Strawberry, Kansas

        Strawberry, a town named for the
wild strawberries which grew
here, was located just east of this

        The frst settlement in the
area was formed by the Peter
Gieber family in May 1861. School
District No. 18, Hulda Ellsworth,
teacher, and the Post Office,
Peter Gieber, Jr., Postmaster, were
established in 1868. Strawberry,
named by Mr. Hawley and Mr. Alcott,
also included a general store, Peter
Dull's blacksmith shop, and five
families. In 1871, Strawberry became
a township. The "Gieber Grove" was
used for July 4th celebrations
and as a camp for passing Indians.

        In 1909, the Art Leizler family
operated the general store; later
adding a skating rink and dance
pavilion. The led to the Strawberry
legend as people traveled great
distance to dance to the name bands
performing here.

        In 1951, progress, a new road and
bridge, brought about the demise of
our town. This monument, Parson's
Creek, and many memories are what
is left of the hamlet named Strawberry.

Dedicated August 12, 1990, in memory
of the many friends and neighbors of
this community; the Gieber descendants
and Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Gieber

By: M. B. Gieber
Johnson Monument

Historical marker beside K-148

Washington County


May 21, 2000 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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