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About this site

Welcome to the U.S.S. Saugatuck (AO 75) home page! My name is Larry Papenfuss and I am the son of the late Clarence Papenfuss, ex S 1/c of the AO 75 during World War II.

During the time I have been researching, gathering information and developing the website for the U.S.S. Saugatuck (AO 75) I have been asked numerous times... "Why are you doing this?"

My answer... for several reasons. First I am doing this in memory of my father, Clarence Papenfuss (S 1/c) who served on the Sauguatuck from her commissioning up until transfering off to the U.S.S. Little (DD 803) in late 1944. While I was growing up my dad told me of his experiences in the Navy during World War II and ever since that time I have been fascinated with his stories and in learning more about where he was and what he did. In an effort to answer some of the questions which he could not remember the answers to I began to gather as much information as possible and in turn shared my findings with him. Some of it he rememberd when I brought it up while at other times he just said, "that was over 55 years ago, I am getting to old to remember all of that." or... "It is hard to keep straight the people I served with from one ship to the other anymore." This just makes the challenge to me all the more exciting.

Another reason is to keep the memories of those who served on the U.S.S Saugatuck (AO 75) as well as all the others who served our country during this period of time while also paying tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, so that we may live in freedom.

Finally, I do this because I love the challenge. This website as well as the USS Little (DD 803) website have become a labor of love for me.


How many hours have you spent on the websites you develop?


How much have you spent?

I have no idea... The labor is my own time which is free and I buy what I need when I can afford it. Currently the website is hosted by the Kansas State Library [ BlueSkyways ] free of charge. I have a limited amount of space, so this page will not be able to grow as large as I would like. In the future I hope to host this site on another server which will allow for further growth as well as add a domain name.

I also rely on others for information. The AO 75 website has been slow to develop but in June of 2001 I was able to make contact with a former crew member as well as the daughter of one of the late skippers of the Saugatuck during WW II. These two individuals have been able to provide me with further insite of the AO 75 and that information is reflected on this site.

Special Thanks!

Beverly Scott Bass - Daughter of Lt. Richard D. Scott - U.S.S. Saugatuck

Paul P. Joyce - CWO 4 U.S.S. Saugatuck

Clarence Papenfuss - S1/c U.S.S. Saugatuck

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