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I am looking for any information on John Jacob Franklin McKee. He was known to many as Frank McKee. He was married to Mary Addie Felt. They married in Ferris Ill. and after a while moved to Stevens Co. Ks., then to Harvey Co., then about 1897 moved to Sumner Co. His brother told him of Ks. I am interested in finding out any thing I can on his family. My Grandmother was Edna Florence McKee Burkhart of South Haven and Oxford. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it a lot.

Mary Lois Burkhart Hibbard


Seeking any information on the descendants of Daniel Lightfoot and Susanna Arnsberger who moved to the Mulvane area around 1879 and both of whom are buried in the Mulvane Cemetery. They had the following children:

--Jacob Lightfoot, b. 1839

--Addam Lightfoot, b. 1843

--Elizabeth Lightfoot (married Thomas B. Burnett and both buried in Mulvane)

--William Lightfoot, b. 1846 Died in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

--Luke Lightfoot, b. 1849 Possibly was the first principal of Mulvane High School in 1880/1881

--Eunice Lightfoot, b. 1850 Married James Wymer and both buried in Iowa

--Lester Lightfoot, b. 1853 Married Catherine Mackie and both buried in PeeDee, Iowa

--Frank Lightfoot, b. 1855

--Daniel Lightfoot, b. 1858 d. 1930 Supposed to be buried in Mulvane

--Mary Alice Lightfoot, b. 1860 married F. G. Farnsworth and died somewhere in Kansas

--Susanna Ida Lightfoot, b. 1865 married A.P. Williams and both buried in Muscatine, Iowa

 Brian L. Lightfoot


Elias Fox b. 1802 and d. 28 June 1895 near Milton in Sumner Co, Kansas

I am seeking information about Elias Fox, born in 1802 in NC, married Martha Cunningham, and sired 11 children. Elias was an early settler in my home county of Appanoose in Iowa. Apparently he just kept going west as long as he lived, and he died on 28 June 1895 near Milton in Sumner County, Kansas. I know about him only through this web site: I am descended from his 11th child Celia Fox who married Albert Russell, a Union vet in the Civil War. Any information about these people would be very welcome.

 John Mitchell


Hi, I am searching for death information on Susan Nelson who is listed in the 1880 Census with 3 of her children: Henry, Katherine and Melissa.

Susan's husband was James M Nelson. I do not know where they died; but I assume she died in Sumner Co. James may have died in Perry Co, Indiana. They were there before coming to Sumner Co.

I would like to have death certificates and/or obituaries on them.

Can you please help?

Thank You,

Evelyn L Morgan


Looking for information on the Adam and Mary Hock Family that settled near Conway Springs in about 1883. Their sons, Samuel and Henry also came with them with their families. Samuel returned to Illinois. Henry and his wife, Rachel Ann lived there until their deaths along with his parents, Adam and Mary Hock. Please e-mail me at


Apparently my grandfather and most of his siblings were born in Argonia, KS, but they apparently lived in Cherokee, OK. It seems that's a little far to travel in those days, but on the 1900 Cherokee, OK, census, they are listed as being born in Kansas between the years of 1884 and 1898. Their names are Lucy (born and died July 4, 1884), Orie, Ira, Sylvia, Frances, and Georgia. My g'grandparents' names were George Washington and Frances Mary Monyhun. There is only one of my g'father's siblings that died in Kansas as far as I know, and her married name was Frances McCracken. Her husband was Joe McCracken, and they had an adopted son, Bill.

I would appreciate any information on these families.

Pat Carr


I am looking for any relative in the area of Belle Plain, Kansas that could help me with my family tree regarding the Robinson's. Johnny Robinson died in the 1960's and his son, Warren Robinson, also passed away in the late 60's or early 70's. Warren had a son named Phillip I think. Warren had a daughter named Cassie, but I don't know her name now that she is grown.

Warren had done extensive research on our family from Ireland, and I would like to contact anyone in that family that may still be around that has that information.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Karen Homoly


Searching for exact death date and obituary for Essie Jeanette Stiles Bonine. She is supposed to have died in 1972 at Peck, Sumner County, Kansas.


Looking for info on the the following Hatfield family:

David Perry Hatfield b. Oct. 1859 in Ill. d. Oct. 26, 1956 in Belle Plaine, Sumner Co., KA. He married Minnie A. Harvey in 1885. She died in 1923. Their children:

1. Calvin Peter Hatfiel b. Nov. 20, 1888 md. Verna Neal

2. Warren W. b. Dec 1886

3. Lula (Julie) b. Dec 14, 1891 md Mr. Shoemaker

4. True George b. Jan. 1, 1894 d. Dec 27, 1962 md. Maude Forney

Hope you can help,



Looking for information on George and Glennie (Taylor) Smisor (might be spelled Smiser). George was suppposedly the postmaster for Mulvane, probably in the 20's or 30's. Glennie was born about 1889 in Iowa and they married in 1913 in Sedgwick County, KS. Glennie could be spelled in a number of ways and is probably a nickname for Gladys. Any information on this family would be helpful.


Charles Howard


I am searching for information on James Monroe Rogers b. 1832 in Geauga Co, OH. Migrated to Crawford Co, PA then Coffee Co, TN and eventually settled in Sumner Co, KS. In 1883 his mother's obit. listed him as a resident of Milton, Sumner Co, KS. He died in 1914 and is buried in Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Wellington, KS in the plot with his son Ivan D. Rogers.

He married first Lena Clark who died in Crawford Co, PA in 1869. James Monroe Rogers and Lena Clark Rogers had two children. Lina Caro Rogers b. 1861 in PA who was married in Coffee Co, TN in 1879 and Ivan D. Rogers b. 1863 and died in Wellington, KS in 1938. Ivan D. Rogers married Edith Golton?

James Monroe Rogers married second Martha Olmstead (date or place of birth unknown) and had three children - Karl Rogers b. 1879; Laura Mable Roges b. 1882 and Lula Rogers b. 1889.

Tom in Tennessee


Looking for the family of Oliver SPRING b. 1871/73 OH and Myra WHITEHURST,b. MO. In 1920 they lived in Mulvane, Gore Twp. Children were Gladys, Gertrude and Edna. Gertrude later married ? Matney. Gertrude died in 1990. Oliver's parents were David and Margaret Spring who lived in Edwards Co. Oliver had a brother, Alva, who died in Jamestown, ND in abt. 1955.


Karen Adams, Seattle


These families moved from Macon Co., Missouri approximately in the 1870-80's and originally settled in Sumner Co. Part of the family later in the 1880's moved to Barber Co., Kansas.

Thank you for your assistance.

Virgel Cain


I am trying to ascertain whether John Meagher remained in the Caldwell vicinity after 1882 or 1883. Also whether or not he was married, children, etc. He was the brother of Caldwell mayor Mike Meagher who was killed by the Talbot Gang in 1881. I have newspaper articles telling of John in Caldwell in 1882, then I lose him.

Roger Myers

F. B. Snell Photographer, Elite Gallery, Wellington KS

I am looking for information regarding this photography studio and when it was in business.

Nancie Howell Willey



Looking for information on Ira Stevenson Reser and his wife Catherine (Katherine) Tennant.

Shari Barton


Seeking descendants and or information on the following.

Located in South Haven / Hunnewell areas of Sumner County in the 1920s.

Clark, F. A. (do not have given name) b. abt 1857 in Iowa.
Spouse: Katie b. abt. 1878 in Illinois. ( maiden name believed to be Russell)
Children of this marriage:
Adrian b. abt. 1901 in Oklahoma
Alice b. abt. 1905 in Oklahoma
Olive b. abt. 1907 in Kansas
Francis b. abt. 1910 in Kansas
Willard b. abt. 1912 in Kansas

Also seeking information on Michael & Mary Mulladay Russell, parents of Katie. Residents of South Haven approximately 1910 until their deaths. Michael 1913, Mary 1921. Before coming to Sumner County were residents of Ellsworth County. Prior to Ellsworth County they were in Macon County, Illinois.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope this makes a connection with you.


Nancy D. Russell Krantz


Looking for descendants of Daniel Valentine Harkey who died between 1875 (Wyandotte Co KS census) and 1880 (Sumner Co KS census) when his wife, Elizabeth, and 4 children, Hulda, Jacob, Charles, and Bell, were living with what would appear to be 4 of her nephews.

Lynn Reener


I am looking for Andrew Jackson Dunlap and wife Angeline America Hewitt. Andrew was born @ 1830 and Angeline @ 1845.

In 1900 they are in Perkins, OK where they have family. Family memebers say they moved to South Haven, and they prob. died there.


Shelia Towell


Will share old photo o f Mattie Mccurly/Mccully taken in Wellington, Kansas. Found in Portland, Oregon antique shop.

Penny Stewart


Looking for information on the family of James Russell GIDEON and his wife Melinda Katherine BLUE. They lived in the BellePlaine area.

Children are:

Mary Anna GIDEON b. 1865 m. Robert H. NUGEN
Martha GIDEON b. 1867
Pet GIDEON b. 1867
Minnie GIDEON b. 1872
Mable GIDEON b 1877
J. Edward GIDEON b. 1879
Etta GIDEON b. 1882
Catherine L. GIDEON b. 1884 m. Lee Irvin HECKATHORN

Interested in who the other brothers and sisters married. I am decended from Catherine L. and Lee Irvin.

Gale Prince Nash


I am looking for the date of death for Emma (Emeline) Hill Whitney. She was the wife of George Addison Whitney. The last trace I can find of her is on the 1900 Census for Sumner Co., London Township. When George died in Wichita, KS in 1920 he was listed as single, which makes me wonder if Emma was not deceased already when he went to Sedgewick County. Any help you can be will be greatly appreciated.

Janet Duffield


Hi I'm looking for Nancy Jane and Levin Handy Holloway of Belle Plaine Ks. Nancy Jane died 7 Jan. 1911 in Belle Plaine Ks.Sumner Co. I'm looking for their children and her sibilings I have his ancestory and sibilings.

Sincerely ,

Glenys Simmons Gerlach


This may be an unusual request. I am looking for information about Florence Scott Prentice (Mrs. Roy W.) who lived in at 723 North Washington Avenue in Wellington, Kansas in 1946. At that time, she corresponded with a researcher in Washington County, Virginia regarding her Scott ancestors (my family, too). I would be interested in corresponding with any of her descendants.

Thanks very much for any help you can provide. I know this is a long shot.

Dwight Scott


My grandmother's family moved from Missouri to Sumner County, KS in about 1914 or 1915. Her mother was Charlotte McDonald Taylor. I believe her grandmother, Lydia Page Sneed McDonald, may also moved to Kansas.

Charlotte's father was William Walton McDonald born in 1821 in Bridgetown, St. Louis Co., MO. He died 1896 in Pulaski Co., MO. He had a brother john. William and Lydia had the following children: Charlotte, William, Nora, Vandiver and Benjamin. William and his first wife Mary had the following children: Mary, Isabelle, Olivia, Lucinda, James and D. Jamira McDonald, all born between 1850 and 1892.



I am searching for information concerning an Atkinson family or a Houpt family living in Sumner County, probably by 1900. I have some information concerning Pickney Green Atkinson and wife Eliza Adeline Houpt. I also have some information on Alvin J. Houpt (Eliza's brother).


Jean Morrison


I am seeking information on my grandfather, Clarence C. Henderson. I have little information on him although I know that he was married to Edna L. Sharp in Oxford, Kansas in May of 1899. Any information would be helpful.

Cindy Hardy


My g-grandparents, William Henry and Mary Ann Moulton Folsom homesteaded near the Riverdale Township in Sumner County from about 1874-1892. I believe William's Father, James Folsom, is buried in the Fairview Cemetary near the Riverdale Township but can't find anything on this cemetery. Any help would be appreciated.


Ann Folsom Givens


I am searching for John and Sarah Waddington Lott. In a bio about Sarah's father, Geroge Waddington, dated 1879, Sara was listed as living in Sumner County Ks.

John Luke Lott (son of Abner Lott and Mary Frances Orrill) was born December 20, 1845, and died date unknown. He married Sarah Waddington on February 11, 1869 in McLean County, Illinois, daughter of George Waddington and Elizabeth Kershaw.

Dee Lott


Am looking for the grave of William DeAtley buried in a country cemetery near Caldwell, KS. He was born about 1833 and married Sarah Jane Powell. Came from Blue Mound, Ill before he settled in Caldwell, KS and died there. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. He moved there about 1873 with his 5 children.


Lyda Fleehart Loehring


Am looking for information on Harvey B. ALLEN b.4 Nov.1814 Laurnes (Otsego Co.) New York d.30 Sept 1901 Belle Plain KS. Gardner Dean ALLEN b.15 Oct. 1851 Marshall Co.IL. d. 18 May 1934 Conway Springs (Sumner Co) KS. m. Ella Stepp 30 June,1984 in Wichita KS.

Sharon Good


I am trying to find information on Joseph L. Russell, b. 22 May 1845 (or 1853), m. to Mollie P. Lawyer on 4 Nov 1868, and d. Oxford, Sumner Co., KS. Mollie P. Lawyer evidently died 8 Oct 1892 in Geuda Springs, Sumner Co., KS. Joseph may have had a 2nd marriage to a Murphy.

Thanks for any information or leads you might provide.

Stuart Bumgardner


Anyone out there have access to the 1920 census for Sumner County? It is supposed to have the birth places of parents. I'm looking for William O. Bell.He may not have been listed as head of household, but living with BURDICK. He died in 1926. Birth 10/17/1856, IOWA. I thought maybe it would list where his parents were born. It would help me find who they were.

Thanks a lot,



My Great Grand Parents..William Henry and Mary Ann Moulton Folsom homesteaded near the Riverdale Township in Sumner Co. from about 1874-1892. I believe Williams Father James Folsom is buried in the Fairview Cemetary near the Riverdale Township but can find nothing on this Cemetary..any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Ann Folsom Givens


I am searching for information concerning an Atkinson family or a Houpt family living in Sumner Co., probably by 1900.

I have some information concerning Pickney Green Atkinson and wife Eliza Adeline Houpt. I also have some information on Alvin J. Houpt (Eliza's brother).

Jean Morrison


I am seeking information on my grandfather Clarence C. Henderson. I have little information on him although I know that he was married to Edna L. Sharp in Oxford, Kansas in May of 1899. Any information would be helpful.



I would like to share information on the ancestors and relatives of Fred Wood Jenkins, b. December 09, 1891, d. September 14, 1973 in Conway Springs, KS. I currently have 7 generations (including those still living), with some information holes I would like to fill. Fred and his wife Mabel Ione (Sims, b. November 10, 1892, d. May 01, 1975) are presently interred in the Conway Springs Cemetery.

Is there anyone I could contact who might have information on other relatives in the Conway Springs Cemetery?

Some other relatives surnames would be Ayers, Brotton, Clark, Cobble, Deck, Ellison, Hartman, Heath, Hoyt, Ogler, O'Keefe, Payne, Plaugher, Savage, Sims, Sisson, Smith, Sparks & Wood.


Gerald Jenkins


Looking for information about Joseph YEAGER, b. 1813, d. 1893 in Oxford, KS . Joseph was married to (1)Mary?, b. 1818, d. 1877 in Oxford, KS. They had 3 children:



Francis Marion YEAGER m. Amelia Louise PATTERSON

Joseph and 2nd wife, Frances? had one child, Grace. She married William A. TETER.

Joseph was my gg-grandfather. If anyone has any information about this family, I'd appreciate whatever you have and am willing to share what I have.

Marjorie Tittle


I am seeking relatives of Joseph Mullenax and his wife Abigail Phares. They moved froim W.V. to Iowa, then to Kansas around 1872. The children were Catherine Mullenax (married to William P. Jennings), David Mullenax (married to Lavina Park) and Jacob Phares Mullenax (married to Cynthia Phillips)...Jacob is my great grandfather. I have information/family correspondence and pictures I would love to share. They first lived in South Haven I believe, then in Wellington.


Denise Spolerich


For two years I've been on the hunt for the family of Samuel W. Rhoades. Hunting on the internet is absolutely THE best, but so far I've spent a lot of time heading for dark passageways that dead-end. Perhaps someone out here will be able to offer some assistance.

I have a marriage license dated 28Feb1892 in Drury. Samuel W. Rhoades married Cassie Elizabeth McCombs at the ripe old age of 21 years (she was 16y). The certificate was signed by a Minister of the Gospel, J.B.Lowry, the judge was J. W. Chapman. On the certificate it claims Cassie was "C. M. McCombs" which is unusual since there was no reason to hide her identity.

Charles McComb and his then bride, Mary (Hinant) Bailey had moved to Caldwell for two years before the Cherokee Strip was opened in 1893. Mr. McCombs steeled land near Eddy. As Cassie was yet a teen, I believe she moved with her dad (the only parent she had). I further believe it was in this area that she met and fell in love with Sam (a proud young Cherokee).

I've been told that Sam's father was born in 1792. (This tidbit came from the family....) It seems that his father would have then been one of the most virile seniors around! I would rather think this man was the grandfather. On the family papers it says that Sam was born in Missouri, Andrew County, I believe. In looking there for kin, I found nothing.

There must be someone who has a connecting point for this man. Because he was Cherokee, I looked on the rolls for him as well, but he, himself, isn't on there. I do know that he was a full-blood, but cannot link him to a mother either. (His son, Charlie carried a card.)

I would appreciate any help offered. This seems to be my temporary brick wall.

T Sheldon


Looking for information on the following people:

Peter MCMILLAN, born Oct 16, 1825 in Kilmallie Parish, Argyll, Fort William, Scotland, and died January 15, 1910 in Barry County, MO. At one time he may have lived in Caldwell, Kansas for I have a postcard addressed to him in 1896.

William L. MORRIS, age 30, born in LA, working as a R.R. worker, found in 1880 Kansas, Sumner County, South Haven twp, household #76, family#81, living with his wife Emma, age 21, born in Texas, with son Alsna, age 5, born in Texas.

In the same household #76, family #82 is Priss. A. (Priscilla Ann ?) WRITER, age 28, a widow, sister-in-law, working as a servant, born in Texas, with her sons William, age 9 born in Texas and Charles, age 8, also born in Texas.

Shirley Chang


I am looking for information on Frances H. Harper, born 5 Feb 1907 in Nevada, Vernon Co., Missouri. She was the daughter of Dennis and Catherine (Tharp) Harper. The family lived in Wellington from about 1910 until 1923-5. She either died or was married in Wellington, Kansas, about 1925, and may have married a Mr. Brandon. Also seeking information as to parentage of Dennis Harper, born in Illinois, died Wellington 1913.

Catherine Tharp McDonald was the widow of Branson McDonald, the son of Valentine and Elizabeth (Harper) McDonald. Are these two Harper lines connected?

Sharman Christensen


I am trying to find out some information on Wesley Nave who lived in Sumner Co. Ks from 1876 until the time he died on 11 Aug. 1917. I believe he moved near South Haven at first and then later moved to Wellington. He was my gggrandfather and I would like to learn more about his life in Kansas. If you could help me out I would be extremely greatful.

Thank you,

Jane Chavez


Looking for the burial place of Randal Price Wright and possibly his wife Rosa. We feel certain that he and his family came from Missouri in 1872 with his brother James "Uncle Jimmy" Wright. Found Randal and his family in Guelph township in 1880 census. His oldest son William R. is buried in the Wright Family Cemetery. William died in 1881 and Randal in 1882. Any help is appreciated.

Mary Wright


Would be interested in corresponding with anyone in the Hiram C. SMITH - Catherine COOLIGAN family. Catherine had a half-brother Ben Cooligan, all lived in the Oxford, Sumner Co., area. Hiram and Catherine came to Sumner Co. by covered wagon in October 27, 1871, from IL.

Joyce A. Thomas


Looking for information on Bryan PAYNE b. 20 Mar 1897 in AR. SSDI lists a Bryan Payne who died Jun 1985, last known residence Mulvane, Sumner County, KS. Any information appreciated.

Vera Reeves


Searching for information/ancestors of the Isaac MYERS family. Isaac (b.1824 Dauphin Co,PA, d.1885) married Elizabeth HEISAY (b.1823, d.1887 bur. Caldwell Cemetery). Their children: Abner, Christian, John, Benjamin, and William (b.1865 Vigo Co, IN, d. 17Jan1952 Sumner Co, KS). William and his wife Ella are found on the 1900 census living in Caldwell Twp, Sumner Co, KS.

Jennifer Lambert


Hello! Our family has been researching the S.C. and Sarah J. Clark branch of the family. We know they were married on March 22 1877; license applied for on March 21. S.C. Clark was listed as from Sumner County...Sarah J. Allison from Sedgwick County, kansas. Sarah Allison had a sister in Atchison, Ks....her name was Mary Elizabeth Allison Wells. Mrs. Ransom Wells. Somewhere, it was mentioned that S.C and Sarah J. Clark were in Conway Springs? Two family members are searching...I am in Texas, the other in Atlanta, Ga. We would appreciate any help you could give. Maybe we have cousins and don't know it! Thank you so much.



We are looking for any of the Cary families who moved from IL to Sumner, Kansas. Everett, Frank, & George Cary. Please contact me at

Thank you,


My mother, Margrette Mae GILLAM was born 1888 in Sumner County. I am seeking names of her parents and/or siblings

Frances Pappin

Seeking any info on Wiley F. GATLIFF, b. 1868 IL. Lived in Wellington KS. Would also like any info on the children of Thomas C. GATLIFF, Jr. I need the names of children born after 1880.

Ken Robbins

I am researching the PENNYBAKER family of Argonia, Ks. They arrived in Argonia about 1886 by covered wagon. The parents were Charles and Catherine Pennybacker and the children were named Phoebe Jane, John, Mark William, Mattie, Nancy, James and Frank. John and Phoebe were born in Pomeroy OH. Mark William, Mattie, Nancy and James were born in Olive Hill KY. Frank was born in Argonia upon their arrival in 1886. Mattie married a William Warburton. Nancy married an Arthur Howard. Phoebe married a Mr. W. Elarton. If anyone knows anything related to these families I would like to be contacted at my e-mail address or through our P.O. Box 1116 Lyons CO. 80540. Thank you.

Patricia Journeay (grandchild of James)


Nancy Tannehill Hammond arrived in Argonia in the Fall of 1893 at the age of 54 from Winfield, KS. She married John L. GRUWELL on May 3, 1894 in Argonia. She had previously been married to Jabez D. HAMMOND who died in 1883 in Winfield. With Jabez she had seven children: Charles, Cora, Brooke, Casius, William, Mary and Clara. Nancy died in Argonia August 2, 1916 at age 76 and is probably buried in the Argonia Cemetery. Nancy and Jabez had come to Kansas from Indiana in 1878 by covered wagon with their seven children. If anyone has knowledge of this family I would appreciate the contact.

Pat Journeay
PO Box 1116 Lyons, CO. 80540


I'm looking for information on Christopher Columbus SHORE. He was my Great-Great-Great Grandfather. I am new to Geneological research and most of what I know about the Shore family was recanted to me by my Great-Grandmother. From what has been told to me, C.C. Shore settled around Oxford sometime in the mid to late 1800's. Before settling in Kansas, He lived for a time in Illinois. He was married to Barbara Stalcup. I don't know how many children they had but I do know that my Great-Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Shore was his son. Andrew, I believe, was not born in Kansas, but settled around Oxford at the same time as his father. Andrew was married in Illinois in1878 to Laura Lewis. Andrew and Laura had two children Alma Shore and Nora Faye Shore (My Great-Grandmother) born March 15, 1893. Alma married into the HATFIELD family and Nora Faye married a cattleman from Wellington, KS named George Oscar KLEIER in August of 1910. Faye's dowry was a section of land that Andrew acquired in one of the Oklahoma Land Runs.George and Faye had three children: Encel (My Grandfather), Elva, and Novel. Encel married Lavonne Tyner of Ocheleta, OK. My mother Linda Kleier was born November 28, 1949 and I was born on July 1, 1966. Any information you have on the Shore's would be wonderful to know.

I appreciate your time,

Ron Parker


I need to find all that I can on any Floyd Irving Miller and his son Henry Floyd Miller from Wellington KS. Henry Floyd Miller was born in 1922 in Wellington. How can I get some more information to help me locate these people.

Thank you for your assistance.

Ben Miller


Looking for information on James Robert Cox. He married Sarah Katheryn Hood/Comer in Wellington 9-22-1893. Believe they soon left to homestead in OK. Thank you.

William Cox


I am looking for info on the Robert Raymond King family that lived in Sumner County during the May 1955 tornado. I have tried just about anyone and cannot find anything further back than my Grandfathers mother Mary Ellyson and possibly there is a brother to Robert King. I would appreciate all of the help you could give me in this matter

Diane Farnsworth


I am absolutely stuck in searching my family tree. I can find that my grandfather Clarence Royal was born in Geuda Springs, Sumner County, Kansas 05-16-1897. His parents were Ulysess Royal and Adda Mae Loudansllayer. Every where I have searched I can find no other record that Ulysess Royal or Adda Mae Loudansllayer ever existed except on my grandfathers birth certificate.

Alan Royal


I'm trying to find information about my Grandfather, Ernest Elbert Jones (Sr.), and my Father, Ernest Elbert Jones Jr. who were born 2 Dec 1900 and 21 Feb 1919 respectively. Ernest (Sr.) was born in or near Wichita and Ernest Jr. was born in Wellington, KS. I have recently found out that Ernest (Sr.) was the son of Charles Jones and Stella Bradshaw. If anyone has information regarding these individuals please email me ( ). Thank you.

Ron Jones
El Verano, CA


Looking to confirm that all of the following were married in Sumner Co., probably residents of Mulvane. Would like to contact their descendants.

Robert Lee Foudray - mar. 1907
Charles H. Foudray - mar. 1895
Ida Mariah Foudray - mar 1891
Andy Frank Foudray - mar around 1900?? to Addie Ridgeway.

Thanks for any help.



William Frank (bill) STARR born Sep 23, 1889 unknown location. married Eva Margareth Zietler born Feb 20 1893, Belle Plaine KS, daughter of Henry ZEITLER and wife Anna.

William STARR and EVA Zietler had 7 children all born in Perth KS.

Ethel Irene STARR (b) May 9 1914
Bessie Lucille STARR (b) Mar 20 1918
Opal Maxine STARR (b) FEB 7 1920
Ruby May STARR (b) May 4, 1922
Dorothy Louise STARR (b) SEP 6 1924
Merle William STARR (b) Nov 19 1931
Edith Marie STARR (b) Dec 30 1935

The STARR family later migrated to Seward Alaska where William Frank (Bill) STARR died OCT 19 1964 and Eva Margareth Zietler Starr died Feb 12 1962.

Gloria Youngdeer Murray


Charles Leroy SPEAR lived in Caldwell , Sumner County, KS during the 1880's. Charles was born on Jan. 27, 1832 in Ashtabula County, Ohio & moved with his parents to Noble County, IN in 1838. From there his father, John SPEAR ( widower ) moved his remaining children to Dallas County, Iowa. By August , 1855 , the family removed to Nodaway County, MO . After Charles married Miss Polly HAMPTON, they picked up house & migrated to Kansas. Anyone knowing any names & dates of children that Charles & Polly may have had , pleasecontact me . I would love to share the vast SPEAR data that I have in my files. This line is full of interesting facts , including the ancestry back to Governor William BRADFORD of the Mayflower, & family photos.

Brenda Magee


My great grandfather Amos Botkin was born in Wellington, Sumner, KS in 1858. His father was also named Amos but I have not been able to find out his mother's name or if he had any siblings. They moved there from Ohio sometime earlier. His oldest son Willis was born in Wellington in 1882.

Some time ago I started a tree for my family tree for my family and I have recently found records for the Botkin/Bodkin family going back to 1740 in VA, 1810 in Ohio, and 1858 in KS, and Oklahoma in 1918.


Jim Botkin
Norman, OK


I need help and have very little to go on. I have a picture taken by E. B. Snell Elite Gallery, Wellington, Kas. There are five young people, two girls standing behind three young men who are seated. On the back is written "the Tom Smith Family". My great grandfather was Thomas Smith, b. 1838 in western PA. They were all there in 1850 in Lawrence Co., but his family moved away except for him and one brother. James, John, Phoebe, Sara were all born in the 1840's and the mother was Jane. She may have remarried. These are the names I am looking for in the Wellington area. Thanks to anyone who can be of help.

Dorothea Silbert


William James Mitchell and wife Jemina (Jemison) Mitchell, both born in Ireland, both died in Caldwell, Sumner County, KS in 1891 & 1911 respectively. They had the folowing children: George, Rachel, William J. who married Martha Hinchcliffe, Robert A. who married Ida Watt, Jemina M. who married Cyrus Holmes, John who married ?, Samuel, Thomas, Lucinda who married Edward Lansing, Jane, and Mary M. who married George Goff. Anyone researching this family, please contact me. Thank you.

Penny Harrell


Searching for any connection to Alexander CUMMINS, age 59 in the 1880 Federal census of Guelph Twp., Sumner County, Kansas. He was born Westmoreland County, PA., the son of John CUMMINS and Elizabeth Miller CUMMINS. The census shows wife Elizabeth, age 54; John, age 26, born in Illinois, Alexander, age 21, born in Illinois. In addition, Alexander CUMMINS had son Hutchinson age 32, born PA; wife, Fannie age 27, born Illinois; Charles E. 7, born in Kansas; Franklin age 4, born Kansas; Abbie, age 1, born Kansas. Would like to contact anyone recognizing this line.

Thank you!



Looking for information on the City Marshall of Caldwell Kansas, William N HORSEMAN, age 23 in 1880. He was tired and acquitted of murder in Wellington Knasas Court. Does anyone know where he came from or where he went after the trial. In addition to posting to this forum - please e-mail me your response.

Thanks a bunch,

Barbara A Horsman


Looking for information on CHARLES DILL SPACE, b. January 12, 1849, Sussex County, New Jersey; d. May 26, 1927, Sumner County, Kansas; m. OLIVIA ADELIA HALEY, October 15, 1888, Belton, Cass County, Missouri; b. March 06, 1869, Junction City, Geary County, Kansas; d. December 23, 1957, Wellington, Sumner County, Kansas.

Timothy C. Hoskins


Seeking relatives of the Mullenax family that came from W.Virginia>Iowa>KS. Jacob Phares MULLENAX (married to Cynthia Phillips of Iowa, he died in Hunnewell in 1907) , and brother David MULLENAX (died in South Haven 1927 and married to Lavina PARK), their sister Sarah Catherine (married to William P JENNINGS, she died in Hunnewell in 1927) Seeking decendants.


Sampson BROTHERS and his son Edgar BROTHERS b:Oct 4,1855 d:April 7,1925 Wellington, Sumner Co., KS., Edgar m:Emma MILLER b:Nov 13,1859 d:Sept. 10,1911 Wellington, Sumner Co.,KS.. They were very active in the Wellington Church of Christ, Edgar owned and operated a mercantile Store on Washington Ave., Edgar and Emma had 6 children Luvenie, Ernest, Lou, Linda, Pearl, and Jeannette. I would appreciate any information.

Thanks Linda


I am searching for John Adams Batchelder. John was born: 17 November 1834 in Deerfield, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire. John died: 1902 at Perth, Sumner Co., Kansas, Wife: Elenor Nelson Jones, Born: 16 January 1838, Place: Nashua, New Hampshire, Died in Hunter, Oklahoma. Any help would be deeply appreciated. I need to know the brothers and sisters of John and his parents. I also need to know the birthplace of Cyrus. An obituary would surely be helpful.

James D. Bates


My great, great-grandparents, Fletcher D. and Oveda Katerine(Gifford) Frost were m 28 Sept., 1882 in Sumner County, Kansas. Their children:

Chrystal d before 1900

Nellie May, b April 12, 1886 m Jessie Speed Kerns d July 26, 1961 Olympia, Washington my ggrandma

Geneva b 1889 m Lewis Jessup d Dec. 16, 1947 both were murdered in Olympia, Washington

Hazel m Harold Schars d Olympia, Washington

Claud G. m Willetta Lott Oct. 19,1919 d Olympia, Washington

Any bells ringing yet? Thank you for any help,

Terri Henderson


Am looking for descendants of Gustave Baillod, originally from Switzerland, who I found in Wellington, Kansas in the 1920 Census. He is said to have owned a jewelry store in Wellington. He was living with his daughter, Gladys E. Brasfield (age about 27) and her daughter Labelle (age about 6). I am told that Gustave died during the depression.


Looking for any information on Earl FUHS b. Mar 15, 1909 PA. d. Mar 1981 in Wellington, Kansas 67152 or any decendents of his.

Norm Wehner


Looking for information on the BOWERMASTER family. Alta Bowermaster was born 17 Aug1874 in Sumner, Kansas. Her father was John and mother Lucinda. Please I can't find any information on this family. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Shelly Smith


I am looking for information on Dora Sophie Wilkening, b. 6-20-1913 near St. Francis, KS. She married Arthur August Blume 8-10-1936. My info says Dora died at Riverdale, Sumner Co. Kansas in August 1980. What funeral home would take care of that? What is the name of a cemeterythere? Any help would be appreciated.



Looking for information on the family of John W. Moore Born Dayton IN. Sept. 7, 1858. Son John W. Moore Jr. born May 28,1929. Have a copy of a photo taken at the Elite Gallery in Wellington KS. John's father and Mother were James and Margaret. Thank You.

Jim Vollnogle


I am trying to locate Phillip Asbury SHOEMAKER and wife, Mahala Bixler SHOEMAKER. Mahala born Abt 1830 in Washington County, Indiana. The Shoemaker family moved to Kansas in 1878, settling in Sumner county. Mahala is buried in Rose HIll Cemetery, South Haven , Kansas. Died July 3, 1896. I know 2 children grew to adulthood: Emma Isabella HOBSON, b. Sept 28, 1858 In Pekin, Washington County, IN, and Ulyses Grant SHOEMAKER, born abt 1865 in Indiana. I know Ulyses married Lena REAVES and they had 4 children: Doris, Florence, Denna or Denma, and Roy. I know they lived in Wichita, Kansas in 1931.

After Mahala's death, Phillip remarried a Elizabeth FOX, moving to Michigan. Phillip died in July 1900. Emma is my great grandmother. I have alot of information on her family. She married Samuel HOBSON. We can not locate anything on Ulyses and family.


I am researching the family of Owen "Elder" DAVIS and Mary GENTRY, who both died in Logan Co, Illinois. Their son, Allen DAVIS (b. 1846 Ill, d.1929) and Mary GREEN (b.1850 Ill, d.1918), both buried Wellington, Sumner Co, KS Pioneer Cem.

Children were Frances - Rosa - Effie - Milton - Hestilla - Jennie - Augustus - Owen - Daisy - Roxy - Mary - Cleo.

Bonnie Johnson @ Wichita, Ks


Ellsworth Benjamin AUTHOR, b. Ionia MI July 25 1849, Gertrude Electa Ellsworth, b. Ionia MI Nov 12 1870, Maude E Ellsworth, b. June 1876 Wellington, Sumner Co Ks. Btwn 1870-1876

migrated to Kansas. Settled in the Hunnewell township. I understand he was a U.S Marshal. My father was named after him. We have his records but nothing about his Grandfather. Any assistance will be appreciated.

Donald Elwell


I'm looking for info on my gg-grandfather James Thompson. He was born 1839 in Gallatin County, IL. He died May 10, 1873 in Sumner County, Kansas. He married Mary LEAVELL ( I believe in Gallatin County). I think he came to Sumner county after 1867.He had children George, Sarah, Charlotte,William, & Joseph.

I'd like to know who his parents were & were they came from. Also was buried there.



I am related to one family of Walta's who lived and still live in Sumner County. I am the great-grandson of Edward Walta who died in 1978 over in Fall River. I am the grandson of Rose Marie Walta Drake Olham who is still living in Monte Vista, Colorado.

I am looking for anyone who might have information about these Walta or anyone who might be one of these Waltas.

Russell D. James


I have a Charles Benjamin Franklin SMITH, DB:Dec. 29, 1884, Caldwell, KS. His father was Joseph Grant Smith, DB: Mar. 2, 1863, Vinton, Iowa. His mother was Susan Marha POPE, DB: Mar. 3, 1864, Missouri. They were married on, Jan. 22, 1884, Caldwell, Ks. They had nine children.



I am looking for the following people.

1. Mathew Moore - born 1810 - 1820. Death date unknown.

2. Sarah Ann Moore - born Sept. 4, 1820. Died about 1885. She was supposed to be living around South Haven, Kansas at the time of her death.

3. Thomas Cook - born about 1842, death date unknown.

4. Nancy J. Cook - born about 1847, death date unknown.

(Thomas and Nancy were living outside Wellington, Kansas in 1907).

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Gene Jenkins Selah, WA.


Would like more information on Mary E. (DeArmond) HALL, born Nov 19, 1843 in Butler County, OH to "Squire" Samuel and Sarah (Youmans) DeARMOND. What was her husband's name? Did they have children? More information is at: 1882 Butler County History book (free, on-line) and DeArmond Surname Research Center.

Nancy Sween


I have an Everett BLUE who was born in 1902 in South Haven. His father is Francis Aaron (Frank) who had siblings Earl, Claude, and John. Their parents were Mac & Emily who we believe resided in South Haven at the time of their deaths in early 1900's.

Charlie Dannenfelser


My father and grandfather lived and farmed in Sumner county, Kansas in the early 1900's. My father and mother were married in Argonia in 1921. I am trying to locate the specific area's where they lived/farmed.

My father, Maurice Martin, graduated Excelsior School 1915-16. Two of his sisters also attended that school, Florence and Dorthy Martin. And they later taught schools in Sumner County.

My grandfather, Thomas Martin was a farmer in that school district.

My maternal grandfather was apparently farming that area about 1920. His name was George F. Summers.

Any help will truly be appreciated.

Melvin C. Martin


I am seeking information on John and Mary E. [White] Atkinson. They moved from Henry Co. Ill. to Sumner Co. Kansas I believe to the Caldwell area in the late 1800's or very early 1900's. Any info will be appreciated.



Looking for any information on the family of John Henry YOUNG. He came to Sumner Co. with his wife Emma sometime prior to 1888. The following children were born there: 1)William Henry Harrison b 5/28/1888; 2)Maude Mabel b 1/12/1890; 3)Walter Blaine b 6/6/1892;4)Flossie Fern b2/11/1895. They left Kansas for Idaho between 1895 and 1897.

Thank you,

Allen Boynton


I'm looking for any information concerning themarriage and children of Samuel L. Ayers to Delila J. Harkrider. Delila Jane Harkrider is my 1st cousin, once removed according to my kinship on my family tree. I have very little information on this family other than something from the 1900 Sumner Co., KS census on page 31 - Belle Plaine, which lists;

Samuel Ayers, Oct 1851, OH, farmer
Delila J., March 1858, IL
Albert, March 1878, IL
Murtle M., January 1880, KS
Florence, February 1883, KS
Eynis, March 1885, KS
Irwn L., March 1887, KS
Edney M., March 1888, KS
Harry O., March 1893, KS
Ramon C., March 1897, KS

This was found by another family member in my family tree who said thathe didn't know if these names were right, as the census was hard toread.

He had also found someone who had found the gravestones for Samuel & Delila Ayers, Albert V. & Stella M. Ayers, Lois G. (daughter of A.V. & S.M. Ayers who was born July 17, 1911 & died August 1, 1912.) Vernon S. & Thelma V. Ayers & Ivan L. Ayers in the Council Hill Cemetery in Sumner Co., KS.

I would appreciate it if you can connect any or all of these to my family. Any information that you could give to me concerning the family down to the present would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Joan Haugen


I am interested in information on ECHTERNACHs in Sumner Co. My grandfather, William R. Echternach was born in Gueda Springs August 31,1882. His father was J.A. Echternach, a school teacher or principal from PA, married a student, last name FARQUAHAR (sp?), but don't know if it was in Sumner Co. He later moved to Palisade, Colorado. An Elizabeth Echternach, b.1860, Reading, PA, married Hubert WARD, March 30, 1884 in Gueda Springs. Do not know if she is related to my grandfather. Thank you very much for any help.

Sarah Freedberg


I am seeking information on Daniel Edward HOLLIDAY and his spouse Sarah (Sallie) DRAKE. Daniel was born 5-22-1848 in Lucasville, Scioto County, OH. Sarah was born 04-11-1851 in Aetna, Licking County, OH. They married 6-10-1869 in OH and they moved to Belle Plaine, Sumner County, KS the Spring of 1878 with 4 young children. Six more would be born in Sumner County. Daniel was a Civil War veteran, having served in the 91st O.V.I., having enlisted at the age of 15. He was purported to be active in county politics, was a township clerk, served at different times on the school board of his district. He was said to have been a member of Belle Plaine Post No. 337, G.A.R. and prominently connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church. He and Sarah died in Wellington, Sumner County, KS but said to be buried in Belle Plaine, Sumner County. I would very much like further information on him, Sarah and any one of their 10 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. Photos would be a bonus for sure. He was one of 6 brothers of my ggrandfather, James Mitchell Holliday who also spent a brief time in Belle Plaine. Will gladly share information.

Thank you,

Gwynn Hayden


I'm looking for George W. Burnett born 1863. His son was born Feb. 9, 1903 Sumner county, Hunnewell Kansas as Leslie Ottobine. Trying to find siblings or parents of George W. Burnett

Gwynn Hayden


I am looking for information on the family of Oliver M. NELSON. He lived in the Caldwell Kansas area during the times of 1878-1889. He was a cowboy that rode the trail herds from Texas to Kansas. His family that we know of near Caldwell were father Nelson (?) and mother Nelson(?) and some of his brothers were Charles, Grisom, Harry, Delos and we know he had a sister Anna. We are looking for his parents and siblings of Oliver and where they came from. It was said that an uncle came up to Kansas from the Arkansas...( River or place?) and he had a cousin staying with them too. Oliver's brother, Franklin?, must have stayed in Illinois as he married there and raised his family there. He had a harness shop in Illinois.. Oliver writes of the life and times of the cowboy and tells about Caldwell and the trail herds and the rough characters he traveled with. I am trying to find out who his parents are and siblings..for that I can document them. I do know that Anna married a Jim I have a picture of them.. I have a couple of pictures of Oliver when he was older but not much else..does anyone have any information on this family?




I'd like to find out where Thomas Uriah JONES (born Laharp, IL., 1862) and May Powell Jones (Lane, KS, 1869) came from before they migrated to Sumner County, Kansas.

They raised 6 children: Ed, Elmo, Frank, Oscar, Lena, and Ethel, near Milan, KS. I am especially interested in learning more about May Powell and her family. I know nothing about her family and if she had any brothers and sisters. As it usually is, I never became interested until the ones to ask were already deceased.

Thanks, Marilyn (youngest daughter of Thomas Frank Jones)


I am searching for information on Platt LEWIS b. Oct. 11, 1817 Huntington, Suffolk Co., New York d. Sept 23, 1883 Mayfield, Sumner Co., KS m. Nancy GARDINER b. Dec 2, 1819, Huntington, Suffolk County, NY d.Jan 10, 1894 Mayfield, KS. Platt is listed in the cemetery book for the Osborne Cemetery at Mayfield, KS.

Children of Platt & Nancy are:

Gardiner Lewis b.May 1, 1850, d. 1907
Louise Lewis b. Apr 15, 1852
John L. b. Oct 10, 1854
Louela b. Dec 12, 1856
Eugene b. Feb 28, 1858

The only information I have is that "Sometime after the end of the Civil War Platt and his wife Nancy, with their grown children moved to Mayfield, Kansas" Probate Court, Sumner County has Platt's wife as "Elizabeth"? I would like to know what happened to Platt's children and his decendents.

Carl Lewis Friedrich


Aaron Moses HATFIELD, born in Virginia about 1827, migrated through Illinois, Indiana, and settled in Caldwell. Served in MO 7th infantry on Union side in Civil War. Wife's name was Sarah Jane. Children were Jonah, Mary Elizabeth, Aaron, Jim (James), Jose, Lillie, Clyde, Johnnie Earl. Clyde was my grandfather and I think I was told that Johnnie Earl was adopted, but my memory of that may not be accurate. I have also been told that the father of Aaron Moses Hatfield is buried in Bluff City, just west of Caldwell. Aaron Moses lived with my grandparents and lived to be 104 years old. The eldest son, Jonah, was supposed to have made the Cherokee Strip Run. I would appreciate any information on this line.


Sarah E. Hatfield White


I would like to find information on my grandfather, Lesley R. KELSO. He was born 2/22/1894 in Caldwell, Kansas. He had a brother named Walter (Shorty). I never met him because he was murdered in Sheridan, Wyoming in 1933. I would like to find out something about his family.

Thank you in advance for your time.



Would like more information on Mary E. (DeArmond) HALL, born Nov 19, 1843 in Butler County, OH to "Squire" Samuel and Sarah (Youmans) DeARMOND. What was her husband's name? Did they have children? More information is at 1882 Butler County History book (free, on-line) and DeArmond Surname Research Center .

Thanks, Nancy Sween


I am trying to find family members that are related to my Peter HOFFMAN / HUFFMAN. Peter was born about 1830 near St. Louis, MO according to his obituary and died June 13, 1902 Forbes, Holt Co. MO he married 3 times and fathered 13 children all appeared to survive him. First marriage Eliza TILLERY 1844 Clay Co. MO ; Second marriage Elizabeth RUPE 1849 Atchison Co. MO and Third marriage to my grandmother Martha THOMPSON 1854 Atchison Co. MO. According to his obituary he had 13 children who all survived him and some lived in Sumner Co. KS. I've included his obituary below in case in one can claim being related to my Peter Hoffman/Huffman. He must have lived in Sumner Co. somewhere around 1867 to maybe 1899 possibly. Does anyone have any census that might list him. "Any" information on this man would be greatly appreciated because he is definItely our block wall, we can only account for 6 children 2 by the 2nd wife and 4 by the 3rd wife. Please any help would be appreciated, see obituary below:


Died at the home of his sister Mrs. Lawson SIPES of near Forbes, MO , age 73. He was born near St. Louis, MO. & came with his mother to Atchison Co. Mo when he was quite young. He married in Atchison Co & came to Holt Co.. West to Kansas 35 years ago & returned to Atchison & made his home with his son R.A. Hoffman & part time with his sister. He was married 3 times & leaves a widow & 13 children, some in Atchison Co. & some in Summer Co., Kansas. Burial at Forbes, Holt Co. MO.

Thank You,



Trying to find information on Clarissa Ann (SUTTON) b- 26 NOV 1849 Monmouth, Warren County, IL and said to have died in Wellington, Sumner Co, KS after 1909. She was a daughter of Robert & Phoebe (Leighton) SUTTON. Clarissa married 6 JAN 1867 in Ottawa, Franklin Co, KS to George W HAMBLIN/HAMBLEN/HAMLIN and they are said to have at least six children. Any information appreciated and will gladly share SUTTON information.

Thank You,



Looking for information about my grandfather's brother, LAFAYETTE SCOTT KERR, who married MARY DODSON in 1875 and lived in Summer County in 1880. Had a daughter, Mary M., born 1877.

Mildred Slavens


Searching for information on John POULSON, b. c. 1840 Pickaway, OH. He is listed as living in Caldwell KS in 1891 when his grandfather, Andrew Poulson, died in Pickaway Co. OH, and again in 1911 when his brother, William Poulson, died in Columbus OH.

John Poulson also had a sister living in Caldwell at the same time. I don't know her first name, but shw was married to an Albert JOHNSTON.

Barb Valley


I am attempting to locate the Chester William GLEASON family in Wellington, KS from 1894 through the early part of the year 1900.



Looking for information on James L. CAMPBELL. Family lived on a farm, I think just south of Wellington. I also need info on Dolph J. CAMPBELL, his son, b. in Sumner Co. Aug. 1891 (would like to have some info from birth). James died about Sep 1904. I don't know if his wife, Miranda, is buried there. If she survived him, she may have gone back to IL. Any help on this family would be very much appreciated. I can't find anything on them for this area. All I have is an old picture of the farm.

Thank you very much,


I am looking for my g-grandpa, George VAN NATTA. He was born in IL and moved to KS where he married Belle PURCELL. A wonderful lady, who I know only as Loretta, found him for me, and sent me the following information:


Registering for the WWI Draft. His listing is as follows:

George Van Natta
Born: 05/18/1887
Ethnic: White
Brithplace: Mattoon, IL
Registered: Seward, KS

Any tidbit of info would help, like a middle initial or name? Parents? There are a few other Van Natta's in KS at the time, with one old enough to be his father, but since mine was born in IL, I imagine his father would have been also.

Thank you very much,
Murray Looper


My grandparents, Earle James and Esther Luella NELSON, had a dry cleaning plant in Caldwell KS, and I would like information anyone might be willing to share regarding that. It would have been in the late 30's and early 40's.

My mother, Grace Marie Nelso HORMEL, went to school in Caldwell, as did my father, Floyd Gerald HORMEL. They were married in 1937.

Any information will be appreciated. Thanks, .



Would like information on the Tom WILLIAMS family who lived in Wellington in the late 1800's. Tom was born in England and married Eliza HELLER, born in Iowa. They had a daughter, Jennie Nell WILLIAMS, born 1876 in Illinois and married James J. HALL 1899 in Wellington.

Ronald R. Hall


I am looking for information on a THOMAS ancestor. My grandfather thinks that his grandfather went by the name of L.K. Thomas, but is not positive about that. He made the Cherokee Strip Land Run, then later gave the property to one of his sons, Samuel THOMAS. My grandfather thinks that L.K. (?) and his wife may be buried at Caldwell. I would appreciate any information. Thank you,

Cindy Sheets


My ancestors settled in Wellington prior to 1900. Their names were Adam and Lydia (Miller) WINGER. They are my great-grandparents. When Lydia Miller died in 1936, it was noted in the newspaper that she had lived in Wellington for 51 years and that Adam was a prominent contractor. They are buried in Prairie Lawn Cemetery, along with my grandfather, Charles Emerson WINGER who died in 1950.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Jo (Winger) Streep


I am researching the ancestors of Francis Marion POPE, Mahala Violet Pope BURNETT and Mary H.Pope GUM (brother and sisters), all of whom resided in Sumner County, Kansas, beginning in the late 1870s.

The information I have gathered goes back to their great great grandfather, James POPE, born in England, who appears to have migrated to America sometime between 1700 and 1750, and includes the ancestors of Lydia REAGAN, their mother, and Mary HIATT, their great grandmother, whose identifiable ancestors go back considerably further. I would be interested in exchanging information with others researching these family lines.

William A. Pope


I am looking for information on Jacob STUBLE and wife Nancy CABLE. I know that their daughter, Margaret, married in Caldwell to a Ora CLARK 1909....any info is greatly appreciated, but I am primarily searching for info on Jacob and his parents...



I am looking for information regarding Francis M. & Florinda HURLEY who lived in Sumner County (Wellington, I think) from around 1870 - 1885. It appears he might have been a veternarian.



I am seeking a date of death and burial place for Henry HOPPING who probably died between 1945 and 1950 and possibly in or around Caldwell,Kansas. A new wife was suspected of poisioning him.

I am also looking for his ex-wife, first name of Nora, (may have remarried)..She was suppose to be a nurse and was a "Holy Roller"Preacher (someone elses explaination). It was thought she was cursed because every time she went to someone house to care for them, something bad happened..The last person she cared for, while she was there, the house caught fire and Nora was injured and was in a coma for several days before she died..I believe it was about 1949-50.

Lester Oden


Searching for information of Lora E. (Laura E.) WELCH. She was born 12 November 1876 in Illinois, the daughter of Samuel Stout WELCH and Margaret TRYON (TEYSON). Lora married 14 November 1894 to Loyal Graham Thompson. Her father's obituary in March of 1915 showed her as Laura E. SMITH, of Salina, Kansas. Lora Welch Thompson SMITH died in 1951 at Oxford, Kansas. Any information would be most appreciated.

Jodie Welch Wyatt


I have just found out that I had a relative named John HAYS. I believe that he is the brother of my gg-grandmother, Sarah Hays Stone (b. 5/7/1840). John HAYS reportedly owned and operated a Detective Agency in Wellington, KS. It would have been about 1860--(?). I would appreciate any assistance you can give me.

Paula Swope


I'm looking for the family of Rufus HOLLOWELL and his wife, Elvira SMITH. They would have lived in the Sumner Co. area in the late 1890s or early 1900s.