Historical marker in Scott County State Park

Only Known Indian Pueblo in Kansas

       Reconstructed here are the remains of a seven-room pueblo identified in 1898 as El Cuartelejo. According to Spanish records two groups of Pueblo Indians form New Mexico fled into the Plains to escape Spanish rule. The first were Taos Indians who settled here with a band of Plains Apache about 1664 and remained for several years. Their village became known as El Cuartelejo and the local Apache as the Cuartelejo band. The second were Picuris who joined the Apache in 1696 and were returned to New Mexico ten years later by Juan de Ulibarri.

       A Spanish expedition of some 100 men under Pedro de Villazur camped at El Cuartelejo in 1720 on its way to determine the location and strength of the French to the north and east. About 150 miles north, the Spaniards were attacked and most of them killed by Pawnee Indians said to be under French direction. Following this the Spaniards con- sidered making El Cuartelejo a military post but the plan was dropped.

       Indians reported French traders at the settlement in 1727. A few years later Comanche, Ute and Pawnee attacks forced the Apache southward out of the Plains and El Cuartelejo was abandoned.

Erected by the Kansas Historical Society, 1971

Marker text sent by Mike LeMasters, Wichita, KS

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January 25, 1999 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas / history@kslib.info

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