Attwood / Shires Families

We had two families in the Wellington area between 1875 and 1890, both owned property near Vail Township. As time went by one of the boys (Ernest SHIRES, Sr.) married (possibly as a second wife) our LIllian Maud(e) ATTWOOD, the youngest known child of John Edward Attwood and his wife, Sarah Elizabeth Webb ATTWOOD. We are not sure yet if they married in Chicago or Kansas.

Lillian died at age 35 after the birth of her youngest child (her 5th) and the Attwood and Shires families lost track of each other until about 3 months ago. One of Lillian and Ernest's granddaughters sent me these pictures. They came into her possession after the passing on of her father, uncles and aunts. They are not marked. With them, she also found pictures of many members of the extended families of both sides in both IL and KS.

We would like to find out whether these are pictures of John and Sarah ATTWOOD's family, or of Ernest SHIRES' family, either as a child or an adult. All help would be appreciated.

We also know that Caroline "Carrie" ATTWOOD is buried (probably in an unmarked grave) in the Vail Cemetery. She was Lillian's older sister and died at about age 12 in 1883, while her father John ATTWOOD was setting up the farm and home. John died in 1886, possibly on a trip to Chicago). We would also like to find out if there are obituaries for either of them.

Patricia M. Attwood Smith, OCAF Families Group Co-researcher

The following copyrighted pictures are from the Dee Shires Sharkey Collections to OCAF.

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