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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library. (Some of the affidavits from the 1870's and 1880's are missing from the files even though the names appear in the index). MHGS has copies of the marriage returns for 1882 and 1883, then 1885 through April 1913. These contain the same information as the affidavits along with when the marriage was performed and by whom.

Here you can access a marriage index covering Books A through Z, 9 May, 1870 to 24 May 1922. If you would like a copy of any affidavit we have, please send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each affidavit to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. You must include the names of the bride and groom, the date, Book and page number or our committee will be unable to fulfill your request.

If there is no date in the date column there was no return made to Probate Court that the marriage was performed. From April 1, 1915 to May 28, 1917 (R405 through T386) no marriages were recorded in Sedgwick County, only that application was made for a license. These must be obtained from Vital Statistics in Topeka.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

P - R

Pace, Annie M.         VanZant, J.W.             23 Dec 1897    G426

Pace, Clarence         Cox, Alice                               S132

Pace, Fred J.          Tupper, Violet J.         18 Feb 1893    F080

Pace, Maude Edith      Phelps, William Lee          17-Oct-19   W530

Pacheco, Cesecia       Garcia, Nicolas              15-Sep-18   V395

Pack, A.M.             Edwards, Rose M.             15-Mar-10   N055

Pack, John             Buechl, Florence B.       19 Oct 1896    G172

Pack, Nettie           Handke, Henry R.             20-Jul-10   N250

Packard, Alice C.      Wright, Francis C.        31 Oct 1885    C329

Packard, Arnold D.     O'Brien, Sylvia R.           23-Jun-02   I278

Packard, Bryan         Wilson, Lyda                  8-May-19   W128

Packard, Catharine     Maddux, John E.           14 Feb 1893    F076

Packard, E.L.          Crater, Eva               16 Aug 1885    C293

Packard, Eliza Jane    Patton, J.(I.) C.         17 Feb 1898    G463

Packard, Hattie F.     Wilson, Ferdinand M.      03 Dec 1876    A239

Packard, Joseph W.     Packard, Mary                18-Jul-03   I609

Packard, Lizzie A.     Downing, Joseph R.        01 Jan 1885    C183

Packard, Lottie        Bell, Louie S.            05 Sep 1876    A222

Packard, Margaret      Sterns, Newton A.         04 Sep 1883    B403

Packard, Mary          Crocker, H.L.             25 Feb 1880    B041

Packard, Mary          Packard, Joseph W.           18-Jul-03   I609

Packard, Sarah         Loudenslager, Joseph      22 Feb 1883    B349

Packard, Susie         Bicknell, Wesley C.       27 Nov 1893    F257

Packard, Wesley N.     Wright, Ellen             10 Oct 1889    D628

Packer, A. Allen       Jones, Elizabeth M.       26 Feb 1874    A108

Packer, Armintha       Zinn, Harvey              23 Sep 1888    D391

Packer, Evellyn M.     Eddy, Clarence E.            17-Nov-20   Y273

Packer, Lauretta       Todd, Frank W.            09 Jan 1877    A246

Packer, Mary E.        Eaton, Alexander             22-Dec-18   V526

Packer, Roma Dell      Egnew, Claude                 5-Feb-02   I174

Padberg, Albert        Thomas, Mayme                 2-Aug-11   O268

Paden, Bertha F.       Lawson, Alex                 31-Jan-09   M123

Paden, Byron           Burges, Bernice              15-Oct-21   Z351

Padgett, Cora B.       Vannoy, James L.          23 Jun 1891    E352

Padgett, Deo Austin    Poe, Gladys Alfaretta         3-Dec-13   Q447

Padgett, Elmer L.      Martindale, Eva              17-Dec-13   Q462

Padgett, Isabelle      Cotterman, Eugene             5-Jun-21   Z020

Padgett, Milo W.       Jamieson, Ethel M.           12-May-20   X395

Padgett, William G.    Gilbert, Harriet L.           4-Apr-06   K236

Padilla, Salud         Calderon, Adolfo             25-Aug-14   R113

Page, Allie            Lewis, Dougless           05 Sep 1880    B089

Page, Aquilla Gordon   Lawrence, Angie               3-Jun-12   P259

Page, Arthur           Glazier, Ethel               22-May-18   V163

Page, Charles B.       Stout, Hattie (Mrs.)      05 Feb 1891    E297

Page, Charles Luther   Peck, Almeda Grace           18-Dec-01   I129

Page, Charles P.       Farber, Mary Ann          25 Dec 1892    F036

Page, Clara Belle      Pilcher, F.H.                22-Apr-04   J218

Page, Corine           Perry, Clarence               2-Jul-21   Z105

Page, Daisy C.         VanTuyl, Guy W.              25-Mar-13   Q080

Page, Ella A.          McCaskey, Frank L.        01 Jun 1898    G638

Page, Emma J.          Craig, E.L.J.             27 Oct 1896    G177

Page, Grace M.         Wilson, D.F.                 16-Mar-03   I508

Page, Hazel            Stites, Bert                 14-Oct-11   O368

Page, Jared E.         Brown, Nettie E.          25 Sep 1895    F600

Page, Louise           Broadwell, J.D.               3-Jun-20   X454

Page, Lucy             Stewart, Edward              14-Oct-03   J054

Page, M.M.             Lacy, C.C.                   25-Oct-08   L618

Page, Mary             Chandler, Grover C.          20-Jun-11   O206

Page, Nellie E.        Snyder, W.F.              02 Feb 1888    D215

Page, Olive            Simpson, Richard          29 Jul 1891    E364

Page, Sadie A.         Newton, R.W.E.               11-Mar-20   X246

Page, Sarah Ann        Baker, William T.         21 Oct 1873    A087

Page, Thomas P.        Montgomery, Maud M.       19 Jul 1899    H128

Page, William          Brumme, Ida               29 Dec 1893    F286

Page, William          Cooley, Lillie M.         26 Oct 1888    D419

Page, Zella M.         Hoover, E.L.                             S387

Pahlow, Blanche        Howell, J.V.                  1-Dec-18   V503

Paidrick, Elma SybbelleWagoner, Leo Allen           23-Feb-20   X216

Paidrick, Marshall     Herring, Lettie           02 Apr 1893    F109

Paidrick, Reta         Chamberlain, John         23 Jan 1899    H030

Paige, Lucia E.        Beeler, J.M.                 19-Mar-06   K227

Pain, Walter           McDonald, Maud            09 Sep 1893    F195

Painter, George F.     Kendrick, Marion A.          14-Sep-04   J342

Painter, Hubert Arthur Stillwell, Sadie Ellen       31-Mar-09   M199

Paisley, Beula M.      Hurt, Robert W.              28-Nov-07   L209

Paisley, George W.     Smith, Frances E.            26-Jun-12   P303

Paisley, Hannah        Stevens, Harry I.         05 Mar 1873    A063

Paisley, Ina           Blackwell, Richard                       T333

Paisley, Jane          Swaney, William           22 Feb 1872    A030

Paisley, Lizzie        Gibson, Samuel B.         16 Jan 1872    A026

Paisley, Matilda       Knowles, Paul                 9-Jun-09   M287

Pake, George V.        Wakefield, Eva            11 Oct 1898    G586

Paladin, Elizabeth     Maus, Michael                26-Oct-04   J371

Paleski, Louis         Williams, Lena                           S029

Pallett, F.S.          McMakin, Kate E.          22 May 1888    D306

Palling, William R.    Morgan, Bertha               20-Dec-19   X055

Pallister, Mattie T.   Hartley, H.S.                19-Jun-01   H615

Palm, Dudley George    Denney, Pearl Marguerite      8-Oct-14   R174

Palm, John W.          Winter, Alice Flora          23-Jul-13   Q253

Palmer, Ada B.         Wimmer, Herbert B.                       S235

Palmer, Albert M.      Goldsworthy, Rena E. (Mr     27-Mar-05   J534

Palmer, Alice          Hamilton, Benjamin F.         8-Jul-08   L476

Palmer, Allie(lbert) B.Tucker, Emma                  7-Oct-11   O358

Palmer, Alma May       Roberts, John O.             14-May-13   Q130

Palmer, Anna           Morehouse, David                         B003

Palmer, Anna (Mrs.)    McElroy, B. Frank            25-May-11   O160

Palmer, Annie D.G.     Beard, W.J.               04 Oct 1882    B304

Palmer, Audrey T.      Osborne, Jessie Sue           7-Jun-11   O178

Palmer, B.C.           Tidmus, Martha Viola         27-Dec-13   Q480

Palmer, Bertha Esther  James, Robert                29-Nov-20   Y308

Palmer, Brice McCoy    Booth, Pauline Alice         20-Nov-19   W623

Palmer, Carl G.        Brown, B.F.                   5-Jun-20   X462

Palmer, Carrie Olivia  Dickey, Fred                 29-Sep-06   K387

Palmer, Charles F.     Williams, Bryle D.            4-Jan-11   N543

Palmer, Chester E.     Dull, Ethel L.               15-Jun-19   W211

Palmer, Clyde          Parkins, May                 25-Sep-07   L137

Palmer, Cordelia A.    Jackson, Ira M.           24 Oct 1882    B313

Palmer, D.G.           Pantenberg, H.                2-Dec-04   J434

Palmer, Don S.         Rutherford, Eula Blackbu     25-Jun-21   Z076

Palmer, Ella L. (Mrs.) Worthen, W.C.             12 Aug 1899    H136

Palmer, Emma M.        Blake, Charles E.         04 Sep 1889    D600

Palmer, Emory B.       Wegley, Belzoia M.           31-Aug-19   W397

Palmer, Ernest         Hulsey, Pearl                25-Jun-19   W242

Palmer, Ernest         Mustoe, Ruby L.              14-Dec-19   X037

Palmer, Evelyn         Crowe, John Ainsworth        23-Sep-10   N353

Palmer, Evelyn         Watson, A.W.                 27-Apr-18   V117

Palmer, F.C.           Adams, Flo May                           T257

Palmer, Flora B.       Tagg, John E.                19-Nov-03   J085

Palmer, Fred W.        Cantley, Mary                17-Oct-05   K077

Palmer, George A.      Oliphant, L.E.            03 Sep 1890    E191

Palmer, George W.      Lowery, Iva C.               28-Feb-05   J508

Palmer, Gladys         Greene, Kenneth E.           14-May-21   Y632

Palmer, Henry J.       McCartin, Annie H.(Mrs)   17 May 1892    E549

Palmer, Henry S.       Pruden, Vinlender            23-Oct-08   L617

Palmer, Hope Olive     Baxter, William Clyde         6-Jun-14   R015

Palmer, I.H.           Lofland, Nellie              13-Sep-08   L560

Palmer, Iva E.         McGownd, John                            S567

Palmer, John W.        Hurst, Jessie E.              3-Feb-06   K194

Palmer, Julia          Frazier, Iva H.               1-May-18   V121

Palmer, L.S.           Brown, Cordia A.                         S215

Palmer, Lloyd E.       Adams, Fannie                10-Jan-22   Z546

Palmer, Loutia         Simes, Alfred             18 Nov 1885    C343

Palmer, Luella         Bunker, Orville R.        21 Nov 1892    F019

Palmer, Mabel          Ferguson, Charles            28-Oct-12   P484

Palmer, Mahala         Wood, Peter Cooper            1-Mar-09   M163

Palmer, Margaret J.    Dickey, John              18 Jun 1885    C267

Palmer, Margaret L.    Beard, Ira A.             09 Feb 1892    E493

Palmer, Mary E.        Barnes, J. Walter                        E324

Palmer, Melvin         Radford, Aggie               25-Apr-10   N108

Palmer, Mercie         Bunker, Mark              17 Oct 1893    F230

Palmer, Minna B.       Burt, Merton H.           20 Jan 1895    F479

Palmer, Minnie Belle   Kennedy, Harry                8-Jul-20   X568

Palmer, Ned A.         Reid, Mary I.             29 Dec 1891    E463

Palmer, Nellie         Williams, William             8-May-08   L399

Palmer, Rae            Findley, Charles W.           4-Sep-01   I035

Palmer, Ransom         Weeks, Cynthia            26 Aug 1891    E375

Palmer, Ray F.         Deming, Elizabeth            28-Oct-13   Q398

Palmer, Robert         Thomas, Blanche              28-Oct-13   Q397

Palmer, Rose           Reedy, Dan                   30-Sep-11   O351

Palmer, Roy B.         Totton, Arissa Mae                       T336

Palmer, Sylva          Richards, W.M.               19-May-14   Q636

Palmer, Thomas C.      Pinson, Ruth                 26-Aug-10   N297

Palmer, Thomas G.      Thorn, Rosa A.            26 Feb 1889    D501

Palmer, Vallera        Shaffer, Elmer            19 Mar 1890    E104

Palmer, Vinez E.       Armstrong, W.C.               1-Sep-20   Y071

Palmer, W.E.           Wells, Agnes M.              27-Sep-20   Y143

Palmer, William H.     French, Zureah Angeline   01 Jan 1873    A058

Palmer, William N.     Brown, Della (Mrs.)          12-Dec-06   K479

Palmer, William Pliny  Puckett, Mae                 22-Dec-09   M578

Palmer, William W.     Russell, Maude N.             1-May-06   K262

Palmgren, Anna S.      Johnson, John H.             17-Jan-02   I162

Palmitier, Edith       Ingstrom, Leonard            30-Oct-20   Y232

Palmitier, Garnett M.  Rairden, Nellie Maude         3-Jul-20   X560

Palmitier, Lee A.      Parrott, Emma                            T079

Panek, Anton           Kerschen, Marie                          T313

Panek, Helen           McAdam, Andrew               25-Nov-14   R257

Paney, Paul P.         Lorg, Mary                   18-Oct-21   Z324

Pankey, Lucy           Horton, J.W.                 14-Jun-14   R024

Pankretz, Eva          Rogers, W.H.                  6-Oct-21   Z332

Pannecouck, L.V.       Pegram, Fannie               12-Sep-07   L119

Pantenberg, H.         Palmer, D.G.                  2-Dec-04   J434

Pantenburg, A.         Vernon, Therese              24-Mar-20   X276

Pantenburg, Annie      Carson, Ransom               16-Jun-17   T452

Pantenburg, Barbara    Gader, John N.            10 Jul 1888    D330

Pantenburg, Cathrina   Gorman, Thomas                6-Oct-20   Y163

Pantenburg, John Adam  Weber, Katrina (Cathrina  03 Apr 1894    F322

Pantenburg, Leonard    Houck, Mary               23 Apr 1895    F520

Pantier, Olive Helen   Carmichael, L.H.              5-Apr-20   X295

Pantle, Anna           Hall, John L.                16-Dec-09   M561

Pantle, Ida May        Koenigsman, Nicholas N.J     12-Aug-11   O279

Panton, Bernard Bryan  Tripp, Meda                   1-Aug-18   V299

Papagis, Basy          Zafiropoulos, Peter           9-Sep-12   P406

Papan, Mary Isabel     Cassody, Walter              23-Mar-20   X270

Papes, Allie           Smith, Jesse D.              29-Jul-03   I617

Papes, Amy M.          Pratt, C.S.                  10-Apr-01   H553

Papes, J.L.            Burress, Bessie Belle        28-Aug-01   I030

Papon, Frank           Vogt, Lena                   26-Jan-20   X153

Pappan, Okley          Brown, Marguerite                        S541

Papps, George          Bates, Nora                              T217

Paradee, Elsie         Simpkins, Frank              26-Nov-17   U261

Parce, E.A. (Mrs.)     Goodrich, Darwin G.       16 Oct 1889    D635

Parcel, Adlia(delia)   Reising, Burton C.           27-Nov-02   I413

Parcel, Edward G.      Snyder, Rosa B.              30-Jul-02   I310

Parcel, Ella           Allphin, Henry            28 Mar 1897    G275

Parcel, Hazel          Whiteside, George                        R585

Parcel, Ida            Cromwell, William            25-Jun-11   O214

Parcel, Lillian M.     Wyckoff, John                25-Jan-05   J482

Parcel, William H.     Woods, Mary May              30-Jun-09   M329

Parcels, James W.      Moore, Della              30 Jan 1876    A190

Parcher, L.W.          Unangst, Gertrude            17-Sep-10   N338

Parcle, Bessie I.      Parker, E.E.                  3-Nov-04   J408

Pardee, David B.       Akin, Lytie                   8-Apr-13   Q097

Pardee, James K.       Brace, Elsie L.              17-Jul-02   I299

Pardee, Mary           Moore, John Edward(ds)    01 Oct 1899    H172

Parent, T. Edwin       Martin, Elizabeth            30-Jun-10   N218

Pargae, Rosa           Giefer, Louis                22-Oct-01   I052

Parget, Mary           Klein, John                  19-Jul-04   J267

Parget, Rosa           Geifer, Louis                22-Oct-01   I052

Pargett, Agnes         Klein, Nicholas               4-Sep-06   K349

Pargett, Barbara       Hein, Nick                   19-Jul-10   N212

Pargett, Barbara       Hien, Nick                   19-Jul-10   N212

Parham, Clara Alice    Brown, Howard                            S257

Parham, Edgar L.       Fearey, Clara A.          28 Jun 1898    G496

Parham, George R.      Blood, Carrie H.          20 Nov 1888    D436

Parham, George R.      Green, Lela L.            07 Mar 1895    F507

Parham, Harry C.       Murphy, Kate              26 Nov 1890    E250

Parham, Lewis          Curtis, Beulah               21-Jul-19   W304

Parham, Sarah          Ross, Finlay              17 Nov 1878    A377

Parham, William M.     Miller, Harriet E.        16 Sep 1886    C499

Paris, Addie           Robinson, George B.       10 Sep 1895    F591

Paris, Ethel           Collins, James D.            30-Sep-13   Q350

Paris, Leamoin S.      Hibbard, Pearl               19-Oct-17   U101

Paris, Lee M.          Anderson, Florence           26-Nov-21   Z432

Paris, Ulman           Shacklett, Fannie D.      20 Apr 1898    G491

Parish, Fern           Wright, F.A.                 16-Nov-20   Y274

Parish, Nelle A.       Lutz, F.R.                    9-Feb-21   Y467

Parish, R.G.           Jones, Clara                 19-Dec-17   U367

Parisho, Heber Rhea    Hasty, Juanita Blanch        10-Apr-11   O094

Park, A.E.             Bliss, Minnie E.              1-Jan-01   H494

Park, Anita            Williamson, Walter Scott     30-Jun-08   L464

Park, Edna M.          Schaefer, Alva B.                        S418

Park, Frances M.       Hickman, E.J.                            T153

Park, Frank Wilson     Gardner, Ulah                22-Nov-10   N460

Park, Grace M.         Garman, Dwight C.            22-Sep-19   W464

Park, Iva Myrtle       Neal, Fred E.                 1-Jan-14   Q488

Park, Sarah A.         Shiblom, A.B.             01 Oct 1885    C312

Park, William Raymond (Cunningham, Nell             21-Jun-19   W227

Parke, Eva             Allen, W.E.                   9-Mar-14   Q558

Parke, Katie           Bump, Alonzo L.           30 Mar 1876    A196

Parke, Minnie G.       Cross, Robert E.             29-Jun-10   N208

Parke, Thomas H.       Griffin, Maria            30 Oct 1890    E233

Parker, A.J.           Geer, Ida (Mrs.)             22-Jul-05   J636

Parker, Addie          Turner, Joseph Richard       20-May-11   O154

Parker, Agnes          Wright, S.M.              20 Oct 1897    G385

Parker, Agnes D.       Du Coin, William A.           4-Sep-07   L103

Parker, Almira M.      Drury, Alva H.            08 Nov 1894    F431

Parker, Alvis          Forbes, Flora                29-Dec-09   M597

Parker, Andrew R.      Humphrey, Viola V.            4-Jul-03   I599

Parker, Anna           Nighswonger, William      13 Sep 1881    B183

Parker, Anna E.        Reynolds, Archibald A.    11 Dec 1893    F265

Parker, Anna H.        Julian, John H.           12 Nov 1885    C339

Parker, Anna L.        McAdams, O.W.             22 Sep 1898    G571

Parker, Anna M.        Clarke, J.J.                 29-Sep-21   Z316

Parker, Arleigh C.     Hubbard, Emma A.             12-Feb-08   L306

Parker, Benjamin F.    Fisher, Rachel P.         01 Jan 1889    D469

Parker, Bernice Lulu   Wilson, Joseph E.            30-Oct-12   P488

Parker, Bert           Carter, Queenie               4-Nov-19   W577

Parker, Blanche        Riddle, Titus                13-Aug-21   Z207

Parker, C.A.           Eberstein, Madge              5-May-04   J226

Parker, C.C.           Collier, Martha Ann          26-Jun-06   K307

Parker, Carl           Matney, Nellie                           R426

Parker, Carold J.      Schaper, Ruth A.             22-Jun-19   W230

Parker, Charles        Wells, Ina                   15-Feb-19   V614

Parker, Charles E.     Phillips, Mary V.         26 Feb 1884    C044

Parker, Charles L.     Ruth, M. Catherine           14-Nov-17   U207

Parker, Clara Hazel    Holmes, J.C.                  9-Sep-19   W427

Parker, Clarence R.    Barnes, Elsie M.                         S153

Parker, Clark          Riley, Myra B.               29-Nov-17   U281

Parker, Claud          Slocum, Dora I.              11-Apr-18   V089

Parker, Cleille E.     Allen, Forest E.             28-Jul-17   T538

Parker, Clement E.     Brown, Maude                 28-Oct-08   L620

Parker, Cora           McCullough, W.J.             20-Jul-20   X596

Parker, E.E.           Parcle, Bessie I.             3-Nov-04   J408

Parker, Edna           Day, J.W.                    10-Aug-20   Y015

Parker, Edna           Hawley, Eldon                23-Jun-17   T464

Parker, Ella           Parker, W.S.                  9-Sep-18   V386

Parker, Ella Luthera   Lemmon, Otho William         19-Jun-09   M303

Parker, Elmer          Smith, Flora                  8-Aug-10   N268

Parker, Emma           Greenfield, Clarence         15-Jun-07   L019

Parker, Emma L.        Butts, Samuel J.          11 Feb 1885    C207

Parker, Emma R.        Redd, Joseph O.              11-Aug-09   M373

Parker, Etta           Fletcher, M.A.            27 Nov 1895    F638

Parker, Eugene E.      Garvin, Mary E.           24 Jan 1893    F059

Parker, Eva            Chase, Wright             13 Jan 1878    A308

Parker, Fannie I.      Porter, Frank L.             27-Jun-05   J610

Parker, Flora L.       Foote, John S.            24 Dec 1881    B224

Parker, Flossie        Shoop, John S.               16-Jul-18   V281

Parker, Fred           Carson, Adda(die) B.      26 Jun 1895    F558

Parker, Fred           Glenn, Edith                  1-Jul-17   T483

Parker, Fred Calvin    Hyde, Velma E.                           T125

Parker, G.J.           Hedden, Marie                            T326

Parker, George E.      Weaver, Rhoda E.          07 Jan 1892    E472

Parker, Gertrude       Lessig, Elmer                16-Jan-04   J142

Parker, Gertrude       Lissig, Elmer                16-Jan-04   J142

Parker, Grace          Dean, F.W.                   22-May-22   Z782

Parker, Grace Pearl    Startup, Walter G.           24-Sep-17   U007

Parker, Harry          Dyer, Viola                   4-Sep-21   Z255

Parker, Hazel          Brown, Walker                            S133

Parker, Henry C.       Shade, E. Blanch          27 Dec 1887    D185

Parker, Hulda          Copner, W.F.              18 Feb 1880    B036

Parker, J.W.           Hammers, Jennie M.        01 Sep 1898    G562

Parker, J.W.           McColgin, Beulia             27-Dec-20   Y370

Parker, James          Harper, Agnes                 3-Jun-18   V188

Parker, James          Oats, Maude                   7-Aug-20   Y008

Parker, Jennie         Porter, W.M.              11 Nov 1887    D154

Parker, Josie          Travis, H.W.                 14-Jun-20   X490

Parker, Judson A.      Shores, Lettie R.         30 Dec 1885    C367

Parker, L.S.           Gill, Jessie                 10-Sep-14   R140

Parker, Lapera         June, Glenn                  30-Jul-13   Q262

Parker, Laura A.       Wright, L.J.                 17-Aug-05   K016

Parker, Laura B.       Booth, W.J.               06 Feb 1884    C036

Parker, Laurence J.    Bingham, Isabella         17 Dec 1882    B324

Parker, Leatha I.      Suiter, Roy                              Y529

Parker, Leone H.       King, J.O.                   21-Nov-17   U245

Parker, Louis S.       Crum, Laura M.               19-Oct-04   J382

Parker, Luella Madge   Williams, W.J.                9-May-14   Q622

Parker, Lula M.        Sutton, A.S.                 10-Apr-18   V086

Parker, Lulu Belle     Larkin, Henry Torrence       26-Nov-01   I110

Parker, Maggie         Wright, J.M.              22 Mar 1896    G069

Parker, Maggie E.      Herrington, Thomas C.     23 Dec 1881    B216

Parker, Margaret       Goodnoe, H.F.                            S148

Parker, Margaret A.    McGarry, William              5-Apr-10   N085

Parker, Marietta       Culter, H.M.              05 Sep 1883    B404

Parker, Mary A.        Green, Samuel             14 Nov 1888    D431

Parker, Mary E.        Totten, T.B.                 17-Feb-04   J166

Parker, Mary L.        Hull, Bluford             27 Jul 1885    C283

Parker, Maud L.        McAllister, R.D.             28-Dec-03   J126

Parker, Maude          Miller, Elmer                 8-Apr-00   H301

Parker, Mayme          Skinner, A. Newton                       R413

Parker, Merle D.       Waterman, Alta               11-Aug-20   Y014

Parker, Miles          Brinkley, Amanda             27-Sep-11   O344

Parker, Miles          White, Caroline              17-Feb-10   N020

Parker, Millie Ann     Beaver, J.W.              02 Sep 1885    C297

Parker, Natalie        Carreau, Napoleon Jr.        17-Mar-15   R390

Parker, Nellie         Oden, George                  6-May-08   L396

Parker, Ora Lee        McNeill, Bruce L.            15-Dec-12   P564

Parker, Orpha          June, Howard                  1-Oct-13   Q352

Parker, Rebecca        McClaran, Robert Frank    06 Apr 1892    E529

Parker, Rollo          Cooper, Bernice              11-Nov-19   W586

Parker, Rosa E.        Trussel, Howard M.           25-Sep-10   N356

Parker, Roy            French, May                  11-Sep-18   V391

Parker, Roy R.         Broomfield, Blanche          12-Jul-21   Z122

Parker, Ruth           Robinson, E.R.               16-Aug-13   Q279

Parker, S.             Anderson, Martha J.          14-Nov-09   M524

Parker, S.             Armstrong, Mary S.(Mrs)   23 Jul 1899    H129

Parker, S.A.           Watson, Alice             27 Nov 1884    C168

Parker, Sidney         Tatman, Nellie M.         31 Jan 1889    D484

Parker, Sydney         Courtney, Ines            22 May 1887    D013

Parker, Sydney         Rhodes, Mary E.           16 Jan 1886    C379

Parker, Sylvester W.   McLaughlin, Grace E.      11 May 1890    E138

Parker, Thelma Pearl   Graham, George W.            10-Mar-20   X245

Parker, Ulyn           McKelvy, Etha                10-Jul-20   X574

Parker, W. Earl        Shireman, Bertha M.          12-Feb-20   X193

Parker, W.R.           Rinearson, Christina      26 Jan 1882    B238

Parker, W.S.           Parker, Ella                  9-Sep-18   V386

Parker, Walter         Hunsucker, Clara             17-May-14   Q630

Parker, Xenia          Malan, Harman J.             26-May-00   H328

Parkes, Lewis A.       Wilson, Susie                 3-Nov-19   W574

Parkhurst, Ada         Campbell, Paul J.            21-Nov-06   K454

Parkhurst, Clarence FraMulholland, Frances Kath     19-Mar-20   X265

Parkhurst, Clinton E.  Potts, Emma M.            21 Jun 1892    E566

Parkhurst, Homer       Ogan, Gladys                 29-Apr-18   V119

Parkhurst, Karl Clark  Camper, Ada Odessa           25-Dec-10   N514

Parkhurst, Martha MargaVandenburg, Ellis H.         22-May-07   K632

Parkhurst, Nellie      Daniels, M.T.                17-Apr-04   J215

Parkhurst, Otis        Lamoree, Winifred            15-Apr-08   L370

Parkins, May           Palmer, Clyde                25-Sep-07   L137

Parkinson, Aaron A.    Roof, Mina                16 Jan 1890    E063

Parkinson, Cecil       Winn, Lemon                  24-Nov-13   Q435

Parkinson, Francis M.  Lingo, Sarah E.           13 Nov 1890    E246

Parkinson, John Jay    Bowers, Josephine Irma       21-Jun-06   K298

Parkinson, May         Rogers, George E.             1-May-01   H578

Parkinson, Mina        Johnson, John B.          02 Dec 1896    G200

Parkinson, Redding     Woods, Orill                  8-Mar-10   N044

Parkinson, Snowden F.  Spitler, Irene               26-Sep-06   K381

Parkinson, Teressa A.  Picken, Thomas F.            12-Aug-03   I628

Parkinson, Travis      Pray, Laura                  14-Nov-07   L200

Parkinson, Travis C.   Edgington, May               31-Oct-01   I091

Parkinson, William W.  Groves, Fannie D.         20 Jun 1894    F374

Parkinson,David TalbottPollard, Mary Ernestine      30-Jun-06   K313

Parks, Adelaide M.     Rough, Samuel P.              4-Apr-11   O080

Parks, Alfred N.       Kaufman, Mary Elizabeth      26-Nov-13   Q439

Parks, Alletta         Herrman, William F.       18 Sep 1889    D607

Parks, Alpha M.        Stover, Charley               6-Sep-04   J334

Parks, Annis(se) M.    Struthers, Charles P.        15-May-01   H589

Parks, Archie          Buford, Mary                  3-Sep-18   V370

Parks, Arie M.         Simmons, Clyde W.             2-Jun-09   M275

Parks, Clement R.      Kinsey, Nellie M.            16-Jan-15   R330

Parks, De Roy          Brown, Allena             24 Aug 1893    F188

Parks, Epsy            Johnson, Arthur L.                       S588

Parks, Fannie A.       Bryant, Abram H.          25 Nov 1874    A143

Parks, Georgia I.      Davis, Lee J.                            S166

Parks, Hazel G.        Barton, C.E.                 29-Apr-22   Z735

Parks, Ira Frederick   Mathis, Marie M.             25-Jul-20   X605

Parks, J.C.            Batrum, Bertha               25-Jul-17   T527

Parks, Jennie E.       Lane, Alfred N.           13 Aug 1885    C291

Parks, John            Higbee, Maud                 26-Jan-07   K529

Parks, Julia           Fish, Joseph                             S509

Parks, Leone Leoti     Stanford, James L.           22-Sep-09   M440

Parks, Lulu E.         Hill, Benjamin Franklin       9-Jun-09   M284

Parks, Luviner         Seaton, Esther C.            30-Oct-19   W561

Parks, Maud(de) A.     Grieve, James             14 Dec 1893    F266

Parks, Maud(de) E.     Matzen, John Jr.             23-Mar-13   Q072

Parks, Maude           Kelso, Thomas P.              3-May-00   H313

Parks, Merta M.        Jeffery, William T.          27-Apr-10   N118

Parks, Percy A.        Bishop, Mamie D.             21-Jan-15   R334

Parks, R.W.            Shults, Alice                 1-Dec-09   M549

Parks, Robert          Henrie, Mary L.           14 Mar 1894    F326

Parks, Robert W.       Hammond, Anna W.              9-Jul-19   W276

Parks, Sarah           Pine, T.E.                               D441

Parks, Sarah           Pine, T.E.                29 Nov 1888    D444

Parlasca, Emma M.      Burris, J.C.                 27-Mar-03   I517

Parman, Paul           Lane, Eunice R.               3-Jul-19   W266

Parman, Susie Maude    Cole, Paul D.                            S290

Parmenter, J.B.        Kline, Etta                  17-May-21   Y645

Parmer, J.E.           Wire, Mary                               T256

Parmiter, Maud         Fox, R.W.                    21-Feb-12   P109

Parmley, Edna E.       Welsh, Glen H.               25-Dec-19   X062

Parnham, Mary          Burnside, James A.                       A152

Parnmenter, Henry      Davis, Minnie             15 Sep 1895    F593

Parr, Alice            Topp, Benjamin                           S382

Parr, Charlotte A.     Robb, C.A.                    3-Apr-04   J200

Parr, Delmer L.        Bump, Frances L.             19-Sep-20   Y118

Parr, E.C.             Buck, Alice                  25-Nov-03   J092

Parr, Edyth M.         Trotter, Charles W.           6-Nov-07   L193

Parr, Georgia          Babbitt, Dante               27-Jan-00   H239

Parr, John             McIrvin, Carrie              28-Sep-21   Z316

Parr, Rhoda            Oller, W.W.                              T095

Parr, W.A.             Martin, Maude B.             21-Jan-07   K523

Parrett, Ada M.        Cecil, Charles L.                        S408

Parrett, Gladys E.     Herrman, George W.           20-Oct-09   M486

Parrett, J. Mark       Tyoe, Margaret                9-Aug-19   W346

Parrett, Jesse         McPherson, Octavia M.     11 Jan 1893    F054

Parrett, Josie B.      Adams, J.R.                   3-Apr-04   J197

Parrett, Libbie A.     Benjaman, Edgar W.        16 Nov 1881    B208

Parrill, Lida          Barker, William R.           14-Nov-20   Y263

Parris, Addie          Norwood, Sidney A.        05 Jun 1889    D553

Parris, Eli P.         Wright, Lucy                  4-Dec-12   P552

Parris, Ellen          Kirksey, J.S.                24-Sep-12   P426

Parrish, Edna          Miner, John Henry            25-Aug-20   Y056

Parrish, Estelle M. (MrLindwall, Andrew T.(F.)   08 Jan 1890    E061

Parrott, A.E.          Dixon, Jessie             24 Nov 1898    G618

Parrott, A.E.          Meredith, May                18-Jan-12   P065

Parrott, A.H.          Doll, Minnie L.           26 Jul 1899    H130

Parrott, Charles       Hartsell, Lyde Belle         27-Dec-03   J126

Parrott, Emma          Palmitier, Lee A.                        T079

Parrott, George B.     Harrison, Anna E.            15-Sep-04   J347

Parrott, George R.     McAdams, Effie               28-Nov-12   P531

Parrott, Jerry S.      VanDyke, Genevieve M.        22-Feb-19   V625

Parrott, John M.       Mader, Amanda                 6-Oct-09   M463

Parrott, Katherine     Scudder, Robert C.           17-Feb-09   M145

Parrott, W.C.          Wade, Alice               17 Dec 1896    G214

Parrott, Walter J.     Hupp, Abbie                  30-Jan-21   Y437

Parrott, William H.    Myers, Pansy L.              26-Feb-08   L320

Parry, Frederick E.    Fonda, Agnes F.              15-Nov-08   M004

Parry, M.A.            Clover, Olive Lenore         20-Dec-19   X056

Parshall, William D.   Shults, Fanny H.          05 Jan 1892    E470

Parsley, Lulu W.       Adsit, William H.             1-May-13   Q132

Parson, Bessie         Bay, L.C.                                S585

Parson, George E.      Lainer, Mildred               2-Jul-19   W264

Parson, Gertrude       Krase, Rudolph C.             9-Mar-04   J183

Parson, Iva A.         Oviatt, Joseph H.            17-Sep-11   O324

Parson, James N.       Martin, Winne(nie)            6-Oct-08   L593

Parson, Nevida         Klausmier, Lawrence           7-Oct-20   Y170

Parsons, B.F.          Louderback, Dollie M.        23-Sep-02   I359

Parsons, Bessie G.     Clark, William C.             3-Apr-04   J199

Parsons, C.A.                                                   B134

Parsons, C.A.          McLaren, Jennie C.        25 May 1878    A332

Parsons, Charles A.    Eads, Silence E. (Mrs.)      30-Jun-00   H351

Parsons, Charles A.    Waugh, Henrietta          04 Jan 1888    D195

Parsons, Charles P.(O.)Forward, Alma             13 Nov 1895    F625

Parsons, Charlotte May Coyle, M.O.                   3-Jul-12   P320

Parsons, Clara B.      Stigerwalt, R.T.          31 May 1877    A269

Parsons, Cora          Wells, T.M.               17 May 1885    C254

Parsons, Cora Bell     Withrow, James            10 Oct 1887    D128

Parsons, Cora L.       Evans, Henry F.           02 Nov 1887    D148

Parsons, E.J. (Mrs.)   Whitson, W.J.             15 Sep 1899    H157

Parsons, E.S.          Mallory, Lizzie M.            1-Jun-03   I566

Parsons, Edna          Carter, J. Lee                           S531

Parsons, Elizabeth JennPorter, David Forest                     E398

Parsons, Elmer W.      Bobbitt, Mary E.             15-Feb-09   M142

Parsons, Elna          Gresham, Edgar C.            11-Feb-08   L304

Parsons, Elsie         Calhoun, James T.                        T009

Parsons, Emma          Davis, R.R.                   7-Apr-20   X311

Parsons, Ethel         Bodine, Clem                  4-May-10   N125

Parsons, Fay           Chase, Roselthy A.        24 Aug 1873    A083

Parsons, Floyd F.      Worthington, Lizzie M.    24 Dec 1891    E455

Parsons, Frances MarionCubbon, Ray H.               15-Jun-10   N188

Parsons, Hazel         Long, William O.                         T285

Parsons, Henry Orval   Perkin, Nina Mabel           22-Apr-19   W089

Parsons, Henry R.      Burnett, Mary V.          07 Sep 1882    B296

Parsons, J.G.          Vilderback, Viola May                    S457

Parsons, Jennie        Mickey, John R.               7-Jun-21   Z030

Parsons, Lilly M.      Wright, Frank L.          24 Dec 1896    G223

Parsons, Mabel M.      Kuntz, Charles F.            27-Jun-21   Z081

Parsons, Mable         O'Donnell, Daniel                        T228

Parsons, Maggie        Wakefield, Bartlett          15-Jan-08   L281

Parsons, Margaret      Sillas, Louis                 3-Mar-20   X230

Parsons, Mary          Price, Jake                  27-Jan-21   Y438

Parsons, Mary A.       Leichhardt, Preston H.    07 Oct 1896    G161

Parsons, Mattie        Beebe, Oliver             28 Jul 1886    C474

Parsons, Maud S.       Wise, Theodore            14 Apr 1895    F521

Parsons, Minnie A.     Kepple, James K.             19-Nov-08   M015

Parsons, Nora A.       Pike, Edwin E.               26-Jul-14   R073

Parsons, P.H.          Johnson, Lillian             15-Nov-09   M526

Parsons, Rollo Ray     Calkins, Ada Estle            3-Jun-17   T405

Parsons, William A.    Williams, Irene              11-Mar-15   R385

Partington, Marie Alta Hopper, A.M.                 16-Jan-05   J472

Partomar, Edward       Thue, Ora                    17-Nov-14   R238

Partridge, Edwin       Deming, Lizzie            29 Sep 1897    G369

Partridge, Isaac N.    Bohan, Margaret           21 Mar 1885    C229

Partridge, Rebecca M.  Brown, Burton             29 Aug 1889    D595

Parylak, Alexander     Batton, Flora May                        S443

Pasewalk, L.H.         Littler, Edith               27-Feb-22   Z633

Paskell, Etta          Maxwell, J.H.                20-Jul-17   T515

Pasley, Lena           Gibson, Charles R.           16-Oct-00   H434

Passmore, Grace D.     Quigley, Guy S.              27-Jun-17   T475

Paster, Joe            Cowns, Pearley                1-Sep-20   Y075

Pasters, Albert        Windsor, Mae                 16-Jun-09   M301

Pasters, Ida           Penn, G.E.                    5-Jul-11   O239

Pasters, Josie M.      Krigline, George D.           7-Nov-00   H456

Pasters, William       Martin, Della             28 Jan 1890    E067

Pastres, Grace         Sutton, Harry M.             14-May-14   Q629

Pastres, W.M.          Gibson, Lillian Bell         22-Sep-00   H407

Pastures, Pearl (Mrs.) Craver, Henry                            E021

Pasturs, Albert        Morton, Nellie            11 Feb 1894    F312

Paswater, H.J.         Hanna, Grace E.              11-Oct-05   K068

Patchin, Gilbert A.    Morris, Ora                              S373

Pate, Adelia           Beard, Oscar              02 Aug 1885    C285

Pate, Anna Myrol       Sell, Howard M.              24-Dec-19   X069

Pate, Francis M.       Fisk, Mary                05 Aug 1883    B397

Pate, Morrill Judson   Tracy, Nellie Gertrude       29-Sep-09   M453

Patee, S.J.            Knott, Josephine              2-Sep-19   W403

Paterson, Andrew       Turnock, Mary Dawson         18-May-19   W136

Pation, Will           Miller, Spicy                18-Dec-09   M567

Patman, Dollie         Cluff, Sherman G.         04 Dec 1892    F028

Patnand, George        Mills, Etta M.               31-Aug-12   P393

Paton, Ellen           Davidson, John            02 Oct 1874    A135

Paton, John Fletcher   Chase, Isla May                          S083

Patrick, David         Robertson, Delilah        06 Oct 1871    A015

Patrick, Elizabeth     Jackson, William          10 Jan 1874    A099

Patrick, Frank Morgan  Briley, Cleona Margaret       9-Oct-20   Y178

Patrick, Mary          Saville, Ernest                          T283

Patrick, W.L.          Way, Jessie                   6-Apr-14   Q634

Patrig, Louis          Kraus, Mary               13 Apr 1880    B060

Patrum, Henry          Jeter, Jennie             01 Nov 1888    D422

Patry, Frank           Weber, Martha                            T360

Patry, George W.       Schulte, Mamie(ary) A.        5-May-03   I537

Patry, John            Eberle, Mary                 17-Feb-08   L311

Patry, John B.         Geiger, Maggie Katie      13 Aug 1889    D579

Patry, Marie           Hay, Rinehardt                           R409

Patry, Rose Anna       McClure, J.A.                17-Jun-19   W191

Patry, William         Green, Katherine              6-Nov-19   W557

Pattee, J.C.           Schafer, Nellie           14 Mar 1885    C217

Pattee, Manderna       Richards, C.J.            18 Feb 1877    A249

Pattee, W.M.           Knowles, Sadie            19 Aug 1884    C129

Patten, Augusta J.     Bristow, Arthur C.G.          4-Jun-02   I259

Patten, Flora A.       Wolcott, Allen W.         12 Nov 1876    A233

Patten, Hiram B.       Brown, Grace M.                          S169

Patten, Jesse          Jones, Alma                  23-Mar-21   Y540

Patten, John D.        Wolcott, Bettie A.        31 Oct 1875    A173

Patten, John L.        Hope, Agusta              09 Apr 1881    B151

Patten, Julia          VanLeu, J.H.              29 Jul 1897    G331

Patten, Lucretia       Stuck, Frederick          17 Jul 1883    B393

Patten, Lucy M.        Patten, W.T.                 25-Jun-06   K302

Patten, Roy C.         Wiebrecht, Mae               11-Jun-14   R022

Patten, W.T.           Patten, Lucy M.              25-Jun-06   K302

Patten, W.T.           Stuck, Mollie             20 Jul 1882    B286

Patten, W.T.           Williams, Lucy            27 Apr 1898    G495

Pattent, Carrie        Doll, Michael             05 Dec 1895    G003

Patterson, Alice A.    Howard, J.B.              03 Nov 1888    D426

Patterson, Allie F.    Thompson, C.V.               30-Aug-19   W396

Patterson, Alva        Norris, Etta                             T377

Patterson, Alva Lenard Chesebro, Zelma                          S160

Patterson, Arthur      Costello, Maymie             26-Jul-19   W315

Patterson, Bess G.     Condon, Frank C.             15-Oct-11   O367

Patterson, Beula F.    Martin, Louis H.              3-Feb-06   K192

Patterson, Buck        Johnson, Falbey              23-Dec-14   R294

Patterson, Carl F.     Brown, Blanche Mae           27-Jul-21   Z161

Patterson, Clara       Hogue, Harry C.              19-Jun-11   O204

Patterson, Clara FranceBall, George M.              23-Jul-07   L059

Patterson, Cora        Andrews, Warren W.            7-Jul-17   T494

Patterson, Cora        Meyer, George H.             15-Aug-06   K351

Patterson, Dollie      Owens, Cecil P.              10-Aug-17   T566

Patterson, E.J.        Reese, Alice G.              16-Apr-00   H306

Patterson, Ed          Goodrich, May             22 Aug 1887    D085

Patterson, Edwin       Simonsen, Sedona          23 Dec 1891    E451

Patterson, Emma CatheriBumgardner, Charles Rand     14-Mar-18   V034

Patterson, Ervin WilliaShupp, Etta                  12-Jan-14   Q501

Patterson, Ethel       Veith, Anthony F.            28-Aug-09   M392

Patterson, Ethel       Vieth, Anthony E.            28-Aug-09   M392

Patterson, F.J.        Hofsetter, Fannie(ny)     15 Sep 1893    F201

Patterson, Flossie E.  Smith, Joseph S.              9-Aug-19   W342

Patterson, Frank       Hutchins, Fern               11-Sep-20   Y100

Patterson, G.W.        Watkins, Ida (Mrs.)          12-Sep-00   H394

Patterson, George      Gay, Alice                    4-Apr-18   V073

Patterson, George W.   Anderson, Hortense           28-Oct-03   J064

Patterson, George W.   Deffenbaugh, Laura        20 Aug 1890    E183

Patterson, Harry R.    Schavie, Selma Hilda         24-Jan-06   K181

Patterson, Henry       Cleveland, Clara E.          12-Mar-02   I196

Patterson, Hershel     Shepherd, Eva                            X063

Patterson, Irene       Arrington, Lyle               5-Mar-21   Y506

Patterson, Iva         Evans, Floyd                             T202

Patterson, J.W.        Patterson, Rebecca           15-Aug-14   R100

Patterson, J.W.        Thomas, Alice Ann             6-Mar-19   W012

Patterson, Jeanette J. Brown, W.F.                  18-Nov-11   O420

Patterson, Joe         Busch, Maria                 26-Nov-19   X002

Patterson, John        Littlefield, Nellie       12 Oct 1883    B418

Patterson, Joseph      Lindley, Edith               21-Jan-22   Z566

Patterson, Julia R.    Heitman, Edgar H.         17 Nov 1887    D161

Patterson, L.C.        Bishop, Gladys G.            20-Sep-11   O317

Patterson, L.R.        Smith, Myrtle M.             20-Jun-18   V236

Patterson, Lee         Lane, Sylvia                 28-Apr-20   X358

Patterson, Lizzie      Everett, Nathan                          T253

Patterson, M.S.        Moore, Stella                 3-Nov-00   H450

Patterson, Mark        Baker, Emma                   1-Sep-10   N306

Patterson, Mary        Schultz, Paul H.             29-Jun-21   Z088

Patterson, Mattie      Hayden, Robert            05 Mar 1887    C602

Patterson, Maud        Govenins, Roy                26-Jun-13   Q219

Patterson, Minnie      Roth, R.R.                   20-Apr-09   M222

Patterson, Myrtle      Bishop, Billie               28-Jan-06   K188

Patterson, Myrtle      Wylie, J.W.                  28-Apr-09   M237

Patterson, Neva Olive  Fisher, W.M.                 22-Jun-18   V240

Patterson, Nina        Collins, E.               20 Jul 1897    G327

Patterson, Nora        Hurt, Willie                  6-Jan-10   M608

Patterson, Otis        Lane, Sylvia                 10-May-21   Y631

Patterson, Patrick A.  Hutchison, Mary A.        09 Mar 1872    A031

Patterson, Phillip M.  Jackman, Theresa E.                      R606

Patterson, Rebecca     Patterson, J.W.              15-Aug-14   R100

Patterson, Rhoda       Steinhoff, Isaac             14-Feb-14   Q533

Patterson, Richard E.  Stevens, Ella May                        R575

Patterson, Rosina K.   Kirkpatrick, Alexander    22 Nov 1896    G193

Patterson, Ruth        Ransome, Russell             19-Feb-13   Q041

Patterson, Sidney      Hobbs, Jessie                            S385

Patterson, Virgil      Falk, Ada                    31-Dec-21   Z524

Patterson, W.F.        Warren, Abbie             15 Nov 1883    C006

Patterson, William     Minor, Ida                30 Aug 1883    B403

Patterson, William J.  Watt, Beatrice Mae           29-Mar-20   X288

Pattie, Lillie         MacKay, Jacob Carl            6-May-08   L394

Pattie, Mary           Ablard, C.R.                 26-Feb-21   Y492

Pattison, R.J.         Lugowski, Verna               5-Jan-20   X111

Patton, Alexander      Price, May                   14-Apr-11   O064

Patton, D.D.           Strohn, Donna D.                         S484

Patton, Dessie M.      McKeen, Robert M.             7-Feb-12   P094

Patton, Dora           Sullivan, C.H.                           S399

Patton, Elizabeth K.   Davis, Harry              09 Apr 1896    G078

Patton, Ethel          Copeland, Nathan B.                      N101

Patton, Ethel A.       Reed, Bishop                             S463

Patton, Frank          Krebhiel, Addie              21-Apr-19   W085

Patton, George         Alexander, Birdie            12-Jul-09   M342

Patton, Goldie         Lane, Blan B.                 8-Apr-18   V083

Patton, Grace E.       Wiley, Frank K.                          S313

Patton, Harvey         Atwood, Fae                  12-Nov-12   P509

Patton, Henry (Harry)C.Whims, Ada Marion            30-Jan-09   M121

Patton, J.(I.) C.      Packard, Eliza Jane       17 Feb 1898    G463

Patton, Jacob Donald   Crawford, Martha June                    R541

Patton, James W.       Blecha, Ruth                 25-Nov-20   Y295

Patton, Loran J.       Bontz, Bess E.                           T018

Patton, Martin(ian) L. Crist, Mary C. (Mrs.)     28 Aug 1893    F186

Patton, Nettie B.      Biggs, Robert F.              8-Oct-02   I372

Patton, Pauline        Forister, Edmond             29-Apr-22   Z734

Patton, Rhea           Baenisch, Harry              31-Aug-10   N305

Patton, Robert B.      Whitlock, Eudora             16-Oct-11   O368

Patton, Ruby           Mathes, William              20-Apr-11   O114

Patton, S.A.           Bingham, Sarah J.         12 Jul 1898    G539

Patton, S.A.           Porter, Buna                  6-May-13   Q131

Patton, S.A. Dino      Reed, Blanche             25 Apr 1894    F342

Patton, Samuel P.      Gore, May                 10 Feb 1892    E494

Patton, Sandy Everett  Turner, Estella           01 Dec 1898    G624

Patton, W.A.           Payne, Katie              06 Oct 1887    D126

Patton, William J.     Bradshaw, Louisa M.       14 May 1874    A118

Patty, Pulaska         Metzen, Anna(nie)         17 Nov 1890    E248

Patzkowski, David D.   Tibbets, Pearle              30-Apr-13   Q130

Paugh, Cathrine        Billingsley, Bruce Warbs     27-May-13   Q159

Paugh, Julia L.        Nickel, Herman W.                        R441

Paul, Aceneth          Miller, George                           N555

Paul, Albro B.         Hanika, Laura             11 Jul 1889    D572

Paul, Ed William       Franklin, Mattie May          5-Jul-10   N225

Paul, Ione E.          Dyer, Arthur L.           23 Apr 1890    E127

Paul, Isabel           Dougherty, J.W.              20-May-02   I247

Paul, J.W.             Minion, Emma                  4-Jan-05   J464

Paul, Julia A.         Corrin, John H.               4-Mar-22   Z640

Paul, Margaret Rachel  Leonard, Will W.              4-Nov-10   N430

Paul, Mattie           Bailey, William              22-Apr-12   P202

Paul, Minnie           Heller, H.O.              31 Aug 1887    D086

Paul, Minnie           Hickok, George B. Jr.        29-Jun-20   X543

Paul, Olive            Penley, F.H.                  4-Aug-21   Z183

Paul, Theodore         Spencer, Nellie           19 Sep 1893    F203

Paul, Theodore D.      Harson, Irene Iris           11-May-18   V140

Paul, Vera A.          Miller, George F.            23-Feb-11   O022

Pauley, Alice          Ferguson, Harvey             19-May-09   M259

Pauley, Bertha         Schreck, Ferdinand           23-Jan-12   P068

Pauley, Francis R.     Bell, Joye                   13-May-22   Z756

Pauley, Stephen E.     Landsaw, Laura                5-Mar-21   Y505

Paulin, Mark           Soth, Augusta                13-Aug-07   L083

Paulin, Milo J.        Wight, Marie M.              28-Dec-21   Z515

Paulin, O.V.           White, Flossie                           S415

Pauling, Jennie M.     McCarty, Charles M.           7-Jun-05   J589

Paullin, Francis WilfreJones, Myrtle E.             20-Mar-02   I207

Paullin, Kate          Stoner, Joseph T.         03 Sep 1889    D601

Paullin, Ott Eugene    Smith, Maybelle              24-Jun-03   I588

Paulos, George A.      Wuensch, M. Florence          2-Dec-12   P549

Paulseen, Herman       Olsen, Marie                 11-Feb-19   V605

Paulson, Peter         Thornton, Annie               3-Mar-06   K217

Paulus, Philip M.      Root, Myrtle                 14-Mar-18   V037

Pauly, Benedict        Villes, Anna                 25-Jan-10   M615

Pauly, Cyril           Jaax, Francis                 9-Feb-15   R343

Pauly, Frank           Scheve, Lizzie                7-Jan-09   M070

Pauly, John William    Simon, Laura                 25-Jun-12   P299

Pauly, Leonard         Schauf, Katie(th.)           10-Aug-09   M362

Pauly, Loretta         Fasbender, Nick                          S527

Pauly, Teresa          Schippers, John              14-May-19   W123

Paup, Elsie            Edwards, A.J.                25-Nov-17   U252

Pautenborg, Herbert    Dolt, Rosa                16 Aug 1881    B176

Pavey, Ethel           Harmon, F.M.                 10-Feb-15   R356

Paxton, Cennie         Alexander, Charles           20-Dec-12   P576

Paxton, Edwin          Barner, Helen                 1-Nov-19   W563

Paxton, Ella M.        Hinshaw, Alfred S.           22-Jun-10   N196

Paxton, Elsinore M.    Lent, Arthur J.               5-Dec-08   M035

Paxton, J. Wesley      Burden, Maud                  7-Jun-11   O169

Payn, Betty            Lark, James Albert           28-Aug-19   W390

Payne, Ada B.          Rosenbach, Richard L.     26 Aug 1889    D592

Payne, Alice           Burrows, R.E.                13-Jun-21   Z046

Payne, Alice           Smith, Bert                              W414

Payne, Alva Abraham    Lipperd, Ella Odessa          1-Jun-09   M272

Payne, Andrew          Gilmore, Lizzie           22 Jul 1875    A161

Payne, Archie          McMurry, Mattie           01 Aug 1895    F568

Payne, Arthur H.       Revard, Myrtle               17-Dec-18   V518

Payne, Bernice C.      Carter, Asbury L.             7-Jun-05   J595

Payne, C.G.            Whitiker, Lorena                         R444

Payne, Carrie          Briles, Frederick            15-Sep-17   T629

Payne, Cassie          Estes, Morton             06 May 1884    C077

Payne, Charles W.      Beal, Mattie H.              16-Jul-02   I299

Payne, Clyde           Needham, Justin              19-Jun-13   Q208

Payne, Clyde A.        Shawl, Eva M.                12-Aug-21   Z204

Payne, Curtis G.       Cheek, Cloa E.               22-Feb-19   V626

Payne, Dora B.         Smith, Thomas             24 Mar 1885    C230

Payne, E.M.            Downing, Fairy               25-Jan-15   R341

Payne, Elisabeth       Johnson, Samuel H.        26 Mar 1882    B258

Payne, Elizabeth       Handley, William R.          23-Jul-13   Q252

Payne, Ella            Brown, J.A.               27 Apr 1899    H076

Payne, Ella            Gibble, J.N.                 19-Jun-13   Q209

Payne, Elvira          Tyson, Garret             01 Jun 1882    B274

Payne, Elwood M.       Corn, Della E.            29 Apr 1896    G086

Payne, Emery E.        Eastin, Olive L.             20-Mar-13   Q068

Payne, Emma Lincoln    Cook, William Sherman     15 Dec 1886    C553

Payne, Era             Collier, Van                  8-Jul-12   P328

Payne, Ethel           Phillips, T.G.                           R590

Payne, Ethel A.        Farber, Grover C.             1-May-12   P218

Payne, Franklin L.     Pettijohn, Mabelle            4-Apr-06   K238

Payne, Hazel           Tolbert, J.C.                            S567

Payne, Iva             Canon, Earl                  27-Apr-10   N113

Payne, J.H.            Wright, Lillie               18-Jan-10   M623

Payne, J.T.            Butner, Lebertna          02 Mar 1887    C599

Payne, J.T.            Young, Ella (Mrs.)        22 Dec 1896    G218

Payne, Jennie E.       Moreland, John H.         08 Oct 1894    F415

Payne, Katie           Hedley, Albert               21-Feb-20   X214

Payne, Katie           Patton, W.A.              06 Oct 1887    D126

Payne, L.R.            Bowbly, L.T.                 30-Jan-07   K533

Payne, Lewis Albert    Wilson, Ida May               1-Jun-13   Q171

Payne, Lois M.         Young, Fred C.               22-Dec-09   M573

Payne, Lovina          McMullen, John T.(F.)         4-Feb-13   Q016

Payne, Lula W.         Billinger, Orval E.       01 Jan 1895    F468

Payne, Marian          Spargue, Albert Dudley        9-Jan-07   K514

Payne, Mary J.         Brown, Franklin G.        09 Nov 1881    B204

Payne, Miriam B.       Hudson, Frank R.             22-Nov-19   W629

Payne, Myrtle          Loudermilk, James D.      23 Aug 1893    F187

Payne, Paul S.         Magee, Grace L.               2-Jul-21   Z098

Payne, R.R.            Gains, Henretta (Mrs.)    01 Jul 1899    H118

Payne, Robert L.       Kennedy, Minnie M.        05 Sep 1894    F394

Payne, Sanford T.      Hendrickson, Ethyl           29-Oct-10   N420

Payne, W. Claude       Ellsworth, Hazelle           15-Jul-19   W288

Payne, W.A.            Scaggs, Hattie               10-Dec-21   Z476

Payne, W.H.            Gilbert, Emma             10 Dec 1896    G210

Payton, Ann            Skelley, F.C.             27 Aug 1886    C489

Payton, George H.      McGuire, Mamye(ayme)         15-Aug-08   L517

Payton, Lillian        Limper, E.F.                             S372

Payton, Vita           Brown, Charles               16-Jun-20   X497

Payton, William H.     Simmons, Maggie May          11-Sep-06   K371

Peabody, Clarence A.   Dean, Hattie              15 Dec 1897    G422

Peabody, Howard        Fleshman, Mammie          09 Mar 1899    H053

Peachey, Emma          Tapp, Henry G.                6-Mar-04   J180

Peachey, Emma          Topp, Henry G.                6-Mar-04   J180

Peachey, Louise        Edwards, Clarence A.          7-May-04   J228

Peachey, Reuben        Wing, Zella E.            14 Feb 1894    F314

Peachey, Zella         Liming, Frank             15 Mar 1896    G065

Peachy, Simon          McCollouch, Maud          10 Feb 1894    F313

Peachy, Simon          Shiver, Stella            12 Jun 1899    H106

Peacock, Alice         Dack, Loren                  17-Nov-12   P515

Peacock, Amos H.       Scoles, Samantha          03 Mar 1891    E306

Peacock, Dollie M.     Armstrong, Bradford T.       18-Oct-06   K410

Peacock, George G.     Snyder, Nina Maude           10-Apr-07   K598

Peacock, Gertrude(Mrs.)Cheshire, Alvus T.        26 Aug 1891    E375

Peacock, L.S.          Everett, Viola A.         28 Mar 1885    C232

Peacock, Lela H.       Daughenbaugh, Lyda G.        23-Dec-08   M065

Peacock, Lewis S.      Carlon, Nellie A.            14-Jan-05   J463

Peacock, Louis S.      Ogden, Minnie                24-Oct-09   M496

Peacock, Marie         Balyeat, S.A.                27-May-18   V152

Peacock, Ola May       Metzgear, G.W.                           S139

Peacock, Ruth          Runyan, E.B.                 21-Feb-12   P117

Peacock, Thomas        Tontz, Stella             11 Jun 1892    E561

Peacock, W.E.          Poe, Cora O.                 25-Nov-09   M529

Peacock, William E.    Baker, Neva V.            01 Oct 1893    F212

Peague, Neil           Chauncy, Della               30-Nov-13   Q442

Peairs, Helen C.       Wilson, Robert W.             4-Jun-12   P260

Peak, Bertha C.        Raley, Chester A.             3-May-10   N125

Peak, Emma             Johnston, Cleve                          S561

Peak, Mabel Gladys     Finley, William Leonard       1-Jan-20   X095

Peak, R.A.             Howard, Benie Shields         2-Jun-09   M274

Peaks, William         VanVolkinburg, Dollie         9-May-09   M247

Peal, Daisy D.         Fenton, A.S.              24 Dec 1899    H234

Pearce, Blanche M.     Clifton, Charles A.       15 Oct 1891    E404

Pearce, Charles F.     Taylor, Alice L.          24 Dec 1896    G220

Pearce, Chester A.     Whiting, Alice L.             8-Jun-09   M280

Pearce, Daisy D.       Scholf, Earl L.              28-Jun-13   Q222

Pearce, Eliza          Teamer, Seal                 16-Dec-08   M049

Pearce, Emma           Tucker, W.L.              06 Apr 1879    A417

Pearce, Emma Gertrude  Newberry, H.F.                1-Jan-14   Q489

Pearce, George         Hayes, Ina                   26-Aug-14   R117

Pearce, Grace          Pirtle, M.E.                  3-Jun-12   P261

Pearce, Henry          Sneed, Rinda Hamilton                    S344

Pearce, James W.       Leavell, Nela                30-Aug-11   O303

Pearce, L.E.           Robertson, Minnie            18-Aug-20   Y040

Pearce, Lewis W.       Bennett, Laura            29 Nov 1894    F450

Pearce, Lorena A.      Meyer, Peter                  7-Mar-22   Z644

Pearce, Mary A.        Gilbert, A.L.             21 Mar 1877    A255

Pearce, Minnie         Frye, Floyd E.                2-Jan-19   V545

Pearce, Serena         Barnaby, William          20 Feb 1879    A403

Pearce, Vella M.       Wyatt, Robert E.             19-Nov-10   N456

Peare, Charles A.      Blubaugh, Gertrude           26-Apr-11   O119

Pearisho, Juanita BlancLeddy, John                  26-Sep-18   V413

Pearl, Anna            Boyd, Henry                              S508

Pearl, Tesse Bell      Kane, G.W.                   30-Nov-14   R264

Pearsall, Ray          Remer, Lura                  30-Apr-08   L390

Pearschbacher, Otto    Doyle, Mary               31 Dec 1885    C369

Pearson, B.J.          Gilmore, Ethel               11-Oct-19   W513

Pearson, C. Jennie     Allen, Frank              02 Jun 1887    D023

Pearson, Charles       Gorden, A.M.              07 Jul 1884    C099

Pearson, Charles L.    Sigerson, Ella            17 Sep 1885    C306

Pearson, Cleo          Majors, Charles              25-Jan-08   L288

Pearson, Clifford A.   Bobbitt, M.V.                 9-Dec-11   P011

Pearson, D.B.          Wilkinson, Lucy               1-Apr-09   M201

Pearson, Ella          Turner, O.J.              25 Dec 1880    B124

Pearson, Emma          Haden, Bert                   6-Nov-21   Z408

Pearson, Ernest        Hibbard, Alice M.            15-Dec-19   X039

Pearson, George        Brower, Sarah L.          25 Dec 1879    B020

Pearson, George        Brown, Sarah L.           25 Dec 1879    B020

Pearson, George A.     Blumfield, Clara Belle        6-Nov-09   M516

Pearson, Hattie        Lane, Bert L.                 2-Nov-08   L629

Pearson, J.E.          Miller, Elma Betty        12 Mar 1896    G064

Pearson, Jennie        Cook, H.J.                21 Jul 1883    B394

Pearson, Levi T.       Gilchrist, C. Margaret       26-Dec-02   I442

Pearson, Lois          Cleverdon, A.R.              11-Nov-12   P510

Pearson, Mary          Garrison, W.F.            13 May 1886    C441

Pearson, Myrtle        Lane, Thomas C.              20-Jul-08   L485

Pearson, Osker L.      Shields, Helen R.            31-Jul-18   V298

Pearson, Richard       Bevins, Gertrude              5-Sep-00   H393

Pearson, Richard       Bivens, Gertrude              5-Sep-00   H393

Pearson, Sidney E.     Schweizer, Ida               19-Oct-10   N399

Pearson, Warren C.     Wilson, Lula E.           16 Oct 1881    B201

Pearson, Willis G.     Diener, Sophia            15 Feb 1890    E079

Pearson,Charles HerbertSayre, Vivian O.          23 Feb 1898    G468

Pearson,Nettie(Annette)Mosbacher, Harry          10 Sep 1891    E386

Peas, Malinda A.       Twyford, Charles          07 Feb 1887    C584

Pease, Anna L.         Hanford, George C.        07 Jan 1890    E061

Pease, D.C.            Peckumn, Capitola            23-Apr-06   K252

Pease, Eva Mae         Kiser, Roy W.                            T373

Pease, George E.       Holmes, Fannie Violetta      16-Feb-10   N022

Pease, Katie May       Brickler, Albert Paul        18-Feb-21   Y481

Pease, Mary A.         McCafferty, John          10 Apr 1889    D522

Pease, Nellie Pearl    Sloan, Daryl S.              27-Dec-05   K158

Pease, Nora B.         Shields, W.E.                 7-Mar-10   N049

Pease, Obed J.         Bulkley, Mary E.          12 Aug 1893    F181

Pease, Owen J.         Christensen, Elnore J.       17-Sep-13   Q328

Pease, W.R.            Jack, Pearl                  31-Aug-21   Z242

Pease, William H.      Robinson, Ruby M.            31-Mar-07   K587

Peaslee, Charles Jame  Duvall, Katherine            15-Aug-21   Z210

Peaslee, James R.      Campbell, Annie B.           28-May-21   Z002

Peasley, Rollin O.     Yahn, Minnie              08 May 1891    E339

Peat, William          Tice, Tillie (Lillie)        30-Apr-11   O128

Peatross, James L.     Sampson, Isabelle V.         14-Feb-20   X195

Peavey, Ernest B.      Hearn, Nellie M.              2-Oct-12   P436

Peavey, George A.      Power, Martha R.          21 Jul 1883    B394

Peavey, Gertrude       Schweer, William          07 Nov 1894    F432

Peavey, Libbie D.      Britton, Martin T.        04 Jul 1887    D049

Peavey, Minnie         Furnish, L.G.             03 May 1897    G292

Peavey, Moses T.       Acuff, Jane               14 Apr 1887    C629

Peavey, Raymond W.     Jones, Alta                  22-Nov-07   L207

Peavey, Sherman H.     Giffin, Edna Florence        23-Dec-14   R295

Peavy, Arthur T.       Brown, Mary S.                1-Feb-05   J489

Pechin, Albert         Adrion, Anna                  1-Mar-05   J510

Pechin, Asa            Adrian, Hattie               24-Jan-01   H511

Pechin, Cash           Hannon, Georgia           22 Nov 1896    G192

Pechin, Cash           Pechin, Georgie               2-Dec-03   J097

Pechin, Effie F.       Lilly, Charles G.         30 Sep 1890    E207

Pechin, George         Christian, May               27-Oct-07   L182

Pechin, Georgie        Pechin, Cash                  2-Dec-03   J097

Pechin, Harry          Glaze, Belle              16 May 1891    E341

Pechin, Harry          McCormick, Gertie         20 Nov 1896    G189

Pechin, Lester         Foster, Nannie                1-Jun-08   L411

Pechin, William        Hannon, Dollie            18 May 1896    G093

Pechin, William        Waller, Myrtle                           F413

Peck, A.W.             Forrester, Ethleen        01 Jan 1887    C568

Peck, Almeda Grace     Page, Charles Luther         18-Dec-01   I129

Peck, Annie B.         Marsh, Elias J.           09 May 1870    A001

Peck, C.A.             Lebhart, Amelia              17-May-09   M254

Peck, C.Z.             Ades, Daisy               24 May 1899    H096

Peck, Clifford Eugene  Hampton, Flo Beatrice         7-May-19   W126

Peck, Emma Belle       Johnson, George           17 Feb 1874    A101

Peck, Fannie B.        Birch, D.E.               16 Apr 1878    A329

Peck, Francis J. Jr.   Jones, Mabel E.           15 Nov 1893    F250

Peck, G.E.             Abraham, Maud E.             27-Nov-12   P532

Peck, Gertrude E.      Mabry, G.R.                   9-Jan-18   U465

Peck, Harriet          Cobb, Edward              03 Jun 1878    A336

Peck, Hattie           Reimer, Fred W.              11-Feb-09   M136

Peck, I.W.             Welter, F.H.                  1-Jun-20   X442

Peck, Irene W.         Gibbens, Clyde L.            18-Nov-14   R240

Peck, John R.          Wadsworth, Blanche M.         6-Oct-17   U049

Peck, Loretta          Turley, Archie D.            17-May-14   Q633

Peck, Marion Athol     Truax, Mabel Clare           28-Jun-21   Z086

Peck, Mary E.          Smith, William            19 Feb 1871    A007

Peck, Mildred R.       Campbell, Scott K.            7-May-19   W124

Peck, Myrle            Neibuhr, Minnie              18-May-09   M256

Peck, R.A.             Galletly, M.J.               26-Apr-20   X352

Peck, W.M.             Lott, Ame L.                 18-Oct-06   K410

Peckham, A.M.          Dobbins, Emma             20 Nov 1883    C008

Peckham, Aggie L.      Frooman, Elam E.          16 Sep 1879    A446

Peckham, Albert M.     Moore, Mattie D.             27-Jun-09   M319

Peckham, Edith         Woolard, James B.            17-Sep-00   H401

Peckham, Frances       Michael, Roy                 11-Apr-22   Z696

Peckham, Harry A.      Deubler, Mary S.          12 Jan 1879    A391

Peckham, Miles N.      Menefee, Pearl               23-Dec-20   Y358

Peckumn, Capitola      Pease, D.C.                  23-Apr-06   K252

Peden, Mabel L.        Easley, R.C.                 28-Nov-01   I112

Pederson, Caroline(Mrs)Simonsen, A. Christopher  24 Mar 1890    E106

Pederson, Emma D.      McCoy, Harvey                 6-Mar-10   N037

Pederson, Mettie       Nielson, Peter                           F100

Pedicord, Maude        Bledsoe, Harvey              20-Jan-01   H508

Pedigo, J.E.           Springate, Verna M.       10 Jan 1899    H021

Pedigo, Minnie E.      Long, James K.            29 Nov 1888    D442

Pedigo, William M.     Austin, Ettie             27 Mar 1895    F514

Peebler, David S.      Wright, Rachael                          R487

Peebler, Robert Dewey  Jeffries, Margaret           31-Jul-17   T545

Peebley, Eula          Shay, Charley L.             14-Feb-12   P104

Peek, Maude B.         Evans, C.H.                              S064

Peel, Elizabeth E.     Goodrich, Eugene Niles       14-Nov-10   N443

Peel, T.E.             Fanning, Carrie              12-Apr-10   N093

Peeler, Earl Orin      Byrne, Kathryn Evelyn        24-Aug-10   N291

Peeples, Simeon W.     Carr, Sarah M.            10 Aug 1876    A217

Peery, Clarence G.     Smith, Fairy                 21-Sep-18   V405

Peery, Grace D.        Hogan, James E.              23-Nov-10   N472

Peery, Robert T.       Anderson, Bessie May         30-Dec-08   M078

Peffeley, Z.           Lines, Mary T.               18-Apr-07   K609

Peffley, Ollie         Robinson, Samuel          30 Sep 1891    E396

Peffly, William B.     Yergler, Josephine M.        24-Feb-03   I491

Pegg, Grace            Millen, Boyd                 24-Mar-15   R399

Pegg, Ray              Smith, Gladys                27-Oct-14   R210

Pegram, Fannie         Pannecouck, L.V.             12-Sep-07   L119

Pegram, Sadie E.       Wilson, Francis M.           30-Dec-05   K167

Pehl, Gust             Taylor, Lena              07 Feb 1889    D489

Pehl, Gustave          Gadke, Lena               20 Nov 1896    G192

Peirsol, Minnie        Wells, Roy                               S537

Peitz, Herman          Cordell, Bernardine                      T289

Peitz, Martin          Seiler, Anna                 25-Oct-10   N391

Pelcher, Casper        Beal, Mary E.             19 Dec 1887    D182

Pelcher, Mary E. (Mrs.)Ross, William             11 Sep 1889    D605

Pelcher, W.H.          Hatfield, Mattie          17 May 1886    C442

Pellet, Frank E.       Rogers, Anna              07 Sep 1884    C131

Pellett, Nancy A. (Mrs)Alder, John               02 May 1893    F123

Pelliam, Elizabeth     Dewing, R.C.                 30-Dec-20   Y387

Pellikann, G.P.        Harris, Carrie               30-Oct-09   M507

Pellusch, Otto E.      Cherry, Mary H.              26-Jul-13   Q255

Pelsue, Frank W.       Woods, Emma R.            21 Apr 1891    E328

Pelton, Delos A.       Walls, Ada                07 Nov 1889    E011

Pelton, Harve          Simondson, Alice             28-Jan-09   M120

Peltz, Katharine       Ewerts, Peter             18 Jan 1887    C566

Peltzer, Charles T.    Seiwert, Lizzie           17 Jan 1899    H014

Peltzer, Gertrude      Winter, Constantine       02 May 1893    F122

Peltzer, Henry J.      Diefenback, Teresa (Ther     12-Nov-12   P496

Peltzer, Josephine     Simon, William J.            14-Feb-11   N574

Peltzer, Martha E.     Focke, Leo B.                18-Jun-14   R023

Peltzer, Oscar         Lible, Martha             28 Nov 1899    H212

Peluso, Frank          Green, Beulah Marie          19-Jun-19   W225

Peluso, Jennie         Rinaldo, Frank                           R438

Pelz, Annie(na)        Thimmisch, Nicholas       17 Oct 1893    F221

Pelz, John             Faber, Mary                  28-Jan-02   I156

Pelz, John             Heimermann, Caroline          6-May-19   W087

Pelz, Mary             Thimesch, Joseph          10 Jan 1888    D188

Pelz, Matthias         Seidl, Rosalia            01 Feb 1898    G442

Pelz, Michael          Eck, Mary Magdalena          16-Apr-18   V069

Pelz, Michael          Schwaiger, Mary Magdalen  25 Oct 1892    E626

Pelz, Nicholas(Michael)Thimmisch, Annie(na)      17 Oct 1893    F220

Pember, John Quincy    Lyons, R.E.               04 Mar 1873    A064

Pemberton, Albert      Murdock, Ella             25 May 1881    B161

Pemberton, Alpha       Slater, Robert D.         17 Sep 1889    D608

Pemberton, Claude W.   Churchill, Mary Irene        30-Oct-21   Z394

Pemberton, John H.     Radtke, Ida                   2-Jun-08   L419

Pena, Antonio          Arnold, Lizzie                           S190

Pence, D.S.            Hays, Dora A.             04 Jan 1887    C569

Pence, Davida          Whitmore, Max                31-May-20   X432

Pence, Gertrude        Gandy, Homer D.               4-Apr-14   Q583

Pence, Harold H.       Rogers, Nellie M.             7-Jan-21   Y400

Pence, Linzy           Lash, Hazel                  29-Apr-13   Q126

Pendell, Ernest H.     McGarraugh, Rita             16-Nov-13   Q420

Pendergast, Rachel H.  Robinson, William A.      02 Jul 1882    B280

Pendergraf, Delilah    Lewellen, Doctor          02 Jul 1880    B075

Pendergraft, J.W.      VanZandt, Lula                2-Mar-20   X227

Pendergraft, Leroy A.  Wilson, Ida M.                1-Apr-18   V064

Pendergrass, Mildred M.Lindaberry, Otis             31-Jul-20   X621

Pendleton, Carrie C.   Greer, Thomas S.             22-Feb-11   O027

Pendleton, Dean O.     Kiger, B. Pearl              17-Sep-13   Q329

Pendleton, Glenn       Atherton, Lois               15-Dec-20   Y339

Pendleton, James H.    Hall, Helen                  10-Aug-21   Z200

Pendred, Ernest J.     Taylor, Annie                31-Jul-09   M361

Penick, Buck           Gabriel, Bessie              21-Jun-07   L029

Penicks, Jesse         Lynch, Rosetta               20-Oct-14   R203

Peniwell, Carolyn GertrKoeneke, Henry W.            31-Dec-10   N536

Peniwell, Goldie       Dickson, Harold              26-May-10   N156

Peniwell, J.C.         Buck, May                 11 May 1887    D008

Penland, Clyde         Brunton, Victoria             1-Nov-10   N423

Penley, C.W.           Haines, Mary                             T128

Penley, F.H.           Paul, Olive                   4-Aug-21   Z183

Penn, G.E.             Pasters, Ida                  5-Jul-11   O239

Penn, Lavina F.        Beebe, Thomas H.          17 Nov 1881    B209

Penn, Samuel           Davidson, Jennie          16 Jan 1881    B130

Penn, William          Washburn, Ella            28 Sep 1886    C506

Pennekamp, Hilda       Roschke, Theodore H.                     S483

Pennell, Elfie         Montgomery, Walter            7-Sep-09   M411

Pennewell, John D.     Beagle, Lizzie               11-Jul-20   X573

Penney, Bert           Thoman, Annie                18-Jul-00   H359

Penney, Carl Creighton Neptune, Mary Lois           18-Jun-13   Q204

Penney, J.D.           Sutter, Maude                18-Nov-20   Y280

Pennick, Clark A.      Davey, Alice M.               2-Apr-19   W048

Pennick, Dale Irene    Wallace, Grover William                  S420

Pennick, Elijah        McMillan, Conyers G.          8-Oct-20   Y175

Pennick, John          Lucas, Blanche               21-Nov-14   R244

Pennick, John A.       Barnard, Katie            03 Apr 1883    B361

Penniman, James Brown  Pratt, Kathryn Johnston                  S612

Pennington, C.H.       Collins, Naomi               22-Dec-10   N511

Pennington, Ernest L.  Brouhard, Ava                16-Sep-09   M431

Pennington, H.L.       Stough, Ethel May            12-Apr-19   W069

Pennington, Mary A.    Small, Garfield              18-Oct-02   I382

Pennington, Opal       Dunkin, Frank L.              3-Jul-14   R056

Pennock, Elizabeth B.  Hudkins, Sidney I.           18-Dec-09   M563

Penny, Blanche         Slaughter, John              15-Jul-13   Q241

Penny, Cora            Wells, E.R.               08 Sep 1887    D099

Penny, Elizabeth       Fisher, Lavant               18-May-09   M254

Penny, George          Schouf, Pearl                 3-Jan-20   X107

Penny, George W.       Bays, Mary Etta           20 Mar 1887    C612

Penny, John D.         Neptune, Lola H.             24-Feb-04   J172

Penny, Marrietta       Schauner, William A.         12-Apr-20   X323

Penny, Nellie          Minnich, Bert             30 Aug 1891    E377

Pennybaker, W.M.       Dilzer, Birdie E.         12 Jun 1898    G522

Pennypacker, Andella   Jarrett, C.S.             09 Jul 1899    H119

Pennypacker, Katie     Lafever, E.W.                10-May-04   J231

Pennypacker, Katie     Lefever, E.W.                10-May-04   J231

Penrod, Adah           Hain, W.C.                    5-Sep-17   T614

Penrod, Mary Emerald   Barrington, Percival E.      24-Aug-18   V346

Penrose, Jesse A.      Kuhn, Rena Belle                         S014

Pentecost, Lottie      Brooks, Chester F.           28-Nov-12   P540

Pentecost, Ruth        Shepler, Franklin            14-Oct-13   Q371

Pentico, Flo E.        Westover, Count I.           28-Feb-11   O034

Pentico, Glenora       Taylor, Earle                 9-Oct-17   U061

Penwell, Joe           Davis, Sarah                 26-Feb-13   Q046

Penwell, LaRoy M.      Maston, Mary H.E.         18 Aug 1888    D361

People, Nellie M.      Toy, W.W.                                D409

Peoples, Antnettie     Fitch, Jessie             02 Jul 1894    F378

Peoples, Arthur        Batts, Carrie                14-Nov-17   U212

Peoples, Evelyn F.     DeMoss, James W.             25-Dec-00   H489

Peoples, Mary Ethel    Arnett, Elmer F.             11-Sep-13   Q312

Peoples, Nellie M.     Toy, W.W.                 28 Oct 1888    D420

Peoples, Nettie        Allen, Frederick Henry       19-Jun-04   J266

Peoples, R.B.          VanDyke, Pearl               20-Feb-18   U575

Peoples, Ruby          Young, Fred E.                6-Jul-08   L474

Peppard, Harry Edwin   Durrant, Leona                4-Jul-14   R060

Pepper, Dick           Hurt, Irene                   2-Sep-14   R127

Pepper, Kate           Curry, John B.            04 Nov 1878    A373

Pepper, Olive          Danner, George                3-May-22   Z747

Pepper, Orin F.        Murray, Dessie               31-Dec-21   Z521

Pepper, Oscar          Miner, Carma                 11-Nov-20   Y258

Pepperell, William E.  Lawrence, Lulu Marie          1-Feb-21   Y442

Perchberger, Minnie    Smith, Frank H.           18 Oct 1892    E638

Percifield, Nellie     Fletcher, Bert            08 Jan 1898    H019

Perdue, Dora H.        Doza, W.R.                   22-Feb-15   R370

Perdue, Laura          Agnew, Herman                 7-Jun-11   O181

Perdue, Lottie         Jinks, Harry L.               6-Aug-19   W338

Peregoy, Z.T.          Cole, Mary (Mrs.)         25 Jan 1880    B028

Peres, Cacimira        Ledosma, Ramon               16-Mar-18   V040

Perfect, Frank N.      Whitmer, Flora               20-Feb-20   X210

Perham, Alta           Shilling, C.                             R506

Perham, Robert         Harrison, Mary               26-Sep-21   Z307

Perin, Mary Elizabeth  Anderson, William Harry       4-May-10   N127

Perin, Myrtle          Little, Isaac M.          02 Sep 1891    E379

Perin, S.I.            Oliver, Winnie            15 Feb 1898    G462

Perin, W.H.            Cachard, Clara            25 Jun 1889    D560

Perkey, Lula M.        Zin, Ira P.               31 Oct 1895    F617

Perkin, Nina Mabel     Parsons, Henry Orval         22-Apr-19   W089

Perkins, Andrew        Frederiksen, Nancy           23-Dec-11   P032

Perkins, Belle         Huff, Rufus               18 May 1893    F139

Perkins, Carl W.       Smith, Esther V.             18-Oct-19   W534

Perkins, Carrie        Clark, Lewis                 25-Apr-07   K616

Perkins, Carrie R.     Mordy, Thomas R. Jr.      21 Dec 1895    G014

Perkins, Charles Alva  Poston, Hazel Mae                        S149

Perkins, Eliza K.      Holder, Mattie E.            14-Feb-05   J500

Perkins, Ella          Seirer, Abe                   3-Jun-19   W183

Perkins, Estella M.    Jessen, Fred                 13-Sep-13   Q318

Perkins, Estella(tilla)Sroade, William           14 Dec 1892    F032

Perkins, Ethel Estella Scovel, Ira Ernest           25-Aug-10   N295

Perkins, Frances K.    Myers, M.A.               04 Apr 1883    B362

Perkins, H.B.          Hoag, E.L.                    3-Jul-01   H631

Perkins, Harriett A.   Lane, W.F.                30 Aug 1887    D091

Perkins, Harry Brown   Rochelle, Mabelle Ola                    S036

Perkins, Hattie L.     Hooker, Joseph E.         14 Apr 1895    F523

Perkins, Hazel         Linville, Ralph              12-Jun-11   O192

Perkins, Herman M.     Purviance, Jennie         16 Mar 1890    E100

Perkins, Irene         Houston, E.E.                 1-Jan-14   Q485

Perkins, J. Shelby     Thompson, Malinda            15-Apr-19   W074

Perkins, Joel T.       Wiseman, Mahala A.        22 Feb 1890    E084

Perkins, Julia         Dewey, Charles P.         01 Dec 1887    D172

Perkins, Lucinda       Pitts, Robert                14-Jun-11   O197

Perkins, Mary          Benthusen, Clarence                      S223

Perkins, Mary          Henry, Joseph E.          01 Jul 1893    F185

Perkins, Mary Pearl    Huddleston, Willis           23-Dec-20   Y355

Perkins, Mollie        Hobbs, S.M.               09 Dec 1888    D450

Perkins, Nelson F.     Garst, Katie                  1-Oct-13   Q350

Perkins, Orville W.    Carson, Myrtle I.            27-Mar-07   K584

Perkins, Oscar S.      Shinn, Edna E.               23-Nov-04   J426

Perkins, Otie          Holderby, S.M.               27-Jun-17   T472

Perkins, R.V.          Porter, L.G.                 30-Jan-22   Z579

Perkins, Robert E.     Johnson, Eva                  5-Dec-20   Y317

Perkins, Roy           Beckwith, Winnie                         T252

Perkins, Ruby          Shaw, B.H.                   24-Sep-14   R161

Perkins, William E.    McCabe, Ruth                 27-Nov-12   P544

Perkins, William R.    McMacklevain, Blanch                     T065

Perkinson, Beershba    Brown, William            30 Apr 1885    C240

Perks, Bessie          Hilton, George               17-Feb-10   N016

Perks, Samuel          Hinton, Elma Belle                       S506

Perren, Harry Ray      Crawford, Joy                22-Aug-10   N288

Perren, Harry Ray      Crofford, Joy                22-Aug-10   N288

Perrie, P.R.           Dunson, Anna                 26-Jun-07   L036

Perrien, Eunice        Ruland, L.D.                  3-Jul-18   V261

Perrine, Edna          Dorner, George A.            17-Feb-10   N024

Perry, A.S.            Wright, Nellie               18-Jul-00   H361

Perry, Addie M.        Malone, William G.           27-Oct-09   M501

Perry, Bennie H.       Porter, Hazel                25-Jan-22   Z575

Perry, C.L.            Wilson, Nina                  5-Apr-14   Q583

Perry, Carrie          Gingrich, A.              25 Feb 1884    C043

Perry, Charles J.      Williams, Susie           17 May 1893    F138

Perry, Clarence        Page, Corine                  2-Jul-21   Z105

Perry, Clarence W.     Dilley, Gladys M.            15-Mar-20   X256

Perry, Clement L.      Andrews, Jennie           10 Apr 1890    E109

Perry, D.T.            Mathews, Mary                 5-Nov-19   W579

Perry, Daisey          Bennett, B.A.             27 Apr 1885    C249

Perry, E.A.            Henry, Minnie                27-Sep-19   W477

Perry, E.V.            Hammond, Edna                 1-Sep-13   Q298

Perry, Edward W.       Edee, Mary V.             12 Sep 1887    D103

Perry, Edwin N.        Stone, Inez May               4-Jan-14   Q491

Perry, Elizabeth       Thurman, Fountain U.G.    10 Jul 1893    F167

Perry, Emma            Jett, Richard                18-Sep-00   H403

Perry, Emma Jane       Moore, Dawson W.          13 Dec 1881    B217

Perry, Goldie          Bell, John Henry              4-Nov-12   P495

Perry, Grace Dorthy    Madison, Fred                            K554

Perry, Hazel           Jones, O.E.                  16-Oct-20   Y202

Perry, J.A.            Hennings, Helena                         S327

Perry, J.W.            Morss, Elizabeth          14 May 1896    G091

Perry, J.W.            Preston, Nadine           21 Sep 1887    D109

Perry, James L.        Taylor, Eliza B.          08 Apr 1890    E119

Perry, Jessie Clara    Stratford, Oscar Edward      30-Jun-14   R050

Perry, John F.         Reynolds, Ella M.         28 Jun 1891    E356

Perry, Lee Austin      Lee, Kate E.                  6-Aug-02   I316

Perry, Louis F.        Oldfield, Jessie Alice       15-Jun-14   R023

Perry, M. Ruth         Allman, Harold T.            25-Aug-20   Y055

Perry, Margrette F.    Maddux, Marion F.         01 May 1879    A423

Perry, Marie L.        Huff, O.C.                   30-Sep-04   J363

Perry, Mary            Brooks, Prince E.                        E219

Perry, Maude           Burke, Ted H.                 3-Jun-13   Q178

Perry, Mildred         VanWerden, C.L.              27-Jun-17   T473

Perry, Muttie E.       Nance, Merle E.              11-Jul-18   V273

Perry, Ora             Smalley, Albert              14-Sep-17   T626

Perry, Sarah E.        Chapman, James            28 Jul 1887    D070

Perry, Susanne Lucile  Long, M.J.                               R562

Perry, Thomas G.       Wilson, Alice                20-Dec-19   X052

Perry, Vernon B.       Deming, Addie M.              4-Oct-02   I368

Perry, Willard T.      Davis, Laveda                21-Jul-20   X599

Perry, William J.      Jearles, Jewell              19-Jan-21   Y422

Perry, Zella           Gallemore, R.C.              26-Jun-20   X533

Perryman, Flossie      Metzger, Roy                 24-Jun-18   V245

Perryman, Rena         Bledsoe, Frank                           T228

Perryman, T.W.         Cory, Nellie                  6-Feb-00   H266

Perschbacher, Adam     Yarger, Adelia            09 Oct 1882    B310

Perschbacher, Carrie   Ray, Wade                 21 Dec 1898    H001

Perschbacher, Clarence Richmond, Luella              3-Jul-09   M334

Perschbacher, Eva      Hamacher, Harry              21-Jul-21   Z143

Perschbacher, Katie    Austin, J.E.              23 Jan 1895    F482

Perschbacher, Lena     Doyle, Thomas             01 Nov 1890    E229

Perschbacher, Lizzie   Terrill, John H.          20 Oct 1890    E223

Perschbacher, T.B.     Springob, Agnes              28-May-20   X415

Persell, Belle         Vannatta, Elmer               6-Aug-08   L508

Persell, L.M.          Looper, Johanna           02 Jul 1885    C273

Persifield, Ruby MereleTurner, Walter LeRoy                     T107

Person, Beatrice L.    Tuller, Ray                              T093

Person, Carl M.        Babb, L.K.                   25-Aug-20   Y054

Person, Elenora        Lowe, William                            T277

Person, Lyetta         Crabtree, Ralph                          R524

Persons, George M.     Babcock, Emma A.                         S431

Persons, George M.     Stephens, Kate E.            11-Oct-20   Y183

Persons, W.C.          Kennell, Alice               11-Apr-19   W067

Persyn, George T.      Garner, Frances              18-Sep-18   V399

Persyn, George T.      Long, Ella                   22-Nov-20   Y288

Persyn, Sadie          Heston, E.A.                 12-Mar-18   V030

Pertillo, Pearl        Carter, Sam                   3-Nov-19   W574

Perymon, Lula          Milo, Jery                   23-Aug-21   Z231

Pester, Benjamin H.    Clark, Ruth A.                1-Sep-20   Y072

Peterie, Ben H.        Murray, Goldie Mary Grace                S410

Peterie, Corbley C.    Brown, Maude                 30-Apr-21   Y610

Peterie, Matilda M.B.  Wright, Robert E.             5-Mar-13   Q054

Peters, A.W.           Stalter, Ilo                 25-Nov-19   W631

Peters, Ada            Solter, George W.             8-Jan-14   Q499

Peters, Adrian J.      Okeson, Hulda                24-Jun-02   I277

Peters, Augusta        Priest, Lige                 14-Nov-10   N444

Peters, Christina      Shea, Michael T.          18 Oct 1887    D133

Peters, Clarence       Hall, Sadie (Mrs.)           13-Jun-00   H339

Peters, Cornelius      Bachmann, Clara A.           12-Sep-05   K036

Peters, Frank          Bryant, Hazel Maggie         17-Jun-11   O203

Peters, Fred A.        Harris, Achsah C.             2-Oct-19   W491

Peters, G.W.           Shultz, Mary              30 Oct 1888    D421

Peters, Grace          Feely, Floyd                 21-Jun-11   O211

Peters, Helen Oleda    Andrews, Archie Elmer        24-Dec-21   Z508

Peters, Henrietta      Mitchell, C.E.               11-Oct-19   W516

Peters, Herbert L.     Smith, Mabel Marie           28-Apr-13   Q118

Peters, Herman M.      Vogt, Mary D.                            S087

Peters, Ida May        Elliott, Herbert R.          30-Jul-02   I310

Peters, Jennie         Meann, James                             N166

Peters, Jennie F.      Etter, Clair H.              19-Sep-12   P422

Peters, Jessie M.      Horn, H.E.                   19-Nov-13   Q428

Peters, John           Bachman, Minnie              29-May-06   K277

Peters, John           Ellis, Minnie                15-Jun-12   P286

Peters, John C.        Bailey, Julia M.              6-Oct-00   H425

Peters, John F.        Heulen, Pansy                17-Mar-19   W026

Peters, Laura          Boyles, Thomas B.         11 Jun 1896    G105

Peters, Lillie P.      Knowlton, George G.          28-Aug-07   L096

Peters, M.I.           Knight, L.H.                  8-Oct-17   U054

Peters, Margaret       Bryant, Benjamin Reed        22-Apr-21   Y594

Peters, Marie          Fredenburg, John             22-Jul-19   W308

Peters, Maud           Wilson, Walter J.             3-Jul-12   P324

Peters, May            Herz, Adolf                  10-Dec-01   I119

Peters, Mildred        Scott, William               17-Aug-20   Y033

Peters, Minnie H.      Hoyt, Arthur R.              23-Dec-12   P584

Peters, Nellie         Smith, H. Lee                27-Sep-09   M450

Peters, Pearl          Brownlee, E.M.               18-May-21   Y648

Peters, Phoebe J. (Mrs)Reid, Robert J.           03 Oct 1891    E399

Peters, Richard        McConnell, Lillian           16-Jun-14   R026

Peters, Ruth L.        Bush, G.L.                    3-Jun-13   Q172

Peters, W.F.           Weiss, Katherine                         R505

Peters, W.P.           Miller, Retta                15-Jan-19   V566

Peters, Walter C.      Ayer, Verna L.                           S242

Peters, William        Kincaid, Annie                6-Nov-21   Z408

Peters, Wilma Rhea     Nelson, Ray A.               27-Jan-20   X156

Peters,Savilla(Sevilla)Richey, Edwin             26 Sep 1898    G574

Petersen, Alfred F.    Edmonson, Goldie             23-Dec-07   L251

Petersen, Edward H.    Jessup, Eva Pearle           13-Feb-22   Z604

Petersen, Ethel        Koblitz, Fred                10-May-11   O142

Petersen, H.H.         Knight, Emma                 15-Apr-03   I530

Petersen, J.P.         Campbell, Oxey                1-Jun-21   Z004

Petersen, Joseph I.    Proffitt, Elizabeth          17-Nov-10   N451

Petersen, Marie        Christiansen,Carl Peter   30 Jan 1891    E293

Petersen, Mary L.      Clark, C.A.                  20-Oct-10   N404

Petersen, Ness         McCall, Katie             17 Mar 1891    E311

Petersen, William      Anderson, Agnes              25-Sep-09   M448

Peterson, A.F.         Chamberlain, Ella         10 May 1886    C439

Peterson, Ada C.       Bailey, Callum H.            28-Apr-06   K257

Peterson, Albert E.    Blackerby, Ruth                          R421

Peterson, Andrew       Peterson, Minnie (Mrs.)   30 Nov 1891    E436

Peterson, Annie        Grandfield, Fredrick J.   28 Jul 1886    C473

Peterson, C.A.         Thomas, Cora H.              10-Sep-18   V389

Peterson, Carl         Gragerson, Laura             24-Sep-13   Q339

Peterson, Carl A.      Jenkins, Florence B.         19-Oct-04   J383

Peterson, Carl E.      Corbin, Edna                             S266

Peterson, Carolina     Christiansen, Chris       28 Jan 1897    G243

Peterson, Carrie M.    Robinson, John H.         25 Jun 1899    H111

Peterson, Charles AugusClark, Effie May             15-Sep-07   L121

Peterson, Chester      Hildinger, Clara             10-Jul-21   Z079

Peterson, Daniel       Hempsmeyer, Myrtle           27-Feb-00   H281

Peterson, E.A.         Robinson, Vella E.           23-Dec-05   K152

Peterson, Elise        Henderson, Frank              3-Oct-09   M458

Peterson, Ella G.      DeLong, Eugene C.            21-Dec-10   N509

Peterson, Eric         Wilson, Lina              20 Jun 1888    D323

Peterson, Esther       Gassen, John                  1-Jun-20   X425

Peterson, Florence M.  Ecroyd, Guy L.               26-Jun-18   V248

Peterson, Forest W.    Hurst, Katherine              5-Apr-04   J204

Peterson, Fred A.      Walker, Edith                27-Sep-11   O345

Peterson, Grace        Barlow, E.W.                 24-May-18   V166

Peterson, Hans         Slagel, Lucy                  5-May-20   X381

Peterson, Hazel        McFarland, William F.        24-Dec-12   P587

Peterson, Hilda        Hanna, William            07 Feb 1889    D489

Peterson, Howard L.    Cundiff, Beulah M.            8-Apr-20   X313

Peterson, Ida          Macredie, A.L.               27-Sep-17   U017

Peterson, J.M.         Trowbridge, F.M.             17-Sep-04   J348

Peterson, Jessie       Schmidt, William             14-Nov-08   M006

Peterson, John A.      Jaggers, Wilnette            12-Feb-10   N015

Peterson, Julius       Miller, Cecelia              30-Jun-13   Q223

Peterson, Maggie May   Taylor, Myrland Z.           31-Dec-03   J130

Peterson, Margaret     Farrell, Timothy             27-Apr-18   V116

Peterson, Margaret E.  Branstetter, H.D.            24-Feb-02   I187

Peterson, Marie        Floyd, E.W.                  28-Sep-12   P434

Peterson, Mary         Angell, Ivan                 25-Feb-13   Q044

Peterson, Mary E.      Grandfield, Ernest A.     05 May 1892    E541

Peterson, Minnie       Strebel, H.               18 Feb 1888    D226

Peterson, Minnie (Mrs.)Peterson, Andrew          30 Nov 1891    E436

Peterson, N.W.         Gardner, Margie               4-Feb-22   Z579

Peterson, Ness         Olthoff, Gussie           28 May 1899    H097

Peterson, Nicholas     Roach, Catherine Mary     16 Jul 1884    C105

Peterson, Nila         White, John S.               28-Sep-20   Y145

Peterson, O.R.         Carlson, Sylvia               2-Jan-18   U441

Peterson, Olf          Martin, Lennie               10-Mar-09   M154

Peterson, P.C.         Roberts, M.A.                20-Oct-20   Y206

Peterson, Ruby Blanche Lowther, E.F.                            R547

Peterson, Thelma       Marten, Henry                 3-Jul-18   V259

Peterson, Vida         Wall, Walter                             T157

Peterson, W.M.         McLaughlin, Irene             7-Mar-21   Y510

Petitjean, Archie      Ryan, Mary Alice              5-Feb-07   K536

Petri, William C.      Schumacher, Emelia C.     25 Dec 1893    F274

Petrie, Charles Judson Bowers, Marguerite           17-Nov-11   O419

Petrie, Elizabeth J.   Knollenberg, F.W.            11-Feb-22   Z598

Petrie, Irene          Millis, J.D.              26 Feb 1887    C597

Petrie, Katie          Baecker, Albert P.        02 Oct 1894    F408

Petrie, Richard Bruce  Smith, Marguerite            30-Apr-07   K618

Petrie, William        Butler, Lottie E.            12-Jun-03   I578

Petropoulon, Pipina    Kritikos, Andrew             25-Jul-13   Q254

Petry, Walter          Colyar, Hazel                11-Nov-21   Z419

Pettengill, William J. Meinke, Mary Alice           30-Apr-07   K619

Petterson, Josephine E.Coffield, Arthur Clement     28-Jan-09   M119

Petticord, Elsie       Loop, Earl M.                 6-May-11   O136

Petticord, Louis       Blanchett, Viola          13 Jun 1888    D318

Pettie, Aro            Graves, Ernest W.            24-Dec-19   X075

Pettijohn, Katharine   Rogers, Clarence W.          26-Jul-05   K001

Pettijohn, Leo L.      Foutz, Lewis              10 Oct 1882    B311

Pettijohn, Mabelle     Payne, Franklin L.            4-Apr-06   K238

Pettijohn, Marie       Robinson, Will               19-Jul-19   W301

Pettis, Albert         Barber, Abbie                21-Jul-19   W305

Pettis, Edward         Blewett, Cecelia             15-Oct-18   V448

Pettis, Mary           Williams, Arthur                         T310

Pettit, Fannie F.      Wolfe, Charles A.                        S015

Pettit, Gladys JosephinBumstead, John Alden         12-Oct-14   R184

Pettit, Lindsay H.     Walton, Alpheus              24-Oct-14   R209

Pettit, Marie H.       Hill, H.W.                   12-Jun-18   V208

Pettit, Mary           Clark, Carl S.                4-Mar-19   W006

Pettit, Nellie         Taylor, C.D.                 10-Apr-20   X319

Pettit, Roberta        Black, David L.              16-Aug-20   Y033

Pettry, Rebecca        Ballard, George              21-Jan-13   Q004

Petty, Benton          Trueblood, Pauline            1-Nov-20   Y240

Petty, Blanch(he)      McMullen, John               27-Sep-08   L577

Petty, Herbert         Stotler, Bessie               7-Jul-07   L044

Petty, Mabelle         Stanley, Ernest M.           27-Dec-05   K160

Pettyjohn, Glenn       Crail, Lola                  28-Jun-11   O223

Petzold, Lena          Jedeke, Thomas            29 Mar 1893    F105

Petzold, Otillie AmalieKoch, August Frederick       29-Nov-08   M012

Petzoldt, Ferdinand    Hillman, Rosa                25-Dec-07   L234

Peugh, Andrew Jackson  Maddux, Lillis Gertrude      24-Jun-17   T467

Peugh, Bertha C.       Galloway, A.                             T158

Pevehouse, Edith       Miller, Cecil                25-Sep-19   W472

Pew, Laura             Points, George            28 Oct 1886    C523

Peyatte, Mary Isabelle Stamm, Daniel Metz           31-Oct-20   Y233

Peyton, Anna           Harris, Ross                             T226

Peyton, Dollie         Piper, William               10-Mar-10   N050

Peyton, E.B.           Stewart, Emma S.          20 Dec 1882    B329

Peyton, Fannie M.      Roady, John               04 Sep 1894    F393

Peyton, Mamie Pearl    Kingsley, John Freeman       15-May-18   V147

Pfaff, Fred B.         Wainscott, Ethel             14-Oct-09   M474

Pfaff, John S.         Biddle, Minnie D.         06 Oct 1885    C316

Pfaff, Peter F.        Scholidon, Magdalena         11-Sep-07   L116

Pfanschmidt, Albert H. Barrows, Pearl A.             3-Aug-08   L503

Pfeifer, Lena M.       Rush, W.H.                   16-Oct-13   Q384

Pfeifer, Mary          Ioeger, Michael           13 Dec 1883    C013

Pfeifer, Oscar F.      Davis, Genevie R.             4-Oct-14   R173

Pfeiffer, John         Keil, Anna V.                20-Feb-13   Q041

Pfifer, Henry C.       Ryan, Annie Josephine        13-Jul-19   W282

Pfile, Philip          Clark, Rachel             30 Mar 1892    E527

Pflugshaupt, Christian Maechtlen, Caroline       31 Dec 1891    E453

Phade, Olga            Ritter, Orville C.           26-Sep-17   U013

Phailing, Helen        Norvell, Frank               25-Apr-18   V111

Phares, Edith          Bachelder, Theodore          25-Oct-21   Z379

Phares, F.W.           Duncan, Florence E.          21-Nov-05   K115

Phares, George         Maple, Mary I.            31 Aug 1875    A165

Phares, Jennie E.      Eldridge, R.W.            24 Aug 1879    A444

Phares, Lena Mae       McHone, Alfred D.            12-Aug-18   V318

Pharney, Lenora        Winter, William Jr.          30-Jun-17   T482

Pharo, Millie          Rawson, P.N.                 30-Apr-13   Q087

Pharo, Nila            Eddingfield, J.              18-Mar-15   R392

Pheifer, Barbara       Andre, Peter              21 Jul 1893    F170

Phelps, Arthur D.      Canfield, Alice E.        05 Oct 1892    E625

Phelps, C.W.           Phelps, Pearl                12-Dec-19   X031

Phelps, Charley        Brown, Pearl E.                          S639

Phelps, Curtis         Deal, Caroline            23 Sep 1873    A086

Phelps, Ella A.        Sanford, Jefferson T.     28 Nov 1894    F449

Phelps, F.W.           Bradford, Lillian         05 Oct 1899    H176

Phelps, Frank          Clark, May                   19-Feb-08   L312

Phelps, I.N.           Werbin, Nellie(Nillie)    15 Oct 1897    G381

Phelps, Inez M.        Cunningham, Robert S.     20 Dec 1893    F272

Phelps, John H.        McCrea, Martha            19 Mar 1891    E313

Phelps, John S.        Hawley, Gertrude M.          27-Jul-01   I008

Phelps, Marc           Beck, Molette                 9-Jun-21   Z034

Phelps, Mattie         Fleming, S.W.             09 Feb 1889    D490

Phelps, Myrtle         Dillon, Frank                            S487

Phelps, Myrtle May     Igon, Elmer                   3-Dec-12   P550

Phelps, Ollie          Arndt, Charley H.            18-Jul-10   N246

Phelps, Oza            Boyce, William J.         13 Jan 1892    E477

Phelps, Pearl          Phelps, C.W.                 12-Dec-19   X031

Phelps, Pearl          Webb, Jeff                               X025

Phelps, Virgil V.      Tanner, Ella R.              26-Mar-20   X279

Phelps, W.J.           Werbin, Louisa            03 Nov 1897    G398

Phelps, William H.     Higbee, Mary E. (Mrs.)    15 Apr 1890    E121

Phelps, William J.B.   Williams, Mary Louise        16-May-22   Z768

Phelps, William Lee    Pace, Maude Edith            17-Oct-19   W530

Phelps, Willie         Anderson, Lee             03 Apr 1890    E111

Phenix, Richard H.     Conbest, Ethel               28-Apr-13   Q124

Phenneger, Andrew      Ragan, Flossie                5-Nov-14   R222

Phenneger, Ellen       Releford, Jessie Lee          3-Mar-09   M169

Phenneger, Forrest G.  Hayden, Francis Lorraine      6-Oct-17   U047

Phenneger, Jesse       Armour, Bessie                           T089

Phenneger, Kate B.     Winters, Earl J.             14-Feb-00   H270

Phenneger, S.G.        Alexander, Katie Pauline     22-Dec-17   U374

Phenniger, Eva M.      Adams, J.J.                  19-Dec-00   H479

Pherson, Peter         Bray, Ethel                  12-Jun-20   X480

Philbrick, Roy J.      Morrison, Julia              16-Jun-09   M300

Philinlee, Mary        Kirkpatrick, Willis H.    24 Dec 1893    F279

Philip, Bartlett       Holliday, Martha             24-Feb-10   N031

Philip, Helen          Dalrymple, Charles           16-Dec-09   M561

Philippe, Merce        Espoza, Theodosius            2-Aug-19   W324

Philips, Mable         Rickabaugh, Urban S.         20-Jan-14   Q509

Philips, Madge         Motley, Calvin                           R503

Philips, Meta          Kester, Rieves Russell        4-Sep-18   V375

Philips, W.H.          Kirkpatrick, Dora         27 Dec 1883    C022

Phillip, Bessie        Fishburn, Lester T.          22-Dec-09   M579

Phillip, H.G.          Haven, Martha A.             20-Dec-00   H481

Phillip, M.E.          Woods, Winnie             25 Dec 1899    H237

Phillipp, Mary         Winter, Constantine       18 May 1895    F541

Phillippe, Florence    Murray, Charles T.           17-Mar-12   P148

Phillippi, Joel L.     Alderdice, Nellie P.          3-Jul-03   I598

Phillipps, Bearl M.    Howard, Bennie C.            20-Feb-13   Q039

Phillipps, Beatrice    Topp, Clarence                7-Mar-20   X240

Phillipps, J.D.        Grandstaff, Ora E.            1-May-22   Z733

Phillips, A.W.         Cunningham, Zella S.         14-Jun-05   J598

Phillips, Addie        Moulton, A.(F.)B.         24 Aug 1878    A354

Phillips, Albert P.    Rummell, Roxie               21-May-03   I560

Phillips, Anna         Raple, Martin                25-Jan-10   M614

Phillips, Artie E.     Eaton, E.W.                              S614

Phillips, Bernill      Hoppe, R.E.                   1-Jun-19   W176

Phillips, Bess         Overstreet, John Oliver       3-Sep-19   W408

Phillips, Bessie       Kistler, Ernest L.            4-Aug-17   T554

Phillips, Bessie E.    Huff, William A.          08 Mar 1883    B355

Phillips, Beulah       Offenstein, Harry Willia     30-Aug-20   Y067

Phillips, Beulah       Rogers, Charlie               4-Jan-09   M604

Phillips, Burnett F.   Martin, Anna B.              19-Sep-09   M427

Phillips, C.W.         Overton, Lenora                          D298

Phillips, Cecil        Ohmart, Mary                             T239

Phillips, Charles W.   Kopp, Elizabeth L.        09 Mar 1896    G062

Phillips, Clara M.     Tibbitts, Charles G.      01 Jan 1880    B021

Phillips, Claude C.    White, Edith                 25-Dec-20   Y350

Phillips, D.H.         Strayer, Hazel               24-Apr-11   O118

Phillips, David        Burns, Martha                17-Sep-20   Y117

Phillips, Della V.     Shearer, M.J.                30-Sep-00   H413

Phillips, E.A.         Thomas, Anna              08 Aug 1886    C478

Phillips, Effie        Phillips, S.W.                           S533

Phillips, Elizabeth    Easton, William J.            6-Sep-05   K033

Phillips, Elizabeth    Eaton, William J.             6-Sep-05   K033

Phillips, Elizabeth    Ward, J. Calvin              29-Mar-14   Q578

Phillips, Elizabeth L. Ferguson, George W.          10-Oct-06   K405

Phillips, Emma L.      Brouillard, Charles F.    13 Jan 1892    E478

Phillips, Ernest       Kile, Lucy                05 May 1889    D535

Phillips, Eunice       Montomery, R.S.              22-Dec-14   R290

Phillips, Eva May      Shoemaker, O.B.              30-Apr-06   K259

Phillips, Everett A.   Lines, Nellie E.             24-Jul-17   T516

Phillips, Fern         Milliken, Albert L.           1-Sep-08   L544

Phillips, Fred M.      Kelley, Nellie               23-Aug-19   W380

Phillips, George F.    Francis, Mary                 4-Dec-20   Y318

Phillips, George F.    Wallace, Mary J.          13 Dec 1893    F266

Phillips, George J.    Kimel, Dollie                 6-Jun-05   J590

Phillips, Hannah A.    Bailey, George F.         17 Jun 1891    E349

Phillips, Homer        Owen, Fern I.                29-Oct-13   Q400

Phillips, Iola         Martin, Thomas               17-Aug-05   K015

Phillips, Irene        Bell, Jack                               S592

Phillips, Isaac N.     Harper, Laura Belle           4-Jul-01   H633

Phillips, J.E.         McKinnon, Annie Belle     06 Feb 1878    A310

Phillips, J.H.         Moore, Florence           18 Sep 1893    F202

Phillips, J.R.         Lietzke, Rebecca E.          15-Aug-17   T575

Phillips, J.W.         Treadway, Neoma                          S302

Phillips, Jesse J.     Dimpel, Maude E.              8-Oct-19   W506

Phillips, John         Banning, Laura            11 Apr 1883    B364

Phillips, John C.      Cornwall, Opal               23-Aug-19   W378

Phillips, John M.      Finch, Rozella G.         27 Dec 1891    E459

Phillips, Johnathan    Powell, Effie                29-Mar-15   R403

Phillips, Joseph F.    Smith, Gina(Genie)        27 Dec 1899    H238

Phillips, Joseph WilliaSage, Hazel Belle            12-Dec-19   X031

Phillips, Kate(tie)    Stancer, Charles             15-Sep-07   L120

Phillips, Laura L.     Jones, Griffith H.           29-Sep-17   U026

Phillips, Lewis        Flinn, Susa M.            14 Feb 1888    D221

Phillips, Lief         Chambers, A.E.            01 Jan 1878    A306

Phillips, Lillian      Nordyke, Lafayette            6-Dec-19   X021

Phillips, Lola Alberta Lankton, Charles A.       17 Feb 1889    D496

Phillips, Lottie       Hartman, J.F.             10 Mar 1896    G063

Phillips, Louie        Umbarger, Charles H.      26 Jan 1892    E484

Phillips, Louie (LeoniePrice, Louis(Lewis) B.    27 Sep 1890    E205

Phillips, Lu M.        Hamilton, John Q.             5-May-05   J564

Phillips, Lucy Belle   Goeringer, John Charles      27-Oct-14   R211

Phillips, Lydia        Hunter, Alfred A.            10-Dec-08   M042

Phillips, M.L.         Duncan, W.H.                             S031

Phillips, M.P.         Ketchum, Phebe A.         26 Nov 1882    B323

Phillips, Madge        Hibbitt, Johnnie              6-Oct-17   U050

Phillips, Margaret M.  Allen, A.W.                  15-Sep-21   Z279

Phillips, Marie        Carpenter, T.C.              29-Apr-19   W104

Phillips, Mary         Elder, Willie                30-Jan-08   L292

Phillips, Mary E.      Gillespie, C.E.               3-Oct-05   K057

Phillips, Mary V.      Parker, Charles E.        26 Feb 1884    C044

Phillips, Merrill J.   Farrow, Lillie               12-May-09   M250

Phillips, Nellie       Gordon, Seymour                          S099

Phillips, Nellie       Leppelman, Ray Harold         7-Aug-08   L509

Phillips, Paul P.      Tack, Gertrude G.             9-Nov-11   O407

Phillips, Pearl Maud   Emery, W.T.                   8-Jul-14   R062

Phillips, R.L.         Golden, Anna E.           29 Sep 1885    C311

Phillips, Rodie B.     Dellinger, William        11 Jan 1895    F477

Phillips, Roy W.       Black, Martha May            24-Feb-09   M153

Phillips, S.W.         Phillips, Effie                          S533

Phillips, Sadie        Babcock, Fred A.          05 Jun 1890    E149

Phillips, Stewart      Spaulding, Mary              31-Aug-07   L099

Phillips, T.G.         Payne, Ethel                             R590

Phillips, W.B.         Hutter, Mathilda A.           6-Mar-06   K218

Phillips, W.E.         Burbridge, Olsa G.           30-Oct-02   I391

Phillips, William E.   Latham, Jennie            16 Apr 1885    C242

Philmlee, Stephen      Magee, Anna Belle            22-Sep-01   I050

Philo, Marie           Drybread, McKinley            5-Feb-21   Y447

Phipp, C.E.            Stewart, Rosa             17 Apr 1899    H071

Phipps, Anna M.        Hovey, J.F.                  22-May-01   H596

Phipps, Emma J.        Ecclefield, Frank            23-May-01   H597

Phipps, Ethel          Barrett, John                22-Jun-11   O212

Phipps, Frances        Shultz, William T.S.      30 Oct 1885    C328

Phipps, Gertie M.      Meairs, Charles A.                       R608

Phipps, Glen Charles   Furnish, Clarabelle           7-Mar-21   Y509

Phipps, Goldie         Troutman, George H.          20-Jun-08   L447

Phipps, Ida Ora        Ferguson, Melvin              1-Nov-19   W568

Phipps, Lela           Geary, Nelson                21-Sep-19   W454

Phipps, Miles A.       Hicks, Bertha Lee            21-Sep-19   W448

Phipps, Millicent GenerBissell, Harry Otis          19-Dec-09   M565

Phoebus, Katie Mae     Hubbard, Floyd G.            14-Jan-15   R326

Phoenix, Earl W.       Smith, Hazel E.              28-Nov-20   Y305

Phythian, Charles T.   Stephens, Laurie          10 Jun 1890    E152

Piatt, Elmer           Crane, Marie                 26-Nov-03   J094

Piatt, Elmer J.        Garrett, Fawn Boyden         25-Aug-09   M389

Piatt, George S.       Owen, Francis G.                         R427

Piatt, Hazel           Loveland, Homer D.           26-Sep-11   O343

Piatt, Mabel L.        Fares, J.E.                   5-Oct-19   W438

Piatt, William         Barker, Maude                            R529

Picard, Celia          Brown, James T.              23-Nov-10   N469

Picaro, Rock           Sink, Anna                   18-May-10   N144

Picken, Thomas F.      Parkinson, Teressa A.        12-Aug-03   I628

Pickens, Homer         Sims, Delpha                             T051

Pickens, J.W.          Vulgamore, Bessie             8-Nov-13   Q415

Pickens, James Floyd   Chellew, Alice Genevieve     27-Jul-17   T530

Pickens, Levi          Miller, Nancy A.          25 Mar 1872    A033

Pickens, Orson         Brown, Etta               26 Feb 1881    B140

Pickerel, William L.   Webb, Julia Ellen            20-Aug-18   V332

Pickerell, Edna        Hogue, William H.            15-Jun-18   V220

Pickerell, Lou         Pickerell, W.L.           05 Apr 1895    F519

Pickerell, W.L.        Pickerell, Lou            05 Apr 1895    F519

Pickerill, Ida         Cline, Cecil                 16-Apr-21   Y580

Pickering, Charley     Mountz, Maude                23-Oct-20   Y217

Pickering, Ira         Loughmiller, Pearl           26-Dec-14   R303

Pickering, J.W.        Pickering, Nina               1-May-22   Z741

Pickering, Nina        Pickering, J.W.               1-May-22   Z741

Pickering, Rachael     Chance, Sylvester                        R467

Pickering, Ruth        Schmoe, Floyd W.             17-Aug-19   W359

Pickett, B.W.          Summers, Rhoda            11 Sep 1895    F591

Pickett, Daniel S.     Nichols, Sarah L.             1-Jan-19   V546

Pickett, Ernest J.     Staley, Mabel G.             16-Sep-14   R131

Pickett, Frank P.      Preisser, Rose J.            26-Aug-02   I331

Pickett, H.            Curry, Hattie                29-Aug-20   Y059

Pickett, Nathan C.     Cox, Hattie J.               24-Jul-01   I005

Pickett, Newton        Reed, Louisa A.               4-Jul-11   O238

Pickett, Rachael Grace Thompson, Oscar Allen                    R593

Pickins, Emma          Howell, James C.             25-Nov-18   V496

Pickrel, Ella          Grady, Edward             15 Nov 1874    A141

Pickrell, G.E.         Cloyd, I.M.                  27-May-14   R007

Pickrell, J.M.         Tobias, Dessie May           26-Dec-11   P038

Pickrell, J.T.         Locke, L.C. (Mrs.)           12-Dec-17   U336

Pickrell, Laura M.     Howerton, Earl A.            29-Oct-12   P487

Piel, Bertha H.        Allen, James M.                          S606

Piel, Joseph M.        Near, Beatrice Eleanor       19-Mar-21   Y531

Piele, Clara           Lamphere, Elbert T.       27 Nov 1890    E255

Piele, Herman F.H.     Poe, Alfarata             17 Oct 1894    F419

Piellusch, Louise      Fisher, Albert W.             7-Jun-11   O176

Pielsticker, F.A.      Brennan, Mary Ida            12-Jul-19   W279

Pieper, Will           Lindsley, Edith Evelyn       12-Sep-11   O319

Pieratt, A.M.          Harmon, Flora Anna            2-Feb-19   V589

Pieratt, Estelle       Crary, John                   8-Aug-18   V312

Pierce, A.S.           Aley, Emma Fae            23 Nov 1898    G618

Pierce, Annie          Hittle, Peter                30-Jan-13   Q010

Pierce, Arthur         Skihing, Grace               15-Aug-21   Z211

Pierce, B.H.           Beal, Nora K.             09 Dec 1896    G202

Pierce, Belle          Crawford, G.A.                           T227

Pierce, Belle          Haney, Charles               20-Aug-17   T586

Pierce, C.C.           Sigler, Eva                  21-Jan-09   M112

Pierce, C.E.           Cunningham, Sarah Winifr      4-Apr-19   W044

Pierce, Callie         Gunn, Roy                    27-Nov-09   M542

Pierce, Carl E.        Smitdz, Mary                 29-Jul-17   T533

Pierce, Clark          Suggs, Myrte(tle)            20-Jul-07   L057

Pierce, Clyde H.       Jennings, Della                          T137

Pierce, Cora           Cupps, Lawrence C.        05 Mar 1896    G059

Pierce, Dora           McGown, George Q.         20 Aug 1888    D365

Pierce, Edwin Paul     Berry, Mary June             21-Sep-19   W460

Pierce, Effie          Jones, Reed                   9-Jan-22   Z544

Pierce, Eva            Reon, A.P.                   30-Mar-10   N078

Pierce, Eva St. Clair  Root, Charles F.                         J567

Pierce, Evalina St. ClaRoot, Charles F.              8-Dec-05   K132

Pierce, Flora          Webb, J.W.                   22-Aug-05   K019

Pierce, Fred A.        Heller, Edith Pearl          21-May-13   Q151

Pierce, Glen E.        Harris, Mary                 31-May-17   T395

Pierce, Grace Clara    Rockefeller, G.H.            20-Sep-11   O329

Pierce, Ida C.         Sims, Leslie                 29-Jan-06   K188

Pierce, J.R.           Spurrier, Addie           20 Aug 1887    D084

Pierce, James H.       Meinke, Clara M.             26-Dec-10   N522

Pierce, James M.       Salmon, Jennie               10-Oct-17   U069

Pierce, Jesse D.       Brierly, Katherine M.         5-Jun-06   K287

Pierce, John           Massey, Margaret T.          30-Sep-14   R169

Pierce, John M.        Coudell, Florence E.         22-Feb-20   X216

Pierce, Josepine       McVicker, Carl               13-Apr-18   V093

Pierce, L.C.           Miller, Dora                 22-Sep-07   L130

Pierce, L.D.           Taylor, Edna E.                          S229

Pierce, Laura E.       Howell, Orion E.             23-Dec-03   J119

Pierce, Lena           Hoppe, E.F.                  25-Jul-11   O258

Pierce, Lizzie         Michel, Anthony              20-Jun-18   V235

Pierce, Lulia          Heath, George                26-Aug-18   V351

Pierce, Mabel A.       Toler, Matt F.            23 Jul 1890    E173

Pierce, Maggie         Mingle, H.C.                             S104

Pierce, Marguerite HillRhodes, Elmer R.             15-Jun-21   Z045

Pierce, Marie R.       Livingston, L. Lyle          20-Jun-07   L027

Pierce, Mary           O'Brien, John D.             20-Aug-02   I325

Pierce, Mary E.        Raner, James M.              25-Sep-09   M447

Pierce, Maude A.       Huffman, B.G.                 6-May-22   Z276

Pierce, Minnie         Cunningham, Clarence          5-Oct-18   V430

Pierce, Minnie Belle   Youmans, Emory V.            30-Jul-05   K002

Pierce, Nora           Cure, Lawrence A.            16-Apr-01   H559

Pierce, Odie           Swart, Ruby May              20-Apr-22   Z720

Pierce, Samuel T.      Lillie, Lizzie Bell          17-Aug-12   P375

Pierce, Samuel T.      Winesberry, Marie            11-Jul-17   T499

Pierce, W.C.           Moore, Hannah                27-Nov-02   I412

Pierce, Weston E.      Kinsman, Mildred C.       26 Jan 1888    D206

Pierce, William E.     Millison, Flora           12 May 1897    G298

Pierce, William R.     Barrett, Ethel                3-Apr-20   X304

Piercefield, Elizabeth Wood, Irvin I.                           T240

Piercy, Floy           Plunkett, Wesley                         T297

Piercy, Nellie         Potter, Robert N.            23-Feb-07   K557

Pierecy, E.L.          Marlow, Grace                 8-Sep-21   Z268

Pierpont, Elizabeth    Early, A.                 28 Aug 1899    H146

Pierpont, Harriet      Lull, P.F.                28 Aug 1878    A356

Pierpont, J.S.         Jaques, Alice (Mrs.)      15 Oct 1898    G591

Pierpont, Maud         Cottrell, George              2-May-00   H314

Pierpont, May          Shellenberger, Grant         27-Apr-12   P210

Pierpont, W.H.         Lillard, Jessie              22-Sep-04   J354

Pierrepont, Charles G. Pinkley, Frances M.       31 May 1894    F360

Pierrepont, Lois H.    Strange, Bryan W.J.          17-Nov-18   V486

Piersol, Constance ElsiWest, Walter Andrew           8-Oct-19   W506

Pierson, Alice D.      Franklin, Marshall           15-Feb-11   O019

Pierson, Charles W.    Ross, Hortense               15-Mar-19   W023

Pierson, Clifford A.   Bobbitt, M.V.                 9-Dec-11   P011

Pierson, E.S.          Evans, Edith May              6-Jan-20   X113

Pierson, Edwin K.      Coggins, Carrie              15-May-20   X406

Pierson, Frank H.      Seymour, Leora B.         06 Dec 1887    D172

Pierson, George        Finger, Flora                18-Mar-08   L341

Pierson, Martha J.     Robey, W.H.               10 Jul 1888    D339

Pierson, O.A.          Haning, Sadie                29-Jun-04   J279

Pierson, R.M. (Mrs.)   Ray, Alfred               20 Jul 1892    E583

Pietschuer, Friedreche Rathburn, Charles            13-Aug-02   I325

Pietz, Mary            Lubbers, Henry               13-Oct-08   L575

Pigg, Edna             Henderson, Harry F.           8-Jul-06   K321

Pigg, George L.        Edgar, Hattie (Mrs.)      02 Jul 1892    E574

Pigg, James M.         Crum, Virginia G.            17-Apr-06   K246

Pigg, Julia            Hughbanks, Alfred M.         20-Sep-09   M437

Pigg, Mabel M.         Turner, Orville H.           12-Jun-19   W203

Piggott, Edward S.     Gardner, Mary                20-May-10   N147

Piitz, Anna Maria      Wolke, Benjamin (Bernard  24 Jun 1891    E345

Pike, Annie M.         Shank, Keron L.           15 Jan 1891    E287

Pike, Archie G.        Jones, Moyne L.              29-Dec-17   U415

Pike, Austin           Hyatt, Bertha                31-Dec-07   L268

Pike, Carol E.         Morris, Daisy                17-Jan-18   U488

Pike, Charles          Stover, Sarah                11-Jun-02   I270

Pike, Edwin E.         Parsons, Nora A.             26-Jul-14   R073

Pike, Ethel            Utz, R.L.                     8-Nov-11   O403

Pike, Eula             Randolph, Francis E.         16-Aug-13   Q277

Pike, Frank            Ruby, Lettie              20 Dec 1886    C556

Pike, Freda(eeda) BeatrTurner, James Albert          2-Jun-12   P255

Pike, George           Flint, Janie(nnie)        04 Sep 1897    G349

Pike, Helena Emma (Mrs)Fletcher, Gus                19-Feb-13   Q035

Pike, Herbert M.       Collier, Vera Maude          27-Apr-18   V116

Pike, Jane B.          Bradbury, C.V.            25 Feb 1889    D498

Pike, John C.          Kirkpatrick, Ernestine    01 Jul 1899    H118

Pike, Lavine E.        Stone, Hosea              28 Aug 1878    A348

Pike, Lee              Matzen, Marie K.              5-Sep-09   M406

Pike, Lottie           Misener, Harry C.         18 Sep 1892    E612

Pike, Louis A.         Stacey, Ruth                 23-Feb-19   V625

Pike, Luethet          Troxel, Claud                10-Feb-15   R354

Pike, Mabel            Engel, Elmer                 31-Mar-15   R404

Pike, Marion           Mummert, Alous            29 Jan 1898    G451

Pike, Mary E.          Neal, Daniel W.           15 May 1893    F136

Pike, Maud             Cox, T.T.                 22 Sep 1897    G363

Pike, William          Boulware, Elizabeth          22-Aug-11   O293

Pike, William          Bowlware, Elizabeth          22-Aug-11   O293

Pike, William          Harvey, Bertha L.         09 Sep 1893    F195

Pike, William          Langer, Lena                 19-Apr-10   N100

Piland, S.T.           Staats, Ethel May             2-Aug-10   N264

Pilant, Ida            Fitzmorris, J.W.          08 Jun 1899    H104

Pilcher, Effie         Armstrong, Milton            18-Feb-20   X207

Pilcher, F.H.          Page, Clara Belle            22-Apr-04   J218

Pilcher, L.J.          Clark, Rose Edith             3-Dec-17   U303

Pilcher, N.O.          Bales, M.M.                   1-Jul-03   I593

Pile, Edna M.          Martin, G.W.              30 Jun 1888    D332

Pile, G.N.             Wakefield, Bettie (Mrs)   03 Jul 1898    G534

Pile, George           Stamback, Ellen              14-Mar-09   M179

Pilkington, John       Earle, Lolah                 11-Dec-19   X030

Pilkington, L.R.       Hunt, Gertrude Fern          12-Dec-21   Z478

Pilliar, William EdwardHurst, Mabelle Charlotte     20-Jun-08   L446

Pillows, Mae           Seward, Harry                18-Mar-20   X264

Pillsbury, Ross CavernoBradley, Bertha Inez         22-Mar-18   V048

Pim, James E.          Colvin, Jessie M.         02 Nov 1891    E414

Pimintel, John         Ray, Alice                   11-Aug-17   T567

Pimlott, Louie M.      Foltz, Dan S.                 1-Oct-03   J039

Pina, Victor           Flores, Victoria              3-Oct-17   U037

Pinaire, Elizabeth J.  Gettelfinger, Henry P. (      7-Feb-10   N007

Pinaire, Harvey F.     Hodge, Cecil                  7-Sep-08   L553

Pinaire, Henry A.      Stiles, Mary Edna             8-Jan-08   L274

Pinckly, Virgil EllsworRoe, Blanche Elsie            4-Jul-13   Q227

Pinckney, DeWitt C.    George, Annie             15 Dec 1898    G633

Pine, Edna Grace       Asher, Vivion Leon           12-Dec-20   Y329

Pine, Fannie           Eyman, William               10-Sep-11   O318

Pine, James W.         McDow, Pearl                 15-Dec-09   M559

Pine, L.D.             Kinkead, Hazel                           T092

Pine, Lillian E.       McAdams, Morgan B.            8-Aug-14   R087

Pine, Minnie           Batterson, William            8-Aug-11   O275

Pine, Nancy Viola      Asher, Roy D.                12-Dec-20   Y328

Pine, Nettie           Marshall, Burt               19-Feb-07   K552

Pine, T.E.             Parks, Sarah                             D441

Pine, T.E.             Parks, Sarah              29 Nov 1888    D444

Pingrey, Madeline      Leighton, Vear               23-Aug-19   W383

Pink, Marie            Crist, Art                   15-May-13   Q143

Pinkard, William       Powell, Julia             01 Jun 1892    E556

Pinkerton, Addie       Bellew, George                8-Jul-14   R062

Pinkerton, E.V.        Lant, Della               02 Feb 1898    G455

Pinkerton, Earl        Hornbeek, Geneva              7-Jul-12   P327

Pinkerton, Gladys M.   Linnen, William G.           24-Sep-19   W469

Pinkerton, Lola M.     Moore, James P.              23-Dec-18   V528

Pinkham, Catharine F. (Smith, Edwin H.           26 Jan 1891    E291

Pinkley, Frances M.    Pierrepont, Charles G.    31 May 1894    F360

Pinkston, C.E.         Keever, Maggie (Mrs.)     11 Jan 1899    H023

Pinkston, Edgar R.     Reynolds, Mabel               5-Nov-02   I398

Pinkston, Granville A. Rogers, Daisy Luella          7-Jun-03   I573

Pinkston, Levi         Houghton, Eythelene       08 Nov 1894    F433

Pinkston, W.H.         Foushee, M.M.                16-Jan-12   P067

Pinkston, Willard D.   Land, Olis                   17-May-21   Y640

Pinney, Olga           Kelley, B.L.                 10-Nov-19   W594

Pinney, R.O.           Lambdin, Nell                 5-Jun-18   V194

Pinnick, Harry W.      Bradshaw, Adeliene R.        26-Jan-10   M631

Pinnick, Matilda F.    Conroy, Martin            16 Jun 1877    A273

Pinsker, Vera          Goldensteren, Joe            23-Feb-18   U582

Pinson, E. Rex         Neal, Vivian Aneita          14-Sep-21   Z273

Pinson, Joseph         Miller, Lizzie            07 Apr 1886    C420

Pinson, Joseph Wayne   Cudworth, Amy Viola           7-Jan-15   R317

Pinson, O.W.           Prock, Bess                  15-Oct-12   P463

Pinson, Ruth           Palmer, Thomas C.            26-Aug-10   N297

Piper, Alma            Snelbaker, Kelly             23-May-00   H327

Piper, Amanda          Newby, J.T.                   9-Feb-12   P099

Piper, E.D.            Brower, Bell              17 Nov 1877    A298

Piper, E.E.            Smith, Sadie (Mrs.)          27-Oct-01   I066

Piper, Eliza S.        Gifford, Joseph B.        20 May 1874    A120

Piper, Ellen           Brown, J.J.                   1-Jul-18   V255

Piper, Esther          Voyd, O.M.                    6-May-12   P226

Piper, Eudora          Rugan, Charles            27 Apr 1892    E537

Piper, Frank           McCullough, S.P.             23-Jul-02   I305

Piper, Harry Lesley    Roberts, Nellie(elle)     26 Jun 1892    E570

Piper, Hazel Kirk      Morris, John C.               3-May-01   H580

Piper, J.W.            Harris, May                  11-Sep-09   M419

Piper, James P.        Devore, Mary C.           08 Nov 1876    A232

Piper, Jessie Earle    Entriken, E.E.                1-Jul-11   O234

Piper, John Ray        Leiter, Arline Island        12-Jun-20   X485

Piper, Laura           Sohn, Jacob               01 Jan 1884    C025

Piper, Lillie Isabella Dexter, William           16 Dec 1885    C359

Piper, Mary Frances    Salmon, Glenn Marshall       23-Nov-14   R248

Piper, Maude           King, Willis A.           01 Jan 1877    A245

Piper, Nellie E.       Schopf, Harry H.              9-Feb-02   I175

Piper, Orpha May       Scott, Henry V.(U.)          18-Jul-07   L054

Piper, Ray             Doyle, Anna                  21-Oct-09   M481

Piper, W.B.            Williams, Isabelle           21-Jul-02   I303

Piper, W.F.            Witt, Lillie                 21-May-20   X417

Piper, W.R.            Miller, Bertha               29-Mar-13   Q084

Piper, W.S.            Clark, Nannie R.              3-Jul-04   J283

Piper, Ward B.         Blossom, J. Edna          26 Sep 1883    B411

Piper, William         Peyton, Dollie               10-Mar-10   N050

Piper, William L.      Trobaugh, Ocsa A.             1-Dec-09   M548

Piper, William L.      Wolfenberger, Margret         3-Sep-03   J004

Pipkin, Alice L.       Southwick, Charles L.     28 Sep 1882    B305

Pipkin, Anna           Yarberry, Oliver          09 Nov 1896    G183

Pipkin, Evert Earnest  Sutton, Edith Genize                     R552

Pipkin, Henry N.       Coner, Paris                 16-Dec-17   U348

Pipkin, Jonas R.       Dauson, Mary P.           26 Sep 1880    B095

Pipkin, Louisa         Yarbary, William          28 Mar 1897    G274

Pipkin, Mary L.        Wykoff, Theodore B.       25 Sep 1879    A450

Pipkin, Minnie Mae     Shea, John Howard             8-Apr-11   O090

Pipkin, Noah L.        Woolf, Hattie G.              6-Nov-10   N431

Pipkin, Oscar S.       Garnett, Daisy               14-Feb-07   K546

Pipkin, Robert D.      Loomis, Laura                28-Oct-02   I389

Pirce, Mabel           Miller, Harvey                           V118

Pirl, Ara Viola        Stiver, Marshall Harvey      23-Jun-06   K300

Pirl, Charley W.       Wilson, Jessie               13-Dec-06   K478

Pirtell, J.R.          Noller, C.R.                  8-Jun-02   I265

Pirtle, Cecil L.       Spencer, Osie                16-Jan-20   X135

Pirtle, E.B.           Handy, M. Ella               23-May-06   K275

Pirtle, Eva Willmurth  Ericsson, John G.            19-Jan-10   M626

Pirtle, Hallie M.      Moran, John J.                           T298

Pirtle, Harriet        Earp, George W.               1-Aug-09   M361

Pirtle, M. Ella        Adams, Joseph R.             25-Nov-18   V497

Pirtle, M.E.           Pearce, Grace                 3-Jun-12   P261

Pirtle, Thomas A.      Esley, Ina                   25-Feb-11   O031

Pirtle, William M.     Hutchison, Myra J.            3-Sep-01   I034

Pischke, Emma          Gilbert, Claude V.            7-Nov-10   N435

Pisell, Edna A.        Baldwin, Walter C.           20-Apr-03   I532

Pitacek, Josie         Somer, James A.           28 Sep 1898    G576

Pitcher, E.L.          Jacob, William J.         03 Jan 1889    D471

Pitcher, Francis M.    Armstrong, Elma E.           23-Oct-07   L179

Pitcher, J.F.          Hendron, Louisa              29-Aug-12   P390

Pitcher, James         Champy(ney), Allie        22 Jan 1897    G241

Pitcher, Mamie         Haase, Ernest                 4-Sep-19   W414

Pitcher, Marjorie W.   Freeman, Wallace W.          22-Mar-19   W033

Pitcher, Maud          Miller, Isaac                 1-Oct-13   Q351

Pitchford, Lottie      Dysart, Samuel J.            14-Oct-01   I078

Pitman, Esther A.      Jewett, George A.         03 Apr 1873    A067

Pitman, Frankie        Kerbaugh, Asbury B.       02 Jan 1891    E278

Pitman, Leota          Riege, Fred                  10-Sep-09   M417

Pitman, Mary           Warner, E.M.              11 Jul 1887    D058

Pitser, Nora           Moore, J.W.                  20-Jan-14   Q510

Pitt, Alexander        Wilson, Janet                24-Nov-10   N463

Pitt, Edith            Windhorst, H.F.              29-Jan-07   K529

Pitt, Jessie J.        Shinn, Theodore B.            4-Sep-06   K362

Pitt, Marion           Mau, Carl F.                 28-Feb-19   V639

Pitt, Minnie           Sargent, Hugh                31-Jul-21   Z169

Pittenger, Charles E.  Dorman, Anna                  6-Feb-00   H267

Pittenger, Clara Edith Rosenstiel, Frank W.         15-Dec-03   J109

Pittenger, George A.   Barens, Ella              02 Nov 1887    D148

Pittenger, Josie       Stanley, A.F.             06 Nov 1879    B001

Pittenger, Oliver M.   Nall, Susan W.            26 Nov 1889    E024

Pittenger, W.A.        Engel, Bernice M.            17-Aug-04   J319

Pittenger, W.A.        Engle, Bernice M.            17-Aug-04   J319

Pittet, Mary           Rief, Sievert                19-Jan-06   K180

Pittinger, Flora E.    Montgomery, F.B.             18-Feb-04   J167

Pittman, Agnes         Taylor, H.J.                  3-Jan-21   Y397

Pittman, Frankie       Capps, Bennett            12 Aug 1887    D081

Pittman, George A.     Hays, Flora               27 Dec 1896    G219

Pittman, Harvey S.     Ruter, Minnie             10 Oct 1895    F609

Pittman, Juanita       Olds, Ray                    25-Jan-19   V579

Pittman, Laura E.      Baxter, Walter S.         22 Feb 1898    G467

Pittman, Marcia C.     Tomson, P.S.                  2-Aug-09   M365

Pittman, Maude         Blair, Alva L.                           T165

Pittman, Pauline       Daiges, Charles              17-Nov-21   Z430

Pitts, Cora A.         Huff, Will J.             26 Aug 1885    C294

Pitts, Earl T.         DeShurley, Ethel                         T368

Pitts, Etta            Coleman, P.J.                23-Jan-06   K184

Pitts, Etta            Oatman, Harry                14-Sep-10   N331

Pitts, Iona Vercella   Ruddell, Harry Livingsto      6-May-20   X378

Pitts, John C.         Grasser, Edith A.             1-Sep-09   M398

Pitts, Mary            Kenner, Warren M.             4-Apr-10   N083

Pitts, Noble W.        Stoker, Maude M.             26-Oct-06   K423

Pitts, O.B.            Davis, Ruth Essie            21-Feb-00   H275

Pitts, Olin            Shannon, Grace               11-Feb-22   Z599

Pitts, Robert          Perkins, Lucinda             14-Jun-11   O197

Pitts, Thomas O.       Herbert, Alice               30-Sep-01   I057

Pitts, Vercia          Cox, Carson W.               21-Dec-05   K144

Pitts, Versa           Frisco, Oak Francis          26-Jun-20   X536

Pitts, Vollie W.       Richards, Gladys              2-Sep-20   Y076

Pitts, Walter B.       Bailey, Althea E.            14-Jun-19   W215

Pitts, William RichmondBattin, Alice Oldham          4-Jan-11   N539

Pittsenberger, John R. Copeland, Ellen           06 Oct 1889    D621

Pitz, Anna Maria       Walke, Benjamin (Bernard  24 Jun 1891    E345

Pitzer, Zianah         Davis, Alexander          15 Apr 1874    A114

Pixler, Ernest Claude  Duncan, Martha                           S174

Pixley, Bliss N.       VanHorn, Mamie Elsie          5-Jun-18   V192

Plaisted, Robert       Sexton, Jennie G.         19 Aug 1896    G135

Plank, Charles D.      Weaver, Allie             05 Jun 1881    B163

Plank, Claude          VanDorsten, Lora M.          16-Oct-06   K407

Plank, Samuel          Wagner, Helen             23 Mar 1879    A412

Plank, W. Jay          Hyde, Marguerite              3-Jun-13   Q173

Plant, Frank W.        Lawrance, Elma            26 Nov 1887    D168

Plant, Hilda I.        Cale, William H.             26-Nov-14   R260

Plastridge, C.A.       Luce, Minnie May                         S453

Platt, Albert H.       Harrison, Margaret J.     03 Mar 1887    C599

Platt, Albert H.       Rice, Nettie              19 Jun 1892    E565

Platt, Amy P.          Chestek, H.B.                23-Nov-21   Z452

Platt, Della Gilliland Condon, Dan C.                3-Jul-02   I289

Platt, Ena             Smith, L.W.                  15-Aug-20   Y026

Platt, Warren C.       McVicker, Pearl E.            2-Apr-19   W049

Platte, Joseph G.      Ernstman, Marie                          T334

Platter, Franklin K.   Dingman, Clara A.         13 Mar 1879    A408

Platter, Lemuel        Myers, Sarah Ann          09 Mar 1878    A319

Plattner, George       Clary, Maude              20 Sep 1891    E391

Plattner, Magdaleen    O'Bryan, G.E.                17-Sep-17   T630

Plattner, Magdalene    Cox, John E.                  1-Feb-21   Y449

Plaugher, Edith        Jenkins, Harry J.            16-Dec-18   V515

Plaugher, Jacob        Reeves, Frances              31-May-19   W175

Plaunty, Myrtle        Boswell, James               19-Nov-18   V488

Pleasant, Loel L.      Sparks, Maggie J.             2-Jul-21   Z106

Plesant, Ruby          Thompson, Hugh               22-Apr-18   V106

Pletcher, Ida          Byler, J.L.                  10-Oct-06   K403

Pletcher, Lorene       McAlexander, Frank D.         8-Feb-13   Q027

Pliler, Eliza Jane     Taylor, Sell George          24-Sep-02   I361

Plimmer, Harry         Jack, Anna                               R500

Ploeger, Minnie M.     Fisher, William               2-Sep-17   T608

Plomondon, Lily        Mongrain, C.E.               23-Oct-12   P476

Plotner, C.R.          White, Amanda J.          29 Mar 1899    H062

Plotner, Hazel T.      Rush, Morton B.              31-Dec-14   R311

Plowman, Frank T.      Bergman, Osie V.              3-Jun-08   L421

Plum, George           Haines, Carrie               11-Aug-03   I627

Plumb, Frank           Coxson, Mima              10 Apr 1888    D266

Plumer, Alvin          McIntire, Mabel              18-Jan-20   X104

Plumer, Maggie         Meredith, Richard         24 Sep 1879    A449

Plumer, Olive Marie    Brown, Frank H.              19-Sep-12   P423

Plumlee, Della M.      Blain, William E.             1-Feb-03   I476

Plumlee, Frank L.      Bottjer, Mary E.             27-Jun-06   K309

Plumlee, Hazel Dora    Warren, J.S.                 10-Jan-21   Y404

Plumleigh, Frank       Barnes, Cora                  3-Jan-18   U447

Plumley, Della M.      Cooper, A.B.                  6-Dec-04   J436

Plumley, Sarah J.      Knoffloch, Joseph         22 Dec 1891    E448

Plumley, W.            Bradfield, Lulu              15-Sep-04   J348

Plummer, Amelia        Rock, Edwin               25 Dec 1883    C018

Plummer, Anna R.       Currie, Earl W.              17-Sep-10   N335

Plummer, B.F.          Weaver, Alice                25-Jul-11   O260

Plummer, Chester A.    Jones, Edna                  16-Dec-08   M048

Plummer, David O.      Burns, Mabel                  4-Feb-22   Z592

Plummer, Elias         Plummer, Eliza (Mrs.)         3-Nov-00   H452

Plummer, Eliza (Mrs.)  Plummer, Elias                3-Nov-00   H452

Plummer, Ella Vira     Smith, Herbert N.            27-Jun-09   M319

Plummer, Erma C.       Long, Charles F.             10-May-09   M248

Plummer, Fred          Thompson, Rosa               14-Jun-11   O196

Plummer, Hugh          Smith, Georgia               21-Aug-06   K354

Plummer, Jack          Frye, Goldie                 21-Dec-17   U351

Plummer, Jesse S.      Thompson, Myrtle M.          21-Nov-12   P522

Plummer, Mary          Gilchrist, A.D.           13 Feb 1877    A252

Plummer, Niles         Bradfield, Estella            3-Apr-22   Z688

Plummer, Norma D.      Leggett, Warren G.        04 Feb 1888    D217

Plummer, Olive         Bacon, Charles Gordon        31-Jan-19   V590

Plummer, Rachel        Conner, Clarence                         T028

Plummer, Roy F.        Watson, Ivy J.               12-Sep-09   M419

Plummer, Ruth Evelyn   Wiseman, Alfred T.           16-May-18   V150

Plummer, Sarah J.      Hammer, Eli W.               27-Apr-06   K257

Plummer, W.W.          Tuttle, Lillie            05 Mar 1882    B249

Plunkett, Cora H.      Rider, A.E.                  17-May-02   I246

Plunkett, Ethlyn M.    Fristoe, Fred P.             13-Mar-20   X253

Plunkett, John W.      Emmons, Pearl                15-Jul-09   M346

Plunkett, Mary E.      Asbury, W.H.                  5-Jan-18   U455

Plunkett, Pearl Emmons Rexford, F.S.                 7-Jan-15   R316

Plunkett, Wesley       Piercy, Floy                             T297

Plutcher, Flossie      Smith, Emmett                27-Sep-20   Y142

Plymath, Oscar         Glass, Lovinia            20 Aug 1888    D362

Plymell, Maggie        McAdams, W.E.             07 Aug 1897    G334

Plymire, Myrtle        Royer, J.H.                  24-Dec-04   J449

Poage, R.B.            Weber, Maggie                            T372

Pocket, Emma           Noel, Peter               21 Nov 1889    E022

Pocock, Harold         Brickler, Vera                8-Sep-18   V382

Pocock, Lillie M.      Loomis, Dudley                7-Sep-02   I344

Pocock, Lola Gertrude  Steele, Roy F.               28-May-19   W165

Pocock, William L.     Smith, Philoma M.         20 Jan 1897    G238

Podilla, Ponlita       Borboa, Tircio S.             2-Nov-18   V469

Podschun, Fred         Fitz, Sophia                 28-Dec-19   X084

Poe, Alfarata          Piele, Herman F.H.        17 Oct 1894    F419

Poe, Allice            Clay, Henry A.            25 Dec 1884    C180

Poe, Bessie            Ashley, Floyd Earl            3-Feb-22   Z589

Poe, Cora O.           Peacock, W.E.                25-Nov-09   M529

Poe, Edna A.           Hale, Arthur E.                          R537

Poe, Electra           Smith, Murrice            01 Jan 1890    E054

Poe, Gladys Alfaretta  Padgett, Deo Austin           3-Dec-13   Q447

Poe, Ida J.            Elliott, William H.       07 Dec 1881    B215

Poe, John W.           Stover, Eva M.            08 Oct 1884    C186

Poe, Juanita           Clemons, C.J.                15-Dec-20   Y339

Poe, Madaline          Malmgren, Alfred              3-May-20   X372

Poe, Mary E.           Derry, Oliver P.          12 Dec 1877    A300

Poe, Odessa Maude      Miller, Roy                  30-Sep-05   K052

Poe, Roberta Ruth      Lomax, Lon P.                16-Oct-12   P464

Poe, Sarah A.          Coleman, William W.       27 Feb 1878    A314

Poe, Vivian Marie      Duguid, Ralph Orval                      T353

Poe, William Carson    Huber, Viola Marie           12-May-14   Q623

Poehner, Jennie        Hufford, Loron                           T201

Poehner, Maggie        Schoeppel, John A.        09 Feb 1891    E298

Poelman, Maggie        Rodgers, Bert                22-Nov-17   U248

Poelman, Mary          Hammersky, Anton J.                      R412

Poenisch, Charles B.   Francis, Hattie A.        08 Nov 1891    E417

Poenisch, Charles B.   Scott, Viola Blanch           7-Sep-09   M412

Poenisch, Laura        O'Keefe, John L.             21-Aug-01   I026

Poenisch, Oliver F.    Gise, Mabel                  23-Jul-08   L449

Poff, Manda            Brown, Harlow B.             26-Aug-11   O298

Poffenberger,William A.Fumerton, Pearl E.        20 Oct 1892    E639

Poffinbarger, Grace M. Harper, M.C.                 25-Dec-09   M590

Poggenburg, D.         Wortz, Mary               17 Jun 1879    A431

Pogue, Meda K.         Atkison, E.E.                14-Jun-18   V216

Pohlmann, Augusta      Wood, George C.           04 Jul 1887    D049

Pointer, Daniel        Schneider, Zella          16 Oct 1892    E636

Pointer, Ella          Tuders, J.W.                  5-Oct-03   J042

Pointer, Etta N.       Bonham, Lawrence L.           5-May-06   K264

Pointer, Nellie J.     Edwards, E.S.             14 Feb 1888    D223

Pointer, Nora          Smith, Clyde                 23-Apr-02   I227

Pointer, William W.    Dunn, Daisy D.                8-Mar-02   I195

Points, George         Pew, Laura                28 Oct 1886    C523

Polan, Link            Brown, Mary                  16-Mar-11   O054

Polan, Thomas          Bunck, Catherine                         R581

Poland, Agnes          Steinke, Hugo                12-Apr-04   J208

Poland, Catherine      Schulte, John Peter          27-Apr-08   L382

Poland, Clinton        Nielson, Maren            15 Aug 1889    D590

Poland, Elizabeth      Mitchell, Martin F.           1-Sep-08   L534

Poland, John L.        Hopkins, Mae                  7-Sep-18   V384

Poland, K.H.           Shirley, Ola                 24-Feb-15   R371

Poland, Mamie Margaret Jacobs, Francis Albert       29-Jan-04   J151

Poland, Martin V.      Link, Effie May              24-Dec-12   P590

Poland, Mildred E.     Snyder, Roy C.               20-Mar-12   P153

Poland, Napoleon       Rice, Mamie                   4-Dec-19   X019

Poland, Sarah CatherineNordquist, Gustavus       25 Oct 1883    B423

Poland, William        Wadley, O.A.                 25-Apr-14   Q605

Polaski, John          Eyer, Ida Mae                23-Aug-05   K022

Polhammer, Andrew S.   McKiernan, Margie J.         10-May-05   J568

Poline, Josh           Bleach, Rosa                  3-Dec-18   V506

Poling, John A.        Baker, Sarah                 17-Feb-06   K200

Polk, C.H.             Welch, Florence Opal          7-Oct-20   Y172

Polk, Jennie M.        Niederlander, Roy H.      13 Jun 1892    E561

Polk, O.J.             Gordon, Vada                 27-Nov-20   Y301

Polk, William A.       Smarsh, Mary A.           17 Sep 1874    A133

Pollack, Riley         Nolting, Julia Ann            8-Oct-06   K401

Pollan, Wash           Brown, Mattie                            T365

Polland, Grace         Sytsma, F.C.                  9-Sep-13   Q310

Polland, Jane          Masterson, Thomas         20 May 1884    C078

Pollard, Anna R.       Ives, Oran Fred              26-Oct-10   N432

Pollard, Charley       Ward, Francis                13-Apr-08   L366

Pollard, Dora          Coffman, John Albert         15-Jan-09   M102

Pollard, Edgar A.      Robenson, Leora V.           22-Aug-08   L527

Pollard, Evangeline    Williams, E.M.               14-Jun-00   H338

Pollard, Flora L.      Francis, Oscar N.            30-Dec-08   M070

Pollard, Frank G.      Wardrip, Emma Lucretia       13-Jun-01   H610

Pollard, Fred Lancing  Anderson, Rosella Charlo      6-May-03   I542

Pollard, Harvey D.     Shaeffer, Helen Louise                   Z765

Pollard, Helen Eugenia Hollingsworth, B.F.          26-Sep-00   H412

Pollard, James L.      Chambers, Ella (Mrs.)     01 Dec 1890    E256

Pollard, John W.       Moore, Addie                  7-Oct-03   J049

Pollard, Mary ErnestineParkinson,David Talbott      30-Jun-06   K313

Pollard, Rosa Lee      Kirksey, J.S.                            L316

Pollard, Seba Allice   Anderson, Charles J.         29-Aug-01   I030

Pollard, Vena          Wallace, Charles C.          27-Jan-14   Q517

Pollard, W.F.          Dunsworth, Lulu              20-Jun-03   I584

Pollard, W.F.          Dunworth, Lulu               20-Jun-03   I584

Polley, Hazel May      Lynn, Frank Leonard           6-Jan-14   Q496

Pollitt, Margaret J.   Webb, Job                 15 Mar 1885    C224

Pollock, Alice         Oldfield, Henry S.        25 Jul 1888    D348

Pollock, Caddie Irene  Tingley, A.F.                30-Aug-03   J004

Pollock, Cloral J.     Gooch, Alta                              S064

Pollock, Cloral J.     Weiss, Mary E.               27-Oct-12   P471

Pollock, J.W.          Bones, Lottie                 4-Jul-02   I290

Pollock, John          Mackey, Myrtle                5-Dec-03   J101

Pollock, Johnas T.     Martin, Rosa Lee          29 May 1889    D547

Pollock, Lloyd         May, Myrtle                   7-Jan-20   X117

Pollock, M.D.          Chadock, Viola                3-Mar-20   X231

Pollock, Mark          Bradshaw, Iona               21-Aug-18   V337

Pollock, Mark D.       McClain, Myrtle J.            1-Jul-02   I284

Pollock, Opal          Jansen, J.                    2-Dec-07   L222

Pollock, Pearl         Burns, E.J.                   1-Nov-17   U152

Pollock, R.J.          Tucker, Verna Z.              4-Jun-17   T419

Polly, Maude           Coffey, Alden                12-Jun-06   K291

Polsgrove, Mary        Arnold, J. Michael            4-Sep-11   O309

Polsley, Ruth          Kociemski, Joseph            10-Dec-20   Y328

Polson, Jewel O.       McDowell, L.E.               15-Sep-10   N334

Pomeroy, Charles Hart  Bowman, Mary                 18-Apr-04   J210

Pomeroy, Fred          Moore, Cora               08 Feb 1899    H039

Ponce, Elodia          Sanchez, Baleriano            8-Jul-10   N232

Ponce, O.F.            Wingate, Sadie W.         26 Aug 1896    G138

Pond, Douglas W.       Williams, Beatrice           26-Sep-10   N358

Pond, James W.         Mohr, Katie               04 Mar 1888    D239

Pond, Luanna (Mrs.)    Ross, Oliver G.           03 Nov 1875    A174

Pond, Marie L.         Grebe, Charles L.         11 Dec 1886    C549

Pond, Willard E.       Hudson, Emma I.              18-Jul-10   N247

Poniatowski, Wanda     Debowski, Lige               15-Mar-22   Z657

Pontius, Ada L.        Thorn, Edwin S.           29 Sep 1890    E207

Pontius, H.E.          Beebe, Eunice                24-Jun-03   I587

Ponton, Blanch A.      Miller, Frank W.             14-Nov-07   L201

Ponton, Marguerite     Samuels, Russell R.          31-Jul-14   R079

Pool, Elizabeth E.     Wilson, J. Albert            11-Jun-02   I266

Pool, Lillian R.       McClintock, Fred W.          15-Jul-03   I605

Pool, Nathanial        Slatter, Lillie Bell      24 Apr 1888    D279

Pool, Richard          Demaris, Lizzie (Mrs.)        7-Jun-00   H334

Poole, Alice A.        Long, William W.          23 May 1894    F356

Poole, Chester V.      Walter, Lucy E.               5-Dec-08   M034

Poole, Silas Frank     Brock, Matilda Lucinda       16-Jun-08   L440

Poor, Vincent C.       Rogers, Pearl E.             26-Aug-03   J001

Poore, Bessie MargueritKornstett, Clarence M.       21-Apr-22   Z722

Poorman, Edith Marie   Overstreet, Clyde E.          4-Apr-20   X299

Pope, Alfred           Allen, Anna               12 Mar 1888    D246

Pope, Anna E.          Magill, Edward S.         13 May 1879    A425

Pope, Anne             Tucker, W.R.              12 Jun 1878    A337

Pope, Charles R.       Moser, Winona             24 Dec 1879    B019

Pope, Gracie           Wood, Wallace A.          15 Mar 1882    B253

Pope, Ida M.           Marley, H.G.              05 Nov 1886    C526

Pope, Jennie V.        Bain, James W.               18-May-08   L404

Pope, Laura V.         Gardiner, George H.       28 Jun 1876    A210

Pope, Lenia            Brooks, E.L.                 23-Oct-19   W547

Pope, M.H.             Rosenberger, Lona M.      06 Jan 1898    G439

Pope, Mary E.          Meredith, George B.          22-Jun-04   J270

Pope, S.L.             Harper, Julia             25 Dec 1888    D463

Pope, Sophia D.        Day, John W.              17 Apr 1880    B061

Pope, William          Cox, Mora F.                  1-Jan-18   U435

Pope, Willis L.        Bagsley, Bessie G.            3-Jun-18   V188

Pope, Winona Esther    Briggs, William A.           12-Jan-04   J137

Popham, Harry C.       Grove, Ella M.            22 Dec 1891    E449

Popkess, Raymond AlfredBentley, Mildred Deam        18-Sep-12   P418

Popp, Albert           Gerdes, Rebecca           05 Mar 1898    G470

Popp, John             Mills, Bessie M.              3-Apr-06   K236

Popp, Louis            Ogden, Pauline               10-Jul-21   Z124

Popp, Oneda            Daley, Leeland C.            31-Jul-21   Z172

Popp, W.J.             Culver, Lenore M.            29-Jul-21   Z167

Poppleton, Charles C.  Shepard, Nannie              11-Oct-00   H430

Poppleton, Elver L.    Hoppis, Pearl                 7-May-18   V134

Porch, George          Bone, Mary E.             22 Mar 1874    A111

Porch, William Harry   McSween, Clara Herimone Dorothy          S582

Portell, Josepine      Thompson, T.J.                6-Sep-18   V376

Portens, Alice         Woodman, Edward S.        22 Apr 1884    C071

Porter, A.L.           Richardson, M. Katheryn       8-Apr-08   L360

Porter, Alice          Boyd, J.W.                26 Feb 1884    C041

Porter, Alice E.       James, George W.          16 Oct 1889    D634

Porter, Anna E.        Youel, Alvin                 14-Feb-06   K197

Porter, Bert           Voss, Beulah                 29-Dec-09   M596

Porter, Buna           Patton, S.A.                  6-May-13   Q131

Porter, C.K.           King, Meacy A.            25 Sep 1879    A450

Porter, Carrie Bell    Wilbur, Gwynn Wesley         14-Feb-12   P103

Porter, Charles        Hays, Nora                27 Jan 1897    G244

Porter, Charles H.     Richardson, Effie                        T143

Porter, Claudia M.     Shifflet, Bert Lee            7-Sep-04   J336

Porter, Cora M.        Morris, Clifford             20-Mar-02   I204

Porter, D.             Shepard, E.M. (Mrs.)      28 Apr 1898    G496

Porter, David Forest   Parsons, Elizabeth Jennie                E398

Porter, Earl           Summers, Rosy                 7-Jan-18   U457

Porter, Edith          Wisner, Grover C.            19-Jan-10   M625

Porter, Edith M.       Hatfield, M.P.            14 May 1896    G091

Porter, Edward M.      Jorgensen, Mamie H.           9-Dec-08   M039

Porter, Effie Elvira   Jamieson, James M.        30 Mar 1892    E521

Porter, Elizabeth A.   Hobbs, Abraham L.         04 Oct 1893    F219

Porter, Eugene         Martin, Alice                23-Dec-19   X066

Porter, Eva M.         Grimsley, T.P.            04 Nov 1897    G399

Porter, Evangelyne     Smith, Roscoe R.             19-Aug-05   K018

Porter, Fletcher       Whipple, Gallarn             16-Apr-21   Y583

Porter, Flora A.       Batch, Franklin              15-Oct-12   P461

Porter, Flora Belle    Enyeart, Orvie M.            18-Oct-11   O372

Porter, Francis M.     Bear, Amanda E.               4-Apr-11   O081

Porter, Frank          Wren, Maude R.                1-Mar-03   I496

Porter, Frank L.       Parker, Fannie I.            27-Jun-05   J610

Porter, Glenn          Bray, Channe                             S426

Porter, Grace M.       Kinney, Jacob             30 Mar 1898    G485

Porter, H.W.           Silvery, Sarah            07 Apr 1880    B066

Porter, Harvey G.      Morris, Grace A.             12-Jul-04   J290

Porter, Hazel          Clomann, Reuben               9-Nov-12   P505

Porter, Hazel          Coleman, Reuben               9-Nov-12   P505

Porter, Hazel          Dougherty, J.H.              20-May-20   X412

Porter, Hazel          Perry, Bennie H.             25-Jan-22   Z575

Porter, Helen          Youngmeyer, Earl             14-May-21   Y637

Porter, Iona           Helena, William C.        06 Feb 1894    F309

Porter, J. William     Turner, Irene                 8-Mar-09   M173

Porter, John           Anderson, Alice                          T273

Porter, John A.        Manion, Vida R.              20-Aug-19   W366

Porter, John L.        Deel, Minnie              28 Jan 1892    E486

Porter, John T.        Reed, Mary                   16-Oct-04   J379

Porter, Joseph C.      Dobbin, Alice E.             29-Dec-10   N531

Porter, L.G.           Perkins, R.V.                30-Jan-22   Z579

Porter, L.M.           Walker, Margaret             30-Mar-14   Q578

Porter, Lena           Whitmore, Lowell          27 Nov 1890    E253

Porter, Leota B.       Allen, J.L.                  24-Jan-12   P077

Porter, Lillia         Galloway, Charles A.          9-Aug-13   Q272

Porter, Lou C.         Kent, Amos M.             05 Sep 1888    D378

Porter, Lulu(la) A.    Barnett, Frank E.            17-Dec-03   J113

Porter, Lydia A.       Champlin, Jay             19 Mar 1885    C228

Porter, M.A.           Stalheber, George                        R462

Porter, Marie          Lyon, Taylor                 15-May-07   K630

Porter, Martha R.      Reiley, Isaac             07 Feb 1888    D216

Porter, Mary           Stebbins, Fred                8-Aug-14   R081

Porter, Mary Lee       Karsey, Harry                 2-Dec-21   Z461

Porter, Maud           Vance, J.                 06 Sep 1888    D381

Porter, Maude L.       Copeland, Ralph E.           11-Aug-08   L510

Porter, Milton C.      Trobaugh, Elen            25 Jun 1884    C091

Porter, Myrtle         Conner, William U.           30-May-05   J582

Porter, Myrtle         Wills, John T.                9-Jun-21   Z026

Porter, Nellie         Moreland, Carl               28-Oct-09   M503

Porter, Olive Marie    Kissick, R. Dewey            29-Aug-17   T598

Porter, Robert E.      Clark, Edith E.              20-Nov-05   K114

Porter, Roxie Alma     Dobbin, Thomas Miller         3-Jun-09   M279

Porter, Samuel Leroy   Reynolds, Nina May                       S525

Porter, Theodore       Bramhaw, Zedna                           T136

Porter, W.M.           Parker, Jennie            11 Nov 1887    D154

Porter, Walter G.      Henderson, Nellie May         5-Mar-03   I501

Porterfield, Ammy      Goodrick, Porter             17-Mar-20   X261

Porterfield, L. Carl   McColgin, Benlia                         S397

Porterfield, L.E.      Nichols, Mabel L.            12-Mar-02   I198

Porterfield, Leander J.White, Daisy                 12-Sep-07   L118

Porterfield, Leonadus CBell, Olive M.               27-Jun-11   O218

Porterfield, Leonadus CLewis, Anna                  21-Dec-04   J447

Porterfield, Samuel S. Scott, Belle              02 Feb 1892    E489

Portwood, Clarence E.  Gould, Naoma                 22-Nov-13   Q433

Portwood, Ella May     Miller, Tom                  19-Jul-13   Q249

Portwood, T.A.         Bradley, Eva                 29-Jan-00   H263

Portwood, Thomas B.    Myers, Mary E.               24-Jun-20   X529

Posch, Agnes           Meyer, Fred William           4-Jun-19   W169

Posch, Anna            Stoffel, Lambert          29 May 1888    D287

Posch, Elizabeth       Lauterbach, Lawrence         19-Sep-11   O320

Posch, Michael         Rau, Eva Mary             30 Aug 1892    E592

Poschen, Clara         Cassiday, Joseph              1-Dec-05   K125

Poschen, Henry         Bosley, Anna                 11-Nov-14   R230

Poschen, Joe           Henke, Mayme (Mary)           7-Mar-06   K219

Poschen, Katie         Bosley, M.A.                 29-Aug-02   I336

Poschen, William       Stutes, Nora Bell         30 Dec 1898    H013

Poscheon, Lizzie       Bosley, Arthur                3-Nov-10   N428

Posey, Letha           Langwell, Ray                26-Jun-21   Z082

Posey, Lillie May      Brown, Horace                15-Jun-04   J263

Posey, Lucian          Goforth, Faye                 2-Apr-08   L354

Posey, William A.      Loudenslager, Lenora Gra     28-Aug-07   L095

Post, Ernest L.        Rittenour, Percie Alice       2-Sep-08   L549

Post, H.A.             Dewing, Iva M.            12 Oct 1898    G589

Post, Myrta M.         Baker, J.N.               07 Feb 1889    D488

Post, Nellie           Norton, V.E.                  5-Oct-00   H424

Post, Percy A.         Taylor, Albert               21-May-13   Q152

Post, Sidney L.        Haslett, Maggie E.        02 Jul 1874    A124

Post, W.L.             Bartlett, Nellie B.       25 Nov 1897    G412

Postelle, Guy R.       Stansbury, Floy               4-Jun-17   T418

Posten, Flora A.       Harris, Ed                   11-Jun-19   W196

Postlethwait, D.L.     Goodrich, Anna Mildred       11-Aug-21   Z201

Postlethwait, Joseph   Purviance, Rose Belle     26 Sep 1892    E618

Postlethwait, Leo Paul Goodrich, Gertrude M.        16-Dec-19   X042

Postlethwait, Ralph J. Conine, Leah                             T205

Postlethwaite, Charles Germen, Myrtle Elizabeth      3-Jun-14   R013

Postlethwit, Lillie V. Moore, George             05 Oct 1887    D125

Postlewait, Ethel May  Harper, Clarence             21-Feb-21   Y484

Postlewait, Marjorie E.Mayfield, Walter Lee          4-Dec-20   Y315

Postnikoff, A.S.       Bassett, Della S.            27-May-11   O147

Poston, Hazel Mae      Perkins, Charles Alva                    S149

Poston, M.L.A. (Mrs.)  Hall, A.S.                12 Nov 1884    C158

Poston, William        Morris, Lydia             24 Nov 1887    D165

Poteet, Arthur         Hinton, Stella               25-Dec-11   P031

Potete, Mary           Horton, Edward                7-Nov-09   M516

Potosick, Mollie       Nice, Peter               10 Dec 1875    A181

Pottberg, Emma         Meyer, Henry                 11-Sep-10   N320

Pottberg, Fritz        Geders, Lena              06 May 1892    E543

Pottberg, Lena         Hillman, Henry               15-Jun-10   N188

Pottberg, Lena         Semsroth, John               18-Apr-07   K606

Pottenger, Harry R.    Davidson, Agnes W.           21-Feb-06   K207

Pottenger, J.B.        Haynes, Pearl                 2-Feb-04   J154

Potter, Belva          Salvo, M.A.                  22-Sep-21   Z297

Potter, Charles W.     Naylor, May Mettie           17-Jun-03   I583

Potter, D. Sherman     Witmer, Lettie V.         06 Dec 1886    C546

Potter, Effie G.       Springgate, James B.         15-Mar-13   Q062

Potter, Ethel          Carmichael, William E.        7-Apr-12   P177

Potter, Florence       Watson, S.A.                  6-Jun-18   V186

Potter, Frank E.       Firestone, Anna              16-Mar-04   J187

Potter, Howard H.      Burt, Verna                  20-Jun-21   Z046

Potter, Joseph         Bird, Omega K.               29-Jan-11   N550

Potter, Kitty Flora    Kay, Allen                10 Dec 1896    G210

Potter, Leola          Mark, Bert N.                 3-Jul-20   X559

Potter, Leslie         Simmon, Carrie                           S479

Potter, Mabel          Durkin, J.E.                 20-Sep-10   N343

Potter, Mollie         Burgess, L.G.                            T332

Potter, Nellie P.      Redding, Frank H.             1-Jan-12   P051

Potter, Orpha L.       Cochran, J.W.T.           02 May 1875    A155

Potter, Oscar J.       Weir, Georgia A.              4-Dec-01   I116

Potter, R.A.           Williams, Florence M.         4-Oct-05   K058

Potter, Robert N.      Piercy, Nellie               23-Feb-07   K557

Potter, Samuel         Levis, Mildred Cornell       30-Jul-21   Z168

Potter, Samuel M.      Brooks, Josephine L.      04 Oct 1876    A226

Potterton, L.W.        Henry, Cloy M.               18-Mar-12   P150

Potterton, Margaret    Golden, James F.             15-Sep-01   I036

Pottle, Ethel          Wear, H.C.                               R510

Pottle, Harry S.       Mankoff, Marguerite          21-Jan-22   Z566

Pottle, Harry S.       Reynolds, Marguerite         18-Dec-17   U357

Pottle, Margaret VirginCreighton, Victor Ernest     24-Jan-06   K183

Pottlitzer, Mortimer E.Lear, Vern                   26-Nov-12   P530

Pottorff, Gilbert      Alexander, Myrtle            17-Jul-12   P337

Pottorff, J.T.(D.)     Hatfield, Grace           25 Dec 1884    C182

Pottorff, Lisle John   Carney, Anna                 15-Jun-20   X493

Pottorff, Ray G.       Jones, Florence Beatrice     18-Oct-11   O372

Pottorff, Walter       Bunk, Joe                     2-Apr-11   O075

Potts, Albert          Marcum, Ethel                            S080

Potts, Albert L.       Hall, Joccie                 20-Dec-09   M569

Potts, Alta            Keplinger, C.C.              16-Jun-17   T446

Potts, Emma            Englehart, Charles A.     15 Jun 1898    G525

Potts, Emma Louise     Riley, Harley B.             19-Aug-19   W372

Potts, Emma M.         Parkhurst, Clinton E.     21 Jun 1892    E566

Potts, Fred Leon       Mitchell, Vera Maud          28-Oct-14   R213

Potts, George          Young, Essie M.               4-Jan-06   K172

Potts, Hazel Lucile    Kunan, Harry                 15-Jun-20   X494

Potts, Ida             Slavick, William R.          12-May-21   Y633

Potts, Irene           Kluseman, A.R.                           R469

Potts, J.E.            Burd, Jane                   11-Jul-05   J624

Potts, J.F.            Brothers, Lois               11-Oct-04   J376

Potts, Jessamine Inez  Allen, Herbert C.            13-May-14   Q627

Potts, Lynda Lenora    Hansen, Frederick O.         11-Nov-17   U192

Potts, Mary            Meyer, Eugene D.             20-Jun-12   P288

Potts, Nora            Riddle, Harrison             26-Jun-17   T466

Potts, Ralph B.        Sullivan, Esther L.                      R473

Potts, Theodore        VanValkenburg, Ida M.     23 Mar 1884    C060

Potts, Tracy           Powers, John                             D031

Potts, William         Cox, Roxie                   11-Nov-08   L626

Potts, William         Tyler, Mary                   6-Aug-02   I317

Potts, William         Watson, Lydia Ann         16 Jun 1873    A076

Potts, Winnifred       Davis, Clyde R.              23-Dec-13   Q466

Potucek, Marie         Norris, Fred B.               8-Jun-10   N179

Poull, Michael         Renner, Lizzie               28-Aug-00   H379

Poulos, Leon           Long, Bernice                20-Sep-20   Y127

Poulter, Elizabeth C.  Mathis, W.H.                 17-May-21   Y646

Poulter, Minnie M.     Menehan, M.P.                15-Jan-05   J470

Poundstone, Ruth A.    Martin, Bert W.                          Z325

Poupa, Concepcion      Carrera, Geronima            20-Sep-20   Y125

Poush, L.S.            Gault, Clara                             T428

Powe, Veta             Finley, John                  3-Apr-12   P175

Powell, Alma           Roberts, H.                   8-Dec-20   Y324

Powell, Anna           Sanders, Arthur           22 Sep 1889    D610

Powell, B.E.           Kirk, Bessie May              7-Feb-15   R353

Powell, Bert B.        Collins, Clara               18-Oct-12   P468

Powell, Bertran A.     Moore, Ethel Fern            27-Jul-10   N258

Powell, Bessie M.      Shannon, Albert E.           26-Feb-13   Q046

Powell, Carl Melvin    Gregg, Frances S.            24-Oct-19   W549

Powell, Claud F.       Baughman, Evangeline H.   15 Aug 1898    G551

Powell, Donald         Schnitzler, Albertine        27-Jun-11   O218

Powell, Dora Lewis     Spencer, D.O.                 3-Jun-17   T406

Powell, Dorothy        Tilley, Raymond Arthur        7-Feb-20   X182

Powell, E.R.           Woods, Julia M.           20 Jan 1886    C380

Powell, Earl W.        Weddle, Bertha                5-Jul-17   T490

Powell, Ed             Wilson, Mary                             T185

Powell, Effie          Phillips, Johnathan          29-Mar-15   R403

Powell, Elizabeth ClaraMarshall, Claud S.           28-Dec-20   Y380

Powell, Ella           Dougherty, F.C.              17-Nov-03   J082

Powell, Ella R.        VanHorn, Joel R.          10 Dec 1885    C355

Powell, Emma May       Spears, J.N.                  6-Nov-13   Q412

Powell, Ettie          McNamara, Thomas          12 Jun 1883    B380

Powell, Eva            Gabbert, John             20 Apr 1885    C244

Powell, Everett Allen  Fitzpatrick, Katherine        6-Apr-10   N084

Powell, Fern Frances   Johnson, Herman Theodore      4-May-21   Y621

Powell, Frank          Bittner, Freda               16-Aug-20   Y031

Powell, Frank          Moberly, Kate                19-Feb-10   N025

Powell, Gracie         Glass, Edd                   15-Jun-11   O199

Powell, Guy B.         Johnson, Sarah M.             8-May-20   X388

Powell, Hazel B.       King, Roltz C.               27-Dec-19   X086

Powell, Henrietta      Dixon, Charles R.         10 Sep 1891    E387

Powell, Herbert LivingsGouldner, Marie Gabriell     19-Jan-21   Y420

Powell, James W.       Jones, Sadie Evelyn           4-Dec-12   P543

Powell, Julia          Pinkard, William          01 Jun 1892    E556

Powell, L.C.           Davis, Isis C.               16-Nov-04   J417

Powell, L.H.           Thomas, Lucy L.               2-Mar-10   N036

Powell, Lena           Angel, J.                 26 Dec 1888    D465

Powell, Leone          Wood, Ernest                 30-Aug-17   T604

Powell, Lester M.      Allen, Minnie M.             30-Jun-19   W256

Powell, Maggie         Fisher, Walter E.            28-Jan-19   V584

Powell, Minnie         Shaffer, W.A.             11 Oct 1899    H179

Powell, Minnie M.      Offenstein, W.H.             29-Jul-03   I614

Powell, Myrtle         Gordon, O.E.                 11-Mar-13   Q058

Powell, Ollie E.       Higginbotham, W.A.           29-Jul-09   M360

Powell, Roxie T.       Kerr, Minnie                 24-Mar-22   Z671

Powell, Russell L.     Otto, Myra                    4-Feb-18   U532

Powell, S.D.           Harbur, Minnie L.         10 Oct 1888    D404

Powell, S.M.           Myers, A.A.                  23-Jan-05   J480

Powell, Thomas Daniel  Caulkett, Henrietta Jack      7-Oct-05   K064

Powell, Walker V.      Venard, Kate E.           28 Jan 1894    F304

Powell, Wilbur A.      Blakeman, Florence                       T265

Powell, William        Henderson, Hazel             28-Jun-11   O224

Powell, Zarah E.       McVey, Eva                25 May 1891    E343

Powelson, J. Kelly     Harshman, Marie V.           27-Nov-17   U270

Powelson, Johnie       Griffin, Herbert S.          10-Sep-14   R139

Power, Florence R.     Johnson, John W.          15 Nov 1884    C162

Power, Homer C. (E.)   Kier, Katheryn Alice         16-Dec-08   M045

Power, Martha R.       Peavey, George A.         21 Jul 1883    B394

Powers, Addie          Louderman, W.M.              14-Aug-10   N273

Powers, Alice          Metzen, Philip C.         11 Oct 1898    G572

Powers, Archie I.      Sigmon, Parallee             28-Apr-11   O124

Powers, Bessie E.      Calhoun, J.W.                25-Nov-03   J091

Powers, Beulah         Leahy, M.D.                  29-Dec-19   X087

Powers, Bura           Salter, R.J.                 21-Mar-14   Q574

Powers, Charity T.(C.) Fleshman, George F.       20 Nov 1878    A376

Powers, Charlotte      Howell, James                21-Oct-08   L613

Powers, Emma           Ryan, Frank                              O161

Powers, Frank          Niles, Edith                             S162

Powers, H.E.           Turner, E.                07 Sep 1897    G353

Powers, Helen          Hillman, William             26-Jun-17   T471

Powers, Helen          Purkaple, Earl                2-Feb-21   Y452

Powers, Ira S.         Essley, Ethel                10-Mar-19   W012

Powers, J.J.           Judkins, Mary                15-Jan-20   X132

Powers, Jessie F.      Rogers, I.E.                             T260

Powers, John           Potts, Tracy                             D031

Powers, John J.        Farries, May              12 Jul 1890    E169

Powers, Lila M.        Hopkins, Bishop M.           14-Apr-11   O100

Powers, Martin L.      Kuechenmeister, Olga         10-Aug-20   Y015

Powers, Paxton L.      Keister, Bettie B.        08 Jul 1882    B277

Powers, Payton S.      Eurton, Chlora Hope           7-Sep-14   R134

Powers, Robert G.      Bristow, Irma R.          30 Dec 1896    G227

Powers, W.A.           Carter, Minnie            21 Sep 1885    C309

Powers, William M.     Odd, Elizabeth            20 Dec 1887    D177

Powling, Lucinda B.    Johnston, A.E.            03 Dec 1879    B009

Poyea, Nellie          Mann, Charles Franklin        7-Feb-18   U537

Poyner, Glen           Cunningham, George           26-Apr-20   X354

Poynter, Edward S.     Widdows, Eddie                8-Apr-03   I526

Poynter, Edwin         Hooten, Ellen                11-Dec-12   P561

Poynter, Ernestine     Maxwell, Roy                  3-Jan-21   Y396

Poynter, Lee           Murphy, Kathleen             20-Apr-21   Y591

Pracht, Pearl          McAlister, O.M.              26-Aug-14   R116

Prall, C.M.            Null, Mary A.                14-Dec-11   P017

Pramschufer, Ernestine Schonemann, Frank         19 Oct 1889    D632

Prater, David M.       Trueman, Mary (Mrs.)      13 Nov 1891    E420

Prater, Emma E.        Crosby, Don               13 Sep 1896    G145

Prater, Ralph          Morehead, Alberta J.         29-Apr-22   Z736

Prather, Bessie B.     Jones, Harry L.              26-Mar-18   V055

Prather, Hugh B.       McCune, Elmira A.            24-Oct-04   J393

Prather, Irene F.      Cloud, Elbert C.                         S508

Prather, Ivard Dean    Cornell, Amy Elizabeth        2-Feb-11   O002

Prather, Jessie        Hall, A.C.                   12-Apr-13   Q104

Prather, Vernon        Morgan, Annie                 4-Sep-18   V371

Pratsman, Linnie M.    Snyder, John W.              22-Dec-03   J118

Pratt, Alice Cordellia Lammers, George F.           26-Feb-19   V633

Pratt, Amy M.          Miller, J.A.                  7-Mar-18   V026

Pratt, C.S.            Papes, Amy M.                10-Apr-01   H553

Pratt, Carrie A.       Randall, Pearl M.         01 Feb 1893    F063

Pratt, Charles E.      Taylor, Frances               3-Jul-12   P317

Pratt, Charles W.      Kinkade, Eunice Carr         30-Dec-20   Y386

Pratt, Clarence Alfred Metzger, Nettie                          R418

Pratt, Clarence D.     Winants, Carrie Bertha    09 Jan 1895    F474

Pratt, E.J.            Cooley, Flossie              29-Jun-18   V253

Pratt, Edith A.        Adams, Samuel B.          23 Dec 1897    G423

Pratt, Edith M.        Rickard, Charles W.          17-Feb-03   I485

Pratt, Ella M.         Anderson, James W.        24 Dec 1891    E451

Pratt, Ella M.         Johnson, Ralph R.                        T231

Pratt, Elsie Maud      Miller, Norton Ray           28-Dec-20   Y378

Pratt, Ethel M.        Guthrie, Charles A.          17-Feb-01   H523

Pratt, Frank E.        Dewey, Mary E.            23 Dec 1892    F037

Pratt, Gertrude        Murphy, Montreville          29-Sep-03   J033

Pratt, H.L.            Mitchell, Mary E.         14 Jul 1884    C103

Pratt, Harold G.       Mills, Florence               5-Oct-21   Z327

Pratt, Helen E.        Brown, George M.              7-Oct-08   L595

Pratt, Henry G.        Rossler, Lena             20 Jun 1894    F372

Pratt, Ina Marion      Naramore, Arch P.            24-Jun-14   R035

Pratt, John Edward     Singer, Julia May            11-Nov-05   K105

Pratt, Kate G.         Brown, Andrew J.          08 May 1885    C252

Pratt, Kathryn JohnstonPenniman, James Brown                    S612

Pratt, Laura F.        Wright, Nathan            12 Dec 1883    C015

Pratt, Mable           Robson, Charles Collins      26-Jan-14   Q515

Pratt, Mary Alta       Dunlap, Isaac A.             26-Nov-08   M011

Pratt, Mary Kyle       Wetterholdt, Frank        20 Jun 1897    G317

Pratt, Maude C.        Hoffman, Jacob Z.            16-May-00   H319

Pratt, Mildred ElizabetHurst, F.W.                  25-Jun-21   Z083

Pratt, Olive Catherine Jared, Leroy                             T192

Pratt, Oscar L.        Adams, Viola B.           24 Dec 1897    G431

Pratt, Pink            Barklow, Elijah              26-Sep-03   J029

Pratt, Samuel J.       Tyler, Dora M.            25 Jun 1894    F375

Pratt, Thomas A.J.     Fulton, Emma J.           08 Oct 1889    D626

Pratt, William E.      Lockerman, Ethel                         T025

Pratt, Wilson R.       Rowley, Zelpha A.         17 Oct 1896    G171

Pratt, Zealla Marie    Dixon, Taylor John           26-Jul-21   Z156

Prattsman, George E.   Herburger, Winifred Mae      26-Nov-19   W637

Pratz, I. Leroy        Scoresby, Mary Merrill       20-Apr-11   O114

Pray, Bertha           Smithhisler, D.S.            14-Nov-00   H457

Pray, Doris E.         Dennett, William A.          16-Mar-13   Q063

Pray, Elmer            Pring, Mabel G.           07 Mar 1894    F320

Pray, Elzie L.         Hardesty, Ersa               27-Apr-02   I229

Pray, George F.        Resler, Blanche           12 Sep 1894    F397

Pray, Irene Helen      Emerson, Albert George       22-Jul-08   L489

Pray, James A.         Lizar, Edna               20 Dec 1888    D455

Pray, Laura            Parkinson, Travis            14-Nov-07   L200

Pray, Lee              Rittenhouse, Gladys          26-Feb-08   L315

Pray, Mary C.          Maichel, William          23 Feb 1886    C394

Pray, Maude            Means, W.H.               24 Feb 1897    G260

Pray, Maybelle         Tinkler, Charlie              8-May-07   K626

Pray, Merle H.         Booher, Alta                  4-Dec-20   Y311

Pray, W.W.             Banghart, Goldie              7-Sep-12   P403

Pray, William          Craig, Laura E.           15 Apr 1883    B366

Pray, William Austin   Dennett, Rosa Belle          16-Jan-18   U483

Pray, William Paris    Dorsey, Helen F.             16-May-12   P252

Prayther, Charlie W.   Wallace, Clova A.            31-Dec-08   M083

Predmore, Lucy Maude   Harrod, Rollen Wilbur        21-Oct-19   W537

Preisser, J.E.         Daniel, Bessie M.             4-Sep-20   Y079

Preisser, May(ary) M.  Bergkamp, George             14-May-01   H566

Preisser, Rose J.      Pickett, Frank P.            26-Aug-02   I331

Preisser, William      Smarsh, Bertha                8-Oct-17   U009

Prell, Louis W.        Smith, Susie May             15-Jul-03   I605

Prene, Ida May         Mitchell, William Jesse       7-Jul-08   L475

Prentice, George W.    Helmich, Ona                             T204

Prescott, Elmina M.    Tyler, John C.            01 Mar 1884    C047

Prescott, Elmira M.    Tyler, John C.            01 Mar 1884    C064

Prescott, Maud Florene Mustoe, Floyd M.                         S234

Prescott, Minnie       Calhoun, H.                  21-Oct-14   R205

Prescott, Paul         McMullen, Velda               2-Oct-20   Y157

Prescott, Paul         Osborn, Lila                 29-Jun-14   R043

Presley, John L.       McQuiddy, Delila M.          27-Nov-17   U272

Press, Louis           Wiley, Merril                13-Feb-22   Z603

Press, Nora            Elam, Stanley                28-May-19   W166

Pressburger, Sarah     Lehner, Frank             31 May 1887    D021

Pressey, Julia Clyde   Harmon, James W.             28-Jun-06   K304

Prest, Inez            Swearingen, L.S.              4-May-18   V129

Preston, Antoinette    Seids, A.C.                   6-Jan-15   R315

Preston, Blanche F.    Franks, Wallace W.           18-Mar-05   J523

Preston, C.A.          Watson, Lillian Belle         3-Oct-00   H420

Preston, Charley       DeFrates, Flossie            19-Apr-20   X342

Preston, Daniel        McDaniel, Corrilla        10 Mar 1873    A064

Preston, F.T.          Selmer, Mary              07 Jul 1896    G115

Preston, Frank         Ward, Lizzie              24 Dec 1881    B223

Preston, Frank T.      Preston, Lizzie           09 Jul 1892    E577

Preston, George        Gilson, Louise            04 Feb 1885    C226

Preston, George        Herndon, Ida L.               9-Feb-20   X188

Preston, George        Schiefelbein, Marie       03 Nov 1898    G602

Preston, Henry A.      Rambo, Effie                  1-Sep-09   M400

Preston, Hugh M.       Gore, Susie B.                4-Oct-05   K064

Preston, John          Johnson, Otha                23-Dec-14   R294

Preston, Julia         Beverly, David N.         08 Mar 1877    A256

Preston, L.B.          Frey, S.B.                   15-Oct-12   P459

Preston, Lizzie        Preston, Frank T.         09 Jul 1892    E577

Preston, Lorenzo E.    Carson, Georgia Ann       11 Nov 1890    E241

Preston, Marie         Buckley, Robert              22-Aug-18   V338

Preston, Mary J.       Ohmert, Ezra A.           15 Dec 1873    A096

Preston, Mattie L.     Matthews, John W.         14 Nov 1877    A297

Preston, Nadine        Perry, J.W.               21 Sep 1887    D109

Preston, Nettie        Himbury, Frank               15-Mar-19   W025

Preston, Ora C.        Shive, Luther M.          23 Feb 1892    E503

Preston, Roy F.        Layne, Gail F.               23-Dec-17   U377

Preston, T.E.          Dillon, Mary              25 Jun 1882    B279

Preston, Thomas E.     Cox, Lillie B.            01 Jan 1876    A187

Preston, Wayne         Brock, Ruth                  23-May-20   X415

Prestridge, J.S.       Dulaney, Lulu                28-Nov-14   R261

Prewitt, B.F.          Burright, Ada Iras           29-Oct-02   I391

Prewitt, Estella May   Hume, John Hardin            21-Feb-04   J168

Prewitt, James E.      Bradly, M.A. Elizabeth       14-Oct-05   K073

Prewitt, William       Adams, Mary Francis           2-Feb-08   L293

Prey, Eva              Baker, Nelson                            R527

Prey, Olive E.         Hoff, Leslie J.              22-Mar-11   O064

Pribbenow, William F.  Riggs, Vida Belle            22-Jun-13   Q210

Price, A.M.            Dodson, Nellie Lethena        1-Aug-00   H369

Price, Albert L.       Bull, Laura B.               14-Nov-18   V481

Price, Alfred B.       Bach, Maggie              14 Nov 1887    D154

Price, Andrew          Shea, Margaret            25 May 1893    F140

Price, Belle           Sheldon, Miller                          Z085

Price, Blanche         Leddon, Ira                  23-Jul-13   Q253

Price, C.D.            Baker, Cora L.                2-Mar-22   Z638

Price, C.W.            Swearingen, Lola Irene       16-Jun-18   V217

Price, Caridon A.      Carter, Jennie               26-Mar-02   I210

Price, Carrie May      Carson, F.L.                 12-Nov-17   U196

Price, Cash            Ballard, Hattie           01 Nov 1896    G179

Price, Catherine M.    Gamann, C.E.                 14-Feb-05   J498

Price, Cecil           Ozbun, Elwood V.             28-Feb-20   X223

Price, Cecil U.        Goodin, Ruth Charlotte        4-Jan-19   V553

Price, Chancy O.       Clever, Cora C.           25 Jan 1896    G038

Price, Charles A.      Hart, Annie E.            12 Nov 1887    D156

Price, Charles H.      Ellefseth, Pelra Christi      2-Jul-08   L472

Price, Charles R.      Scott, Emma A.                3-Dec-03   J098

Price, Charles T.      Braunreiter, Louise          30-Mar-08   L351

Price, Chester A.      Carroll, Stella May          20-Jan-09   M109

Price, Cora            Buckingham, Rolla            10-Jan-12   P061

Price, Cora            Dean, John L.                11-Oct-09   M467

Price, Della           Ford, Henry                  13-Jun-11   O194

Price, E.W.            Layne, Hope                  19-Jun-14   R032

Price, Earl R.         Kearns, N. Ellen             23-Sep-14   R159

Price, Edward          Jones, Fadina Anne                       T385

Price, Edward          Lilly, Myrtle D.          24 Mar 1895    F513

Price, Ella L.         Mead, J.P.                05 Apr 1878    A327

Price, Elvis Franklin  Cox, Eva Pearl                1-Dec-12   P545

Price, Ernest (Ea..) E.Anthony, Cleo L. (M.)        18-Jan-11   N553

Price, Estella L.      Speakman, Thomas F.       25 Feb 1895    F499

Price, Eva             Kowal, Andrew                            T099

Price, Eva M.          Price, Will G.                9-Nov-10   N438

Price, Frances         Bloom, Lee                               T213

Price, Francis O.      Lynch, Mary E.                8-Apr-03   I526

Price, Fred            Conwell, Birdie                          S368

Price, G. Anna         Utterback, John M.           22-Nov-11   O427

Price, George W.       Williams, Mattie              2-Aug-03   I619

Price, Hannah A.       Williams, E.I.               14-Sep-04   J343

Price, Harvey C.       Windle, Clydia S.             9-Jan-08   L277

Price, Hermie V.       Cain, D.B.                17 May 1899    H088

Price, Jake            Parsons, Mary                27-Jan-21   Y438

Price, James E.        Catherwood, Rena L.           2-Nov-21   Z399

Price, James G.        Winslow, Ella B.          17 Sep 1892    E611

Price, Jennie          Nichols, W.H.             20 May 1881    B159

Price, Jesse O.        Burton, Ida Belle             8-Sep-03   J013

Price, Jessie L.       Anderson, R.H.               15-Feb-04   J163

Price, Joseph J.       Godfrey, Mattie A.        31 Aug 1892    E585

Price, Katheryn        Frame, Lee O.                            R637

Price, Larue           Trice, Ormal                             T110

Price, Lena            Hutchinson, Clarence All     22-Dec-09   M577

Price, Lennie Olive    Miller, Clarence Louis       30-Sep-08   L583

Price, Lewis B.        Price, Louie M.              11-Dec-02   I424

Price, Lillian L.      Gardner, Charles W.          27-Oct-03   J064

Price, Lillian Lucile  Fisher, Dean Lowrie                      T247

Price, Lois E.         Deming, Loren S.              2-Oct-19   W490

Price, Louie M.        Price, Lewis B.              11-Dec-02   I424

Price, Louis(Lewis) B. Phillips, Louie (Leonie)  27 Sep 1890    E205

Price, Lucile          Owen, Ollie                  30-Apr-18   V122

Price, Lulu V.         Shields, S.A.                27-Oct-03   J065

Price, Mabel           Davis, Roy                   12-Sep-17   T625

Price, Margaret        Alexander, Frank              1-Feb-09   M126

Price, Margaret        Kirtland, Paul               21-Nov-19   W623

Price, Margaret        Proffit, George H.           27-Aug-00   H383

Price, Margaret        Stanley, Chester             17-Jan-14   Q507

Price, Mary F.         Scott, Samuel F.          25 Jun 1883    B384

Price, Mary I.         Maixner, F.J.                31-Mar-04   J193

Price, Mattie          Humphrey, A.J.               17-Oct-01   I080

Price, May             Patton, Alexander            14-Apr-11   O064

Price, Minnie May      Hodgson, Frank            19 Jul 1885    C278

Price, Nannie          Senning, George           08 Sep 1895    F589

Price, O.W.            Rogers, Lola C.              18-Sep-01   I048

Price, Opal            Fisher, Jack                 10-May-18   V138

Price, S.E.            Shore, Alta M.                4-Apr-13   Q094

Price, Sam             Large, Mildred                1-Jan-21   Y394

Price, Sam Jr.         Williams, Lima                           S369

Price, Sylvester A.    Geer, Phebe J.            16 May 1894    F352

Price, Theodore F.     Gascoigne, Hattie E.                     A025

Price, Thomas          Alter, Mary E.               26-Dec-17   U405

Price, V.W.            Cross, Mildred A.            17-Jul-21   Z136

Price, Veasey W.       Walker, Mary E.           16 Nov 1876    A235

Price, Volney          Cubbison, Edith              14-Oct-14   R188

Price, W.F.            Miller, Katie                 8-Jul-03   I600

Price, W.L.            Hinds, Eva                               T277

Price, Will G.         Price, Eva M.                 9-Nov-10   N438

Price, Zadia G.        Miles, Henry A.              21-Mar-04   J190

Prickett, Ella         Daved, M.W.                  18-Apr-00   H308

Prickett, Grace (Mrs.) Button, Wyman Manoah         14-May-09   M252

Prickett, P.R.         Huffman, Minnie           01 May 1887    C637

Priddy, Grace G.       Brooks, O.E.                 30-Dec-18   V543

Pridean, Edward        Kolb, Mary L. (J.)        12 Sep 1875    A166

Prideaux, Edward       Myers, Mary                  10-Dec-10   N488

Prier, Daniel          Smith, Anna                              C336

Priest, Belle          Gibson, Arch(chie)        15 Mar 1892    E516

Priest, Clara C.       Mendenhall, Silas H.      05 Feb 1874    A103

Priest, E.             Blankenship, M.E.            15-Sep-13   Q320

Priest, Edith F.       Hill, Donald A.               9-Oct-20   Y177

Priest, Edward         Lee, Emma                 25 Feb 1892    E506

Priest, Ethel L.       Wolverton, Claude F.                     T100

Priest, Grace          Martin, S.A.                 28-Apr-03   I541

Priest, Homer W.       Boggess, Edna E.                         S432

Priest, James L.       Turner, Hannah            12 Apr 1874    A112

Priest, John B.        Welty, Dora               17 Sep 1897    G359

Priest, Lige           Peters, Augusta              14-Nov-10   N444

Priest, Margaret Ellen Hoover, Orrin H.              5-Apr-03   I524

Priest, Mary Frances   Hays, Byron G.               12-Jun-18   V209

Priest, Pearl          Fitzsimmons, Elmer           31-Dec-12   P613

Priest, Thomas         Tegeler, Louise              28-Jun-08   L462

Priestley, Mina E.     Noland, Martin D.            25-Sep-20   Y137

Priestly, Carrie       Yates, F.H.                  31-Mar-03   I520

Priestly, Jennie E.    Arnold, Hugh              13 Dec 1888    D452

Prigmore, F.L.         Neef, Olga                   30-Apr-22   Z739

Prigmore, Grace        Seavey, Reaville              3-Dec-14   R267

Prigmore, Harry        Doyle, Mae                   14-May-19   W141

Prilliman, Arthur      Hedrick, Iris                22-Nov-11   O425

Prilliman, Clara E.    Carter, Earnest M.        11 Nov 1894    F434

Primm, F.M.            Primm, J.B.L.             05 Jun 1881    B163

Primm, J.B.L.          Primm, F.M.               05 Jun 1881    B163

Primm, John            Ukena, Gesena P.              6-Jun-04   J252

Prince, Blanche        Bevers, C.R.                 28-Jul-08   L496

Prince, John           Van, Mary                    16-Jan-20   X133

Princehouse, Frank     McAfee, Fannie            12 Jan 1896    G032

Princehouse, M.A.      Grimsley, Florence M.     25 Aug 1897    G345

Pring, Bertha          German, Henry             11 Sep 1884    C133

Pring, Mabel G.        Pray, Elmer               07 Mar 1894    F320

Pringle, Adren M.      Bank, Lelia Myrtle           25-May-10   N153

Pringle, C. Rodney     Bromwell, Ruth I.            12-Oct-21   Z343

Prinn, Carmel          Johnson, Earnest                         S007

Prinster, Joseph F.    Knoboth, Millie           19 Oct 1889    D636

Printz, B.H.           Hays, Mildred G.          30 May 1899    H098

Pritchard, Bessie      Winesberry, Willie                       T042

Pritchard, C.F.        Brown, Lenta                 17-Apr-19   W076

Pritchard, Charles H.  Cone, Rena                15 Jun 1893    F157

Pritchard, Clara E.    Appleby, Vernon E.           21-Oct-01   I083

Pritchard, George      Monckton, Margaret           22-Aug-11   O291

Pritchard, Logan C.    Saar, Abbie                   8-Dec-11   P010

Pritchard, Myrtle      Hite, Shelby D.           31 Jan 1897    G246

Pritchard, Robert W.   Redd, Lucy G.             15 Dec 1890    E261

Pritchard, Stephen     Brown, Pheaby                10-Dec-18   V513

Pritchard, Vivian M.   Metcalf, Roy F.              11-Sep-21   Z272

Pritchett, George V.   Osburn, Maud S.               9-Dec-03   J104

Pritchett, T.W.        Brewer, Lydia May             3-Sep-02   I342

Pritz, David T.        Harter, Ida A.            29 Dec 1892    F046

Proberts, William      Schaffner, Annie          15 Jan 1895    F477

Probis, Lillian        Bush, J.S.                   26-Jun-20   X537

Prock, Bess            Pinson, O.W.                 15-Oct-12   P463

Prock, Hattie Pearl    Eakins, Robert Raymond       16-Mar-10   N054

Prock, May E.          Daily, Charles E.            20-Jan-00   H259

Prock, Zoela           Jansen, Charles               1-May-18   V126

Proctor, Bertha C.     White, G.P.               23 Aug 1897    G344

Proctor, Calvin        Bernard, Callie           08 Oct 1877    A289

Proctor, Calvin Jr.    Wellman, Ruth                22-Mar-22   Z668

Proctor, Edith R.      Williams, Clarence R.         2-Apr-04   J200

Proctor, Eleanor       Bedell, Wilsey R.            10-Jun-11   O187

Proctor, Ella(Mrs)     Hake, Bert                    5-Jan-09   M089

Proctor, Jennie E.     Hagerty, Noah E.          25 Feb 1894    F318

Proctor, Lucretia (Mrs)Gillmore, John E.             6-Nov-10   N434

Proctor, Roy L.        Martindale, Hazel E.         24-Mar-06   K229

Proffit, George H.     Price, Margaret              27-Aug-00   H383

Proffitt, C.E.         Hoke, Mable M.            18 Dec 1895    G002

Proffitt, Elizabeth    Petersen, Joseph I.          17-Nov-10   N451

Proffitt, R.D.         Sutton, Edith Mallory                    S102

Proper, Florence       McCormick, J.F.           15 Oct 1899    H181

Propest, Sarah E.      Terry, John A.            25 Oct 1878    A369

Propper, Carrie        Donham, George V.             4-Jul-04   J282

Prosser, A.R.          Sroade, Alice                27-Feb-00   H281

Prosser, A.W.          Manley, Emma              09 Aug 1888    D356

Prosser, Arthur R.     Smith, Ethel M.              28-Feb-11   O033

Prosser, Glennie       Boyce, J.A.                  25-Aug-19   W384

Prosser, Glennie       Boyce, James A.              18-Aug-10   N282

Prosser, J.F.          Baldwin, Ona R.              14-Apr-13   Q105

Prosser, James D.      Blomberg, Lucille             3-Jun-12   P258

Prosser, Laura         Whitecotton, E.           19 Feb 1899    H046

Prosser, Rose H.       Odell, N.M.                  15-Jan-02   I157

Prosser, W.M.          Triece, Laura                23-Jun-20   X525

Prothero, Beulah       Stevens, Oscar               15-Sep-20   Y111

Prothero, John W.      Howard, Maggie B.         26 Sep 1897    G364

Prothero, Rhoda F.     Cooper, Wallace K.           31-Jan-06   K187

Proud, Lizzie S.       Kruegal, Fred W.          05 Sep 1888    D380

Proudfoot, Walter R.   Rudolph, Fern M.             28-May-17   T388

Prough, Mabel          Deck, Errett                  7-Dec-08   M037

Prouty, E. Bly         Rose, Louis E.               23-Oct-02   I386

Province, John         Gilbert, Anna                            T141

Prowell, Nellie O.     Bott, Warrington B.       21 Oct 1896    G174

Prowse, William        Gibbs, Maggie                30-Dec-09   M598

Pruden, Vinlender      Palmer, Henry S.             23-Oct-08   L617

Pruett, C.E.           Jarvis, Lena                  9-Apr-19   W063

Pruett, Jennie E.      Dowell, C.E.                  5-Jul-02   I292

Pruett, Jessie Bell    Matous, Frank J.             14-Aug-17   T576

Pruett, M. Ella        Johnson, Charles              8-Apr-04   J209

Pruett, Minnie         Buckworth, E.E.              25-Mar-18   V052

Pruitt, Anna V.        Robinson, Edgar J.        30 Oct 1897    G395

Pruitt, J.H.           Holm, Emma R.             13 Dec 1898    G631

Pruitt, Ruth           McGinnis, Harold Hamilton                S166

Pruitt, Walter C.      Hoover, Martha J.            10-Nov-14   R227

Pruitt, William M.     Shade, Anna Arvilla Millicent            T324

Prunty, Melvin         Leggett, Anna                            S545

Pryor, Andy            Griffin, Mable                           T187

Pryor, Anna Mae        Pryor, Leroy L.              12-Oct-21   Z346

Pryor, Carrie          Woltz, J.W.                   4-Jul-00   H352

Pryor, Edith L.        Russell, J.L.                            S519

Pryor, Esther          Hudson, F.L.                 30-Jul-21   Z172

Pryor, Eugenia         Williams, Charlie             5-Apr-19   W058

Pryor, Gertie          Mitchell, John            03 Sep 1895    F585

Pryor, Joshua Kight    Hunter, Mignon                7-Nov-08   L637

Pryor, Leroy L.        Pryor, Anna Mae              12-Oct-21   Z346

Pryor, Lola Marie      Busch, G.W.                  19-May-20   X410

Pryor, Lottie          White, Claude                            T160

Pryor, Myrtle          Wilke, George F.             17-Apr-12   P195

Pryor, Ona             Valentine, Ulysses Grant  22 Oct 1890    E221

Pryor, Pearl           Vice, C.M.                               S012

Pryor, Robert L.       Reigle, Agnes M.             29-Oct-18   V463

Pryor, William         Smith, Elsirene              28-Feb-18   U409

Pryor, William ClarenceStuckey, Grace                5-Jun-12   P264

Pryor, Willie Bee      Hammond, Jennie Lee          23-Feb-22   Z623

Ptacek, Josie          Somer, James A.           28 Sep 1898    G576

Puckett, Anna          Mitchell, Alfred                         S413

Puckett, Edwin Ralph   Varner, Lena May              1-Dec-08   M031

Puckett, Ethel E.      McCool, Richard T.           23-Dec-14   R292

Puckett, Frank Pierce  Ford, Chloe                   4-Dec-11   P004

Puckett, John C.       Cornwell, Tenia                          S514

Puckett, Joshua        Kennedy, Leora Faye           3-Nov-21   Z401

Puckett, Mae           Palmer, William Pliny        22-Dec-09   M578

Puder, Agnes           Linnebur, Joseph             29-Jul-13   Q249

Puett, Allie           Isreal, Daniel            04 May 1899    H080

Puetz, Peter           Koob, Matilda(thilde)     27 Aug 1895    F580

Pugh, Anna I.          Reaves, Robert R.            17-Jan-05   J473

Pugh, Blanche          Gahm, Charles                 7-Apr-13   Q096

Pugh, Emmett C.        Gilcrease, Florence          22-Oct-19   W543

Pugh, Frank R.         Speer, Lillian               23-Jul-11   O257

Pugh, Goldie           Clark, Leo                   19-Aug-11   O287

Pugh, Helen M.         Hughes, Samuel               26-Apr-04   J219

Pugh, James O.         Earnest, Blanche             12-Oct-08   L598

Pugh, James O.         Earnst, Blanche              12-Oct-08   L598

Pugh, Jennie           Baird, John L.            20 Feb 1877    A254

Pugh, Jennie           Carnahan, Elias L.           13-Sep-09   M422

Pugh, Joseph H.        Furnish, Ethel May           20-Jul-05   J633

Pugh, Pearl            Locke, G.V.                  20-Sep-11   O330

Pugh, Ruth             Reaves, Samuel               14-Oct-08   L604

Pugh, Winifred O.      Rice, Bert A.                 3-Nov-19   W571

Pugh, Yula Fay         Clark, John                   5-Apr-18   V075

Pugsley, Harry         Roberts, Edith                7-Sep-20   Y089

Pulec, Rose Agnes      Walker, Fred A.                          R423

Pulese, Rosa (Mrs.)    deAngelo, Antonio         03 Jan 1891    E279

Pullam, Leatha         Smith, Merle L.              25-Jun-21   Z084

Pullen, Frances        Engel, Lawrence              29-Jan-19   V587

Pullen, Harvey         Austin, Arlis                24-Apr-09   M198

Pullen, Pres Thomas    Reynolds, Alice              19-Nov-17   U235

Pullen, William C.     Shields, Maude C.            10-Jul-13   Q236

Pullen, William Jr.    Sharp, Hulda V.              28-May-02   I256

Pulliam, Carrie A.     Goodrich, Charley         04 Nov 1883    B418

Pulliam, Charles B.    Schubert, Louise             23-Apr-10   N116

Pulliam, Edd           Sullivan, Mabel              20-Jun-17   T458

Pulliam, Joseph        Williams, Sadie               2-Sep-09   M403

Pulliam, Leonard W.    Oatman, Bess L.              22-Mar-22   Z671

Pulliam, Nora          Puls, Fred                    4-Jun-13   Q180

Pulliam, Samuel        Johnston, Gertrude            3-Jun-14   R012

Pulling, Maggie        Conner, Clifford                         M633

Pullins, Jim           Broddus, Gertrude            17-Jul-20   X590

Pullum, Dollie         Talley, Claud                20-Sep-09   M436

Puls, Fred             Pulliam, Nora                 4-Jun-13   Q180

Puls, George           Baird, Jessie                25-May-11   O160

Puls, Herman           Woods, Grace Pearl        22 Jun 1892    E567

Puls, John S.          Mikels, Lulu D.           19 Sep 1893    F202

Puls, Minnie E.        Schott, Phillip S.H. Jr   17 Sep 1894    F400

Pulson, August         Hohn, Elizabeth (Mrs.)    01 Jul 1890    E163

Pulson, Elizabeth      Bishop, James                10-Jan-10   M614

Pulson, Elizabeth      Thieme, W.M.                 29-Nov-11   O437

Pultz, Alice C.        Bell, William T.          19 Sep 1890    E200

Pulver, Cyrus B.       Hatch, Isabel S.          13 Apr 1881    B151

Pulver, Pearl          Woody, A.L.               03 May 1896    G087

Pumphrey, Lewis        Jones, Vandella                          S164

Pumphrey, Ruth ElizabetJohnson, Earl Gordon         22-Dec-21   Z497

Pumphrey, William M.   Smith, Martha                28-Mar-11   O070

Pundsack, John Henry   Seelye, Verda                23-Jun-21   Z072

Purcell, Bertie Hilda  Brazelton, Elmer Glenn        7-Jan-20   X116

Purcell, Charles ThomasAnderson, Rosa May        11 Apr 1888    D268

Purcell, Frank L.      Elder, Cora Verne            14-Feb-19   V593

Purcell, Hazel         Vlahos, George               23-Jun-21   Z075

Purcell, Joe Marion Jr.Oyler, Hazel B.              25-May-09   M263

Purcell, Leo           Stambaugh, Marie             25-Aug-18   V336

Purcell, Maggie M.     Nearhood, John H.            18-Oct-09   M478

Purcell, Margarette MarStrohm, Christian Palest  09 Aug 1891    E371

Purcell, W.M.          Lawrence, Mary C.            14-Sep-08   L564

Purdon, Maude          Keith, Raymond               26-Sep-18   V414

Purdue, Lelia          Sternberg, Harold Grant      26-Jun-13   Q219

Purdue, Mary           Tanner, J. Earl               3-Jan-14   Q492

Purdum, Abbye Helen    Lee, Harker H.                8-Dec-08   M036

Purdum, Myrtle         Kinkade, Clarence            16-Jan-15   R329

Purdum, Perry          Stratton, Luella             14-Oct-11   O367

Purdum, Philip Orson   Shoop, Mary                              S469

Purdy, Emerick L.      Hostetter, Frances           20-Mar-13   Q069

Purdy, Esther M.       Smith, Ernest C.                         R550

Purdy, George A.       Cassady, Anna M.             14-Mar-06   K225

Purdy, Otto I.         Jordan, Pearl                 3-Jun-03   I568

Purdy, Pearl E.        Reynolds, Vane H.            16-Sep-17   T629

Purdy, Robert          Clegg, Sarah Ellen        25 Dec 1899    H227

Purdy, Willis Howard   Day, Jennie Gertrude         30-Aug-06   K358

Purkaple, Earl         Powers, Helen                 2-Feb-21   Y452

Purkey, Augusta        Benway, Howard E.            27-Aug-10   N301

Purkey, Eva            Spangler, J.B.            09 Dec 1899    H222

Purkey, James C.       Nickelson, Emma K.                       R412

Purkey, Jerry G.       Nichols, Vida                 8-Dec-10   N488

Purkey, Nellie A.      Garrison, Woodford L.         7-Jun-10   N177

Purkey, Purley         Wyckoff, Mary F.          28 Nov 1886    C539

Purkey, Retta          Manson, Isidore           26 Jul 1887    D067

Purkey, Roy A.         Halton, Florence                         T164

Purkey, WIlliam A.     Dunscombe, Cora           13 Jun 1887    D033

Purkeypile, Pleadell   Blankenship, Josie M.        12-Feb-14   Q532

Pursell, Effie M.      House, William                9-Mar-04   J183

Pursley, James D.      Renfro, Jennie Lee           16-Jan-18   U481

Purtell, James W.      Keller, Ethel                26-Feb-12   P123

Purves, George Kern    Lewis, Lucy                  28-Nov-05   K118

Purviance, Austin E.   Seward, Alice             26 May 1895    F545

Purviance, Jennie      Perkins, Herman M.        16 Mar 1890    E100

Purviance, Rose Belle  Postlethwait, Joseph      26 Sep 1892    E618

Purvis, Arthur         McAllister, Emma             13-Mar-09   M178

Purvis, Gertrude       Moore, F.M.                  20-Nov-17   U239

Purvis, Jennie (Mrs.)  Kallenberger, Henry J.    12 Nov 1889    E015

Puryear, Allen Wilson  Clem, Temperance Irene       15-Jan-22   Z553

Puryear, J.C.          Mance, Mary                  28-May-21   Y664

Puryear, James M.      Cook, Mary A.                12-Sep-12   P413

Pusch, Margaret        Wertzberger, Henry W.         4-Dec-12   P552

Puterbaugh, W.M.       Foiles, Ora                              S540

Puthoff, E.A.          Blacketer, Rilla             24-Nov-04   J425

Putman, George L.      Skinner, Lorraine F.         24-Jun-06   K299

Putman, George W.      Dubach, Ella                 23-Aug-18   V343

Putman, Neva M.        Longwell, Clyde J.                       S524

Putman, Robert         Kensler, Ida May              7-Apr-02   I214

Putnam, F.L.           Jennings, Leota              22-Sep-20   Y132

Putnam, Frances L.     Richardson, Guy A.            4-Nov-08   L629

Putnam, George L.      Skinner, Lorraine F.         24-Jun-06   K299

Putnam, M.N. (Dr.)     Wilde, Alvina A.              7-Jan-03   I457

Putnam, Perry L.       Schultz, Lauretta H.         25-Mar-20   X277

Putnam, R.F.           Lee, Mary                    28-Jan-14   Q516

Putney, Claude I.      Stanley, Cora                17-Aug-10   N281

Putney, Floyd E.       Martindale, Hattie M.        18-Jun-12   P289

Putney, Mary Edythe    Lindley, Jonathan Milton      8-Oct-13   Q365

Putney, W.J.           Boa, Susie                    6-May-22   Z754

Puttock, Thomas E.     Labarge, Colletta Theres     19-Aug-19   W368

Pybas, Ernest          Cunningham, Marie            24-Sep-21   Z304

Pyle, Bron H.          Simmons, Phon                25-Jul-10   N254

Pyle, Cecil Owen       Campbell, Lucile B.          20-Dec-12   P598

Pyle, Clara            Westgate, George L.          11-Apr-00   H304

Pyle, Clara E.         Steele, V.R.              19 Jun 1899    H108

Pyle, Horace Eugene    Emmert, Nannie Francis       29-Jun-05   J615

Pyle, Inez W.          Franz, Arthur E.             17-Aug-07   L076

Pyle, Lottie Belle     Yale, Clare B.            14 Feb 1897    G254

Pyles, Kittie Irene    Strout, Will W.               3-Mar-08   L327

Pyles, Richard         Williams, Georgia            25-Aug-19   W385

Pyne, William Loraine  Wootres, Eva                  3-Apr-13   Q093

Pyron, E.L.            Brown, Lottie                 3-Mar-13   Q051

Quackenbush, Ralph W.  Moore, Corliss                           S164

Quady, David Edward    Snyder, Charlotte            25-Sep-12   P428

Qualls, Emma           Ryan, E.C.                               R422

Qualls, Phillip Foster Clore, Maude Louise                      R526

Quane, William F.      Moore, Mary                   3-Jul-12   P325

Quarles, Hattie L.     Vigus, Henry W.           12 Aug 1873    A080

Quarles, Mamie         Mickens, Albert              24-Nov-12   P524

Quarles, Marie L.      Mordy, J.W.                  13-May-05   J570

Queen, Dewey           Lyons, Leta                   2-Aug-19   W327

Querey, Minnie A.      York, M.D.                               S040

Quering, Leah          Custer, Roy L.               28-Oct-11   O389

Quernes, Sena          Gormis, Enos                  8-Aug-17   T563

Querrie, Estella Oella Oakley, J.W.                  4-Jan-11   N542

Quick, J.              Kirk, Ida                    26-Nov-14   R260

Quick, John            Deering, Nancy C.            17-Oct-01   I080

Quick, John F.         Holcomb, Josiphine M.                    K486

Quick, Lula            King, Arthur G.               6-Apr-12   P181

Quick, Thelma          Streeter, Raymond            28-Aug-21   Z240

Quick, Thomas W.       Davis, Alice              19 May 1889    D540

Quier, Andrew D.       Shedivetz, Josephine H.      30-Oct-21   Z388

Quigg, George          Blackman, Margueritte                    T104

Quigley, Alice         Fiedler, Harvey F.           13-Dec-17   U341

Quigley, Anna          Rush, C.I.                    1-Jun-19   W174

Quigley, Charles W.    Whedbee, Vina D.              5-Oct-13   Q355

Quigley, Dorothy       Martindale, John             24-Jul-20   X604

Quigley, Edward D.     Cerf, Margaret               27-May-19   W164

Quigley, G.C.          McNair, Mamie             09 Aug 1896    G130

Quigley, Guy S.        Passmore, Grace D.           27-Jun-17   T475

Quigley, Mabel E.      Smith, George D.             30-Jul-21   Z167

Quigley, Margery May   Gettings, Newton A.                      R536

Quigley, Mark S.       Clark, Anna E.            18 Oct 1894    F419

Quigley, Walter R.     Bradrick, Gladys                         T215

Quillen, Anna          Bally, Ray                               S081

Quillen, Blanche       Bally, Frank                  2-Dec-14   R264

Quillen, C.L.          Dale, Beryl                  24-Jun-19   W238

Quillen, Carl          Smith, Eva                    4-Mar-13   Q052

Quillen, Eddie         Reed, Fern                   31-Jan-21   Y445

Quillen, Frank         Chase, Sarah C.               3-Feb-09   M129

Quillen, L.H.          Glasgow, Bessie Irene         3-Jun-17   T390

Quillen, Leslie H.     Baxter, Marjorie             20-Sep-13   Q333

Quillen, P.L.          Herring, Leah R.             20-Oct-09   M489

Quillen, Pearl         Smith, Ira E.                26-Jan-09   M117

Quillen, Selma Marie   Macauley, William Thomas     15-Dec-21   Z482

Quillin, Frank P.      McCandless, Blanche          28-Nov-10   N475

Quimby, A.P.           Blodgett, Minnie S.       19 May 1880    B069

Quimby, Clara          Myers, W.F.               01 Jan 1884    C023

Quimby, Olive S.       Montee, Francis E.           12-Mar-02   I197

Quincy, Ethel Luellen  Evans, Carl Edgar             6-Jun-10   N172

Quinlan, Alice V.      Smith, Henry W.           06 Aug 1891    E370

Quinland, W.B.         Beard, A.D.G.             13 Aug 1888    D358

Quinlisk, Leslie A.    Martin, Roberta Fern                     T018

Quinlivan, William     Garver, Ann                  11-Aug-17   T571

Quinn, G.W.            Matthews, Adelade             3-Apr-13   Q091

Quinn, Hugh Seymour    Owens, Maude                 28-Mar-22   Z679

Quinn, Margaret        Foulds, C.S.                             S390

Quinn, Nellie          Bane, H.L.                   29-Apr-20   X360

Quinnell, Loretta      May, James C.             26 Apr 1888    D280

Quiring, Erma E.       McVicker, F.W.                           R559

Quiring, John B.       Forger, Helen L.                         S008

Quiring, Kate          Forger, John                             T015

Quiring, Lena          Bodkin, K.H.                 24-Jun-11   O336

Quiring, William Jr.   Kelso, Mary                   6-Feb-12   P092

Quisenberry, Don EdwardAlley, Daisy M.              18-Mar-18   V044

Quisenberry, William   McKiarnan, Annie             19-Dec-12   P572

Qurey, Minnie          Murry, Bob                   20-Jun-12   P295

Quyle, Cora            DeHaan, Abel                  7-Apr-19   W059

Raber, Alice Ruth      Rockley, Harry Provo         27-Oct-21   Z387

Raborn, Alice S. (Mrs) Taylor, George S.         26 Feb 1890    E087

Rabun, G.A.            Rabun, Lura M.                3-Aug-21   Z178

Rabun, Lura M.         Rabun, G.A.                   3-Aug-21   Z178

Rabun, Mildred         Chappell, Thomas P.          16-May-19   W143

Race, Arthur J.        Ottaway, Clara L.            30-Sep-05   K054

Race, Augustus C.      Carpenter, Clara J.       06 Jun 1880    B072

Race, Bertha M.        Steadman, E.A.            09 Dec 1895    G005

Race, Bertha M.        Stedman, E.A.             09 Dec 1895    G005

Race, Lawson           Rising, Elinor                1-Oct-00   H416

Race, Mary A.          Kier, Willis B. (R.)      15 Sep 1881    B187

Race, Mc C.            Anderson, Jenevah Elis    05 May 1895    F534

Race, Myrtle           Johnson, Robert                          S198

Race, Stella A.        Utz, William S.           27 Nov 1889    E027

Racer, Clarence A.     Goll, Clara M.               17-Dec-19   X046

Radcliffe, Robert C.   Blue, Letha                              T259

Rade, Bertha           Kloepfer, John                           S099

Rader, Abraham         Woods, Sarah              19 Mar 1895    F510

Rader, Bertha          Carson, Harry S.             26-Aug-01   I029

Rader, E.H.            Richardson, Vivian            8-Nov-19   W591

Rader, Ella May        Sayre, C.M.                   1-Jan-00   H246

Rader, Eugene          Hamilton, Pearl              24-Jun-20   X529

Rader, Fletcher H.     Fouts, Nova M.               18-Apr-12   P196

Rader, Gladys          Davis, L.R.                   3-Dec-21   Z465

Rader, Hattie M.       Maddy, D.C.                  28-Sep-01   I055

Rader, Irma            Lilley, Guy G.               15-Feb-12   P108

Rader, J.E.            Whitelaw, Hattie              3-Aug-21   Z182

Rader, Jacob W.        Maynard, Viney            21 Jan 1885    C198

Rader, John            Chritton, Lillie E.       03 Nov 1897    G396

Rader, John            Critton, Lillie E.        03 Nov 1897    G396

Rader, John E.         Einhaus, Bernadine            3-Oct-10   N368

Rader, L.W.            Church, Ethel F.          28 Dec 1898    H005

Rader, Laura E.        Steele, John M.              18-Aug-10   N284

Rader, Sarah M.        Woods, Benjamine F.          20-Nov-10   N458

Rader, W.H.            Lee, Carrie(Caroline)E.   13 Mar 1898    G476

Rader, William         Emmerson, Margaret T.     08 Nov 1877    A295

Radey, Lottie E.       Kountz, Charles              16-Jun-07   L019

Radford, A.            McCray, Lillian E.        30 Aug 1899    H147

Radford, Aggie         Palmer, Melvin               25-Apr-10   N108

Radford, Bessie        Strait, Alonzo                5-Aug-19   W334

Radford, Golda         Epler, C.A.                  22-Nov-19   W628

Radford, L.W.          Green, Irene                             T229

Radford, Weldon A.     Brown, Lettie B.              4-Aug-09   M364

Radford, William A.    Manuel, Mary Helen        17 Jun 1890    E157

Radke, Amelia          Friis, P.                 01 Sep 1888    D374

Radke, Hazel M.        Wiggins, Charles A.          10-Aug-20   Y016

Radnich, E.A.          Dickson, Ada                             R568

Radriges, Secleriana   Delzado, Trinidad             1-Feb-18   U523

Radtke, Ida            Pemberton, John H.            2-Jun-08   L419

Raeschke, Ida May      Lewelling, W.C.           25 Jun 1896    G113

Rafferty, Maud M.      Corzine, Frank B.         06 May 1891    E338

Raffety, Edith         Rodda, Evan J.               22-Nov-05   K117

Raffety, Nellie        Swarthout, B.B.              17-Jun-03   I581

Rafley, Cora           Scrivner, William T.          5-Jul-10   N226

Ragan,                 Deane,                                   A386

Ragan, C.R.            Jones, Mamie                 20-Aug-19   W371

Ragan, Cora            Keyser, Plass                24-Feb-04   J173

Ragan, Flossie         Phenneger, Andrew             5-Nov-14   R222

Ragan, Ruth            Mathews, E.A.                13-Jan-19   V565

Ragan, Sadie           Stoops, John M.           04 Dec 1888    D449

Ragan, Thomas M.       Winters, Maggie Bell      24 Dec 1879    B012

Ragland, Ettoulia      Nickey, John                  8-Jun-08   L426

Ragland, John A.       Forgie, Loretta Irene        29-Nov-11   O433

Ragland, Louden        Hering, Nancy             28 Oct 1895    F614

Ragland, S.H.          Stiner, Leora                20-May-01   H594

Ragland, Walter John   Williams, Theresa Marie       4-Dec-21   Z466

Ragsdale, Helen Ruth   Rooney, Harold W.            24-May-20   X423

Ragsdale, N.C.         Bell, W.H.                02 Jul 1884    C096

Rahill, Jennie         Cohlmia, Adeeb               14-Jul-12   P331

Rahm, Margaret         Johnson, Arthur C.            4-Mar-10   N041

Rahn, C.H.             Cusick, Minnie J.         10 Jun 1886    C451

Raida, John            Hamilton, Viola Z.           15-Apr-03   I529

Raigosa, Jose Maria    Dominquez, Enriqueta          4-Sep-20   Y082

Railey, Bertha H.      McBride, P.D.             10 Apr 1896    G078

Railing, Clyde         Roberts, Mary                18-Jan-11   N559

Railing, David E.      Salander, Myrtle S.           8-Sep-21   Z266

Raine, Annie           Sanders, Frank J.             8-Feb-11   O008

Raine, Artress F.      Milar, W.B.                  18-Feb-22   Z611

Raine, George L.       Romick, Mary Belle            8-Feb-11   O007

Raines, Annie          Williams, J.E.            17 Nov 1885    C341

Raines, Mary           Rigel, Oscar F.           04 Jun 1873    A074

Rainey, Annie H.       Cline, John William       12 Sep 1882    B297

Rainey, Esther E.      Decker, Ira S.            21 Mar 1872    A033

Rainey, James          Larmar, Annie             15 Nov 1883    C006

Rainey, Rachel         Holbrook, D.W.            29 Nov 1883    C009

Rainwater, Florence    Dewey, James A.           29 Jan 1890    E068

Rairden, Nellie Maude  Palmitier, Garnett M.         3-Jul-20   X560

Raisler, Louisa A.     Logan, S.O.               15 Oct 1888    D405

Rakestraw, Birtie B.   Landis, H.W.                 14-May-20   X402

Rakestraw, George W.   Fry, Bertie                  10-Feb-08   L303

Raleigh, Ross          Luebken, Lula                 1-Aug-17   T547

Raley, Chester A.      Peak, Bertha C.               3-May-10   N125

Rall, M.H.             Osborne, Belle                6-May-03   I547

Ralls, Emmet           Rankin, Hazel                            S172

Ralls, Ida             Williamson, Samuel S.        19-May-19   W149

Ralls, Ray G.          Jones, Ethel                             S610

Ralls, Wade            Boylan, Inez                 20-May-22   Z778

Ralls, Wade L.         Bishop, Juanita               4-Jan-19   V555

Ralph, Charles         Nelson, Dora              28 Nov 1888    D439

Ralph, Ferne A.        Sickles, Edward D.           16-Aug-19   W360

Ralph, Jerome K.       Shaffer, Alice M.         22 Feb 1883    B348

Ralph, Julia A.L.      Basley, Alfred            28 Dec 1876    A243

Ralph, M. Aurelius     Clark, Patience           24 Nov 1875    A178

Ralph, Mary M.         Montgomery, Peyton        28 Dec 1876    A243

Ralstin, Berneicia     Rudd, Arthur E.           23 Nov 1892    F021

Ralstin, H.W.          Howe, Laura                  25-Jun-13   Q216

Ralstin, Meek          Norton, Minnie A.            15-Sep-01   I041

Ralstin, Murtel        Cowles, D.G.                 30-Aug-17   T596

Ralston, Albert Elmer  Johnston, Nelle Leone        16-Mar-18   V040

Ralston, Bessie        Mullins, John                11-Aug-13   Q273

Ralston, C.L.          Kauffman, Anna            27 Sep 1899    H170

Ralston, Emily         Davis, C.M.                  27-Sep-04   J358

Ralston, Florence Mae  Hutchinson, Walter P.                    S205

Ralston, Frankie       Darnell, Edward E.           29-Dec-14   R306

Ralston, Hattie F.     Hoyt, Merton A.           23 Oct 1893    F233

Ralston, Lewis         Greenwell, Josie              8-Oct-18   V435

Ralston, Macie         Clarke, W.E.              15 Oct 1898    G589

Ralston, Myrtle        Work, Charles                 7-Feb-12   P097

Ralston, R.F.          Schneider, Ella              20-Mar-14   Q573

Ralye, Eliza A.        Oliver, S.C.                 18-Mar-13   Q065

Ramaley, Grace (Mrs.)  Manning, Claud W.         19 Dec 1899    H228

Ramaley, L.G.          Albrecht, Elise              18-Jan-00   H258

Rambeau, Ruth          Davis, Jefferson              1-Mar-15   R374

Rambeck, Martha (Mrs.) Boseck, Oscar                 1-Jun-03   I565

Rambo, Effie           Preston, Henry A.             1-Sep-09   M400

Rambo, Effie M.        Daykin, O.T.                 21-Nov-11   O424

Rambo, Viola V.        Malone, Fred I.              25-Oct-21   Z378

Rambo, William N.      Fox, Della (Mrs.)             9-Aug-12   P362

Rambow, Lucile         Money, J.W.                  13-Jan-13   P629

Ramey, Anna            Clark, Clyde                 26-Aug-12   P385

Ramey, Anna (Mrs.)     True, Howard A.              27-Sep-10   N360

Ramey, D.T.            Graham, Mamie                18-Jun-10   N192

Ramey, E.A.            Shonts, Frances               7-Oct-17   U051

Ramey, E.H.            Adams, Alice M.              27-Nov-01   I113

Ramey, Laura J.        Huston, S.D.                 16-Aug-05   K013

Ramey, M. Edith        Mathers, Harris(ry) S.       11-Mar-01   H537

Ramey, Michael P.      Woods, Goldie                 7-Mar-22   Z645

Ramey, Pearl           Andrews, Zura                            S397

Ramey, William         Smith, Matilda            13 Aug 1879    A442

Ramirez, Antonio       Valdez, Concha               17-Aug-20   Y037

Ramirez, Bonifacio     Maga, Guadalupe(pa)          16-Feb-11   O018

Ramirez, Conchu        Munos, Jos.                  14-Jun-18   V215

Ramirez, Cristina      Hernandez, Ramon              4-Feb-18   U531

Ramirez, Frank         Roborts, Sarah                1-Jul-18   V256

Ramirez, Graviel       Olibarez, Vicenta                        X044

Ramirez, Guadalupe     Cardona, Rosa                 7-Jul-20   X565

Ramiz, J.M.R.          York, Rosie                   6-Nov-10   N442

Ramlow, Fannie Ester   Beard, John J.                1-Jan-03   I452

Ramlow, Hugo C.        Day, Mary E.              24 Apr 1873    A070

Ramlow, O.C.           Stone, Fannie E.          12 Sep 1882    B294

Ramlow, Otto C.        Brooks, Lottie (Mrs.)     28 Jul 1896    G125

Ramp, R.M.             Wade, John W.                22-Feb-22   Z622

Ramp, W.F.             Childers, Edna                7-Jun-20   X452

Ramsay, Dora           Creaser, Roy              25 Apr 1897    G287

Ramsay, Thadeus        Hammond, Sadie            27 Dec 1893    F273

Ramsdale, Agnes        Sisson, Frank Edgar          22-Jul-17   T520

Ramsdale, Frances AgnesDeWitt, Leslie G.             9-Jun-20   X471

Ramsdale, Joseph AlbertTalbott, Alma Ruth           25-Jun-13   Q217

Ramsdale, Mabel L.     Grett, Charles M.            26-Oct-19   W553

Ramsdale, Marie A.     Morss, Clarence                          T278

Ramsdale, Sam A.       Tallman, Leona                           T279

Ramsdale, W.M.         Krase, Anna A.            21 Jan 1886    C381

Ramsdale, William F.   Michener, Jessie A.           5-Aug-14   R085

Ramsdale, William M.   Walker, Lillie M.         28 Jul 1891    E364

Ramsell, Frances       Wahl, George              04 Oct 1885    C315

Ramsey, A.N.           Laymon, Josephine             9-Jul-20   X570

Ramsey, Alfred         Cornish, Ethel                6-Apr-12   P184

Ramsey, Alice (Mrs.)   Weese, James A.              10-Apr-13   Q102

Ramsey, Clinton G.     Morriss, Mildred             30-Jan-20   X164

Ramsey, Effie          Shrubshall, James             8-Jul-11   O240

Ramsey, Ethel          Root, Charles Franklin       26-Feb-08   L321

Ramsey, G.R.           Robb, Letha Beatrice      27 Dec 1899    H240

Ramsey, Gladys R.      Hammon, Paul C.              11-Aug-18   V315

Ramsey, Hallie R.      Miller, Grover N.            14-Jul-17   T502

Ramsey, Inez           Landes, Charles              28-Jan-18   U508

Ramsey, John           Long, Lulu                22 Dec 1899    H231

Ramsey, Julia          Bader, William                           R464

Ramsey, Lawrence M.    Frenche, Elizabeth M.         3-Jun-20   X450

Ramsey, Leroy          Collins, Clara                8-Jun-11   O182

Ramsey, Lillian May    Alexander, Elmer Eugene      20-Oct-09   M488

Ramsey, Lincoln        Ball, Sarah                   8-Dec-17   U320

Ramsey, Mary J.        Baker, G.W.               15 Mar 1899    H055

Ramsey, Olon           Couch, Bessie                 8-Mar-18   V027

Ramsey, Pearl          Crawford, Ray T.             12-Dec-06   K479

Ramsey, R. Jed         Creasser, Clara E.           12-Mar-03   I506

Ramsey, Robert A.      Burnell, Ollie V.         09 Apr 1882    B263

Ramsey, Robert E.      Weindorf, Marie R.            2-Jul-12   P318

Ramsey, Rosalind       Bowers, Charles E.                       R618

Ramsey, Rose(ea) M.    Stamback, Samuel          20 Jan 1897    G238

Ramsey, Sarah C.       Nevins, J.C.              07 Jan 1889    D473

Ramsey, W.C.           Miller, Attie M.             25-Apr-01   H568

Ramsouer, Edward E.    Barnaby, Leona E.            24-Dec-09   M587

Ramy, Alfred Kirk      Glasco, Lois Evylin          28-Aug-20   Y061

Rand, Eunice           Stoops, R.P.                 30-Sep-03   J035

Rand, John H.          Waggy, Kate                   3-Apr-04   J201

Rand, Roy              Brooker, Gladys               3-Apr-09   M205

Rand, Stacy E.         Smith, Martha J.             28-Jul-20   X613

Randall, Beulah        Brixey, Ernest               23-Jun-21   Z075

Randall, Charles F.    Atherton, Effie G.        20 Nov 1890    E249

Randall, Clovesta A.   Metzeker, Cora               17-Feb-09   M138

Randall, Elsie         Needles, William R.           5-Aug-18   V305

Randall, Fern          Thornton, Charles L.         25-Sep-06   K382

Randall, Frances ArseneMcGinnis, John Howard         6-Oct-21   Z331

Randall, Gracie        Streiff, W.M.                 6-Dec-21   Z469

Randall, Happie        Roy, Herbert W.              13-Apr-02   I218

Randall, Irvin J.      Cox, Elfie                   14-Feb-02   I181

Randall, Irvin J.      Cox, Minta E.             28 Dec 1898    H004

Randall, Levi C.       Dempsey, Julia B.         29 Mar 1891    E316

Randall, Lillian B.    Buss, Edward H.               8-Nov-11   O406

Randall, Lindley E.    Hinshaw, Cloa M.             17-Feb-04   J167

Randall, Lizzie        Hollowell, J.K.           01 Jun 1886    C446

Randall, Mary C.       Siever, Charles A.        07 Dec 1890    E258

Randall, Ottie E.      Stevens, Charles A.          10-Dec-02   I423

Randall, Paulina B.    Klein, Carl               17 Dec 1894    F459

Randall, Pearl M.      Pratt, Carrie A.          01 Feb 1893    F063

Randall, Sena          Doornbos, Virgil L.                      S049

Randall, Stella        Unger, J.F.                              S097

Randle, Bessie Marian  Johnston, Francis Stephe     12-Dec-03   J106

Randle, Frank S.       Kendall, Maude Goldie                    S632

Randle, Guy            Barrows, Amey E.             25-Jul-07   L061

Randle, H.K.           Burton, Nevada B.                        T273

Randles, Corene        Solomon, Clarence            19-Jul-20   X592

Randles, William       Barkhurst, Edith             18-Jun-11   O200

Randolf, Myria         Duncan, A.B.              25 Jun 1893    F158

Randolph, A.P.         Speer, Belle (Mrs.)           7-Nov-12   P502

Randolph, Delilah Jane Davis, Simeon B.          25 Dec 1871    A024

Randolph, Dora         Murry, W.L.                  10-Oct-18   V442

Randolph, Dora         Murry, W.L.                  14-Dec-21   Z481

Randolph, Francis E.   Pike, Eula                   16-Aug-13   Q277

Randolph, Hattie       Reffner, A.M.                 5-May-01   H581

Randolph, Hildrant     Thompson, Leroy              21-Dec-21   Z494

Randolph, M. Ida       Riley, Earl N.               11-Sep-07   L115

Randolph, Myrtle May   Mullins, W.S.                24-Oct-07   L183

Randolph, Olive(Ollie)EHill, James E.            14 Aug 1892    E589

Randolph, Virginia     Walls, Roscoe                 8-Apr-11   O091

Randolph, Will         Garvin(ven), Annie        19 Sep 1893    F199

Randolph, Will S.      Yarburry, Emma            .. ... ....    E501

Raner, James M.        Babb, Louisa K.              26-Nov-14   R259

Raner, James M.        Pierce, Mary E.              25-Sep-09   M447

Raney, Anna            Hankinson, R.F.                          S616

Raney, Leola M.        Liljestrom, Arthur E.                    S427

Range, Helene L.       Offhausen, A.C.           07 Aug 1888    D354

Rank, Louis J.         Steinmuller, Barbara A.   21 Mar 1895    F512

Ranke, Lewis           Ehrhardt, Augusta         30 Jul 1884    C113

Rankin, Alexander W.   Huntsberger, Susan E.     07 Jan 1890    E060

Rankin, Archibald      Taylor, Gertrude              6-May-08   L397

Rankin, Bernice E.     Liens, Roy D.                 6-Oct-09   M461

Rankin, Besse Hope     Fink, Ellis                  14-Jun-11   O193

Rankin, Birdie Pearl   Newman, James M.             20-Apr-02   I223

Rankin, Emma           Woodruff, Abram M.           31-Mar-10   N080

Rankin, Goldie L.      Butcher, M.H.                 4-Jun-02   I258

Rankin, Hazel          Ralls, Emmet                             S172

Rankin, Henry A.       Rudolph, Mary Alice          30-Jul-19   W321

Rankin, Jessie         Elmore, H.L.                             T123

Rankin, John Albert    Butler, Olive ELizabeth      11-Nov-06   K413

Rankin, Louie M.       Simpson, Elmer E.         10 Apr 1889    D523

Rankin, Mary N.        Coates, Joseph W.         29 Jan 1890    E074

Rankin, Minnie         Rentz, E.B.               09 Jul 1889    D571

Rankin, Ora O.         Rounkles, Georgia A.         29-Jun-11   O226

Rankin, Pearl          Bonham, Francis Albert    08 Jun 1898    G519

Rankin, W.H.           Shelhamer, Nellie E.         20-Sep-05   K044

Rankin, William        Owen, Hazel                              S115

Rankins, Jessie        Hunt, J.L.                   26-Jul-20   X607

Ransdell, Affa         White, Enoch                  4-Mar-06   K216

Ransdell, James B.     Sweezey, Affa (Mrs.)      07 Jan 1892    E472

Ransdell, Rolland      Sourbeer, Zora               21-Jul-19   W296

Ranshaw, Benjamin J.   McCarty, Mary A.          10 Apr 1887    C623

Ransom, Alice M.       Gray, John A.             02 Dec 1876    A239

Ransom, Alice M.       Green, G.M.               07 Oct 1883    B415

Ransom, Charlotte (Mrs)Maupin, Levi                 15-Jan-01   H506

Ransom, Edgar B.       Crawford, Cleopatra          30-Dec-20   Y388

Ransom, Edmund L.      Loper, Mira M.            11 Feb 1893    F074

Ransom, Eva            Brown, Frank                             S410

Ransom, Eva            Hellar, A.T.              07 Oct 1883    B415

Ransom, Ida            Gunsalles, W.W.           11 Jun 1882    B276

Ransom, M.B.           Sicler, Charlotte         25 Jul 1886    C471

Ransom, Mabel          Clayton, Floyd               13-Aug-08   L515

Ransom, Nell Naomi     Scott, Irl C.                10-Feb-19   V600

Ransom, Will A.        Carlisle, Constance                      S496

Ransome, Joseph S.     McVay, Edith C.              25-Apr-06   K254

Ransome, Minnie        Farley, A.N.                 25-Dec-10   N524

Ransome, Russell       Patterson, Ruth              19-Feb-13   Q041

Ranson, A.C.           Ennis, W.B.                  12-Mar-20   X248

Ranson, Ellsworth      Glenn, Mabel B.               1-Jan-02   I147

Ranson, Jessie         Burger, N.W.                 30-Dec-06   K505

Ranson, John Raymond   Medlam, Eva Rosalie          16-Sep-19   W437

Raper, Vida M.         McElreath, J.E.                          S321

Raphe, Lavina L.       Flynt, George R.             26-Feb-03   I494

Raple, Margaret        Merrill, Philip E.           22-Sep-13   Q320

Raple, Martin          Phillips, Anna               25-Jan-10   M614

Rapp, Emma             Lebsack, Charles              7-Jan-22   Z542

Rapp, Joseph           Siebert, Clara               10-May-13   Q139

Rapp, Matildy          Snyder, Jasper            04 Dec 1898    G626

Rarick, A.R.           Chase, Sophia M.              1-May-10   N121

Rarick, Charles E.     Hale, Cora S.                            R613

Rarick, J.L.           McCormick, Maud              17-May-05   J572

Rarick, John W.        McConnell, Nellie M.                     Z145

Rarrick, Marie G.      Black, J.B.                  27-May-08   L414

Rasar, William W.      Vickers, Lottie L.           11-Mar-19   W018

Rash, Edward           Salters, Maggie           23 May 1893    F147

Rash, Ella             Jewell, George E.         26 Mar 1887    C618

Rash, Faye Beulah      Lovingfoss, Herold C.        30-Dec-19   X094

Rash, John W.          Hyten, Merel                 25-Sep-18   V411

Rash, Lillie May       Hodson, Joseph O.         21 Oct 1893    F235

Rash, Lloyd            Waring, Ermel                 5-Sep-17   T613

Rash, Lula             Jobe, John William           24-Jul-19   W313

Rash, Lula May         Crouse, Charles Marvion                  R569

Rash, Oval             Wilcox, Marie                23-Jan-13   Q005

Rashid, Bahia          Farha, Aziz                  30-Oct-21   Z385

Rasmussen, D.H.        Shaffer, Rose                14-Aug-12   P371

Rasmussen, Karla       Nevil, W.B.                              R513

Rasmussen, Mabel A.    Logan, James E.              16-Nov-11   O417

Ratcliff, Ida E.       Foutch, J.A.                 30-Jun-20   X548

Ratcliff, Robert M.    Matthews, Alma F.         03 Oct 1894    F412

Ratcliff, William      Gardner, Florence A.         29-Sep-06   K387

Ratcliffe, Harley E.   Chapman, Ophia Nell          30-Apr-21   Y558

Rathbone, Ardilene     Munds, Claude                22-Jul-17   T514

Rathbone, Carrie       Stites, Charles B.           28-Dec-11   P044

Rathbone, Della Lee    Livingston, George Elmer     28-Mar-19   W041

Rathbone, Doris D.     Rather, J.C.                 13-Nov-20   Y265

Rathbone, Edith        Casey, James W.           01 Jan 1893    F048

Rathbone, Ella B.      Rathbone, M.M.               30-Jan-15   R347

Rathbone, Flora D.     Slaymaker, Walter W.         28-Dec-10   N530

Rathbone, M.M.         Rathbone, Ella B.            30-Jan-15   R347

Rathbun, Edwin R.      Thompson, Jennie Viola       23-Oct-20   Y217

Rathbun, Harry C.      Thomas, Vera V.              31-Mar-20   X291

Rathbun, Nettie        Kerrett, Thomas W.        10 Feb 1880    B034

Rathbun, O.C.A.        Bellville, Julia A.          17-Feb-20   X206

Rathbun, Phara         Stephens, R.E.                           T314

Rathburn, Charles      Pietschuer, Friedreche       13-Aug-02   I325

Rathburn, J.F.         Krebs, Lola M.               25-Mar-02   I209

Rather, J.C.           Rathbone, Doris D.           13-Nov-20   Y265

Rathfelder, Jacob      Schafer, Mollie           15 Apr 1888    D270

Rathgens, Mary         Hitchcock, B.F.           25 May 1884    C086

Rathman, Claudine MarguLoomis, Frederick Herber     29-Dec-17   U421

Ratigan, Katheryn      Taggart, William R.          22-Jan-22   Z570

Ratley, Elsie          Shoemaker, Morton            14-Mar-13   Q062

Ratley, Zella          Shoemaker, J.L.               2-Jan-12   P052

Ratliff, Bessie        Mathis, Virgil L.                        S228

Ratliff, Clair         Howard, Samuel E.             1-Jul-09   M331

Ratliff, Inez          McGeever, D.J.               20-Oct-21   Z368

Ratliff, Mattie        Sadler, Claude D.            27-Jun-09   M316

Ratliff, Muriel Fay    Kelly, Merle Dutton          14-Oct-14   R194

Ratliff, Walter        Likes, Annie                  8-Dec-04   J437

Ratliffe, George T.    Blair, C. Louise             28-Jul-20   X608

Ratliffe, Hazel H.     Bourman, Charles A.          28-Dec-21   Z514

Ratliffe, Mary E.      Maddy, W.H.               23 Dec 1886    C562

Rattliff, Doris        Hardy, John                   2-Jun-20   X446

Ratzell, Amanda        Smith, Henry              30 Jun 1887    D046

Ratzell, Catherine     Carroll, John             14 Nov 1873    A091

Ratzell, Frank         Whitenburg, Belle         14 Feb 1885    C210

Ratzell, Mary E.       Ingram, William K.        17 Apr 1879    A420

Ratzell, Rachel        Thomas, Charles J.        23 Oct 1889    E002

Ratzell, Sadie R.      Rose, Edward B.              13-Apr-04   J213

Ratzlaff, Henry S.     Bryan, Lena                              S200

Rau, Clarence E.       Greenway, Grace E.                       R590

Rau, Eva               Weber, Leo                    5-Oct-21   Z317

Rau, Eva Mary          Posch, Michael            30 Aug 1892    E592

Rau, Herman            Neisses, Mary                29-May-00   H318

Rau, Herman Joseph     Schmitt, Annie                8-Jan-03   I453

Rau, Joseph            Erlewine, Elizabeth          16-May-06   K266

Rau, Katherine         Lohkamp, Frank                6-May-20   X374

Rau, M.J.              Ditgen, Angela            31 Jul 1899    H122

Rau, Paul J.           Ditgen, Elizabeth            16-May-06   K261

Rau, William J.        Kampling, Anna F.            25-Aug-03   I620

Rauch, Esther T.       Mooney, Walter H.            15-Oct-02   I376

Rauk, Mary J.          Wade, Curtis N.           10 Sep 1890    E194

Rausch, Anna           Babcock, Austin E.        11 Apr 1892    E530

Rausch, Anna M.        Ricke, Joseph H.              8-Oct-01   I042

Rausch, Barbara T.     Hommertzheim, Joseph H.      21-Jan-13   P633

Rausch, Barbara TheresiHorsch, Matthew W.           26-Nov-12   P513

Rausch, Elizabeth      Kraus, John                  14-Jan-19   V559

Rausch, Frances        Kampling, Joe                 9-Feb-10   M615

Rausch, Henry          Thimmisch, Annie                         R548

Rausch, John           Armbruster, Rosa             23-Oct-00   H416

Rausch, Joseph         Tennessen, Katherina      28 Nov 1893    F254

Rausch, Joseph         Themmisch, Marie              4-Sep-17   T580

Rausch, Joseph         Thonnisson, Katherina     28 Nov 1893    F254

Rausch, Katherine      Hommertzheim, William P      23-Nov-09   M525

Rausch, Margaret A.    Meirves, Steve               12-Nov-18   V465

Rausch, Nicholas       Masterson, Julia                         R609

Rausch, Sebastian      Elpers, Leonora              12-Jan-15   R310

Rausch, W.P.           Berdsen, Theresa             28-Nov-17   U209

Rautenstrauch, Walter  Babb, Minnie May              7-Sep-04   J337

Raux, Elizabeth        Taylor, J. Monroe            26-Oct-13   Q394

Raux, Eugene           Downs, Beula                 16-May-20   X398

Raux, Harry            Gorman, Stella                8-Sep-11   O314

Ravellette, Elizabeth  Cord, Alva B.                26-Nov-19   W633

Ravenscraft, Bessie    Doherty, Harry L.            26-Jun-18   V248

Ravenscraft, Samuel F. Ashenfelter, Maude L.        19-Jul-06   K330

Ravenstein, Lucinda    McCaslin, Ora O.             31-May-10   N158

Rawlings, Edna I.      Lyness, Willard E.           26-May-20   X426

Rawlings, Glen         Nelson, Ruth Winifred        25-Dec-18   V521

Rawlings, H.H.         Kopp, Belle                  15-Jul-12   P334

Rawlings, Joseph       Null, Rose                               S488

Rawlings, Walter       Hill, Nettie                  6-Dec-14   R262

Rawlings, William      Snook, Lula B.               28-Dec-04   J455

Rawls, S.L.S.          Shinn, Wilma                  8-May-20   X390

Rawsey, Charles S.     Briley, Myrtle            07 Nov 1892    F010

Rawson, Irene          Ringle, W.H.                 29-Nov-19   X008

Rawson, P.N.           Pharo, Millie                30-Apr-13   Q087

Ray, A.O.              Thomas, Florence E.           8-Apr-22   Z695

Ray, Alfred            Clegg, Nancy L.           06 Sep 1897    G352

Ray, Alfred            Pierson, R.M. (Mrs.)      20 Jul 1892    E583

Ray, Alice             Pimintel, John               11-Aug-17   T567

Ray, Anna              Welch, Ed M.                             T175

Ray, Armenia           Stuff, Frank E.           22 Aug 1895    F581

Ray, Arthur A.         Caldwell, Ella P.         04 Mar 1895    F503

Ray, B.F.              Hill, Bertha                 20-Oct-17   U104

Ray, Beatrice          Miller, Edward               26-Sep-12   P428

Ray, Bertha            Harrison, Cleo                1-Apr-12   P171

Ray, Bessie            Barnes, Bennie H.            17-Jun-20   X507

Ray, C.J.              Graber, Emma E.              25-Dec-17   U369

Ray, Charles G.        Smith, Maudlee               30-Dec-14   R308

Ray, Charley           Fitzgerald, Hazel             9-Nov-21   Z417

Ray, Clifford A.       Schwendinger, Mary F.        18-Jun-12   P281

Ray, Dora Edna         Wilbur, Harry Samuel         22-Sep-09   M442

Ray, Edna              Carpenter, Merle A.                      R610

Ray, Edward            Hill, Laura                  20-Apr-22   Z720

Ray, Edward            Hollingsworth, Ida M.     28 Feb 1883    B353

Ray, Francis M.        Wheeler, Lillie M.        31 Jan 1899    H035

Ray, Fred A.           Watkins, Violet               2-Sep-09   M396

Ray, Gertie            Smith, L.C.                   7-Nov-18   V473

Ray, H.R.              Wolf, M.S.                13 Mar 1895    F509

Ray, Henry C.          Armstrong,Effie Mildred      28-Mar-10   N074

Ray, Ida               Wright, H.B.                 15-Oct-12   P462

Ray, Inez              West, Frank                  19-Jan-18   U490

Ray, J.A.              Stearns, Susie            15 Jan 1880    B030

Ray, J.B.              Sprouse, Minnie E.        19 Nov 1887    D162

Ray, John H.           Walker, Eva                   6-Dec-10   N487

Ray, Joseph            Bivens, Minnie                           E173

Ray, Josephine         Miller, J.M.                             S291

Ray, Lena              Williams, C.J.               21-May-02   I250

Ray, Lillian           Fitzpatrick, K.W.            10-Feb-09   M135

Ray, Lincoln           Lankford, Rheusilla          10-Apr-19   W066

Ray, Lola B.           Walker, George T.         10 Oct 1889    D627

Ray, Loyd W.           McHenry, Zella Irene          1-Oct-08   L584

Ray, Lula              Claybrook, A.B.           30 May 1888    D310

Ray, M.F.              Dunbar, Melissa May          28-Apr-09   M236

Ray, Marie             McMillan, Dan                            S278

Ray, Marie             Williams, Walter W.          21-Jul-18   V288

Ray, Mary              Johnson, W.L.             18 Oct 1877    A291

Ray, Mary              Sharp, John T.            07 Aug 1891    E370

Ray, Mary F.           Manning, T.E.                24-Dec-17   U386

Ray, Mary K.           Gaines, J.G.              31 Mar 1896    G075

Ray, May               Bashore, Frank                7-Mar-02   I194

Ray, Meda              Holdeman, Pearl                          S631

Ray, Myrtle M.         Wolff, Charles Howard        25-Dec-01   I119

Ray, Rebecca           Hudgins, Charley              7-Dec-17   U316

Ray, Rebecca           Snyder, Eugene               18-Apr-20   X340

Ray, Reedie Estelle    Colquitt, William Arthur     18-Jun-13   Q205

Ray, W. J.             Griggs, Lyda Orena           28-Apr-14   Q609

Ray, Wade              Perschbacher, Carrie      21 Dec 1898    H001

Ray, Warren W.         Moran, Della F.           18 Sep 1895    F595

Ray, Wilba             Rodrigues, Bonifacio                     S131

Ray, Winifred          Landrum, E.D.                15-Jul-14   R066

Ray, Zoa               Slade, Otto Everitt          29-Apr-19   W105

Rayburn, Etta          Matherly, E.S.               19-Oct-13   Q385

Rayburn, Taylor        Osborn, Rosalie              14-Jun-18   V213

Rayburn, Thomas R.     Kolb, Lizzie N.           02 Apr 1889    D517

Rayl, John H.          Beaucham, Ora                19-Jun-11   O203

Raymond, Angie         Buchheit, James J.           24-Feb-03   I493

Raymond, Burton S.     Greiffenstein, Osie M.    30 Jan 1895    F485

Raymond, Burton S.     Stein, Dorothy               29-Jun-07   L041

Raymond, C.W.          Stead, Mae R.                 7-Feb-10   N009

Raymond, Charles RobertHacke, Lillian A.             4-Dec-11   P001

Raymond, Dorothy (Mrs.)Joslin, J.W.                  8-Feb-14   Q524

Raymond, Ed. B.        Moore, Myrtle Pearl          16-Nov-01   I103

Raymond, Eva G.        Daniels, B.W.                19-Aug-05   K017

Raymond, Florence      Griffith, E.C.                5-Jun-17   T413

Raymond, Henry H.      Armstrong, Sarah R.       29 Oct 1874    A138

Raymond, J.H.          Devereaux, Addie                         T102

Raymond, Jessie M.     Blake, Charles G.C.           1-Sep-09   M401

Raymond, Josie         May, Roy                      8-Aug-12   P366

Raymond, L.E.          Dunkin, Nellie E.             2-Oct-19   W486

Raymond, Louis E.      Holliday, Susie B.            8-Feb-13   Q026

Raymond, O.J.          Lawles, Jessie               22-Sep-13   Q336

Raymond, Seth L.       Ash, Kitty                08 Jun 1876    A206

Raymond, Stella A.     Snyder, Berly A.             14-Oct-20   Y193

Raymond, Theodore D.   Curtiss, Ida E.           14 Apr 1874    A114

Raymond, Walter        Abrams, Edna                  3-Oct-01   I064

Raymond, Walter        Davidson, Fannie L.          25-Feb-21   Y491

Rayno, Katie Inez      Steele, John F.              29-Apr-20   X360

Razey, Ida Izora       O'Brien, John Dillon         27-Jul-12   P350

Razey, Maudie Alma     Sutter, Artie Miles                      R461

Razook, Mary           Ojile, Abraham S.            11-Jul-09   M339

Razook, Melia          Jabara, Melham                6-Jan-07   K508

Razook, N.F.           Beyouth, Manhey              15-Nov-03   J075

Razook, Wadie A.       Azim, Rashida                 2-Oct-21   Z320

Rea, Ben               Rice, Frances                24-Jan-18   U506

Rea, Elma Della        McCullough, Edward M.         4-Oct-19   W496

Rea, George E.         Schollenberger, Fleda H.                 T156

Rea, J.H.              Flanagan, Nellie             29-May-18   V174

Rea, Laura             Schuster, Ernest C.          14-Jun-19   W215

Rea, Lelia             Reser, W.K.                   7-May-14   Q618

Rea, Saville           Thomson, Dorr             21 Sep 1899    H163

Read, Earl E.          Frazier, Cecila               1-Apr-22   Z682

Read, H.E.             Swain, Merle Ella            24-May-21   Y660

Read, Harriet E.       Stewart, William          03 Jul 1872    A037

Read, Louie E.         Buss, Katheryne              24-Mar-09   M191

Read, W.B.             Hall, Cynthia             17 Nov 1897    G408

Readdy, Oran           Milan, Martha                 1-Oct-20   Y149

Readen, Nellie         Slager, W.E.              25 Apr 1887    C632

Reagan, J.B.           Stevens, Etta                            Z528

Reagan, Lula           Hiatt, Levi J. (Dr.)      06 Sep 1890    E193

Reagan, Sallie H.      Miller, Sidney W.         16 Mar 1896    G066

Reagan, William L.     VanDerMark, Edna L.           2-Jun-19   W178

Reagh, Charles A.      Reagh, Fannie                10-Jun-18   V204

Reagh, Fannie          Reagh, Charles A.            10-Jun-18   V204

Real, Archie Floyd     Fuchs, Golden Caroline       31-Aug-21   Z247

Real, Lucy             Fisher, Michael J.           11-Oct-11   O362

Ream, Clarence F.      Chellew, Flora               15-Apr-08   L371

Ream, Ethel B.         Estep, Roger W.              25-Dec-12   P593

Ream, Frank            Hostetter, Etta           08 Jun 1885    C262

Ream, Ida              Taylor, Dora              25 Jul 1887    D066

Ream, Mary M.          Dilday, Noble B.                         R511

Ream, Mattie L.        Freeman, John W.                         T056

Ream, Nita             Kramer, Charles C.           12-Jun-20   X477

Reames, Jasper         Norman, Sibyl             26 Nov 1892    F024

Reams, Maude           Kinohan, J.H.                10-Jun-13   Q192

Reaney, Thomas         James, Ella                   8-Mar-19   W013

Reaney, Tom            Reed, Millie                  2-Jul-14   R054

Rearick, Martha        Kauffman, Gideon          24 Dec 1890    E271

Reasbeck, Rosa         Ternes, Joseph            09 Sep 1879    A440

Rease, Alfred          Snyder, Laura                19-Jan-03   I468

Reasoner, Roy L.       Linn, Emma L.                26-Sep-07   L140

Reaves, Alice R.       Mack, Evalyn              10 Sep 1885    C303

Reaves, Irene          Howell, John                  6-Aug-21   Z191

Reaves, James R.       Ball, Sadie M.                4-Nov-17   U161

Reaves, Lawrence WalterSmith, Lovilla Mildred        7-Oct-17   U043

Reaves, Robert R.      Pugh, Anna I.                17-Jan-05   J473

Reaves, Ruth           Ruhl, Bert M.                19-Nov-11   O422

Reaves, Samuel         Pugh, Ruth                   14-Oct-08   L604

Reaves, Virgie         Roberson, Lewis              10-May-10   N132

Reavis, Emmett James   Goetze, Bertha               15-Oct-19   W527

Reay, Leonard          Cook, Jewell                             S474

Reazin, Jessie         Riggs, Sylvester             24-Jul-06   K336

Reber, A.E.            Reber, R.M.                   4-Feb-22   Z543

Reber, Addie           Hoff, George Benton          21-Oct-08   L614

Reber, Addie Myrtle    Davie, Stark L.              10-Jun-09   M289

Reber, C.H.            Lunberg, Bertha           31 Aug 1897    G347

Reber, Jennie          Harper, George R.            18-Jan-06   K180

Reber, Lena F.         Newland, Elmer G.         21 Dec 1898    G633

Reber, Minnie          Jones, Tillman F.             1-Jan-15   R305

Reber, R.M.            Reber, A.E.                   4-Feb-22   Z543

Rebhan, Edward A.      Lane, Blendeania              2-Dec-08   M031

Rebstein, J.C.         Stahl, Mairose               19-May-01   H592

Rebstein, Myrtle F.    Hollingsworth, Walter W.                 R482

Rebus, Minnie          Schaefer, S.P.               20-Oct-04   J386

Recher, J.A.           Cook, Lillian                22-Jul-08   L488

Rechif, Frank A.       Osthoff, Carrie T.            9-Jun-09   M285

Rechif, Joseph         Schmander, Magdalene      01 May 1899    H078

Reckman, Adda          Hannah, William J.           22-Apr-02   I225

Reckmeyer, Charles H.  Owens, Alice              28 Feb 1890    E091

Recknagel, David C.    Bennett, Iva G.               7-Nov-20   Y252

Record, E.A.           Lickes, Susan (Mrs.)      11 Apr 1888    D256

Record, Stella May     Davis, O.W.                  25-Jul-04   J303

Rector, A.T.           Fender, Myrtle               23-Jul-10   N254

Rector, Cloie          Cohorn, R.W.                 15-Jan-15   R328

Rector, Tiffin Arthur  Way, Jessie Elenore          27-Oct-09   M502

Rector, V.L.           White, Vera                  25-Sep-21   Z305

Rector, W.F.           Russell, Elizabeth           28-Feb-19   V638

Red, O.W.              Schieman, Muriel             26-Dec-21   Z509

Redburn, Elsie Pearl   Dwyer, Clark Ian             11-Mar-22   Z650

Redburn, George        Gearhart, Florence           28-Nov-17   U282

Redd, Joseph O.        Parker, Emma R.              11-Aug-09   M373

Redd, Lucy G.          Pritchard, Robert W.      15 Dec 1890    E261

Reddick, Edith         Anderson, Paul               13-Aug-19   W352

Reddick, Edith         Herrington, A.L.                         T243

Reddick, Elsie E.      Boyle, Dewey R.              31-Aug-20   Y073

Reddick, Harry         Burton, Marie                 7-Sep-18   V381

Reddick, Ida           Munkirs, Martin              13-Aug-19   W353

Reddick, Ivan E.       McManomy, Mary            20 Sep 1892    E615

Reddick, Margaret      Koch, Charles                30-Jul-21   Z170

Reddick, Sarah         Lay, William Everett          3-Mar-10   N040

Redding, Frank H.      Potter, Nellie P.             1-Jan-12   P051

Redding, Oris          Borland, Estella Grace    23 Oct 1897    G389

Reddish, G.            Buerhaus, Anna K.         30 Oct 1895    F615

Redeagle, Marie        Marsh, Albert                10-Mar-19   W018

Reder, Ada             Brewer, Frank A.             25-Jan-05   J482

Reder, Charles E.      Fisher, Goldie Cora          12-Dec-17   U317

Reder, Nelle May       Gardner, Albert James        21-Jun-11   O209

Reder, Theodore        Kelly, Mary A.            25 Dec 1884    C174

Reder, Walter G.       Smith, Blanche                1-Jan-07   K491

Redfearn, J.M.         Stewart, Helen                3-Sep-10   N308

Redfern, Golda M.      Kelley, Verne L.             14-Jan-22   Z552

Redferrin, Philena     Stewart, John             06 Nov 1872    A048

Redfield, Belle        Harris, C.B.              24 May 1899    H095

Redfield, Flora G.     Wood, Allen A.            15 Sep 1878    A359

Redfield, Frank        Boyce, Jessie             19 Oct 1893    F233

Redfield, Kate         Whitlock, George F.       16 Oct 1889    D633

Redfield, Myra(re)     Wonner, Walter W.            10-Oct-08   L589

Redfield, Pearl        Downing, George D.        24 May 1899    H095

Redford, Bessie V.     Wilson, Russel J.            20-May-14   Q637

Redger, Ludwig         Smith, Tena                              S183

Redgrave, Robert N.    McKay, Allie                 26-Jan-11   N570

Redinger, A.G.         Metcalf, Eva                 30-Dec-12   P608

Redinger, Charles F.   Thrush, Nellie M.            19-May-04   J238

Redinger, Margaret C.  Whittle, Arthur C.            4-Oct-05   K063

Redleaf, William M.    Adams, Osie O.               11-Nov-11   O410

Redman, Clara          Haninger, Gus                 6-Nov-08   L635

Redman, Malvina A.     Steinberger, Horace W.    24 Oct 1892    E642

Redman, Ura            Morley, Dewey                            X602

Redmen, Arthur         McGill, Ida                  11-Feb-20   X188

Redmon, Edward T.      Barfield, Mattie             27-Aug-10   N300

Redmon, James          Crooms, Ethel                 3-Aug-20   X629

Redmon, Josephine B.   Brian, Burnace A.            27-Feb-11   O033

Redmon, Marie          MacDonald, George R.          5-Aug-20   Y002

Redmon, Mary           Korb, Alfred                 12-Jan-21   Y408

Redmon, V.L.           Adkisson, Euna               12-Feb-20   X194

Redmond, Christopher   Martin, Mary E.                          D032

Redmond, M.E.          Busch, J.G.                  11-Jun-01   H606

Redmond, O.J.          White, Anna                   2-Apr-18   V066

Redmyer, Matilda       Bean, Bennett E.          01 May 1893    F126

Redshaw, H. Morris     Hallam, Emily                10-Jul-06   K322

Redus, Florence        DuPont, Charles A.           18-Sep-20   Y119

Redwine, Gus           Mikesell, Pansy              26-Jun-14   R042

Redwine, Kezzie Amma   Itten, Alfred                            R585

Reece,                 Shannon,                                 B307

Reece, Bessie A.       Spencer, Harry               11-Jan-08   L278

Reece, Dosie           White, C.C.               09 Apr 1887    C625

Reece, Earl Sylvester  Koblitz, Una Elizabeth                   S349

Reece, Floyd           Springer, Edna May           19-Mar-22   Z653

Reece, H.R.            Watkins, Garnett G.           2-Oct-01   I063

Reece, James C.        Guyman, May                   4-Nov-10   N429

Reece, John            Stone, Lizzie                15-Dec-02   I426

Reece, Joseph G.       Haworth, Pearl E.            21-Jul-18   V287

Reece, Julia Alverda   Geere, Frank                 20-Apr-10   N105

Reece, L.L.            Hammers, Maude E.             5-Aug-14   R085

Reece, Lenoir          Carpenter, W.D.           03 May 1885    C250

Reece, Max J.          Miller, Anna              30 Apr 1888    D284

Reece, Mevel W.        White, Mossey(sie) L.         9-Jun-08   L427

Reece, Miles E.        Crossno, Maggie           09 Feb 1891    E296

Reece, Miles E.        Wikoff, Allie M.          01 Oct 1884    C143

Reece, Minnie M.       Winkle, Arthur C.             5-Dec-06   K471

Reece, Vircie (Vercie) Nolan, Charles R.            17-Feb-07   K550

Reece, Virgil A.       Yergler, Lila P.              7-Sep-09   M410

Reece, W.L.            Holcomb, Alice D.         06 Feb 1884    C038

Reece, Will C.         Kirkpatrick, V. Leota        11-Jul-12   P330

Reece, William S.      Watts, Emma S.            12 Nov 1881    B206

Reed, A.E.             Kallenbarger, Lizzie      25 Feb 1884    C050

Reed, A.G.             Morris, Lyda                 13-May-14   Q628

Reed, A.H.             Guthrie, May L.           12 Jan 1886    C373

Reed, Abram            Francis, Lavonia          31 Mar 1879    A415

Reed, Alexander        Fossleman, Kate           12 Apr 1877    A264

Reed, Alexander J.     McQuiston, Ruby              16-Oct-20   Y197

Reed, Alma             McGee, G.N.                              S617

Reed, Ana P.           Firestone, A.M.               2-Jun-13   Q174

Reed, Anna (Mrs.)      Armstrong, Andrew            25-Apr-01   H567

Reed, B.H.             Busker, Electta           05 Nov 1885    C333

Reed, Bert M.          Coup, Ella Irene          30 Jul 1891    E365

Reed, Bert M.          Miller, Riley             17 Jun 1895    F554

Reed, Bessie           Six, L.                      12-Dec-21   Z477

Reed, Bessie Barlow    Hettinger, Calvin H.          7-Jan-03   I456

Reed, Bessie May       Bales, Edward Wilson          3-Jun-11   O173

Reed, Bianca L.        Cline, Daniel L.          01 Jan 1891    E277

Reed, Bishop           Patton, Ethel A.                         S463

Reed, Blanche          Patton, S.A. Dino         25 Apr 1894    F342

Reed, C.M.             Vasser, Essie                28-Apr-20   X359

Reed, C.S.             Knox, Lea                    11-Jan-22   Z546

Reed, Carl             Cott, Isla Vay                9-Jun-17   T432

Reed, Carl             Crawford, Ruth               13-Aug-21   Z209

Reed, Charles Robert   Unger, Edna Meryl            24-Dec-10   N518

Reed, Clarence B.      Kent, C.R.                   22-Sep-06   K380

Reed, Clarence C.      Reid, Della Z.               24-Jan-05   J481

Reed, Decatur          Jensen, May (Mrs.)            6-Sep-01   I036

Reed, Della            Boyer, Ed                    24-May-21   Y659

Reed, Edna             Bates, J.A.                   7-Sep-21   Z263

Reed, Edna             Brown, George W.              9-Apr-18   V084

Reed, Edna May         Aschenbrenner, P.A.           7-Jan-14   Q495

Reed, Elmer            Casto, Jessie                 9-Jun-19   W198

Reed, Elmer W.         Williams, Margaret H.        24-Aug-19   W379

Reed, Emma June        Fletcher, T.H.               11-Jan-00   H255

Reed, Eva              McFann, W.P.              14 Jan 1885    C194

Reed, Eva              Murray, Robert            15 Dec 1895    G007

Reed, F.M.             Cox, Lula M.                 26-Jun-06   K305

Reed, Fern             Quillen, Eddie               31-Jan-21   Y445

Reed, Fern M.          Dove, Dayrel E.              29-Apr-22   Z735

Reed, Florence         Cothran, Claude M.           28-Mar-15   R402

Reed, Florence J.      Dennis, George G.            21-Jul-03   I610

Reed, Frank            Hartley, Adelia           29 Mar 1879    A414

Reed, Frank            Tubbs, Vida L.               12-Jun-18   V210

Reed, Frank A.         Feast, Rowena June            1-Nov-05   K097

Reed, Frank E.         Hartman, Georgia             15-Jun-10   N186

Reed, G.W.             Fuhrman, Etta             04 Mar 1888    D240

Reed, George           Gobin, Minnie (Mrs.)      30 Jun 1890    E163

Reed, George L.        Stapp, Nannie                24-May-21   Y662

Reed, George T.        Heskett, Edna Lavarre        28-Aug-18   V356

Reed, Grace            Watkins, Ben                 15-Apr-18   V098

Reed, Granville        Talbott, Mary             27 Dec 1893    F283

Reed, H.L.             Godsey, S.E.              12 Apr 1899    H066

Reed, Harry            Shupe, May                   23-Oct-07   L180

Reed, Harry C.         Lansdowne, Clara                         S118

Reed, Helen F.         Templin, L.R.                 9-Sep-21   Z266

Reed, Helen M.         Furnish, Myron W.            10-Feb-19   V598

Reed, Homer            Smith, Vena                              S581

Reed, J. Calvin        Hayden, Bertha               11-Nov-06   K441

Reed, James            Freeman, Elizabeth           28-Jul-20   X614

Reed, James            Hardeman, Mattie E.          25-Jul-10   N257

Reed, Jeanette         Unseld, Herbert              31-May-19   W172

Reed, Jessie           Aley, Allen L.               27-Dec-06   K504

Reed, John             Burks, Beatrice Lillian      28-May-13   Q161

Reed, John             Dittinger, Anna Alice     16 Sep 1876    A223

Reed, John David       Underwood, Lizzie            24-Nov-10   N461

Reed, John H.          Shields, Lulia                1-Jun-11   O169

Reed, Joseph           Miner, Pearley            29 Nov 1884    C171

Reed, Laura            Baird, Bennie                19-Jan-19   V571

Reed, Leota            Day, Foster H.                3-Oct-06   K393

Reed, Lizzie           Dotson, Albert               28-Apr-13   Q124

Reed, Lorin B.         Bishop, Leora B.             12-Dec-06   K477

Reed, Louisa A.        Pickett, Newton               4-Jul-11   O238

Reed, Loyd W.          Fisher, Eula                             S176

Reed, Lucy M.          Kasenberg, P.E.               4-May-04   J226

Reed, Lulu N.          Xander, G.W.                 16-Jul-13   Q243

Reed, Luther           Smith, Bertha                 3-May-20   X375

Reed, Luton R.         Giles, Belle                             T135

Reed, M.E.             Hopkins, J.H.                14-Sep-13   Q316

Reed, Mamie            Kase, W.C.                   18-Jan-21   Y416

Reed, Mandes A.        Hobson, Cora                 31-Jul-01   I012

Reed, Mary             Porter, John T.              16-Oct-04   J379

Reed, Mary Elizabeth   Moore, John Henry            11-Mar-08   L334

Reed, Mattie           Watkins, A.P.                20-Jun-14   R027

Reed, Mildred S.A.     Corn, James T.                           R486

Reed, Millie           Reaney, Tom                   2-Jul-14   R054

Reed, Myron Wilbert    Rodgers, Jessie M.           12-Jan-20   X128

Reed, N.L.             Griffith, Maggie              6-May-05   J565

Reed, Nadine Rudine    Segall, Samuel Harris         5-Sep-19   W417

Reed, Nelle R.         Logsdon, F.D.                21-Feb-19   V622

Reed, Nellie           Jones, J.E.                  18-Apr-01   H561

Reed, Nelson A.        Johnson, Geneva                          T274

Reed, Nora             Miner, Lee H.                31-Aug-07   L098

Reed, Opal             Winters, King C.                         S420

Reed, Pearl F.         Stroud, C.D.                 23-Jun-20   X526

Reed, Ralph R.         Shipley, Carrie Elizabet     17-Apr-18   V101

Reed, Ralph R.         Wagner, Dorothy                          L559

Reed, Ray Elbert       Clark, Mary Helen            28-Mar-06   K231

Reed, Raymond T.       Cookson, Ethel M.            27-Nov-12   P544

Reed, Riley            Bixby, George R.             16-Dec-17   U350

Reed, S.E.             Holcomb, Alice D.         06 Feb 1884    C038

Reed, Sarah E.         Swank, James              07 Jul 1883    B388

Reed, Sarah I.         Godwin, Frank                            N476

Reed, Theodore         Crouch, Annie (Mrs.)      11 Jun 1890    E153

Reed, Thomas R.        Caldwell, Annie L.           20-Sep-17   T637

Reed, Urel             Adams, Alice                 30-Aug-19   W396

Reed, Vernon E.        Bainum, Lorena               25-Dec-21   Z501

Reed, W.A.             Bushnell, Minnie (Mrs.)      29-Nov-01   I114

Reed, W.B.             Bland, Rosa               19 Dec 1883    C017

Reed, W.B.             Hall, Cynthia             17 Nov 1897    G408

Reed, W.B.             Williams, Addie              10-Jul-04   J288

Reed, W.G.             Brown, Elizabeth             17-Sep-02   I350

Reed, W.H.             Bryan, Ella M.            02 Oct 1888    D399

Reed, W.L.             Nelson, Marie                            S068

Reed, Will             Short, Ruth                              T194

Reed, William          Jones, Florence M.        08 Mar 1893    F094

Reed, William E.       O'Dell, Louise                3-Feb-19   V594

Reeder, Ella           Cantril, J.B.             27 Sep 1887    D113

Reeder, Harry          Sealock, Edith May        08 Mar 1891    E309

Reeder, L.M.           South, E.J.                  23-Mar-03   I514

Reeder, Laura Mabel    Cowan, Clarence Mitchell     28-Apr-02   I231

Reeder, Leona May      Vandegrift, Ira               3-Jan-03   I454

Reeder, Mae            Young, V. Herbert             9-Jul-00   H347

Reeder, Mary           Burnett, Arthur                          R434

Reedis, George NapoleonAbel, Allie                              S625

Reeds, Addie           McAfee, Edward Payton         2-Oct-09   M459

Reedy, C.G.            Hamilton, Hazel Effa(fie      4-Oct-11   O355

Reedy, Dan             Palmer, Rose                 30-Sep-11   O351

Reef, Sarah            Hammond, E.C.                 2-Mar-21   Y502

Reel, Nora S.          Adams, James D.              28-Aug-04   J327

Reep, Arthur           Martin, Mabel                29-Jan-20   X163

Reep, Sylvia           Ohmart, Steve                19-Jul-19   W298

Reers, Catherine       Bornholdt, E.F.              29-May-12   P244

Reers, Henry           Stark, Charlotte          05 Oct 1887    D120

Reese, Alice G.        Patterson, E.J.              16-Apr-00   H306

Reese, Almetta         Landy, Reece                 29-Jun-18   V255

Reese, Alpha J.        Blew, Francis R.              9-Jun-19   W199

Reese, Carrie Lenore   Behrend, Julius Francis       7-Nov-01   I096

Reese, Emily           Anderson, Pete               29-Dec-20   Y374

Reese, John Robert     Shults, Hazel                            T352

Reese, Lillian         Swaim, Oscar M.           21 Apr 1890    E124

Reese, Minerva         Tjaden, Ben                  19-May-13   Q149

Reese, Mittie          Cross, Edwin D.           09 Mar 1894    F324

Reese, Myrtle          Downs, M. Lafayette          27-Oct-09   M502

Reese, Otto F.         Theiss, Alice B.             11-Jun-19   W206

Reese, Preston         Miller, Maude                29-Oct-18   V464

Reese, Robert A.       Bair, Minnie                  9-Jun-19   W198

Reeside, Lela L.       Grobe, Harry M.              29-Nov-08   M030

Reeside, Mona          Kirkland, W.J.                3-Oct-03   J040

Reetz, Emma A.         Jackson, Ernest E.           26-Feb-08   L321

Reeve, Andrew B.       Thomas, Monte             03 Jan 1895    F472

Reeve, Edna E.         Yungmeyer, H.M.               1-Jul-21   Z097

Reeve, Maude R.        Gumerson, G.A.            24 Sep 1896    G153

Reeves, Alma           Smotherman, Isom C.           4-Jan-21   Y397

Reeves, Andrew W.      Neely, S. Belle           28 Nov 1892    F025

Reeves, Angeline(na) A.Hickok, Frank G.             13-Feb-02   I181

Reeves, Anna           Chance, J.W.                 11-Feb-05   J497

Reeves, Anna           Dorei, William            02 Aug 1896    G128

Reeves, Arthur C.      Stokes, Ora                  25-Nov-09   M538

Reeves, Belle          McKenzie, William            16-Jul-14   R064

Reeves, Caroline A.    Beard, William E.            11-Mar-05   J518

Reeves, Carrie A. (Mrs)Mooney, Joseph               22-Apr-10   H564

Reeves, Cecile May     Dorr, Lennie Earl            27-Nov-19   W638

Reeves, Chandler       Miller, Eva                  25-Jun-02   I281

Reeves, Charles        Murphy, Cora              04 Jul 1888    D333

Reeves, Claude Virgil  Dene, Zelma Grace            18-Aug-21   Z218

Reeves, Clyde L.       Long, Eva V.                 22-Jan-04   J146

Reeves, E.J.           Faigley, Mae                             S607

Reeves, E.W.           Drake, Carolinne          05 Jul 1897    G322

Reeves, Edith          Fennell, Thomas E.        18 Feb 1892    E501

Reeves, Edith          Huguenin, Edmond             23-Jun-13   Q213

Reeves, Edith Mary     Brashear, Ray Elias           2-Mar-18   V016

Reeves, Ellen Celina G.McCann, Henry L.          07 Jul 1881    B169

Reeves, Elmer          McNeal, Mary                  5-Jun-05   J588

Reeves, Elmer E.       Edie, Amy                    12-Aug-07   L082

Reeves, Ethyl J.       Freedley, F.C.                           S304

Reeves, Eva L.         Johnson, B.W.                18-Jun-06   K294

Reeves, Frances        Plaugher, Jacob              31-May-19   W175

Reeves, Harold E.      Belford, Marguerite          29-Sep-17   U027

Reeves, Harry H.       Baldock, Amelia              17-Aug-19   W358

Reeves, Joseph O.      Long, Effie M.            15 Mar 1882    B251

Reeves, Kenneth W.     Slaughter, Nola Bernice      23-Dec-21   Z496

Reeves, Lubelle        Mercer, Chester N.           12-Jan-14   Q499

Reeves, Mabel M.       Burleigh, Herman F.          20-Oct-07   L175

Reeves, Madge          Fletcher, Benjamin Frank      2-Nov-04   J403

Reeves, Martin L.      Fisher, Mary E.           16 Apr 1882    B265

Reeves, Mattie         Fennell, William A.       20 Feb 1890    E083

Reeves, Minnie         Jackson, Don C.                          R444

Reeves, Myrtle E.      Hannon, William L.            1-Jul-14   R053

Reeves, Norman         Kindred, Retha E.            30-Jan-18   U517

Reeves, Oscar H.       Mummey, Nellie May           22-Apr-14   Q603

Reeves, Owen           Shrode, Emma              09 Apr 1893    F112

Reeves, Ralph          DeVore, Mossiline            11-Oct-05   K071

Reeves, Ralph R.       Williams, Mary            27 Aug 1888    D367

Reeves, Rosa           Faker, John               06 Mar 1885    C222

Reeves, Roy            Foster, Clara J.             24-Dec-06   K501

Reeves, T.B.           Storey, Lois                 25-Aug-14   R115

Reeves, Thomas         Warhurst, Marguerite                     R520

Reeves, Vernice V.     Allen, Ernest A.             25-Dec-12   P593

Reeves, W.A.           Anderson, Belle (Mrs.)    26 Apr 1885    C247

Reeves, William R.     Walker, Delila            27 Feb 1881    B139

Reffner, A.M.          Randolph, Hattie              5-May-01   H581

Regalado, Guadalupe    Lopez, Marselino                         U006

Regaldo, Guadabyse     Sandoval, Joe L.             26-Feb-22   Z620

Regan, J.J.            Kelly, Emma                  10-Jan-20   X123

Regan, Joseph B.M.     Jones, Ellen              25 Dec 1874    A148

Regan, Julia C.        Bowers, R.R.                  1-May-02   I235

Regan, Katie           Forward, Ralph               30-Dec-08   M080

Regan, Peter           Nitchie, Freda               22-Dec-09   M577

Regan, William         Cooley, Carrie               20-Oct-09   M484

Regas, Mike            Steinbuchel, Joe             29-Feb-20   X223

Regehr, Helena         Toews, Peter              09 Feb 1886    C388

Regen, Mary            Wilson, W.M.              08 Oct 1882    B304

Reger, M.C.            Benson, Jessie M.            15-Feb-00   H274

Regier, Ella           McAllister, L.A.              1-Dec-03   J096

Register, Jesse        Jones, Ethel              20 Sep 1893    F204

Regnier, David         Forde, Nellie                20-Dec-20   Y345

Rehbein, Otto          Schiffman, Marie              5-Jun-12   P248

Reheis, Harry F.       Olmstead, Beulah                         R512

Reheis, W.M.           Baker, Alice                             T213

Rehg, F.A.             Elsea, Wilbur G.                         S311

Rehg, Hugo F.          Adams, Gertrude V.           14-Sep-11   O321

Rehkopf, Harry W.      Hetrick, Lena                 9-Oct-19   W501

Rehm, Elsie            Appel, Anton                  9-Aug-02   I321

Rehm, Frederika        Lindar, John              31 Oct 1889    E005

Rehm, W.R.             Hays, H. Anna             05 Nov 1895    F621

Rehon, Stella          Vogelaar, W.C.               25-Dec-20   Y365

Reiche, Edward C.      Kimmel, Ella                             S174

Reiche, Edwin C.       Hawk, Verna M.                1-Jun-02   I257

Reiche, Lena           Frohlich, Richard         08 Feb 1887    C584

Reiche, May            Gervalt, Richard C.       27 Nov 1889    E029

Reiche, Nellie         Eckert, Jacob             10 May 1888    D294

Reichenberger, DorotheoHayman, W. Arthur                        T341

Reichenberger, L.N.    Freund, Frances              15-Oct-12   P437

Reichenberger, MargueriBauer, John J.               13-Sep-10   N291

Reichenberger, Martha  Simon, Alphonse              29-Mar-19   W035

Reichenberger, MathildaBach, Peter J.               12-Sep-06   K358

Reichenberger, NicholasHieger, Regina(nia)          28-Apr-08   L385

Reichenberger, TheodoreBetzen, Lucy                 13-Sep-21   Z259

Reichenberger, William Grassl, Eleanor F.            7-Feb-22   Z580

Reichl, Barbara        Burns, William            08 Feb 1894    F310

Reichman,Albert HerbertStevens, Grace Louise        24-Oct-09   M495

Reichmuth, Charles WaltHolmes, Fannie May            1-Jan-07   K503

Reid, A.M.             Craft, Anna                  24-Mar-13   Q078

Reid, Annita M.        Wilson, James J.             24-Mar-21   Y544

Reid, Christina        Fridley, Frederick                       A008

Reid, Della Z.         Reed, Clarence C.            24-Jan-05   J481

Reid, Dollie           McKnight, Sam W.                         T020

Reid, Ernest Earl      Bruner, Amy                   4-Jun-13   Q184

Reid, Ethel            Carson, C.W.                 12-Feb-14   Q532

Reid, Gertrude         Butts, Carl                  22-May-20   X420

Reid, James M.         Applegate, Anna           27 Dec 1890    E269

Reid, Mary (Mrs.)      Nichols, Benjamin F.      26 Nov 1891    E434

Reid, Mary Ellen       Turner, William A.           24-Sep-14   R162

Reid, Mary I.          Palmer, Ned A.            29 Dec 1891    E463

Reid, Myrtle Violet    White, James H.              10-Jul-04   J289

Reid, Nettie           Lewis, Wesley                25-Oct-10   N410

Reid, Pearl O.         Fleming, E.A.             19 Dec 1898    G636

Reid, Ray Elbert       Clark, Mary Helen            28-Mar-06   K231

Reid, Robert J.        Peters, Phoebe J. (Mrs)   03 Oct 1891    E399

Reid, Robert R.        Thompson, Lucy W.             7-Sep-21   Z265

Reid, Sarah E.         Emerick, Fred                28-Aug-10   N302

Reid, Violet           Coe, Alfred N.                3-Oct-01   I065

Reid, W.A.             Hammon, Emma                 18-Jul-21   Z139

Reida, Elsie           Dean, William                 4-Aug-17   T555

Reidy, Anna            Saulsbury, Ollie              2-Jul-10   N220

Reif, Leah             Graves, Eli S.            22 Apr 1885    C244

Reiff, Almer A.        Moore, Emma A.            18 Jul 1894    F381

Reiff, Carrie          Kraft, John               31 Jan 1888    D213

Reiff, Mabel A.        Shearman, J. Curtice         27-Oct-14   R210

Reifsnyder, Samuel     Hoffman, Laurina          25 Sep 1897    G365

Reighard, George H.    Rice, Mabele(ble)            12-Mar-08   L337

Reigle, Agnes M.       Pryor, Robert L.             29-Oct-18   V463

Reiley, Isaac          Porter, Martha R.         07 Feb 1888    D216

Reilly, Genevieve E.   Nash, James B.               14-Jun-21   Z044

Reilly, Helen Bayne    Ferrell, Garland P.          19-Jun-01   H618

Reilly, John W.        Brandon, Belle            28 Nov 1885    C349

Reilly, La Vita        Stanton, William P.          26-Dec-07   L253

Reilly, Marcelle       Spangler, Charles W.         29-Oct-13   Q399

Reilly, Mary           Cline, George E.             23-Sep-12   P425

Reilly, Mary Irene     Howell, Daniel Vorhees       20-Jun-11   O204

Reilly, Regina L.      Markey, John P.              10-Oct-21   Z336

Reilman, Mary          Fisher, George E.             3-Mar-13   Q051

Reiman, Emma S.        Wells, Horace O.          11 Jun 1890    E145

Reiman, Nora A.        Simpson, Oscar               23-Jun-04   J274

Reiman, W.L.           McAuley, Maud             30 Jun 1897    G319

Reimelt, Cecil Agnes   Jordan, Willis T.            26-Dec-08   M072

Reimer, Albert         Lindenburger, Kate E.                    S478

Reimer, C.W.           Leichmer, Mary            09 Feb 1878    A310

Reimer, Carl           Tolley, Bertrene              7-May-18   V134

Reimer, Fred W.        Peck, Hattie                 11-Feb-09   M136

Reimer, John M.        Swanson, Alice May           24-Dec-08   M062

Reimers, John C.       White, Flora B.           03 Jun 1886    C448

Reimers, Sadie E.      Stamback, Roy                10-Oct-18   V441

Reinbold, Emma         Jones, Harry                 28-May-08   L415

Reinbold, Mary Helen   Blanchard, Henry C.          14-Mar-10   N055

Reinecker, Charles     Hiddleson, Ella              24-Dec-05   K148

Reiner, Charles W.     Moore, May                    8-Apr-11   O088

Reinhardt, William W.  Reinhardt,Sarah Frances      18-Dec-05   K140

Reinhardt,Sarah FrancesReinhardt, William W.        18-Dec-05   K140

Reinick, Dorothy       McClanahan, C.R.             26-Mar-21   Y545

Reinke, Rachel         Vermillion, W.B.             30-Apr-21   Y613

Reis, Katie M.         Terhune, J.H.                11-Dec-01   I120

Reis, Lena             Gillespie, Leon              27-Sep-20   Y144

Reischman, Lester      Cates, Frankie Ruth          10-Oct-17   U067

Reischman, Ralph       Moore, Stella                            S513

Reiser, James W.       Harmon, Louisa Florence   24 Dec 1892    F039

Reiser, Jesse          Merriott, Gladys                         T362

Reising, Burton C.     Parcel, Adlia(delia)         27-Nov-02   I413

Reisner, J.            Wilkie, Emma L.           15 Dec 1885    C357

Reitober, Bernadine    Hinton, T.G.                 18-Apr-22   Z715

Reitober, Ignatz       Kraus, Gertrud            15 Feb 1887    C583

Reitober, Katherine    Hoheisel, John               24-Nov-14   R242

Reitober, Regina       Cassidy, Edward               2-Feb-15   R339

Reitz, A.              Garnett, Ruth                            X479

Reitz, August          Elmoore, Virginia            31-Dec-18   V543

Reitz, Cecil M.        Frazee, Willian N.                       T182

Reitz, Frances         Rugg, S.D.                   15-Mar-11   O052

Reitz, Harry           Coxson, Mima A.               3-Mar-02   I191

Reiz, Charles L.       Wichman, Mattie               1-Dec-04   J432

Releford, Jessie Lee   Phenneger, Ellen              3-Mar-09   M169

Rema, Mary E.          McClung, William             20-Apr-07   K612

Rembaugh, Katherine    Bartlett, DeWitt T.                      S436

Rembe, Mary            Langden, William Charles  10 Jan 1899    H022

Remer, Audrey          Ogden, Elmer                  2-Jan-11   N536

Remer, D.E.            Sanford, Eva S.               3-Jul-04   J282

Remer, Etta C.         Hartsell, Walter M.           1-Jan-01   H495

Remer, Frank (Mrs.)    Wright, Joseph N.         19 Sep 1893    F203

Remer, John H.         Adams, Maud A.            07 Mar 1890    E092

Remer, Laurence E.     Haden, Vala                  31-Dec-19   X097

Remer, Lura            Pearsall, Ray                30-Apr-08   L390

Remer, Maude H.        Smith, Frank E.              22-Jan-00   H260

Remer, Vila            Brown, C.W.                  12-Aug-21   Z202

Remington, Leona       Benton, James J.             27-Oct-18   V458

Remington, O.R.        Whitehead, Mary E.        18 Jun 1899    H108

Remmert, Oscar C.A.    Buehler, Sara A.                         S640

Remson, Henry G.       Giles, Dessie                15-Aug-03   I632

Remspear, John A.      Hollingsworth,Carrie D.   06 Nov 1889    E011

Remspear, Opal         Nelson, Harley A.            31-Dec-19   X092

Remspear, William E.   Drain, Lula M.            28 Aug 1892    E600

Ren, James             Buford, Rachel            06 Oct 1892    E626

Renaud, John L.        Wilson, Pearl (Mrs.)         19-Jan-05   J476

Rench, Joseph W.       Dorbett, Jane Ellen (Mrs  06 Dec 1889    E034

Renck, Katherine B.    Torian, S.T. Jr.              2-Aug-20   X624

Render, Francis A.     Gwynn, Elsie O.              21-Sep-21   Z293

Render, W.L.           Tapp, Ethel                   1-Jan-12   P049

Reneau, Lloyd L.       O'Leary, Frances             27-May-18   V168

Renecker, Charles      Hiddleson, Ella              24-Dec-05   K148

Renegar, Henry         James, Sophia                 7-Dec-03   J102

Renegar, Thomas        James, Emma                   2-Dec-19   X014

Renfew, Catherine      Melick, John D.           29 Jul 1891    E365

Renfro, Harry W.       Mercer, Elsie Vae            11-Jan-22   Z549

Renfro, Jennie Lee     Pursley, James D.            16-Jan-18   U481

Renfro, L.E.           Southall, Lillian            27-Jun-18   V250

Renfrow, Rachal (Mrs.) Gossett, George           02 Mar 1899    H050

Renick, Gertrude J.    Wyatt, Marion J.             23-Oct-20   Y221

Renner, August         Albers, Mary                  9-Feb-09   M128

Renner, Charles        Simon, Matilda(thilda)    13 Nov 1894    F428

Renner, Frank          Simon, Emme(Emilie)       22 Nov 1898    G615

Renner, George W.      Hesse, Mary G.               10-Jun-08   L428

Renner, George W.      Simon, Rosa                  11-Jul-01   H624

Renner, Harry          Albers, Caroline                         S627

Renner, Lizzie         Poull, Michael               28-Aug-00   H379

Renner, Martin C.      Little, Mattie               29-Oct-12   P485

Renner, Nettie         Stadtman, August          22 Nov 1882    B322

Renner, William        Mott, Hattie              08 Oct 1889    D625

Rennick, Alma          Boatman, Earnest              8-Mar-08   L331

Rennick, Bessie        Howard, Charles              10-Jan-00   H254

Rennick, Cleve O.      Cook, Jessie Elizabeth       29-Nov-21   Z457

Rennick, F.F.          Fellers, Estella          02 Nov 1898    G601

Rennick, Florence M.   Hanks, Charles W.             1-Jun-10   N160

Rennick, J.L.          Broughton, Addie          10 Oct 1896    G164

Rennick, Mary A.       Berger, Herbert S.           20-Dec-03   J114

Rennick, Mary B.       Satterthwaite, Lowen          1-Feb-05   J475

Rennick, Miles         Lambdin, Gertie E.           20-Oct-09   M478

Rennick, Minnie        Canaday, Charles D.       20 Dec 1896    G216

Rennick, Myrtie        Dodd, Leonard                10-Apr-04   J206

Rennick, Rosella       Westfall, Edward E.       05 Sep 1899    H152

Rennick, Ruby          Howard, Charles E.           22-Feb-05   J503

Reno, Jack             Campbell, Ollie              17-Jun-19   W219

Reno, John F.          Kennedy, Cora E.              5-Nov-08   L634

Reno, Laura            Truitt, Winfield F.          23-Jan-22   Z571

Reno, Luther           Denton, Mary (Mrs.)           7-Jan-04   J136

Reno, Rose             Allen, Harry P.              28-Oct-05   K092

Renshaw, A.W.          Ackley, Margaret          18 Jan 1888    D201

Renshaw, John          Suitt, Jennie F.          28 Nov 1888    D440

Rentlinger, W.C.       Betts, Emma Sacret        17 May 1895    F540

Rents, Lena            Gaskill, E.S.                27-Dec-20   Y375

Rentz, E.B.            Rankin, Minnie            09 Jul 1889    D571

Rentz, Elizabeth       Goode, Eddie                 18-Jul-18   V283

Rentz, Elizabeth       Krauss, Ed                15 Jul 1886    C467

Rentz, Maud E.         Hellar, Fred T.           11 Apr 1898    G488

Reon, A.P.             Pierce, Eva                  30-Mar-10   N078

Reose, Pete            Dios, Romana                 12-Feb-19   V608

Reppert, F.E.          Wood, Bessie E.           18 Sep 1899    H159

Rerick, J.G.           Hawley, Mary L.              10-Apr-13   Q101

Rerrick, Marie G.      Black, J.B.                  27-May-08   L414

Reschke, William F.    Johnson, Nannie              20-Sep-10   N342

Reser, Elizabeth       Black, W.E.                   2-Jun-17   T410

Reser, Emma            Sutton, John                 12-Sep-09   M420

Reser, Ernest F.       Decker, Mary E.              19-May-18   V155

Reser, Frank           Conder, Fern                 20-Feb-20   X212

Reser, Nora A.         Sander, Will A.              12-Sep-10   N323

Reser, W.K.            Rea, Lelia                    7-May-14   Q618

Reser, William Earl    Grimm, Carrie                15-Jan-19   V567

Resing, Adelia (Mrs.)  Barkdoll, Raymond Wm.         8-Nov-10   N437

Resing, Dale A.        Adams, Ethyl R.               1-Jan-10   M602

Resing, Paul           Morris, Claribel              6-Oct-10   N378

Resing, Rita Josephine Stogsdill, J.W. Esli         28-Aug-18   V355

Resler, Blanche        Pray, George F.           12 Sep 1894    F397

Resley, Laura          Ester, Daniel             07 Aug 1894    F386

Resnick, Anna          Saffier, J.K.                            T077

Resnick, Clara Rose    Nadel, Joseph H.                         S078

Ressler, William L.    Dorsey, Lillian E.           10-Jan-22   Z547

Retheford, Emma        Wilkinson, Ed Roy            28-Dec-12   P606

Retherford, Bernice (MrDeVore, Benjamin T.       17 Sep 1894    F400

Reuben, Johanna        Aldrich, William          24 Jan 1888    D206

Revard, AdDella        Smock, Samuel                27-Apr-11   O123

Revard, Carrie (Mrs.)  White, E.B.                   7-Feb-09   M131

Revard, Myrtle         Payne, Arthur H.             17-Dec-18   V518

Reveley, J.F.          Manning, Mabel               12-Apr-20   X325

Reveley, Merrilee      Bushey, F.J.                  1-Nov-00   H449

Reveley, Nellie R.     Gentry, Joseph M.            10-Sep-02   I347

Revell, Roxana D.      Todd, Samuel              01 Oct 1896    G159

Revley, Besse          Skripsy, Richard             10-Jan-09   M096

Rew, Frank W.          Fisher, Grace                 9-Sep-19   W428

Rex, Daisy             Joy, E.E.                    25-Mar-22   Z674

Rex, L.E. (Dr.)        Ferrell, Leda M.             28-May-14   R008

Rex, Nettie            Haines, A.                   23-Jan-18   U500

Rexford, F.S.          Plunkett, Pearl Emmons        7-Jan-15   R316

Rexroad, Edward        Hiebert, Bertha              20-Sep-20   Y124

Rexroad, Herbert W.    King, Edna I.                 9-Jul-02   I295

Reyburn, Anna K.       Daugherty, Edwin             15-Aug-01   I018

Reyburn, Laurens H.    Christman, Catherine Ale     25-Jun-21   Z078

Reyer, Gus W.          Woodward, Minnie          15 Jul 1896    G119

Reyer, Jessie          Strode, William              18-Jan-05   J472

Reyer, Lizzie          Miller, Frank             22 Mar 1894    F330

Reyer, V.G.            Hinshaw, Esther              12-Dec-17   U327

Reyez, Anita           Rodriguez, Antonio           21-Nov-14   R244

Reynolds, Adaline M.   Mitchell, Elijah T.          30-Dec-05   K165

Reynolds, Adiline      Farmer, William (Alfred)  19 Feb 1879    A403

Reynolds, Alice        Pullen, Pres Thomas          19-Nov-17   U235

Reynolds, Alonzo       Maffitt, Mertie              25-Feb-20   X219

Reynolds, Amanda E(Mrs)Furnish, Elias B.         22 Feb 1891    E302

Reynolds, Archibald A. Parker, Anna E.           11 Dec 1893    F265

Reynolds, Audy         Bair, E.C.                               S162

Reynolds, Augusta      Wible, H.M.                  28-Apr-04   J222

Reynolds, Austin W.    Rockey, Jetta M.                         S581

Reynolds, B.W.         Fulton, Lillian M.        25 Mar 1893    F086

Reynolds, Benjamin F.  Miller, Anna              08 Nov 1893    F248

Reynolds, Burrel       Stepp, Hattie Mae            11-Feb-20   X189

Reynolds, C.E.         Thomas, Emma G.           25 Dec 1880    B123

Reynolds, C.N.         Noyes, Hattie B.             19-Sep-10   N341

Reynolds, Caul         Huffman, Iola                23-Aug-09   M386

Reynolds, Charles      Littlefield, Stella       11 Oct 1890    E216

Reynolds, Charles C.   Bowerman, Embaline           12-Apr-22   Z700

Reynolds, Clara        Allen, Albert                 8-Jun-21   Z030

Reynolds, Clarence H.  Kennedy, Elva                18-Oct-11   O370

Reynolds, Ella         Spicer, Clyde                23-Dec-11   P035

Reynolds, Ella M.      Perry, John F.            28 Jun 1891    E356

Reynolds, F.W.         Woolman, Myrtle              29-Jan-22   Z574

Reynolds, Fannie       Berwick, Charles          25 Sep 1899    H167

Reynolds, Frank H.     Merrill, Carrie M.           31-Jul-09   M358

Reynolds, Frank M.     Bell, Lena Mary           20 Dec 1893    F271

Reynolds, Fred F.      Rogers, Emma                 10-Nov-01   I098

Reynolds, Fred W.      Campbell, Maud            15 Jun 1897    G313

Reynolds, G.B.         Russell, Nellie           23 Nov 1895    F632

Reynolds, Garfield R.  McCorkle, Lola               20-Jul-10   N252

Reynolds, H. Follett   Horn, Addie               19 Jan 1886    C380

Reynolds, H.B.         Spiger, Hannah            29 May 1888    D308

Reynolds, H.W.         Kinley, May C.            09 Dec 1896    G207

Reynolds, Harry S.     Nickell, Belle                6-Jun-09   M281

Reynolds, Irene        Bourman, William A.           7-Oct-18   V432

Reynolds, J.F.         Overton, Madge               13-Oct-17   U081

Reynolds, James M.     Withers, Lavonie G.       12 Jun 1877    A272

Reynolds, Josie        Farnham, E.W.             11 Mar 1886    C406

Reynolds, Josie        Vandaveer, R.G.                          S163

Reynolds, Katie O.(Mrs)Sharp, John D.            31 Oct 1892    F005

Reynolds, L.E.         Drier, Minnie             14 Dec 1887    D179

Reynolds, Lettie       Bellene, Charles L.          26-Feb-13   Q045

Reynolds, Lillie M.    Jackson, J.W.                21-Apr-01   H563

Reynolds, Linnie       Nelson, Clarence W.           7-Mar-11   O043

Reynolds, M.M.         Kirkpatrick, H.S.         07 Jul 1886    C465

Reynolds, Mabel        Pinkston, Edgar R.            5-Nov-02   I398

Reynolds, Mahala I.    Bailey, C.S.                             S256

Reynolds, Marguerite   Pottle, Harry S.             18-Dec-17   U357

Reynolds, Mary A. (E.) Grounds, Arthur E.           23-Oct-04   J388

Reynolds, Mary Mabel   Curry, David A.               2-Jan-20   X102

Reynolds, Maude        Bohannon, James David        22-May-19   W154

Reynolds, Minnie E.    Simon, Jesse A.           26 Feb 1896    G055

Reynolds, Myrta        Stevens, Charles             16-Mar-21   Y531

Reynolds, Nina May     Porter, Samuel Leroy                     S525

Reynolds, Nora         Fairbank, Jesse              26-Feb-18   V009

Reynolds, O.F.         Robinson, Grace              22-Mar-19   W032

Reynolds, R.R.         Davis, Berta                  7-Nov-17   U169

Reynolds, Robert G.    Brill, Garnette Ellphine     16-Dec-13   Q455

Reynolds, Roscoe V.    Murray, Lena                 23-Nov-10   N470

Reynolds, Rose E. (Mrs)Farris, William              24-Feb-06   K210

Reynolds, Roy P.       Rouse, Myrta A.               2-Apr-02   I213

Reynolds, Sadie        Hunsucker, Louis O.          22-Oct-18   V454

Reynolds, Vane H.      Purdy, Pearl E.              16-Sep-17   T629

Reynolds, William H.   Murphy, Elizabeth L.      15 Aug 1899    H137

Reynols, Frank         Huffine, Nellie               2-Oct-10   N371

Reys, Frank            Molena, Sarah                24-Jun-11   O215

Rezean, Mary           Cockrum, Vandie C.           18-Oct-21   Z360

Rhea, Agnes            Krelach, Wesley           12 May 1884    C079

Rhea, Orvie(ia)        Cooper, Margret(gart)        24-Feb-09   M158

Rhimemiller, Ruth E.   Sturdevant, E.A.              2-Feb-19   V592

Rhine, Charles FranklinJones, Lura Ada               5-Jun-18   V190

Rhine, Ferman          Clubb, Leona                 16-Mar-21   Y529

Rhine, Melissa E. (Mrs.Neighbors, John S.        22 Sep 1887    D110

Rhinehart, Birdie M.   Wright, B.H.              09 Dec 1896    G207

Rhoades, Blanche E.    Moore, E.O.                  25-Aug-14   R114

Rhoades, Carrie H.     Francis, James K.         29 Dec 1896    G226

Rhoades, Charles       Edmondson, Lucinda B.                    K398

Rhoades, Charles       Edmonson, Lucinda B.                     K398

Rhoades, Charles       Martin, Carrie E.            26-Mar-18   V056

Rhoades, Effie C.      Williams, C. Lester       12 Jul 1894    F379

Rhoades, Eliza         Evans, William               22-Mar-11   O060

Rhoades, Josie A.      Williams, John C.         03 May 1896    G088

Rhoades, Lillian       Luyben, Ross                 20-Sep-18   V402

Rhoades, Maude V.      Bisby, L.M.                  22-Mar-19   W035

Rhoads, A.C.           Drier, Emma               08 Oct 1885    C319

Rhoads, Anna M.        Mayse, J.W.                  11-Sep-01   I039

Rhoads, Benjamin       Adar, Lizzie                             C483

Rhoads, Bertha         McCrary, Elmer               30-Jul-14   R078

Rhoads, Carrie L.      Rickard, Perry G.         20 May 1874    A120

Rhoads, E.N.           Copeland, Blanche                        R496

Rhoads, Edward H.      Wilson, Mira A.           28 Dec 1892    F044

Rhoads, Eli            Cox, Geneva                  31-Oct-00   H446

Rhoads, Emma           Walker, William E.        02 Oct 1881    B194

Rhoads, Eve S.         Davidson, Andrew             10-Feb-01   H517

Rhoads, Irvin J.       Tucker, Susie S.                         R467

Rhoads, J.R.           Collenberger, Julia A.    19 Mar 1884    C058

Rhoads, Mildred        Dent, William             11 Sep 1889    D605

Rhoads, W.H.           Stoddard, A.A.            08 Nov 1881    B205

Rhoads, Wilson H.      Johnson, Sarah               21-Jul-05   J632

Rhode, Nettie M.       Greer, James Franklin        10-Nov-17   U193

Rhoden, Arthur         Gerard, Minnie               31-Aug-12   P393

Rhoden, Arthur         Stevens, Mina                24-Sep-21   Z301

Rhoden, Flora          Dawson, Isaac                26-Mar-19   W039

Rhodes, Achsa M.       Weyeneth, Marcus R.       07 Jul 1887    D052

Rhodes, Anna           Branton, Clyde                           T329

Rhodes, Charles A.     Kerr, Mary Ellen             17-May-06   K269

Rhodes, Charley        Dewing, Elva M.              21-Jul-04   J283

Rhodes, Cleo           Samples, Fred                 7-Feb-11   O006

Rhodes, D.W.           Whitmer, Eva                  4-Jun-17   T417

Rhodes, Daniel H.      Coe, Lucy (Mrs.)          26 Nov 1889    E026

Rhodes, E.C.           Gregory, Cora             15 Mar 1899    H055

Rhodes, E.O. (Mrs.)    Horan, Frank F.              17-Nov-17   U224

Rhodes, Edwin R.       Hayward, Jennie S.        13 Jan 1890    E062

Rhodes, Edwin W.       Rush, Bertha May             17-Feb-09   M143

Rhodes, Elmer R.       Pierce, Marguerite Hill      15-Jun-21   Z045

Rhodes, Ethel J.       Livingston, W.R.          25 Dec 1895    G012

Rhodes, Etta           Smith, Thomas             31 Sep 1909    M395

Rhodes, George E.      Forrey, Emma              22 Jan 1880    B031

Rhodes, H.I.           Maddox, Ethyl(hel)           21-May-08   L407

Rhodes, Harley Martin  Rush, Bessie Leona            6-Mar-10   N042

Rhodes, Harry Martin   Oakley, Estella               9-Nov-21   Z415

Rhodes, J.A.           Smith, Grace L.           20 Apr 1898    G492

Rhodes, J.F.           Tremain, Lucy             10 Dec 1886    C548

Rhodes, James F.       Oldfield, Mary E.         30 Mar 1882    B260

Rhodes, James F.       Sitz, Lizzie              30 Dec 1896    G228

Rhodes, Jennie         Holmes, R.                   18-Jan-13   Q001

Rhodes, John A.        Richardson, Emmalynde         2-Feb-10   N004

Rhodes, John H.        McCracken, Laura L.(Mrs)  20 Mar 1898    G479

Rhodes, Lewis          Imbler, Frances E.        07 Sep 1873    A084

Rhodes, Lida May       Learned, Richard Arthur                  S074

Rhodes, Martin L.      Kelley, Franklin A.       21 Apr 1880    B063

Rhodes, Mary E.        Parker, Sydney            16 Jan 1886    C379

Rhodes, Phoebe A.      McCaul, George C.S.       10 Dec 1887    D175

Rhodes, R.H.           Eberstein, Marie L.          20-Jan-07   K523

Rhodes, Samuel M.      Botts, Mary J.            21 Aug 1874    A130

Rhude, Lena M.         Deierling, Frank B.          25-Dec-10   N519

Rhyn, Mildred          VanBibber, Chester G.         9-Apr-19   W064

Rial, Alice            Gift, J.F.                               S622

Rian, Florence E.      Davis, F.T.                              T290

Ribbins, J.W.          Johnson, Anna(nie)        28 Dec 1898    H008

Ribos, Cruz            Rodrigues, Lucas             22-Dec-17   U373

Rice, Adelma           Cadamy, Claude                           S543

Rice, Alice            Wharry, Robert               28-Jun-11   O221

Rice, Anna             McGuire, Eugene               3-Jan-22   Z536

Rice, Bert A.          Pugh, Winifred O.             3-Nov-19   W571

Rice, Bertha M.        Cowser, Albert R.            23-Dec-02   I433

Rice, C.A.             Sander, Myrtle                5-Jul-19   W262

Rice, C.E.             Williams, R.M.            09 Oct 1879    A452

Rice, C.Q.             Stecker, Adelia              31-Dec-17   U431

Rice, Calvin L.        Henning, Gertrude B.         14-Nov-14   R233

Rice, Carl E.          Jones, Leona Frances          4-Mar-14   Q553

Rice, Charles B.       Luckner, Jennie           07 Dec 1892    F029

Rice, Cora             Kolb, E.C.                18 Apr 1899    H071

Rice, Edna L.          Hughes, James R.              1-Feb-05   J489

Rice, Ella             Mulkey, C.T.              21 Jul 1884    C102

Rice, Eva M.           Menefee, Albert C.           30-Nov-09   M547

Rice, Everett C.       Claypool, Mamie                          T383

Rice, Frances          Rea, Ben                     24-Jan-18   U506

Rice, Frank G.         Hilliard, Fannie D.          18-Sep-19   W448

Rice, Frank G.         McDowell, Pearl O.        12 Nov 1894    F436

Rice, George           Mounts, Tempie               14-Apr-07   K605

Rice, Gertrude         Spurlin, F.M.                16-Aug-20   Y034

Rice, Grace A.         Magrane, Thomas Ashton        5-Sep-06   K368

Rice, Gracie           Bricker, Charles E.           5-Mar-05   J512

Rice, H.C.             Mulford, Edith (Mrs.)     24 Nov 1898    G621

Rice, H.V.             Dye, Mabel A.                 9-Jun-09   M282

Rice, Harry Floyd      Garrison, Mabel Rosetta       1-Apr-11   O074

Rice, Ida Pearl        Edwards, Frank L.             2-Mar-18   V015

Rice, John             Willinger, Teresa         31 Jul 1899    H131

Rice, John H.          McDill, Sarah A.             17-Oct-11   O371

Rice, Katharine E.     Woodward, Robert              1-Jan-03   I449

Rice, Kittie           Taylor, Clarence G.          28-Sep-09   M452

Rice, L.M.             Mackay, G.C.              19 May 1888    D303

Rice, Lida             Craig, Charles                9-Apr-02   I216

Rice, Mabele(ble)      Reighard, George H.          12-Mar-08   L337

Rice, Mae              Newman, Lawrence             12-Aug-19   W348

Rice, Mamie            Kimball, Walter              24-Jun-08   L448

Rice, Mamie            Poland, Napoleon              4-Dec-19   X019

Rice, Mattie Elizabeth Harrod, James E.              8-Aug-08   L510

Rice, Minnie           Hampton, J.H.                20-Nov-19   W624

Rice, Murvel H.        Davis, Mary E.               27-Oct-14   R212

Rice, Nettie           Platt, Albert H.          19 Jun 1892    E565

Rice, R.C.             Keller, Maggie               15-Apr-03   I527

Rice, Robert P.        Russell, Effie                1-Jan-01   H496

Rice, Roy Edwin        Clay, Elizabeth Viola        23-Sep-14   R156

Rice, Sally            Jones, Frank E.              14-May-03   I554

Rice, W.A.             Dickerson, Myrtle             2-Sep-06   K363

Rice, W.S.             Harris, Alma                  2-Jan-00   H248

Rice, William          Boyd, Edna                   27-Jul-11   O262

Rice, William          Mosteller, Pearl             10-May-08   L399

Rice, William A.       Amonett, Mary Jane           11-Apr-20   X313

Rice, William Cyrus    Jones, Ivie Alice            19-Jun-07   L024

Rice, William Franklin Williams, Gertrude           30-Sep-18   V419

Ricerd, James          Moffat, Laura                            R437

Rich, Anna J.          Minnick, W.A.                 3-Dec-07   L223

Rich, Carl V.          McManaman, Stella            17-Feb-07   K549

Rich, Curtis E.        Riggs, Grace A.               1-Nov-06   K430

Rich, E.A.             McMillen, J.F.               10-May-22   Z760

Rich, Earl F.          Gilliland, Zelma Anneita     18-Oct-21   Z353

Rich, Edgar            Schlicher, Julia May         12-Apr-09   M215

Rich, Fay A.           Bryant, William (Dr.)                    S136

Rich, Grace            Gaertner, Oscar              16-Oct-21   Z355

Rich, I.A.             Ballinger, O.A.           07 Sep 1897    G354

Rich, John Robert      Moore, Anna                   2-Feb-21   Y453

Rich, Joseph B.        Barnes, Mary E.           20 Oct 1880    B103

Rich, Maggie E. (Mrs.) Leonard, M.G.                20-Sep-00   H405

Rich, Marie            Walthall, Clinton B.          9-Jan-10   M612

Rich, Mary             Waggoner, Bernard            20-Jan-09   M110

Rich, Oliver S.        Eby, Edith Marie             28-Apr-09   M234

Rich, Oscar            Roper, Gertie                 1-Oct-05   K053

Rich, R.J.             Morton, R.H.                  9-Feb-07   K542

Rich, R.T.             Farmer, Adda M.               2-Jan-11   N538

Rich, Samuel A.        Carson, Bessie Anna          20-Oct-10   N431

Rich, Sarah            Signer, Conrad (Capt.)       30-Dec-12   P602

Richard, Laura         Ross, John T.                27-Apr-03   I538

Richards, A.C.         Arnold, Ida M.                5-Dec-05   K127

Richards, Amy          Bosworth, M.C.            22 Oct 1898    G595

Richards, Aubrey F.    Gentry, Kathleen              6-May-22   Z751

Richards, C.J.         Pattee, Manderna          18 Feb 1877    A249

Richards, Carrie       Bullock, Clement             22-Jan-12   P076

Richards, Carry        Dodson, Kate                 17-Jan-06   K178

Richards, Charles      Thompson, Emma                7-Aug-20   Y006

Richards, Charles H.   Moore, Tiney L.              21-Nov-02   I406

Richards, Clara        Schmidt, Louis               12-Oct-12   P455

Richards, Cora May     Thompson, B.E.               25-Apr-10   N109

Richards, E.P.         Fowler, Mary A.           17 Mar 1878    A321

Richards, Edna         Mettlen, O.L.                            S024

Richards, Eva          Hooton, Walter E.            30-Apr-13   Q132

Richards, Forrest      Heller, Louie Pauline         2-Apr-21   Y557

Richards, Frank H.     Withrow, Mae                 31-Aug-13   Q297

Richards, Fred         Allen, Bertha                29-Dec-10   N532

Richards, Freda        Mosteller, J.N.              14-Oct-19   W521

Richards, G.W.         Cross, Mary (Mrs.)            7-Feb-04   J158

Richards, George F.    McMahan, Cora L.             20-Sep-03   J023

Richards, Georgie      Filson, M.J.              30 May 1886    C445

Richards, Gladys       Pitts, Vollie W.              2-Sep-20   Y076

Richards, Harry G.     Wilson, Ethel                30-Oct-04   J394

Richards, Herman R.    Wachenheim, Mary          29 May 1889    D548

Richards, Irene        Jones, Zollie B.             12-Oct-09   M471

Richards, James B.     Berges, Hilda                15-Jan-18   U473

Richards, John         Leach, Lillie             30 Jan 1898    G453

Richards, John E.      Toepke, Freda                            S482

Richards, Laura L.     Nisewanger, C.J.              8-Dec-09   M555

Richards, Lula GertrudeRynearson, John B.        24 Jul 1890    E175

Richards, Malissa      Casey, Willard            22 Oct 1882    B314

Richards, Mandana      Hunsaker, Charles H.      27 Jan 1881    B134

Richards, May          Cann, Sylvester              28-Apr-13   Q125

Richards, May          Cummins, Vernon Ira          30-Jan-20   X165

Richards, Myrtle A.    McPheron, Glenn H.           20-Dec-19   X056

Richards, R.H.         Merchant, Mildred            22-Mar-09   M188

Richards, R.J.         Cooper, Cleta                26-Apr-14   Q604

Richards, R.R.         Tarter, Pearl                31-Dec-10   N534

Richards, Rebecca      Landis, Amos              06 Mar 1894    F321

Richards, S.E.         Dietrick, C.P.            28 Aug 1884    C124

Richards, S.G.         Hirst, W.H.               31 Jul 1893    F175

Richards, W.M.         Palmer, Sylva                19-May-14   Q636

Richards, Winnifred C. Alexander, Arthur M.         15-Jun-04   J262

Richardson, A.D.       Kennell, Clara            17 May 1898    G508

Richardson, A.E.       Sproul, Jos. W.                          S483

Richardson, Allice     Leslie, William C.        10 Nov 1892    F020

Richardson, Anna Belle Shoafstall, Harry C.          1-Apr-11   O073

Richardson, Auddie     McClure, Lulu             07 Feb 1895    F490

Richardson, Belle      Brundidge, R.M.              24-Mar-12   P156

Richardson, Ben        Jones, Beulah                            S416

Richardson, Benjamin   Little, Pauline              30-Jul-18   V284

Richardson, Bertha A.  Chandler, L.G.               23-Oct-12   P478

Richardson, Bertha A.  McClain, James Franklin       6-Jul-07   L045

Richardson, Bonnie T.  Delano, Alva M.              24-Feb-18   U583

Richardson, Caroline   Tyrell, Charles M.           16-Jul-05   J627

Richardson, Charles    Yates, Mary                              S253

Richardson, Charles W. Elliott, Gail Hildreth                   S298

Richardson, Claude F.  Vansant, Winnie              25-Feb-07   K558

Richardson, Clennie    Brant, Hazel                             T012

Richardson, Cleo       Waldorf, S.E.                 8-Feb-14   Q525

Richardson, Clyde      Young, Daisy                 14-Apr-13   Q107

Richardson, David B.   Webb, Jessie Marguerite       6-Jul-21   Z117

Richardson, Edgar      Johnson, Elsie                           S227

Richardson, Edman      Riddle, Alma E.           16 Oct 1879    A457

Richardson, Edna P.    Chadwick, Cletion S.          4-Mar-05   J512

Richardson, Edward     Byrd, Julia                  29-May-21   Z003

Richardson, Effie      Boone, Marshall L.           23-Feb-12   P121

Richardson, Effie      Porter, Charles H.                       T143

Richardson, Elanore    Keller, Charles E.            2-Feb-10   N005

Richardson, Elizabeth JGoodrich, Earl               27-Aug-13   Q293

Richardson, Elwood     Baldwin, Grace F.            19-Jun-18   V231

Richardson, Emily      Wood, Frank C.            30 Sep 1880    B096

Richardson, Emmalynde  Rhodes, John A.               2-Feb-10   N004

Richardson, Eudora     Smith, Marion D.             27-Jun-14   R043

Richardson, Eva        Valencia, Thomas             25-Mar-18   V054

Richardson, Faye       Hamilton, John               13-Aug-19   W351

Richardson, Florence   Mayall, W.W.                 23-Nov-21   Z444

Richardson, Frank      Engle, Bessie                 5-Oct-00   H423

Richardson, G.K.       McNair, Vini                             T075

Richardson, Geal       Terry, F.B.               02 Apr 1885    C235

Richardson, George B.  Herrington, Alta G.                      R519

Richardson, Gladys     Davis, John J.            15 Nov 1893    F250

Richardson, Gladys     Decker, M.L.                 11-Oct-19   W518

Richardson, Grace N.   Blackwell, William H.        15-Jun-01   H612

Richardson, Guy A.     Putnam, Frances L.            4-Nov-08   L629

Richardson, H.L.       Belmear, Bertha              12-Aug-14   R095

Richardson, Harry Guy  Fick, Louise Margaret         4-Nov-08   L632

Richardson, Hattie L.  Cooley, E.H.                  5-Sep-00   H392

Richardson, Hazel E.   Honer, J.P.                              T311

Richardson, Helen      Coleman, Burt                31-Jan-22   Z581

Richardson, Henderson  Watts, Florence              14-Dec-18   V514

Richardson, Herbert W. Furlong, Carrie              23-Jul-08   L492

Richardson, Huldah ElanHettinger, Coral V.           4-May-20   X374

Richardson, J.S.       Walker, Della                            S205

Richardson, J.W.       Mayall, Sara A.              24-Jun-09   M314

Richardson, J.W.       McClune, Louise              21-Dec-18   V520

Richardson, James E.   Sam, Mary                    28-Sep-21   Z315

Richardson, Katie      Blair, William            18 Jun 1891    E350

Richardson, Larkin D.  Tomlinson, Maud E.           29-Jun-05   J616

Richardson, Leslie     Gilman, La Vera               4-Jul-14   R059

Richardson, Lloyd      Sample, Nellie               10-Feb-09   M134

Richardson, Lorinda A. Thomas, Jesse J.          24 May 1881    B160

Richardson, M. KatherynPorter, A.L.                  8-Apr-08   L360

Richardson, Mabel      Tucker, H.                30 Dec 1897    G436

Richardson, Mamie F.   Sunbury, M.B.             06 Jul 1899    H121

Richardson, Margaret   Alter, John G.               15-Nov-11   O414

Richardson, Mary       Grace, John               04 Oct 1880    B099

Richardson, Mary       Hicklin, Oliver           14 May 1885    C254

Richardson, Mary       Whitlow, C.                              S451

Richardson, Mary A.    Babb, James Clarence         16-Jul-05   J628

Richardson, Mary Jane  McBrier, Jan                 20-Mar-18   V046

Richardson, Mattie     Martin, Charles B.            1-Sep-07   L100

Richardson, Mattie BeulBarner, Ray J.               19-Nov-06   K451

Richardson, Maude M.   Barnett, George T.                       T095

Richardson, Milton G.  Smith, Anita Blanch          26-Nov-10   N473

Richardson, Minnie L.  Brooks, Foster S.         01 Nov 1887    D147

Richardson, Neil       Lyman, Bess Lucile           28-Apr-19   W101

Richardson, Nellie     Sones, Frank                             S476

Richardson, Pearl E.   Maxwell, William H.          24-Oct-21   Z379

Richardson, Pearl M.   Abbott, Burl L.              24-Sep-12   P427

Richardson, Percy J.   Korber, Lillian                          S226

Richardson, R.A.       Thompson, Doris W.                       T305

Richardson, Richard S. Walker, Mollie            03 Dec 1871    A020

Richardson, Robert     Morris, Frances              26-Oct-17   U129

Richardson, Robert AndeWolfe, Florence Fay           5-Aug-07   L073

Richardson, Roy        Harris, Iva                   5-Aug-17   T552

Richardson, Roy R.     Moon, Ida                     6-Apr-12   P184

Richardson, Roy S.     Goff, Lona                   27-Jul-08   L496

Richardson, S.E.       Cafferty, Florence Anna   26 Oct 1883    B423

Richardson, Seanory    Harris, Frank                15-Mar-20   X255

Richardson, Stella     Wade, J.W.                   25-Nov-18   V495

Richardson, Thomas J.  Young, Clara Stone        28 Feb 1888    D235

Richardson, Tom        Sedan, Stella                29-Mar-20   X287

Richardson, True       Farmer, Essie             08 Apr 1882    B263

Richardson, Vivian     Rader, E.H.                   8-Nov-19   W591

Richardson, Wallace    Snyder, Alice                31-May-10   N158

Richenberger, Mary HeleBach, Nicholas C.            12-Jun-06   K277

Richey, Annie          McAfee, Abraham           14 Oct 1884    C147

Richey, Edwin          Peters,Savilla(Sevilla)   26 Sep 1898    G574

Richey, Evelyn H.      Swallow, C.M.                11-Mar-18   V030

Richey, Helen          Manning, Arthur                          T379

Richey, Jessie         Canfield, Ernest              6-Mar-07   K568

Richey, Joseph         Travis, Lizzie            21 Aug 1881    B181

Richey, Lottie         Wilkins, W.H.             30 Apr 1896    G088

Richey, Mayme Marie    Callaway, John Clarence      26-Jan-20   X155

Richey, Raymond        Newcomer, Mary Ellen          7-May-21   Y626

Richey, Sabra          McCalla, Cecil               23-Aug-13   Q286

Richey, Samuel E.      Dunlap, Edith L.          20 Apr 1884    C070

Richey, W.H.           French, Emma                 21-Feb-21   Y485

Richie, Joseph         Huff, Lida                19 Jan 1888    D203

Richie, Richard H.     Maugain, Marie Germaine      21-Aug-20   Y047

Richmond, Albert       Ford, Bessie                 29-Dec-13   Q482

Richmond, Alexander    Thompson, Caroline C.     01 Jan 1888    D189

Richmond, Bertha M.    Truman, Samuel               21-Dec-04   J447

Richmond, Clara        Viney, Walter                10-Aug-07   L081

Richmond, Corydon S.   Morgan, Clara M.          23 Dec 1880    B121

Richmond, Eunice I.    Bense, Charles               28-Jun-05   J612

Richmond, Eva E.       White, Ephraim            21 Feb 1894    F316

Richmond, F.           Dawson, S.E.              17 Jun 1888    D321

Richmond, Frank        Johnson, Nell                17-Apr-19   W077

Richmond, Grace J.     Miller, C.L.                 10-Jul-14   R063

Richmond, Gustavus A.  Sottts, Fannie            01 May 1878    A330

Richmond, Guy (George) Frazier, Ella             08 May 1897    G297

Richmond, Guy Edwin    Sprague, Jessie Pauline      18-Aug-06   K352

Richmond, H.L.         Abbott, Belle (Mrs.)      04 Sep 1889    D601

Richmond, Harold       Owston, Bessie                8-Feb-13   Q026

Richmond, Hattie E.    Martin, Joseph D.         02 Nov 1890    E236

Richmond, Hazel D.     Darby, Earl Clifford          9-Nov-10   N439

Richmond, Hiram L.     McCormick, Margaret L. (  30 Nov 1894    F450

Richmond, Irving       Blair, Dora E.            13 Sep 1885    C304

Richmond, Irving       Teaters, Bell             01 Oct 1876    A226

Richmond, J.P.         Harmon, Lillie               21-Dec-12   P569

Richmond, Lenora       Campbell, Syd B.             12-Jun-02   I266

Richmond, Luella       Perschbacher, Clarence        3-Jul-09   M334

Richmond, Mattie       Wachob, Charles D.(R.)    30 Mar 1891    E316

Richmond, Rachel ElizabStarkey, H.A.                 7-May-21   Y627

Richmond, Rex E.       Adkins, Lottie G.             2-Dec-02   I417

Richmond, Robert       Allison, Gladys              27-Sep-13   Q344

Richmond, Walter L.    Ackerman, Fay T.(L.)          6-Aug-07   L076

Richmond, William      Scott, Lizzie                17-Aug-07   L087

Richter, Edna          Kittredge, John F.           10-Nov-08   L638

Richter, Kurt          Loyd, Alice Iona                         P391

Richter, Louisa        Steffen, Ferdinand           29-Apr-01   H567

Richter, Rose          Guhn, John                               S486

Richter, Shrig(hugg) C.Short, Minnie P.             26-Dec-06   K490

Richtor, Ora           Salisbury, Elmer Ellswor     15-Oct-10   N391

Rick, Ezra             Daugherty, Mary           01 Jun 1898    G515

Rick, J.T.             Stumpf, Elizabeth         02 Apr 1898    G484

Rick, Viola            Carlton, John R.          10 Feb 1887    C585

Rickabaugh, Margaret L.Larkin, Mark J.              24-May-22   Z780

Rickabaugh, Samuel JameAves, Flossie Fern                       S574

Rickabaugh, Urban S.   Philips, Mable               20-Jan-14   Q509

Rickard, Charles W.    Pratt, Edith M.              17-Feb-03   I485

Rickard, Emma          Libby, Roscoe                18-Mar-22   Z662

Rickard, Ethel A.      Briggs, Harry L.              8-Jan-13   P626

Rickard, Everette      Maxwell, Fern                            S501

Rickard, Frank         Shaup, Grace                 13-Jan-09   M098

Rickard, Frank J.      Edwards, Edith M.                        S189

Rickard, Hazel Lucile  Shepard, John William         2-Sep-17   T605

Rickard, Perry G.      Rhoads, Carrie L.         20 May 1874    A120

Rickard, Ruth          Rucker, Chauncey             26-Aug-12   P385

Rickard, Samuel J.     Dunkleberger, Alta Flore      1-Aug-09   M340

Rickards, Belle M.     Maechtlen, Ernest            23-Jul-02   I306

Rickards, C.C.E.       Wittum, Nellie G.            18-Jun-07   L033

Rickards, Clyde        Fent, Glen                   18-Feb-08   L310

Rickards, Ella L.      Baker, Elven O.           08 Apr 1897    G281

Rickards, Eva          Beatty, J.A.                  1-Jan-00   H246

Rickards, George M.    Lyon, Louisa              30 Jan 1879    A393

Rickards, Ida          Heiser, Edward C.         14 Feb 1890    E077

Rickards, Izah R.      High, C.P.                    8-Feb-05   J495

Rickards, Orville      Scates, Nadine                3-Jan-20   X108

Rickards, Roy          Wolf, Edna                   21-Mar-19   W032

Ricke, Frank           Freund, Kate                 15-May-00   H316

Ricke, Joseph H.       Rausch, Anna M.               8-Oct-01   I042

Ricke, Margaret M.     Albers, Benjamin (Bernar     24-Nov-03   J074

Ricken, Henry          Neises, Anna                 20-Apr-20   X301

Ricker, Flora C.       Hodgson, Arthur B.           14-Mar-14   Q565

Ricker, George H.      Stevens, Estelle M.          11-Apr-08   L363

Ricker, Mary Eudora    Wood, Douglas F.             31-Oct-05   K094

Rickert, E.E.          Bense, Eunice                10-Jun-19   W200

Rickert, Harley EverettLarabee, Jennie              31-Oct-21   Z396

Ricketts, Edward G.    Ricketts, Lula               20-Jan-06   K182

Ricketts, Joseph       Gilpin, Daisy             15 Feb 1893    F077

Ricketts, Lula         Ricketts, Edward G.          20-Jan-06   K182

Rickman, Emma B.       Neviens, Harry W.            29-May-11   O164

Rickman, George        Morris, May                  17-Feb-15   R363

Rickman, Nate          Criss, Nellie             22 May 1899    H093

Rickman, Ocran         Nicodemus, Lillian           12-Aug-09   M373

Rickman, Opal          Winkel, George                4-Feb-13   Q018

Rickords, Jessie       Williams, Herman              8-Sep-20   Y088

Ricks, Edna J.         Herring, Henry R.             1-Sep-20   Y073

Ricksecker, Allen S.   Krober, Anna                  5-Apr-11   O081

Rickstine, George      Gibson, Mattie               27-Mar-18   V058

Ricord, Pearl C.       Kunzel, Agnes                17-Apr-20   X337

Riddell, Anna J.       Hodge, John B.               26-Apr-20   X353

Riddell, C.J.          Roessler, Clara              27-Feb-18   V010

Riddell, Dora F.       Walker, Corwin G.            18-May-11   O151

Riddell, Guernie       Ashcraft, Ida M.          04 Jul 1893    F164

Riddell, James         Scymghz, Charlotte           23-Sep-11   O339

Riddell, Sadie         Armstrong, James C.          27-May-08   L414

Ridder, Henry          Mund, Clara               27 Mar 1894    F330

Ridder, Joseph         Kerschen, Johanna            14-Feb-22   Z583

Riddle, Alma E.        Richardson, Edman         16 Oct 1879    A457

Riddle, Francis E.     Stobaugh, Allison T.         21-Sep-04   J352

Riddle, Harrison       Potts, Nora                  26-Jun-17   T466

Riddle, Maggie         Black, W.E.               21 May 1885    C258

Riddle, Milford        Cave, Mary Louise            20-Nov-20   Y286

Riddle, Titus          Parker, Blanche              13-Aug-21   Z207

Ridenhour, Nellie E.   Hinkle, John T.               8-Oct-10   N383

Ridenour, Lillie       Startzman, J.L.              10-Apr-00   H302

Ridenour, Samuel I.    Easton, Margaret J.       01 Jun 1898    G516

Rideout, Abraham       Faucett, Susan            05 Apr 1888    D261

Rider, A.E.            Plunkett, Cora H.            17-May-02   I246

Rider, Morris B.       Johnson, Ella W.          09 Jan 1892    E473

Ridge, Elizabeth       Lingenfelter, J.W.        21 Oct 1899    H191

Ridge, Ella            Goodall, J.F.             24 Oct 1899    H193

Ridgeway, Anthony E.   Dunlap, Fannie Irene      28 Jul 1892    E585

Ridgeway, William T.   Wike, Lottie R.                          S057

Ridgley, Clyde M.      Hodgson, Ethel May           25-Jun-19   W240

Ridgley, G.C.          Bunting, Meta M.              4-Sep-05   K030

Ridgley, Guy           Thompson, Inez                5-Feb-21   Y458

Ridgway, Alneita       Giles, A.J.                   6-Nov-20   Y248

Ridgway, C.F.          McFeeters, Ethel M.          10-Nov-12   P504

Ridgway, Edwin H.      Dilley, Elmira K.            28-Jul-17   T535

Ridgway, Eunice A.     Farr, N.P.                    5-Dec-14   R270

Ridgway, Frank I.      McCutcheon, Ruth             18-Oct-11   O374

Ridgway, Lula          Sawley, Aaron O.             29-Jan-00   H263

Ridgway, Ruth          Barnhart, Arthur B.          25-Dec-10   N526

Ridgway, Sylvana       Kennedy, S.D.                16-Oct-21   Z350

Ridley, Clarence       McLean, Ida                  25-Dec-18   V536

Ridout, Susan          Miller, Moses             14 Feb 1891    E301

Riebold, Frederick R.  Bradford, Myrtle             17-Nov-17   U223

Rieder, George M.      Center, Lizzie            01 Nov 1886    C524

Rief, Sievert          Pittet, Mary                 19-Jan-06   K180

Riege, Fred            Pitman, Leota                10-Sep-09   M417

Riege, Julia           Nighswonger, Perry           15-Nov-07   L202

Riege, Will            Dykman, Lena                  2-Sep-20   Y078

Riegel, Frank          Winslow, Delores             30-Apr-20   X364

Riegel, Geralda        Warren, John H.              25-Dec-21   Z483

Rieger, Clara          Huntsinger, James L.         22-Nov-08   M017

Rielly, Frances M.     Donald, A.G.                 31-Dec-12   P616

Rieman, Ida            Young, Sam J.                 6-May-12   P227

Rieman, Lee R.         Coats, Ella P.               18-Mar-05   J522

Rieman, Lillie         Allen, R.H.               26 Oct 1898    G597

Ries, Mary             Watson, W.P.                 17-Nov-13   Q423

Riesbeck, Frank        Hubbard, Mary             30 Oct 1890    E234

Riesbeck, Grace        Howe, W.H.                    6-May-20   X380

Riesbeck, Katie        Bahr, Matthew             19 Apr 1882    B260

Rife, Freelance L.     Hauser, Dora                 25-Nov-07   L213

Rife, J.E.             Gant, Mary E.                31-Aug-02   I336

Rife, Maurice          Barnard, Faye                14-Apr-20   X329

Rife, W.D.             Herron, Myrtle               24-Aug-14   R112

Riffel, Alexander      Cole, Effie B.               21-Jun-03   I583

Riffle, Marie CatherineBurr, Amos Allen          17 Aug 1898    G555

Rifner, Olive E.       Newby, Cecil W.              23-May-06   K274

Rigby, Carrie          Black, Brice H.              29-Oct-21   Z389

Rigby, Floyd           Godly, Grace                 16-Nov-14   R234

Rigel, Oscar F.        Raines, Mary              04 Jun 1873    A074

Riggins, Harvey        Wright, Hattie D.             5-Dec-12   P555

Riggor, Bert L.        Saffer, Edna                 20-Jun-11   O207

Riggs, Albert          McGill, Sadie                11-Jun-17   T438

Riggs, Arabella A.     Hargrove, Reuben F.       28 Sep 1887    D116

Riggs, Armeda          Beam, Lawrence               20-Nov-11   O422

Riggs, Chester         Baker, Elda                  16-Aug-20   Y029

Riggs, Deloss D.       Harris, Maude                10-Aug-20   Y016

Riggs, Esther Mae      Binford, Arthur J.           13-Aug-19   W349

Riggs, Franklin        Sparr, Elsie                 30-Apr-20   X363

Riggs, George Arleigh  Bowen, Esther Arlyne          1-Jan-19   V549

Riggs, Gilbert M.      French, Emma              07 Nov 1892    F009

Riggs, Grace A.        Rich, Curtis E.               1-Nov-06   K430

Riggs, H.E.            Walker, May(ry) L.           29-Jan-13   Q007

Riggs, H.H.            Tucker, Eileen                3-Dec-21   Z464

Riggs, Harry E.        Coggins, Besse E.                        T341

Riggs, Helen           Martin, Ira W.               31-Jul-20   X618

Riggs, Hubert R.       Magruder, Anna M.            24-Mar-09   M188

Riggs, June Pearl      Hodge, Fred N.               30-Sep-13   Q347

Riggs, Landon LeRoy    Nixon, Mary Geneva            5-Apr-11   O085

Riggs, M.L.            Spaulding, Elma S.           30-Sep-14   R170

Riggs, Mary O.         Dearing, William S.       24 Feb 1884    C045

Riggs, Myrtle Edna     Cox, Solon G.                            S442

Riggs, Nellie          Eilerts, Harsha              17-Nov-17   U220

Riggs, Nettie Mae      Merry, Noble                 25-Dec-17   U400

Riggs, Ollie B.        Jensen, Helen                16-Feb-20   X204

Riggs, Orville         Hazen, Emma F.            12 May 1892    E547

Riggs, Rosa            Sturgeon, C.H.               11-Sep-20   Y098

Riggs, S.              Lessig, Marie                21-Aug-20   Y044

Riggs, Sylvester       Reazin, Jessie               24-Jul-06   K336

Riggs, Thelma          Hannon, Floyd                24-Jul-20   X605

Riggs, Theodore D.     Greiffenstein, Catherine     26-Jun-20   X537

Riggs, Thomas Brandon  Young, Florence Ada          23-Dec-09   M550

Riggs, Thomas Oscar    Crockett, Sarah Abigail      19-Oct-06   K412

Riggs, Vera            Whitted, Harold G.           27-May-19   W163

Riggs, Vida Belle      Pribbenow, William F.        22-Jun-13   Q210

Riggs, W.O.            Viney, Katharine             24-Mar-19   W036

Riggs, Walter A.       Cook, Zetta Maude            26-May-21   Y664

Riggs, William Roscoe  Dyer, Edna E.                 5-Jun-01   H605

Riggs, William Roscoe  Dyre, Edna E.                 5-Jun-01   H605

Rightmire, R.A.        Miller, Carrie A.            28-Nov-11   O435

Rigoon, Luella         Terhune, J.E.                22-Sep-19   W462

Rigosa, Adolpho        Abala, Ollya                             S568

Riley, Agatha          Wilson, Tim                  18-Jun-11   O202

Riley, Angeline (Mrs.) McNamara, James           24 Apr 1893    F120

Riley, Belle           Hayward, Charles H.       17 Nov 1890    E247

Riley, C.V.            Heckman, Claudia May         15-Feb-06   K199

Riley, Charles S.      Carr, Bessie J.           26 Dec 1889    E047

Riley, Christopher     Longsdorf, Lizzie         20 Jul 1891    E362

Riley, Cora            Boggs, Scott L.               7-Oct-21   Z333

Riley, Daniel F.       Hulse, Winnie B.          18 Mar 1890    E101

Riley, David B.        Humphrey, Dora            18 Sep 1890    E198

Riley, Earl N.         Randolph, M. Ida             11-Sep-07   L115

Riley, Edward S.       Jennings, Gertrude L.        28-May-21   Y667

Riley, Elisabeth       Suhl, William             14 Oct 1879    A455

Riley, Elizabeth       Shul, William             14 Oct 1879    A455

Riley, Emma A.         Riley, Solomn H.             29-Mar-19   W043

Riley, Eva (Mrs.)      Schugart, Henry           14 Mar 1899    H054

Riley, Filleseat       Garwood, James            15 Oct 1879    A456

Riley, Harley B.       Potts, Emma Louise           19-Aug-19   W372

Riley, Helendean       Martling, Ells L. Jr.        27-Feb-18   V011

Riley, J. William      Givens, Jessie               26-Nov-08   M022

Riley, James F.        Sullivan, Ethel M.                       S175

Riley, James H.        Roberts, Dora (Mrs.)          7-May-02   I240

Riley, Jess            Hamman, Erma                 20-May-11   O154

Riley, Jodie May       Nelson, James             27 Dec 1893    F280

Riley, John J.         Blackburn, Goldie May        29-Jul-21   Z162

Riley, L.R.            Stuckey, Ella Rose           25-Sep-06   K382

Riley, Lois Yvonne     Ehrhardt, Fred H.                        T330

Riley, M.E.            Fritz, Emma M.            15 Nov 1883    C005

Riley, Margaret        Bates, William Arthur        22-Dec-07   L248

Riley, Marie           Aitken, Henry M.              9-Oct-19   W508

Riley, Maud E.         Loudenslager, Lewis H.       10-Feb-04   J159

Riley, Minnie          Braman, Walter               28-May-08   L415

Riley, Myra B.         Parker, Clark                29-Nov-17   U281

Riley, N.L.            King, Ora Lee             07 Dec 1887    D174

Riley, Ola             Scarth, W.H.              19 Feb 1893    F082

Riley, R.G.            Hollingsworth, Mary           5-Dec-00   H473

Riley, Robert          Springer, Helen              12-May-22   Z762

Riley, Russell         Golden, Geneva                2-Oct-18   V425

Riley, Ruth Ellen      Johnston, John Paul          12-Feb-20   X190

Riley, Smith           McVicker, Elizabeth       29 Jun 1873    A077

Riley, Solomn H.       Riley, Emma A.               29-Mar-19   W043

Riley, Thomas          Solers, Minnie            20 Dec 1881    B220

Riley, Thomas Jerome   Kirwin, Ethel                 7-Feb-21   Y462

Riley, Watson A.       Welch, Anna L.               23-Jun-03   I584

Rimel, Bessie (Bertie) O'Connor, Bartholomew         1-Nov-10   N422

Rimel, Edwin B.        Larson, Mary B.              16-Nov-10   N449

Rimel, Frank H.        Adams, Elsie B.              19-Sep-06   K378

Rimel, Robert          Whaley, Anna                 17-Sep-03   J020

Rimer, Floy            Jackson, Emery                           R500

Rimer, Harry D.        Brumfield, Julia             23-Dec-03   J120

Rimer, Newel           Bowers, Alice                            R531

Rimer, Newel           Toepke, Freda                21-Jun-11   O209

Rimer, Sidney E.       Doyle, Floy B.               11-Feb-07   K544

Rimmel, Anna Jane      West, Clyde Ellsworth        27-Oct-18   V461

Rinaldo, Frank         Peluso, Jennie                           R438

Rinard, Jenettie       Glass, W.M.               26 Oct 1887    D142

Rinckel, Gladys Louise Dudey, Milton Henry           4-Sep-21   Z249

Rinckel, Ralph M.      Myers, Mabel A.                          S361

Rinderknecht, Esther EdLogsdon, Glenn T.            17-Jul-12   P337

Rindskoff, Fred        Hoyt, Louise                 27-Feb-10   N029

Rine, G.C.             Marsh, Ethel                             T027

Rinearson, Christina   Parker, W.R.              26 Jan 1882    B238

Rinearson, Melinda     Ross, J.H.                12 Aug 1882    B289

Rinehart, Flossie      Graham, Roy R.               22-Aug-11   O292

Rinehart, Jacob R.     Fuller, Eva O.            09 Dec 1892    F030

Rinehart, W.E.         Milligan, Clara G.                       S576

Riner, Talbert W.      Evans, Nellie B.                         S570

Ring, Cora             Black, Harrison                          S322

Ring, Warren W.        Callahan, Katie           30 Aug 1891    E376

Ringeisen, Arthur      Warden, Theodosia             6-Oct-10   N379

Ringer, Maude          Wittum, Herbert              10-May-20   X391

Ringland, Elmer        Minard, Amanda                9-Sep-14   R138

Ringland, G.D.         Howe, Nancey              25 Apr 1885    C248

Ringland, Lloyd D.     Wolf, Minnie                 11-May-10   N133

Ringle, W.H.           Rawson, Irene                29-Nov-19   X008

Rinick, Bertha         Smith, John                  19-Mar-13   Q063

Rinke, Bertha          Schmitt, Ferdinand        13 Aug 1888    D357

Rinkles, Laura         Titterington, Richard     29 Jul 1893    F176

Rinshed, W.L.          VanKirk, Effie            18 Feb 1883    B348

Riordan, Thomas F.     Esser, Josephine                         S212

Rios, Epigfanio        Garseia, Tomasa                          T238

Rios, Rosa             Alfaro, Jesus                17-Jan-22   Z560

Ripley, Pearl V.       Murphy, Elizabeth            27-Apr-10   N112

Ripley, Robert         Griffith, Hazel F.           21-Mar-21   Y537

Rippee, Alath          Synolds, Fred                 5-Sep-12   P399

Rippee, E.C.           Tuttle, Evelyn M.                        T169

Rippee, Edward Robert  Fonda, Dorothy                9-Jan-22   Z545

Rippee, Frank M.       Gregory, Eula                 8-Sep-18   V379

Ripperton, Ethel       Ludlam, William C.            4-Sep-07   L104

Ripperton, Florence MarRoe, John Richard            22-Feb-18   V002

Rippey, Ernest         Dicks, Marjorie              11-Apr-08   L364

Ripple, Lanah          Nevil, William            06 Sep 1880    B090

Risdom, S.J.           Knight, William              24-Oct-10   N408

Risdon, W.N.           Wander, Emma                 19-Jun-09   M303

Riser, Frederick       Riser, Rosia                 18-Jan-09   M105

Riser, Rosia           Riser, Frederick             18-Jan-09   M105

Rish, Lida L.          Baldwin, L.H.             16 Jul 1899    H125

Rishel, A.B.           McKee, Genette               12-Jun-19   W208

Rishel, Edwin          Clark, Florence A.            3-Feb-04   J155

Rishel, Lorena Violet  Heil, Harry R.               25-May-10   N151

Rishel, Sarah Elwin    Adams, James A.               2-Oct-20   Y155

Rishell, Dudley        Cadwallader, Althea           1-Dec-19   X010

Rishell, Dudley        Haun, Naomi                              T331

Rising, Elinor         Race, Lawson                  1-Oct-00   H416

Rising, Gary           Duston, Ruselle L.        02 Jan 1894    F289

Rising, Orin H.        Williams, Jessie G.          20-Dec-05   K141

Rising, Weltha         Cline, Joseph             08 Feb 1895    F491

Risley, Grace M.       Taylor, C.R.                 27-May-08   L413

Risley, Mabel Rose     Wine, Samuel D.               4-Jul-18   V258

Rison, H.C.            Elliott, Lulu             20 Jul 1893    F170

Rison, Josephine       Goit, Henry E.               21-Apr-12   P201

Rison, Lulu            Hamilton, Don A.             29-Sep-01   I056

Rison, N.H.            Austin, Florence                         R439

Rison, Orilla          Cox, Alexander B.         30 Dec 1891    E463

Rissell, Ralph L.      Cornwell, Margaret E.         4-Jun-08   L423

Rissell, Ralph L.      Lawless, Bess                16-May-14   Q632

Rissman, Arthur        Staatz, Alma                             S599

Rissmann, Nora         Beverly, Robert D.                       R564

Rist, Ethel            Bosworth, Roy R.             10-Apr-01   H549

Rister, Ida M.         Webb, A.L.                   31-Dec-19   X096

Ritchey, Rachel CatheriLovelace, Lynn C.             3-Aug-21   Z179

Ritchey, William F.    Brink, Emma K. (Mrs.)         4-Dec-10   N484

Ritchie, C.F.          Moore, Pearl A.              26-Oct-05   K092

Ritchie, Charley       Elwell, Edna Bertha          16-Nov-12   P516

Ritchie, J.P.          Elliott, Susan M.             2-Jan-06   K170

Ritchie, Katherine     Lutes, C.F.                              R415

Ritchie, Nina          Young, Bidwell            03 Apr 1888    D259

Rittel, Samuel         Blumanhourst, Leona                      S068

Ritteneer, Louis O.    Tignier, Adrian           14 Oct 1878    A416

Rittenhour, Lawrence   Mueller, Mildred              7-Sep-18   V379

Rittenhouse, Gladys    Pray, Lee                    26-Feb-08   L315

Rittenour, Nellie      Nicholson, O.F.              25-Sep-01   I053

Rittenour, Percie AlicePost, Ernest L.               2-Sep-08   L549

Ritter, Augusta        Bramble, C.M.             23 Jul 1885    C281

Ritter, Carl R.        Sites, Orva E.                           S514

Ritter, Charles L.     Heil, Rosa E.                26-Jun-01   H625

Ritter, Christ F.      Danner, Nina              30 Nov 1893    F261

Ritter, Clarence A.    Miller, Martha               18-Feb-03   I486

Ritter, Cleve H.       Feldner, Nettie K.            8-Dec-09   M556

Ritter, Edia           Neff, George                 14-Sep-14   R146

Ritter, Edia           Neff, George W.              14-May-03   I554

Ritter, Effie A.       Haas, Phillip             23 Mar 1898    G482

Ritter, Emma           VanVolkinberg, John       23 Oct 1873    A087

Ritter, George A.      Smith, Mildred               18-Apr-05   J547

Ritter, Gussie         Thomas, Louis J.          23 Feb 1890    E085

Ritter, Gusta J.       Demairais, N.             12 Oct 1886    C514

Ritter, I.D.           Fostnaught, Katie                        R552

Ritter, J.H.           Jackson, Anna             16 Dec 1885    C358

Ritter, Jacob          Rudolph, Johanna          25 Feb 1876    A194

Ritter, Laurie I.      Miller, James C.             24-Sep-02   I358

Ritter, Mary E.        Kennedy, Clyde D.             3-Aug-04   J309

Ritter, Minnie         Baker, J.A.               20 Oct 1885    C323

Ritter, Orville C.     Phade, Olga                  26-Sep-17   U013

Ritter, Pauline        Leonard, Frank            01 Dec 1898    G625

Rittner, Joseph        Clemens, Cordelia         15 Dec 1872    A054

Ritz, Iva L.           Littlejohn, Lula             28-Sep-10   N361

Ritzell, Edith         Jones, A.L.                  22-Dec-20   Y353

Rivers, C.W.           DeVore, Pearl May            24-Dec-03   J122

Rivers, Clara          Young, Frank                  4-Aug-02   I312

Rivers, Musa           Madeira, Ernest              14-Jun-05   J597

Rivers, W.W.           Fuller, Nola                 17-Jul-17   T509

Rives, Eunieta S.      Ruthrauff, Otto M.           12-Apr-21   Y567

Rix, Bessie            McVey, William               28-Jun-20   X540

Rizer, Mary E.         Welch, Charles E.         10 Jun 1891    E347

Rizley, Elmer B.       Armstrong, Hattie            24-Apr-12   P206

Roach, Albirdie        Hensley, E.M.             24 Feb 1895    F497

Roach, Alta Fern       Cornelius, Guy Edwards       25-Mar-11   O066

Roach, Catherine Mary  Peterson, Nicholas        16 Jul 1884    C105

Roach, Cora            Wineteer, A.              21 Jun 1898    G528

Roach, E.F.            Bird, Ida                    19-Mar-19   W030

Roach, Edward          Howard, Mary              17 Jul 1884    C106

Roach, Ella            Williams, Sam                            S532

Roach, Elmer           Krieger, Ada                  6-Apr-14   Q584

Roach, Emma Edith      Buston, Theodore              5-Jan-02   I152

Roach, Emma Edith      Buxton, Theodore              5-Jan-02   I152

Roach, G.A.            Eilerts, Dora E.             14-Aug-09   M374

Roach, George          Buxton, Della             24 Dec 1899    H235

Roach, Harriet M.      Tucker, Gilbert G.            6-Nov-06   K435

Roach, Hattie          Moore, John C.            03 Apr 1890    E110

Roach, John S.         Turner, Mary (Mrs.)           8-Jul-06   K320

Roach, Lizzie          Higginson, H.D.               5-Sep-00   H387

Roach, Malinda J.      Walker, J.H.              07 Sep 1886    C496

Roach, Mary A.         Brooks, Oliver F.         28 Jun 1888    D329

Roach, Mary C.         Knightley, W.J.              21-Jun-21   Z068

Roach, Mary D.         Walker, Ben                  30-Aug-21   Z245

Roach, Maude V.        Smith, Arthur L.             14-Oct-08   L602

Roach, Myrtle B.       Hoffman, C.H.                14-Feb-06   K198

Roach, Nettie          Buxton, Milo C.           12 Oct 1892    E631

Roach, Rolland         Means, Carrie                 8-Mar-11   O044

Roach, William H.      Snyder, Lydia Ann         03 Sep 1876    A219

Roach, William J.      Miller, Mary E.              24-May-12   P243

Roadenbaugh, Belton N. Scotthorne, Hattie           26-Apr-10   N115

Roadenbaugh, John D.   Bloomfield, Eva              14-Oct-08   L602

Roadenbaugh, Mable     Balding, Hollister A.                    S613

Roads, Benjamin J.     Dennett, Della E.             6-Apr-04   J206

Roads, Edward E.       Trotter, Gertrude             5-Sep-05   K029

Roads, Elsie           Kisner, Connell C.            7-Mar-00   H286

Roady, Ida             Fent, Vern                    3-Jan-14   Q493

Roady, John            Peyton, Fannie M.         04 Sep 1894    F393

Roady, Mary E.         Hatton, John A.           26 Oct 1879    A458

Roady, Myrtle Blanche  Fletcher, Athey               2-Jan-11   N539

Roark, Jesse J.        Trent, Hallie Lee                        S041

Roark, John W.         Wilshusen, Opal F.L.                     S245

Roark, Sarah E.        Lake, Russell B.             14-Oct-17   U080

Robb, C.A.             Oliphant, Anita(neta) L.  30 Dec 1896    G229

Robb, C.A.             Parr, Charlotte A.            3-Apr-04   J200

Robb, Grace            Bussard, I.J.             15 Oct 1899    H182

Robb, Hazel            Miles, Edgar M.              11-Apr-13   Q103

Robb, Letha Beatrice   Ramsey, G.R.              27 Dec 1899    H240

Robb, Luella           Long, Irvin D.            26 Jan 1888    D207

Robb, Nettie           Fuller, Charles           03 Sep 1891    E378

Robbe, Minnie          Scott, William            04 Feb 1888    D218

Robben, Henry          Jasper, Louisa            26 Nov 1889    E014

Robben, Louisa         Blasi, Carl F.               19-Aug-14   R083

Robben, Susan C.       Grimes, Edwin W.          12 Nov 1889    E016

Robbins, A.B.          Brock, Lydian                23-Aug-20   Y050

Robbins, A.W.          Rodman, Marie                25-Aug-17   T593

Robbins, Amos L.       Wilbourne, Eva M.                        S404

Robbins, Artie         Smitch, George               26-Jul-19   W316

Robbins, Artie         Tague, Fred                  13-Oct-17   U079

Robbins, Charles       Fisher, Goldie               22-Jul-20   X597

Robbins, Charles W.    Baxter, Mary E.              30-Apr-02   I234

Robbins, Charles W.    Terk, Minnie Lee          29 Nov 1892    F026

Robbins, Cora E.       Morris, George W.         24 Dec 1891    E458

Robbins, Edith May     Ballard, Alonzo S.            1-May-12   P213

Robbins, Ethel Estelle Vensel, Charles Stanton      26-Jul-08   L494

Robbins, Ethel May     Crawford, Albert Roy         23-Aug-01   I027

Robbins, Frank A.      Berry, Sadie                 24-Feb-09   M155

Robbins, Fred          Smith, May                22 Dec 1886    C561

Robbins, G.B.          Rush, Naioma              23 Dec 1880    B122

Robbins, G.C.          Kinney, Amy J.            23 Oct 1898    G596

Robbins, George R.     Helena, Frankie              11-Feb-19   V604

Robbins, Gertrude      Baldwin, F.S.                 2-Dec-03   J097

Robbins, Grace L.      Stewart, G.A.                16-Oct-20   Y194

Robbins, Henry         Kirby, Helena M.          16 Aug 1896    G134

Robbins, J.H.          Stearnes, Lucy               25-Jul-06   K337

Robbins, John          Nutter, Elizabeth             5-Aug-20   Y003

Robbins, Lloyd         Rowland, Olive               31-Jan-18   U519

Robbins, Maud          Waybright, Parker G.      27 Jul 1893    F173

Robbins, Maude         Lipke, Joe                   17-Feb-15   R362

Robbins, Maude         Smitch, G.G.                             V394

Robbins, May           Haskell, Chester E.       17 Jun 1891    E346

Robbins, Nellie        Irvin, James                 19-Oct-17   U103

Robbins, Nellie        Mountz, Cicero K.         15 Sep 1889    D606

Robbins, Ora           Grimes, Edna                 10-Apr-14   Q588

Robbins, Perry         Grimes, Bessie                2-Mar-14   Q551

Robbins, Rosana        Cotton, George E.             6-Jan-09   M091

Robbins, Ruth E.       Lawrence, Louis L.                       T328

Robbins, Samuel M.     Correll, Barbara A.       13 Sep 1888    D387

Robbins, Sylvia I.     Wylie, Claude E.             30-Sep-18   V420

Robbinson, John J.     Elliott, Phebe                4-Feb-22   Z592

Robbs, Daisy Geraldine French, David McComas Jr     12-Dec-14   R278

Robbs, Noah            Allen, Abbie                  1-Jun-18   V184

Robe, Silas C.         Cadwell, Sarah E.                        R423

Robenson, Leora V.     Pollard, Edgar A.            22-Aug-08   L527

Roberson, Abel         Knox, Enola                  10-Sep-11   O316

Roberson, B.C.         Kehmeier, Louise             21-Nov-06   K456

Roberson, David L.     Hodge, Fannie             03 Apr 1889    D518

Roberson, E.E.         Fryson, Ethel E.                         S336

Roberson, Edmond L.    Bush, Arabell                23-Feb-19   V623

Roberson, Elmer A.     Trexler, Lillie M.        26 Sep 1886    C494

Roberson, Eula         Jackson, Robert E.            5-Aug-10   N267

Roberson, Frank        Barton (Bearton), Ethel       3-Jun-11   O173

Roberson, Jesse C.     Hammon, Ida L.               27-May-09   M268

Roberson, Lewis        Reaves, Virgie               10-May-10   N132

Roberson, Mondey       Stens, Julia                 25-Dec-04   J449

Roberson, Orville Lee  Dawson, Katie Katherine      17-Mar-06   K227

Roberson, Viola        Vail, Russell L.             21-Jan-11   N562

Roberti, G.B.          Ellison, Sophia (Mrs.)    18 Oct 1899    H187

Roberts, Albertina W.  Line, Aaron M.            09 Nov 1890    E241

Roberts, Alice J.      Thomas, W.W.                 19-Aug-03   I634

Roberts, Anna          Bentley, Gaither          27 Nov 1894    F445

Roberts, Anna          Warde, Arthur F.             29-Nov-05   K124

Roberts, Anna (Mrs.)   Stein, Charles E.         18 Feb 1892    E499

Roberts, Anna L.       Maddux, Harry A.          19 Nov 1889    E021

Roberts, Annie         Stone, George E.          06 Mar 1895    F505

Roberts, Arthur V.     Eaton, Margarette E.         18-Aug-05   K016

Roberts, Beatrice      Honn, Harry A.               13-Jul-18   V276

Roberts, Belle         Cochran, W.C.             15 Mar 1888    D249

Roberts, Bertha F.     Lee, Earl                    24-Dec-01   I138

Roberts, Blanche P.    Fisher, Ora L.               10-Jun-05   J596

Roberts, Blanche Pearl Crater, Calvin C.             3-Sep-12   P395

Roberts, Cary C.       Edwards, Wretha           28 Feb 1890    E089

Roberts, Charles W.    Hall, Effie I.            04 Oct 1894    F411

Roberts, Chester A.    Stipe, Ruth                  24-Aug-21   Z231

Roberts, Clinton D.    Keefer, Iva                              S308

Roberts, Cora          Haas, Andrew              15 Feb 1894    F311

Roberts, Cora          Tors, Fedel                   1-Oct-10   N369

Roberts, Dall          Williams, Alma            13 Apr 1892    E526

Roberts, Dora (Mrs.)   Riley, James H.               7-May-02   I240

Roberts, Dora A. (H.)  Woolems, James P.         23 Feb 1893    F084

Roberts, E.A.          Cobb, J.E.W.                  8-Aug-01   I015

Roberts, Earl M.       Turner, Elsie May            23-Jun-19   W236

Roberts, Earnest C.    Erskine, Jessie J.                       S168

Roberts, Edith         Croff, William                           M555

Roberts, Edith         Pugsley, Harry                7-Sep-20   Y089

Roberts, Effie May     Tramill, J.W.             25 Dec 1888    D461

Roberts, Elizabeth     Clare, C. Gordon                         S550

Roberts, Elsie Junita  Sawyer, Millard Augustus                 S603

Roberts, Erskine E.    Nold, Thelma A.              17-Jun-21   Z056

Roberts, Estella       Stewart, Joseph               1-Mar-11   O039

Roberts, F.S.          Knight, C.M. (Mrs.)       14 Dec 1886    C553

Roberts, Fayetta       Rohr, Lawrence               25-Feb-18   V006

Roberts, Frank         Zenner, Rosa              20 Nov 1893    F255

Roberts, Frank W.      Loughmiller, Fannie                      S190

Roberts, George        Smith, Nina                  15-Sep-13   Q323

Roberts, Georgia A.    Green, Claude J.             18-Nov-12   P519

Roberts, Glenn         Frutiger, Samuel             21-Sep-10   N343

Roberts, Grace         Becker, Fred F.               2-Apr-05   J536

Roberts, Grace May     Bybee, George William        22-Jul-18   V288

Roberts, H.            Powell, Alma                  8-Dec-20   Y324

Roberts, H.F.          Wallace, Sophia Elizabet      7-May-21   Y619

Roberts, H.R.          Baker, Pearl                 23-Aug-11   O294

Roberts, Harvey A.     Strubhar, Anna Bell          31-Jul-12   P355

Roberts, Hazel May     Junod, Arthur A.                         S157

Roberts, Henry         Shearer, L.M. (Mrs)       30 Dec 1889    E053

Roberts, Henry A.      O'Brien, Anna             04 Jun 1894    F361

Roberts, Homer         Bruner, Lennie               14-Apr-18   V095

Roberts, Ida M.        Cullenbarger, H.J.        04 Feb 1885    C205

Roberts, Ida May       Hicks, George                            L020

Roberts, Irena Grace   Coppock, Howard A.           21-May-18   V161

Roberts, Irene         Donham, Oscar C.          09 Dec 1896    G209

Roberts, J.I.          Martindale, Lyda          08 May 1895    F536

Roberts, Jack          Faller, Jessie Luella        13-Oct-10   N388

Roberts, James B.      Ball, Mary C.                14-Oct-01   E403

Roberts, James H.      Glover, Edna P.               3-Oct-08   L591

Roberts, James W.      Steele, Dora              02 Nov 1898    G600

Roberts, Jessie        McBroom, J.D.                25-Nov-03   J089

Roberts, John          Morrison, May                18-Jun-07   L022

Roberts, John O.       Palmer, Alma May             14-May-13   Q130

Roberts, John Wade Jr. Chatten, Helen Gould                     S607

Roberts, Joseph L.     Anderson, Ruby G.            19-Nov-21   Z434

Roberts, Juno          Crouch, Robert M.            12-Oct-09   M470

Roberts, Kate (Mrs)    Keating, John Sterling    04 Feb 1890    E072

Roberts, Laura         Bowermaster, Orion        08 May 1878    A331

Roberts, Laura W.      Howell, William D.        28 Oct 1894    F425

Roberts, Lena          Scheier, A.F.                25-Jul-11   O255

Roberts, Leota         Donaven, E.A.                 1-Oct-03   J038

Roberts, Lewis Glenn   Knoble, Amelia Jennie        21-Sep-21   Z293

Roberts, Linnie E.     Gladfelter, Jason R.         23-Oct-20   Y218

Roberts, Lota L.       Sanford, Owen C.                         D107

Roberts, Lota L.       Sanford, Owen C.          19 Sep 1887    D108

Roberts, Lottie        Goodman, Harry                5-Mar-12   P136

Roberts, Lowell        Lauger, Mary              24 Aug 1884    C121

Roberts, Lyda Alice    Sitton, William Keller       14-Feb-12   P095

Roberts, Lydia E.      Banks, D.S.                   8-Mar-06   K220

Roberts, M.A.          Peterson, P.C.               20-Oct-20   Y206

Roberts, Mamie E.      Miller, Charles S.           18-Dec-05   K140

Roberts, Marc J.       Green, Elizabeth             28-Mar-10   N073

Roberts, Margaret A.   Gross, William E.            31-Dec-12   P612

Roberts, Marie         Howard, Alfred A.            17-Feb-09   M146

Roberts, Mary          Railing, Clyde               18-Jan-11   N559

Roberts, Mary Alice    Neuway, Edward Lee           28-Mar-22   Z678

Roberts, Maude         Homan, Orley G.              27-Dec-20   Y372

Roberts, Maude         Roberts, Rice Anwyl(le)      22-Aug-12   P363

Roberts, Minnie        McLaughlin, C.B.             18-Aug-09   M381

Roberts, Monroe A.     Stutzman, Vava B.             9-Jan-15   R319

Roberts, Myrtie M.     Callahan, Charles H.         30-Aug-05   K025

Roberts, Nannie        McLennon, John               12-Jun-11   O191

Roberts, Nannie Isabel Schneider, Chris. F.      16 Dec 1891    E442

Roberts, Nellie(elle)  Piper, Harry Lesley       26 Jun 1892    E570

Roberts, Nettie        Bishop, George W.                        S597

Roberts, Nettie        McDonald, D.P.               24-Feb-06   K209

Roberts, O.C.          Cale, Mary M.                12-Nov-18   V480

Roberts, Orville O.    Fawley, Thersie Glennie      23-May-22   Z784

Roberts, Philip Oscar  Eaglin, Eleanor Belle        19-Oct-19   W532

Roberts, Ralph         Cox, Margaret                10-May-18   V137

Roberts, Ralph ShepherdBachman, Elizabeth Marga      6-Apr-09   M207

Roberts, Rice Anwyl(le)Roberts, Maude               22-Aug-12   P363

Roberts, Richard B.    Drain, Bird L.               22-Feb-09   M151

Roberts, Roy D.        Hill, Regina M.               2-Aug-04   J308

Roberts, Susan         Lickes, John              16 Jun 1877    A273

Roberts, Susie         Walter, Olin                 16-Mar-21   Y530

Roberts, Thelma        McClure, Roy                 22-Jul-19   W295

Roberts, Thomas G.     Bellmine, Mary                           A020

Roberts, Thomas H.     Noble, Anna Harmount          4-Feb-08   L298

Roberts, Tillman L.    Deen, Iva F.                 30-Jul-21   Z166

Roberts, Treat L.      Moore, Sadie L.           21 Jun 1892    E566

Roberts, Ulys G.       Barnard, Ollie A.            30-Jun-20   X534

Roberts, Viola         Lewis, J.B.                  10-Dec-13   Q454

Roberts, Virginia May  Nickell, F.A.                            S443

Roberts, W. Roy        Tennant, Gertrude            21-Apr-03   I533

Roberts, Walter        Lewis, Mary                  26-May-14   R004

Roberts, Walter Scott  Owam, Edith Dorothy                      R462

Roberts, William       Mickle, Marie                 6-Aug-17   T557

Roberts, William       Webb, Ludia               05 Jun 1890    E150

Roberts, William H.    Lowe, Beatrice L.             2-May-04   J223

Roberts, William S.    Haas, Anna                19 Dec 1890    E263

Robertson, Alvie E.    Carman, Ruth                 27-Oct-09   M504

Robertson, B.Q.        Beason, Laura Dell        03 Jun 1886    C448

Robertson, Belle       Earl, Thomas              05 Nov 1894    F429

Robertson, C.H.        Crum, Maggie J.           23 Mar 1898    G481

Robertson, Charles     Jordon, Adaline           10 Aug 1870    A001

Robertson, Charles C.  Minton, Rebecca           01 Apr 1873    A067

Robertson, Charles H.  Bragg, Ida M.             08 Nov 1893    F247

Robertson, Chriss T.   Slane, Linnie                            T264

Robertson, Coe         Fife, Lola                14 Jun 1898    G523

Robertson, Delilah     Patrick, David            06 Oct 1871    A015

Robertson, Edward AlansLemmon, Hattie Mary          25-Jun-02   I280

Robertson, Elda E.     Derr, James M.            02 Jul 1884    C097

Robertson, Emma        Cue, Joseph                   4-Mar-11   O041

Robertson, F.B.        Karr, Effie Pearl             5-Oct-14   R175

Robertson, F.E.        Candler, Ursula Helen         2-Jul-18   V259

Robertson, Frank MatherKnorr, Jessie Eleanor         3-Oct-21   Z307

Robertson, Fred F.     O'Dell, Lela                 20-Jan-14   Q512

Robertson, G.C.        Marsh, Elizabeth (Mrs.)      15-Aug-09   M376

Robertson, George E.   Nix, Kathrynn Elizabeth      26-Jul-20   X606

Robertson, Gladys      Bennington, G.W.              4-Jun-13   Q182

Robertson, Grace       Webb, William H.                         S510

Robertson, Harrison    Wallace, Ella                 4-Sep-20   Y084

Robertson, Iva I.      Barker, G.R.                 15-Dec-09   M560

Robertson, J.F.        Daniels, M. Lorraine         13-Jan-20   X128

Robertson, John B.     Vandeventer, Lucy B.         26-Oct-21   Z386

Robertson, Juanita     Rogers, James A.              7-Jun-19   W193

Robertson, Lena        Bosholm, Roy W.              16-Nov-20   Y275

Robertson, Lena        Smith, James H.              19-Dec-04   J443

Robertson, Lillian     Austin, W.E.                 20-Jun-18   V219

Robertson, Lottie      Dory, Earl                    3-Feb-13   Q015

Robertson, Marguerite  Smith, Claude E.             26-Nov-02   I415

Robertson, Mary Alice  Kiehl, William C.            31-May-21   Z005

Robertson, Mary Jane   Lorash, E.Z.              13 Oct 1887    D132

Robertson, Mary MarildaFowler, Raymond G.            6-Jan-20   X108

Robertson, Minnie      Pearce, L.E.                 18-Aug-20   Y040

Robertson, Nathan EdwarWallace, Libby               17-Feb-02   I183

Robertson, Oscar C.    Adams, May S.                23-Nov-04   J425

Robertson, Phillip W.  Finney, Mina B.           23 Dec 1896    G220

Robertson, Ralph W.    Wood, Mabel               22 Jun 1898    G527

Robertson, Robert      Woffenden, Percilla       07 Feb 1881    B136

Robertson, Roy         Mills, Daisey                17-May-13   Q146

Robertson, Russell R.  Hamlin, Lillie                4-Aug-20   Y001

Robertson, Thomas A.   Williams, Emma            29 Dec 1891    E466

Robertson, Tina        McAllister, James H.      23 Sep 1876    A224

Robertson, Tobe        McKiddy, Callilee                        X329

Robertson, William A.T.Bemis, Lillian Lee            6-Apr-06   K239

Robeson, Lora Adelia   Humphrey, Richard Reid       24-Jun-18   V242

Robey, B.C.            Hamilton, Ruby                1-Nov-19   W569

Robey, Hazel D.        Flint, O.F.                  23-Oct-01   I085

Robey, Mary Elizabeth  Hill, B.F.                               S480

Robey, W.H.            Pierson, Martha J.        10 Jul 1888    D339

Robey, William H.      Buster, Myrtie F.         06 Jan 1897    G235

Robey, William W.      Shively, Carrie E.        03 Jun 1881    B162

Robieson, Frank        Smith, Etta                  29-Aug-21   Z243

Robinett, J.F.         Baughman, Florence           28-Dec-00   H492

Robins, Alice          Crelly, James Grover         16-Aug-11   O284

Robins, Bessie         Weaver, A.R.                  1-Jan-14   Q486

Robins, E.W.           Himsteadt, Minnie H.      16 Mar 1898    G477

Robins, Emma           Huff, A.S.                   20-Apr-18   V105

Robins, George         Hasley, Cora                 13-Jun-04   J259

Robins, Lillian        Hill, Albert                 11-Jun-09   M292

Robins, Olive          Wilbur, Elwyn                18-Dec-01   I126

Robinson, A.V.         Fildes, Luona                 9-Apr-01   H551

Robinson, Abbie L.     Baird, L.                 21 Sep 1880    B093

Robinson, Albert H.    Walker, Mary              04 Sep 1893    F191

Robinson, Albertia F.  Bullard, Charles A.       29 Sep 1877    A288

Robinson, Alfred B.    Garnett, Tula             05 Feb 1893    F067

Robinson, Alice        Hope, Alonzo B.           03 May 1898    G500

Robinson, Alonzo C.    Watts, Carrie E.             14-Mar-03   I507

Robinson, Anna         Wise, J.W.                18 Aug 1878    A353

Robinson, Anna C.      Craig, G.W.                   5-Jun-07   L004

Robinson, Annie        Seaman, Alfred F.            22-May-12   P241

Robinson, Arthur       Thurmon, Grace                3-May-05   J562

Robinson, Asa M.       Swope, Asenath J.         22 Jun 1876    A210

Robinson, B.T.         Coffey, Odessa L.            22-Mar-13   Q074

Robinson, Bertha       Hale, Roy                                R453

Robinson, Bessie       Tredick, George C.           29-Jun-12   P311

Robinson, Blanche      Butler, George               30-Dec-18   V542

Robinson, C.M.         Hays, Maude                              R560

Robinson, Carrie       Young, Theodore Jr.          23-Apr-07   K614

Robinson, Charlie      Dozier, Sallie            06 Apr 1888    D262

Robinson, Charlotte    Anderson, Sylvester       27 Nov 1895    F636

Robinson, Chester S.   Devereaux, Ruth              14-Feb-20   X197

Robinson, Clara A.     Griffeth, James M.        04 Apr 1888    D260

Robinson, Clayton T.   Thompson, Ella                7-Aug-09   M367

Robinson, Colman       Fulton, Lark                             T152

Robinson, Cora T.      Munroe, William H.        27 Jan 1896    G041

Robinson, Cyrus S.     Grey, Cora A.             10 Mar 1881    B143

Robinson, D.E.         Fisher, Verbena               4-Mar-07   K563

Robinson, Daisy B.     Sigler, A.C.                             R406

Robinson, Dale W.      Williams, Oneita             20-Jan-21   Y423

Robinson, Dovie        Lauck, Alfred H.          03 Aug 1892    E588

Robinson, E.A.         Nichols, Florence            28-Apr-13   Q125

Robinson, E.E.         Herring, Etta May            26-May-14   R006

Robinson, E.J.         Jones, Mabel                  9-Oct-20   Y179

Robinson, E.R.         Parker, Ruth                 16-Aug-13   Q279

Robinson, Edgar J.     Pruitt, Anna V.           30 Oct 1897    G395

Robinson, Edith L.     Dow, Benjamin R.             28-Jun-19   W249

Robinson, Edwin S.     Hooker, Jennie            07 May 1888    D293

Robinson, Effie        Butler, R.L.                             R538

Robinson, Effie Myrtle Martin, Freeman Lenore       21-Jun-17   T460

Robinson, Elizabeth    Forney, Leander E.        04 Feb 1889    D486

Robinson, Ella         Miller, Frank                20-Sep-11   O332

Robinson, Ellen I.     Edmiston, Ernest             23-Dec-05   K138

Robinson, Elsie        Snyder, Alfred B.            29-Jan-21   Y443

Robinson, Ernest ArthurEades, Eleanor Olive          3-Apr-20   X298

Robinson, Ervin R.     Davis, Nettie             26 Aug 1894    F390

Robinson, Esther       Bower, Raymond                           T161

Robinson, Everett A.   Kier, Edith                              C155

Robinson, Everett A.   Kier, Edith B.            11 Nov 1884    C156

Robinson, Florence     Bohn, Roy                    19-Feb-13   Q030

Robinson, Florence     Farmer, Otto                  4-Nov-19   W575

Robinson, Frances      Tipton, William              21-Jul-20   X601

Robinson, Frank A.     McVay, Carrie                11-Nov-07   L198

Robinson, Fred         Mills, Dora                  10-Jun-07   L010

Robinson, George B.    Paris, Addie              10 Sep 1895    F591

Robinson, George E.    Williams, Emma               19-Jun-11   O205

Robinson, George W.    Graham, Goldy E.          11 Aug 1892    E594

Robinson, George W.    Vance, Susanna               21-Jul-02   I301

Robinson, Gertrude     Willingham, Fred                         R565

Robinson, Gertrude M.  Anderson, Carl N.                        R433

Robinson, Grace        Reynolds, O.F.               22-Mar-19   W032

Robinson, Harold H.    Harwood, Rilla M.                        S067

Robinson, Harry        Burnett, Fannie               2-Mar-12   P134

Robinson, Henry        Davis, Anna               28 May 1880    B073

Robinson, Henry D.     Davis, Nettie             26 Aug 1894    F390

Robinson, Herbert L.   Kasenberg, Helene                        S624

Robinson, Homer L.     Johnson, Heicka E.           25-Dec-08   M065

Robinson, Ida          Cartwright, C.W. (A.)     05 Aug 1877    A282

Robinson, Ida          Doran, Riley T.              24-Apr-13   Q118

Robinson, Ida E.       Trosper, J.S.             29 Mar 1895    F515

Robinson, Ida F.       Lane, W.K.                21 Jun 1876    A209

Robinson, Inez         Romine, Francis M.        23 Dec 1880    B124

Robinson, Inez         Torrance, Walter B.          12-Jan-09   M098

Robinson, Irene        Greenbank, L.P.              20-Sep-17   T632

Robinson, J.C.         Little, Nettie B.         15 Dec 1898    G634

Robinson, J.J.         Spidel, Mattie (Mrs.)     24 Dec 1895    G020

Robinson, J.L.         Sutton, Grace A.             15-Jul-20   X585

Robinson, Jake         Brown, Arizona                           S108

Robinson, James A.     O'Neal, Lula(lu)          20 Apr 1898    G494

Robinson, James F.     Colver, Bess                             T282

Robinson, James F.     Courtney, Kathryn E.         23-Dec-05   K155

Robinson, James H.     Dobbin, Emma D.           16 Sep 1881    B187

Robinson, Jane MargaretShaw, Frank E.               31-May-17   T395

Robinson, Jesse G.     Gould, Mamie                 10-Jul-10   N234

Robinson, John         Mills, Lizzie             13 Oct 1896    G167

Robinson, John C.      Dennett, Nancy L.             3-Jul-05   J620

Robinson, John C.      Mooney, Jennie P.         18 Jun 1891    E351

Robinson, John E.      Atterbury, Hattie E.                     R493

Robinson, John H.      Peterson, Carrie M.       25 Jun 1899    H111

Robinson, John Jr.     Fields, Josephine             1-Sep-20   Y075

Robinson, John W.      Campbell, Myloie B.       25 Jan 1894    F302

Robinson, John W.      Merkle, Vanilla(nalla)    31 May 1890    E147

Robinson, Joshua       Boyles, Amanda            09 Dec 1879    B011

Robinson, Joshua       Stewart, Katie (Mrs.)     11 Jul 1895    F568

Robinson, Julia May    Metcalf, E.D.                14-Sep-19   W436

Robinson, Kearney W.   Eilert, Gettis               30-Oct-17   U144

Robinson, L.H.         Edwards, Jennie Marie        21-Jul-20   X599

Robinson, Laura        Rowles, John L.           12 Feb 1874    A104

Robinson, Laura E.     Coleman, Fred                            S038

Robinson, Lela A.      Day, James E.             21 Jun 1899    H111

Robinson, Lloyd W.     Binns, Florence              23-Nov-21   Z450

Robinson, Lyla         VanHorn, J.P.                18-Jun-21   Z061

Robinson, Mabel        Elrod, Arthur                 2-Nov-10   N426

Robinson, Mamie        Collins, Walter              31-Aug-14   R121

Robinson, Martha Mae   Holmes, Oliver W.             7-Mar-20   X237

Robinson, Mary         Fisher, W.S.                  1-Jan-18   U438

Robinson, Mary         Knoffloch, Marion F.         31-Jan-21   Y443

Robinson, Mary Edna    Dunlap, Benjamin F.          24-Dec-13   Q467

Robinson, Mary G.      Coffman, George W.        28 Apr 1886    C432

Robinson, Minnie M.    Simpson, John C.          15 Sep 1892    E610

Robinson, Nellie       Kaylor, C.                               T020

Robinson, Nora         Garnett, James T.         23 Sep 1886    C501

Robinson, Nora A.      Bastow, Thomas L.         09 Feb 1890    E070

Robinson, Oliver T.    Wellman, Laura I.         27 Dec 1894    F467

Robinson, Pearl        Bliss, T.E.                  15-Jul-06   K324

Robinson, Pearl        Sanford, Harry            27 Oct 1890    E230

Robinson, Ralph Martin Grant, Nettie A.             22-Dec-02   I432

Robinson, Rebecca J.   Owens, W.                    27-Sep-13   Q342

Robinson, Rebecca May  Sturma, John                             R601

Robinson, Ruby M.      Pease, William H.            31-Mar-07   K587

Robinson, S.C.         Wright, Laura                            T111

Robinson, Sadie        Levert, James             09 Jul 1881    B170

Robinson, Samuel       Peffley, Ollie            30 Sep 1891    E396

Robinson, Samuel A.    Hedger, Cora A.           25 Dec 1889    E045

Robinson, Samuel A.    Lewis, Francis M.            31-Mar-01   H546

Robinson, Sarah        Webber, Louis             18 May 1889    D543

Robinson, Soloman      Clayton, Maggie              14-Oct-13   Q375

Robinson, Susan        Dunn, John W.                27-Feb-11   O032

Robinson, Susie        Comer, Charley                7-Sep-20   Y089

Robinson, T. Dwight    Thomas, Hazel M.             28-Jul-10   N247

Robinson, T.M.         Foresman, Sue             09 Jul 1887    D057

Robinson, Thomas AshleyDenem, Bessie                18-Jan-11   N560

Robinson, Vella E.     Peterson, E.A.               23-Dec-05   K152

Robinson, W.C.         Hatchett, Mary G.            30-Apr-22   Z733

Robinson, W.L.         Carr, Hattie              26 Apr 1885    C247

Robinson, Will         Pettijohn, Marie             19-Jul-19   W301

Robinson, William      Brink, Emma               21 May 1880    B063

Robinson, William      Coleman, Pearl E.             3-Mar-19   W004

Robinson, William      Dagel, Anna R.               13-Aug-04   J317

Robinson, William      Fowler, Mary M.               3-Nov-17   U163

Robinson, William      Gascoigne, Frances (Mrs)  27 Mar 1891    E315

Robinson, William A.   Pendergast, Rachel H.     02 Jul 1882    B280

Robinson, William C. JrDoyle, Glennie L.             2-Jul-02   I286

Robinson, William D.   Holcomb, Isabelle         24 Dec 1890    E264

Robinson,Horace GreeleyDunn, Sarah                   1-Jan-04   J128

Robison, Dona F.       Whinery, Walter V.(Rev)       3-Aug-13   Q263

Robison, E.L.          Silvers, H.N.                 1-Jun-21   Z009

Robison, Flossie M.    Willard, Clarence H.          4-Jul-21   Z111

Robison, Henry         Cabbell, Daisy               14-Aug-19   W355

Robison, Ida O.        Wintz, Moses E.           06 Feb 1887    C583

Robison, James F.      Courtney, Kathryn E.         23-Dec-05   K155

Robison, Mondey        Stens, Julia                 25-Dec-04   J449

Robison, R.M.          Niedens, Dollie              17-Oct-21   Z356

Robison, Ruth R.       McCausland, Ross              6-Jun-21   Z018

Roblyer, William W.    Bird, Fleeta L.               2-Sep-06   K361

Roborts, Sarah         Ramirez, Frank                1-Jul-18   V256

Robson, Carrie I.      Law, Albert C.            20 Jan 1894    F300

Robson, Charles CollinsPratt, Mable                 26-Jan-14   Q515

Roby, Albert H.        Nabb, Mellvie             25 Nov 1886    C537

Roby, B.N.             Bowman, Emma R.               3-Sep-02   I340

Roby, Bertha           Moten, George                 5-Apr-19   W057

Roby, F.S.             Carmichael, Mattie        16 Oct 1884    C148

Roby, Henry H.         Sawyer, Laura                13-Apr-22   Z706

Roby, John William     Kiehl, Lola                  12-Jul-10   N235

Roby, Minnie           Atkinson, Roy Melvin         23-Aug-19   W382

Roby, Minnie           Helm, S.V.                               S462

Roby, William T.       Westfall, Fannie             25-Nov-09   M539

Roch, Orval            Wilcox, Marie                23-Jan-13   Q005

Rochat, Ralph          Traister, Bess                           T323

Roche, Harry M.        Wagner, Louise F.         06 Oct 1884    C145

Roche, Leslie A.       Lane, Dorothy M.             11-May-22   Z759

Roche, Mae             Edwards, O.M.                26-Dec-18   V537

Rochelle, Homer L.     Keith, Ida B.             18 Oct 1886    C518

Rochelle, Mabelle      Chambers, C.W.               28-Feb-21   Y499

Rochelle, Mabelle Ola  Perkins, Harry Brown                     S036

Rochette, J.A. (D.)    Wherrell, Annie           23 Apr 1899    H074

Rochette, Mary         Kellogg, Henry A.         06 Dec 1883    C011

Rochette, Mary H.      Manion, S.M.              12 Jul 1888    D340

Rochette, William      James, Mary L.               30-Sep-02   I367

Rochford, Robert WalterBurson, Cora              17 Jan 1892    E479

Rochie, Cephas         Brown, Amanda             04 Oct 1888    D401

Rock, Edwin            Plummer, Amelia           25 Dec 1883    C018

Rock, George W.        Zuschnitt, Nellie L.          7-Aug-07   L080

Rockefeller, G.H.      Pierce, Grace Clara          20-Sep-11   O329

Rockey, Fern           Mullen, C.A.                 24-Oct-12   P480

Rockey, Gilbert E.     Cates, Elona                 24-Jul-21   Z148

Rockey, Jetta M.       Reynolds, Austin W.                      S581

Rockley, Harry Provo   Raber, Alice Ruth            27-Oct-21   Z387

Rockser, Grace         Movery, John J.           14 Feb 1893    F075

Rockwell, Catherine    Schaefer, J.E.               12-Feb-18   U553

Rockwell, E.L.         Collins, Sarah Catherine                 T387

Rockwell, Edward W.    Burgesser(guser), Clara   11 Oct 1892    E630

Rodabaugh, Etna (Elna) Bowdlear, Sybil May          27-Feb-11   O032

Rodda, Evan J.         Raffety, Edith               22-Nov-05   K117

Roddy, Edith           Green, James C.              29-Jan-22   Z578

Rode, Joseph           Hager, Victoria           23 May 1887    D007

Rode, Lena             Bohannon, P.W.               12-Jul-13   Q238

Rodenbaugh, Lillie May Dillwith, James           27 Sep 1892    E619

Roderick, India        Huffaker, W.H.            05 Mar 1896    G060

Rodes, Edmond E.       Bivens, Martha            07 Feb 1889    D487

Rodgers, Annie E. (Mrs.Stevens, Charles H.       20 Jun 1892    E565

Rodgers, Bert          Poelman, Maggie              22-Nov-17   U248

Rodgers, Hattie        Towles, Henry             13 Jul 1897    G324

Rodgers, Jesse A.      Wesner, Willie               31-Jan-20   X168

Rodgers, Jessie M.     Reed, Myron Wilbert          12-Jan-20   X128

Rodgers, John          Isaac, Cora                   9-May-11   O141

Rodgers, John T.       Ferryman, M.J.            __ ___ 1872    A035

Rodgers, John W.       Large, Tennie M.              7-Sep-04   J335

Rodgers, Laura         Stoody, J.R.              12 May 1888    D296

Rodgers, William       McNutt, Emma                  6-May-22   Z754

Rodgers, William A.    Rupp, Martha                 31-Aug-18   V360

Rodin, Margaret Pearl  Coon, Carl M.                24-Aug-21   Z233

Rodman, Arthur L.      Rouch, Mary Josephine        24-Apr-19   W093

Rodman, Helen          Horne, Glenn D.              28-Aug-17   T598

Rodman, Marie          Robbins, A.W.                25-Aug-17   T593

Rodneck, Naomie        Lyons, Tim                04 Jul 1880    B075

Rodney, Fannie L.      Freeman, Henry S.         29 Nov 1896    G199

Rodney, J.A.           Keller, A.F.                 14-Jan-07   K518

Rodney, Jesse L.       Kammerer, Dollie              2-Nov-04   J404

Rodolf, Adele          Hodges, William E.        24 Feb 1892    E504

Rodrick, George C.     Haskins, Fannie               1-May-01   H575

Rodriges, Santiago     Escalante, Eloisa             5-Aug-19   W333

Rodrigez, Julia        Badillo, Faustino             5-Apr-19   W052

Rodrigues, Bonifacio   Ray, Wilba                               S131

Rodrigues, Lucas       Ribos, Cruz                  22-Dec-17   U373

Rodriguez, Antonio     Reyez, Anita                 21-Nov-14   R244

Rodriguez, Guadalupse  Lopsez, Donacrana            17-Nov-14   R239

Rodriquez, Andrea      Garcia, Salbador             20-Nov-20   Y281

Rodriquez, Juan        Bernavides, Ourora            8-Apr-18   V082

Rodriquez, Juan        Morales, Monica                          R614

Rodwell, Jessie        Slyter, O.F.                 30-Apr-13   Q127

Rodwell, Sarah A.      Hall, H.F.                26 Jun 1895    F559

Roe, Blanche Elsie     Pinckly, Virgil Ellswort      4-Jul-13   Q227

Roe, E.P.              Astin, Mabel L.              24-Oct-05   K089

Roe, Frank L.          Havlicek, Anna C.            17-Aug-18   V328

Roe, Frank L.          James, Bertha M.             24-Dec-11   P026

Roe, John Richard      Ripperton, Florence Mary     22-Feb-18   V002

Roe, Julia O.          Irwin, Fred W.               21-Feb-20   X215

Roe, Mary Louise       Cade, Carl                   12-Jul-21   Z129

Roe, Nellie E.         Mileham, James B.            11-Mar-14   Q561

Roe, Nellie E.         Mileham, James B.            11-Mar-14   Q562

Roe, Neva              Hopkins, Oliver              30-Jun-21   Z095

Roe, R.T.              Feilner, Celia                           S628

Roebuck, D.P.          Grimes, Lulie                20-Oct-13   Q387

Roebuck, Veva          Stoll, Ernest                11-Jul-21   Z126

Roeder, Annie B.       Ulrey, William I.         10 Mar 1890    E094

Roeder, Charles F.     Swisher, May V.              22-Aug-01   I026

Roeder, Charlotte      Dyte, Cornelis            18 Jun 1882    B278

Roeder, Edward         Schroeder, Maria Magdale  19 Oct 1890    E220

Roeder, Elizabeth      Koblitz, Gottfried        06 Dec 1874    A145

Roeder, John           Donhan, Irene                 9-Oct-18   V439

Roeder, Millie         Johnson, Thobee           10 Aug 1890    E181

Roeder, Rosa           Trammell, Albert R.          25-Mar-19   W038

Roelker, Edward O.     Brophy, Sarah Emma           15-Jun-05   J600

Roelofson, Iva         Coker, Leonard L.            21-Mar-11   O061

Roembach, G.E.         Hinderer, Emma            10 Jul 1892    E576

Roembach, Lillian      Bond, E.A.                   27-May-14   R006

Roembach, Mildred      Augden, Roy                  30-Sep-19   W480

Roembaugh, Clara       Hillman, Henry            01 Oct 1880    B091

Roessler, Bessie LouiseCollins, Ray                 17-Sep-08   L570

Roessler, Clara        Riddell, C.J.                27-Feb-18   V010

Roessner, Paul F.W.    Woolf, Ada                   15-Oct-07   L161

Roethemeyer, J.C.      Nelson, Katharine             1-Sep-04   J329

Roethler, Martha Anna  Knox, Clarence B.                        R606

Roets, Edward B.       Lipke, Rose                  11-May-20   X391

Roets, Ella M.         Burke, J.B.               18 Feb 1896    G049

Roets, Emaline         Holzman, Leo                 31-Jan-12   P085

Roets, Frank           Haberither, Callistia                    T011

Roets, John T.         Gleeson, Anna S.             12-Oct-04   J374

Roets, Joseph J.       Gleeson, Marguerite Mari      4-Jan-22   Z535

Roets, Philip George   Lohkamp, Paulina Anna         9-Oct-12   P449

Roetzel, Helen         Jochems, William D.           7-Nov-11   O409

Rogers, A.K.           Berry, Grace A.              25-Mar-13   Q079

Rogers, Albert         DeBoise, Mary                            T211

Rogers, Alice D.       Herring, William H.          25-Mar-09   M192

Rogers, Allie O.       Tandy, J.H.                  11-May-02   I243

Rogers, Alva William   Clay, Charlotta Elizabeth                S090

Rogers, Anna           Pellet, Frank E.          07 Sep 1884    C131

Rogers, Anna B.        Ketchum, A.J.                23-Dec-20   Y359

Rogers, Anna Ermin     Young, Robert Clemet         27-Feb-07   K559

Rogers, Annie E. (Mrs.)Stearns, Charles H.       20 Jun 1892    E565

Rogers, Benjamin H.    Nagley, Rosa Grace           23-Oct-05   K088

Rogers, Bert A.        More, Pauline E.             10-Apr-01   H552

Rogers, Bessie         Harris, William E.        22 Apr 1890    E125

Rogers, C.E.           Grantham, Lillie          02 Sep 1882    B294

Rogers, C.S.           Graves, Katie                30-Aug-20   Y066

Rogers, Carl C.        Davis, Minnie                24-Jan-10   M629

Rogers, Carl T.        Dow, Anna                     6-Mar-21   Y505

Rogers, Carlton D.     Hoppe, Docia A.C.         16 May 1894    F350

Rogers, Carrie A.      Oldfather, Daniel P.      20 Dec 1893    F269

Rogers, Carrie A.      Stratton, Marshall M.        30-Nov-18   V504

Rogers, Charles E.     Grantham, Georgie         17 Apr 1873    A070

Rogers, Charlie        Phillips, Beulah              4-Jan-09   M604

Rogers, Clarence W.    Pettijohn, Katharine         26-Jul-05   K001

Rogers, Cora B.        Lutz, S.O.                24 Dec 1896    G221

Rogers, Daisy Luella   Pinkston, Granville A.        7-Jun-03   I573

Rogers, E. May         Hudson, Merlin            24 Mar 1886    C415

Rogers, E.C.           Washburn, Lena            19 Jul 1899    H124

Rogers, E.L.           Wilson, Lucinda F.        18 Oct 1896    G169

Rogers, Earl           Marr, Doris                  26-Oct-20   Y227

Rogers, Edith Leonore  Romine, Percy William        24-Jun-13   Q211

Rogers, Edwin R.       Strain, Millie            11 Apr 1888    D267

Rogers, Effie          Frye, Frank F.               23-Feb-10   N028

Rogers, Elida          Colley, J.H.              09 Jan 1889    D474

Rogers, Eliza J.       Sill, Daniel H.           29 Aug 1894    F390

Rogers, Ella           Garrett, Herman              26-Nov-02   I410

Rogers, Ella F.        Ziveig, D.D.              27 Dec 1886    C563

Rogers, Emma           Reynolds, Fred F.            10-Nov-01   I098

Rogers, Etta M.        Billow, N. Kurtz          04 May 1890    E133

Rogers, Florence       Farber, James G.             21-May-13   Q154

Rogers, Flowery May    Willis, L.H.                             T147

Rogers, Francis L.     Miller, Minnie M.            18-Dec-20   Y344

Rogers, Frank          Rogers, Maggie            28 Jan 1886    C385

Rogers, Frank D.       Cherry, Emma C.           12 Feb 1890    E074

Rogers, Frank W.       Hancock, M. Evelyn           23-Mar-20   X274

Rogers, Frank W.       Lynes, Rena E.            18 Jul 1886    C469

Rogers, Frank W.       Rogers, Irene E. (Mrs.)      20-Jan-00   H259

Rogers, G.H.           Irvine, Rebecca (Mrs.)        9-Feb-00   H268

Rogers, George E.      Lawrence, Mary R.         10 Jun 1896    G104

Rogers, George E.      Parkinson, May                1-May-01   H578

Rogers, H.A.           Billadeu, Mary Alice      14 Feb 1898    G460

Rogers, Harley         Chandler, Birdie             27-Jan-20   X157

Rogers, Harry          Gardner, Fannie              30-Jul-17   T544

Rogers, Harry Edmond   Spangler, Mary Emma          29-Jun-09   M323

Rogers, Harry M.       Crowell, Ruth                26-Mar-13   Q081

Rogers, Harry Solomon  Kohnle, Edith                14-Oct-09   M475

Rogers, Hattie         Barnett, E.S.             18 May 1897    G301

Rogers, Hazel          Duncan, R.C.                  3-May-09   M244

Rogers, Henry Carlton  Shreve, Abbie Enus           19-Aug-08   L521

Rogers, Herbert L.     Tayer, Clara I.           25 Jan 1898    G445

Rogers, Hettie M.      Rogers, Marion A.                        T344

Rogers, Hettie May     Schreffler, William          17-Oct-05   K079

Rogers, Howard R.      Wilt, Garnett R.             24-Dec-12   P590

Rogers, I.E.           Powers, Jessie F.                        T260

Rogers, Irene E. (Mrs.)Rogers, Frank W.             20-Jan-00   H259

Rogers, J.S.           Camac, Ethel Jane            20-Feb-21   Y481

Rogers, James A.       Robertson, Juanita            7-Jun-19   W193

Rogers, James M.       Rogers, Mary F.              23-Jan-13   Q006

Rogers, Jennie         Henderson, Nelson         09 Jun 1887    D030

Rogers, John Barton    Green, Mildred Lucinda        1-Aug-01   I013

Rogers, Joseph         Surber, Elizabeth                        S435

Rogers, Katharine E.   Hornecker, Charles        04 Oct 1899    H174

Rogers, L. Margaret    Brubacher, Joseph A.      26 Mar 1890    E107

Rogers, Lawrence B.    Jones, Waunetta              11-Aug-20   X627

Rogers, Lida           Alling, Clarence Edward   16 Jun 1895    F553

Rogers, Lola           Major, Edward             08 Nov 1899    H207

Rogers, Lola C.        Price, O.W.                  18-Sep-01   I048

Rogers, M.C.           Snider, Flossie C.            3-Jul-07   L043

Rogers, Mabel          Dorey, L.J.                  24-Jul-04   J300

Rogers, Mabel E.       Brown, Vernett R.            18-Sep-11   O337

Rogers, Maggie         Rogers, Frank             28 Jan 1886    C385

Rogers, Margaret M.    Wilcox, H.C.              21 Oct 1884    C149

Rogers, Margret Ann    Lemon, William            16 Mar 1879    A410

Rogers, Marie          Miller, Cleve(live)          29-Apr-08   L389

Rogers, Marie          Smith, Herbert               28-Jun-05   J614

Rogers, Marion A.      Rogers, Hettie M.                        T344

Rogers, Marion M.      Smith, Mary N.               24-Jan-06   K186

Rogers, Martin         Baker, Katie                 10-Sep-17   T620

Rogers, Mary A.        Mayfield, Harry C.        16 Oct 1894    F418

Rogers, Mary F.        Rogers, James M.             23-Jan-13   Q006

Rogers, Mary M.        Lee, R.D.                    16-Feb-15   R363

Rogers, N.F.           Gish, Lillian                22-Jul-03   I610

Rogers, N.F.           Williams, Viola                          S090

Rogers, Nancy A.       Lane, Reuben C.           06 Jun 1875    A159

Rogers, Nellie M.      Pence, Harold H.              7-Jan-21   Y400

Rogers, O.E.           Smith, Eva                03 May 1888    D287

Rogers, Ollie          Stevens, Ed                  18-Jan-11   N559

Rogers, Pearl E.       Poor, Vincent C.             26-Aug-03   J001

Rogers, Porter B.      Edwards, Lillian E.       17 Aug 1897    G340

Rogers, R.F.           Burton, Carrie C.            20-Feb-07   K554

Rogers, Rilla H.       Bartlett, Frank S.            4-May-03   I544

Rogers, Robert I.      Clement, Mabel J.         28 Jun 1893    F160

Rogers, Rosa           Welch, C.A.               26 Sep 1898    G573

Rogers, Roy O.         Springer, Marie Juanita                  S494

Rogers, Ruth E.        Laurent, Emile A.            17-Feb-09   M141

Rogers, S.L. Jr.       Starnes, Martha              15-Nov-19   W603

Rogers, Sarah Jane     Whittle, Benjamin                        T054

Rogers, Thomas W.      Wilson, Mary E.           05 Apr 1878    A328

Rogers, W.C.           Ketchin, Daisy               21-Apr-03   I534

Rogers, W.H.           Pankretz, Eva                 6-Oct-21   Z332

Rogers, William F.     Graham, Sarah A.             11-May-21   Y634

Rogers, William S.     Coggeshall, Susie M.      26 Feb 1879    A406

Roglin, Henry R.       Beal, Chatta L.              15-Aug-08   L516

Rohe, Caroline (Mrs.)  Glaser, Adam              19 May 1892    E549

Rohlfs, Grace (Mrs.)   Janes, Harry G.              17-Oct-14   R201

Rohling, Carolina      Lies, Frank                  27-Jan-15   R321

Rohling, Elizabeth     Beyrle, Joseph                           S062

Rohling, Frank         Gorges, Katie                27-Jan-14   Q511

Rohling, Josephine     Heitz, John                  26-Oct-20   Y188

Rohling, Mary G.       Faber, Joseph                16-Apr-12   P186

Rohling, Rosie         Eck, A.J.                    22-Oct-18   V450

Rohlman, Mary          King, B.P.                01 Oct 1897    G373

Rohoads, Lottie        Cross, William            08 Oct 1891    E401

Rohr, Lawrence         Roberts, Fayetta             25-Feb-18   V006

Rohrbach, Grace        Croson, Frank C.             19-Mar-11   O049

Rohrback, Charles RusseShultz, Lena Mabel           16-Feb-21   Y479

Rohrback, Frank Leslie Barton, Mary Opal            24-Dec-14   R291

Rohrback, Mabel        Warfield, W.G.               30-Mar-10   N076

Rohrer, Adalina        Gamble, David A.             26-Aug-12   P384

Rohrer, J.B.           Lee, Myrtle               24 Dec 1899    H236

Rohrer, Nettie M.      Hudson, Elmer O.             17-May-03   I556

Rohrig, Albert         Burnside, Beatrice            9-Oct-19   W510

Rohrig, Barbara        Bury, Christian           02 Jun 1871    A010

Rohrig, Frank          Carey, Anna                  28-Dec-03   J127

Rohrs, Annie           Bucholtz, William         25 Jan 1875    A151

Roiter, Hulda Emma     Winner, Roy Guilford         22-Jul-19   W303

Roland, Edith          Ager, Frank                  25-Jan-21   Y433

Roland, Minnie         Burns, John D.               24-Jan-21   Y432

Roles, Earl A.         Unger, Gladys                 1-May-18   V122

Roles, F.L.            Hammond, Ethel               14-Nov-17   U211

Roles, Nancy Ethel     Hand, Samuel Robert                      S300

Roley, Thomas A.       Montague, Caroline        30 Apr 1879    A423

Rolf, Angie            Webster, C.D.             10 Nov 1897    G404

Roll, Annie            Goldsmith, Lewis          10 Jan 1895    F476

Roll, Arthur D.        Vossen, Alvina               16-Sep-19   W439

Roll, Charles          McGaha, Emeline           01 Sep 1879    A443

Roll, Clara M.         Callaway, Creed M.           29-Apr-05   J556

Roll, Daisy            Callaway, Edward F.          14-Feb-21   Y476

Roll, Dora             Callaway, Walter L.          10-May-05   J568

Roll, Edith            Ashmore, Paul W.              4-Sep-20   Y081

Roll, Ellen            Osborne, Jesse E.         22 Jul 1893    F171

Roll, Elmer E.         McCafferty, Elva             15-Jun-10   N190

Roll, Gustav           Grantz, Mary                             R554

Roll, Hattie I.        Watts, Loren E.                          S330

Roll, Lottie E.        Hamilton, Joseph B.                      R553

Roll, Louis P.         Carr, Julia M.                8-Jun-20   X470

Roll, Nettie           Shutts, G.O.                 22-Jul-03   I612

Roll, Ralph            Dewater, Jessie I.            3-Jul-02   I288

Roll, Rudolph          McGaha, Cedelia           09 Oct 1882    B306

Roll, Walter E.        Burrus, Bernice A.           17-Apr-11   O105

Roll, William          Anderson, Katie           25 Dec 1884    C174

Rollan, Dollie         Tipton, David F.          02 Mar 1875    A153

Rolland, Violet M.     Wunsch, E. Henry                         S326

Roller, Annie          Koch, Otto                16 Apr 1888    D272

Roller, Claude F.      Ballard, Maybelle J.         10-Feb-05   J496

Rolling, Thomas W.     Cavell, Vera                  3-Jul-20   X562

Rollings, D.C.         Snider, Sarah L.             12-Oct-05   K071

Rollings, Everett LonzoDonlevey, Olive              23-Nov-18   V493

Rollings, Louis        Metcalfe, Minnie             18-Mar-08   L343

Rollings, Winnie       Scoggan, John                21-Dec-05   K146

Rollins, Ida M.        Hudson, J.M.              14 Feb 1882    B243

Rollins, Latillie      Martin, Joseph B.             7-May-13   Q136

Rollins, Mary Alice    Harper, Ora S.                9-Aug-19   W342

Rollman, Edna E.       Fort, Roscoe W.              24-Jun-08   L450

Rolph, Lu              Foster, W.S.              29 Sep 1897    G368

Rolwey, Lillie         Stone, James                 27-Mar-07   K582

Roman, Cleda           Gittings, Preston            30-Oct-13   Q403

Rombach, Emma          Schmidt, J.A.             27 Feb 1884    C046

Rombold, C. David      Kurz, Luise K.            02 Feb 1892    E492

Rombold, Carrie W.     Dudley, Jefferson J.         20-Dec-11   P019

Rombold, Gottlob J.    Schauner, Frieda C.       06 Nov 1889    E010

Rombold, J.G.          Greschbach, Anna M.       16 Sep 1896    G148

Romick, Mary Belle     Raine, George L.              8-Feb-11   O007

Romig, A. Frederick    Fazel, Ruth P.            24 Oct 1894    F423

Romig, A.F.            DeMarais, Ida             16 May 1888    D301

Romig, James L.        Dumont, Alice                            S430

Romig, Levetta M.      Tener, Homer W.               1-Oct-17   U030

Romig, Mary            Campbell, Harry           29 Dec 1886    C567

Romig, Ulysses G.      McIntyer, Mary                6-Nov-07   L192

Romigh, Daniel         Sly, Susan E.             24 Jun 1882    B279

Romigh, Hurr W.        Chatten, Fay                 26-Mar-13   Q082

Romigh, Marguerite     Turner, Roy                   4-Feb-12   P094

Romine, Francis M.     Robinson, Inez            23 Dec 1880    B124

Romine, Percy William  Rogers, Edith Leonore        24-Jun-13   Q211

Romine, William G.     Jones, Minnie F.          16 Sep 1896    G147

Romo, Adelrida         Moreno, Nemencio             12-Feb-12   P101

Romsack, Agnes         Hernandez, Roman              2-Sep-19   W404

Ronsick, Maude         Ewan, H.V.                   14-Dec-14   R278

Rood, Maude            Lasswell, Frank B.                       S456

Roof, Charley          Early, Goldie                29-Aug-17   T602

Roof, Henry            Murphy, Alice                            C216

Roof, Henry            Murphy, Alice             06 Mar 1885    C225

Roof, John A.          Siever, Lucinda           01 Jan 1888    D193

Roof, Mina             Parkinson, Aaron A.       16 Jan 1890    E063

Roof, Nancy D.         Whalin, J.M.                 11-Feb-22   Z601

Roof, Pearl Bernice    Lee, William Arthur          18-Jul-20   X589

Roof, William J.       Eberly, Grace             14 Oct 1890    E217

Rooks, Iva             Long, Walter T.               4-Jul-14   R059

Rooks, James           Ferris, Verda May             4-May-12   P225

Rooks, June            Hendren, Clyde M.            18-Jun-19   W224

Rooks, May             Huber, John C.               24-Nov-13   Q435

Rooks, Samuel Alva     Doran, Pearl                 27-Aug-09   M392

Rookstool, William A.  Holloway, Mary E.             5-Jul-06   K316

Roome, Francis Louise  Montgomery, James                        S150

Rooney, Harold W.      Ragsdale, Helen Ruth         24-May-20   X423

Roos, Carrie           McNeill, J. William       19 Jan 1899    H025

Roosa, John            McNeal, Sarah E.          03 Jul 1878    A341

Root, Charles F.       Pierce, Eva St. Clair                    J567

Root, Charles F.       Pierce, Evalina St. Clai      8-Dec-05   K132

Root, Charles Franklin Ramsey, Ethel                26-Feb-08   L321

Root, Elisha           Kline, Ella               03 Jul 1879    A434

Root, Ernest C.        Clark, Amy E.                 2-Jun-19   W181

Root, Frank J.         Gass, Cyntha                 16-Sep-11   O322

Root, Irwin L.         Marshall, Harriett Blanc     26-May-08   L412

Root, J. Stanley       Martin, Tynca Nina                       S406

Root, J.W.             Smith, Genevieve             22-Oct-21   Z355

Root, J.W.             Wells, Charlotte B.          29-Nov-06   K467

Root, Kate Duncan      Bense, W.L.                   8-May-18   V136

Root, Lenore           House, William               22-Dec-18   V526

Root, Leta             Lemon, Harry V.              27-Mar-21   Y547

Root, Mabel A.         Camien, John R.               8-Jun-04   J256

Root, Maggie F.        Dillon, John P.              26-Nov-02   I408

Root, Mata             Dent, Micajah B.          17 Jan 1893    F056

Root, Mata             Dent, Micajah B.          17 Jan 1893    F131

Root, Myrtle           Paulus, Philip M.            14-Mar-18   V037

Root, Ollie M.         Mundell, N.E.                 6-Jul-21   Z113

Root, William Estes    Koehn, Wanda Lillian         25-Sep-18   V411

Roper, Gertie          Rich, Oscar                   1-Oct-05   K053

Roper, Pearl           Demieville, Arthur           26-Jun-20   X535

Roper, Samuel C.       Clough, Bertha               19-Mar-05   J524

Roper, Stella          Carnes, Marion W.            18-Jun-21   Z059

Roquette, C.M.         Muse, Lena                03 Jun 1898    G519

Rorabaugh, Evelyn      McEwen, Harold D.            12-Nov-21   Z416

Rorick, Floyd O.       Wood, Ruth Virginia           9-Jun-20   X473

Rorick, Lizzie         Anderson, Abraham         12 Oct 1886    C515

Rork, Hobart E.        Stepleton, Venus                         T150

Rosale, Sabinor        Guzman, Serundino                        S341

Roschke, Theodore H.   Pennekamp, Hilda                         S483

Rose, Addie E.         Crawford, T. Marion          19-Dec-05   K142

Rose, Beatrice Jane    Harvey, Charles Wallace      20-Nov-17   U236

Rose, Bess M.          Kendrick, Henry B.           24-Aug-14   R111

Rose, Carl Lawrence    Borton, Ollie Grace          29-Aug-12   P389

Rose, Chester Arthur   Kelly, Stella                 3-Dec-21   Z462

Rose, Claire           Howard, Harry                11-Jul-10   N236

Rose, David            Samuels, Sarah                5-Aug-08   L504

Rose, Ducie            Marshall, L.E.            03 Jul 1893    F162

Rose, Duckie L.        Ewing, F.B.               16 Sep 1897    G358

Rose, E.L.             White, Agnes                 10-May-22   Z760

Rose, Edward B.        Ratzell, Sadie R.            13-Apr-04   J213

Rose, Emma             Brown, R.G.                   9-Oct-18   V435

Rose, Emma             Walker, William E.        02 Oct 1881    B194

Rose, Emma L.          Wolsmith, Adam                1-Nov-17   U150

Rose, F.A.             Olwin, Clotile                           W216

Rose, F.C.             Hammon, Lucy              06 Apr 1893    F111

Rose, Forrest H.       Longstreth, Blanche          20-Feb-01   H525

Rose, Geneva           Bigelow, Bernell          03 Jun 1894    F362

Rose, Herman W.        Moore, Martha E.                         S529

Rose, Jennie           Olson, Adolph K.          27 Nov 1892    F025

Rose, Jennie (Mrs.)    Allen, William M.         24 Oct 1897    G389

Rose, John A.          Cameron, Emeline F.          11-Apr-06   K240

Rose, John J.          Maiden, Mary J.              12-Feb-01   H520

Rose, Lee A            Woolman, Leona               17-Jan-22   Z556

Rose, LeRoy            Mott, Nellie M.               4-May-21   Y622

Rose, Louis E.         Prouty, E. Bly               23-Oct-02   I386

Rose, Lucy             Buck, Allen                              F404

Rose, Lucy Ann         Franklin, Andrew J.       04 Nov 1871    A018

Rose, Margaret         Lewis, Elmer                 26-Dec-17   U407

Rose, Marguerite E.    Whitmore, George Montgom     18-Sep-13   Q332

Rose, Martha J.        Hoyt, Lockhart Kirk          15-Oct-05   K073

Rose, Mary             Cavitt, Reed              14 Sep 1893    F200

Rose, Minnie B.        Bushnell, Albert F.          17-Feb-15   R364

Rose, O.D.             Fleenor, Katherine M.        17-Nov-13   Q424

Rose, Rollie(ly)       Coulter, Mary                 1-Oct-08   L581

Rose, Roy W.           Wilson, Ottie Elizabeth      30-Apr-13   Q129

Rose, S.J.             Zody, Jeremiah            26 Nov 1879    B007

Rose, Sadie            Abraham, W.E.                31-May-13   Q172

Rose, Sadie            Klupik, Joe                              S137

Rose, William H.       Fowler, Erma L.               9-Jan-13   P621

Rose, William H.       McCarty, Nellie           09 Aug 1889    D587

Rosebaugh, Effie A.    Thompson, John D.             1-Jan-13   P611

Roseberry, George W.   Crellin, Myrtle Marie        28-Apr-20   X357

Roseberry, George W.   Wright, Lou               12 Sep 1881    B186

Roseberry, J.E.        Murray, Mabel E.             23-Nov-21   Z449

Roseberry, Michael     Lightner, Winifred           12-May-20   X395

Roseberry, Robert L.   Dir, Amie                    24-Sep-14   R161

Roseberry, Victor A.   Edwards, Blanch              11-Oct-08   L597

Rosebery, Fern H.      Young, Floyd A.              14-Apr-13   Q107

Rosebraugh, Mabel A.   Stearns, Fred G.             28-Aug-17   T600

Rosecran, J.M.         Lewis, R.P.                  25-Dec-19   X071

Rosecrans, Clyde Erle  McArthur, Lela               15-Oct-13   Q377

Rosecrants, Marieta RoxKirby, George Lee            16-May-20   X404

Rosecrants, Mary F.    Andrews, George              31-Jul-08   L500

Rosell, Charles V.     Coots, Eva                13 Dec 1885    C354

Rosell, Earl Maxwell   Ante, Rosella Marie          30-Sep-18   V419

Rosell, May            Allender, C.O.                6-Apr-02   I215

Rosenbach, Richard L.  Payne, Ada B.             26 Aug 1889    D592

Rosenbaum, Jerome      McClure, Edith                           S640

Rosenberger, Alta      Hoover, Orion             19 Jun 1895    F554

Rosenberger, Anna      Cunningham, Walter A.        11-Sep-17   T622

Rosenberger, Clara MariWey, Oscar Herman             6-May-19   W116

Rosenberger, Edward    Copeland, Pearl               7-Jun-11   O179

Rosenberger, H.M.      Kenney, Ethel E.                         T142

Rosenberger, Henry C.  Fry, Annie C.             23 Dec 1894    F464

Rosenberger, Judge L.  Creasser, Lettie E.       25 Sep 1895    F599

Rosenberger, Lona M.   Pope, M.H.                06 Jan 1898    G439

Rosenberger, Samuel    Ward, Mary E.             07 Dec 1898    G627

Rosenberger, Victoria  Fry, Aaron D.             17 Feb 1895    F495

Rosenberry, Roxie      Wilson, Homer                17-Jan-14   Q508

Rosenborg, Eileen      Wilson, Raymond               9-Dec-19   X027

Rosencrans, Otha Leila Whitesell, J.B.              24-Dec-10   N516

Rosencutter, Elsie CaroDeam, Paul                   21-Dec-09   M549

Rosendale, Emma E.     Brown, F.G.               23 Aug 1888    D366

Rosenfelt, Benjamin F. Vallance, Emma            23 Mar 1899    H058

Rosenhagen, John H.    Asendorf, Anna               12-May-05   J559

Rosenhamer, August     Leamon, Grace                19-Oct-20   Y192

Rosenow, Curt          Wickman, Elisabeth            5-Sep-21   Z259

Rosenstel, Juanita     Whitton, Glenn                           T004

Rosenstiel, A.I.       Morris, Zoah S.           27 Nov 1895    F637

Rosenstiel, Edgar J.   Harvey, Dora              12 Mar 1893    F095

Rosenstiel, Edna       Ward, Earl A.                10-Mar-18   V029

Rosenstiel, Frank W.   Pittenger, Clara Edith       15-Dec-03   J109

Rosenstiel, Freda      Haynes, Harvey                           S073

Rosenstiel, J.S.       Brown, Sarah                 30-Apr-02   I233

Rosenstiel, Lewis O.   Smith, Mary Ellouise      11 Jan 1894    F294

Rosenstiel, Lillie M.  Holtermann, Daniel J.     17 Apr 1892    E532

Rosenstiel, Sarah M.   Hites, M.A.               25 Oct 1885    C324

Rosenstiel, Tillie     Curtis, J.F.              19 Aug 1883    B399

Rosevelt, John         St. John, Kattie             22-Apr-08   L379

Rosiere, John P.       Clay, Fersina D.          01 Jan 1881    B125

Roskan, Grace          Wood, C.F.                    6-Aug-19   W336

Ross, A.R.             Davis, Grace L.                          T078

Ross, Adam J.          Menger, Louisa A.         21 Jul 1887    D053

Ross, Agnes B.         Carvin, M.A.              09 Jun 1885    C262

Ross, Andrew F.        Ferrison, Demma A.        20 Nov 1882    B327

Ross, Belle            Walker, R.E.                  4-Dec-11   P004

Ross, Bernice          Fry, Hugh H.                  1-Aug-21   Z175

Ross, Bess E.          Mower, Frank L.              21-Jun-11   O208

Ross, Bessie           Wagoner, John S.             24-May-03   I561

Ross, Bessie E.        White, J.W.                  25-Dec-12   P586

Ross, Charity F.       Gilbert, Hiram C.         16 Dec 1891    E443

Ross, Charles          Ferguson, Myrtle             20-Oct-13   Q387

Ross, Charles A.       Day, Francis Mary                        S063

Ross, Charles E.       Blakely, Clara Agnes          9-Sep-09   M416

Ross, Charlie          Buckley, Fern                15-Jan-20   X133

Ross, Chris            Chouteau, Belle              13-Mar-09   M180

Ross, Chris B.         Stanfield, Pauline            1-Dec-11   O431

Ross, Christina        Haun, W.G.                    2-Oct-20   Y151

Ross, Clarence         Russell, Gladys              19-Aug-14   R105

Ross, Clayton I.       Brown, Jessie E.             17-May-11   O150

Ross, Cornelious       Nelson, C.                               R511

Ross, Daisy            McGuire, Robert George                   S122

Ross, David            Hurst, Mary B.            13 Jun 1883    B380

Ross, Dora             Tullis, M.E.              03 Feb 1898    G455

Ross, Dora E.          Wilson, Lorenzo D.        21 Mar 1894    F328

Ross, Ed               Ross, Jennie                 17-Sep-19   W447

Ross, Edith L.         Jones, W.A.                   3-Dec-02   I418

Ross, Edwin E.         Killmer, Ada G.               6-Jul-13   Q230

Ross, Elizabeth J.     Helena, Simon F.          04 Oct 1890    E213

Ross, Elmer            Alton, Edna                  23-Apr-10   N108

Ross, F.               Fuller, Ella              25 Jun 1884    C091

Ross, F.N.             Cassidy, Bessie I.           28-Nov-18   V499

Ross, Fannie           Harris, Henry                14-Oct-03   J052

Ross, Fidella M.       Scoresby, Oliver C.       16 Feb 1895    F495

Ross, Finlay           Parham, Sarah             17 Nov 1878    A377

Ross, Finlay Fuller    Keck, Frances Ferree                     S121

Ross, Fred             Tompaw, Lydia                 5-Oct-20   Y163

Ross, Gail             Thayer, W.H.                 12-Jun-17   T439

Ross, George H.        Kruger, Maybelle             18-Mar-14   Q573

Ross, George W.        Clark, Bertha May            14-Jul-04   J293

Ross, George W.        Cochran, Nellie M.        31 Dec 1896    G231

Ross, George W.        Loughmiller, Cora         28 Jul 1898    G546

Ross, Gladys           Cummings, Lawrence V.                    S609

Ross, Glenn A.         Morrison, Ferne               6-Apr-19   W058

Ross, Goldie E.        Kramer, J.                   25-Dec-12   P586

Ross, Henry            Woodson, Francia          27 Dec 1893    F281

Ross, Hortense         Pierson, Charles W.          15-Mar-19   W023

Ross, Ibrilla          Gardner, Neeley              20-Nov-06   K453

Ross, Iola             Hamm, Charles                24-Feb-09   M154

Ross, Isabel N.        Black, Harry L.               6-Aug-06   K345

Ross, J.A.             White, Emma                  19-Jul-04   J297

Ross, J.H.             Rinearson, Melinda        12 Aug 1882    B289

Ross, J.W.             Huff, Lenora                 17-May-04   J237

Ross, James A.         Stubbs, Fay E.               12-Jun-07   L014

Ross, Janet            Ross, William             30 Mar 1886    C398

Ross, Jean             Young, C.G.                  29-Nov-10   N477

Ross, Jennette         Dean, George B.           28 Mar 1880    B056

Ross, Jennie           Gray, E.L.                    8-Apr-22   Z696

Ross, Jennie           Ross, Ed                     17-Sep-19   W447

Ross, Jennie E.        Moore, Oliver A.          17 Feb 1884    C040

Ross, John A.          Israel, Ethel                30-May-17   T394

Ross, John T.          Richard, Laura               27-Apr-03   I538

Ross, Julia G.         Taylor, Edwin             14 Dec 1893    F267

Ross, K.B.             Captain, Mary E.             21-Jun-19   W217

Ross, Laura            Hunter, George                4-May-12   P225

Ross, Lela B.          Wilson, Lawrence M.           9-Feb-10   N013

Ross, Lizzie J.        McFie, W.T.               15 Apr 1885    C241

Ross, Lloyd L.         Cale, Opal May               19-Feb-20   X211

Ross, Lucille May      McDougal, Glen Foster        17-Aug-12   P374

Ross, Mable(bel)       Wesson, Oliver               25-Apr-10   N111

Ross, Maggie M.        Brown, Abram K.           22 Apr 1891    E330

Ross, Magnolia (Mrs.)  Harris, Samuel               21-Mar-02   I207

Ross, Malinda J.       Fogg, Warren H.           17 Nov 1891    E423

Ross, Mamie E.         Huitt, George                 6-Jun-05   J590

Ross, Margaret M.      Wibley, Chester S.            6-Sep-04   J334

Ross, Martha           Stevens, F.W.             02 Feb 1896    G036

Ross, Mary E.          Heasty, Glenn A.             19-Apr-21   Y590

Ross, Mattie           Rusher, O.S.                  9-May-11   O140

Ross, Minnie E.        Summers, William H.       01 May 1892    E539

Ross, Mollie A. (Mrs.) Dade, Roswell F.          11 Jul 1892    E579

Ross, Mollie K.        Hammond, Harry G.         26 Nov 1896    G195

Ross, Nelia            Holmes, Broadus                          T347

Ross, Nellie           Orindgreff, J.W.             17-Nov-20   Y275

Ross, O. Gleem         Klopp, Harry                 31-Oct-05   K095

Ross, Oliver G.        Pond, Luanna (Mrs.)       03 Nov 1875    A174

Ross, Orville          Wells, Anna                              T337

Ross, Renetta(nnetta) EAdams, John W.            06 Sep 1893    F192

Ross, Sallie           Clegg, Ernest                 9-Jun-06   K290

Ross, Sara E.          Little, Fred W.              21-Nov-01   I106

Ross, Sarah            Smith, John               06 Jan 1896    G027

Ross, Sarah M.         Sparr, M.L.               07 May 1884    C083

Ross, Suzan            Lunnam, Oliver Otho          14-Mar-12   P146

Ross, Thelma Pearl     Brotton, Lewis Earl          18-Aug-19   W367

Ross, Thomas H.        Halbrook, Bessie              2-Jun-10   N169

Ross, Uriah A.         Green, Anna L.               12-Aug-07   L082

Ross, W.B.             Slack, Edna                  18-Jun-14   R031

Ross, William          Pelcher, Mary E. (Mrs.)   11 Sep 1889    D605

Ross, William          Ross, Janet               30 Mar 1886    C398

Ross, William J.       Leonard, Nina                20-Oct-11   O377

Ross, William T.       Wright, Sarah Flora          16-Jul-20   X586

Rossler, Annie M.      West, Simon B.            18 Jun 1891    E348

Rossler, Estella       Trimble, Silas E.             2-May-08   L391

Rossler, John C.       Cott, Anna                04 Aug 1891    E369

Rossler, Lena          Pratt, Henry G.           20 Jun 1894    F372

Rosson, Vilinia E.     Schafer, Francis H.       26 Mar 1877    A261

Rosswog, Martha        Laurent, Henry            19 Oct 1881    B198

Rost, Fred             Althaus, Anna                16-Dec-03   J113

Rost, Margaret         Kostner, Casper           03 Mar 1885    C219

Roth, Anna             Widdoes, Fontley              2-Sep-02   I339

Roth, Gotthard         Betzen, Annie M.          18 Mar 1893    F101

Roth, Grace            Guy, Homer                   24-May-13   Q157

Roth, Jacob            Shulz, Mary               04 Sep 1883    B404

Roth, Josephine        Wise, F.W.                   24-May-14   R003

Roth, Mabel Helen      Wood, Asa D.                             S195

Roth, Mary             Denman, Elijah            01 Feb 1896    G042

Roth, R.R.             Patterson, Minnie            20-Apr-09   M222

Rothenbacker, Lizzie   Evins, Thomas C.          25 Sep 1892    E615

Rotherman, Mary        Gaines, Thomas J.            20-Jun-20   X508

Rothfus, Louise        Dow, Donald B.               15-Nov-20   Y269

Rothfuss, Albert F.    Fergeson, Bessie             16-Nov-11   O418

Rothgeb, Dorothy       Strong, L. Forrest           11-Feb-19   V605

Rothrock, Charles N.   Gould, Harriet M.         05 Feb 1879    A399

Rothrock, Ellen        Wilson, Samuel               10-Oct-11   O361

Rothrock, John         Millirons, Grace                         S538

Rothrock, Julia        McHenry, Charles             16-Nov-10   N450

Rothrock, Robert       Chapman, Margaret            27-Mar-12   P163

Roths, Anna K.         Metzen, Joseph               26-Jan-04   J141

Roths, Frank           Leis, Sophia                 10-May-10   N128

Roths, John            Strunk, Margaret              3-May-10   N104

Roths, Mary M.         Friess, Mathias F.           11-Feb-20   X156

Roths, Mathias         Landwehr, Carolina           20-Aug-07   L074

Roths, Nick            Alvers, Annie                            T146

Roths, William J.      Kennedy, Marguerite          24-Jul-17   T497

Rothschild, Alfred P.  Hess, Maude                              T110

Rothschild, David      Lazarus, Rosa             18 Apr 1886    C428

Rothwell, Louis J.     Cornwell, Hazel M.            3-Jul-06   K314

Rothwell, S.M.         Toy, Nellie (Mrs.)           15-Apr-00   H305

Rothwell, William H.   Glover, Rhoda                            T200

Rotmiller, Mary        Kern, Paul                14 Aug 1893    F184

Rottering, Bernard H.  Bugner, Helena(ne) F.         1-Sep-03   I627

Rotterman, F.W.        Mogan, Estella               12-Feb-07   K545

Rotzell, Sarah         Cook, George M.              16-Oct-13   Q383

Rouce, Carlee          Cherry, W.H.                 14-Sep-21   Z278

Rouch, Mary Josephine  Rodman, Arthur L.            24-Apr-19   W093

Rouch, Rose            Vickery, Earl Lewis          22-Sep-14   R156

Roudebush, Ella        Fitts, Morton B.          19 Sep 1889    D609

Roudebush, Mabel       Lowry, Lexie E.              11-Jul-20   X544

Rough, Samuel P.       Parks, Adelaide M.            4-Apr-11   O080

Roulet, Josephine      Spaulding, Ben F. Jr.         1-Jan-08   L265

Round, Chloey Ann      Johnson, H.F.                28-Jun-13   Q221

Round, Lola J.         Manlove, Earl C.             23-Dec-09   M580

Rounds, Frank W.       Clark, Minnie             20 Sep 1893    F205

Rounds, Georgie A.     Henderson, Perry D.       28 Dec 1886    C565

Rounds, Ralph          Cooper, Rebekah              15-May-21   Y634

Rounds, Stella E.      Fink, John W.                26-Nov-04   J428

Roundtree, Annie       Davis, Lee                25 Dec 1875    A184

Roundtree, Iva         Metzger, James               12-Sep-13   Q317

Rounkles, Georgia A.   Rankin, Ora O.               29-Jun-11   O226

Rounsavell,Myrtle HazelLarson, William E.           26-Dec-10   N522

Rountree, Harley       Frazier, Mayme                7-Jan-14   Q498

Rountree, Jennie       Bailey, William           16 May 1895    F540

Rountree, Mabel Clair  Sallee, V.R.                  4-Feb-20   X175

Rountree, Roy          Freeman, Nellie              24-Jul-12   P346

Rountree, Walter T.    Goodman, Dora                27-Nov-09   M544

Rouse, Aaron           Wilkinson, Emma           16 Jun 1886    C454

Rouse, Bessie M.       St. Aubyn, Ralph             23-Sep-13   Q337

Rouse, Gertrude        Cannon, Shirley              12-Dec-11   P014

Rouse, Grace           Felt, John A.                12-Aug-17   T558

Rouse, Harry L.        Hamilton, Beulah             12-Feb-19   V607

Rouse, John R.         Cole, Edith B.                           S360

Rouse, L. Emma(aline) (Carlton, Albert (Edelber  24 Nov 1892    F023

Rouse, Myrta A.        Reynolds, Roy P.              2-Apr-02   I213

Rouse, Pearl Beatrice  Gex, Florian C.              27-Mar-10   N070

Rouse, Pearl Beatrice  Gix, Florian C.              27-Mar-10   N070

Rouse, Wallace T.      Saunders, Mary E.         16 Apr 1882    B266

Rouser, H.E.           Wright, Carrie G.         12 Jan 1898    G441

Rouser, Mattie R.      Ruby, H.W.                17 Aug 1885    C291

Rouser, Rosa M.        Sarles, Orrin A.          13 Mar 1890    E097

Roush, Cora B.         McFarland, J.G.           10 Jul 1881    B170

Roush, Mary            Mitchell, Jim                30-Oct-20   Y236

Roush, Minnie          Hardacre, J.S.            20 Sep 1885    C307

Roush, R.A.            Hollingsworth, Clara          6-Jun-03   I574

Roush, Zerelda E. (Mrs.Ireland, M.               15 Apr 1886    C426

Rouss, Frank M.        Derrick, Pearl                           R420

Rousseau, G.E.         Craig, Anna                  18-Feb-22   Z614

Rousseau, May          Holder, Ray M.                8-Jul-18   V268

Routen, William        Sarles, Tillie                4-Oct-10   N375

Routte, Clyde          Craig, Mabel                 29-Jun-09   M326

Routte, Georgia Lee    Sloan, John Tolbert           9-Oct-12   P451

Roux, Esther           Griseza, A.A.                 7-Oct-19   W502

Rowan, A.S.            Marks, Stella D.                         S577

Rowan, Clyde E.        Hurst, Ruby M.                           S252

Rowan, Eva             Brewer, Howard                8-Oct-19   W504

Rowan, Ida May         Kolb, Charles L.          28 Sep 1892    E620

Rowan, J.T.            Schammehorn, Vianna       08 Aug 1895    F573

Rowan, Jimmie C.       Armstrong, Clara Ethel       27-Aug-10   N296

Rowan, Sheldon E.      Garretson, Katie             26-Dec-05   K157

Rowe, Bertha           Bills, Enice                 24-Aug-05   K022

Rowe, Brightley        Corzatt, Lillian Mabel       18-Apr-09   M223

Rowe, Charles H.       Hedrick, Dora L.          31 Jul 1889    D581

Rowe, E.M.             Harvel, J.M.                  2-Apr-21   Y560

Rowe, Everett M.       Thager, Dorothy Thelma        3-Nov-19   W572

Rowe, Glen R.          Henry, Alta                  11-Feb-14   Q530

Rowe, Leah             Wakefield, Frank W.           7-Feb-11   O005

Rowe, M. Hazel         Owens, T. Bishop              1-Sep-08   L547

Rowe, Minnie A.B.      Bishop, David J.          22 Dec 1886    C558

Rowell, William R.     Ford, Martha M.           21 Oct 1893    F235

Rowland, Anna          Cochran, Oscar               27-Sep-09   M451

Rowland, Annie         Bowers, G.P.              10 Jul 1895    F567

Rowland, Beulah S.     Wells, Virgil L.             21-Mar-21   Y538

Rowland, Cliffie       Warrender, Albert            15-Aug-21   Z205

Rowland, Elmer B.      Beye, Minnie                 22-Nov-08   M016

Rowland, Ethel         Fry, Clifford C.             18-Sep-21   Z285

Rowland, Frank L.      Burdick, Mary A.             26-Feb-14   Q547

Rowland, Gladys        Moore, Claude                12-Dec-20   Y333

Rowland, Grace         Russell, Frank                2-Feb-21   Y450

Rowland, J.W.          Washington, Lillian           7-Jun-21   Z028

Rowland, Kenneth P.    Lee, Audrey                  15-Apr-19   W073

Rowland, Louis M.      Kendall, Ella             31 Oct 1888    D421

Rowland, Monroe E.     Babb, Ada Cortez             28-Apr-20   X357

Rowland, Nella M.      Hoover, Harley F.                        T367

Rowland, Olive         Robbins, Lloyd               31-Jan-18   U519

Rowland, R.S.          Herndon, Laura L. (Mrs.)  27 Jan 1889    D481

Rowland, William S.    Kennedy, Ethel E.            31-Aug-19   W393

Rowles, Charles S.     Sanders, Sallie           06 Jul 1880    B076

Rowles, Ella           Landrum, Edward           22 Dec 1897    G428

Rowles, John L.        Robinson, Laura           12 Feb 1874    A104

Rowles, Sallie         Dodson, J.                   18-Jan-10   M623

Rowley, C.H.           Harlan, Minnie            19 Aug 1896    G135

Rowley, Charles J.     Arthur, Minnie            21 Nov 1894    F440

Rowley, Edna           Giese, Oscar L.               6-Nov-19   W583

Rowley, Francis        Kirkpatrick, Effie        06 Sep 1883    B406

Rowley, Grace          Webb, Earl                   18-Dec-18   V516

Rowley, H.W.           Osborn, Irene Gertrude       25-Oct-18   V456

Rowley, Hattie         Abell, F.G.               13 Mar 1886    C407

Rowley, John W.        Skillman, Amelia          14 Apr 1891    E324

Rowley, June           Miller, Leslie E.            26-Oct-03   J062

Rowley, Lena Marie     Hergert, William              3-Feb-20   X172

Rowley, Lucy           St. Dennis, Thomas B.     24 Sep 1884    C137

Rowley, Mabel Marie    Schumacher, Forest W.         1-Aug-17   T548

Rowley, Nancy C.       Higgins, William J.          31-Oct-04   J400

Rowley, Nelson H.      Valentine, Marian J.      22 Aug 1895    F580

Rowley, Orilla A.      James, John R.            11 Jan 1887    C574

Rowley, Zelpha A.      Pratt, Wilson R.          17 Oct 1896    G171

Rowlison, J.C.         Bradbridge, Luvena           18-Mar-15   R391

Rowsey, Annie          Slater, John              05 Feb 1895    F489

Rowsey, Charles S.     Slyter, Catherine            21-Jun-06   K298

Rowsey, Ellen          Mathina, John W.                         F416

Rowsey, Minnie         Curtis, Otto                 12-Jul-09   M341

Rowsey, W.L.           Slyter, Mary              12 Jun 1896    G105

Rowsey, Walter W.      Haskin, Vida                  5-May-22   Z749

Roy, Adda              Atherton, B.G.               20-Nov-17   U238

Roy, Andrew J.         Healy, Ida A.                19-Sep-10   N338

Roy, David             Kernohan, Eliza               1-Dec-03   J096

Roy, F.A.              Hitchcock, Emma L.        04 Feb 1897    G246

Roy, Fred Fitz         Crossley, Elizabeth           2-May-14   Q614

Roy, Henry J.          Howard, Ida M.            28 Sep 1898    G577

Roy, Herbert W.        Randall, Happie              13-Apr-02   I218

Roy, John              Cocoran, Minnie              20-Oct-04   J387

Roy, Mayme L.          Wells, William E.                        R534

Roy, Moses A.          Barcus, Ella E.              11-Apr-01   H555

Roy, Myrtle            Orrell, Herman               27-Feb-18   V008

Roy, Robert I.         Williamson, Hallie N.     18 Mar 1880    B053

Roy, T.F.              Barricklow, Elizabeth         5-Apr-11   O083

Roy, Winfield I.       Henderson, Doshia            31-Oct-06   K426

Royal, Blanche Edna    Wall, Jesse DeVore           12-Oct-09   M471

Royal, Claude V.       Grosh, Viola                 14-Oct-03   J053

Royal, Hattie          Smith, Henry              05 Oct 1871    A015

Royal, Hazel           Covell, Benjamin H.          12-Oct-12   P456

Royal, Irene           Deming, Leslie               25-Jan-13   Q007

Royal, James P.        Miller, Minnie            06 Apr 1876    A196

Royal, Mary Helen      Engler, LeRoy                26-Apr-10   N114

Royal, William I.      Loudenslager, Adda        07 Jan 1892    E471

Royce, F.D.            Stewart, Margaret May        11-May-10   N134

Royer, Harriett H.     Lamb, Roy R.                  8-Aug-21   Z193

Royer, Harry           Gilchrist, Minnie         05 May 1898    G502

Royer, J.H.            Plymire, Myrtle              24-Dec-04   J449

Roys, America          Surtees, George           07 Feb 1884    C034

Roys, Reuben H.        West, Hattie              22 Aug 1883    B401

Royse, Alva S.         Helmick, Gladys              20-Aug-13   Q283

Royse, Anna            Jordan, Jacob M.          01 Oct 1895    F603

Royse, Benjamin        Anderson, Rosa            19 Nov 1883    C007

Royse, Edwin           Frye, Trissie E.             23-Sep-08   L574

Royse, Emma L.         Bell, Chester                14-Nov-06   K444

Royse, Esther L.       Adams, Carl D.                           S268

Royse, George          Haifley, Clema            12 Nov 1890    E244

Royse, H.A.            Cooper, Maud              25 Mar 1897    G273

Royse, J.A.            Sims, Ora May                 2-Nov-04   J403

Royse, Jesse M.        Umphres, C. Lillie           22-Aug-20   Y043

Royse, John Floyd      Moon, Maude Mae              17-Mar-18   V042

Royse, Lizzie          Frazee, Lewis             19 Jun 1895    F556

Royse, Mattie          Jordan, Frank M.          29 Sep 1897    G369

Royse, Ola             Crites, C.H.                  6-Apr-18   V077

Royse, W.P.            Dunlap, Bessie D.            28-Dec-04   J454

Royston, David         Easter, Fern                  9-Jun-18   V202

Rubert, Scott          Merchant, Eva             04 Jun 1888    D314

Rubia, George William  Baird, Maude                             S159

Ruble, J.W.            Solter, Annie             01 Dec 1897    G415

Ruble, James W.        Dirlam, May                  20-Mar-07   K578

Ruble, Lulu May        Strong, F.G.                  7-Oct-03   J047

Ruble, Neva Elmira     McDonald, Wesley              6-Jun-17   T421

Ruble, Pearl           Jacques, George L.        01 Feb 1894    F307

Ruby, Arthur H.        Cain, Lola O.                 8-Aug-03   I623

Ruby, Barton           Thompson, Eliza           23 Jul 1885    C281

Ruby, Dora B. (Mrs.)   Hendron, Rutherford B.       21-Jun-04   J267

Ruby, H.W.             Rouser, Mattie R.         17 Aug 1885    C291

Ruby, Lettie           Pike, Frank               20 Dec 1886    C556

Rucker, Ben            Burns, Della                  6-Nov-09   M517

Rucker, Betty(tie) A.  Woodward, David S.            2-Jul-03   I596

Rucker, Chauncey       Rickard, Ruth                26-Aug-12   P385

Rucker, Edith A.       Miller, Robert J.             5-Jun-12   P257

Rucker, Jessie M.      Long, E. Arnold                          T176

Rucker, Lorine         Wright, Bruce                            S528

Rucker, Mary E.        Higginson, C.N.               4-Apr-04   J203

Rucker, Mayme          Focke, Henry                             S342

Rucker, Mona E.        Bernstorf, Philip H.         14-Oct-08   L600

Rucker, Veva Marie     Shinn, Darrell F.                        T372

Ruckle, Cora A.        Garlick, Floyd W.         31 May 1898    G514

Ruckle, E.O.           Harmon, Leola             06 Oct 1898    G583

Ruckle, Elba           Bily, Anna                               S246

Ruckle, Ethel          Keely, Herbert                4-Jun-17   T418

Ruckle, Etta           Criser, Clarence              6-Jan-09   M088

Ruckle, George M.      Gillenwater, Ora             10-Mar-09   M175

Ruckle, Homer E.       Laurie, Louise M.            14-Aug-06   K350

Ruckle, Ida B.         Allison, Earl B.          28 Jan 1892    E485

Ruckle, Ida B.         Alliston, Earl B.         28 Jan 1892    E485

Ruckle, Isaac          Taylor, Ollie M.          27 Apr 1891    E335

Ruckle, Sylvanus       Alliston, Susie           15 Nov 1883    C004

Ruckleshauser, Louis   Botcher, Rosa             19 Sep 1886    C500

Rudd, Arthur E.        Ralstin, Berneicia        23 Nov 1892    F021

Rudd, E.U.             Fetters, L.               31 Jul 1887    D073

Rudd, Ella Mae         Welsh, McKee                 20-Apr-10   N105

Rudd, Ella May         Towsley, F.A.R.              24-Jul-02   I307

Rudd, Hughes Day       Burdette, Gladys             20-Sep-20   Y124

Rudd, Marion           Chambers, Worth           31 Mar 1886    C418

Ruddell, Ethel         Carlson, Eddie               20-Feb-07   K553

Ruddell, Harry LivingstPitts, Iona Vercella          6-May-20   X378

Ruddell, M.E. (Mrs.)   Cain, J.W.                04 Oct 1893    F217

Rudell, Stella         Wilson, Goldie               26-Sep-14   R164

Rudisill, Alta Belle   Bretenfield, Richard         24-Dec-07   L254

Rudolph, Carl          Louneke, Grace               24-Dec-21   Z505

Rudolph, Edia          Kopplin, Otto             18 Jan 1881    B132

Rudolph, Fern M.       Proudfoot, Walter R.         28-May-17   T388

Rudolph, Johanna       Ritter, Jacob             25 Feb 1876    A194

Rudolph, M.H.          Carpenter, Maggie L.      31 Jan 1885    C206

Rudolph, Mary Alice    Rankin, Henry A.             30-Jul-19   W321

Rudolph, Sophie        Knoblauch, Edward         03 Apr 1879    A420

Rudsill, Lillie        Kenner, William H.        23 May 1874    A121

Rue, Edna A.           Green, M.D.                  16-Dec-12   P566

Rue, Ethel L.          Belt, William B.             17-Jun-08   L438

Rueb, Nina             Holmes, Harry                23-Dec-20   Y354

Rueck, Jack            Alexander, Irene             24-May-20   X408

Ruesz, Martin          Ille, Emma                02 Jun 1879    A428

Ruf, Ople Vern         Tripplet, Inez               29-Jun-09   M325

Ruff, Margaret         Alexander, J.M.           27 Apr 1899    H075

Ruffan, Saleen S.      Ellhadad, Latifa K.           7-Jul-07   L044

Rugan, Charles         Piper, Eudora             27 Apr 1892    E537

Rugg, S.D.             Reitz, Frances               15-Mar-11   O052

Ruggles, Charles R.    Edgecomb, Assie (Essie)       4-Apr-09   M204

Ruggles, Dewey         Woodburn, Mildred            29-May-19   W168

Ruggles, Dollie Jane   Grigsby, Welborn             20-Sep-03   J022

Ruggles, J.A.          Stevenson, Stella May        16-Jun-21   Z054

Ruggles, John A.       Glancey, Mary A. (E.)        25-Dec-06   K497

Ruggles, Mattie        Davis, Byron R.              16-Dec-19   X044

Ruggles, Sarah E.      Wing, J.M.                   27-Jan-11   N570

Ruggs, Irvin William   Weckner, Beatrice            30-Jan-19   V588

Ruggs, Laura           Whelpley, James              23-Dec-11   P034

Rugh, Winnifred        Lewis, Henry M.               7-Aug-20   Y006

Ruhl, Bert M.          Reaves, Ruth                 19-Nov-11   O422

Ruhr, Rudolph Herbert  Smith, Edith May             17-Jan-18   U485

Ruiz, Barbara          Zamora, James                10-Mar-21   Y516

Ruiz, Cruz             Sanchez, Alijandro           21-Mar-11   O062

Ruiz, Esteben          Javaquere, Mariana           23-Oct-11   O378

Ruiz, Rebeca           Martinez, Lucio              21-Apr-19   W086

Ruland, L.D.           Perrien, Eunice               3-Jul-18   V261

Rule, Charlotte A.     Hill, Henry G.               11-Jun-19   W205

Rule, Edna             Smith, Charley E.            27-Jan-20   X157

Rule, Mattie           Jones, D.S.               22 Sep 1897    G361

Ruley, Josephine       Littlepage, William       01 Nov 1882    B340

Rumbarger, Reedie C.   Trenary, Anna E.              2-Aug-03   I618

Rumberger, Alma C.     Weaver, J.E.              16 Sep 1886    C498

Rumer, Nora            Tandy, W.G.               03 Jul 1893    F163

Rummage, Charles E.    Dunlap, Mattie               27-Mar-09   M194

Rummel, Bertha         Drumheller, Judson A.     23 Aug 1890    E186

Rummell, Cleo W.       McLain, Lena                  2-May-19   W111

Rummell, M.M.          Davis, Edith Rose                        R508

Rummell, Roxie         Phillips, Albert P.          21-May-03   I560

Rummerfield, Sadie     Cook, D.E.                    9-Sep-18   V386

Rumsey, Addie          George, William R.            7-Jun-05   J592

Rumsey, Charlie        Strunk, Stella V.            29-Sep-18   V415

Rundalle, Amelia       Dykstra, G.G.             26 Mar 1882    B258

Rundell, Sarah         Glaze, W.M.               08 Sep 1881    B181

Runion, Clyde          Smith, Emma                   2-Oct-09   M459

Runion, Lona           Lafary, Perry                29-Apr-08   L390

Runion, Myrtle F.      Nelson, Thomas E.            24-Jul-08   L493

Runkel, Cora           Chace, William H.            12-Mar-05   J518

Runkel, G.R.           Ard, Anna                    24-Dec-12   P588

Runkel, Lizzie         Kritzmier, G.C.              22-Sep-11   O337

Runkle, Kathryn FrancesDeMoss, Charles O.                       R579

Runkle, Mary E.        Smith, Charles G.                        S432

Runnels, L.C.          Kohl, Mazie M.                           R561

Runyan, Bert A.        Bradshaw, Helen              18-Oct-21   Z363

Runyan, E.B.           Peacock, Ruth                21-Feb-12   P117

Runyan, Edwin          Larmer, Dulcie                           S346

Runyan, Elizabeth      Dale, Frank E.                4-Jun-10   N170

Runyan, Glenn          Kistler, H.B.                 3-Sep-06   K364

Runyan, Guy            Schollenberger, Ruth Craig               Z518

Runyan, Irwin          Schmidt, Lena Louise         16-Feb-10   N019

Runyan, J. Wesley      Wilson, Lena                 29-Jul-20   X614

Runyan, Jennie (Mrs.)  Loomis, Emerson           16 May 1899    H088

Runyan, Mary Alice     McAdow, W.H.                 15-Nov-06   K448

Runyan, Parven         Silvey, Harriet           06 Mar 1881    B142

Runyan, W.C.           Johnston, Mary E.            23-Mar-03   I515

Runyan, W.C.           Stathem, Jennie           27 Feb 1887    C596

Runyon, Hazel          Dale, John T.                 3-May-11   O133

Runyon, Myrtle         Frederiksen, Thomas J.        8-Jan-10   M613

Runzel, Marie          Boren, Jack                  10-Nov-20   Y254

Rupart, W.A.           Buche, Katherine          03 Oct 1898    G580

Rupe, Frank A.         McFadden, Mamie B.        08 Jan 1894    F292

Rupe, Pearl            Feemster, E.E.               23-Oct-19   W546

Rupert, Ella           Crewson, David B.         24 Dec 1895    G018

Rupert, Floyd          Thomas, Mary                  4-Apr-08   L352

Rupert, Nora           Jacobs, Charles               8-Sep-12   P401

Rupp, John Thayer      Murray, Mabel                 7-Nov-11   O402

Rupp, Martha           Rodgers, William A.          31-Aug-18   V360

Rupp, Michael          Walschmidt, Catharina     25 Nov 1883    C008

Rush, Alty             Dandridge, Byrd              18-Jul-17   T514

Rush, Amy              Ballard, Charles E.           4-May-01   H582

Rush, B.M.             White, Mary E.            18 Mar 1886    C410

Rush, Bertha May       Rhodes, Edwin W.             17-Feb-09   M143

Rush, Bessie Leona     Rhodes, Harley Martin         6-Mar-10   N042

Rush, C.I.             Geger, L.A.                  14-Mar-06   K225

Rush, C.I.             Quigley, Anna                 1-Jun-19   W174

Rush, Charles          Cunningham, Frances          11-Mar-22   Z651

Rush, Cora B.          Mosley, Homer E.              6-Jan-09   M089

Rush, Edward Newton    Miller, Ora                  10-Sep-18   V390

Rush, Eli B.           Brewer, Estella F.        26 Nov 1891    E432

Rush, Evelyn A.        Napolian, H.N.                9-Jan-10   M606

Rush, Faye             English, Richard Lee                     T118

Rush, Franklin R.      Alexander, Hattie I.      06 Apr 1893    F111

Rush, H.J.             Thompson, Charlotte                      S047

Rush, James B.         Butts, Susie E.           12 May 1897    G299

Rush, James F.         Hunsaker, Julia A.        08 May 1887    D003

Rush, James Morgan     VanValkenburg, Lula May   10 Nov 1896    G186

Rush, James R.         McClure, Emma                13-Dec-05   K134

Rush, John I.          Taylor, Cordie Neva          28-Oct-18   V462

Rush, John T.          Ainsworth, Permelia J.    23 Dec 1881    B219

Rush, Lucy M.          Avery, Irving L.             25-Nov-03   J088

Rush, Luette           Atkinson, Robert Jr.      19 Dec 1894    F461

Rush, Manda E.         Weaver, James W.          17 Jul 1884    C102

Rush, Matilda F.       Burnet, Jesse D.          11 Nov 1891    E420

Rush, Morton B.        Plotner, Hazel T.            31-Dec-14   R311

Rush, Naioma           Robbins, G.B.             23 Dec 1880    B122

Rush, Olive F.         Nelson, F.S.                 26-Oct-11   O382

Rush, Rachel H.        Beeler, Walter B.             1-Aug-17   T547

Rush, Rebecca          Anderson, John H.             1-Jan-02   I150

Rush, Sarah Belle      Waltz, John H.            24 Oct 1889    E003

Rush, Susan J.         Jackson, Samuel B.           23-Jan-07   K527

Rush, Thomas W.        Clark, Effie May              4-Feb-04   J156

Rush, W.H.             Pfeifer, Lena M.             16-Oct-13   Q384

Rush, William A.       Crew, Wilma                   5-Apr-18   V075

Rush, William A.J.     James, Levina E.          20 Nov 1888    D435

Rush, William T.       Lee, Neelea Gertrude          6-Sep-03   J013

Rusher, O.S.           Ross, Mattie                  9-May-11   O140

Rusher, William A.     Gillman, Fern A.              3-Jan-22   Z534

Rusk, Alic             Bell, Lollie              23 Sep 1888    D393

Russ, Alvin O.         MacKenzie, Marie             15-Feb-02   I182

Russ, Ella May         Ewing, Grant                  6-Jan-03   I455

Russ, Lyle M.          Lee, Hazel                   16-Feb-21   Y478

Russ, Minnie Lewellen  Howard, William               4-Sep-10   N309

Russ, Thomas           Jones, Susie                 15-Apr-05   J546

Russel, Mildred        Evans, Everett G.                        T214

Russel, Rosa           Harmon, Gerald F.            14-May-20   X402

Russell, A.C.          Fraser, Rose                 28-Oct-18   V462

Russell, Abram J.      Edgeworth, Louise (Mrs)      18-Apr-06   K249

Russell, Ada           Lane, Claude Alvin           17-Mar-15   R391

Russell, Agnes         Schlup, J.A.              19 Mar 1896    G069

Russell, Agnes         Seewald, George G.           18-Mar-22   Z659

Russell, Andrew J.     Daggett, Ella M.          19 Oct 1884    C148

Russell, Andrew J.     Norris, Maude             22 Mar 1896    G070

Russell, Angeline      Norris, Dewey                24-Nov-18   V492

Russell, Annie B.      Barnett, William H.       17 May 1899    H090

Russell, B.N.          McSpadden, Cora              23-Jan-11   N565

Russell, Bertha        Cook, Irwin C.               24-Dec-07   L253

Russell, Bertha        Sneed, Arthur                13-Jul-10   N239

Russell, Bertie        White, Louis H.           19 Sep 1889    D609

Russell, Burel A.      Groff, Sina                  17-Jul-20   X577

Russell, C.            Freeman, Ruth                27-Nov-13   Q442

Russell, C. Dwight     Cain, Evelyn                 10-Jul-18   V269

Russell, C.L.          Brown, Maud E.            05 Nov 1897    G401

Russell, C.V.          Smith, Grace                 27-Nov-20   Y299

Russell, Catherine A.  Christman, Albert J.      06 Jun 1893    F150

Russell, Charles O.    Sheffer, Ethel C.             2-Aug-05   K006

Russell, Charlotte ElizCrain, Earl Robert           25-Dec-13   Q470

Russell, Clara         Harrison, B.T.            04 Oct 1899    H173

Russell, Dan           Sandlin, Rilla               11-Sep-19   W431

Russell, David         Weightman, Adelaide          10-Mar-03   I505

Russell, Dora          Harsh, Cecil                 17-Jan-14   Q506

Russell, Douthette J.  Stover, Mildred              11-Aug-17   T569

Russell, Edith May     Towner, Harry J.             11-Dec-20   Y329

Russell, Effie         Rice, Robert P.               1-Jan-01   H496

Russell, Elizabeth     Rector, W.F.                 28-Feb-19   V638

Russell, Emma C. (Mrs.)Edgar, James              09 Nov 1892    F011

Russell, Emma R.       Closson, George H.        16 Oct 1888    D407

Russell, Estelle K.    Firebaugh, Ches           27 Jun 1888    D328

Russell, Esther        Fisher, Leslie H.            23-Dec-12   P577

Russell, Everett       Thomas, Mary G.              19-Dec-18   V522

Russell, F.A.          Woods, Daisy                 28-Jun-05   J610

Russell, Frank         Campbell, Emma            31 Aug 1884    C127

Russell, Frank         Rowland, Grace                2-Feb-21   Y450

Russell, Fred          Tableing, Myrtle             12-Jun-20   X481

Russell, Gladys        Ross, Clarence               19-Aug-14   R105

Russell, Grace         Kelly, Ward                  23-Oct-20   Y219

Russell, H.E.          Dewert, Ruth                             T143

Russell, Harry L.      Smith, Maude S.              22-Jan-20   X145

Russell, Hazel E.      Zimmerman, Levi E.           15-Oct-19   W524

Russell, Horace V.     Eller, Della              27 Nov 1890    E254

Russell, Hugh F.       Hutchison, Rachel V.         13-Dec-08   M044

Russell, Iva M.        Howard, H.A.              17 Mar 1898    G477

Russell, J.            Hall, Edna                   17-Oct-21   Z357

Russell, J.J.          Salts, Sylvia                16-Mar-14   Q570

Russell, J.L.          Pryor, Edith L.                          S519

Russell, Jessie        Hamilton, Frank M.           21-Dec-18   V525

Russell, John          Fonda, Myrtle                 3-Jun-02   I261

Russell, John          Gilborson, Susan          03 Apr 1897    G277

Russell, John          Grant, Lizzie             05 Aug 1895    F570

Russell, John A.       Kershaw, Mary             16 Dec 1885    C360

Russell, Josephine     Bumgardner, Harrison Cul      9-Sep-08   L557

Russell, Lane          Washington, Marcia           18-Aug-19   W366

Russell, Laura E.      Oswald, John D.           15 Apr 1896    G080

Russell, Lillian       Albert, John J.              12-Nov-10   N441

Russell, Lillian BeatriFuller, Floyd Vernon          7-Jun-18   V189

Russell, Lillian D.    Dobson, I.W.                  1-Nov-18   V466

Russell, Lizzie        Creson, James             14 Jul 1884    C103

Russell, Louise J.     Barrett, Samuel               1-Jun-03   I565

Russell, Mabel         Bell, James B.               24-Dec-14   R297

Russell, Mable         Goodin, Roy                  19-Feb-08   L311

Russell, Maggie A.     Odell, Nathaniel M.       17 Jun 1894    F372

Russell, Mary          Norris, John M.                          S527

Russell, Mary B.       White, Benjamin F.        26 Nov 1885    C348

Russell, Mary L.       Hostetler, Francis R.         6-Jan-04   J135

Russell, Maude N.      Palmer, William W.            1-May-06   K262

Russell, Nellie        Reynolds, G.B.            23 Nov 1895    F632

Russell, Nellie L.     Atherton, Emory L.                       S312

Russell, O.E.          Dickinson, Rosella        10 May 1899    H081

Russell, Phillip S.    Bailey, Flora E.                         F396

Russell, Rachel E.     Finley, John              19 Jan 1885    C195

Russell, Robert        Giles, Delia              10 Feb 1890    E075

Russell, Robert B.     Tallman, Anna L.             24-Sep-08   L574

Russell, Rose          Murphy, Eugene                           S181

Russell, Ruth          Jones, Mort                              R476

Russell, Samuel H.     Webster, M.F.             24 Oct 1886    C519

Russell, Samuel T.     Boone, Allice             11 Jul 1880    B077

Russell, Sarah M.      Young, M.H.               18 Aug 1898    G555

Russell, Spurgeon      Waldorf, Effie                8-Nov-11   O403

Russell, T.F.          McKee, Maria                 24-Mar-13   Q077

Russell, W.G.          Carowther, Mary           02 May 1887    D022

Russell, Walter        Forward, Myrtle           22 Dec 1895    G013

Russell, Walter C.     Sherrell, Ada                 2-Jun-10   N062

Russell, William       Glaser, Kattie            02 Sep 1897    G348

Russell, William J.    Stout, Dora E.               16-Jul-19   W290

Russum, Anna M.        Jones, Ray J.                18-Aug-14   R103

Rustenhaven, Hal       Vincent, May                 30-Sep-19   W484

Rutan, Anson C.        Counsil, Georgia S.           2-Aug-00   H370

Rutan, Mary Emma       Kelly, John               09 Nov 1899    H207

Ruter, Elaine Freda    Bowman, Purl F.              11-Feb-14   Q527

Ruter, Esther M.       Gosney, Ross B.               2-Sep-08   L549

Ruter, George          Steinmiller, Anna Mary    08 May 1886    C438

Ruter, Georgia         Costin, J.W.                  1-Oct-13   Q346

Ruter, Minnie          Pittman, Harvey S.        10 Oct 1895    F609

Ruth, Charles          Franklin, Mary B.            19-May-06   K272

Ruth, M. Catherine     Parker, Charles L.           14-Nov-17   U207

Ruth, William H.       Bartels, Grace               14-Apr-03   I529

Rutherford, Ava E.     Wright, Frank G.              3-Mar-09   M164

Rutherford, Charles A. Martin, Edna M.              15-Nov-17   U208

Rutherford, E.B.       Anderson, Alta B.             4-Nov-20   Y246

Rutherford, Elliott F. Lewis, Vade                              S339

Rutherford, Eula BlackbPalmer, Don S.               25-Jun-21   Z076

Rutherford, Fern       Warne, J.W.                  26-Aug-13   Q290

Rutherford, Jane       Grant, Levi               19 Jul 1893    F169

Ruthrauff, B.R.        Helena, Ethel Laura           1-Oct-12   P438

Ruthrauff, Bert Ray    Armke, Ethel                 11-Dec-10   N497

Ruthrauff, J. Blanche  Hetrick, Frank L.             1-Apr-11   O075

Ruthrauff, Lura        McArthur, Charles N.          4-Jan-09   M604

Ruthrauff, Otto M.     Rives, Eunieta S.            12-Apr-21   Y567

Ruthrauff, Roscoe      Taylor, Clara L.             16-Mar-18   V041

Ruthroff, Frances      May, John H.                  5-Jun-12   P265

Ruthruff, Mattie       Green, Luther                26-Mar-12   P161

Rutkowski, Elizabeth   Wilson, Samuel E.             7-Jun-04   J254

Rutkowski, Frank       Waruken, Gertrude            25-Feb-01   H529

Rutkowski, Herman      McDonald, Minnie          31 Oct 1896    G180

Rutkowski, Mary        Miller, R.S.                  4-Aug-05   K008

Rutledge, Alpha        Call, Theodore                1-May-20   X366

Rutledge, Burgess      Bishop, Maria             16 Nov 1873    A091

Rutledge, Carl         Mann, Emily M.               24-Dec-19   X066

Rutledge, Carl N.      Might, Mayme M.              16-Dec-11   P018

Rutledge, Eleanor Inez Mason, O.K.                  17-Jun-19   W220

Rutledge, Elsie Maudie Hunton, Sterling Adolph      13-Jul-19   W281

Rutledge, Ida May      Moore, Ira J.                 1-Apr-19   W046

Rutledge, J.T.         Trenary, Alta                 4-Jul-09   M362

Rutledge, James        Syria, Nellie                30-Mar-15   R404

Rutledge, Laura B.     Bergen, George A.         21 Apr 1894    F342

Rutledge, Maggie       Mounts, James L.          12 Aug 1884    C117

Rutledge, Mary J.      Miller, Peter             09 Jun 1882    B276

Rutledge, William B.   Thomas, Margaret              2-Apr-03   I523

Rutlege, Jennie M.     Crager, Samuel A.         07 Jun 1893    F153

Rutlidge, Effie        Beeler, Walter W.         05 Apr 1886    C421

Rutter, Grace E.       Goebel, George H.                        T318

Rutter, Ruth           Kowing, Henry                10-Apr-22   Z699

Rutzler, Charles       Abernathe, Courtney Scot     27-Aug-17   T595

Ruyle, William A.      Gussenhoven, Dorothy M.      14-Aug-14   R098

Ryals, Pearl           Yocum, Floyd                             T321

Ryan, Alice            Kulp, Joseph Henry           16-Sep-07   L123

Ryan, Ann L.           Gleeson, Michael          17 Oct 1892    E637

Ryan, Annie Josephine  Pfifer, Henry C.             13-Jul-19   W282

Ryan, E.C.             Qualls, Emma                             R422

Ryan, Emely            McLean, Will                 28-Jan-09   M119

Ryan, Frances R.       Hughes, Joseph F.             9-Oct-09   M466

Ryan, Francis M.       Schnider, Susan              10-Dec-19   X028

Ryan, Frank            Powers, Emma                             O161

Ryan, George W.        Tobin, Hazel                             S232

Ryan, Goldia           Baughman, Fred                           R436

Ryan, J.J.             Sydal, Ethel                 14-Mar-18   V035

Ryan, James            Scott, Effie                 18-May-11   O152

Ryan, James Edward     Fauchier, Tina               10-Dec-13   Q451

Ryan, John             Hokanson, Mary A.         05 Aug 1896    G125

Ryan, L.L.             Dulany, Josephine Margar     11-Jul-18   V272

Ryan, Loretta          Bumgartner, Frank W.         18-Jun-12   P288

Ryan, Louise           Lundy, John E.               29-Apr-14   Q610

Ryan, Marion           Hatfield, Lee R.                         S307

Ryan, Mary             Gould, John H.            30 Apr 1889    D531

Ryan, Mary Alice       Petitjean, Archie             5-Feb-07   K536

Ryan, May              Keen, E.                     24-Jan-00   H260

Ryan, Mellie           Feltham, Octavius         03 Jul 1882    B281

Ryan, Olive            Sedam, Burton Marion         23-May-08   L409

Ryan, Patrick          Lewis, Josie                 25-Sep-20   Y138

Ryan, Rosamond         Swedenburg, Clarence         15-Sep-20   Y105

Ryan, Rose Anna        Salisbury, Isaac Hays        23-Sep-03   J025

Ryan, Thomas E.        Ferrick, Elizabeth M.        22-Oct-13   Q391

Ryder, Bertha V.       Wilson, George A.                        S225

Ryder, Harry K.        Ballard, Amelia           08 Mar 1899    H052

Ryder, Rubie L.        Davis, Lee J.             21 May 1888    D304

Ryel, John A.          Lyman, Adelaide              21-Dec-20   Y348

Ryer, Gus W.           Woodward, Minnie          15 Jul 1896    G119

Rym, Frances O.        Dunn, James W.            05 May 1897    G293

Ryman, Ella Irene      Swain, Orval                 12-Apr-21   Y575

Ryman, Myrtle          Miller, Irvin D.              1-Jul-21   Z099

Rynders, Lyman J.      Converse, Elsie              30-Jun-21   Z094

Rynearson, Arthur      Marks, Jessie                26-Aug-02   I332

Rynearson, John B.     Richards, Lula Gertrude   24 Jul 1890    E175

Rynerson, Wallace L.   Drew, Lena                   20-Jun-18   V237

Ryniker, Amelia B.     Dodge, William R.            18-Mar-01   H542

Ryniker, Bertha E.     Brammer, A. Carthy           11-Sep-12   P411

Ryniker, Frank A.      Lansdown, Pearl              20-Oct-20   Y208

Ryno, Frances O.       Dunn, James W.            05 May 1897    G293

Ryno, Roy E.           Wilkerson, Hattie E.         26-Oct-08   L616

Ryther, C.S.           Garrison, Sadie M.        26 Feb 1887    C596


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