B054.01
Currans, Sally B150.02
Currie, Jeane B287.01
Curry, F. M. B027.04
Curry, Idelle B078.02
Curry, Jane B123.01
Curry, Rachel E. B027.04
Curry, Robert 160191
Curry, T. W. B078.02
Curry, Virginia B078.02
Curtis, - 130019, B001.04
Curtis, B. R. 30022
Curtis, Charles 30045
Curtis, Nettie B033.03
Curtis, Pboebe/?Phoebe B165.01
Curtis, Sam R. B009.02
Custer, - B001.06

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