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    BOOK NO.                                AUTHOR                                                TITLE

R-600 1   Horan, James D. The Great American West 1959
R-600 2     Old Glory 1973
R-600 3     American Clocks & Watches, American Clockmakers & Watchmakers  
R-600 4   Warren, Mary Bondurant Bible Records from "Family Puzzlers" Magazines  
R-600 5   Dodd, Donald & Wynelle Historical Statistics of the US 1790-1970 1976
R-600 6   Barton, Clara The Red Cross 1898
R-600 7   Howard, Robert West The Great Iron Trail  
R-600 8   McGee, Dorothy Horton Famous Signers of the Declaration 1955
R-600 9   Parkman, Francis France & England in North America 1983
R-600 10   Buley, R. Carlyle The Old Northwest Pioneer Period  1815-1840 1978
R-600 12   Vickers, Janet Truelove Notable Americans of 1976-77 1977
R-600 13   Roberts, Gary Boyd Ancestors of American Presidents 1989
R-600 14   Sargent, M. P. Pioneer Sketches 1976
R-600 15   Dobson, David American Vital Records from Gentleman's Magazine 1731-1868 1987
R-600 16   Yates, William A. Marriages of Some American Residents & Guide to Documents 1986
R-600 17 v 1 Goodspeed, Weston A., Ed The Province and the States, Volume 1 1904
R-600 17 v 3 Goodspeed, Weston A., Ed The Province and the States, Volume 3 1904
R-600 17 v 4 Goodspeed, Weston A., Ed The Province and the States, Volume 4 1904
R-600 17 v 5 Goodspeed, Weston A., Ed The Province and the States, Volume 5 1904
R-600 17 v 6 Goodspeed, Weston A., Ed The Province and the States, Volume 6 1904
R-600 17 v 7 Goodspeed, Weston A., Ed The Province and the States, Volume 7 1904
R-600 18   Ross, Christine Nicknames Past & Present 1995
R-600 19   Cameron, Mabel Ward Biographical Cyclopaedia of American Women 1924
R-600 20   Hardy, Stella Pickett Colonial Families of the Southern States of America 1991
R-600 21   Zall, P. M. Founding Mothers, Profiles of Ten Wives of America's Founding Fathers 1991
R-600 22   Chamberlin, David C. The Conceptual Approach to Genealogy 1998
R-600 23   Wattenberg, Ben J. This USA, an Unexpected Family Portrait of 194,067,296 Americans 1965
R-600 24     The American Genealogical Record, Giving the Genealogy & History of AM Fam 1897
R-600 25     Transportation & the Early Nation 1982
R-600 26   Chester County Historical Society Table of Post Offices in the U. S. for 1819 (reprint) 1819
R-600 27   Chester County Historical Society Table of Post Offices in the U. S. for 1803 (reprint) 1803
R-600 28     American State Papers 1789-1823 and Index  
R-600 29   Peters, Harold J. (Ed) Seven Months to Oregon: 1853 2008
R-600 30   Kohn, Rita [Ed] Full Steam Ahead: Reflections on the Impact of the First Steamboat ... 2011
R-600 32   Grow, Lawrence Old House Plans 1978
R-600 33   Bradbury, Laura E, Giddy-Up To School: The Story of Free Public Horsepower Transportation 1975
R-600 34   Klepper, Michael & Gunther, Robert The Wealthy 100: From Benjamin Franklin to Bill Gates ... 1996
R-600 35   Brain, Copeland, De La Haba, et al Clues to America's Past 1976
R-600 36   Cazier, Lola Surveys and Surveyors of the Public Domain 1785 - 1975 n.d.
R-600 37   Coldham, Peter Wilson Lord Mayor's Court of London Depositions Relating to Americans 1641-1736 1980
R-600 38 v 4 Giguere, Madeleine [Ed] A Franco-American Overview V 4: New England 1981
R-600 38 v 6 Allain, M. & Brasseaux, C. A.[Comp] A Franco-American Overview V 6: Louisiana 1981
A-600 1   Marshall, D. W.; Peckham, H. H. Campaigns of the American Revolution: An Atlas of Manuscript Maps 1976
A-600 2   Ferrell, R. H.; Natkiel, R. Atlas of American History 1987
A-600 3   Smith, Lloyd Edwin Century of Progress Atlas of the World 1933
A-600 5   Patten, William & Homans, J.E. The New Encyclopedic Atlas and Gazeteer of the World 1910
A-600 6     Road Atlas & Travel Guide 1976
A-600 7     Fanning's Illustrated Gazetteer of the United States (1990 reprint) 1855
A-600 8   Sale, R. D. & Karn, E. D. American Expansion: A Book of Maps 1962
A-600 9   Adams, J. T. & Coleman, R. V. [Eds] Atlas of American History 1943
A-600 10   Cumming, William P. The Southeast in Early Maps 1958
A-600 11   Kirkham, E. K. A Genealogical and Historical Atlas of the United States of America 1976
A-600 12   Andriot, Jay [Comp] Township Atlas of the United States 1991
A-600 13     Rand McNally Road 1995 Road Atlas 1995
A-600 13 1964   Rand McNally Road Atlas 40th Edition 1964
A-600 13 1999   Rand McNally Road Atlas 1999 1999
A-600 13 1952   Rand McNally Road Atlas 1952 1952
A-600 13 1996   Rand McNally Road Atlas Deluxe 1996 1996
A-600 14     Rand McNally 1986 Road Atlas 1986
A-600 15     These United States: Our Nation's Geography, History and People 1968
A-600 16   DeBruin, Richard 100 Topographic Maps Illustrating Physiographic Features 1970
A-600 17   Franzwa, Gregory M. Maps of the Oregon Trail 1990
A-600 18   Fite, E.D. & Freeman, A A Book of Old Maps (1969 reprint) 1926
A-600 19     Auto Trails and Commercial Survey of the United States n.d.
A-600 20   Morgan, Dale L Rand McNally's Pioneer Atlas of the American West 1956
A-600 21   Franzwa, Gregory M. Maps of the Santa Fe Trail 1989
A-600 22 2001   State Farm Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico 2001 2001
A-600 22 1991   State Farm Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico 1991 1991
A-600 22 1997   State Farm Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico 1997 1997
A-600 23 1966   Texaco Touring Atlas 1966 1966
A-600 24   Gilbert, Martin Atlas of American History 1985
A-600 25 Rev Lord, Clifford & Lord, Elizabeth Historical Atlas of the United States 1953
A-600 26     Hammond's American History Atlas 1948
A-600 22 2012   State Farm Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico 2012 2012
M-600-21    Genealogical Journal Quarterly
M-600-22    Prologue (NEPS), Washington D.C.
M-600-23    Genealogy Today
M-600-24    The Mountain Empire Quarterly, Pound, VA
M-600-25    Lost & Found
M-600-26A   Ozark Quarterly, Yates Publ.
M-600-26B   The Ridge Runner, Yates Publ.
M-600-26C   Seventeen Seventy Six, Yates Publ.
M-600-26D   Families, Yates Publ.
M-600-27    Looking For Someone
M-600-28    People Finders
M-GOO-29    The New England Quarterly
M-600-30    Hacksma House Genealogy Hotline
M-600-3l    Ancestral Notes/Chedwato/Dispatch
M-600-32    Query Name Index
M-600-32A   Midwestern Heritage
M-600-34    Genealogical Reference Builders Newsletter
M-600-35    Appalachian Roots; Parkersburg, WV
M-600-93    The National Queries Forum/American Genealogy Mag
H-6OOA      Family Heritage
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