Double Arch Bridge - Lincoln County

Nine miles north of Sylvan Grove on K-181 at the South Fork, Spillman Creek

Double arch stone bridgeThe bridge was built by Lincoln county in 1908 under the supervision of John Edward Beverly. The limestone rocks with which it was built were quarrried in the hills to the southwest and transported to the site, The arches are semicircles with the south arch being 20 feet in diameter and the north arch 24 feet in diameter. The length of the arches is 20 feet.

To support the rocks as they were being laid, temporary wooden arches were constructed and then removed when the key rock (the rock at the uppermost point of the arch) was placed. At this point, the arches were self-supporting.

The original bridge did not have the current concrete deck. It possessed stone banisters on both sides and were removed when it became necessary to widen the bridge. In 1946, the state made this a state highway and surfaced it with asphalt.

In 1993, to remove the sharp curves in the roadway, the road was moved to the west to its present location and a new bridge was built.

- from a sign at the north end of the bridge

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