Carpenter/Kearns/Butterfield Family

Front row, left to right: George C. Carpenter (b. 1 Dec., 1833; d. 9 Apr, 1919); Nancy (Kaster) Carpenter (b. 9 Feb., 1837; d. 12 May, 1918);Agnes (Milne) Kearns (b. 14 Apr., 1832; d. ?); Lester Butterfield (b. 17 Jun, 1915; d. 24 Apr., 1996); John Kearns (b. 29 Apr., 1827; d. Jan, 1917).

Back row, left to right: Clara Belle (Carpenter) Kearns (b. 11 Feb, 1863; d. 30 May, 1938); Joseph L. Kearns (b. 9 May, 1855; d. 23 Oct., 1929); Bill Butterfield (b. 19 Dec., 1887; d. 24 Mar., 1941); Elsie Mae (Kearns) Butterfield (b. 20 Sep., 1886; d. 7 Jul., 1971).

George Carpenter was born in Ohio, and moved to Indiana as a child. He married Nancy Kaster in 1856, and moved to Iowa. He served with the 36th Iowa Infantry in the Civil War, and was gravely wounded. After the war, he and his family eventually settled in Sumner County. He and Nancy are buried at Prarie Lawn.

Agnes Milne was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Her family emmigrated to the US in 1847. John Kearns was born in County Tyrone, Ireland. His family emmigrated to Canada in 1828. The families lived just across the New York state and Provincial Quebec border. They married on 14 Feb, 1850.

Joseph L. Kearns was born in Quebec. His family moved to Iowa in 1866, and then to Sumner County. Clara Belle Carpenter was born in Iowa, and moved with her family to Sumner County. They were married on 17 Jun., 1885, and had nine children. One of these, Ralph Earl Kearns, was my paternal grandfather.

David Kearns