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Wichita, Sedgwick Co, KS
History of Wichita and Sedgwick Co, KS, Past and Present 1910, Vols.
1 & 2 in 1 Book reprint, 956 pgs, idexed.
Calvary Cemetery (Catholic), Wichita, KS. 206 pgs
Wichita City Death Certificates (from the City Directory and
cemeteries 1887-1900), indexed, 304 pgs
Flanagan-Hunt Mortuary Records, Vo1 I Apr 16, 1912-
Apr 15 1915, 150 pgs
Flanagan-Hunt Mortuary Records, Vol II, Apr 1915-
Nov 1917, 150 pgs
Wichita Fire Fighters 1881-1981 (Hist & Personnel Records), 158 pgs
1878 Wichita City Directory Names, 36 pgs
1883 Wichita Dity Directory Names, 72 pgs
1885 Wichita City Directory Names, 114 pgs
1886/7, 1894, 1900 Wichita Business Directories, 75 pgs, Comp
by Barbara Marsh.
Abstracts of Marriages, Deaths, and other news items from Wichita
Daily Beacon, compiled by Jerry Stout, and Wichita Eagle,
1878 - 1886, 95 pgs
Sedgwick Co, KS
Sedgwick Co, KS Marriage Records Book I 204 pgs, County Books
#A-D, May 7, 1870 - Oct 22, 1889, index. Comp by Bill Pennington
Sedgwick Co, KS Marrriage Records Book 2, 213 pgs, County Boots
#E-H, Oct 22, 1889 - July 13, 1901, index. Comp by Bill Pennington
Sedgwick Co, KS Marriage Records Book 3, 212 pgs, County Books
#1-1, July 15, 1901 - Nov 11, 1908, index. Comp by Bill Pennnington
Sedgwick Co, KS Marriage Records Boot 4, 189 pgs, County Books
#M-P, Nov 11. 1908 - Jun 22, 1913, index. Comp by Blh Pennington
Sedgwick Co, KS Marriage Records Boot 5, 214 pgs, County Books
#Q-T, Jan 18, 1913 - Sept 21, 1917, index. Comp by Bill Pennington
Sedgwick Co, KS Marriage Records Boot 6, 185 pgg County Books
#U-X. Sept 22. 1917 - Aug 4, 1920, index. Comp by Bill Pendngton
Sedgwick Co., KS Marriage Records Boot 7, 253 pgs, County Books
#Y-BB, Aug 4, 1920 - May 17, 1924, index. Comp by Bill Pennington
1870 Census Sedgwick Co., KS, 41 pgs
1875 Census Sedgwick Co, KS, index. 237 pgs
1888 & 1891 Sedgwick Co., KS Directory Names, 20 pgs
1900 Sedgwick Co., KS Federal Census Index. 310 pgs
1903/4 Sedgwick Co, KS Directory Names, 39 pgs
Sedgwick Co, KS Naturalizations and Declarations of Intentions,
1870-1906, 93 pgs. Comp by Barbara Marsh
Index to Portrait and Biographical Album of Sedgwick Co, 1888, 166 pgs
Area Keys: SedgdcL County, KS, 52 pgs
Sedgwick Co, KS Landowners & Tenents Directory, 1971, 52 pgs
List of Cemeteries in Sedgwick Co., KS, w/map, 1981
Clearwater Cemetery Sedgwick Co, KS, 77 pgs
Mt Hope Cemetery near Mt Hope Sedgwick Co, KS, 113 pgs
Sedgwick Co, KS Cemetery Vol 1, Afton, Eldridge, Old Fairview, James
Park, Kechi (Dunkard), Herrington, Mulkey, Old Clonmel, Lutheran
(White Cotton), Pleasant Ridge, Ruby, 188 pgs Sedgwick Co, KS Cemetery Vol 2, Calvary Methodist at Garden Plain,
Hoss/Old Maple Gove/Grant Twp. near Valley Center, Pleasant Vdky
near Bently, Union/Garrett near Derby, 81 pgs
Sedgwick Co, KS Cemetery Vol 3 Seven Catholic Cemeteries in West
Sedgwick Co, 88 pgs
Mt Hope Cemetery near Mt Hope, Sedgwick C4 KS, 113 pgs
Selzer Cemetery 11148 E Harry, Sedgwick Co., KS 12 pgs
St Paul's Lutheran bet Garden Plain & Cheney, KS 9 pgs
Viola Cemetery in Southern Sedgwick Co., KS, 8 pgs
Sedgwick Co 1971 Landowners & tenents directory, 52 pgs

Butler Co, KS
Area Keys: Butler County, KS, 50 pgs
Butler Co, KS Marriages 1861-1886, 74 pgs
Butler Co, KS Wills 1869-1901 60 pgs
Chautauqua Co, KS
Chautauqua Co., KS Marriage Records, Book 1 County Book, #A-D,
index, 103 pgs, June 5, 1870 - Dec 29, 1891 Comp by Charlotte
Chautauqua Co., KS Marriage Records, Book 2 County Books #E-H,
index, 100 pgs, Jan 6, 1892 - Aug 22, 1905 Comp by Charlotte Bennett
Chautauqua Co, KS Marriage Records, Book 3 County Books #t-L,
index. 112 pgs Aug 22, 1905 - Apr 25 1926
Chautauqa Co., KS Marriages and Deaths from Cedar Vale Commercial,
Dec 1894 - Dec 1895 12 pgs Harvey CO, KS
Harvey Co, KS Marriages 1872-1895, 150 pgs
Harvey Co, KS Marriages 1896 to Apr 24, 1898, index, 21 pgs
Deaths, Marriages ad Births from Newton, KS local newspapers,
selected from 1887-1888, 1892-1894, 1901-1902, 1915, 119 pgs
Marion Co, KS
1870 Marion Co., KS Frederal Census, 45 pgs
Sumner Co, KS
Atlas of Sumner Co., KS, 1883 (hardbound), 105 pgs
Argonia Cemetery, Sumner Co, KS, 60 pgs
Tombstone Inscriptions, Sumner Co., KS (hardbound), 406 pgs
Sumner Co., KS Marriages 1871 - 1880, index, 34 pgs Comp by Barbara
Sumner Co Patents, Landowners of Sumner Co. 1870 - 1993, 104 pgs
Index to Sumner Co, KS Portraits 8 Biographical Album, 35 pgs
KS Territorial Marriages 1854-1861, 24 pgs
KS Territorial Deaths 1854-1865, 21 pgs
KS Marriages, Births & Deaths Before 1854, 48 pgs
Midwest Historical & Genealogical Library Holdings, Feb 1997, 142 pgs
Kansas Tidbits from MHGS REGISTER, 266 pgs. Includes Early Settlers of
Sedgwick, Butler, Bourbon, Cloud, Kearney, Linn, McPherson, Reno, Rice, Republic, Wilson Cos; School Records or Civil War Burials from Barton, Kingman, Rice, Washington and Wilson Cos; Neosho Co Marriages, etc.
Genealogies & Family Newsletters, MHGS Library, 43 pgs
Past issues of the MHGS REGISTER
Topical Index of MHGS REGISTER, Vols I-XXXl, 27 pg

     Index of Grant Co., OK Land Patents. 112 pgs. (hardbound) with maps.
          Dilmond D. & Evelyn L. (Sturm) Postlewait.
Native American Research
Native American Family History Publications
Mr. Robert Winter Owl Vann has national experience as a Native American Historian and Storyteller, and 
regularly does workshops and lectures on things Cherokee. Active in genealogical research since 1963, 
Mr. Vann has taught genealogy classes to church groups as well as adult Community Extension classes 
through Sam Houston State University. He is an LDS Family History Center Associate Director, a Beta 
tester for the new program, a Family Church Services Missionary, and is the current 
President of the Walker County Texas Genealogy Society.
The Society has three of Mr. Vannís Native American genealogy research books for sale:
	"Climbing the Family Totem Pole" 30 pp................................. $13.50
	"Migration/Government Records" 24 pp................................... $13.50
	"Useful Resources" 57 pp............................................... $15.00
Orders may be sent by mail to:
	Ways and Means
	P O Box 1121
	Wichita, KS 67201-1121
Include a SAS envelope with your order so that MHGS can respond with the total cost of the order including 
KS Sales Tax and Shipping & Handling. Orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment. MHGS will also accept 
purchase orders.
MHGS members may use the Publication Order Form in the REGISTER. The REGISTERís KS Sales Tax and Shipping 
& Handling procedure applies. 


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