Stylized Sunflower

Bomber Builders

Stylized Sunflower
This memorial is erected in recognition of the men and women who built the B-25 bombers at the North American Aviation plant in Kansas City, Kansas, during World War II.
Between December 1941, and August 1945, over 50,000 employees built 6,608 B-25 bombers in the Fairfax District. The B-25 Mitchell, the only military aircraft named for a person (General William "Billy" Mitchell), gained world-wide notoriety when 16 B-25s were launched from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet on a secret raid over Tokyo and other Japanese cities on April 18, 1942. The mission, though of limited military value, proved a big morale boost for the U.S.A.
The "bomber builders" lived their values: pride, patriotism and teamwork which truly helped preserve our freedom.
Erected Jan 1998 by NAA-K B-25 Bomber Builders Memorial contributors
Marker text sent by Robert Walter, Pittsburg, KS
Wyandotte County  
631 North 126th Street
Bonner Springs
Wyandotte County

September 28, 2001 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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