Kingman County, KS.

 History  of  Lashmet

      Lashmet was a small community established in the late 1880's and was on the land owned by Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lashmet in White Township. It was in the Northeast Quarter of Section 14, presently owned by Norris Wooldridge. This was approximately six and one-half miles northeast of Kingman.
      The Hutchinson and Southern Railroad made its maiden trip on September 5, 1889. For the privilege of building on Mr. Lashmet's land the railroad was to build a switch siding and maintain it during Lashmet's lifetime. Stockyards were also maintained and grain and produce also were shipped for many years. Clarence Belcher tore down the elevator in 1934 or 1935.
      Soon after the railroad came through, a Post Office, housed in a small store, was established March 10, 1890. It was closed October 15, 1897. Frank Cross and Jim Sutherland were two of the Postmasters.
      There was a blacksmith shop, which was later moved to the present Dee Smith farm by George Brickey, who operated it from his farm. The schoolhouse was just north of the railroad tracks on the Varner road. It was District #100 and was the second to the last country school established in the county before consolidation took place. The school opened in 1919 and was closed in 1934. W.F. Winfrey purchased the schoolhouse, but later he sold it, and it was moved near Cunningham. At one time the Baptist congregation held their services in this schoolhouse.

Submitted by Vita Henning

Adapted from:
Kingman County, Kansas, And Its People.
(Kingman: Kingman County Historical Society. 1984)
Used by permission
September 1, 2001 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas /

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