History of Cherokee County Kansas, 1904

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Note: References preceded by the letter B are from the biography sections. Those not preceded by a B are from the history sections.

A. Hood & Sons Implement Co. B032.01
Aach, William 140020
Abbey, Muriel Toles-Durrow B101.03
Abbott, - 50107, 140020
Abbott, B. S. 150016, 150023, B068.04, B136.05
Abbott, Benjamin B078.01
Abbott, Benjamin Suit B078.01
Abbott, Catherine B078.01
Abbott, H. H. 30039
Abbott, J. H. 50066, 60033, 160024
Abbott, Mary C. B078.04
Abbott, Mary Catherien B136.05
Abbott, Nellie B078.04
Abbott, Nellie May B136.05
Abbott, Thomas B078.02
Abbott, Vida B078.04, B136.05
Abbott, Virginia B078.02
Abrell, Cassie B110.04
Adair, William Penn 30010
Adams, A. H. B077.04
Adams, Birdie 50092, 60012, 60015
Adams, Dora E. B077.04
Adams, Elijah B232.04
Adams, Evelyn B257.06
Adams, Florence 60012
Adams, J. C. B257.06
Adams, J. R. 70017
Adams, James B157.04
Adams, Jesse 160004
Adams, Lizzie G. 60004
Adams, Martha B232.04
Adams, Martha J. B232.04
Adams, Mary C. B157.04
Adams, Merena B057.04
Adams, Ola B100.02
Adams, Samuel C. 160014
Adams, W. A. 160005
Adams, William B057.04
Adams,- B230.03
Agard, Comfort B285.04
Agard, John G. 160001
Agard, Jonathan B285.04
Aidens, Ada B115.04
Aikens, Edward B115.04
Aikens, Flora M. B115.04
Aikens, John 160008
Aitchison, C. R. 120026
Aitchison, Clarence R. 120043
Akes, Smith 160010
Albertson, John 30053
Albin, - 80027
Albin, A. M. B060.02, B065.04
Albin, Amelia B295.03
Albin, C. L. B295.03
Albright, L. E. 80022
Alcorn, Charles B236.03
Alcorn, Elizabeth B236.03
Alderman, Sarah Cecilia B299.04
Aldous, George 160020
Aldrich, - 140011
Alfred, Mary B107.10
Alfred, Otis 160018
Allen, Louisa B057.02
Allen, - 100022
Allen, A. J. 160031
Allen, Alice B119.03
Allen, Alice M. B003.06
Allen, Archibald B057.02
Allen, Armilda B266.04
Allen, Catherine B235.02
Allen, Emma B038.08
Allen, Etta M B119.03
Allen, Frances B318.05
Allen, Gilbert B003.06, B119.01, B193.03, B287.05
Allen, Hattie B119.03
Allen, Ida M. B318.05
Allen, James 160033, B119.03, B318.05, B287.05
Allen, James H. 160002
Allen, Joh 70017
Allen, John 160023
Allen, Joseph 160034
Allen, Kate B119.03
Allen, Kate Smith B287.05
Allen, Louisa B057.01
Allen, M. 30029
Allen, Martin L. 160012
Allen, Mary M. B119.03
Allen, Merida 30032
Allen, O. E. 140008, B109.03
Allen, Obed B119.01
Allen, Peter B287.05
Allen, Peter Leroy B119.03
Allen, Polly B280.01
Allen, Rome 150023
Allen, Ruel C. 160039
Allen, W. H. 160027
Allen, W. J. 150016
Allen, W. P. 160038, B287.05
Allen, Walter P B119.03, B119.04
Allen, William B235.02
Allen, Worth 140020
Allen, Z. H. 160030
Allison, Hortense B088.03
Allison, N. T. 70037, 80022, 80027, 120043, 140026, 160019, B012.04
Allison, Nannette B088.03
Allison, Nannie B088.03
Allison, Nathaniel Thompson P0001, B088.01
Allison, Olive B088.03
Allman, James 160028
Alsenz, B. 30050
Altic, Melissa E. B197.02
Altic, Sylvester B197.02
Amos, F. M. B. 30038, 160032
Amos, Jesse T. 160025
Amos, W. H. 160022
Anderson, - 40049, 50044
Anderson, Emily Jane B302.03
Anderson, Geo. W. 160013
Anderson, Gertrude 60005
Anderson, Hilda B179.05
Anderson, Lizzie J. B059.05
Anderson, Minnie 60007
Anderson, Olive B026.05
Anderson, Riley B302.03
Anderson, Sarah J. B149.02
Anderson, T. J. 160037
Anderson, T. P. 50046, 50053, 70022, 70036, 80016, 120006, 160016, 160017
Anderson, W. C. B026.05
Andreas, A. T. 20012
Andrews, Ellen B297.06
Andrews, H. 140011
Andrews, Henry 160006
Andrews, James 160029
Andrews, Mary E. B189.04
Andrus, Clyde B096.06
Andrus, Frances Marian B096.06
Andrus, Frank C. E. B096.06
Andrus, Minnie Beebe B096.06
Angell, H. H. 50035, 50038
Angell, W. H. 30030
Ankrum, Charles Clifford B192.04
Ankrum, David B192.01
Ankrum, Harrison B192.01
Ankrum, India B192.04, B192.06
Ankrum, John B192.01
Ankrum, Ruth B044.04
Ankrum, Wesley B044.04, B192.01
Annette, W. L. 170031
Anthony, D. R. 160980
Anthony, George T. 50107, 70011, 160980, 170032, 170033
Anthony, Mary B259.01, B259.02
Anthony, Queen B. B134.06
Anthony, Susan B. 170032
Apple, S. B. 30037
Appleby, John 30032, 120004, B110.03
Applegate, Austin B146.04
Applegate, Edna B146.04
Applegate, George B146.04
Applegate, George Franklin B146.01
Applegate, James B146.04
Applegate, Jennie B146.02
Applegate, John J. B146.02
Applegate, Josephine B146.04
Applegate, Melvin B146.02
Applegate, Rosa Ann B146.04
Applegate, Samuel L. 160003
Arbuckle, Anna B143.04
Arbuckle, Edward B143.04
Arbuckle, Elizabeth B306.02
Arbuckle, John B306.02
Archer, Alice B116.04
Archer, Anna B116.04
Archer, Cleveland B285.04
Archer, Dalton B116.04
Archer, Della B285.04
Archer, George D. B285.04
Archer, Ida 30067
Archer, James A. B285.04
Archer, James P. 160015
Archer, James Siegel B116.04
Archer, John Rankin B116.04
Archer, Juanita B116.04
Archer, Leslie B116.04
Archer, Lucinda Ann B116.04
Archer, Margaret B285.04
Archer, Margaret Van B116.04
Archer, Mary Ellen B116.04
Archer, Minnie B116.04
Archer, Rebecca B285.04
Archer, Roy B116.04
Archer, Samuel H. B285.04
Archer, Seth B116.04
Archer, Thomas 30036
Archer, Thomas N. B116.04
Archer, William Perry B116.04
Arehart, C. D. 160026
Armes, - 40064
Armstrong, - 130006
Armstrong, Archie B279.06
Armstrong, Catherine B131.04
Armstrong, Catherine L. B279.02
Armstrong, Cathrine B131.01
Armstrong, Charles H. B279.06
Armstrong, Earl B279.06
Armstrong, Frank Oliver B279.06
Armstrong, G. W. B234.03
Armstrong, J. H. 30067, 50069
Armstrong, James B279.02, B279.03
Armstrong, James H. B279.01, B279.03
Armstrong, Lizzie B279.05
Armstrong, Logan B279.03
Armstrong, Malinda Jane B279.03
Armstrong, Mamie B279.06
Armstrong, Mary B279.03
Armstrong, Minnie C. B279.05
Armstrong, Naomi B279.05
Armstrong, Richard B131.04
Armstrong, Ruth B293.02
Armstrong, Samuel J. B279.03
Armstrong, William B030.19, B279.02
Armsworthy, J. S. 30021
Arnold, A. 140011
Arnold, C. D. 50069, 50073, 30063, 50053, 50064
Arnold, F. D. W. 160972
Arter, Edith B319.04
Arter, John B319.04
Ash, E. 160007
Ash, J. W. 160009
Ashenfelter, Barbara B173.04
Asher, John 160036
Asher, Thomas 160035
Ashley, Betsy B237.01
Ashley, C. D. 70036, 70037, 120017, 120026, B056.03, B058.03, B148.01, B200.04
Ashley, Charles D. B237.01
Ashley, Clara B. B237.05
Ashley, Francis S. B237.01
Ashley, John B237.01
Ashley, Stacy B237.05
Ashmore, Amos B131.02
Ashmore, Belle B131.04, B131.06
Ashmore, Caroline H. B131.06
Ashmore, Catherine B131.01, B131.04
Ashmore, Charles Roberts B131.06
Ashmore, Henry H. B131.06
Ashmore, Hiram H. B131.04
Ashmore, James B131.01, B131.02, B131.03, B131.04, B131.06
Ashmore, John B131.06
Ashmore, Lillie Catherine B131.06
Ashmore, Mary Cathrine B131.04
Ashmore, Milton Warren B131.01
Ashmore, Patience B131.02
Ashmore, Richard Nelson B131.04
Ashmore, Robert Alexander B131.04
Ashmore, Sarah B131.04
Ashmore, Stephen Allen B131.06
Ashwill, Ella B182.05
Atchison, C. R. B008.07
Atchison, Julia A. B002.04
Atkins, Mabel 60004
Atkinson, Ada B057.04
Atkinson, Emily B034.04
Atkinson, Fannie B057.04
Atkinson, Flora B057.04
Atkinson, George B034.04
Atkinson, J. C. 50062, 50066, B057.03, B057.04
Atkinson, Jared B034.04
Atkinson, John B034.04
Atkinson, Mary B057.03, B057.04
Atkinson, Merena B057.04
Atkinson, Polly B034.04
Atkinson, Robert B034.04, B057.05
Atkinson, Sarah B057.04
Aultman, E. C. 160021
Austin, Horace 160011
Averill, - B096.04

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