History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

Buchan, - B249.04
Buchan, Ella B249.04
Buchanan, - 10008, 40031
Buchanan, Eliza B178.04
Buchanan, Eliza Ann B178.05
Buchanan, L. A. 160123
Buchanan, Martha B248.02
Buchman, Joseph 160042
Buck, Lucretia B161.01
Buckingham, Isabelle B054.04
Bucklen, Gordon B244.04
Bucklen, Henry B244.04
Bucklen, Pearl Estella B244.04
Buckles, Edward B252.04
Buckles, Lucy B252.04
Buckmaster, John 30031
Buckston, Mary Ann B183.05
Budde, Fred B090.02
Budde, Kate B090.02
Buergin, Carrie B309.03
Buergin, Esther B309.03
Buergin, Fred B309.03
Buergin, Frederick B090.03, B309.01, B309.02
Buergin, Gertrude B090.03, B309.01, B309.03
Buergin, Jacob B309.01
Buergin, Kate B090.03, B309.02
Buergin, Ruth B309.03
Bulger, - 70037
Bulger, Anna B199.09
Bulger, J. J. B011.01
Bulger, James 70037, B199.02
Bulger, James J. B199.07
Bulger, Katherine B199.02, B199.07
Bulger, Lillian B199.09
Bulger, Margaret T. B199.01
Bulger, Mary B199.02
Bulger, Mary E. B199.07, B199.08
Bulger, Nellie B199.09
Bulger, Philip B199.01, B199.02, B199.07, B199.09
Bulger, Robert B199.09
Bullock, D. P. 30039
Bulter, Patrick B199.02
Bulter, Thomas B199.07
Bunch, Victoria 60005
Burch, Hettie B234.01
Burchfield, C. P. 160071
Burge, N. T. 160050
Burgess, Ella B269.08
Burk, W. L. 80030, 160075
Burke, Lucetta B075.02
Burkhart, W. H. 150034
Burkholder, Mattie 60005
Burness, Bessie 60004
Burnett, Effie May B136.05
Burnett, Geo. 160085
Burnett, Joseph R. B136.05
Burnette, Joseph R. Jr. B136.05
Burns, James 150026
Burns, Jennie B172.04
Burns, M. 30028
Burns, Matilda B126.04
Burns, Thomas 160060
Burnsides, - B310.04
Burr, Emma B130.04
Burr, Ralph B130.04
Burr, Rose B130.04
Burr, Ruth B130.04
Burris, James 160052
Burris, Job H. 160116
Burris, Riley 30034
Burrowes, Catherine B101.01, B101.02, B101.04, B101.05
Burrowes, James Annesley B101.02
Burrows, - 120011
Burrows, Amanda M. B227.05
Burrows, Belle B313.05
Burrows, Carrie B227.05
Burrows, Charles H. B227.05
Burrows, Clarissa B227.03
Burrows, Effie B313.05
Burrows, Electa B227.01
Burrows, Electa H. B227.05
Burrows, Elizabeth B227.03
Burrows, Ellen B227.03
Burrows, Emma J. B227.05
Burrows, Eva B313.03
Burrows, G. R. 160095
Burrows, G. Royal B227.03
Burrows, George B313.01
Burrows, George R. B313.02
Burrows, Harriet B227.03
Burrows, Harry B313.05
Burrows, Iva B313.03
Burrows, J. R. 30034, 160098
Burrows, James H. B227.05
Burrows, James W. B227.03
Burrows, Jane B227.03
Burrows, Jessie B313.05
Burrows, John B227.01, B313.02
Burrows, John R. B313.01
Burrows, John Riley B227.01
Burrows, Julia B227.05
Burrows, Mary B227.03, B313.03
Burrows, Mary I. B313.05
Burrows, Maude B313.05
Burrows, Nancy Wells B227.05
Burrows, Polly B227.03
Burrows, Samuel B227.03
Burrows, Stephen D. B227.03
Burrows, Sylvester G. B313.03
Burrows, Thula B313.03
Burrows, William F. B227.05
Burrows, William H. B227.03
Bursott, Zella Agnes B067.05
Burton, Alfred B234.01
Burton, Elizabeth B234.06
Burton, Ellsworth L. B234.06, B234.07
Burton, George 160097, B234.01, B234.02
Burton, Hettie B234.01, B234.02
Burton, John B234.02
Burton, R. A. 30065
Burton, Wesley B234.02
Burwick, William 160055
Bush, David V. B291.02
Bush, Ella May B291.04
Bush, Lavantia B291.01
Bush, Ruth Geraldine B291.04
Bush, Sylvester B291.01
Bush, W. F. B291.01
Bushorr, Lena 60005
Butcher, Elizabeth B145.01
Butler, Beale B192.05
Butler, Benjamin F. 30012, 30022, 30023, 40036, 50058, 100067
Butler, Geo. W. 160090
Butler, O. S. 120006
Butler, Susan B192.05
Buzard, Ann B306.02
Buzard, Catherine B306.04
Buzard, Daniel B306.01, B306.02
Buzard, Elizabeth B306.02, B306.04
Buzard, Ellen B306.04
Buzard, Holts B306.02
Buzard, Jesse B306.01
Buzard, John B306.02, B306.04
Buzard, Margaret B306.02
Buzard, Mary B306.04
Buzard, Rachel B306.04
Buzard, Samuel B306.02
Buzard, Sarah B028.05, B306.02
Buzard, Susan B306.02, B306.04, B306.01
Buzard, Thomas B306.04, B306.04
Buzard, William B306.04
Byrant, A. J. 160093

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