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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library. (Some of the affidavits from the 1870's and 1880's are missing from the files even though the names appear in the index). MHGS has copies of the marriage returns for 1882 and 1883, then 1885 through April 1913. These contain the same information as the affidavits along with when the marriage was performed and by whom.

Here you can access a marriage index covering Books A through Z, 9 May, 1870 to 24 May 1922. If you would like a copy of any affidavit we have, please send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each affidavit to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. You must include the names of the bride and groom, the date, Book and page number or our committee will be unable to fulfill your request.

If there is no date in the date column there was no return made to Probate Court that the marriage was performed. From April 1, 1915 to May 28, 1917 (R405 through T386) no marriages were recorded in Sedgwick County, only that application was made for a license. These must be obtained from Vital Statistics in Topeka.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

F - H

Faber, Annie           Martin, Peter                          S319

Faber, Catherine       Goodnight, Clarence W. 29-Oct-01       I090

Faber, Elisabeth M.    Fisher, John M.        29 Sep 1891     E395

Faber, John            Ewertz, Mary           27-Apr-09       M221

Faber, John            Kuhn, Mary V.          30 Sep 1896     G157

Faber, John            Vedder, Rose F.        10-Nov-14       R219

Faber, Joseph          Rohling, Mary G.       16-Apr-12       P186

Faber, Lena            Baalmann, Henry                        T349

Faber, Mary            Pelz, John             28-Jan-02       I156

Faber, Michael         Vedder, Philomena                      T349

Faber, Peter           Messerschmidt, Rosa    28-Oct-14       R191

Fabrique, Mattie Lee   Nolley, George T.      16 Nov 1892     F016

Facher, Fred L.        Dirr, Lucy A.          19 Nov 1898     G611

Fack, Marie Elizabeth  Nieuwenhuysen, Cornelius               S235

Fadley, Lora           Carey, John            26-Dec-12       P599

Fado, Edgar            Hettrick, Grace        14-Nov-07       L201

Fado, Grace            Slack, Charles E.      2-Mar-15        R375

Faecher, Adella E.     VanFleet, Carl T.      16-Oct-02       I378

Faecher, Fred L.       Dirr, Lucy A.          19 Nov 1898     G611

Fagan, C. Jane         Stewart, Oscar Clyde   10-Oct-18       V440

Fagan, John            Sullivan, Catherine    03 Apr 1877     A264

Fagan, Mary            Scanlon, T.J.          21-Apr-19       W087

Fagan, Willie Belle    Scott, C.E.            16-Jul-21       Z134

Fager, Anna May        Ellis, Jack            21-Jun-20       X519

Fager, Annie           Barth, M.D.            27-Sep-20       Y143

Fager, J.F.            Shaw, Antonia          25 Dec 1877     A302

Fager, Phillip         Welch, Minnie                          S072

Fahey, John F.         Crichton, Mary L.      01 Jul 1894     F377

Fahey, N.Z.            McDermott, Thomas      21 Apr 1897     G285

Fahey, P.J.            Moore, Effie J.        30-Sep-01       I056

Fahey, Thomas          Davis, Hattie          16 Oct 1898     G590

Fahnestock, Mattie L.  Cope, William L.       18 Dec 1892     F034

Faidley, Albert        Lieghtenberger, Pauline26-Apr-19       W099

Faigley, Mae           Reeves, E.J.                           S607

Fail, Jesse            Sarber, Ima            6-Mar-08        L330

Fail, Nannie           Watkins, Pat           6-Aug-21        Z193

Fain, Anna             Carrick, Alonzo L.     1-Nov-06        K431

Fain, F.F.             Collier, Lucy          20-Dec-19       X054

Fain, Frank H.         Southwell, Jessie E.   14-Oct-08       L600

Fain, Pauline          Craig, Maynerd L.      10-Jun-13       Q191

Fair, Albert           Thomas, Carrie         8-Feb-06        K195

Fair, Geneva           Stroud, George         4-Jun-21        Z019

Fair, Ida M.           Ingles, David F.       02 Jul 1890     E165

Fair, James Dale       Cole, Dora Winifred    10-Sep-20       Y096

Fair, Pearl M.         Durham, Clyde E.       4-Sep-19        W413

Fairbank, Jesse        Reynolds, Nora         26-Feb-18       V009

Fairbanks, Charles E.  Banks, Elizabeth       2-Feb-22        Z585

Fairbanks, E.L.        Fields, Linne          30-Jun-17       T480

Fairbanks, T. Jr.      Burks, Ruby            19-Jul-19       W300

Fairchild, Cynthia A.  Bacon, Aaron S.        25 Apr 1886     C432

Fairchild, Ernest E.   Kirby, Laura E.        27-Jun-06       K303

Fairchild, Henry C.    Bunce, Hester                          S216

Fairchild, Kittie R.   Bear, George W.        08 Sep 1885     C300

Fairchild, Virgil C.   Bales, Zola C.                         R501

Fairchilds, E.M.       Hardesty, Fern         19-Mar-20       X265

Faires, Gladys         Spohr, Harry L.        29-Mar-20       X289

Fairley, Edna          Downing, Walter Earl   9-Jun-12        P267

Fairley, John B.       Campbell, Fern                         T303

Fairman, Charles       Thompson, Elizabeth (Mr18 Apr 1894     F340

Fairman, Denver        Koons, Ruth            2-Feb-21        Y451

Faker, Anna Maggie     Grady, James           25 Nov 1885     C347

Faker, Cecilia A.      Schulte, Joseph P.     10-Sep-01       I038

Faker, Elizabeth R.    Jordan, Fremont U.     07 Feb 1893     F070

Faker, F.J.            Walker, Daisy C.       6-Aug-00        H373

Faker, Frank J.        Hall, Fay A.           2-Sep-18        V368

Faker, Fred            Fiske, Edna            1-Dec-10        N482

Faker, John            Reeves, Rosa           06 Mar 1885     C222

Faker, Margaret        Champ, Clarence        __ Nov 1917     U227

Falck, Nellie          Meyer, Marenus         26-Sep-11       O342

Falcon, Gumerindo      Hernandez, Maria       9-Feb-12        P098

Falconer, Grace M.     Davis, Jesse A.        6-Apr-21        Y564

Falk, Ada              Patterson, Virgil      31-Dec-21       Z524

Falk, Cora             Cornelius, E.E.        29 Mar 1899     H059

Falk, Eli              Cooper, Lula(ulla)     21 Sep 1892     E616

Falk, Emma             Kocour, John E.        17-May-10       N129

Falk, Goldie           Long, Clinton          15-Feb-20       X197

Falk, Harry C.         Hill, Leathie          1-Mar-19        W003

Falk, Ida Belle        Wills, Charles Irven   8-Mar-22        Z646

Falk, Jennie           Diefenthaler, Edwin J.W4-Apr-18        V071

Falk, John Henry       Gresl, Margaret        18-Feb-08       L291

Falk, Lena E.          Bowers, C.L.           06 Oct 1881     B193

Falk, Lula             Shults, D.C.           28-Feb-06       K213

Falk, Mary Elizabeth   Verboom, John          26-Jul-21       Z154

Falk, Orrien F.        Camp, Mabel            27-Sep-19       W477

Falk, Rosa             Minard, David          18 Sep 1887     D106

Falk, William Henry    Biggs, Sarah June      28 Mar 1897     G274

Falkenstein, Della     Kirkpatrick, William M.14 Oct 1891     E404

Falkenstein, Mary E.   Doyle, W.L.            03 Nov 1886     C525

Falkenstein, Vida O.   Farmer, Alfred J.      16 Mar 1892     E518

Falknor, N.P.          McCorkle, Bessie M.    19-Sep-05       K045

Faller, Jessie Luella  Roberts, Jack          13-Oct-10       N388

Fallis, Ethel M.       Armstrong, William H.  28-Sep-10       N361

Fallmer, Lena          Williams, Robert       12 Feb 1896     G046

Falls, James B.        Sweet, Mary R.         11-Oct-04       J374

Falvey, Frank          Wise, Emma             22-Oct-10       N406

Falvo, Santo           Thompson, Annie        27 Aug 1891     E373

Fanati, Ethel Sarah    Young, Cortland E.     20-Mar-11       O056

Fancher, Bert          Miller, Alta           7-Dec-18        V510

Fancher, J.D.          Hunter, Ollie          18-Jun-18       V229

Fancher, Paul Vincent MGoode, Della Mae       25-Nov-12       P527

Fancher, Robert F.     Allen, Leona           4-Aug-19        W323

Fancher, W.R.          Morton, Bessie         12-Mar-14       Q565

Fanning, Carrie        Peel, T.E.             12-Apr-10       N093

Fanning, Carrie E.     McGrew, Virgil A.      23-Apr-13       Q117

Fanning, Charles E.    Brown, Alice K.        3-Jul-01        H632

Fanning, Cyntha Allis  Short, Charles         28 Nov 1886     C534

Fanning, Effie May     Thompson, D.A.         29-Aug-00       H385

Fanning, Eliza S.      Hanson, Andrew         07 Dec 1876     A240

Fanning, Erwin C.      Long, Emma J.          31 Jan 1889     D484

Fanning, Estella M.    Bright, Harvey Elmer   19-Nov-21       Z436

Fanning, Grover C.     Lovett, Nellie E.      22 Nov 1898     G616

Fanning, Hugh          Duncan, Clara          14-Feb-12       P105

Fanning, L.E.          Thomas, Ida A.         08 Aug 1886     C479

Fanning, Mary          English, Nathaniel M.  5-Feb-21        Y459

Fanning, Nannie        Whitlock, Ellis N.     08 Jun 1892     E562

Fanning, Nellie        McFadden, Craig        28 Sep 1893     F213

Fanning, Ollie C.      Moss, Pearl E.         19-Jul-01       I004

Fanning, W.T.          Buick, Ella            9-Jul-21        Z123

Fanshier, Keith        Simonsen, Shirley      20-May-19       W147

Farber, Frank B.       Spitzer, Grace M.      22-Aug-18       V339

Farber, Grover C.      Payne, Ethel A.        1-May-12        P218

Farber, James G.       Rogers, Florence       21-May-13       Q154

Farber, John           Heimermann, Maria      15 Nov 1887     D144

Farber, Louella        Church, Ralph L.       18-Oct-05       K079

Farber, Mary Ann       Page, Charles P.       25 Dec 1892     F036

Farber, Walter         Silverwood, Minnie L.  14-Jan-03       I461

Farbro, May            Tucker, J. Charles     14-Sep-07       L120

Farbrother, J.L.       Harris, Cora           7-Jun-11        O180

Fardece, Nageba        Farris, John           17-Jan-15       R329

Fardy, Alexander       Fardy, Celia B.        06 Jun 1883     B377

Fardy, Celia B.        Fardy, Alexander       06 Jun 1883     B377

Fardy, Susie E.        Hazen, William L.      04 Nov 1880     B107

Fare, Carrie           Jackson, Henry                         T296

Fares, J.E.            Piatt, Mabel L.        5-Oct-19        W438

Fargusson, A.F.        Stanley, Stella S.     5-Jun-01        H605

Farha, Aziz            Rashid, Bahia          30-Oct-21       Z385

Farha, C.F.            Heizer, Amaline S.     25-Dec-05       K148

Farha, M.S.            Mattar, Sieda          27-Dec-03       J118

Farha, Nellie          Ablah, F.J.            1-Jan-22        Z523

Farha, Rose            Cohlmia, James         10-Jan-15       R318

Farha, Zakia A.        Ojile, W.H.            22-Jul-17       T515

Farha, Zaku            Elkouri, Ed            9-Jan-10        M610

Farha,Nemetallah FarrisBayouth, Nabeha J.     8-Jul-06        K265

Faries, Mildred        Knight, Robert Franklin28-Nov-00       H469

Faries, Terry W.       Bellew, Mary Bean      15-Apr-06       K243

Faris, Daisy D.        Jackson, George W.     25-Dec-00       H487

Faris, Lola D.         Griffith, Bruce        18 Dec 1895     G006

Farley, A.N.           Ransome, Minnie        25-Dec-10       N524

Farley, Annie          Dobson, G.C.           24-Mar-00       H294

Farley, Frances        Atherton, A.W.         22-May-21       Y657

Farley, James F.       Gardiner, Florence G.  23-Jul-19       W294

Farley, Mamie M.       Wood, Wade W.                          T270

Farley, Marie Virginia Lombard, Albert Francis14-Aug-21       Z209

Farley, William Joseph McCausland, Helen      15-Feb-22       Z605

Farlow, Annie G.       Brown, Samuel G.       23 Nov 1892     F018

Farlow, C.R.           Hiner, Grace           11-May-22       Z761

Farlow, Flora          Taylor, Joseph L.      11-Jun-17       T437

Farlow, Minnie         Sinsley, M.F.          08 Dec 1888     D448

Farmer, Adda M.        Rich, R.T.             2-Jan-11        N538

Farmer, Alfred J.      Falkenstein, Vida O.   16 Mar 1892     E518

Farmer, Alice T.       Sumpton, William       16-Oct-19       W525

Farmer, Charles T.     Brooks, Retta          06 Sep 1888     D379

Farmer, Edna           Miller, Cleo Z.        14-Jul-19       W285

Farmer, Ella Belle     Yazel, J.L.            18-Jul-01       I003

Farmer, Essie          Richardson, True       08 Apr 1882     B263

Farmer, Frank          Templeton, Ruth        7-Jul-19        W273

Farmer, Fred           Lauchland, Emma        14-Sep-02       I348

Farmer, George         Johnson, Sadie         27-Jul-04       J303

Farmer, Grace D.       Wiggs, A.H.            25 Aug 1882     B291

Farmer, Harry          McGary, Sallie         30 Mar 1899     H063

Farmer, Hattie A.      Hudson, James W.       25 Dec 1889     E050

Farmer, Ida            Westphal, John         9-Feb-09        M132

Farmer, J.E.           Owens, Gertrude Mildred8-Jun-21        Z033

Farmer, John           Chapman, Jessie        22 Feb 1874     A106

Farmer, John           Clark, Rebecca E.                      S125

Farmer, Miranda Ann    Sloan, William         16 Nov 1872     A050

Farmer, Ollie B.       Jessup, William        1-May-10        N122

Farmer, Otto           Robinson, Florence     4-Nov-19        W575

Farmer, P.F.           Montgomery H.H.        8-Sep-10        N317

Farmer, Roscoe         Thompson, Hazel        3-Jul-12        P324

Farmer, W.H.           Lane, Cora             24-May-19       W158

Farmer, William (AlfredReynolds, Adiline      19 Feb 1879     A403

Farney, Chas. Edward   Alexander, Mattie      04 May 1890     E136

Farney, Dewey Clayton  Mason, Mary Elizabeth  6-Jun-20        X458

Farney, Elza           Hildabrand, Gladys     17-Sep-13       Q325

Farney, Lula Mae       Simmons, Jesse         26-Aug-20       Y058

Farnham, E.W.          Reynolds, Josie        11 Mar 1886     C406

Farnham, Louisa        Thompson, W.J.         14 Dec 1887     D179

Farnham, Minnie        Berry, W.D.            9-Feb-18        U541

Farnhan, L.S.          Ellis, Sadie           14-Sep-12       P414

Farnsworth, Abby       Wallace, R.J.          07 Dec 1879     B010

Farnsworth, Letta      Sayers, Alfred T.      23-Jun-10       N200

Farnsworth, Marie      Spurlock, J.M.         2-Jun-20        X448

Farnsworth, S.G.       Lightfoot, M.A.        18 Nov 1880     B108

Farnum, Laura C.       Clark, E.J.            31 May 1888     D311

Farquharson, Albert O. Durling, Maud                          R416

Farr, Edgar            Markee, Ora            2-Jun-09        M271

Farr, N.P.             Ridgway, Eunice A.     5-Dec-14        R270

Farra, Dollie          Caldwell, Thomas O.    13-Nov-11       O413

Farra, Hattie          Ingraham, C.R.         16-May-18       V151

Farrah, Charles L.     Goodrich, Lottie Mae   31-Jan-12       P086

Farral, H.E.           DeFoy, Mary T.         31 Oct 1885     C330

Farrar, Audley A.      Wolfe, Nona E.         16-Aug-11       O284

Farrar, Carl W.        McCool, Neva Marie     19-Jan-15       R333

Farrar, H.R.           Cagle, Celia M.        19-Jul-13       Q248

Farrar, Mamie H.       Lanham, Guy W.         9-Nov-19        W588

Farrar, Minnie         Lucas, Jesse S.        14-Jan-12       P063

Farrar, Zura           Sproul, George H.      12-Jul-04       J291

Farrell, John J.       Marshall, Pattie W.    31-Aug-10       N304

Farrell, Lloyd         Murchison, Clara       27-Oct-11       O386

Farrell, Matthew       Shirley, Edith         30-Apr-12       P215

Farrell, Mattie A.     Davis, Dewey O.        26 Jan 1893     F062

Farrell, Thomas J.     Getman, Ida C.         25 Aug 1886     C487

Farrell, Timothy       Peterson, Margaret     27-Apr-18       V116

Farries, May           Powers, John J.        12 Jul 1890     E169

Farrington, Charles R. Dawson, Gertrude                       Y141

Farris, Frances H.     Williams, Thomas V.    24-Dec-20       Y362

Farris, Ivan L.        Murphy, Mary           4-Sep-20        Y083

Farris, John           Fardece, Nageba        17-Jan-15       R329

Farris, William        Cohlmia, Mary          10-Jan-15       R319

Farris, William        Reynolds, Rose E. (Mrs)24-Feb-06       K210

Farrow, Benjamin F.    Holzman, Theresia C.   10-Feb-04       J159

Farrow, C.S.           Vandegrift, Minnie     25 Jan 1888     D205

Farrow, Claud(de) C.   Cathers, Leatha        4-Jul-09        M334

Farrow, Geraldine      Demaree, Earl G.       13-Apr-18       V090

Farrow, James          Harts, Nellie          01 Jan 1895     F469

Farrow, L.P.           Sellers, Florence A.   12-Jul-13       Q238

Farrow, Letha          Edmiston, Ora          6-May-21        Y624

Farrow, Lillie         Phillips, Merrill J.   12-May-09       M250

Farrow, Lillie         Troxell, Edward F.     13 Jan 1889     D477

Farrow, Mary           Hatfield, Oliver       25 Mar 1880     B055

Farrow, Pauline        Bell, Leonard M.       21-Jun-19       W227

Fasbender, Nick        Pauly, Loretta                         S527

Fascett, Charles S.    Chitwood, Luella       17 Jul 1890     E172

Fasnacht, Charles W.   Grimsley, Pearl E.     5-Apr-05        J536

Fassett, A.L.          Johnson, India M. (Mrs)27-Nov-02       I414

Fassett, Clara         Henderson, Henry       20 Feb 1882     B245

Fassett, Julia A.      Horton, George         17 Feb 1878     A311

Fassett, Lewis         VanKirk, Mary Ellen (Mr6-Feb-02        I174

Fassett, Lura E.       Hall, William          19 Feb 1893     F082

Fassett, Mary J.       Williams, Isaiah       23 Feb 1888     D230

Fatout, Florence Ruth  Frazier, Raymond P.    3-Sep-19        W408

Faucett, Susan         Rideout, Abraham       05 Apr 1888     D261

Fauchier, Tina         Ryan, James Edward     10-Dec-13       Q451

Faudree, Melvin        Burnett, Ida           21-May-21       Y655

Faught, Annie L.       Temple, Wilber C.      22-Apr-00       H309

Faul, Mary             Francis, William A.    07 Feb 1885     C208

Faulk, E.A.            Gully, Ada             5-Aug-12        P359

Faulk, Lorraine Faye   Wilson, William J.     22-Mar-22       Z669

Faulkner, Carl         Thompson, Anna                         T219

Faulkner, G.C.         Gragg, Myrtle          24-Apr-22       Z728

Faulkner, Gracie Marie Harrington, George Will30-Oct-19       W555

Faulkner, Lillie       Mitcham, J.            10-Oct-06       K404

Faulkner, Nettie E.    Boll, George M.        7-Jan-13        P625

Faultner, Victoria     McMillan, Edward                       B100

Fausnacht, Clinton     Newbanks, Naomi        16-Mar-09       M182

Fauss, Dora            Craig, Luther H.       30-Oct-21       Z393

Fauss, William C.      Dick, Emma Dora(ath)   16-Jan-07       K516

Faust, Dollie          Martin, Harry Walton   29-Jul-11       O263

Faust, Everett         North, Dorothy         8-Oct-20        Y174

Faust, J.M.            Myers, Viola                           M446

Faust, J.O.            Timbers, N.B.                          S470

Faust, John G.         Woods, Sarah M.        09 Mar 1892     E513

Faust, Thomas          Orton, Mary            23-Jul-06       K334

Fauver, Russell        Thomas, Edith                          R488

Fauver, Warren         Woolridge, Mabel       7-Jan-15        R313

Fawbush, Albert M.     Cole, Eunice E.        5-Apr-05        J539

Fawbush, E.A.          Thurman, Herthel       10-Feb-22       Z596

Fawbush, E.C.          Sterling, Ida          13-Nov-20       Y264

Fawbush, Enoch Clyde   Stover, Maud Belle     10 Aug 1892     E591

Fawbush, Ethel Maude   Adamson, Otis W.                       S534

Fawbush, Grace P.      Cunningham, John B.    11-Sep-20       Y100

Fawbush, H.B.          Harvey, Lilian(llian)  14-Mar-00       H289

Fawbush, Homer H.      Shultz, Rosa B.        25-Dec-06       K503

Fawbush, Neta Marie    Shreck, Walter A.      21-Oct-20       Y215

Fawbush, Reta M.       Adamson, Charles E.    24-Feb-18       V003

Fawcett, Charles L.    Freeman, Lizzie R.(Mrs)29 Oct 1898     G600

Fawcett, Ira A.        Simmons, Hannah        13 Aug 1892     E594

Fawcett, Lucinda       Bauer, John            12 Sep 1893     F198

Fawl, Wilma May        Bell, Errol C.         14-May-22       Z764

Fawley, Thersie GlennieRoberts, Orville O.    23-May-22       Z784

Fay, Charles           Arnett, Roberta        23-Sep-03       J024

Fay, Clara Alma        Charles, Merlin Y.                     S500

Fay, Jennie            Wattles, H.A.          17 Jun 1885     C267

Fay, Maggie            Brattin, Charley T.    4-May-14        Q615

Fay, Minnie            Murphy, Thomas H.      28-Jan-22       Z577

Fay, R.C.              Damma, Emma                            S559

Fay, Thomas            Davis, Hattie          16 Oct 1898     G590

Fay, Warren G.         Stansbury, Ida         20 Feb 1893     F075

Faylor, J.G.           Key, Thurley                           S303

Fazel, Charles Dawson  Stever, Mary Helen     10 Feb 1892     E494

Fazel, Helen B.        Davis, Mark H.         20-Jun-21       Z058

Fazel, Ruth P.         Romig, A. Frederick    24 Oct 1894     F423

Feagin, Hazel          Brown, Benjamin L.     15-Aug-11       O281

Fear, Augustus T.      Hemphill, Mary Luella  15-Dec-09       M559

Fearey, Annie          Keef, T.F.             25-Dec-04       J451

Fearey, Charles E.     Hessel, Ida M.         19 Nov 1899     H209

Fearey, Clara A.       Parham, Edgar L.       28 Jun 1898     G496

Fearey, Fannie B.      Allen, Levi            31 Dec 1891     E453

Fearey, Hattie R.      Krase, William M.      20 Oct 1896     G173

Fearey, Herbert C.     Miller, Zella E.       26-Sep-04       J338

Fearey, John B.        Duncan, Lulu B.        17-Mar-14       Q572

Fearn, Margaret E.     Hill, Benjamin F.      27-Apr-14       Q606

Fearnow, Hollen H.     Fearnow, Lutie B.      26-Aug-01       I028

Fearnow, Lutie B.      Fearnow, Hollen H.     26-Aug-01       I028

Fearom, William        White, Fannie          07 Mar 1886     C402

Feast, George T.       Montgomery, Katie      17 Aug 1878     A353

Feast, Rowena June     Reed, Frank A.         1-Nov-05        K097

Feast, Sadie B.        Davis, John W. Jr.     19 Oct 1887     D137

Feddeler, Emma         Henson, Charley        30-Aug-08       L541

Federle, Mary          Spade, John            17-Nov-03       J068

Fee, Frank             Cave, Gertrude         16-Jun-20       X488

Feely, Floyd           Peters, Grace          21-Jun-11       O211

Feemster, E.E.         Rupe, Pearl            23-Oct-19       W546

Fees, Clare M.         Lindsley, Frank A.     15-Jul-20       X583

Fees, Julia E.         Brown, L.H.            16 Aug 1898     G553

Fees, Walter S.        Hunt, Helen                            T094

Fegan, Margaret MagdaleAndrews, Charles B.    15-May-18       V146

Fegtly, Arthur W.      Frankenfield, E. Pearl 14-Oct-17       U078

Fegtly, Edith Olive    Jones, Charles William 14-Oct-08       L603

Fegtly, J.J.           Whitlock, Carrie E.    12 Sep 1881     B186

Fehleisen, Leora       Borden, J.H.           17 Jun 1888     D319

Fehling, Cord          Mahlandt, Helena M.    25 Feb 1894     F317

Feighner, William      Jewett, Lilla B.       11 Jan 1882     B234

Feik, Dorothy B.       Buck, Leigh E.                         T124

Feikes, Rose           Bradshaw, William A.   10 Apr 1890     E117

Feilner, Celia         Roe, R.T.                              S628

Feldman, Lillian       Dickey, Frank          31-Oct-19       W564

Feldner, Fred          Solter, Lizzie M.      16 Feb 1879     A401

Feldner, Fred W.       Curry, Nellie M.       8-Jan-11        N541

Feldner, Nettie K.     Ritter, Cleve H.       8-Dec-09        M556

Feldner, W.L.          Vandeventer, Hazel Kirk16-Sep-14       R147

Felible, Cecil Edna    Horne, George Irvin    28-Sep-04       J360

Felible, Clarice       McAninch, I.A.                         S520

Felipe, Antonia        Ganzales, Bonifacio    28-Oct-17       U138

Feliz, Deffina         Lopes, Antonio         3-Sep-21        Z252

Fell, Ada F. (Mrs.)    Hoffman, O.T.          17-Jun-12       P285

Fell, Allen B.         Dawson, Eva G.                         R582

Fell, Arthur           Woods, Alda            3-Jul-12        P321

Fell, Clarence W.      Schooling, Alma        28-Dec-14       R304

Fell, Ida              Sargent, Donald        28-Jul-17       T537

Fell, Katie            Valentine,John Franklin18-Jan-12       P067

Fell, Leon G.          McCullough, Edith      16-Sep-13       Q325

Fellars, Effa          Huff, Edwin            24-Mar-13       Q076

Feller, Elisabeth (IsabHaselwander, Johanes   07 Jun 1885     C260

Feller, F.B.           Adams, June            27 Sep 1899     H167

Feller, F.B.           Leonard, Leonora       3-Jan-12        ****

Feller, Otto           Walker, Flossie Faye   20-Sep-19       W451

Fellers, Docia M.      Wygal, George S.       15 Jun 1898     G523

Fellers, Estella       Rennick, F.F.          02 Nov 1898     G601

Fellers, George WilliamLively, Bessie Edna    14-Aug-11       O281

Fellers, Georgie       Anderson, Adolphus     23-May-10       N149

Fellers, Ray J.        Collins, Effie Jane    14-Feb-12       P107

Fellingham, Everett    Mack, Stella           23-Dec-11       P035

Fellippe, Francesca    Ayala, Jose            15-Nov-21       Z427

Fellor, Pansy          McKeel, Searless       7-Aug-20        Y009

Fellow, Fred D.        Israel, Helen Marie    22-Sep-20       Y130

Fellows, Ida           Hargrove, Samuel       02 Dec 1886     C543

Fellows, John W.       Jones, Mary            23 Oct 1889     E002

Felsinger, John        Lyon, N.B.                             S601

Felt, H. Warren        Cain, Claude E.        20-May-14       Q638

Felt, John A.          Rouse, Grace           12-Aug-17       T558

Feltes, Alma           Schroeder, William     5-Jun-11        O174

Feltham, Octavius      Ryan, Mellie           03 Jul 1882     B281

Feltner, Lettie Ann (MrShaffer, Edward Emanuel23-Feb-09       M155

Feltner, Mae           Mason, A.B.C.          1-Mar-19        V639

Felton, Myrtie         McGetrick, J.P.        04 Jul 1886     C459

Felton, Myrtle A.      Harris, Bennie         23-Jan-21       Y430

Femyer, Josie          Henry, John M.         16 Jun 1885     C268

Fencil, Joseph         Girrick, Mary          22 Jul 1886     C466

Fender, Myrtle         Rector, A.T.           23-Jul-10       N254

Fender, Nancy E.       Crill, Charles A.      8-Jan-10        M612

Fenderson, Ollie       McKasson, Trus.        07 Sep 1898     G565

Fengel, John P.        Ball, Mary E.          24-Dec-12       P594

Fenn, Dorothy          Mulkins, Earl          20-Oct-17       U110

Fenn, Fern             Mayfield, Charles E.   31-Dec-12       P614

Fenn, Helen Margaret   Bowerman, Milton DeLos 28-Oct-14       R214

Fenn, Leone M.         Fralick, A.C.          21-Mar-14       Q574

Fenn, Russell Harding  Butters, Bernice Maude 12-Mar-18       V033

Fenn, Wilbert E.       Breneng, Gertrude      1-Jul-14        R051

Fennel, Edith (Mrs.)   Harmon, J.A.           11-Mar-00       H289

Fennel, Nathanael      Carroll, Jane (Mrs.)   06 Nov 1899     H205

Fennell, Ada           Dawson, B.M.           14-Oct-03       J052

Fennell, Charles       Aulshouse, Lillie C. (M04 Aug 1891     E368

Fennell, Charles W.    Wood, Elma K.          5-Apr-19        W054

Fennell, Elmer         Cox, Anna              1-Jan-13        P617

Fennell, Jennie        Chase, Ervin L.        24 Dec 1891     E459

Fennell, Joseph        Cristy, Luthell        24 Aug 1884     C122

Fennell, Joseph        McCord, Addie          25 Apr 1888     D281

Fennell, Lizzie        McGowan, Henry R.      15 Jan 1891     E288

Fennell, Mary E. (Mrs.)Moore, George W.       10-Sep-00       H396

Fennell, Nathanael R.  Hiatt, Mary E.         08 Jan 1896     G031

Fennell, Thomas E.     Reeves, Edith          18 Feb 1892     E501

Fennell, William A.    Reeves, Mattie         20 Feb 1890     E083

Fennessey, F.F.        Moriarity, Maggie      27-Nov-00       H467

Fennessey, Paul        Lambert, Thelma                        W558

Fenstermaker, Elmyra A.Marshall, John C. Jr.  24-Aug-02       I331

Fenstermaker, Orville  McGuin, Lucy E.        01 Jun 1893     F146

Fent, Couetta Ina Lee  Vogt, Edward           26-Nov-09       M541

Fent, Glen             Rickards, Clyde        18-Feb-08       L310

Fent, I.M.             Jones, J.F.            4-May-18        V131

Fent, Vern             Roady, Ida             3-Jan-14        Q493

Fenton, A.S.           Peal, Daisy D.         24 Dec 1899     H234

Fenton, Edgar Lawrence Boggs, Laura Elizabeth 6-May-19        W122

Fenton, Lottie M.      Thomas, G.M.                           R564

Fenton, Mary           Leonard, William Earl  22-Aug-10       N289

Fenton, Nancy (Mrs.)   Johnson, W.H.H.        24 May 1898     G512

Fenton, Rhoda Frances  Cramer, James W.       19-Aug-19       W370

Fenzel, Joseph         Gerrik, Mary           22 Jul 1886     C466

Ferch, Robert R.       Lasswell, Lulu(la)     12-Dec-07       L234

Ferchau, Emma          Evans, Perry           25-Jul-00       H366

Ferchaw, Louisa(iesa)  Soules, Charles        02 Nov 1893     F245

Ferdnandes, Apaminia   Longria, Ralph         26-Aug-18       V349

Fergeson, Bessie       Rothfuss, Albert F.    16-Nov-11       O418

Fergus, Cecil          Blaschke, G.F.         11-Oct-18       V443

Fergus, Louise         Wilson, Emmett E.      12-Oct-21       Z343

Ferguson, Anna May     Elliott, James                         R482

Ferguson, Annie        Hatfield, Edward F.    14 Dec 1882     B327

Ferguson, C. Raymond   Mason, Ethel L.        26-Jun-12       P304

Ferguson, Charles      Palmer, Mabel          28-Oct-12       P484

Ferguson, Clelah N.    Dykeman, W.C.                          T302

Ferguson, David T.     Sutton, Dolly          12 Aug 1892     E593

Ferguson, Ella         Stone, Roy C.          20-Dec-10       N504

Ferguson, Ellen        Moser, J.              2-Mar-14        Q552

Ferguson, Ellen G.     Snyder, Paul           20-Aug-21       Z229

Ferguson, Elmer E.     Whitted, Alice M.      04 Oct 1896     G160

Ferguson, Enos D.      Dunkin, C.E.           06 Aug 1893     F178

Ferguson, Ethel        Burnett, John F.       17-Feb-19       V617

Ferguson, Eva Odell    Tuttle, Frank                          S573

Ferguson, George E.    Chastian, Susan A.                     R443

Ferguson, George W.    Phillips, Elizabeth L. 10-Oct-06       K405

Ferguson, Harold J.    Wood, Genevra R.       6-Aug-13        Q270

Ferguson, Harvey       Pauley, Alice          19-May-09       M259

Ferguson, Hiram        Sweet, Mamie           23 Dec 1899     H233

Ferguson, Hiram L.     Truman, Sylvia E.      12-Feb-06       K195

Ferguson, John W.      Lane, Mary Jane        08 Aug 1872     A042

Ferguson, K.C.         Birkhimer, H.D.        24 Sep 1884     C141

Ferguson, L.C.         Smith, Gladys E.       11-Mar-18       V032

Ferguson, Lizzie       Harper, Louis          19 Feb 1888     D228

Ferguson, Lloyd L.     Collins, Ethel         21-Sep-10       N346

Ferguson, Mable        Stull, Harry           11-Aug-17       T568

Ferguson, Mae          Smith, G.F.            6-Jun-17        T423

Ferguson, Mary         Henry, Ezra S.         27 Nov 1895     F634

Ferguson, Mary A.      Wright, Arthur F.                      S637

Ferguson, Mary L.      Burnett, Roscoe C.     19-Sep-12       P420

Ferguson, Mary L.      Storey, Otto J.        7-Jun-17        T430

Ferguson, Mattie       Barkley, J.R.          21-Aug-01       I025

Ferguson, Melvin       Phipps, Ida Ora        1-Nov-19        W568

Ferguson, Myrtle       Ross, Charles          20-Oct-13       Q387

Ferguson, R.R.         Schmidt, Eudora        18-Aug-20       Y038

Ferguson, Reid W.      Skates, Ida Pearl                      S513

Ferguson, S.H.         Bales, Cora M.         18-Dec-05       K141

Ferguson, S.J.         Clifton, Ida           28-Aug-17       T599

Ferguson, Thomas T.    Dimond, Ruby           22-Apr-21       Y595

Ferguson, Verne        Johnson, Maude         3-Nov-20        Y241

Ferguson, W.L.         June, Ida              7-Jan-20        X109

Fergusson, Alfa        Scott, T.J. Jr.        21-Feb-00       H278

Fermin, Myrtle         Wherrell, Ed           2-Mar-10        N038

Fermin, W.H.           Shufelberger, Tressie B28-Feb-06       K212

Ferneau, Marie         Carlson, Philip L.     17-Oct-12       P468

Ferree, Elizabeth D.   Criley, William Hinton 5-May-12        P224

Ferrel, Juana          Sanchez, Cirilo                        S093

Ferrell, Amy           Scheid, Adam           19-Jun-05       J604

Ferrell, Charles W.    Secrist, Blanche K.    18-Sep-01       I047

Ferrell, Garland P.    Reilly, Helen Bayne    19-Jun-01       H618

Ferrell, George        Edick, Edith M. (Mrs.) 17-May-00       H321

Ferrell, Jennie        Stoffer, Melvin        20-Jul-18       V287

Ferrell, Jesse         Hudson, Bertha         24-Jul-07       L060

Ferrell, Leda M.       Rex, L.E. (Dr.)        28-May-14       R008

Ferrell, Mildred       Stanley, Robert O.     29-May-08       L416

Ferrell, Myrtle Flora  Wright, Grant G.       10-Aug-04       J315

Ferrell, Ottis O.      Adams, Lillie          30 Sep 1890     E208

Ferren, Grace Adele    Hockaday, Frank Woodvil3-Jun-13        Q175

Ferren, Lewis F.       Brown, Edith P.        30-Jul-13       Q261

Ferrick, Elizabeth M.  Ryan, Thomas E.        22-Oct-13       Q391

Ferrin, Fred A.        Humphrey, Fern                         S025

Ferris, Cora           Smith, Floyd           15-Feb-20       X198

Ferris, Eva H.         Hooper, Clyde          18-May-22       Z773

Ferris, Frederick      Dunlop, Wilma(llma)    30 Dec 1892     F047

Ferris, Heman A.       Hartman, Eva Hasty                     T031

Ferris, Jackson        Huffman, Effie M.      20-Oct-12       P470

Ferris, Lee F.         Miller, Rowena M.      9-May-14        Q620

Ferris, Leonard A.     Grant, Katheryn        15-Nov-17       U215

Ferris, Lillian        Ling, Howard           21-Jun-11       O210

Ferris, Rhoda          Smyser, Glen           27-Aug-17       T597

Ferris, Verda May      Rooks, James           4-May-12        P225

Ferrison, Demma A.     Ross, Andrew F.        20 Nov 1882     B327

Ferrison, William H.   Sanders, Susie M.      12-Jun-02       I269

Ferriter, J.C.         Vandeventer, Elsie G.  16-Aug-20       Y028

Ferronez, Nicolas      Mojica, Narcisa                        S316

Ferryman, M.J.         Rodgers, John T.       __ ___ 1872     A035

Fesmire, Blanche       Cox, Virgil E.         31-Mar-09       M193

Fesmire, Charley       Jones, Hilda (Mrs.)    2-Oct-10        N363

Fesmire, Pearl         Cox, Chester           14-Nov-12       P504

Fetrow, Alice          Bidy, John W.                          R537

Fetrow, Ida A.         Wilhite, E.W.          3-Sep-11        O306

Fetrow, Mary A.        Kerre, W.E.            17-Mar-21       Y532

Fetterolf, C.V.        Arganbright, Turla     12-Sep-20       Y101

Fetterolf, Clarence V. Michener, Fern G.      2-Aug-11        O266

Fetters, Hannah RosettaKallenbarger, George W.17 Jun 1891     E350

Fetters, L.            Rudd, E.U.             31 Jul 1887     D073

Fetters, William P.    Vulgamore, Elizabeth (M22 Mar 1891     E314

Fetters, Zana(ama) E.  Fleming, Frank         18 Sep 1892     E612

Fettig, Veronika       Greinbacher, Albert    03 Jan 1882     B226

Fettke, Eda            McMillin, Luther       24-Apr-07       K615

Fettke, Elsie          Crocker, Earl          12-Feb-07       K547

Fettke, Elsie          Miller, James H.       22-Feb-05       J504

Fettke, Otto           Springborn, Louisa     10 Sep 1885     C302

Fettke, Selma          Zenner, Frank          01 Jul 1895     F561

Fetty, Ethel           Jones, William B.      20-Oct-06       K413

Fetty, Leon            Marshall, Maude        01 Apr 1896     G073

Fezler, May S.         Stimpson, Orlo B.      23-Apr-18       V106

Fichaugh, Isabelle     Bogner, Mike           03 Mar 1894     F320

Ficht, August          Dollings, Mollie       04 Mar 1884     C049

Fick, Louise Margaret  Richardson, Harry Guy  4-Nov-08        L632

Fick, William A.       Starr, Jennie          12-Dec-05       K136

Fickel, Henry W.       Steenrod, Lulu Pearl   9-Nov-10        N438

Fickett, Edward M.     Dean, Elizabeth        01 Jul 1892     E574

Fidler, Mary E.        McHenry, I.L.          2-Sep-02        I337

Fiebelman, Idella MaudeWheeler, J.H.          3-Dec-17        U304

Fiedler, Charles G.    Gerlach, Emma A.       21 Dec 1891     E449

Fiedler, Fred C.       Horner, Hazel          30-Oct-20       Y233

Fiedler, Harvey F.     Quigley, Alice         13-Dec-17       U341

Fiegel, Ernest G.      Ehly, Maggie           15-Sep-04       J346

Field, Clara           Marshall, Ellison      07 Sep 1883     B407

Field, Frank B.        Throckmorton, Lucy E.  22-Oct-02       I380

Field, George A.       Caldwell, Rosa V.      24-Sep-01       I052

Field, Harriet         Shipley, Charles                       J244

Field, Jessie          Dibbens, A.R.J.        08 Sep 1895     F590

Field, John D.         Crowell, L. May        30-Apr-09       M240

Field, Lucy E.         Comstock, R.E.         25 Dec 1896     G224

Field, Martha Ann      Tramel, Abraham        16-Aug-00       H379

Field, Mattie A.       Hall, Lawrence         19-Nov-14       R243

Field, Rex             McCullough, Lena       5-Jun-20        X462

Field, Violet S.       Cochran, Perry W.      27 Jun 1889     D562

Fielder, Alta May      Fletcher, G.W.         6-Oct-20        Y168

Fielder, Sam           Overstreet, Lillie(Mrs)28-Sep-12       P435

Fielder, Sarah         Monteith, Charles      09 Oct 1899     H177

Fielding, Lucy         Fleischouer, John      24-Sep-21       Z303

Fields, Alta           Hobbs, Zacheus A.                      S197

Fields, Audrey         Sheeley, William M.    23-Aug-12       P383

Fields, Austin         May, Stella            8-Oct-13        Q362

Fields, Emma           Bowman, Edward         17-Nov-09       M529

Fields, Fern           Duncan, N.K.           17-Dec-21       Z484

Fields, Franklin ThomasHeinestra, Gertie      22-Jun-18       V240

Fields, G.R.           Walker, Gladys B.                      S362

Fields, Hattie         Myers, Tom             31-Dec-17       U432

Fields, Henry          McCarthy, Emma         21-Jan-07       K525

Fields, J. Larkin      Davis, Maude G.        1-May-18        V127

Fields, Josephine      Robinson, John Jr.     1-Sep-20        Y075

Fields, Kittie         Hammond, Charles O.    24 Sep 1890     E204

Fields, Laura          McBride, J.H.          2-Apr-12        P174

Fields, Linne          Fairbanks, E.L.        30-Jun-17       T480

Fields, Mary A.        Brown, I.C.            15 May 1887     D009

Fields, Raymond E.     Stokes, Hazel Marie    2-Jun-21        Z011

Fields, Robert Max     Osberg, Esther June    14-Oct-19       W520

Fierce, Clark          Haslett, Maggie E.     07 Aug 1881     B176

Fieser, Fred           Schroeder, Pearl       5-Jan-18        U454

Fieser, John E.        Gossett, Arthemise                     S585

Fife, Albert J.        Curry, Martha E.       29-Sep-09       M449

Fife, Etna             Dickinson, Arthur A.   21 Jul 1883     B393

Fife, Ida May          Smiley, William H.     24-Sep-21       Z304

Fife, Lola             Robertson, Coe         14 Jun 1898     G523

Fife, Minnie E.        Waite, Joseph L.       2-Jun-20        X444

Fifer, Charles M.      Davidson, Jane         25-Jul-06       K335

Fifer, May             Slater, Leonard C.     05 Jan 1895     F474

Figgemeier, Tony       Kedney, Pearl          11-Feb-14       Q529

Figgins, Dessie        Myers, Charles                         T004

Figley, Alice L.       Smith, Frank C.        17-Jun-08       L442

Figley, Jay Ellsworth  Cherry, Julia Theresa  17-Feb-09       M144

Figley, Viola M.       Boulton, William I.    15-Oct-05       K074

Figrow, Joseph         Holmes, Adalade        12 Nov 1878     A374

Fike, Herbert R.       Gooch, Susie           23-May-11       O158

Fike, William          Engart, Fannie G.      07 Jul 1879     A435

Fike, William H.       Olinger, Jennie L.     15-Mar-19       W022

Fildes, Luona          Robinson, A.V.         9-Apr-01        H551

Files, Mabel           Moore, Virgil L.       4-Sep-08        L552

Filkins, Fred J.       Campbell, Sallie       02 Jan 1895     F471

Filkins, Maud H.       Keplinger, Alva L.     3-Oct-03        J041

Fillmore, Leona        Squier, J.C.           20-Oct-17       U107

Filson, George H.      Hoben, Mary            26-Jan-20       X153

Filson, M.J.           Richards, Georgie      30 May 1886     C445

Finch, Adrian N.       Westgate, Avanel C.    3-Aug-11        O266

Finch, Alice I.        Eilerts, Gerd B.       31 Jan 1895     F485

Finch, Amos E.         Hutsler, Blanche       24-Nov-14       R252

Finch, Dora            Holt, D.W.             31-Jul-18       V298

Finch, Dora            Norris, Earl           28-Apr-21       Y608

Finch, H.E.            VanMeter, Ina          18-Dec-12       P571

Finch, Jessie C.       Blosser, John S.       12-May-10       N133

Finch, Mamie           Doty, Cedia            04 Jan 1897     G233

Finch, May G.          Owens, A.H.                            S482

Finch, O.S.            Davenport, Viola       14-Feb-01       H522

Finch, Rozella G.      Phillips, John M.      27 Dec 1891     E459

Findeiss, Carrie SchweiMcNeal, George L.      10-Mar-09       M177

Findeiss, Estella      Wenzel, Ernest T.      23-Nov-10       N470

Findeiss, Frederick H. Schweiter, Carrie S.   10-Aug-04       J314

Findeiss, Henry C.     Miltner, Annie L.      30 Jun 1887     D046

Findeiss, John C.      Croxton, Ruby B        25-Dec-13       Q471

Findlay, Lorina        Belford, Leland                        T188

Findlay, Walter R.     Lester, Emma           21-Apr-13       Q116

Findley, Charles W.    Palmer, Rae            4-Sep-01        I035

Findley, Edythe        Giffin, Wilson C.      20-Aug-17       T585

Findley, Ina R.        Moyer, James H.        27-Dec-21       Z502

Findley, James H.      Young, Nina E.         26-Jul-21       Z157

Findley, Mabel Clare   Omer, Jesse E.         22-Feb-12       P119

Findley, Mary Hawley   Ades, Lucius Ward      1-Jan-06        K163

Findley, May           Brazeal, Pete          18-Sep-19       W450

Findley, Pauline       Athay, R.M.                            R516

Findly, Kathryn M.     Norcross, Hiram        27-Dec-00       H491

Fine, Annabelle        Shaffer, William       15-Apr-21       Y580

Fine, David V.         Kilgore, Jennie M.(Mrs)19-Mar-01       H542

Fine, J.A.             Hart, Lucy             26-Oct-04       J396

Finefrock, H.C.        Buchan, Mabel                          S549

Finefrock, Margaret PeaLangowsky, Jacob D.    24-Jul-08       L449

Finefrock, Margaret PeaLongowsky, Jacob D.    24-Jul-08       L449

Fines, Lawson          Douglas, Lillie(lian)  13-Sep-03       J015

Finger, Flora          Pierson, George        18-Mar-08       L341

Finicum, Forest C.     McCollum, Clara        18-Jul-10       N246

Fink, Charles G.       Fowler, Lottie         24-Dec-09       M573

Fink, Ellis            Rankin, Besse Hope     14-Jun-11       O193

Fink, Emory L.         Barnes, Alice          28 Oct 1890     E232

Fink, Fred E.          Gartin, Strausie L.    31-Mar-20       X291

Fink, Harriett A.      Shaw, John E.          04 Dec 1881     B213

Fink, J.A.             Clinger, Ella          12-Apr-20       X324

Fink, Jacob            Hickerson, Sarah A.    08 Apr 1883     B362

Fink, Jennie           McCulley, F.L.         25 Oct 1899     H195

Fink, John W.          Rounds, Stella E.      26-Nov-04       J428

Fink, Leta Fay         Wilkinson, Frank       18-May-21       Y648

Fink, Walter C.        Tryon, Versa Olive     2-Aug-03        I609

Fink, Wendelinus       Windhoven, Katie       25 Jul 1885     C282

Finley, Amos           Harmon, Pearl          14-Apr-18       V094

Finley, B.D.           Henry, Mabel           22-Jan-20       X147

Finley, Delila         Wills, Alvah           6-Nov-09        M517

Finley, Fannie         Flewellen, W.D.        24-Aug-18       V344

Finley, J.E.           Hanson, Catherine R.   24 Apr 1888     D279

Finley, J.M.           Clover, Hester Ann     2-Jan-21        Y390

Finley, John           Kunckel, Ida           01 Jan 1890     E057

Finley, John           Powe, Veta             3-Apr-12        P175

Finley, John           Russell, Rachel E.     19 Jan 1885     C195

Finley, Lloyd G.       Davis, Corlene         4-Aug-19        W332

Finley, Merna L.       Kirkpatrick, William L.4-Sep-19        W412

Finley, O.N.           McManomy, Alice        25 May 1899     H096

Finley, Oscar Lloyd    DeArterburn, Nellie    1-Oct-09        M458

Finley, Percy A.       Cheer, Chloe           22-Aug-17       T588

Finley, Roy E.         Jackson, Opal June     4-Sep-19        W412

Finley, Saba(bra) A.   Canatsey, Harry R.     20-May-12       P238

Finley, Stella May     Legett, Frederick      23-Sep-01       I051

Finley, William H.     Holman, Flora M.       03 Jul 1889     D567

Finley, William LeonardPeak, Mabel Gladys     1-Jan-20        X095

Finling, Mary          Holms, J.C.            18 Feb 1879     A402

Finn, A.N.             Kimball, Carolina E.   21-Sep-07       L122

Finn, Adeline Mary     Anderson, John Victor  10-Sep-10       N321

Finn, Dave             Willis, Blanch         25-May-21       Y663

Finn, Jerry            Bridenstine, Margaret M20-May-12       P237

Finn, Kittie           Furnish, B.A.          30 Dec 1896     G225

Finn, Muriel E.        Schaefer, Earl L.      21-Sep-12       P423

Finnan, Hermia         Yost, Charles B.                       S599

Finner, Pearl          Laws, E.J.             25-Dec-20       Y369

Finney, Elsie          Etter, George          1-May-22        Z743

Finney, Elvira         Hollicke, Joseph F.    28 Oct 1897     G393

Finney, Laura L.       Litke, Edward E.       3-Nov-21        Z402

Finney, Mina B.        Robertson, Phillip W.  23 Dec 1896     G220

Finney, Ray            Lewellen, Catheryn     25-Jul-13       Q254

Fintelman, William R.  Hoover, Ruth Bernice   17-Nov-14       R235

Fipke, Carrie E.       Hood, J.F.             20-Oct-04       J386

Firebaugh, Ches        Russell, Estelle K.    27 Jun 1888     D328

Firestone, A.M.        Reed, Ana P.           2-Jun-13        Q174

Firestone, Anna        Potter, Frank E.       16-Mar-04       J187

Firestone, Florence    Young, Frank C.        27-Sep-21       Z312

Firestone, Susanna     Smith, Emanuel J.      01 Jul 1888     D329

Firestone, Susie       Webster, George W.     21-Dec-04       J446

Firguson, Irene Marie  Akers, N.W.            9-Sep-14        R136

Firguson, Lenora M.    Bailey, John           5-Aug-07        L075

Firmin, Arthur L.      Walker, Grace B.       23-Jan-03       I472

Firquin, B.J.          Hubert, Amelia         31-Mar-13       Q088

Fischer, Beulah EvandalMann, Sherman H.       5-Feb-22        Z586

Fischer, Joe C.        Bunker, Hattie M.      28-Aug-21       Z239

Fischer, Mary S.       Steorman, Henry        02 Jun 1883     B376

Fischer, Oliver        Valentine, Garnet      26-Dec-19       X079

Fish, Delpha           McKinstry, W.D.        15 May 1888     D298

Fish, Ella R.          Woodmansee, M.G.       27-Sep-05       K051

Fish, Ida              Baker, W.F.            25-Nov-08       M027

Fish, Irene            McCorkle, Francis E.   17-Jun-14       R028

Fish, Joseph           Parks, Julia                           S509

Fish, Philip           Weed, Hallie           16-Jun-12       P277

Fishbach, Peter        Nett, Anna             16 Sep 1890     E189

Fishback, Christina    Engelbrecht, Roman B.                  T149

Fishback, Lutetia      Byrom, Isaac           28 Mar 1892     E525

Fishback, Margaret     Callahan, Virgil       8-May-12        P214

Fishback, Marie        Winters, Duane A.      18-Jun-18       V231

Fishback, Mary B.      Botkin, S.S.                           R468

Fishback, Susanna      Kindseder, Ignatz      24 Feb 1887     C591

Fishbuck, Annie        Heimermann, Mike       30-Apr-12       P190

Fishburn, Lester T.    Phillip, Bessie        22-Dec-09       M579

Fisher, A.S.           Engelbrecht, Anna E.   11-Mar-22       Z652

Fisher, Adlai E.       Moore, Mabel           5-Jun-12        P251

Fisher, Albert W.      Piellusch, Louise      7-Jun-11        O176

Fisher, Alfred S.      Everett, Violet Faye   10-Nov-17       U187

Fisher, Alice          Youngberg, Harry E.    17-Dec-11       P020

Fisher, Alice V.       Stokes, J.F.           25-Dec-21       Z497

Fisher, Anna           Schwartz, Charley      12-Apr-21       Y553

Fisher, Anna A.        Cobler, W.H.           25 Jun 1887     D043

Fisher, Anna L.        Willis, George M.      03 Oct 1878     A365

Fisher, Anna Pearl     Stearns, Irwin H.      24-Apr-12       P204

Fisher, Arza           Chadwick, Minnie       14-Jul-19       W284

Fisher, Barbara        Schafer, Theodore      27 Oct 1884     C173

Fisher, Belle          Boyd, J.M.             26 Jul 1887     D068

Fisher, Bernice        Gregory, C.E.          30-Apr-21       Y616

Fisher, Blanche        Goodrich, Ray W.       15-Jan-18       U480

Fisher, Burton E.      Stobie, Jennie         16 Feb 1890     E078

Fisher, C.L.           Easter, Birdie Parr    3-Oct-00        H419

Fisher, Caroline       McClees, Nelson O.     05 Nov 1889     E007

Fisher, Daisy          Burgess, J.E.          29-Jul-08       L497

Fisher, Dean Lowrie    Price, Lillian Lucile                  T247

Fisher, Della          Black, William H.      18-Jan-01       H505

Fisher, Dora           Wilkerson, G.V.        10-Aug-13       Q270

Fisher, E.V.           Williams, Mabel L.     17-May-13       Q148

Fisher, Elmeda         Graves, John Francis   3-Feb-22        Z588

Fisher, Elmer Clem     Hesser, Grace          3-Dec-19        X016

Fisher, Emil O.        Buscher, Clara M.                      R521

Fisher, Ethel          Monasmith, Frank       06 Sep 1897     G351

Fisher, Eula           Reed, Loyd W.                          S176

Fisher, Fannie         Cooper, Walter S.                      T242

Fisher, Fern           Edson, Amos                            T083

Fisher, Florenda       Slonecker, Daniel M.   26-Sep-07       L141

Fisher, Frank          Taylor, Mabel          22-Dec-19       X080

Fisher, Frank N.       Howe, Mabel E.         12-Oct-21       Z346

Fisher, Fred           Wager, Bessie          8-Oct-17        U056

Fisher, George E.      Reilman, Mary          3-Mar-13        Q051

Fisher, George W.      Kasten, Madge E.       1-Jun-22        Z777

Fisher, Gertrude Irene Kailer, C.D.           1-Oct-19        W487

Fisher, Goldie         Robbins, Charles       22-Jul-20       X597

Fisher, Goldie Cora    Reder, Charles E.      12-Dec-17       U317

Fisher, Grace          Rew, Frank W.          9-Sep-19        W428

Fisher, Grace          Wise, B.R.             1-May-12        P219

Fisher, Grace Leona    Lockyer, Albert Edward 25-Dec-18       V535

Fisher, H.F.           Elliott, Dess          5-Jul-21        Z105

Fisher, Harry K.       York, Myrtle           6-Jul-20        X383

Fisher, Harvey D.      Smart, Lauretta M.     3-Apr-20        X294

Fisher, Henry          Walterscheid, Mayme    27-Jun-17       T469

Fisher, Henry M.       Weidenbach, Ruby A.    30-Jul-19       W322

Fisher, Howard E.      Hallowell, Mary M.     18-Oct-03       J056

Fisher, Howard E.      Hollowell, Mary M.     18-Oct-03       J056

Fisher, Hugh           Loomis, Nellie         6-Nov-20        Y250

Fisher, Ida M.         Hill, H.W.                             T117

Fisher, Irma L.        Kissick, Luther C.     14-Jul-18       V275

Fisher, J.             Baird, Nancy S.        13 Jan 1886     C372

Fisher, J.C.           Smith, Leanna          24 Dec 1888     D457

Fisher, J.H.           Myers, S.J.                            L027

Fisher, J.W.           Buhrlage, L.M.         28 Nov 1895     F638

Fisher, Jack           Price, Opal            10-May-18       V138

Fisher, Jack H.        Wagy, Irene            11-Nov-19       W598

Fisher, Jessie M.      Daniels, Charles S.    26 Nov 1890     E254

Fisher, Joe            Wagner, Katrina        08 Sep 1884     C132

Fisher, John           Johnston, Pervey(roly)M28-Feb-12       P128

Fisher, John           Walker, Mary E.        01 Jan 1879     A388

Fisher, John E.        Brenton, Fay C.        20-Sep-21       Z294

Fisher, John M.        Faber, Elisabeth M.    29 Sep 1891     E395

Fisher, Joseph G.      Conway, Maggie         16 Jun 1879     A430

Fisher, Joseph L.      Handley, Marietta E.   20-Jan-20       X142

Fisher, Joseph Ward    Ford, Mary Alice       4-Feb-14        Q521

Fisher, Josephine AliceUpdegraff, Chester D. (25-Nov-07       L212

Fisher, Laura C.       Southwell, Henry O.    25 Nov 1890     E252

Fisher, Lavant         Penny, Elizabeth       18-May-09       M254

Fisher, Leslie H.      Russell, Esther        23-Dec-12       P577

Fisher, Lewis S.       Taber, Mollie                          S470

Fisher, Lilla          Jenkins, Jahugh        10 Oct 1892     E627

Fisher, Lydia E.       Bonner, Zearon DeRoss  16 Mar 1872     A032

Fisher, M.A.           Culbertson, C.M.       19-Dec-10       N504

Fisher, Mabel          McCorkle, G.E.                         T256

Fisher, Margaret M.    Hanes, J.W.            26-Dec-08       M069

Fisher, Marie          Konecny, Adolph        14-Jul-08       L480

Fisher, Mary           Blaine, George E.      5-Apr-11        O082

Fisher, Mary E.        Low, A.D.              05 May 1881     B157

Fisher, Mary E.        Reeves, Martin L.      16 Apr 1882     B265

Fisher, Mary Frances   VanArsdale, Joseph W.  16-Dec-07       L235

Fisher, Michael J.     Real, Lucy             11-Oct-11       O362

Fisher, Mildred        Eckland, A.H.          16-Apr-22       Z710

Fisher, Minnie         Hansen, W.H.           3-Dec-19        X015

Fisher, Myrtle         Kailer, C. David       27-Jun-06       K310

Fisher, Neal R.        Turner, Myrtel M.      29-Sep-07       L144

Fisher, Nellie         Cheek, Albert          12-Oct-18       V446

Fisher, Nora G.        Bellew, F.L.           2-Feb-05        J490

Fisher, Nora G.        Tourtillott, Douglas   20-Oct-08       L613

Fisher, Ora L.         Roberts, Blanche P.    10-Jun-05       J596

Fisher, Otto           McCartney, Olive       7-Oct-08        L594

Fisher, P.J.           Shull, Goldie B.       9-Jul-13        Q234

Fisher, Rachel P.      Parker, Benjamin F.    01 Jan 1889     D469

Fisher, Ralph D.       Crans, Dulcenia Francis27-Dec-10       N528

Fisher, Sarah S.       Nichols, Marshal       14 Dec 1873     A095

Fisher, Verbena        Robinson, D.E.         4-Mar-07        K563

Fisher, Vernie         Giles, Charles         15-Feb-00       H273

Fisher, Victor         Denen, Ida             4-Aug-12        P351

Fisher, W.M.           Patterson, Neva Olive  22-Jun-18       V240

Fisher, W.S.           Robinson, Mary         1-Jan-18        U438

Fisher, Walter E.      Powell, Maggie         28-Jan-19       V584

Fisher, Walter F.      Bailey, Georgia Mary   8-Jun-04        J255

Fisher, Walter V.      Butrum, Letha M.       11-Jul-21       Z124

Fisher, Wilhelm R.     Johnston, Gertrude     14-Jul-17       T493

Fisher, William        Ploeger, Minnie M.     2-Sep-17        T608

Fisk, Addie            Tilton, Charles        21-Aug-03       I635

Fisk, Birdie           Mountain, Samuel       28-Jul-00       H367

Fisk, Ella             Tartar, William J.     18-Apr-07       K611

Fisk, F.P.             Leichhardt, Bertha     10 Mar 1888     D240

Fisk, Fern             White, S.T.            2-Jan-20        X103

Fisk, Frederick AnthonyMorrow, Donna G.       10-Apr-21       Y571

Fisk, J.R.             Morton, E.M.           31-Mar-09       M197

Fisk, James C.         Helmick, Jennie M.     24 Dec 1894     F464

Fisk, Jennie           McCulley, F.L.         25 Oct 1899     H195

Fisk, Mary             Pate, Francis M.       05 Aug 1883     B397

Fisk, Nell J.          Booth, Lee C.                          T040

Fisk, Oscar            Clark, Myrtle          2-Sep-14        R128

Fisk, Robert           White, Nora            28-Feb-07       K561

Fisk, Susie            McBride, William       9-Aug-09        M369

Fisk, Susie            See, G.S.                              S547

Fiske, Edna            Faker, Fred            1-Dec-10        N482

Fiske, Fred            Strickler, Bertha      26-Aug-07       L094

Fiske, Harriet E.      Stage, Albert P.       25 Jun 1887     D042

Fiske, Herbert R.      Gooch, Susie           23-May-11       O158

Fiske, Viola           Houser, John           15-Nov-10       N446

Fissel, Jessie         Henry, William Curtis  9-Jul-13        Q235

Fissel, Minnie         Adams, John                            R488

Fissel, Pearl          Miller, Earl           15-Aug-17       T580

Fissel, William Roy    Warders, Alta May                      T032

Fister, Rosa           Smith, William         18 Jul 1896     G122

Fitch, Allie M.        Morehead, Napoleon                     D207

Fitch, Allie M.        Morehead, Napoleon     25 Jan 1888     D187

Fitch, Elsie J.        Buck, W. Philip        1-Mar-19        V636

Fitch, Ernest C.       Beaman, Dorothy        15-Mar-21       Y526

Fitch, Grace M.        Gow, L.D.              16 Feb 1898     G460

Fitch, Hazel           Miller, Ralph          26-Jan-21       Y435

Fitch, Jessie          Peoples, Antnettie     02 Jul 1894     F378

Fitch, Oscar Williard  Manary, Edith Josephine26-May-04       J242

Fitchue, James         Bass, Mattie           12-Jul-01       H638

Fitts, Morton B.       Roudebush, Ella        19 Sep 1889     D609

Fitz, Sophia           Podschun, Fred         28-Dec-19       X084

Fitz, Willie           Sasse, Ady             20-Sep-19       W456

Fitzgarald, Mahala J.  Ingraham, W.H.         05 Feb 1888     D219

Fitzgerald, Alice      Boaz, R.B.             27 Sep 1888     D396

Fitzgerald, Alpha      Smith, Oren                            S230

Fitzgerald, Clyde      Hanshaw, Cecile        8-Oct-20        Y174

Fitzgerald, Cynthia A. Center, James H.       07 Jun 1888     D316

Fitzgerald, E.J.       Wasson, Frances        30-Mar-21       Y551

Fitzgerald, Edith G.   Hurst, Fred A.         23-Apr-05       J551

Fitzgerald, Elsie      Snyder, Hunter                         T120

Fitzgerald, Hazel      Ray, Charley           9-Nov-21        Z417

Fitzgerald, Ira O.     Ahrens, Amelia         5-Nov-12        P497

Fitzgerald, James      Knox, Lydia            10 Feb 1880     B035

Fitzgerald, Jennie     Avener, Adolph         28 Oct 1885     C325

Fitzgerald, Lew WilliamMorford, Maud          16-Oct-12       P466

Fitzgerald, Margaret   Burge, Wallace         24-Jul-07       L058

Fitzgerald, Mayme      Hornbeck, Ray          23-Apr-12       P203

Fitzgerald, T.         Jordan, P.             17-May-21       Y647

Fitzgerald, Vassie K.  Miles, Howard P.       26-Feb-11       O029

Fitzgerald, Viola      Myers, F.M.            26 Nov 1885     C349

Fitzgerald, Viola M.   Gregory, Ralph W.      21 Oct 1894     F421

Fitzgibbon, R.K.       Jephson, Adeline       3-Nov-21        Z366

Fitzhugh, Isabell      Haggerty, N.C.         01 Apr 1888     D258

Fitzhugh, John         Scales, Anna Lavina    18-Mar-05       J524

Fitzhugh, U.W.         Smith, May             02 Mar 1893     F090

Fitzjarrald, Lawrence EHamilton, Lida B.      19-Apr-19       W079

Fitzmorris, J.W.       Pilant, Ida            08 Jun 1899     H104

Fitzpatrick, Frank     Trumbo, Irene M.       15-Jan-02       I159

Fitzpatrick, J. John   Welty, Pearl Elizabeth                 S109

Fitzpatrick, Jerry     Lahey, Ella Angela     19-Jun-12       P290

Fitzpatrick, K.L.      Alspaugh, Grace M.     30-Oct-13       Q403

Fitzpatrick, K.W.      Ray, Lillian           10-Feb-09       M135

Fitzpatrick, Katherine Powell, Everett Allen  6-Apr-10        N084

Fitzpatrick, Maggie J. Skinner, Henry S.      18 Apr 1894     F341

Fitzpatrick, Mary      Yancy, Thomas H.       14-Nov-01       I101

Fitzpatrick, Mollie    Bothell, Campbell      12-Nov-03       J079

Fitzpatrick, S.C.      Ingram, Mabel                          T145

Fitzpatrick, Thomas    Chapman, Bertha M.     29-Dec-02       I444

Fitzpatrick, W.S.      Warren, Maibelle M.    6-Dec-11        P008

Fitzsimmons, Elmer     Priest, Pearl          31-Dec-12       P613

Fitzsimmons, Ruth MarieGarrison, L.O.                         T067

Fitzsimmons, Will. D.  Stansburry, Ella A.    22 Dec 1895     G012

Fitzwater, Lewis C.    Cain, Rosa             6-Jul-09        M336

Fix, W.A.              Bear, Hattie           28-Jul-14       R074

Fix, William           Olson, Mary            14-Nov-00       H458

Flagg, Andrew D.       Kelch, Anna            05 Jul 1884     C099

Flagg, C.P.            Moehn, Ferroll G.      18-Nov-14       R241

Flagg, J.F.            Sternberg, O.E.        13 Sep 1882     B298

Flagg, L.M.            Grady, John            28 Apr 1897     G289

Flagler, Walter        Arnholz, Anna          8-Jul-11        O240

Flaherty, B.O.         Legate, Theda                          S238

Flaherty, Earl         Gray, Esther           20-Feb-22       Z619

Flaherty, Henry        Daggett, Lucy          25-Jun-19       W241

Flaherty, James I.     Toole, Hanah           23-Sep-07       L133

Flake, Kathrine B.     Sellers, Ace W.        27-Nov-19       W635

Flanagan, J.M.         Hussey, Pearl          22-Oct-12       P473

Flanagan, Martin       Hamilton, Joanna       20 Nov 1872     A049

Flanagan, Nellie       Rea, J.H.              29-May-18       V174

Flanagan, Opal         Stath, A.L.            18-Dec-20       Y343

Flanagan, W. Wayne     McCollister, Georgia   16-Sep-14       R149

Flanagin, John         Scott, Oleta                           T041

Flanders, Charles      Shaffer, Anna Rose                     R566

Flanigan, Elizabeth    Adair, Lee             12-Nov-08       M003

Flanigan, James PatrickO'Connor, Katherine Emm15-Nov-21       Z425

Flanigan, Martin F.    Burke, Mary K.         23-Nov-21       Z441

Flanigan, Mary Agnes   Baugh, John W.         8-Dec-01        I117

Flanigan, S.H.         Achelpohl, Hazel Dell  5-Dec-18        V507

Flannery, Frank MichealCoolbaugh, Willie Edna 12-Jun-09       M306

Flannery, Lawrence S.  Miller, Myrtle A.      5-Jul-17        T491

Flannery, Margaret     O'Connell, D.P.        4-Feb-09        M129

Flannigan, Hannah      Knebler, John          7-Jan-04        J135

Flansburg, Walter S.   Moore, Reba            12-Jun-09       M294

Flattery, James P.     Houser, Rose           22-Dec-10       N512

Flaudes, Mercedz       Hill, Roy C.           1-Feb-11        O001

Fleagle, Charles       Snyder, Martha                         R556

Flechsenhar, Frances   Stanley, Alfred P.     15-Sep-10       N334

Fleek, Ira B.          Trowbridge, Minnie L.  19-Oct-02       I380

Fleeman, Edith M.      Lee, James                             S183

Fleeman, F.S.          Orr, Minnie A.         1-Oct-11        O352

Fleeman, J.O.          Tolle, Agnes                           R636

Fleenor, Katherine M.  Rose, O.D.             17-Nov-13       Q424

Fleischouer, John      Fielding, Lucy         24-Sep-21       Z303

Fleming, Bessie        Ware, J.D.             11-May-10       N135

Fleming, Cornelia P.   Dale, Clifford J.      13-Jan-05       J469

Fleming, E.A.          Reid, Pearl O.         19 Dec 1898     G636

Fleming, Ella (Mrs.)   Schamp, Robert W.      12 Jan 1892     E474

Fleming, Frank         Fetters, Zana(ama) E.  18 Sep 1892     E612

Fleming, Hazel         Schaefer, C.A.         5-Jun-19        W187

Fleming, Henrietta G.  Johnson, Samuel T.     31 Dec 1889     E054

Fleming, J.G.          Thompson, Stacie(ia)   19 May 1896     G094

Fleming, Louisa        Helbert, G.B.          23 Dec 1877     A302

Fleming, Louise        Harper, Oliver C.      10-Oct-19       W511

Fleming, Myrtle        Letcher, Roy           12-Sep-09       M421

Fleming, N.C.          Baucher, Luella        2-Sep-03        J008

Fleming, N.C.          Bouher, Luella         2-Sep-03        J008

Fleming, Roy Chalmers  Acken, Mabel Vaughn    20-Jun-05       J605

Fleming, Ruby          Hill, Charles          3-Jul-11        O238

Fleming, S.B.          Buster, Flossie                        S461

Fleming, S.W.          Phelps, Mattie         09 Feb 1889     D490

Fleming, Wayne         Helbert, Nellie Hazel  3-Mar-15        R376

Flemming, Emma         Holmes, William F.     29-Nov-06       K463

Flemming, J.K.         Gilbert, Nancy         30 Jun 1886     C460

Flemmons, George W.    Elledge, Mary Salena   22 Apr 1891     E330

Flennoy, Ed            Alexander, Pearl       30-Apr-20       X363

Flesher, Fred F.       Benjamin, Harriet Blanc14-Nov-21       Z427

Flesher, Lizzie        Hart, H.T.             11-Feb-18       U550

Flesher, Susie M.      Aveline, James                         R540

Fleshman, Alice K.     Elswick, Edward        11 Sep 1889     D604

Fleshman, Charley R.   Williams, Ethel        22-Jun-10       N196

Fleshman, Charlie R.   Johnson, Fannie        17-Jan-20       X139

Fleshman, Ethel        Lawless, Ansel Lee     18-Jan-19       V572

Fleshman, George F.    Powers, Charity T.(C.) 20 Nov 1878     A376

Fleshman, Gordon       Schoppel, Agnes        30-Jun-08       L460

Fleshman, Mammie       Peabody, Howard        09 Mar 1899     H053

Fleshman, Russell      Swearngin, Juanita     19-Sep-18       V400

Fleshman, Sallie B.    Tyree, James W.        28 May 1884     C086

Fleshman, T. William   Culter, Ella           18 Dec 1879     B016

Fletcher, A.C.         Osburn, V.D.           16-Dec-13       Q459

Fletcher, A.D.         Cummings, Laura        18 Oct 1883     B419

Fletcher, Alie(ice)    Meidel, John           30-Oct-02       I392

Fletcher, Andrew       Ketchel, Zora          24-Jun-13       Q215

Fletcher, Athey        Roady, Myrtle Blanche  2-Jan-11        N539

Fletcher, Benjamin FranReeves, Madge          2-Nov-04        J403

Fletcher, Benjamin L.  Montgomery, Laura      02 Jun 1880     B071

Fletcher, Bert         Percifield, Nellie     08 Jan 1898     H019

Fletcher, Bert C.      Bradshaw, Sophia       21-Jul-20       X600

Fletcher, Bertha V.    Bessey, Charles Henry  5-Feb-11        O003

Fletcher, Bonnie       Hemme, Henry           22-Jan-08       L285

Fletcher, Dollie       Beatty, Will           25 Dec 1889     E046

Fletcher, E. Rosie     Collins, Elias         25 Jun 1890     E160

Fletcher, E.M.         Thompson, J.W.         19-Apr-22       Z719

Fletcher, Elijah HartfoCurnt, Myrtle          06 Dec 1891     E438

Fletcher, Emma         Carroll, David A.      30 Jul 1889     D580

Fletcher, Estelle P.   Ellis, Ray B.                          S319

Fletcher, F.M.         Holt, F.M.             8-Nov-19        W587

Fletcher, Frances BelleMontague, Thomas H.    15-Mar-11       O050

Fletcher, G.W.         Atwood, B.V.           5-Sep-06        K367

Fletcher, G.W.         Fielder, Alta May      6-Oct-20        Y168

Fletcher, Gladys Marie Cory, Glen             16-Sep-20       Y116

Fletcher, Gus          Pike, Helena Emma (Mrs)19-Feb-13       Q035

Fletcher, Ida          Hibarger, E.L.         09 Jun 1886     C450

Fletcher, J.G.         Halloran, A.M.         24-Dec-10       N525

Fletcher, John S.      Fowler, Elsie          16 Jul 1876     A212

Fletcher, Joseph       Hon, Florence          16 Feb 1890     E079

Fletcher, Laura E.     Keen, John E.          24 Dec 1882     B333

Fletcher, Lawrence     Crawford, Pauline      26-Aug-19       W386

Fletcher, Leland V.    Jordan, Alma E.        14-Jan-03       I466

Fletcher, Leonna       Hill, Richard          16 Nov 1887     D159

Fletcher, Leora        Givens, Leonard E.     18-Jun-18       V228

Fletcher, Lillie E.    Osburn, Roy J.         20-Sep-09       M437

Fletcher, M.A.         Parker, Etta           27 Nov 1895     F638

Fletcher, M.D.         Bittle, Laura          26 Feb 1884     C046

Fletcher, Marie        Leeper, Ross G.        15-Apr-18       V099

Fletcher, Marie        Smith, George W.       30-Nov-10       N480

Fletcher, Mark         Kellems, Bertha        17-Feb-21       Y480

Fletcher, Mattie       Stroud, Lewis          12 Oct 1887     D131

Fletcher, Nellie M.    Carpenter, R.H.        10-Oct-06       K404

Fletcher, Nora B.      Wilson, James          29 Oct 1893     F241

Fletcher, Sarah ElizabeLoar, Zachariah        10-Nov-06       K440

Fletcher, Sherman      Alexander, Ida         09 Feb 1889     D491

Fletcher, T.H.         Reed, Emma June        11-Jan-00       H255

Fletcher, Thelma       Benham, O.L.           14-Jul-21       Z130

Fletcher, Thelma       Stabler, Theodore R.   27-Dec-20       Y370

Fletcher, Thomas       Chase, Mildred         7-May-02        I239

Fletcher,Gertrude CecilErickson, David S.     23-Dec-11       P037

Flett, Margaret (Mrs.) Dand, James W.         06 Jul 1882     B282

Flewellen, W.D.        Finley, Fannie         24-Aug-18       V344

Flick, Elwood H.       Davis, Ethel K.        3-Sep-11        O307

Flick, Eva             Tucker, L.M.           26-Nov-17       U264

Flickinger, William    Johnston, Laura                        S593

Flickner, Anna         Schroeder, E.P.        10-Sep-14       R140

Fliey, Mollie          Adelsohn, Harry        24 Dec 1894     F465

Fling, William G.      Conley, Annie          21 Mar 1887     C613

Flinn, Ada             Miller, Henry W.       14 Feb 1899     H042

Flinn, Bertha E.       Johnston, R.M.         18 Dec 1896     G208

Flinn, Elma Grace      Kimble, Edward M.      7-Nov-20        Y247

Flinn, James           Burget, Carolina B.    30 Aug 1899     H147

Flinn, John            Heckathorn, Martha     22 Nov 1891     E426

Flinn, John M.         Miller, Zadie          20 Oct 1897     G386

Flinn, Joseph          Franch, Carrie         15-May-18       V148

Flinn, Louzetta        Nugent, O.K.           22 Jan 1889     D480

Flinn, Mary F.         English, William C.    28 Feb 1886     C397

Flinn, Nannie          Heckathorn, J.         24 Nov 1888     D438

Flinn, Robert          Heckathorn, Mealy      09 Oct 1887     D126

Flinn, Rose            Mullen, Marion         24-Dec-19       X072

Flinn, Susa M.         Phillips, Lewis        14 Feb 1888     D221

Flint, Bert W.         McDonald, Norine       28-Feb-06       K214

Flint, Florence B.     Sites, J.W.            29 Jun 1886     C459

Flint, Janie(nnie)     Pike, George           04 Sep 1897     G349

Flint, Lula            Buxton, George         01 Aug 1895     F570

Flint, Lyman B.        Williams, Martha M.    20 Aug 1888     D364

Flint, Mary E.         Stites, George T.      16 Feb 1885     C212

Flint, Myrtle          Evans, William         5-Jul-02        I292

Flint, O.F.            Robey, Hazel D.        23-Oct-01       I085

Flintrop, Anna Irene   Ewald, George J.       24-Jun-14       R036

Flippen, W.F.          Wilson, Laura (Lora)   24-Dec-11       P030

Flock, Cora            Hanley, John M.        28 Feb 1888     D235

Flock, Dolores         Waer, Charles W.       27-Feb-01       H530

Flock, Frances A.      West, Calvin D.        30 May 1889     D548

Floeder, Mary A.       Bigelow, Loutrel       06 Jan 1891     E280

Floeder, Pauline J.    Wickham, C.H.          25 Sep 1883     B410

Flood, Anna L.         Witbeck, Clarence A.   25 Dec 1893     F277

Flood, Emma E.         McAllister, John A.    28 Mar 1881     B146

Flood, Euell L.        Turner, Gertrude M.    14-Jul-19       W286

Flood, Henry           Gosney, Nora           05 Dec 1894     F452

Flood, John            Anderson, Mary         07 Oct 1883     B416

Flood, Margaret B.     Smith, Henry J.        31 Dec 1891     E468

Flood, Sarah           Williamson, Lamartine  29 Feb 1880     B041

Flood, William         Dorman, Maggie         05 May 1889     D533

Flood, William         McElya, Temperance     10 Oct 1878     A365

Florence, Berthene     Long, W.C.             27-Sep-20       Y139

Florence, W.I.         Sturgis, Ruth          21-Oct-14       R202

Flores, Francica       Sebastian, Wilfrido    8-Mar-15        R380

Flores, Mike           Urious, Cosezsion E.   30-Jan-15       R346

Flores, Victoria       Pina, Victor           3-Oct-17        U037

Florez, Abundio        Aldape, Romala         25-Mar-22       Z663

Florez, Francisca      Ganzales, Jose         22-Mar-18       V049

Florez, Maria          Cardoza, Gilverto                      X482

Floris, May            Schaar, Oscar C.       15-Jan-04       J141

Flory, C.L.            Clifton, Helen         25-Apr-12       P209

Flournoy, John J.      Andrew, Hazel          20-Dec-19       X054

Flournoy, Mabel Jane   Buxton, William Joseph 2-Oct-19        W493

Flournoy, Mabelle A.   Conway, Joseph A.      17-Apr-10       N102

Flower, Florence       Bertel, Jesse C.       22-Jun-03       I585

Flower, Jesse M.       Snook, Elizabeth Pearl 16-Feb-21       Y479

Flowers, Charles       Miller, Mary           9-Oct-12        P451

Flowers, Clarence O.   Cushing, Leora F.      20-Oct-10       N394

Flowers, Georgie C.    Blair, W.E.            06 Sep 1887     D096

Flowers, J.F.          Flowers, Mamie         7-Jul-13        Q234

Flowers, J.F.          Sullivan, Mamie        8-Jun-12        P268

Flowers, Lucretia      Edwards, Hyman M.      6-Jul-10        N229

Flowers, Mamie         Flowers, J.F.          7-Jul-13        Q234

Flowers, Mamie         Woodring, R.F.         28-Oct-18       V463

Floyd, Beulah Grace    Clark, Edward                          T377

Floyd, Cora A.         McKay, C.C.            30-Dec-03       J129

Floyd, Della           Copeland, William H.   11-Oct-08       L596

Floyd, E.W.            Peterson, Marie        28-Sep-12       P434

Floyd, Franklin        McBride, Martha        31-Mar-10       N080

Floyd, Franklin        Woods, Ruth            29-Aug-01       I029

Floyd, Henry           Salisbury, Emma        9-Jun-07        L008

Floyd, Laverne         Dodds, Wilbert         25-Feb-20       X220

Floyd, Thomas L.       Bright, Rose           3-Mar-19        W005

Fluck, Theresa         Cardener, E.K.         03 Mar 1897     G262

Fluck, Theresa         Cardner, E.K.          03 Mar 1897     G263

Flueler, Katherine     McLinden, John J.      2-Jul-10        N219

Fluke, William         Johnson, Eliza B.      1-Nov-06        K431

Flynt, George R.       Raphe, Lavina L.       26-Feb-03       I494

Focht, H.G.            Williams, Lulu B.                      S314

Focke, Henry           Rucker, Mayme                          S342

Focke, Leo B.          Peltzer, Martha E.     18-Jun-14       R023

Foddril, Goldie        Hall, Ray              24-Dec-10       N516

Foerst, Annie          Goeldner, William      26 Nov 1879     B005

Foerst, Katie          Kayser, George         02 Nov 1879     A462

Fogelberg, Guy         Smith, Opal Gussie     8-Jun-18        V200

Fogelstrom, Henry A.   Chrismore, Mabel       24-Mar-08       L346

Fogelstrom, Walter     Whitbeck, Lena         16-Mar-04       J184

Fogerson, Wayne        Goodwin, Zilsa         15-Oct-21       Z356

Fogg, Thomas B.        Botts, Ollie L.        30 Nov 1887     D171

Fogg, Warren H.        Ross, Malinda J.       17 Nov 1891     E423

Fogle, E.M.            Swaney, M.O.           11 Mar 1879     A407

Fogle, Grace           Mahony, Thomas                         S584

Fogle, Marry A.        Moore, James F.        18 Oct 1874     A137

Fogle, W.D.            Winesbery, Amy         9-Feb-20        X185

Fogle, W.G.            Lewis, Ouray C.        27-Nov-07       L218

Fogle, William         Brown, Annie           2-Sep-14        R125

Fogler, Hannah Jantz   Vandermarel, Henry                     T147

Foglesong, Bettie      Stanfill, Willis       23-Apr-21       Y599

Fohman, Mary           Batt, William M.       20-Jul-04       J298

Foiles, C.A.           Hare, Rosa             18 Sep 1899     H161

Foiles, Ora            Puterbaugh, W.M.                       S540

Folck, Ray             Eaton, Elsie           28-Jul-17       T534

Foley, James           Watson, Mable(bel)     28 Dec 1895     G022

Foley, James W.        Jones, Nelia           24-Dec-19       X076

Foley, Lavina V.       Barrington, A.B.       5-Aug-18        V305

Foley, Mabel           Garrison, Guy          14-Aug-17       T573

Foley, Ruth Margaret   Smyth, J.W.            10-Feb-09       M133

Foley, Vera            Hunsaker, Everett L.   8-Oct-19        W505

Folger, Earl J.        Willhoite, Ora Marie   14-Jun-21       Z047

Folk, Adeline          Gentzler, Luther C.    8-Jun-10        N178

Folker, Bernhardt H.   VanArsdale, Clara      9-Nov-09        M520

Folkers, Charles F.    Young, Edna Frances                    R562

Folkers, Clara         Janney, Henry          19-Feb-13       Q034

Folkers, D. Karl       Turley, Veta L.                        S153

Folkers, Dora B.       Wise, Leslie B.        26-Dec-13       Q474

Folkers, Margretta A.  Long, Harry E.         16-Feb-10       N018

Folkers, R.D.          Carroll, Clara         02 Mar 1884     C048

Folkers, Roy           Wilson, Florence       8-Dec-20        Y325

Follett, Katherine J.  Lavers, E.G.           27-Feb-09       M161

Folley, Henry          Buettner, Emma                         I455

Follmer, Katie         Williams, M.L.         27 Aug 1893     F188

Foltz, Dan S.          Pimlott, Louie M.      1-Oct-03        J039

Foltz, Fred            Nicodemus, Iva         16-Sep-13       Q326

Foltz, Lenora          Deffebach, Charles     30-Oct-00       H448

Folwell, Katharine H.  James, Augustus R.     27-Aug-04       J326

Folz, Frank C.         Mallonee, Ethel W.     6-Jun-17        T424

Fonce, Lorene          Johnston, Jack         11-May-18       V143

Fonda, Agnes F.        Parry, Frederick E.    15-Nov-08       M004

Fonda, Dorothy         Rippee, Edward Robert  9-Jan-22        Z545

Fonda, Florence        McInnes, Edwin         31-Dec-10       N515

Fonda, Katie V.        Lay, Jarvis V.         12-Dec-05       K136

Fonda, Katie V.        Loy, Jarvis V.         12-Dec-05       K136

Fonda, Myrtle          Russell, John          3-Jun-02        I261

Fondla, L.K.           Moore, Jessie          30 Oct 1897     G395

Fonke, Adelheid        Schreck, Henry W.                      S329

Foose, Jennie B.       Martin, Leander        20 Jun 1894     F373

Fooshee, C.M.          Nipper, Louise         18-Feb-13       Q033

Fooshee, Maggie        Colyer, Fred           05 Oct 1894     F413

Foote, Charles Kimball Bitting, Mary          15-Sep-09       M426

Foote, Daniel Charles  Wolff, Anna J.         07 Jan 1890     E060

Foote, Ernest E.       VanHuss, Luva G.       17-Jan-22       Z559

Foote, Hazel A.        Barnes, George I.      1-Aug-10        N262

Foote, John S.         Parker, Flora L.       24 Dec 1881     B224

Foote, Julia           Hibbard, George J.     6-Jun-07        L006

Forbes, A.S.C.         Smith, Harrie R.P.     10 Feb 1886     C390

Forbes, Anna           Crecelius, Isaac B.    21 Dec 1886     C558

Forbes, C.B. Larnce    Freeman, Bessie L.     26-Feb-18       V009

Forbes, C.D.           Dennett, Dollie        20-Feb-01       H526

Forbes, Erastus W.     Kelley, Sadie E. (Mrs.)26 Nov 1891     E430

Forbes, Flora          Parker, Alvis          29-Dec-09       M597

Forbes, Geraldine      Murphy, Harry J.       18-Mar-22       Z656

Forbes, H. Bert        Blank, Robertta                        T337

Forbes, Homer Allen    Dugas, Mary            29-Nov-17       U288

Forbes, Joseph         Herbold, Barbara       3-Jan-08        L272

Forbes, Lillie M.      Daily, Charles F.      09 Oct 1893     F223

Forbes, Roy            Kluber, Helen          22-Nov-21       Z442

Forbes, Sylvia Ruth    Hartley, Harry W.      20-Nov-13       Q430

Forbs, Sarah           Hudson, Ira            8-Feb-09        M132

Forby, Theo.           Cowan, Emma E.         14 Nov 1890     E247

Ford, Alfred A.        Healy, Mary E.         27-Nov-07       L215

Ford, Anna             Marshall, H.W.                         K443

Ford, Anna             Sanders, Dennis        9-Jan-02        I153

Ford, Anna             Saunders, Dennis       9-Jan-02        I153

Ford, Arthur M.        Trenton, Blanche       2-Sep-11        O305

Ford, Beatrice E.      Wilson, Mark E.        9-Nov-21        Z418

Ford, Bessie           Richmond, Albert       29-Dec-13       Q482

Ford, Chloe            Puckett, Frank Pierce  4-Dec-11        P004

Ford, Clifford         Wells, Irene           24-Apr-12       P213

Ford, Clyde            Nelson, Myrtle                         T022

Ford, Cora M.          Sturgeon, Edward T.    19-Jun-01       H616

Ford, D.W.             Bartels, Maggie (Mrs.) 02 Jun 1898     G518

Ford, David A.         Brown, Katie           09 May 1892     E544

Ford, Dora             Dawson, Frank          19-Aug-12       P374

Ford, E. Maude         Linn, George N.        20-Aug-02       I330

Ford, Edithe M.        Curran, James E.       25-Jun-18       V245

Ford, Edward Clarence  Aulam, Irene Maude     27-Dec-19       X086

Ford, Elizabeth        Gaede, Daniel          27-Apr-20       X356

Ford, Elmer D.         Curbow, Zola           29-May-18       V177

Ford, Elmer W.         Might, Wauneita C.     31-Oct-10       N420

Ford, Ettie            Arnold, George         11 Jan 1892     E476

Ford, Faral            West, Earl                             R577

Ford, Frank J.         Crane, Anna J.         07 Jun 1883     B378

Ford, Frederick L.     Kale, Mahuta E.        27 Nov 1879     B002

Ford, George P.        Archer, Bessie         8-Dec-10        N491

Ford, Grace E.         Morris, George W.      6-Aug-18        V307

Ford, Gracie May       Youngblood, Clyde H.                   S515

Ford, Harry L.         Burchfiel, Rose L.                     S539

Ford, Harry L.         Goodrich, Vinnie V.    20-May-06       K270

Ford, Hayes            Larson, Bertha Augusta 15-Aug-10       N275

Ford, Henry            Price, Della           13-Jun-11       O194

Ford, Hervey Lincoln   Shultz, Mary Byrd      29 Sep 1898     G577

Ford, J.T.             Foster, Allie                          S533

Ford, Jennie L.        McKenna, John          22 Jul 1885     C280

Ford, Lillian          Ogan, J.H.             9-Jul-14        R061

Ford, Lillian          Weaver, Walter         21-Dec-11       P027

Ford, Lucy A.          Myers, Frank L.        16 Apr 1894     F339

Ford, M.C.             Williams, John M.      3-Sep-20        Y080

Ford, Madge Irene      Threlfall, John H.     23-Jul-19       W310

Ford, Maie             Miller, Hallie R.      31-Jul-17       T545

Ford, Martha M.        Rowell, William R.     21 Oct 1893     F235

Ford, Mary Alice       Fisher, Joseph Ward    4-Feb-14        Q521

Ford, Mary C.          Crane, James T.        16 Feb 1882     B245

Ford, Mayme            Erickson, Ernest C.                    S626

Ford, Nellie           Winters, Ayers L.      1-Aug-21        Z176

Ford, Olive Gladys BlacAppling, Worth Wesley  6-Apr-19        W052

Ford, R.D.             Lishman, Ester Smith   9-Oct-13        Q369

Ford, Roxie            Yancy, Edward Lillard  24-Nov-13       Q434

Ford, Ruth             Dailey, George                         Z776

Ford, Thomas M.        Hatfield, Edith May    26-Apr-20       X352

Ford, Verna Cleo       Warner, Paul R.                        T078

Ford, W.M.             Forman, Minnnie        18 Dec 1886     C556

Ford, Warren C.        Labusier, Rose                         Y146

Ford, William          Simmons, Mattie        4-Dec-07        L224

Ford, William          Willey, Rosa (Mrs)     16 Feb 1899     H044

Ford, Zoe              Scott, Floyd           10-Nov-17       U198

Forde, Mittie          Thompson, John         15-Mar-19       W023

Forde, Nellie          Regnier, David         20-Dec-20       Y345

Fordham, Frank F.      Trobaugh, Addie Mertle 10-Jun-08       L433

Fordham, Reigh C.      Cooper, Bertha A.      28-Apr-03       I539

Fordyce, Fannie Fern   Brant, Melborn Roscoe  15-Jan-07       K521

Fordyce, Lora B.       Marlow, William C.     6-Oct-09        M463

Fore, Matilda E.       Lancaster, John W.     09 Nov 1882     B325

Foreman, Ella          Langan, James H.       07 Feb 1889     D487

Foreman, Frank         Blewett, Cecelia       28-Nov-14       R262

Foreman, Frank E.      Baker, Maude           3-Sep-19        W409

Foreman, Hattie        Duncan, Robert Jesse   25 Dec 1888     D460

Foreman, Henrietta     Ervin, Thomas          3-Aug-18        V302

Foreman, Ida           Cloud, M.H.            05 Aug 1893     F179

Foreman, Pearl         Hoff, Arthur C.        23-Jan-11       N564

Foreman, Sarah Jane    Devore, George         10 Dec 1879     B012

Foreman, Stewart       Hanes, Fannie          20 Feb 1884     C041

Foreman, Stewart A.    McAuley, May Alice     11-Jun-02       I270

Foreman, William       Loomis, Mattie         22 Sep 1884     C141

Foresman, Sue          Robinson, T.M.         09 Jul 1887     D057

Forest, Mary           Lemcke, Charles        09 Sep 1877     A285

Forger, Helen L.       Quiring, John B.                       S008

Forger, John           Quiring, Kate                          T015

Forgie, David M.       Wallace, Daisy         11-Nov-11       O411

Forgie, Loretta Irene  Ragland, John A.       29-Nov-11       O433

Forgy, Andrew J.       Hinchley, Annie F.     25 Dec 1873     A097

Forister, Edmond       Patton, Pauline        29-Apr-22       Z734

Forker, Laura E.       Vincent, William G.    19 Mar 1891     E312

Forman, Minnnie        Ford, W.M.             18 Dec 1886     C556

Formen, Ira            Graves, Cecil          27-Sep-21       Z311

Forney, C.N.           Hill, Pearl            28-Aug-19       W390

Forney, Edith Estella  Turner, Ernest Ray                     S225

Forney, Elza Lee       James, Hazel Lucile    28-Jun-13       Q221

Forney, Fred A.        Devine, Elizabeth      12-Jun-11       O193

Forney, Leander E.     Robinson, Elizabeth    04 Feb 1889     D486

Forney, Maude          Hatfield, True         30-Apr-14       Q612

Forney, Stanley S.     Wolf, Irma                             S152

Forney, William Edward Wood, Marie Violet     30-Jun-21       Z093

Forrest, Clara J.      Tabler, B.M.           15 Jul 1880     B078

Forrester, Charles T.  Stevenson, Myrtle      28-Jun-18       V252

Forrester, Ethleen     Peck, A.W.             01 Jan 1887     C568

Forrester, Genevieve   Boyer, Arlie J.        1-Aug-21        Z174

Forrey, Emma           Rhodes, George E.      22 Jan 1880     B031

Forrey, Louie          Treadwell, Walter E.   14 Dec 1879     B015

Forrey, Mattie E.      Spear, James F.        30 Aug 1881     B179

Forrey, Mattie E.      Speer, James F.        30 Aug 1881     B179

Forry, J.N.            Miller, Mollie         25 Apr 1877     A265

Forsha, L.H.           Gann, S.B.             7-Aug-21        Z186

Forster, Charles       Schreiber, Anna        22-Aug-03       I636

Forster, John J.       Hein, Mary Anna        3-Nov-20        Y239

Forster, Theodore W.   LaForce, Rita M.       21-Nov-21       Z440

Forster, Thomas L.     Haines, Eunice May                     S472

Forsyth, Carrie L.     Thompson, John M.      15-Nov-10       N447

Forsythe, Alma Maud(de)Dogny, Frederic R.     17-Oct-00       H436

Forsythe, Emma E.      Spainhour, H.V.        6-Jun-17        T426

Forsythe, J.A.         Guess, Jennie (Mrs.)   5-Jun-00        H332

Forsythe, Pauline      Henry, Virgle          20-Feb-11       O024

Forsythe, R.S.         Wilson, Ethel                          S220

Forsythe, Roy S.       Schwind, Phoeba        14-Mar-10       N054

Fort, Lulla            Brown, Horace          28-May-18       V170

Fort, Roscoe W.        Rollman, Edna E.       24-Jun-08       L450

Forte, J.A.S.          Johnston, Maggie       26-Dec-14       R303

Fortnam, Bessie Ruth   Wolf, Ellis            10-Jan-12       P060

Fortner, Albert B.     Hyatt, Cassie          19 Oct 1890     E221

Fortner, Clemmon L.    Ullery, Zella M.       9-Dec-20        Y318

Fortner, Margarie(gurieNeuforth, Edward W.    1-Nov-08        L627

Fortner, Marie         Moody, Bynum B.        31-Oct-20       Y234

Fortner, Roy L.        Sanders, Laura         24-Mar-12       P156

Fortner, William H.    Woodrow, Elizabeth     15-May-19       W142

Fortner, Zula          Graham, George P.                      T113

Fortney, William C.    Adams, Bertha          22-Jun-10       N200

Fortson, Hawthorne     Carter, Naomi          29-May-17       T393

Forward, Alma          Parsons, Charles P.(O.)13 Nov 1895     F625

Forward, Cecil         Lucas, Raymond Marcus  26-Nov-03       J090

Forward, Clarence L.   Forward, Ethel         11-Jan-08       L277

Forward, Delbert       Forward, Laura V.      19-Jul-02       I300

Forward, Delbert       Lumbert, Laura         25 Dec 1896     G222

Forward, E.W.          Dugan, Frances H.      5-Sep-00        H393

Forward, Ethel         Forward, Clarence L.   11-Jan-08       L277

Forward, Frank L.      Malone, Effie C.       28 Aug 1895     F582

Forward, George        Deming, Flossie        19-Dec-06       K485

Forward, Ida M.        Coulson, Frank H.      4-Mar-05        J513

Forward, Laura V.      Forward, Delbert       19-Jul-02       I300

Forward, May           Norris, Charley B.     10-Nov-02       I400

Forward, Myrtle        Russell, Walter        22 Dec 1895     G013

Forward, Olive Fern    Woodman, John T.       31-Jan-12       P084

Forward, Pearl         Halderman, Jess        29 May 1895     F547

Forward, Ralph         Regan, Katie           30-Dec-08       M080

Forward, Sadie E.      Brazil, Walter J.      21 Jun 1899     H110

Forysth, Irene         Coon, William R.       23-Nov-10       N467

Fosberg, Emma          Fowler, Oliver J.      29-Nov-21       Z458

Fosdick, Mary A.       Burnley, B.C.          29 Dec 1881     B225

Foss, Emma             Furlow, Austin         21-Feb-22       Z621

Foss, Marguerite E.    Schlink, Frank A.      17-Nov-02       I403

Fossett, W.D.          Jacobson, Jessie Belle 3-Feb-04        J157

Fossleman, Kate        Reed, Alexander        12 Apr 1877     A264

Fosten, Mary A.        Zogelmann, George J.   25-Nov-13       Q431

Foster, Allie          Ford, J.T.                             S533

Foster, Alpheus P.     Wells, May P.                          T038

Foster, Alvina         Evans, Robert          23-Nov-21       Z449

Foster, Bernice        Hunt, A.F.             4-May-18        V130

Foster, Bertha         Hereford, J.E.         10-Jun-13       Q191

Foster, Bertha M.      Oehler, Arthur F.      4-Sep-11        O305

Foster, Bertha M.      Orhler, Arthur F.      4-Sep-11        O305

Foster, Carrie         Muma, Lewis B.(P.)     26-Feb-02       I188

Foster, Clara J.       Reeves, Roy            24-Dec-06       K501

Foster, Clarence       Johnson, Mary          19-Jul-20       X591

Foster, Clarissia      Henderson, C.P.        16 Sep 1877     A283

Foster, Clate          Mathews, May           23-Jul-19       W311

Foster, Edward L.      Gibson, Millie B.      8-Nov-02        I399

Foster, Ella           Hanes, Virgil R.       16-Jul-14       R066

Foster, Emma           Colen, Arvel           17-Jan-19       V569

Foster, Emma A.C.      Kipers, Henry J.       19-Jul-07       L056

Foster, Fannie         Simpson, George        4-Dec-07        L222

Foster, Florida        Foster, John H.        08 Nov 1893     F249

Foster, Floyd E.       Wilson, Louise         13-May-19       W138

Foster, Frank G.       O'Connor, Ellen        20-May-13       Q145

Foster, Frank Ray      Martin, Alice Marie    6-Apr-22        Z692

Foster, George E.      House, Adele Marie                     S426

Foster, George W.      Ballou, Alice G.       23 Oct 1889     D638

Foster, George W.      Ketzner, Frances       7-Nov-06        K416

Foster, George W.      Williams, Lizzie T.    06 Apr 1881     B150

Foster, Georgia I.     Harbaugh, John P.      16-Jul-17       T508

Foster, Homer M.       Bradley, Alpha J.                      S516

Foster, Ira M.         Spring, Hazel Edna     1-Sep-18        V353

Foster, J.E.           Love, Ruby Lee         22-Dec-14       R291

Foster, James          Scott, Flora M.        01 Jan 1873     A056

Foster, James          Werner, Rosa           22 Aug 1898     G559

Foster, Jennie (Mrs.)  Foster, O.O.           03 Dec 1896     G201

Foster, John           Vanhorn, Maud          27-Jul-12       P349

Foster, John H.        Dixon, Florida         08 Nov 1893     F249

Foster, John H.        Foster, Florida        08 Nov 1893     F249

Foster, John T.        Davis, Cordelia H.     18-Sep-01       I047

Foster, L. Carl        Waugh, Lola May        10-Jul-20       X571

Foster, L.H.           Jankus, Katie          22-Oct-03       J061

Foster, Lelia          Williams, Leroy C.     6-Apr-10        N086

Foster, Lewis S.       Schreffler, Edith M.   15-Jan-21       Y415

Foster, Lillian M.     Strickler, T.J.        14-Nov-19       W605

Foster, Louise         Marsh, Virgil P.       27-Jun-06       K306

Foster, M.K.           Etnire, Ben S.         19-Jun-21       Z053

Foster, M.Y.           Mullen, Olive E.       2-Jun-20        X447

Foster, Madge          Cunningham, Carl       16-Mar-20       X258

Foster, Marguerite     Hurst, Hugh Dee        1-Oct-14        R168

Foster, Martin L.      Goldsborough, Eva M.   17 Jan 1894     F297

Foster, Mary           Beltz, John            14 Aug 1885     C290

Foster, Mary           Murphy, Ray            2-Oct-12        P439

Foster, Mary E.        Stephens, Frank        28-Dec-18       V541

Foster, Mary Elizabeth Crumley, Albert        25-Mar-18       V053

Foster, Mary H.        Nichols, B.F.          27-Oct-14       R212

Foster, Matilda        Stout, John F.         18 Nov 1873     A092

Foster, May            Mahony, Richard        21-Oct-08       L615

Foster, Milton D.      Mitchell, Frances      30 Dec 1894     F469

Foster, Minnie         Martin, Benjamin F.    12-Nov-12       P512

Foster, Murilla V.     Vogenitz, Loren V.     25 Mar 1894     F331

Foster, Nannie         Pechin, Lester         1-Jun-08        L411

Foster, O.O.           Foster, Jennie (Mrs.)  03 Dec 1896     G201

Foster, Prudence       Arnold, Fred D.        9-Oct-20        Y181

Foster, Ray E.         Miller, Bonnie         11-Aug-20       Y018

Foster, Raymond V.     Stanfield, Thelma Opal 18-Jan-19       V572

Foster, Rollo Bart     Hogue, Hazel Belle                     S448

Foster, Roy            Fry, Mary              19-Apr-09       M225

Foster, Ruby L.        Hardie, J.M.                           R623

Foster, Ruth E.        Smith, Harry I.        2-Feb-13        Q015

Foster, Silas Howard   Ellis, Edna            22-Feb-12       P120

Foster, Sophia         Bolman, George M.      27-Nov-12       P541

Foster, Tom W.         Craig, Bessie          30-Apr-19       W100

Foster, W.B.           Sympson, Elizabeth                     T186

Foster, W.P.           Schaffer, E.M.         07 Jul 1885     C275

Foster, W.S.           Rolph, Lu              29 Sep 1897     G368

Foster, Walter C.      Simson, Dora M.                        R504

Foster, Wilbert E.(O.) Binkley, Mary E.       07 Apr 1897     G280

Foster,Albert PickeringButler, Ruth Bernice   7-Feb-00        H268

Fostnaught, Henry M.   Malcome, Dora          15-Sep-21       Z281

Fostnaught, Katie      Ritter, I.D.                           R552

Foth, Alice            Kogler, Charles        19-Sep-09       M433

Foth, Flora            Godown, R.A.           29-Oct-21       Z389

Fouch, Ora D.B.        Atkinson, Nora M.      16-May-07       K630

Foucher, Mathilde      Fouquet, Charles Leon  06 Nov 1875     A176

Foucher,Francois DesireLevy,Marie Adele Michel16 Sep 1890     E115

Foudray, Robert L.     Smith, Ida B.          18-Dec-07       L242

Foulds, C.S.           Quinn, Margaret                        S390

Fouley, Ola Merle      Carrier, Daniel S.     16-Apr-22       Z712

Foulk, Daisy           McAdam, James W.       31-Aug-21       Z248

Foulk, Ella            Miller, Cary           15-Jun-18       V220

Foulk, John C.         Caster, Delia C.       14-Apr-06       K245

Foulk, Nellie          Sickler, N.B.          19-Sep-11       O327

Foulk, Sarah M.        Dennett, Clarence M.                   R446

Foulke, E.L.           Updegraff, Clara B.    16-Jan-06       K177

Foulke, Fannie         Haskins, Charles       04 Oct 1880     B098

Foulks, R.A.           Gibson, E.N. (Mrs.)    22-Feb-00       H279

Foulston, Edmund Leroy Schnert, Hazel Gertrude29-Apr-11       O125

Foulston, Sidney L.    Heckard, Pauline Donez 4-Jun-20        X453

Fountain, Beatrice     Morgan, C.R.                           T168

Fountain, Florence EditWilliamson, C.H.       14-Dec-20       Y335

Fouquet, Charles Leon  Foucher, Mathilde      06 Nov 1875     A176

Fouquet, Robert C.     Kropf, Della           29-Sep-14       R153

Fourth, Anna J.        Naw, John                              I254

Foushee, M.M.          Pinkston, W.H.         16-Jan-12       P067

Foust, Clarence B.     Nichols, Gertrude M.   28-Sep-21       Z314

Foust, Jennie          Sherman, Samuel R.     04 Dec 1889     E032

Foust, May             Jewett, John A.        24 Nov 1884     C169

Foutch, J.A.           Ratcliff, Ida E.       30-Jun-20       X548

Foute, Anna M.         Howard, Bengmone C.    17-Dec-18       V516

Fouth, Anna A.         Chadwick, James R.     5-Dec-02        I420

Fouts, Clarence        Miller, Mary           9-Sep-08        L559

Fouts, E.D.            Walker, Margurite      14-Feb-13       Q031

Fouts, Ethel F.        Henderson, J.T.        13-Jun-06       K293

Fouts, Eugene P.       Bear, Libbie           23 Oct 1873     A088

Fouts, Harry J.        Babb, May              17-Feb-09       M147

Fouts, Hildreth        Yungmeyer, C.W.        6-Jan-20        X112

Fouts, Iva Irene       Gordon, Claude G.      27-Aug-14       R118

Fouts, Mary Lucile     Oates, Granville Lee   12-Feb-19       V606

Fouts, Nellie (Mrs.)   Manion, George W.      14-Aug-09       M376

Fouts, Nora B.         Connolly, Pat          20-Feb-20       X213

Fouts, Nova M.         Rader, Fletcher H.     18-Apr-12       P196

Fouts, Price           Westfall, Mary J.      28-Aug-18       V356

Fouts, William L.      Deichman, Bertha Mae   25-Jun-19       W244

Foutz, Helen B.        Cahoon, Fred M.        12-Dec-05       K137

Foutz, Lewis           Pettijohn, Leo L.      10 Oct 1882     B311

Foutz, Olive M.        Lowe, R.N.             12-Aug-03       I629

Fowkes, Warner         Dixon, Mollie          1-Jan-18        U429

Fowle, Mary C.         Sailsbury, Cyrus       01 Sep 1894     F392

Fowler, Benjamin F.    Bigbee, Lura           31-Oct-00       H445

Fowler, Beulah         Waller, John Lyle      21-Dec-19       X057

Fowler, Charles S.     Harrington, Rosa       26-Nov-03       J094

Fowler, Charles S.     Thomas, Belle          03 Jul 1895     F563

Fowler, Charles S.     Tyler, Ebby            25-May-13       Q155

Fowler, Doris          Weyl, Deerwood         20-Nov-18       V489

Fowler, Edgar L.       Monticue, Audrey M.    8-Feb-20        X184

Fowler, Elsie          Fletcher, John S.      16 Jul 1876     A212

Fowler, Emily B.       Allison, James         03 Sep 1895     F586

Fowler, Erma L.        Rose, William H.       9-Jan-13        P621

Fowler, Eunice         Smith, Joseph E.       27-Aug-20       Y060

Fowler, H.C.           Smith, Luvina                          T371

Fowler, Harvey         Martin, Maggie J. (Mrs.20 Oct 1889     D638

Fowler, J. Berton      Wallin, Francis May    14-Jun-05       J600

Fowler, James F.       Shonts, Ethel M.       23-Jun-13       Q213

Fowler, James M.       McMurtry, Maud         24-Dec-13       Q474

Fowler, John G.        Lagal, Mary M.         11-Apr-06       K242

Fowler, Katie          Hinnen, L.A.           5-May-09        M246

Fowler, L.T.           Lippincott, Beryl      27-Dec-11       P030

Fowler, Laura M.       Brown, Samuel C.       24 Sep 1884     C139

Fowler, Leona          Ludlow, J.M.           7-Oct-12        P445

Fowler, Lester A.      Howard, Edith Esther   28-Dec-19       X085

Fowler, Lottie         Fink, Charles G.       24-Dec-09       M573

Fowler, M.E.           Wing, J.W.             23-Jul-04       J302

Fowler, Mamie S.       Garven, William S.     29 Nov 1894     F448

Fowler, Marietta       Grow, Leon             3-Jul-19        W268

Fowler, Marion         Lee, Frank A.          3-May-20        X373

Fowler, Marjorie       Shaw, Andrew F.        25-Aug-17       T594

Fowler, Mary A.        Richards, E.P.         17 Mar 1878     A321

Fowler, Mary E. (Mrs.) Irvin, Thomas J.       09 Mar 1893     F095

Fowler, Mary M.        Robinson, William      3-Nov-17        U163

Fowler, Maud           Hamilton, Edward E.    16-Nov-08       M008

Fowler, Mayme          Henry, J.B.                            T060

Fowler, Oliver J.      Fosberg, Emma          29-Nov-21       Z458

Fowler, Pearl          Mouser, C.H.                           T231

Fowler, Raymond G.     Robertson, Mary Marilda6-Jan-20        X108

Fowler, Ruth           Wolfforth, Eastin      31-Jan-20       X167

Fowler, W.F.           Arbongast, Garnett     24-Jun-21       Z078

Fowler, W.T.           Swesholts, F.M.        16-Jun-18       V222

Fowler, Willard E.     Dutton, Grace E.                       T074

Fowler, Yula M.        Dietz, C.L.            3-Jul-17        T486

Fox, Alfred A.         Clark, Nettie          27 Dec 1893     F282

Fox, Bessie E.         Hoofer, William R.     27-Nov-12       P536

Fox, Charles F.        Conkey, Eva            17 Nov 1891     E422

Fox, Daniel W.         Nipper, Juaneta J.     28-Jun-06       K312

Fox, David             Baldoc, Elisabeth                      C176

Fox, David             Baldoc, Elisabeth      17 Dec 1884     C187

Fox, David             Smith, Elizabeth       01 May 1875     A157

Fox, Dayle C.          Cain, Edna Gladys      18-Dec-19       X050

Fox, Della (Mrs.)      Rambo, William N.      9-Aug-12        P362

Fox, Earl              Mahaffey, Rosie        14-Aug-20       Y023

Fox, Elmer E.          Evans, Marian Frances  1-Dec-18        V503

Fox, Frank Edward      Wetmore, Maebelle Izora22-Jun-04       J268

Fox, Garnet            Wagner, Charles        18 Feb 1896     G048

Fox, George S.         VanArsdale, Sylvania (M16 Feb 1879     A400

Fox, Hope              Stewart, Laura         13-Apr-06       K243

Fox, James F.          Kennedy, Bridget T.    09 Mar 1886     C403

Fox, James R.          Graham, Julia          01 Jun 1889     D546

Fox, John Leslie       Enoch, Edith West      15-Sep-07       L122

Fox, John R.           Brown, Christine       7-Oct-03        J048

Fox, Joseph            Tolan, Mary            25 Nov 1886     C537

Fox, Laura             Brown, Virgil S.       22-Jul-17       T521

Fox, Leona M. (Mrs.)   White, George          01 Mar 1898     G471

Fox, Lillie            Jacques, F.M.          23 May 1897     G304

Fox, Lizzie            Gossett, William       14 Oct 1888     D403

Fox, Lucile            Stanley, Harry         28-Aug-17       T597

Fox, Lucy              Dewey, Lauren R.       08 Dec 1888     D451

Fox, Lydia Fay         Blinn, Paul H.         14-Jun-20       X488

Fox, Martha S.         Ellmore, Alfred        16 Oct 1879     A456

Fox, Martin G.         Neubecker, Bessie      18 Jul 1899     H127

Fox, Mary              Crow, J.D.             05 Sep 1878     A357

Fox, Maud              Gass, Martin           26-Nov-07       L214

Fox, Mildred           Logan, James           7-Jul-20        X564

Fox, N.S.              Linn, Eva E.           26-Jun-06       K307

Fox, Newton S.         Williamson, Anna(nie)  04 Mar 1895     F501

Fox, R.W.              Parmiter, Maud         21-Feb-12       P109

Fox, Roy               Shrope, Ada M.         16-Mar-18       V039

Fox, Zoa               Morphew, Fred          5-Dec-21        Z469

Foxworth, F.G.         Taylor, Ruth           8-Jul-14        R061

Foy, Callie A. (Mrs.)  Greenwade, Luther T.   14-Jan-09       M101

Foy, Clarence          Cope, Ruby             8-May-07        K626

Frable, Ethel          VanWye, Fred S.        21-Feb-10       N027

Frable, Guy Thomas     Harberson, Rita A.                     S339

Frable, Mary           Goranson, Karl Emil    30-Jun-20       X545

Frable, Rita H.        Shipley, J.L.          10-Oct-18       V440

Fracktman, Joseph      Steinberg, Inda        10-Aug-07       L080

Frager, C.N.           Williams, Pearl        22-Apr-03       I535

Fraizer, Carrie        Lyon, L.H.             16 Apr 1899     H068

Frakes, Charles A.     Leggett, Isabell       31 Jan 1887     C580

Fraley, J.R.           Bailey, Ladessa        22-Aug-17       T589

Fralick, A.C.          Fenn, Leone M.         21-Mar-14       Q574

Fralick, R.C.          Searl, Fern            12-Jun-20       X481

Frambers, Raymond L.   Whittaker, Harriett M. 8-Feb-11        O007

Frame, Bessie          Simms, Martin L.       18-Aug-18       V327

Frame, Esther M.       Sullivan, C.S.                         S247

Frame, Gladys          Lane, John Elmer       11-Mar-22       Z652

Frame, Josie A.        Woodall, George W.     01 Feb 1888     D213

Frame, Lee O.          Price, Katheryn                        R637

Frame, Minta           Thomas, M.L.           23-Dec-02       I435

Frances, Aubrey        Cox, Ethel             7-Aug-00        H470

Francesco, Cora I.     Wherritt, Alonzo C.    07 Dec 1890     E258

Franch, Carrie         Flinn, Joseph          15-May-18       V148

Francis, Alice         Squires, Charles E.    6-Dec-20        Y321

Francis, C.D.          Cheatham, Lois         24-Dec-21       Z500

Francis, C.F.          Laming, Zella          18-Jun-00       H342

Francis, E.M.          Wey, Hilda Jeanette                    S098

Francis, Etta          Cormany, F.W.          11-Aug-17       T572

Francis, Eva           Westfall, Martin                       S125

Francis, Hattie A.     Poenisch, Charles B.   08 Nov 1891     E417

Francis, Herbert       Garrison, Alverda      23 Jan 1895     F482

Francis, James K.      Durand, Maggie         21 Sep 1893     F207

Francis, James K.      Rhoades, Carrie H.     29 Dec 1896     G226

Francis, Lavonia       Reed, Abram            31 Mar 1879     A415

Francis, Lota          Walter, Charles M.     6-Mar-09        M170

Francis, Lydia M.      Zaring, Harvey O.      28-Jun-03       I592

Francis, Mary          Phillips, George F.    4-Dec-20        Y318

Francis, Nina B.       Blades, Wellington     25-Apr-06       K250

Francis, Oscar N.      Pollard, Flora L.      30-Dec-08       M070

Francis, Tillie Durell Snyder, Tillman Homer  25-Dec-20       Y365

Francis, W.A.          Jacoby, Mary M.        20-Dec-06       K489

Francis, W.D.          Greenburg, Mayme       5-Aug-01        H545

Francis, William A.    Faul, Mary             07 Feb 1885     C208

Francisco, Cecile      Barnes, A.             19 Sep 1897     G359

Francisco, Maria       Davis, Carl H.         20-Nov-13       Q425

Franck, Emma C.        Wareham, Manly C.      3-Oct-06        K397

Frank, Anna            Cooper, Abraham L.     09 Oct 1889     D627

Frank, C.W.            Griffith, Catherine    2-Oct-20        Y158

Frank, Charles E.      Bailey, Clara M.       26 Jun 1884     C093

Frank, Clarence        Willhour, Jennie       19-May-12       P236

Frank, Helen Marie     Gardner, Arthur J.     1-Sep-18        V366

Frank, Minnie M.       Keister, James B.      30 Sep 1889     D618

Frank, Richard E.      Jones, Mary J.                         S359

Franke, Amelia A.      Noltemeyer, Henry W.   06 Oct 1887     D122

Franke, Edward G.      Hartman, Hilma         7-Dec-21        Z470

Franke, Katherine M.   Laughlin, W.E.         24-Jul-17       T523

Franke, Mary Rose      Hawks, Frank C.        16-Feb-09       M141

Franke, Richard S.     Borstner, A. Mary      17 Oct 1887     D133

Franke, Samuel U.      Murray, Maude A.       29-Dec-09       M597

Frankel, A.            Kamensky, Rose                         S543

Frankenberger, Lulu    Stuckey, R.L.          2-Jul-21        Z104

Frankenfeld, Phillip   Thomas, Jennie L.      28-Dec-04       J456

Frankenfield, Arthur   Brown, Lela            31-Aug-08       L541

Frankenfield, E. Pearl Fegtly, Arthur W.      14-Oct-17       U078

Frankin, Henry         Baldwin, Mary          8-Feb-10        N010

Franklin, Andrew J.    Rose, Lucy Ann         04 Nov 1871     A018

Franklin, Cora Irene   Hays, William W.       06 Mar 1894     F321

Franklin, Daisy        Sawin, H.E.            26 Oct 1898     G596

Franklin, Elois        Olson, Jack            5-Oct-18        V429

Franklin, Esther       Howland, J.C.          5-May-04        J227

Franklin, Florence     Hunt, Charles N.       24-Oct-04       J393

Franklin, Frankie      Lucas, John L.         22 Jun 1886     C457

Franklin, Fred         Stout, Violetta        14-Apr-04       J214

Franklin, George Lewis Eaton, Hazel Blanche   15-May-18       V150

Franklin, H.H.         Stewart, Emma          6-Nov-11        O401

Franklin, Hallie       Lockhead, W.R.                         S484

Franklin, Hazel Andrus Miller, Stephen Ray    19-Oct-19       W531

Franklin, Helena M.    Wilson, T. Scott                       R502

Franklin, Hugh         Wallace, Bessie M.     8-Nov-20        Y255

Franklin, Irene        Carter, George H.      01 Apr 1891     E318

Franklin, J.F.         Seal, Frankie          17-Mar-07       K574

Franklin, J.W.         DeShane, Sarah         02 Oct 1883     B414

Franklin, Lena         Wilson, George         17-Jul-12       P338

Franklin, Lulo         Frick, C.E.                            S613

Franklin, Mark         Moore, Anna            20-Feb-00       H277

Franklin, Marshall     Irwin, Alice           3-Dec-08        M033

Franklin, Marshall     Pierson, Alice D.      15-Feb-11       O019

Franklin, Mary         Johnston, James        1-Oct-12        P437

Franklin, Mary B.      Ruth, Charles          19-May-06       K272

Franklin, Mattie May   Paul, Ed William       5-Jul-10        N225

Franklin, N.M.         Davis, Dora            5-Nov-02        I397

Franklin, Oma          Wright, Ford L.        28-Aug-21       Z240

Franklin, S.B.         McGee, Carrie F.       15 Jun 1887     D035

Franklin, Sadie A.     Handley, John          11 Mar 1894     F324

Franklin, Sarah A.     Leonard, W.M.          29 Dec 1887     D190

Franklin, Will         Bevins, Carrie         23-Aug-13       Q288

Franklin, William      Sharpe, Lizzie         31 Jul 1886     C476

Franks, C.L.           Watson, Lena M.        3-Mar-01        H534

Franks, Ernest         Harvey, Ida May        04 Oct 1890     E211

Franks, W.J.           Scroggy, Tula          20-Aug-13       Q282

Franks, Wallace W.     Preston, Blanche F.    18-Mar-05       J523

Franssen, R.           Dirksen, Sarah M.      10-Oct-10       N380

Frantz, A.P.           Waugh, Susie E.        10 Sep 1885     C301

Frantz, Eli            Boyer, Emma            27-Dec-05       K161

Frantz, Harper W.      Neher, Alberta R.      6-Jun-20        X458

Frantz, John M.        Johnson, Cora B.       25 Feb 1892     E504

Frantz, Josephine      Gossi, Balthasar       24 Oct 1889     D639

Frantz, Ruth E.        Betts, Vilas D.        1-Sep-21        Z244

Franz, Arthur E.       Pyle, Inez W.          17-Aug-07       L076

Frase, Emma            Larrison, L.O.                         T005

Fraser, Frederick J.   McKibben, Maud         31-May-06       K281

Fraser, Nellie Farr    Severns, James Orange  25-Mar-12       P159

Fraser, Rose           Russell, A.C.          28-Oct-18       V462

Fraser, Samuel H.      Welch, Rosa M.         8-Mar-12        P140

Frass, Julius          Myers, Lynn            15-May-20       X406

Frawley, Frank Lindsay Carey, Elizabeth Marie 7-Nov-06        K435

Frawner, John F.       Haggard, Elizabeth Viol10-Jun-11       O186

Fray, G.A.             Street, Selona         16-Feb-04       J165

Fray, Henry B.         Bailey, Elizabeth (Mrs)16 Mar 1898     G478

Fray, Solenia          McGee, Frank                           R429

Fraze, Nettie          Coulson, Eldon         14-Apr-07       K605

Frazee, B.L.           Kissick, Lula          28-Aug-20       Y062

Frazee, Burt           Carter, Lena           17 Jul 1897     G326

Frazee, Charles        Martin, Lula           12 Dec 1894     F456

Frazee, Edward         Moore, Monnie          23 Sep 1896     G152

Frazee, George         Botts, Hildred         2-Feb-22        Z585

Frazee, Harry W.       Hodges, Lulu           12-Apr-19       W069

Frazee, Leon           Black, Alta                            T223

Frazee, Lewis          Royse, Lizzie          19 Jun 1895     F556

Frazee, Lizzie         Orr, Edwin             17 Feb 1898     G462

Frazee, Rosa           Marshall, John         20 Sep 1891     E384

Frazee, William S.     Devore, Billy Belle    15 Oct 1890     E219

Frazee, Willian N.     Reitz, Cecil M.                        T182

Frazer, H.E.           Spitler, Lena L.       25-Sep-02       I360

Frazer, J.W.           Hobbie, Katherine      4-Feb-08        L297

Frazer, Lockie         Shoemaker, Sherman     01 Feb 1894     F308

Frazer, William Vernon Harris, Cora Udel      24 Mar 1897     G272

Frazier, Cecila        Read, Earl E.          1-Apr-22        Z682

Frazier, Charles H.    Satterfield, Loveta    20-Nov-09       M532

Frazier, Corda         Moore, Ora             22-Jun-11       O213

Frazier, E.D.          McDerment, Hannah      23-Jul-19       W309

Frazier, Ella          Richmond, Guy (George) 08 May 1897     G297

Frazier, G.W.          Miller, Rozza B.       17 Aug 1887     D083

Frazier, Iva H.        Palmer, Julia          1-May-18        V121

Frazier, John          Jackson, Hattie (Mrs.) 6-Sep-00        H386

Frazier, Lizzie        Lynch, R.              1-Jun-18        V183

Frazier, Mayme         Rountree, Harley       7-Jan-14        Q498

Frazier, Pauline       Lott, Melvin H.        18-May-18       V156

Frazier, Raymond P.    Fatout, Florence Ruth  3-Sep-19        W408

Frazier, Retta         Miles, J.C.            19-May-13       Q150

Frazier, Robert F.     Motton, Mary J.        16-Feb-01       H522

Frazier, Russell W.    Griffith, Grace        20-Oct-19       W539

Frazier, William VernonHarris, Cora Udel      24 Mar 1897     G272

Frazier, Zono          Blase, Franklin L.     9-Dec-17        U318

Fread, Cora A.         Akenblad, Andrew J.    05 Jan 1893     F050

Fredenburg, John       Peters, Marie          22-Jul-19       W308

Frederick, Charles JoseSchoap, Elizabeth Marie14-Feb-20       X196

Frederick, Earl        Dobson, Bessie         25-Nov-11       O429

Frederick, H.K.        Smith, LaVone          10-Feb-21       Y471

Frederick, Harold      McCart, Florence       3-Nov-17        U165

Frederick, Kate        Dierking, G.H.         11-Sep-08       L561

Frederick, Katherine   Bentley, Frank J.      10-Aug-09       M370

Frederick, Katie       Crowe, Jasper C.       16-Sep-08       L569

Frederick, Marie G.    Leach, Harrison T.     15-Apr-20       X332

Frederick, Norman      Damel, Augusta         13-Dec-12       P563

Frederick, Rachael     Sterling, H.S.         10-Jun-12       P270

Frederick, W.P.        Yarnell, Elsie         24-Dec-20       Y366

Fredericks, Alice HelenGrounds, John William  18-Apr-09       M223

Fredericks, Amaca M.   Muller, Nicholas       01 Apr 1885     C235

Fredericks, Charles    Beckett, Susie         17 Oct 1889     D635

Fredericks, Esther     Dolphon, Orville                       R485

Fredericks, Isaac      Tobias, Ida            07 Sep 1889     D603

Frederickson, Ella     Burkhart, Herbert B.                   S267

Frederickson, Ruth     Smith, Elmer           24-Jul-19       W312

Frederiksen, Nancy     Perkins, Andrew        23-Dec-11       P032

Frederiksen, Thomas J. Runyon, Myrtle         8-Jan-10        M613

Frederikson, Edward T. Frederikson, Ella      23-Feb-15       R368

Frederikson, Ella      Frederikson, Edward T. 23-Feb-15       R368

Fredrick, Ethel        Calvin, Harlie(rtie)   16-Jan-13       P637

Fredricks, Ferdinand   Wolf, Minnie (Mrs.)    25-Sep-00       H409

Fredrickson, Archie A. Davis, Hazel M.        30-Jun-20       X550

Free, Emma             Brown, L.A.            06 Feb 1876     A192

Freed, Thomas B.       Freeland, Sarah J.     6-Jun-06        K288

Freedley, F.C.         Reeves, Ethyl J.                       S304

Freedy, Bertha JosephinSmith, Max Warden      6-May-19        W124

Freegard, Beatrice NelsSmith, Albert                          S220

Freegard, Florence     Jecke, Max C.          24-Nov-08       M020

Freegard, J.A.         Bate, Fern             13-Jan-12       P064

Freegard, W.           Maddux, L.F.           25-Nov-12       P527

Freeland, Charles      Williams, Clara        19 Aug 1883     B400

Freeland, Eska         Warinner, F.W.                         S579

Freeland, Ethel L.     Howard, H.G.           30 Dec 1896     G226

Freeland, Lena         Glines, S. Sylvester   30-May-09       M270

Freeland, Ray S.       Corey, Bessie          18-Apr-09       M220

Freeland, Sarah J.     Freed, Thomas B.       6-Jun-06        K288

Freels, Anna M.        Gascoigne, Guy E.      23-May-00       H324

Freeman, Addie May     Johnson, Benjamin Frank4-Jul-11        O237

Freeman, Annie         Williamson, W.W.       12-Nov-18       V479

Freeman, Bessie L.     Forbes, C.B. Larnce    26-Feb-18       V009

Freeman, C.E.          Campbell, Addie        27 Dec 1898     H006

Freeman, Cecil         Gillespie, Ethel       24-Nov-21       Z436

Freeman, Charles       Shea, Bessie           12-Feb-07       K547

Freeman, Charles Allan Lang, Johannah         30-Mar-21       Y548

Freeman, Charles K.    Baughman, Lizzie R.    19 Nov 1885     C344

Freeman, Charles K.    McCormick, Nellie      19 Jul 1899     H127

Freeman, Charles L.    Elder, Lucy            12-May-02       I243

Freeman, Cora (Mrs.)   Mosley, W.C.           18 Dec 1898     G635

Freeman, Dovie         Hester, Zeph           30-Sep-07       L147

Freeman, Edith         Bessette, F.P.         5-Jul-06        K318

Freeman, Elizabeth     Reed, James            28-Jul-20       X614

Freeman, Ethel S.      Miller, Walton J.      1-May-11        O130

Freeman, F.P.          Skinner, Eliza E.      21 Dec 1878     A387

Freeman, George F.     Marts, Nellie R.       28-Aug-09       M393

Freeman, George S.     Mulvey, Anna R.        26-Jun-01       H625

Freeman, H.M.          Keller, Edith                          R408

Freeman, Harold E.     Wycoff, Martha Hazel   20-Jul-20       X584

Freeman, Harry         Cadwallader, Winnie    10-Apr-07       K600

Freeman, Hazel B.      Leighnor, D.C.         28-Apr-18       V115

Freeman, Henry         Slyter, Margaret       18-Apr-04       J216

Freeman, Henry S.      Rodney, Fannie L.      29 Nov 1896     G199

Freeman, Irvin F.      Hopkins, Nellie        5-Feb-08        L300

Freeman, J.H.          Hill, Olive                            S491

Freeman, Janie         Williams, Harry                        T173

Freeman, Jennie E.     Taylor, J.L.           27 Dec 1899     H240

Freeman, John W.       Ream, Mattie L.                        T056

Freeman, Joseph W.     Nolte, Mary C.         12-Jun-01       H610

Freeman, Laura         Davidson, A.E.                         S401

Freeman, Lee P.        Nelson, Jessie B.      31-May-20       X434

Freeman, Lizzie R.(Mrs)Fawcett, Charles L.    29 Oct 1898     G600

Freeman, Lulu May      Long, Grant            15-Sep-03       J018

Freeman, Maggie J.     May, John              20-Dec-17       U368

Freeman, Nellie        Rountree, Roy          24-Jul-12       P346

Freeman, Nettie        Moyer, H.A.            14-Jun-02       I272

Freeman, Nita          Scott, Rufus E.        26-Dec-09       M589

Freeman, Percy P.      Dobson, Pearl          27-Sep-03       J031

Freeman, R.D.          Kelly, Nellie E.       19-Feb-14       Q540

Freeman, Rosa B.       Starr, William H.      06 Jul 1891     E358

Freeman, Ruth          Russell, C.            27-Nov-13       Q442

Freeman, Sheldon H.    Barnard, May           6-Apr-19        W055

Freeman, Silas         Hughes, Addie          24 Nov 1898     G621

Freeman, Silas S.      Koehler, Emma          11-Aug-09       M372

Freeman, Theodore      Corbett, Belle         31-Aug-12       P392

Freeman, Thomas        Jackson, Ona M.        22-Oct-05       K086

Freeman, Wallace W.    Pitcher, Marjorie W.   22-Mar-19       W033

Freeman, Walter L.     Jurgens, Anna Ellen                    R441

Freeman, William       Henshall, Estella      03 Jun 1887     D023

Freemyer, Dave         Kincaid, Minnie O.     22-Jul-06       K332

Freese, Clara A.       Shannon, Harry W.      8-Feb-10        N009

Freese, Ida N.         Hope, L.D.             25-Jul-17       T527

Freeto, George William Crandall, Margaret Leon26-Mar-21       Y546

Freeto, R.E.           Woolf, Nell                            T181

Frei, Franciska        Skripsick, Michael                     C252

Frei, Johanna          Elsen, Nicholas        16 Nov 1897     G405

Freidline, Arthur      Cherry, Emma           2-Oct-12        P440

Frem, Lois             Young, Owen                            T260

Frenas, Pilore         Gero, Presina          28-Nov-20       Y278

French, Annie          Shoemaker, John B.     06 Mar 1887     C601

French, Benjamin       Vinton, Berdella Wyman                 R527

French, David          Gardenhire, Carolina   25-Dec-00       H486

French, David McComas JRobbs, Daisy Geraldine 12-Dec-14       R278

French, Elnora         Gibbs, Harry Willard                   S388

French, Emma           Richey, W.H.           21-Feb-21       Y485

French, Emma           Riggs, Gilbert M.      07 Nov 1892     F009

French, George E.      White, Nora L.                         S056

French, Grace L.       Hoenscheidt, George    8-Feb-10        N010

French, Harry A.       Wiske, Elizabeth A.    1-Jun-20        X430

French, Harry L.       Nudd, Ida May          7-May-13        Q137

French, Helen          Merryfield, Charles                    S554

French, Ida M.         Miller, W.T.           6-Apr-12        P182

French, James          Hopkins, Nellie        28-Jun-19       W253

French, James A.       Shaffer, Elmarita                      T090

French, Jane (Mrs.)    Sidney, Henry          11 Jan 1893     F054

French, Josie M.       Callaway, Edmund       25 Nov 1880     B112

French, L. Gordon      Wright, Alice          2-Dec-19        X011

French, Lewis Cass     Sullivan, Mary         7-Sep-05        K034

French, Mason          Snyder, Thursay        23-Dec-11       P036

French, Maud           Sneeringer, Alvin      31-May-11       O166

French, May            Parker, Roy            11-Sep-18       V391

French, Mayme          Montgomery, Ralph      23-Aug-21       Z233

French, Norah M.       Ikerd, Roscoe A.       27-Apr-21       Y605

French, Ray            Hart, Lillian          11-Nov-08       M001

French, Rosey          Dunlap, C.M.           6-Sep-13        Q307

French, Rosie          Stice, Phillip         9-Sep-09        M415

French, Sallie E.      Benner, D.S.           25-Nov-03       J092

French, Zureah AngelinePalmer, William H.     01 Jan 1873     A058

Frenche, Elizabeth M.  Ramsey, Lawrence M.    3-Jun-20        X450

Frentz, Charles        McMurry, Leota         4-Oct-14        R172

Frentz, Linda          Moore, Walter H.       16-Mar-11       O053

Fresche, Effie         Holloway, Lloyd        29-May-20       X435

Fresh, Jacob C.        Whiteside, Lillian M.  17-Apr-07       K608

Fretz, Isaac K.        Hartronft, Minnie B.   26-Aug-04       J323

Fretz, J.K.            Basinger, Mary M.      11 Apr 1885     C240

Freund, Anna           Mies, William Peter    27-Feb-22       Z605

Freund, Bertha Marie   Mies, Fred Joseph      19-Nov-18       V479

Freund, Chris          Horsch, Louisa         2-Apr-09        M202

Freund, Edward         Armbruster, Emma       23-Apr-07       K602

Freund, Frances        Reichenberger, L.N.    15-Oct-12       P437

Freund, Frances        Winter, Julius         29-Jan-13       P627

Freund, Frederick      Stump, Magdalena       20 Nov 1895     F619

Freund, Hilda          Jaax, Edward Jr.       30-Jul-19       W320

Freund, Ida            Ast, Andrew            14-Oct-19       W484

Freund, John           Gorges, Elizabeth      18 Nov 1890     E236

Freund, Kate           Ricke, Frank           15-May-00       H316

Freund, Katherina      Clasen, Christian      19 Aug 1880     B083

Freund, Maggie         Cordel, Nicolaus F.    27 Apr 1885     C243

Freund, Mathias        Eberz, Anna(nie) Mary  28 Aug 1891     E376

Freund, Michael        Kordell, Margaret      28 Apr 1880     B058

Freund, Pauline        Marx, Leo Martin       9-Apr-18        V056

Freund, William J.     Mans, Anna             6-Aug-12        P343

Frew, L.W.             Corder, O.E.           05 Sep 1887     D095

Frewert, Irene         Derbeque, J.A.         26-Feb-09       M160

Frey, Charles W.       McMurry, Frances       10-Nov-07       L194

Frey, Franklin         Gillette, Adelle M.    12 Nov 1895     F626

Frey, Henry            Simonsen, Johanne      5-Nov-13        Q410

Frey, Lulu M.          Lane, John L.          25-Dec-01       I140

Frey, Pearl            Nafziger, J.B.         10-Jun-11       O189

Frey, S.B.             Preston, L.B.          15-Oct-12       P459

Frick, C.E.            Franklin, Lulo                         S613

Frick, Lulo            Ash, C.A.              24-Apr-18       V110

Fricke, Edmund         Whitney, Emma          18-Mar-13       Q066

Fricke, Emma L.        Krase, Fred F.         8-May-01        H584

Fridley, Frederick     Reid, Christina                        A008

Frie, Johanna          Elsen, Nicholas        16 Nov 1897     G405

Friece, Etta           Moore, Reuben(Ruben) H.02 Oct 1890     E210

Friedberg, Moses       Heymann, Friedericka   03 Jan 1888     D194

Friedley, Jacob        Ayers, Alice C.        13 Aug 1885     C292

Friedman, Joseph       Werby, Eva H.          4-Jul-04        J284

Friedman, William      Luxnberg, Ester        21-Jun-14       R032

Friel, Susan           Wright, John F.        27-Jan-02       I168

Frieling, C.G.         Miller, Mildred        15-Feb-20       X200

Friend, Carroll        Stevens, Mary          9-Feb-18        U543

Friend, Catherine      Crossley, Andrew J.    16 Oct 1878     A368

Friend, David M.C.     Jacobs, Anne M.        16 May 1882     B271

Friend, E.L.           Wilson, Vivia          3-May-04        J224

Friend, Edna           Woodring, Charles Henry12-Apr-19       W071

Friend, Eliza          Bassett, Joseph P.     11 Apr 1880     B059

Friend, Eliza F.       Mendenhall, Andrew     26 May 1883     B374

Friend, Ella           Booth, J.R.            14 Dec 1879     B014

Friend, Everet T.      Volz, Ellen            01 Mar 1899     H050

Friend, Florence O.    Walters, George A.     25 Dec 1890     E268

Friend, George W.      Eckel, Frankie (Mrs.)  20-Dec-00       H482

Friend, George W.      Jameson, Nana(Nanna)   30 Aug 1893     F190

Friend, Grant          Burus, Elvra May       17-May-14       Q630

Friend, Grant          Crain, Lizzie M.       27 Dec 1891     E457

Friend, Harold         McAllister, Allie      14-Dec-19       X034

Friend, Howard         Bock, Annie                            B062

Friend, Howard F.      Bock, Anne             04 Nov 1880     B108

Friend, Howard F.      Nickerson, Bessie Alberta              T266

Friend, Inez May       Nickerson, Earl Julius                 T259

Friend, Laurence       Warlow, Gladys         18-Oct-21       Z361

Friend, Louisa         Langan, Maurice M.     13 Oct 1892     E628

Friend, M.L.           Borland, A.O.          17-Sep-02       I354

Friend, Mabel          Nichols, Frank         3-Mar-21        Y500

Friend, Maymie B.      Donohue, James W.      29-Dec-20       Y380

Friend, Myrtle G.      Ballard, Rollie Z.     9-Aug-02        I320

Friend, William        Johnson, Mattie        29 Dec 1877     A305

Friend, William        Simpkins, Ella         22-Jan-18       U497

Frier, W.T.            Whittle, Maude         2-Jun-17        T401

Friesen, John A.       Davis, Geneva Nadeen   15-Jan-19       V566

Friesen, Susie         Cox, George            26-Feb-21       Y495

Friess, Elizabeth      Landwehr, Frank        31-Jul-17       T528

Friess, Fred           Neises, Anna           27 Nov 1888     D434

Friess, John           Thome, Gudula          28-Apr-20       X346

Friess, Katie          Thome, Michel          11-Feb-14       Q512

Friess, Mathias F.     Roths, Mary M.         11-Feb-20       X156

Frigon, George E.      Green, Zella           10-Dec-10       N493

Friis, June C.         DeVault, Willie T.     3-Mar-12        P133

Friis, P.              Radke, Amelia          01 Sep 1888     D374

Frings, Godfrey        Morrow, Caroline       07 Apr 1894     F335

Frisby, F.W.           Bosley, Mamie          19-Sep-19       W452

Frisch, Emma C.        Nelson, Ernest N.      3-Sep-19        W409

Frisch, Julius         Springborn, Wilhelmine 08 Oct 1885     C317

Frisco, Oak Francis    Pitts, Versa           26-Jun-20       X536

Frisk, Carl V.         Huston, Nannette       29-Jun-10       N211

Fristoe, Fred P.       Plunkett, Ethlyn M.    13-Mar-20       X253

Frith, Gilbert H.      Houston, Ethel B.      20-May-14       Q639

Fritz, C.H.            Winchell, Zelda Lorena 5-Jun-20        X464

Fritz, Caroline        Armstrong, Edward      25 Nov 1891     E427

Fritz, Charles         Spitler, Blanche       18 Nov 1896     G185

Fritz, Clarence F.     Snyder, Marguerite     18-Jul-21       Z138

Fritz, Emma            Terry, Walter          17 Apr 1888     D275

Fritz, Emma M.         Riley, M.E.            15 Nov 1883     C005

Fritz, Flora           Clark, Albert B.       24 Nov 1897     G411

Fritz, Franklin A.     Spitler, Dora F.       24 Oct 1889     D632

Fritz, H.H.            Keltner, Florence      24-Sep-00       H408

Fritz, John H.         Titus, Marjorie Irene  3-Mar-20        X232

Fritz, Leroy A.        Catt, Edna             23-Aug-18       V340

Fritz, Ocia            Burke, Robert          6-May-22        Z755

Fritz, Sallie          Siever, Charles        17 Oct 1889     D631

Fritze, Charlie        Shupe, Della           7-Aug-20        Y007

Fritzlen, Christine    Christy, W.G.          27-Apr-21       Y606

Frizell, H.V.          Broadway, Bessie P.    02 Oct 1895     F604

Frizelle, Benjamin H.  Huff, Sarah Francis                    K125

Frizelle, Dora L.      Hart, A.M.             9-Aug-21        Z195

Frizzelle, Bessie      Decker, W.E.           18-May-13       Q145

Frizzle, Mary Ann      Wilford, Edward        16 Jul 1877     A277

Frobenius, Louise N.   Meyer, D.B.            16-Oct-12       P465

Frohlich, Richard      Reiche, Lena           08 Feb 1887     C584

Frohman, Alberta BeatriAlexander, George Homer1-Jan-03        I449

Frohman, Gertrude S.   Jones, Stanley M.      6-Oct-03        J042

Frohue, Charles F.     Gratton, Elizabeth H.                  R426

Froman, Vera           McSweeney, Charles H.                  V569

Frooman, Agnes L. (Mrs)Hawk, Wesley           03 Apr 1895     F518

Frooman, Capitola      Harp, Earl             26-Mar-18       V057

Frooman, Elam E.       Peckham, Aggie L.      16 Sep 1879     A446

Frooman, Elam E.       Wilkin, L. May         12 Nov 1895     F624

Frooman, Jennie I.     Denbler, Edward G.     22 Jun 1887     D040

Fross, Clarence E.     Grattan, Maggie M.     20-Oct-02       I383

Fross, Wesley W.       Devine, Marie          24-Apr-21       Y597

Frost, Clarence        Marshall, Dovie        5-Dec-13        Q449

Frost, Clinton D.      Bradley, Lenna J.      15-Jan-11       N553

Frost, Fred E.         Martin, Cornelia E.    15-Mar-04       J185

Frost, Harry R.        Braitsch, Minnie M.    17-Oct-05       K077

Frost, Henry A.        Brooks, Mary           15 Sep 1881     B180

Frost, Mary            Chaney, J.F.           13-Jun-18       V213

Frost, Ola Myrtle      Smith, James Harrison  29-Mar-19       W041

Frost, Rhoda J.        Clark, Samuel D.       02 Sep 1887     D093

Frost, S. Edward       Banta, Elizabeth       30-Jun-14       R049

Frost, Sarah Jane      Hurst, Arthur          24 Jul 1877     A279

Frost, Walker Claude   Close, Mattie          20-Jan-09       M111

Frueh, Max E.          Johnson, Jennie E.                     S638

Fruijer, Elsie         Estus, Oscar           11-Oct-21       Z344

Fruits, Odie           Nagley, Albert         16-Oct-19       W529

Frutiger, Samuel       Roberts, Glenn         21-Sep-10       N343

Fry, A.J.              Evans, Ruth            9-Apr-13        Q096

Fry, Aaron D.          Rosenberger, Victoria  17 Feb 1895     F495

Fry, Albert            Henninger, Louisa      05 Sep 1881     B192

Fry, Annie             Utz, Edward G.         12 Nov 1882     B318

Fry, Annie C.          Rosenberger, Henry C.  23 Dec 1894     F464

Fry, Archie Clark      Morgan, Dorothy Elizabe7-Aug-17        T561

Fry, Bertie            Rakestraw, George W.   10-Feb-08       L303

Fry, Blaine S.         Frymier, Maggie M.     18-Oct-05       K082

Fry, Christopher       Lindley, Emma          12 Feb 1879     A397

Fry, Clara E.          Maples, Erving         8-Oct-10        N382

Fry, Clifford          Danford, Adale         3-Feb-18        U528

Fry, Clifford C.       Rowland, Ethel         18-Sep-21       Z285

Fry, Daniel A.         Boyer, Mary M.         27-Oct-10       N414

Fry, Deborah A.        Zimmerman, C.S.        22 Mar 1877     A259

Fry, Delos             Zimmerman, Pearl                       S250

Fry, Eli               Bate, Osie I.          05 Nov 1890     E238

Fry, Elmira            Utz, Lawrence Guy      18-Dec-07       L237

Fry, George            Kinzer, Olive M.       14 Dec 1892     F031

Fry, George            Tucker, Cora           23-Dec-20       Y355

Fry, George H.         Murray, Lottie (Mrs.)  7-Mar-11        O043

Fry, George P.         Downing, Lillie        18 Mar 1886     C413

Fry, Gertrude          Ellington, Asa         10-Jan-12       P058

Fry, Henry             Hawkins, Amanda J.     05 Dec 1878     A387

Fry, Herman            Latham, Lillie         01 Jun 1892     E544

Fry, Hugh H.           Ross, Bernice          1-Aug-21        Z175

Fry, J.W.              Day, Ruby                              T288

Fry, Jonas             Hyde, Flora M.         12-Feb-07       K543

Fry, Joseph            Utz, Sarah             30 Nov 1882     B326

Fry, Juanita Marie     Connor, Samuel W.                      T357

Fry, June May          Slaymaker, William W.  18-Mar-15       R394

Fry, Kenneth S.        Krack, Murl Alden                      T058

Fry, Lillie Faith      Heiserman, Leslie A.   17-Mar-04       J189

Fry, Lora              Stevenson, W.A.        02 Sep 1897     G348

Fry, Louisa (Mrs.)     Schwerdfager, John     10 Oct 1886     C514

Fry, Lucy              Doty, Edward J.        23 Dec 1875     A181

Fry, Mary              Foster, Roy            19-Apr-09       M225

Fry, Myrtle            Humbolt, John L.       21-Feb-12       P111

Fry, Pearl             Johnson, Louis         21-Feb-12       P110

Fry, Rebecca           Trissal, Joseph        20 Jan 1881     B131

Fry, Russell           Edgington, Bertha      30-Nov-05       K122

Fry, Ruth              Bauch, W.R.            30-Apr-19       W106

Fry, Samuel            Cochran, Hannah M.     10 Feb 1895     F493

Fry, Sarah E.          Crawford, J.C.         29 Mar 1881     B144

Fry, William           Grady, Bridget         21 Sep 1889     D611

Fry, William P.        Beadle, Louvisa A.     08 Jan 1891     E282

Frye, Alfred S.        Cuthbertson, Effie L.  10-Sep-12       P407

Frye, Chloe M.         Tedrick, M.            27 May 1883     B375

Frye, Ezra Elmer       Liggett, Lulu Maude    21-Jan-09       M113

Frye, Floyd E.         Pearce, Minnie         2-Jan-19        V545

Frye, Frank F.         Rogers, Effie          23-Feb-10       N028

Frye, Goldie           Plummer, Jack          21-Dec-17       U351

Frye, Rebecca          Brown, W.H.            25-Dec-05       K156

Frye, Trissie E.       Royse, Edwin           23-Sep-08       L574

Fryer, Florence        Wilson, H.H.           14-May-09       M252

Fryer, Harriet M.      Mathewson, Frank S.    8-Nov-05        K102

Fryklund, Christia     Johnson, Gustave       24 Dec 1888     D464

Frymier, Maggie M.     Fry, Blaine S.         18-Oct-05       K082

Frymire, Florence I.   Bitler, Olen G.        15-Feb-10       N018

Fryson, Ethel E.       Roberson, E.E.                         S336

Fuches, William        Toner, Katie           22 Jan 1885     C200

Fuchs, Golden Caroline Real, Archie Floyd     31-Aug-21       Z247

Fuchs, Margaret H.     Hubbard, Henry S.      19-Jun-21       Z056

Fuentes, Francisco Cy  Contreras, Joaquina                    T383

Fuerte, Maretino       Urbina, Panblina       4-Aug-19        W328

Fuff, Ellen            Winters, Harry S.                      R580

Fuff, Virginia         Levitt, Irvin Reuben   13-Apr-21       Y576

Fugit, Everett Preston SeVart, Lucy           18-Nov-20       Y266

Fugit, James Lloyd     Donaldson, Beulah May  20-Dec-08       M054

Fugit, Tony R.         Oviatt, Nellie M.      8-Oct-07        L157

Fuhrman, Etta          Reed, G.W.             04 Mar 1888     D240

Fulk, Earl B.          Chase, Ethel S.        14-Sep-21       Z275

Fulk, Halley R.        Burditt, Anna          26-Mar-18       V048

Fulk, Winnie           Moore, Walter E.       14-Jan-18       U474

Fulkerson, Anna        Harnish, Charles A.    10-Sep-02       I347

Fulkerson, B.H.        Converse, Martha E.                    S036

Fulkerson, Charles A.  Blanpied, Ethel        23-Dec-07       L249

Fulkerson, Clyde R.    Wadsworth, Erma E.     7-Aug-21        Z187

Fulkerson, Cora A.     Kirkpatrick, H.F.      2-Feb-02        I170

Fulkerson, Daisy       McMichael, James       30-Jun-08       L464

Fulkerson, Hiland      Wyckoff, Janie         26 Oct 1890     E228

Fulkerson, J.H.        Coulter, Bell Inez Grac25-Sep-02       I363

Fulkerson, Laura L.    Spielman, Lee          24-Nov-20       Y295

Fulkerson, Mabel       Dewees, Wallace M.                     T198

Fulkerson, Pearl       Hickerson, W.E.        3-Apr-21        Y556

Fulkner, Mary          Allen, G.W.            3-Nov-14        R220

Fullem, Mary           Brazill, Thomas        19 Apr 1875     A155

Fullen, Rose           Beckwith, A.           27 Dec 1877     A305

Fullenwider, Margaret AMcWhirter, Lloyd L.    11-May-20       X394

Fuller, Alma           Williamson, F.K.       21-Sep-11       O335

Fuller, Annie          Snyder, Charles F.     15 May 1897     G300

Fuller, Bertha A.      Courtney, G.C.         2-Sep-08        L548

Fuller, C.E.           Leddy, Rose            13 Apr 1893     F130

Fuller, C.I.           Loomis, Cora           27 Jan 1887     C579

Fuller, Carl S.        Klasen, Anna           25-Nov-20       Y286

Fuller, Charles        Robb, Nettie           03 Sep 1891     E378

Fuller, Charles I.     Fuller, Cora L.        19 Mar 1899     H057

Fuller, Charles Irving English, Margie        26-May-10       N156

Fuller, Charles J.     Jones, Lillie May      3-Nov-21        Z401

Fuller, Cora E.        Ames, Robert N.        02 Apr 1890     E111

Fuller, Cora E.        Haas, Adam             24 Mar 1892     E522

Fuller, Cora L.        Fuller, Charles I.     19 Mar 1899     H057

Fuller, D.M.           Clegg, Ethel           22-Aug-06       K355

Fuller, Daisy E.       Balling, E.E.          23 Jun 1898     G529

Fuller, Dalton         Dillingham, Ulnah      6-Feb-08        L301

Fuller, Dewitt         Chambers, Minnie       30-Apr-11       O125

Fuller, E.B.           Stockdall, Florence A. 08 Feb 1898     G456

Fuller, E.L.           Caldwell, Lillian Bell 27-Jul-17       T530

Fuller, Edith H.       Clark, Walter B.       22-Jan-03       I470

Fuller, Ella           Ross, F.               25 Jun 1884     C091

Fuller, Emma J.        Holmes, John A.        09 Jul 1885     C289

Fuller, Eva O.         Rinehart, Jacob R.     09 Dec 1892     F030

Fuller, Florence E.    Fuller, George F.      31 May 1899     H099

Fuller, Floyd Vernon   Russell, Lillian Beatri7-Jun-18        V189

Fuller, Freeman T.     Michael, Minnie M.     18 Feb 1890     E081

Fuller, George B.      Shively, Mary E.       29 Jan 1880     B031

Fuller, George F.      Fuller, Florence E.    31 May 1899     H099

Fuller, Harry J.       Hasbrook, Ella S.      06 Jun 1894     F366

Fuller, J.M.           Osborn, A.A.           25 Oct 1888     D412

Fuller, Lena B.        Gibson, B.B.           18-Jun-02       I275

Fuller, Lillie B.      Barr, Will T.          10 Dec 1885     C354

Fuller, M.E.           Hansen, G.G.           14-Mar-00       H284

Fuller, Maggie H.      Zerbe, A.E.            22 Mar 1893     F101

Fuller, Manuel         Wilson, Louise         13-Jul-10       N238

Fuller, Marguerite     Grindstaff, William    24-Dec-18       V530

Fuller, Mary (Laura)   Howell, Thomas         08 May 1880     B067

Fuller, Mary A.        Date, J.H.             11-Sep-12       P410

Fuller, Maude          Maddy, G.E.            20 Aug 1887     D085

Fuller, Milo E.        Woodruff, Mary F.      02 Sep 1874     A131

Fuller, Nellie         Wells, Willie F.       13 May 1871     A009

Fuller, Nola           Rivers, W.W.           17-Jul-17       T509

Fuller, Opal Grace     Duncombe, Allan        4-Feb-22        Z588

Fuller, Roy Myron      Marrs, Dolores Mae                     S233

Fuller, S. Knight      Williams, Lucretia G.  12-Sep-05       K037

Fullerlove, Andrew J.  Creech, Margaret J.    31 Mar 1873     A066

Fullerlove, Grace      Loomis, Fred           19-Jun-11       O206

Fullerlove, William    Howey, Estella         12 Jul 1883     B390

Fullerton, Clara       Ayers, M.B.            11-Feb-18       U549

Fullerton, Fredda L.   Little, Edward F.                      R490

Fullerton, Lola        Colin, Charles G.      9-Dec-20        Y326

Fullington, Charles P. Noble, Elizabeth       27 Nov 1897     G413

Fullington, F.G.       O'Boyle, Josephine May 08 Dec 1898     G631

Fullington, Mary LouiseGarland, James V.      23-Jan-05       J479

Fullum, Earl           Wicks, Madge           16-Jul-21       Z134

Fullum, Flora          Boyd, G.R.             09 Feb 1880     B033

Fulmer, James          Williamson, Dolly M.   09 Sep 1884     C132

Fulmer, James K.       Dingle, Elsie          26 Oct 1892     F002

Fulmer, Nellie Mabel   Gass, John Raymond     6-Oct-12        P442

Fulton, Aliene         Scott, Roy C.          18-Oct-20       Y205

Fulton, Amanda E.      Elsea, Henry B.        13 Mar 1887     C606

Fulton, B.F.           Williams, Lillian M.   15 Nov 1888     D432

Fulton, Beth           Lyon, A.D.             29-Aug-17       T599

Fulton, Clarence R.    Goodfellow, Bertha May 30-Jul-02       I309

Fulton, Del L.         Wilson, Elma           5-Aug-11        O273

Fulton, Delilah        Elsea, W.J.            12 Dec 1883     C016

Fulton, Emma J.        Pratt, Thomas A.J.     08 Oct 1889     D626

Fulton, Eva            Smith, Glenn Carmeron  30-Nov-11       O440

Fulton, Glen C.        Miles, Bessie L.       8-May-18        V136

Fulton, J.M.           Hill, Elizabeth B.     27-Nov-01       I112

Fulton, J.M.           Booth, W.E.                            S389

Fulton, Jennie         Hagler, James B.       8-Jun-09        M285

Fulton, L. Beatrice    Higgins, C.L.          23 Dec 1897     G429

Fulton, Lark           Robinson, Colman                       T152

Fulton, Lillian M.     Reynolds, B.W.         25 Mar 1893     F086

Fulton, Lizzie         Corder, H.O.           23 Nov 1887     D167

Fulton, Lois           Lilley, Glenn H.       1-Jun-17        T401

Fulton, Lucile         McVicker, Paul         23-Dec-18       V529

Fulton, Luella         Blackburn, Will E.     16 Jun 1886     C455

Fulton, Mary           Hankinson, Tunis V.    08 May 1879     A422

Fulton, Myrtle         Muselmann, Henry       09 Sep 1895     F590

Fulton, Oliver S.      Henderson, Edith       07 May 1893     F132

Fulton, Ruth           Herndon, Baker         01 Aug 1889     D582

Fulton, Vesta          McElwain, Richard Allen27-Sep-17       U018

Fulton, Warrene        White, W.C.            25-Jun-13       Q216

Fultz, Beulah Agnes    Neece, A.E.                            S203

Fultz, Edna L.         Bestgen, John W.       24-May-08       L405

Fultz, Gladys A.       Keenan, Hanlon H.      3-Jan-15        R311

Fultz, Jacob A.        Chandler, Mary (Mrs.)  30 Oct 1890     E233

Fultz, Laura H.        Hickerson, C.C.        10 Feb 1897     G250

Fultz, Matthew         Hattan, Mary A.        16 Jun 1885     C266

Fultz, Richard         Smith, Annie           10-Jun-09       M290

Fultz, Russell         Easley, Jessie                         S594

Fultz, William A.      Maupin, Nellie C.                      D537

Fulwiler, James M.     Clark, R. Elenor(eanor)20-Mar-11       O060

Fulzenloger, Floris    Blackmer, Florence     3-Sep-19        W410

Fulzenloger, John O.   Lane, Maude Pearl                      S121

Fulzenloger, Mattie J. Hinton, Robert E.      22-Oct-12       P471

Fulzenloger, Nora      Cook, Cleve            18-Oct-11       O373

Fumerton, Pearl E.     Poffenberger,William A.20 Oct 1892     E639

Fummerton, William J.  Mountz, Elizabeth P.   28 Sep 1887     D116

Funchess, Ada          Kennedy, Robert E.     26-Mar-10       N067

Funk, Carlos           Colwell, Sarah                         S202

Funk, Claude O.        Ayer, Mabel N.         21-May-02       I248

Funk, Della C.         Miles, James           4-Jun-19        W188

Funk, Denzell          Sproul, B.B.           26-Feb-20       X218

Funk, Earl             Branson, Ella          17-Dec-18       V517

Funk, Edith            Haines, H.D.           17-Aug-21       Z218

Funk, Elizabeth        Drumm, Eugene          25 May 1889     D545

Funk, Ida M.           Brown, Ernest O.       2-Sep-19        W405

Funk, Lizzie Mabel     Sullivan, William R.   7-Oct-03        J049

Funk, Lottie May       Swisher, Emery G.      17 Oct 1899     H186

Funk, Lydia B.         Barringer, Aaron       14 Dec 1881     B214

Funk, Mamie            Smith, George W.       29 Feb 1888     D238

Funk, Melvin           Trapp, Mildred Marie                   R445

Funk, Pearl            Bether, Walter B.                      S019

Funk, Sarah E.         Esterly, Adam          11 Nov 1877     A299

Funk, Van L.           Marquart, Gladys Marie 2-Aug-20        X624

Funk, W.S.             Taylor, M.A.           24 Aug 1886     C486

Funke, Edward F.       Geile, Genevieve                       S612

Funke, Harry A.        McKiernan, Cecil E.    7-May-19        W121

Funkhouser, George W.  Edwards, Amanda        23 Nov 1895     F632

Funkhouser, Minnie I.  Church, George W.      15 Apr 1893     F115

Fuqua, Charles         Camp, Nellie C.        27-Feb-18       V010

Fuqua, Charley         Benedict, Francis      3-Sep-10        N309

Fuqua, Jessamine       Mallonee, Festus L.    11-Jan-04       J138

Fuqua, Jesse           Camp, Carrie L.                        T022

Fuqua, Joseph G.       Dobbin, Addie Maye     29-Aug-06       K356

Fuqua, Leslie          Hines, Mary            23 Aug 1889     D592

Fuqua, Marjorie J.     Smith, Henry D.        13-Oct-17       U048

Fuqua, Pearl           Brosius, Robert C.     1-Sep-08        L545

Fuqua, Thomas          Linam, Nellie          18-Feb-20       X206

Fuque, Eugenia         Bozzel, Harry          20-Aug-10       N285

Furbacher, Michael     Mareon, Lillian        30-Aug-12       P391

Furchau, Annie         Mueller, Gustave       26 Oct 1890     E229

Furcht, F.T.           Kimball, Anna          01 Feb 1888     D212

Furgason, Sarah E.     Baxter, Elmer D.       08 Nov 1886     C526

Furgeson, Leonard      Moore, Grace           26-Dec-11       P040

Furgeson, Nettie G.    Brant, Homer           15 Sep 1893     F200

Furguson, Charles B.   Greene, Surilda M.     08 Jul 1896     G116

Furguson, Millie       Salsbury, William O.   18-Nov-04       J419

Furlong, Carrie        Richardson, Herbert W. 23-Jul-08       L492

Furlong, Evelona       Maurer, Arthur George  16-May-11       O149

Furlong, Henrietta M.  Vaughn, Thomas F.      12 Jun 1877     A271

Furlong, Lula(lu)      Wilhite, H.A.          03 Jul 1898     G534

Furlow, Austin         Foss, Emma             21-Feb-22       Z621

Furman, Ernest         Gustafson, Freda A.    1-Feb-05        J487

Furnace, Fred          Hinthorne, Leona       05 May 1893     F128

Furnace, Thomas Leslie Ascue(ure), Emly Della 4-Jun-13        Q182

Furnas, Bert           Holder, Nellie         14-Nov-03       J080

Furnas, Edgar A.       Scoggins, Dorothy Dell 22-Feb-15       R366

Furnas, Fred           Hinthorne, Leona       05 May 1893     F128

Furnas, James          Kirkland, Leah         24-Jan-11       N566

Furnas, May            Weir, F.B.             19-Oct-08       L610

Furney, Floy           Bobier, Earl           4-Jun-21        Z021

Furnish,               Allphin,                               B076

Furnish, Arena May     Black, John J.         30 Jun 1889     D563

Furnish, Aura          Hayes, Bert            6-Aug-02        I317

Furnish, B.A.          Finn, Kittie           30 Dec 1896     G225

Furnish, Benjamin F.   West, Genevieve        18-Dec-19       X049

Furnish, Clarabelle    Phipps, Glen Charles   7-Mar-21        Y509

Furnish, Cora          Allen, Ira             7-Aug-09        M368

Furnish, Cora V.       Caton, Charles W.      17-Feb-06       K201

Furnish, Elias B.      Reynolds, Amanda E(Mrs)22 Feb 1891     E302

Furnish, Eliza M.      Trobaugh, C.W.         22 Jan 1888     D204

Furnish, Ethel May     Pugh, Joseph H.        20-Jul-05       J633

Furnish, F.M.          Bordeaux, Ethel        04 Oct 1898     G580

Furnish, Guy L.        Davis, Josephine       13-Aug-05       K011

Furnish, Jacob         Bryan, Mary (May) G.   22 Aug 1886     C483

Furnish, James W.      Allphin, Ida L.        08 Mar 1881     B142

Furnish, Jennie        Trobaugh, G.D.         05 Feb 1882     B240

Furnish, L.G.          Peavey, Minnie         03 May 1897     G292

Furnish, Lillian May   Clodfelter, Perry      2-Nov-14        R218

Furnish, Louisa A.     Jewett, Jasper S.      01 Dec 1880     B114

Furnish, Mary Jane(Mrs)White, Michael J.      10 Dec 1891     E440

Furnish, Mary T.       Cain, Houston H.       23 Sep 1886     C502

Furnish, Mattie        McKay, Albert          17 Nov 1881     B207

Furnish, Minnie B.     Sayre, Daniel B.       08 May 1881     B156

Furnish, Myron W.      Reed, Helen M.         10-Feb-19       V598

Furnish, Nancy         McCabe, W.F.           26 Jun 1887     D039

Furnish, Nancy J.      Allspach, Nathan       26 Jan 1881     B133

Furnish, Nellie RosettaGrounds,William Sanford20-Feb-07       K556

Furnish, Thomas J.     Brooks, Elzira E.      31 Dec 1879     B030

Furr, Charles M.       Scott, Jess            26-Dec-11       P042

Furrow, W.W.           Burton, Susie          27 May 1885     C259

Furtney, Elizabeth K.  Ittner, Leonard        30-Dec-12       P608

Fuss, J.F.             Costner, Amy           1-Nov-11        O395

Futch, Phronia         McElya, Hugh           27-Sep-03       J031

Futch, W.R.            Thurman, Virginia      16-Apr-19       W075

Futhey, Cecil          Cox, Evadana           28-Jan-20       X159

Fye, Florence E.       Murphy, W.S.           30-Mar-02       I211

Fye, J.R.              Bright, Vera           15-Jul-08       L481

Fye, J.R.              Cline, Wilma           7-May-14        Q619

Fye, R.J.              Maxson, Kittie F.      15-Jul-08       L482

Fye, Stella            Laker, C.H.            30 Sep 1899     H171

Gabbard, Charles E.    McCorquodale, Rachel   28-Sep-21       Z311

Gabbert, Flossie       Goodale, B.M.          6-Dec-00        H474

Gabbert, John          Powell, Eva            20 Apr 1885     C244

Gaberfalson, Eda       Benson, Ola            05 May 1878     A331

Gable, Chance I.       Sleeth, Fannie         26-Jul-05       K002

Gable, Charles W.      Myers, Sadie                           J532

Gable, Edith           White, Roy A.          6-Jul-19        W269

Gable, Elton           Tuttle, Bertha         16-Jan-13       P637

Gable, Herbert S.      Deck, Elsie I.         5-Jul-02        I291

Gable, S.H.            Wandel, Leta           2-Aug-13        Q267

Gabriel, Bessie        Penick, Buck           21-Jun-07       L029

Gabriel, Gladys        McMain, Albert         26-Feb-22       Z632

Gabrielson, A.         Johnson, Tillie        16 Jan 1886     C378

Gabrielson, Emil       Westburg, Helen        20-Jun-05       J606

Gabrielson, John       Wrightsman, Maisie     19-May-21       Y649

Gabrielson, Rosa Mabel Carr, R. Archie                        S406

Gackenbach, Annie M.   Bloss, George          8-Mar-05        J515

Gackenbach, Blanche E. Ehnis, M.A.            22-Jun-14       R035

Gackenbach, F.A.       Arner, Anna E.         14 Jan 1896     G033

Gadbury, J.N.          Castleberry, Sarah L.M.                S502

Gaddie, R.W.           Bender, Lizzie         14-Jul-08       L480

Gaddie, S.T.           Burge, Lena Mae        7-Sep-21        Z263

Gadeka, Elsa           Thomas, Hopkin         22-May-02       I250

Gadeka, Louise         Holtke, Henry F.       26 Sep 1886     C501

Gadeka, Marie Louise   Shults, Clarence A.    27-Nov-12       P539

Gadeke, August         Jones, Flora           1-Feb-03        I475

Gadeke, August         Winterlick, Lena Bertha30 Jul 1896     G126

Gadeke, Dorothy        Sence, Walter          3-Apr-20        X303

Gadeke, Flora          Stewart, Albert        14-Oct-21       Z349

Gadeke, Henry          Schlie, Johanna        17 Apr 1892     E531

Gadeke, Joahim F.      Ties, Helene M.        02 Jun 1889     D549

Gadeke, Louie O.       Tudors, Gladys G.      14-Jan-15       R325

Gadeke, Margaret       Lawson, J.M.                           T208

Gadeky, Cora Lee       Meekins, David A.      17 Feb 1891     E302

Gader, John N.         Pantenburg, Barbara    10 Jul 1888     D330

Gader, John N.         Zernia, Mary           17 Jul 1882     B285

Gader, Wilhelmina      Herbst, Henry          12-Feb-01       H509

Gadke, Lena            Pehl, Gustave          20 Nov 1896     G192

Gaede, Daniel          Ford, Elizabeth        27-Apr-20       X356

Gaede, Helen           Lipton, Otto Ernest    30-Aug-18       V355

Gaedike, Otto          Allison, Pearl                         T097

Gaertner, Oscar        Rich, Grace            16-Oct-21       Z355

Gaffney, Jack J.       Banks, Mildred Sarah Ja6-Jun-20        X460

Gaffney, Willie        Townsley, H.E.         2-May-00        H315

Gafner, Katie          Underwood, John R.     7-Oct-18        V431

Gafney, Sarah (Mrs.)   McLaughlin, Joseph B.  20 May 1894     F354

Gagan, Alta Mary       Landis, David Delta    16-Jan-13       P636

Gagan, Bertha A.       Hinshaw, John Clarence 12-Nov-03       J078

Gagan, C.F.            Hinshaw, L.W.          13-Sep-04       J341

Gage, George           Heth, Jamima           20 Aug 1898     G556

Gagen, Maud            Humbolt, Charley       7-Dec-13        Q449

Gager, Harry D.        Whitmore, Louise       11-Oct-09       M469

Gager, M.E.            Cook, Mary H.          03 Apr 1893     F110

Gager, Merton E.       Allphin, Sarah F.      04 Jun 1879     A432

Gager, Sarah F.        Knowles, H.A.          31 Oct 1888     D422

Gagwin, Abijah S.      Wade, Belle Ann        02 Sep 1892     E605

Gahan, Frank           Moss, Elsie            17-Aug-21       Z217

Gahm, Charles          Pugh, Blanche          7-Apr-13        Q096

Gahman, David          Baker, Lizzie          1-Jan-03        I451

Gahman, Mary Mable     Osborn, Ray Frank      2-Oct-06        K394

Gahman, Otis W.        Green, Edna            1-Oct-04        J365

Gahman, Owen J.        Barbrick, Myrtle       1-Jan-01        H497

Gain, Charles          Watson, May (Mrs.)     04 Dec 1889     E031

Gaines, Allie          Love, Fred C.          18-Mar-13       Q064

Gaines, Andrews        Warren, Mary           01 Mar 1894     F319

Gaines, Della          Vick, Judge            5-Sep-09        M407

Gaines, Edwin          Widdoes, Eliza Jane    21 Jul 1872     A041

Gaines, Golda          Brunk, M.L.            16-Jul-18       V282

Gaines, J.G.           Ray, Mary K.           31 Mar 1896     G075

Gaines, Mima P.        Hamilton, Don C.       28-Jul-13       Q258

Gaines, R.H.           McGinnis, Emma L.      18 May 1887     D012

Gaines, Rose           Edmonson, Garrie       5-Apr-20        X307

Gaines, Samuel O.      Merryfield, Emma       26-Sep-11       O343

Gaines, Thomas J.      Rotherman, Mary        20-Jun-20       X508

Gains, Henretta (Mrs.) Payne, R.R.            01 Jul 1899     H118

Gains, Julius          Cox, Sarah Henrietta   12 Feb 1890     E075

Gaiser, George         O'Conner, Mary                         S031

Gaiser, William H.     Doyle, Julia           15 Nov 1887     D157

Gaither, J. Warren     Brodbeck, Mabel V.     19-Feb-19       V621

Gaitskill, Bertha E.   Glasier, B.F.          21-Apr-18       V104

Gaitskill, Eugenia     Corbett, H. Marvin     4-Aug-20        X629

Gaitskill, Joseph E.   Lockett, Dora E.       22-Aug-17       T588

Galbraith, George K.   Holliday, Jennie       15-Dec-19       X041

Galbraith, Laura       Billingsly, N.J.       07 Apr 1889     D520

Galbraith, Veloiett    McKinley, William Allen                S438

Gale, Adelia           Stevens, George        25-Dec-01       I138

Gale, C.A.             Clark, Edith P.        19 Aug 1897     G342

Gale, Calvin A.        Harvel, Cora A.        28 May 1889     D545

Gale, Charles T.       Wait, Dolly            23-Oct-21       Z372

Gale, Earl G.          Jennings, Adaline      2-Dec-11        P002

Gale, George W.        Winsel, Alda E.        29 Apr 1889     D531

Gale, Nina Fay         Hobbs, William         19-Dec-07       L245

Gale, Rollo N.         Deckard, Bertha F.     3-Nov-11        O397

Gall, Clayton          Sadler, Mabel M.       14-Mar-20       X251

Gallagher, C.J.        Kildow, Emma           15-Sep-20       Y107

Gallagher, C.O.        Griffith, Eva E.       11 Oct 1899     H180

Gallagher, E.B.        Sabouris, Lena         3-Jul-20        X550

Gallagher, Elizabeth   Otjen, Christian       02 Aug 1899     H132

Gallagher, Gladys V.   Spicknall, Quintus R.  7-Jan-05        J466

Gallagher, Katie       Tyson, W.H.            16-Oct-07       L172

Gallagher, Maxfield W. Gully, Maria E.        02 May 1885     C250

Gallagher, Sarah Jane  Nicoles, Arthur Wilson 24-Jun-17       T460

Galland, W.H.          Innes, Bessie M.       24-Jun-03       I587

Gallant, Eugene G.     Simmons, Floy          23 Jul 1890     E174

Gallardo, Concha       Alvarez, Bicente       7-Jul-13        Q233

Gallardo, Jesus        Solorzano, Rafael      1-Oct-18        V421

Gallardo, Luis         Wilson, Mary                           N311

Gallatin, Vernice Maud Mays, Luther           10-Jun-13       Q190

Gallaway, Charles R.   West, Julia            24-Apr-20       X349

Gallegas, Juan         Baldez, Quiotilde      15-Nov-20       Y269

Gallegos, Anastaria    Valle, Arnulfo         25-Jun-13       Q212

Gallemore, R.C.        Perry, Zella           26-Jun-20       X533

Galletly, Alfred John  Clark, Marguerite Cathe18-Jan-21       Y417

Galletly, Irene ClarissTaylor, William Lee    31-Jul-10       N262

Galletly, Jane         Walker, William B.     18-Apr-14       Q597

Galletly, M.J.         Peck, R.A.             26-Apr-20       X352

Galletly, Robert F.    Busselle, Minnie Irene 28-Sep-09       M453

Galligan, Laura        Anderson, C.O.         17-Apr-21       Y581

Galliher, Carrie       Dever, D.L.            27 Jun 1886     C458

Gallon, Joseph C.      Simon, Marie Millie                    T296

Galloup, George B.     Hess, Blanche          19-May-09       M257

Galloway, A.           Peugh, Bertha C.                       T158

Galloway, Charles A.   Porter, Lillia         9-Aug-13        Q272

Galloway, Ella M.      Green, F.A.            2-Dec-02        I417

Galloway, L.J.         Larson, Frank          31-Aug-03       J006

Galloway, Mary         Miller, Jesse Daniel   9-Mar-21        Y514

Galloway, Nelle Violet Eldred, Howard L.      28-Jun-19       W250

Galloway, Willard      Morrow, Elsie Mae      27-Dec-18       V538

Gallup, E.P.           Mills, Florence        2-Oct-05        K055

Gallup, James          Shaffner, Katherine J. 30-Nov-00       H469

Gallup, R.C.           Manning, Neva          21 Mar 1896     G070

Gallup, Ray W.         Clapp, Erma            8-Jul-21        Z120

Galvan, Severiano      Loera, Donaciana       3-Dec-20        Y313

Gamann, C.E.           Price, Catherine M.    14-Feb-05       J498

Gambill, E. Morton     Guinn, Pauline         27-Jun-17       T477

Gamble, David A.       Rohrer, Adalina        26-Aug-12       P384

Gamble, G.W.           Donnelly, Grace P.     10-Jan-02       I156

Gamble, Josie          Dwyer, John W.         1-Mar-20        X226

Gamble, Lula           Spear, C.              3-Jul-17        T487

Gamble, Moses T.       Smith, Gertrude M.     27-Aug-06       K357

Gamble, Thomas H.      Webster, Alveretta     27 Oct 1882     B318

Gamel, H.C.            Durrant, Daisy B.      25-Jul-18       V291

Gamill, Earl H.        Hannon, Iris           8-Jun-18        V198

Gamm, Dena             Haydon, Lester         3-Mar-20        X231

Ganador, Lenore        Arriago, Lorenzo       10-Aug-21       Z197

Gandall, Charles C.    Bowen, Jennie          11 Nov 1885     C338

Gandel, Sarah          Martin, George         28 Apr 1884     C071

Gandell, Josie         Howe, Z.O.             25 Jan 1886     C384

Gandy, Elza            Hawk, Lillie May                       R483

Gandy, Homer D.        Pence, Gertrude        4-Apr-14        Q583

Ganey, Patrick         Hughes, Maggie         03 Oct 1894     F409

Gang, Otto B.          Summerhouser, Marie    6-Oct-13        Q361

Gangwish, Minnie       Smith, H.M.            1-Jan-09        M082

Gann, S.B.             Forsha, L.H.           7-Aug-21        Z186

Ganndles, Hannah       Nelson, William        09 Oct 1881     B198

Gannon, Patrick        Allebaugh, Minnie      19 May 1885     C256

Ganser, Lue            Wright, Albert         27-Feb-02       I189

Gant, Archie D.        Underwood, Cora L.     15-Sep-20       Y110

Gant, Eva              Stout, Ralph           10-Nov-12       P505

Gant, Mary E.          Rife, J.E.             31-Aug-02       I336

Ganzales, Bonifacio    Felipe, Antonia        28-Oct-17       U138

Ganzales, Jose         Florez, Francisca      22-Mar-18       V049

Ganzales, Jose         Garcia, Sofia          17-Aug-18       V327

Garaca, Fred           Holmes, Mary Louisa    23-Dec-19       X065

Garber, M.C.           Bradley, Lucy          21-Oct-00       H440

Garber, Maud S.        Edminster, Charles H.  25-Oct-11       O384

Garber, Myra Amelia    Wetterhold, W.C.       15-Jun-19       W214

Garberich, Lottie May  Kaufman, Hilbert       8-Feb-15        R350

Garberick, Carolyn M.  Howard, J.A.           15-Jan-21       Y414

Garboe, Edna Agnes     Benedict, Arthur       20-Feb-21       Y483

Garcelon, F.B.         Cornell, Susan Bower   30 Nov 1899     H220

Garcia, Fortino        Ortiz, Macarie         11-Feb-18       U547

Garcia, Jesus          Medina, Geromina       4-Mar-18        V018

Garcia, Jose           Martinez, Josefa       3-May-20        X376

Garcia, Manuela        Genemares, Nick        8-Sep-18        V377

Garcia, Nicolas        Pacheco, Cesecia       15-Sep-18       V395

Garcia, Refugnia       Magadalem, Refugino    26-Nov-20       Y298

Garcia, Salbador       Rodriquez, Andrea      20-Nov-20       Y281

Garcia, Sofia          Ganzales, Jose         17-Aug-18       V327

Gard, Alexander        Barnett, Nancy A.      29 Nov 1874     A144

Gard, Edward E.        McLain, Bessie         5-Mar-08        L330

Gard, Ernest A.        Traylor, Lucy          2-Jun-08        L418

Gard, Frank            Zimmerman, Mable       7-Jan-22        Z541

Gard, Maude A.         Kelley, Harold         14-Jun-05       J599

Gardener, Anna B.      Orendorf, George       13 Mar 1886     C409

Gardener, Florence     Sullivan, Russell      26-Jun-12       P306

Gardener, James        Coffee, Delia(llia)    21 Apr 1897     G285

Gardener, Rosa         Avance, Philip         13 Jul 1898     G539

Gardenhire, Carolina   French, David          25-Dec-00       H486

Gardenhire, Dorothy    Boyd, L.               1-May-22        Z742

Gardenhire, Minnie     Abel, J.W.             15 Apr 1897     G283

Gardenhire, Richard    Smith, Mamie                           R574

Gardenhire, William    Creeks, Mary           19 Apr 1876     A198

Gardiner, Anna Marie   Woodburn, John W.      21-Jul-03       I611

Gardiner, C.R.         Adell, Meldon          10-Sep-21       Z270

Gardiner, Charles      Krotz, Mary            18 Mar 1878     A323

Gardiner, Charlotte JoyBonnell, Joel Dewey    1-Oct-21        Z321

Gardiner, Ethel        Wilson, E.D.           5-Oct-07        L154

Gardiner, Florence G.  Farley, James F.       23-Jul-19       W294

Gardiner, George H.    Pope, Laura V.         28 Jun 1876     A210

Gardiner, Ida M.       Wagoner, L.D. (Rev.)   17-Sep-02       I353

Gardiner, Roy F.       Tomman, Carrie         25-Jul-06       K337

Gardner, Albert James  Reder, Nelle May       21-Jun-11       O209

Gardner, Arthur J.     Frank, Helen Marie     1-Sep-18        V366

Gardner, Burt W.       Way, Loma M.           20-May-05       J576

Gardner, Caroline      Schweiter, Henry       20 Mar 1873     A065

Gardner, Carolyn       Keagy, Howard S.                       R575

Gardner, Charles M.    Miller, Myrtle Gladys                  T230

Gardner, Charles W.    Price, Lillian L.      27-Oct-03       J064

Gardner, Clarence A.   Hoppel, Carrie M.      23-Sep-19       W466

Gardner, Edna          Tomman, Otto           16-Apr-18       V092

Gardner, Edward V.     Andrus, Dora Belle     26 Jun 1895     F559

Gardner, Emma          Goeldner, Adolph       04 Nov 1885     C331

Gardner, Ethel         Thayer, J.L. Jr.                       T039

Gardner, Fannie        Rogers, Harry          30-Jul-17       T544

Gardner, Fern          Crist, Markley                         Z571

Gardner, Florence A.   Ratcliff, William      29-Sep-06       K387

Gardner, Flossie       Walker, James                          S154

Gardner, George        Tenna, Lucille         19-May-00       H323

Gardner, Grace         Bowers, J.E.                           R485

Gardner, H.G.          Batrum, Doris M.       6-Nov-20        Y243

Gardner, Harry C.      Washington, Georgia    18-Feb-12       P113

Gardner, Harry W.      Warwick, Florence      4-Apr-12        P165

Gardner, Ida           Williams, George                       S550

Gardner, James M.      White, Lena                            T106

Gardner, John F.       Buchanan, Maggie J.    19-May-06       K271

Gardner, Laura         Marney, Ora James      27-Sep-10       N298

Gardner, Lucille F.    Carnes, Thomas M.      17-Mar-20       X260

Gardner, Lulu          Martin, Charles W.     11 Apr 1887     C626

Gardner, Mabel         Linfield, Louis        21-Mar-05       J526

Gardner, Margie        Peterson, N.W.         4-Feb-22        Z579

Gardner, Mary          Piggott, Edward S.     20-May-10       N147

Gardner, Myrtle F.     Blakslee, Charles E.   24-Nov-04       J427

Gardner, Neeley        Ross, Ibrilla          20-Nov-06       K453

Gardner, Nelson S.     Matson, Abbye          4-Jun-13        Q174

Gardner, Nola          Kneebone, Otto G.      24-Dec-18       V533

Gardner, Paul          Courtney, Ann          17-Sep-21       Z286

Gardner, Robert B.     Detweiler, Bessie E.   3-Jul-19        W266

Gardner, Robert M.     Carter, Winnifred M.   17 Sep 1894     F399

Gardner, Rosa          Dufton, Richard B.     04 Nov 1885     C332

Gardner, Ulah          Park, Frank Wilson     22-Nov-10       N460

Gares, Zula            Stirling, Walter S.                    S518

Garett, Effie          Sprague, Elmer         8-Oct-13        Q367

Garett, Srenia         Brewer, Rowland        28-Jul-13       Q259

Garey, James Francis   Cross, Coila           19-May-20       X411

Garfield, Walter R.    Hanna, Margaret E.     29-Aug-18       V359

Garger, James          Lewis, Eva M.          06 Sep 1883     B406

Garibaldi, David A.    Creel, Myrtle          11-Apr-01       H554

Garich, Vallia         Hampton, M.W.                          S569

Garland, James V.      Fullington, Mary Louise23-Jan-05       J479

Garland, Jeanette BerniCowman, Gilbert William30-Sep-08       L584

Garland, Lulu          Goff, Thomas F.        6-Jul-08        L474

Garland, May Ema       Walker, H.C.           12-Dec-12       P562

Garland, W.E.          Sponamore, Eleanor     27-Dec-20       Y372

Garland, Walter        Barrier, Marie         1-Dec-19        X012

Garlick, Floyd W.      Ruckle, Cora A.        31 May 1898     G514

Garlick, Prudence Anna Hall, Glen Wood        15-Aug-17       T578

Garlisch, Herman       Wymore, Minnie         7-Aug-09        M368

Garlock, DeFrone       Hatfield, R.C.         15-Feb-19       V615

Garlow, Sarah          Olinger, Thomas T.     16-Dec-19       X043

Garman, Dwight C.      Park, Grace M.         22-Sep-19       W464

Garman, George         Stuck, Stella          24-Sep-08       L576

Garmer, Leslie L.      Block, Flossie A.      26-Aug-17       T595

Garn, F.A.             Hamilton, Rebecca E.   23 Jun 1872     A038

Garnand, Vada Grace    Sharpsteen, Arthur W.                  S499

Garner, Alice          Barney, Cole           01 Nov 1894     F426

Garner, Elizabeth      Dandridge, J.R.        30-Apr-09       M206

Garner, Frances        Persyn, George T.      18-Sep-18       V399

Garner, Jennie         McPherson, Silas O.    12-Jun-09       M294

Garner, John T.        Wheeler, Beth          2-Aug-11        O268

Garner, Lorena E.      Joyce, Edward L.       19 Jan 1894     F299

Garner, Walter F.      Jacobs, Bernice M.     23-Nov-21       Z448

Garner, William        Cockman, Ada                           S236

Garner, Willie         Cline, Ruth                            S055

Garnett, Beulah        Kerr, B.F.                             T287

Garnett, Charles M.    Bale, Esther L.        17 Jan 1894     F298

Garnett, Daisy         Pipkin, Oscar S.       14-Feb-07       K546

Garnett, E.T.          McKeithen, Lillie      4-Feb-03        I477

Garnett, Earl          Hoff, Emma             1-Jul-09        M328

Garnett, Elsie         Clouse, George J.      30-Jun-20       X544

Garnett, Fred          Martin, Laura          14 Aug 1895     F576

Garnett, James L.      Caldwell, Mira         22 Oct 1889     E001

Garnett, James T.      Robinson, Nora         23 Sep 1886     C501

Garnett, John          Andrews, Hattie        22 Mar 1893     F102

Garnett, Lester A.     Martin, Lula May       12-Mar-21       Y518

Garnett, Maggie A.     Batson, Edward E.      02 Aug 1885     C288

Garnett, Mary          Waer, Frank M.         11-Aug-21       Z203

Garnett, Mary E.       Croson, F.A.           01 Dec 1888     D447

Garnett, Mary E.       Croson, F.N.           15-Oct-04       J378

Garnett, Minerva W.    Collins, R.F.          10 May 1887     D006

Garnett, Myrtle        Stoehr, Robert         21-Sep-20       Y114

Garnett, R.P.          Brown, Eva L.          18 Jan 1888     D201

Garnett, Ruby C.       Nichols, Walter A.     29-Apr-12       P211

Garnett, Ruth          Reitz, A.                              X479

Garnett, Tula          Robinson, Alfred B.    05 Feb 1893     F067

Garnett, Vernona       Simpson, Forrest       22-Nov-14       R245

Garnett, Vernona M.    Mason, William A.      7-Jul-18        V263

Garnett, Virginia LeotaTaylor, R.V.                           S297

Garnett, W.T.          Bruce, Belle           05 Jul 1896     G115

Garnez, Guadalupe      Araiza, Guadalupe      18-Feb-18       U566

Garr, Georgia          Campbell, Rolla        1-Jan-06        K166

Garr, John F.          Hahn, Ida May          8-Dec-09        M554

Garretson, Davis       Benton, May            9-Sep-13        Q311

Garretson, Dora        Miller, Fred R.        22-Sep-19       W463

Garretson, Elaine      Travis, Clyde          22-May-20       X422

Garretson, Katie       Rowan, Sheldon E.      26-Dec-05       K157

Garrett, Annie M.      Burnell, Sanford       04 Feb 1890     E069

Garrett, Avis E.       Clinesmith, F.L.                       S515

Garrett, Behm          Mullin, Cordelia       28-Nov-06       K464

Garrett, C.W.          Hitchcock, Hazel                       T008

Garrett, Clara B.      Martin, Neal D.        25-Dec-05       K157

Garrett, Clara Belle   Martin, Neal D.        14-Apr-01       H557

Garrett, Daniel Vynson Goddard, Gladys        12-Sep-08       L563

Garrett, Donald W.     Hatcher, Blanche       6-Oct-20        Y180

Garrett, Edgar         Barnes, Lulu Dora      23 Oct 1895     F612

Garrett, Emma          Morriste, James        22-Jul-02       I297

Garrett, Emma          Simmons, George W.     14 Jul 1897     G325

Garrett, Emma A.       Lappin, Gill A.        31-Oct-06       K430

Garrett, Fawn Boyden   Piatt, Elmer J.        25-Aug-09       M389

Garrett, Frank         Haden, Stella          6-Jun-00        H332

Garrett, H.L.          Gilchrist, Elsie M.    30-Apr-21       Y612

Garrett, Herman        Rogers, Ella           26-Nov-02       I410

Garrett, J.A.          Turner, Daisy Laura    6-Jan-09        M090

Garrett, J.J.          Beard, Clara                           A275

Garrett, J.J.          Beard, Clara           03 Apr 1878     A327

Garrett, Jennie        McCray, John           16 Nov 1895     F628

Garrett, Jessie        Turner, Otis           2-Apr-02        I214

Garrett, Joe Charles   Drury, Luverne Lucile  1-Dec-18        V505

Garrett, Mabel H.      Shepard, Clyde         27-Nov-18       V497

Garrett, Mable         Olivett, A.J.          19-Jul-09       M351

Garrett, Melvin        Hoover, Mabel          15-Oct-07       L169

Garrett, Nydia Pearl   Hoopes, Harry Foster   30-Aug-17       T603

Garrett, Robert        Steel, Hattie          22-Oct-03       J057

Garrett, Sarah J. (Mrs)Glass, Robert          17 Nov 1892     F017

Garrett, Vernice       Burditt, W.H.          20-Aug-14       R108

Garrett, W.L.          Mussett, Emma          15-Mar-02       I200

Garrett, Walter WilliamOwen, Wilby            5-Dec-19        X020

Garrett, William M.    Davis, Eva J.          24 Feb 1891     E305

Garrettson, Jessie     Travis, Charles        15-Feb-19       V611

Garrety, Francis J.    Cone, Sylvia           5-Apr-10        N084

Garrety, Richard CharleWolford, Hazle Lucile  14-Mar-18       V035

Garrety, Sadie A.      Oldfather, Ralph M.    30-May-18       V178

Garrick, Robert        McGargo, Vallie        24-Sep-10       N355

Garringer, Charles A.  Morrison, Emma         21-Jul-17       T518

Garringer, Clarsey     West, Henry Edwin      25-Feb-22       Z628

Garringer, Louisa      White, Dudley D.       07 Nov 1887     D150

Garrison, Alta         Markwell, William H.   04 May 1890     E134

Garrison, Alverda      Francis, Herbert       23 Jan 1895     F482

Garrison, B.N.         McDaniel, A.L.         5-Jan-05        J465

Garrison, B.S.         Merrill, Mary          04 Dec 1881     B213

Garrison, Bessie       Blankley, J.W.         5-Jun-18        V196

Garrison, Bessie       Hill, Guy M.           2-Apr-05        J535

Garrison, Charles M.   Grantham, Sallie M.    30 Jul 1871     A012

Garrison, Charles M.   Walters, Mary J. (Mrs.)02 Nov 1884     C153

Garrison, Charles W.   Mackie, Ella G.        18 Dec 1894     F460

Garrison, E. Glenn     Bell, Jessie B.                        R407

Garrison, Edith L.     Barber, Henry E.                       S435

Garrison, Edith L.     Stone, Thomas J.                       S233

Garrison, Edres        Holsey, A. Guy         25-Mar-20       X278

Garrison, Elsie M.     Cuenod, Marcel         23-Jun-06       K300

Garrison, Frank        Vail, Erma             16-Apr-13       Q111

Garrison, Guy          Foley, Mabel           14-Aug-17       T573

Garrison, H.D.         Hutchinson, Nettie E.  1-Jun-08        L417

Garrison, H.H.         Doyle, Carrie E.       20-Feb-22       Z618

Garrison, Helen        Anderson, Jesse                        T325

Garrison, Ida E.       Hoff, Charles          31 Oct 1883     B424

Garrison, Ida E.       Huff, Charles          31 Oct 1883     B424

Garrison, J.L.         McCay, Mary E.         26 Nov 1885     C345

Garrison, J.M.         Gordon, Grace          14-Dec-11       P015

Garrison, J.M.         Mackie, Grace A.       6-Feb-00        H265

Garrison, James W.     Brewster, Lola         02 Dec 1889     E031

Garrison, L.M.         Erwin, Laura J. (Mrs.) 17-Jul-11       O250

Garrison, L.O.         Fitzsimmons, Ruth Marie                T067

Garrison, Leroy        Andrews, Frances       17-May-22       Z771

Garrison, Lester M.    Kissick, Lulu C.       6-Dec-05        K128

Garrison, Lora Linn    Dobson, Edwin          8-Aug-17        T560

Garrison, Mabel RosettaRice, Harry Floyd      1-Apr-11        O074

Garrison, Margaret     Bullinger, Edward      01 Apr 1886     C419

Garrison, Mary         Hites, M.E.            6-Jun-21        Z025

Garrison, Mary A. (Mrs)Hoff, Charles          25 Jan 1892     E483

Garrison, Mary E.      VanDeventer, F.        30 Mar 1898     G483

Garrison, Mattie ArmstrLawson, C.J.           21 Dec 1887     D183

Garrison, Myrtle A.    Johnson, Herman E.     21-Jun-18       V229

Garrison, Nellie Olive Hyatt, Walter D.       28-Oct-11       O388

Garrison, Ora H.       Glinn, Anna            27-Mar-20       X280

Garrison, Orval L.     McMurry, Edith         5-Apr-05        J539

Garrison, Pearl M.     Upton, Estella Rose    24-Nov-21       Z450

Garrison, Regeina      Holsey, Henry N.       16-Jul-19       W289

Garrison, Ruth         Graham, Frank          7-Sep-13        Q306

Garrison, Sadie M.     Ryther, C.S.           26 Feb 1887     C596

Garrison, W.F.         Pearson, Mary          13 May 1886     C441

Garrison, W.F.         Taylor, Ellen I.       27-Nov-19       X003

Garrison, Woodford L.  Purkey, Nellie A.      7-Jun-10        N177

Garrison, Zula         Close, Elmer H.        4-Jan-22        Z537

Garriss, Cora E.       McCullough, Samuel J.  23 Apr 1882     B266

Garriss, I.P.          Green, Annie M.        7-Dec-03        J102

Garrisson, Ritta       Huff, James            20-Jul-07       L056

Garseia, Tomasa        Rios, Epigfanio                        T238

Garst, Anna M.         McConnell, Fred M.                     S538

Garst, Earl Stanley    Highbarger, Mary Lucinda               S257

Garst, Florence Grace  Bott, Frank H.         4-Dec-11        P003

Garst, Katie           Perkins, Nelson F.     1-Oct-13        Q350

Garst, Newton          Briger, Augusta        24 Mar 1888     D254

Garst, Pearl Mae       Hermann, Arthur E.     21-Sep-13       Q332

Garst, Renata          Titus, J.C.                            R563

Garst, Robert          Temple, Mary Beatrice  6-Oct-17        U034

Garten, C.F.           Heinburger, Paulina    4-Oct-11        O355

Garten, Estella        Bratcher, Marion       30-Dec-08       M079

Garten, Ethel          Sterba, E.J.           17-Oct-18       V445

Garthwaite, David      Hamilton, Mary A.      03 Nov 1878     A371

Garthwaite, Ella L.    Hamilton, Peter        18 Nov 1883     C005

Garthwaite, Jere       Showers, Ruth          5-Sep-14        R130

Garthwaite, Martha ElizBlackford, Ralph Cicel 29-Jul-10       N260

Garthwaite, W.T.       Dow, Kate S.           24-Aug-18       V341

Gartin, Strausie L.    Fink, Fred E.          31-Mar-20       X291

Gartley, Mabel         Manfull, L.B.          1-Oct-03        J033

Gartner, Frank         Laycock, Florence M.   15-Aug-08       L517

Garton, Bessie M.      Cole, C.A.             13-Jun-06       K293

Garton, Ralph A.       Scott, Mabel M.        28-Nov-12       P530

Gartrell, John W.      Hayes, Eliza R.        8-Apr-01        H550

Garven, William S.     Fowler, Mamie S.       29 Nov 1894     F448

Garver, Ann            Quinlivan, William     11-Aug-17       T571

Garver, George Jacob   Cox, Jennie Neva Coy   12-Jun-17       T441

Garver, James Luther   McCanless, Catherine Ma5-Jan-15        R314

Garver, Leah           Metcalf, Loyd L.       21-Jun-19       W232

Garver, Mary L.        McKenzie, Charles J.   12-Nov-03       J076

Garver, May            Whitlock, George L.    30-Jun-08       L465

Garver, Norman E.      Hawkins, Lettie E.     23-May-11       O157

Garvey, Charles C.     Newcomb, Elizabeth May 16 Jun 1897     G314

Garvey, Ellen          Turner, Nathan                         C186

Garvey, Frank          Harper, Grace          10 Sep 1893     F197

Garvey, James H.       Martin, Daisy          22 Jul 1885     C280

Garvey, Katie          Stotts, J.A.           14 Dec 1882     B328

Garvey, Lillian        Wright, F.L.           27-Jul-03       I614

Garvey, Lizzie E.      Greaves, John          10 Aug 1881     B178

Garvey, Maggie         Baenisch, Otto C.      06 May 1894     F347

Garvey, Rosa           Harrington, J.E.       26 Oct 1895     F613

Garvey, Thomas F.      Greaves, Harriet E.    03 Jul 1882     B285

Garvin(ven), Annie     Randolph, Will         19 Sep 1893     F199

Garvin, Mary E.        Parker, Eugene E.      24 Jan 1893     F059

Garvin, Miriam H.      VanMatre, C.V.         9-Jul-17        T493

Garwood, James         Riley, Filleseat       15 Oct 1879     A456

Garwood, Maggie M.     Corwin, Harmon(man) M. 25 Dec 1890     E270

Garwood, Mattie E.     Corwin, Joseph                         C509

Garwood, Wilberforce   Stevens, Malinda C.    23 May 1875     A158

Gary, Anna             Taylor, John B.        26 Jul 1893     F172

Gary, G.               Money, Jennie          12 Mar 1887     C600

Gary, Hettie           Crumbley, Walter                       R523

Gary, Laura            Kruger, Arthur L.      14-Aug-07       L085

Gary, Paul E.          Charles, Marietta D.   7-Nov-20        Y249

Gasaway, Clyde         Conarts, Bertha        13 Apr 1888     D270

Gasaway, J.T.          Stoneman, Mary         27-May-18       V167

Gasaway, Nettie        Bright, Henry          16 Mar 1893     F099

Gascoigne, Edward A.   Horn, Nellie A.        06 Oct 1878     A364

Gascoigne, Frances (MrsRobinson, William      27 Mar 1891     E315

Gascoigne, Guy E.      Freels, Anna M.        23-May-00       H324

Gascoigne, Hattie E.   Price, Theodore F.                     A025

Gascoigne, John        Markham, Frances J.    21 Jun 1885     C269

Gaskill, A.B.          Kirwin, Rose E.        17 Feb 1897     G256

Gaskill, Alburn        Chambers, Laura        05 Dec 1878     A383

Gaskill, Bert A.       Heath, Ida Bell        12-Oct-14       R183

Gaskill, E.S.          Rents, Lena            27-Dec-20       Y375

Gaskill, Faye          Maib, G.A.             19-Jun-18       V232

Gaskill, Josiah        Crane, E.O.            2-Nov-02        I392

Gaskill, Lewis W.      Smith, Cecil Y.        17-Feb-18       U558

Gaskill, Nettie S.     McDowell, E.E.         25-Dec-02       I438

Gasman, Ernest H.      Monroe, Margaret (Mrs.)5-May-10        N128

Gass, Cyntha           Root, Frank J.         16-Sep-11       O322

Gass, Daisy M.         Mercer, D.A.           26-Feb-06       K211

Gass, John Raymond     Fulmer, Nellie Mabel   6-Oct-12        P442

Gass, Lenard           Sloat, Clara           24 Aug 1899     H142

Gass, Martin           Fox, Maud              26-Nov-07       L214

Gass, Ruth J.          Metcalf, Robert B.                     R419

Gassen, John           Peterson, Esther       1-Jun-20        X425

Gasseur, Charles       Burr, Lucinda          16 Aug 1894     F388

Gasseur, Eva           Kumli, Philip Jr.      10-Jun-12       P271

Gasseur, Velma May     Mangold, John Franklin 25-Dec-12       P591

Gasshoff, Jacob        Nelson, Eva            21 Apr 1881     B153

Gasswint, Synthia KatheValentine, J.F.        12-Jun-17       T431

Gast, Annie            Black, Walter D.       10-Mar-05       J517

Gastil, Ellen          Therolde, J.F.         5-Nov-11        O398

Gaston, Leroy D.       Bracken, Byrl          21-Jul-17       T517

Gaston, R.H.           Johnson, Della L.      1-Sep-21        Z249

Gaston, Rosie          Hampton, Samuel        12-Apr-22       Z703

Gasway, Roda           Mote, I.V.             16-Nov-12       P516

Gates, Andrew Wallis   Norton, Filone Ives    1-Jan-03        I448

Gates, Arthur W.       Jones, Myrtle          20-Nov-01       I105

Gates, Bertha          Hanson, C.G.           21-Sep-10       N345

Gates, Bessie V.       Waters, George D.      16-Oct-06       K407

Gates, Clyde           Miller, Marie                          T115

Gates, E.H.H.          Humphrey, Blanche G.   12-Mar-13       Q059

Gates, E.S.            Harkins, Edith M.                      S471

Gates, Elizabeth       Bedell, A.J.           22-Aug-11       O291

Gates, G.              Hughes, Millie         29-Oct-06       K425

Gates, Herbert L.      Morgan, Martha A.      29-Mar-06       K234

Gates, Ida Viola       Sheppard, Howard F.    29-Mar-20       X286

Gates, J. Ward         Murray, Josephine      25-Nov-08       M024

Gates, Juanita         Sellers, Clark W.                      S221

Gates, Julia Forbes (MrBasley, Alfred         07 Apr 1885     C239

Gates, M.E.            Vreeland, Mabel        30-Jun-03       I595

Gates, Maggie          Bishop, Samuel L.      23-Feb-11       O029

Gates, Mildred         Schoap, Philip         3-Dec-17        U310

Gates, Nola Opal       Kingsley, Walter Eugene2-Jul-19        W265

Gates, Olga            Lowe, Chester L.       18-May-18       V154

Gates, Ora             Clinesmith, Myrtle Lee 11-Jun-21       Z018

Gates, Orval           Dunning, Lida                          S177

Gates, Vivian          Harris, Arthur         7-Feb-19        V598

Gatrell, Myrtle O.     LaClaire, James H.                     R547

Gatten, C.E.           Johnson, E.J.          22-Jun-03       I585

Gatton, Rhoda M.       Loughridge, Linn Wilson6-Dec-14        R272

Gatz, Irvin C.         Tuxhorn, Martha        29-Apr-19       W104

Gauger, Henry          Berndt, Minnie         04 Jul 1889     D566

Gaugh, Brooksie McKissiJohnston, Andrew       9-Jul-07        L047

Gaughan, E.W.          Harris, Annie          20-Mar-11       O057

Gaughan, E.W.          Metzen, Jennie         10-Aug-14       R091

Gault, Clara           Poush, L.S.                            T428

Gault, Lawrence Earl   Brooks, Gertrude Ruth  12-Apr-20       X318

Gault, Mahlon          Trent, Dott            30-Apr-10       N120

Gault, Mary            Hayes, S.E.            13-Aug-14       R097

Gault, Thomas H.       Hinkle, Jennie         26 Jun 1890     E159

Gault, W.D.            Hampton, Sarah E.      04 Nov 1895     F620

Gaume, James M.        Blanchard, Mabel V.    14-Apr-09       M218

Gaunt, William H.      Gilchrist, Ollie J.    04 Nov 1888     D426

Gauntt, Floyd          Carothers, Myrtle      26-Jul-19       W313

Gause, Clifford C.     Wright, Sarah F. (Mrs.)03 Nov 1892     F007

Gauser, Lue            Wright, Albert         27-Feb-02       I189

Gaw, Alden L.          Hewlett, Ethel F.      2-Mar-04        J179

Gawthorp, Myrtle       Casner, Bert           11-May-10       N135

Gawthrop, Claude       Ketchel, Garnett       5-Apr-22        Z687

Gawthrop, Fannie A.    Sleeth, J.W.           24 Apr 1895     F529

Gawthrop, Fred N.      Dwyer, Mary            09 Feb 1893     F067

Gawthrop, John A.      Miller, Mabel M.       2-Sep-03        J011

Gawthrop, Leander      Bennett, Lillie M.     04 Dec 1887     D171

Gay, Alice             Patterson, George      4-Apr-18        V073

Gay, C.R.              Williams, M.M.         13 Aug 1887     D082

Gay, Catherine         Simpson, William       19 Sep 1897     G360

Gay, Charles           Losure, Fannie         03 Jul 1882     B281

Gay, Emory             Klentz, Frederika H.   02 Jan 1887     C568

Gay, Erma L.           Wareham, Manly C.      31-Dec-17       U416

Gay, Extus L.          Crawmer, Alice         26 Nov 1891     E428

Gay, Franklin          Clark, Mary C.         12 Apr 1891     E323

Gay, Frieda            Moss, Don C.           22-Mar-11       O063

Gay, Gertrude Hazel    Arnett, Elmer F.       17-Mar-20       X259

Gay, Myrtle            Johnston, J. Penmore   19-Nov-12       P519

Gay, Oscar             Barnes, Gertrude                       T304

Gay, Thurman           Searl, Zola            1-Apr-21        Y555

Gay, W. Anchor         Brooks, Elizabeth E.   24-May-19       W157

Gayer, Susie           Green, Frank           11-Aug-07       L081

Gaylord, William S.    Bain, Fannie E.        15 Jul 1888     D342

Gazin, Olive J.        Shaner, Harry G.       19-Aug-08       L522

Gear, G.R.             Griffith, Irene        31-Aug-20       Y069

Gear, John A.          White, Cyntha C.       05 Feb 1882     B241

Gearhart, Florence     Redburn, George        28-Nov-17       U282

Gearhart, Ruth I.      Addington, Roy H.      26-Apr-06       K256

Gearheart, Eva E.      Davis, Roscoe R.       1-Jun-17        T400

Gearing, John          Bunch, Mary E.         26 Jul 1889     D577

Geary, Nelson          Phipps, Lela           21-Sep-19       W454

Gebauer, Emil          Schlenvogt, Hertha     1-Dec-02        I179

Gebauer, Lulu          Brown, B.A.                            R616

Gebbs, Sarah           Bailey, Anderson       26-May-04       J244

Geddes, W.A.           Johnson, Ruby L.       10-Jan-20       X122

Geders, Lena           Pottberg, Fritz        06 May 1892     E543

Gee, Eva Mae           Howerton, Charles Ross 27-Nov-20       Y300

Gee, Florence          Braden, Robert         29 Jun 1898     G532

Geedeson, Grace        Goodrich, Joe          28-Oct-04       J398

Geer, Ida (Mrs.)       Parker, A.J.           22-Jul-05       J636

Geer, Phebe J.         Price, Sylvester A.    16 May 1894     F352

Geere, Frank           Reece, Julia Alverda   20-Apr-10       N105

Geesaman, Lenora C.    Lynn, William I.       27-Aug-19       W386

Geffert, Elsie Clara   Beltz, Guy             31-May-18       V183

Gegen, Annie Mary      Heimermann, John       24 May 1892     E546

Gegen, Ferdinand N.    Geiger, Anna           20-Nov-00       H454

Gegen, Helen           Simon, Ben             23-Jun-21       Z073

Gegen, Jacob A.        Mainz, Anna A.         29-Sep-03       J020

Gegen, Marie           Bittel, Robert J.      10-Mar-20       X236

Gegen, Rosa            Mainz, John            9-Jan-06        K161

Gegen, Valentine       Clausen, Anna(nie) May 04 Feb 1896     G040

Gegen, William         Wehlage, Katie (Cath.) 12-Oct-09       M423

Geger, L.A.            Rush, C.I.             14-Mar-06       K225

Gehlen, Frank          Hemescie, Elizabeth    23-Sep-19       W433

Gehlen, George         Hauck, Anttonea                        G382

Gehlen, George         Lucken, Philomena      06 Sep 1898     G557

Gehring, Bettie        Kathan, Louis          26 Jun 1879     A432

Gehring, Carl Arthur   Swab, Emma May         9-Aug-06        K347

Gehring, Clara A.      Huttmann, Henry W.     20 Oct 1898     G594

Geifer, Anna           Opat, Joseph           8-Nov-04        J392

Geifer, Louis          Parget, Rosa           22-Oct-01       I052

Geiger, A.D.           Wilson, Gertrude E.    7-Aug-12        P364

Geiger, Anna           Gegen, Ferdinand N.    20-Nov-00       H454

Geiger, Claracy        Burnsides, William     18 Sep 1879     A447

Geiger, Cora           Heimerman, Joseph F.   20-Mar-00       H454

Geiger, Elsie          Loshbough, William     12-Oct-10       N389

Geiger, Fred G.        Tucker, Clara E.       24 Nov 1889     E024

Geiger, George         Smith, Ida A.          24 Nov 1880     B114

Geiger, Hanah          Blick, William         22-Oct-07       L166

Geiger, John A.        Schneider, Mary        26-Nov-01       I108

Geiger, Katie          Schreiner, John        26 Feb 1889     D490

Geiger, L.B.           Moon, Clara            3-Nov-17        U156

Geiger, Lizzie         Schwartz, John N.      29 Feb 1892     E502

Geiger, Maggie Katie   Patry, John B.         13 Aug 1889     D579

Geiger, Mary E.        Stoffel, Peter Jr.     29 Apr 1890     E123

Geiger, Rosa           Lies, Charles          12 Feb 1895     F492

Geile, Genevieve       Funke, Edward F.                       S612

Geile, Henry J.        Kennedy, Hazel                         S611

Geile, Ida M.          Debbrecht, Joseph H.   21-Jun-04       J266

Geiler, Ida            Heneison, Joseph       17-May-00       H320

Geis, Amelia           White, Harry J.                        T350

Geis, Fred             Siffert, Mary          31-Dec-17       U425

Geis, Rachel           Knaak, Ruben           18-Feb-14       Q539

Geisendorf, James L.   Smock, Minnie          2-Apr-13        Q086

Geisinzer, Rollin C.   Loucks, Anna C.        17 Mar 1888     D250

Geison, Esther         Steinberg, Jacob                       T006

Geison, Maggie         Hebert, Louis N.       06 Sep 1894     F391

Geissler, Charles      Williams, Mary         08 Apr 1886     C422

Gelbach, Fannie Luella Millar, B.H.           17-Mar-14       Q571

Gelter, Leslie Jacob   Thomas, Pauline Edna   6-Apr-18        V079

Gemberling, Agnes E.   VanAuken, Daniel A.    30 Dec 1880     B122

Gemmer, Mary A.        Handkins, R.S.         21 Feb 1889     D498

Gene, Andrew           Stout, Elisabeth       21 Nov 1877     A298

Genemares, Nick        Garcia, Manuela        8-Sep-18        V377

Genoway, S.J.          Thompson, Carrie May   15 Feb 1897     G255

Genoways, Fannie J.    Struthers, Ralph D.    28 Oct 1897     G391

Gensame, Nicholson     Osborne, M.K.          30 Apr 1877     A265

Gensler, Thelma        Ohmart, Edd            11-Jun-19       W203

Gensman, Conrad        Charbonneau, Phoebe    25-Nov-08       M027

Gensman, Conrad        Osborn, Hattie         20 Feb 1878     A315

Gensman, F.C.          Nelson, Augusta C.     10 Jan 1899     H022

Gensman, Faye          Webber, I.I.                           S534

Gensman, George J.     Osborne, Dora Belle    04 Sep 1890     E193

Gensman, L.E.          Hoff, Iva              8-Jul-01        H635

Gensman, Margaret      Meyers, Emanuel        13-Apr-22       Z706

Gensman, Nicholas      Hoff, Sarah            26 Jul 1898     G545

Gensman, Susie         Barnes, Dexter         07 Apr 1891     E321

Gentemann, William H.  Horton, Vernet E.      10-Jul-12       P329

Gentner, Addie         Drummond, Frederick    05 Nov 1891     E416

Gentner, Frank M.      Erickson, Hilda A.     29 Apr 1896     G086

Gentner, Minnie A.     Carlton, Rufus P.      26 Dec 1892     F042

Gentry, Joseph M.      Reveley, Nellie R.     10-Sep-02       I347

Gentry, Kathleen       Richards, Aubrey F.    6-May-22        Z751

Gentry, Loretta        Zook, S.L.             14-Dec-19       X036

Gentry, Ruth           Edwards, William S.    2-Jul-10        N221

Gentzler, Luther C.    Folk, Adeline          8-Jun-10        N178

Genzler, Walter        Warrell, Velma         18-May-18       V157

Geohegan, Laura E.     Welch, Francis H.      21-Nov-00       H461

Geonas, Emil           Martin, Leota M.                       S403

George, Annie          Pinckney, DeWitt C.    15 Dec 1898     G633

George, Clara E.       Bohannon, Morris M.    13-May-11       O146

George, Clara May      Sherwood, Cecil A.     24-Oct-17       U119

George, Elizabeth      Diven, Paul B.         12-Mar-10       N052

George, Elizabeth S.   Burton, W.A.           17 Jul 1887     D061

George, Florence       Spencer, Raymond C.    5-Jun-12        P266

George, Fred Winthrop  Damon, Sadie Louise                    G582

George, Fred Winthrop  Damon, Sadie Louise    05 Oct 1898     G581

George, Grace          Kendall, George        1-Jul-08        L470

George, Irl C.         Toomey, Bessie         14-Aug-10       N275

George, J. Clinton     Thompson, Lura Pauline 18-Jun-21       Z064

George, J.D.           Shaw, Kate             20-Oct-02       I383

George, L.A.           Laywell, M.A.          30-Jul-17       T541

George, Lorene         Ketron, Earl J.        17-Jan-19       V568

George, Martin V.B.    Smith, Nellie S.       11 Nov 1883     C003

George, Milton         Hinshaw, Goldie        9-Aug-20        Y011

George, Myrtle         Coke, J.L.             21-Nov-18       V490

George, Nelson H.      Kimel, Neva M.         12 Jan 1887     C574

George, Pearl          Snyder, A.R.           28 Oct 1896     G179

George, R.L.           McCluer, Effie M.      11 Aug 1897     G336

George, Robert H.      Seaman, Cora M.        23-Sep-05       K047

George, Rosetta        Shine, John J.         7-Dec-05        K131

George, Sadie          Hackett, Joseph Thomas 5-Nov-09        M514

George, William Harold Eilerts, Naomi Isabell 16-Jul-20       X584

George, William R.     Rumsey, Addie          7-Jun-05        J592

Georges, John          Steinbuchel, Lizzie    14 Feb 1882     B242

Georges, Louis H.      Simon, Mary            26-Jan-09       M106

Georges, Maggie        Ward, John F.                          D020

Gephart, Mildred       Maynard, J.N.          14-Sep-19       W432

Gerah, Rose            Williams, William      20-Apr-11       O113

Gerard, Jasper         Casady, Emma R.        28-Mar-20       X281

Gerard, Minnie         Rhoden, Arthur         31-Aug-12       P393

Gerard, William L.     Norton, Mary J. (Mrs.) 10 Jan 1892     E473

Gerber, Jacob          Clouse, Mary           23 May 1881     B159

Gerber, Nora           Bergkamp, Joe          23-Apr-19       W073

Gerber, R.E.           Sparks, Anna           1-Jan-22        Z525

Gerdel, Fred           Seiler, Anna           5-Apr-11        O084

Gerdes, Annie          Spurrier, C.W.         02 Dec 1898     G625

Gerdes, Rebecca        Popp, Albert           05 Mar 1898     G470

Gereado, Beator        Haches, Juana          4-Aug-20        X632

Gerety, Mamie          Weishaar, Frank N.     29-Nov-06       K461

Gerety, Richard P.     Cogdell, Cornelia Pendl9-Feb-11        O009

Gerfler, John          Glasser, Katie Anna    28 Sep 1878     A362

Gerian, Maude          Koon, Fred             13-Aug-19       W351

Geris, Anna M.         Ebenkamp, Bernhard J.  22-Jan-07       K512

Geris, Helena          Zoglmann, Henry        19-May-08       L395

Geris, Margaret        Stover, Floyd H.       13-Jun-17       T429

Geris, Mary            Smidth, Fedale         16-May-11       O131

Gerlach, Emma A.       Fiedler, Charles G.    21 Dec 1891     E449

Gerlach, Lena          Koesters, George C.    9-Aug-21        Z171

German, Audra          Barrow, Ed                             R617

German, Audra          Lynn, Ben H.           21-Jun-20       X515

German, Emma O.        Sweet, W.E.            15-Dec-21       Z483

German, Ernest FletcherSturm, Emma Opal       11-Mar-08       L333

German, Gladys M.      Vail, Theron L.        20-Mar-07       K576

German, Henry          Pring, Bertha          11 Sep 1884     C133

German, Hosea          Keller, Grace          23-Sep-12       P426

German, Jessie         Martin, Louis          3-Sep-08        L550

German, Jessie K.      Drury, Edwin E.        7-Jun-17        T430

German, John           Merry, Isabell         1-May-10        N123

German, Mildred        Markham, John B.                       T024

German, W.C.           Scott, Gladys          2-Jan-19        V551

Germann, Gottfried     Carnes, Mary E.        8-Mar-05        J516

Germen, Myrtle ElizabetPostlethwaite, Charles 3-Jun-14        R013

Gerneth, Katie         Giffin, William A.     11-Mar-08       L334

Gero, Presina          Frenas, Pilore         28-Nov-20       Y278

Gerow, Katherine       Wortman, A.T.          2-Apr-20        X297

Gerrard, Jennie L.     White, Charles E.      1-Oct-06        K390

Gerrero, Martin        Ernandez, Refufia      12-Feb-21       Y471

Gerrik, Mary           Fenzel, Joseph         22 Jul 1886     C466

Gers, Lizzie           Gerteis, Joseph        14 Dec 1879     B013

Gerstenfield, Emanuel  Snyder, Lenore Frances 2-Feb-19        V590

Gerteis, Carl          Meissner, Hattie       10-Nov-04       J414

Gerteis, Joseph        Gers, Lizzie           14 Dec 1879     B013

Gerteis, Louis         Howard, Florence Ellen 2-Sep-03        J009

Gerteis, Victor M.     Montgomery,Katherine H.1-Jul-05        J619

Gerties, Louisa        McDerment, S.H.        15-Oct-12       P460

Gervalt, Richard C.    Reiche, May            27 Nov 1889     E029

Gerviss, R.J.          Eckerd, Bertha         01 Dec 1899     H218

Geselle, Theodore      Jacobe, Matilda                        T127

Geslin, Erma           Berry, Clarence                        S506

Gestenslager, Bertha MaDarby, Carlton V.      28-Mar-20       X283

Geter, John            Cloud, Esther A.       06 Jul 1898     G537

Getgey, Bertha Viola   Dail, John B.          8-Oct-19        W507

Getman, Ida C.         Farrell, Thomas J.     25 Aug 1886     C487

Gettelfinger, Henry P. Pinaire, Elizabeth J.  7-Feb-10        N007

Getter, Anna           Wilkinson, Walter      1-Aug-07        L070

Getter, Emma           Brown, Thomas H.                       S386

Getter, Vera           Morgan, Oscar          15-Nov-13       Q421

Gettings, Daisy        Clark, Roy Casper      26-Sep-21       Z309

Gettings, Newton A.    Quigley, Margery May                   R536

Getto, Peter           Zimmerman, Theresa     27 Nov 1872     A052

Getto, Sophia          McDonald, T.J.         10-Jan-00       H251

Getto, T.M.            Jones, W.K.            6-Apr-04        J203

Getz, Nina L.          Troutman, Irvin L.     20-May-22       Z776

Getzel, Mollie         Glickman, J.                           S261

Getzel, Mollie         Glickman, J.                           S322

Getzhoffen, Bertie     Morgan, Smith          16-Sep-18       V396

Geubelle, Ferdinand E. Strunk, Veronica       26-May-03       I555

Gex, Florian C.        Rouse, Pearl Beatrice  27-Mar-10       N070

Giacomilla, Romolo     Durant, Ardelia        4-Aug-19        W330

Giacomini, Hugo        Griffin, Leona         7-Oct-21        Z333

Giaretta, John B.      Smith, Anna M.         11-Apr-06       K241

Gibb, John Brown       Stewart, Catherine     24-Sep-13       Q341

Gibbens, Clyde L.      Peck, Irene W.         18-Nov-14       R240

Gibbens, Edward Morris Kielendeck, Gesiene    27-Aug-18       V343

Gibbens, Minor L.      Yahger, Ida            25-Mar-08       L347

Gibbens, William St. ClMacauley, Virginia Elle28-Feb-04       J175

Gibble, J.N.           Payne, Ella            19-Jun-13       Q209

Gibbon, Adaline R.     Bradshaw, George A.    21 Oct 1885     C324

Gibbons, Agnes         Kessler, Jerome        15-Apr-13       Q104

Gibbons, Art           Crist, Nell                            S188

Gibbons, Iva Fay       Anderson, Reuben A.    12-Jun-18       V207

Gibbons, Julia E.      Wilson, Amos A.        3-Jul-04        J281

Gibbons, Lizzie        Brown, J.E.            03 May 1888     D286

Gibbs, Alice C.        Brownewell, Albon S.   22 Apr 1890     E126

Gibbs, Arthur L.       Mitchell, Mae L.       3-Sep-19        W407

Gibbs, C.F.            Clark, Rachel A.       8-Jan-18        U460

Gibbs, C.F.            Wright, Eliza J.       7-Apr-07        K596

Gibbs, Charles         Whayland, Lizzie       16 Aug 1892     E595

Gibbs, Clinton M.      Starne, Melvina        31 Jan 1889     D485

Gibbs, Delpha          Mahler, Harry          29-Nov-05       K119

Gibbs, Harry Willard   French, Elnora                         S388

Gibbs, Hattie May      Brown, Alexis          26 Sep 1894     F406

Gibbs, Hilma M.        Collins, Emanuel M.                    T279

Gibbs, James           Baker, Bessie          12-May-10       N139

Gibbs, Laurie C.       Slagle, Hazel          18-Aug-19       W365

Gibbs, Louis K.        Morris, Edith          2-Jun-09        M268

Gibbs, Lula D.         McCandless, Bryce L.   19 Mar 1890     E104

Gibbs, Maggie          Prowse, William        30-Dec-09       M598

Gibbs, Persis J. (Mrs.)Todd, Frank L.         17-May-01       H591

Gibbs, Theresa         Moffitt, J.A.          21-Jun-21       Z069

Gibbs, W.B.            Godfrey, Cora          29 Mar 1879     A414

Gibbs, Walter          Cranshaw, Louisa       27-Nov-01       I111

Gibbs, Walter          Kyle, Ella             1-Sep-09        M401

Giberson, G.D.         Walker, Jessie         08 Oct 1899     H175

Giberson, Glenn        Weller, Lorene         12-Apr-22       Z705

Giberson, Jessie I.    Odem, Milbourne        5-Sep-08        L554

Gibney, Claudie Viola  McCall, Quinn G.       3-Jul-19        W267

Gibney, Don            Williams, Myrtle       8-Sep-08        L555

Gibson, Alfred         Johnson, Sylvia        23-Mar-02       I208

Gibson, Anna Lillian   Walker, Olen V.        28-Jan-19       V579

Gibson, Anna M.        Daniels, James M.                      D007

Gibson, Arch(chie)     Priest, Belle          15 Mar 1892     E516

Gibson, Archie B.      Guist, Dorothy M.      29-Apr-11       O123

Gibson, Archie B.      Wymore, Jessie E.      21-Jun-20       X517

Gibson, Arvelia        Bullerdick, Harry      10-Jun-13       Q190

Gibson, B.B.           Fuller, Lena B.        18-Jun-02       I275

Gibson, B.F.           Culter, Minnie J.      28-Jan-18       U510

Gibson, Belle          Carter, Edgar          24-Aug-18       V331

Gibson, Bessie         Smith, Ernest          28-Jun-14       R041

Gibson, Betty B.       Ofdenkamp, O.J.        25-Dec-21       Z505

Gibson, C.G.           Sellers, Juanita       22-Dec-19       X058

Gibson, Calista E.     Breeden, Benjamin C.   16-Jun-12       P281

Gibson, Carrie M.      Lancet, J.W.           29 Aug 1886     C488

Gibson, Charles R.     Pasley, Lena           16-Oct-00       H434

Gibson, Clarence       Hoechstenbach, Edyth                   P144

Gibson, Clarence C.    Gunzelman, Bessie M.   30-Aug-19       W397

Gibson, Clattie E.     Tomb, Ralph M.                         S061

Gibson, Cora A.        Stubbs, Frank F.                       S128

Gibson, E.N. (Mrs.)    Foulks, R.A.           22-Feb-00       H279

Gibson, Ellsworth      Nagley, Laura Frances  10-Nov-10       N440

Gibson, Emma           Calkins, D.W.          18-Dec-18       V520

Gibson, Ethel Helen    Johnson, Wesley Elmer  6-Dec-20        Y319

Gibson, Florence L.    Shepard, Harry                         T159

Gibson, Frank          Jennings, Belle L.     30 Nov 1892     F027

Gibson, Georgia M.     Whitlock, Leslie G.                    S236

Gibson, H.             Jones, T.J.            5-Oct-03        J043

Gibson, H.B.           Stanley, Jessie        23-Jun-21       Z076

Gibson, H.W.           Green, Viola           20-Sep-20       Y123

Gibson, Helen          Downs, Roy             30-May-20       X432

Gibson, Hennrietta     Sontag, Oliver John    17-May-22       Z772

Gibson, Howard Wayne   Bair, Clara            10-Dec-18       V512

Gibson, Ina            Osborne, Lewis A.      12-May-10       N138

Gibson, Isla Maude     Hardgrove, William Patr10-Mar-20       X241

Gibson, Iva            Hatfield, Vincent      18-Jun-04       J261

Gibson, Ivy            Martin, Eldon E.       1-Jan-12        P046

Gibson, J.W.           Sheppard, Lula A.      11-Jun-02       I268

Gibson, Jennie         Theleman, William      21-Jun-17       T461

Gibson, L.E.           Lanning, Flossie       27-Dec-11       P043

Gibson, Laura May      Bennett, Walter G.     4-Apr-20        X296

Gibson, Leoni May      Culp, William H.       25 May 1887     D015

Gibson, Lillian Bell   Pastres, W.M.          22-Sep-00       H407

Gibson, M.B.           Guthrie, Zelma         20-Dec-19       X051

Gibson, M.M.           Ludlam, W.C.           21-May-02       I249

Gibson, Mabel Anna     Julian, Lewis Otis     12-Jun-07       L013

Gibson, Mattie         Rickstine, George      27-Mar-18       V058

Gibson, Millie B.      Foster, Edward L.      8-Nov-02        I399

Gibson, Nellie L.      Delp, Arnel R.         18-Dec-19       X045

Gibson, Oliver P.      Stranathan, Nellie E.  15-Nov-11       O415

Gibson, Rosa           Jones, James W.        30 Nov 1879     B008

Gibson, Sallie         Duncan, John           19-Feb-01       H524

Gibson, Sallie         Martin, Louie          14-Dec-01       I123

Gibson, Samuel B.      Paisley, Lizzie        16 Jan 1872     A026

Gibson, Samuel F.      Laning, Alma A.        04 Jul 1884     C098

Gibson, T.T.           Tillery, Mollie V.     29 Aug 1886     C489

Gibson, Thomas P.      Lukecart, Catherine E. 19 Feb 1873     A062

Gibson, Vera Oakley    McHarg, John Edgar     18-Feb-20       X205

Gibson, Vernon Curtis  Albright, Florence Levi22-May-10       N150

Gibson, Vinita         Hazelton, James Harry  27-Nov-09       M545

Gibson, W.F.           Elliott, Grace A.      23-Mar-12       P157

Gibson, W.P.           Jones, Alice                           R478

Giddens, Mildred       Bush, Morgan D.        2-Jun-19        W182

Giddeon, Mable(bel)    Minnell, George D.     07 Nov 1896     G184

Giddings, Altha        Sargent, George H.     10-Nov-09       M523

Giddings, Bertha B.    Hoag, Osmar A.         01 Sep 1892     E604

Giddings, J.W.         Johnson, Nancy         26-Feb-01       H530

Giddings, William H.   Schreffler, Lizzie     8-Aug-04        J313

Gideon, Etta O.        Grist, Earl J.         17-Jun-03       I582

Gideon, John Arthur    Murphy, Lucille Edna   5-Oct-19        W497

Gideon, Peter M.       Beard, Clora J.        21 Jan 1891     E289

Gidley, Walter C.      Williams, Eliza P.     20-Mar-04       J190

Giefer, Anna           Opat, Joseph           8-Nov-04        J392

Giefer, Caroline       Unger, Agapit                          T468

Giefer, Louis          Pargae, Rosa           22-Oct-01       I052

Giefer, Mathias J.     Joxen, Agnes           30 May 1893     F134

Gier, Jessie           Mables, Austin Irvin   05 Jul 1888     D327

Giese, Mabel           Howard, James M.       21-Sep-19       W452

Giese, Oscar L.        Rowley, Edna           6-Nov-19        W583

Giese, Richard         Laurie, Mabel          23-Aug-13       Q287

Gieseman, Edward       Houseworth, Gertrude                   T373

Giesen, Anna           Webster, Addell        27-Nov-12       P535

Giesen, Christine G.   Osborn, Hanley B.      24-Mar-15       R399

Giesen, Clara          Switzer, Robert        7-Mar-00        H287

Giesen, Fred           Oebel, Maggie                          I178

Giesen, Henry          Kraus, Frances         28-Oct-18       V447

Giesen, Jacob          Kraus, Katie           17-Dec-04       J440

Giesen, Joseph         Merrill, Sarah         21-Jun-07       L029

Giesen, William        Kraus, Lena            19-Sep-08       L571

Gieswein, Mollie       Johnson, Floyd L.      5-Jul-19        W271

Giffin, E.             Burrow, Tuia Agnes     27-Jul-19       W317

Giffin, Edna Florence  Peavey, Sherman H.     23-Dec-14       R295

Giffin, Edwin B.       Ash, Nettie            11 Mar 1890     E095

Giffin, Jason          Maxwell, Lucile                        S331

Giffin, Robert         Ackerson, Pearl        28-Jun-11       O223

Giffin, William A.     Gerneth, Katie         11-Mar-08       L334

Giffin, Wilson C.      Findley, Edythe        20-Aug-17       T585

Gifford, Amanda        Greenlee, D.R.B.       26 Dec 1871     A025

Gifford, Benjamin      Williams, Loretta      __ Feb 1872     A029

Gifford, Bertha May    Sparks, J.W.           7-Apr-04        J207

Gifford, Corbin A.     Swales, Mary E.        22 Sep 1883     B410

Gifford, Helen         Heller, A.H.           25-Feb-22       Z630

Gifford, Joseph B.     Piper, Eliza S.        20 May 1874     A120

Gifford, Lucy B.       Wilson, Urban          1-Jun-11        O170

Gifford, Mary F.       Campbell, George K.    19 Jun 1883     B379

Gifford, Noble Charles Hickman, Harriet Esther12-May-22       Z757

Gifford, Ralph         Sanford, Florence                      R466

Gifford, Retta (Mrs.)  Gunn, Benjamin George  27 Nov 1891     E435

Gift, J.F.             Rial, Alice                            S622

Giger, L.A.            Jones, J.B.            22-Feb-04       J169

Gigger, Amanda J.      Osborne, Luther E.     30-Sep-13       Q351

Giggy, Bell            Chamberlain, R.L.      28 Jun 1885     C269

Giggy, Hattie Agnes    Vulgamore, J.W.        23 Nov 1887     D166

Giggy, Wilda           Dunn, Earl                             Z149

Gilbert, A.L.          Pearce, Mary A.        21 Mar 1877     A255

Gilbert, Agnes         Scaggs, John A.        23-Feb-03       I491

Gilbert, Agnes         Tidwell, John          18-Jul-06       K328

Gilbert, Anna          Province, John                         T141

Gilbert, Arthur E.     Wolf, Faustina M.      18-Jan-05       J475

Gilbert, Asenith       Grove, Warren          30-Nov-10       N478

Gilbert, Bertha        Shannon, Preston       16-Nov-18       V476

Gilbert, Cecila EugeniaHellums, Earle Walter  7-Aug-20        Y007

Gilbert, Claude V.     Pischke, Emma          7-Nov-10        N435

Gilbert, E.N.          Trumbull, Carrie E.    27-May-01       H599

Gilbert, Edith May     Leland, Louis Dale     30-Apr-20       X362

Gilbert, Ellen         Wess, Theodore                         S142

Gilbert, Emma          Payne, W.H.            10 Dec 1896     G210

Gilbert, Francis H.    Meredith, Sadie E.     11-Mar-03       I505

Gilbert, Fred L.       Estes, Bessie          21-Oct-20       Y215

Gilbert, George        McGavern, Luree        28 Apr 1887     C636

Gilbert, H.F.          Cook, Jennie A.        08 Jul 1896     G117

Gilbert, Harriet L.    Padgett, William G.    4-Apr-06        K236

Gilbert, Hiram C.      Ross, Charity F.       16 Dec 1891     E443

Gilbert, J.B.          Elane, Katie           19 Feb 1888     D227

Gilbert, J.R.          Barrett, Annie         1-Jul-08        L467

Gilbert, J.R.          Leonard, Irene                         T294

Gilbert, J.W.          Durham, Edna           19-Aug-19       W372

Gilbert, James S.      Wood, Birdie May       20-Apr-12       P199

Gilbert, K.M.          Davis, Belle           22-Jun-21       Z074

GIlbert, Katie         Ottomueller, Karl      24 Jan 1884     C031

Gilbert, Lillie M.     Zinn, George W.        17 Nov 1887     D160

Gilbert, Lois          Barber, Clarence D.    23-Dec-09       M572

Gilbert, Lula(lu) M.   Griffin, Francis L.    3-Jul-10        N213

Gilbert, Martha        Dalrymple, E.A.        07 Dec 1898     G629

Gilbert, Mary E.       Wills, A.E.            28-Feb-09       M161

Gilbert, Minnie        Cornelison, F.B.       24-Mar-13       Q076

Gilbert, Mollie        White, Fred B.         15 Oct 1899     H181

Gilbert, Nancy         Flemming, J.K.         30 Jun 1886     C460

Gilbert, Pearl         Draper, W.R.           26 Sep 1898     G573

Gilbert, Pearl M.      Griffin, H.D.          1-Oct-10        N365

Gilbert, Rachel        Anderson, W.J.         01 Dec 1884     C167

Gilbert, Ralph T.      Harris, Ruby Irene     29-Oct-19       W560

Gilbert, Rosa E.       Odell, B.F.            24-Feb-03       I492

Gilbert, Roy           McClung, Carolatta                     S606

Gilbert, Ruth E.       Burns, Albert L.       27-Mar-15       R401

Gilbert, Thomas        Baker, Neva May        22-Dec-17       U381

Gilbert, Thornton E.   Barker, Bessie O.      12-Aug-08       L514

Gilbert, Virgil L.     Cooper, Grace M.                       R568

Gilbert, W.W.          Sandusky, Donna E.     24-Dec-01       I140

Gilbert, William N.    Williams, Christina    14-Oct-18       V446

Gilbert, Willis        Green, Lottie (Mrs)    17 Nov 1898     G614

Gilbert, Zetta         Corfman, Fred J.       24-Dec-14       R297

Gilborson, Eliza       Dennis, F.S.           17 Feb 1887     C587

Gilborson, Susan       Russell, John          03 Apr 1897     G277

Gilbreath, James T.    Walker, Allie          27-Mar-01       H543

Gilchirst, C.C.        Haunck, Annie          15 Aug 1880     B084

Gilchrist, A.D.        Plummer, Mary          13 Feb 1877     A252

Gilchrist, A.J.        Lassell, Alberta L.    15 Apr 1886     C426

Gilchrist, Alva A.     Carnahan, Junie N.     08 Oct 1886     C510

Gilchrist, B.W.        Brown, Gertrude        18-Sep-01       I044

Gilchrist, Bessie B.   Eastman, Frank A.                      S299

Gilchrist, C. Margaret Pearson, Levi T.       26-Dec-02       I442

Gilchrist, C.C.        Hunck, Annie           15 Aug 1880     B084

Gilchrist, C.W.        Lewellen, Gertrude     9-Oct-17        U060

Gilchrist, Denah       Willis, Oliver F.                      R572

Gilchrist, E. Pearl    Buck, W.L.             15-Jun-04       J261

Gilchrist, Elizabeth   Williams, Raymond M.   11-Apr-19       W068

Gilchrist, Elizabeth C.Gulick, D.F.           15 Sep 1889     D606

Gilchrist, Ellen       Bolan, J.F.            19-Sep-00       H403

Gilchrist, Elsie M.    Garrett, H.L.          30-Apr-21       Y612

Gilchrist, Esther L.   Briggs, F.A.           28-Nov-00       H466

Gilchrist, Frank       Daratt, Josie                          I203

Gilchrist, Frank A.    Daratt, Josie R.       12-Jun-04       J258

Gilchrist, Joseph LesliDerrick, Dicy Florence 27-Oct-09       M504

Gilchrist, Laura       Hayford, William       20 Oct 1897     G386

Gilchrist, Lettie      Archer, Fred           15-Jun-18       V222

Gilchrist, Lettie      Stallings, C.B.        18-Oct-09       M479

Gilchrist, Lula        Martindale, Jack       28-Jan-12       P080

Gilchrist, Lulu Jean   Hoffman, E.Z.          21-Jan-14       Q513

Gilchrist, Mary S.     Sutherland, James P.   23 Aug 1882     B290

Gilchrist, Minnie      Royer, Harry           05 May 1898     G502

Gilchrist, Ollie J.    Gaunt, William H.      04 Nov 1888     D426

Gilchrist, Virginia    Thompson, J.G.         12-Jul-07       L049

Gilchrist, William M.  Little, Alma E.        05 Dec 1880     B115

Gilchrist, William O.  Combites, Annie B.     10 Oct 1895     F609

Gilcrease, Florence    Pugh, Emmett C.        22-Oct-19       W543

Gilcrease, Lena Viola  Logan, Frank Burton    30-Jul-19       W322

Gilder, Clara          Hobbs, E.G.            7-Feb-20        X179

Gile, Clyde C.         Webb, Belle            4-Sep-07        L108

Gile, Henry            Tennant, Beulah        2-Sep-08        L548

Gile, Lulu             Beaver, William S.     24-Dec-05       K146

Gile, Royce O.         Shinn, Lillie          12-May-19       W132

Gile, S.W.             Iames, Bertha          15-Oct-00       H432

Gilenwater, Nettie     Clark, David           28 Nov 1883     C009

Giles, A.J.            Ridgway, Alneita       6-Nov-20        Y248

Giles, Belle           Reed, Luton R.                         T135

Giles, Bertha          Yearout, Joseph E.     05 Oct 1894     F412

Giles, Bertha Jennie   Tunis, Owen S.         12-Feb-02       I180

Giles, Bessie L.       Outland, Herschel      14-Apr-09       M216

Giles, Charles         Fisher, Vernie         15-Feb-00       H273

Giles, Delia           Russell, Robert        10 Feb 1890     E075

Giles, Dessie          Remson, Henry G.       15-Aug-03       I632

Giles, George B. McClelCrosley, Jennie        29 Jan 1885     C277

Giles, Gertie E.       McCormick, Martin L.   19-Jun-01       H615

Giles, Ida F.          Bonham, Charles W.     16 Jan 1895     F478

Giles, Mamie           Bonham, Milton A.      05 Jan 1898     G438

Giles, Robert Lee      Sandburg, Ruth Ester(th4-Mar-13        Q052

Giles, Rose B.         Johnson, Olaf          1-May-01        H577

Giles, Sarah Ann       Baker, Martin V.       07 Mar 1878     A318

Giles, Viola           Mote, I.V.             6-Jul-18        V266

Giles, W.T.            Albert, I.F.           20-Oct-01       I082

Gilger, Jesse          Johnson, Ethel         23-Oct-11       O379

Gilham, Emily C.       Taylor, Allen          27 Nov 1871     A019

Gilkeson, C.E.         Coran, Bessie          22-Jul-14       R071

Gilkey, Frank K.       Mull, Jessie L.                        R470

Gilkison, James        Edwards, Ethel         19-Nov-19       W618

Gilkson, Homer A.      Hetrick, Sarah M.      7-Mar-07        K569

Gill, A.W.             Deal, Alpha W.         24-Jun-17       T465

Gill, Angel            Colbera, Ruperta       27-Oct-20       Y228

Gill, Carl C.          Moore, Hazel                           S544

Gill, Clara            Jones, D.A.            30-Sep-14       R169

Gill, Ethel            Ayers, Ennis           19-Nov-07       L204

Gill, George R.        Babb, Daisy D.         15-Mar-05       J520

Gill, Henrietta        Green, Charles W.                      R428

Gill, Hugh W.          Small, Millie E.                       R414

Gill, Irl William      Hodges, Eunice Achsah  19-Jun-21       Z060

Gill, Jay Miller       Bowers, Florence Lucile26-Oct-10       N409

Gill, Jennie M.        Hall, Clarence H.      12-Dec-17       U337

Gill, Jessie           Parker, L.S.           10-Sep-14       R140

Gill, Lulu             Shaver, James I.       9-Nov-20        Y257

Gill, R.H.             Stark, Jane            1-Apr-21        Y556

Gill, Raleigh          Eck, Fern              8-Oct-13        Q365

Gill, Raleigh L.       McCoy, Jesse(sie) G.   18-Dec-07       L242

Gill, Sallie           Jestes, William        04 May 1887     D002

Gill, Stella           Howe, A.T.             5-Nov-04        J408

Gillam, Madalene F.    Howard, Bird S.                        S198

Gilleis, Mortimer W.   McMillan, Vinia        15 Apr 1890     E122

Gilleland, Charles M.  Longwell, Ina E.       28-Jun-04       J276

Gilleland, Nellie      Booth, Charles D.      15-Jun-01       H613

Gillen, Harry          Woolard, Lillian       24 Jun 1885     C271

Gillenwater, Dillie    Alexander, J.B.        24 Dec 1885     C366

Gillenwater, E.M.      Staples, Aletha        21-Feb-12       P116

Gillenwater, John W.   Brown, Salina M.       27 Jan 1878     A309

Gillenwater, Mattie V. Gilmore, Morris A.     01 Mar 1893     F085

Gillenwater, Opal      McCurdy, Harvey        15-Jul-17       T505

Gillenwater, Ora       Ruckle, George M.      10-Mar-09       M175

Gillenwater, Ralph     Dennett, Cecil         22-Jun-21       Z071

Gillenwater, Roscoe    Stanfield, Anna        26-Feb-19       V631

Gillenwater, Zennie EllLeibrand, Crist        24-Dec-01       I131

Gillenwaters, W.F.     Bales, Mary J.         01 Nov 1899     H198

Gilles, Denis          Maley, Kate                            E142

Gillespie, A.C.        Markey, Mary           24-Jun-14       R036

Gillespie, Ada         Mott, R.W.             21-Mar-13       Q071

Gillespie, Anna M.     Marsh, Lee Ora         2-May-05        J560

Gillespie, Betty G.    Cox, Clinton Vaylord   28-Jun-11       O222

Gillespie, C.E.        Phillips, Mary E.      3-Oct-05        K057

Gillespie, Clyde       Craig, Anna L.         5-Sep-17        T616

Gillespie, D.J.        Morehouse, Clara       03 Oct 1878     A363

Gillespie, Ethel       Freeman, Cecil         24-Nov-21       Z436

Gillespie, G.W.        Young, Alice M.        10-Feb-07       K522

Gillespie, George W.   West, Katie A.         27-Feb-18       V011

Gillespie, Herbert L.  King, Gertrude I.      14-Aug-20       Y025

Gillespie, James W. Jr.Brown, Pauline         21-Apr-19       W083

Gillespie, Josie       Sawyers, Willis M.     02 May 1897     G292

Gillespie, Leon        Reis, Lena             27-Sep-20       Y144

Gillespie, Roy         Loughmiller, May E.                    T362

Gillespie, Roy         Teter, Grace           24-Sep-14       R162

Gillet, Jule           Manning, Eulah         25-May-07       K638

Gillet, William E.     Crawford, Bertha B.    27-Sep-11       O349

Gillett, Frank M.      Davenport, Myrtle      11-Apr-13       Q103

Gillett, Maude         Campbell, R.A.         29-Aug-14       R120

Gillett, Pearl         Jackson, Clarence C.   2-Jul-19        W261

Gillett, Philander     Clark, Ida H.          31 Jan 1883     B346

Gillette, Addie L.     Davis, M.E.            21-Dec-00       H484

Gillette, Adelle M.    Frey, Franklin         12 Nov 1895     F626

Gillette, Agnes M.     Wheeler, William O.    17-Sep-19       W445

Gillette, John         Howard, Ethel                          R417

Gillette, Rollin       Wilde, Emma            09 Mar 1896     G063

Gilley, Edith L.       Saffer, George W.      1-Oct-21        Z322

Gilley, S.C.           Tompaw, Bertha                         S285

Gillhan, Clark C.      Wineteer, Maggie       07 Mar 1888     D245

Gilliam, Hazel         Simpson, Date                          S004

Gillian, Gertrude      Adams, Edward          29-May-07       K639

Gillian, Hannah        Atkinson, Stephen      20 Oct 1871     A017

Gillian, Hannah        Atkison, Stephen                       A016

Gillian, James B.      Duncan, Margaret Elizab23-Sep-05       K048

Gilliard, Samuel       Caroll, Rena           18-Sep-11       O326

Gillig, Leta (Lydia)   Keating, Redmond       06 Jun 1899     H103

Gilligan, Alice        Spangenberger, Edward  11-Jul-05       J627

Gilligan, Anna         Barthelme, Harry                       S005

Gilligan, Lettie       Younger, William       25-Nov-03       J089

Gilligan, Mary         Berry, George          17-Jan-11       N554

Gillilan, Florence BellBuechel, Joseph        22 Jun 1891     E351

Gillilan, Minnie A.    Lehman, S.C.           11 Jul 1888     D339

Gilliland, Hazel A.    Barker, Orvil P.                       S624

Gilliland, James N.    Buckmaster, Mary C.    18 May 1884     C078

Gilliland, Merel       Offenstein, Harry W.   18-Aug-19       W367

Gilliland, Zelma AnneitRich, Earl F.          18-Oct-21       Z353

Gillis, G. Gail        Barley, T.H.           29 Aug 1899     H145

Gillis, N.E.           Daly, Lyda                             S179

Gillispie, Anna M.     Marsh, Lee Ora         2-May-05        J560

Gillispie, Elbert M.   Hart, Ellen            22-Feb-13       Q043

Gillispie, Lydia       Hunt, Harold           15-Jan-21       Y412

Gillispie, Sadie       Harris,                                C119

Gillivan, Marguerite   Hunter, Wallace S.     16-Oct-12       P463

Gillman, Fern A.       Rusher, William A.     3-Jan-22        Z534

Gillman, Lizzie        Barter, H.C.           13-Jun-12       P279

Gillman, Olive BereniceBell, Rowan J.         10-Aug-21       Z198

Gillmore, John E.      Proctor, Lucretia (Mrs)6-Nov-10        N434

Gillmore, Minnie       Withers, Frank A.      29-Dec-09       M598

Gillmore, Nona         Wright, R.S.           14-Feb-19       V613

Gillon, Maggie         Wood, George B.        09 Dec 1878     A384

Gillon, Margie         Baldwin, Jack                          T040

Gillott, Leroy         Bidwell, Rachael                       S336

Gillott, Marie         Baughman, L.L.         28-Jun-19       W250

Gillott, Raymond       Holl, Joccie           13-Dec-13       Q457

Gillum, A.O.           Holmes, Bessie A.      26-Mar-22       Z673

Gillum, Rosa           Hughey, William R.     01 Oct 1872     A045

Gilman, Cordelia C.    Henderson, Augustus W. 17 Nov 1874     A143

Gilman, La Vera        Richardson, Leslie     4-Jul-14        R059

Gilman, May            Wintermyer, Lewis D.   11 Oct 1899     H180

Gilmer, Jessie         Hill, William Johnston 31-Mar-19       W045

Gilmer, May            Douglass, Joe A.       18 Mar 1878     A322

Gilmon, W.H.           McKenzie, B.E. (Mrs.)  1-Jan-08        L270

Gilmore, Bun           Caldwell, Mary         29 Apr 1890     E132

Gilmore, DeEtte        Coate, Orville         1-Jul-19        W257

Gilmore, Ethel         Pearson, B.J.          11-Oct-19       W513

Gilmore, George A.     Carlisle, Mary J.F.    03 Oct 1895     F618

Gilmore, Grace Ethel   Watson, John Thomas    8-Oct-17        U059

Gilmore, Lizzie        Payne, Andrew          22 Jul 1875     A161

Gilmore, Morris A.     Gillenwater, Mattie V. 01 Mar 1893     F085

Gilmore, Morris C.     Stafford, Ethel                        T297

Gilmore, Oliver P.     Astle, Rose            24-Oct-01       I086

Gilmore, Paul          Barton, Rhoda          26-Nov-17       U265

Gilmore, Thomas H.     Bowman, Agnes E.       18-Dec-21       Z486

Gilpin, Daisy          Ricketts, Joseph       15 Feb 1893     F077

Gilson, Louise         Preston, George        04 Feb 1885     C226

Gilstrap, Arie B.      Evans, Alfred C.       28-Dec-05       K163

Gilstrap, Blanche      Craig, A.V.            29-Mar-09       M195

Giltner, E.C.          Sharp, Alma (Mrs.)     14-Sep-03       J017

Ginavan, Dessie        Schroer, Ernest        5-Feb-21        Y458

Gingles, Mabel         Dudley, Carl           2-Jan-12        P052

Gingles, Odessa        Byers, Robert          16-Aug-13       Q278

Gingrich, A.           Perry, Carrie          25 Feb 1884     C043

Ginzel, Carl L.        Canklin, Julia H.      7-Apr-09        M208

Ginzel, Carl L.        Conklin, Julia H.      7-Apr-09        M208

Gipe, Sylvester H.     Miller, Flora Jane     11 Mar 1879     A407

Gipson, Minnie Pearl   Slagel, Bertchus Eglist30-Dec-07       L264

Girard, Emma           Herzig, Frank J.       13-Sep-08       L561

Girard, Joseph         Beverly, Daisy E.      20-Feb-01       H524

Girard, Louis          Goodman, Minnie        01 Jul 1889     D565

Gire, James H.         Schaar, Emma M.        11-Jun-00       H335

Gire, Joseph M.        Laurine, Ida           18 Apr 1898     G490

Girod, Harry           Smith, Guendolin       11-Feb-20       X183

Giroux, Sarah          Lowther, B.H.                          S092

Girrens, Clara         Kerschen, John         10 Oct 1882     B308

Girrens, Clara Marie   Ternes, Martin John                    S625

Girrens, Frank M.      Doffing, Lena          28-Apr-14       Q587

Girrens, John Joseph   Thimmesch, Catharina   22 Nov 1887     D155

Girrens, Joseph        Kuhn, Gertrude         22-Oct-18       V445

Girrens, Katherine     Lies, Balthasar        19-Aug-19       W345

Girrens, Katie         Kerschen, Frank        24 May 1892     E543

Girrens, Lucy          Ternes, Peter          13 May 1884     C075

Girrens, Martha        Gorges, Mathias        01 Aug 1889     D575

Girrens, Michael       Doffing, Marie         18-Nov-14       R218

Girrens, Nicholas A.   Lemmel, Marie          24-Aug-20       Y003

Girrick, Mary          Fencil, Joseph         22 Jul 1886     C466

Gise, Ernest           Loger, Teady           15-Oct-08       L605

Gise, Essie May        Maechtlen, Carl C.     23-Aug-03       I635

Gise, Gladys           Kraft, William E.      28-Jul-21       Z163

Gise, Hazel            Leggett, James William 23-Mar-09       M189

Gise, Mabel            Poenisch, Oliver F.    23-Jul-08       L449

Gise, Sebastian        Broomfield, Clara B.   09 Sep 1878     A357

Gish, Alice R.         Shannon, Samuel B.     08 Mar 1886     C398

Gish, George R.        Hoag, Lillian M.       16-Jun-06       K294

Gish, Lillian          Rogers, N.F.           22-Jul-03       I610

Gish, Maude M.         Ayers, Leonard         7-Aug-02        I318

Gish, Sally A.         Mercer, R.B.           3-Jun-17        T404

Gist, Cornelius W.     Kolb, Anna             17-Nov-03       J081

Gitterman, Robert S.   Judy, Mary M.          28-Feb-14       Q549

Gittings, Ella         Martin, T.H.                           S279

Gittings, Preston      Roman, Cleda           30-Oct-13       Q403

Gittrich, Albert       Dabracht, Kate         15 Apr 1896     G079

Gittrich, Albert       Debbrecht, Kate        15 Apr 1896     G079

Gittrich, Rose CatherinKampling, John H.      23-Sep-19       W468

Givens, Catherine      Williams, Theodore     12-Mar-03       I506

Givens, Edward         Smith, Jessie          24-Aug-21       Z235

Givens, Esther         Givens, James          22-Mar-13       Q073

Givens, Gertrude       Vandermark, Joseph     28-Jul-14       R075

Givens, Horatio B.     Creamer, Gladys G.     23-Feb-14       Q543

Givens, James          Givens, Esther         22-Mar-13       Q073

Givens, James B.       Hayden, Esther         30 Nov 1899     H217

Givens, Jessie         Riley, J. William      26-Nov-08       M022

Givens, Josephine      Bock, Valentine        2-Sep-08        L538

Givens, Leonard E.     Fletcher, Leora        18-Jun-18       V228

Givens, Mary Ola       Godfrey, Charles H.    10 Feb 1891     E299

Givens, Roberta FrancesShafer, L.C.           25-Jun-19       W243

Givens, Ruby F.        Butner, Albert S.      02 Sep 1891     E379

Givens, V.M.           Glenn, A.W.            21-Dec-21       Z494

Giving, Alma           Atkinson, Lee          11-Aug-17       T567

Giwosky, Annie         Schonwald, David       15-Sep-00       H398

Giwosky, J.S.          Dungee, Beulah Violette18-May-01       H591

Gix, Florian C.        Rouse, Pearl Beatrice  27-Mar-10       N070

Gladfelter, Jason R.   Roberts, Linnie E.     23-Oct-20       Y218

Gladwell, Dora         Cox, Emit              10 Jan 1894     F293

Glahm, George G.       Crum, Alice            29-Dec-03       J131

Glahn, Mabel           Lees, Jacob            12-Jun-09       M290

Glamann, Katharyn M.   Carlson, David E.      2-Sep-19        W400

Glanberg, B.I.         Oliver, Rae            30-Apr-05       J557

Glance, Mary           Grimes, J.R.           28-Dec-08       M074

Glancey, A.            Crieser, Stella C.     20 Dec 1899     H227

Glancey, Mary A. (E.)  Ruggles, John A.       25-Dec-06       K497

Glancy, Edith E.       Clark, Seymour         12 Nov 1891     E419

Glancy, J.L.           Beford, Rachel         29 Mar 1899     H060

Glancy, J.L.           Belford, Rachel        29 Mar 1899     H060

Glasco, Lois Evylin    Ramy, Alfred Kirk      28-Aug-20       Y061

Glascock, N.S.         Sears, Maggie                          H428

Glascock, R.H.         Scott, Florence E.     7-Nov-17        U174

Glascok, J.H.          Monticue, Jessie E.    11-May-10       N134

Glaser, Adam           Rohe, Caroline (Mrs.)  19 May 1892     E549

Glaser, Alice          Sargeant, Roy          12-Jul-11       O239

Glaser, Carolina       Harvey, Charles M.     13 Aug 1898     G550

Glaser, Charles        Gribble, Blanche       28-Sep-21       Z313

Glaser, Clarence       Wikoff, Mary G.        10-Oct-06       K403

Glaser, Cora Lucile    Watson, Francis Lindley19-Nov-19       W620

Glaser, John V.        Swaney, Chloe E.       1-Mar-05        J507

Glaser, Kattie         Russell, William       02 Sep 1897     G348

Glaser, Mary           Thoman, William        28 Sep 1881     B189

Glaser, Mary A.        Blase, Henry           21 Jul 1881     B172

Glaser, Paul Fred      Jones, Emma Arilla     5-Mar-19        W010

Glaser, Rosa           Kriebel, Joel          24 Jul 1880     B084

Glaser, Sophia         Davis, W.H. (Rev.)     06 Oct 1887     D123

Glaser, Tillie         Austin, Samuel E.                      S301

Glasgow, Bessie Irene  Quillen, L.H.          3-Jun-17        T390

Glasier, B.F.          Gaitskill, Bertha E.   21-Apr-18       V104

Glasier, Conrad        Seechrist, Mary        15 Jul 1884     C108

Glass, Blossom         Wall, J.M.                             R529

Glass, C.O.            Allen, Ora M.          9-Mar-01        H536

Glass, Edd             Powell, Gracie         15-Jun-11       O199

Glass, Ethel           Beal, Lawrince         6-Jan-10        M609

Glass, George D.       Walker, Matilda C.     24 Dec 1899     H232

Glass, Gladys Ruth     Hackett, Paul E.       17-Apr-20       X339

Glass, Jennie          Auld, Archibald M.     26 Jan 1892     E481

Glass, John W.         Holwick, Lena Belle    25-Dec-02       I439

Glass, Lena M.         Hatch, Arthur C.       6-Aug-05        K008

Glass, Lovinia         Plymath, Oscar         20 Aug 1888     D362

Glass, R.M.            Coontz, Frances        6-Jul-18        V265

Glass, Robert          Garrett, Sarah J. (Mrs)17 Nov 1892     F017

Glass, Robert L.       Imbler, Alida J.       06 Jan 1884     C023

Glass, S.              Dodd, Laura            23-Sep-06       K379

Glass, Simeon          Huffman, Rosa          06 Jul 1898     G537

Glass, W.M.            Rinard, Jenettie       26 Oct 1887     D142

Glassburn, Charles     Kuhess, Emma           22-Nov-04       J423

Glasscox, Sarah        Hobbs, John            27-Feb-13       Q048

Glasser, Katie Anna    Gerfler, John          28 Sep 1878     A362

Glassford, George R.   Johnson, Eva           12-Jul-11       O245

Glasshoff, Jacob       Nelson, Eva            21 Apr 1881     B153

Glaves, Amelia Rae     Olmstead, Sidney Smith 21-Aug-20       Y048

Glazbrook, J.F.        Lott, Moses            28 Jul 1878     A346

Glaze, Belle           Pechin, Harry          16 May 1891     E341

Glaze, Helen           Singleton, Arthur G.   8-Nov-11        O404

Glaze, James G.        Beam, Maggie           09 May 1881     B157

Glaze, W.M.            Rundell, Sarah         08 Sep 1881     B181

Glazebrook, Alice      Burson, Jay            4-Jan-21        Y378

Glazer, Amanda         Buckner, Melville      4-Apr-10        N082

Glazier, Charles H.    Kelly, Nicholas        05 Aug 1885     C289

Glazier, Desmond       Bennett, Gladys        6-Sep-11        O311

Glazier, Ethel         Page, Arthur           22-May-18       V163

Glazier, Hazel Jean    Clark, Royal           19-Apr-11       O109

Gleason Leonard O.     Vestal, Bertha M.      10-Jun-09       M288

Gleason, Catherine     Downey, James          25-Jan-11       N566

Gleason, Cliffie E.    Hetzel, J.W.           14-Dec-09       M551

Gleason, Cora          Moore, A. Lincolin     07 Feb 1884     C035

Gleason, David Rumsy   Saylor, Alien          12-Jul-04       J291

Gleason, E.B.          Gould, Lizzie          15 Jan 1884     C028

Gleason, Edgar         Whelpley, Elma         29-Apr-20       X361

Gleason, Martin        Burke, Bridget L.      07 Nov 1882     B316

Gleason, Opal          Zaro, C.C.             19-Apr-10       N099

Gleeson, Anna S.       Roets, John T.         12-Oct-04       J374

Gleeson, Marguerite MarRoets, Joseph J.       4-Jan-22        Z535

Gleeson, Mary          Downey, J.F.           22-Apr-08       L378

Gleeson, Mary          Engels, John W.        27-Jan-09       M115

Gleeson, Michael       Ryan, Ann L.           17 Oct 1892     E637

Gleichman, Ruth        Donnick, Fred Alpha    28-Oct-14       R214

Glendening, Arthur P.  McPherson, Minnie Myrtl21 Sep 1895     F597

Glendening, West       Willis, Mary           12-Jun-13       Q193

Glenn, A.W.            Givens, V.M.           21-Dec-21       Z494

Glenn, Bessie          Glenn, Isaac           22-Nov-19       W625

Glenn, Carrie          Brown, J.W.            3-Apr-07        K591

Glenn, Clara A.        Sanders, George W.     15-Aug-01       I020

Glenn, Edith           Parker, Fred           1-Jul-17        T483

Glenn, Elmer E.        Acton, Lavinnie        29-Nov-11       O436

Glenn, Isaac           Glenn, Bessie          22-Nov-19       W625

Glenn, John H.         Turner, Mary E.        23-Dec-02       I434

Glenn, Mabel B.        Ranson, Ellsworth      1-Jan-02        I147

Glenn, Ruth            Wilkins, Loren B.      18-Jun-20       X505

Glenn, S.E.            Montgomery, Abbie      25 Apr 1884     C073

Glenn, W.G.            McPherson, Bernice     1-Oct-10        N364

Glenn, W.J.            Mercer, Pearl                          S402

Glenn, William C.      Harvey, Nellie F.      31 Oct 1882     B315

Glessner, Emma L.      Enterkine, T.A.        29 Feb 1888     D236

Glessner, Henry        Downing, J.E.          20 May 1885     C257

Glessner, W.R.         Mahannah, Grace L.     11-Oct-06       K405

Glessner, William B.   Hurt, Ida (Eda) V.     25 Feb 1892     E505

Glick, Delmer          Battey, Veria          31-May-17       T397

Glick, Irl             McDaniels, Floy        29-Jan-11       N571

Glick, Mae             Miller, Emil Philip    19-Jun-13       Q208

Glickman, J.           Getzel, Mollie                         S261

Glickman, J.           Getzel, Mollie                         S322

Glidden, B.H.          Hilliard, M.E. (Mrs.)  25 Nov 1899     H214

Glidewell, Edd         Schamerhorn, Orva      18-Aug-10       N283

Glines, Charles S.     Kissee, Sylvie S.      12-Oct-01       I078

Glines, S. Sylvester   Freeland, Lena         30-May-09       M270

Glinn, Anna            Garrison, Ora H.       27-Mar-20       X280

Glosser, T.B.          Jackson, Jennie        09 Dec 1888     D450

Glover, Albert T.      Jarrett, Lela          12 Dec 1899     H224

Glover, Annie May      Bell, Frank            5-Sep-11        O310

Glover, Bernard A.     Nassengill, Johnnie Edi9-Jul-18        V269

Glover, C.W.           Graham, Dovie          22-Dec-14       R287

Glover, E.G.           Cathers, Laura B.      14 Aug 1895     F576

Glover, Edna P.        Roberts, James H.      3-Oct-08        L591

Glover, John           Thurmond, Etta         23-Aug-07       L092

Glover, Leroy          Koontz, Nannie (Mamie) 13-Aug-03       I630

Glover, Mabelle C.     Menzie, Grover C.      31-Oct-11       O391

Glover, Rhoda          Rothwell, William H.                   T200

Glover, Thomas         Williams, Parthinia    28 Dec 1875     A185

Glunt, Mildred B.      Miller, George O.      31 Oct 1893     F243

Glunt, Victor Hugo     Maddox, Manta Jane                     R588

Gluschkin, Muscha      Steinbuchel, Lenore                    R604

Glynn, Maggie M.       Summers, E.B.          22 Sep 1880     B092

Goatley, Ben           Chandler, Ella         2-Aug-20        X626

Goatley, Hattie        Woyame, W.H.           15-Sep-08       L566

Gobin, Minnie (Mrs.)   Reed, George           30 Jun 1890     E163

Goble, Alecil          Alley, John                            R539

Goble, Catherine       Moore, Harvey          6-Mar-19        W011

Goble, George R.       Lavin, Eunice          4-Apr-18        V072

Goble, Leta            Mosher, T.J.                           T038

Goble, William A.      Miller, Lulu L.        26-Nov-09       M541

Gochis, Pete J.        Wright, Goldie         26-Apr-22       Z730

Godby, John            Goode, Katie           07 Dec 1896     G203

Godby, John            Hatfield, Cleo         31-May-02       I257

Goddard, Billy F.      Williams, Gertrude     25-Jun-17       T466

Goddard, Gladys        Garrett, Daniel Vynson 12-Sep-08       L563

Goddard, Maidia(ie) E. Thomson, George R.     6-Jul-06        K319

Goddert, Dertrick J.   Moore, Phebe B.        20-Jul-04       J299

Godding, Frank E.      House, Leota           1-Jun-18        V185

Godding, Virgil K.     Brink, Elsie M.        5-Nov-21        Z406

Godfrey, C.J.          Barnes, Sadie          15-May-00       H319

Godfrey, Charles H.    Givens, Mary Ola       10 Feb 1891     E299

Godfrey, Cora          Gibbs, W.B.            29 Mar 1879     A414

Godfrey, Cyntha Ann    Handley, John          04 Jul 1886     C463

Godfrey, Lottie        Smith, James A.        22-Feb-09       M152

Godfrey, Martha        Bilyeu, A.L.           20-Oct-20       Y209

Godfrey, Mattie A.     Price, Joseph J.       31 Aug 1892     E585

Godfrey, Maud          Wilkins, Ernest L.     28 Feb 1897     G265

Godfrey, Thomas H.     Nichols, Grace         02 Jul 1890     E164

Godly, Grace           Rigby, Floyd           16-Nov-14       R234

Godown, R.A.           Foth, Flora            29-Oct-21       Z389

Godsey, Addie M.       Stevens, Atwood T.     14-Mar-05       J519

Godsey, Edna           Loveall, Claude C.     1-Jan-13        P618

Godsey, Ollie C.       Vandemark, Arthur      20 Nov 1898     G615

Godsey, S.E.           Reed, H.L.             12 Apr 1899     H066

Godsey, Samuel W.      Keller, Ethel          4-Feb-00        H264

Godwin, Carrie (Mrs.)  Troy, Charles P.       15-Sep-00       H399

Godwin, Carrie (Mrs.)  Troy, Charles P.       16-Sep-00       H399

Godwin, Carrie E.      Servance, George W.    10 Feb 1893     F073

Godwin, Carrie E.      Sevance, George W.     10 Feb 1893     F073

Godwin, Estella        Sutton, Edwin          03 Jul 1895     F564

Godwin, Fannie         Simpson, Herbert       2-Jul-03        I596

Godwin, Frank          Reed, Sarah I.                         N476

Godwin, Leslie         Summers, Ina                           S016

Godwin, Ora            Sutton, Jerome                         S251

Godwin, T.J.           Sloper, Mary A.        18 Jan 1874     A100

Goe, Thomas E.         Schaaf, E.L.           16 Dec 1896     G214

Goebel, George H.      Rutter, Grace E.                       T318

Goeldner, Adolph       Gardner, Emma          04 Nov 1885     C331

Goeldner, Caroline AnnaJoines, Charles E.     4-Sep-12        P398

Goeldner, Charles W.   Cook, Stella E.        24-Feb-09       M151

Goeldner, Lena Emma    Miller, Howard E.                      T060

Goeldner, Otto Richard Kemper, Lucia Henrietta16-Nov-11       O416

Goeldner, William      Foerst, Annie          26 Nov 1879     B005

Goeller, Barbara E.    Henley, N.H.           25-Apr-22       Z726

Goeller, Harry W.      Conk, Ida M.           16-Apr-11       O099

Goemann, Henry A.      McGary, Katherine (Ca..16-Feb-11       O020

Goeringer, Elizabeth   Hort, Pete                             S160

Goeringer, John CharlesPhillips, Lucy Belle   27-Oct-14       R211

Goerman, Augusta       Burroughs, A.C.        14 Mar 1886     C410

Goers, Mary L.         Sinkhorn, W.W.         20-Nov-17       U242

Goertz, Martha         Hansen, Henry Albert   11-Dec-12       P561

Goetz, Julius A.       Collins, Blanche       27-Aug-19       W387

Goetze, Bertha         Reavis, Emmett James   15-Oct-19       W527

Goff, Elizabeth L.     Hamley, John L.        16-Oct-05       K076

Goff, Harriett H.      Dabney, Claude C.                      R530

Goff, Irene            Draper, Oliver H.                      V302

Goff, Lona             Richardson, Roy S.     27-Jul-08       L496

Goff, Marjorie         Salmon, Arthur                         M142

Goff, Thomas F.        Garland, Lulu          6-Jul-08        L474

Goforth, Blanch(he)    Hastie, C.R.           22-Oct-07       L178

Goforth, Edwin G.      Worthington, Edith May 2-Jun-02        I247

Goforth, Faye          Posey, Lucian          2-Apr-08        L354

Goforth, Josie         Jones, Robert B.       9-Dec-08        M040

Goforth, Mabel E.      McIntire, Arthur H.    25-Dec-05       K153

Goforth, Mabel E.      McIntyre, Arthur H.    25-Dec-05       K153

Goforth, Violet F.     Whitaker, Harold R.    3-Jun-17        T407

Goin, J.D.             Bentley, Sylvia Aleen  31-Dec-19       X100

Goin, Ruth Ilene       Dotson, Clarence Eugene9-Apr-21        Y567

Goit, Henry E.         Rison, Josephine       21-Apr-12       P201

Gold, Harry            Sokolow, Yetta                         S278

Goldberg, Phoebe MiriamMendelsohn, Adolph E.  17 Jun 1891     E349

Golden, Anna B. (Mrs.) Noble, J.B.            05 Sep 1899     H151

Golden, Anna E.        Phillips, R.L.         29 Sep 1885     C311

Golden, Cora           Williams, Ellis B.     04 Sep 1894     F394

Golden, Dave           Hanks, Wilma           23-Dec-17       U372

Golden, Elizabeth      Brainerd, Howard R.    29-Jan-13       Q009

Golden, Everett R.     Burris, Louise M.      29-Jul-20       X617

Golden, Fred F.        Bays, Margaret Kathryne22-Apr-14       Q598

Golden, Geneva         Riley, Russell         2-Oct-18        V425

Golden, James F.       Potterton, Margaret    15-Sep-01       I036

Golden, Lillian M.     Brown, Lyman J.        10-Apr-20       X317

Golden, P.W.           Whims, Rachael         8-Sep-08        L556

Golden, Ray A.         Walker, Gladys         31-Mar-22       Z680

Golden, Tillie         Dorei, C.J.            02 Feb 1898     G456

Golden, Tillie         Dorie, C.J.            02 Feb 1898     G456

Goldensteren, Joe      Pinsker, Vera          23-Feb-18       U582

Golding, Lauren Edward Alexander, Mary Ellen  9-Dec-14        R275

Goldsberry, Cora M.    Emmons, Oscar          15-Jul-17       T504

Goldsberry, M.S.       Denton, Annie R.       15-Jan-15       R328

Goldsborough, Eva M.   Foster, Martin L.      17 Jan 1894     F297

Goldschmidt, Frank J.  Vichliaz, Agnes M.     14-Jun-11       O185

Goldsmith, Bessie      Boyer, James Seymour   25-Jul-08       L491

Goldsmith, Cameron S.  Wilkie, Nell C.        7-May-21        Y627

Goldsmith, Clara Maude Brown, Robert          1-Jan-14        Q483

Goldsmith, E.B.        Yoder, Hester          21-Aug-18       V335

Goldsmith, Isaac       Wallenstein, Rose      30-Apr-02       I232

Goldsmith, Lewis       Roll, Annie            10 Jan 1895     F476

Goldsmith, Mary E.     Smith, Harry N.        25-Jul-08       L492

Goldstein, Abraham J.  Cohen, Mollie          05 Nov 1890     E242

Goldstein, J.J.        Eden, Zetta            17-Jul-20       X590

Goldsworthy, Rena E. (MPalmer, Albert M.      27-Mar-05       J534

Goldsworthy, Wilson S. Scott, C. Dora         30 Dec 1889     E053

Goldy, Mary A.         Colson, Albert M.      11 May 1876     A203

Golightley, Robert J.  Wilcox, Myrtle M.      3-Apr-04        J198

Goll, Charles W.       Maechtlen, Minna       19 May 1891     E340

Goll, Clara M.         Racer, Clarence A.     17-Dec-19       X046

Goll, Mina Mary        Beyer, John George     26-May-02       I253

Goll, Minnie           Suhrie, Henry W.       09 Jun 1887     D029

Goll, William          Kolb, Conne            05 Apr 1888     D263

Golladay, Bell         Ward, Francis Marion   21 Oct 1888     D412

Golladay, Charles      Douglas, Ethel         21-Jun-19       W232

Golladay, Charles N.   Carson, Margaret Ella                  S360

Golton, Lena C.        Alloway, Otto D.                       R632

Goltry, Angeline H.    Caswell, Russell W.    29-Mar-03       I519

Goltry, Roy M.         Hartson, Ella Mabel    16-Jun-04       J264

Gomez, Angela          Chavez, Catarino       21-May-21       Y656

Gomez, Clara           Martinez, Eujenio      1-May-20        X342

Gonce, Rolyn           White, Minnie          17-May-20       X408

Gonsalez, Erminia      Corona, Gertrudiz      16-Nov-14       R233

Gonsalez, Eulalia      Moreno, Cayetano       18-Jan-19       V571

Gonsalez, Juana        Serna, Angel           22-Jun-18       V182

Gonzalez, Jose         Sanchez, Jesucita                      W401

Gonzalez, Rafael A.    Evans, Pearl           11-Apr-10       N092

Gonzalis, J.M.         Schaffer, Lula         11-Apr-11       O095

Gooch, Alta            Pollock, Cloral J.                     S064

Gooch, John            Wolcot, Alice          14 Sep 1886     C498

Gooch, Susie           Fike, Herbert R.       23-May-11       O158

Gooch, Susie           Fiske, Herbert R.      23-May-11       O158

Good, Dessie May       Nessley, Edward H.D.   8-Nov-11        O406

Good, Deward McKinley  Goodman, Grace Gertrude23-Oct-20       Y221

Good, Frank            Dibbens, Eva Annie     28 Apr 1892     E536

Good, George           McGarry, Monona C.     29 Jun 1894     F376

Good, Howard           Stotler, Charmion      25-Jun-13       Q215

Good, John             Kittridge, May         20-Feb-00       H278

Good, Maty             Smoot, Ira             4-Oct-01        I067

Good, Minnie G.        Utz, William G.        24 Dec 1894     F463

Good, Nona E.          Edgar, A.C.            2-Jul-11        O235

Good, O.W.             Hillyard, Sarah Maud   7-Jun-03        I574

Goodacre, Alvia        Dennett, Lulu          8-Sep-09        M414

Goodacre, James        Mock, Sarah Jane       13 Apr 1876     A197

Goodacre, Martha       Corn, Clarence W.      20-Dec-11       P023

Goodacre, Winona       Schweitzer, Paul       23-Jul-02       I304

Goodale, B.M.          Gabbert, Flossie       6-Dec-00        H474

Goodale, Gera F.       Clark, Ida A.          23 Oct 1892     E634

Goodall, Ella          Nalley, R.C.           31-Dec-20       Y392

Goodall, Emma          Kerr, Jefferson        06 Nov 1890     E240

Goodall, Gladys        Henson, Alva J.        13-Mar-15       R385

Goodall, J.F.          Ridge, Ella            24 Oct 1899     H193

Goodan, Maggie         Morse, W.R.            2-Jan-22        Z530

Goode, Ada Mae         Henderson, Udney W.    1-Feb-08        L294

Goode, Amanda          Calef, Richard         01 Dec 1886     C542

Goode, Clarice Grace   Whiteley, Clyde Charles4-Sep-10        N312

Goode, Daniel S.       Duncan, Ellen M.       3-Sep-02        I339

Goode, Della Mae       Fancher, Paul Vincent M25-Nov-12       P527

Goode, E.W.            Chadd, Rosa            12-Apr-00       H305

Goode, Eddie           Rentz, Elizabeth       18-Jul-18       V283

Goode, John F.         Williams, Addie B.     25-Dec-01       I135

Goode, Katie           Godby, John            07 Dec 1896     G203

Goode, W.H.            Hook, Sarah E.         21-Jul-19       W302

Gooden, Emanuel        Shutt, Sylvia          31-Jul-21       Z149

Goodenough, Jessie     Lyons, Clyde           1-Nov-20        Y238

Goodfellow, Bertha May Fulton, Clarence R.    30-Jul-02       I309

Goodholm, Ruth         Morgan, Leonard G.     4-Feb-22        Z591

Goodin, Alf C.         Schard, Theresa        29 May 1887     D019

Goodin, C.R.           Macy, Annie B.         11 Jun 1893     F154

Goodin, Collier L.     Urban, Luella M.       22-Dec-09       M563

Goodin, Dora A.        Leaming, Charles S.    13-Jan-15       R324

Goodin, Eva May        Edgar, G.A.            29-Aug-18       V357

Goodin, Inez           Hinman, Strong                         R603

Goodin, L.R.           Owen, Zetha M.         14-May-21       Y635

Goodin, Marguerite E.  Lane, Charles H.       2-Apr-00        H298

Goodin, Roy            Russell, Mable         19-Feb-08       L311

Goodin, Ruth Charlotte Price, Cecil U.        4-Jan-19        V553

Goodin, W.O.           McMahan, Cora L.       22 May 1899     H094

Goodin, W.O.           Musgrave, Clara H.     16-Aug-05       K014

Goodin, W.R.           Horn, Jessie Marie     25-Jul-17       T524

Goodin, William O.     McMahan, Cora          31 Dec 1890     E276

Gooding, George R.     Holm, Sophia           13 May 1884     C080

Gooding, H.            Orendorff, Gertrude    5-Nov-10        N433

Goodloe, Mabel P.      Eller, George N.       2-May-19        W112

Goodman, Alonzo        Millie, Fonce Jane     30-Dec-21       Z519

Goodman, Anne M.       Skelton, Jesse A.      24-Dec-20       Y354

Goodman, Annie A.      Tuders, Ulysses G.     11-Oct-00       H430

Goodman, Dora          Rountree, Walter T.    27-Nov-09       M544

Goodman, Elsie         Neff, Ross D.          13-Aug-12       P370

Goodman, Emmaline      Noon, Benjamin         06 Nov 1892     F009

Goodman, Grace GertrudeGood, Deward McKinley  23-Oct-20       Y221

Goodman, Harry         Roberts, Lottie        5-Mar-12        P136

Goodman, Hazel         Johnson, Fred          7-Oct-10        N382

Goodman, J.W.          Orr, Effie             4-Jul-14        R057

Goodman, John          Cathcart, Ruth         27-Dec-17       U411

Goodman, Kate M.       Hershberger, S.R.      8-Apr-11        O089

Goodman, Minnie        Girard, Louis          01 Jul 1889     D565

Goodman, Rose B.       Vincent, William       28-Aug-20       Y063

Goodman, W.L.          Boylan, Rosanna        16-Jan-04       J139

Goodman, Walter        Stewart, Allie         10-Jul-11       O242

Goodnight, Clarence W. Faber, Catherine       29-Oct-01       I090

Goodnight, Lizzie N.   Caldwell, J.D.         19 May 1895     F541

Goodnight, T.J.        Stewart, M.M.          12-Jan-07       K517

Goodnight, Vesta       Huiatt, Clifford       9-Feb-18        U544

Goodno, Winnie         Mickey, Otis           25 Dec 1883     C019

Goodnoe, H.F.          Parker, Margaret                       S148

Goodrich, Anna Mildred Postlethwait, D.L.     11-Aug-21       Z201

Goodrich, B. Gordon    Willhoite, Gracia Merle1-Jul-13        Q226

Goodrich, Charley      Pulliam, Carrie A.     04 Nov 1883     B418

Goodrich, Clyde        Willis, Blanche        1-Oct-06        K392

Goodrich, Darwin G.    Parce, E.A. (Mrs.)     16 Oct 1889     D635

Goodrich, E.           Tolley, Hattie         28 Dec 1898     H003

Goodrich, Earl         Richardson, Elizabeth J27-Aug-13       Q293

Goodrich, Elizabeth    Marley, Melvin L.      6-May-08        L396

Goodrich, Elma         White, William L.      15 Jan 1880     B026

Goodrich, Emma         Dadisman, Isaac        29 Mar 1883     B361

Goodrich, Eugene Niles Peel, Elizabeth E.     14-Nov-10       N443

Goodrich, Gertrude M.  Postlethwait, Leo Paul 16-Dec-19       X042

Goodrich, Ina          Mickey, James C.       6-Nov-12        P500

Goodrich, Jessie       Guthrie, W.A.          28-Nov-03       J095

Goodrich, Joe          Geedeson, Grace        28-Oct-04       J398

Goodrich, Lottie Mae   Farrah, Charles L.     31-Jan-12       P086

Goodrich, May          Patterson, Ed          22 Aug 1887     D085

Goodrich, Melvin       Carroll, Julia         28 Mar 1886     C416

Goodrich, Myrtle       Newman, W.R.           18 Jan 1899     H025

Goodrich, Ralph        King, Mary Myrtle      27-Sep-10       N359

Goodrich, Ray W.       Fisher, Blanche        15-Jan-18       U480

Goodrich, Thaddeus     Newman, Emma           06 Nov 1890     E237

Goodrich, Vinnie V.    Ford, Harry L.         20-May-06       K270

Goodrich, Volney C.    Elliott, Lula Marian   28-Aug-11       O299

Goodrich, Willard      McQuown, Blanche       19-Feb-09       M148

Goodrick, Asher        Nocks, Lutie C.        14-Feb-05       J497

Goodrick, Cora         Moore, Lewis C.        24-Dec-07       L252

Goodrick, Ellsworth    Kimbell, May           20 Jun 1895     F557

Goodrick, Lulu         Johnston, Julius       29 Aug 1891     E377

Goodrick, Porter       Porterfield, Ammy      17-Mar-20       X261

Goodrick, William      Decker, Susan          17 Jul 1886     C469

Goodrick, William Y.   Graham, Sarah A.       11 Feb 1877     A251

Goodrick, Winnie May   Schmidt, Charles Monfor17-Jun-20       X502

Goodrum, J.B.          Winger, Ruth                           S586

Goodson, Fred F.       Squires, Mildred R.    7-May-19        W125

Goodson, James F.      Emerick, Hilpa L.      17-Apr-13       Q113

Goodson, Mary J.       Scott, George W.       26-Nov-18       V498

Goodwin, C. Elry       Miller, Margaret E.    26-Jun-12       P308

Goodwin, Cora E.       Meloy, Loney           2-Apr-21        Y560

Goodwin, Eliza Ann     Cross, Rufus F.        23-Oct-09       M486

Goodwin, Ella Gertrude Bush, John T.          22-May-09       M261

Goodwin, Elmia         Wait, Carl M.                          R489

Goodwin, Emma          Jones, Walter R.       17-Jun-02       I274

Goodwin, Fred P.       Wise, Florence         25-May-10       N152

Goodwin, Henry Ben     Combs, Katharine Geneva26-Jan-20       X155

Goodwin, Jasper        Northrup, Annie        17 Apr 1886     C429

Goodwin, Laura         Dorsey, Edgar Jr.      15-Jan-02       I161

Goodwin, Lucy B.       McDonald, Thomas M.    16-Dec-04       J440

Goodwin, Nellie        Ellis, Edward H.       18 Aug 1888     D362

Goodwin, Rachel A.(Mrs)Clark, C.P.            20-Jul-09       M355

Goodwin, Sallie E.     Shedeen, John O.       7-Oct-06        K399

Goodwin, Willis        Simpson, Ethel         9-Jan-03        J137

Goodwin, Zilsa         Fogerson, Wayne        15-Oct-21       Z356

Goodwine, Esther J.    Bolte, Edgar W.        12-Jun-07       L014

Goodwine, Florence W.  Tucker, Joel R.        2-Jul-14        R054

Goodwine, Mary V.      McKee, Robert J. Jr.   14 Jun 1896     G106

Goodwine, Nira         Stanley, Joseph H.     22-Sep-08       L572

Goodyear, Bertha E.    Emery, C.C.            11-Jun-10       N184

Goodyear, Ellsworth P. Slade, Catherine R.    1-Jun-04        J247

Goodyear, James        Warrener, Julia A.J.                   S503

Goodyear, Phillip      Meyer, Lizzie          11-Sep-07       L111

Goold, Arthur          Sappington, Dora       21-May-02       I249

Goold, Caroline        Evans, George B.       17 Oct 1889     D636

Goosby, Charlotte      Chapman, Carl                          T334

Goosey, Effie          McMillen, Carl                         T269

Goranflo, M.F.         Epperly, Rose          15 Feb 1899     H043

Goranson, Karl Emil    Frable, Mary           30-Jun-20       X545

Gorden, A.M.           Pearson, Charles       07 Jul 1884     C099

Gordon, Ada            Maloney, Clarence G.   31-Jan-20       X168

Gordon, Charles F.     Whitecotton, Eva       13 Jan 1884     C026

Gordon, Charles H.     Hill, Ida              2-Nov-03        J070

Gordon, Claude G.      Fouts, Iva Irene       27-Aug-14       R118

Gordon, Earl           Levick, LaVerne        28-Jun-21       Z091

Gordon, Edgar B.       Stillwell, Edna M.     26-Dec-00       H486

Gordon, Edward J.      Buster, Della Grace    11-Sep-05       K037

Gordon, Franklin C.    Curtiss, Geneva L.     28 Mar 1875     A154

Gordon, George         Mead, Annie            15-Mar-00       H290

Gordon, George         Zody, Florence         09 Jan 1887     C572

Gordon, Grace          Garrison, J.M.         14-Dec-11       P015

Gordon, Grace L.       Norton, James N.       20-Jan-12       P073

Gordon, Hattie         Brown, Reid A.         8-Jun-19        W196

Gordon, Ida B.         Grant, James W.        02 Sep 1876     A221

Gordon, J.A.           Kinkaid, Viola         16-Jul-13       Q245

Gordon, James W.       McConnaughey, Minnie B.25 May 1892     E553

Gordon, John           Bivins, Iness          02 Jul 1898     G533

Gordon, Joseph A.      Miller, Beatrice       11-Dec-20       Y330

Gordon, Josephine      Downin, G.S.           27-Apr-13       Q120

Gordon, Mary           Hienforth, William     12 Jun 1878     A337

Gordon, Mary L.        Cronin, Joseph G.      12-Jun-11       O188

Gordon, May            Thompson, Jess Edward  15-Jun-17       T447

Gordon, Myrtle         Mikes, William         23-Oct-11       O378

Gordon, O.E.           Powell, Myrtle         11-Mar-13       Q058

Gordon, Ora            Grant, Joseph          08 Mar 1883     B355

Gordon, Seymour        Phillips, Nellie                       S099

Gordon, T.F.           Tudors, Katie          22 Oct 1882     B313

Gordon, Vada           Polk, O.J.             27-Nov-20       Y301

Gordon, Vernon L.      Hyde, Nora June        27-Mar-11       O068

Gordy, Loretta E.      Thomas, E.F.           08 Apr 1884     C067

Gordy, W.C.            Bennett, Dollie        27 Apr 1887     C634

Gore, Addison R.       Langdon, Lizzie        29 Apr 1873     A069

Gore, Cora             Armour, John           12 Feb 1880     B035

Gore, E.H.             Booth, Jessie Grace    3-Oct-12        P440

Gore, Earl             Stech, Cleo                            T163

Gore, May              Patton, Samuel P.      10 Feb 1892     E494

Gore, Susie B.         Preston, Hugh M.       4-Oct-05        K064

Gorges, Albert         Ossweiler, Lucy        2-Mar-08        L318

Gorges, Andrew John    Winter, Helena         10 May 1892     E542

Gorges, Anna           Smarsh, Antoney        13 Nov 1883     C002

Gorges, Anthony        Kropf, Alma            3-Jun-13        Q149

Gorges, Charles B.     Smith, Margaret G.     28-Nov-06       K458

Gorges, Elizabeth      Freund, John           18 Nov 1890     E236

Gorges, Emma           Hund, Peter W.         20-Mar-19       W027

Gorges, Frederick B.   Mies, Mary             20 Nov 1883     C001

Gorges, Joseph         Ketzner, Margreta      17-Feb-14       Q525

Gorges, Katie          Rohling, Frank         27-Jan-14       Q511

Gorges, Lizzie         Lubbers, John          9-Nov-10        N407

Gorges, Markus         Simon, Rosa            28-Jan-13       P632

Gorges, Mary           Nuessen, Gerard J.     30-Apr-01       H558

Gorges, Mathias        Girrens, Martha        01 Aug 1889     D575

Gorges, Mathias        Simon, Catherine Ceceli4-Feb-20        X172

Gorges, Mathilda       Mainz, William         27-Oct-08       L601

Gorges, Peter          Kletchka, Loretta                      S219

Gorges, Peter          Weinshenk, Elisabeth   12 Jan 1881     B135

Gorham, Harry N.       Ashworth, Della M.     20-Jun-06       K297

Gorham, Herbert M.     Wightman, Nina E.      6-May-19        W119

Gorham, John S.        Murray, Anna           28-Sep-17       U020

Gorham, Sadie Marie    Minson, Harold F.      18-Jun-21       Z063

Gorin, H.J.            Smith, E.W.            21 Nov 1881     B210

Gorin, J.R.            Hume, Mary E.          31 Jul 1886     C475

Gorin, Mary E. (Mrs.)  Jolly, William J.      19 May 1896     G082

Gorl, James            Williams, Hattie       24 Jul 1876     A214

Gorman, Agnes M.       Knoffloch, Adam F. (T.)4-May-05        J563

Gorman, Alta Ann       Doty, A.L.                             S548

Gorman, D.F.           Ballard, Bernice Arline14-Aug-17       T574

Gorman, Edward         McAleer, Mabel         24-Nov-09       M535

Gorman, Edward C.      Hatfield, Eunice       24-Dec-08       M068

Gorman, Elizabeth FrancDugan, Henry L.        09 Feb 1897     G249

Gorman, John A.        Connor, Kathleen S.    08 Sep 1898     G565

Gorman, John Dave      Ward, Blissie          12-Feb-19       V609

Gorman, John Ed        Nelson, Edith M.       8-Aug-12        P365

Gorman, Kate(tie) C.   Lies, John             15 Feb 1898     G457

Gorman, Kathleen ConnerBeekman, Charles S.    3-Dec-02        I419

Gorman, Loretta ElizabeStickney, Charles Griffith             S095

Gorman, May            Knipp, Frank A.                        T364

Gorman, Pearl          Long, W.M.             11-Jul-21       Z125

Gorman, Stella         Raux, Harry            8-Sep-11        O314

Gorman, Thomas         Pantenburg, Cathrina   6-Oct-20        Y163

Gorman, Thursa A.      Martin, James A.                       R629

Gorman, William        Sheriff, Mary          02 Jun 1898     G518

Gormis, Enos           Quernes, Sena          8-Aug-17        T563

Gormley, Stella        Caswell, A.R.                          S209

Gormly, Mary           Spradlin, John         12-Dec-00       H476

Gorrell, Goldie        Bowman, Langston       21-Sep-11       O335

Gorrum, George         Booker, Addie          7-Nov-08        L636

Gors, Gustave          Cooper, Minnie         13 Apr 1889     D525

Gors, Gustave          Mold, Caroline M.      08 Jan 1891     E283

Gors, Minnie           Weisner, Adolph        16 May 1872     A035

Gorsage, Rosa May      Baker, A.F.            9-Oct-07        L158

Gorsuch, Virginia      Nichols, Joe                           S481

Gortner, Goldie L.     Bardshar, Harry C.     12-Aug-08       L512

Gortner, Ilah G.       Sturdy, Oscar R.       17-Dec-19       X028

Gorton, Merrill B.     Archibald, Erma        2-Jun-19        W181

Gorvin, Edwin Jr.      Hinckley, Mary         8-Jun-10        N177

Gorvin, H.W.           Dean, Vern R.          6-Jun-11        O175

Gorvin, V.D.           Adams, J.K.            18-Dec-18       V518

Gosage, June E.        Scott, William H.      7-Oct-12        P446

Gosch, George Benjamin Crandall, Lillian M.   9-Jul-19        W274

Gosch, Sophia          Solter, Henry          02 Aug 1881     B175

Goseland, L.           Thompson, Mabel        9-Oct-20        Y178

Goseland, Louis        Beard, Edna            12-Jun-07       L009

Gosen, Susie E.        Corlett, George O.     13-Nov-11       O413

Gosney, Eunice L.      South, Glen W.         14-Oct-13       Q379

Gosney, Florence       Nies, Arthur           28-Jun-08       L460

Gosney, Nora           Flood, Henry           05 Dec 1894     F452

Gosney, Ross B.        Ruter, Esther M.       2-Sep-08        L549

Gosney, Wade H.        Elliott, Susie         23-Dec-04       J448

Goss, Chaney Mae WinonaBowen, Everett C.      28-Sep-14       R164

Goss, Clarence O.      Dawson, Margaret M.    4-Apr-04        J202

Goss, Emma L.          LaForge, Homer         2-Feb-18        U520

Goss, Ernest C.        Collins, Alice C.      8-Apr-12        P186

Goss, Ernest C.        Grable, Nannie         7-Nov-05        K102

Goss, Finis L.         Stewart, Pearl         8-Dec-06        K475

Goss, H.W.             Wilson, Bessie (Mrs.)  23 Mar 1898     G481

Goss, Leola            Banks, Levi            11-Jun-11       O184

Goss, Oscar            Turner, Lucy           10-Jan-00       H255

Goss, T.A.             Campbell, Ethel        31-Oct-10       N421

Goss, Verna            Hefflefinge, Gerald P. 5-Aug-20        Y002

Gossage, Marguerite    Morley, Frank          6-May-07        K624

Gossage, Martha        Clary, Martin          5-Jun-12        P264

Gossard, Alvin H.      Davidson, Alice        14 May 1874     A119

Gosset, John           Wright, Polly          11-Jan-04       J138

Gossett, Ada           Humphrey, W.H.         28 Sep 1898     G576

Gossett, Arthemise     Fieser, John E.                        S585

Gossett, Ensley G.     Hammon, Lucy A.M.      06 Feb 1888     D217

Gossett, George        Renfrow, Rachal (Mrs.) 02 Mar 1899     H050

Gossett, Jesse Emery   Brown, Winneford Anna                  S075

Gossett, Marion        Wells, Cora                            O320

Gossett, Mary C.       Andrews, John W.       20-Sep-00       H406

Gossett, Myron         Wells, Cora                            S172

Gossett, Nellie M.     White, William H.      09 Jun 1897     G310

Gossett, Vina Ann      Martin, Joseph                         K424

Gossett, William       Fox, Lizzie            14 Oct 1888     D403

Gossi, Balthasar       Frantz, Josephine      24 Oct 1889     D639

Gossin, Andrew J.      Caldwell, Cora E.      14 Jan 1891     E284

Gossitt, Carrie        Sexton, J.M.           03 Jul 1895     F560

Gotham, Sue M.         Wood, Earl T.          22-Apr-12       P198

Gotschall, N.J.        Hays, Fay              14 May 1885     C255

Gott, Elmer            Hobbs, Vivian          8-May-20        X388

Gott, Elmer Antone     Davis, Mary            18-Nov-05       K113

Gottlieb, Ira D.       Cohn, Gladys C.        24-Jun-17       T389

Goul, James M.         Young, Gracie(ia) E.   31 Mar 1893     F107

Gould, A.T.            Senters, Mabel         27-Sep-19       W478

Gould, Albert M.       Hicklin, Jessie                        R579

Gould, Bryan           Elrick, Margery        19-Jul-20       X593

Gould, Charles         Warren, Lora May       12-Oct-08       L597

Gould, Dora            Cann, H.G.             4-Jan-19        V554

Gould, Edna            Harris, E.E.           10-Jan-20       X125

Gould, Ella            Hubbard, Hiram D.      26 Dec 1894     F466

Gould, Harriet M.      Rothrock, Charles N.   05 Feb 1879     A399

Gould, Inez            Harwood, Homer H.      1-Mar-13        Q050

Gould, Iva             Campbell, R.E.         3-Apr-10        N081

Gould, James           Truman, Dora           09 Mar 1897     G269

Gould, Jessie          Kitterman, H.W.        22-Dec-20       Y350

Gould, John H.         Ryan, Mary             30 Apr 1889     D531

Gould, Lizzie          Conroy, James          03 Aug 1896     G128

Gould, Lizzie          Gleason, E.B.          15 Jan 1884     C028

Gould, Maggie M.       Chapman, John W.       04 Feb 1890     E073

Gould, Mamie           Robinson, Jesse G.     10-Jul-10       N234

Gould, Mart            Tremain, Nettie J.     26-Dec-01       I144

Gould, Mary N.         McDonald, John C.      23-Oct-06       K416

Gould, Myrtle          Badger, George         22-Sep-10       N351

Gould, Naoma           Portwood, Clarence E.  22-Nov-13       Q433

Gould, Naomi           Brown, David G.        15-Oct-21       Z339

Gould, Nellie E.       Wonsetler, George M.   10 Oct 1886     C512

Gould, Patrick         McCarty, Sadie         24 Oct 1893     F237

Gould, Ray             Warren, Edna           26-Jun-20       X530

Gould, Sadie C.        Miller, Frank J.       17-May-11       O150

Gould, Sadie C.        Muller, Frank J.       17-May-11       O150

Gould, Sadie Frances   Simmons, Vernon H.     21-Aug-20       Y045

Gould, Twila           Hanes, Roy V.          9-Sep-19        W426

Gould, W.J.            Hunt, Anna             20 Jul 1898     G542

Gould, William P.      Lane, Lucy             16 Apr 1891     E325

Gouldner, Marie GabrielPowell, Herbert Livings19-Jan-21       Y420

Gove, Albert L.        Dutton, Carrie Hazel   19-Jun-07       L028

Gove, Gladys           Kyle, James W.         17-Jul-20       X587

Gove, Otis S.          Boston, Lucile M.      5-Nov-12        P498

Gove, Ruby L.          Jones, Frank           22-Aug-05       K020

Govenins, Roy          Patterson, Maud        26-Jun-13       Q219

Govenius, C.W.         Bruce, Lillie          25-Jun-08       L456

Gover, Rachel          Huston, A.W.           24 Oct 1897     G387

Gow, Frank             Adamson, Mary A.       23 Jun 1883     B384

Gow, L.D.              Fitch, Grace M.        16 Feb 1898     G460

Gow, Oreta Bernice     Griffith, Homer W.     16-Jan-22       Z557

Gow, Roma B.           Tannehill, George M.   20-Jun-20       X495

Gower, G.H.            Biddle, Lottie         20-Jun-20       X513

Gowin, Jesse C.        Schmitt, Olga M.       2-Dec-14        R267

Gowing, Purl Alfred    McCrea, Mary May       5-Feb-08        L298

Gowling, Russell P.    Caple, Lucy            19-Nov-17       U234

Goyette, Mabel Estelle James, Nathan B.       31-Jan-22       Z581

Gra Vette, Lulu FrancisSaylor, Martin E.      22-Apr-03       I536

Graan, J.B.            Drake, Dena            07 Apr 1887     C624

Grabendike, Frank W.   Christopher, Nellie B. 17-Jun-08       L438

Graber, Elizabeth      McCon, George W.       26-Jan-09       M117

Graber, Emma E.        Ray, C.J.              25-Dec-17       U369

Graber, Florence AdellaMills, Charles Walter  30-Sep-19       W485

Grable, Ada            Schiltz, J.M.          12-Apr-18       V091

Grable, Andrew J.      Langloss, Martha J.    23-Jan-06       K184

Grable, Ella M.        Smith, S.W.            22 Sep 1887     D110

Grable, Frank          Kendrick, Lelia        20-May-19       W151

Grable, Nannie         Goss, Ernest C.        7-Nov-05        K102

Grable, William        Marr, Ada              4-May-07        K624

Grace, Emma            Jones, Hamilton H.     03 Jul 1892     E575

Grace, Emma            Mayheir, J.R.          5-Sep-00        H392

Grace, Geneva Gertrude Hughes, John Edward    21-Jun-09       M309

Grace, Harvey D.       Shearon, Rachel L.     06 Oct 1895     F606

Grace, Helen M.        Hyde, Alex                             S128

Grace, John            Richardson, Mary       04 Oct 1880     B099

Grace, Mamie           Ballein, Fred          14 Aug 1890     E183

Grace, Mary (Mrs.)     Hunt, Sean             10-Aug-00       H376

Grace, William Earl    Carnahan, Gladys       25-Dec-07       L251

Grady, Bridget         Fry, William           21 Sep 1889     D611

Grady, Dennis          Dugan, Mary            26-Dec-01       I139

Grady, Edward          Pickrel, Ella          15 Nov 1874     A141

Grady, Florence        Manie, Oneal           6-Nov-21        Z409

Grady, Grace           Ethington, W.S.        22-May-19       W154

Grady, James           Faker, Anna Maggie     25 Nov 1885     C347

Grady, John            Flagg, L.M.            28 Apr 1897     G289

Grady, Josephine       Caldwell, William T.   14-May-03       I555

Grady, Mamie G.        Jones, T.D.            22 Sep 1893     F208

Grady, Rose            Tobin, Thomas          17 Oct 1893     F228

Graef, Katharine       Schmeissner, Christoph 28 Feb 1893     F086

Graf, Conrad           Tankersley, Lizzie     7-Nov-10        N435

Graff, Hannah C.       Watts, A.D.            30-Apr-19       W106

Graff, Lizzie          O'Brien, Furley        16-Oct-07       L172

Graff, Mary Ethel      Landon, William V.     1-Oct-20        Y153

Grafford, John         Morris, Effie          3-Jul-12        P321

Grafton, Pauline Z.    Thomas, Roy K.         28-Aug-13       Q292

Gragerson, Laura       Peterson, Carl         24-Sep-13       Q339

Gragg, Almeda Opal     Hatfield, Hugh         1-Oct-10        N368

Gragg, Edward          Vernon, Cathrine       6-Sep-13        Q306

Gragg, George          Davison, Maggie        29-Aug-13       Q295

Gragg, George T.       Wood, Cora             27-Feb-19       V636

Gragg, Kenneth V.      Brown, Nellie Lucile   23-Oct-13       Q393

Gragg, Mary            Anderson, Burrell      04 Dec 1891     E438

Gragg, Myrtle          Faulkner, G.C.         24-Apr-22       Z728

Graham, Alice          Hester, Robert C.                      R459

Graham, Alice          Hunt, Thomas           08 Dec 1880     B117

Graham, Alva           Long, Gladys                           S069

Graham, Andrew H.      Graham, Nettie         30 Apr 1890     E129

Graham, Arzetta        Baker, Ira A.          5-Apr-19        W053

Graham, C.A.           Cook, Ellen Frances    10-Sep-17       T621

Graham, C.S.           Singleton, Edith       3-May-20        X373

Graham, Carl L.        Stevens, Alma          22-Jun-02       I278

Graham, Carolina A.    Graham, James W.       21-Aug-07       L090

Graham, Clara          Dobbin, Albert         27 Mar 1883     B359

Graham, Clara          Love, Jesse T.                         S156

Graham, Claude         Sevedge, Mabel         9-Oct-18        V439

Graham, Clyde W.       Ketchel, Flossie M.    21-Jan-12       P072

Graham, Doris D.       Davis, Mona Modelle    14-Jun-20       X489

Graham, Dot            Barnhisel, Stuard                      J328

Graham, Dovie          Glover, C.W.           22-Dec-14       R287

Graham, Edward         Graham, Margaret       18-Mar-13       Q065

Graham, Edward         Johnson, Maggie        22 Sep 1896     G151

Graham, Emeline        Short, William H.      17 Sep 1896     G148

Graham, Emily          Sullivan, Charles E.   03 Nov 1880     B119

Graham, Estella BlancheEvans, Albert Ernest   28-Dec-08       M073

Graham, Eva            Loger, W.H.            11-Feb-09       M137

Graham, Eva            Stikes, R.C.           26-Dec-14       R302

Graham, Frank          Garrison, Ruth         7-Sep-13        Q306

Graham, Fritz          Ballard, Hazel         2-Jul-20        X555

Graham, G.W.           Michael, Pearl         01 Mar 1898     G470

Graham, George         Sullivan, Hester Ann   01 Dec 1875     A179

Graham, George P.      Fortner, Zula                          T113

Graham, George W.      Bolt, Alma L.          31 Dec 1889     E051

Graham, George W.      Crosley, Arzetta       09 Jun 1889     D554

Graham, George W.      Keefover, Anna M.      15-Jan-20       X132

Graham, George W.      Parker, Thelma Pearl   10-Mar-20       X245

Graham, Gertrude       Smith, Albert E.       29-May-12       P249

Graham, Goldy E.       Robinson, George W.    11 Aug 1892     E594

Graham, Harold A.      Zwiebel, Laura Mae     22-Aug-18       V337

Graham, Henry          Shields, M. Lizzie     7-Mar-21        Y508

Graham, Hester Ann     McMurchy, Donald       17 Dec 1878     A385

Graham, James          Skinner, Mollie        20-Feb-14       Q541

Graham, James W.       Graham, Carolina A.    21-Aug-07       L090

Graham, Jennie         Dobbins, Ed            1-Nov-13        Q405

Graham, Jessie         Miller, William        12 Mar 1884     C051

Graham, Joe            Cowl, Susan            13 Aug 1887     D081

Graham, Jonas P.       Boyer, Eva K.          01 Apr 1879     A413

Graham, Jonas P.       Shockey, Ella M.       02 Jul 1884     C095

Graham, Joseph T.      Lee, Daisy A.          25 Jul 1893     F171

Graham, Josephine R.   Herrman, Scott C.      17-Jun-18       V223

Graham, Josiah T.      LaFiske, Helen M.      4-Mar-18        V019

Graham, Julia          Fox, James R.          01 Jun 1889     D546

Graham, L.M.           Hillilard, Ruth Carlene25-Mar-19       W038

Graham, Logan          Bruce, Margaret        5-Feb-07        K536

Graham, Lucinda(dia)   Lockwood, W.M.         05 Apr 1897     G279

Graham, Lula           Hutton, Mack           4-Feb-21        Y455

Graham, Lulu           Wallace, F.M.          7-Jun-10        N176

Graham, Mamie          Ramey, D.T.            18-Jun-10       N192

Graham, Margaret       Graham, Edward         18-Mar-13       Q065

Graham, Martha E.      Shaw, William G.       16-Jun-10       N189

Graham, Marthena       Evans, Eli K.          11 Sep 1895     F592

Graham, Mary A.        Beaver, Zanoni H.      25 Jun 1894     F376

Graham, May            Dobbin, Stewart        20 Feb 1896     G050

Graham, Mayme C.       Harris, Oscar Lawson   5-Jun-12        P252

Graham, Myrtle J.      Miller, Almon N.       28 Apr 1897     G282

Graham, Nettie         Dobbin, William D.     1-Aug-05        K004

Graham, Nettie         Graham, Andrew H.      30 Apr 1890     E129

Graham, Nettie M.      McMillan, John A.      17 Jan 1882     B234

Graham, Paul E.        Haycraft, Nora Emily   26-Jul-03       I613

Graham, Pearl          Blake, Winnie George   14-Oct-06       K406

Graham, Robert O.      Buxton, Orlena         14 Jun 1894     F371

Graham, Robert PressleyShort, Mabel           24-Jun-11       O212

Graham, Roy R.         Rinehart, Flossie      22-Aug-11       O292

Graham, Ruth           Baker, Ruel            19-Apr-19       W081

Graham, Sarah A.       Goodrick, William Y.   11 Feb 1877     A251

Graham, Sarah A.       Rogers, William F.     11-May-21       Y634

Graham, Viola          Colbert, Andrew J.     6-Oct-21        Z330

Graham, W.M.           Cannon, Margarete      15-Aug-14       R096

Graham, Wallace M.     Hammers, Jennie M.     10-May-11       O143

Graham, Wallace M.     Thompson, Cora M.      23 Feb 1887     C586

Graham, Will           Oliver, Mattie         7-Nov-12        P501

Graham, William D.     Ludlam, Maude D.       14-Nov-06       K445

Graham, Willie         Wise, Lillie                           T324

Grainge, J.M.          Hinricksen, Minnie     18-Sep-02       I354

Grainger, Lula         Noble, S.S.            04 Sep 1889     D598

Grainger, Will A.      Stever, Frances        12 Feb 1890     E076

Graley, Joe            Cocore, Lena           29-Jul-14       R077

Gramley, Lee Foster    Knappenberger, Bessie C30-Aug-05       K025

Grammer, Ruby M.       Story, Charles T.                      T206

Gramse, Martha         Du franes, Frank       20-Jun-01       H619

Grander, J.F.          Heimerman, Katie J.    3-Sep-01        I031

Grandfield, E.A.       Tharp, Lena F.                         T071

Grandfield, Edna J.    Hull, Wyllys L.        25-Aug-12       P383

Grandfield, Ernest A.  Peterson, Mary E.      05 May 1892     E541

Grandfield, Ernest A.  Warren, Georgia E.     26-Sep-19       W475

Grandfield, Fredrick J.Peterson, Annie        28 Jul 1886     C473

Grandfield, Hilda      Stark, Harry L.        11-Feb-18       U552

Grandfield, Lillie     Kessler, George H.     23 Jan 1884     C030

Grandfield, Pearl ViolaMartin, Frank Eugene                   S369

Grandfield, Virgil OriaBoone, Donna Lucile    8-Feb-19        V600

Grandon, Ella          Shive, Roy R.          5-Mar-07        K567

Grandstaff, Ora E.     Phillipps, J.D.        1-May-22        Z733

Grandy, Mabel E.       Neifing, Hal F.        15-May-18       V148

Granger, George        Lowery, Margaret       20-Apr-22       Z721

Grannan, George        Musgrove, Daisy D.     18 Jun 1888     D321

Grannell, T.P.         Newkirk, Gladys        19-Jan-22       Z562

Grant, Bertha A.       Allyn, Frank W.        21-Jul-08       L488

Grant, Cora E.         King, Joseph R.H.      13 Jun 1889     D557

Grant, Delton          Cheney, Bessie         5-Nov-19        W578

Grant, Edward M.       Yates, Stella A.       20-Oct-13       Q388

Grant, Elgie           Stall, Cathryn Frie    21-Oct-04       J389

Grant, Ethel M.        Willis, Oliver F.                      T098

Grant, Florence        Kasten, Alfred W.      14-Jul-12       P326

Grant, Frank           Shaw, Addie            22-Oct-05       K086

Grant, Gertrude        Carr, Herbert A.       7-Dec-19        X020

Grant, Goldie V.       Barbee, Ray                            P069

Grant, Goldie V.       Barbee, Ray            16-Jan-12       P068

Grant, Ida             Booher, Welsey Grover  10-May-06       K267

Grant, Ida             Booher, Wesley G.      2-Mar-11        O040

Grant, Ida             Burke, James           5-May-19        W120

Grant, James P.        Buxton, Mary           11 Dec 1895     G006

Grant, James W.        Gordon, Ida B.         02 Sep 1876     A221

Grant, Jessie          Scott, Frank M.        01 Jan 1897     G227

Grant, Jewell          Black, Oliver          1-May-08        L391

Grant, John S.         Moore, Ozina           28-Jul-21       Z164

Grant, Joseph          Gordon, Ora            08 Mar 1883     B355

Grant, Joseph H.       DeLong, Hulda          24-Sep-19       W470

Grant, Katheryn        Ferris, Leonard A.     15-Nov-17       U215

Grant, Levi            Rutherford, Jane       19 Jul 1893     F169

Grant, Lizzie          Russell, John          05 Aug 1895     F570

Grant, Majorie         Anthony, Robert Garfiel30-Mar-10       N069

Grant, Mary (Mrs.)     Thorpe, Henry          18 Oct 1899     H187

Grant, Milton          Dugan, Emma            23-Apr-05       J552

Grant, Nannie          Cave, Justinian Jr.    23-Jan-02       I165

Grant, Nettie A.       Robinson, Ralph Martin 22-Dec-02       I432

Grant, Ollive E.       Hite, Letha E.         13-Mar-21       Y518

Grant, Otto W.         Colson, Mabel Louise   1-Jun-20        X441

Grant, Pearle          Hildebrand, R.L.                       S051

Grant, Pearle          Wilcox, W.E.           30-Jun-09       M327

Grant, Sarah R.        Burrell, Andrew J.     05 Sep 1891     E381

Grant, Stella          Eccles, Franklin Oscar 25-Dec-10       N521

Grant, Thomas I.       Black, Ida             11-Feb-04       J163

Grant, Viola           Jones, Robert          25-Aug-18       V347

Grant, W.H.H.          Williams, Hattie       20-Jan-09       M104

Grant, W.W.H.          Bailer, Annie E.       3-Jun-01        H604

Grant, William S.      Huff, Edna V.          5-Nov-08        L633

Grantham, Georgie      Rogers, Charles E.     17 Apr 1873     A070

Grantham, Harry        Bosley, Clara          20-Oct-00       H438

Grantham, J.L.         McMillen, Anna M.      02 Nov 1878     A371

Grantham, Jennie       Curtis, W.T.           02 Jul 1887     D051

Grantham, Lillie       Rogers, C.E.           02 Sep 1882     B294

Grantham, Sallie M.    Garrison, Charles M.   30 Jul 1871     A012

Grantz, H.A.           Kirkland, Clo          21-Nov-09       M532

Grantz, Ida S.(L.)     Sawyer, S.J.           10 Sep 1893     F196

Grantz, Mary           Roll, Gustav                           R554

Grapes, John R.        Lyons, Lucile                          S151

Grapevine, Winford     Brosh, Mollie          6-Oct-21        Z328

Grasham, Edith T.      Wilson, J.F.           1-Jul-19        W257

Grassel, Anna          Clasen, Peter J.       1-Aug-11        O253

Grasselli, Ida May     Higgins, J.H.          3-Nov-17        U162

Grasser, Edith A.      Pitts, John C.         1-Sep-09        M398

Grassi, Louis          Bliss, Rose            30-Oct-19       W561

Grassl, Eleanor F.     Reichenberger, William 7-Feb-22        Z580

Grassl, Louise         Biermann, Joseph H.    3-Jan-21        Y383

Grassl, Rosalia        Bogner, John B.        26-Oct-09       M481

Gratner, Icie M.       Nichols, Charles A.    21-Mar-06       K228

Gratner, Lafayette     Springfield, Alice     8-Feb-10        N011

Grattan, Maggie M.     Fross, Clarence E.     20-Oct-02       I383

Gratton, Elizabeth H.  Frohue, Charles F.                     R426

Gravely, Margaret      Blackwell, Richard     3-Jan-22        Z535

Graves, Anderson       Thomas, Sarah          26-Nov-13       Q438

Graves, Applene        Virgin, Frank          21-Dec-10       N511

Graves, Beatrice       Harvey, Charley        16-Jul-10       N245

Graves, Bessie         Creek, Martin          5-Dec-06        K472

Graves, Cecil          Formen, Ira            27-Sep-21       Z311

Graves, Eli S.         Reif, Leah             22 Apr 1885     C244

Graves, Ella           Morgan, William        8-Oct-11        O357

Graves, Elsie          Tucker, Charles R.     26-Dec-10       N520

Graves, Emma J.        Wilderom, Cornelis M.  25-Dec-01       I141

Graves, Ernest         Napier, Verna          30-Jul-18       V296

Graves, Ernest W.      Pettie, Aro            24-Dec-19       X075

Graves, Fern I.        Chauncey, A.B.         10-Nov-18       V478

Graves, Fred           Martin, Mary           22-Apr-20       X345

Graves, Fred           Woodman, Millie        20-Mar-07       K579

Graves, Gene C.        Long, Sidney Bell      3-Oct-20        Y144

Graves, George E.      Thompson, Clara        28 Jan 1891     E292

Graves, Georgia F.     Caywood, P.S.          15-Feb-13       Q031

Graves, Hassie         Brown, Otis                            S142

Graves, Henry A.       Hall, Sallie T.        27-Aug-13       Q292

Graves, Henry B.       Elliott, Lena L.       09 Jun 1883     B378

Graves, J. LeRoy       DeMott, Luella         11-Nov-19       W594

Graves, James M.       Cable, Josie (Mrs.)    04 Sep 1899     H150

Graves, John           Love, Buena            13-Sep-13       Q319

Graves, John           Williams, Mildred      15-Feb-21       Y475

Graves, John Francis   Fisher, Elmeda         3-Feb-22        Z588

Graves, Katie          Rogers, C.S.           30-Aug-20       Y066

Graves, L.F.           Connor, Helen June     9-Feb-18        U530

Graves, L.W.           Hand, Nannie B.        06 Mar 1895     F505

Graves, Leonard        Epperly, Lila                          S176

Graves, Margie         White, Otis Irvin      18-Oct-20       Y203

Graves, Mary C. (Mrs.) Ames, Warren           28 Mar 1880     B057

Graves, McKinley       Burks, Roberta         24-Sep-19       W472

Graves, Milo           Lowery, Stella         1-Sep-18        V364

Graves, Minnie E.      Mollman, Harry         20-Jul-18       V286

Graves, Nettie         Washburn, J.F.         24 Aug 1882     B290

Graves, Percy          Lieurance, Mary Lodema 21-Jun-19       W231

Graves, Raymond Allen  Hayward, Irene Katherin27-Jan-19       V580

Graves, Thomas N.      Mackie, Ida Blanche    6-Oct-19        W501

Graves, W.C.           Schumm, Agnes          7-Oct-17        U042

Graves, W.W.           Beasley, Laura A.      25 Mar 1897     G273

Gravley, C.B.          Bundy, Helen           17-Jan-20       X137

Gray, Arthur M.        Hyatt, Myrtle May                      X344

Gray, Berte Clarence   Moran, Effie May       30-Jun-09       M324

Gray, Bertha           Tannahill, Harry       29-Sep-20       Y145

Gray, Bessie           Tinder, Vern Edward    20-Oct-21       Z367

Gray, Caroline C.      Hill, H. Warner        26-Nov-12       P532

Gray, Charles F.       Clark, Martha Maud     3-Apr-07        K591

Gray, Charles F.       Hollingsworth, Flora C.28 May 1893     F142

Gray, Charles J.       Brill, Alta            8-Feb-11        O008

Gray, Charles L.       Snyder, Matilda E.     26-Nov-12       P534

Gray, Clarence L.      Shuman, Minnie         11-Jun-07       L012

Gray, Claude William   Kistler, Clara R.      29-Oct-21       Z395

Gray, E.L.             Ross, Jennie           8-Apr-22        Z696

Gray, Edith L.         Simpson, Merble V.     24-Nov-09       M536

Gray, Ella K.          Beebe, Thomas M.       27-Jun-14       R044

Gray, Esther           Flaherty, Earl         20-Feb-22       Z619

Gray, Eunice           Williams, John H.      10-Jan-06       K173

Gray, Eva              Smith, John            15-Dec-17       U349

Gray, Floy             Lamb, Russell          22-Dec-08       M055

Gray, Frances          Smith, Clarence P.     10-Aug-12       P367

Gray, Frank            Blankenship, Mary Al Bessie            S022

Gray, George J.        Brandom, Lillian M.    22 Jun 1887     D040

Gray, Glayds           Birdsell, John C.      12-Apr-08       L364

Gray, Grace            Ellis, J.H.            1-Jul-12        P317

Gray, Hugh R.          Heath, Anna T.         19 May 1874     A121

Gray, J.D.             Schoppel, Maude        23-Dec-12       P580

Gray, J.J.             Brock-Jones, M. (Mrs.) 13-May-11       O146

Gray, James W.         Clark, Almira                          S143

Gray, Jennie E.        Sisson, E.A.           26 Jan 1882     B238

Gray, Jesse            Herman, Dena                           S196

Gray, John             Tucker, Myrtle         5-Dec-03        J100

Gray, John A.          Ransom, Alice M.       02 Dec 1876     A239

Gray, Justus H.        Wagner, Caroline V.    04 Apr 1878     A326

Gray, L. Walter        Klofinger, Nora B.     6-May-08        L394

Gray, L.J.             VanMeter, Esther       19-Jan-21       Y421

Gray, L.M.             Snooks, G.H.           14-Sep-03       J016

Gray, Lewis            Hunter, Thursey        28 Nov 1888     D441

Gray, Lillian          Hewey, Johnson Brent   13-Jul-12       P305

Gray, Louisa O.        Voss, Thomas M.        07 Jan 1893     F051

Gray, Lucille          Bailey, C.L.           10-Feb-18       U542

Gray, Maibel           Schutze, Nono          7-Nov-11        O408

Gray, Martha           DeLloyd, F. Jules      2-Aug-19        W330

Gray, Maud             Hubbard, M.B.          26 Sep 1899     H166

Gray, Myrtle           Smith, Alfred          14-Nov-13       Q419

Gray, Nora             Hayden, Ballard        15-Sep-17       T628

Gray, Nora L.          Warble, Oscar          04 Oct 1892     E624

Gray, Ora              Waters, Emanuel        5-Sep-11        O313

Gray, R.L.             Stewart, Anna Marie    10-Jun-17       T436

Gray, Roger F.         Buck, Fern                             T175

Gray, Roy L.           Lindenberger, Emma M.  2-Nov-10        N425

Gray, S.C.             Sherwood, Clara        10 Dec 1879     B011

Gray, W.F.             Lehmann, Bertha Beryl  27-Jun-17       T474

Gray, Walter           Weese, Mary            27-Nov-20       Y301

Gray, William P.       Helmick, Gladys        8-Mar-20        X242

Graybill, Ollie        McLeod, James A.       07 Sep 1886     C495

Graybill, Preston B.   Tamplin, Birdie Marinda18-Nov-14       R239

Graymountain, Lorenzo  Baker, Daniel                          T227

Grayson, Charles W.    Waddell, Zura          26-Apr-06       K256

Grayson, Edward        Barnes, Josephine      24 May 1899     H094

Grayson, Malissa       McAfee, Jacob          25 May 1895     F543

Grayson, Mary E.       Johns, Henry           23-Jun-10       N204

Grazier, May M.        Downey, George         31 Jan 1891     E293

Greasan, Cora          Beadle, Howard                         T125

Greathouse, Ralph G.   Collins, Viola Fern    16-Sep-19       W440

Greaves, Frank V.      Handquest, Lillie      14 Jul 1889     D573

Greaves, Fred          Woodman, Millie        20-Mar-07       K579

Greaves, Harriet E.    Garvey, Thomas F.      03 Jul 1882     B285

Greaves, John          Garvey, Lizzie E.      10 Aug 1881     B178

Greaves, Pansy         Williams, Dora E.      16-Nov-01       I103

Grebe, Charles L.      Pond, Marie L.         11 Dec 1886     C549

Greedy, Frank E.       Young, Janettie J.     13-Apr-08       L366

Greeley, Seth Frazier  Calvert,Maybelle Esther28-Nov-12       P537

Greeling, Eva          Hunter, George C.                      R625

Greely, John           Connoly, Winifred      14 Nov 1874     A141

Green, Albert          Jones, Leona           03 Aug 1892     E589

Green, Albert J.       Haskins, Ella          2-Oct-06        K393

Green, Alice M.        Anthony, Joseph B.     28-Dec-04       J455

Green, Allen C.        Merriam, Lillie Esther 23-Nov-18       V494

Green, Allie           Sluss, Henry C.        02 Dec 1873     A094

Green, Almontie J.     Webster, Ethel F.      15-Aug-20       Y026

Green, Alpha(Elpha)    Handy, Delmont         10 Sep 1893     F194

Green, Anna            Barnes, William H.     12 Feb 1896     G045

Green, Anna L.         Ross, Uriah A.         12-Aug-07       L082

Green, Anna M.         Wilson, Herbert N.     28-Jul-03       I616

Green, Annie M.        Garriss, I.P.          7-Dec-03        J102

Green, B.G.            Chamberlin, Etta       28 Feb 1878     A316

Green, Bert W.         Junkins, Olive Geneva  1-Aug-14        R080

Green, Bertha          Matteson, H.S.         13 Aug 1888     D358

Green, Bessie          Wall, C. Stuart (Dr.)  7-Mar-10        N043

Green, Bettie          Green, C.E.            29-Aug-06       K360

Green, Beulah Marie    Peluso, Frank          19-Jun-19       W225

Green, Blanchard       Buzard, Leona          10-Sep-17       T621

Green, Blanche M.      Idding, T.R.                           S317

Green, C.E.            Green, Bettie          29-Aug-06       K360

Green, C.H.            Mullin, Rosa           27-Jun-00       H348

Green, C.H.            Nash, Bernice          26-Nov-02       I410

Green, Caroline L.     Bellew, James F.       16 Jul 1874     A126

Green, Cecil           Shehan, Thomas A.      4-Aug-09        M366

Green, Cecil May       VanWagonen, G.W.                       T300

Green, Charles H.      White, Ruth Luella                     R474

Green, Charles O.      Drollinger, Bertha M.  4-Sep-07        L104

Green, Charles W.      Gill, Henrietta                        R428

Green, Charles W.      Heimermann, Christine  6-Aug-00        H372

Green, Charles W.      Sladen, Mary A.        09 Jun 1886     C450

Green, Charley         Ehrmann, Sidonia       8-May-19        W127

Green, Claud           Johnson, Bessie        29-Oct-12       P486

Green, Claude J.       Roberts, Georgia A.    18-Nov-12       P519

Green, Cora            Hughett, Bert          01 Feb 1897     G247

Green, Della           Barnett, Joe           3-Aug-20        X628

Green, Doris           Coale, Isaac           18-Sep-20       Y121

Green, E.              Chamberlain, Don       09 Aug 1887     D063

Green, E.A.            Loar, Nettie           22 Jul 1872     A039

Green, Edgar Ross      Billing, Harriet Ellen 03 Jul 1889     D569

Green, Edith M.        Miles, Thomas H.       14-Mar-06       K223

Green, Edna            Buckman, George A.     19-May-20       X409

Green, Edna            Gahman, Otis W.        1-Oct-04        J365

Green, Edna L.         Hockaday, H.S.         6-Jul-20        X565

Green, Edward B.       Coble, Claudia M.      31-Aug-11       O303

Green, Effie           Boyle, J.R.            21-Jun-11       O210

Green, Eliza J.        Hartman, D.E.          30 Aug 1888     D372

Green, Elizabeth       Roberts, Marc J.       28-Mar-10       N073

Green, Ella            McBride, Asbury        1-Jun-08        L417

Green, Eunice          York, Louis            22-Jun-07       L032

Green, F.A.            Galloway, Ella M.      2-Dec-02        I417

Green, F.E.            Tartar, Sarah J.       29-Mar-00       H298

Green, Fannie          Clark, James L.        3-Dec-10        N486

Green, Fannie          Coates, Francis E.     06 May 1895     F535

Green, Fannie          Jones, Grover          25-Apr-08       L384

Green, Fannie          Mixon, William E.      24 Dec 1889     E050

Green, Flo             Donnals, T.E.          03 Jul 1887     D048

Green, Frank           Benner, Gladys         1-Nov-13        Q406

Green, Frank           Gayer, Susie           11-Aug-07       L081

Green, Frank           Smart, Marie           1-Sep-08        L543

Green, Frank E.        Waltyen, Ione          21-Mar-11       O061

Green, G.M.            Ransom, Alice M.       07 Oct 1883     B415

Green, G.R.            McCoy, Mary E.         11 May 1888     D295

Green, Geneveve S.     Murphy, Nicholas J.    15-Nov-03       J080

Green, George          Lewis, Izana           27-Apr-20       X355

Green, George H.       Drake, Margaret J.     27-Dec-05       K159

Green, Glenn           Beal, Goldie                           T366

Green, Golda           Murphy, William A.     24 Dec 1890     E267

Green, Grace           Carter, George         22-Aug-19       W378

Green, Grace E.        Johnson, Ralph E.      16-Apr-05       J545

Green, Harry B.        Cain, Inez I.          5-Oct-14        R175

Green, Harry R.        Barrington, Fern       11-Nov-19       W597

Green, Hattie          Daniels, George W.     17 May 1899     H090

Green, I.A.            Wiklund, Hilda         26-Sep-17       U015

Green, Inez            Dyer, William          24-Dec-12       P591

Green, Inez M.         Jackson, E.J.                          S158

Green, Irene           Radford, L.W.                          T229

Green, J.B.            Drake, Dena            07 Apr 1887     C624

Green, J.C.            Wilson, M.A.           07 Dec 1885     C353

Green, J.H.            Bishell, Lizzie        18-Dec-00       H480

Green, James A.        Huff, Clara Bell       14-Mar-06       K224

Green, James C.        Roddy, Edith           29-Jan-22       Z578

Green, James Franklin  Henderson, Ada         28-Apr-22       Z732

Green, Jennie          Loveland, Robert E.    31-Dec-11       P047

Green, John            Ast, Anna              6-May-13        Q114

Green, John            Barnes, Emma E.        13 Jan 1881     B129

Green, John F.         Langan, Mary           07 Mar 1883     B354

Green, John H.         Little, Annie E.       12 Aug 1891     E369

Green, Katherine       Patry, William         6-Nov-19        W557

Green, Katherine (Mrs.)Werries, J. Henry      17-Apr-11       O104

Green, Kempie          Grove, D.Y.            15-Jun-14       R025

Green, L.B.            Collins, Sadie J.      26 Jan 1885     C202

Green, Laura           Amis, James            8-May-07        K627

Green, Lela L.         Parham, George R.      07 Mar 1895     F507

Green, Lela M.         Kleinhein, C.K.        31-May-13       Q167

Green, Lelia           Stitt, Orval R.                        S149

Green, Lena L.         Jones, Joseph A.       19-Mar-02       I205

Green, Leona           Danner, Grover         27-Oct-17       U139

Green, Lottie (Mrs)    Gilbert, Willis        17 Nov 1898     G614

Green, Louis           Huls, Rebecca                          C559

Green, Loyal F.        Smith, Ruth C.         4-Jul-20        X556

Green, Luther          Ruthruff, Mattie       26-Mar-12       P161

Green, M.D.            Rue, Edna A.           16-Dec-12       P566

Green, Martha R.       Taylor, George R.      12-Feb-13       Q024

Green, Martin L.       Shreve, Mary           6-May-20        X382

Green, Mary            Wolgram, E.D.          17-Jun-05       J602

Green, Mildred Lucinda Rogers, John Barton    1-Aug-01        I013

Green, Minnie          Spencer, Charles       9-Jan-15        R321

Green, Missouri E.     Maddux, James W.       05 Mar 1874     A110

Green, Naomi           Wilson, Volney E.      26-Sep-21       Z308

Green, Nellie O.       Baldwin, George H.     29-Apr-03       I540

Green, Noah L.         Hill, Ethel E.         5-Nov-21        Z407

Green, O.Z.            Simmons, Minnie        21-Sep-14       R155

Green, Oliver S.       Altamath, Florence     2-Nov-10        N425

Green, Olivie          Cabbell, Alfonzo       8-Dec-20        Y322

Green, Oma             Johnson, James H.      21-Oct-09       M491

Green, Orlow George    Conduff, Ida           17-Jun-17       T451

Green, Orpha B.        Young, Richard L.      27-Mar-07       K583

Green, P.J.            Campbell, M.M.                         R621

Green, Pearl           Kracaw, Raymond        1-Jun-10        N168

Green, Pliny C.        Cronk, Viola           11-Jan-11       N548

Green, S.W.            McKay, Eunice          10-Nov-21       Z358

Green, Samuel          Parker, Mary A.        14 Nov 1888     D431

Green, Savilla S.      Cheever, W.B.          03 May 1879     A424

Green, Stella May      Shoemaker, W.H.        20 Mar 1898     G479

Green, Susan           Elder, Robert          21 Apr 1886     C431

Green, Thomas          Ansman, Sarah E.       04 Oct 1876     A227

Green, Viola           Gibson, H.W.           20-Sep-20       Y123

Green, Violet          Hibbard, P.J.          7-Mar-09        M171

Green, Wilfred         Hackett, Edith         18-Jan-22       Z561

Green, William         Moore, Nora            24-Aug-14       R110

Green, William         Wilson, Ella A.        17 Jul 1890     E170

Green, William C.      Lyon, Amy              9-Sep-21        Z269

Green, William F.      Evans, Addie G.        15 Sep 1880     B092

Green, William M.      Allen, Lena            26 Jan 1898     G450

Green, Zella           Frigon, George E.      10-Dec-10       N493

Greenamyer, Pauline    Tucker, J. Rolfe       26-Feb-22       Z625

Greenamyre, Ralph      Johnson, Pearl         22-Sep-20       Y131

Greenawalt, Emor M.    Beam, Alta M.          04 Oct 1897     G374

Greenbank, L.P.        Robinson, Irene        20-Sep-17       T632

Greenburg, Mayme       Francis, W.D.          5-Aug-01        H545

Greene, A.T.           Winslow, Nettie        05 Jan 1881     B128

Greene, C.B.           Braddy, Ella           26 Nov 1878     A381

Greene, C.D.           Knight, Clara          23-Sep-00       H407

Greene, Callie         Kindred, John A.       1-Aug-08        L501

Greene, Charles F.     Webb, Alice            19-Apr-14       Q597

Greene, Charles James  Keifer, Lena           20-Mar-18       V047

Greene, Harry E.       Suits, Mary Alice      21 May 1889     D543

Greene, Ivy H.         Noel, William T.       23-Sep-05       K049

Greene, Kenneth E.     Palmer, Gladys         14-May-21       Y632

Greene, Marie Jane     Kearse, Arthur         11-Nov-14       R229

Greene, Mary A.        Barns, James D.        08 Nov 1885     C332

Greene, Mary Ellen     Shockey, Elmer         25 Dec 1892     F034

Greene, Minnie E.      Smith, Walter H.       2-Oct-05        K056

Greene, R.M.           Jones, Lillian         9-Jun-17        T436

Greene, Ralph T.       Yates, Hazel                           R619

Greene, Robert A.      Whitehead, Mable(bel)  17-Aug-12       P373

Greene, Surilda M.     Furguson, Charles B.   08 Jul 1896     G116

Greene, William E.     Cain, Katheryne Beryl  11-Dec-07       L232

Greenfield, Alice E.   Jones, Walter H.       9-Dec-14        R269

Greenfield, Clarence   Parker, Emma           15-Jun-07       L019

Greenfield, Clarence   Young, Dottie May      9-Sep-11        O317

Greenfield, M. Opal    Cornwall, Robert Merl  10-Mar-07       K570

Greening, Sarah        Hibbets, Joe           17 Jul 1887     D060

Greenland, Etta        Benson, Seth S.        05 Dec 1880     B116

Greenland, Lucile      Kuhn, C.B.             10-Apr-20       X314

Greenland, Roy Lee     Carter, Beaulah        8-May-12        P229

Greenlee, D.R.B.       Gifford, Amanda        26 Dec 1871     A025

Greenlee, Gladys       Waite, Richard         6-Jul-14        R060

Greenstreet, W.A.      Zumalt, May                            S379

Greenup, May           Samples, Homer         4-Apr-11        O079

Greenwade, Ella L.     Cady, E.C.             18-Mar-01       H540

Greenwade, Luther T.   Foy, Callie A. (Mrs.)  14-Jan-09       M101

Greenway, Carrie       Shively, Hiram                         D427

Greenway, Georgia      Jones, Bert            23-Nov-19       W626

Greenway, Grace E.     Rau, Clarence E.                       R590

Greenwell, C.N.        Miller, E.H.P.         18-Jun-17       T453

Greenwell, C.N.        Spencer, R.O.          2-Aug-11        O267

Greenwell, Ethel       Armor, J.W.                            R635

Greenwell, Josie       Ralston, Lewis         8-Oct-18        V435

Greenwood, Evans       King, Gladys                           S346

Greenwood, Grace E.    Whitney, Joseph E.     30-Jul-05       K003

Greenwood, Zelma H.    Alexander, Kelley Lee  14-Aug-07       L084

Greep, E.D.            Corman, Zec            6-Aug-13        Q269

Greep, George          Corman, Rosa           26-Jul-11       O261

Greep, Robert F.       Cronk, Maude E.        3-Jun-05        J587

Greep, William J.      Burke, Mary A.         25 Nov 1896     G194

Greer, Anna(nie)       Harwell, John S.       02 Nov 1897     G397

Greer, Byrel           Linscott, D.C.         6-Jun-00        H333

Greer, C.O.            Collins, M.L.          6-Apr-12        P183

Greer, Carl L.         Busselle, Lelah E.     6-Sep-09        M408

Greer, David A.        Lyman, Sarah (Mrs.)    16 Nov 1889     E020

Greer, Emma            Jackson, Lee                           S294

Greer, Howard A.       King, Minnie           07 Oct 1897     G378

Greer, Hugh D.         Crawmer, Ida           30 Nov 1892     F026

Greer, J.E.            Martin, Dorothea I.    13-Jul-11       O246

Greer, Jack (Zack)     Sutherland, Sarah      03 Sep 1890     E192

Greer, James Franklin  Rhode, Nettie M.       10-Nov-17       U193

Greer, Jessie Fay      Morris, John W.        16-Jul-13       Q243

Greer, John J.         Darr, Mae              19-Jul-12       P340

Greer, Pearl E.        Myers, Thomas F.                       S600

Greer, Prudy           Norrid, William T.     31-Aug-18       V363

Greer, Thomas S.       Pendleton, Carrie C.   22-Feb-11       O027

Greer, Zack            Helfer, Sarah E. (Mrs.)20 Apr 1893     F119

Greeson, Pearl         Downing, B. Harry      6-Apr-12        P179

Greetham, Arthur W.    Crumrine, Mary E.      19-Sep-09       M435

Greever, Lloyd T.      Leddy, Mary            16-Oct-12       P458

Greewalt, Viola V.     Kerr, Alfred           25-Jul-00       H366

Greg, Nellie           Behrens, John          27 Oct 1878     A370

Greger, Rhoda          Cottman, Judd H.       09 Jul 1898     G531

Gregg, Addie A.        Cachard, Charles J.    27 Oct 1892     F001

Gregg, Edna            Dillman, Edgar R.      29-May-17       T393

Gregg, Frances S.      Powell, Carl Melvin    24-Oct-19       W549

Gregg, G.W.            Oldfield, Orrah L.     19 Mar 1882     B255

Gregg, Harry H.        Hall, Flavin F.        11-Mar-22       Z647

Gregg, James           Coffee, Elizabeth      09 Nov 1873     A090

Gregg, Jennilee        Alexander, Arthur A.   8-Mar-15        R380

Gregg, John            Martin, Mary           28-Nov-11       O434

Gregg, John C.         Caplinger, Mary Ann    28 Nov 1882     B324

Gregg, Joseph Collett  Coleman, Cora C.       14-Apr-08       L369

Gregg, Lawrence        Sanko, Elizabeth       19-Jun-14       R031

Gregg, Louise M.       Baldwin, George H.     25-Dec-07       L255

Gregg, Marie           Lahey, Charles E.      18-Jun-13       Q197

Gregg, Marietta        Jones, Harry           25-Mar-20       X277

Gregg, Minnie L.       Houston, Leon B.       14-Sep-01       I040

Gregg, Philo           Metzker, Lulu          27-Feb-07       K559

Gregg, Sally           Wakefield, James H.    14 Jan 1892     E476

Gregg, Will L.         Clements, Wynona Leota 21-Aug-20       Y046

Gregg, William         Hodson, Annie L.       13 Jun 1890     E155

Gregg, William         Hood, W. Marguerite    5-Dec-14        R272

Gregory, Anna          McKerlie, Edson        05 Jul 1897     G321

Gregory, Bertha L.     Charles, James A.      18-Jan-05       J474

Gregory, Bessie Pearl  Corr, Fred James       27-Oct-12       P483

Gregory, C.E.          Fisher, Bernice        30-Apr-21       Y616

Gregory, Charles A.    Hawn, Emma M.          07 Aug 1892     E586

Gregory, Charles G.(S.)Clifford, Ada C        27 Jun 1893     F158

Gregory, Charles S.    Clifford, Ada C.       27 May 1893     F156

Gregory, Charley R.    Sturm, Lillian May                     T360

Gregory, Cora          Rhodes, E.C.           15 Mar 1899     H055

Gregory, Delphine JenneWalsh, Thomas J.       12-Nov-14       R207

Gregory, Ed F.         Eisen, Myrtle          22-Jul-07       L057

Gregory, Elizabeth(Mrs)Tovrea, Charles S.     17 Oct 1899     H186

Gregory, Elsie         Shipley, Francis       8-Jun-19        W194

Gregory, Ercel E.      Lyons, John M.         22-Apr-18       V104

Gregory, Ernest F.     Compton, Winnie        14-Jul-19       W283

Gregory, Eula          Rippee, Frank M.       8-Sep-18        V379

Gregory, Everett W.    Crisman, Maud          26-Jan-06       K187

Gregory, George W.     Warner, Addie (Mrs.)   13 Dec 1896     G211

Gregory, Greta         Hinkle, J.N.           7-Mar-12        P140

Gregory, Helena Mearle Huey, Frank S.         4-Jul-17        T489

Gregory, Jennie        Williams, Wiley        11-May-10       N136

Gregory, Lora Maude    Skinner, Raymond White                 T357

Gregory, Louiza J.     Wilson, James          15 Sep 1872     A044

Gregory, M.L.          Corr, Frances                          S619

Gregory, Mabel         Duncan, H.E.           26-Aug-03       J002

Gregory, Mattie        Stephens, Glenn        8-Apr-11        O091

Gregory, Mattie        Winegarner, Milton     7-Aug-07        L078

Gregory, Minnie        Whitehead, Losson      24 Dec 1897     G433

Gregory, Orley         Kinney, Anna R.                        S493

Gregory, Ouida B.      Johnson, Leonard L.                    R599

Gregory, Ralph W.      Fitzgerald, Viola M.   21 Oct 1894     F421

Gregory, Raymond R.    Wolter, Elise Marie    24-Mar-11       O059

Gregory, Stella        DeVore, Chester        20-Jun-20       X510

Gregory, Veneta        Bell, Edward W.        20-May-19       W151

Gregory, Veneta        Wheeler, Harry                         S582

Gregory, W.F.          Cheney, Clara          14 Jul 1888     D341

Gregory, Wilbur Elmer  Corn, Marcia Leone     13-Dec-17       U331

Gregory, William W.    Adams, Beula           27-Jan-19       V581

Gregson, Myrtle M.     Stamm, Thomas R.       26-Nov-13       Q441

Greiffenstein, CatherinRiggs, Theodore D.     26-Jun-20       X537

Greiffenstein, Osie A. Thuma, Lester C.       9-Nov-19        W590

Greiffenstein, Osie M. Raymond, Burton S.     30 Jan 1895     F485

Grein, Lela            Wagner, R.A.           20-Sep-21       Z294

Greinbacher, Albert    Fettig, Veronika       03 Jan 1882     B226

Greiner, Ethel A.      Teter, Earl F.         27-Jul-20       X608

Greiving, John         Linnebur, Frances      4-May-20        X338

Gresbach, Joseph       Snyder, Nona           9-Jun-19        W197

Greschbach, Anna M.    Rombold, J.G.          16 Sep 1896     G148

Gresham, Edgar C.      Parsons, Elna          11-Feb-08       L304

Gresham, Grace         Lusk, Frank            24-Jul-21       Z146

Gresl, Frances         Thimesch, John N.      08 Feb 1898     G447

Gresl, John            Eck, Anna              1-Feb-10        M617

Gresl, Margaret        Falk, John Henry       18-Feb-08       L291

Gress, John            Livingston, Jennie     01 Dec 1885     C351

Gressl, Susan          Lies, Charles                          T280

Gresson, Iza Mae       Hannah, Charles G.     4-Feb-21        Y456

Grett, Charles M.      Ramsdale, Mabel L.     26-Oct-19       W553

Greutter, Jacob W.     Harbaugh, Lillie B.    4-Nov-03        J073

Grey, Cora A.          Robinson, Cyrus S.     10 Mar 1881     B143

Grey, H.L.             Oldfield, Sarah        31-Oct-06       K427

Grey, Mary             Bailey, Isaac N.       11 Jan 1877     A247

Grey, Michael S.       Dunning, Olivia        23-Jan-01       H511

Grey, Nellie           Behrens, John          27 Oct 1878     A370

Grey, William J.       Ellinsworth, Hazel     20-Feb-18       U574

Gribble, Blanche       Glaser, Charles        28-Sep-21       Z313

Gribi, Anna            Henderson, Cash        21 Jul 1889     D576

Gribi, Emma L.         Knoblauch, John F.     23 Dec 1890     E265

Gribi, John F.         Buckridge, Florence    24-Apr-00       H311

Gribi, Pauline Irene   Bolte, A.H.            24-Apr-00       H312

Grier, Adam A.         Kreie, Emma L.         28-Feb-12       P127

Grier, Andrew          Wasson, Dorothy Aseneth                S353

Grier, Andrew S.       Nelson, Anna Marie     29-May-12       P251

Grier, C.N.            Waller, Eva Flo        20-Oct-20       Y203

Grier, Elizabeth F.    Mullin, Samuel         12-Mar-13       Q058

Grier, Ethel           Sloan, Mathew H.       15-Mar-05       J515

Grier, Fannie L.       Overman, Harry L.      28-Feb-00       H280

Grier, George          Stoner, Emma           17 Feb 1886     C391

Grier, Isabelle G.     Christensen, C. Arthur 5-Sep-06        K365

Grier, James H.        Manion, Lela V.        20-Feb-18       U570

Grier, Jennie R.       Gully, Clarance V.     5-Feb-08        L293

Grier, Mabel           Groom, Corwin P.       30-Dec-08       M076

Grier, Margaret D.     Kidd, George           25-Jun-19       W237

Grier, R.S.            Littler, Viola M.      18-Oct-04       J380

Grier, Ralph H.        Shaup, Mary E.         4-Mar-03        I497

Grier, Samuel M.       Christensen, Dorothy   8-Mar-06        K218

Grier, W.R.            Manion, Eva Athella                    S536

Grier, William         Stoner, Sarah          25 Dec 1890     E265

Grieve, James          Parks, Maud(de) A.     14 Dec 1893     F266

Grieve, Ruth E.        Wheless, Arthur D.     15-Jul-18       V279

Grieve, Ruth Ella      Ledgerwood, Clyde Arthu22-Oct-14       R205

Griffeth, James M.     Robinson, Clara A.     04 Apr 1888     D260

Griffey, John W.       Osborn, Alice                          A043

Griffie, Canzadee      Minton, William H.H.   10-Feb-10       N014

Griffin, Bernice E.    Cline, Marion E.                       T347

Griffin, Bessie A.     Anderson, James W.                     T029

Griffin, C.W.          Woodward, Eva A.       31 Mar 1881     B147

Griffin, Emma A.       Stevenson, Thomas J.   19 Dec 1880     B121

Griffin, Francis L.    Gilbert, Lula(lu) M.   3-Jul-10        N213

Griffin, Frankie       Adkins, John           30 Apr 1896     G087

Griffin, Frankie       Topp, Benjamin         4-Aug-03        I621

Griffin, H.D.          Gilbert, Pearl M.      1-Oct-10        N365

Griffin, Harry M.      Lewis, Della           3-Jun-13        Q176

Griffin, Harry M.      Lewis, Della           3-Jun-13        Q177

Griffin, Herbert S.    Powelson, Johnie       10-Sep-14       R139

Griffin, Ida G.        Ely, Nathan E.         07 Jan 1895     F473

Griffin, J.T.          Sullivan, Lena Hazel   15-Feb-15       R359

Griffin, James D.      Salyer, Katie                          T112

Griffin, Jennie        Harned, William S.     24 Sep 1890     E204

Griffin, Jessie B.     Aufdenbrink, C.E.      18 Oct 1886     C519

Griffin, John F.       Dunsworth, Bessie      24-Sep-14       R163

Griffin, Leona         Giacomini, Hugo        7-Oct-21        Z333

Griffin, Mable         Pryor, Andy                            T187

Griffin, Maria         Parke, Thomas H.       30 Oct 1890     E233

Griffin, Martha        Carter, E.D.           16-Sep-17       T627

Griffin, Mence         Hogue, L.D.                            T108

Griffin, Minnie E.     Black, Ralph W.        19 Dec 1895     G008

Griffin, Nellie        Young, Lawson M.       5-Oct-07        L153

Griffin, Ralph         Hill, Ethel B.         31-Dec-11       P049

Griffing, Aaron        Smith, Ada             2-Aug-20        X626

Griffing, James T.     Kenney, Margaret       6-Oct-19        W500

Griffith, Bruce        Faris, Lola D.         18 Dec 1895     G006

Griffith, C.W.         Woodward, Eva A.       31 Mar 1881     B147

Griffith, Calvin       Earle, Nettie          14-Oct-00       H425

Griffith, Carrie       Beard, Theodore        4-Dec-13        Q448

Griffith, Catherine    Frank, C.W.            2-Oct-20        Y158

Griffith, Clarence     Shade, Pearl           09 Aug 1899     H133

Griffith, David        Mehle, Marie Theresa Adeline           S219

Griffith, Dorothy      Trimble, Paul          16-Apr-21       Y584

Griffith, E.C.         Raymond, Florence      5-Jun-17        T413

Griffith, Elizabeth W. Moore, Charles J.      29-Oct-13       Q399

Griffith, Ella M.      Shade, Arthur A.       18 Aug 1897     G339

Griffith, Ethel Bel    Darr, Nermon Wesley    4-May-20        X377

Griffith, Eva          Morrison, Gilbert      21-Nov-00       H462

Griffith, Eva E.       Gallagher, C.O.        11 Oct 1899     H180

Griffith, Frankie      Brant, Robert Homer    11-Oct-02       I375

Griffith, Goldie       Marks, Mathew          3-Apr-19        W050

Griffith, Grace        Davis, Toney                           S469

Griffith, Grace        Frazier, Russell W.    20-Oct-19       W539

Griffith, H.M.         Ware, Mabel            3-Jun-11        O181

Griffith, Hazel F.     Ripley, Robert         21-Mar-21       Y537

Griffith, Homer W.     Gow, Oreta Bernice     16-Jan-22       Z557

Griffith, Irene        Gear, G.R.             31-Aug-20       Y069

Griffith, Jay          Carter, Susan          24-Jun-14       R038

Griffith, Jessie       Singer, F.B.           27-Nov-12       P538

Griffith, John         Allen, Ellen           23-Feb-13       Q040

Griffith, John W.      Thornton, Effie        16-Sep-03       J032

Griffith, Katie        Dowell, E.L.           22-Jan-20       X148

Griffith, Leah         Deloy, Earle R.        1-Jun-13        Q171

Griffith, Lewie        Baker, Pearl           5-Jun-20        X463

Griffith, Mabel C.     Haas, C.J.             31-Mar-20       X293

Griffith, Maggie       Reed, N.L.             6-May-05        J565

Griffith, Mary         Mathis, Robert H.      12-Sep-19       W434

Griffith, Mary         Singer, J.W.           8-Dec-10        N491

Griffith, Mildred B.   Morgan, Sam P.         20-Dec-19       X055

Griffith, Nancy M.     High, Lewis            18 Dec 1884     C178

Griffith, Ray          Barkley, Ruth          1-Dec-14        R265

Griffith, Reginald HarvMatlock, Alice Mary    3-Aug-06        K344

Griffith, Reuben       Moore, Edna            24-Sep-19       W469

Griffith, Tommie       Combs, Dollie          27-Jun-04       J276

Griffith, Ulysses J.   McNaghten, Ethel       25-Nov-03       J093

Griffith, W.T.         Guerin, Zora (Mrs.)    12-Dec-01       I122

Griffiths, Alice       Mork, Nicholas         2-Aug-20        X623

Griffiths, C.L.        Shannon, Vesa          3-Jun-14        R014

Griffiths, George ChestLickey, Mildred                        S120

Griffiths, Joseph      Simpson, Helen         15-Aug-08       L516

Griffitts, Anna        Jones, E.L.            2-Oct-06        K394

Griggs, Casper D.      Vannote, Lavina        5-Mar-18        V020

Griggs, Ellen          Manion, Samuel M.      14 May 1896     G092

Griggs, F.             Young, H.W.            15-Oct-20       Y195

Griggs, Jesse E.       Clay, Verna Rose       1-Feb-19        V591

Griggs, Lyda Orena     Ray, W. J.             28-Apr-14       Q609

Griggs, Mabel          Collins, J.W.          3-Feb-08        L295

Griggs, Morton         Stewart, Nondas        16-Aug-09       M363

Griggs, Sylvester D.   Harvey, Etta           22-Apr-03       I536

Griggs, William        Hartman, Lillian       24-Oct-04       J391

Grigsby, Adaline       Hawthorne, Henry       7-May-19        W125

Grigsby, Essie         Downing, Charles E.                    R635

Grigsby, Jasper        Coffey, Lila                           T149

Grigsby, Welborn       Ruggles, Dollie Jane   20-Sep-03       J022

Grim, Ernest B.        Williams, Margaret L.  17-Nov-01       I102

Grim, Ocie Hazel       Coslett, William Thomas10-Jul-07       L048

Grimes, A. Lincoln     Scaggs, Myrtle         17-Jun-05       J603

Grimes, A.L.           John, Carrie           10 May 1887     D005

Grimes, Alice          Wilson, James E.       26-Dec-19       X081

Grimes, Bessie         Robbins, Perry         2-Mar-14        Q551

Grimes, Charles A.     Bliss, Ella F.         18 Mar 1890     E102

Grimes, Edna           Robbins, Ora           10-Apr-14       Q588

Grimes, Edward L.      Lunt, Oral             18-Sep-21       Z280

Grimes, Edwin W.       Robben, Susan C.       12 Nov 1889     E016

Grimes, George         Edwards, Nellie        31-Mar-07       K588

Grimes, George         Millsaps, Kisiah I.    22 Oct 1887     D141

Grimes, George M.      Bennett, Jennie        27 Jul 1893     F174

Grimes, J.R.           Glance, Mary           28-Dec-08       M074

Grimes, James A.       Dedman, Clara M.       22-Sep-09       M443

Grimes, L.C.           Moore, Louise          26-Dec-17       U393

Grimes, Lulie          Roebuck, D.P.          20-Oct-13       Q387

Grimes, Mary           Overall, Louis         14 Aug 1889     D589

Grimes, Mazy Frances   Ledeker, William E.    16-Sep-20       Y115

Grimes, Mina           Millen, Herbert        16-Oct-13       Q383

Grimes, Myrtle         Andrews, E. Rex        21-Dec-05       K145

Grimes, Nellie L.      Brandt, David G.       12-Nov-13       Q417

Grimes, Richard T.     Swayze, Alma           27-Jun-17       T406

Grimes, Rowland        Hibbard, Pearl         20-May-00       H322

Grimes, Ruby           Clark, James A.        12-Dec-05       K137

Grimes, Sadie(aidie)   Moffitt, Glenn         7-Mar-12        P137

Grimes, Sarah C.       Baker, Henry M.        25-Jul-01       I008

Grimes, Thomas J.      Waugh, Lelia R.        02 Jun 1886     C447

Grimes, W. Dwight      Way, Helen M.          18-Dec-20       Y344

Grimm, Carrie          Reser, William Earl    15-Jan-19       V567

Grimm, May E.          Dyer, Charles E.       14-Jul-17       T503

Grimm, Oscar           Weber, Emma                            S293

Grimm, William         Tompkins, Anna         21-Nov-10       N459

Grimsley, A.C.         Doran, Cora            16 Nov 1898     G608

Grimsley, Bonnie E.    Hettrick, Earl W.      9-Mar-10        N050

Grimsley, Charles      Struthers, Jessie      29-Jul-14       R075

Grimsley, Charles RusseLantelme, Catherine Mar25-Oct-09       M498

Grimsley, Dora         Kimel, Harvey Oran     17 Feb 1892     E497

Grimsley, Effie J.     Carr, Thomas J.        22 Nov 1899     H212

Grimsley, Ethel J.     Dobbin, William H.     28-May-03       I563

Grimsley, Evertt       Carr, Maggie           10 Nov 1896     G183

Grimsley, Florence M.  Princehouse, M.A.      25 Aug 1897     G345

Grimsley, Letha Ferne  Knox, Ralph C.         2-Jun-20        X441

Grimsley, Pearl E.     Fasnacht, Charles W.   5-Apr-05        J536

Grimsley, T.P.         Porter, Eva M.         04 Nov 1897     G399

Grimsman, Elmer        Bauman, Lizzie         28-May-13       Q158

Grimsmann, August      Dow, Emma              11 Aug 1886     C482

Grindle, Arthur        Wining, Bertha         1-Nov-17        U149

Grindle, Emmett A.     McCurtain, Mattie      8-Oct-20        Y175

Grindle, George W.     LeBeau, Margureitte A. 10-May-03       I549

Grindstaff, F.M.       Whiteid, Nancy         24-Jan-21       Y431

Grindstaff, William    Fuller, Marguerite     24-Dec-18       V530

Grinstead, John W.     Valentine, Mattie      23-Jun-01       H621

Grinstead, R.W.        Whiteker, Flossie L.   28 Dec 1898     H007

Grinstead, R.W. Jr.    Sanders, Gladys        12-Nov-21       Z424

Grinsted, Morton W.    Bradford, Daisy        11-Oct-05       K069

Griscel, Ethel M.      Bertholf, Harry E.     3-Apr-12        P176

Griseza, A.A.          Roux, Esther           7-Oct-19        W502

Grisham, Adelia        Caster, James W.       11-Feb-19       V603

Grisier, Ida E.        Benningfield, Milo F.  19-Jun-09       M302

Grisson, Morris        Moore, Vida            06 Feb 1882     B241

Grist, Earl J.         Gideon, Etta O.        17-Jun-03       I582

Grist, Melba L.        Luckner, Floyd E.      31-Aug-20       Y066

Griswold, Earl L.      Cannon, Mary V.                        S317

Griswold, Leonard F.   Zink, Mary             10 Nov 1876     A232

Griswold, Oberly A.    VanDeMark, Josephine   1-Jun-21        Z009

Groat, Grant L.        Warren, Margaret                       S367

Groat, Harry B.        Warren, Beulah Pearl                   S441

Groat, Nettie G.       Nash, Henry H.         19-Aug-13       Q282

Grobe, Anna J.         Hendren, Charles L.    17-Feb-10       N023

Grobe, Frances         Leabo,Charlie Jefferson21-Oct-09       M490

Grobe, Harry M.        Reeside, Lela L.       29-Nov-08       M030

Grobe, Mary            Deupree, George R.     11-Jun-11       O187

Groff, Albert A.       Boff, Mattie           1-May-12        P214

Groff, Charles Sherman Densmore, Emma A.      31 Jul 1888     D351

Groff, Mary            Schreiber, Fred        13 May 1877     A267

Groff, Sarah E.        Weis, Henry G.         14 Aug 1894     F387

Groff, Sina            Russell, Burel A.      17-Jul-20       X577

Grogan, Edward Linn    Ebberts, Maud Agnes    21-Nov-12       P523

Grogan, William HerbertShouse, Ethel          23-Dec-20       Y351

Groom, Clarinda        Mason, George Wallace  18-Sep-12       P417

Groom, Corwin P.       Grier, Mabel           30-Dec-08       M076

Grosh, Mable           Armstrong, R.G.        15 Mar 1888     D248

Grosh, Viola           Royal, Claude V.       14-Oct-03       J053

Gross, Charles S.      McCoy, Mary Margaret   8-Mar-21        Y508

Gross, Mary C.         Gullette, Frank J.     28 Oct 1887     D144

Gross, Mathilda A.     Scott, Leonard         10-Aug-14       R090

Gross, Stella          Crofoot, John A.       3-Sep-19        W411

Gross, Wier            Cross, Lela            11-Aug-17       T570

Gross, William E.      Roberts, Margaret A.   31-Dec-12       P612

Grosshein, F.J.        Bowers, Mamie                          S446

Grosshouse, Frank      Minnick, Mae           26-Nov-19       W634

Grosshouser, Barbara   Crelly, Bryan          19-Sep-17       T634

Grosz, Edgar V.        Wirges, Anna G.        23-Feb-09       M153

Groth, Bertha          Hodgson, John          03 Jun 1878     A335

Groth, Edward J.       Dabler, WaaDella       24-Apr-18       V109

Grother, Charles F.    Oehlert, Ernestine     14-Oct-06       K391

Grotts, I.J.           Lygrisse, Leone        22-Aug-21       Z229

Grotz, Michael         Hitchcock, Stella                      S107

Grounds, A.W.          Jones, Irene           21-Jun-09       M308

Grounds, Agnes         Davis, Clansie         3-Aug-07        L071

Grounds, Arthur E.     Reynolds, Mary A. (E.) 23-Oct-04       J388

Grounds, C.L.          McKeen, Ella           18-Dec-01       I127

Grounds, Charles ThomasSims, Eva May          21-Sep-18       V405

Grounds, Flora         Mullenneix, Edward G.  14-Sep-02       I349

Grounds, Gertrude      Cochenour, Glen        27-Oct-12       P484

Grounds, Jennie        Neff, Daniel           2-Feb-09        M127

Grounds, John William  Fredericks, Alice Helen18-Apr-09       M223

Grounds, Kattie        Kunsch, John           15-Apr-08       L371

Grounds, Margaret HelenLynde, Arthur C.       29-Jun-11       O220

Grounds,William SanfordFurnish, Nellie Rosetta20-Feb-07       K556

Grout, Alice M.        Stevens, Theodore      14 Aug 1881     B177

Grout, Emma F.         McGrew, George A.      14 Nov 1883     C002

Grove, Bertha M.       Stevens, David D.      1-May-21        Y614

Grove, D.Y.            Green, Kempie          15-Jun-14       R025

Grove, Edwin S.        Moon, Eliza A.         25 Dec 1891     E456

Grove, Ella M.         Popham, Harry C.       22 Dec 1891     E449

Grove, George          Elem, Carrie           17-Mar-15       R390

Grove, Hazel           Jecke, R.N.            2-Jun-19        W182

Grove, Jesse E.        Turner, Ada            12-Aug-08       L513

Grove, Margaret H.     Caldwell, George       4-Mar-20        X234

Grove, May             Durham, L.H.           17-Dec-13       Q461

Grove, Milda           Myers, L.L.                            R599

Grove, Nettie Helen    Wood, Walter B.        13-Jan-20       X129

Grove, Tillie          Warburton, Frederick L.22 Oct 1893     F234

Grove, Warren          Gilbert, Asenith       30-Nov-10       N478

Grove, Zena Belle      Tardiff, W.R.          28-Feb-12       P129

Grover, Dora           Means, I.W.            30-Sep-00       H413

Groves, Eliza          Horton, Jake           28-Dec-07       L263

Groves, Elsie Faye     Smith, Fred A.         30-Jun-14       R049

Groves, Fannie D.      Parkinson, William W.  20 Jun 1894     F374

Groves, France Lesley  O'Brien, Clarence                      S042

Groves, Frank          Hannah, Mary           25 Oct 1888     D415

Groves, Frank S. Jr.   O'Leary, Merle         30-Dec-17       U424

Groves, Gladys L.      Browder, Earl R.       22-Jan-11       N563

Groves, Grace L.       Baker, George W.       15-Aug-05       K012

Groves, H.A.           Caster, N.T.           06 Jun 1882     B275

Groves, J.A.           Lewis, Viola D.        07 Jul 1887     D054

Groves, Reba Amy       Cheathams, James M.L.  23 Oct 1870     A003

Groves, Stella         Slyter, D.A.           1-Jan-08        L269

Grow, Harriet          Stout, Clyde           26-Jan-04       J147

Grow, Leon             Fowler, Marietta       3-Jul-19        W268

Grow, W.B.             Seman, Bertha May      29 Sep 1897     G370

Growhusky, Anna        Barnes, Walter N.      23-Sep-09       M444

Groynn, Maude Victoria Adams, Clarence Duane  27-Oct-01       I084

Grubb, Benjamin L.     King, Edith Fay        10-May-21       Y631

Grubb, Dave            Dyenhart, Anna         1-May-12        P221

Grubb, David           Cox, Daisy             28 Sep 1890     E206

Grubb, George E.       Miers, Effie Dora      20 Dec 1899     H230

Grubb, L.M.            Bales, V.M.            01 Mar 1897     G266

Grubb, Lottie          Wright, Charles G.     09 Mar 1890     E093

Grubb, Maude           Higbie, G.F.           12-Jul-20       X576

Grubb, May             Zigler, James D.       05 Apr 1890     E114

Grubb, May             Zugler, James D.       05 Apr 1890     E114

Grubb, Pearl           DeLong, Frank L.       19 Apr 1899     H069

Grubbs, Oren L.        Hood, Ava L.           23-Jun-19       W234

Grubbs, Thelma         Weddell, G.N.          5-May-19        W120

Gruber, Charles E.     Buckner, Lulu          12-Jul-01       H637

Gruber, John           Nagel, Margaret        22 Apr 1890     E126

Gruber, Lizzie         Heymen, Henry          13 Apr 1889     D524

Gruhn, Jessie J.       Castle, James P.       09 Sep 1899     H149

Grummons, Elva         Vail, C.B.             25 Mar 1884     C061

Grunden, Ira           Logerman, Minnie       14-Sep-18       V395

Grunder, Jennie        Dinerboiler, Milton    12-Sep-10       N322

Grundy, John           Webb, Mary             9-Oct-04        J372

Grush, Blanche F.      White, Frank G.                        S402

Guatney, Pansy B.      Clasbey, Robert H.                     S117

Gubertz, Minnie        Brown, Edgar           4-Sep-12        P398

Gubitz, Fred           Hoff, Edith E.         6-Apr-11        O086

Gubitz, George         Jones, Lee Ruth        12-Dec-17       U332

Gubitz, Mary           Jones, G.W.            12-Mar-11       O047

Guenero, Joaquin       Juarez, Saledad        2-Sep-17        T607

Guenther, Therese      Johnson, A.C.                          S033

Guerin, Zora (Mrs.)    Griffith, W.T.         12-Dec-01       I122

Guess, Jennie (Mrs.)   Forsythe, J.A.         5-Jun-00        H332

Guest, Edna L.         Brinkman, Fred W.      28 May 1893     F141

Guest, G.A.            Condif, Annie (Mrs.)   10-Jan-00       H251

Guest, Harold T.       Wright, Martha         5-Sep-20        Y085

Guest, John Edward     Dunmire, Etta Blanche  13-Oct-01       I076

Guest, Lizzie          Morrison, Sheridan     28 Mar 1886     C415

Guest, Mabel           Harmon, Luke           25-Jun-01       H623

Guest, Nora            Cook, Dan              26-Jan-21       Y435

Guest, Nora            Cushing, Edwin         26 Sep 1882     B302

Guest, Norman          Lee, Mary              03 Dec 1885     C352

Guest, Norman          Stevens, Anna          06 May 1888     D292

Guest, Richard E.      Drake, Anna C.         01 Jan 1889     D468

Guest, T.I.            Stine, E.R.            25-May-19       W159

Guest, Winnifred E.    Brown, W.B.            17-Jun-14       R029

Guetschow, Anna        Kohler, August                         T233

Guetschow, Emma        Hillman, Richard F.    19-Apr-07       K610

Guetschow, Otto        Meyer, Dora            14-May-14       Q613

Guffey, Dothea         Shailer, John N.       10-Dec-10       N493

Gugenheim, Sim         Solomon, Elizabeth Bell06 May 1891     E337

Guhn, John             Richter, Rose                          S486

Guidinger, John P.     Busscher, Anna         4-Apr-10        N083

Guild, Walter Leroy    Hall, Helen Sylvia                     S053

Guiles, Laura M.       Skinner, Morris W.     9-May-06        K265

Guilkey, Emma L.       Leech, Harley          03 May 1899     H078

Guine, Katie           Beggs, Joe             7-Feb-21        Y463

Guiney, Hertha         Nelson, O.D.           2-Oct-20        Y152

Guinn, Almon           Ivey, Bessie           8-Jun-08        L424

Guinn, C.R.            Baker, Hazel           24-Dec-18       V531

Guinn, Pauline         Gambill, E. Morton     27-Jun-17       T477

Guist, Dorothy M.      Gibson, Archie B.      29-Apr-11       O123

Guldaman, Alice        Sothman, William C.    29-Jun-18       V253

Guldner, Rene          Stackman, Bertha       4-Sep-12        P395

Gulick, Charles D.     Emrick, Lettie         5-Apr-11        O084

Gulick, D.F.           Gilchrist, Elizabeth C.15 Sep 1889     D606

Gullett, Ben           Toy, Jeannette Pauline 15-Mar-22       Z658

Gullette, Frank J.     Gross, Mary C.         28 Oct 1887     D144

Gully, Ada             Faulk, E.A.            5-Aug-12        P359

Gully, Clarance V.     Grier, Jennie R.       5-Feb-08        L293

Gully, Elmer I.        Morris, Norma Alice    1-Sep-08        L540

Gully, Maria E.        Gallagher, Maxfield W. 02 May 1885     C250

Gully, Maybelle        Clement, O.C.          11-Oct-17       U052

Gumbiner, Alton        Shefrey, Marion        6-Aug-19        W331

Gumerson, G.A.         Reeve, Maude R.        24 Sep 1896     G153

Gun, C.E.              Layton, D.A.           12-Jun-13       Q194

Gun, Wilma             Swan, L.L.             8-Oct-21        Z335

Gunby, Ralph H.        Hamilton, Faye         16-Jan-22       Z557

Gunderson, Gertrude    Swengel, Elmo S.       6-Jul-21        Z117

Gunn, A.W.             Wilkerson, Ida                         S511

Gunn, Alva W.          Wilkerson, Ida C.      30-Apr-18       V123

Gunn, Benjamin George  Gifford, Retta (Mrs.)  27 Nov 1891     E435

Gunn, Beulah           Malmstedt, George A.   10-Jul-11       O242

Gunn, Ethel E.         Speer, Lora S.         8-Nov-13        Q414

Gunn, George           Baxter, Rosanna        16-Jul-17       T506

Gunn, George J.        Biggins, Edna          8-Dec-14        R274

Gunn, Josephine I.     Moore, Claud(de) B.    5-Nov-07        L190

Gunn, Leora A.         Siverd, J.W.                           T144

Gunn, Lotta            Steinmetz, George N.   19 Mar 1890     E103

Gunn, Maggie           Clark, William A.      13 Oct 1880     B101

Gunn, R.S.             Stockwell, Nellie Jane 1-Nov-17        U147

Gunn, Roy              Pierce, Callie         27-Nov-09       M542

Gunning, Marie Sabine  McElvain, Joseph E.    25-Dec-18       V534

Gunsalles, W.W.        Ransom, Ida            11 Jun 1882     B276

Gunsaullus, Floyd R.   Cooper, Lura           15-Jun-21       Z048

Gunsaullus, John       Barnes, A.             01 May 1887     C638

Gunsaullus, Mary E.    Broadhead, W.W.        30 Sep 1879     A451

Gunsaullus, Ruby F.    Schoonover, Harry L.   29 Sep 1889     D616

Gunter, Delia          Harrison, Claude       12-Dec-10       N494

Gunter, Viola          Allen, Marion J.       8-Jul-11        O241

Gunther, Pauline       Cordes, C.B.           24-Nov-21       Z451

Gunzburg, I.M.         Bowman, Eva May        19-Jul-20       X592

Gunzelman, Bessie M.   Gibson, Clarence C.    30-Aug-19       W397

Gunzelman, Dewey       Kirkpatrick, Esther Alm26-Sep-20       Y140

Gunzelman, Frances     Kerschen, Joseph       20-Jan-14       Q494

Gunzelman, Mary        Kerschen, Mathias      3-Mar-19        V637

Gunzelman, Peter A.    Betzen, Mary           19-Jan-15       R326

Gunzelman, Regina      Buchholz, Charles      23-Oct-00       H424

Gunzelmann, Aloys      Bunck, Etta            26-Jan-09       M094

Gunzelmann, Ferdinand  Kampling, Ida          26-Oct-10       N381

Gurley, J.M.           McReynolds, Bertha     5-Aug-08        L507

Gurley, Lonie          Magathan, Bertha       3-Jun-12        P258

Gurney, Maggie         Overstreet, J.T.       18 May 1882     B270

Gurnsey, S.C.          Brown, E.J.            02 Jun 1886     C447

Gurry, Bridget         Howe, James            26 Jan 1877     A248

Gurstle, Eva           Cavin, Lewis           25-Dec-17       U403

Guseman, Mabel         Todd, Omer H.          12-Dec-07       L233

Guss, Edward H.        Scott, Mary E.         27 Dec 1888     D466

Gussenhoven, Dorothy M.Ruyle, William A.      14-Aug-14       R098

Gussett, George        Bibbens, Mollie        15 Feb 1894     F315

Gustaf, Alicia         Waits, John B.         17-Oct-17       U091

Gustafson, C.E.        Konold, Merle R.       27-Mar-22       Z661

Gustafson, Florence    Carlson, O.E.          10-Jun-14       R019

Gustafson, Freda A.    Furman, Ernest         1-Feb-05        J487

Gustin, James          Turner, Marha A.       09 Jan 1878     A308

Gustine, Alice         Williams, J.J.         8-Sep-13        Q309

Gustufson, Charley     Johnson, Mary          16 Oct 1874     A137

Guthridge, J.G.        Deerling, Ollie        22-Nov-11       O417

Guthrie, Abbie         Allen, Hilda           10-Apr-19       W066

Guthrie, Blanche       Arbogast, John W.      10 Jun 1896     G103

Guthrie, Charles A.    Pratt, Ethel M.        17-Feb-01       H523

Guthrie, Charles A.    Young, Lucy            24 Dec 1891     E454

Guthrie, Florence      McVay, H.D.            12-Dec-00       H476

Guthrie, Lucy L.       Sherwin, Ira R.        26 Mar 1894     F331

Guthrie, Luda Verona   Hull, George Herbert   15 Sep 1892     E611

Guthrie, M. Belle      Woods, John D.         02 Sep 1885     C297

Guthrie, Mabel E.      Chadd, Charlie W.      15 Nov 1899     H191

Guthrie, Maggie        Cummings, Furman L.    29 Dec 1891     E464

Guthrie, Maggie        Thompson, Thomas       12 Jan 1888     D198

Guthrie, May L.        Reed, A.H.             12 Jan 1886     C373

Guthrie, Mayme L.      Bourgette, James B.    14 Oct 1896     G167

Guthrie, W.A.          Goodrich, Jessie       28-Nov-03       J095

Guthrie, William E.    Smith, Letta           22 Feb 1882     B247

Guthrie, Zelma         Gibson, M.B.           20-Dec-19       X051

Gutierrez, Lus         Toledo, Hilario        27-Nov-20       Y304

Gutschenritter, Anton OSchneider, Lillie (Mari1-Feb-10        M618

Gutschow, William      Krase, Recka           06 Mar 1879     A405

Guy, Alfred            Helm, Ada              3-Jun-07        L003

Guy, Ester R.          Sensenbaugh, Henry     18 Dec 1886     C555

Guy, Fred              Briley, Edna           7-Jul-10        N232

Guy, Fred J.           Wright, Sophie         19-Sep-20       Y120

Guy, Fred O.           Hunt, May              21-Sep-17       T640

Guy, Grace M.          Owen, Frank            10-Jun-06       K290

Guy, Homer             Roth, Grace            24-May-13       Q157

Guy, Lucien            Austin, Fannie         20-Jan-20       X141

Guy, Raymond M.        Mogle, Ethel L.        19-Jul-11       O255

Guy, Robert            Buechel, Selma         18-Jul-00       H360

Guy, Robert            Sutton, Myrtle         21-Nov-12       P522

Guy, Robert Earl       Wright, Anna B.        18-Aug-20       Y036

Guyer, Charles C.      Williams, Ida          23-Dec-08       M064

Guyer, Ella            Marshall, Alvin        07 Mar 1886     C387

Guyer, Jeannetta L.    Key, Edward G.         06 Nov 1890     E243

Guyer, Jeremiah        Watts, Mary (Mrs.)     10 Mar 1892     E514

Guyer, Mary            Sawer, I.F.            24 Jan 1899     H031

Guyer, Mary E.         Carroll, J.A.          30-Aug-21       Z245

Guyer, R.R.            Stapleton, Elsie       11-Jul-21       Z127

Guyer, William         Wright, L.M.           19 Oct 1887     D138

Guyman, May            Reece, James C.        4-Nov-10        N429

Guyton, George F.      Long, Maggie J.        26 Feb 1889     D502

Guzman, Serundino      Rosale, Sabinor                        S341

Gwin, Grover B.        Edwards, Lillian       24-Aug-20       Y053

Gwinn, Avis            Johnston, Robert M.    5-Jun-21        Z021

Gwinn, Myrtle A.       Bradford, Jonathon M.  21-Apr-09       M227

Gwynn, Elsie O.        Render, Francis A.     21-Sep-21       Z293

Gwynn, Harry           Barrett, Myrtle        26 Feb 1896     G056

Gyer, Iva              Biggs, Thomas G.       2-Oct-18        V422

Haagen, Glenn J.       Keefover, Margaret E.  1-Sep-20        Y055

Haak, Jesse            Jamison, Edith         1-Aug-13        Q265

Haak, Rosa B.          Struthers, Ralph D.    21-Feb-18       V001

Haas, Adam             Fuller, Cora E.        24 Mar 1892     E522

Haas, Adam             Kaufman, Ella          11 Dec 1883     C012

Haas, Adam             McDill, Annie          12 Mar 1890     E098

Haas, Amelia           Schmersey, William     1-May-09        M234

Haas, Andrew           Roberts, Cora          15 Feb 1894     F311

Haas, Anna             Roberts, William S.    19 Dec 1890     E263

Haas, Arthur W.        Stevens, Mabel         15-Apr-08       L368

Haas, C.D.             Hoeme, Ida Marie       1-May-19        W110

Haas, C.J.             Griffith, Mabel C.     31-Mar-20       X293

Haas, Carrie           Maupin, John           11 Mar 1892     E515

Haas, Cora             Moorehead, Dan         8-Dec-10        N489

Haas, Ethel            Schneider, Jesse                       S535

Haas, George           Schneider, Mary        01 Dec 1881     B212

Haas, Katherina        Brandt, August Herman  21-Oct-11       O391

Haas, Murrell          Jetter, Fern           28-Nov-18       V500

Haas, Noah Edward      Brookings, Jessie Eveli14-Oct-09       M472

Haas, Phillip          Ritter, Effie A.       23 Mar 1898     G482

Haas, Ralph H.         McCormack, Susie       28-Sep-18       V416

Haas, Samuel H.        Johnson, Nellie I.     11-Feb-03       I481

Haas, Wilhelmina       Bowman, Noah P.        01 Feb 1894     F308

Haas, William H.       Dick, Rebecca          25 Nov 1886     C538

Haase, Anna L.         McKnight, Charles I.   18-Dec-12       P572

Haase, Emma A.         Strong, Walter A.      2-Dec-08        M030

Haase, Ernest          Pitcher, Mamie         4-Sep-19        W414

Haberither, Callistia  Roets, Frank                           T011

Haberthier, Marie EunicDurham, Frank B.       3-Sep-17        T610

Hablutzer, Bertha      Schoonover, G.W.                       S247

Haches, Juana          Gereado, Beator        4-Aug-20        X632

Hacke, Christopher H.  Kitzmiller, Martha M. (22 Aug 1889     D591

Hacke, Lillian A.      Raymond, Charles Robert4-Dec-11        P001

Hacke, Lula            Sommerhauser, J.H.     22-Nov-17       U249

Hackelman, Gladys      Mullen, Ray C.         20-Dec-19       X051

Hackenberg, Eva D.     Stutzman, Rudolph      10-Mar-19       W017

Hacker, Ella           Owens, Green B.        10-Jun-03       I575

Hacker, Gertrude M.    Bird, Richard E.       21-May-03       I559

Hacker, J.C.(L.)       Tarrant, Ellen         29-Jan-20       X164

Hackett, Edith         Green, Wilfred         18-Jan-22       Z561

Hackett, G.H.          Williams, Hattie       20 Oct 1887     D138

Hackett, Ira Milton    Hendricks, Sarah Elva  13-Aug-19       W350

Hackett, Joseph Thomas George, Sadie          5-Nov-09        M514

Hackett, Lee           Brunhoeber, Martha Lill25-Jun-19       W242

Hackett, Marie         Kackley, G.W.          7-Feb-21        Y462

Hackett, Marie Irene   Tabors, W.G.                           S358

Hackett, Paul E.       Glass, Gladys Ruth     17-Apr-20       X339

Hackler, Louisa C.     Tucker, John C.        03 Mar 1874     A109

Hackney, Howard H.     Lawrence, Clara B.     7-Jun-11        O179

Hackney, J.S.          Sefton, Nettie C.      8-Oct-13        Q367

Hackney, Lillian       Utt, Williard T.                       R563

Haddad, Sadie          Cholmia, Saleem        16-Jul-05       J631

Hadden, Mattie R.      Howe, Morris L.        24-Jun-13       Q214

Haddock, C.B.          Jordan, Mary           12 Jan 1898     G442

Haddock, I.L.          Cofner, H.O.           04 May 1897     G294

Haddon, L.M.           Kevan, W.J.            11-May-01       H585

Hadel, Minnie          Toms, G.L.             17-Sep-14       R152

Haden, Bert            Pearson, Emma          6-Nov-21        Z408

Haden, Gertrude        Tankersley, Claud      05 Oct 1898     G584

Haden, Katie           Lent, George           11 Jan 1885     C192

Haden, Lizzie          Clark, D.L.            28 Dec 1897     G434

Haden, Mable           Bertholf, A.L.         15 Jun 1897     G311

Haden, S.L.            Lemmon, Dicie          5-Jun-07        L003

Haden, Stella          Garrett, Frank         6-Jun-00        H332

Haden, T.S.            Blue, Myrtle           26 Apr 1898     G495

Haden, Vala            Remer, Laurence E.     31-Dec-19       X097

Haden, William         Lemmon, Margaret       17-Jun-09       M302

Hadlee, Julia J.       Adkins, C.B.           3-Jun-03        I567

Hadler, Dora C.        Lee, H.G.              30-Sep-02       I367

Hadler, E.C.H.         Somers, Francis(ces) M.15 Jan 1899     H024

Hadler, J. Clarence    Downing, Mary Essie    24-Jul-07       L060

Hadler, Ruth Vernita   Minnehan, George Franci22-Sep-20       Y106

Hadley, Anna Ione      Clark, Plez S.         25-Aug-21       Z234

Hadley, Blanche        Hadley, Louie                          Z107

Hadley, Bulah Mae      Cooney, Harry G.                       S060

Hadley, Butler         Davis, Iva             24-Sep-21       Z301

Hadley, Elton          Bedier, Sophrona(nia)N.25-Jun-12       P301

Hadley, Emma           Callaway, E.           02 Sep 1897     G346

Hadley, Emma           Judah, Winepark        31 Dec 1879     B021

Hadley, Ethel          Sproul, Hugo           10-Jan-14       Q500

Hadley, George H.      Davis, Sarah F.        18 Sep 1888     D390

Hadley, Harold         Jones, Elsie           1-Sep-18        V365

Hadley, Hazel A.       Willis, Glenn Hatfield 19-Nov-21       Z438

Hadley, Herbert        Brown, Mae             20-Aug-19       W375

Hadley, I.             Shoep, Sylvia          9-Apr-20        X315

Hadley, Ida            McClung, W.L.          7-Nov-12        P502

Hadley, Irdle          Beylerin, Evalyn       3-Oct-17        U039

Hadley, J. Perry       Motter, Gertrude E.    28-Jun-14       R045

Hadley, Joseph         Shoemaker, Gussie      23-Feb-15       R369

Hadley, Katy           Edie, J.N.             30-Nov-20       Y306

Hadley, Lawrence N.    Zaring, Daisy B.       17-Jun-13       Q201

Hadley, Louie          Hadley, Blanche                        Z107

Hadley, Mabel G.       Weiler, F.H.           28-Apr-14       Q609

Hadley, Mary           Muehlberger, W.P.      16-Feb-18       U565

Hadley, Mary E.        Barker, S.A.           15 Mar 1888     D247

Hadley, Roberta A.     Arner, Milton E.       22-May-00       H324

Hadley, Rose Elizabeth McMullen, Allen Duncan 12-Aug-20       Y020

Hadley, Stella         Michael, W.A.          2-Apr-19        W049

Hadley, Stella A.      Swaney, John W.        16 Aug 1894     F388

Hadley, Walter         Clay, Mollie                           C179

Haeberle, Albert P.    Lough, Ella            4-Dec-12        P548

Haeberle, John         Krimmel, Pauline       23 May 1882     B271

Haegert, Jacob J.      Morgan, Luella (Mrs.)  28-Dec-04       J453

Haely, Mary            Dwyer, Daniel J.       09 Feb 1888     D221

Haffey, Pat            Broderson, Alice       17-Nov-17       U228

Haffner, Mabel         Meyers, Harry          28-Sep-11       O347

Haffner, Mabel         Myers, Harry           28-Sep-11       O347

Hagaman, Darrel P.     Deibert, Jewell        20-May-22       Z777

Hagan, Charles L.      Turner, Anna           6-Feb-07        K539

Hagan, Harmon A.       Snook, Cora May        18-Feb-03       I488

Hagan, Otto A.         McCune, Myrtle S.      16-Dec-03       J111

Hagan, Owen O.         Hughes, Jennie                         T190

Hagar, George T.       Slosser, Louellen E.   19 Oct 1886     C520

Hagar, Lola Marie      Detrich, Jacob L.                      T235

Hagar, Margrettah Wroe Bales, Edgar Loyd      21-Dec-09       M572

Hagar, R.D.            Montgomery, Percie     6-May-12        P226

Hagberg, Carl Arthur   Leisure, Beatrice Evely24-Jan-12       P075

Hageman, Florence      Ellexon, R.E.          29-Aug-18       V358

Hageman, Victor        Newell, Irene          14-Aug-21       Z207

Hagen, Gertie          Maskrid, Eddie         10-Feb-14       Q528

Hagenmaster, Marie O.  Sandifer, W.F.         8-Jun-19        W195

Hagenmaster, Ruth Jane McMillan, F. Dewey     29-May-20       X436

Hager, Arthur L.       Moore, Martha          3-Oct-18        V427

Hager, Maggie E. (Mrs.)Williams, Darius J.    23 Nov 1892     F020

Hager, Victoria        Rode, Joseph           23 May 1887     D007

Hagerman, Alice        Carter, George R.      1-Aug-06        K342

Hagerman, Belle        Sims, David E.         31 May 1888     D310

Hagerman, Charles S.   Wilson, Dora May       1-Aug-06        K341

Hagerman, Cornelia J.  Woodring, Uriah        06 Mar 1895     F506

Hagermann(garmann), EmmStover, Charles E.     27 Oct 1896     G177

Hagerty, Charles A.    Loftis, Mary I.                        T184

Hagerty, Eva           Winegarner, Walter     30-Apr-05       J558

Hagerty, H.F.          Everitt, Ada           13 May 1882     B270

Hagerty, Horace B.     Stokes, Annie(na)      17 Oct 1892     E636

Hagerty, Jennie D.     Schweiter, W.C.        11-Apr-05       J542

Hagerty, Jess W.       Dunmire, Rose E.       22-Apr-08       L379

Hagerty, Leota M.      Adams, Keith J.        20-Nov-17       U225

Hagerty, Mary J.       Setzer, Charles        01 Jan 1878     A307

Hagerty, Mary L.       Bish, David A.         04 Jun 1893     F148

Hagerty, Noah E.       Proctor, Jennie E.     25 Feb 1894     F318

Hagerty, Pearl M.      Winegarner, Vintson    29-Nov-05       K120

Hagerty, Sadie E.      Byrnes, Richard E.     20-Oct-06       K411

Hagerty, William A.    Everitt, Minnie W.     26 Mar 1882     B255

Hagerty, William H.    Howard, Jean A.        4-Jul-05        J620

Haggard, Elizabeth ViolFrawner, John F.       10-Jun-11       O186

Haggard, Neal V.       Whitelaw, Isabel                       S391

Haggart, A.A.          Jones, Flossie (Mrs.)  17-Feb-12       P109

Haggert, John          Long, Pauline          25-Apr-22       Z727

Haggerty, N.C.         Fitzhugh, Isabell      01 Apr 1888     D258

Haggerty, N.C.         Mote, Elmire E.                        D209

Haggett, Laura         Duncan, John E.        30-Aug-20       Y065

Hagler, James B.       Fulton, Jennie         8-Jun-09        M285

Hagney, Harry J.       Smith, Lizzie Hinton   03 Jun 1895     F550

Hagny, Robert Givin    Davidson, Oakley       8-Jan-13        P625

Hagood, Robert         Smith, Alta            22-Mar-15       R397

Hague, Loren           Turner, Iva            25-Nov-14       R259

Hagy, W.E.             Hall, Margaret                         R518

Hahn, Barbara          Schreiner, Frank       27-Jan-20       X140

Hahn, Earl             Buelow, Anna           03 Nov 1895     F620

Hahn, Ernst            Krauss, Christiane     16 Dec 1886     C554

Hahn, Fred             Barrow, Mary           13 Aug 1896     G132

Hahn, Ida May          Garr, John F.          8-Dec-09        M554

Hahn, Jerome           Clark, Ida M.          20 Sep 1885     C308

Hahn, John             Ewertz, Teresa         12-Oct-20       Y132

Hahn, Mae              Brown, Lloyd C.        15-Jul-03       I607

Hahn, P.A.             Everts, Kate           3-Sep-18        V334

Hahn, Philip           Hankinson, Mary (Mrs.) 18 Jan 1899     H026

Hahn, Sophronia        Armstrong, Ralph       28-Sep-13       Q345

Hahn, Stephen          Aebach, Elizabeth (Lies10 Apr 1894     F328

Hahn, Stephen          Arbach, Elizabeth      10 Apr 1894     F328

Hahn, Stephen          Lies, Elizabeth        10 Apr 1894     F328

Hahn, Ulysses S.       Simes, Mary Louise     18-Jan-10       M622

Haifley, Clema         Royse, George          12 Nov 1890     E244

Haifley, Maud          VanVolkinburg, G.L.    26 Aug 1899     H143

Haifley, S.M.          Dean, Ninah            28 Jan 1895     F483

Haifley, Viola         Wright, W.N.           19 Dec 1895     G009

Haigler, William       Harper, Rebecca G.     10-Dec-02       I422

Hain, Adda             Johnston, Harry        14 Oct 1885     C321

Hain, M. Alice         Davis, John D.         08 Sep 1885     C299

Hain, W.C.             Penrod, Adah           5-Sep-17        T614

Haines, A.             Rex, Nettie            23-Jan-18       U500

Haines, A.T.           Crabb, Carrie          07 Oct 1883     B416

Haines, Anna           Stangleman, George     8-Apr-22        Z694

Haines, Carrie         Plum, George           11-Aug-03       I627

Haines, Cora B.        Dunsmore, William O.   28 Apr 1896     G085

Haines, Eli C.         Shamp, Perline(na) J. (30 Oct 1892     E639

Haines, Ethel          Congdon, Dexter        25-Mar-13       Q079

Haines, Eunice May     Forster, Thomas L.                     S472

Haines, Flora E.       Thomas, Edgar          17-Aug-09       M379

Haines, H.D.           Funk, Edith            17-Aug-21       Z218

Haines, H.W.           Boyer, Florence        14 Mar 1898     G476

Haines, Helen Belle    Tucker, Fred Joe       25-Jan-21       Y431

Haines, Lydia          Hummelke, Fred A.      22-May-00       H325

Haines, Mary           Penley, C.W.                           T128

Haines, Maud           Wilson, J.A.           08 Feb 1899     H038

Haines, Roy A.         McKitrick, Sadie       16-Dec-03       J109

Haines, Vera           Edgington, E.                          T246

Haines, Ward G.        Hunt, Mabelle C.       21-Mar-06       K229

Haines, William E.     Cutler, Leila          05 Oct 1890     E212

Hainkel, Sigel M.      Baehr, Cora            19-Jun-07       L021

Hainline, Charlotte    Howell, Richard A.     19-Apr-08       L373

Hainline, F. Lewis     Harmon, Grace                          T345

Hainline, Fred B.      Swanson, Regina        14-Jan-15       R327

Hainline, Lucy         Wiggers, Elmer         29-May-18       V177

Hains, Charlotte       Metzger, Arthur        13 Mar 1899     H054

Hains, Lena            Matger, Joseph         29 Jun 1899     H114

Hake, Benjamin HarrisonSchreiver, Katherine   26-Feb-14       Q548

Hake, Bert             Proctor, Ella(Mrs)     5-Jan-09        M089

Hake, Herbert          Meinen, Ella           6-Jun-18        V193

Halbert, M.A.          Scranton, M.L.         13-Mar-20       X250

Halbrook, Albert P.    LeOscar, Ruby          16-Aug-19       W361

Halbrook, Bessie       Ross, Thomas H.        2-Jun-10        N169

Halcomb, Charles       Burns, Goldie May      14-Oct-12       P458

Halderman, Charles D.  Dorman, Grace E.                       S449

Halderman, Daniel      Smith, Mabel           10 Nov 1890     E244

Halderman, Effie M.    Aaron, J.M.            13 Jun 1898     G524

Halderman, Ercie S.    Clarkson, Lucy S.                      S445

Halderman, Florence IreBrandes, Walter Emil   27-Nov-20       Y304

Halderman, Ina M.      Carpenter, William G.  28 May 1893     F143

Halderman, Jess        Forward, Pearl         29 May 1895     F547

Halderman, John J.     Smith, Viola           06 Apr 1882     B262

Halderman, Lucy        Townsend, James S.     29 May 1891     E344

Halderman, Mildred P.  Schroeder, J.F.                        S340

Halderman, Nellie      Turner, C.P.                           H231

Halderman, Opal        Lewis, James W.        15-Mar-20       X254

Halderman, R.R.        Stever, Clara          10 May 1898     G504

Halderman, Rebecca     Zacker, John C.        12 Nov 1881     B205

Halderman, Samuel H.   Smith, Ida             30 Aug 1876     A215

Hale, Arthur E.        Poe, Edna A.                           R537

Hale, B.A.             Meek, Lena M.          28-Mar-03       I518

Hale, Beatrice         Barrett, F.E.                          R409

Hale, Cora S.          Rarick, Charles E.                     R613

Hale, Frank            Dugan, Mary            11 Nov 1875     A177

Hale, Gertrude Essie   Magruder, Nahun Acil   19-Feb-10       N024

Hale, Gifford N.       Compton, Susie         18-Jul-19       W293

Hale, Ida M.           Taylor, Percival E.    06 Oct 1889     D624

Hale, James            Clark, Mabel                           S056

Hale, Jessie           Yersin, George E.      6-Jan-11        N545

Hale, John B.          Bolan, Amanda          1-Feb-10        N002

Hale, John H.          Barr, Julia A.         22-Dec-06       K494

Hale, John P.          McDaniel, Mary E.      10 Apr 1884     C067

Hale, Lilliam          Adams, Maurice         26-Jun-13       Q220

Hale, Minnie           Buckner, Vallie                        T201

Hale, Nancy E.         Cook, J.H.             06 Sep 1887     D097

Hale, Rachel           Lee, Albert                            T322

Hale, Roy              Robinson, Bertha                       R453

Hale, Vinnie           Whitford, F.G.         12-Jan-20       X126

Haley, C.              Carroll, Goldie        17-May-13       Q144

Haley, Clara F.        White, Ora             23-Sep-07       L132

Haley, Dora            Higgins, George A.     23-Dec-08       M063

Haley, Dwight          McCoy, Blanche         12-Jun-19       W209

Haley, Edith Pearl     Hamilton, Aden E.                      S292

Haley, Ella R.         Bisby, William H.      17-Oct-07       L173

Haley, Floy A.         Winters, Earl C.       17-Jun-20       X506

Haley, J.R.            Tapp, Bertha M.        26-Nov-12       P531

Haley, Mamie           Andrews, Ben           26-Jul-21       Z155

Haley, Mary S.         Lambdin, Hiram S.      5-Jun-04        J251

Haley, Rudolph         Thomas, Thyrza                         S224

Haley, William H.      Crawford, Bertha       21 Sep 1893     F207

Haley, William Leslie  Allmon, Marjory June                   S177

Halford, Lizzie        Thornton, David                        T103

Halford, Maggie J.(Mrs)Buttrick, Harry E.     18-Mar-02       I202

Hall, A.C.             Prather, Jessie        12-Apr-13       Q104

Hall, A.S.             Poston, M.L.A. (Mrs.)  12 Nov 1884     C158

Hall, Ada Fay          Knight, Edward Frank   14-Mar-20       X250

Hall, Alice            Stamp, John            7-Oct-08        L592

Hall, Alma             Hopkins, Carl          9-Dec-17        U322

Hall, Annis            Ives, Bernard F.       19-Jul-04       J297

Hall, Arthur           Conard, Irene                          S132

Hall, Beatrice         Stafford, Richard T.   28-Apr-19       W100

Hall, Bettie Mae       Stephens, M.S.         7-Apr-20        X310

Hall, Beulah           Brunscher, Frank       5-Jun-19        W191

Hall, C.R.             Statstny, Mary         10-Mar-00       H288

Hall, Charles          Stanfield, V.C.        24-Oct-21       Z380

Hall, Charles A.       Steel, Opal            21-Apr-07       K612

Hall, Charles E.       Westfall, Hazel Verna  11-Oct-19       W512

Hall, Charley          Wilson, Leona          3-Jan-21        Y395

Hall, Charlie          Casner, Fannie         25 Dec 1895     G016

Hall, Chester A.       Widick, Luella         11-May-18       V141

Hall, Clarence H.      Gill, Jennie M.        12-Dec-17       U337

Hall, Cynthia          Read, W.B.             17 Nov 1897     G408

Hall, Cynthia          Reed, W.B.             17 Nov 1897     G408

Hall, Daisy            Hammers, Purl          28 Mar 1894     F332

Hall, Dorcas L.        Alder, John            02 Mar 1874     A109

Hall, Edith Eleanor    Sturman, Jackson                       S498

Hall, Edna             Corn, Virgil           11 Oct 1896     G165

Hall, Edna             Leonard, Fred K.       4-Jan-22        Z538

Hall, Edna             Russell, J.            17-Oct-21       Z357

Hall, Edward           Dennett, Lelie         29 Jan 1894     F306

Hall, Edward E.        White, Eva M.                          S558

Hall, Edward H.        Kimball, Artelia M.    31 Oct 1891     E413

Hall, Edward P.        Wilson, Sade Eaton     2-Jul-19        W264

Hall, Effie I.         Roberts, Charles W.    04 Oct 1894     F411

Hall, Elizabeth C.     Mull, Charles E.       24-Nov-04       J427

Hall, Elizabeth J.     McFarland, James T.    14 Jul 1887     D060

Hall, Elsie Jewett     Webster, Grant M.      01 Nov 1893     F245

Hall, Emily            Schrady, John H.       24 Oct 1893     F238

Hall, Emily Adeline    English, Glenn H.      10-Nov-17       U194

Hall, Emma             Dennett, Charles       01 Nov 1899     H201

Hall, Emma Ellen       Ambler, Leon N.        5-Jun-13        Q181

Hall, Ernest W.        Berry, Mamie R.        24-Jun-03       I589

Hall, Etta             Ballard, Frank         24-Jan-12       P079

Hall, Eva              McGinnis, B.W.         29 Jun 1899     H116

Hall, Everitt H.       Hunter, Helen E.       12-Apr-20       X318

Hall, F.C.             Hough, Hazel                           T281

Hall, Fannie           Walker, Isaac. C.      20 Dec 1871     A024

Hall, Fay A.           Faker, Frank J.        2-Sep-18        V368

Hall, Faye Marie       Schreffler, Charles L. 7-Feb-20        X183

Hall, Flavin F.        Gregg, Harry H.        11-Mar-22       Z647

Hall, Frank Reynolds   Werner, Avis Vivian                    R577

Hall, Fred H.          Lucas, Elenore A.                      T282

Hall, G.W.             Zoth, Hazel            27-Dec-21       Z512

Hall, Gail             Wright, Hugh           26-Dec-19       X080

Hall, George N.        Johnson, Corean        25-Sep-09       M446

Hall, George S.        Bernard, Nellie        18-Jul-06       K327

Hall, Gertrude E.      Watt, Robert H.        30-Sep-14       R166

Hall, Glen Wood        Garlick, Prudence Anna 15-Aug-17       T578

Hall, Grace Elizabeth  Cook, Claude E.                        R435

Hall, Grace May        Waldie, Samuel Houston 5-Aug-19        W334

Hall, H.F.             Rodwell, Sarah A.      26 Jun 1895     F559

Hall, Harriet          Barbour, William H.    15 Nov 1879     B002

Hall, Harvey           Drummond, Pearl        21-Oct-12       P472

Hall, Hazel B.         Cook, Leroy W.         6-Sep-06        K369

Hall, Helen            Pendleton, James H.    10-Aug-21       Z200

Hall, Helen Sylvia     Guild, Walter Leroy                    S053

Hall, Howard J.        Anderson, Mollie F.    20 Oct 1874     A138

Hall, Hugh S.          Anderson, Luella J.    19 Nov 1874     A142

Hall, I.B.             Linn, Emma             15-Dec-18       V514

Hall, Ida G.           Osborne, Arthur O.                     T268

Hall, Irene            Nelson, M. Claude      6-Jun-07        L007

Hall, Irene M.         Cudworth, Daniel Boyden24-Apr-20       X347

Hall, Isaac G.         Volgamore, Eva         28-Jan-02       I169

Hall, Iva              Smith, A.M.            23-Aug-03       I636

Hall, Ivy May          Wilkinson, Fredrick E. 15-Feb-00       H271

Hall, J.A.             Hough, Elizabeth                       S221

Hall, J.C.             Jackson, Sara J.       11 Jun 1877     A271

Hall, J.F.             Isham, Mattie          15-Apr-02       I220

Hall, J.L.             Hummel, Pearl          12-May-20       X397

Hall, J.M.             Wilson, Minnie         03 Jul 1887     D048

Hall, James            Bastil, Cora           10-Nov-13       Q416

Hall, James T.         Booth, Isabell Barber  1-Sep-09        M397

Hall, Jefferson D.     Heacock, Cora A.       17 Nov 1889     E019

Hall, Jesse C.         Landon, Ada            1-Jun-21        Z008

Hall, Joccie           Potts, Albert L.       20-Dec-09       M569

Hall, John             Murray, Ella                           H194

Hall, John             Murray, Ella           07 Jun 1899     H083

Hall, John F.          Williams, Mattie                       X574

Hall, John L.          Pantle, Anna           16-Dec-09       M561

Hall, John N.          Tomford, Rose          23-Nov-10       N465

Hall, Julia            Moldenhauer, Julius                    T221

Hall, Kenneth C.       McAllister, Lura                       R637

Hall, L.K.             Brown, Margaret                        P302

Hall, Lawrence         Field, Mattie A.       19-Nov-14       R243

Hall, Le Roy           Throop, Edna M.        18-Oct-10       N397

Hall, Lee E.           Harrison, Edna         20-Jul-11       O257

Hall, Lela Marie       Benway, Harry Raymond  8-Jun-18        V201

Hall, Lena G.          Calvert, Frank E.      30-Apr-21       Y615

Hall, Leona            Slease, William        22-Apr-07       K614

Hall, Leora            Cannefax, Cyril        10-Oct-21       Z340

Hall, Lillie           Heckathorn, Sherman    27 Jan 1892     E484

Hall, Lizzie           Shirley, Thomas O.     25 Oct 1876     A230

Hall, Lufanna          Higginson, Charles G.  1-Oct-09        M454

Hall, M.M.             Brenner, Ione                          T084

Hall, Mabel            Wise, Roy              20-Mar-15       R396

Hall, Mabelle          Diefenbach, Otto       9-Dec-08        M041

Hall, Maggie           Howell, J.S.           14-Aug-03       I631

Hall, Mamie            Helton, P.F.           3-Jul-19        W267

Hall, Mamie            Ivie, James E.                         T237

Hall, Margaret         Hagy, W.E.                             R518

Hall, Margaret         Hess, W.P.             11 Oct 1899     H174

Hall, Martin T.        Stewart, Ethel                         S256

Hall, Marvin           Christopher, Helen                     S548

Hall, May(Mary)        Smith, C.C.            05 Jan 1898     G437

Hall, Maybelle P.      Dice, J.W.             5-Oct-04        J368

Hall, Myrtle           Wichman, Louis F.      31 Oct 1894     F427

Hall, N.J.             Moore, Jennette        20-Dec-02       I431

Hall, N.O.             English, Ida P.        6-Apr-02        I215

Hall, Nelson F.        Myers, Effie May       21-Sep-10       N349

Hall, O.R.             Long, Laura Lee        13-Jul-12       P332

Hall, R.R.             Kersey, Mattie (Mrs.)  5-Nov-02        I398

Hall, Ray              Foddril, Goldie        24-Dec-10       N516

Hall, Robert H.        Neal, Mary L.          11 Sep 1890     E196

Hall, Robert L.        Newell, Mary E.        23-Sep-11       O338

Hall, Robert S.        McGinnis, Carrie       01 Dec 1897     G415

Hall, Roy              Chrismore, Elizabeth                   T089

Hall, Roy              Mossman, Winnifred     14-Jul-10       N241

Hall, Ruth B.          Dunlap, Laban C. (E.)  8-Apr-08        L359

Hall, S.L.             Jewett, Elsie L.       22 May 1886     C443

Hall, Sadie (Mrs.)     Peters, Clarence       13-Jun-00       H339

Hall, Sallie T.        Graves, Henry A.       27-Aug-13       Q292

Hall, Samuel A.        Corn, Lillian Alberta  21-Dec-04       J445

Hall, Sarah Eveline    Leonard, Harvey G.     26-Nov-01       I110

Hall, Sophia M.        Cline, B.M.            10-Jun-08       L433

Hall, Standish         Brooks, Helen Jane     5-Jun-20        X383

Hall, Sue              Booher, Wesley         22-Aug-17       T590

Hall, Thomas F.        Webb, Xarissa          24 Jun 1876     A207

Hall, Thurman          Seemann, Marie         16-Dec-11       P018

Hall, Vera             Smith, Leslie          28-Dec-13       Q479

Hall, Vera Ethel       Springer, Roy          28-Aug-17       T601

Hall, Verna            Mallicoat, Ernest      5-Mar-22        Z643

Hall, Vivian G.        Bargus, John V.        22-Nov-14       R245

Hall, W.H.             Eckerd, Laura          11-Jun-17       T437

Hall, W.L.             Wheeler, Carrie Coiner 9-May-22        Z758

Hall, W.N.             McKnight, Jennie       18 Nov 1888     D429

Hall, W.T.             Tillery, Laura M.                      C355

Hall, Walter           Long, Elizabeth        27-Apr-08       L387

Hall, William          Fassett, Lura E.       19 Feb 1893     F082

Hall, William N.       Davidson, Reda                         S490

Hall, William T.       Trego, Anna M.         19 Dec 1895     G011

Halladay, Lilly        Bull, Fred W.          20-Aug-08       L524

Hallam, Emily          Redshaw, H. Morris     10-Jul-06       K322

Hallenbeck, Bessie L.  Noe, John R.           23 Jun 1893     F166

Haller, J.B.           Houser, Sarah R.       21 May 1888     D302

Haller, Jannie Rilina  Banfill, C.D.          27 Nov 1899     H215

Hallett, Richard W.    Stafford, Louisa Vint  16-Nov-03       J081

Hallman, John          White, Essie           12-Nov-19       W600

Hallock, Russell       Zentner, Velma         6-Dec-19        X022

Halloran, A.M.         Fletcher, J.G.         24-Dec-10       N525

Hallowell, Mary M.     Fisher, Howard E.      18-Oct-03       J056

Hallowell, Robert EdgarCarter, Ophelia Tarrant23 Mar 1892     E522

Halsey, Bessie         Berkshire, William     14-Sep-04       J345

Halsey, Claudine       Long, James M.         11-Jul-17       T499

Halsey, Fannie E.      Bell, H.H.             24 Dec 1888     D456

Halsey, George E.      Todd, Opal Lillian     10-Aug-21       Z197

Halsey, Mamie          Willey, B.H.           31-Oct-03       J068

Halsey, Minnie A.      Smith, Ira T.          24 Dec 1889     E045

Halsig, Annie          Konecny, Joseph        23 Jan 1899     H028

Halsig, Lauernce       Heinrichs, Veronica    03 Feb 1879     A394

Halsig, Michael J.     Lies, Katie C. (Mrs.)  18-Oct-04       J376

Halsig, Veronika       Kalle, Frank           05 Nov 1892     E633

Halsy, Dora            Higgins, George A.     23-Dec-08       M063

Halten, Anna           Bunck, Henry           16 Nov 1897     G397

Halten, Maggie         Lorg, John             16 Nov 1897     G398

Halter, Henry A.       McElya, Phoney         26-Jul-09       M358

Halter, Phrona         Johnson, E.E.                          T088

Halter, Phronie        Wilson, W.             2-Oct-20        Y156

Halterman, J.F.        Simpier, Margaret      7-Nov-21        Z411

Halton, Florence       Purkey, Roy A.                         T164

Halverstadt, Dalena    Johnson, Elmer W.      28-Feb-21       Y497

Halwick, Elsie         Lathrop, J.N.          16-Mar-14       Q569

Ham, Cliff             Smith, Mabel           20-Jan-09       M106

Ham, Fred              Snider, Maude          5-Jul-04        J286

Ham, Harry C.          Eberly, Hattie B.      09 Aug 1881     B177

Ham, Hattie            Johnston, A.R.         01 Jan 1887     C569

Ham, Pearl             Carlton, H.S.                          T142

Ham, Roy W.            Candidus, Blanche      6-Jan-13        P622

Hamacher, Harry        Perschbacher, Eva      21-Jul-21       Z143

Hamant, Celestine      Eckert, E.F.           19 Sep 1896     G146

Hamarsky, Anton        Dolt, Lizzie           10 Jan 1881     B126

Hambaugh, Anna May     Hayes, Harrod M.       20-May-21       Y650

Hambaugh, J.M.         Culliman, Francis A.   25 Feb 1879     A404

Hambiln, Ruth          Barlow, Merle                          S617

Hamblen, Henry J.      Budd, A. Henrietta     19 Sep 1887     D107

Hamblet, Jennie        Willson, Ira K.        26-Sep-04       J357

Hamblin, Daisy         McMillen, C.L.         8-Mar-22        Z647

Hamblin, Ed Sr.        Doles, Grace Guiles    15-Jul-14       R065

Hamblin, Lawrence      Bosworth, Marguerite   6-Jul-19        W270

Hamblin, Orrin Perry   Houston, Ella          25-Dec-09       M588

Hamblin, Viola GertrudeSolomon, James R.      25-May-19       W158

Hambric, O.R.          Oliver, G.B.           14-Sep-10       N330

Hambrick, Sunie May    Howerton, Eugene       28-Jun-05       J611

Hambrow, Charles       Shaughnessey, Katie    27 Jul 1879     A436

Hameister, Fred Jr.    Johnson, Hazel         18-May-13       Q144

Hamel, Alice M.        Wood, A.L.             5-Jul-20        X555

Hamel, Catherine       Lewis, John S.         14-Feb-10       N017

Hamel, Elva A.         Nelson, Albert H.                      S154

Hamer, Eva             Budd, Oliver H.        07 Apr 1889     D521

Hamer, Fred F.         Lutz, Verna E.         30-Jan-18       U515

Hamerle, Rose          Brady, Harvey F.                       Q615

Hamersky, Amelia Mary  Lies, Markus           4-Feb-19        V578

Hamersky, Hattie       Ewertz, Mike           8-Apr-13        Q069

Hamersky, Lena         Loehr, John            7-Jan-03        I423

Hamersky, Mary         Lentz, George          10-Jan-07       K482

Hamerson, Frances A.   Wells, Charles T.      16-May-09       M253

Hamerson, John         Harvey, Francis A.     22-Jun-04       J271

Hamilton, A.G.         Thomas, Claudina       15-Oct-13       Q381

Hamilton, Aden E.      Haley, Edith Pearl                     S292

Hamilton, Anna         Craig, Howard F.       14-Jan-13       P629

Hamilton, Anna         England, William H.    10 Dec 1889     E035

Hamilton, Annabell     Brown, Donald A.       11-May-18       V139

Hamilton, Arlelia      Bass, John                             T161

Hamilton, Arthur P.    Klubo, Julia L.        15-May-13       Q141

Hamilton, Belle        Simpson, E.            01 Jul 1887     D050

Hamilton, Benjamin F.  Palmer, Alice          8-Jul-08        L476

Hamilton, Beulah       Rouse, Harry L.        12-Feb-19       V607

Hamilton, Blanche      Nessley, James E.      18 Aug 1888     D363

Hamilton, C.C.         Thorne, Della          13 Oct 1897     G380

Hamilton, C.R.         Nelson, Wilda J.       13-Nov-20       Y264

Hamilton, Charles      Coll, Belle            18 Feb 1883     B349

Hamilton, Charles R.   Wise, Mary Frances     15-Nov-08       M005

Hamilton, Clair J.     Collins, Lydia E.      18-Mar-03       I511

Hamilton, Corina E.    Meek, H.V.             23-Nov-02       I407

Hamilton, Curtis       Hanson, Christena      19-Feb-13       Q036

Hamilton, D.V.         Tomlin, Emma E.        28 Feb 1881     B137

Hamilton, Della        Larimer, Wirt          27 Aug 1896     G138

Hamilton, Della J.     Tobin, George S.       22-Jun-09       M311

Hamilton, Don A.       Rison, Lulu            29-Sep-01       I056

Hamilton, Don C.       Gaines, Mima P.        28-Jul-13       Q258

Hamilton, Edith May    Stewart, Alfred H.     9-Apr-12        P187

Hamilton, Edward E.    Fowler, Maud           16-Nov-08       M008

Hamilton, Elinore      Bannister, Jack        30-Nov-12       P548

Hamilton, Elizabeth    Daisy, George W.S.     4-Jun-08        L423

Hamilton, Esther H.    Clark, James D.        15 May 1890     E140

Hamilton, Everett B.   Waugh, Viola           12 Sep 1894     F396

Hamilton, F.M.         Wire, Bernice          04 Sep 1898     G564

Hamilton, Faye         Gunby, Ralph H.        16-Jan-22       Z557

Hamilton, Frank M.     Russell, Jessie        21-Dec-18       V525

Hamilton, Frank R.     Haylor, Retta          30-Sep-05       K052

Hamilton, Fred         Thompson, Marguerite M.28-Jul-20       X613

Hamilton, Fred J.      McMichael, Jessie E.   3-Apr-11        O078

Hamilton, Gail         Kiddoo, Hallie         25-Oct-11       O383

Hamilton, Harry H.     Bane, Jessie A.        3-Jul-06        K316

Hamilton, Hazel Effa(fiReedy, C.G.            4-Oct-11        O355

Hamilton, Herbert L.   Coffeen, Edna          20-Dec-06       K488

Hamilton, Hortense PyatHerriff, Joseph Jenning21-Nov-17       U243

Hamilton, J.T.         Burk, Emma L.          1-Mar-18        V013

Hamilton, Jennie       McCollum, Clarence E.  13-Jun-03       I578

Hamilton, Joanna       Flanagan, Martin       20 Nov 1872     A049

Hamilton, John         Richardson, Faye       13-Aug-19       W351

Hamilton, John Q.      Phillips, Lu M.        5-May-05        J564

Hamilton, John R.      Hurrle, Erminia J.     28-Jul-17       T533

Hamilton, Joseph B.    Roll, Lottie E.                        R553

Hamilton, Josie        Boyce, Thomas F.       07 Aug 1894     F386

Hamilton, Josie        Cravens, J.O.          10 Dec 1886     C548

Hamilton, Kate ElizabetApple, Walter H.       11-Nov-05       K104

Hamilton, Katie K.     Mayberry, Thomas L.    30 Mar 1887     C621

Hamilton, Keet         Spangle, Julia         20-Dec-21       Z489

Hamilton, L. R.        Lane, Edna E.          26-Apr-14       Q605

Hamilton, L.J.         Brown, Mabel           16-Aug-19       W360

Hamilton, L.W.         Minson, Nettie         24 May 1887     D011

Hamilton, Laura        Bivins, Robert F.                      T327

Hamilton, Lemuel C.    Coleman, Merna                         S404

Hamilton, Lida B.      Fitzjarrald, Lawrence E19-Apr-19       W079

Hamilton, Lillie M.    Zelleken, Frank J.     15-Aug-11       O283

Hamilton, Lottie       Johnson, F.G.          7-Jan-20        X117

Hamilton, Margarite    Mathews, Robert        23-Apr-05       J546

Hamilton, Marie        Collingwood, James A.  23-Feb-21       Y490

Hamilton, Martha M.    Burnside, Herbert B.   21-Feb-06       K206

Hamilton, Mary A.      Garthwaite, David      03 Nov 1878     A371

Hamilton, Mary A.C.    Kitchen, C.F.          05 Mar 1871     A008

Hamilton, Mary E.      Hatcher, William       30 Dec 1890     E274

Hamilton, Mary E.      Wilhite, Paschal E.    22 Jun 1890     E158

Hamilton, Mary Louise  Widick, C.O.           30-Jul-11       O264

Hamilton, Maud E.      Newman, Clarence A.    4-Jun-02        I260

Hamilton, Maude        Shaffer, Charles       18-Sep-14       R154

Hamilton, Myrtle Ivy   Toy, Thomas D. Jr.                     V556

Hamilton, N.O.         Todd, Vina             9-Jan-03        I460

Hamilton, O.T.         Lee, Lillian           02 Oct 1898     G579

Hamilton, Opal Irene   Lyons, E.D             25-Jun-21       Z081

Hamilton, Orville O.   Sellers, Maude E.      16-Jan-05       J473

Hamilton, Pearl        Rader, Eugene          24-Jun-20       X529

Hamilton, Peter        Garthwaite, Ella L.    18 Nov 1883     C005

Hamilton, Phila(lia) J.McCormick, Thad        01 Jan 1894     F285

Hamilton, Ray          Leverett, Sylvia       17-May-22       Z769

Hamilton, Rebecca E.   Garn, F.A.             23 Jun 1872     A038

Hamilton, Robert John  Koontz, Grace Vivian   10-Jun-08       L434

Hamilton, Ruby         Robey, B.C.            1-Nov-19        W569

Hamilton, Ruth         Messenger, Roscoe      12-May-20       X399

Hamilton, Sarah Jane   Beasley, William L.    12 Feb 1873     A061

Hamilton, Susie        Johnson, George        19-Sep-21       Z292

Hamilton, Vera         McCullough, F.H.       20-May-22       Z774

Hamilton, Viola Z.     Raida, John            15-Apr-03       I529

Hamilton, W.D.         Johnson, Alice                         T127

Hamilton, Walter D.    Davis, Fay             6-Jan-07        K509

Hamilton, Walter E.    States, Effie D.       11-Nov-09       M524

Hamilton, William D.   McNabb, Opal           10-Aug-09       M371

Hamilton, William John Daily, Maggie F.       02 Aug 1887     D075

Hamilton, William K.   Chewning, Bessie       8-Dec-21        Z473

Hamler, Edward C.      Krueger, Minnie        6-Feb-12        P087

Hamlet, Hazel          Barnes, Albert         24-Dec-19       X061

Hamlet, Roy            Williams, Margaret B.  20-May-20       X413

Hamley, John L.        Goff, Elizabeth L.     16-Oct-05       K076

Hamlin, Alfred L.      Millar, Ethel C.                       T226

Hamlin, Ethel M.       Balcom, Robert C.      15-Feb-13       Q032

Hamlin, Lillie         Robertson, Russell R.  4-Aug-20        Y001

Hamlin, Mattie IsabelleYoung, James M.        26-Feb-22       Z631

Hamlin, Minnie Bell    Smith, Charles James                   W463

Hamlin, Salina F.      Wilson, Albert         25 Jan 1885     C198

Hamlin, Verne          Davis, Marie           8-Jun-21        Z032

Hamlin, W.N.           Horn, M.E.             06 Feb 1889     D486

Hamlin, W.O.           Shaw, Millie           5-Feb-20        X176

Hamm, Adam E.          Coiner, Mattie L.      3-Dec-03        J099

Hamm, Adam E.          Conier, Mattie L.      30-Dec-03       J099

Hamm, Charles          Ross, Iola             24-Feb-09       M154

Hamm, David            Beckner, Emma Florence 12-Aug-08       L511

Hamm, Esther K.        Barnes, Walter R.                      T316

Hamm, Flora G.         Nixon, Carl O.         16-Apr-08       L372

Hamm, Frederick Jacob  Kellam, Ida May        16-Oct-18       V449

Hamm, H.L.             Houston, Lea                           T012

Hamm, Lummie           Smith, Ethel                           T070

Hamm, Stella           Zinn, Raymond          18-Sep-19       W449

Hamman, Erma           Riley, Jess            20-May-11       O154

Hamman, O.A.           Neely, Pearl                           T355

Hammant, Amelia        Winkleblick, Howard W.                 K631

Hammell, Katheleen     Wood, Charles A.       16-Jun-17       T451

Hammer, Daisy          Eastin, Johnson Otis   21-Jul-20       X598

Hammer, Eli W.         Plummer, Sarah J.      27-Apr-06       K257

Hammer, Grace G.       Brent, Robert L.       24-Dec-17       U344

Hammer, Grace I.       Slifer, Leroy L.                       S093

Hammers, Alice E.      Blackmon, Alfred N.    15 Feb 1881     B137

Hammers, Alys          Lawrence, Alexander    7-May-02        I238

Hammers, F.M.          Lucas, Myra            11-Jul-06       K322

Hammers, Fred. K.      Calhoun, Gertrude R.   26-Feb-02       I188

Hammers, J.M.          Cuenoid, Germaine Eugen10-Oct-01       I069

Hammers, Jay T.        Ketchel, Cora          16-Oct-07       L168

Hammers, Jennie M.     Graham, Wallace M.     10-May-11       O143

Hammers, Jennie M.     Parker, J.W.           01 Sep 1898     G562

Hammers, Jessie F.     Mitchell, Reuben A.    14 Apr 1885     C241

Hammers, John C.       Burtchaell, Jennie M.  16 Mar 1893     F097

Hammers, Lewis A.      Beal, Jessie M.        12-Jun-12       P262

Hammers, Maude E.      Reece, L.L.            5-Aug-14        R085

Hammers, Nannie Mae    McQuillan, John C.     11-Mar-03       I502

Hammers, Purl          Hall, Daisy            28 Mar 1894     F332

Hammers, Ricky         Holmes, Ransom L.                      S239

Hammers, Robert J.     Macredie, Agnes R.     25-Dec-07       L252

Hammers, William H.    Swanson, Eureka A.     29-May-07       K640

Hammersky, Anton J.    Poelman, Mary                          R412

Hammett, James W.      Cudd, Anna Lee         4-Dec-19        X018

Hammick, Mollie        Trixler, Harvey        16-Aug-10       N277

Hammon, Amy            Sheffield, Rance       30-Jan-18       U518

Hammon, Arthur D.      Clark, Laura           19-Apr-01       H562

Hammon, Blanche        Johnson, Alfred G.     21-Apr-21       Y593

Hammon, Clyde W.       Lewis, Minnie          6-Nov-09        M533

Hammon, Emma           Reid, W.A.             18-Jul-21       Z139

Hammon, Eva G.(J.)     Herold, Henry C.       20-Mar-04       J189

Hammon, George A.      Clark, Mary            08 Dec 1894     F455

Hammon, Ida L.         Roberson, Jesse C.     27-May-09       M268

Hammon, John L.        Long, May              28 Dec 1893     F284

Hammon, Lucy           Rose, F.C.             06 Apr 1893     F111

Hammon, Lucy A.M.      Gossett, Ensley G.     06 Feb 1888     D217

Hammon, Maud           Swan, Herbert          17-Jul-11       O251

Hammon, Milton E.      Webb, Lorinda J.       25-Jun-19       W243

Hammon, Nell           Carlton, Ralph C.      9-Oct-18        V438

Hammon, Paul C.        Ramsey, Gladys R.      11-Aug-18       V315

Hammon, Rosetta A.     Adams, James A.        15 May 1881     B158

Hammon, Sadie          Chandler, Ira H.       19-Oct-05       K085

Hammon, Sarah A.B.     Berry, Harrison        28 Dec 1881     B229

Hammond, Adda L.       Oswald, Charles        17 Jan 1879     A392

Hammond, Anna W.       Parks, Robert W.       9-Jul-19        W276

Hammond, Burton N.     Boyer, Lola            6-Jan-11        N545

Hammond, C.C.          Nothstine, Pearl L.    2-Sep-13        Q300

Hammond, Charles O.    Fields, Kittie         24 Sep 1890     E204

Hammond, Charlotte     Hutchinson, Otto W.    16-Jul-11       O249

Hammond, Clarence C.   Johnson, Ruth          16-Mar-21       Y525

Hammond, Cora J.       Mason, F.E.            22-Jun-17       T462

Hammond, Corda         Lanham, Ralph          15-Jan-20       X131

Hammond, Dollie        McCarthy, Philip J.    05 Oct 1891     E400

Hammond, E.C.          Reef, Sarah            2-Mar-21        Y502

Hammond, Edith May     Stephens, Charles Walte5-Aug-19        W335

Hammond, Edna          Perry, E.V.            1-Sep-13        Q298

Hammond, Ethel         Roles, F.L.            14-Nov-17       U211

Hammond, Eva J.        Jeter, George          08 Jan 1898     G440

Hammond, F.M.          Shafer, Ada            24-May-05       J578

Hammond, Florence      Bozorth, W.R.          24-May-21       Y661

Hammond, Florence LucilMyers, Roy E.          6-May-19        W122

Hammond, Grace J.      Miller, Roy A.         7-Oct-14        R176

Hammond, Harry         Johnson, Ida           1-Jun-17        T402

Hammond, Harry G.      Ross, Mollie K.        26 Nov 1896     G195

Hammond, Irvin P.      Shreve, Elva           21-May-08       L408

Hammond, Jared H.      Behm, Mathilde B.      28-Sep-06       K386

Hammond, Jennie Lee    Pryor, Willie Bee      23-Feb-22       Z623

Hammond, Leigh         Holt, Mayme G.         24-Dec-19       X063

Hammond, Louise        Stone, Clifton O.      24-May-13       Q156

Hammond, Lyman B.      Washburn, Clara A.     2-Jan-06        K168

Hammond, Madge         Mitchell, A.S.         1-Jan-11        N535

Hammond, Mary          Wise, George           2-Feb-21        Y452

Hammond, Mildred RebeccDuvall, Emory Clyde                    S428

Hammond, Myrl          Winters, Bessie        21-Nov-17       U247

Hammond, Nettie        Leavitt, Edwin                         T046

Hammond, Ransom        Smith, Daisy           26-May-07       K637

Hammond, Richard S.    Haworth, Donna         4-Feb-06        K193

Hammond, Ruth          McKown, Francis H.     17-Nov-21       Z430

Hammond, Sadie         Ramsay, Thadeus        27 Dec 1893     F273

Hammond, Virgie        Brown, William         22-Mar-10       N063

Hammond, W.A.          Barnett, Ethel         7-Nov-13        Q413

Hammond, W.H.          Deem, Jessie           18 Feb 1896     G048

Hammond, William       McLaughlin, Agnes      5-Apr-19        W056

Hammond, William G.    Carter, Mary Elizabeth                 W153

Hampton, Allen W.      Brehm, Elsie           23-Mar-12       P155

Hampton, Annas         Bailey, James          26 Nov 1887     D170

Hampton, C.M.          Whittenburg, Hazel Elle25-Jun-21       Z084

Hampton, Charlie M.    Jeter, Celia C.        19-Aug-14       R107

Hampton, Clara B.      Smith, William         11 Sep 1884     C134

Hampton, Eva Sarah     Jinks, William A.      __ ___ 1901     H572

Hampton, Flo Beatrice  Peck, Clifford Eugene  7-May-19        W126

Hampton, Florence      Bull, L.L.             13-Jun-04       J259

Hampton, Frank         Dabler, Ida May        18-May-03       I557

Hampton, Gladys Mae    Anderson, Emmet C.     23-Jan-18       U502

Hampton, J.H.          Rice, Minnie           20-Nov-19       W624

Hampton, J.M.          Hebert, Mary           28 Aug 1884     C125

Hampton, John B.       Atwell, Florence       6-Aug-19        W337

Hampton, M.W.          Garich, Vallia                         S569

Hampton, Mable         Luzadder, Ray D.       25-Feb-14       Q546

Hampton, Martha Susan JBrown, John R.         22-Jun-18       V241

Hampton, May           Brant, William Newton  10-Aug-02       I321

Hampton, Samuel        Gaston, Rosie          12-Apr-22       Z703

Hampton, Sarah E.      Gault, W.D.            04 Nov 1895     F620

Hampton, Viola         Boucher, Lafayette A.  15-Dec-03       J110

Hampton, W.M.          Daugnan, Ollie         17-Jun-20       X504

Hamrick, Guy           Atkins, Mae            5-Dec-14        R271

Hamrick, Philip L.     Meschke, Selma A.      21-Jul-19       W306

Hamson, Belle          Kidd, Alfred           14 Nov 1885     C340

Hamson, Cora M.        Black, Thomas N.       26-Nov-08       M023

Hamton, Dorothy        Utt, Howard            14-Jun-20       X486

Hanan, Velma           Melott, Virgil                         R609

Hanawalt, Owen H.      Owens, Sadie J.        12 Sep 1887     D103

Hanberry, Webster G.   Hitchcock, Ruth Elizabe6-Dec-17        U315

Hanchett, George B.    Lines, Frances L.      18 Oct 1883     B421

Hanchett, Lena May     Mickey, David Dwight                   T086

Hanchett, R.B.         White, Elsie                           T240

Hancock, L.B.          Bell, Cora E.          17-Nov-20       Y271

Hancock, M. Evelyn     Rogers, Frank W.       23-Mar-20       X274

Hancock, Maggie        Taylor, Alford         15-Mar-00       H290

Hancock, Victor        Ashford, Katherine                     R567

Hancock, Walter Ernest Blevens, Anna Maud                     R454

Hancock, William       Jones, Amanda          15 Oct 1893     F227

Hand, Bessie           Harp, Bob              8-May-22        Z756

Hand, Frederick Edwin  VanLandingham, Reba Ger31-Jul-07       L069

Hand, Hettie           Lee, Walter            27 Dec 1886     C565

Hand, James S.         Coen, Mabel            13-May-19       W135

Hand, Laura            Miller, C.R.           27 Dec 1895     G021

Hand, Nannie B.        Graves, L.W.           06 Mar 1895     F505

Hand, Rosetta A.       Aldridge, John E.      5-Mar-08        L329

Hand, Samuel P.        Shulley, Alice J.      12-May-21       Y635

Hand, Samuel Robert    Roles, Nancy Ethel                     S300

Handcock, Ruth Ola     LeFever, Edward William24-Jun-18       V242

Handford, Mathew       Jacobson, Helena                       E051

Handke, Henry R.       Pack, Nettie           20-Jul-10       N250

Handkins, R.S.         Gemmer, Mary A.        21 Feb 1889     D498

Handley, Clyde C.      Windle, Eulalie B.     2-Jul-01        H630

Handley, Eulalia(ie)   Bell, C.H.             22-Mar-05       J528

Handley, Evangeline    Sims, Joseph C.        8-Dec-07        L226

Handley, Frank S.      Simpson, Myrtle        14-May-06       K268

Handley, Jessie        Sullivan, E.L.         25-Apr-09       M232

Handley, John          Franklin, Sadie A.     11 Mar 1894     F324

Handley, John          Godfrey, Cyntha Ann    04 Jul 1886     C463

Handley, Marietta E.   Fisher, Joseph L.      20-Jan-20       X142

Handley, O.S.          Emick, Tillie          24-Oct-17       U124

Handley, Ola           Wagy, C.J.             17-Sep-10       N333

Handley, Sithy Ella    Streby, Charles M.     11 Nov 1892     F007

Handley, Wardlaw M.    House, Eva Cloe        19-Jun-20       X510

Handley, William R.    Payne, Elizabeth       23-Jul-13       Q252

Handquest, Lillie      Greaves, Frank V.      14 Jul 1889     D573

Handren, Nellie E.     Barber, Clarence D.    15-Jul-11       O248

Handschel, Anna M.     Thost, Christian G.    13 Mar 1886     C406

Handshaw,              Shores, George                         B088

Handshaw, Martha J.    Tapp, Martin           05 Aug 1880     B081

Handy, Calvin T.       Lindsay, Grace Emily   25-Oct-17       U127

Handy, D.C.            Harry, Nellie          9-Aug-19        W344

Handy, Delmont         Green, Alpha(Elpha)    10 Sep 1893     F194

Handy, Lula L.         Wood, Wilford E.       10 Sep 1893     F194

Handy, M. Ella         Pirtle, E.B.           23-May-06       K275

Haner, Della           Davis, P.M.                            L007

Hanes, Adia M.         Cain, C.A.             2-Jan-13        P616

Hanes, Alda            Bruce, F.W.            22-Jun-11       O213

Hanes, Anna Thelma     Corzine, Harry H.                      R497

Hanes, Beatrice Mary   Tiberghien, Lyle Hoyt  7-Nov-20        Y252

Hanes, Carrie          Baldwin, S.E.          24-Feb-11       O030

Hanes, Clyde           Walton, Neva           2-Apr-18        V068

Hanes, Cora            Barr, Charlie          4-Mar-22        Z638

Hanes, Cyrus Elmer     Cloud, Minnie Doris    28-Jun-11       O216

Hanes, Edna            Kent, Robert M.        19-Jul-21       Z141

Hanes, Elsie P.        Smith, Charles E.      24-Sep-12       P424

Hanes, Fannie          Foreman, Stewart       20 Feb 1884     C041

Hanes, Gertrude ZenobiaHill, Walter L.        5-Apr-19        W050

Hanes, J.W.            Fisher, Margaret M.    26-Dec-08       M069

Hanes, Joe L.          Deaton, Ethel          24-Sep-18       V407

Hanes, John W.         Washierd, Delila       11 Aug 1878     A347

Hanes, Joseph C.       Bragg, Salina B.       21 Dec 1881     B221

Hanes, Lottie Mae      Whitehead, Frank G.                    R367

Hanes, Mary E.         Mustoe, Jesse A.       4-Apr-19        W051

Hanes, Nora Etta       Dysart, Edward M.      03 May 1893     F127

Hanes, Roy V.          Gould, Twila           9-Sep-19        W426

Hanes, Virgil R.       Foster, Ella           16-Jul-14       R066

Hanes, Volney O.       Covell, Cora           18 Feb 1880     B038

Hanes, William H.      Woltz, Adda M.         03 Feb 1887     C581

Hanes, William V.      Elliott, Laura E.      12-Oct-18       V443

Haney, Charles         Pierce, Belle          20-Aug-17       T586

Haney, Cora L.         Hoben, John                            R523

Haney, Esther Fern     Tully, James B.        18-Oct-19       W533

Haney, Florence        Kile, Warren           21-Jun-09       M309

Haney, Floyd T.        Bachtenkircher, Grace E27-Feb-18       V005

Haney, Gertie          Younger, Daniel F.     14-Jun-19       W212

Haney, James A.        Bockoven, Hollis Corinn8-Sep-19        W425

Haney, Millicent       Stewart, Joseph Jr.    8-Aug-12        P366

Hanford, George C.     Pease, Anna L.         07 Jan 1890     E061

Hangartner, Estelle    Husband, E.G.          25-Oct-19       W552

Hanhart, Elizabeth     Hari, Paul                             S571

Hanika, Laura          Paul, Albro B.         11 Jul 1889     D572

Haning, Sadie          Pierson, O.A.          29-Jun-04       J279

Haninger, Emma         Crowley, Samuel J.     25-Nov-07       L211

Haninger, Gus          Redman, Clara          6-Nov-08        L635

Haniphan, T.L.         Loomis, Ida M.                         S108

Hankins, Albert        McDavid, Francis       17-Oct-10       N395

Hankins, Glen L.       Mendenhall, Hazel      7-Jun-20        X465

Hankins, Hazel         Brown, Ray             15-Feb-15       R361

Hankins, Jesse         Wyatt, Florence        26-Mar-10       N068

Hankinson, Eleanor     Holland, A.M.          1-Feb-05        J487

Hankinson, Mary (Mrs.) Hahn, Philip           18 Jan 1899     H026

Hankinson, Nellie      Brotton, Bert          15-Nov-19       W611

Hankinson, R.F.        Raney, Anna                            S616

Hankinson, Tunis V.    Fulton, Mary           08 May 1879     A422

Hanks, Bessie Jane     Harp, Wilbur M.        20-May-22       Z774

Hanks, Charles W.      Rennick, Florence M.   1-Jun-10        N160

Hanks, Ira             Diarrin, Jessie        7-Sep-20        Y086

Hanks, Wilma           Golden, Dave           23-Dec-17       U372

Hanley, James J.       Lucas, Jennie          25 Dec 1891     E470

Hanley, John M.        Flock, Cora            28 Feb 1888     D235

Hanley, Kittie T.      Leveridge, J.M.        12 Sep 1881     B184

Hanlon, H.B.           Stroup, Billie         1-Dec-17        U302

Hanlon, Mary Ellenor   Clark, Harry W.        26-Apr-19       W095

Hanlon, Vera           Kenagy, P.J.           28-Jun-11       O336

Hanlon, W.J.           Heinen, Estelle        14-Oct-18       V447

Hanly, Robert A.       Cromley, Augusta M.    24 Dec 1896     G224

Hann, Cliff            Smith, Mabel           20-Jan-09       M106

Hanna, Andrew E.       Callison, Ellen        08 Jul 1891     E359

Hanna, Anna Belle      Smith, Charles Edwin   6-Dec-08        M035

Hanna, Freda           Kling, Alfred Lavern   6-Jan-20        X114

Hanna, Grace E.        Paswater, H.J.         11-Oct-05       K068

Hanna, Ivy Dell        McFarland, Charles Fred23-May-07       K635

Hanna, Margaret E.     Garfield, Walter R.    29-Aug-18       V359

Hanna, Mary L.         Shindler, J.E.         4-Oct-11        O357

Hanna, Maude Melbia    Ortez, Antonio         1-Jan-21        Y394

Hanna, Myrtle          Disney, Webb                           S524

Hanna, Robert J.       Schreiber, Dorothy     30-Aug-21       Z246

Hanna, Salina Martha   Cline, Peter Lee       23-Jun-07       L030

Hanna, Salina Martha   Klein, Peter Lee       23-Jun-07       L030

Hanna, Tessa Crookham  Derrick, Alice Magnolia11-Sep-07       L111

Hanna, Theressia       Mathis, Earl J.        22-May-12       P239

Hanna, Waddle          Crits(tes), Mary       30 Jun 1899     H117

Hanna, William         Peterson, Hilda        07 Feb 1889     D489

Hannah, Alice J.       Henderson, James M.    31 Mar 1891     E317

Hannah, Charles G.     Gresson, Iza Mae       4-Feb-21        Y456

Hannah, Clyde L.       Hart, Flora M.         4-Oct-05        K063

Hannah, Ellen          Mullin, D.T.           08 Nov 1897     G402

Hannah, Fay            Shick, Floyd R.        28-Sep-17       U021

Hannah, G.A.           Meyers, Rebecca I.     06 Jan 1886     C372

Hannah, Gladys Ruth    Dohner, Irwin          8-Feb-11        O009

Hannah, Mary           Groves, Frank          25 Oct 1888     D415

Hannah, Rachel C.      Talmage, George B.     22 Apr 1889     D528

Hannah, Vera Philemon  Shinkle, John B.       23-May-19       W157

Hannah, William J.     Reckman, Adda          22-Apr-02       I225

Hannah, William J.     Stambaugh, Gertrude    16 Nov 1895     F629

Hannaman, Katherine    Woolf, Paul                            T339

Hannibal, Cecelia      Steele, R.L.           08 Nov 1899     H206

Hannon, Clarence H.    Banks, Lorene D.       30-Mar-19       W042

Hannon, Dollie         Pechin, William        18 May 1896     G093

Hannon, Everett        Hughes, Gladys         22-Oct-21       Z376

Hannon, Floyd          Riggs, Thelma          24-Jul-20       X605

Hannon, Georgia        Pechin, Cash           22 Nov 1896     G192

Hannon, Gillespie R.   Johnson, Bessie H.     3-Jul-18        V262

Hannon, Iris           Gamill, Earl H.        8-Jun-18        V198

Hannon, Pearl          DeLazier, William H.   20-Jun-18       V237

Hannon, Pearl          Near, C.W.             15-Sep-13       Q322

Hannon, Sadie          Kingham, Robert        18 Oct 1888     D407

Hannon, Tava           Mangan, Ira            12-Dec-05       K135

Hannon, Walter         Weatherby, Bessie      15-Apr-09       M219

Hannon, William L.     Reeves, Myrtle E.      1-Jul-14        R053

Hannum, Frederick      Hughes, Ruth           27-Jul-11       O261

Hannum, Jonas          Williams, Kate         03 Oct 1876     A234

Hannum, Mabel M.       Knight, Calvin H.      20-Sep-18       V398

Hannum, Nina Adella    Wooten, G. Gurney      31-Dec-20       Y391

Hanon, Reaka           Kaner, Robert                          T195

Hanouw, Annie          Carrico, George F.     1-Nov-10        N424

Hanouw, Gert           Lawson, Pearl          12-Jan-11       N551

Hanouw, Riner          Shaw, Louisa           9-Jun-17        T432

Hanratty, F.J.         Kunkle, Martha A.      15-Dec-03       J110

Hansard, Zelba         Troup, Harry           9-Dec-19        X026

Hansbrough, Clara      Spurgeon, Clarence     7-Jan-13        P624

Hanschildt, Fred R.    VanMatre, Mary         11-Jun-07       L011

Hanscome, Fannie W.    Herbert, Frederick W.  09 Jan 1889     D475

Hanselman, Flora A.    Hanselman, H.W.                        T050

Hanselman, Geraldine ElLarkin, Hugh           12-Apr-09       M215

Hanselman, H.W.        Hanselman, Flora A.                    T050

Hanselman, Harry W.    Baenisch, Flora A.     20-Jan-04       J145

Hansen, Albert J.      Crum, Julia C.         20 Aug 1898     G556

Hansen, Bertha         Bishop, W.T.           3-Aug-21        Z180

Hansen, Frederick O.   Potts, Lynda Lenora    11-Nov-17       U192

Hansen, G.G.           Fuller, M.E.           14-Mar-00       H284

Hansen, H.J.           Sherman, Zillah        3-Jan-22        Z533

Hansen, Henry Albert   Goertz, Martha         11-Dec-12       P561

Hansen, John Frederick Taylor, M. Pearl       8-Sep-18        V383

Hansen, John V.        Joy, Cora J.           31-Oct-11       O392

Hansen, Joseph         Brero, Minnie J.                       C613

Hansen, Joseph         Brew, Minnie J.        21 Mar 1888     D282

Hansen, Louise         Crawford, Homer        20-Apr-19       W079

Hansen, M.C.           Mattison, Louisa B.    14-May-14       Q617

Hansen, Martha         Williams, N.           5-Mar-21        Y506

Hansen, W.H.           Fisher, Minnie         3-Dec-19        X015

Hanshaw, Alfretta      Metzger, Erwin         05 Mar 1886     C402

Hanshaw, Cecile        Fitzgerald, Clyde      8-Oct-20        Y174

Hanshaw, E.A.          Morris, J.C.           20 Nov 1878     A375

Hanshaw, Emery B.      Decastor, Emma         22 Mar 1892     E520

Hanshaw, Evangeline C. Alliston, L.R.         18-Feb-22       Z616

Hanshaw, Herbert B.    Burks, Clara Hazel     22-Nov-19       W627

Hanshaw, Mae           Cooley, Ralph                          R605

Hanshaw, Myrta         Brown, Chairley        28-Aug-14       R119

Hanshaw, O.L.          Nicholson, Nora        04 Aug 1895     F571

Hanson, Agnes          Brown, Ethan A.                        Y176

Hanson, Alberta        Owens, William                         S333

Hanson, Andrew         Fanning, Eliza S.      07 Dec 1876     A240

Hanson, Andrew C.      Craig, Letha M.        20-Dec-21       Z489

Hanson, C.G.           Gates, Bertha          21-Sep-10       N345

Hanson, C.J.           Kimberly, Eva          12-Nov-17       U201

Hanson, Catherine R.   Finley, J.E.           24 Apr 1888     D279

Hanson, Christena      Hamilton, Curtis       19-Feb-13       Q036

Hanson, Elsie L.       Bever, Oscar T.        7-Sep-05        K034

Hanson, F.C.           Carlson, Anna                          T319

Hanson, Frank          Moore, Mattie E.       25 Oct 1886     C521

Hanson, Fred           Crawford, Viola        28 Nov 1878     A378

Hanson, Gustaf William Ewing, N. Emma         23-Oct-10       N407

Hanson, J.R.           Burr, Ruth Katherine   29-Sep-13       Q346

Hanson, Jennie M.      Calvin, James W.       08 Aug 1899     H133

Hanson, John Jr.       Henderson, Luella      24-Dec-02       I438

Hanson, L.             Labunker, C.A.         3-Mar-01        H533

Hanson, Louis          Bernard, Marie Lucille 18-Feb-22       Z616

Hanson, M.J.           Smith, Bell            08 Feb 1880     B032

Hanson, O.L.           Blades, Leela          20-Nov-05       K115

Hanson, Walter         Knickerbocker, Myrtle  30-Mar-14       Q579

Hansson, John M.       Beaudett, Clara May    08 May 1891     E339

Hapman, Elam           Cane, Susan            09 Feb 1895     F492

Hapner, Inez           Collins, Taylor M.     18-Sep-10       N329

Haralson, Pearle       Smith, Roy             24-Oct-14       R208

Harbaugh, Grace        Hunold, Henry W.       13-Nov-20       Y268

Harbaugh, Icy Marie    Maxwell, Bert Earl     9-Mar-13        Q057

Harbaugh, John P.      Foster, Georgia I.     16-Jul-17       T508

Harbaugh, Lillie B.    Greutter, Jacob W.     4-Nov-03        J073

Harberson, Cecil C.    Culp, Linnie Ruth      1-Nov-08        L625

Harberson, Rita A.     Frable, Guy Thomas                     S339

Harberson, Thelma L.   Wren, Paul E.          10-Oct-17       U063

Harbison, R.T.         Thornburgh, Eva C.     17-Dec-17       U352

Harbold, Ethel         Whinery, Glenn                         S226

Harbon, Elizabeth M.   Meggs, Daniel J.       20-Oct-10       N403

Harbough, Lizzie       Bebee, Frank           29 Nov 1883     C010

Harbour, John Alvin    McDaniel, Olive R.     26-Nov-13       Q444

Harbur, Minnie L.      Powell, S.D.           10 Oct 1888     D404

Harcleode, C.M.        Lynch, Edna                            T179

Hardacre, J.S.         Roush, Minnie          20 Sep 1885     C307

Hardacre, Orris        Spencer, Ada                           R476

Hardaway, Anna         Young, Ralph W.        12-Dec-18       V513

Hardeman, Mattie E.    Reed, James            25-Jul-10       N257

Harden, Andrew         Lamb, Mabel            23-May-11       O157

Harder, Ed             Dickson, Rhea          28-Sep-11       O347

Harder, Katie          Hergert, William       1-Sep-06        K363

Harder, Willie         Wiebe, Catherine                       T380

Hardester, Willie      McConnell, Arthur      17-May-22       Z772

Hardesty, C.A.         Kasbeer, J.H.          26 Dec 1888     D465

Hardesty, Charles M.   Meisner, Nettie        29 May 1892     E556

Hardesty, Charles M.   Misener, Nettie        29 May 1892     E556

Hardesty, Charles P.   Cox, Pearle            21-Sep-09       M440

Hardesty, Della FlorencBoeken, Harry          21 Dec 1897     G424

Hardesty, Elizabeth    Stephenson, C.S.       23-Sep-07       L133

Hardesty, Ersa         Pray, Elzie L.         27-Apr-02       I229

Hardesty, Fern         Fairchilds, E.M.       19-Mar-20       X265

Hardesty, Frank        McFaden, Jennie        30 Apr 1899     H077

Hardesty, J.W.         Tracey, Elizabeth N.   21 May 1887     D014

Hardesty, Leonard B.   Brown, Lulu            03 Apr 1892     E527

Hardesty, Mary M.      Baughman, W.H.         9-Jan-21        Y402

Hardesty, William      Stewart, Louise        26-May-09       M266

Hardey, Charles Henry  Clodfelter, Ella (Mrs.)19-Dec-04       J443

Hardey, Minnie         Moreland, Andrew       20-May-22       Z775

Hardgrove, Helen       Jarvis, Harry          1-Sep-17        T607

Hardgrove, Mabel       Brown, J.W.            6-Nov-17        U172

Hardgrove, Margaret    Tambling, Edward       24-Oct-17       U109

Hardgrove, William PatrGibson, Isla Maude     10-Mar-20       X241

Hardie, Adam R.        Keiller, Maggie        09 Feb 1892     E491

Hardie, J.M.           Foster, Ruby L.                        R623

Hardie, J.S.           Marshall, Lillian      9-Mar-22        Z648

Hardie, Rhea B.        Schabinger, Paul C.    30-Jul-14       R078

Hardin, F.T.           McCafferty, Carrie E.  02 Jan 1884     C021

Hardin, Frank          Jefferson, Eliza                       R513

Hardin, Frank          Smith, Helen           22-Jan-20       X146

Hardin, J.J.           Hillard, Malinda       26 Mar 1884     C063

Hardin, Lettie         Benedict, L.           25 Nov 1885     C346

Hardin, Roy            Bobbett, Pearl         24-Nov-05       K118

Harding, Adaline Wight Whittaker, Clive Charle12-Jun-07       L012

Harding, Alice P.      Hartley, Oscar E.      25-Dec-07       L225

Harding, Bert          West, Hazel            14-Sep-21       Z277

Harding, Byrde         Watt, Roy D.           8-Jun-10        N175

Harding, Clara         Likely, U.G.           5-Aug-00        H371

Harding, E.N.          Martin, Maude          6-Oct-19        W502

Harding, Eddith Marie  Oakford, Richard S.    07 Oct 1896     G163

Harding, Florence      Schierenbeck, Henry C. 14-Jan-14       Q504

Harding, H.W.          Brown, Anna(nie) E.    9-Feb-02        I176

Harding, Hugh J.       Cunningham, Iva        3-Jun-08        L422

Harding, J.R.          Ballantyne, Lillie     12-Aug-14       R094

Harding, Joseph DelbertCrask, Alma Bertha                     T288

Harding, Laura         Stanley, J. Roy        12-Aug-06       K347

Harding, Lola          Munos, F.R.                            S429

Harding, Maude         Bainum, Walter Virgil  28-Sep-10       N360

Harding, May           Colver, M.R.           29-Dec-09       M593

Harding, Sadie         Turner, Earl J.        31-Jan-20       X167

Harding, Thomas        Whitehead, Ann E.                      T340

Harding, W.J.          Sloan, Retta           5-Feb-02        I173

Harding, Walter J.     Cline, Cora G.         23-Dec-17       U370

Hardwick, Edith GertrudDillman, James L.      6-May-14        Q619

Hardwick, Fred D.      Dean, Mollie           6-Dec-09        M552

Hardy, Annie E.        Maupin, James W.       03 Apr 1890     E112

Hardy, Belle M.        Hays, O.C.             25-Dec-06       K495

Hardy, Elizabeth       Liming, McClelland     06 Apr 1899     H064

Hardy, George A.       Hill, Catharine(herine)16-Sep-03       J019

Hardy, Gladys          Hinkle, Brie           13-Jan-11       N548

Hardy, Jennie          Latta, John M.         03 Jul 1888     D334

Hardy, John            Rattliff, Doris        2-Jun-20        X446

Hardy, Minnie          Clayburn, William      27-Mar-08       L349

Hardy, Myrtle L.       Adamson, H.C.          18 Oct 1888     D410

Hardy, N.M.            Eddingfield, J.R.      29-Nov-06       K466

Hardy, Nellie          Wandell, A.B.          14-Apr-13       Q106

Hardy, Vina            Knowlton, Frank W.     23-Nov-10       N466

Hare, J.E.             Houghtaling, Emma (Mrs)25 Mar 1896     G072

Hare, Lawrence         Braden, Mary           16-Oct-07       L170

Hare, Mary L.          Crewse, James E.       23 Mar 1892     E520

Hare, Mearle May       Adamson, V.N.          7-Oct-13        Q360

Hare, Myrtle Ellen     Schenck, Cornelius     7-Jan-15        R313

Hare, Rosa             Foiles, C.A.           18 Sep 1899     H161

Harell, Ada            Hill, E.W.                             Q307

Harford, G.A.          Black, Rosa            26 Mar 1879     A412

Harford, L.E.          Merrill, Gertrude      21-Jul-19       W304

Hargett, Anderson K.   Jewett, Rebecca J.     27 Dec 1876     A242

Hargett, Casie P.      Hartman, Clayton H.                    T058

Hargett, Ethel M.      McGinley, Harry A.     20-Sep-11       O332

Hargett, J.S.          Young, Lula A.         22-Sep-18       V404

Hargis, Arnold         McGufflin, Hazel       5-Jun-18        V195

Hargis, J.V.           Cline, Doll F.         26-Nov-19       W633

Hargis, Jessie M.      Nogrady, A.T.                          S003

Hargis, Pearl          Davis, William W.      26-Apr-05       J554

Hargiss, Essie         Wright, E.E.           12-Jan-03       I463

Hargrove, Ida          Weaver, Elzie E.       22-Dec-19       X061

Hargrove, J.A.         Scott, Nellie          10 Sep 1885     C301

Hargrove, Mamie        Curry, John            29-Aug-08       L537

Hargrove, Reuben F.    Riggs, Arabella A.     28 Sep 1887     D116

Hargrove, Samuel       Fellows, Ida           02 Dec 1886     C543

Hari, Paul             Hanhart, Elizabeth                     S571

Harion, Sam            Bode, Rena             8-Aug-10        N269

Harison, Frank         Childs, Stella         09 Nov 1898     G606

Harker, B.L.           Triplette, E.A.                        S394

Harkey, John           Vulgamore, Catharine D.15 Nov 1888     D431

Harkey, Lizzie         Neal, Wilber A.        24 Mar 1889     D512

Harkey, Mary Elizabeth Wyckoff, John          16 Apr 1897     G282

Harkey, May            Christopher, J.H.      18 Aug 1895     F579

Harkins, Beulah        Wilson, Oliver         4-Jun-13        Q178

Harkins, Edith M.      Gates, E.S.                            S471

Harkins, Floyd         Briley, Minnie         10-Sep-09       M418

Harkins, Harriett HelenWitte, J.H.            6-Mar-18        V022

Harkins, R.L.          Swisher, Edith A.      30-Jan-13       Q002

Harkleroad, William L. Doyle, Pearl C.        10-Dec-14       R275

Harkness, Amon N.      Houser, Aiery Belle    26 Mar 1889     D514

Harkness, Ella F.      Jeffries, Beven Good   27-Jul-11       O263

Harkness, Frank R.     Milligan, Emma         24-Dec-10       N517

Harkraeder, Ethel      Ostrom, J.L.           29-Apr-18       V120

Harkreader, Edna       Shuster, Earl E.       26-Jan-22       Z576

Harkreader, William    Huls, Elnora           26 Sep 1888     D395

Harlan, Ada            Kirk, George W.        10-Nov-18       V476

Harlan, Howard         Conrad, Nettie         13-Nov-09       M525

Harlan, Janice M.      Swarner, N.R.          16-Jun-19       W219

Harlan, Loyd           Campbell, Agnes        29-Nov-17       U279

Harlan, Mary           Evans, James W.        10 Nov 1894     F435

Harlan, Merritt C.(H.) Spencer, Flora B.      11 Mar 1890     E095

Harlan, Minnie         Rowley, C.H.           19 Aug 1896     G135

Harlan, Pearl          Dixon, Henry C.S.      17-Sep-08       L569

Harlan, Roy            Lee, Mary                              S430

Harlan, William        Conway, Maggie         6-Aug-07        L077

Harland, J.V.          Custer, Josephine      17-Sep-18       V397

Harland, Lydia S.      Kness, I.A.                            S421

Harley, Thomas         Ward, Ora B.           29-Oct-00       H446

Harleyman, Josephine   Hill, O.F.             22 May 1899     H093

Harlow, C.W.           Loutz, Lulu(la)        4-Oct-10        N372

Harman, Essie          Woodward, T.V.         8-Mar-14        Q544

Harman, Irvil F.       Snyder, Dora E.                        T203

Harman, James A.       Barnard, Kate          12 Nov 1878     A375

Harman, Mary           Unzner, Charles        18-Apr-06       K248

Harman, Vietta         Arterburn, Francis M.  5-Jul-03        I600

Harmon, Bessie         Bavington, Arthur Alber1-Jun-10        N165

Harmon, Callie         Menefee, Oren          22 Oct 1893     F234

Harmon, Dean Alan      Moore, Hazel A.        8-Dec-21        Z472

Harmon, F.M.           Pavey, Ethel           10-Feb-15       R356

Harmon, Flora Anna     Pieratt, A.M.          2-Feb-19        V589

Harmon, George H.      Bersie, Clara Z.       29-May-13       Q165

Harmon, Gerald F.      Russel, Rosa           14-May-20       X402

Harmon, Grace          Hainline, F. Lewis                     T345

Harmon, Hiram W.       Nisbaum, Rose          23 Nov 1898     G619

Harmon, J.A.           Fennel, Edith (Mrs.)   11-Mar-00       H289

Harmon, J.B.           West, Viole            12-Jan-10       M616

Harmon, J.S.           Kern, Freda            31-Jul-03       I618

Harmon, James W.       Pressey, Julia Clyde   28-Jun-06       K304

Harmon, Julius         Berry, Emma            14-Jan-13       P631

Harmon, L.H.           Horner, Helen          30-Sep-03       J037

Harmon, Leola          Ruckle, E.O.           06 Oct 1898     G583

Harmon, Lillie         Richmond, J.P.         21-Dec-12       P569

Harmon, Louisa FlorenceReiser, James W.       24 Dec 1892     F039

Harmon, Luke           Guest, Mabel           25-Jun-01       H623

Harmon, Mabel E.       Corbett, Fred R.       18-Sep-07       L128

Harmon, Maggie         Nooner, William H.     20 Mar 1884     C057

Harmon, Pearl          Finley, Amos           14-Apr-18       V094

Harmon, Ray M.         Thoman, Lillian M.     1-Jan-14        Q487

Harmon, Vol L.         Howell, Lula           28-Dec-21       Z516

Harms, Gerhard         Davis, Ella                            S637

Harms, Herbert         Justice, Jessie        16-Dec-20       Y341

Harms, Sophia          Wheeler, John Jefferson28-Aug-12       P441

Harms, Susie           Scharping, Edmund      10-Jan-21       Y405

Harnden, C.F.          Younts, Marie          17-Jun-20       X506

Harnden, Mary E.       McConnell, Joseph N.   19 Nov 1886     C528

Harndon, George        Blumanhourst, L.H.W.   11 Feb 1883     B346

Harndon, Hannah        Slayton, Robert O.     19 Apr 1873     A069

Harndon, Jesse         Ward, Hattie           14 Sep 1876     A224

Harned, Mary Ruth      Womacks, Bert S.                       S507

Harned, Sallie         Cox, William           4-Jun-19        W188

Harned, William S.     Griffin, Jennie        24 Sep 1890     E204

Harner, George C.      Carney, Susie D.       15-May-10       N139

Harness, Edith         Hummel, Harold         18-May-19       W146

Harness, F.A.          Judah, Minnie          7-Mar-14        Q557

Harney, Maude A.       Watkins, Warren A.     26-Jun-17       T470

Harnish, Charles A.    Fulkerson, Anna        10-Sep-02       I347

Harnish, I.N.          Dawson(sen),Florence A.11 Feb 1897     G253

Harnish, William E.    Kling, Daisy           1-Jun-10        N164

Harnston, Lucy         Moore, J.P.            16-Oct-20       Y200

Harp, Bob              Hand, Bessie           8-May-22        Z756

Harp, Earl             Frooman, Capitola      26-Mar-18       V057

Harp, Wilbur M.        Hanks, Bessie Jane     20-May-22       Z774

Harper, Agnes          Parker, James          3-Jun-18        V188

Harper, Agnes          Williams, Arthur       15-Dec-20       Y340

Harper, Barbara        Zevener, John          14 Apr 1884     C068

Harper, C.C.           Broomfield, E.N.       07 Nov 1878     A372

Harper, C.S.           Marshall, Ida          5-Mar-00        H283

Harper, Carl D.        Williams, Ella         22 Nov 1899     H211

Harper, Clarence       Postlewait, Ethel May  21-Feb-21       Y484

Harper, D.E.           Little, M.I.           09 Oct 1888     D404

Harper, Ella           Crawford, William D.   27 Jan 1887     C577

Harper, F.H.           Whitlock, Roberta      19-Aug-19       W369

Harper, Fairy          Cash, Romay            17-Apr-19       W077

Harper, Florence       Clapp, Marc C.         12-Nov-10       N441

Harper, Frances May    Culter, William H.     19-Jun-01       H617

Harper, Francis        Bailey, Mary           23 Jul 1896     G124

Harper, Frank M.       Wastier, Janie E.      7-Dec-20        Y322

Harper, Fred H.        Long, Tena             27 Dec 1891     E460

Harper, G.C.           Henshaw, Minnie R.     26 Nov 1896     G194

Harper, George R.      Reber, Jennie          18-Jan-06       K180

Harper, Grace          Garvey, Frank          10 Sep 1893     F197

Harper, Ida            Martin, J.A.           5-Oct-19        W494

Harper, J.C.           Hartley, Bertha                        R621

Harper, James          Tyner, Henrietta       23 May 1894     F356

Harper, Jennie         Teague, Henry          3-Aug-19        W326

Harper, Jesse C.       Campbell, Melville H.  5-Feb-12        P092

Harper, Julia          Pope, S.L.             25 Dec 1888     D463

Harper, Laura          Dietrich, W.           24 Jul 1888     D348

Harper, Laura Belle    Phillips, Isaac N.     4-Jul-01        H633

Harper, Laura Blanch   Mulch, Arthur Charles  30-Oct-21       Z388

Harper, Leslie H.      Winans, Lulu(la) E.    19-Jul-06       K330

Harper, Lillie S.      Blinn, L.F.            25 Dec 1888     D462

Harper, Lola M.        Morton, H.B.           15-Jun-17       T447

Harper, Lottie A.      Kellogg, Harry L.      9-Oct-07        L162

Harper, Louis          Ferguson, Lizzie       19 Feb 1888     D228

Harper, M.C.           Poffinbarger, Grace M. 25-Dec-09       M590

Harper, Myrtle         Shire, Samuel          8-Sep-12        P404

Harper, Nathan C.      Brownlee, Fannie M.    24 Jan 1883     B343

Harper, Oliver C.      Fleming, Louise        10-Oct-19       W511

Harper, Ora S.         Rollins, Mary Alice    9-Aug-19        W342

Harper, R.W.           Bolser, Ethel                          T028

Harper, Rebecca G.     Haigler, William       10-Dec-02       I422

Harper, Richard H.     Boggs, Ella May        28 Aug 1889     D594

Harper, Robert         Dellinger, Flora       11-Sep-19       W433

Harper, Robert C.      Archer, Elsie          6-Jun-10        N172

Harper, Rosa           Jones, Shanton         17-Sep-10       N336

Harper, Roy L.         McGriff, Edith         30 Oct 1895     F616

Harper, Sam            McConn, Grace          30-Oct-14       R216

Harper, Susan R.       Brownlee, John S.      07 May 1890     E136

Harper, Travis         Bailey, Mary           23 Jul 1896     G124

Harper, W.H.           Little, F.E.           15 Nov 1887     D158

Harper, William B.     Hickerson, Beulah N.   29-May-20       X437

Harper, William H.     Burnett, Nancy J.      27 Feb 1895     F500

Harper, Wilson         Wright, Katie (Mrs.)   24 Mar 1892     E523

Harpham, Jennie        Kieffer, George        29-Jun-09       M325

Harpstrite, Bertha A.  Blue, William E.       18-Nov-13       Q425

Harpstrite, Charles W. Stevens, Dencie M.     30-Apr-02       I232

Harpstrite, Edward G.  Woollems, Dulcie A.    5-Mar-13        Q049

Harpstrite, Eugene C.  Mosbacher, Nellie      25-Jan-08       L287

Harpstrite, Florence M.Jansen, R.L.           2-Mar-10        N034

Harpstrite, Gertrude   Williamson, John Lewis 14-Nov-06       K445

Harpstrite, Grace      Wilson, C.D.                           S169

Harpstrite, John H.    Summers, Mary          29 Jun 1885     C272

Harpstrite, Maud(de) F.Luening, W.F.          25-Oct-03       J062

Harr, Wilhelmina       Young, W.A.            9-Jun-03        I576

Harrah, Frank J.       Edelman, Cora V.       1-Jan-06        K169

Harrel, Inez Ople      Krebs, C.M.            14-Feb-20       X198

Harrell, A.S.          Beard, Maud E.         04 Oct 1893     F217

Harrell, A.S.          Osborne, Nellie        05 Sep 1899     H153

Harrell, Estella       Nichols, Charles W.    9-Feb-20        X187

Harrell, Ethel         Shaw, Belton           27-Jan-12       P081

Harrigan, John         Chase, May             3-Aug-20        X630

Harrigan, L.J.         Williams, Lottie       9-May-22        Z757

Harrill, Mabel Augusta Maddy, Edward E.       7-Jan-20        X115

Harring, Mary          Crump, Anderson        02 Jul 1895     F562

Harrington, Berton E.  Hopkins, Bessie Marie  11-Apr-06       K241

Harrington, Blanche    Anderson, R.C.         9-Mar-11        O046

Harrington, Charles R. Martin, Ruby Evelyn    21-Jul-17       T519

Harrington, Claude E.  Smock, Lula J.         13-Nov-07       L199

Harrington, Dudley N.  Hutchison, Mattie E.   23-Feb-03       I489

Harrington, E.R.       Boyd, Sallie E.        26 Aug 1873     A082

Harrington, Elfie      Smith, Joseph Jeff     2-Aug-17        T550

Harrington, George WillFaulkner, Gracie Marie 30-Oct-19       W555

Harrington, H.M.       McQuilan, Mary         28 Oct 1897     G390

Harrington, Homer B.   Krehbiel, Daisy Adaline24-Nov-20       Y293

Harrington, Irma       Mason, C.E.            24-Sep-14       R159

Harrington, J.E.       Garvey, Rosa           26 Oct 1895     F613

Harrington, J.W.       McQuillan, Annie       24 Nov 1898     G616

Harrington, Jerome     Smyth, Constance       30-Aug-19       W392

Harrington, Laura I.   Yersin, George E.      15-May-01       H588

Harrington, Lona       Young, W.H.            15-Dec-10       N499

Harrington, Malinda    Ketchel, George        15 Apr 1880     B061

Harrington, Nannie CathSmall, Alexander John  23-Aug-05       K021

Harrington, Newell     Erikson, Alice Viola   26-Nov-21       Z455

Harrington, R.B.       Miller, Roberta M.     18-Dec-02       I429

Harrington, Reese E.   McQuiston, Myrtle      14-Aug-20       Y025

Harrington, Rosa       Fowler, Charles S.     26-Nov-03       J094

Harrington, Rosalie    Watt, John             20-Aug-18       V329

Harrington, T.C.       Meadows, Nela L.       12 Nov 1896     G187

Harrington, William R. Smock, Mary O.         25-Oct-05       K088

Harris,                Gillispie, Sadie                       C119

Harris, A.M.           Carson, Sarah A.       30-Mar-21       Y551

Harris, Achsah C.      Peters, Fred A.        2-Oct-19        W491

Harris, Alice          Ashline, John          3-Jun-07        L002

Harris, Alice          Ledford, John E.       22 Dec 1870     A005

Harris, Alma           Rice, W.S.             2-Jan-00        H248

Harris, Amanda A. (Mrs)Shults, Marion         07 Jun 1892     E559

Harris, Anise          Davis, B.T.            12-Dec-07       L232

Harris, Anna           Jorgensen, C.S.        23-Apr-02       I224

Harris, Anna E.        McWilliams, Frank G.   27 Oct 1890     E227

Harris, Annie          Gaughan, E.W.          20-Mar-11       O057

Harris, Annie Bird     Baird, William B.      17-Nov-12       P518

Harris, Arthur         Gates, Vivian          7-Feb-19        V598

Harris, Arthur Judson  Neiswinter, Susie Armin5-Aug-18        V306

Harris, Arthur R.      Spurgin, Lola          6-Aug-07        L074

Harris, Bennie         Felton, Myrtle A.      23-Jan-21       Y430

Harris, Benton         Underwood, Elizabeth   9-May-18        V138

Harris, Benton         Winset, Mary           30-Jul-13       Q262

Harris, Bird           Cates, W.J.                            S487

Harris, Blanche        Hicks, Prim            25-Dec-11       P029

Harris, C.B.           Redfield, Belle        24 May 1899     H095

Harris, Carrie         Pellikann, G.P.        30-Oct-09       M507

Harris, Carrie L.      Lambert, Clarence W.   2-Dec-12        P550

Harris, Cecil H.       Niswonger, Mollie B.   04 Jun 1893     F149

Harris, Chester A.     Jones, Goldie                          T160

Harris, Clarence L.    Scott, Myrtle          15-Nov-04       J415

Harris, Clelo          Miles, George L.       16-Jul-20       X586

Harris, Cleo           Simpson, R.C.          17-Apr-20       X330

Harris, Cora           Farbrother, J.L.       7-Jun-11        O180

Harris, Cora Udel      Frazer, William Vernon 24 Mar 1897     G272

Harris, Cora Udel      Frazier, William Vernon24 Mar 1897     G272

Harris, D.W.           McBride, Ida                           S120

Harris, Della          Trugillo, Lee E.       28-Oct-19       W559

Harris, E. Lois        Vickers, John L.       29-Jan-07       K532

Harris, E.E.           Gould, Edna            10-Jan-20       X125

Harris, E.L.           Downs, W.K.            11-Oct-09       M470

Harris, Ed             Posten, Flora A.       11-Jun-19       W196

Harris, Edna           Dixon, Herbert J.      29-Jun-11       O228

Harris, Edna J.        Bradford, Arthur O.    21-Jan-15       R336

Harris, Edwin          Satterthwaite, Edith                   R471

Harris, Elmer          Snyder, Addie          14-Jan-20       X124

Harris, Ernest E.      McPherson, Martha V.   03 Aug 1892     E588

Harris, Ethyl          Brace, Clayton W.      24-Nov-20       Y289

Harris, Etta M.        Jones, Harry R.        17-Jun-11       O201

Harris, Eva            Ellington, W.L.                        T152

Harris, F.B.           Edgar, Lillian V.      1-Mar-00        H282

Harris, Fannie         Bates, E.D.            1-Sep-10        N307

Harris, Fetsroy        Malone, Margaret K.    19-Oct-10       N400

Harris, Frank          Hunsaker, Beatrice     26-Dec-18       V537

Harris, Frank          Richardson, Seanory    15-Mar-20       X255

Harris, Frank C.       Thompson, Lizzie D.    27 Nov 1895     F635

Harris, Fred           Dawson, Pearl          11-Sep-04       J342

Harris, Fred F.        Byrne, Elenora C.      29-Jun-07       L040

Harris, George Everett Adams, Maude May       10-May-06       K266

Harris, Gertrude       Cachard, F.C.          27-Mar-01       H544

Harris, Gertrude       Wilkins, James         29-Mar-13       Q073

Harris, Grace          Adair, Charles         20-Dec-12       P573

Harris, H.H.           Brown, Julia           22 Aug 1897     G329

Harris, Hattie         Cox, Arthur F.         18-Aug-14       R104

Harris, Helen Grace    Brown, F.E.            19-Dec-21       Z487

Harris, Henry          McBride, Hattie        6-Mar-01        H535

Harris, Henry          Moore, Beulah          5-Jul-10        N226

Harris, Henry          Ross, Fannie           14-Oct-03       J052

Harris, Henry A.       Stancer, Gladys        21-Feb-20       X212

Harris, Herbert O.     Centgraf, Nettie       17-Jun-14       R030

Harris, Ines Belle     McMurtry, Henry        9-Mar-11        O045

Harris, Iva            Richardson, Roy        5-Aug-17        T552

Harris, J.H.           Mullinax, A.L.         12-Sep-18       V392

Harris, Jacob          Weast, Dorothy         4-Dec-21        Z464

Harris, Jessie         Sandifer, Joseph       5-Jul-10        N227

Harris, John L.        Edwards, Lizzie                        D418

Harris, John L.        Edwards, Lizzie        26 Oct 1888     D419

Harris, Lena           Dunn, C.B.             2-Jul-17        T484

Harris, Loucelle A.    Lansdon, David         4-Feb-02        I172

Harris, Louis Earl     Kulp, Matilda Amanda   19-May-19       W148

Harris, M.L.           Mans, Anna             07 Jan 1896     G030

Harris, Mamie J.       Moore, Paul E.         2-Jan-19        V552

Harris, Margaret E.    Duvall, Walter St.Clair7-Dec-05        K130

Harris, Margarete      Anderson, L.W.         19-Aug-14       R106

Harris, Marie          Norris, C.B.           1-Feb-20        X166

Harris, Mary           Manese, Orie           14-May-19       W141

Harris, Mary           Pierce, Glen E.        31-May-17       T395

Harris, Mary           Watson, E.F.           10 Oct 1895     F610

Harris, Mary Lee       McCauley, James Irven  1-Mar-19        W002

Harris, Mary M.        Kolb, Clarence C.      8-Jan-10        M611

Harris, Mathew         Harrison, Rebeca Jane  17 Aug 1899     H139

Harris, Mattie         Oddy, George E.        14-Jul-17       T502

Harris, Maude          Ballew, Donald         5-Jul-21        Z115

Harris, Maude          May, R.J.                              S145

Harris, Maude          Riggs, Deloss D.       10-Aug-20       Y016

Harris, May            Piper, J.W.            11-Sep-09       M419

Harris, Melville E.    Tucker, Juanita E.                     S467

Harris, Nancy          King, Thomas           29 Dec 1881     B230

Harris, Oscar Lawson   Graham, Mayme C.       5-Jun-12        P252

Harris, P.F.           Cunningham, Marie      1-Nov-18        V467

Harris, Pearle         Azbill, Luther C.      25-Nov-20       Y297

Harris, Permelia E.    Sloat, Ansel W.        1-Dec-04        J434

Harris, Polly          Overstreet, Milton                     T251

Harris, Ralph E.       Buckeridge, Edna L.(T.)2-Feb-07        K535

Harris, Ralph W.       Anderson, Nellie       14-Apr-21       Y578

Harris, Ricard(chard)  Buffort, Gertrude      23-Jul-12       P344

Harris, Ross           Peyton, Anna                           T226

Harris, Roy Edward     Alexander, Edith Jennie25-Jul-08       L494

Harris, Ruby Irene     Gilbert, Ralph T.      29-Oct-19       W560

Harris, Ruth M.        Weis, H.W.             28-Aug-20       Y058

Harris, S.E.           Cavanaugh, G.W.        01 May 1895     F533

Harris, Samuel         Ross, Magnolia (Mrs.)  21-Mar-02       I207

Harris, Sarah          Stagg, William         16 Aug 1882     B289

Harris, Sarah Bess     Hurst, Vernice Virgil  4-Oct-19        W496

Harris, Sarah E.       Hartman, Joseph A.     06 May 1888     D286

Harris, Susie J.       Chester, William A.    21-Apr-04       J218

Harris, Thomas Otto    Woodford, Etta May Bell16-Jun-08       L439

Harris, Virgie         Watson, Lloyd          24-Jul-20       X604

Harris, William        McClair, Mary Lou      15-May-20       X405

Harris, William E.     Rogers, Bessie         22 Apr 1890     E125

Harris, William W.     Seaser, Hattie F.      19 Nov 1893     F253

Harris, Zola           Walker, Leo            8-Aug-14        R080

Harrison, A.C.         Corkins, Flavia        14-Mar-14       Q567

Harrison, Alice        Seaton, W.F.           25 Nov 1877     A299

Harrison, Anna         Walz, C.W.                             R624

Harrison, Anna (Mrs.)  Jones, C.T.            19-Aug-04       J318

Harrison, Anna E.      Parrott, George B.     15-Sep-04       J347

Harrison, Anna Louisa  Olsmtead, Roy Ray      11-Jan-11       N546

Harrison, Anna M.      Jennings, Claud E.     5-Jun-10        N171

Harrison, Arthur       Drake, Pearl           18-Aug-02       I328

Harrison, Arthur C.    Drake, Pearl A.        30-Jul-04       J305

Harrison, B.T.         Ludlam, Mable          29-Aug-06       K359

Harrison, B.T.         Russell, Clara         04 Oct 1899     H173

Harrison, Benn         Ward, Ota              27-Feb-07       K560

Harrison, Bessie       Hubbard, C.F.          18-Jun-10       N193

Harrison, Charles      Bay, Grace             4-Jun-10        N171

Harrison, Charles      Hawk, Fredreka         17-Sep-02       I352

Harrison, Claud        Hull, Pearl            17-Sep-07       L126

Harrison, Claude       Gunter, Delia          12-Dec-10       N494

Harrison, Cleo         Ray, Bertha            1-Apr-12        P171

Harrison, Cora B.      Steffen, Nicholas      18 Sep 1890     E199

Harrison, Dora         Mathis, Jacob P.       23-Jul-00       H364

Harrison, E.           Williams, Goldie       5-Apr-05        J538

Harrison, E.L.         Bollan, Patrick        19 Mar 1884     C058

Harrison, E.W.         Cowley, Luella         3-Dec-17        U305

Harrison, Edna         Duley, Clayton         15-Aug-18       V323

Harrison, Edna         Hall, Lee E.           20-Jul-11       O257

Harrison, Edna May     Monson, William L.     1-Apr-14        Q581

Harrison, Edward       Ward, Grace            11-Feb-11       O012

Harrison, Everett      Manning, Pearl         16-Mar-15       R388

Harrison, Floy         Whipple, Daniel Raymond26-Feb-08       L320

Harrison, Frank        Baily, Anna            15 Dec 1897     G420

Harrison, George M.    Kennell, Neoma Viola   25-Nov-08       M018

Harrison, Gladys V.    Minor, Gale C.         20-Jul-21       Z144

Harrison, Goldie       Beaver, Harry                          S374

Harrison, Harry M.     Brown, Ola A.          19-Aug-08       L522

Harrison, Helen        Bux, Joe               5-Sep-09        M404

Harrison, Ida E.       Anderson, Charles W.   7-Mar-10        N049

Harrison, J.W.         Deming, Mabel          24 Feb 1898     G468

Harrison, John C.      Miller, Jennetta (Mrs.)20 Nov 1890     E249

Harrison, John V.      Wolfe, Winnie Ruby     16-Oct-07       L171

Harrison, Joshua       House, Annie           24 Feb 1895     F498

Harrison, L.L.         Cheek, Mary Ellen      22-Oct-21       Z369

Harrison, Laura M.     Taylor, W.O.                           R560

Harrison, Levi         Lewis, Rosa            21 Jan 1895     F481

Harrison, Margaret J.  Platt, Albert H.       03 Mar 1887     C599

Harrison, Marie        Martin, Alfred         21-Dec-14       R289

Harrison, Marvel       Catherwood, Arthur     19-Jul-18       V285

Harrison, Mary         Blythe, Clifton        14-Nov-21       Z426

Harrison, Mary         Perham, Robert         26-Sep-21       Z307

Harrison, Minnie M.    Overstreet, Elvin R.   28-Aug-04       J325

Harrison, Myrtle       Moore, Havis           5-Aug-12        P362

Harrison, Myrtle       Strohmeier, R.R.       24-May-20       X424

Harrison, N.E.         Culp, Grace            24 Oct 1897     G388

Harrison, Nellie Grant Oard, Charles Rupert   27-Apr-14       Q607

Harrison, Nettie       Connors, Fred          5-Jul-13        Q231

Harrison, Oneita       West, Donald C.        16-Sep-20       Y108

Harrison, Rebeca Jane  Harris, Mathew         17 Aug 1899     H139

Harrison, Rosa Belle   Walden, Marshall S.    11-Apr-00       H303

Harrison, S.C.         Airs, Nellie B.        14 Sep 1899     H156

Harrison, Sarah RosettaSterling, Oscar W.     24-Mar-07       K581

Harrison, T.H.         Baker, L.J.            11-Dec-13       Q454

Harrison, W.B.         Coalgate, S.L.         14 Nov 1897     G405

Harrison, William Carl Bolan, Ida Bell        29-Jun-12       P310

Harrison, William HenryBritell, Ella          12 Sep 1899     H155

Harrison, William O.   Watts, Irene           24-Feb-21       Y490

Harrod, Gertie M.      Wilson, Benjamin F.    26 May 1885     C251

Harrod, James E.       Rice, Mattie Elizabeth 8-Aug-08        L510

Harrod, Laura          Norris, Frank B.       25-Dec-10       N527

Harrod, Laura          Spaeny, Charles Sr.                    S005

Harrod, Rollen Wilbur  Predmore, Lucy Maude   21-Oct-19       W537

Harroer, Alice         Corson, Casius         04 Oct 1883     B412

Harrold, Gaie Lyndal   Kuntz, L.W.            3-Jun-20        X446

Harrop, Gladys         DeHaven, Howard        17-Sep-19       W442

Harrop, William        Bays, Edith            01 Jan 1891     E272

Harrover, Arthur C.    Amend, Ida M.          20-Mar-21       Y533

Harrover, Laura S.     Burress, Charles E.    16 Oct 1887     D131

Harrover, Malinda F.   Bodley, George         18 Oct 1888     D408

Harrover, Mary H.      Watson, Charles S.     18 Oct 1888     D408

Harrow, Vesper         Nance, Charles W.      17-May-11       O149

Harrow, Vesper Mae     Whittle, A.C.          30-Apr-19       W109

Harrow, Walter         Squires, Helene        17-Mar-18       V042

Harruff, Anna Irene    Stevens, Thomas R.     27-Dec-20       Y373

Harry, Nellie          Handy, D.C.            9-Aug-19        W344

Harryman, Frank S.     Wood, Anita            15-Jun-09       M296

Harryman, Harry Brooks Weiser, Jean           30-Nov-10       N477

Harryman, Harvey J.    Kikendall, Florence E. 9-Oct-07        L163

Harsh, Cecil           Russell, Dora          17-Jan-14       Q506

Harsh, Gladys          Burk, F.A.                             R458

Harsh, Opal            Scott, Roy                             S413

Harsh, Ora A.          Shull, Sherman H.      30-Jul-02       I309

Harsh, Thankful Mai    Boylan, Joseph Scott   12-Mar-11       O049

Harsh, Thomas B.       Dow, Myrtle F.         1-Jul-11        O230

Harsh, Walter          Myers, Sophia          27-Oct-09       M503

Harsha, Benjamin D.    Thompson, Eva Louise   16-Aug-18       V317

Harsha, Clyde B.       Devine, Helen          25-Apr-12       P208

Harshbarger, S.N.      Canton, Hattie         30-Jul-21       Z164

Harshfield, Carl D.    Chaney, Neva           25-Dec-21       Z503

Harshman, Marie V.     Powelson, J. Kelly     27-Nov-17       U270

Harsin, Ella           McClain, James W.      18 Apr 1894     F340

Harson, Fred. G.       Hitchcock, Sylvia      09 Dec 1896     G208

Harson, Ida M.         Smith, Burt            29 Oct 1888     D420

Harson, Irene Iris     Paul, Theodore D.      11-May-18       V140

Harson, Myrtle         Lish, Russell          1-Nov-19        W569

Hart, A.M.             Frizelle, Dora L.      9-Aug-21        Z195

Hart, Albert           Hixon, Minnie          17 Mar 1889     D507

Hart, Annie E.         Price, Charles A.      12 Nov 1887     D156

Hart, Charles          Carpenter, Hattie      3-May-10        N126

Hart, Dora             Brown, Harry           25-Dec-11       P031

Hart, Edith M.         Logsdon, Lawrence H.   1-Sep-07        L098

Hart, Ellen            Gillispie, Elbert M.   22-Feb-13       Q043

Hart, Elma G.          Conaway, Charles W.    06 Dec 1883     C020

Hart, Erle P.          Mitchell, Mabel(ble) F.29-May-11       O165

Hart, Eva              Andrews, Edward        15-Feb-19       V615

Hart, Everett L.       Burnham, Bertha        23-Mar-10       N064

Hart, F.J.             Smith, Elizabeth V.    19-Oct-02       I382

Hart, Flora M.         Hannah, Clyde L.       4-Oct-05        K063

Hart, G.B.             Miller, Etta B.        18-Feb-03       I486

Hart, H.T.             Flesher, Lizzie        11-Feb-18       U550

Hart, Henrietta        Lange, Emil            23-Nov-05       K116

Hart, Herman Asbury    Curn, Effie Mae        28-Oct-20       Y229

Hart, Hessie           Whiteneck, Martin F.   24 Feb 1892     E503

Hart, Jennie           Smith, Napoleon B.     15 Mar 1879     A409

Hart, John             Johnson, Neva          14 Nov 1879     B005

Hart, John H.          Maze, Grace            16-Jul-18       V278

Hart, Joseph A.        Wynn, Mary E.          22 Apr 1892     E535

Hart, Juanita          Hite, Charles William  10-Feb-15       R356

Hart, Juanita          Smith, Harvy M.        4-Oct-13        Q356

Hart, Laura J.         Compton, Wayne B.      27 Jun 1892     E571

Hart, Lillian          French, Ray            11-Nov-08       M001

Hart, Lillie May       Beesley, Samuel A.     03 Feb 1891     E295

Hart, Lucy             Fine, J.A.             26-Oct-04       J396

Hart, Luella           Watkins, Ben           05 Aug 1898     G547

Hart, M.C.             Hitchcock, Sadie       18-Dec-01       I127

Hart, Maggie B.        VanKirk, Arthur Z.     04 Jul 1891     E356

Hart, Martha           Miller, George         12-Jan-09       M099

Hart, Mary M.          McCaw, R.E.            23-Sep-06       K380

Hart, Mattie           Chavez, Pearl          6-May-12        P227

Hart, Mattie J.        Castle, L.R.           30-Aug-03       J005

Hart, Nettie           Cook, William          27-Dec-20       Y371

Hart, Orie             Logsdon, Janie(nnie)   10 Jul 1897     G324

Hart, Ozro E.          Ash, I.R.              04 Jul 1889     D563

Hart, Paul M.          Walker, Mary Agnes     6-Oct-19        W495

Hart, Ralph W.         Ladd, Margaret         4-Jun-13        Q181

Hart, Robert G.        Wilson, Sarah Gertrude 23-Apr-21       Y598

Hart, S.A.             Booher, Mary A.        03 Feb 1881     B135

Hart, Sylvia           Mihoover, Joseph       8-Nov-19        W592

Hart, Ulysses J.       Beecher, Mary A.       25 Oct 1894     F423

Hart, Verne            Dunlap, E.L.           27-Apr-14       Q607

Hart, W.A.             Duff, Minne            20 Mar 1895     F512

Hart, Walter           Titus, Mira A.         05 May 1883     B371

Hart, Will             Dixon, Della           6-May-22        Z753

Hart, William A.       Walton, Mary M.        17 Feb 1886     C388

Hartel, Victor V.      Kline, Edythe M.       26-Oct-18       V460

Hartenberger, John H.  Schultz, Lena M.       24-Oct-07       L181

Hartenbower, Harvey    Shaffer, Maxine        18-Oct-17       U093

Hartenbower, Pauline   Smith, Denzil          24-Apr-21       Y597

Hartenbower, Ruth      Wygal, Charlie R.      21-Jan-20       X144

Harter, Francis        Walterscheid, Rose     26-Jan-21       Y434

Harter, Harry          Wilder, Helen                          T212

Harter, Ida A.         Pritz, David T.        29 Dec 1892     F046

Harter, Rachel May     Miller, Henry          12-Dec-01       I121

Hartfield, Mary        Cloyd, T.R.            19-Jul-04       J298

Hartin, Ethel L.       Angle, George L.       13-Jun-20       X483

Hartke, George         Williamson, Rue                        S572

Hartle, E.H.           Cobb, Maud             22 Dec 1897     G429

Hartle, E.T.           McCabe, Laura Edith                    S510

Hartley, A.            Axtell, Georgia        24-Jun-06       K301

Hartley, Adelia        Reed, Frank            29 Mar 1879     A414

Hartley, Bertha        Harper, J.C.                           R621

Hartley, Frank W.      Brown, Leona           29-Sep-08       L580

Hartley, H.S.          Pallister, Mattie T.   19-Jun-01       H615

Hartley, Harry W.      Forbes, Sylvia Ruth    20-Nov-13       Q430

Hartley, Horace D.     Mead, Eunice           3-Sep-21        Z257

Hartley, John A.       Culver, Sarah E.       19 Nov 1884     C163

Hartley, Lizzie B.     Kelly, J.E.            25 Dec 1882     B328

Hartley, Lloyd Alfred  Briggs, Jessie Olive                   S373

Hartley, Mary E.       Stines, Napoleon       21 Jun 1882     B282

Hartley, Maye          Johnson, R.E.          5-Feb-22        Z590

Hartley, Oscar E.      Harding, Alice P.      25-Dec-07       L225

Hartley, Rosie         Myers, W.H. Jr.        10 Jan 1898     G441

Hartley, Samuel        Earnest, Blanch(he)    10-Sep-07       L114

Hartley, W.C.          Bailey, Gladys         5-Nov-21        Z406

Hartman, Allen         Johnson, Forrest       31-Dec-19       X096

Hartman, Amanda        Norris, James E.       29-Jul-08       L498

Hartman, C.L.          Clark, Minnie          10 Sep 1893     F197

Hartman, Charles       Wesselhoft, Sadie      10 Sep 1890     E195

Hartman, Clayton H.    Hargett, Casie P.                      T058

Hartman, Clayton H.    Messinger, Pearl May   14-Jul-12       P334

Hartman, D.E.          Green, Eliza J.        30 Aug 1888     D372

Hartman, E.G.          Bull, Eva M.           16 Aug 1898     G552

Hartman, Edith Vivian  Davis, Ralph E.                        T048

Hartman, Ella M.       Lewis, R.E.            17 Feb 1898     G463

Hartman, Ernest S.     Deardorff, Lenora E.                   G248

Hartman, Ethel         Cheney, J.H.           25-Dec-17       U397

Hartman, Eva Hasty     Ferris, Heman A.                       T031

Hartman, George E.     Thornton, Minnie       02 Sep 1890     E190

Hartman, George F.     Luening, Adele         2-Sep-02        I338

Hartman, Georgia       Reed, Frank E.         15-Jun-10       N186

Hartman, Gertrude      Lanning, P.B.          20-May-14       Q638

Hartman, Gladys        Overton, Basil         22-Oct-13       Q392

Hartman, H.A.          Vail, Isabella         23 Jul 1883     B396

Hartman, H.B.          Hylton, Ida May        16-Oct-10       N393

Hartman, Hilma         Franke, Edward G.      7-Dec-21        Z470

Hartman, Howard Roy    Carroll, Flossie Deamon1-Oct-08        L585

Hartman, J.F.          Phillips, Lottie       10 Mar 1896     G063

Hartman, John D.       Hockman, Florence H.   30-Oct-20       Y235

Hartman, Joseph A.     Harris, Sarah E.       06 May 1888     D286

Hartman, Josephine     Jerrick, John          19-Sep-05       K038

Hartman, Lee R.        Hartsock, Ethel        25-Oct-09       M497

Hartman, Lena F.       Henrion, Walter S.     07 Mar 1895     F507

Hartman, Lillian       Griggs, William        24-Oct-04       J391

Hartman, Lydia         Barnes, Willie         21-Jan-08       L282

Hartman, Mabel Hartley Knox, Edward Powell    20-Jun-19       W228

Hartman, Mary          Werner, Emil           20 Jul 1898     G541

Hartman, Mathias L.    Keir, Sarah M.         11 Nov 1879     B004

Hartman, Myrtle        Lake, Carl                             T037

Hartman, Nora E.       Kindred, George C.     18-Dec-09       M564

Hartman, Vera (Mrs.)   Hornor, W.S.           30-Jul-12       P353

Hartman, William       Hopper, Eliza Jane     09 Feb 1873     A060

Hartman, William E.    Miller, Lillian D.     8-May-18        V132

Hartman, William L.    Douglas, Hazel M.      16-May-21       Y642

Hartman, William P.    Mitchell, Ada L.       28-Nov-17       U280

Hartmann, Clara J.     Hoenscheidt, Wm. J.    22 May 1890     E144

Hartmann, Henry        Cosby, Bessie May      11-May-20       X393

Hartmann, John         Liebhart, Laura Belle  28 Dec 1893     F283

Hartner, George        Cain, Lillie           02 Feb 1890     E071

Hartronft, Minnie B.   Fretz, Isaac K.        26-Aug-04       J323

Harts, Nellie          Farrow, James          01 Jan 1895     F469

Hartsell, Eddie        Morris, W.C.           16-Sep-19       W441

Hartsell, G.W.         Wallace, Dillie        22-Sep-10       N350

Hartsell, L.J.         Caswell, William N.    07 Aug 1897     G335

Hartsell, Lyde Belle   Parrott, Charles       27-Dec-03       J126

Hartsell, Margaret E.  Beard, W.E.            24 Dec 1899     H232

Hartsell, Walter M.    Remer, Etta C.         1-Jan-01        H495

Hartsock, Ethel        Hartman, Lee R.        25-Oct-09       M497

Hartson, Ella Mabel    Goltry, Roy M.         16-Jun-04       J264

Harttleroade, Lula     Lachenmayre, Norman    23-Aug-17       T590

Hartwell, Fannie E.    Johnson, William G.    04 Feb 1879     A395

Hartwell, Maria A.     Tracy, Sheldon C.      21 Nov 1875     A177

Hartwich, L.F.         McCormick, Ollimay Mord17-Apr-21       Y586

Hartwick, Walter Burl  Adams, Helen           5-Feb-19        V596

Harty, William         Brack, Hannah                          S096

Hartzell, Bessie M.    Wilder, W.A.           3-Aug-00        H371

Hartzell, E.C.         Holcroft, Mary A.      15-Apr-09       M220

Hartzell, Elmer F.     Stewart, Bessie May    12 Sep 1894     F397

Hartzell, Etta M.      McPherson, Lucius G.   24 Dec 1889     E047

Hartzell, George       Cale, Ida              03 Oct 1889     D620

Hartzell, Nina         Knoffloch, John W.                     S167

Hartzell, Vera Helen   Ogilvy, David Patterson28-Jun-20       X540

Hartzer, Marie         Brannon, George C.     4-Nov-20        Y245

Harvel, Cora A.        Gale, Calvin A.        28 May 1889     D545

Harvel, Ethel L.       Morris, William D.     28-Jan-03       I474

Harvel, J.M.           Rowe, E.M.             2-Apr-21        Y560

Harvel, S. Thomas      Staples, Ella Phoebe   10-May-06       K264

Harvel, Susie E.       Leichhardt, G.A.       07 Dec 1899     H222

Harvey, Anna           Swisher, William J.    29-May-11       O163

Harvey, Anna           Swisher, William James                 N176

Harvey, Arzalia        Hinshaw, Fred A.       15-Nov-04       J414

Harvey, Bernice        Broham, LeRoy          28-Dec-20       Y379

Harvey, Bertha L.      Pike, William          09 Sep 1893     F195

Harvey, Blanch         Thompson, George       11-Jan-19       V564

Harvey, Charles M.     Glaser, Carolina       13 Aug 1898     G550

Harvey, Charles WallaceRose, Beatrice Jane    20-Nov-17       U236

Harvey, Charley        Graves, Beatrice       16-Jul-10       N245

Harvey, Charley(es)    Osburn, Rosie          16-May-08       L402

Harvey, Charter        VanOsdol, Malinda      4-Mar-22        Z639

Harvey, Chester        Nesselrode, Bessie     4-Oct-13        Q359

Harvey, Clemmie F.     Haverstock, Cyrus M.   18 Sep 1890     E197

Harvey, Daisy          Day, Claud             19-Jul-19       W299

Harvey, Dora           Rosenstiel, Edgar J.   12 Mar 1893     F095

Harvey, Eddle M.       Itzen, John            26 Nov 1896     G197

Harvey, Edith Mae      Lee, Jesse             22-Aug-18       V340

Harvey, Edward W.      Ellett, Rosa           12-Nov-10       N442

Harvey, Eliza J.       Ketzler, George        20-Jan-12       P071

Harvey, Elizabeth      Unruh, J.F.            22-May-22       Z779

Harvey, Etta           Griggs, Sylvester D.   22-Apr-03       I536

Harvey, Eugene G.      Marvin, Dahlia Jail    24-Jun-18       V243

Harvey, Frances M.     Coleman, John Wesley   4-Jan-06        K172

Harvey, Francis A.     Hamerson, John         22-Jun-04       J271

Harvey, Frank          Black, Myrtle          01 Sep 1899     H148

Harvey, Frank E.       Barney, Ella (Luella)  25-Aug-08       L532

Harvey, George P.      Conner, May            04 May 1898     G502

Harvey, George W.      Shipley, Anna S.       27-Jun-06       K309

Harvey, Gracie L.      Schroeder, L.A.        11-Feb-02       I176

Harvey, Ida May        Franks, Ernest         04 Oct 1890     E211

Harvey, J.B.           Bailey, Gail           29-Sep-21       Z312

Harvey, Kattie         Moore, A.              15-Dec-06       K481

Harvey, Leroy          Scheffield, Sylvia May 31-Dec-13       Q481

Harvey, Lilian(llian)  Fawbush, H.B.          14-Mar-00       H289

Harvey, Mary           Steinmeyer, Charles    11 Oct 1893     F223

Harvey, Minnie B.      Strawbridge, Thomas M. 18 Jan 1880     B027

Harvey, Minnie C.      Herron, Leonard G.     08 Jun 1889     D552

Harvey, Nellie F.      Glenn, William C.      31 Oct 1882     B315

Harvey, Pearl          Kessinger, John        08 Jan 1891     E281

Harvey, Pearl          Kissinger, John        07 Jan 1891     E281

Harvey, R.E.           Wright, Iva            3-Nov-17        U155

Harvey, Rose J. (LouiseClark, George N.       19 Aug 1888     D364

Harvey, Ruby           Dale, William B. Jr.   2-Aug-20        X627

Harvey, Samuel J.      Smith, Neva E.         7-Jul-19        W273

Harvey, Susannie       Wilson, William R.     01 Jan 1877     A244

Harvey, Theo G.        Nestelroad, Violet M.  24-Dec-12       P589

Harvey, Thomas A.      Hill, Olive L.         18-Nov-17       U232

Harvey, William Emery  Staples, Gretchen      26-Oct-09       M501

Harwell, John S.       Greer, Anna(nie)       02 Nov 1897     G397

Harwell, Rufus         Caldwell, Lucy         29 Nov 1888     D445

Harwi, Warren Alfred   Ludlum, Corine Louise  10-Jun-08       L431

Harwood, Cash          Jones, Beulah          21-Jun-19       W233

Harwood, Charles N.    McKee, Jessie          01 Nov 1896     G180

Harwood, Ella V.       Haynes, Arthur R.      22 Mar 1898     G480

Harwood, Homer H.      Gould, Inez            1-Mar-13        Q050

Harwood, John          McNeill, Nora          19-Jul-07       L055

Harwood, Rilla M.      Robinson, Harold H.                    S067

Hasbrook, Arthur       Wilke, Victoria May    17-Sep-11       O323

Hasbrook, Ella S.      Fuller, Harry J.       06 Jun 1894     F366

Hascall, Mary F.       Kernohan, Henry        18-Dec-01       I129

Hascall, Nettie        Johnson, Herman J.     1-Sep-10        N298

Haselwander, Johanes   Feller, Elisabeth (Isab07 Jun 1885     C260

Hasemeyer, Agnes       Hunt, Clifford V.      27-Jul-10       N258

Hasemeyer, Anna        Senger, Carl           25-Oct-10       N409

Hashbarger, Fern       Brooks, Dee R.         18-Jun-13       Q202

Haskell, Bernie L.     Nichols, Clara E.      7-Sep-07        L110

Haskell, Chester E.    Robbins, May           17 Jun 1891     E346

Haskell, E.L.          Hoffman, Dorothy       14-Jan-20       X130

Haskell, Herman        Elmon, Maurine         26-Oct-17       U134

Haskell, Susan         Abbott, E.B.           28-Apr-08       L386

Haskell, William H.    Davis, Anna            05 Dec 1885     C353

Haskin May A.          Durst, Joseph H.       11-Oct-21       Z339

Haskin, Charles        Chance, Flora          14-Jun-17       T445

Haskin, Emory          Ervin, Lizzie (Mrs.)   28 Jul 1892     E584

Haskin, Lizzie         Maskrid, E.D.          15-Apr-22       Z713

Haskin, Rae            Sampson, John W.       31-Jan-14       Q519

Haskin, Vida           Rowsey, Walter W.      5-May-22        Z749

Haskin, William        Loomis, Addie N.       15-Oct-02       I377

Haskin, William        Wegner, Maude          5-Sep-14        R131

Haskins, A.V.          Wilson, Denna          30-Jan-02       I170

Haskins, Alice (Mrs.)  Sullivan, George       23-Mar-09       M189

Haskins, Charles       Foulke, Fannie         04 Oct 1880     B098

Haskins, Ella          Green, Albert J.       2-Oct-06        K393

Haskins, Emily         Seymour, W.C.          09 Jun 1885     C264

Haskins, Fannie        Rodrick, George C.     1-May-01        H575

Haskins, Homer F.      Lumbert, Alice         19 Apr 1891     E327

Haskins, Horner F.     Lumbert, Ella          27 Apr 1884     C069

Haskins, Lottie J.     Burkart, Theodore      1-Mar-19        V641

Haskins, Mamie         Dunn, Elmer            29-Jun-11       O227

Haskins, Morris        Schingler, Rosie       11-Mar-14       Q562

Haskins, Nettie P.     Toothman, Louis A.     24 Dec 1894     F465

Haskins, Wilber I.     Wright, Rosy           12 Mar 1890     E096

Haskins, William T.    Chambers, Anna E.      21 Feb 1882     B246

Haskinson, Carrie M.   McKenzie, John A.      1-Feb-04        J153

Haslam, Maybelle       Mitchell, W.E.                         S460

Haslem, Lucy O.        Dawson, Harry A.       20-Jun-17       T403

Haslett, Gertrude NoyesBoyer, Lester M.       17-Oct-06       K409

Haslett, Maggie E.     Fierce, Clark          07 Aug 1881     B176

Haslett, Maggie E.     Post, Sidney L.        02 Jul 1874     A124

Haslette, A.F.         Noyes, Gertrude I.     6-May-01        H583

Hasley, Cora           Robins, George         13-Jun-04       J259

Haspelhorn, Mary C.    Elston, W.A.           23 Nov 1886     C536

Hass, Paul             Schneider, Henriettie  18 Mar 1880     B054

Hasselbring, Louise A. Masonhall, Leslie James25-Nov-09       M535

Hassell, Mary          Doile, Thomas G.       18-Jan-21       Y415

Hasselman, William     Schrader, Mary         3-Nov-09        M512

Hasselwander, Joseph HeMulzer, Ida Margaret                   T033

Hassig, Lillie M.      Yount, Lewis T.        22 Oct 1891     E408

Hasten, Iley G.        Brett, Emma            6-Sep-05        K033

Hastie, Alta           Solsby, H.E.           20-Sep-19       W459

Hastie, C.R.           Goforth, Blanch(he)    22-Oct-07       L178

Hastie, Robert B.      Earhart, Martha May    2-Jan-22        Z531

Hasting, Rose H.       Mahannah, Frank        06 May 1897     G295

Hastings, Charles E.   Brubaker, Hazel M.     1-Sep-14        R125

Hastings, Ivy G.       Cachard, Richard       14-Aug-04       J317

Hastings, J.W.         Adamson, Mae           16-Feb-14       Q535

Hastings, Lillie M.    Johnson, Frank         22-Mar-04       J191

Hastings, Margaret     Brubaker, John                         T113

Hastings, Merrell B.   Snyder, Rosella A.(Mrs)9-Apr-06        K240

Hastings, Ora F.       Murphy, George S.      10-Feb-15       R354

Hastings, Paul         Johnson, Fannie        23 Sep 1896     G149

Hastings, Paul F.      Loger, Dora M.         15-Oct-08       L606

Hastings, Pearl        Dunkhorst, William F.  27-Jun-10       N208

Hastings, Ray C.       Nauerth, Dorothy       19-Nov-19       W620

Hastings, Ruth         Crellin, Clayton       4-Feb-12        P090

Hastings, Ruth         Crillin, Clayton       4-Feb-12        P090

Hastings, William      Curry, Grace           8-Dec-04        J437

Hasty, George E.       Hill, Ida C.           10-Aug-03       I624

Hasty, Juanita Blanch  Parisho, Heber Rhea    10-Apr-11       O094

Hasty, Sarah E.        Walker, Charles E.     12 Apr 1887     C627

Hatch, Arthur C.       Glass, Lena M.         6-Aug-05        K008

Hatch, Charles F.      Vick, Ruby             21-May-10       N148

Hatch, Isabel S.       Pulver, Cyrus B.       13 Apr 1881     B151

Hatch, James H. Jr.    Davis, Velma F.        10-Apr-20       X321

Hatch, Vesta           Lellard, James C.      17-Dec-19       X047

Hatcher, Bennet(tt)    Hilbert, Caddie        18 Jun 1890     E157

Hatcher, Blanche       Garrett, Donald W.     6-Oct-20        Y180

Hatcher, Josephine E.  Love, James L.         26 Jul 1892     E583

Hatcher, Robert R.     Monroe, Susan          08 Apr 1877     A263

Hatcher, William       Hamilton, Mary E.      30 Dec 1890     E274

Hatchett, Mary G.      Robinson, W.C.         30-Apr-22       Z733

Hatchett, Nelle E.     Cockrell, McEnsie M.   07 Jan 1894     F292

Hatfield, Clarence Jr. Evans, Alta Marie      8-Apr-22        Z694

Hatfield, Clarence(rancWood, Pearl            04 Jun 1896     G101

Hatfield, Cleo         Godby, John            31-May-02       I257

Hatfield, D.B.         Stinchfield, Ella A.   02 Apr 1896     G077

Hatfield, Daniel B.    Noel, Mary E. (Mrs.)   09 Aug 1892     E591

Hatfield, Edith May    Ford, Thomas M.        26-Apr-20       X352

Hatfield, Edna R.      Wood, Lucius F.        26-Feb-22       Z623

Hatfield, Edward F.    Ferguson, Annie        14 Dec 1882     B327

Hatfield, Edward FranklWilliams, Bertha       17 Oct 1891     E405

Hatfield, Ellsworth    Knightley, Mary F.(Mrs)3-Sep-02        I341

Hatfield, Estella      Willis, William T.     30 Sep 1886     C503

Hatfield, Eunice       Gorman, Edward C.      24-Dec-08       M068

Hatfield, Grace        Pottorff, J.T.(D.)     25 Dec 1884     C182

Hatfield, Grant A.     Bradshaw, Mattie R.    27 Apr 1886     C434

Hatfield, Grover C.    Winkle, Bessie E.      23-Sep-08       L573

Hatfield, Harry        Cale, Elvaretta        03 Oct 1889     D620

Hatfield, Hazel Ann    Jesseph, George L.     4-Jun-19        W187

Hatfield, Hugh         Gragg, Almeda Opal     1-Oct-10        N368

Hatfield, Kathleen     McClearey, T.A.        16-Apr-21       Y582

Hatfield, Kenneth E.   Dean, Grace Marie      8-Jun-18        V199

Hatfield, Lee R.       Ryan, Marion                           S307

Hatfield, Lula         Shoemaker, H.C.                        S201

Hatfield, M.P.         Porter, Edith M.       14 May 1896     G091

Hatfield, Mabel Grace  Drury, Archibald Harlan24-Jun-20       X524

Hatfield, Mable        Whittier, Edward L.    22-Sep-13       Q334

Hatfield, Mattie       Pelcher, W.H.          17 May 1886     C442

Hatfield, Mattie MargueMcNulty, Coleman       14-Sep-09       M424

Hatfield, Oliver       Farrow, Mary           25 Mar 1880     B055

Hatfield, Pauline      Booth, Earl E.                         T205

Hatfield, R.C.         Garlock, DeFrone       15-Feb-19       V615

Hatfield, Rodolph      Morehead, Allie M.     4-Jan-09        M605

Hatfield, Roselind E.  Smith, Russell Bayne   28-Oct-19       W559

Hatfield, Thomas       Cox, Ada               17 Nov 1898     G613

Hatfield, True         Forney, Maude          30-Apr-14       Q612

Hatfield, Vincent      Gibson, Iva            18-Jun-04       J261

Hatfield, Warren       Booth, Arvilla         19-Oct-10       N395

Hathaway, Golden       Drugan, Levi F.                        C436

Hathaway, Henry D.     Witmer, Lillie L.      24 Dec 1873     A098

Hathaway, Leonard      Houser, Verna          11-Aug-20       Y019

Hathaway, Margaret M.  Wilson, James          20-Jun-12       P296

Hathaway, Martha V.    Ash, Charlie E.        24-Dec-08       M067

Hathaway, Mary Gladyce Jones, Thomas Elmer    10-Aug-04       J306

Hathaway, Myrtle       Everett, Charles Henry 26-Jan-14       Q515

Hathaway, Myrtle F.    Starkey, W.M.          27-Dec-21       Z511

Hathaway, Nellie       Barr, Ralph W.         25-Sep-17       U008

Hathaway, Nellie       Steele, John D.        26-Oct-09       M500

Hathaway, Romaine      Melton, Eva May        18-Oct-11       O365

Hathaway, Wilber       Holden, Delphia        2-Aug-20        X623

Hathman, Edward        Jones, Josie           10-Apr-01       H552

Hathmon, Ed            Dixon, Amanda Lockrige 24-Sep-13       Q341

Hatler, Bertha         Dale, F.E.             30-Sep-11       O351

Hatley, Ethel          Chaney, J.V.           4-Aug-13        Q269

Hattan, Bertha M.      Appleby, Lance E.      7-Feb-09        M130

Hattan, Grover C.      Moore, Lida G.         30-Sep-08       L582

Hattan, Mary A.        Fultz, Matthew         16 Jun 1885     C266

Hattan, Mary Cecil     Watt, John E.          27-May-20       X426

Hatten, James          Jones, Carrie V.       30-Nov-21       Z459

Hatter, Barbara        Zeitler, Henry         27 Apr 1893     F123

Hatter, George         Schreider, Anna        4-Nov-09        M536

Hatter, Leonart        Hillebricht, Lena      23-Jul-00       H363

Hattmanspargar, John   Cook, Esta             18 Feb 1886     C393

Hatton, C.A.           West, Cora A.          30-Dec-08       M074

Hatton, Charles H.     Stanley, Fode          15-Jan-02       I160

Hatton, Grace          Hull, Bion B.          23 Jul 1896     G124

Hatton, Granville      Williams, Mary         19-Oct-12       P469

Hatton, John A.        Roady, Mary E.         26 Oct 1879     A458

Hatton, Maud(de) Ethel Christensen, Frank     20-Jul-09       M344

Hatton, Stella         Jocelyn, T.E.          9-Jan-08        L274

Haub, Laura B.         Martin, Daniel O.      26-Oct-04       J394

Hauck, Anttonea        Gehlen, George                         G382

Hauge, Louise          Dix, E.H.              26-Nov-19       W635

Haugh, John            Dick, Mary E.          27-Jan-19       V582

Haughey, Clara E.      Bowdre, William H.     25 Nov 1891     E428

Haughey, Jacob         Morgan, Lucretia E.    23 Oct 1890     E225

Haughey, Mary C.       Crist, Gilbert J.      16 Jun 1878     A341

Haughten, Mary B.      Elrick, L.J.           14 Nov 1897     G406

Haughton, Charles L.   Munns, Alice M.        27 Dec 1891     E447

Haukap, Ferdinand      Ast, Frances           27-Apr-20       X334

Hauke, Esther          Dirksen, Henry W.      4-Mar-22        Z640

Hauldsworth, James W.  Doeling, Clare(ra) B.  29-Sep-00       H414

Haun, Naomi            Rishell, Dudley                        T331

Haun, W.G.             Ross, Christina        2-Oct-20        Y151

Haunck, Annie          Gilchirst, C.C.        15 Aug 1880     B084

Haunshell, R.L.        Bennett, Laura         19-Nov-10       N457

Haupt, Laura           Loger, Walter          24-Jun-17       T465

Haupt, Raymond Frank   Bergen, Mildred L.     29-Mar-20       X289

Haupt, William H. Jr.  LaClaire, Florence Kath20-Aug-17       T583

Haus, Allie            Mackey, Edgar          28 Jul 1897     G331

Haus, Charles          Mackey, Allie          18 Jan 1896     G035

Hauschild, George H.   Evertson, Mary         19-Oct-09       M482

Hauser, August F.      Schmitt, Lydia M.      3-Jul-06        K315

Hauser, Dora           Rife, Freelance L.     25-Nov-07       L213

Hauser, Edward         Schnittker, Mary                       R449

Hauser, Elsi(ie)       Luckner, E.C.          14-Feb-00       H272

Haussmann, Minnie      Heller, C.A.E.         14 Feb 1888     D223

Hauver, William        Cox, Essie                             S552

Haven, Grace Marie     Burford, Robert Edward 20-Nov-13       Q430

Haven, Martha A.       Phillip, H.G.          20-Dec-00       H481

Havener, Josie F.      Calvert, E.A.          24 Dec 1887     D186

Havener, Loudonia      Cooper, George F.      26 May 1887     D017

Havener, W.E.          Bursell, Susie         25 Jan 1899     H032

Havens, Flora H.       Weaver, Martin M.      16-Mar-20       X257

Havens, Ruby           Loomis, Otto           14-Mar-07       K571

Haver, Ruth            Bush, John F.          17-Sep-19       W443

Haverstock, Cyrus M.   Harvey, Clemmie F.     18 Sep 1890     E197

Haverstock, Vera       Blakeman, Earle J.     2-Oct-17        U036

Haviland, Anna         Moore, Frederick       15-Aug-01       I017

Havlicek, Anna C.      Roe, Frank L.          17-Aug-18       V328

Havner, J.H.           Bell, M.L. (Mrs.)      15-May-12       P235

Hawes, Charles D.      Carter, Myrtle L.      6-Sep-11        O310

Hawes, Hazel Lucile    Warren, Albert E.                      T131

Hawes, Jesse P.        Sparks, Lottie Rozella 24-Dec-12       P589

Hawes, Mary Frances    Whittenberg, J.W.      7-Nov-14        R226

Hawk, Fredreka         Harrison, Charles      17-Sep-02       I352

Hawk, J.M.             Lowe, Fredreka         12 Sep 1896     G147

Hawk, Lillie May       Gandy, Elza                            R483

Hawk, Mary J.          Carpenter, William L.  4-Nov-05        K099

Hawk, Verna M.         Reiche, Edwin C.       1-Jun-02        I257

Hawk, Wesley           Frooman, Agnes L. (Mrs)03 Apr 1895     F518

Hawk, William S.       Lamb, Lenora A.        13-Sep-05       K040

Hawkes, Jane           Wallace, G.W.          14 Dec 1887     D181

Hawkins, A.M.          Welty, Cecil May       22-Oct-19       W545

Hawkins, Amanda J.     Fry, Henry             05 Dec 1878     A387

Hawkins, Blanche       Wilson, Ralph J.       10-Apr-18       V088

Hawkins, Catherina     Boston, W.O.           17 Jan 1897     G237

Hawkins, Claire L.     Asmann, Esther         24-Oct-21       Z377

Hawkins, D.L.          Herring, Ella          9-Apr-10        N091

Hawkins, David         Losh, Sarah            9-Jun-08        L429

Hawkins, Donna         Stille, James E.       16-Jul-18       V280

Hawkins, Dora          Skidmore, E.J.                         S157

Hawkins, Doretha       Johnson, Ulna          30-Dec-12       P609

Hawkins, Edna          Notestine, D.I.        14-Feb-07       K548

Hawkins, Emily E.      Jackson, Floyd M.      24-Jun-20       X528

Hawkins, Frank         Austin, Abbie          13 Jan 1886     C377

Hawkins, George        Wilson, Edna Miley     22-Dec-18       V527

Hawkins, H.D.          Kreiger, Minnie        3-Jan-18        U448

Hawkins, John H.       Linville, Edgell M.    15-Feb-15       R361

Hawkins, Lee Roy       Allman, Luella Dean    26-Jul-21       Z155

Hawkins, Lettie E.     Garver, Norman E.      23-May-11       O157

Hawkins, Ludie         Deschamps, J.F.        17-Mar-22       Z660

Hawkins, Mabel         Lamb, Mallie           19 Jan 1893     F057

Hawkins, Maude         Davis, J.W.            23-Sep-20       Y136

Hawkins, Robert L.     Cooper, Willa C.                       S075

Hawkins, Thomas        Standfor, Mittie       20-Feb-11       O024

Hawkins, Velpho H.     Ewell, Mary Frances    8-Aug-18        V312

Hawkins, Victor H.     Luckett, Genevieve     15-Dec-21       Z480

Hawkins, Will H.       Moore, Mabel           8-Feb-12        P097

Hawkins, Wilson        London, Stella         3-Feb-20        X175

Hawkins, Wilson        Wright, Millie         21-Jul-05       J635

Hawkins,Mattie FlorenceChristopher, J.J.      16-Jul-04       J296

Hawks, Aaron S.        Baker, Maud(de)        18-Sep-11       O325

Hawks, Bertha M.       Wilson, Harry C.       3-Apr-07        K592

Hawks, Frank C.        Franke, Mary Rose      16-Feb-09       M141

Hawks, May             Clemons, Darwin H.     30-Sep-13       Q349

Hawks, Sidney S.       Branson, Sarah L.      3-Nov-03        J072

Hawks, William C.      Hippensteel, Bertha M. 26 Sep 1895     F597

Hawley, Albert L.      Thomas, Ruth           18-Mar-20       X255

Hawley, Bessie May     Vermillion, Ruben      10-Mar-09       M174

Hawley, Curtis         Bertrand, Florence     12-Oct-10       N387

Hawley, Edith L.       McCreight, Milfred H.  1-May-12        P218

Hawley, Eldon          Parker, Edna           23-Jun-17       T464

Hawley, Esther         Heller, Clinton J.     20-Aug-08       L519

Hawley, Esther         Kirk, Clifford         8-Nov-17        U173

Hawley, Ethel M.       Dible, Frank L.        26-Mar-13       Q067

Hawley, Florence E.    Wright, Carl J.                        R496

Hawley, Florence L.    Clover, Benjamin H.    04 Apr 1894     F334

Hawley, Gertrude M.    Phelps, John S.        27-Jul-01       I008

Hawley, Harry S.       Stanley, Gertrude Oddes18-Jun-02       I275

Hawley, James T.       Mosteller, Della       3-Nov-12        P493

Hawley, Mae            Morgan, Henry                          S082

Hawley, Mary L.        Rerick, J.G.           10-Apr-13       Q101

Hawley, Maud           Hickman, Minor E.      22-Sep-21       Z298

Hawley, Sanford        Morgan, Ruby           7-May-13        Q138

Hawn, Emma M.          Gregory, Charles A.    07 Aug 1892     E586

Haworth, Donna         Hammond, Richard S.    4-Feb-06        K193

Haworth, Elmina        Snook, Loyd            26-Jan-19       V580

Haworth, Merle L.      Larkin, Teresa         13-Apr-18       V094

Haworth, Pearl E.      Reece, Joseph G.       21-Jul-18       V287

Haws, Lelia P.         Eastman, Oscar L.      16 Aug 1899     H138

Hawthorne, Henry       Grigsby, Adaline       7-May-19        W125

Hawthorne, Solomon C.  Marshall, Anna         01 Jul 1889     D564

Hawthorne, W.G.        Coberly, Alice A.      26 Jan 1885     C197

Hawton, Arthur         Lowen, Evelyn          31-Aug-19       W391

Hawton, Violet         Tschepl, Victor                        R605

Hawxhurst, Jacob       Musson, Katie E.       29 Jul 1887     D072

Hay, Elsie S.          Clark, Ralph M.        30-May-18       V179

Hay, Ernest A.         Stockwell, Nola        16-Oct-12       P453

Hay, Grover C.         Young, Mabel M.        29-Dec-10       N533

Hay, Iva Lawrence      Jones, Ethel S.        30-Jun-10       N215

Hay, John              Bennett, Flora         26-Jun-07       L038

Hay, Rinehardt         Patry, Marie                           R409

Hayberg, Carl Arthur   Leisure, Beatrice Evely24-Jan-12       P075

Haycraft, M.E.         Stevenson, F.R.        28 Apr 1888     D283

Haycraft, Nora Emily   Graham, Paul E.        26-Jul-03       I613

Haycraft, V.I.         Wood, Sarah Lavinia    20-Jun-09       M305

Hayde, Frank R.        Christman, Mary        14-Aug-19       W352

Hayden, Alfred R.      Wemple, Cora D. (E.)   17-Mar-09       M183

Hayden, Alfred Ray     Banda, May             31-Dec-21       Z522

Hayden, Ballard        Gray, Nora             15-Sep-17       T628

Hayden, Bertha         Reed, J. Calvin        11-Nov-06       K441

Hayden, C.L.           McGovney, Katie G.     3-Sep-02        I338

Hayden, David Riddle   Brown, Myrtle Eva      16-Sep-14       R149

Hayden, Elmer          McPherson, Mary        15-Apr-20       X334

Hayden, Elmer          Stewart, Luetta        23-Oct-11       O380

Hayden, Elsie          Nicholson, Roy E.      3-Dec-12        P551

Hayden, Esther         Givens, James B.       30 Nov 1899     H217

Hayden, Francis LorrainPhenneger, Forrest G.  6-Oct-17        U047

Hayden, Herbert H.     McClain, Altha         12-Jan-19       V563

Hayden, Hettie         Mercer, D.R.           27-May-07       K638

Hayden, Ivan D.        Horney, Mary           7-Sep-08        L555

Hayden, Josephine E.   Brown, Silas S.        30-Jun-14       R047

Hayden, Lillian        Jackson, Oliver        23-Mar-12       P158

Hayden, Lillie         McCurdy, William O.    27-Mar-10       N072

Hayden, Mabel E.       McGann, Henry L.       12-Jul-04       J290

Hayden, Robert         Patterson, Mattie      05 Mar 1887     C602

Hayden, Ruben          Sams, Rosalind         30-Apr-19       W108

Haydon, Lester         Gamm, Dena             3-Mar-20        X231

Hayen, Edwin A.        Young, Pauline R.      24-Aug-20       Y051

Hayes, Abe             Moore, Lettie          13-May-14       Q626

Hayes, Anna B.         Nichols, Charles A.    21-Sep-10       N346

Hayes, Arthur          Shores, Julia B.       25-Jan-13       Q008

Hayes, Bert            Furnish, Aura          6-Aug-02        I317

Hayes, Bessie M.       Snode, George C.       10 Oct 1899     H178

Hayes, Blanche E.      Miles, Cecil C.        27-Aug-13       Q290

Hayes, Carl C.         Kilroy, Margaret       23-Oct-20       Y222

Hayes, Carrie          Mathis, C.F.           18-Oct-13       Q386

Hayes, Edith           Bloyed, A.M.           27-Jul-20       X610

Hayes, Eliza R.        Gartrell, John W.      8-Apr-01        H550

Hayes, Harrod M.       Hambaugh, Anna May     20-May-21       Y650

Hayes, Hazel J.        Heironimus, Luie A.    27-Feb-10       N031

Hayes, Howard F.       Silor, Ada L.          4-Mar-13        Q053

Hayes, Ina             Pearce, George         26-Aug-14       R117

Hayes, Jack            Wiley, Kate            07 May 1874     A117

Hayes, James V.        Brickley, Jessie       19-Nov-10       N455

Hayes, Jennie          Davis, Merle M.        20-Mar-12       P153

Hayes, Jesse F.        Holcomb, Addie A.      21-Nov-01       I106

Hayes, Joe Harold      Adams, Lena            7-Jul-20        X566

Hayes, L.H.            Manning, Maggie        26-Apr-21       Y605

Hayes, Laura           Carey, Guy             3-Apr-11        O077

Hayes, Lillie P.       Haynes, Willis A.                      R468

Hayes, Louise          Branch, Ernest J.      30-Apr-10       N121

Hayes, Mabel           Kornele, E.E.                          T124

Hayes, Margaret        Blakley, James M.      2-Aug-12        P357

Hayes, Maude           Jackson, D.C.          19-Apr-19       W082

Hayes, Mollie          Case, Ernest B.        29 Apr 1874     A116

Hayes, Nancy M.        Keeney, Marion E.                      T070

Hayes, Olive G.        Jamieson, Byron G.     29-Oct-21       Z392

Hayes, S.E.            Gault, Mary            13-Aug-14       R097

Hayes, Violet          LaFoy, Richard         29-Jul-21       Z168

Hayes, W.G.            Hutson, Myrtle         13-Mar-22       Z655

Hayford, Ivy M.        Wilson, W.E.                           R600

Hayford, Mamie         Kearns, Loyd           22-Sep-09       M443

Hayford, William       Gilchrist, Laura       20 Oct 1897     G386

Hayler, Maud           Hill, W.E.             26-Dec-07       L260

Hayles, Champion       Lewis, Mamie           8-Dec-14        R273

Haylor, Retta          Hamilton, Frank R.     30-Sep-05       K052

Haymaker, Laura F.     Kirk, O.D.                             S620

Haymaker, Maud         Willis, Jay H.         29 Jan 1896     G041

Hayman, Nettie PhiletusBrown, Earl J.         27-Nov-13       Q445

Hayman, W. Arthur      Reichenberger, Dorotheo                T341

Haynes Sterling J.     Dickson, Reta J.       25-Nov-20       Y291

Haynes, A.             Koster, J.C.           23-Dec-13       Q460

Haynes, Agatha Emma    Mornhinweg, Carl       22-Jan-13       Q004

Haynes, Arthur R.      Harwood, Ella V.       22 Mar 1898     G480

Haynes, Charles G.     Keith, Rosa            19-Oct-18       V452

Haynes, Daniel Fink    Winn, Mae              24-Aug-12       P384

Haynes, Ellis          Wilson, Lular                          S291

Haynes, Ethel M.       Dick, Cecil E.                         S269

Haynes, Floyd F.       Winrod, Florence       25-Jun-17       T469

Haynes, Frances May    Owens, Thomas          23-Dec-12       P582

Haynes, Harry H.       Bradley, Carrie                        B391

Haynes, Harry H.       Bradley, Carrie E.     11 Jul 1883     B389

Haynes, Harvey         Rosenstiel, Freda                      S073

Haynes, Ida            Miles, William         22-Oct-00       H441

Haynes, Iva            Thomason, O.S.                         S590

Haynes, Iva Grace      Butts, Carl C.         16-Feb-08       L309

Haynes, Iva M.         Clements, H.E.         5-Nov-13        Q411

Haynes, J.B.           Hoover, Nancy M.       23-Oct-07       L180

Haynes, John G.        Dryer, Grace           4-Aug-17        T556

Haynes, Lottie         Williams, Burt         17-Sep-21       Z287

Haynes, Marjorie Wayne Wood, Wilmar Starr     22-Feb-20       X213

Haynes, Mary Alyce     Lawrence, Jesse P.                     S380

Haynes, Myrtle         Carrier, C.A.          1-Jun-02        I256

Haynes, Pearl          Pottenger, J.B.        2-Feb-04        J154

Haynes, Silvester CyrusVenard, Dottie         12-Aug-14       R095

Haynes, Vesta Ellen    Hollister, George P.   26-Jun-07       L034

Haynes, Willis A.      Hayes, Lillie P.                       R468

Haynes, Winnogene      Himebaugh, R.W.        16-Sep-06       K370

Hays, A.A.             Dowley, M.M.                           C532

Hays, Altia B.         Shinn, James Ernest    6-Sep-09        M409

Hays, Amand            Cadwallader, Charles F.31 Mar 1894     F333

Hays, Amy A.           Knorr, Charles H.      16 Jun 1897     G315

Hays, Anna L.          Bauer, Jacob           09 Jul 1887     D056

Hays, Belle            Wood, William Henry    23-Oct-19       W540

Hays, Byron G.         Priest, Mary Frances   12-Jun-18       V209

Hays, Carrie Harriett  Baldwin, Fred W.       09 Oct 1890     E215

Hays, Dollie F.        McFarland, W.O.        Sep 1888        D384

Hays, Don Franklin     Davidson, Laura Faye                   S340

Hays, Dora A.          Pence, D.S.            04 Jan 1887     C569

Hays, Fay              Gotschall, N.J.        14 May 1885     C255

Hays, Flora            Pittman, George A.     27 Dec 1896     G219

Hays, Gertrude Flora   Bloch, Albert          14 Mar 1894     F325

Hays, H. Anna          Rehm, W.R.             05 Nov 1895     F621

Hays, Hallie           Battin, J.P.           8-Sep-10        N319

Hays, Harry            Tupper, Sophia G.      22 May 1887     D013

Hays, Henry E.         Stout, Hattie          22 Nov 1888     D436

Hays, Jessie           Mentzer, Dwight        24-Dec-13       Q476

Hays, Josephine        Chase, Edward F.       9-Feb-18        U545

Hays, Katie            Darnell, J.E.          16 Apr 1888     D274

Hays, L.J.             Warne, J.P. Jr.        23 Dec 1885     C364

Hays, Lavilla May      May, Bert J.           13-Jul-03       I602

Hays, Leila M.         Swick, Herbert T.      3-Oct-19        W494

Hays, Lettie           Lovelace, W.C.         12 May 1895     F538

Hays, Lewis            Wilson, Susan (Mrs.)   01 Mar 1877     A255

Hays, Martha H.        Shay, Otha C.          10 Mar 1891     E311

Hays, Mary             Bright, William        11-Nov-14       R222

Hays, Matilda M.       Kier, J.M.             7-Nov-06        K436

Hays, Maude            Robinson, C.M.                         R560

Hays, Meade            Cordell, Ellen Claudine16-Apr-10       N103

Hays, Mildred G.       Printz, B.H.           30 May 1899     H098

Hays, Nora             Porter, Charles        27 Jan 1897     G244

Hays, O.C.             Hardy, Belle M.        25-Dec-06       K495

Hays, Otis             McJilton, Fern         2-Feb-21        Y454

Hays, Pearl Gertrude   Mitts, William M.      16 Oct 1892     E635

Hays, R.E.             Allen, Bess L.         28-Feb-22       Z629

Hays, Susan            Brower, F.C.           03 May 1880     B064

Hays, William W.       Franklin, Cora Irene   06 Mar 1894     F321

Hays, Winnie E.        Lampert, C.C.          6-Jun-04        J252

Hayse, William         Williams, Eliza        27 Dec 1875     A183

Hayter, Floyd Otis     Allmon, Winifred Lois  2-Oct-13        Q349

Haythorn, Fannie B.    Burbank, John O.       19-Apr-05       J549

Haythorn, Lewis Mabel  Thomas, W.L.           24-Jul-02       I306

Haythorn, Nellie       Hollingsworth, E.T.    1-Jan-03        I446

Hayward, Charles H.    Riley, Belle           17 Nov 1890     E247

Hayward, Irene KatherinGraves, Raymond Allen  27-Jan-19       V580

Hayward, James F.      Bull, Sarah            30 Jun 1875     A160

Hayward, Jennie S.     Rhodes, Edwin R.       13 Jan 1890     E062

Hayward, Joseph B.     Campbell, Elva (Mrs.)  09 Mar 1891     E310

Hayward, Laura M.      Bell, George W.        15 Nov 1894     F437

Haywood, Andrew        McFarland, May         1-Nov-21        Z398

Haywood, William A.    Cody, Lavona F.        11-Jan-13       P628

Hayworth, Donald IrvingApplegate,Bessie Elvina22-Nov-11       O426

Hayworth, Edna L.      Moriarty, James R.     29-Feb-08       L324

Hayworth, F.R.         Musselman, Eva B.      5-May-03        I547

Hayworth, John W.      Smith, Stella B.                       T202

Hayworth, Lizzie       Seeley, J.M.           29-Aug-19       W393

Hayworth, Mildred A.   Bruce, Frank D.        25-Dec-12       P597

Hazaleus, Ethel M.     Burke, Erwin Shaw      1-Dec-04        J433

Hazard, Goldie R.      Clark, John Miller     26-May-01       H598

Hazard, Grace R.       Anderson, George L.    29 May 1894     F358

Hazelton, J.H.         Moore, Minerva         22-Jan-03       I472

Hazelton, James Harry  Gibson, Vinita         27-Nov-09       M545

Hazelton, Lee          Watkins, Carrie        28-Sep-18       V418

Hazelton, Nerma        Hetsel, John I.        10-Mar-13       Q057

Hazelton, Ruby         Bishop, Marvin Edwin   29-May-17       T390

Hazen, Edward L.       Lee, Anna              15-Oct-04       J378

Hazen, Emma F.         Riggs, Orville         12 May 1892     E547

Hazen, Howard          McCullough, Myrtle     11-Jan-22       Z548

Hazen, Maurice L.      Houston, Juanita       2-May-22        Z745

Hazen, William L.      Fardy, Susie E.        04 Nov 1880     B107

Hazle, Alta Mae        Dicks, Howard          26-Jun-20       X532

Hazle, Cordia          Drouhard, E.F.         3-Jun-14        R011

Hazlett, Porter        Tourtillott, Minnie                    S045

Hazlett, W.E.          Dalton, Lola           21-Jul-18       V284

Hazzard, J.E.          Messenger, Elizabeth E.13 Dec 1886     C550

Hazzard, James V.      Mairs, Mattie          12-Jan-18       U469

Heacock, Cora A.       Hall, Jefferson D.     17 Nov 1889     E019

Heacock, E.M.          Johnson, Iva E.        28 Jul 1897     G330

Heacock, W.E.          McCollister, Mary Maud 10 Dec 1899     H223

Head, Harvey           Eldredge, Dora         8-Sep-19        W426

Headlee, George B.     Morgan, M.A.           16 Nov 1882     B320

Headley, Ed D.         Niswonger, Bessie      26-Feb-21       Y495

Headley, George B.     Culp, Emma             03 Jul 1889     D566

Headley, Minnie D.     Elder, Leonard Guy     16-Aug-09       M378

Headley, Oliver        Anderson, Kate         28 Apr 1897     G287

Headrick, W.W.         Hobson, Imogene        22-Aug-14       R109

Heady, L.M.            Killgrove, O.E.        6-Nov-01        I095

Heady, Marcus O.       Dickerson, Lou B.      26 Feb 1890     E090

Healea, Mildred E.     Leidy, Martin R.                       T219

Healy, Ed J. Jr.       Chain, Ida                             S378

Healy, Ida A.          Roy, Andrew J.         19-Sep-10       N338

Healy, Mary Agnes      Schoenecker, Hubert                    T274

Healy, Mary E.         Cook, Michael          10 Jan 1882     B233

Healy, Mary E.         Ford, Alfred A.        27-Nov-07       L215

Healy, P.V.            Wilkerson, Nannie D.   07 Jan 1883     B338

Healy, Tim             Hinnon, Martha         29-Jun-11       O228

Hean, Charles W.       Brown, Essie L.        29-Mar-06       K233

Hearle, Edward         Jackson, Bertha        27-Jun-14       R046

Hearn, Nellie M.       Peavey, Ernest B.      2-Oct-12        P436

Heart, Fred            Barnes, Daisy D.       1-Aug-20        X622

Hearty, Ellen Dora     Jordan, Frederick C.   30 Sep 1894     F408

Heaslet, Ethel M.      Carnahan, Claude E.    5-Jan-22        Z539

Heasty, Glenn A.       Ross, Mary E.          19-Apr-21       Y590

Heath, Anna T.         Gray, Hugh R.          19 May 1874     A121

Heath, Elmer           Leonard, Nona B.       1-Apr-03        I521

Heath, Emma            Morrill, Howard A.     21-Sep-08       L572

Heath, Florence        Klingler, L.R.         8-Oct-07        L157

Heath, Frank           Campbell, Iva          20-Oct-17       U094

Heath, George          Pierce, Lulia          26-Aug-18       V351

Heath, Hellen          Sprague, Harrison      03 Jul 1878     A340

Heath, Ida Bell        Gaskill, Bert A.       12-Oct-14       R183

Heath, Laura Ellen     Allen, Albert Lee      28-Dec-04       J456

Heath, Leroy S.        Smith, Anna J.         18-Mar-08       L341

Heath, M.W.            Schaar, Ida D.         27-Sep-04       J357

Heath, Martha          Whaley, H.A.           31 Oct 1887     D145

Heath, Stella          Wilson, Callie J.      4-Jan-11        N542

Heath, Warren M.       Myatt, Nona C.         27-Jun-11       O219

Heatherton, Walter M.  Hickman, Lucy          23-Jul-12       P322

Heathman, Clyde        Shockley, Pearl        19-Sep-10       N340

Heathman, Vaden        Huff, Pearl            23-Jan-15       R339

Heathmen, Lola         Allen, James A.        5-Jun-18        V195

Heatley, Joseph L.     Alexander, Bertha      10-Nov-17       U195

Heatly, Charley        Muncy, Nettie          11-May-10       N136

Heaton, Floyd W.       Wood, Nell             7-Nov-06        K438

Heaton, Mildred        Sontag, Edward W.      4-Dec-20        Y317

Heavenridge, Alfred L. Bows, Sadie            28 Feb 1894     F319

Hebb, Martha Lucile    Hughes, Guy M.         4-Jan-20        X104

Hebert, Anna           Bradley, R.F.          01 Jan 1888     D190

Hebert, Louis N.       Geison, Maggie         06 Sep 1894     F391

Hebert, Mary           Hampton, J.M.          28 Aug 1884     C125

Hebert, Mertie C.      Bartholomew, Daniel E. 17 Jul 1899     H126

Hecht, Leo             Winter, Eleanor        24-Oct-10       N398

Heck, R.               Slater, Alpha (Mrs.)   23-Mar-03       I515

Heckard, Harvey L.     Mitchel, Ollie         19-May-08       L405

Heckard, Mattie A. Mrs.Davis, Clifton         07 Sep 1897     G353

Heckard, Pauline Donez Foulston, Sidney L.    4-Jun-20        X453

Heckathorn, J.         Flinn, Nannie          24 Nov 1888     D438

Heckathorn, Laura      Alexander, Milo        05 Jul 1881     B168

Heckathorn, Martha     Flinn, John            22 Nov 1891     E426

Heckathorn, Mealy      Flinn, Robert          09 Oct 1887     D126

Heckathorn, Sarah EllenBixler, Moses          09 Feb 1879     A396

Heckathorn, Sherman    Hall, Lillie           27 Jan 1892     E484

Heckendorn, Beulah     Walton, W.F.           27-Oct-12       P483

Heckendorn, Frank H.   Doering, Rosella       1-Jan-10        M600

Heckendorn, John B.    Buster, Lillie O.      5-Jul-06        K317

Heckenkamp, Mary       Oeding, Herman         21-Jan-12       P070

Hecker, Chloe M.       Sanders, Everett G.                    T244

Hecker, Dola Esther    Jacques, Thede         16-Aug-21       Z215

Hecklin, Mary M.       Davidson, Charley E.   19-Aug-08       L524

Heckman, Claudia May   Riley, C.V.            15-Feb-06       K199

Heckman, Leonard G.    Springob, Catharine A. 28 Apr 1891     E333

Heckman, William A.    Strome, Mary           9-Apr-02        I217

Hecks, Lillie          Simmons, John          29-Oct-13       Q401

Hector, Louis          Mollicant, Ethyl       1-May-07        K621

Hedden, Marie          Parker, G.J.                           T326

Heddens, Charles Hazen Johnson, Pearl Edna    18-Nov-09       M530

Heddle, Stuart D.      Berry, Ellen           14 Dec 1899     H224

Hedge, Laura           Johnson, Fred                          S334

Hedger, Cora A.        Robinson, Samuel A.    25 Dec 1889     E045

Hedger, Edwin T.       Adams, Mary E.         02 Jul 1889     D567

Hedges, George         Hough, Maria           19 Dec 1882     B331

Hedges, James Fred     English, Dorothy B.    11-Dec-20       Y331

Hedges, M.B.           Walker, Sarah Elizabeth04 Sep 1897     G350

Hedgle, Mary           Davidson, James Jr.    05 Aug 1888     D354

Hedine, J.A.           Barnhart, Margaret     4-Jan-01        H496

Hedley, Albert         Payne, Katie           21-Feb-20       X214

Hedrick, Della         Hunt, Milton           24 Feb 1886     C395

Hedrick, Dora L.       Rowe, Charles H.       31 Jul 1889     D581

Hedrick, Edna          Montgomery, Harmon Lee 2-Dec-08        M032

Hedrick, Iris          Prilliman, Arthur      22-Nov-11       O425

Hedrick, Jake          Childers, Lillian      21-Jul-17       T517

Hedrick, Joseph        Dunaway, Elva          29 Dec 1898     H011

Hedrick, Julia         Tupper,                15 May 1884     C081

Hedrick, Maud          Mullendore, Lloyd W.   30-Oct-19       W562

Hedrick, Nellie G.     Mathews, Lynn L.       25 May 1893     F146

Heeley, Besse          Dennis, Henry Clair    10-Jan-09       M095

Heerssen, Charles G.W. Tusch, Attella         13 Dec 1892     F031

Hefflefinge, Gerald P. Goss, Verna            5-Aug-20        Y002

Heffner, Mattie        Stafford, William H.   27 Oct 1892     F001

Hefke, Grace           Eaton, Donald B.                       T199

Heflin, E.             Wright, M.B.           30 Sep 1897     G371

Hefly, Myrtle          Allen, Leonard         2-Apr-00        H300

Hegarty, Dan           Hogsett, Caroline      9-Sep-19        W429

Hegarty, Sam           Conard, Nellie                         T333

Hege, Albert E.        Todd, Margaret                         S634

Hege, Samuel E.        Laycock, Mabel         31 May 1898     G514

Heichert, William P.   Baker, Ella H.         22 Apr 1891     E331

Heiden, Henry Vander   Akin, Ella                             S629

Heider, Bertha         Brown, Jake            20-Jul-08       L486

Heil, E.W.             Schreflar, Julia May   17-May-04       J235

Heil, Ella             Tener, A.J.            5-Apr-04        J202

Heil, Harry R.         Rishel, Lorena Violet  25-May-10       N151

Heil, Rosa E.          Ritter, Charles L.     26-Jun-01       H625

Heilman, Vada Lee      Iberg, Oscar J.        18-Dec-17       U359

Heim, Gertrude         Black, John H.         27-Nov-12       P529

Heim, Peter            Luening, Minnie        31 Aug 1898     G562

Heimann, Katherine     Kelly, Andrew J.                       S531

Heimbaugh, Jewel       Coffey, Louis          24-Sep-21       Z306

Heimbaugh, Victor      Cain, Elva             28-Jun-19       W251

Heimer, Henry Lee      Cole, Nellie May       23-Feb-14       Q543

Heimer, Ovel M.        Wilson, Eva Mae        13-Aug-18       V320

Heimerdinger, Julius   Henney, Elma           3-Jul-13        Q229

Heimerman, Bartel(thel)Hein, Lizzie           30-May-05       J581

Heimerman, John B.     Steffens, Barbara      23 Nov 1898     G614

Heimerman, Joseph F.   Geiger, Cora           20-Mar-00       H454

Heimerman, Katie J.    Grander, J.F.          3-Sep-01        I031

Heimermann, Annie      Wolff, Frederick       24 May 1893     F140

Heimermann, Anton      Engelbrecht, Maggie    23 Feb 1897     G250

Heimermann, Barthel M. Brennan, Mable A.      12-Oct-01       I075

Heimermann, Bertha     Orth, Leo              11-May-20       X350

Heimermann, Caroline   Pelz, John             6-May-19        W087

Heimermann, Christine  Green, Charles W.      6-Aug-00        H372

Heimermann, John       Gegen, Annie Mary      24 May 1892     E546

Heimermann, John       Jegen, Annie Mary      24 May 1892     E546

Heimermann, John P.    Voegely, Anna(nie) C.  24 Feb 1897     G256

Heimermann, Josephine  Bergkamp, Ben          19-Apr-20       X325

Heimermann, Louise     Neises, Mathias        9-Apr-07        K579

Heimermann, M.J.       Lies, Abbie            20 Jun 1893     F147

Heimermann, Maria      Farber, John           15 Nov 1887     D144

Heimermann, Maria Anna Clasen, Mathias        28 Nov 1882     B317

Heimermann, Mary       Simon, Nicholaus       24 Nov 1891     E425

Heimermann, Mike       Bugner, Kate           23-Jan-00       H248

Heimermann, Mike       Fishbuck, Annie        30-Apr-12       P190

Heimermann, Susie MarieStockemer, Christopher 27-Nov-17       U182

Heimple, Emma          Camp, Oscar            16 May 1893     F135

Heimple, Leah          Dunakin, Charlie W.    26-Apr-10       N106

Hein, Dora             Bean, John J.          30-Jan-13       P631

Hein, Dora             Stump, Henry           30-Apr-01       H557

Hein, Ed               Schmidt, Louise                        S546

Hein, Elizabeth        Tucker, Clarence       27-Nov-07       L210

Hein, Jacob M.         Marz, Mary             21 Nov 1881     B207

Hein, John             Nett, Katharina        04 Feb 1896     G034

Hein, Joseph           Horsch, Mary           13-Feb-00       H262

Hein, Katharina (Cat..)Weber, Edward          02 Apr 1891     E313

Hein, Lizzie           Heimerman, Bartel(thel)30-May-05       J581

Hein, Martin B.        Sam, Annie K.          22 Jun 1886     C455

Hein, Mary             Kraus, Martin H.       4-Jun-13        Q164

Hein, Mary             Seiler, Fred           18 Aug 1891     E368

Hein, Mary Anna        Forster, John J.       3-Nov-20        Y239

Hein, Michael          Lies, Katie            6-Jun-05        J577

Hein, Nick             Pargett, Barbara       19-Jul-10       N212

Hein, Peter            Kraus, Susanna         25-Jul-11       O243

Hein, Peter            Kroboth, Josephine     09 Sep 1890     E184

Hein, Teresa           Doffing, N.C.          9-May-22        Z730

Hein, W.F.             Busch, Mary            17-Sep-12       P416

Hein, William          Stump, Maggie          28 Apr 1896     G081

Heinburger, Paulina    Garten, C.F.           4-Oct-11        O355

Heine, F.H.            Leckington, Edna       14-Jun-17       T445

Heine, John Jr.        Nichols, B.E.          29-Feb-04       J177

Heinen, Estelle        Hanlon, W.J.           14-Oct-18       V447

Heinestra, Gertie      Fields, Franklin Thomas22-Jun-18       V240

Heinig, Alfred         Callahan, Gertrude     5-Feb-08        L299

Heinig, Anna           Walker, Charles W.     24-Oct-06       K417

Heinig, Rosa M.        Miller, Charles A.     20-Nov-01       I104

Heinlein, Arthur       Schober, Fannie Frances                S474

Heinrich, Marie        Abbott, Edward         9-Feb-03        I480

Heinrich, Michael      Wegner, Fronika        28 Apr 1879     A421

Heinrichs, Veronica    Halsig, Lauernce       03 Feb 1879     A394

Heinrichsdorf, Lizzie  Brandt, Fredirick      04 Jan 1896     G028

Heins, Earl E.         Heins, Hazel           31-May-21       Z006

Heins, Ernest Earl     Woodring, Hazel Ellen  25-Dec-13       Q470

Heins, Hazel           Heins, Earl E.         31-May-21       Z006

Heins, Lewis           Eaton, Martha J.       01 Jul 1888     D330

Heins, Louise          Conner, Roy            27-Nov-19       W636

Heins, Walter E.       Swart, Mary Elva       27-Jun-20       X531

Heinstreet, J.         Conley, Ella E.        28-Aug-02       I335

Heinz, Josephine M.    Seward, Charley E.     20-Oct-09       M482

Heinzman, Ada          Watt, Frank G.         8-Dec-20        Y320

Heiple, Lillian M.     Barrick, H.M.          28 Oct 1897     G392

Heiple, Mollie C.      Sumner, Lew G.         28 Feb 1893     F087

Heironimus, Luie A.    Hayes, Hazel J.        27-Feb-10       N031

Heise, Paul A.         Nasit, Nettie E.                       R455

Heisel, Charles E.     Snyder, Laura L.       04 Sep 1895     F586

Heisel, Hortense       Evans, M.D.            2-Apr-21        Y558

Heiser, Edward C.      Rickards, Ida          14 Feb 1890     E077

Heiserman, H.D.        Denn, Florence (Mrs.)  06 Mar 1898     G474

Heiserman, Henry D.    Tracy, Mary E.         14 Oct 1874     A136

Heiserman, Leslie A.   Fry, Lillie Faith      17-Mar-04       J189

Heisey, Mildred E.     Evans, Albee O.        15-Nov-11       O412

Heite, Charles E.      Trice, Hattie M.       09 Nov 1893     F240

Heithaus, Henry        Young, Carolina        21 Sep 1897     G347

Heitman, Edgar H.      Patterson, Julia R.    17 Nov 1887     D161

Heitsman, Esther       Coffelt, Ray E.        29-May-06       K276

Heitz, Catherine       Ewertz, Matthew                        T169

Heitz, Frank           Durmann, Agatha        28 Apr 1881     B154

Heitz, John            Rohling, Josephine     26-Oct-20       Y188

Heitz, Marie           Ewertz, Albert                         S023

Heizer, Amaline S.     Farha, C.F.            25-Dec-05       K148

Helbert, Bertha Bird   Collins, Joseph U.     17-Sep-01       I044

Helbert, Everette C.   Sadler, Myrtle E.                      S140

Helbert, G.B.          Fleming, Louisa        23 Dec 1877     A302

Helbert, H.C.          Wright, Hannah         13 Jul 1881     B171

Helbert, Nellie Hazel  Fleming, Wayne         3-Mar-15        R376

Helbert, Ray C.        Luoma, Josephine       14-Oct-21       Z348

Held, Mary             Williams, Frank        29 Sep 1896     G157

Helena, Ethel Laura    Ruthrauff, B.R.        1-Oct-12        P438

Helena, Frankie        Robbins, George R.     11-Feb-19       V604

Helena, George J.      Cain, Emma E.          07 Mar 1889     D505

Helena, Laura E.       Colvin, O.C.           15-Jan-20       X131

Helena, Lee W.         Watts, Sadie C.        15 Jan 1894     F297

Helena, Myrtie         Sidles, Hal            19-Feb-11       O004

Helena, Sheldon LeonellTaylor, Gladys Mae                     S242

Helena, Simon F.       Ross, Elizabeth J.     04 Oct 1890     E213

Helena, William C.     Porter, Iona           06 Feb 1894     F309

Helfer, David          Ward, Lizzie           22-May-13       Q150

Helfer, Sarah E. (Mrs.)Greer, Zack            20 Apr 1893     F119

Helfrich, Floyd E.     Burson, Edith          4-Dec-20        Y315

Helfrich, Marie GertrudChambers, Robert H.    7-Jun-20        X469

Helger, Margaret       Jacobs, Henry J.       22-Oct-19       W527

Helin, Wilhelmena      Mason, Charles C.      3-Jul-12        P315

Hellar, A.T.           Ransom, Eva            07 Oct 1883     B415

Hellar, Anna C.        King, Lewis L.         04 Apr 1880     B065

Hellar, Clinton D.     Brown, Evalyn(Evelyn)M.1-Feb-09        M123

Hellar, Ella J.        Hughey, James L.       1-Feb-09        M124

Hellar, Flora B.       Bliss, Herman A.       05 Feb 1884     C036

Hellar, Fred T.        Rentz, Maud E.         11 Apr 1898     G488

Hellar, George         Smith, Irvie           05 Dec 1883     C012

Hellar, Lee            Schaffer, Barbara      25-Dec-05       K154

Hellar, Lincoln        Bell, Della            01 Aug 1888     D352

Hellar, Lizzie A.      McBee, W.L.            13 Dec 1882     B330

Hellar, Mary E.        Wingert, Joseph H.     26 Feb 1896     G056

Hellar, Rebecca McCoy  Mackey, George M.      18 Oct 1883     B420

Hellar, S.I.           Slayden, G.A.          09 Jun 1887     D030

Heller, A.H.           Gifford, Helen         25-Feb-22       Z630

Heller, Allye C.       Lindley, William F.    26-Mar-05       J533

Heller, C.A.E.         Haussmann, Minnie      14 Feb 1888     D223

Heller, Carl Elmer     Beach, Eva Claire      7-Oct-14        R179

Heller, Clinton J.     Hawley, Esther         20-Aug-08       L519

Heller, Edith Pearl    Pierce, Fred A.        21-May-13       Q151

Heller, Grace Marie    Conner, J.W. Jr.       23-Aug-08       L528

Heller, H.O.           Jacques, Alta          25-Jul-12       P348

Heller, H.O.           Paul, Minnie           31 Aug 1887     D086

Heller, Katie(ttie)    Young, Davis           7-Apr-13        Q095

Heller, Louie Pauline  Richards, Forrest      2-Apr-21        Y557

Heller, Louise         Weatherby, Robert L.   22-Sep-10       N352

Heller, Mary E.        Smith, R.O.            26-Jul-06       K338

Heller, Maud(de)       Bursell, Robert        29-Feb-04       J175

Heller, Wilhelminie    Kopplin, Fred E.                       S477

Heller, William A.     Sherman, Margaret R.   31-Aug-13       Q295

Hellman, August        McHenry, Jesse         26-Dec-12       P600

Hellrung, Anna         Mannebach, Michael     20-Nov-18       V480

Hellums, Charles F.    Lockwood, Stella       25-Jul-06       K338

Hellums, Earle Walter  Gilbert, Cecila Eugenia7-Aug-20        Y007

Hellums, John H.       Conley, Murl           29-Jun-09       M323

Hellyer, A.E.          Cummings, Essie M.     27-Jun-11       O219

Helm, Ada              Guy, Alfred            3-Jun-07        L003

Helm, Albert R.        Scaggs, Martha A.      24 Dec 1892     F041

Helm, C.A.             Coberly, Faye                          S405

Helm, Cora E.          Kreis, Harry L.        01 Aug 1888     D350

Helm, Dora B.          Weaver, William L.     7-Dec-10        N489

Helm, Edith            Adams, Alvin           28-Jul-11       O262

Helm, Eugene           Choate, Fred E.                        W335

Helm, Fred             Meek, Ione             2-Jan-18        U443

Helm, Harry H.         Coberly, Ruth          13-Feb-18       U555

Helm, Homer H.         Batten, Edna M.        3-Oct-03        J041

Helm, Ruth M.          Hogue, Charles F.      1-Oct-13        Q352

Helm, S.V.             Roby, Minnie                           S462

Helmer, Arthur C.      Holmes, Lura R.        25-Dec-08       M067

Helmich, Josie S.      Stephens, Samuel       22-Apr-19       W088

Helmich, Ona           Prentice, George W.                    T204

Helmick, Gladys        Gray, William P.       8-Mar-20        X242

Helmick, Gladys        Royse, Alva S.         20-Aug-13       Q283

Helmick, Jennie M.     Fisk, James C.         24 Dec 1894     F464

Helmken, Meta          Walker, George E.      4-Dec-20        Y313

Helms, George          Wilson, Ella P.        16 Nov 1882     B321

Helms, Lizzie          Horton, William        06 Nov 1894     F431

Helms, Marguerite      Moore, Ira             8-Jan-20        X118

Helms, W.E.            Swisher, Marie                         T104

Helms, Whitney         Moor, Martha           7-Mar-01        H535

Helsby, John E.        Arrington, Fay M.      11-Aug-01       I016

Helsby, M. Fay         Weaver, John F.        21-Jan-07       K524

Helstern, Marie        Lynch, John J.         15-May-18       V147

Helt, Grace            Hulse, Aaron                           S530

Helt, Lillian          Bush, Arthur           16-Feb-18       U556

Helt, Paul             Myers, Martha          28-Aug-17       T600

Helten, Anna           Bunck, Henry           16 Nov 1897     G397

Helten, John           Stuhlsatz, Anna        8-Oct-07        L128

Helten, Maggie         Lorg, John             16 Nov 1897     G398

Helten, Peter          Wehlage, Lizzie        27-Apr-10       N089

Helton, Catherine      Hilger, Mathias Joe    19-Nov-01       I093

Helton, P.F.           Hall, Mamie            3-Jul-19        W267

Helvie, J.F.           Hill, Della            18 May 1898     G509

Helvie, L.F.           Kennedy, L.C.          27 Jun 1895     F560

Helvie, Lottie         Herr, J.T.             05 Jul 1898     G535

Helvie, Myrtle         Musselman, J.F.        20 Aug 1895     F578

Helvie, Nannie A.      Duvall, Grant R.       08 Jan 1891     E282

Helvie, Rettie         Wilson, Jasper         02 Dec 1895     G001

Hembling, Adelaide     Jones, L.F.            22 Nov 1885     C345

Hembree, Daisy         Streeter, William      16-Feb-10       N021

Hembree, Delliah       Smith, Howard F.                       R204

Hembree, J.W.          Hunter, Eva            9-Oct-01        I073

Hemenover, Harry       Wilcox, Grace          12-Aug-14       R094

Hemescie, Elizabeth    Gehlen, Frank          23-Sep-19       W433

Heminger, Don C.       Cadwell, Agnes         11-Oct-19       W514

Hemler, Clara          Weirick, William J.    28 Feb 1889     D503

Hemme, Henry           Fletcher, Bonnie       22-Jan-08       L285

Hemmen, Martha M.      Lauer, Antone P.       10-May-21       Y628

Hempel, Anna           Bush, Robert           13 Sep 1894     F398

Hemphill, Albert       Baldauf, Eva Catherine 9-Sep-19        W425

Hemphill, Archie V.    Murrell, Elva          21-Aug-19       W376

Hemphill, Frank C.     Nossaman, Bertha       19-Jul-19       W299

Hemphill, Mary Luella  Fear, Augustus T.      15-Dec-09       M559

Hemphill, T.C.         Sturns, Retta F.       9-Mar-03        I503

Hempsmeyer, Myrtle     Peterson, Daniel       27-Feb-00       H281

Hempsmyer, William     Waters, Harrietta B.   9-Jul-00        H355

Hemstedt, C.F.         Arnholz, Amelia        1-May-01        H578

Hemstreet, Sherman L.  Donley, Myrtle         31-Mar-14       Q580

Hemsworth, John E.     Chamberlain, Flora     9-Oct-01        I072

Hency, Calvin Wilson   Nixon, Mary Frances    15-May-01       H589

Hendee, Dudley A.      Woodward, Vera V.      04 Jun 1899     H106

Hendershot, James      Kuhn, Mabel            21-Jan-11       N561

Henderson, A.N.        Owens, Lizzie V.       26-Sep-00       H411

Henderson, Ada         Green, James Franklin  28-Apr-22       Z732

Henderson, Ada B.      Nelson, Herbert S.     4-Dec-12        P553

Henderson, Ada L.      McFadden, James W.                     S507

Henderson, Adeline     Hickland, John Green   23 Aug 1886     C485

Henderson, Alice M.    Brown, J.A.            13 Dec 1886     C551

Henderson, Alonzo      Cummings, Josie        02 Dec 1885     C352

Henderson, Alpha       Kengery, Eva           12-Dec-21       Z478

Henderson, Anita       Mosbacher, Karl J.     24-Nov-10       N471

Henderson, Augustus W. Gilman, Cordelia C.    17 Nov 1874     A143

Henderson, Bessie      Deshurley, Chauncy E.  14-Jan-18       U477

Henderson, C.P.        Foster, Clarissia      16 Sep 1877     A283

Henderson, Cash        Gribi, Anna            21 Jul 1889     D576

Henderson, Charles     Michael, Anna          24-Nov-19       W626

Henderson, Clara L.    Mead, James O.         01 Mar 1896     G059

Henderson, Doshia      Roy, Winfield I.       31-Oct-06       K426

Henderson, Edith       Fulton, Oliver S.      07 May 1893     F132

Henderson, Edith       Neil, Will W.          4-Jun-19        W180

Henderson, Emma        Vandevort, C.W.        14 Mar 1880     B052

Henderson, Ethel       Lewis, Ray F.          25-Apr-21       Y600

Henderson, Eugene      Winfery, Laverne                       T217

Henderson, Faith M.    Travis, Glenn I.       1-Oct-19        W489

Henderson, Frank       Peterson, Elise        3-Oct-09        M458

Henderson, Frisby      Smith, Susie           7-Jun-20        X467

Henderson, George      Ludwick, Scesna Leona  9-Feb-20        X186

Henderson, George      White, Luella          29-Apr-08       L389

Henderson, George S.   Wallace, Mary          25-Aug-13       Q288

Henderson, Georgiana B.Davis, John W.         05 May 1895     F534

Henderson, Gladys MaudeBlackman, Edward       26-Jul-21       Z158

Henderson, Grace J.    McMinn, James          15-Aug-06       K351

Henderson, Harry F.    Pigg, Edna             8-Jul-06        K321

Henderson, Harry S.    Bingham, Mable W.      14-Feb-06       K196

Henderson, Hazel       Powell, William        28-Jun-11       O224

Henderson, Henry       Fassett, Clara         20 Feb 1882     B245

Henderson, Hillard     Breese, Hazel          10-Aug-10       N271

Henderson, J.T.        Fouts, Ethel F.        13-Jun-06       K293

Henderson, James M.    Hannah, Alice J.       31 Mar 1891     E317

Henderson, John        Charles, Rachel        29 Sep 1887     D113

Henderson, John        Smith, Olmphia         6-Nov-19        W581

Henderson, John E.     Strickland, Viola      23 Mar 1887     C616

Henderson, John W.     Tobias, Alice Ruby     25-Jun-19       W240

Henderson, L.I. (R.)   Brown, Cora            12 Jun 1886     C452

Henderson, Lois L.     Mosteller, George E.   17-Oct-20       Y202

Henderson, Luella      Hanson, John Jr.       24-Dec-02       I438

Henderson, Lyde        Wood, Edna Burdine     15-Aug-10       N276

Henderson, Mabel A.    McCallum, J.H.                         S557

Henderson, Mabell FitzhSpicer, Charley Michael11-Feb-20       X192

Henderson, Mary        Bowers, Silas B.       12 Apr 1890     E119

Henderson, Mary        Herring, Charles       08 Jun 1898     G521

Henderson, Maude Viola Wilson, Amos R.                        S345

Henderson, Mildred     Sanders, Leslie                        S327

Henderson, Minnie      Kennedy, Wyatt M.      16 Aug 1884     C128

Henderson, Myrtle BelleWinbish, Harvey        5-Dec-11        P005

Henderson, Nellie May  Porter, Walter G.      5-Mar-03        I501

Henderson, Nelson      Rogers, Jennie         09 Jun 1887     D030

Henderson, Perry D.    Rounds, Georgie A.     28 Dec 1886     C565

Henderson, Rachel (Mrs)Hopping, C.C.          23-Jan-08       L284

Henderson, Ralph       Clover, Fae            29-Jun-19       W255

Henderson, Ruben       Wright, Ruby           10-Sep-18       V387

Henderson, Thomas S.   Kirkman, Mattie (Mrs.) 20-Dec-00       H482

Henderson, Udney W.    Goode, Ada Mae         1-Feb-08        L294

Hendren, Charles L.    Grobe, Anna J.         17-Feb-10       N023

Hendren, Clyde M.      Rooks, June            18-Jun-19       W224

Hendren, Frances       Seal, Willis E.        6-Nov-20        Y253

Hendren, Ida           Baskett, John A.       01 Jul 1885     C273

Hendren, May           Houser, Leonard        11-Jul-08       L478

Hendren, Oscar E.      Hooten, Oma            22-Apr-03       I534

Hendren, Paul          Strobel, Iva           4-Aug-17        T555

Hendren, Willie        Burroughs, Violet      4-Oct-13        Q358

Hendrets, C.H.         Culbertson, Minnie     30-Sep-06       K389

Hendrick, Florence     Sutton, E.W.           15 Nov 1899     H210

Hendrick, J.E.         Bruhn, Mary            12 May 1886     C440

Hendricks, Cora        Brown, William H.      21 Mar 1887     C614

Hendricks, Edna        Chrisler, Wallace                      S394

Hendricks, Emma A.     Smalley, Thomas        07 Jul 1885     C275

Hendricks, Fred        Trobaugh, Osca Almeda  30-Sep-17       U022

Hendricks, Irene       Hunter, W.F.           28-Apr-19       W101

Hendricks, Nora        McCoy, Jay             7-Apr-14        Q586

Hendricks, O.A.        Wilks, Sophia          22-Feb-19       V626

Hendricks, Sarah Elva  Hackett, Ira Milton    13-Aug-19       W350

Hendricks, William     Claypoole, Emma        29 May 1876     A205

Hendrickson, C.M.      Bosley, Anna (Mrs.)    3-Sep-10        N308

Hendrickson, Ethyl     Payne, Sanford T.      29-Oct-10       N420

Hendrickson, G.T.      Kiefer, Zita           29-Oct-21       Z391

Hendrickson, George A. Hosler, Pearl          14-May-21       Y636

Hendrickson, Grace     Mannen, Jack P.        20-Mar-22       Z664

Hendrickson, Robert J. Howard, Olive          13-Apr-10       N096

Hendrix, Edna          Morris, T.B.                           S600

Hendrix, Edna L.       Webb, Charles H.       22-Mar-14       Q572

Hendrix, Elbert Elzea  Shapcott, Sarah Elizabe17-Dec-13       Q461

Hendrix, Eursel        Ludwick, Pearl         8-Mar-20        X242

Hendrix, James W.      Sliker, Laura          24 Dec 1891     E450

Hendrix, Leona         Kelly, Jim             27-Mar-21       Y545

Hendrix, Nellie        Jones, Clarence        3-Feb-18        U527

Hendrix, Ruth E.       Wooddall, T.I.         11-Nov-19       W595

Hendrixson, Charles E. Brammer, Kate L.       14-Nov-06       K446

Hendron, Louisa        Pitcher, J.F.          29-Aug-12       P390

Hendron, Rutherford B. Ruby, Dora B. (Mrs.)   21-Jun-04       J267

Hendryx, C.W.          Wells, Bell            03 May 1896     G097

Hendryx, Clifton J.    Means, Bessie Irene    3-Nov-04        J406

Hene, Clara Louise     Dalton, Richmond A.                    S156

Heneison, Joseph       Geiler, Ida            17-May-00       H320

Henison, Albert        Wadkins, Jennie        30 Dec 1890     E262

Henke, Frederic        Brown, Edith           15-Feb-06       K197

Henke, Henry B.        Dwyer, Katie J.        20-Nov-01       I101

Henke, John            Shufelberger, Clara    24-Oct-00       H442

Henke, Lizzie          Dwyer, William         24-Oct-07       L176

Henke, Mayme (Mary)    Poschen, Joe           7-Mar-06        K219

Henkle, Elza N.        Ervin, Dollie          24-Sep-02       I362

Henkle, Flora          Chamberlin, G.L.       30 Aug 1888     D373

Henley, A.W.           Townsend, Ethel M.     31-May-18       V181

Henley, Lena           Lord, Warren Ambrose   14-Jan-15       R324

Henley, Lizzie (Mrs.)  VanCuren, William      03 Dec 1892     F028

Henley, N.H.           Goeller, Barbara E.    25-Apr-22       Z726

Henmon, Sidney A.      Wright, Raye M.                        R483

Henn, Grace            Underwood, James H.    27-Dec-19       X083

Henn, William          Wieske, Martha         08 Mar 1892     E512

Hennes, Frank          Jones, Agnes           17-Nov-03       J082

Henness, Harlen        Yearout, Maude M.      2-Mar-05        J511

Hennessey, Anna        Wood, William          19-Sep-11       O328

Hennessey, Mabelle     Cornell, N.P.          1-Sep-14        R123

Hennessey, Ruby M.     Hoisington, Olin M.    19-Jun-21       Z062

Hennessy, Agnes        Scudder, Charles       1-Feb-10        N001

Hennessy, Florence     Waller, W.M.           25-Dec-19       X074

Hennessy, Mary         Abel, Irvin M.         5-Apr-06        K239

Henney, Elma           Heimerdinger, Julius   3-Jul-13        Q229

Henniger, Wilhelmine   Brooks, Andrew         29-Sep-07       L144

Henning, Gertrude B.   Rice, Calvin L.        14-Nov-14       R233

Henninger, Alice V.    Lawson, John R.        20 Feb 1895     F496

Henninger, D.G.        Adams, Nancy A.        22 Feb 1888     D229

Henninger, D.L.        Campbell, Minnie V.    17 Nov 1897     G406

Henninger, Louisa      Fry, Albert            05 Sep 1881     B192

Henninger, Maggie      Selders, William Perle 23-Apr-11       O115

Hennings, Emma         Coffman, Perry         16 Oct 1878     A367

Hennings, Helena       Perry, J.A.                            S327

Hennings, Marvin       Donzek, Nellie         25-Feb-22       Z632

Hennings, Roy J.       Cox, Ona Lucile        16-Jun-09       M298

Hennington, Beulah L.  Massey, Pratt L.       13-Aug-21       Z206

Henrich, E.R.          Stephens, Agnes        25-Jun-20       X532

Henricks, Flora A.     Highbarger, J.D.       15-Mar-04       J186

Henricks, Harvey J.    Weirick, Claytie       16-Mar-10       N057

Henrie, Joseph         Wallace, Rosamond F.   11-Feb-03       I479

Henrie, Mary L.        Parks, Robert          14 Mar 1894     F326

Henrion, Maxine        Buser, H.P.            18-Oct-20       Y201

Henrion, Ola E.        Vesper, Menno A.       12-Nov-07       L198

Henrion, Walter S.     Hartman, Lena F.       07 Mar 1895     F507

Henry, Alfred          Whitbey, Mollie        12-Aug-19       W350

Henry, Alta            Rowe, Glen R.          11-Feb-14       Q530

Henry, Anna Mae        Moul, William G.                       R640

Henry, Cecil L.        Latta, Trine           8-Aug-19        W340

Henry, Charlie E.      Taylor, Minnie         2-Aug-19        W326

Henry, Chester B.      Tharp, Doris           8-Sep-19        W424

Henry, Cloy M.         Potterton, L.W.        18-Mar-12       P150

Henry, Courtaney       Clark, Hilda           11-Oct-17       U077

Henry, E.B.            Alexander, T.B.        30 Mar 1893     F106

Henry, Earl            Norris, May            20-Sep-20       Y126

Henry, Edna May        Aldridge, Ovle A.      30-Oct-09       M507

Henry, Ezra S.         Ferguson, Mary         27 Nov 1895     F634

Henry, Fannie          Burchinal, Clarence    18-Jun-12       P292

Henry, G.P.            Turry, Ellen           23 Sep 1883     B411

Henry, Harvey          McCorkle, Leah         20-Oct-09       M487

Henry, Henrietta M.    Shannon, Clifton H.                    S309

Henry, Ida             Lloyd, Edward C.       04 Sep 1890     E192

Henry, J.B.            Fowler, Mayme                          T060

Henry, James H.        Cox, Katie             17-Dec-08       M050

Henry, Jane            Schmidt, George        24-Feb-20       X217

Henry, John            Conner, Charlotte G.   7-Jan-03        I456

Henry, John            Dodson, Louttia        28-May-12       P247

Henry, John            Taylor, Mamie (Mrs.)   15 Oct 1892     E627

Henry, John E.         Kersey, Helen          21-Sep-20       Y126

Henry, John M.         Femyer, Josie          16 Jun 1885     C268

Henry, Joseph A.       Scott, Mary B.         17 Feb 1884     C039

Henry, Joseph E.       Perkins, Mary          01 Jul 1893     F185

Henry, Link            Dunkin, Mahala         27-Apr-21       Y607

Henry, Link            Sneed, Rena            9-Aug-17        T559

Henry, Mabel           Finley, B.D.           22-Jan-20       X147

Henry, Mary Margaret   Day, Samuel Vincent    20-Jun-10       N195

Henry, May(ary)        Dirnick, E.T.          9-Aug-03        I624

Henry, Minnie          Perry, E.A.            27-Sep-19       W477

Henry, Neola           Browder, Harry M.      11-Jul-08       L479

Henry, R.V.            Loper, Nora B.         24-Sep-02       I357

Henry, Ruth            Davis, Walter          19-Jun-20       X514

Henry, S. Catherine    Dormire, Harlan E.     10-Aug-17       T565

Henry, Victor G.       Kessler, Jessie        8-Jul-13        Q232

Henry, Virgle          Forsythe, Pauline      20-Feb-11       O024

Henry, W.L.                                                   D344

Henry, Wilbur G.       Sparks, Cora Isabel    5-Oct-20        Y167

Henry, William Curtis  Fissel, Jessie         9-Jul-13        Q235

Henry, William T.      Bolick, Mary A.        31 May 1887     D020

Henry, Zilpha Mae      Kent, Sam Lawrence     2-Apr-21        Y559

Henschel, George E.    Smoke, Jessie W.       30-Mar-12       P168

Hensel, Alfred S.      Shores, Allie J.       02 Apr 1896     G076

Hensel, John A.        Andrew, Rosetta        01 Mar 1888     D233

Henshall, Estella      Freeman, William       03 Jun 1887     D023

Henshaw, C.L.          Stewart, Lizzie A.     23 Feb 1897     G261

Henshaw, Daisy M.      Mooberry, Elija M.     12 Apr 1899     H065

Henshaw, Holmes        Shafer, Pearl F.       2-Nov-04        J401

Henshaw, Lillie        Ogden, C.W.            8-Oct-03        J047

Henshaw, Minnie R.     Harper, G.C.           26 Nov 1896     G194

Henshaw, Myra          White, Jacob           30 Jun 1891     E357

Henshaw, William       Brown, Ida M.          14 Nov 1889     E018

Hensley, E.M.          Roach, Albirdie        24 Feb 1895     F497

Hensley, Ida Clara     Hildreth, Datus Richard21-Jun-14       R034

Hensley, John B.       Smith, Susie M.        10-May-02       I242

Hensley, Mattie A.     Carin, Lewis E.        19 Aug 1886     C482

Hensley, Mattie A.     Carnes, Lewis E.       19 Aug 1886     C482

Hensley, May B.        Daniels, Charles V.    25 Dec 1892     F040

Hensmire, Emma         Holland, John          08 Dec 1875     A180

Henson, Albert         Wadkins, Jean(ennie)   30 Dec 1890     E262

Henson, Alva J.        Goodall, Gladys        13-Mar-15       R385

Henson, Carrie         Dixon, William C.      16-Nov-18       V485

Henson, Charley        Feddeler, Emma         30-Aug-08       L541

Henson, Elizabeth Dora Hyatt, Edwin           6-Feb-15        R352

Henson, Ethel M.       Solomon, Roy W.        16-Jun-20       X500

Henson, Goldie         Salander, Earl C.                      S144

Henson, Ida D.         Smoot, John C.         17-Sep-06       K376

Henson, Jennie E.      DePree, Peter H.       25 Feb 1895     F499

Henson, Lester         Smith, Susan           20-Apr-14       Q590

Henson, Mattie J.      Hoke, Henry C.         04 Nov 1874     A139

Henson, Nora Lee       Shipley, Harry         22-May-20       X421

Henson, W.E.           Taylor, Cassie Pearl                   S458

Henson, W.S.           Blackwell, Essie Christ16-Sep-03       J019

Henson, Willard        Kemp, Edith            17-Nov-09       M528

Henszel, John Jr.      Bertram, Lizzie E.     1-Sep-14        R126

Henton, Garn           Munson, Alice          8-Mar-21        Y511

Henton, Ollie L.       Barker, A.M.           29-Apr-11       O127

Henton, William        Brown, Anna            22-Jun-10       N203

Hentzell, J.M.         Winget, Evelina        16 Jun 1898     G527

Hepburn, W.J.          Chism, Letie J.        4-Nov-09        M513

Hephner, John          Drollinger, Margaret   20-Jul-20       X595

Hephner, Mattie M.     Zody, James McKinley   26 Apr 1887     C633

Hephner, Peter         Wyckoff, Cora          24 Dec 1888     D459

Hepner, Warren Ray     Nichols, Emma Winnifred18-Jan-18       U489

Hepperlen, Fred        McCormick, Marjorie Fay15-Jan-18       U479

Hepperly, Vera         Sides, Sylvester       3-Dec-21        Z467

Herard, Joseph Virgil  Lang, Sara Alice       07 Aug 1899     H134

Herb, Severian Z.      Wible, Minnie L.       3-Nov-10        N428

Herbel, Dave           Scheidman, Esthel      19-Mar-15       R394

Herbert, Alice         Pitts, Thomas O.       30-Sep-01       I057

Herbert, Bell          Bowman, John A.        13 Mar 1884     C054

Herbert, Bertha        May, Eugene            25-Jul-18       V292

Herbert, Bertha        Simmons, Clarence      24-Dec-14       R299

Herbert, Frederick W.  Hanscome, Fannie W.    09 Jan 1889     D475

Herbert, Horace K.     Bailey, Ada S.         27 Mar 1895     F515

Herbert, Jessie E.     Bevelhymer, H.R.       24-Feb-04       J170

Herbert, Le Roy Edwin  Smith, Helena A.       20-Sep-10       N339

Herbert, Logan         Lee, Eva               2-Feb-21        Y453

Herbert, Olive D.      Moshier, James E.      13 Mar 1884     C054

Herbert, Ruth C.       Jennings, Austin       11-Mar-20       X245

Herberts, Curtis       Melone, Gladys         2-May-11        O132

Herbison, Lula Lee     Westerheide, Charles W.29 Sep 1893     F214

Herbold, Barbara       Forbes, Joseph         3-Jan-08        L272

Herbruger, Mary        Stevens, Louis         21 Sep 1882     B300

Herbst, Henry          Gader, Wilhelmina      12-Feb-01       H509

Herburger, Anna        Tull, Wilmer H.        28-Feb-00       H280

Herburger, George      Spark, Mattie          25 May 1898     G508

Herburger, John        Matzka, Louisa         03 Aug 1893     F182

Herburger, Margaret    McCoy, E.T.            21-Aug-12       P381

Herburger, Winifred MaePrattsman, George E.   26-Nov-19       W637

Herby, Bertha M.       Holly, Ward P.                         S384

Herckenrath, Earl StoneChandler, Ruby         4-Dec-09        M550

Herd, Al               Blandon, Donia         3-Sep-20        Y079

Herdie, Nella(lie)     Bradshaw, W.C.         4-Jul-00        H352

Herdig, Addie          Bray, R.E. Jr.         24-Mar-20       X276

Heredeen, J. Ryan      Williams, Susie        9-Sep-08        L558

Hereford, Alberta O.   Terbush, Henry         18-Jun-08       L427

Hereford, Clarence EugeLehmann, Bertha Beryl  06 Apr 1898     G488

Hereford, J.E.         Foster, Bertha         10-Jun-13       Q191

Hereford, Opal         Stanley, Francis N.    19-Jul-19       W297

Hereford, T.L.         Monasmith, Eva         05 Dec 1899     H221

Hergert, William       Harder, Katie          1-Sep-06        K363

Hergert, William       Rowley, Lena Marie     3-Feb-20        X172

Hering, Elizabeth      Bennett, Richard R.    02 Dec 1893     F262

Hering, Nancy          Ragland, Louden        28 Oct 1895     F614

Herlacher, S.G.        Karnes, Ida L.         17-Oct-00       H435

Herlock, Edward Paul   King, Josephine Rose   12-May-20       X397

Hermadez, Ysidra       Zamarano, Abundio J.   21-Aug-18       V335

Herman, Ada            Moore, W.H.            8-Aug-18        V311

Herman, Charles Edo.   Brown, Elizabeth       05 Oct 1893     F220

Herman, Dena           Gray, Jesse                            S196

Herman, George         Stoffel, Mary          16-Aug-20       Y034

Herman, Homer H.       Wilkinson, Emma R.     27-Dec-04       J453

Herman, Iona(nia)      Braitsch, Oscar J.     3-Aug-09        M365

Herman, James H.       Taff, Katherine M.     24-Aug-08       L530

Herman, James H.       Tapp, Katherine M.     24-Aug-08       L530

Herman, Joe            Strubhar, Phoebe       18-Jul-11       O252

Herman, W.C.           Love, True             22-Sep-01       I049

Hermann, Arthur E.     Garst, Pearl Mae       21-Sep-13       Q332

Hermann, Bertha        Coleman, Walter H.     29-Dec-20       Y382

Hermes, Ben            Vedder, Leona          11-Jan-10       M613

Hermes, Emma           Smarsh, Joseph N.      22-Nov-04       J418

Hermes, George W.      Clasen, Anna           25-Nov-08       M017

Hermes, Helena M.      Ayres, Nathan W.       27-Nov-17       U229

Hermes, John           McGraw, Mary           06 May 1890     E128

Hermes, Katie          Schlim, Richard        10-Sep-12       P402

Hermes, Mary           Eck, Math J.                           T177

Hermes, Matilda(thilda)Schmitz, Henry J.      23-Oct-06       K408

Hermes, Michael        Thiemish, Mary         20 Oct 1884     C145

Hermes, Nicholas       Marx, Katie            05 Jun 1882     B272

Hermes, Nicholas       Skinner, Martha A.     07 May 1890     E135

Hermes, Rose           Crowley, Michael       12 May 1892     E547

Hern, Nate B.          Marble, Nellie         03 Feb 1892     E488

Hernandes, Alcadie     Torres, Margarita                      T064

Hernandes, Gaudalupe   Bega, Jesus            9-Jul-18        V270

Hernandez, Maria       Falcon, Gumerindo      9-Feb-12        P098

Hernandez, Ramon       Ramirez, Cristina      4-Feb-18        U531

Hernandez, Roman       Romsack, Agnes         2-Sep-19        W404

Hernden, Sarah A.      Mosher, Wallace D.     10 Nov 1877     A294

Herndon, Anna(nie)     Overlies, Floyd        10 Sep 1893     F196

Herndon, B.B.          Keister, Marie         21 Sep 1893     F206

Herndon, Baker         Fulton, Ruth           01 Aug 1889     D582

Herndon, Bryan B.      O'Rouke, Idela         30-Jul-17       T541

Herndon, Elle          Watkins, Samuel W.     17 Apr 1884     C070

Herndon, Ida L.        Preston, George        9-Feb-20        X188

Herndon, J.L.          Nichols, Laura L.      26 Apr 1880     B064

Herndon, James S.      Hopkins, Jessie                        S096

Herndon, John          Jones, Annie           23 Oct 1888     D413

Herndon, Laura L. (Mrs.Rowland, R.S.          27 Jan 1889     D481

Herndon, Marcellus     LaPlant, Marie Isabell 13-Sep-01       I041

Herndon, Olive         Eckert, Charles A.     10-May-13       Q140

Herndon, Price         Whitmore, Madge Helen  24-Aug-18       V342

Herne, Quincey         Edwards, May           04 Jul 1898     G536

Herning, John N.       Loveland, Winifred     8-Nov-03        J070

Herod, Miriam          Norris, J.N.                           R486

Herold, Henry C.       Hammon, Eva G.(J.)     20-Mar-04       J189

Herolz, Gustave Arthur McClure, Lola          31-Dec-12       P611

Herr, Claude M.        Allsman, Oillie Lee    19-Dec-21       Z487

Herr, Henry E.         Long, May(ary) E. (C.) 04 Oct 1881     B196

Herr, J.T.             Helvie, Lottie         05 Jul 1898     G535

Herrell, A.S.          Beard, Maud E.         04 Oct 1893     F217

Herren, Myrtle M.      Spidell, Charles F.    22-Jun-06       K299

Herriff, Joseph JenningHamilton, Hortense Pyat21-Nov-17       U243

Herriford, C.W.        Bays, Sarah            28 Aug 1887     D088

Herrig, John           Stearns, Bettie        25 Dec 1884     C228

Herrig, Kathryn        Simpson, Marvin A.     6-May-08        L397

Herrig, N.A.           Leen, Lizzie           23 May 1889     D544

Herrin, Roy            Campbell, Margaret     24-Aug-13       Q286

Herring, Annie         Cannon, George L.      4-Oct-17        U041

Herring, Charles       Henderson, Mary        08 Jun 1898     G521

Herring, Ella          Hawkins, D.L.          9-Apr-10        N091

Herring, Etta May      Robinson, E.E.         26-May-14       R006

Herring, Fannie        Walker, Jeremiah       07 Jun 1888     D315

Herring, Hattie        Love, R.H.             7-May-03        I549

Herring, Henry R.      Ricks, Edna J.         1-Sep-20        Y073

Herring, Jerome C.     Bartlett, Nettie I.    15 Nov 1884     C172

Herring, Leah R.       Quillen, P.L.          20-Oct-09       M489

Herring, Lettie        Paidrick, Marshall     02 Apr 1893     F109

Herring, M.C.          Thomas, Thelma         7-Jan-18        U459

Herring, Sybbele(SybellBaughman, James A.     12 Nov 1892     F014

Herring, William H.    Rogers, Alice D.       25-Mar-09       M192

Herring, Wilma         Archambeault, F.A.     15-Nov-14       R223

Herrington, A.L.       Reddick, Edith                         T243

Herrington, Alice      Winters, George S.     24-Jul-11       O259

Herrington, Alta G.    Richardson, George B.                  R519

Herrington, Anna S.    Exton, John            10 Dec 1872     A053

Herrington, Annie      Brown, Leon H.         09 Jul 1896     G118

Herrington, C.O.       Bogle, Marie                           T318

Herrington, Edna S.    Bennett, Walter E.     9-Nov-04        J413

Herrington, F.W.       Cooper, P.E.           20-Jan-02       I163

Herrington, G.H.       Cox, Millie H.         22-Sep-07       L129

Herrington, George C.  Hukle, Leoma           10-Mar-10       N046

Herrington, George H.  Vinson, Sallie A.      06 Jun 1887     D026

Herrington, L.M.       Dunham, Hattie                         R506

Herrington, Lillian    Wolcott, Thomas M.     28-Jan-13       Q009

Herrington, Mabel(ble) Lauterbach, Charles    12-May-08       L400

Herrington, Thomas C.  Parker, Maggie E.      23 Dec 1881     B216

Herrington, Tillie M.  Topping, Gerome V.     27-Aug-14       R119

Herrman, Charles H.    Bron, Ida S.           31-Dec-03       J129

Herrman, George W.     Parrett, Gladys E.     20-Oct-09       M486

Herrman, Scott C.      Graham, Josephine R.   17-Jun-18       V223

Herrman, William F.    Parks, Alletta         18 Sep 1889     D607

Herrmann, Anna         Brehm, C. H.           1-Jul-13        Q226

Herrod, Thomas         Smith, Annabelle       24-Jul-21       Z152

Herron, A.J.           Willis, Hazel M.       17-Feb-12       P110

Herron, Chester        Vaughn, Elsie          12-Jun-17       T442

Herron, Clare          Hoffman, Lillian                       S542

Herron, Clytie Marie   Morgan, Jesse E.       4-Apr-08        L356

Herron, Earl E.        Streller, Angel        19-Nov-19       W617

Herron, Frances        Loveland, Harry                        S556

Herron, Gertrude       Cooper, J.J.           20-Jul-06       K331

Herron, Joseph         Dunmire, Hattie        15 Jun 1899     H107

Herron, Leonard G.     Harvey, Minnie C.      08 Jun 1889     D552

Herron, Lutie          Smith, C.E.            27 Mar 1884     C055

Herron, Myrtle         Rife, W.D.             24-Aug-14       R112

Herron, Orin C.        Wikoff, Nettie         26 Nov 1890     E251

Hershberger, R.S. Jr.  Thompson, Orene        15-Jun-20       X491

Hershberger, Ralph G.  Burke, Amerett         20-Sep-11       O331

Hershberger, Robert    Sample, Minnie         9-Apr-09        M211

Hershberger, S.R.      Goodman, Kate M.       8-Apr-11        O089

Hershey, Dollie Irene  Varenhorst, Henry F.   2-Jun-20        X439

Hershey, Harry L.      Wight, Clara           7-Dec-10        N464

Hershey, John D.       Broady, Mary A.J.      05 Sep 1893     F192

Hershey, John D.       Brody, Mary A.J.       05 Sep 1893     F192

Hershey, S. Ruth       Beebe, J.L.            2-Feb-18        U524

Hershey, Virgil        Spencer, Sylvia        14-Feb-12       P102

Hershinger, Herbert H. McGlasson, Bada                        T186

Herst, Pearl           Luebke, William A.     28-Dec-11       P045

Hert, Pearl            Bechtel, Lony          22-Jan-13       P639

Herth, Rosie           Schwab, Henry          15-Apr-22       Z711

Hertlein, Clara        Brown, Allott          7-Jun-19        W192

Hertzler, P.P.         Borland, Cora Almeda   11 Dec 1897     G418

Hervey, Brazilla G.    Vancuren, Nellie       15-Nov-06       K447

Hervey, Edith B.       Mahan, C. Lowell       20-Dec-21       Z490

Hervey, Gladys         Smith, Robert L.       1-May-09        M242

Hervey, Lucy K.        Kersey, Marion F.      12-Jul-11       O247

Hervey, Sarah E.       Hogg, R.F.                             S521

Herweg, Emmy           Kiesewetter, Bruno     29-Apr-12       P208

Herwig, Henry A.       Bowman, Cornelia       23 Jan 1881     B133

Herwig, Lewis C.       Williams, Hazel                        S146

Herz, Adolf            Peters, May            10-Dec-01       I119

Herz, Will M.          Koefoed, Freda Marie   7-Sep-17        T617

Herzer, Helen          Lewis, W.G.            1-Jan-00        H243

Herzer, John           Stedman, Clara         16-Jun-04       J265

Herzer, Leona J.       McKinstry, David       18-Feb-03       I487

Herzet, Esther         Bredemeier, Fred       15-Jun-20       X492

Herzig, Frank J.       Debruler, Mary Ethel   26-Sep-03       J030

Herzig, Frank J.       Girard, Emma           13-Sep-08       L561

Heschemeyer, Peter     Schmitt, Elizabeth     01 May 1895     F525

Heschmeyer, John       Lorson, Anna           5-May-08        L377

Heser, Philip          Waterscheid, Elizabeth                 S079

Heskett, Edna Lavarre  Reed, George T.        28-Aug-18       V356

Heskett, Margaret (Mrs)McGhee, W.C.           9-Nov-10        N437

Hess, Anna M.          Nance, Edgar E.        02 Jan 1896     G028

Hess, Blanche          Galloup, George B.     19-May-09       M257

Hess, Charley B.       Jackson, Margaret Leone                S365

Hess, Clyde B.         Moore, Ella T.         2-Aug-11        O267

Hess, Eva M.           Bache, Conrad A. Jr.   22-Aug-11       O292

Hess, Florence B.      Bennett, W.H.                          S434

Hess, Francis E.       McClure, Mary M.       28 Sep 1897     G368

Hess, George J.        Hess, Leona E.                         S323

Hess, George L.        Turner, Pearl          23-Jun-13       Q212

Hess, Grant            Hoffman, Adella                        S175

Hess, H.H.             Niederlander, Bertha Ir31 Jan 1888     D211

Hess, Ida B.           Keith, W.D.            12-Oct-18       V444

Hess, Larnie A.        Irwin, Ada B.          24-Feb-09       M156

Hess, Lee C.           Bertholf, Esther       21-Sep-10       N349

Hess, Lela H.          Branstetter, Roy                       R616

Hess, Leona E.         Hess, George J.                        S323

Hess, LeRoy            Lembright, Anna Lee    18-Dec-21       Z486

Hess, Maude            Rothschild, Alfred P.                  T110

Hess, Maude Belle      Long, Lankford N.      26-Jun-10       N207

Hess, May              McDole, B.H.           4-Jan-05        J464

Hess, May              Wright, Homer E.       30-Nov-02       I416

Hess, Mildred          Sodowsky, L.B.         23-Dec-20       Y356

Hess, Nettie Mae       Evans, Morris          27-Mar-20       X279

Hess, Olive F.         Morgret, Albert        25-Sep-04       J352

Hess, Pearl            Entsminger, D.W.       25-Jun-01       H622

Hess, W.P.             Hall, Margaret         11 Oct 1899     H174

Hess, William E.       Mysinger, Mary A.                      D067

Hesse, Elizabeth       Steinkirchner, Henry   1-Apr-18        V063

Hesse, John            Brockelmeier, Mary     30 Oct 1885     C322

Hesse, Joseph B.       Cleary, Catherine C.                   T351

Hesse, Mary G.         Renner, George W.      10-Jun-08       L428

Hessel, C.J.           Dewey, Alta N.         25-Dec-01       I128

Hessel, Ethel          Saunders, Lee R.       20-Dec-13       Q456

Hessel, Eva Mae        Walter, Floyd William  23-Dec-09       M571

Hessel, G.C.           Allen, Clarence I.     28-Nov-06       K456

Hessel, Ida M.         Fearey, Charles E.     19 Nov 1899     H209

Hessel, Mabel          Viney, Harry C.        1-May-05        J558

Hesser, Grace          Fisher, Elmer Clem     3-Dec-19        X016

Hesten, Edwin L.       Neal, Elsie J.         02 Nov 1886     C524

Hester, Dott           Tidmus, Frank          28-Mar-08       L350

Hester, Edith Estella  Barnhart, C.M.         29-Jul-05       K003

Hester, Robert C.      Graham, Alice                          R459

Hester, Zeph           Freeman, Dovie         30-Sep-07       L147

Heston, E.A.           Persyn, Sadie          12-Mar-18       V030

Heston, Mabel          Davis, Albert          1-Jan-14        Q489

Hestwood, Edith Stella Slade, S.R.            4-Mar-14        Q554

Hestwood, J.W.         Dorsey, Maude          24-Oct-13       Q394

Hestwood, Rosa Mabel   Carson, Eli Thomas     10-Oct-05       K067

Heter, Muriel          Mallory, Marion        12-Jul-17       T501

Heterick, James WhitfieMower, Ellen           18 Jun 1897     G316

Heth, Jamima           Gage, George           20 Aug 1898     G556

Heth, Leonard          Snyder, Amanda         20 Apr 1895     F527

Heth, Susie May        Hotchkins, McLoid      8-Sep-17        T618

Hetherington, Ida BelleBrunk, Samuel D.       19-Oct-11       O376

Hetherington, Violet LeMay, Robert Clel       26-Dec-20       Y357

Hetherington, William CCooney, Ella May                       S070

Hetrick, Edward E.     McCluer, Bertha I.     12-Feb-20       X192

Hetrick, Frank L.      Ruthrauff, J. Blanche  1-Apr-11        O075

Hetrick, G.B.          Winzer, Mabel C.       1-Apr-14        Q581

Hetrick, Juanita       Hutchinson, Daniel H.  23-Dec-13       Q467

Hetrick, Lena          Rehkopf, Harry W.      9-Oct-19        W501

Hetrick, Regina        Lines, Alfred          19-Jan-09       M108

Hetrick, Sarah M.      Gilkson, Homer A.      7-Mar-07        K569

Hetsel, John I.        Hazelton, Nerma        10-Mar-13       Q057

Hett, August R.        Nystrom, Effie                         T014

Hettinger, Calvin H.   Reed, Bessie Barlow    7-Jan-03        I456

Hettinger, Coral V.    Richardson, Huldah Elan4-May-20        X374

Hettmansperger, Minnie Vale, Frank W.         20-Sep-08       L570

Hettrick, Earl W.      Grimsley, Bonnie E.    9-Mar-10        N050

Hettrick, Grace        Fado, Edgar            14-Nov-07       L201

Hettrick, Maude        Lauterbach, Lewis F.   20-Nov-04       J421

Hettsmansperger, Elma  Hickerson, Emmett S.   1-Dec-19        X013

Hetzel, J.W.           Gleason, Cliffie E.    14-Dec-09       M551

Hetzel, Peter          Komma, Thresa          3-Jun-13        Q163

Hetzell, J.M.          Winget, Evelina(lena)  16 Jun 1898     G527

Heulen, Pansy          Peters, John F.        17-Mar-19       W026

Heuley, A. Joseph      Vermillion, Josie      05 Dec 1888     D449

Heusel, W.F.           O'Brien, Mary          13 Jul 1882     B284

Heuser, Adolph         Lyons, Lucy D.         31 Mar 1878     A326

Hewes, Fremont         Seyfert, Clara         09 Dec 1886     C547

Hewey, Johnson Brent   Gray, Lillian          13-Jul-12       P305

Hewey, Marguerite      Bass, T.T.             18-Jan-11       N557

Hewitt, J.C.           Kiles, Carrie                          J026

Hewitt, Roland S.      Newman, Edith                          S621

Hewlett, Ethel F.      Gaw, Alden L.          2-Mar-04        J179

Heydon, Fannie A.      Lapes, Phillip P.      12 Jun 1895     F552

Heydorf, J. Howard     Kinahan, Birdie G.     1-Jun-11        O170

Heying, Clara M.       Cleary, John J.        16 May 1889     D538

Heying, Lida           Mercer, Daniel A.      07 Oct 1897     G377

Heyland, Clara Elsa    Tressler, C.B.         6-Jan-19        V557

Heyman, Onetia         Endsley, M.D.          29-Aug-18       V358

Heymann, Friedericka   Friedberg, Moses       03 Jan 1888     D194

Heymen, Henry          Gruber, Lizzie         13 Apr 1889     D524

Heynen, Henry F.       Watson, Ella           25 Oct 1893     F239

Heywood, Rosa L.       Johnson, Willis J.     15-Jun-05       J601

Hfe, Willie            Blackman, Laura        06 Jul 1886     C464

Hiatt, Annie M.        Imel, Charles          17 May 1893     F137

Hiatt, Caroline M.     Long, Donald O.        24-Nov-17       U250

Hiatt, Levi J. (Dr.)   Reagan, Lula           06 Sep 1890     E193

Hiatt, Mabel           Wood, Bert             14-Jun-09       M295

Hiatt, Mary E.         Fennell, Nathanael R.  08 Jan 1896     G031

Hibarger, Bernice AleneTheisner, William L.   30-Mar-21       Y552

Hibarger, Carl R.      Moore, Millie S.       15 Feb 1887     C588

Hibarger, E.L.         Fletcher, Ida          09 Jun 1886     C450

Hibarger, Edith        Lee, Chester(Charles)H.17 Feb 1897     G255

Hibarger, Walter       Yazel, Gertrude        1-Jan-07        K505

Hibbard, Alice M.      Pearson, Ernest        15-Dec-19       X039

Hibbard, George J.     Foote, Julia           6-Jun-07        L006

Hibbard, P.J.          Green, Violet          7-Mar-09        M171

Hibbard, Pearl         Grimes, Rowland        20-May-00       H322

Hibbard, Pearl         Paris, Leamoin S.      19-Oct-17       U101

Hibberd, Charles F.    Hudson, Alice          9-Sep-03        J014

Hibbets, Joe           Greening, Sarah        17 Jul 1887     D060

Hibbits, Roy           Salander, Myrtle       20-Jun-09       M304

Hibbitt, Johnnie       Phillips, Madge        6-Oct-17        U050

Hibbitt, Tom           Dozier, Vinia          3-Jun-20        X452

Hibbitts, Eula         Whelpley, Henry W.     26-Nov-13       Q444

Hibbs, Rosa            Miller, J.E.           25-Jun-20       X530

Hibner, George J.W.    Scott, Ethel H.        6-Apr-10        N085

Hickcox, Ella T. (Mrs.)Walton, Winfield S.    03 Dec 1892     F029

Hickcox, Maud Frances  Moyer, Charles C.      11-Jun-02       I267

Hickerson, Beulah N.   Harper, William B.     29-May-20       X437

Hickerson, C.C.        Fultz, Laura H.        10 Feb 1897     G250

Hickerson, E.T.        Brown, Anna            23 Jul 1899     H129

Hickerson, E.T.        Ewing, S. Ellen                        S009

Hickerson, Edna        McGee, C.W.            19-May-20       X412

Hickerson, Edna        Stephenson, Ray        7-Jun-14        R017

Hickerson, Emmett S.   Hettsmansperger, Elma  1-Dec-19        X013

Hickerson, Maggie      Spoon, Almond          19 Nov 1884     C163

Hickerson, May         Buford, Fred           13-Aug-08       L515

Hickerson, Mayme GertruWier, Roy Earl         16-Apr-13       Q112

Hickerson, Sarah A.    Fink, Jacob            08 Apr 1883     B362

Hickerson, Seth Edward Sheets, Hallie M.      11-Sep-21       Z272

Hickerson, Sidney      Able, Allie            17 Oct 1897     G383

Hickerson, Sidney      Stewart, Ammer         20 Sep 1890     E201

Hickerson, W.E.        Fulkerson, Pearl       3-Apr-21        Y556

Hickey, Andrew W.      Schroth, Mary Margaret                 T331

Hickey, K.W.           Bradley, Lesta         11-Jan-14       Q500

Hickey, Kathryn        Koochel, Joe           12-Jul-13       Q237

Hickey, Pearl          Hinshaw, Donald        16-Jan-20       X134

Hickland, John Green   Henderson, Adeline     23 Aug 1886     C485

Hickle, Joseph L.      Charles, Myrtle Rose   15-Oct-21       Z354

Hicklin, Edward F.     Whiting, Emma H.       30-Mar-04       J195

Hicklin, Jessie        Gould, Albert M.                       R579

Hicklin, Oliver        Richardson, Mary       14 May 1885     C254

Hicklin, Ruby G.       Mangels, Irven R.                      S227

Hickling, Clarence J.  Temple, Alice          26-Nov-08       M025

Hickling, Thomas       Martin, Emma           01 Aug 1879     A438

Hickman, Althea MarguerCarter, Sam William    23-Mar-22       Z670

Hickman, Arthur L.     Menoher, Philethea E.  2-Jun-18        V185

Hickman, Bernice R.    Schoonover, Ira R.     19-Aug-02       I329

Hickman, Dela          Bohanon, W.J           20 Oct 1887     D139

Hickman, E.J.          Park, Frances M.                       T153

Hickman, Edgar B.      Miller, Edith B.       2-Oct-01        I063

Hickman, Edith Lenore  White, Willard W.      16-Mar-19       W025

Hickman, Eva           Bickel, George S.      13 Jul 1885     C277

Hickman, Grace M.      Wilson, C. Buford      4-May-11        O135

Hickman, Harriet EstherGifford, Noble Charles 12-May-22       Z757

Hickman, Lucy          Heatherton, Walter M.  23-Jul-12       P322

Hickman, Mary E.       Hubbard, Alexis R.                     A360

Hickman, Minor E.      Hawley, Maud           22-Sep-21       Z298

Hickman, Opal Orena    Teague, H.G.           16-Oct-17       U090

Hickman, Robert Wood   Bourne, Norma May      14-Jan-02       I159

Hickman, Rolly         Baugh, Hazel                           T484

Hickman, Thula         Bissell, Floyd         27-Nov-17       U271

Hickok, Frank G.       Reeves, Angeline(na) A.13-Feb-02       I181

Hickok, George B. Jr.  Paul, Minnie           29-Jun-20       X543

Hickok, J.L.           Leatherburry, Amy D.   15 May 1887     D010

Hickox, Beatrice E.    Morlan, Andrew J.      25-Apr-06       K254

Hickox, Zina           Bowen, Ira I.          10-Oct-19       W511

Hicks, Bertha Lee      Phipps, Miles A.       21-Sep-19       W448

Hicks, Cecile          Davis, Frank           13-Apr-07       K604

Hicks, Daisy Abilene   Kammerer, William G.   16-Sep-01       I042

Hicks, Florence        Newell, E.B.           18 May 1896     G094

Hicks, Frederick J.    Wilson, Lina           23 Sep 1893     F209

Hicks, George          Muse, Sadie            28-Jun-07       L039

Hicks, George          Roberts, Ida May                       L020

Hicks, Glenn           Keith, Florence E.     29-Nov-17       U287

Hicks, Harry H.        Mueller, Ella          6-Dec-14        R269

Hicks, James M.        Dixon, Amey K.         04 Dec 1879     B009

Hicks, John H.         Wolfe, Mona            1-Feb-11        O002

Hicks, Joseph          Singleton, Margaret E. 24-Jan-20       X150

Hicks, Juanita         Lewis, Oliver          4-Aug-18        V304

Hicks, M.A.            Stevens, H.M.          27-Oct-04       J397

Hicks, Mary Edna       Coleman, Robert Leslie 7-Aug-19        W339

Hicks, Myrtle          Weller, F.W.           5-Mar-22        Z642

Hicks, Prim            Harris, Blanche        25-Dec-11       P029

Hicks, Ralph I.        Searles, Doris         11-Nov-21       Z420

Hicks, Ruby            Zehring, Clarence      9-Jun-17        T434

Hicks, Ruth            Johnston, Roy R.       2-Jan-22        Z531

Hicks, Sarah           Yount, C.F.            01 Jan 1896     G026

Hicks, William J.      Wilder, Hazel C.                       S201

Hickson, Mabel         Deffibaugh, Otis M.    8-May-11        O140

Hiddleson, Ella        Reinecker, Charles     24-Dec-05       K148

Hiddleson, Ella        Renecker, Charles      24-Dec-05       K148

Hider, Saul            Davis, Mary                            N358

Hiebert, Bertha        Rexroad, Edward        20-Sep-20       Y124

Hiedeman, Marie        Cooper, Guy            1-Aug-08        L502

Hieger, J.J.           Bach, Anna             16-Oct-00       H420

Hieger, Regina(nia)    Reichenberger, Nicholas28-Apr-08       L385

Hieger, Roman B.       Bach, Katie            22-Oct-01       I062

Hiems, Adda            Morris, John C.        3-Oct-05        K059

Hien, Nick             Pargett, Barbara       19-Jul-10       N212

Hienforth, William     Gordon, Mary           12 Jun 1878     A337

Hierholzer, Ruth DobsonBoyan, Arthur Edward   28-Mar-21       Y550

Hierman, Mina          Ommer, Edward          21 Jul 1888     D346

Hiett, Alta Jane       Ewing, J.A.            27-Aug-19       W388

Higbee, Bert           Werther, Cora          1-Jun-10        N169

Higbee, Christie       Hyatt, Ethel           2-Jul-05        J619

Higbee, Harry          Schroder, Lena         24-Dec-12       P587

Higbee, Lillie May     Hyatt, Edwin           3-Aug-06        K344

Higbee, Mary E. (Mrs.) Phelps, William H.     15 Apr 1890     E121

Higbee, Maud           Parks, John            26-Jan-07       K529

Higbee, Ruby           McMillen, John F.      24-Dec-05       K155

Higbie, G.F.           Grubb, Maude           12-Jul-20       X576

Higbon, Vera           Stansbury, Clinton W.  18-Nov-20       Y280

Higdon, Minnie A.      Blood, Lawrence D.     19-Nov-11       O420

Higgens, Anna          Marlow, Roy F.         8-Aug-17        T562

Higginbotham, W.A.     Powell, Ollie E.       29-Jul-09       M360

Higginbothan, Mark     Alexander, Blanche     15-Jun-10       N189

Higgins, Belle         Johnson, Clemson C.    24-Mar-19       W034

Higgins, C.L.          Fulton, L. Beatrice    23 Dec 1897     G429

Higgins, Clara         Tuell, Charlie         30-Sep-17       U028

Higgins, E.M.          Shwen, Blanche         29-Oct-10       N419

Higgins, Frank J.      Aherne, May            15-Oct-07       L167

Higgins, Franklin      Oak, Margaret A.       26-Aug-08       L536

Higgins, George A.     Haley, Dora            23-Dec-08       M063

Higgins, George A.     Halsy, Dora            23-Dec-08       M063

Higgins, Gladys        Lusk, N.L.             26-Jun-20       X538

Higgins, Grace J.      Ishmael, J.L.          2-May-09        M244

Higgins, J.E.          St. Denis, Minnie      15 Jan 1883     B339

Higgins, J.H.          Grasselli, Ida May     3-Nov-17        U162

Higgins, L.F.          Curtis, Julia          23 May 1892     E551

Higgins, Louis W.      Dodd, L.E.             6-Apr-21        Y566

Higgins, Mary E.       Eshom, Charles E.      9-Jan-10        M610

Higgins, Maud          Cameren, Charles       10-Oct-00       H429

Higgins, Maude         Elliott, Iliff L.      8-Dec-17        U319

Higgins, Maurice James Warren, Helena Rose    19-Oct-11       O369

Higgins, Monica R.     Irving, Harry A.       30-Jun-20       X543

Higgins, R. Kurtis     Barnes, Nannie A.      14 May 1874     A119

Higgins, Rosella       Kinsey, Seaman F.      12-Jun-12       P276

Higgins, Thomas E.     Shackelford, Zola      22-Jan-20       X145

Higgins, Thomas J.     Hill, Nellie           28 Jan 1895     F484

Higgins, William A.    Wolf, Sadie A.         11-Nov-03       J076

Higgins, William J.    Rowley, Nancy C.       31-Oct-04       J400

Higginson, C.N.        Rucker, Mary E.        4-Apr-04        J203

Higginson, Charles G.  Hall, Lufanna          1-Oct-09        M454

Higginson, Dayton M.   Shuler, Carrie C.      __ Jan 1919     V570

Higginson, H.D.        Roach, Lizzie          5-Sep-00        H387

Higgs, Amanda          Alexander, J.B.        15-Nov-19       W611

Higgs, William         Kreiger, Amanda        09 Feb 1898     G458

High, C.P.             Rickards, Izah R.      8-Feb-05        J495

High, C.R.             Stuart, Ethel D.       1-Jun-20        X440

High, Frances Cora     Mays, Walter           16-Nov-19       W608

High, Harold           Boren, Nora            15-Feb-08       L309

High, Lewis            Griffith, Nancy M.     18 Dec 1884     C178

High, Loren Powell     McAleer, Esther Lily   16-Aug-19       W358

High, Lula             Wey, Walter            21-Jan-08       L283

High, O. Glenn         Mitchell, Nellie(le) E.7-Nov-06        K434

High, Parie(arrie)     Money, Azzle M.        30 Jun 1892     E573

High, Sallie           McMillen, James W.     20 Dec 1893     F269

High, Waitman Emmor    Wilson, Cora Eudell    1-Jan-02        I150

High, William          Salisbury, Lou         29 Oct 1893     F242

Highbarger, Bertha AlmiMason, Otto Park       30 Sep 1897     G372

Highbarger, Catherine  Johnson, J.S.          10 Oct 1899     H178

Highbarger, J.D.       Henricks, Flora A.     15-Mar-04       J186

Highbarger, James      Bugbee, Mabel          14-Mar-07       K572

Highbarger, Mary LucindGarst, Earl Stanley                    S257

Highbarger, Rosa B.    Winters, William O.    11-Feb-14       Q530

Hight, Howard H.       Burroughs, Nona        5-Jul-13        Q232

Hightower, Ernest S.   O'Connor, Elizabeth    14-Feb-21       Y474

Hightower, J.F.        Maloy, Hattie          16 Oct 1897     G383

Hightower, Luther      Tapp, Mary             22-Feb-14       Q542

Higley, J.H.           Colvin, Emma                           T019

Higlie, Willis         Manion, Sarah          03 Mar 1885     C220

Hilbert, Bernal W.     Irwin, Pauline         25-Jul-18       V291

Hilbert, Caddie        Hatcher, Bennet(tt)    18 Jun 1890     E157

Hilbert, E.R.          Johnson, Lorene                        T307

Hilbert, James         Dun, Maggie A.         20 Dec 1885     C362

Hilbert, L.C.          Kelly, Etta            14-May-08       L402

Hilbert, L.C.          Stewart, Lena          21-Aug-01       I025

Hilbert, Lank          Winesberry, Emma                       T171

Hilbert, Raddie        Dayo, Charles          23-Jul-00       H364

Hilberte, Albert       Smith, Maria           10 Jun 1875     A159

Hilbish, James Martin  Cramer, Emma J. (Mrs.) 14-Nov-12       P514

Hilborn, A.H.          Morton, Weltha         23-May-00       H326

Hilbrant, Marie        McGuinn, Arthur        1-May-14        Q613

Hildabrand, Gladys     Farney, Elza           17-Sep-13       Q325

Hildebrand, R.L.       Grant, Pearle                          S051

Hildebrand, Rosa V.    Jones, Henry           03 Jul 1893     F163

Hildenbrand, Effie MaryJohnston, Victor A.    21-Oct-21       Z368

Hildinger, Clara       Peterson, Chester      10-Jul-21       Z079

Hildreth, Datus RichardHensley, Ida Clara     21-Jun-14       R034

Hildreth, Ethe E.      Baker, George A.       15 Dec 1881     B215

Hiler, Fred            Waymire, Elsie         3-Jul-09        M335

Hilger, Annie(na) G.   Erker, August Frank    7-Nov-06        K420

Hilger, Joseph Jr.     Schwaiger, Mary        23 Feb 1892     E490

Hilger, Katie          Thome, Mathias         26-Jan-15       R315

Hilger, M.C.           Odermath, Mary                         S194

Hilger, Mathias Joe    Helton, Catherine      19-Nov-01       I093

Hilger, Peter          May, Katie                             R410

Hill, A.B.             Thornton, Helen        20-Nov-17       U240

Hill, A.T.             Duffy, Lillian J.      6-Sep-05        K032

Hill, Ada May          Barr, Paul Dean        2-Jan-10        M601

Hill, Agnes W.         Christy, Howard L.     28-Mar-18       V061

Hill, Albert           Robins, Lillian        11-Jun-09       M292

Hill, Alice A.         Buckley, William H.    20 Jun 1894     F373

Hill, Allie            Vogt, George                           T209

Hill, Anna             Studer, John J.        31-Oct-05       K094

Hill, Anna R.          Watts, William M.      23 Sep 1889     D613

Hill, Anne Foard       Spencer, Thomas Arthur 24-Sep-21       Z302

Hill, Arthur           Beardale, Minnie       16-Aug-09       M377

Hill, Arzelia          Jones, William H.      15 May 1890     E141

Hill, B.F.             Robey, Mary Elizabeth                  S480

Hill, B.M.             Cline, Mae E.          29-Feb-12       P130

Hill, Benjamin F.      Fearn, Margaret E.     27-Apr-14       Q606

Hill, Benjamin FranklinParks, Lulu E.         9-Jun-09        M284

Hill, Bertha           Ray, B.F.              20-Oct-17       U104

Hill, Betty Marie      Short, Aaron LeRoy     18-Aug-20       Y036

Hill, Blanche          Waugh, C.H.            8-Oct-12        P448

Hill, C.W.             Sanders, Sarah E.      04 Feb 1883     B345

Hill, Catharine(herine)Hardy, George A.       16-Sep-03       J019

Hill, Charles          Anderson, Lida         9-Sep-12        P405

Hill, Charles          Fleming, Ruby          3-Jul-11        O238

Hill, Charles          Kush, Bertha M.        5-Jul-05        J623

Hill, Charles          Sanders, Samantha                      K253

Hill, Charles          Strop, Violet Charline 18-Oct-21       Z361

Hill, Charles L.       Osborn, Mary E.        28 Sep 1896     G156

Hill, Charles W.       Criley, Sallie J.      02 May 1877     A270

Hill, Chester          Brown, Pauline Mary    22-Jun-04       J269

Hill, Clarence         McKedy, Mable          7-Apr-19        W061

Hill, Claris M.        Neal, Clarence James   31-Dec-02       I447

Hill, Clifford         McDugal, Mattie        23-Dec-03       J120

Hill, Clyde G.         Walton, Mary                           T139

Hill, Cynthia B.       Bader, William D.      17-Nov-20       Y277

Hill, D.P.             Dyal, Maybelle         12-Nov-13       Q418

Hill, Daniel           Lane, Mary Ann         22 Jun 1876     A209

Hill, Della            Helvie, J.F.           18 May 1898     G509

Hill, Donald A.        Priest, Edith F.       9-Oct-20        Y177

Hill, E.E.             Dodge, Elsie                           R540

Hill, E.P.             McCormick, Gertie      08 Dec 1881     B216

Hill, E.W.             Harell, Ada                            Q307

Hill, Edward           Holmes, Elizabeth M.                   F550

Hill, Edward E.        Hill, Harriet B.       29 Dec 1891     E464

Hill, Elbert           Woltz, Minnie          20 Nov 1895     F627

Hill, Elizabeth        Dotts, James A.        12-Jun-21       Z043

Hill, Elizabeth B.     Fulton, J.M.           27-Nov-01       I112

Hill, Ella             Benson, Augustus Charle2-Jun-08        L420

Hill, Ellison          Murphy, Florence I.    1-May-00        H314

Hill, Emma S.          Moore, N.W.            16 Feb 1898     G461

Hill, Essie P.         McCord, Isaac C.       5-Oct-04        J366

Hill, Ethel B.         Griffin, Ralph         31-Dec-11       P049

Hill, Ethel E.         Green, Noah L.         5-Nov-21        Z407

Hill, Ethel Faye       DeShurley, Harry O.                    S424

Hill, Eva              Muller, Charlie P.     3-Nov-09        M511

Hill, Fannie Irene     Kennedy, J.H.          19-Apr-11       O111

Hill, Flossie          Woodring, Roy F.       08 Mar 1893     F092

Hill, Frank            Stine, Emma            20 Dec 1898     G637

Hill, Frankie Caroline Brown, Ransom Hunt     15-May-20       X381

Hill, Gertrude         Dill, Burton           6-Feb-12        P093

Hill, Gladys           Davis, Chester P.                      S492

Hill, Glenn E.         Adams, Callie E.                       S047

Hill, Gordon           Shields, Jessie        15 Sep 1887     D102

Hill, Gordon           Thompson, Ida          11 May 1897     G297

Hill, Grace A.         Sluss, Henry C.        3-Jul-18        V258

Hill, Grace M.         Lane, Robert L.        23-Jul-17       T522

Hill, Grover Calvin    Kehl, Margaret Elizabeth               S196

Hill, Guy              Overley, Ruth                          S452

Hill, Guy M.           Garrison, Bessie       2-Apr-05        J535

Hill, H. Warner        Gray, Caroline C.      26-Nov-12       P532

Hill, H.W.             Fisher, Ida M.                         T117

Hill, H.W.             Miller, J.M.           25-Feb-02       I187

Hill, H.W.             Pettit, Marie H.       12-Jun-18       V208

Hill, Harriet B.       Hill, Edward E.        29 Dec 1891     E464

Hill, Harry R.         Lantz, Jessie V.       06 Jul 1898     G536

Hill, Harry T.         O'Hair, Maude          2-Nov-05        K099

Hill, Harry W.         Williams, Agnes E.     24-Nov-07       L208

Hill, Hattie O.        Adams, W.G.            29 Dec 1895     G022

Hill, Hazel H.         Stanton, Edwin M.      7-Feb-07        K540

Hill, Henry G.         Rule, Charlotte A.     11-Jun-19       W205

Hill, Herman A.        Wilson, Ida            02 Sep 1888     D374

Hill, Homer            Sharp, Mildred Golden  16-Dec-20       Y341

Hill, Ida              Gordon, Charles H.     2-Nov-03        J070

Hill, Ida              Sayles, John Henry     14-Oct-09       M473

Hill, Ida              Watkins, Lee           4-Apr-13        Q094

Hill, Ida C.           Hasty, George E.       10-Aug-03       I624

Hill, Jake             Bower, May             14-Jan-22       Z553

Hill, James E.         Randolph, Olive(Ollie)E14 Aug 1892     E589

Hill, Jennie L.        Wohlford, Charles H.   22-Nov-11       O427

Hill, Jennie Pearl     Crandall, Watson D.    20-Mar-09       M186

Hill, Jessie M.        Humble, T. Isaac       16 May 1883     B372

Hill, Johanna          Dozier, Mathew         20-Oct-10       N401

Hill, John             Carson, Lillian C.     24-Jul-01       I007

Hill, John             Critchfield, Emma      5-Oct-10        N376

Hill, John             Kehl, Clara                            S178

Hill, John S.          Doaty, Muriel          18-Oct-05       K081

Hill, Johnie           Lee, Corine            11-Sep-20       Y095

Hill, Josephine G.     Outland, George E.     24-May-05       J579

Hill, Julia            Jackson, A.            29-May-19       W170

Hill, Laura            Ray, Edward            20-Apr-22       Z720

Hill, Leathie          Falk, Harry C.         1-Mar-19        W003

Hill, Lillian A.       Baker, John J.         30-Nov-09       M547

Hill, Lizzie           Lowry, John C.         30-Apr-11       O128

Hill, Lottie May       Wilson, R.P.           16-Dec-02       I427

Hill, Lou              Walle, Anna            8-Jul-07        L030

Hill, Lura Catherine   Lee, Roy Ellis                         R510

Hill, Marion           Ingold, Ross E.        10-Jan-20       X123

Hill, Mary             Keohane, Michael W.    04 Jan 1892     E469

Hill, Mary W.          Kurie, Charles W.      19 Jan 1887     C576

Hill, Maude M.         Deardoff, Samuel E.    8-Jun-02        I265

Hill, Melvin J.        McDonald, Angeline N.  1-May-01        H575

Hill, Minnette         Ellis, Ernest          26-Nov-06       K459

Hill, N. Grace         Briggs, R.P.           08 May 1896     G090

Hill, Nellie           Higgins, Thomas J.     28 Jan 1895     F484

Hill, Nettie           Rawlings, Walter       6-Dec-14        R262

Hill, O.F.             Harleyman, Josephine   22 May 1899     H093

Hill, Olive            Freeman, J.H.                          S491

Hill, Olive L.         Harvey, Thomas A.      18-Nov-17       U232

Hill, Oma              Summers, Milt          23-Sep-19       W466

Hill, Ora D.           Nix, Myrtle            7-Jul-20        X567

Hill, Ora Maud         Coons, Sherman         25-Aug-09       M390

Hill, Orien Frances    Courtney, Charles H.   26-Oct-21       Z384

Hill, Orpha B.         Welch, Flo                             S230

Hill, Oscar F.         Dodge, Mary            30-Apr-19       W107

Hill, Paul L.          VanGieson, Abbie Lois  26-Jun-21       Z080

Hill, Pearl            Forney, C.N.           28-Aug-19       W390

Hill, Pearl            Turner, C.M.           25-Oct-05       K091

Hill, Pearl            Wilson, Raymond                        Z578

Hill, Pearle A.        Hixson, Ernest C.      15-Sep-09       M425

Hill, Percy R.         Skelton, Ada           15-Jun-19       W212

Hill, Regina M.        Roberts, Roy D.        2-Aug-04        J308

Hill, Richard          Fletcher, Leonna       16 Nov 1887     D159

Hill, Robert Luther    Houston, Ola                           R421

Hill, Ross             Holt, Bernice          29-Sep-11       O350

Hill, Roy C.           Flaudes, Mercedz       1-Feb-11        O001

Hill, Rufus Perry      Alexander, Tuna        27-Dec-04       J454

Hill, Ruth Lucile      Hobbs, Lucian E.                       S393

Hill, Silva            Mullins, John          28 Jan 1888     D208

Hill, Thomas Lee       White, Nettie          5-Jun-09        M282

Hill, Tina             Stubbelfield, Oliver J.27-Jul-07       L063

Hill, Vera             King, S.A.             19-Feb-18       U573

Hill, Viola            Daley, J.A.            4-Jul-03        I599

Hill, Viola M.         Kessler, H.R.          27-Jun-17       T476

Hill, Violet A.        Burget, Samuel         25 Oct 1893     F237

Hill, W.E.             Hayler, Maud           26-Dec-07       L260

Hill, W.H.             Lewallen, Molisa                       T190

Hill, W.J.             Miller, Lizzie         28 May 1896     G096

Hill, Walter L.        Hanes, Gertrude Zenobia5-Apr-19        W050

Hill, Walter M.        Manning, Frances C.                    S244

Hill, William          Huber, Iona            23-May-04       J240

Hill, William          Jones, Anna Marie      8-Jun-21        Z027

Hill, William          Sheldon, Cora          16 Dec 1891     E444

Hill, William B.       Seamen, Em J.          22 Mar 1877     A260

Hill, William H.       Catlin, Marian A. (Mrs)31 Dec 1889     E057

Hill, William Johnston Gilmer, Jessie         31-Mar-19       W045

Hill, William L. Jr.   Clevinger, Nettie      09 Oct 1887     D125

Hill, Willie           Bingham, Mary          28-Nov-17       U275

Hill, Willis Crook     Williams, Myrtle Maybelle              R475

Hillard, Malinda       Hardin, J.J.           26 Mar 1884     C063

Hillbun, Lena          Agnew, A.C.            23-Aug-13       Q287

Hillbun, O.C.          Nelson, Mary                           V180

Hillebricht, Lena      Hatter, Leonart        23-Jul-00       H363

Hillegaard, Catherine  Wilderom, A.P.         3-Oct-17        U040

Hillemeyer, E.E.       Opie, Eva              4-Feb-20        X177

Hillerman, Charles S.  Bradley, Rosa          27 Sep 1892     E620

Hillgren, Alfred R.    Myers, Lelia Vaughn    23-Dec-13       Q468

Hillhouse, George A.   Kirby, Mattie          24-Aug-08       L529

Hilliard, Aida E.      McWethy, Garnet C.     8-Sep-09        M413

Hilliard, Bertha       Thomas, A.S.           1-Oct-07        L147

Hilliard, Emily        Johnson, Oran J.       27-Apr-20       X356

Hilliard, Emma         Chaffin, W.J.          1-Nov-06        K432

Hilliard, Fannie D.    Rice, Frank G.         18-Sep-19       W448

Hilliard, M.E. (Mrs.)  Glidden, B.H.          25 Nov 1899     H214

Hillilard, Ruth CarleneGraham, L.M.           25-Mar-19       W038

Hillis, Annie          Beard, Craig           01 Mar 1893     F088

Hillis, Earl           Johnson, Virtue        4-Nov-08        L628

Hillis, L.E.           Means, E.L.            24 Dec 1888     D456

Hillis, Wilbur         Swindell, Sylvia       20-Aug-19       W375

Hillman, Dora          Holtje, John           14-Apr-04       J207

Hillman, Edward H.     Compton, Leora         24-Dec-12       P588

Hillman, Floyd H.      Mahaffey, Lucretia     7-Feb-07        K538

Hillman, Fred Henry    Blocker, Rosa          8-Jun-21        Z028

Hillman, George        Klinker, Frieda        17-Mar-18       V039

Hillman, Henry         Pottberg, Lena         15-Jun-10       N188

Hillman, Henry         Roembaugh, Clara       01 Oct 1880     B091

Hillman, Henry D.      Schneider, Dora        7-Oct-09        M457

Hillman, John          Kohler, Maria          10 Mar 1877     A257

Hillman, John          Oppendahl, Annie       28 Mar 1886     C384

Hillman, John D.       Wiechman, Minna(nie)   28-Nov-07       L203

Hillman, Rebecca       Weise, Henry           20 Jul 1879     A435

Hillman, Richard F.    Guetschow, Emma        19-Apr-07       K610

Hillman, Rosa          Petzoldt, Ferdinand    25-Dec-07       L234

Hillman, William       Powers, Helen          26-Jun-17       T471

Hills, D.O.            Bright, E.O.           31 Dec 1888     D468

Hills, Earl            Johnson, Virtue        4-Nov-08        L628

Hills, Edwin L.        VanDyke, Ida M.        14 Sep 1887     D104

Hills, Ellery          Mooney, Lilly          13-May-20       X400

Hills, Emma L.         Stanley, William E.    30 May 1876     A203

Hills, Grace M.        Claggett, Eugene C.    31-Mar-09       M196

Hillyard, Sarah Maud   Good, O.W.             7-Jun-03        I574

Hiltbruner, William    Bardshar, Rachel       20 Mar 1882     B254

Hilterbrand, Charles JeWinchell, Mary Ruth    7-Jun-19        W195

Hilterman, Laura A.(MrsHunt, James E.         14 Apr 1890     E120

Hilton, Alice          Day, H.C.              20 Dec 1879     B017

Hilton, Anna E.        Downs, John T. Jr.     2-Nov-08        L628

Hilton, Earnest A.     Blakeman, Catherine H. 17-Jul-06       K326

Hilton, George         Perks, Bessie          17-Feb-10       N016

Hilton, Gladys         Childrey, Calvin       4-Feb-19        V596

Hilton, Jay            Turner, Beulah                         T248

Hilton, John           McHugh, Mabel(ble)     12 Nov 1899     H208

Hilton, Luella         Abbett, Harry          06 Oct 1895     F606

Hilton, Samuel W.      Blakeman, Edna Marion  17-Jul-06       K326

Hilton,Amanda ElizabethShipley, Albert P.     2-Jul-07        L042

Hilts, Cecil J.        Webster, Mary E.       5-Sep-17        T612

Hilyard, Elizabeth LouiShultz, Alfred A.      24-Dec-14       R298

Hilyard, Mabel         Loper, A.D.            3-Sep-13        Q303

Hilyard, Maudine       Boyles, Charles        1-Dec-17        U297

Hilyard, Opal          Shultz, Curtis                         R438

Himbury, Frank         Preston, Nettie        15-Mar-19       W025

Himebaugh, R.W.        Haynes, Winnogene      16-Sep-06       K370

Himelic, Marshall G.   Lewman, Myrtle L.      27-Aug-04       J325

Himmelwright, Homer M. Lockwood, Susie May    19-Jun-20       X512

Himmelwright, Ruby A.  Bloomenshine, C.G.                     S307

Himsteadt, Minnie H.   Robins, E.W.           16 Mar 1898     G477

Himstedt, C.F.         Arnholz, Amelia        1-May-01        H578

Himstedt, Otillie      Smith, D. Eugene       17-Aug-18       V328

Hinchcliffe, Arthur J. Johnson, Atta          9-Sep-03        J014

Hinchley, Annie F.     Forgy, Andrew J.       25 Dec 1873     A097

Hinckle, George M.D.   Wilson, Lillie         10 Nov 1874     A140

Hinckle, Maybelle      Stubbs, Arthur G.      29-Sep-09       M449

Hinckle, William A.P.  Simmons, Cora A.       18-Feb-04       J164

Hinckley, Frances M.   Morris, Charles I.     17-Jan-06       K178

Hinckley, Herbert      Atfield, Etta V.       14-Jul-04       J294

Hinckley, Laura        Mitchell, William      16-May-14       Q633

Hinckley, Mary         Gorvin, Edwin Jr.      8-Jun-10        N177

Hinckley, Rodney       Engel, Hellena         06 Oct 1898     G585

Hinckley, Royal B.     Woolf, Bessie F.       25-Dec-06       K496

Hind, Margaret         Stevenson, C.A.        18-Aug-20       Y039

Hinde, Anthony C.      Morgan, Retta          31-Oct-03       J069

Hinderer, Emma         Roembach, G.E.         10 Jul 1892     E576

Hinderer, George       Jones, Katie           02 Mar 1898     G472

Hindes, Ada            Johnston, Clark Vaughn 8-May-12        P228

Hindes, Sara           Dunn, Clinton C.       4-Jun-19        W189

Hindman, Alice Marie   Bell, Enos             28-Aug-20       Y061

Hindman, Dora          Bernard, James Albert  26 May 1888     D307

Hindman, Olivia        Diringer, Frank                        T135

Hindman, W.T.          Soller, Anna B.        25 Feb 1888     D232

Hinds, A.E.            Bonto, Harvey          14-Feb-11       O013

Hinds, Clarence        Osborn, Linnie         28-Dec-12       P605

Hinds, Clarence        Osborn, Linnie         28-Dec-12       P606

Hinds, Eva             Price, W.L.                            T277

Hinds, J.C.            Myers, Laura Ella      13-Apr-21       Y577

Hine, Clara L.         Noble, Paul L.         16-Apr-02       I222

Hiner, Elbert B.       Seeman, Mae            1-Jun-08        L416

Hiner, Grace           Farlow, C.R.           11-May-22       Z761

Hiner, Jennie          Hite, Thomas                           S049

Hiner, John            Bartell, Eunice E.                     R571

Hiner, Sylvester       Stanley, Josephine A.  3-Sep-18        V369

Hines, Elizabeth       Lumbert, Alpheus       25 Nov 1892     F023

Hines, Enoch F.        Butterfield, Rosie Lee 18-Nov-21       Z434

Hines, Estella L.      Devine, J.F.           12-May-04       J233

Hines, Fred            Nelson, Hilda          28-Jun-08       L459

Hines, James D.        Case, Bertha A.        26-Sep-07       L142

Hines, Mary            Fuqua, Leslie          23 Aug 1889     D592

Hines, William Frank   Drivers, Mable         14-Nov-18       V482

Hinistedt, Anna        English, W.L.          17 Sep 1884     C136

Hinkle, Andy           Cranford, Ethel        19-Jul-09       M351

Hinkle, Brie           Hardy, Gladys          13-Jan-11       N548

Hinkle, Bruce          Sroufe, Mary           4-Jun-17        T416

Hinkle, Daisy          Anderson, Bartley M.   03 Jan 1895     F471

Hinkle, E.S.           Engle, Katie A.        30 Sep 1885     C312

Hinkle, Frank          Chase, Mary            25 Jan 1896     G039

Hinkle, George A.      Kirk, Cynthia A. (Mrs.)05 Jul 1890     E162

Hinkle, H.S.           Baker, Emma            23 Feb 1896     G053

Hinkle, Harley         Evanhoe, Teresa        15-Dec-13       Q458

Hinkle, J.N.           Bell, Ora Irene        16-May-21       Y641

Hinkle, J.N.           Gregory, Greta         7-Mar-12        P140

Hinkle, Jennie         Gault, Thomas H.       26 Jun 1890     E159

Hinkle, Jennie         Kelchner, W.H.         25 Dec 1888     D460

Hinkle, John T.        Ridenhour, Nellie E.   8-Oct-10        N383

Hinkle, Joseph B.      Dabney, Lulu           9-May-02        I241

Hinkle, Lucy G.        Bryon, Claud J.        31 May 1893     F144

Hinkle, Mifflin        Hough, Vetah                           S486

Hinkley, D.E.          Brookover, Eva         19 Jul 1878     A345

Hinkley, John H.       Noland, Bessie A.      17-Jan-09       M105

Hinkson, Ason Arthur   Schuessler, Sarah      1-Nov-06        K427

Hinman, Ben            Meyer, Elda            7-May-22        Z755

Hinman, Emma A.        Schermerhorn, J.S.     22-Jun-04       J273

Hinman, Gabrielle      Leach, Edgar M.        26-Jun-07       L038

Hinman, Katharine B.   Houston, Alexander C.  23 Oct 1899     H194

Hinman, Strong         Goodin, Inez                           R603

Hinman, Vere L.        Buckles, Golden        18-Jun-18       V230

Hinnen, L.A.           Fowler, Katie          5-May-09        M246

Hinnon, Martha         Healy, Tim             29-Jun-11       O228

Hinojosa, Paula        Triana, Victor         3-Feb-21        Y447

Hinricksen, Minnie     Grainge, J.M.          18-Sep-02       I354

Hinshaw, Alfred S.     Paxton, Ella M.        22-Jun-10       N196

Hinshaw, Chester A.    Barackman, Margaret B. 26-Sep-10       N357

Hinshaw, Cloa M.       Randall, Lindley E.    17-Feb-04       J167

Hinshaw, Donald        Hickey, Pearl          16-Jan-20       X134

Hinshaw, Earl C.       Young, Minnie E.       4-Mar-03        I499

Hinshaw, Esther        Orr, George R.         18-Jun-20       X505

Hinshaw, Esther        Reyer, V.G.            12-Dec-17       U327

Hinshaw, Fred A.       Harvey, Arzalia        15-Nov-04       J414

Hinshaw, Goldie        George, Milton         9-Aug-20        Y011

Hinshaw, Goldie L.     Cox, Walter A.         3-Oct-01        I064

Hinshaw, Halsie E.     McKnight, Otho O.      14-Feb-07       K548

Hinshaw, John Clarence Gagan, Bertha A.       12-Nov-03       J078

Hinshaw, L.W.          Gagan, C.F.            13-Sep-04       J341

Hinshaw, Lowell        Dagel, Hazel Dollie    4-May-21        Y620

Hinshaw, Merritt G.    Metzger, Effie Isabelle7-Sep-10        N315

Hinshaw, Orval L.      Craft, Ethel                           R614

Hinshaw, Valley V.     Cook, W.A.             21-Jun-00       H346

Hinshaw, Velma A.      McCracken, Nelson D.   26-Nov-14       R250

Hinshaw, Verlin C.     McLaughlin, Florence M.13-Apr-04       J213

Hinthorne, Leona       Furnace, Fred          05 May 1893     F128

Hinthorne, Leona       Furnas, Fred           05 May 1893     F128

Hinton, Anna A.        Cox, George A.         10 Apr 1886     C424

Hinton, Anna A. (Mrs.) Ball, John W.          18 Oct 1894     F420

Hinton, Dawson         Steele, Ella           24 Dec 1892     F037

Hinton, Elizabeth      Smith, Frank B.        08 May 1883     B371

Hinton, Elma Belle     Perks, Samuel                          S506

Hinton, Florence       Newman, E.A.           02 May 1887     D001

Hinton, Frances Q.(Mrs)Burget, Samuel         25 Nov 1890     E251

Hinton, Hamilton       Malott, Minnie         24 Dec 1893     F278

Hinton, Lillian Mae    Kiser, Floyd W.        25-May-18       V167

Hinton, Mollie         Jarrett, James D.      25 Dec 1889     E049

Hinton, Myrtle M.      Davenport, Allen V.    29-Aug-01       I031

Hinton, Robert E.      Fulzenloger, Mattie J. 22-Oct-12       P471

Hinton, Stella         Poteet, Arthur         25-Dec-11       P031

Hinton, T.G.           Reitober, Bernadine    18-Apr-22       Z715

Hintz, Fred            Loutzenhiser, Vera                     T211

Hinz, Catherine A.     Dedrick, Harry T.      4-Mar-14        Q552

Hinze, Carl            Nissler, Emma (Mrs.)   13 Jan 1891     E285

Hippensteel, Bertha M. Hawks, William C.      26 Sep 1895     F597

Hipple, E.C.           Watts, L.              22 Dec 1884     C178

Hipple, Irene          Dadisman, Ross E.      29-Jun-05       J616

Hircock, Blanch Leona  Shank, Otho Ellworth   26-Mar-13       Q082

Hironimus, Cora Iness  Tapp, Earnest L.       12-Feb-02       I177

Hirons, Gladys         Silvers, Henry         21-Jun-20       X519

Hirsch, Sam            Mohler, Minnie Pearl   1-Aug-21        Z175

Hirsh, Belle           Snyder, Harry          05 Apr 1898     G486

Hirsh, Fances          Bamberger, Abraham     24 Mar 1889     D512

Hirsh, Margaret        VanTrees, Frank B.     24-Dec-11       P033

Hirst, W.H.            Richards, S.G.         31 Jul 1893     F175

Hirth, Charlie H.      Sevedge, Julia A.      29-Sep-04       J362

Hirth, Gracia          Christian, Edgar M.    13-Apr-09       M217

Hiser, Edna B.         Hyde, A.M.             16-Jun-09       M299

Hiser, Lille(lie)      Ulmer, William H.      16-Jun-04       J257

Hiser, Lizzie          Young, James           25 Nov 1876     A237

Hiser, Mary Etta       Norris, J.C.           7-Aug-01        I014

Hiser, Nancy J.        Knisely, Levi          12 Dec 1876     A240

Hissem, R.W.           Sim, Nellie                            S303

Histman, Thomas H.     Sanborn, Jessie Ethel  5-Jan-11        N544

Hitchcock, A.C.        McQueen, Sadie         19-Aug-19       W371

Hitchcock, B.F.        Rathgens, Mary         25 May 1884     C086

Hitchcock, Charles O.  Krack, Lizzie D.       21 Nov 1894     F439

Hitchcock, Edna        Wilson, Charles H.     20-Dec-09       M568

Hitchcock, Ella F.     Squires, Milton L.     6-Nov-04        J407

Hitchcock, Emma L.     Roy, F.A.              04 Feb 1897     G246

Hitchcock, Fred M.     Morberg, Nellie Irene  18-Jun-21       Z060

Hitchcock, Hazel       Garrett, C.W.                          T008

Hitchcock, Jennie M.   Meagher, Michael       24 Aug 1875     A163

Hitchcock, Ruth ElizabeHanberry, Webster G.   6-Dec-17        U315

Hitchcock, Sadie       Hart, M.C.             18-Dec-01       I127

Hitchcock, Stella      Grotz, Michael                         S107

Hitchcock, Sylvia      Harson, Fred. G.       09 Dec 1896     G208

Hitchings, Mollie      Morse, Fred A.         21-Jun-19       W229

Hite, Alice L.         Wanbaugh, Joseph L.    27-Sep-06       K384

Hite, Anna E.          Leonard, George O.     29-Oct-01       I089

Hite, Bessie Birdelli  Miner, Ira W.          29-May-20       X435

Hite, Boone D.         Baker, Nannie(ia)      16-Jul-00       H359

Hite, Charles William  Hart, Juanita          10-Feb-15       R356

Hite, David L.         Munns, Louisa          23 Feb 1890     E086

Hite, E.E.             Wahle, Anna            16 Aug 1888     D360

Hite, Edgar L.         Hollingsworth, Minnie  08 Mar 1886     C404

Hite, Frank Lewis      Worrell, Mary Estelle  18-Sep-01       I043

Hite, G.L.             Busscher, Maggie       02 Jun 1893     F148

Hite, G.L.             Buzzard, Dora Frances  15 Nov 1883     C004

Hite, J.P.             Layman, Jennetta       1-Jun-04        J246

Hite, Letha E.         Grant, Ollive E.       13-Mar-21       Y518

Hite, Mabel Fern       Dunmire, Fred A.       21-Jun-11       O211

Hite, Maggie           Thompson, Henry        5-Jan-08        L273

Hite, Marion E.        Maxwell, George O.     28-Mar-15       R403

Hite, Minnie Selcer    Conway, Thomas         24 Sep 1887     D111

Hite, S.W.             Munns, Marguerite      31 Dec 1898     H012

Hite, Shelby D.        Pritchard, Myrtle      31 Jan 1897     G246

Hite, T.J.             Sampson, M.J. (Mrs.)   5-Feb-00        H266

Hite, Thomas           Hiner, Jennie                          S049

Hite, Vina             Cottrell, Oscar        30-Jun-14       R046

Hites, M.A.            Rosenstiel, Sarah M.   25 Oct 1885     C324

Hites, M.E.            Garrison, Mary         6-Jun-21        Z025

Hitt, Almira           Brown, Richard C.      30 Jan 1881     B129

Hitt, Benjamin Edd G.  Chamberlain, Maisy     23 May 1894     F355

Hitt, O.J.             Dyer, Anna             30-Jun-19       W254

Hitt, P.J.             Littell, Eva L.        18-Sep-01       I046

Hitt, Sarah            McVicker, David                        C290

Hitt, Serena Sarah DeliMcVickers, David       16 Aug 1885     C292

Hittle, Della Edith    Branson, F.C.                          T310

Hittle, Peter          Boyer, Meda            11-Jul-07       L049

Hittle, Peter          Pierce, Annie          30-Jan-13       Q010

Hively, Phoebe Alice   Zahnley, Harry C.      25-Jun-13       Q218

Hix, Eva               Brown, W.H.            5-Sep-00        H391

Hixon, Alice           Confer, Dean O.        24-Oct-18       V455

Hixon, Della C.        Crabill, Simeon W.     23 Oct 1889     D640

Hixon, Emma E.         Lanning, Vallandingham 05 Mar 1885     C222

Hixon, Minnie          Hart, Albert           17 Mar 1889     D507

Hixson, Ernest C.      Hill, Pearle A.        15-Sep-09       M425

Hixson, Maud T.        McNair, James E.       08 Aug 1895     F574

Hizer, W.M.            Knight, Nannie         26 Oct 1888     D418

Hladik, Anton          Weiss, Bertha          28-Aug-12       P390

Hladik, William B.     Kramer, Emma L.        23-Sep-05       K048

Hladik, William B.     Maixner, Fannie        9-Jun-09        M287

Hoaf, Alice            Ayres, Louis S.        11 Oct 1886     C515

Hoag, E.L.             Perkins, H.B.          3-Jul-01        H631

Hoag, Ester            Shank, C.R.            9-Dec-07        L229

Hoag, Ethel            Andrews, Charles H. Jr.14-Jul-09       M343

Hoag, Helen Edith      Ball, William Palmer   22-Dec-20       Y345

Hoag, Lillian M.       Gish, George R.        16-Jun-06       K294

Hoag, Mary A.          Hoag, Z.D.             28-Nov-01       I113

Hoag, Mott S.          Stratton, Anna         1-Jun-11        O171

Hoag, Nellie           VanAtta, Roy L.        12-Jun-19       W209

Hoag, Osmar A.         Giddings, Bertha B.    01 Sep 1892     E604

Hoag, W.E.             Houston, Sarah E.      2-Nov-04        J405

Hoag, Z. Arthur        Stanley, Mary F.       25 Dec 1890     E268

Hoag, Z.D.             Hoag, Mary A.          28-Nov-01       I113

Hoagland, N.           McCoy, Elsie           27-Oct-02       I387

Hoague, Nellie         Swartz, Harley A.      3-Oct-09        M454

Hoath, Beatrice        Stevens, S.M.          10-Apr-01       H554

Hoath, Mary Ellen      Mingel, Forest         18-May-08       L403

Hoath, W.J.            Douglas, Edith                         L374

Hoban, Thomas          Jorden, Catherine      27 May 1887     D014

Hobaugh, Florence      Dillon, Floyd                          S017

Hobbie, Katherine      Frazer, J.W.           4-Feb-08        L297

Hobble, Alice          Hunter, L.P.           25-Aug-11       O298

Hobble, Carrie         Osterhout, A.C.        20-Nov-07       L205

Hobble, Hazen S.       Turpin, Fannie M.      26-Dec-02       I430

Hobble, Herbert        MacGregor, Mary        19-Dec-06       K484

Hobbs, Abraham L.      Porter, Elizabeth A.   04 Oct 1893     F219

Hobbs, Annice          Stryker, J. Lowe       19-Jul-20       X591

Hobbs, Belle Helen     Midghall, L.R.         22-Apr-18       V107

Hobbs, E.G.            Gilder, Clara          7-Feb-20        X179

Hobbs, Freda           Middlehurst, Fred      27-Mar-20       X283

Hobbs, Harry A.        Knowles, Olive         14-Mar-21       Y522

Hobbs, Henry R.        Williams, Hattie T.    11 Jun 1889     D556

Hobbs, J.W.            Salisbury, Beatrice                    R603

Hobbs, James H.        Trent, Cora L.         24 Nov 1892     F022

Hobbs, Jessie          Patterson, Sidney                      S385

Hobbs, John            Glasscox, Sarah        27-Feb-13       Q048

Hobbs, Lucian E.       Hill, Ruth Lucile                      S393

Hobbs, S.M.            Perkins, Mollie        09 Dec 1888     D450

Hobbs, Stella          Walsh, Samuel J.       22-Jan-12       P072

Hobbs, Vivian          Gott, Elmer            8-May-20        X388

Hobbs, William         Gale, Nina Fay         19-Dec-07       L245

Hobbs, William         Nicholberry, Jessie    27-Dec-13       Q480

Hobbs, Zacheus A.      Fields, Alta                           S197

Hobby, Ben             Lewis, Roberta         9-Nov-21        Z418

Hobdy, L.S.            Cole, Anna             11-Jun-18       V206

Hobeck, Anna           Wadlow, Louis M.       13-Mar-12       P143

Hobeck, Lucy Gertrude  Trieb, C.H.                            S298

Hoben, John            Haney, Cora L.                         R523

Hoben, Katherine       King, Dale                             R557

Hoben, Mary            Filson, George H.      26-Jan-20       X153

Hobl, Ida E.           Shaw, Walter O.                        S058

Hobson, Bertha B.      Crawford, C.V.         15-Apr-12       P194

Hobson, Bessie         Musser, Corwin E.      12-Jan-06       K175

Hobson, Bessie         Toles, William                         J407

Hobson, Chastaine      Kiehl, Dale M.         4-Sep-21        Z252

Hobson, Cora           Reed, Mandes A.        31-Jul-01       I012

Hobson, Ella           Matthews, Fred B.      20-Oct-10       N403

Hobson, Evelyn M.      Dunbar, W.L.           17-Jul-04       J296

Hobson, Imogene        Headrick, W.W.         22-Aug-14       R109

Hobson, Joseph A.      Cumings, Amanda        18 Nov 1881     B206

Hobson, Lynn           Ashley, Olive          3-Feb-22        Z589

Hobson, Maggie         Johnson, Henry         20 Aug 1873     A081

Hobson, Malissa        Countryman, Hiram      02 Jan 1893     F048

Hobson, Milton P.      Wilson, Jane           28 Nov 1880     B113

Hobson, Otis Henry     Bowles, Emma           20-Dec-12       P576

Hobson, R.M.           Bear, Anna             17-Jan-00       H257

Hobson, Sadie          Snyder, Edward         23-Apr-10       N078

Hobson, Sadie          Ward, Lewis E.         12-Jul-13       Q239

Hochstetler, A.V.      Basom, Bonnie L.       6-Jun-21        Z023

Hock, Frank C.         Aultman, Adele Hunter  25-Dec-20       Y368

Hock, John             Barnes, Cora A.        03 Jan 1893     F049

Hock, Leonard E.       Marden, Lavelle        18-Sep-19       W447

Hock, Lester C.        Jacques, Mildred Mae   1-Sep-12        P388

Hock, Opal Irene       Mast, Harry Roy        7-Jun-20        X466

Hockaday, Bonnie       Woodson, Ray C.        17-Jun-08       L441

Hockaday, Frank WoodvilFerren, Grace Adele    3-Jun-13        Q175

Hockaday, H.S.         Green, Edna L.         6-Jul-20        X565

Hockenbery, Farrie     Benjamin, Clarence     10-Jan-20       X122

Hockenbery, Fred R.    Utt, Loretta E.        25-Dec-21       Z504

Hockenburg, Opal       McGinnis, William Brook11-May-14       Q624

Hockett, Anthony       Brockway, Elizabeth    16-Feb-10       N021

Hockett, Ethel         Walters, Glenn         4-Apr-20        X303

Hockett, Gladys        Turner, C.E.           16-Apr-11       O101

Hockett, James W.      Thompson, Sarah M.                     R514

Hockett, John          Overstreet, Lillie     8-Dec-03        J103

Hockett, Lillie K.     McCormick, Harvey C.   28-Feb-12       P125

Hockett, Mildred C.    Blackledge, Haskell R. 2-Jun-21        Z007

Hockett, Ralph         Davidson, Blanche      12-Jul-21       Z128

Hockman, Edith M.      Self, R.A.             12-Dec-20       Y333

Hockman, Florence H.   Hartman, John D.       30-Oct-20       Y235

Hockman, Virginia      Seamonds, Roy C.       20-Jul-11       O256

Hodden, Mattie R.      Howe, Morris L.        24-Jun-13       Q214

Hodge, Cecil           Pinaire, Harvey F.     7-Sep-08        L553

Hodge, E.C.            McAninch, T.           31-Mar-19       W044

Hodge, Emma            Dowle, John F.         03 Oct 1887     D121

Hodge, Fannie          Roberson, David L.     03 Apr 1889     D518

Hodge, Fred N.         Riggs, June Pearl      30-Sep-13       Q347

Hodge, Grace           McKeeman, George E.                    S381

Hodge, John B.         Riddell, Anna J.       26-Apr-20       X353

Hodge, Joseph L.       Davis, Fanny           03 Sep 1892     E605

Hodge, Katherine E.    Strange, William N.    15-Nov-05       K108

Hodge, Ursula          Nichols, John Henry    21 Nov 1872     A050

Hodges, Earl           Culp, Beryl Marie      18-May-22       Z770

Hodges, Earn           Johnson, Alberta       29-Jun-07       L040

Hodges, Elizabeth O.   Cone, Nolen            23-Nov-10       N462

Hodges, Eunice Achsah  Gill, Irl William      19-Jun-21       Z060

Hodges, Flora          Souders, Clyde E.      28-Apr-09       M238

Hodges, Ina M.         Dewing, D.D.           01 Jul 1899     H117

Hodges, L.G.           Kreisel, Gladys                        T258

Hodges, Lawrence       Callahan, Lena Doris   22-Mar-20       X269

Hodges, Lulu           Frazee, Harry W.       12-Apr-19       W069

Hodges, Maud(de) A.    Snyder, F.F.           14-Dec-02       I425

Hodges, Maude E.       Stottler, Harley D.    17-Dec-19       X045

Hodges, Minnie         Boland, Walter                         O423

Hodges, Minnie L.      Cain, F.B.                             S504

Hodges, Roy L.         Eck, Mamie             28-Mar-11       O069

Hodges, Walter A.      Lyon, Alberta Lura     7-May-20        X382

Hodges, William E.     Rodolf, Adele          24 Feb 1892     E504

Hodgin, B.J.           Samuel, Alta Lee                       S562

Hodgin, Martha C.      Nelson, Johan R.       18-Oct-14       R198

Hodgman, Frank         Thayer, Lilah          26-Aug-13       Q291

Hodgson, Arthur B.     Ricker, Flora C.       14-Mar-14       Q565

Hodgson, Ethel May     Ridgley, Clyde M.      25-Jun-19       W240

Hodgson, Frances Z.    Lewis, John William    26-Jun-18       V247

Hodgson, Frank         Price, Minnie May      19 Jul 1885     C278

Hodgson, G.W.          Salmer, Cora           19-Apr-00       H308

Hodgson, Grace M.      Wright, Alvin C.       4-Sep-19        W407

Hodgson, John          Groth, Bertha          03 Jun 1878     A335

Hodgson, John F.       Osborn, Ella M.        20 Jan 1894     F300

Hodgson, Sam William   Epperson, Jessie May   21 Aug 1887     D084

Hodgson, Sophia        Zuellig, Charles       22-Sep-19       W461

Hodgson, T.N.          Denney, Mary B.        22-May-22       Z781

Hodgson, V.E. (Mrs.)   Savoie, Eugene J.      19-Oct-12       P470

Hoding, Charles G.     Walker, Mary L.        01 Aug 1892     E587

Hodson, Annie L.       Gregg, William         13 Jun 1890     E155

Hodson, Bert           Albert, Katie          08 Dec 1898     G630

Hodson, Frances        Knuckey, James                         T307

Hodson, G.W.           Salmer, Cora           19-Apr-00       H308

Hodson, Ira Story      Buck, Orpha H.         17-Mar-00       H292

Hodson, J.S.           Beebe, Lola Theresa    22-Jun-21       Z072

Hodson, Joseph O.      Rash, Lillie May       21 Oct 1893     F235

Hodson, Lucile         Laidlaw, Carl          7-Jan-18        U451

Hodson, W.T.           Kremer, Birdie Frances 5-Oct-02        I369

Hoechstenbach, Edyth   Gibson, Clarence                       P144

Hoeffer, Charles       Sommerhauser, Katrina  19 May 1884     C081

Hoefgen, Abe           Shirkey, Della Maude   16-Dec-08       M047

Hoefgen, Abraham       Black, Jennetta F.     04 Sep 1887     D093

Hoefgen, Albert S.     Carter, Daisy          9-Apr-11        O092

Hoefgen, Daisy         Bates, F.A.            9-Dec-13        Q450

Hoefgen, Louisa D.     Whiting, Charles L.    24-Nov-02       I409

Hoefgen, Samuel B.     Markley, Melva         25-Mar-14       Q577

Hoehle, William        Cook, Kate             12 Jul 1888     D341

Hoel, Cleo V.          Boyle, J.E.                            S034

Hoeme, Ida Marie       Haas, C.D.             1-May-19        W110

Hoener, Carrie         Mohrhoff, Charles      27-Jan-08       L289

Hoenscheidt, Bettie    Brown, Thomas          28-Jan-07       K531

Hoenscheidt, George    French, Grace L.       8-Feb-10        N010

Hoenscheidt, John W.   Millen, Vinnie                         S040

Hoenscheidt, Katie     Lenox, O.J.            28-Jan-07       K530

Hoenscheidt, Margaret  Conly, James F.        26 Nov 1891     E434

Hoenscheidt, Wm. J.    Hartmann, Clara J.     22 May 1890     E144

Hoff, Albert J.        Wright, Ruth M.        10-Feb-15       R355

Hoff, Alta Mabel       Davis, Carl D.                         S375

Hoff, Arthur C.        Foreman, Pearl         23-Jan-11       N564

Hoff, Arthur C.        Hoff, Mary M.          9-May-19        W129

Hoff, Arthur Clarence  Burnett, Mary          23-Feb-14       Q542

Hoff, Bessie L.        Spellers, William V.   12-Sep-12       P412

Hoff, Bessie L.        Spillers, William V.   12-Sep-12       P412

Hoff, Charles          Garrison, Ida E.       31 Oct 1883     B424

Hoff, Charles          Garrison, Mary A. (Mrs)25 Jan 1892     E483

Hoff, Charles E.       Speece, Ada L.         12-Apr-10       N094

Hoff, Daisy            Magee, Guy E.          18-Jul-17       T513

Hoff, Dessie V.        McMinn, Charles E.     10-Nov-14       R228

Hoff, Edith E.         Gubitz, Fred           6-Apr-11        O086

Hoff, Emma             Garnett, Earl          1-Jul-09        M328

Hoff, Fannie           Johnson, G.C.          20-Mar-00       H291

Hoff, Frank            Bever, Flora           25 Jul 1891     E363

Hoff, Frank C.         Springob, Anna         24-Jun-08       L450

Hoff, George Benton    Reber, Addie           21-Oct-08       L614

Hoff, Iva              Gensman, L.E.          8-Jul-01        H635

Hoff, John             Besly, Laura           27-Oct-08       L621

Hoff, John             Bosley, Laura          27-Oct-08       L621

Hoff, Leslie J.        Prey, Olive E.         22-Mar-11       O064

Hoff, Mary M.          Hoff, Arthur C.        9-May-19        W129

Hoff, Sarah            Gensman, Nicholas      26 Jul 1898     G545

Hoffer, Dulsia         Huffine, David C.      3-Nov-08        L630

Hoffman, Adella        Hess, Grant                            S175

Hoffman, Alma B.       Ott, Earl W.           29-Jun-11       O227

Hoffman, Anna          Byrne, John            21-Aug-08       L526

Hoffman, Bessie M.     Corley, Harry H.                       S123

Hoffman, C.H.          Roach, Myrtle B.       14-Feb-06       K198

Hoffman, Charles       Ballard, Lulu          28 Feb 1897     G264

Hoffman, D.F.          Buck, Mandy                            S302

Hoffman, Dorothy       Haskell, E.L.          14-Jan-20       X130

Hoffman, E.H.          Bausman, Grace E.      12-Feb-07       K545

Hoffman, E.Z.          Gilchrist, Lulu Jean   21-Jan-14       Q513

Hoffman, Ella          Donovan, W.J.          28 Dec 1886     C564

Hoffman, Estella       Miles, W.E.            19-Sep-17       T635

Hoffman, F.E.          McNaught, Jessie                       S622

Hoffman, Gussie        Shults, Andrew J.                      S114

Hoffman, Harry         Linkletter, Irene      27-Dec-09       M592

Hoffman, Harry O.      Smith, Leattreas       25-Jan-19       V578

Hoffman, Harry R.      Boyd, Lula Grace                       T386

Hoffman, Harry R.      Dailey, Ina            9-Jun-13        Q188

Hoffman, Harry T.      Jackson, Mae           1-Feb-10        N001

Hoffman, Henry         Nofzinger, Maggie      2-Oct-07        L151

Hoffman, Henry F.      Lofinck, M. Ida        14-Apr-21       Y577

Hoffman, J.L.          Brandt, Ida A.         20 May 1888     D303

Hoffman, Jacob         Seibert, Myrtle F.     9-Aug-11        O277

Hoffman, Jacob Z.      Pratt, Maude C.        16-May-00       H319

Hoffman, Jennie        Sherman, L.M.          16-Oct-02       I379

Hoffman, John          Crabtree, Grace                        S615

Hoffman, Laurina       Reifsnyder, Samuel     25 Sep 1897     G365

Hoffman, Lillian       Herron, Clare                          S542

Hoffman, Louis E.      Sandell, Sarah         14-Jan-21       Y410

Hoffman, Margaret CatheWhitney, C.K.          17-Jun-21       Z055

Hoffman, Mary          Stevens, Joseph D.     17-Aug-01       I021

Hoffman, Murna         Keasling, Emmor L.     24-Dec-20       Y361

Hoffman, Nelson        Wadsworth, Eva         02 Aug 1887     D074

Hoffman, O.T.          Detterman, Regina                      O197

Hoffman, O.T.          Fell, Ada F. (Mrs.)    17-Jun-12       P285

Hoffman, Olga S.       Chain, George W.       15-Apr-03       I528

Hoffman, T.F.          Brengartner, Nellie    7-Mar-00        H283

Hoffman, Teresa        Brady, James                           T001

Hoffman, Theodore F.   Vaningen, Grace        24-Feb-10       N030

Hoffman, W.A.          Brumfield, S.F.        20-Apr-01       H562

Hoffman, William A.    Wilder, Alice M.       20-Apr-09       M224

Hoffmann, Anna A.      Craner, K.W.           4-Nov-03        J074

Hofsetter, Fannie(ny)  Patterson, F.J.        15 Sep 1893     F201

Hofstetter, A.         Belt, Dosie            20-Dec-09       M566

Hogan, Bessie          Hume, J.W.             23-Oct-12       P475

Hogan, Carrie Margaret Schoeneman, Charles W.                 T188

Hogan, Estell          Bowry, F.J.                            R524

Hogan, Grace           Webster, Daniel        20-Jan-18       U494

Hogan, James E.        Peery, Grace D.        23-Nov-10       N472

Hogan, James E.        Semans, Stella G.      15 Dec 1891     E442

Hogan, James Henry     Carney, Catherine      11-Jan-09       M094

Hogan, Kathryn A.      Zimmerman, A.A.        18-May-14       Q631

Hogan, Katie F.        McCurdy, William B.    25 Jun 1893     F159

Hogan, Lillie          Nash, Moses            20-Mar-20       X267

Hogan, Mildred         Amber, Clinton                         T220

Hogan, R.H.            Noltemeyer, Albertina  30-Sep-10       N365

Hogan, Wilbur Edward   Stark, Carrie Edna     5-Dec-17        U313

Hogard, Charlie D.     Lilly, Blanche V.      11-Jan-11       N549

Hogarth, Lulla         Edwards, W.M.                          T378

Hogbin, Della          Thrash, Allan          14-Mar-18       V034

Hoge, John H.          Loving, Lorena         15-Sep-20       Y107

Hogg, R.F.             Hervey, Sarah E.                       S521

Hoggatt, John W.       Burr, Hattie E.        20-Oct-13       Q388

Hoggatt, Lizzie May    Morgan, Wilson A.      25 Dec 1881     B227

Hogget, Ethel G.       Moore, Albert B.       19-May-05       J574

Hogle, Edwin A.        Whitby, Edna           15-Oct-11       O369

Hogsett, Caroline      Hegarty, Dan           9-Sep-19        W429

Hogue, A.W.            Weeks, Clara Alice     14-Feb-15       R358

Hogue, Charles F.      Helm, Ruth M.          1-Oct-13        Q352

Hogue, Harry C.        Patterson, Clara       19-Jun-11       O204

Hogue, Hazel Belle     Foster, Rollo Bart                     S448

Hogue, L.D.            Griffin, Mence                         T108

Hogue, L.J.            McGinnis, W.R.                         T286

Hogue, Loretta         Burton, D.W.           30-Sep-14       R168

Hogue, Mable           Briggs, Otto C.        28-Aug-00       H385

Hogue, William H.      Pickerell, Edna        15-Jun-18       V220

Hoheisel, Anna         Zenner, George                         T035

Hoheisel, John         Reitober, Katherine    24-Nov-14       R242

Hoheisel, Mary         Kraus, Nicolaus        26-Nov-07       L207

Hohensee, Lillian AdeliSeaman, Homer G.       10-Oct-17       U072

Hohimor, Ruth          Knox, Lee              24-Jan-20       X151

Hohman, Lula           Morris, L. Earle       18-Jun-13       Q205

Hohman, Olive M.       Basore, Earl S.        1-Oct-07        L148

Hohn, Addie            Colvin, Charles        16 Dec 1897     G422

Hohn, Ann K.           Webster, George H. Jr. 5-May-06        K263

Hohn, Elizabeth (Mrs.) Pulson, August         01 Jul 1890     E163

Hohn, H.               Kuhn, Caroline         27-Nov-12       P533

Hohn, Johannah L.      Snook, Loyd            21 Jun 1883     B383

Hohn, Katie            Ewertz, Peter          20-Jan-14       Q483

Hohn, Tracie           Dennett, Stephen       02 Mar 1896     G058

Hohner, Mabel          Turnbaugh, Ralph M.    8-Nov-19        W591

Hoisington, Clara      Morris, J.F.           18-Oct-17       U099

Hoisington, N.H.       Stone, Mary E.         1-Jan-22        Z530

Hoisington, Olin M.    Hennessey, Ruby M.     19-Jun-21       Z062

Hoisington, Stella     Stanton, Ora           30-Sep-08       L583

Hoisington, Stella     Staton, Ora            30-Sep-08       L583

Hoisington, W.L.       Tavares, Laura         17-Jan-22       Z555

Hokanson, Mary A.      Ryan, John             05 Aug 1896     G125

Hoke, Bessie Pearl     Johnson, Walter C.     5-Jan-01        H500

Hoke, Bessie Pearl     Johnson, Walter C.     5-Jan-01        H500

Hoke, Henry C.         Henson, Mattie J.      04 Nov 1874     A139

Hoke, Mable M.         Proffitt, C.E.         18 Dec 1895     G002

Holaday, Susie         Sturman, Harry L.                      R484

Holands, Gertrude      Vann, James            28-Jul-20       X612

Holbert, Eliza J.      Byler, J.K.            26-Sep-09       M447

Holbert, Ella          Thompson, W.H.         13-Oct-03       J051

Holbert, Thomas A.     Morrill, Maud E.       10-Jun-10       N182

Holbrook, D.W.         Rainey, Rachel         29 Nov 1883     C009

Holbrook, Garnet(tt)   Wilson, Mont           12-Aug-03       I626

Holbrook, Lou E.       McCarty, Fred J.       19-Oct-05       K085

Holbrook, Nellie       McArthur, J.S.         2-Aug-02        I312

Holcomb, Addie A.      Hayes, Jesse F.        21-Nov-01       I106

Holcomb, Alice D.      Reece, W.L.            06 Feb 1884     C038

Holcomb, Alice D.      Reed, S.E.             06 Feb 1884     C038

Holcomb, C.K.          Schaeffer, Mildred                     T354

Holcomb, Georgia Anna  Young, George Ernest   17 Sep 1890     E198

Holcomb, Ida           Stover, William        01 Nov 1899     H199

Holcomb, Isabelle      Robinson, William D.   24 Dec 1890     E264

Holcomb, Josiphine M.  Quick, John F.                         K486

Holcomb, Lewis         Blair, Elizabeth       9-Jun-20        X472

Holcomb, Mildred Maud  Kelly, Albert Henry                    R458

Holcomb, Noel          Stice, Minnie          3-Jul-20        X561

Holcomb, Sylvia        Utterback, G.C.        7-Dec-20        Y323

Holcomb, Viola F.      Dennett, James A.                      R471

Holcomb, W.C.          Johnson, Mary A.       07 Feb 1896     G044

Holcroft, Elizabeth    Watson, Ira C.         12-May-14       Q623

Holcroft, Mary A.      Hartzell, E.C.         15-Apr-09       M220

Holdem, Minnie K.      Ogg, Francis W.                        S364

Holdeman, Pearl        Ray, Meda                              S631

Holden, Altie E.       Dine, B.F.             26-Sep-02       I364

Holden, Charles Edwin  Specht, Frieda         26 Jun 1899     H113

Holden, Charles Lloyd  Smith, Nellie Grace    23-Sep-12       P425

Holden, Clifford E.    Lynde, Martha E.       12-Jan-15       R322

Holden, Delphia        Hathaway, Wilber       2-Aug-20        X623

Holden, Edna V.        Weber, Alban J.        28-Mar-22       Z676

Holden, Elizabeth      Scranton, O.W.                         T313

Holden, Myrtle         Leibrand, Louis        4-Jul-18        V254

Holden, Pearl          Merritt, Roy           14-Jul-07       L050

Holden, William        Judd, Ivah             21-Dec-12       P574

Holder, Edith          Suhm, William          27-Nov-00       H465

Holder, Elisha         Weight, Louise         24-Dec-19       X072

Holder, John C.        Bradney, Laura         11-Feb-20       X193

Holder, Mattie E.      Perkins, Eliza K.      14-Feb-05       J500

Holder, Nellie         Furnas, Bert           14-Nov-03       J080

Holder, Pearl          Stephens, Jesse        31-Dec-12       P612

Holder, Ray M.         Rousseau, May          8-Jul-18        V268

Holderby, Mae          Chapman, Henry W.      29-Dec-01       I146

Holderby, Rose         Taylor, D.E.           29-Dec-01       I146

Holderby, S.M.         Perkins, Otie          27-Jun-17       T472

Holderman, Florence    Lawson, Dwight T.      23-Nov-10       N466

Holderman, Ina M.      Carpenter, William G.  28 May 1893     F143

Holdren, Don R.        Liggett, Jessie Louise 30-Jun-20       X547

Holdren, Modena LaVera Kent, Homer E.         25-Dec-20       Y379

Holdridge, G.W.        Catling, Marion (Mrs.) 08 Mar 1899     H052

Holdridge, Herbert R.  Olson, Gertrude Melvina                T376

Holdridge, M.A.        Zebert, August                         R584

Holen, Gladys Mabel    Warner, Albert Lee     9-Oct-18        V437

Holifield, Ozzie       Main, Gertrude         2-Jul-21        Z104

Holl, Joccie           Gillott, Raymond       13-Dec-13       Q457

Holladay, Lena C.      McGrew, George P.      10-Nov-17       U183

Holladay, Lizzie       Donnell, William H.    06 Oct 1887     D124

Holladay, Maude L.     Loring, Lucius P.      28-Aug-07       L094

Hollaham, John         McGugin, Mary          11-May-01       H587

Holland, A.M.          Hankinson, Eleanor     1-Feb-05        J487

Holland, A.S.          Sullentrop, Marie J.                   T036

Holland, B.A.          Mills, A.M.            23-Dec-09       M582

Holland, Charles E.    Adams, Anna Mabel      22-Oct-19       W538

Holland, E.C.          Cooper, Hallie                         T092

Holland, James P.      Anderson, Nellie       19 May 1887     D010

Holland, John          Hensmire, Emma         08 Dec 1875     A180

Holland, Josie         McCowen, William B.                    R407

Holland, L. Jesse      Craig, Mabel A.                        S396

Holland, Lena Leota    Damon, Henry Burton    9-Jun-09        M269

Holland, Maggie        Wilbur, Frank          08 Nov 1885     C335

Holland, Margaret      Burroughs, H.F.        21-Aug-11       O290

Holland, Minnie M.     Elliott, J.B.          26 Aug 1893     F189

Holland, Nellie        Bailey, Roy            11-Mar-18       V031

Holland, Sallie Belle  Murray, Wesley O.      25-Oct-05       K090

Holland, Walden M.     Brownson, Josephine L. 23 Dec 1889     E044

Holland, William T.    Ellsworth, Mildred L.  17 Jun 1892     E564

Holland, Zacariah T.   Cain, Nellie           08 Mar 1887     C604

Hollands, Will         Jackson, Dora          2-Apr-13        Q089

Hollbrook, James       Morehead, Mattie       12 Jan 1886     C374

Hollbrooks, Frances    Smith, Allen           2-Jul-10        N224

Holle, Elizabeth       Spargur, Orrie         4-Feb-20        X177

Holle, Henry           Looper, Ora            8-Oct-21        Z337

Holleicke, Frank       Wallberg, Adga(gda)J.L.01 Jan 1894     F287

Hollen, Roxey          Warren, Wesley         28-Dec-06       K504

Hollenbeak, H.O.       Moomey, Carrie         11-Oct-21       Z342

Hollenbeck, Maud       Williams, Harry W.     23-Oct-01       I088

Hollenkamp, Joseph M.  Irvin, Daisy B.        20-Jan-13       P640

Holles, Sadie          Shipley, O.E.          29-Mar-20       X285

Hollicke, Joseph F.    Finney, Elvira         28 Oct 1897     G393

Holliday, Frank W.     Blanpied, Mabel        31-Jul-01       I011

Holliday, J. Robert    Deam, Rose E.          13 Jan 1885     C195

Holliday, Jennie       Galbraith, George K.   15-Dec-19       X041

Holliday, L.P.         Maphet, Ella Louise    5-Dec-11        P005

Holliday, Martha       Philip, Bartlett       24-Feb-10       N031

Holliday, Robert J.    Blank, Rena            7-Aug-07        L079

Holliday, Susie        Anderson, Robert M.    25-Jan-19       V577

Holliday, Susie B.     Raymond, Louis E.      8-Feb-13        Q026

Holliger, Grace M.     Berry, William J.      15-Sep-04       J347

Hollingberg, Delina    Nicholson, Robert J.   12-Jan-19       V550

Hollinger, Chester C.  Antrim, Mary A.        03 Feb 1876     A191

Hollinger, J.A.        Israel, Libbie         __ Apr 1882     B264

Hollings, Alexander    Stewart, Maggie        25 Sep 1897     G364

Hollingshead, Jason W. Dickey, Myrtle A.      12 Apr 1893     F113

Hollingsworth, B.F.    Pollard, Helen Eugenia 26-Sep-00       H412

Hollingsworth, Clara   Roush, R.A.            6-Jun-03        I574

Hollingsworth, E.T.    Haythorn, Nellie       1-Jan-03        I446

Hollingsworth, Flora C.Gray, Charles F.       28 May 1893     F142

Hollingsworth, Grace   Moore, W.P.            7-Feb-14        Q523

Hollingsworth, Hersie  Liggins, Hallie        26-Nov-19       W634

Hollingsworth, Ida M.  Ray, Edward            28 Feb 1883     B353

Hollingsworth, Joel B. Austin, Lucy E.        12 Dec 1887     D177

Hollingsworth, Mary    Riley, R.G.            5-Dec-00        H473

Hollingsworth, Minnie  Hite, Edgar L.         08 Mar 1886     C404

Hollingsworth, Nettie  Lewis, Harry Granville 14-Aug-19       W354

Hollingsworth, Ortha L.Holtsclaw, Bertram R.  5-Apr-19        W054

Hollingsworth, Pearl   Stearns, A.L.          24-Dec-19       X070

Hollingsworth, Ruth B. Spellman, Fred E.      23 Jun 1888     D327

Hollingsworth, Sarah D.Norris, Lewis B.       8-Apr-05        J533

Hollingsworth, Walter WRebstein, Myrtle F.                    R482

Hollingsworth,Carrie D.Remspear, John A.      06 Nov 1889     E011

Hollingsworth,JosephineWilcox, John           22 Oct 1896     G175

Hollinshead, Phebe     Howell, Benjamin F.    20 Dec 1876     A242

Hollinsworth, Sadie    Muse, James D.         26 Apr 1893     F122

Hollis, Amanda A.      Cole, Ben H.                           S107

Hollis, Clara          Wood, Samuel           15 Dec 1884     C176

Hollis, Frank          Winches, Frankie       01 Feb 1885     C203

Hollister, Anna E.     Adams, J.J.            6-May-14        Q617

Hollister, George P.   Haynes, Vesta Ellen    26-Jun-07       L034

Hollister, Melissa     Boots, Clarence        18-Mar-01       H541

Hollopeter, Cecil      Cassidy, Mary          27-Nov-17       U244

Hollowa, Josephine     Nichols, W.A.          9-Nov-12        P506

Holloway, Anna         Wade, Meredith E.      3-Dec-05        K126

Holloway, Birdie Gay   Shepard, Archie L.     18-May-18       V157

Holloway, Burnie       Cureton, Jeanette                      S633

Holloway, Charles H.   Simpson, Laura M.      -- Sep 1893     F193

Holloway, Claud        Saint, Bonnie          7-Sep-21        Z265

Holloway, George G.    McElwain, Mary Winifred2-Oct-19        W491

Holloway, H.C.         Weirick, Carrie        27-Nov-20       Y302

Holloway, J.M.         Bugar, Rebecca A.      9-Oct-17        U062

Holloway, Lloyd        Fresche, Effie         29-May-20       X435

Holloway, M.R.         Weddle, Lena           2-Mar-20        X227

Holloway, Mary E.      Rookstool, William A.  5-Jul-06        K316

Holloway, Wallace      Alexander, Mary        11-Jan-04       J136

Holloway, Wihlmeta     McGregor, A.M.         20-Dec-17       U363

Holloway, William C.   Cashman, Mary          07 Jan 1886     C371

Holloway, William C.   Valentine, Ida B.      26 Feb 1884     C045

Hollowell, D.H.        Clark, Vera                            S106

Hollowell, J.K.        Randall, Lizzie        01 Jun 1886     C446

Hollowell, Mary M.     Fisher, Howard E.      18-Oct-03       J056

Hollowell, Morris W.   Walker, Flora          28 Jan 1885     C203

Hollowell, Vera Clark  Crow, Eugene W.        22-Feb-22       Z622

Hollowell, Watson      Moore, Flora           21-Jan-22       Z567

Hollte, Katie          Clayvon, Bert          31-Dec-19       X098

Holly, Ella E.         Townsend, Lewis A.     29 Mar 1890     E109

Holly, Hattie Pratt    Juett, John P.         23 Mar 1895     F514

Holly, J.R.            Deem, H.J. (Mrs.)      7-Aug-02        I316

Holly, Ward P.         Herby, Bertha M.                       S384

Holm, Emma R.          Pruitt, J.H.           13 Dec 1898     G631

Holm, Florence H.      Davidson, Clark K.     19-Jan-10       M621

Holm, Lilly M.         McCoin, William H.     03 May 1899     H077

Holm, M.H.             Curtis, Tillie         10 Nov 1897     G404

Holm, Sophia           Gooding, George R.     13 May 1884     C080

Holman, Arthur C.      Baker, Minnie          15-Mar-04       J186

Holman, Bessie May     Brown, Robert B.       29-Dec-20       Y384

Holman, Carl L.        Walling, Mabel         15-Aug-17       T578

Holman, Flora M.       Finley, William H.     03 Jul 1889     D567

Holman, Frank E.       Edwards, Carrol E.     27-Dec-13       Q479

Holman, India          Workman, Cleo          13-Nov-20       Y267

Holman, Leland         Mock, Emma             26 Aug 1880     B085

Holman, Orel           Brady, Gladys                          T170

Holman, Orel           Cooper, Ilda M.        1-Feb-21        Y436

Holman, Paul B.        Brooks, Martha         22-Feb-19       V627

Holman, Roy            Lane, Hazel            12-Nov-20       Y262

Holman, Thomas H.      Beard, Marie           3-Jul-20        X560

Holman, Verne          Teeter, Bertha         1-Jan-22        Z529

Holman, W.M.           Sharp, Fannie M.       11 Sep 1887     D099

Holman, Willa R.       Neddo, W.H.            23-Feb-04       J171

Holmberg, Corinne A.   Tooey, Robert B.       6-Oct-21        Z332

Holmen, John A.        Straw, Carrie V.       24-Jun-04       J274

Holmes, Adalade        Figrow, Joseph         12 Nov 1878     A374

Holmes, Amelia A.      Dagworthy, Samuel      16 Aug 1873     A081

Holmes, Bessie A.      Gillum, A.O.           26-Mar-22       Z673

Holmes, Broadus        Ross, Nelia                            T347

Holmes, Charles F.     Waddell, Ella          19 Oct 1893     F232

Holmes, Charles L.     Burton, Lotus          11-Dec-17       U325

Holmes, Charles M.     Crout, M.              18 Apr 1871     A009

Holmes, Elizabeth M.   Hill, Edward                           F550

Holmes, Fannie May     Reichmuth, Charles Walt1-Jan-07        K503

Holmes, Fannie ViolettaPease, George E.       16-Feb-10       N022

Holmes, Gay            Sisk, Thomas           4-May-11        O134

Holmes, George         Webb, Mamie            23-Dec-08       M059

Holmes, George F.      Demoss, Heniretta      15-Nov-05       K109

Holmes, Gertrude       Laster, George D.                      T250

Holmes, Guy W.         Vollmar, Pauline       28-Apr-14       Q608

Holmes, Harry          Rueb, Nina             23-Dec-20       Y354

Holmes, J.C.           Parker, Clara Hazel    9-Sep-19        W427

Holmes, J.T.           Knapper, Maggie        09 May 1895     F537

Holmes, Jennie         Holmes, R.             1-Apr-18        V065

Holmes, John A.        Fuller, Emma J.        09 Jul 1885     C289

Holmes, Josephine      Wier, Carl Abner       8-Oct-12        P447

Holmes, Josiah T.      Massey, Sallie A.      29 Nov 1876     A238

Holmes, Kattie         Lunnam, Jesse          21-Oct-08       L615

Holmes, Laveta         Williams, Eli          28-Apr-13       Q126

Holmes, Leonora E.     Sweet, M.J.            2-Oct-04        J366

Holmes, Lura R.        Helmer, Arthur C.      25-Dec-08       M067

Holmes, Martha J.      Withers, A.J.          16-Jul-18       V280

Holmes, Mary Louisa    Garaca, Fred           23-Dec-19       X065

Holmes, Maude F.       Dunson, J.H.           24-Apr-01       H566

Holmes, Mollie E.      Bannon, Andrew Jackson 25-Dec-20       Y362

Holmes, Nellie         Drake, Fred P.         27-Aug-21       Z241

Holmes, Oliver W.      Robinson, Martha Mae   7-Mar-20        X237

Holmes, Porter         Davis, Florence D.     3-Jan-19        V553

Holmes, R.             Holmes, Jennie         1-Apr-18        V065

Holmes, R.             Rhodes, Jennie         18-Jan-13       Q001

Holmes, R.B.           Jansen, Anna           26-Oct-10       N417

Holmes, Ransom L.      Hammers, Ricky                         S239

Holmes, Robert M.      Strang, Pearl E.       7-Dec-09        M552

Holmes, Rosa B.        Jinnett, William J.    15-Oct-02       I378

Holmes, S. Stella      Smith, Frank Andrew                    T301

Holmes, Sarah C.       Crawford, Elmer B.     20 Dec 1893     F270

Holmes, Thomas         Eckles, Dottie         08 Nov 1899     H196

Holmes, Vera I.        Spencer, Barclay A.    13-Apr-18       V089

Holmes, William F.     Flemming, Emma         29-Nov-06       K463

Holmes, William H.     Metz, Maggie           08 Jan 1886     C373

Holmes, Wilson O.      Benjamin, Ilda V.      27-Apr-10       N117

Holmes, Winn Earl      Clapp, Sidney          1-Nov-13        Q347

Holms, J.C.            Finling, Mary          18 Feb 1879     A402

Holms, Thomas J.       Lane, Mary L.          05 Mar 1878     A317

Holmstedt, Elin M.     Hooton, John E.        1-Feb-05        J486

Holsey, A. Guy         Garrison, Edres        25-Mar-20       X278

Holsey, Agnes          Beck, H.A.             15-Mar-22       Z657

Holsey, Henry N.       Garrison, Regeina      16-Jul-19       W289

Holstine, Eula Jane    Washburn, James Royce  15-Oct-19       W524

Holstine, Julia V.     Dearmond, Z.G.         10-Oct-17       U071

Holston, Cora M.       Winn, W.J.             17-Aug-10       N279

Holt, Bernice          Hill, Ross             29-Sep-11       O350

Holt, D.W.             Finch, Dora            31-Jul-18       V298

Holt, Eva              Lavender, William Edwar15-Feb-10       N020

Holt, F.M.             Fletcher, F.M.         8-Nov-19        W587

Holt, Hattie Crystal   Bayler, Clyde Edgar    5-Aug-19        W333

Holt, Kelley           Beye, Andrew F.        10-Apr-05       J541

Holt, Matilda Fannie   Cain, Harry Vance                      S119

Holt, Mayme G.         Hammond, Leigh         24-Dec-19       X063

Holt, Orrison          Stone, May             22-Jul-08       L486

Holter, I.F.           McCrocklin, Daisey M.  06 May 1896     G089

Holtermann, Daniel J.  Rosenstiel, Lillie M.  17 Apr 1892     E532

Holthouser, John H.    Moreland, Ornah        29 Dec 1889     E052

Holtje, Fritz          Dado, Kattie(th.)      10-Apr-07       K598

Holtje, Fritz          Diercks, Emma          3-Apr-02        I201

Holtje, Fritz          Dierks, Emma           3-Apr-02        I201

Holtje, Herman H.      Niemeyer, Dorothea A.  09 Oct 1892     E623

Holtje, John           Hillman, Dora          14-Apr-04       J207

Holtje, Marie          Lorenz, Emil           1-May-02        I228

Holtke, Caroline       Schmidt, Casten        08 Oct 1883     B414

Holtke, Henry F.       Gadeka, Louise         26 Sep 1886     C501

Holtke, Herman W.      DeVaughn, Lydie M.     16-Jul-11       O248

Holtke, Louis D.       Brumme, Anne(na) M.    06 Sep 1890     E194

Holtke, Louise         Kaltwasser, Henry      30-Jul-04       J307

Holton, Joe N.         Burke, Martaum         9-Feb-20        X187

Holton, Lavilla May    Elcock, Thomas Edward                  T197

Holtsclaw, Bertram R.  Hollingsworth, Ortha L.5-Apr-19        W054

Holtsclaw, Clara       Jordan, W.H.                           S249

Holtsclaw, Margaret    Brault, Frank L.       13-Apr-22       Z707

Holtz, Charlotte (Mrs.)Clark, C.W.            4-Oct-00        H421

Holtz, David           Tomlinson, Adoline F.  23 Jun 1887     D042

Holtz, David           Tramblie, Charlotte    16 Oct 1895     F611

Holtzman, Annie        Huston, Arthur         30-Oct-00       H444

Holwick, Lena Belle    Glass, John W.         25-Dec-02       I439

Holzman, Clara         Vail, Elmer L.         16-Nov-09       M527

Holzman, Francis J.    Brady, Mary C.         20-Feb-12       P114

Holzman, Katharine J.  Wohler, L. William     17 Oct 1899     H183

Holzman, Leo           Roets, Emaline         31-Jan-12       P085

Holzman, Theresia C.   Farrow, Benjamin F.    10-Feb-04       J159

Holzmann, Lizzie A.    McCutchen, Frank C.    28-Nov-04       J429

Homan, Alma Eva        McCormick, H.C.        21-May-14       Q632

Homan, Mae R.          Stewart, Worley K.     3-Sep-21        Z253

Homan, Orley G.        Roberts, Maude         27-Dec-20       Y372

Homan, Owen A.         Benson, Mary O.        5-Jul-04        J286

Homan, True W.         Smith, Iva(vy) V.      25-Dec-05       K149

Home, Frances Ralston  Stowell, G.R.          21-Apr-14       Q600

Homer, Arthur L.       Cartwright, Madge E.   4-Mar-03        I495

Homesley, Ole Isaac    Jackson, Edna          12-Jul-21       Z126

Hommertzheim, Caroline Bachman, William J.    17-Oct-05       K060

Hommertzheim, Gertrude Schoenecker, Nicholas(l28-Jan-13       P632

Hommertzheim, Joseph H.Rausch, Barbara T.     21-Jan-13       P633

Hommertzheim, William PRausch, Katherine      23-Nov-09       M525

Hon, Florence          Fletcher, Joseph       16 Feb 1890     E079

Hon, Minnie            Bay, Melvin E.         26 Aug 1888     D359

Hon, Nannie            Whiteker, N.C.         03 Jul 1895     F565

Honaker, Lucile        Bocock, Tilman                         S013

Honberger, Leona       Wood, Cecil            23-Mar-10       N065

Honberger, Leona M.    Wiggins, Milo E.       15-Jun-13       Q199

Honer, J.P.            Richardson, Hazel E.                   T311

Honeyman, Milburn      White, Doris           11-Jun-21       Z042

Honeywell, Frank       Dyer, Kate             5-Jul-17        T490

Honn, Albertina        McClure, J.M.          3-Sep-18        V368

Honn, Harry A.         Roberts, Beatrice      13-Jul-18       V276

Hood, Ava L.           Grubbs, Oren L.        23-Jun-19       W234

Hood, Ivy              Shipley, Valerie       20-Mar-20       X266

Hood, J.F.             Fipke, Carrie E.       20-Oct-04       J386

Hood, Mary             Berghoefer, Edward A.  22-May-07       K634

Hood, W. Marguerite    Gregg, William         5-Dec-14        R272

Hoofer, Carl           Bowers, May            2-Feb-18        U521

Hoofer, Dora           Dunagan, C.P.          9-Apr-13        Q100

Hoofer, Edna Marie     Joffray, William F.    19-Jul-11       O253

Hoofer, R.H.           Stone, Clara D.        1-Aug-14        R083

Hoofer, William R.     Fox, Bessie E.         27-Nov-12       P536

Hook, Andrew J.        Easley, Florence M.    17-Dec-08       M051

Hook, Grant            Combs, Lora A.         17-Jun-09       M301

Hook, Irne             Hovard, Irene          16-Jul-21       Z136

Hook, Julia            Moore, Clark           29 Mar 1885     C233

Hook, Sarah E.         Goode, W.H.            21-Jul-19       W302

Hook, W.D.             Summers, Ida J.        16-Mar-14       Q568

Hook, W.E.             Howard, Mary E.        28-Dec-12       P605

Hooker, C.J.           Connolly, Bessie       3-Mar-10        N040

Hooker, Jennie         Robinson, Edwin S.     07 May 1888     D293

Hooker, Joseph         Watkins, Mattie        30 May 1872     A036

Hooker, Joseph E.      Perkins, Hattie L.     14 Apr 1895     F523

Hooker, Ralph C.       Miles, Lula            4-Oct-19        W498

Hooker, William T.     Sparks, Lena           02 Oct 1895     F605

Hooks, Ada             Cannon, M.             30-Apr-19       W105

Hoole, William H.      Hyatt, Eldora (Mrs.)   06 Aug 1893     F179

Hoop, Oscar W.         Earp, Mable            19-Oct-04       J381

Hoopengarner, Etta     Shoemaker, E.L.        22-Dec-17       U375

Hooper, Clyde          Ferris, Eva H.         18-May-22       Z773

Hoopes, Harry Foster   Garrett, Nydia Pearl   30-Aug-17       T603

Hoops, Dorothy         Osborn, W.             18-Jul-12       P338

Hoops, Dorothy May     Burns, Edward Earl                     S213

Hooten, Charles O.     Barnes, Lulu(la)       17-Oct-01       I081

Hooten, Ellen          Poynter, Edwin         11-Dec-12       P561

Hooten, Lola           Buchanan, Charles E.   30-Sep-04       J363

Hooten, May            Watt, R.W.             14-Jun-00       H340

Hooten, Oma            Hendren, Oscar E.      22-Apr-03       I534

Hooton, Anna M.        Calvin, Otis           15-Oct-01       I079

Hooton, John E.        Holmstedt, Elin M.     1-Feb-05        J486

Hooton, Walter E.      Richards, Eva          30-Apr-13       Q132

Hoover, Aletha Belle   Currie, Ralph          31-Mar-00       H299

Hoover, Amby           Shannon, S.C.          29 Jan 1886     C408

Hoover, Blanche S.     Baumaster, John        11 Dec 1890     E260

Hoover, Capitola       Wilson, Stephen        15 Aug 1895     F577

Hoover, Charles H.     Westfall, Ida J.       19 Jul 1899     H128

Hoover, Charles M.     McCullough, Mary       2-Apr-12        P172

Hoover, Cora           Stanback, Thomas       16 Sep 1886     C499

Hoover, Dora           Dye, Charles E.        27-Feb-05       J506

Hoover, E.G.           Walton, Julia E.       1-Jan-00        H242

Hoover, E.L.           Page, Zella M.                         S387

Hoover, Edith B.       Austin, Judson R.      9-Sep-00        H395

Hoover, Emily          Isenhart, W.R.         20 Sep 1899     H162

Hoover, Emma           Cheney, Johnathan W.   06 Sep 1891     E380

Hoover, Fannie         Swarts, C.             3-Mar-08        L326

Hoover, Flora          McKee, Frank           9-May-14        Q621

Hoover, Florence B.    Moore, John E.                         D585

Hoover, Florence B.    Moore, John E.         03 Aug 1889     D585

Hoover, Fred           Long, Mary Charlotte   15 Jan 1895     F478

Hoover, Gertrude       Stoots, E.             02 Jul 1888     D337

Hoover, Harley F.      Rowland, Nella M.                      T367

Hoover, Ira            Black, Goldie          20-Mar-18       V047

Hoover, J.N. (Rev.)    Kessler, Pearl         29-Nov-00       H466

Hoover, J.W.           Denniston, Elizabeth   9-Apr-01        H550

Hoover, John D.        Bierbrower, Alice      04 Dec 1888     D447

Hoover, Josephine      Culp, Frank T.         25-Dec-04       J450

Hoover, Katherine ElizaHoyt, Charles Lincoln                  S311

Hoover, Kenneth P.     Tomlinson, Margory S.  26-Oct-20       Y225

Hoover, Lucy           Nicholson, L.F.                        R543

Hoover, Mabel          Garrett, Melvin        15-Oct-07       L169

Hoover, Mabel MargariteBridenstine, Alson     18-Sep-01       I045

Hoover, Mamie E.       Kenworthy, Charles F.  10 May 1899     H082

Hoover, Martha J.      Pruitt, Walter C.      10-Nov-14       R227

Hoover, Nancy M.       Haynes, J.B.           23-Oct-07       L180

Hoover, O.A.           Townsend, D.S.         1-Mar-07        K562

Hoover, Olive G.       Little, Bert S.        24 Jan 1899     H030

Hoover, Orion          Rosenberger, Alta      19 Jun 1895     F554

Hoover, Orrin H.       Priest, Margaret Ellen 5-Apr-03        I524

Hoover, Parilee BerryneSwingle, George B.     24-Mar-20       X274

Hoover, Rachel         Wilmore, C.F.          26-Feb-01       H518

Hoover, Ruth Bernice   Fintelman, William R.  17-Nov-14       R235

Hoover, Samuel H.      DeLong, Eleanor        17 Mar 1887     C609

Hoover, Samuel H.      Jerman, Ambrocina      23 Jul 1873     A079

Hoover, Sarah          Krumm, Julius          23-Sep-04       J355

Hoover, Sedgwick       Spitzler, Lena         20 Oct 1891     E405

Hoover, Wesley P.      Christensen, Mabelle L.18-Nov-08       M010

Hoover, William C.     Simmons, Lillian P.    24 Nov 1897     G412

Hope, Agusta           Patten, John L.        09 Apr 1881     B151

Hope, Alonzo B.        Robinson, Alice        03 May 1898     G500

Hope, Annabella        Walter, Eugene E.      21 Aug 1892     E598

Hope, Claribel ElizabetMatthews, Earl J.                      S059

Hope, Eva Ruth         Wherrel, William F.    21-Jun-11       O198

Hope, Jennie G.        Mackey, George W.      02 Dec 1875     A179

Hope, L.D.             Freese, Ida N.         25-Jul-17       T527

Hope, Stuart A.        Adelmyer, Lizzie       01 Mar 1892     E507

Hope, Walter L.        Sikes, Laura B.        05 Oct 1885     C314

Hopke, Henry B.        Baker, Nora            19-Dec-06       K487

Hopkins, A.A.          Swaim, Bessie L.       31-Mar-18       V062

Hopkins, Bessie        Simonsen, F.B.         16-May-14       Q631

Hopkins, Bessie Marie  Harrington, Berton E.  11-Apr-06       K241

Hopkins, Bishop M.     Powers, Lila M.        14-Apr-11       O100

Hopkins, Carl          Hall, Alma             9-Dec-17        U322

Hopkins, Charles A.    Nelson, Josephine Helen5-Nov-13        Q409

Hopkins, Charles S.    Isley, Viola           29 Nov 1894     F444

Hopkins, Charley       Wilkinson, Hattie      10-Apr-09       M214

Hopkins, Earl          Osborne, Fonnie L.     11-Aug-14       R092

Hopkins, Goldie        Sattgast, William      28-Aug-07       L095

Hopkins, J.H.          Reed, M.E.             14-Sep-13       Q316

Hopkins, Jessie        Herndon, James S.                      S096

Hopkins, Leander       Newcom, Ann            13 Nov 1891     E422

Hopkins, Leeta Z.      Warren, Joe S.         16-Jun-13       Q202

Hopkins, Lenora        Snyder, Fred L.        31-Aug-09       M399

Hopkins, Lulu May      Bettis, Beecher C.     2-Sep-03        J010

Hopkins, Mae           Poland, John L.        7-Sep-18        V384

Hopkins, Maggie        Combs, Allen           01 Dec 1888     D445

Hopkins, Marion Esther Barr, Frank E.                         S022

Hopkins, Maude Grogan  Austin, Albert G.      1-Nov-18        V467

Hopkins, Nellie        Freeman, Irvin F.      5-Feb-08        L300

Hopkins, Nellie        French, James          28-Jun-19       W253

Hopkins, Neva Beatrice Weston, Charles Francis20-Oct-20       Y208

Hopkins, Oliver        Roe, Neva              30-Jun-21       Z095

Hopkins, Sadie         Dorrington, Edwin      09 Mar 1885     C223

Hopkins, Sam           Lewis, Irene           28-Nov-19       X004

Hopkins, Virgil        McCartney, Martha E.                   T197

Hopkins, William       Kreibel, Bessie        5-Feb-13        Q024

Hopkins, Zella         Briggs, Herbert L.     21 Apr 1892     E535

Hopman, Elam           Cane, Susan            09 Feb 1895     F492

Hoppe, Arthur          Leiphart, Emma         01 Sep 1895     F584

Hoppe, Docia A.C.      Rogers, Carlton D.     16 May 1894     F350

Hoppe, E.F.            Pierce, Lena           25-Jul-11       O258

Hoppe, R.E.            Phillips, Bernill      1-Jun-19        W176

Hoppe, R.J.            Dugan, K.M.            19-Jun-01       H618

Hoppel, Carrie M.      Gardner, Clarence A.   23-Sep-19       W466

Hoppel, Marie (Mrs.)   Little, B.A.           27-Apr-00       H313

Hopper, A.M.           Partington, Marie Alta 16-Jan-05       J472

Hopper, E.E.           Weaver, Maude                          S266

Hopper, Eliza Jane     Hartman, William       09 Feb 1873     A060

Hopper, Fleeta G.      Adams, John            12-Sep-10       N326

Hopper, H.M.           Lillard, Gertrude      10-Mar-01       H536

Hopper, Margaret M.    Macey, F.D.            11-Feb-20       X191

Hopper, Minnie B.      Tucker, O.E.           10-Apr-08       L362

Hopper, Roy L.         Bell, Irene            16-Dec-08       M046

Hopper, Susan D.       Burns, John W.         18 Feb 1873     A062

Hopper, William J.     Cline, Mary E.         24 Dec 1892     F039

Hoppes, Lester C.      Neff, Lorena           16-Nov-21       Z429

Hopping, C.C.          Henderson, Rachel (Mrs)23-Jan-08       L284

Hoppis, Pearl          Poppleton, Elver L.    7-May-18        V134

Hopson, Jay T.         Bates, Pearl                           R489

Hopson, Joseph T.      Mahan, Emma D.         02 Apr 1889     D516

Horan, Frank F.        Rhodes, E.O. (Mrs.)    17-Nov-17       U224

Horan, John            Allams, Ellen          23 Nov 1871     A019

Horatio, Belle         Marr, Charles          20 Oct 1881     B203

Horch, Louis           Smart, Lula                            W057

Hormel, Neal V.        Long, Bess L.          9-Jun-20        X475

Hormel, Ruth           Schulte, Frank         22-Jul-13       Q246

Horn, Addie            Reynolds, H. Follett   19 Jan 1886     C380

Horn, Emma             Teague, H.S.           24-Aug-11       O297

Horn, Fred             Koger, Gertrude C.     26-Oct-21       Z382

Horn, H.E.             Peters, Jessie M.      19-Nov-13       Q428

Horn, Ida May          Denney, Clifford H.    14-Sep-19       W435

Horn, Jessie Marie     Goodin, W.R.           25-Jul-17       T524

Horn, M.E.             Hamlin, W.N.           06 Feb 1889     D486

Horn, Nellie A.        Gascoigne, Edward A.   06 Oct 1878     A364

Horn, Olive            Shipman, Thomas C.     23 Jan 1894     F301

Horn, Spencer C.       Matheny, Mary          24 Jun 1893     F159

Hornaday, May M.       Durham, Nat T.         28 Mar 1893     F104

Hornamann, Lucy        VanBuren, S.R.         24 Dec 1881     B225

Hornbaker, Henry Ray   Clark, Mazo Dean       19-Jun-12       P292

Hornbeck, C.H.         Kintzley, Sarah F.P.   28 Jun 1888     D309

Hornbeck, Ray          Fitzgerald, Mayme      23-Apr-12       P203

Hornbeck, Ruth E.      Dyer, Frank H.         18-Dec-19       X049

Hornbeek, Daisy        Jackson, Toker         30-Sep-03       J037

Hornbeek, Daisy        Leonard, Joseph L.     14-Jan-07       K519

Hornbeek, Geneva       Pinkerton, Earl        7-Jul-12        P327

Hornbeek, Ray          Ebberts, Gladys        12-Sep-18       V392

Horne, Finis E.        Cummings, Adah G.      1-Apr-07        K590

Horne, George Irvin    Felible, Cecil Edna    28-Sep-04       J360

Horne, Glenn D.        Rodman, Helen          28-Aug-17       T598

Hornecker, Charles     Rogers, Katharine E.   04 Oct 1899     H174

Hornecker, Edward      Crabtree, Murle Onetia 27-Mar-12       P165

Hornecker, Margaret    McClain, John          10 Oct 1894     F415

Horner, Alice          Booher, Frank          04 Jul 1889     D570

Horner, Charles W.     Alexander, Emma B.     04 Oct 1893     F218

Horner, Charley F.     York, Belle            24 Apr 1884     C072

Horner, Fannie         Kirby, Arthur          15 Dec 1897     G419

Horner, Harry R.       Thomas, Mary B.        15-Apr-11       O103

Horner, Harvey         York, Julia            16 Oct 1878     A366

Horner, Hazel          Fiedler, Fred C.       30-Oct-20       Y233

Horner, Helen          Harmon, L.H.           30-Sep-03       J037

Horner, Marie          Cooper, S.W. Jr.       6-Feb-15        R351

Horner, Mary Maleta    Cross, Walter Dale     2-Oct-17        U029

Horner, Oliver A.      Lowry, Minnie          17 Dec 1899     H226

Horner, Walter G.      Layne, Bettie          03 Dec 1893     F263

Horney, Elmer O.       Scott, Beulah M.       15-Aug-19       W359

Horney, Flora          Millis, Arhtur         12 Jun 1888     D319

Horney, Levi           May, Iva               28-Jun-08       L461

Horney, Maggie         Cowan, McClellan       12 Apr 1893     F114

Horney, Mary           Hayden, Ivan D.        7-Sep-08        L555

Horney, Myrtle         Burgan, Charles        30-Mar-07       K586

Hornke, Rose           Tyson, Logan R.        23-Jul-19       W311

Hornkey, Alfreda       Deaton, Lee            8-Mar-19        W014

Hornor, W.S.           Hartman, Vera (Mrs.)   30-Jul-12       P353

Horr, Edward           Seldomridge, Gertie    28-Apr-02       I231

Horr, Loneta M.        Clark, Harold L.       12-Nov-17       U199

Horsch, A.             Orth, Christina        11-Feb-18       U522

Horsch, Anton          Bestgen, Annie         20-Jan-15       R331

Horsch, Francisca      Blick, Peter           19-Jan-09       M092

Horsch, Louisa         Freund, Chris          2-Apr-09        M202

Horsch, Mary           Hein, Joseph           13-Feb-00       H262

Horsch, Mary           Horsch, Mathias        30-Jun-11       O230

Horsch, Mary Therese   Ast, Frank             13-Nov-06       K433

Horsch, Mathias        Clasen, Mary           20-Feb-06       K191

Horsch, Mathias        Horsch, Mary           30-Jun-11       O230

Horsch, Matthew W.     Rausch, Barbara Theresi26-Nov-12       P513

Horsch, P.J.           Orth, Abbie            16-Apr-18       V073

Horsch, Rose           Mans, Tony             12-Jan-15       R300

Horsch, T.H.           Schmitz, Margaret      20-Feb-06       K190

Horsch, Thresa         Berndsen, Joseph       11-May-09       M233

Horsley, Bruce P.      Simon, Edna            29-Aug-20       Y064

Horsley, Grace M.      Jarvis, Roy            31-Dec-12       P609

Horsman, Arthur L.     Muzzy, Maude Jane      5-Jun-06        K283

Horsman, Arthur T.     Cox, Iantha            26-May-10       N155

Horsman, Catherine     Bain, Cyrus Q.         07 Nov 1887     D150

Horsman, John          Clark, Nettie          21-Oct-09       M492

Horsman, Otis B.       Stephens, Lulu B.      5-Aug-19        W336

Horstman, Julius M.    Horstman, Sophia Alice                 S441

Horstman, Julius M.    Winn, Sofia            30 Dec 1891     E461

Horstman, Lena         Keirm, Dwain           6-Sep-10        N313

Horstman, Sophia Alice Horstman, Julius M.                    S441

Hort, Pete             Goeringer, Elizabeth                   S160

Horton, Ben            Brown, Emma (Mrs.)     12 Feb 1891     E301

Horton, Claud T.       Williams, Juanita      6-Aug-21        Z188

Horton, Edward         Potete, Mary           7-Nov-09        M516

Horton, F.L.           Crammond, Mabel        11-Jun-13       Q188

Horton, Florence       Taylor, Robert Noble                   R167

Horton, G.A.           Mixon, Anna            15-Dec-00       H477

Horton, George         Fassett, Julia A.      17 Feb 1878     A311

Horton, J.W.           Pankey, Lucy           14-Jun-14       R024

Horton, Jake           Groves, Eliza          28-Dec-07       L263

Horton, James R.       West, Grace            19-Apr-21       Y590

Horton, Julia (Mrs.)   Sandefur, W.J.         21 Dec 1882     B340

Horton, Ruth           Martin, Verne          11-Aug-14       R093

Horton, Sarah E.       Dewing, Manville W.                    A220

Horton, Thomas         Abbott, Elmina A.      03 Oct 1888     D402

Horton, Vernet E.      Gentemann, William H.  10-Jul-12       P329

Horton, Will           Whitten, Harriet                       S287

Horton, William        Bird, Mattie (Mrs.)    20 Apr 1892     E533

Horton, William        Helms, Lizzie          06 Nov 1894     F431

Hortop, William        Bickford, Mary E. (Mrs)30-Jun-01       H628

Hosch, Harry M.        LaNoue, Eva Mary       19-Jul-21       Z141

Hoseney, Alla          Yates, Louisa          28-Jun-21       Z091

Hosey, James R.        Sparks, Marie Elizabeth19-Jun-18       V233

Hosie, W.E.            Moulton, May Lillian   2-Oct-20        Y158

Hoskin, D.W.           Combs, Leola B.        9-Oct-20        Y176

Hoskins, Edward W.     Behrange, Ila G.       6-Jun-18        V197

Hoskins, Grace         Elder, Lewis           8-Aug-17        T563

Hoskins, Melvina A.    Singer, Isaac N.       09 Oct 1887     D127

Hoskins, Roy           Brandon, Lula                          T380

Hoskins, W.H.          Cherry, Gertrude       7-Jan-12        P056

Hoskinson, Eva         Stevenson, James       6-Oct-20        Y170

Hoskinson, George W.   Wineman, Minnie        7-Dec-12        P557

Hoskinson, Juanita EmmaBurris, Harold         1-Sep-20        Y074

Hoskinson, Lucy        McInturff, G.          07 Dec 1898     G628

Hoskinson, Wash        Osborne, Frances                       S189

Hosler, Pearl          Hendrickson, George A. 14-May-21       Y636

Hospital, James Dixson Berry, Marie Priscilla 26-Apr-05       J554

Hoss, Albert E.        Martin, Francis M.     10 Apr 1894     F337

Hoss, Clarence         Sharp, Lillian         10-Dec-19       X026

Hoss, Frank J.         Trembly, Nannie W.     30-Jul-01       I009

Hoss, H.E.             Long, Esther Maria     24-Feb-09       M156

Hoss, James H.         McCracken, Mary E.     10 Apr 1879     A418

Hoss, Thomas O.        Chase, Mary E.         21 May 1875     A158

Hoss, Thomas O.        Sommers, Laura B.      13 Jul 1882     B284

Hosselton, Hazel M.    Arnett, Dennis H.      1-Nov-20        Y237

Hossfeld, Matilda A.   von Herrlich, John F.  14 Sep 1899     H157

Hostetler, Francis R.  Russell, Mary L.       6-Jan-04        J135

Hostetler, I.          Neff, Kate             26-Oct-21       Z386

Hostetler, John F.     Myers, Mary J.         06 Jun 1894     F363

Hostetler, Mary M.     Worford, Robert B.     19-Dec-19       X050

Hostetler, Mattie      Howard, George         31 Dec 1896     G230

Hostetler, Ruth Eloise Deschamp, Armand       12-Oct-21       Z338

Hostetler, Stella      Stubbs, W.R.           21 Sep 1887     D109

Hostetter, Etta        Ream, Frank            08 Jun 1885     C262

Hostetter, Frances     Purdy, Emerick L.      20-Mar-13       Q069

Hostettler, Louaddie   Kershan, Edwin         14 Jul 1884     C104

Hostutler, Zona E.     Wisdom, W.T.           06 Feb 1883     B347

Hotchkin, Frank S.     Walker, Nancy B.       16 Oct 1888     D406

Hotchkins, McLoid      Heth, Susie May        8-Sep-17        T618

Hotsapillar, Carrie    Carlton, Charles M.    22 Nov 1893     F255

Hotsapillar, Charles L.Nevins, Ida M.         16-Jul-02       I298

Hotsapillor, Lizzie    Sence, William         22 Aug 1893     F186

Hotten, Mattie F.      Badger, E.B.           28 Feb 1889     D502

Hottle, Gladys Lucile  Winchell, Paul H.      26-Nov-19       X001

Hotze, Alph            Linnebur, Christina    21-Jul-19       W300

Hotze, Philomena       Schroeder, H.E.        3-May-19        W097

Houchin, Iva Louise    Wheeler, Walter S.     6-Jan-15        R316

Houck, Adrian S.       Colvin, Olive Grace    20-Jul-04       J302

Houck, Annie           Travis, E.H.           29 May 1886     C444

Houck, Lottie          Cox, Albert                            D193

Houck, Lottie          Cox, Albert            01 Jan 1888     D192

Houck, Marie E.        Naftzger, Samuel O.    23-Nov-10       N472

Houck, Mary            Pantenburg, Leonard    23 Apr 1895     F520

Houck, Nancy E.        Smith, George W.       2-Jan-08        L270

Houck, Robert C.       Woltz, Maude M.        17-Oct-06       K409

Hough, Elizabeth       Hall, J.A.                             S221

Hough, Elmer A.        Badley, Alma           24-Jul-09       M356

Hough, Frank           Clapham, M.D.          25 Jul 1882     B287

Hough, Hannah M.       Cummins, J.W.          22-Apr-19       W091

Hough, Hazel           Hall, F.C.                             T281

Hough, Lou Ann         Beven, William J.      29 Jan 1885     C204

Hough, Luella          Monk, Henry            28-Sep-07       L143

Hough, Maria           Hedges, George         19 Dec 1882     B331

Hough, Mary S.         Woodward, Hugh T.      03 Jul 1872     A038

Hough, Thomas          McBee, Emma G.         06 Jun 1883     B377

Hough, Vetah           Hinkle, Mifflin                        S486

Houghland, Ulysses S.  Niederlander, Marian H.18 May 1889     D541

Houghout, Jennie       Thomas, R.B.           15 Jun 1887     D036

Houghtaling, Emma (Mrs)Hare, J.E.             25 Mar 1896     G072

Houghtaling, Marie     Eddington, John J.     28-Jun-11       O224

Houghton, Eythelene    Pinkston, Levi         08 Nov 1894     F433

Houghton, L.H.         Mitchell, Violet       17-Aug-21       Z216

Houk, Sylvia           Jinkaway, W.R.         30-Mar-20       X290

Houk, Tennie           Simons, Fred           19 Aug 1899     H145

Houk, Will R.          Devereaux, Elva May    9-Dec-14        R274

Houpht, Ernest         Marsten, Mable                         R452

Houpt, Donald M.       Moorhead, Ruth C.      22-Oct-17       U118

Houpt, Ethan           Dick, Lydia            3-Mar-15        R374

House, Ada Belle       Selby, Charles Milton  24-Dec-21       Z507

House, Adele Marie     Foster, George E.                      S426

House, Annie           Harrison, Joshua       24 Feb 1895     F498

House, Bessie Lee      Brant, James H.        15-Aug-14       R099

House, Carlista        Cox, O.D.              19-Sep-12       P421

House, Clyde P.        Southwell, Bertha      5-Feb-08        L301

House, E.A.            Searl, Grace R.                        S409

House, Eli             Nesbitt, Nellie L.     15-Mar-09       M181

House, Eva Cloe        Handley, Wardlaw M.    19-Jun-20       X510

House, Guy Fillmon     Dueker, Elfrida Viola  5-Jun-20        X459

House, H.F.            Brant, Gladys          12-Jul-20       X570

House, Hazel           Sanzek, August H.                      R450

House, Hugh Innes      Braitsch,Edith Margaret19-Dec-06       K486

House, J.              McDonald, Nora Ann     23 Sep 1885     C309

House, Katie L.        Berkley, Willie C.     3-Jan-11        N540

House, Leota           Godding, Frank E.      1-Jun-18        V185

House, W.B.            Morris, Anna B.        11-Jan-22       Z549

House, William         Bursell, Effie M.      9-Mar-04        J183

House, William         Pursell, Effie M.      9-Mar-04        J183

House, William         Root, Lenore           22-Dec-18       V526

Housel, Jesse K.       Ball, Goldie T.        9-Nov-14        R227

Houser, Ada            Moore, Lloyd           31-Dec-21       Z521

Houser, Aiery Belle    Harkness, Amon N.      26 Mar 1889     D514

Houser, Archie         Agnew, Lillie May      4-Feb-05        J493

Houser, Cuthbert F.    Kunkel, Glenna O.      23-Dec-09       M584

Houser, John           Fiske, Viola           15-Nov-10       N446

Houser, John J.        Effner, Elsie M.       5-Feb-13        Q022

Houser, L.M.           Walters, F.L.          24-Nov-20       Y290

Houser, Leonard        Hendren, May           11-Jul-08       L478

Houser, Myrtle E.      Young, Cyrus A.        13-Dec-11       P015

Houser, Nettie         Moon, Chester          12-Oct-14       R184

Houser, Raymond D.     Shoemaker, Zaida       14-Mar-09       M179

Houser, Rose           Flattery, James P.     22-Dec-10       N512

Houser, Sarah R.       Haller, J.B.           21 May 1888     D302

Houser, Verna          Hathaway, Leonard      11-Aug-20       Y019

Houseworth, Gertrude   Gieseman, Edward                       T373

Houston, A.J.          Campbell, Rosa         05 Jan 1896     G027

Houston, Aleen         Martin, Ralph Franklin 30-Sep-08       L582

Houston, Alexander C.  Hinman, Katharine B.   23 Oct 1899     H194

Houston, Dolly May     Kennedy, Roy Mitchel   6-Aug-18        V309

Houston, E.E.          Perkins, Irene         1-Jan-14        Q485

Houston, Elizabeth     Wagstaff, R.R.         15-Oct-03       J055

Houston, Ella          Hamblin, Orrin Perry   25-Dec-09       M588

Houston, Elnino        Sherlock, Jennie       27 Aug 1890     E188

Houston, Ethel B.      Frith, Gilbert H.      20-May-14       Q639

Houston, George        Kenney, Grace          17-Sep-17       T631

Houston, Gwen          Naftzger, M.C.         14-May-14       Q625

Houston, Helen         Stackman, Fred C.      30-Sep-14       R167

Houston, Howard Kelsy  McNulty, Eldred Pantin 18-Feb-08       L310

Houston, J.D.          Eddy, Fannie L.        08 Apr 1885     C239

Houston, Jaunita Owen  Edmonds, James Percy   8-Nov-13        Q413

Houston, Jessie        Jones, Newton David    19-Aug-09       M384

Houston, Josephine     Carqueville, Don W.    17-Apr-21       Y587

Houston, Juanita       Hazen, Maurice L.      2-May-22        Z745

Houston, Laura         Brown, S.M.            17-Apr-18       V100

Houston, Lea           Hamm, H.L.                             T012

Houston, Leon B.       Gregg, Minnie L.       14-Sep-01       I040

Houston, Lizzie        Thompson, Oren L.      12-Jun-17       T440

Houston, Lizzie Irene  Mason, Bruce Tremaine  22 Oct 1897     G387

Houston, Mary          Walters, George G.     8-Sep-20        Y091

Houston, Ola           Hill, Robert Luther                    R421

Houston, Sarah E.      Hoag, W.E.             2-Nov-04        J405

Hovard, Irene          Hook, Irne             16-Jul-21       Z136

Hover, Flem S.         Strode, Mattye E.      13-Nov-20       Y263

Hovey, Alton S.        Blackburn, Mosceline   30-Jun-02       I285

Hovey, J.F.            Phipps, Anna M.        22-May-01       H596

Hovey, Madie           Murray, Demos          16 Dec 1889     E039

Hovey, Martha A.       Yeo, Clyde M.          29-Jun-11       O229

Hovis, Kate L.         Jezzard, W.H.          20 Nov 1888     D435

Howard, A.H.           Whitehead, Maude M.    30-Sep-01       I058

Howard, Agnes          Shearer, Harry         21-Jan-13       Q003

Howard, Albert N.      Taylor, Lillie(ily) M. 28 Sep 1892     E621

Howard, Alfred A.      Roberts, Marie         17-Feb-09       M146

Howard, Allen L.       Ewalt, Nona B.         5-Apr-20        X308

Howard, Alma           Schell, William G.     12-Feb-00       H270

Howard, Alta           Hoyt, Fred N.          14-Jun-05       J598

Howard, Arthur         Cox, Amy E.            15-Jun-21       Z050

Howard, Bengmone C.    Foute, Anna M.         17-Dec-18       V516

Howard, Benie Shields  Peak, R.A.             2-Jun-09        M274

Howard, Bennie C.      Phillipps, Bearl M.    20-Feb-13       Q039

Howard, Beulah H.      Knightley, John        17-Jun-20       X498

Howard, Bird S.        Gillam, Madalene F.                    S198

Howard, Birdie         Waters, Stewart N.     24-Oct-00       H444

Howard, C.A.           Addis, Maggie          17-Aug-13       Q278

Howard, C.B.           Biglow, Augusta H.                     T605

Howard, C.L.           Barnes, Agatha                         R479

Howard, C.M.           Adams, Emma L.         16-Jan-09       M103

Howard, C.W.                                                  C287

Howard, C.W.           Lane, Susie            11 Aug 1885     C286

Howard, Cecil          Miller, James M.       20-Jun-20       X512

Howard, Celestine      Nelson, Louis          4-Aug-19        W319

Howard, Charles        Jeffress, Ellen                        D599

Howard, Charles        Jeffress, Ellen        02 Sep 1889     D599

Howard, Charles        Rennick, Bessie        10-Jan-00       H254

Howard, Charles E.     Rennick, Ruby          22-Feb-05       J503

Howard, Clara          Moon, Alva C.          31-Dec-19       X099

Howard, Clara E.       Edwards, Joseph H.     5-Jul-19        W269

Howard, Clarence Ross  Taft, Ella Gertrude    16-Apr-02       I221

Howard, Cora C.        Sims, Samuel David                     T255

Howard, Dakota         Williams, M.V.         10-Jun-17       T435

Howard, Ed             Howard, Maggie J.      23-Jul-02       I307

Howard, Edith Esther   Fowler, Lester A.      28-Dec-19       X085

Howard, Edward C.      King, Kathleen         2-Aug-09        M366

Howard, Ella           Cooper, Charles H.     16-Apr-14       Q595

Howard, Emma           Curtis, James O.                       C279

Howard, Emma C.        Curtis, J.O.           18 Nov 1885     C343

Howard, Ethel          Boone, Harry A.        15-Jul-21       Z133

Howard, Ethel          Gillette, John                         R417

Howard, Eunice M.      Jamieson, Arthur C.    4-Jun-21        Z015

Howard, Eva            Burns, John T.         1-Sep-05        K028

Howard, Fannie         Howard, Z.T.           29-Dec-20       Y383

Howard, Florence Ellen Gerteis, Louis         2-Sep-03        J009

Howard, Fred C.        Wheeler, Ethel         30-Jul-13       Q260

Howard, G.W.           Teeters, Lois Amanda   6-Apr-18        V078

Howard, George         Hostetler, Mattie      31 Dec 1896     G230

Howard, George         Lippencott, Rebecca    24 Jul 1872     A040

Howard, George M.      Nixon, Lizzie A.       24 Apr 1889     D529

Howard, H.A.           Russell, Iva M.        17 Mar 1898     G477

Howard, H.G.           Freeland, Ethel L.     30 Dec 1896     G226

Howard, Harry          Rose, Claire           11-Jul-10       N236

Howard, Harry D.       Cuykendall, Ruby       7-Oct-06        K399

Howard, Harry Lee      Mickle, Ada            8-Oct-17        U053

Howard, Helen          Mayfield, Robert       16-Aug-11       O283

Howard, Helen Victoria McLaughlin, Charles D. 6-Feb-01        H516

Howard, Horace M.      Lane, Cecil I.         29 Oct 1893     F241

Howard, Ida            Cole, C.E.             05 Jun 1897     G307

Howard, Ida B.         Buck, Henry S.         4-Mar-10        N041

Howard, Ida M.         Roy, Henry J.          28 Sep 1898     G577

Howard, Isabell        Burns, William         20 Oct 1881     B201

Howard, J. Denton      Minnick, Aileen                        S558

Howard, J. Lee         Miller, Emma S.                        S206

Howard, J.A.           Garberick, Carolyn M.  15-Jan-21       Y414

Howard, J.B.           Patterson, Alice A.    03 Nov 1888     D426

Howard, J.N.           Weygandt, Flora E.     24 Dec 1877     A303

Howard, James M.       Giese, Mabel           21-Sep-19       W452

Howard, Jean A.        Hagerty, William H.    4-Jul-05        J620

Howard, Jennie         McIntire, Dudley       29 Dec 1879     B013

Howard, Jessie N.      Kessinger, Virgil N.   16-Aug-14       R101

Howard, John L.        Ludlum, Pearle N.      14-Nov-02       I402

Howard, Julia          Arnold, Clay           13-Aug-13       Q275

Howard, Julia F.       Wickham, C. Laurence   5-Dec-17        U314

Howard, Keith D.       Norton, May Rose       4-Aug-20        X630

Howard, Laura          Cardey, James Gilbert  28 Mar 1886     C417

Howard, Laura          Deardorff, John F.     18 Feb 1890     E081

Howard, Leeroy W.      Morris, Florence Maybel28-Nov-07       L211

Howard, Lenora         Shobe, W.S.            24-May-11       O159

Howard, M.M.           Selover, G.B.          15-Jul-05       J630

Howard, Mae            Swanson, Henry         23-Aug-19       W380

Howard, Maggie B.      Prothero, John W.      26 Sep 1897     G364

Howard, Maggie J.      Howard, Ed             23-Jul-02       I307

Howard, Mamie          Wrenn, Samuel J.       19-Jul-05       J634

Howard, Margaret       Stinson, Lemon D.      13 Nov 1890     E248

Howard, Martha         Daily, William A.      07 Apr 1885     C236

Howard, Mary           Roach, Edward          17 Jul 1884     C106

Howard, Mary           Snyder, Charles        15-Jul-03       I603

Howard, Mary E.        Brown, William H.      21-Jun-04       J268

Howard, Mary E.        Cain, J.W.             03 May 1877     A266

Howard, Mary E.        Hook, W.E.             28-Dec-12       P605

Howard, Maude          DeBusk, William        9-Sep-18        V385

Howard, Myrtle B.      Nessly, Herbert L.     23-Jun-09       M307

Howard, Nicklous F.    Smith, Sarah           1-Jul-14        R051

Howard, Nora L.        Keller, Charles E.     21 Sep 1898     G569

Howard, Olive          Hendrickson, Robert J. 13-Apr-10       N096

Howard, Oliver         Cooper, Lillie                         S255

Howard, Orpha E.       Cracraft, Charles F.   16-Jun-18       V219

Howard, Otis           King, Grace                            S085

Howard, Ray            Erdwien, Elsie                         T030

Howard, Rufus J.       Lucas, Laura           01 Jan 1885     C188

Howard, Ruth M.        McDaneld, J.A.                         S060

Howard, Ruth Russell   Kerns, Charles E.      24-Jan-21       Y430

Howard, Samuel E.      Ratliff, Clair         1-Jul-09        M331

Howard, Susie Roe      Young, William         11-Oct-21       Z341

Howard, Thomas S.      Mattenley, Fadra J.    27-Jul-19       W316

Howard, W.A.           Murphy, Lillie E.      25-Aug-08       L533

Howard, W.J.           Linnebur, Katie        2-Sep-13        Q296

Howard, Walter         Bieswanger, Grace      12-Jun-12       P278

Howard, William        Russ, Minnie Lewellen  4-Sep-10        N309

Howard, William        Young, Myrtle B.       5-Sep-21        Z258

Howard, Wilson         Maltby, Alice C.       19 Nov 1897     G408

Howard, Z.D.           Lyman, Grace L.        25-Dec-17       U398

Howard, Z.T.           Howard, Fannie         29-Dec-20       Y383

Howbly, Joe            Baker, Bertha          2-Apr-14        Q582

Howe, A.C.             Logue, Flossie May     29 Dec 1898     H011

Howe, A.J.             Shade, Lillie          24 Dec 1896     G217

Howe, A.J.             VanGeson, Hazel                        T319

Howe, A.T.             Gill, Stella           5-Nov-04        J408

Howe, Charles G.       Carr, Katie M.         03 Aug 1887     D075

Howe, Cora Luella      Clingenpeel, William W.29 Mar 1882     B249

Howe, David C.         Mattison, Anna C.      28 Dec 1898     H009

Howe, Della E.         Elder, Scott M.        05 Jan 1887     C571

Howe, E.A.             Mattison, Emma         19-Dec-00       H479

Howe, Elmore T.        Carr, Florence J.      11 Jun 1884     C084

Howe, Eva              Benefiel, Harry                        T071

Howe, Eva A.           Case, John C.          18 Jul 1891     E361

Howe, Frank            Davis, Hattie          19 Feb 1879     A399

Howe, G.M.             Boyd, Mable F.         09 Oct 1895     F608

Howe, Gertrude         Karns, Harry V.        12-Apr-11       O098

Howe, Hattie May       Logue, Robert Franklin 27-Aug-04       J324

Howe, Ira Emmett       Cramer, Mary Olive     10-Dec-00       H475

Howe, J.E.             Coats, Sophrona        27 Jul 1884     C110

Howe, James            Gurry, Bridget         26 Jan 1877     A248

Howe, Laura            Ralstin, H.W.          25-Jun-13       Q216

Howe, Lottie M.        Scott, Bryson M.       -1901           I016

Howe, Mabel E.         Fisher, Frank N.       12-Oct-21       Z346

Howe, Martha C.        Spinning, Robb T.      28-Nov-12       P533

Howe, Mary             Temple, George         14 Sep 1898     G568

Howe, Mary Jane        Williams, Tom R.                       S239

Howe, Morris L.        Hadden, Mattie R.      24-Jun-13       Q214

Howe, Morris L.        Hodden, Mattie R.      24-Jun-13       Q214

Howe, Nancey           Ringland, G.D.         25 Apr 1885     C248

Howe, Opal Juanita     McCurdy, Harry Clifford8-Nov-19        W589

Howe, Orion H.         Elder, Ethel Irene     19-Nov-03       J085

Howe, Pearl            Carmickle, John                        T030

Howe, Persis C.        Trimble, James A.      12 Jan 1891     E284

Howe, Tincy L.         Owens, Lawrence        04 Oct 1896     G159

Howe, W.H.             Riesbeck, Grace        6-May-20        X380

Howe, William F.       Logue, Stella S.       28 Feb 1898     G469

Howe, Z.O.             Gandell, Josie         25 Jan 1886     C384

Howel, Bertha          Sanders, Herbert       27-Jun-08       L455

Howel, C.J.            Ashley, Fern           10-Feb-14       Q527

Howell, A.D.           Brown, Eva Bell        26 Oct 1886     C513

Howell, Allen          Odell, Anna            23 Jul 1889     D577

Howell, Anglena        Norton, William H.     22-May-01       H595

Howell, Anna E.        Thompson, Charles K.   10-Jun-04       J258

Howell, Benjamin F.    Hollinshead, Phebe     20 Dec 1876     A242

Howell, Clarence J.    Naylor, Ida            21-Jun-21       Z070

Howell, Daniel Vorhees Reilly, Mary Irene     20-Jun-11       O204

Howell, Ethel          Mundis, Ralph          4-Nov-21        Z402

Howell, F.A.           Wimp, Mary A.          11 Oct 1898     G588

Howell, Fern           Eubank, John C.        10-Dec-13       Q453

Howell, Gladys Lee     Bessac, Willfred L.    5-Apr-19        W055

Howell, Harry A.       Miller, Viola          23-Nov-10       N463

Howell, Hazel Fleming  Kline, R.W.            9-Apr-21        Y573

Howell, J.S.           Hall, Maggie           14-Aug-03       I631

Howell, J.V.           Pahlow, Blanche        1-Dec-18        V503

Howell, James          Powers, Charlotte      21-Oct-08       L613

Howell, James C.       Pickins, Emma          25-Nov-18       V496

Howell, John           Reaves, Irene          6-Aug-21        Z191

Howell, John Thomas    Lattimer, Polly Frances25-Nov-11       O441

Howell, Leona          Dow, Loyd              14-Jul-21       Z129

Howell, Lida           Tuttle, Perry          20 Dec 1871     A023

Howell, Lincoln C.     Smith, Susan A.        03 Feb 1892     E489

Howell, Lula           Harmon, Vol L.         28-Dec-21       Z516

Howell, Lydia          Wentworth, Charles Wm. 2-Nov-11        O396

Howell, May A.         Cummins, Samuel        24 Feb 1897     G258

Howell, Myrtle         Wallace, Reece         24-May-08       L409

Howell, Orion E.       Pierce, Laura E.       23-Dec-03       J119

Howell, Phoebe J.      Dixon, Edward          24 Feb 1883     B351

Howell, Ray            Miller, Amy            14-Sep-10       N327

Howell, Richard A.     Hainline, Charlotte    19-Apr-08       L373

Howell, T.M.           Tindall, E.J.          2-Oct-20        Y157

Howell, Thomas         Fuller, Mary (Laura)   08 May 1880     B067

Howell, William D.     Roberts, Laura W.      28 Oct 1894     F425

Howerton, Bessie       Jirrels, Roy                           T002

Howerton, Charles Ross Gee, Eva Mae           27-Nov-20       Y300

Howerton, Earl A.      Pickrell, Laura M.     29-Oct-12       P487

Howerton, Eugene       Hambrick, Sunie May    28-Jun-05       J611

Howerton, Grace        Schooler, C.H.                         S270

Howerton, Leone        Long, L.L.             3-Apr-13        Q091

Howery, Della          Edris, Harry I.        24-Jun-08       L451

Howey, Anna            Miller, Ford           3-Mar-19        W005

Howey, Estella         Fullerlove, William    12 Jul 1883     B390

Howey, George          Little, Sadie (Mrs.)   20 Oct 1890     E222

Howey, Oscar           Jiles, Alice           15 Jan 1889     D478

Howey, William J.      Warner, Priscilla P.   1-Mar-19        V641

Howie, Robert          Swan, Nell                             S383

Howkins, Sadie         McFarland, John        20-May-03       I559

Howland, Arahel        Capren, Adeline L.     26 Jan 1874     A101

Howland, D.L.          Schauf, Elma           23-Apr-21       Y598

Howland, J.C.          Franklin, Esther       5-May-04        J227

Howland, John C.       Cox, T.A.              27-Feb-12       P131

Howland, Maud M.       Wiggins, Thomas J.J.   29 Jun 1892     E572

Howlett, Fred          Allcorn, Daisy         17-Jul-09       M350

Howrey, Rosa           Miller, Lyle                           T080

Hows, Thomas           Hunter, Mattie E.      23-Mar-20       X272

Howse, Edward John     Nance, Mildred Marie   31-Jan-22       Z580

Howser, Raymond D.     Shoemaker, Zaida       14-Mar-09       M179

Hoxie, Charles L.      Cummins, Mary A.       16 Sep 1891     E389

Hoy, Edward            Talbot, Anna           29-Jul-20       X615

Hoyle, Edith Belle     Crum, Bert E.          4-Jul-01        H633

Hoyle, Effie H.        Diedrich, Louis B.     14-Jan-09       M102

Hoyle, Irvin C.        Toben, Lillie          17-May-19       W145

Hoyle, Rollin H.       Nafziger, Mary M.      3-Feb-04        J156

Hoyle, Warren H.       Stevens, Ella          10-Apr-12       P189

Hoyt, Arthur R.        Peters, Minnie H.      23-Dec-12       P584

Hoyt, Augusta Lee      Johnson, Fred LaForest 14 Nov 1889     E018

Hoyt, B.S.             Spaulding, Cora (Mrs.) 12 Jun 1898     G521

Hoyt, Bertha M.        Wineteer, Delbirt(bert)24-Oct-00       H443

Hoyt, Charles C.       Widder, Lizzie G.      05 Feb 1895     F488

Hoyt, Charles Lincoln  Hoover, Katherine Elizabeth            S311

Hoyt, Della            Wood, G.L.                             S631

Hoyt, F.C.             White, Amelia          3-Oct-04        J367

Hoyt, Fred N.          Howard, Alta           14-Jun-05       J598

Hoyt, Hiram W.         Zahniser, Ada R.       24-Nov-10       N473

Hoyt, Joseph W.        Wood, Gladys           18-Sep-19       W450

Hoyt, L.C.             Cranmer, Ethel M.      14-Dec-12       P564

Hoyt, Lockhart Kirk    Rose, Martha J.        15-Oct-05       K073

Hoyt, Louise           Rindskoff, Fred        27-Feb-10       N029

Hoyt, Martha Irene     Duke, Paul L.          6-Nov-19        W582

Hoyt, Mary             Maggard, Jake          24-Aug-10       N293

Hoyt, Mattie J.        Little, John D.                        S030

Hoyt, Merton A.        Marshall, Ladessa      28-Apr-03       I539

Hoyt, Merton A.        Ralston, Hattie F.     23 Oct 1893     F233

Hoyt, Nancy V.         Breneman, Otto C.      2-Dec-08        M032

Hoyt, Ruth             Tapp, Ray B.           10-Jun-14       R020

Hoyt, Sadie            Wynkoop, H.A.          21-Sep-10       N347

Hoyt, Walter Stiles    Jobes, Iley Coleman    20-Apr-12       P195

Hrenchir, Joseph WilliaEck, Josephine         25-Feb-19       V621

Hubbard, Alexis R.     Hickman, Mary E.                       A360

Hubbard, Alice         Jordon, Ernest W.      8-Oct-21        Z334

Hubbard, Alice J.      Taylor, David T.       26-Aug-03       J003

Hubbard, Bert          White, Myrta                           S288

Hubbard, C.F.          Harrison, Bessie       18-Jun-10       N193

Hubbard, Charles A.    Warrenburger, Minnie   24-Dec-17       U387

Hubbard, Dana          Waring, James B.       01 Sep 1889     D596

Hubbard, Edward H.     Carter, Cora E.        14-Aug-10       N274

Hubbard, Eliza         Valk, James            12-Sep-17       T624

Hubbard, Emma A.       Parker, Arleigh C.     12-Feb-08       L306

Hubbard, Estelle R.    Willis, Charley A.     25-Nov-14       R256

Hubbard, Floyd G.      Phoebus, Katie Mae     14-Jan-15       R326

Hubbard, Henry S.      Fuchs, Margaret H.     19-Jun-21       Z056

Hubbard, Hiram D.      Gould, Ella            26 Dec 1894     F466

Hubbard, Iva May       Drake, W.H.            1-Oct-11        O352

Hubbard, M.B.          Gray, Maud             26 Sep 1899     H166

Hubbard, Mary          Riesbeck, Frank        30 Oct 1890     E234

Hubbard, Mildred       Teter, Arley A.        1-Sep-09        M399

Hubbard, Myrtle J.     Carmichael, Lloyd      2-Oct-10        N367

Hubbard, V. Maudane    Sparr, John Ross       06 Dec 1897     G416

Hubbard, W.H.          Bumgarner, Minnie      7-Jan-20        X115

Hubbard, W.H.          Wall, Mary                             R448

Hubbell, Alida Ewing   Allen, Court P.                        S249

Hubbell, F.A.          Clark, Lillian M.                      T187

Hubbird, Katherine     O'Neil, Thomas James   14-Feb-21       Y475

Hubble, Clyde          Hudspeth, Ella         27-Aug-21       Z239

Hubble, Hannah         Kleinhein, Charles     09 Jun 1884     C089

Hubbs, Emma A.         Chaney, Egbert B.      24 Jan 1895     F483

Huber, Albert O.       Lankford, Marie        27-Sep-08       L578

Huber, Ella M.         Johnson, W.F.          2-Feb-12        P089

Huber, Harry O.        Turner, Maud(de) B.    17-Feb-03       I481

Huber, Iona            Hill, William          23-May-04       J240

Huber, John C.         Rooks, May             24-Nov-13       Q435

Huber, Laura E.        Lansdowne, Sterling C. 23-Aug-08       L528

Huber, Louis Jr.       James, Emma            18-Jun-02       I274

Huber, Martha L.       Young, James E.        15-Jan-12       P066

Huber, Theresa         Clark, J.E.            27-Jan-14       Q516

Huber, Viola Marie     Poe, William Carson    12-May-14       Q623

Hubert, Amelia         Firquin, B.J.          31-Mar-13       Q088

Hubert, William C.     Martin, Rosie M.       22 May 1898     G510

Hubka, Josie           Lovci, John            27-Jan-04       J149

Hubler, Fred J.        Biddleman, Mary        26-Mar-13       Q081

Hubler, Harry          Bongard, Minnie        15-Oct-21       Z354

Hubmann, Mary          Timmerkamp, Hubert     23 Nov 1895     F631

Huddleston, Bessie May McDowell, O.J.         6-Jun-09        M281

Huddleston, George A.  Lierle, Iona           27-Dec-05       K162

Huddleston, S.P.       Link, Leona L.         12-Nov-19       W599

Huddleston, S.P.       Moulton, Ella          11-Jun-17       T438

Huddleston, William S. Dotson, Clara                          S046

Huddleston, Willis     Perkins, Mary Pearl    23-Dec-20       Y355

Hudgins, Charley       Ray, Rebecca           7-Dec-17        U316

Hudkins, Leta M.       McCarty, Jerry J.      20-Jun-17       T456

Hudkins, Sidney I.     Pennock, Elizabeth B.  18-Dec-09       M563

Hudson, Ada G.         Burbank, J.E.          22-May-00       H325

Hudson, Alice          Hibberd, Charles F.    9-Sep-03        J014

Hudson, Bertha         Ferrell, Jesse         24-Jul-07       L060

Hudson, Blanche M.     Carpenter, Lee P.      2-Oct-10        N369

Hudson, Charles B.     Tracy, Gertrude C.     29-Sep-09       M455

Hudson, Charles E.     Burnaugh, Belle        23 Jul 1883     B392

Hudson, Elmer O.       Rohrer, Nettie M.      17-May-03       I556

Hudson, Emily (Mrs.)   Cotrell, F.E.          7-Nov-04        J410

Hudson, Emma I.        Pond, Willard E.       18-Jul-10       N247

Hudson, Ethel          Wilson, Aaron          17-Aug-05       K014

Hudson, F.L.           Pryor, Esther          30-Jul-21       Z172

Hudson, Frank R.       Payne, Miriam B.       22-Nov-19       W629

Hudson, Grace Dodson   Kiefner, Lynn E.                       S428

Hudson, Grace May      Martin, Charles        24-Dec-04       J452

Hudson, Hattie A.      Watson, Frank L.       30 Nov 1896     G198

Hudson, Ira            Forbs, Sarah           8-Feb-09        M132

Hudson, J.B.           Steepleton, Mary Elizab2-Dec-13        Q446

Hudson, J.M.           Rollins, Ida M.        14 Feb 1882     B243

Hudson, James          McQueen, Isabella      14 Jul 1884     C101

Hudson, James F.       Kimball, Alma J.       01 Jan 1894     F286

Hudson, James W.       Farmer, Hattie A.      25 Dec 1889     E050

Hudson, L.C.           Bevis, Nona G.         8-Oct-02        I373

Hudson, Maude          Bissantz, R.W.         21-Jun-21       Z069

Hudson, Merlin         Rogers, E. May         24 Mar 1886     C415

Hudson, Nellie         Topp, Clarence                         T348

Hudson, O.W.           Wright, Mary                           T049

Hudson, Paul L.        Cline, Wealtha         30-May-09       M270

Hudson, Thomas C.      Corless, Anna Louise   19-Nov-21       Z432

Hudson, Viola          Levy, Mike                             Y173

Hudson, Violet         McRae, Cleo A.         3-Sep-11        O306

Hudson, William Marion Imboden, Hortense      5-Sep-11        O308

Hudspeth, Ada Bell     Lumbert, Frank         28-Aug-04       J324

Hudspeth, Alma B.      Dermody, Francis M.    7-Oct-09        M464

Hudspeth, Charles      Schweitzer, Carrie W.  8-Apr-01        H548

Hudspeth, Ella         Hubble, Clyde          27-Aug-21       Z239

Hudspeth, Ernest       Tupper, Zettie         2-Apr-02        I210

Hudspeth, James        Kyle, Ella             11-Jun-00       H336

Hudspeth, Tennia E.    McKinley, Marion R.    7-Nov-06        K437

Huerter, Mary          Weisenburg, William    6-Oct-19        W500

Huey, C.S.             Montgomery, Erma       27-Aug-21       Z238

Huey, Frank G.         White, Blanch          23-Jul-17       T523

Huey, Frank S.         Gregory, Helena Mearle 4-Jul-17        T489

Huey, Frank S.         Jackson, Elsie M.      9-May-12        P231

Huey, Maisy            Johnson, Clarence E.   16-Mar-21       Y528

Huey, Samuel P.        Wilson, Laura K.       24 Jan 1892     E480

Huey, Sidney           Driskel, Lottie        15-Aug-06       K352

Hufbauer, Emily J.     Sickler, Elijah J.     17 Jun 1883     B382

Hufbauer, Grace E.     McKee, Lloyd D.        01 Mar 1898     G469

Hufbauer, Hazel        Kimble, Sam F.         1-Jun-11        O162

Hufbauer, John F.      Canady, Emma           12 Jun 1894     F368

Huff, A.S.             Robins, Emma           20-Apr-18       V105

Huff, A.S.             Tatum, M.J.            22 Jul 1877     A279

Huff, Almeda May       Lukens, Andrew A.      16 May 1886     C442

Huff, B.F.             DeLair, Maude M.       19 Sep 1883     B412

Huff, Blanche          Shores, Henry          30-Mar-02       I211

Huff, Charles          Garrison, Ida E.       31 Oct 1883     B424

Huff, Clara Bell       Green, James A.        14-Mar-06       K224

Huff, Edna V.          Grant, William S.      5-Nov-08        L633

Huff, Edwin            Fellars, Effa          24-Mar-13       Q076

Huff, Fern H.          Miller, A.I.           30-May-17       T391

Huff, Grace Edith      VanHorn, Thad          1-Aug-01        I012

Huff, Grace M.         Wolfe, John A.         4-Nov-07        L189

Huff, Ida              Moses, A.              17-Oct-00       H436

Huff, Ina Lee          Anderson, Elmer        24-Oct-17       U126

Huff, James            Garrisson, Ritta       20-Jul-07       L056

Huff, Jesse            Doxy, Emma             21-Jan-13       Q003

Huff, Katie (Mrs.)     Dabertz, Louis W.      02 Oct 1890     E210

Huff, Lenora           Ross, J.W.             17-May-04       J237

Huff, Leroy R.         Barbee, Gertrude       20-Jun-17       T455

Huff, Lida             Richie, Joseph         19 Jan 1888     D203

Huff, O.C.             Perry, Marie L.        30-Sep-04       J363

Huff, P.A.             Yoakum, Laura May      22-Jun-12       P298

Huff, Pearl            Heathman, Vaden        23-Jan-15       R339

Huff, Rufus            Perkins, Belle         18 May 1893     F139

Huff, Sarah Francis    Frizelle, Benjamin H.                  K125

Huff, Ulysses G.       McCoy, Emma F.         07 Nov 1889     E010

Huff, Wilbur Ernest    Babb, Nellie T.        31-Dec-09       M601

Huff, Will J.          Pitts, Cora A.         26 Aug 1885     C294

Huff, William A.       Phillips, Bessie E.    08 Mar 1883     B355

Huffaker, W.H.         Roderick, India        05 Mar 1896     G060

Huffine, David C.      Hoffer, Dulsia         3-Nov-08        L630

Huffine, Nellie        Reynols, Frank         2-Oct-10        N371

Huffington, C.R.       Smith, Teresa          31-Aug-11       O304

Huffington, Dollie J.  Siever, James          18-Nov-03       J083

Huffington, Ruth E.    Mockmore, W.M.         23-Dec-12       P579

Huffman, Alice         Wheat, George N.       29 Dec 1886     C567

Huffman, Alma          Cottrell, Harry        21-Dec-09       M571

Huffman, Alma          Sommers, Charlie                       O147

Huffman, Altha         Dixon, S.V.            8-Jun-21        Z031

Huffman, B.G.          Pierce, Maude A.       6-May-22        Z276

Huffman, Carrie E.     Drake, C.B.            15 Jun 1887     D035

Huffman, Clara B.      Mathis, Charley C.     15-Mar-11       O051

Huffman, Clara Belle   Barrow, John D.        25-Aug-20       Y050

Huffman, E.W.          Warren, Ethel M.       17-Jan-18       U486

Huffman, Effie M.      Ferris, Jackson        20-Oct-12       P470

Huffman, Eliza J.      Wikoff, William        10 Mar 1880     B049

Huffman, Ella          Donovan, W.J.          28 Dec 1886     C564

Huffman, Ethel Belle   Nichols, Ola I.        29-May-20       X436

Huffman, George V.     Mitchell, M.           26-Sep-21       Z310

Huffman, Gladys R.     Simmonds, LeRoy Howard 16-Aug-20       Y035

Huffman, Ida           Willett, Orva A.       2-Jun-04        J249

Huffman, Ida D.        Walker, Nicholas R.    19 Feb 1889     D495

Huffman, Iola          Reynolds, Caul         23-Aug-09       M386

Huffman, Josephine     Washburn, Harvey T.    15 Oct 1882     B308

Huffman, Kate          Killion, John D.       09 Sep 1888     D383

Huffman, Lola M.       Dudley, E.M.           4-Jul-04        J284

Huffman, Margaret      Minick, Alvin          13 May 1876     A202

Huffman, Minnie        Prickett, P.R.         01 May 1887     C637

Huffman, Mollie        Lawrence, J.O.         26 Feb 1899     H048

Huffman, O.E.          Maxey, Minnie          30-Nov-17       U290

Huffman, Pearl         Smith, Arthur          31-Mar-20       X292

Huffman, Rosa          Glass, Simeon          06 Jul 1898     G537

Huffman, Stella ElizabeEdman, Joseph R.                       R440

Huffman, W.H.          Matheny, Nannie        07 Jul 1896     G116

Huffmaster, Ira W.     McWilliams, Clemma     15 Apr 1886     C427

Hufford, Loron         Poehner, Jennie                        T201

Hufman, Elizabeth      Vanscoyoc, M.          14-Sep-08       L565

Huford, Kate           Ellis, L.C.            9-Jun-10        N180

Hugaboon, Veta         Jackson, Rupert        27-Jun-18       V251

Huges, Lucile          Slaker, P.E.                           S593

Hugges, Bernice        Manny, Charles H.      12-Jun-17       T443

Huggins, Alice M.      Wiggins, Charles A.    3-May-19        W115

Huggins, C.W.          Wheeler, Bertha        4-Sep-09        M406

Huggins, Deliah(ilah)  Martin, William        24 Nov 1898     G622

Huggins, Gladys Viola  Billings, E.L.         24-Jun-14       R040

Huggins, J.W.          Bedwell, Dora          19-Nov-13       Q427

Huggins, Sallie        Scott, William Walter  02 Oct 1892     E622

Huggins, Thomas J.     Lee, Viola             01 Jan 1896     G025

Huggins, W.H.          Winrod, F.E.           22-Dec-14       R292

Hughart, Ollie         Cushman, B.L.          2-Nov-04        J404

Hughbanks, Alfred M.   Pigg, Julia            20-Sep-09       M437

Hughes, Ada J.         Chase, W.H.            18-Apr-01       H560

Hughes, Addie          Freeman, Silas         24 Nov 1898     G621

Hughes, Albert W.      Wooden, Lillie M.      11-Jul-08       L478

Hughes, Arthur D.      Thompson, Maude        9-Nov-12        P499

Hughes, Betty          Brown, B.F.            29-Jul-20       X615

Hughes, C.F.           Stevens, Rosetta       31-Jul-19       W321

Hughes, Catherine      Errickson, C.E.        1-Nov-10        N424

Hughes, Christopher C. Lyman, Minnie D.       25-Nov-08       M023

Hughes, D.G.           Dillon, Alicia         21-Jan-02       I163

Hughes, Della H.       Mitchell, Meek         13-Jan-09       M100

Hughes, Edwin          Smith, Carrie          15 Jan 1899     H024

Hughes, Emma           Nowels, J.T.           09 Nov 1898     G607

Hughes, Emmet          Waddell, Grace         19-Jun-20       X511

Hughes, Esther E.      Ennis, John J.         23 Oct 1884     C151

Hughes, Ethel          Noble, George          23-May-18       V164

Hughes, Ethel V.       Woodard, Howard C.     30-Jun-09       M324

Hughes, F.L.           Coxhead, Hannah        30-Oct-13       Q400

Hughes, George         Cogdell, Lena M.       23-Oct-02       I384

Hughes, Gertrude       Dodwell, Harry G.      6-Mar-14        Q556

Hughes, Gladys         Hannon, Everett        22-Oct-21       Z376

Hughes, Guy M.         Hebb, Martha Lucile    4-Jan-20        X104

Hughes, Harriet(tte)   Whedbee, Earl Franklin 12-Dec-12       P563

Hughes, Hattie F.      McAllister, C.A.       31 Mar 1897     G276

Hughes, James          Ironton, Sarah Ann     27 Apr 1876     A200

Hughes, James R.       Rice, Edna L.          1-Feb-05        J489

Hughes, Jennie         Hagan, Owen O.                         T190

Hughes, John Edward    Grace, Geneva Gertrude 21-Jun-09       M309

Hughes, John J.        Sexton, Clara E.       09 Oct 1876     A228

Hughes, Joseph F.      Ryan, Frances R.       9-Oct-09        M466

Hughes, Katherine      Hyde, C.T.             17-Dec-07       L240

Hughes, Katie          Lehr, Andrew J.        03 Oct 1894     F410

Hughes, L.R.           Dennett, Frances       23-Nov-21       Z443

Hughes, Lee            Miller, Loraine        25-Feb-20       X218

Hughes, Lizzie E.      Dodge, Enoch           16 Nov 1876     A234

Hughes, M.S.           Bellmire, Mary         24 Jul 1880     B080

Hughes, Maggie         Davis, Cloyce E.       1-Nov-06        K432

Hughes, Maggie         Ganey, Patrick         03 Oct 1894     F409

Hughes, Maria          Williams, W.C.         06 May 1888     D290

Hughes, Mattie E.      McCosh, M.B.           20-Jul-10       N250

Hughes, Millie         Gates, G.              29-Oct-06       K425

Hughes, Nelle          Burnett, O.E.          21-Jul-17       T518

Hughes, Nellie Louise  Law, John E.           31-Oct-09       M497

Hughes, Orlando        Nelson, Alta           13-Apr-10       N098

Hughes, Orlando        Nelson, Alta           13-Apr-10       N140

Hughes, Orval          Waples, Mona           29-May-17       T392

Hughes, Patrick        Stoffer, Amanda                        S234

Hughes, Ruby Pearl     Bryant, M.D.           1-Feb-08        L294

Hughes, Ruth           Brean, B.              13-Apr-22       Z705

Hughes, Ruth           Hannum, Frederick      27-Jul-11       O261

Hughes, Samuel         Pugh, Helen M.         26-Apr-04       J219

Hughes, Vera Vada      Bowers, Lawrence       11-Mar-14       Q563

Hughes, Walter         White, Minnie          4-Aug-18        V303

Hughes, William A.     Klein, Freda I.        26-Mar-21       Y541

Hughes, William M.     Kirch, Regina          10-Apr-12       P188

Hughett, Bert          Green, Cora            01 Feb 1897     G247

Hughett, Clarice       Stamback, E.J.         12-Dec-00       H475

Hughett, F.M.          Martin, E. Blanche     2-Jun-17        T410

Hughett, Harley S.     Ward, Rose M.          8-Jun-04        J257

Hughey, James L.       Hellar, Ella J.        1-Feb-09        M124

Hughey, William R.     Gillum, Rosa           01 Oct 1872     A045

Hughs, Annie L.        Lindsay, Henry H.      09 Sep 1871     A014

Hughs, Ellen           Craig, Jesse           29-Jan-15       R344

Huguenin, D.V.         Dunn, Martha L.        26-Nov-19       W636

Huguenin, Edmond       Reeves, Edith          23-Jun-13       Q213

Huguenin, Lorenne FrancBarnett, Sidney Hollis 29-Jan-19       V583

Huguenin, Rose A.      Downey, James M.       13-Nov-07       L197

Huiatt, Clifford       Goodnight, Vesta       9-Feb-18        U544

Huitt, George          Ross, Mamie E.         6-Jun-05        J590

Huitt, Webster W.      Mease, Opal            29-Sep-21       Z318

Hukle, Connie L.       Dewater, Carrie E.     1-Feb-05        J485

Hukle, Cordelia M.     Teachout, Lucien W.    18-Aug-01       I021

Hukle, Leoma           Herrington, George C.  10-Mar-10       N046

Hukle, Louis C.        Whitesell, Myrtle M.   19-Apr-11       O110

Hula, Wesley Alberet   Estes, Vara Alice      3-Jun-20        X447

Hulbert, B. Mack       Trower, Margaret                       S423

Hulbert, Ella          Collier, Will          7-Jul-18        V266

Hulbert, H.S.          Hurst, Marietta        19-Oct-18       V451

Hulbert, May           Watkins, J.H.                          R505

Hulburt, Ivan J.       Bowers, Etta A.        10 Mar 1892     E513

Hules, R.S.            Tapen, Allice L.       04 Dec 1886     C544

Hull, Beryl M.         Coundiff, Ernest J.    9-Sep-09        M417

Hull, Bion B.          Hatton, Grace          23 Jul 1896     G124

Hull, Bion B.          Murdock, Sybil K.      15 Nov 1889     E019

Hull, Bluford          Parker, Mary L.        27 Jul 1885     C283

Hull, Cornelia E.      Hull, Silas            11 Jul 1874     A125

Hull, Dave V.          Croft, Anna            2-Jul-10        N223

Hull, Ernest           Murrey, Blanche        3-Jun-17        T414

Hull, Eva Ann          Shannon, Clyde A.      6-Mar-15        R379

Hull, George G.        Cook, Birdie B.        23-Oct-06       K417

Hull, George Herbert   Guthrie, Luda Verona   15 Sep 1892     E611

Hull, Gertrude         Smith, A.J.            9-Oct-07        L161

Hull, H.B.             Shifley, Florence                      S296

Hull, Harry T.         Caster, Vida           17-Aug-21       Z219

Hull, Howard           Shannon, Mary          26-Sep-17       U011

Hull, Ivry             Waldo, Benjamin J.     18-Jun-21       Z059

Hull, Jack Wilbur      Street, Edith          28-Aug-10       N297

Hull, M.I.             Wait, L.D.             4-May-12        P223

Hull, M.L.             Elliott, Mae           13-Mar-15       R386

Hull, Mabel (Mrs.)     Odell, George E.       27-Sep-10       N359

Hull, Mabel Lillian    DeVore, Benjamin B.    6-Aug-18        V308

Hull, Minnie S.        Nelson, Warren E.      7-Mar-08        L331

Hull, Nancy Jane       Bush, Harry            12 Jul 1892     E578

Hull, O.J.             Cutting, Josie E.      30-Dec-08       M073

Hull, Orval P.         Walker, Hester         28-Jan-18       U511

Hull, Pearl            Harrison, Claud        17-Sep-07       L126

Hull, Pearl            Jerman, Eldon L.       5-Feb-12        P091

Hull, Silas            Hull, Cornelia E.      11 Jul 1874     A125

Hull, Vera Catherine   Burd, Joseph Laurence  21-Apr-09       M226

Hull, W.               Clark, E.              04 Jan 1878     A307

Hull, William S.       Barfield, Claire       11-Sep-09       M420

Hull, Wyllys L.        Grandfield, Edna J.    25-Aug-12       P383

Hullet, Ethel          Butts, Forrest S.      11-Jun-19       W204

Hullet, Ethel          Theilen, Thomas G.     14-Oct-09       M476

Hullet, Flank E.       Overstreet, J.J.       5-Feb-08        L300

Hullet, John Forest    White, Martha Ruth Thel16-Jul-03       I607

Hullet, Lester L.      Williamson, King H.    28-Oct-08       L623

Hullihan, J.C.         Lewellen, Tencia       16-Dec-14       R282

Hulme, Arthur          Caler, Bertha          29 Apr 1898     G497

Huls, Elnora           Harkreader, William    26 Sep 1888     D395

Huls, Rebecca          Green, Louis                           C559

Hulse, Aaron           Helt, Grace                            S530

Hulse, Clarence R.     Hunter, Verdia         8-Nov-20        Y255

Hulse, Grace           Ward, Ira              26-Nov-17       U266

Hulse, Lee Robert      Little, Mabel May      29-Jul-19       W318

Hulse, Winnie B.       Riley, Daniel F.       18 Mar 1890     E101

Hulsey, Frank J.       Wolfe, Gladys          19-Nov-19       W622

Hulsey, Jessie M.      Trueblood, Richard H.  9-Apr-13        Q099

Hulsey, Pearl          Palmer, Ernest         25-Jun-19       W242

Hulsman, Anna          Schlauser, John        07 Feb 1885     C207

Humbert, C.C.          Crawford, A.D.         19 Jan 1882     B235

Humbert, Fred          Elam, Jennie           06 Feb 1885     C204

Humbert, Lincoln       Thompson, Florence     17 Jan 1886     C379

Humbert, May           Waer, Charles A.       9-Aug-11        O277

Humble, Florence May   Schroy, J.C.           21-Apr-21       Y594

Humble, George         VanGieson, Hattie      15 Jul 1880     B079

Humble, Helen C.       Neely, H.C.            30-Sep-06       K388

Humble, T. Isaac       Hill, Jessie M.        16 May 1883     B372

Humbolt, Charley       Gagen, Maud            7-Dec-13        Q449

Humbolt, Homer         Johnson, Leota Fern                    R525

Humbolt, Iven          Campbell, Bertha                       T210

Humbolt, John L.       Fry, Myrtle            21-Feb-12       P111

Humbolt, Mary L.       Minson, G.W.           23 Sep 1896     G144

Humbolt, William H.    Lackey, Alice E.       28-Oct-06       K422

Hume, Clarice          McIntire, C.F.         30-Apr-07       K619

Hume, Ellsworth        Jeffrey, Alice         21 May 1892     E550

Hume, Grace            Mize, Alfred C.        29-Sep-19       W479

Hume, Hazel Anna       Coulter, Thomas J. Jr. 5-Nov-05        K100

Hume, J.W.             Hogan, Bessie          23-Oct-12       P475

Hume, John E.          Bleakmore, Carrie      26 May 1887     D017

Hume, John Hardin      Prewitt, Estella May   21-Feb-04       J168

Hume, Mary E.          Gorin, J.R.            31 Jul 1886     C475

Hume, May              Dukes, J.W.            19-Feb-05       J502

Humes, Harry           Killam, Marchie        16-Aug-20       Y032

Humes, John F.         Davis, Emma            19 May 1887     D012

Humfeld, Charles W.    Lawhead, Allie Belle                   R491

Hummel, Elmer          Cherry, Lottie         25-Feb-22       Z630

Hummel, Grace          Cherry, Roy            4-Nov-21        Z404

Hummel, Harold         Harness, Edith         18-May-19       W146

Hummel, Pearl          Hall, J.L.             12-May-20       X397

Hummelke, Clara        Diddle, W.S.           02 Jul 1893     F162

Hummelke, Flora        Carpenter, G.W.        17 Nov 1898     G613

Hummelke, Fred A.      Haines, Lydia          22-May-00       H325

Hummelke, Meta Belle   Debusmann, Frank Edwin 7-Nov-20        Y249

Humphery, Ernest C.    Dunn, Cora             14-Jun-18       V215

Humphrey, A.J.         Price, Mattie          17-Oct-01       I080

Humphrey, Bertha       Eby, Glen              30-Nov-13       Q443

Humphrey, Blanche G.   Gates, E.H.H.          12-Mar-13       Q059

Humphrey, C.W.         Lowry, Rose            12-Oct-04       J377

Humphrey, Clara E.     Conyers, F.M.                          R602

Humphrey, Clarice M.   Dilley, Frank J.       1-Apr-09        M200

Humphrey, Dora         Riley, David B.        18 Sep 1890     E198

Humphrey, Edward F.    Elmore, Minnie         17-Dec-08       M052

Humphrey, Emma (Mrs.)  Mitchell, Clay         16-May-00       H320

Humphrey, Fern         Ferrin, Fred A.                        S025

Humphrey, James        Whitted, Lizzie        1-Oct-08        L587

Humphrey, John W.      O'Hanlon, Alice C.     16 May 1889     D539

Humphrey, L.B.         Newberry, J.K.         16 Jun 1897     G315

Humphrey, L.W.         Bauer, Laura L.        19-Dec-17       U361

Humphrey, Leila        Klopfenstein, Aaron D. 17 Dec 1896     G213

Humphrey, Mary(rry)    Wright, Noah           29 Dec 1898     H012

Humphrey, Nannie G.    Beck, Seymour W.       24 Feb 1896     G054

Humphrey, Nettie U.    Suhl, Frank S.         5-Jul-02        I291

Humphrey, Richard Reid Robeson, Lora Adelia   24-Jun-18       V242

Humphrey, Thomas J.    Walcott, Ione                          T167

Humphrey, Viola V.     Parker, Andrew R.      4-Jul-03        I599

Humphrey, W.H.         Gossett, Ada           28 Sep 1898     G576

Humphrey, William A.   Borders, Annie E.      29 Oct 1873     A089

Humphreys, Ethel       Linn, Omar B.          14-May-19       W139

Humphreys, Rose        Schwader, John C.      18-Dec-17       U353

Hunck, Annie           Gilchrist, C.C.        15 Aug 1880     B084

Hund, Otto             Smarsh, Katherine      22-Aug-10       N284

Hund, Peter W.         Gorges, Emma           20-Mar-19       W027

Hundley, Agnes         Crum, Forest           24-Sep-09       M445

Hundley, Myrtle        Burris, J.H.           3-Jul-14        R058

Hundley, William       Black, Barbara         13 Aug 1892     E595

Hundley, Zell          Stephenson, Charles E. 9-Dec-13        Q450

Hunicke, Emmy          Becker, Harry A.       10-Dec-21       Z474

Hunkle, Emma           Burson, Hiram L.       11-Jan-08       L278

Hunley, Abraham        Stewart, Josephine     16 Jul 1891     E361

Hunley, Ona E.         Long, C.D.             27-Dec-09       M591

Hunnell, J.S.          McLorey, Sarah         05 Apr 1883     B363

Hunold, Henry W.       Harbaugh, Grace        13-Nov-20       Y268

Hunsaker, A.E.         Wiedenback, Louise     21-Jun-17       T461

Hunsaker, Beatrice     Harris, Frank          26-Dec-18       V537

Hunsaker, Charles H.   Richards, Mandana      27 Jan 1881     B134

Hunsaker, Everett L.   Foley, Vera            8-Oct-19        W505

Hunsaker, Julia A.     Rush, James F.         08 May 1887     D003

Hunsberger, J.A.       Blair, Luella          20 Jul 1884     C107

Hunsberger, Mary       Thomas, William R.     23 Nov 1887     D167

Hunsicker, Gertrude A. Mabery, Charles D.     10-Oct-05       K067

Hunsinger, Mary        Hunsinger, Nicholas    3-Apr-13        Q093

Hunsinger, Nicholas    Hunsinger, Mary        3-Apr-13        Q093

Hunsley, Lora          Brown, Doy             26-Feb-20       X221

Hunsucker, Clara       Parker, Walter         17-May-14       Q630

Hunsucker, Louis O.    Reynolds, Sadie        22-Oct-18       V454

Hunt, A.F.             Foster, Bernice        4-May-18        V130

Hunt, A.M.             Norton, Jennie         04 Oct 1881     B193

Hunt, Aimee            Sallyard, Sam          28-Mar-12       P166

Hunt, Amanda M.        Keister, James A.      25 Feb 1883     B350

Hunt, Anna             Gould, W.J.            20 Jul 1898     G542

Hunt, Arthur C.        Lehmann, Minnie        7-Dec-18        V510

Hunt, Arthur G.        Schwyhart, Ida M.      10-Feb-15       R355

Hunt, B.F.             Casteel, Ellen         4-Jan-09        M087

Hunt, Beatrice         Nugen, Albert                          S604

Hunt, Bessie           Startzman, Irving D.   22-Jun-10       N202

Hunt, Byron M.         Mettler, Cecil         27-Nov-12       P529

Hunt, C.F.             Martin, Emma           25-Jun-03       I590

Hunt, Charles N.       Franklin, Florence     24-Oct-04       J393

Hunt, Chester          Blaisdell, C.E.        17 Oct 1896     G169

Hunt, Claude Earl      Eldridge, Opal                         S003

Hunt, Clifford V.      Hasemeyer, Agnes       27-Jul-10       N258

Hunt, Eliza A.         Brooks, William E.     29 Feb 1880     B043

Hunt, Emery I.         Woodside, Loue         7-Sep-10        N317

Hunt, Emma J.          Dewitt, Oren           22 Sep 1878     A361

Hunt, Emma J.          Truesdell, H.P.        30 May 1882     B274

Hunt, Eva              Junkins, Alvin         28-Nov-17       U286

Hunt, Evelyn G.        Tullis, H.B.           28-Jun-10       N210

Hunt, Fay              Daniels, S.W.          26-Nov-21       Z456

Hunt, Florence (Mrs.)  Mordy, V.R.            14-Jun-13       Q197

Hunt, Francis C.       Duncan, Emma A.        17 Aug 1893     F185

Hunt, George           Wooldridge, Hallie     18-Feb-20       X209

Hunt, George H.        Day, Martha Evalynn    18-Jul-06       K328

Hunt, George M.        Steadman, Sadie M.                     C484

Hunt, George M.        Steadman, Sadie M.     28 Aug 1886     C491

Hunt, Gertrude Fern    Pilkington, L.R.       12-Dec-21       Z478

Hunt, Goldie           Buchanan, J.P.         16-Oct-20       Y199

Hunt, Grace Ivirn      Whitman, Arthur        21-Sep-07       L131

Hunt, Harold           Gillispie, Lydia       15-Jan-21       Y412

Hunt, Harry            Eaton, Louise S.                       T033

Hunt, Hazel            Martindale, Oliver P.  7-Aug-11        O274

Hunt, Hazel Marie      Cook, Oscar            18-Apr-21       Y589

Hunt, Helen            Adair, E.H.            21-Jun-21       Z067

Hunt, Helen            Fees, Walter S.                        T094

Hunt, Helen E.         Lowry, Will S.                         R578

Hunt, Henry H.         Stewart, Annie         18-Sep-12       P418

Hunt, Ida H.           Ayers, Orville G.      9-Nov-04        J400

Hunt, Isabell Bernice  Sheridan, Edward       15-Mar-15       R387

Hunt, J.L.             Rankins, Jessie        26-Jul-20       X607

Hunt, J.R.             Killion, G.D.          01 Apr 1886     C420

Hunt, James E.         Hilterman, Laura A.(Mrs14 Apr 1890     E120

Hunt, Jessie           Treece, Robert T.      2-Oct-18        V425

Hunt, John H.          McBeth, Eunice         29-Jun-12       P312

Hunt, John N.          Booth, Anna B.         15 Apr 1893     F116

Hunt, Laura Agnes      Smith, John Gould      27-Mar-05       J532

Hunt, Lettie           Sullivan, George G.    19 Feb 1872     A030

Hunt, Lois Mary        Burris, William W.     4-Sep-20        Y080

Hunt, Mabelle C.       Haines, Ward G.        21-Mar-06       K229

Hunt, Mae              Lane, Tom F.           2-Sep-19        W403

Hunt, Mae              McGure, Albert                         S184

Hunt, Mae Belle        Wilson, Aubrey V.      3-Jul-17        T488

Hunt, Mattie E.        Ayler, Smith F.        27-Nov-09       M542

Hunt, May              Guy, Fred O.           21-Sep-17       T640

Hunt, Milton           Hedrick, Della         24 Feb 1886     C395

Hunt, N.G.             Barner, S.M.           16-Nov-21       Z428

Hunt, Olion            Elliott, John          16-Apr-13       Q109

Hunt, Robert J.        Oxnam, M.E.            07 Jan 1889     D473

Hunt, Roy              Kelley, Mabelle        26-May-00       H328

Hunt, S.R.             Westerhouse, Jennie    28-Mar-00       H296

Hunt, Sean             Grace, Mary (Mrs.)     10-Aug-00       H376

Hunt, Seth E.          Brewer, Elizabeth      18-Oct-05       K083

Hunt, Sylvester Brad   Cooley, Frances Lucile 22-Oct-17       U113

Hunt, Thomas           Graham, Alice          08 Dec 1880     B117

Hunt, Thomas           Sullivan, Emily        07 Dec 1887     D173

Hunt, Thomas S.        Button, Frank Howard (M14-Sep-05       K040

Hunt, William L.       Baker, Ida Mae         15-Aug-18       V324

Hunter, A.A.           Bainter, Sarah         28-Jul-13       Q259

Hunter, Adam Brown     Burke, Estelle Gertrude14-May-10       N141

Hunter, Alexander      Baker, Carrie Sue      16 Jul 1896     G122

Hunter, Alfred A.      Bacon, Minnie          3-Aug-11        O269

Hunter, Alfred A.      Phillips, Lydia        10-Dec-08       M042

Hunter, Alice          Lowe, W.A.             10 Nov 1897     G399

Hunter, Alvin C.       Anderson, Mary A.      07 Oct 1894     F414

Hunter, Anna L.        Smith, William A.      17 Aug 1893     F183

Hunter, Bud            Nave, Mary             14-Jun-10       N185

Hunter, Caroline S.    McCoy, Charles C.      04 Nov 1894     F429

Hunter, Charles        Shaffer, Clara         11-Jul-00       H357

Hunter, Charles H.     Anderson, Harriet E.   08 Aug 1880     B082

Hunter, Charles H.     York, Emma C.          25-Sep-07       L140

Hunter, Charles Lakin  Wright, Polly          7-Aug-07        L079

Hunter, E.J.           Kirkpatrick, Caroline  30 Sep 1886     C507

Hunter, Edith          Little, Francis        23-Nov-21       Z445

Hunter, Edna May       Wilson, M.L.           22-Jun-04       J270

Hunter, Eva            Hembree, J.W.          9-Oct-01        I073

Hunter, George         Ross, Laura            4-May-12        P225

Hunter, George C.      Greeling, Eva                          R625

Hunter, George R.      Tibbitts, Minnie       22-Jun-03       I586

Hunter, Gladys M.      Jackson, William H.    21-Dec-13       Q464

Hunter, Harry          Couchman, Mary         24-Dec-03       J125

Hunter, Helen E.       Hall, Everitt H.       12-Apr-20       X318

Hunter, Irene Virginia Aylesbury, Charles Robe4-Feb-13        Q019

Hunter, James B.       Collett, Susan Jane    21 Jan 1872     A027

Hunter, James Black    Downing, Anna K.       2-Feb-09        M127

Hunter, James S.       Hunter, Mary E.        19-Oct-07       L174

Hunter, Jay A.         Willhour, Ida M.       30 Aug 1892     E603

Hunter, L.P.           Hobble, Alice          25-Aug-11       O298

Hunter, Laura          Brockway, Dennis       15-Mar-02       I201

Hunter, Mary A.        Snyder, R.Q.           30 Jan 1877     A249

Hunter, Mary E.        Hunter, James S.       19-Oct-07       L174

Hunter, Mary J.        Morton, John           29-Jun-04       J280

Hunter, Mary Jane (Mrs)McAfee, Isaac          18 Oct 1892     E637

Hunter, Mattie E.      Hows, Thomas           23-Mar-20       X272

Hunter, Mignon         Pryor, Joshua Kight    7-Nov-08        L637

Hunter, Nelson G.      Ashenfelter, Minnie Ros18 Mar 1895     F510

Hunter, Nettie E.      Moore, John A.         15 Sep 1883     B409

Hunter, Oliver         Vogel, Dora E.         15-Jun-05       J601

Hunter, Ollie          Fancher, J.D.          18-Jun-18       V229

Hunter, Pokie          Derritt, Isaac A.                      G552

Hunter, Samuel H.      Cartright, Kate        09 Feb 1887     C585

Hunter, Sarah E.       Worthington, George S. 30 Mar 1893     F107

Hunter, Stephen S.     Smith, Myrtle I.       29 Jun 1889     D562

Hunter, Thaddeus W.    Noyes, Catherine       5-Feb-03        I479

Hunter, Thursey        Gray, Lewis            28 Nov 1888     D441

Hunter, Velasco        Black, Mary            10 Dec 1891     E439

Hunter, Velasco J.     Dilts, Minnie H. (Mrs.)8-Jun-04        J253

Hunter, Verdia         Hulse, Clarence R.     8-Nov-20        Y255

Hunter, W.F.           Hendricks, Irene       28-Apr-19       W101

Hunter, W.M.           Siemer, Anna                           T139

Hunter, W.M.           VanNover, Florence G. (16-Jun-04       J264

Hunter, Wallace S.     Gillivan, Marguerite   16-Oct-12       P463

Hunter, Willis         Nicholis, Effie        08 Aug 1879     A439

Hunter, Winnie         Williams, Walter                       S565

Huntington, Fern       King, Otto V.          16-Aug-20       Y029

Huntley, Arthur S.     Darter, Martha A.      06 Aug 1879     A439

Huntley, S.T.          Barnes, Marie Beatrice 28-May-18       V171

Hunton, Sterling AdolphRutledge, Elsie Maudie 13-Jul-19       W281

Huntsbarger, Louise M. Sharp, Charles         10 Jul 1890     E168

Huntsberger, Susan E.  Rankin, Alexander W.   07 Jan 1890     E060

Huntsinger, Clarence E.Burgess, Sadie         2-Jan-01        H499

Huntsinger, James L.   Rieger, Clara          22-Nov-08       M017

Huntsinger, M.E.       Webber, A.G.           24-May-04       J241

Huntzinger, J.M.       Conlin, Frances                        Z439

Hupfer, Ada L.         Croft, Leonard P.      16-Jan-20       X136

Hupp, Abbie            Parrott, Walter J.     30-Jan-21       Y437

Hupp, Frank S.         Winger, Zelma          3-Nov-21        Z374

Hupp, Lenna A.         Anderson, Ray W.                       R495

Hupp, Mary E. (Mrs.)   King, G.W.             21 Jun 1898     G528

Hupp, Myrtle Alta      Wasser, Grover C.      23-Sep-17       U004

Hupp, T.H.             Stuck, Mabel                           J307

Hupp, Tillie Adaline   White, H.D.            4-Jul-10        N224

Hurburger, Ruthe Marie Schantz, Carl Burton   18-Jun-21       Z061

Hurd, Beatrice T.      Chubb, C.O.            23-Dec-19       X057

Hurd, Dora             Anderson, John W.      20-Jan-20       X142

Hurd, Dora             Ott, William           30 Jul 1888     D331

Hurd, Dorothy KatherineMcCorriston, Robert    12-Mar-18       V029

Hurd, Enos A.          Sampson, Lela G.C.                     R588

Hurd, Lenora G.        Waidley, Harry         31 Dec 1894     F470

Hurd, Lillian          Botkin, C.A.           10-Nov-12       P507

Hurd, Roger Simpson    Clemes, Vera Dorothy   22-Dec-14       R288

Hurlbut, Frederick W.  Shafer, Rosa           31 Aug 1889     D597

Hurlbut, J.F.D.        White, Sophia L.       8-Jan-03        I459

Hurlbutt, Kathryn JeaneNichols, H.E.                          T150

Hurley, Alexander      Six, Martha            15 Aug 1878     A352

Hurley, Clyde          Smith, Lucile          19-Oct-10       N393

Hurley, James E.       Butcher, Bell B.       09 Feb 1884     C039

Hurley, Marie E.       Waterbury, Jewell F.   10-Jul-07       L047

Hurley, Nellie         Briody, James          26 Sep 1887     D141

Hurley, R.H.           Misenhelter, Lillian                   R571

Hurley, William        Shapaugh, Lizzie       21 Feb 1886     C394

Hurley, Winifred MarionMcKown, John Lee       27-Oct-17       U137

Hurn, John H.          Loveless, Laura B.     03 Nov 1885     C331

Hurrle, Erminia J.     Hamilton, John R.      28-Jul-17       T533

Hursman, Goldie        Dunlap, Oscar          25-May-10       N154

Hurst, Arthur          Frost, Sarah Jane      24 Jul 1877     A279

Hurst, Bruce A.        Morrow, Myrtle         1-May-20        X369

Hurst, Charlotte Mae   Burford, William Willar30-May-17       T388

Hurst, Ed A.           Lesco, Velma Mae       31-May-18       V181

Hurst, Edwin J.        Barker, Myrtle B.      27-Apr-04       J222

Hurst, Effa(fie)       Trent, Ross            25-Sep-05       K050

Hurst, Emmett M.       Langloys, Louise       22-Dec-21       Z499

Hurst, Evan Mark       Lowrey, Flora Susan    25-Nov-19       W632

Hurst, F.W.            Pratt, Mildred Elizabet25-Jun-21       Z083

Hurst, Fred A.         Fitzgerald, Edith G.   23-Apr-05       J551

Hurst, Harry           Sudduth, Grace         23-Apr-08       L381

Hurst, Hilary          Jarvis, Hattie         5-Sep-07        L107

Hurst, Hugh Dee        Foster, Marguerite     1-Oct-14        R168

Hurst, J.N.            Nudd, Fern             18-Jul-12       P339

Hurst, Jennie          McCann, Marshall       10 Mar 1886     C405

Hurst, Jessie E.       Palmer, John W.        3-Feb-06        K194

Hurst, Katherine       Peterson, Forest W.    5-Apr-04        J204

Hurst, Lavenia(vina)   Steck, John            13 Jul 1892     E579

Hurst, Lewis C.        Schoeppel, Eva Maggie  14-Oct-14       R191

Hurst, Mabelle CharlottPilliar, William Edward20-Jun-08       L446

Hurst, Marietta        Hulbert, H.S.          19-Oct-18       V451

Hurst, Mary B.         Ross, David            13 Jun 1883     B380

Hurst, Maud            Thompson, Elmer M.     19-Jun-02       I277

Hurst, Nellie J.       Eaton, James R.        14 Feb 1892     E496

Hurst, Ruby M.         Rowan, Clyde E.                        S252

Hurst, T.E.            Carter, Hattie         29 Nov 1888     D444

Hurst, Vernice Virgil  Harris, Sarah Bess     4-Oct-19        W496

Hurst, W.D.            Campbell, Hattie May   6-Aug-03        I623

Hurt, Crystle S.       Schwerdfager, Albert L.3-Sep-19        W410

Hurt, Elmer R.         Hutton, Ruth Virginia  31-Dec-17       U427

Hurt, Harry A.         Leape, Blanche A.      4-Dec-12        P553

Hurt, Ida (Eda) V.     Glessner, William B.   25 Feb 1892     E505

Hurt, Irene            Pepper, Dick           2-Sep-14        R127

Hurt, John L.          Smith, Jennie C.       5-Jan-10        M607

Hurt, Lolita           Cornwell, C.M.         8-May-20        X387

Hurt, M. Lena          Wilson, William H.     27 May 1892     E555

Hurt, M.L.             Dyas, G.H.             23 Dec 1896     G221

Hurt, Robert W.        Paisley, Beula M.      28-Nov-07       L209

Hurt, Willie           Patterson, Nora        6-Jan-10        M608

Hurtt, Harold L.       Beam, Marguerite L.    31-Dec-14       R309

Hurtt, John M.         Stire, Sarah Pearl     21-Jun-05       J606

Husband, E.G.          Hangartner, Estelle    25-Oct-19       W552

Husey, A.C.            Winch, Lida            11 Oct 1881     B197

Husey, Fern Regina     DeLaMater, Frank R.    4-May-10        N126

Huss, Alda M.          Stroble, Leopold W.    03 Sep 1890     E191

Huss, Ivy              Schoonover, Frank M.   31 May 1890     E147

Hussey, Alice B.       Whitmore, Don H.       5-Jan-22        Z534

Hussey, Anna Gertrude  Carney, Charles John   2-Apr-13        Q086

Hussey, Laura S.       Warren, William E.     12-Feb-13       Q030

Hussey, Pearl          Flanagan, J.M.         22-Oct-12       P473

Husted, Grace          Kammerer, William      6-Nov-11        O399

Husted, Wallace E.     Sutherland, Emma M.    27 Jul 1888     D349

Huston, A.W.           Gover, Rachel          24 Oct 1897     G387

Huston, Arthur         Holtzman, Annie        30-Oct-00       H444

Huston, C.M.           Lipp, Sadie B.         01 Dec 1898     G623

Huston, E.L.           Cox, Lulu M.           28-Jan-20       X159

Huston, Eva            Byron, Charley         12-Jul-12       P331

Huston, Frona          Lyon, Pyts             5-Feb-08        L299

Huston, I.L.           Day, Ella              26 Jun 1888     D328

Huston, Ira            Burkart, Alice         7-Dec-05        K131

Huston, Luella M.      Myers, George L.       16 Apr 1879     A417

Huston, Mattie A.      Strong, C.P.           14 Jun 1886     C453

Huston, Nannette       Frisk, Carl V.         29-Jun-10       N211

Huston, S.D.           Ramey, Laura J.        16-Aug-05       K013

Huston, Stephen        Bell, Sarah            22-Jun-20       X520

Huston, William Page   Jackson, Katherine Marie               S589

Hutchason, Franz       Lent, Marian Agnes     26-Dec-12       P601

Hutchens, Gertrude     White, C.J.            26-Feb-21       Y496

Hutchens, Ruth         Winget, C.M.           10-Feb-21       Y470

Hutcheson, Elgan       Sharp, Clova           3-Sep-11        O296

Hutcheson, Ella        Thomas, H. Marion      21-Jun-08       L446

Hutcheson, Wesley      Bohannon, Elsie        17-Oct-17       U097

Hutchins, Fern         Patterson, Frank       11-Sep-20       Y100

Hutchins, James E.     McCoy, Edith L.                        R545

Hutchins, Lester AshmanCogdell, Dixie Ann     1-Jun-10        N157

Hutchins, Lillian May  Kinlund, J.W.          8-Oct-17        U058

Hutchins, Maggie       Moore, Peter J.        4-Nov-08        L632

Hutchins, S.L.         Wymore, I.N.           23-Dec-12       P584

Hutchinson, A.P.       Brummett, G.A.         11-Mar-21       Y517

Hutchinson, Artemesia CWeaver, N.P.           19-Sep-08       L579

Hutchinson, Clarence AlPrice, Lena            22-Dec-09       M577

Hutchinson, Connie     Watson, W.J.           24-Dec-20       Y367

Hutchinson, Daniel H.  Hetrick, Juanita       23-Dec-13       Q467

Hutchinson, Dell       Bowen, Lucy            3-May-05        J562

Hutchinson, Dell       Davis, Williar(an)     1-Aug-08        L502

Hutchinson, Eda        Setzer, Charles W.     28-Dec-10       N529

Hutchinson, Edna D.    Bowers, W.W.           31-Dec-02       I447

Hutchinson, Gerald     Blanpied, Elsie        9-Dec-12        P558

Hutchinson, Jessie     Thornburg, G.W.        09 Oct 1879     A453

Hutchinson, John E.    Andrews, Laura B.      24-Jun-08       L453

Hutchinson, Julia D.   Shacklett, John G.     14-Oct-13       Q378

Hutchinson, Katheryn   Eastman, F.D.                          R526

Hutchinson, M.R.       Sare, Edward           17-Jul-07       L055

Hutchinson, Marion     Whitehead, Effie       26-Aug-14       R111

Hutchinson, Mary C.    Abbott, Elijah B.      25-Aug-07       L093

Hutchinson, Nettie E.  Garrison, H.D.         1-Jun-08        L417

Hutchinson, Odessa     Cassady, James         10-Nov-14       R229

Hutchinson, Otto W.    Hammond, Charlotte     16-Jul-11       O249

Hutchinson, Raymond A. Detrick, Alice B.      12-Jul-20       X578

Hutchinson, W.L.       Anderson, A.H.         21-May-21       Y653

Hutchinson, Walter P.  Ralston, Florence Mae                  S205

Hutchison, A.B.        Trowbridge, Lenore     18-Dec-19       X047

Hutchison, Darwin      McDermid, Marguarite   01 Dec 1890     E256

Hutchison, G.A.        Wilcoxson, Lucy C.     8-Jan-06        K173

Hutchison, Harry M.    Johnson, Jennie C.     27 May 1886     C443

Hutchison, Horace      Thew, Lenora Pearl     16-Mar-08       L340

Hutchison, Inez R.     Clements, Bruce        8-Oct-18        V434

Hutchison, Lorena      Noel, O.A.             2-Jun-20        X445

Hutchison, Mary A.     Patterson, Patrick A.  09 Mar 1872     A031

Hutchison, Mary A.H.   Thompson, William      20 May 1896     G095

Hutchison, Mattie E.   Harrington, Dudley N.  23-Feb-03       I489

Hutchison, Myra J.     Pirtle, William M.     3-Sep-01        I034

Hutchison, Olive M.    McGarigle, M.J.        15 Aug 1899     H137

Hutchison, Owen G.     Leighton, Fannie       28-Jan-05       J484

Hutchison, Rachel V.   Russell, Hugh F.       13-Dec-08       M044

Hutchison, Samuel      Webster, Anna          30 Mar 1879     A413

Hutchison, Sanford S.  Johnson, Agnes O.      4-Oct-19        W495

Hutchison, T.L.        Booth, Effie           20 Sep 1899     H159

Hutchison, W.E.        Shriver, Iona          05 Mar 1888     D244

Huth, James E.         Earle, Grace I.        11-May-07       K628

Hutsell, Charles Henry Thomas, Faye           27-May-20       X422

Hutsler, Blanche       Finch, Amos E.         24-Nov-14       R252

Hutson, C.M.           Dickinson, M.E.        27-Nov-12       P538

Hutson, Myrtle         Hayes, W.G.            13-Mar-22       Z655

Hutson, Paul A.        Armstrong, Marian Kathe1-Nov-19        W570

Hutson, Ruth           Wise, Arthur E.        30-Aug-10       N304

Hutt, Joseph William   Jones, Eunice Elizabeth                T097

Hutter, Mathilda A.    Phillips, W.B.         6-Mar-06        K218

Huttmann, Henry W.     Gehring, Clara A.      20 Oct 1898     G594

Hutto, J.W.            Johnston, Lucille E.   31-Dec-21       Z522

Hutton, Charles B.(V.) Morris, Eva E.         24-Jul-04       J301

Hutton, LeRoy James    Andrews, Helen Etta    8-Mar-21        Y509

Hutton, Mack           Graham, Lula           4-Feb-21        Y455

Hutton, Mary L.        Cook, Charles J.                       S181

Hutton, Minda          McLain, J.W.           13-Aug-17       T573

Hutton, Raymond        Wood, Viola                            T302

Hutton, Ruth Virginia  Hurt, Elmer R.         31-Dec-17       U427

Hutton, Vera J.        Seamans, Herbert L.    23-Jul-14       R071

Huyuenin, Rose A.      Dowey, James M.        13-Nov-07       L197

Hyatt, Bertha          Pike, Austin           31-Dec-07       L268

Hyatt, Carrie          Cole, Carroll E.       24-Jun-09       M314

Hyatt, Cassie          Fortner, Albert B.     19 Oct 1890     E221

Hyatt, Dora J.         Wilson, Lulu           04 May 1890     E133

Hyatt, Edwin           Henson, Elizabeth Dora 6-Feb-15        R352

Hyatt, Edwin           Higbee, Lillie May     3-Aug-06        K344

Hyatt, Eldora (Mrs.)   Hoole, William H.      06 Aug 1893     F179

Hyatt, Ethel           Higbee, Christie       2-Jul-05        J619

Hyatt, Harry           DeMott, Ruth           9-Sep-20        Y093

Hyatt, Hetta           Coleman, Nathan        29-May-21       Z001

Hyatt, John B.         Sanderson, Jerusha E.  19-May-20       X411

Hyatt, Myrtle May      Gray, Arthur M.                        X344

Hyatt, Nellie          Thomas, Ruel P.        16-Nov-17       U221

Hyatt, Walter D.       Garrison, Nellie Olive 28-Oct-11       O388

Hyde, A.M.             Hiser, Edna B.         16-Jun-09       M299

Hyde, Albert           Keller, Fern           4-Apr-07        K593

Hyde, Albert A.        Todd, Ida E.           19 Jan 1875     A150

Hyde, Alex             Grace, Helen M.                        S128

Hyde, Arthur S.        Imbler, Pearl          22-Feb-06       K207

Hyde, Bowen C.         Wootres, Georgia A.    2-Apr-04        J198

Hyde, C.T.             Hughes, Katherine      17-Dec-07       L240

Hyde, Charles H.       Smythe, Mae Bell       11-Dec-13       Q455

Hyde, Cora             Doane, Sherman W.      23 May 1899     H092

Hyde, Fern             Ansel, Willie          3-Jan-11        N540

Hyde, Flora M.         Fry, Jonas             12-Feb-07       K543

Hyde, Georgia          Johnson, Dudley        2-Oct-19        W493

Hyde, Harve T.         Whitecotton, Pearl     5-Apr-05        J538

Hyde, Jessie Bell(Dell)McClure, C.D.          5-Oct-04        J367

Hyde, Kate             Bastow, A.J.           3-Oct-00        H418

Hyde, Leila V.         Earhart, Glenn H.      17-Dec-19       X046

Hyde, Marguerite       Plank, W. Jay          3-Jun-13        Q173

Hyde, Mary             Lewis, Harvey          25-Jun-07       L035

Hyde, Nicholas F.      Turpin, Saphrona       29 Sep 1875     A170

Hyde, Nora June        Gordon, Vernon L.      27-Mar-11       O068

Hyde, Ralph C.         Beffel, Clara          3-Oct-05        K055

Hyde, Susie B.         Laloge, Peter          18-Jan-11       N555

Hyde, Velma E.         Parker, Fred Calvin                    T125

Hyden, Fannie A.       Lapes, Phillip P.      12 Jun 1895     F552

Hylton, Ida May        Hartman, H.B.          16-Oct-10       N393

Hyre, Marie            Manning, Thomas E.     27-Jul-13       Q257

Hyskell, Theda Grace   White, Bert R.                         S244

Hyson, Gladys M.       Clarke, Cleo F.        7-Mar-19        W013

Hyten, Lulu            Keller, Walter         19-Nov-10       N455

Hyten, Merel           Rash, John W.          25-Sep-18       V411

Hyten, Virginia        Scott, Earl Wesley     8-Aug-18        V313

Hyter, Samuel D.       Everley, Mina          2-Dec-21        Z462


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