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__compiled by Edith Doane Buttermore

        The settlement about ten miles south of Woodston was called Chalk Mound because of the shape and material of the terrain. Most of the early settlers were Quakers or Friends in their religious belief. Another group, mostly Lutherans, settled nearby and called their place Laton. The Chalk Mound Friends Church was organized in 1886, including the families of Doane, Jay, Kissel, Hodson, Frazier, Mardock, Barnett, and others. A cemetery was established at the church the following year. There was already a grave near the church, with a marker that said "Jay" and nothing else. In 1983, after being a Quaker church and cemetery site for almost 100 years, the church and land were sold. The cemetery was deeded to Cemetery District No. 7 of Rooks County. Some of the graves in this cemetery include a World War II veteran, a minister, a four-year-old girl who died of scarlet fever, and others. Grave stones include one in the shape of a heart, one in the shape of a pulpit with a Bible laying on top, and another with doves on four sides of a stone shaped like a church steeple. The cemetery has shaped cedar trees all around the boundary, and these are kept trimmed and add to the beauty of the location.

Brynes, William, April, 1878-July, 1950
Byrnes, Elma, Aug., 1886-April, 1957
Byrnes, Dorthy, Oct. 16-Oct. 23, 1920
Doane, Clayton, Jan., 1882-Mar. 31, 1969
Doane, Lauretta, Aug., 181M-April 7, 1924
Doane, Inez Irene, April 15, 1909-Feb. 10, 1914
Doane, Clayton C., April 6, 1924-Jan. 8, 1945
Frazier, Elmer, 1865-June, 1896
Frazier, C. S., 1833-July, 1893
Frazier, Cyrus, infant, 1879
Frazier, Grace, infant, 1885
Gregory, Hanna O., died 1911, age 69 years
Haines, Charles C., June 6, 1867-Feb. 21, 1924
Haines, Minnie, Jan., 1871-Jan., 1947
Jay, no dates
Reeves, Charles R., April 10, 1881-May 9, 1905
Reeves, Montrey, died 1905, age 48 years
Van Sickle, Alta, 1900-1920
Van Sickle, Emma, Feb., 1874-Feb., 1947
Van Sickle, Ira, Aug., 1872-Feb., 1958

Woodston The Story of a Kansas Country Town
Leo E. Oliva
(Woodston: Western Books. 1985)
Used by permission of the author


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