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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbook in their library that contains obituaries and other family articles cut from Sullivan County, MO newspapers. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in that scrapbook. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Sullivan County, Missouri

Sullivan County, Missouri and area

Event         Surname          Given Name                      Date   Page

Death         Adams            Mary Ellen                    05-Feb-69    6

Death         Albertson        Dennis Forrest                09-Jul-69   23

Death         Albertson        H. Hubert                     24-Jul-67   44

Death         Alexander        Forest                           Jan-69    1

Death         Alexander        Forest W.                     11-Jan-69    3

Death         Alkire           Michael                          Apr-69   15

Death         Altiser          Clarice Ferne                 17-Feb-69    7

Death         Ames             Asie                             Jul-69   25

Death         Anderson         Fannie                        19-May-69   19

Death         Anderson         Sylvia Leslie                 14-Apr-69   14

Death         Ayers            Nelva Irene                               21

Death         Baldridge        John Sumner                   05-Jun-69   20

Death         Baldridge        Lillard Claudius              12-Jul-67   45

Death         Ball             Minerva Kathrin               11-Sep-50   48

Death         Banner           Daniel Webster                20-Dec-69   39

Death         Banner           Rollie Ezekiel                05-Mar-69   10

Death         Barkley          Jim                              May-69   18

Death         Barnes           Mrs. Arthur F.                            46

Death         Barnhouse        Seth                          22-Dec-69   38

Death         Baugher          Rolla                         29-Jun-69   21

Death         Bausill          "Shek"                        23-Sep-67   46

Death         Baxter           Roy                           20-Aug-69   26

Death         Beall            John Earl                     07-Mar-67   10

Death         Beck             Stella C.                     24-Jun-69   21

Death         Beckett          Elvessa Mae Adams             28-Mar-69   12

Death         Bell             Crystal Marie                 27-Apr-63   44

Death         Bennett          Charles Noel                  10-Mar-69   11

Death         Bennett          Charles Robert                12-Dec-69   35

Death         Bennett          Noel                             Mar-68   11

Death         Billington       Guy Cecil                     15-May-69   18

Death         Blackman         Mrs. Sarah Olivia             04-May-65   45

Death         Blattner         Carl E.                          Oct-69   31

Death         Blunt            I. Edward                     12-Jul-69   24

Death         Bozarth          Roy                           18-Apr-69   13

Death         Bradshaw         Jackie Ray                    30-Dec-69   40

Death         Brassfield       Essie Ann                     25-Mar-69   13

Death         Brawdy           Waldo C.                      06-Mar-69   11

Death         Brown            Nellie Holt                   30-Sep-69   32

Death         Brown            Okey L.                       28-Feb-69    9

Death         Brownfield       Mrs. Pearl                    20-Mar-69   12

Death         Broyles          Novie Leo                     08-Mar-69   10

Death         Bruner           Guy M.                        18-Jul-66   26

Death         Bundridge        Ora M.                        13-Dec-69   38

Death         Burditt          Mrs. Doris Marie              11-Mar-69   10

Death         Busick           Carl D.                       28-Oct-69   34

Death         Butler           Charles Lyle, Fredda, Geraldine           43

Death         Camp             Elmer                         Sep 9, 10   48

Death         Campbell         Lawrence                      15-Oct-67   45

Death         Campbell         Mrs. Beulah                               40

Death         Carter           SFC Harold E.                 21-Dec-69   10

Death         Carters          infant son of John R.         10-Dec-66   44

Death         Cassetta         Joseph                                     7

Death         Cassetta         Neomia Jackson                01-Dec-69   36

Death         Chapman          Larry Dean                    11-Feb-69    6

Death         Chapman          Lura Gean                         1967    45

Death         Christy          Lola Mae                      27-Sep-69   31

Death         Cleeton          Allie                         23-Mar-69   12

Death         Clem             Eva Lena                      28-Oct-69   33

Death         Clem             S. B.                         17-Apr-69   14

Death         Clubine          Ralph                         26-Mar-69   13

Death         Cochran          Harry E.                      14-Jul-67   45

Death         Coddington       Lilly M.                      13-Oct-67   46

Death         Coffman          Joseph Andrew                             22

Death         Compton          James Roy                     25-Jan-69    3

Death         Cook             Mary Amanda                   23-Oct-69   33

Death         Cooley           Joseph Claude                 12-Jun-69   22

Death         Cordray          Charles Quentin               24-May-69   17

Death         Cordray          Charles Quentin               22-May-69   18

Death         Couch            Nannie Gertrude               19-Sep-69   31

Death         Courtney         Wilson                        14-Sep-69   30

Death         Cox              Earnest J.                       Aug-69   27

Death         Crowdis          Mrs. Loyd (Nola E. )          23-Jul-69   23

Death         Crowdis          Nola Esther                   23-Jul-69   25

Death         Crump            Larry J.                      04-Nov-69   36

Death         Cummings         Frances Rose                  13-Dec-69   35

Death         Daniels          Arizona Barnes                05-Oct-69   32

Death         Daniels          William Henry                 21-Jul-69   25

Death         Darr             Harry Carl                    04-Dec-69   36

Death         Davis            Ira                           07-Apr-69   15

Death         Dean             Glen E.                       01-Feb-69    4

Death         Dearing          Mrs. K. D. (Ivil)             23-Jan-69    3

Death         Deeds            Leland                        13-May-68   31

Death         Deeds            Matie Jane                    12-Aug-69   26

Death         Denton           Sgt. Bobby                       Apr-69   15

Death         Dickson          Oliver C.                     13-Jan-69    3

Death         Dillinger        James Marion, Jr.             02-Mar-69    9

Death         Dixon            Alda Berghofer                14-Feb-69    6

Death         Dixon            Dain                          01-Jul-69   23

Death         Dotson           Mrs. Holice                   26-May-69   20

Death         Downhour         Verdie                        23-Apr-69   19

Death         Downing          Delwin                        02-Oct-67   45

Death         Drake            Ivah                          18-Mar-69   12

Death         Drury            Chloe Ines                                 2

Death         Drury            Thomas Pleasant (Plez"        16-Apr-65    2

Death         Duncan           Fran Carson                   17-May-69   18

Death         Duncan           Frank                         17-May-69   17

Death         Dunlap           Fern                             Dec-69   39

Death         Dunlap           Ira Austin                    24-May-69   16

Death         Earles           Paul Ova                      07-Oct-69   33

Death         Eason            Mrs. Lottie L.                02-Aug-69   29

Death         Elliott          Loren Roger                   03-Apr-69   13

Death         England          Nova Lee                      11-Nov-69   34

Death         England          Nova Lee                      11-Nov-69   34

Death         Epperson         Mrs. Effie                    28-Feb-69    8

Death         Eubanks          Faith Evelyn                  18-May-69   18

Death         Ewing            Ada Martin                    30-Dec-69   39

Death         Fairley          Vila Fern                     23-Jul-69   24

Death         Fanfrick         Edith                         23-May-69   18

Death         Farley           Mrs. Ross                        Jul-69   26

Death         Fields           William (Bill)                   Apr-69   14

Death         Fischel          Veron                         24-Jan-69    3

Death         Fisher           Kirk                          23-May-69   18

Death         Flanagan         McDonald                         Jan-68   40

Death         Followwill       Loyd                          21-Jun-69   20

Death         Ford             C. S.                            Dec-66   44

Death         Ford             Peter T.                      11-Jul-69   25

Death         Forrest          Clo Carver                    26-Mar-69   13

Death         Foster           Allen Edward                  24-Jul-69   24

Death         Foster           Russell Luther                06-Mar-69   10

Death         Fowler           Herbert L.                    13-Oct-69   32

Death         Frazier          Debra Sue                     25-Jan-69    3

Death         Frazier          Deloyd                        02-Jun-69   19

Death         Garnand          Mrs. Judd                        Aug-69   28

Death         Garrison         Mrs. Lela Anna                15-Aug-69   27

Death         Gilmore          Mrs. Mildred (White)          07-Feb-69    6

Death         Glidewell        Leander Jackson               27-Aug-69   29

Death         Glidewell        Lovetta                       08-Sep-69   29

Death         Glidewell        Paul Devon                    10-Jul-69   23

Death         Good             Jackie Franklin               25-Jul-69   26

Death         Goosey           Willard                       04-Dec-69   37

Death         Gramling         Ida Mae                       07-Mar-69   11

Death         Gramling         Mrs. Junior (Gloria)          27-Oct-69   34

Death         Gregory          Effie May                     23-Jun-69   22

Death         Grice            Victor D.                     11-Aug-69   28

Death         Grimes           Jessie                           Jun-69   20

Death         Guffey           Clarence                      17-Jun-69   21

Death         Guffey           Ed                            21-Mar-69   14

Death         Guffey           John                              1965    47

Death         Gwin             Mrs. J. W. Octavia               May-69   16

Death         Hagerman         Mrs. L. B.                    13-Apr-69   13

Death         Hahn             Elizabeth                        Jun-69   16

Death         Haines           Cecil                         01-Jul-69   23

Death         Halliburton      Hazel Bushong                 02-Jan-69    3

Death         Hammar           Linda M.                      18-Aug-69   28

Death         Hampton          Ross Pearl                    25-Jun-69   22

Death         Harding          Elphia Maude                  29-Nov-69   36

Death         Harker           Louie Orville                 13-Oct-67   46

Death         Harrelson        Evelyn Clark                  17-Sep-69   31

Death         Harris           Anna Ilene                    09-Jan-64    2

Death         Harris           Barney                        17-Jun-69   20

Death         Harris           C. L. (Len)                               25

Death         Harris           Charles Leonard               23-Jul-69   24

Death         Harris           Edwin Esta                    08-Aug-69   27

Death         Harris           Minnie Belle                  31-Jan-69    4

Death         Harris           Orlen                         09-Dec-69   36

Death         Harris           Orlen                         09-Dec-69   37

Death         Hart             Loyd                             Dec-69   38

Death         Hays             Mary Christina                07-Oct-69   33

Death         Helms            Annie Edith                   21-Nov-69   35

Death         Hensley          Joe Cale                      13-Mar-69   11

Death         Hensley          Minnie Myrtle                 01-Mar-69    9

Death         Hensley          Minnie Myrtle                 01-Mar-69    9

Death         Hepler           Joseph Snyder                 04-Apr-69   13

Death         Hewitt           Williaqm Francis              14-Sep-69   31

Death         Hill             Hugh                          18-Apr-69   15

Death         Hines            Cecil Ray                     03-Aug-69   26

Death         Hines            Harley Thurman                28-Sep-69   32

Death         Hoerrmann        Mabel Gail                    03-Mar-69   11

Death         Hoover           Mable                            Dec-65   A

Death         Houston          Joe Howard                    26-Jun-69   21

Death         Huehne           Mrs. Dorcas Marie             22-Mar-69   11

Death         Humphreys        Mrs. Nora                     20-Apr-69   14

Death         Humphreys        Nora M.                       20-Apr-69   15

Death         Ingraham         Maxine                           Jun-69   22

Death         Jacobs           Dora Alice                    21-May-69   19

Death         Jacobs           Dora Arminta                  18-Feb-69    8

Death         Jacobs           Lawson                        01-Feb-69    4

Death         Jenkins          Cheon                         03-Mar-69    8

Death         Jenkins          Cleon                         22-Feb-69    8

Death         Jennings         Leland Hadley                 13-Dec-69   37

Death         Jepson           Jeppie Tixes                  11-Mar-69   10

Death         Jobe             Della Marie                   15-Sep-69   30

Death         Jobe             Dewey O.                      07-Aug-69   27

Death         Johnson          Clara Myrtle                  02-Jan-69    1

Death         Johnson          Gary Wendell                  20-Apr-69   15

Death         Johnson          Henry Guy                     23-Jan-69   25

Death         Johnson          Maude                         11-Apr-65   47

Death         Johnson          Mrs. Sylvia                      Oct-64   44

Death         Jones            Benjamin Porter                           14

Death         Jones            Benjamin Porter               20-Apr-69   16

Death         Jones            Coy                           20-Aug-69   27

Death         Jones            Henry Clay                    28-Sep-69   28

Death         Jones            Roy T.                        06-Nov-69   34

Death         Judd             Miss Lillie                   16-Dec-69   37

Death         Kain             Forrest                       07-Jul-69   22

Death         Kain             Forrest                           1969    26

Death         Kain             Harry Forrest                 07-Jul-69   22

Death         Kent             Erma I.                       03-Jun-69   16

Death         Keuchel          Nancy call                    19-Feb-69    8

Death         King             Elmer Pete                    09-Jan-69    3

Death         King             Judy Lea                      01-Mar-69    8

Death         King             Rex Earl                      01-Mar-69    8

Death         King             Rose                          20-Oct-68   30

Death         Klein            William, Jr.                  16-Feb-69    7

Death         Kopfer           Celia A.                      11-Aug-73   48

Death         Lair             Orville E. (Ted)              26-Nov-64   47

Death         Laske            Dewey                            Mar-69   10

Death         Law              Cly Edwin                         1960    44

Death         Law              Cvlyde Ermil                  26-Jun-69   21

Death         Lee              Edna Logan                    21-Nov-69   36

Death         Leeper           Martha Belle                              48

Death         Leslie           Alfred                        05-Aug-69   27

Death         Leslie           Pearl                         25-Jan-67   43

Death         Lewis            Beulah Berneice               24-Sep-71   40

Death         Long             Wilber George                 16-Apr-69   14

Death         Lovell           Roy Harrison                  10-Jan-69    3

Death         Lowry            Jewell C.                     01-Nov-27   34

Death         Lowry            Laurence H.                   31-Dec-68   34

Death         Lunsford         Goldie Mae                    12-Feb-65   47

Death         Magee            Bill                          23-Feb-69    8

Death         Magee            Clare                         07-Aug-69   27

Death         Mairs            Allen G.                      12-May-69   19

Death         Mairs            Ben                              Dec-66   44

Death         Markel           Homer Otis                    23-Mar-69   12

Death         Markel           Lula Ann Smith                29-Sep-42   48

Death         Martin           Daniel Franklin               02-Jun-69   16

Death         Martin           Genevieve Spencer             27-Jul-69   25

Death         Martin           Harold                        18-Feb-69    6

Death         Martin           Mattie Mae                    22-Oct-69   33

Death         Martin           Mrs Genevieve Spencer         27-Jul-69   24

Death         Martin           Mrs. Mattie                      Nov-69   34

Death         Martin           Rueben Edward                 09-Nov-69   34

Death         Mason            Kenneth                       06-Apr-45   40

Death         May              Bertha                        03-Oct-67   46

Death         May              Bertha T.                     03-Oct-67   43

Death         May              Mrs. Jim                      08-Jun-69   20

Death         May              Nove W.                       03-Sep-69   29

Death         McCaughey        William Edwin                 12-Jun-69   20

Death         McCay            Jesse L.                      10-Sep-69   28

Death         McClanahan       Hedge                         17-Sep-69   30

Death         McClellan        Earl                             Nov-69   32

Death         McCollum         Albert E.                     20-Feb-69    8

Death         McCormick        John William                  19-Apr-69   15

Death         McCullough       Gird                          16-Sep-69   30

Death         McCullough       Mrs. Grant E. (Clara)         19-May-69   17

Death         McDannald        Susie Rosetta                 24-Sep-69   32

Death         McDuff           Ida Maude                     10-Feb-69    6

Death         McDuff           Miss Maude                    10-Feb-69    5

Death         McEntire         Lawrence                          1964    47

Death         McFarland        Mrs. Irene                       Jul-69   22

Death         McFarland        Vera Irene                    29-Mar-69   12

Death         McHargue         William W.                    20-Dec-69   38

Death         McKay            Alvin Ross                                35

Death         McKay            Pearla Cook                   06-Apr-69   14

Death         McKay            Pearly                        06-Apr-69   12

Death         McLin            Homer Elmer                   13-Jul-69   24

Death         McNabb           Vada Pearl                        1965    44

Death         Melton           Mrs. Olive Alta (Sims)        01-Aug-69   30

Death         Mendenhall       Otto Bryan                    05-Feb-69    5

Death         Michael          John Milton                   16-Jan-69    1

Death         Miller           Andrew                        12-Apr-69   15

Death         Miller           Della Opal                    16-Nov-69   35

Death         Milligan         Margaret Louisa               15-Oct-69   33

Death         Mills            Lem Homer                     25-May-69   19

Death         Milner           Ira D.                        05-Feb-69    4

Death         Mobley           William Alan                      1967    44

Death         Moffitt          Buford                        25-Mar-69    1

Death         Moffitt          Eva Mae                       12-Jan-69    1

Death         Monsees          Mr. E. H.                     13-Jan-69    1

Death         Montgomery       John                                      27

Death         Montgomery       Loyd                                       7

Death         Montgomery       Loyd M.                       19-Feb-69    7

Death         Montgomery       Noah Martin                   08-Jul-69   23

Death         Moore            Joseph Wood                   01-Jun-69   16

Death         Moore            Joseph Wood                   01-Jun-69   18

Death         Moran            Mary Elizabeth Meyer          03-Oct-69   31

Death         Moran            Mrs. Joe                      06-Oct-69   32

Death         Morelock         Earl                          14-Apr-69   14

Death         Morlan           Harley                        06-Jun-69   21

Death         Morley           Bernard Theodore              29-May-50   48

Death         Morris           Alice Jane                    18-Feb-69    7

Death         Morris           Emma Jane                     21-Apr-69   15

Death         Morris           Mrs. Alice                    18-Feb-69    6

Death         Morris           Mrs. Willie (Irene)           13-Jun-69   20

Death         Moss             William Christopher           09-Dec-69   35

Death         Motter           Marion                        03-Jan-69    5

Death         Muir             hCecil Milton                 08-Jul-67   45

Death         Mummey           Earl K.                       04-Dec-69   35

Death         Mundell          James Nesbert                 08-Dec-69   38

Death         Munden           Basil                         19-Mar-69   12

Death         Murphy           Evelyn Jeanette               24-May-56   49

Death         Musgrave         Mrs. Johnny                               36

Death         Musgrave         Opal                              1969    35

Death         Musgrave         Thomas                           Jul-69   25

Death         Musgrave         Thomas                                    25

Death         Myers            Verda Catherine               28-Feb-69    9

Death         Neet             J. Earl                       09-Nov-69   35

Death         Neff             George W.                     17-Jan-69    3

Death         Neighbors        Charles Henry                 12-May-69   17

Death         Newman           Wilma E.                      30-Dec-69   39

Death         Niccum           Hulda Brantley                21-Jun-69   21

Death         Niccum           James Frances                 20-Jan-69    4

Death         Novinger         John                             Oct-69   33

Death         Page             Miss Georgia                  02-Jan-69    1

Death         Patrich          Ed                            01-Mar-69    8

Death         Patrick          Edwin L.                      08-Mar-69   10

Death         Payne            James H.                      14-Feb-69    6

Death         Payne            James Harvey                  14-Feb-69    7

Death         Payne            Myron Francis                 23-Feb-69    7

Death         Pestle           Mrs. Pearl                    11-Mar-69   11

Death         Peterson         Howard and family             30-Jan-69    5

Death         Peterson         Howard, Howard, Robert, Jeffer04-Feb-69    6

Death         Peterson         Laura Kay                        Feb-69    6

Death         Peterson         Mrs. Howard (Leta)            16-Feb-69    6

Death         Pilcher          Jeannette M. (Nettie)         04-Jan-69    1

Death         Plicher          Nova J.                       27-Mar-69   13

Death         Porter           Nora Francis                  05-Dec-69   36

Death         Powell           Clark Alan                    04-Jun-69   20

Death         Price            Florence Emma                 10-Jan-69    2

Death         Pulliam          Jess Owen                     26-Feb-69    9

Death         Ralls            Charley                          Jul-69   22

Death         Ray              Belle                         01-Mar-69    8

Death         Ray              Roena Belle                   01-Mar-69    8

Death         Reeder           Isaac Fountie                 19-Sep-71   40

Death         Rees             Richard R.                    02-Oct-69   31

Death         Reid             Alice Marie                   19-Aug-69   28

Death         Reinhard         Otis                          09-Aug-63   41

Death         Reinhard         Otis                          09-Aug-63   49

Death         Richardson       Eil                           22-Nov-69   35

Death         Richardson       Helen Clark                   05-Feb-69    4

Death         Richardson       Jeff                          13-Jun-69   20

Death         Richey           Rachel Arnold Wessel          25-Jan-24   41

Death         Richmond         Mrs. Delila                   27-Jun-69   22

Death         Riggens          Mrs. Rosalee                  01-Aug-69   25

Death         Riley            Floyd                         06-May-61   47

Death         Riley            Johathan                      27-Nov-65   43

Death         Rinehart         Marjorie F.                   12-Aug-69   27

Death         Ritze            Bertha Dodson                 26-Sep-69   31

Death         Robinson         Lennie Southerland                         4

Death         Robinson         Lewis N.                      09-May-69   19

Death         Robison          Anna Frances                  29-May-69   19

Death         Robison          Mrs. Anna                     01-Jun-69   18

Death         Ross             Charles Frederick             04-Jan-69    1

Death         Ross             Lee E.                                    11

Death         Rouse            Ivah Pearl                    29-Jul-67   44

Death         Rouse            Leona                                      2

Death         Rowan            Ida Amy May                   24-Dec-69   39

Death         Rowan            Mrs. Amy                      27-Dec-69   39

Death         Rush             Burl                             Aug-69   27

Death         Sample           PFC. Charles E.                   1964    47

Death         Sanders          Stella                        28-May-69   19

Death         Sanders          Zora Louis                    17-Jan-69    4

Death         Sanker           Edward                        03-Jan-69    2

Death         Saulsberry       Edward Monroe                 18-May-69   17

Death         Saulsbery        Wilson W.                     12-Dec-68   37

Death         Schnelle         Lucy Orlee                    27-Apr-69   15

Death         Schoene          Mrs. Flora Marie              10-Jul-69   23

Death         Scott            Dale                          11-Apr-65   48

Death         Scott            Mrs. Charley (Norma)          07-Feb-69    5

Death         Seaman           Jonah D.                      15-Aug-69   26

Death         Sears            Mrs. Ralph                    22-Aug-69   28

Death         Sharp            Thrurman                      30-May-69   17

Death         Shatto           Caser L.                      10-Jul-69   23

Death         Shatto           Mary jane                     04-Oct-67   45

Death         Shaver           Mrs. Susie Bartley                        33

Death         Shepherd         Lee                               1969    43

Death         Shobe            Carl Devain                       1967    46

Death         Shobe            Mrs. Donald                   17-Jan-69    1

Death         Shrake           Darlene Marie                 18-Jul-69   23

Death         Shultz           John McKinley                 09-Jul-67   45

Death         Simpson          Mrs. Keith                    12-Apr-69   14

Death         Singley          Riley E.                      17-May-69   18

Death         Smith            Harley Elmor                  28-Nov-69   36

Death         Smith            Lee                              Dec-66   46

Death         Smith            Mrs. C. Sam                       1969    39

Death         Smith            Randall H. (Bob)              12-Jul-69   23

Death         Smith            Zora                          13-May-69   18

Death         Smothers         Mrs. Anita                    04-Feb-69    5

Death         Snook            Harry Ewing                   05-Jul-67   46

Death         Sorrell          Jessie                        07-Feb-69    6

Death         Sowder           Lula G.                       08-Dec-69   35

Death         Sparks           Belle Nowels                     Dec-69   37

Death         Staats           William                       03-Jun-65    6

Death         Steele           Glenn Junior                  22-Sep-69   30

Death         Sterling         Ira                           22-Dec-69   37

Death         Sterling         Ira                           22-Dec-69   39

Death         Sterling         Lawrence                      29-Mar-69   12

Death         Sterling         Lawrence Wilson               29-Mar-69   16

Death         Stone            Alva David                    29-Dec-69   39

Death         Stout            Grover                        04-Dec-59   35

Death         Streeter         Helen                         24-Oct-50   48

Death         Studer           Pvt. E2 Ralph Edward          22-Aug-69   28

Death         Stutler          William P.                       Sep-63   49

Death         Sullivan         William                       28-Jun-69   21

Death         Swearengen       innfant twin sons of Wayne & G28-Nov-69   37

Death         Tate             David Dwayne                  12-Apr-69   14

Death         Taylor           Nova Earl                        Aug-69   29

Death         Taylor           Steven                        15-Aug-69   26

Death         Thomas           Leonidas                      11-Oct-69   33

Death         Thompson         Ernest B.                     15-Dec-69   40

Death         Thompson         Viola                         05-Apr-69   14

Death         Threlkeld        Richard                          Jun-69   22

Death         Tinkler          Mrs. Iva Lavelle              02-Feb-69    5

Death         Tipton           Alfred                        23-Mar-69   11

Death         Tipton           James E.                      24-Nov-69   37

Death         Tipton           James E.                      24-Nov-69   37

Death         Tipton           Orland Lester                 30-Sep-69   31

Death         Todd             Carl B.                       01-Apr-69   14

Death         Todd             John                          24-Aug-69   28

Death         Todd             John T.                       10-Oct-69   33

Death         Trask            Chauncey Edward               26-Jul-69   26

Death         Trumble          Mrs. Sally Lena               24-Jan-69    3

Death         Trumbo                                            Oct-63   43

Death         Tucker           Frank Harvey                  16-Jun-69   20

Death         Tucker           John F.                       09-Sep-69   29

Death         Tunnell          Ida Elenor                                 9

Death         Tuttle           Minta May                     20-Feb-69    8

Death         VanVelzer        Charles William               01-Jul-69   21

Death         VanVelzer        George Warren (Irish)         23-Jan-69    3

Death         VanVelzer        Paul G.                       23-Dec-69   38

Death         VanWye           Earl                          11-Dec-67   44

Death         Vencil           Mrs. Ella                                 39

Death         Versteegh        Margaret Ann                  28-May-69   19

Death         Vinson           Harry                         13-Nov-69   34

Death         Vinson           Mrs. Ethel                       Nov-66   44

Death         Vinson           Sarah Ann (Pigg)              01-Jun-64   34

Death         Vroom            Cpl. James Lee                28-Feb-69   11

Death         Waddill          Mrs. Leonard (Avalee)         01-Aug-67   45

Death         Walker           Rosa Gertrude                 17-Aug-69   26

Death         Wallace          Kenneth Edwin                    Sep-69   30

Death         Watson           Mrs. Alice                    23-Nov-69   36

Death         Webb             Mrs. Geneva Maud              14-Oct-69   33

Death         West             Mrs. Floyd (Ethel Evelyn)     01-Mar-65   47

Death         Weston           Charles Ubia                  28-Jan-69    4

Death         Wheeler          Cpl. Charles E.               19-Mar-69   12

Death         Wheeler          Patricia Ann                  18-Jul-69   24

Death         White            Luvirda                           1969    26

Death         White            Luvirda Ann                   04-Jul-69   22

Death         White            Mrs. Luvirda Ann              07-Jul-69   22

Death         Williams         Henrietta Eudora              20-Nov-69   36

Death         Wilson           David M. (Con)                    1967    46

Death         Woodside         Jesse William McKey              Dec-69   37

Death         Wright           Bessie Marie                  07-Jul-69   23

Death         Wright           Mary M.                       10-Aug-68   46

Death         Wyant            Bessie Jane                   29-Dec-69   39

Death         Wyant            Ira                           30-Jun-69   22

Death         Yardley          Arthur                        04-Feb-69    5

Death         Yardley          Clarence Lee                  07-Aug-69   27

Death         Yardley          Cleve                         08-Feb-69    5

Death         Yardley          Nova Pirl                     14-Jan-69    2

Death         Young            Seth T.                       12-Jun-69   20

Death         Yount            Miss Neva                     30-Jun-69   22

Estate        Dixon            Gwendolyn                        Jan-68   40

Family        Albertson        Mr. & Mrs. D. L.                 Jun-69   21

Family        Bradford         Mr. & Mrs. Ora                   Feb-69    6

Family        Broyles          Della Faye                       Mar-69   10

Family        Burns            Mrs. Lester (Locicia) & family   Mar-69   10

Family        Butler           Mrs. Mae                      14-Apr-69   15

Family        Collins          Mr. & Mrs. Robert (family reun    1969    22

Family        Cooley           Mrs. Agnes                    14-Apr-69   15

Family        Coorley          Mrs. Mabel                    03-Mar-69    8

Family        Cox              Mr. & Mrs. Richard               Mar-69   11

Family        Daniels          Arizona Barnes family            Oct-59   32

Family        Dixon            Dain family                      Aug-69   27

Family        Fetters          Mr. & Mrs. William               Feb-69    6

Family        Fields           Mae                              Jun-69   21

Family        Gramling         Mr. &. Mrs. Mike                 Mar-69   11

Family        Gray             Myrtie                           Mar-69   11

Family        Haddox           Mr. &. Mrs. David                          9

Family        Hall             Mr. & Mrs. Basil                 Mar-69   11

Family        Hamby            Mr. & Mrs. Ralph                 Jun-69   21

Family        Hileman          Mr. & Mrs. S. M.                 Mar-69   11

Family        Husted           Mrs. Hattie                   14-Apr-69   15

Family        Johnson          Kenneth                          Jun-69   21

Family        Johnson          Mr. & Mrs. Kent                  Jun-69   21

Family        Johnson          Mr. &. Mrs. Gordon            03-Mar-69    8

Family        Jones            Mrs. Lulu                                  9

Family        Knight           Mr. &. Mrs. Jack                 Mar-69   11

Family        Lynn             Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth               Mar-69   11

Family        May              Bertha                           Jun-69   21

Family        May              Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & family        Jun-69   21

Family        May              Mr. & Mrs. William               Jun-69   21

Family        McClaskey        Mr. & Mrs. Clifford              Jun-69   21

Family        McCullough       Major & Mrs. O. H.                        30

Family        McDonald         Mrs. Ella                                 10

Family        McKay            Pearla Cook                   06-Apr-69   14

Family        McNabb           Mr. & Mrs. Jack                  Jun-69   21

Family        McNabb           Mr. & Mrs. Trevlin               Jun-69   21

Family        Moberly          Larry                            Jun-69   21

Family        Morelock         Ruby & Homer                  03-Mar-69    8

Family        Neighbors        Mrs. Virginia                 14-Apr-69   15

Family        Newmyer          Mrs. Doris                                 9

Family        Pendergraft      Mr. & Mrs. Don                   Jun-69   21

Family        Peters           Mr. & Mrs. Joel                  Jun-69   21

Family        Pittaway         Mr. & Mrs. George                          9

Family        Reece            Donnie                        26-Mar-69   12

Family        Reece            Donnie                           May-69   16

Family        Reece            Donnie                           Dec-69   16

Family        Reece            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald                Jun-69   21

Family        Rhoads           Mr. & Mrs. R. D.                 Feb-69    6

Family        Rogers           Mr. & Mrs. Gene                            9

Family        Ross             Mr. & Mrs. Max & family          Jun-69   21

Family        Shaw             G. C.                                     10

Family        Shaw             Mr. & Mrs. Everett               Mar-69   11

Family        Shuey            Mr. & Mrs. John & Jimmy          Jun-69   21

Family        Smith            Mr. & Mrs. Jack                            9

Family        Tipton           Alfred                        16-Mar-69   12

Family        Tipton           Alfred                        16-Mar-69   12

Family        Tuttle           James David                   04-Feb-69    5

Family        VanGorp          Mrs. Fred (Mildred)  & family    Mar-69   10

Family        Vestal           Bunt & family                    Mar-69   10

Family        Vestal           Mr. & Mrs. Bennie                          6

Family        Walters          Mrs. Neva & daughter             Mar-69   10

Family        White            Mr. & Mrs. Urcel                           6

Family        Williams         Mr. & Mrs. Lester                Jun-69   21

Family        Williams         Mrs. Edward (Geneva) & family    Mar-69   10

Family        Wilson           Mr. & Mrs. Glenn                           9

Family        Wilson           Mr. & Mrs. Terry                 Jun-69   21

Marriage      Fetters          Edith and Harold Rouse        03-Sep-32    6

Marriage      Rouse            Harold and Edith Fetters      03-Sep-32    6

Military      Downing          Army Specilist 5 James L.     05-Nov-69   34

Miltary       Beary            J. D. S.                      29-May-69   19

Miltary       Bucher           Peter                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Caul             Samuel T.                     29-May-69   19

Miltary       Caul             Thomas                        29-May-69   19

Miltary       Caul             William                       29-May-69   19

Miltary       Collins          Isaac                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Collins          M. L.                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Daniels          William                       29-May-69   19

Miltary       Daniels          William C.                    29-May-69   19

Miltary       Derr             Aaron                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Hamlin           John                          29-May-69   19

Miltary       Hancock          T. J.                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Harbert          Issachar L.                   29-May-69   19

Miltary       Harbert          Mitchel H.                    29-May-69   19

Miltary       Marney           James                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Martin           Charles W.                    29-May-69   19

Miltary       Moore            Daniel                        29-May-69   19

Miltary       Morgan           John H.                       29-May-69   19

Miltary       Niday            Cintin                        29-May-69   19

Miltary       Norman           Enos                          29-May-69   19

Miltary       Pierson          Thomas S.                     29-May-69   19

Miltary       Polock           David Wilson                  29-May-69   19

Miltary       Polock           Moses                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Polock           Thomas                        29-May-69   19

Miltary       Rash             Thomas                        29-May-69   19

Miltary       Shattuck         S. D.                         29-May-69   19

Miltary       Statton          David A.                      29-May-69   19

Miltary       Sulser           Abe                           29-May-69   19

Miltary       Torrey           S. S.                         29-May-69   19



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