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  of Sumner County

Sumner County Courthouse
501 N. Washington
Wellington KS 67152

 Wooly Mammoth Skull

Mammoth         The huge display case in the lobby of the Sumner County Courthouse contains the skull of a Columbian Wooly Mammoth, excavated in the early 90's from the county landfill at the edge of Wellington. Other locally found bones of extinct animals are also on display; the mammoth's jawbone is from the collection of the Chisholm Trail Museum across the street.

        The Wooly Mammoth was an elephant-like animal covered with coarse hair. Remains of mammoths have been found in Canada and Russia as well as the U. S. They disappeared about 10,000 years ago, probably hunted to extinction by humans.

While you're in the lobby, notice the giant map of the county painted on the wall.

Information for this page was supplied by Richard M. Gilfillan


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