Murder of
Marshall George Flatt

George Flatt (1853-1880), Caldwell's first city
marshal, and a fearless gunfighter, was gunned
down here the night of June 19, 1880, 2 months
after leaving the police force. Flatt had argued
with two police officers earlier in the evening
and died in a hail of gunfire walking home.
The mayor, new marshal, and the entire police
force were arrested by the county sheriff. Only
the marshal, William Horseman, faced a trial,
and he was acquitted one year later.
Erected 1993 by Donations from Vernon and Alleyne Elliott,
Elliot - Schaeffer Mortuary

Sumner County  
Main Street, Caldwell,
Sumner County, Kansas

December 10, 2000 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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