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County Seat: St. Francis
Founded: 1886
  · 3,165 (2000)
  · 3,678 (1990)
  · 2,640 (1900)
Area: 1021 Square Miles
Standard Abbreviation: CN

Cheyenne County

Cheyenne County courthouse in St. Francis, Kansas.  Photo by Susan Howell.
Cheyenne County Courthouse 


Map of Cheyenne County, KS in 1899
Organized in 1886. County Seat, St. Francis. Named after the Indian tribe of that name.
Map and text from History of Kansas, Noble Prentis, 1899

The Special Collections of the Ablah Library at WSU contain historical images of Bird City.
The Kansas State Historical Society also has more historical data for Cheyenne County online including a rich bibliography and lists of cemeteries, post offices, and newspapers.

Cities, Towns, & Villages of Cheyenne County

  Year  Elev  Population Name              ZIP
  ====  ====  ========== ================ =====
  1885  3460         482 Bird City        67731
  1885  3320       1,497 St. Francis      67756
        3482             Wheeler          67756
Census Bureau Profile & Map

Special Places in Cheyenne County

  • The wide main street of St. Francis leads uphill, past the courthouse, park, and pool, up to the school at the top of the ridge.
  • The Dusty Farmer restaurant in St. Francis is decorated with memorabilia from farm machinery.  The collection of model farm equipment is worth a visit.
  • Bird City has a really unusual stone City Hall and Library.
  • "The Breaks" is a scenic badland area in Cheyenne county.  Its beauty would make it a major tourist attraction if it weren't so remote.
The Arikaree Breaks in northern Cheyenne County, Kansas

The Arikaree Breaks     
north of St. Francis    

Special Events in Cheyenne County

  • Bird City has celebrated Kansas Day, January 29, since 1930.
  • The Mini Grand Prix is held on the first weekend in June in St. Francis.
  • St. Francis hosts an annual Stearman Fly-In on the second Saturday in June.
  • Bird City has a four day antique engine and thresher show that begins on the last Thursday in July.
  • The Cheyenne County Fair is held every August in St. Francis

Cheyenne County School Systems



  • Mary L. Gritten Library
    P. O. Box 175, Bird City, KS 67731
  • Saint Francis Public Library   (785) 332-3292
    121 N. Scott, St. Francis, KS 67756


  • Cheyenne County Historical Museum   (785) 332-2504
    West Highway 36, St. Francis, KS 67756


  • Bird City Times   (785) 734-2621
    312 Bird Ave., Bird City, KS 67731
  • St. Francis Herald   (785) 332-3162
    310 W. Washington, St. Francis, KS 67756

More Data About Cheyenne County

Economic Development
  • Cheyenne County Development Corp.
    (785) 734-3508 or toll-free: 888-735-2444
    P. O. Box 255, St. Francis, KS 67556
  • Kansas County Profile Reports
    Statistical data from The Institute for Policy and Social Research, the University of Kansas
Health Data


Cheyenne County Offices

  • Cheyenne County   (785) 332-3171
    P. O. Box 985, St. Francis, KS 67756
  • Extension Service   (785) 332-3171
    212 East Washington / Box 667, St. Francis, KS 67756-0667


  • WPA The WPA Guide to 1930s Kansas ( Lawrence: University Press of Kansas. 1984 )

Cheyenne County Development Corp.
(785) 734-2444 or toll-free: 888-735-2444
P. O. Box 255, St. Francis, KS 67556

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