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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Renee Hanrahan.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries



Abbey             Charles F.                                  3-185

Abbott            Andrew C.                                   3-153

Abbott            Luther Allen                                3-216

Abbott            Maurice J.                                  3-142

Abel              Dennis (Mrs.)                               3-147

Abel              Edna M. (Mrs. Joseph)                    10-Jul-79

Abraham           Francis (Mrs.)                              3-209

Achelpohl         LaVera                                    2-Oct-79

Acker             Ednalu J. (Mrs. William)                 10-Jul-79

Ackerman          Kenneth H.                               14-Dec-79

Ackers            Corinne F.                               23-Sep-79

Adair             Carlton Tate                                3-192

Adair             Jesse (Mrs.)                              1-Mar-43

Adam              Anna P. (Mrs. John C.)                    4-Oct-79

Adams             J. Marvin                                27-Aug-79

Adams             Roy                                      19-Sep-79

Adcock            Bert (Mrs.)                               1-Mar-93

Adelgren          Henry F.                                 24-Mar-00

Adlerdice         John H.                                     3-219

Affolter          Dr. Robert E.                            24-Sep-79

Aguilera          Joe N.                                   26-Jul-79

Aguilera          Nancy Cynthia                             1-Mar-90

Agur              Ilma A.                                     3-149

Ahring            Alvin (Mrs.)                                3-112

Aiken             Dorothy Josephine (Mrs. Harold)          16-Dec-79

Aikens            Pansy (Mrs. Roy)                          6-Nov-79

Ailshie           Irene (Mrs. Howard)                      14-Jul-79

Aime              Kathryn Kisner                           24-Sep-79

Ainsworth         David J.                                    3-224

Aitken            Henrietta M.                             25-Dec-79

Aitken            King P., Jr.                              3-Jul-79

Akers             Howard B.                                13-Mar-00

Akers             Howard B.                                14-Mar-00

Akers             Nicholas Ryan                            14-Nov-79

Akers             Pauline Bernice (Mrs. Richard)           29-Sep-79

Akin              George H.                                28-Oct-79

Albers            Albert (Mrs.)                               3-147

Albers            J. Henry (Mrs.)                             3-127

Albers            Louis H.                                  3-Sep-79

Albertson         Alta M. (Mrs. John R.)                   26-Oct-79

Albertson         Barry B.                                    3-194

Albott            Rose Lara (Mrs. Charley H.)              28-Jul-79

Albrecht          Louis (Mrs.)                                3-164

Alcock            A.H. "Bud"                                5-Jul-79

Alcorn            Lena F.                                  29-Aug-79

Alderman          Arlo R. (Mrs. W.A.)                      15-Nov-79

Aldrich           Francis W.                               10-Sep-79

Aldrup            Edgar Ernst                              20-Aug-79

Alering           Henry (Mrs.)                              1-Mar-64

Alexander         David Andrew                              1-Nov-79

Alexander         Earl E.                                   2-Oct-79

Alexander         Frank M.                                 20-Nov-79

Alexander         Samuel D.                                25-Nov-79

Alexander         William H.                               14-Dec-79

Alford            Darryl K.                                   3-216

Alford            Henry (Mrs.)                                3-128

Alford            Warren Holt                              16-Jul-79

Allan             George Faylor                               3-207

Allan             Joe Y. (Mrs.)                               3-183

Allderdice        Burdee (Mrs. Charles)                    15-Sep-79

Alldredge         Ethel E.                                 29-Nov-79

Allen             A.B.                                     22-Dec-79

Allen             Charles Edward                           27-Oct-79

Allen             Charles Edward                           30-Oct-79

Allen             Clyde F.                                 12-Dec-79

Allen             Emma Vay (Mrs. John)                     16-Oct-79

Allen             Fred (Mrs.)                                 3-149

Allen             Gerald                                      3-207

Allen             Gerald (Mrs.)                             1-Mar-51

Allen             Glen Harold                              20-Oct-79

Allen             Glenn (Mrs.)                              1-Mar-51

Allen             Helen (Mrs. Roy)                         18-Nov-79

Allen             Helen Martha "Mrs. Emmett"               15-Sep-79

Allen             Henry S.                                  1-Mar-78

Allen             John Wesley                              23-Aug-79

Allen             John, Sr.                                   3-125

Allen             Josephine C.                                3-117

Allen             Merle M.                                 27-Aug-79

Allen             Miriam                                      3-238

Allen             Rev. F. Ernest                           18-Sep-79

Allen             Robert N.                                 7-Sep-79

Allen             Roscoe P.                                 1-Mar-98

Allen             Russell W.                                1-Mar-66

Alley             Samuel Dale, Sr.                         27-Dec-79

Alley             William R.                                  3-204

Allgaier          John C. "Jack", Sr.                       2-Jul-79

Allison           C.E.                                     29-Nov-79

Allison           Glen R.                                  16-Nov-79

Allison           Leslie E.                                12-Oct-79

Allsbury          Myrtle O. (Mrs. Claude)                   2-Jul-79

Allsbury          Perry N., Jr.                               3-146

Allwardt          Vern F.                                   1-Mar-49

Althaus           Floyd                                     8-Jul-79

Althouse          Henry D.                                  1-Mar-68

Altum             L. Glen                                     3-161

Alvarez           Vincente F.                               1-Mar-66

Ambler            Sadie L. (Mrs. Rufus N.)                 20-Dec-79

Ameel             Donald                                    1-Mar-46

Ames              Arthur G. "Doc"                          27-Oct-79

Ames              Burt (Mrs.)                               9-Mar-00

Ames              Fred W.                                  22-Nov-79

Ames              Wayne Gale                               14-Mar-00

Anderson          Charles L. (Mrs.)                         1-Mar-83

Anderson          Clyde W.                                    3-186

Anderson          Donald (Mrs.)                             1-Mar-50

Anderson          Dorothy F. (Mrs. Winton)                 30-Nov-79

Anderson          Earl C. (Mrs.)                              3-130

Anderson          Earl C. (Mrs.)                              3-131

Anderson          Fred (Mrs.)                                 3-149

Anderson          George W.                                28-Sep-79

Anderson          Hilma A. (Mrs. Fredolph)                  5-Jul-79

Anderson          John E.                                  11-Oct-79

Anderson          Maxine V.                                18-Oct-79

Anderson          Robert Max                                2-Mar-00

Anderson          Sherigay (Mrs. H.R. Dick)                 4-Jul-79

Anderson          Sherigay (Mrs. H.R. Dick)                 5-Jul-79

Anderson          V. Virginia (Mrs. Arthur)                11-Aug-79

Anderson          Van                                         03-Mar

Anderson          Vann                                        05-Mar

Anderson          William (Mrs.)                              3-155

Anderson          William A.                                8-Mar-00

Anderson          Willie J.                                28-Aug-79

Anderson          Willie J.                                30-Aug-79

Andre             John Robert                               4-Dec-79

Andre             John Robert                               8-Dec-79

Andre             John Robert                               9-Dec-79

Andrew            Ernest (Mrs.)                               3-224

Andrew            John (Mrs.)                                 3-143

Andrews           Calvin F. "Cab"                          10-Jul-79

Andrews           Edward A.                                 4-Aug-79

Andrews           Homer                                       3-116

Andrews           Ida B. (Mrs. George)                     13-Dec-79

Andrews           Mable A. (Mrs. Dell)                     11-Oct-79

Andrews           Maxine D.                                 7-Mar-00

Andrews           W. Grant (Mrs.)                             3-122

Anduss            Henry H. "Andy"                           4-Dec-79

Anglemyer         Pearl Nadine (Mrs. Roy)                  16-Jul-79

Ankenbrock        William S. (Mrs.)                           3-107

Ansel             Tracy S.                                  1-Mar-47

Ansel             Willard                                  14-Jul-79

Antenen           Lawrence A.                                 3-213

Anton             Charles R.                               15-Dec-79

Appel             Dianna Kay                                5-Nov-79

Appelhans         Oscar (Mrs.)                              1-Mar-91

Appleby           Leneta Robbins (Mrs. Clarence E.          6-Nov-79

Applegate         Elmer L.                                  1-Mar-50

Applegate         Lawrence "Shorty"                        24-Oct-79

Archer            Charles L. "Salty"                       10-Jul-79

Armour            Adrian (Mrs.)                               3-155

Armour            Charles W., Jr.                          23-Jul-79

Armour            Terry Jack                                1-Mar-88

Armstrong         Harold P.                                 1-Aug-79

Armstrong         Orville M.                                  3-117

Armstrong         Orville M.                                  3-118

Armstrong         Sadie S.                                  9-Jul-79

Arnold            Burl W.                                     3-220

Arnold            Floyd (Mrs.)                                3-116

Arnold            Frank D.                                  1-Mar-60

Arnold            George A.                                14-Mar-00

Arnold            Gilbert R.                                1-Nov-79

Arnold            Lloyd Pete                               23-Jul-79

Arnold            Lula May (Mrs. Ralph)                    19-Sep-79

Arnold            Newton S.                                20-Dec-79

Arnold            Raymond                                     3-165

Arsden            Estella D. (Mrs. Daniel)                  9-Jul-79

Artas             Rose (Mrs. Edward)                       27-Nov-79

Arteaga           Pedro                                    26-Mar-00

Arthaud           Evelyn E. (Mrs. Orville)                  4-Oct-79

Arthur            Luther A.                                   3-213

Arthur            Reece P.                                 20-Nov-79

Arvin             Cecil T. (Mrs.)                             3-226

Ash               Samuel (Mrs.)                            16-Mar-00

Ashbaugh          Norman B. (Mrs.)                          1-Mar-68

Ashburn           Matthew                                   6-Jul-79

Ashby             Adam Robert                                 3-190

Ashby             Owen (Mrs.)                                 3-103

Ashcraft          Elsie (Mrs. Merritt)                      9-Oct-79

Ashcraft          Harrison M., Sr.                          6-Jul-79

Ashcraft          William (Mrs.)                            8-Mar-00

Ashford           Roy E.                                      3-238

Ashford           Sim                                         3-100

Ashford           Ted R.                                   10-Dec-79

Ashmore           William P.                               14-Nov-79

Asmann            Edgar C. "Swede", Sr.                    29-Dec-79

Athens            Arminta A. "Tommy" (Mrs. Carrol           8-Jul-79

Athens            Joseph Samuel                             1-Mar-99

Atherton          Emery L. (Mrs.)                             3-136

Atherton          Talmadge H.                              28-Mar-00

Atkinson          Rodney E.                                11-Jul-79

Atwater           William T.                               19-Mar-00

Atwell            Ruth D. (Mrs. Clyde)                     20-Jul-79

Aubuchon          Mazie T. (Mrs. Julian)                   12-Dec-79

Aubuchon          Richard E.                                1-Mar-39

Aubuchon          Richard E.                                1-Mar-41

Aucherlonie       S. Hugh                                  18-Mar-00

Auer              Virginia M.                                 3-173

Aumiller          Fred E.                                  23-Oct-79

Austin            Edythe (Mrs. Jess)                       17-Aug-79

Averill           Herman A.                                26-Jul-79

Avery             Grant Earl                                1-Aug-79

Avery             Harold Vincent                            1-Mar-95

Avery             R.C.                                     20-Nov-79

Avery             W.H.                                     24-Aug-79

Ayers             Floyd S. (Mrs.)                           1-Mar-55

Ayler             Merle N.                                 12-Aug-79

Ayres             Helen Brooks (Mrs. Claude S.)             6-Aug-79

Babb              Dorothy (Mrs. Paul)                       3-Nov-79

Baccadutre        Charles                                     3-225

Bach              P. "Derby"                                6-Oct-79

Bach              Victor L.                                12-Nov-79

Bachman           Nellie G. (Mrs. George M.)               24-Dec-79

Bachman           Walter V.                                 7-Oct-79

Back              W. P. "Derby"                             7-Oct-79

Baehr             Carl (Mrs.)                               1-Mar-91

Baenisch          Joan Sheddy                               6-Aug-79

Bagley            Rosa                                      3-Nov-79

Bahr              Henry M.                                    3-129

Baile             Wilma Elfine (Mrs. George)               22-Nov-79

Bailey            Cecile I. (Mrs. Leonard)                 27-Sep-79

Bailey            Della Lee (Mrs. James)                   13-Oct-79

Bailey            Ferdinand E.                              6-Oct-79

Bailey            Floyd (Mrs.)                              1-Mar-98

Bailey            Hope N. (Mrs. Frederick)                 30-Jul-79

Bailey            Joseph Edward                               3-183

Bailor            Logan L.                                 14-Oct-79

Baird             Albert (Mrs.)                               3-103

Baird             Benjamin C.                               1-Mar-56

Baird             Paul (Mrs.)                                 3-184

Baker             Adrain                                   11-Nov-79

Baker             Bettie (Mrs. George)                     22-Aug-79

Baker             Cyrus                                    10-Nov-79

Baker             E. Richard (Dr.)                          1-Mar-62

Baker             E. Richard (Dr.)                          1-Mar-64

Baker             Fayma Earlene (Mrs. Norvall)             23-Sep-79

Baker             Flossie E. (Mrs. John A.)                10-Nov-79

Baker             Gwendolyn E.                              1-Mar-71

Baker             Hazel D. (Mrs. Howard V.)                26-Nov-79

Baker             Hugh F.                                  23-Sep-79

Baker             John D.                                   3-Oct-79

Baker             Kenneth E.                                  21-Mar

Baker             Lawrence Roy                                Mar-91

Baker             Lucy Belle (Mrs. George)                  3-Sep-79

Baker             Noyldon L.                                  Mar-84

Baker             Raymond                                  23-Jul-79

Baker             Richard B., Jr.                             Mar-71

Baker             Robert D.                                 6-Nov-79

Baker             S. Everett (Mrs.)                           3-101

Baker             Samuel (Mrs.)                               3-105

Baker             Sarah N. (Mrs. Virgil C.)                 8-Dec-79

Baldridge         Kenneth D.                                9-Dec-79

Baldridge         Margaret L. (Mrs. Albert)                26-Aug-79

Baldwin           Blanche P. (Mrs. Miles)                   6-Dec-79

Baldwin           Royce Stewart                               3-105

Balee             John Leslie                                 14-Mar

Bales             Kevin E.                                 14-Dec-79

Bales             Lena (Mrs. Virgil)                       18-Dec-79

Ball              Ivan W.                                  15-Dec-79

Ball              John                                        3-210

Ball              Katherine B. (Mrs. William)              12-Jul-79

Ball              Ted A.                                   30-Dec-79

Ballard           Berton D.                                14-Nov-79

Ballard           Inez Juanita                                Mar-61

Ballard           Lloyd "Ted"                              20-Sep-79

Ballew            Jack Melvin                                 3-137

Ballew            John E.                                  21-Nov-79

Bally             James L.                                    3-117

Banks             Annie Mae (Mrs. Riley W.)                18-Nov-79

Banks             Annie Mae (Mrs. Riley W.)                21-Nov-79

Banks             Millard T.                                  3-227

Banks             Riley Warren, Sr.                           03-Mar

Bannon            Olo, Sr.                                  7-Aug-79

Bansemer          Imogene (Mrs. Vernon)                    18-Aug-79

Barbar-Ibo        Sara Yagob (Mrs. Naoum)                   3-Nov-79

Barber            Etta (Mrs. W.P.)                         23-Oct-79

Barber            Natinal Orville                             18-Mar

Barbour           Galen R.                                 17-Nov-79

Barcus            Ralph M.                                  4-Nov-79

Bare              Winnie E. (Mrs. Clarence O.)             22-Nov-79

Barfield          John L.                                   8-Oct-79

Barfield          John L.                                  11-Oct-79

Barg              Gus (Mrs.)                                  3-202

Bargas            Aaron Joseph                                29-Mar

Bargdill          Marie (Mrs. Charles)                      8-Nov-79

Barger            A.A.                                     27-Sep-79

Barger            Harry (Mrs.)                                3-136

Barger            Harve (Mrs.)                                16-Mar

Bark              Elsie (Mrs. Reuben)                      13-Dec-79

Barker            Kenneth E.                                4-Oct-79

Barker            Margaret Rebecca                         30-Oct-79

Barker            Orlie J.                                 20-Oct-79

Barker            R. E.                                       3-167

Barkman           Katherine                                 5-Oct-79

Barkman           Raymond                                     3-108

Barkman           Raymond                                     3-109

Barksdale         Nicholas Francis                         14-Oct-79

Barmes            Seth (Mrs.)                                 3-145

Barnes            Albert Eugene                             6-Dec-79

Barnes            Albert L.                                 3-Jul-79

Barnes            Albert Lee                                2-Jul-79

Barnes            Grace L. (Mrs. Eddie)                    25-Nov-79

Barnes            Jack                                     11-Jul-79

Barnes            Jacob                                       Mar-39

Barnes            Pauline L. (Mrs. Claude)                 12-Dec-79

Barnes            Troy K.                                   8-Sep-79

Barnes            Webb H. (Mrs. Harry)                     26-Jul-79

Barnes            William R.                               24-Dec-79

Barnett           Richard Lee                                 16-Mar

Barnhart          Jane E. (Mrs. E.H.)                       7-Dec-79

Barnum            Charles A.                               20-Dec-79

Barr              Benjamin (Mrs.)                             13-Mar

Barr              Virginia                                    3-137

Barr              Walter J.                                18-Nov-79

Barr              Zelma H. (Mrs. Elmer)                    18-Sep-79

Barrett           Grace M. (Mrs. Lawrence J.)              19-Aug-79

Barrett           Grace M. (Mrs. Ross)                     10-Aug-79

Barrett           Lawrence                                 21-Nov-79

Barrett           Lawrence Beryl                           20-Nov-79

Barrett           Rollin B.                                   09-Mar

Barrett           Ross J.                                  20-Nov-79

Barrier           Elwin Earl                               18-Aug-79

Barrier           Ernest M.                                27-Sep-79

Barrington        Alice A. (Mrs. August)                   14-Jul-79

Bartlett          Cora B. (Mrs. Frank)                      5-Dec-79

Bartlett          Harry K.                                  9-Oct-79

Bartlett          Leslie Arthur                               3-237

Bartley           Jack L.                                  22-Nov-79

Barton            Aleathea Grace (Mrs. Earl)               15-Aug-79

Barton            Bertha C. (Mrs. Clarence)                25-Oct-79

Barton            Ray (Mrs.)                                  3-239

Barton            Roy                                         Mar-57

Basgall           Dorothy M. (Mrs. Joseph)                 15-Oct-79

Basgall           Robert G.                                31-Oct-79

Basham            Lee B.                                      3-174

Basore            Earl T.                                     3-198

Bateman           Rufus Hardy                                 3-118

Bates             Charley E.                               26-Oct-79

Bates             Gertrude Muriel (Mrs. Frank)             11-Sep-79

Bates             Maggie (Mrs. Miley)                      31-Jul-79

Bates             Richard J.                               25-Aug-79

Batrun            Ralph L.                                 30-Nov-79

Battle            Percy S.                                 22-Oct-79

Bauer             Alice (Mrs. G.F.)                        15-Nov-79

Bauer             Ida (Mrs. Roy)                            4-Jul-79

Bauer             Ray F.                                      3-125

Baugh             Vena M. (Mrs. Orville)                   17-Jul-79

Baughman          Gene T.                                     3-120

Baumer            Mayme (Mrs. Charles)                     29-Nov-79

Baumgardner       Robert J.                                28-Aug-79

Baumgartner       Everett E.                               21-Dec-79

Baumgartner       Hazel (Mrs. Lauren)                       7-Sep-79

Baumgartner       Hazel (Mrs. Lauren)                       8-Sep-79

Baxter            Robert                                      3-135

Bayer             Norman William                              10-Mar

Bayouth           Amelia Mary                              16-Dec-79

Bazzle            Harry (Mrs.)                                3-160

Beach             Francis L.                               15-Nov-79

Beadle            Clinton M.                                  Mar-40

Beahm             Herbert T.                               19-Dec-79

Beal              Thurman O.                                  3-130

Beal              Vern (Mrs.)                                 Mar-68

Beal              Vern (Mrs.)                                 Mar-70

Beals             Arvel Melvin                             28-Nov-79

Bean              Jessie Ray "Jay", Jr.                    29-Jul-79

Bear              Herman W.                                   Mar-94

Beard             Edith A.                                 31-Oct-79

Beard             Margaret A.                              15-Sep-79

Beardslee         Carl E.                                     3-165

Beasley           Cloe D. (Mrs. Thomas)                     4-Oct-79

Beasley           John L.                                  19-Jul-79

Beat              Gertrude B. (Mrs. William)               29-Jul-79

Beattie           Erle M.                                  18-Oct-79

Beattie           Robert (Mrs.)                               3-120

Beattie           Waneta M. (Mrs. Fayne)                   23-Aug-79

Beatty            Vernon S.                                30-Dec-79

Beauchamp         E. Lorene (Mrs. Howard)                  30-Nov-79

Beaumont          Leo                                         Mar-79

Beaver            Floyd A. (Mrs.)                             29-Mar

Beaver            Nellie B. (Mrs. Claude)                  16-Aug-79

Bechelmayr        William J.                               26-Oct-79

Bechtel           Elmer G. (Mrs.)                             3-106

Bechtle           Orville (Mrs.)                              Mar-69

Beck              Bismark Otto                             13-Aug-79

Beck              Russel D.                                 5-Aug-79

Becker            Bert (Mrs.)                                 3-191

Becker            Dayton D.                                   08-Mar

Becker            Gladys L. (Mrs. Bert)                    22-Oct-79

Becker            Levi (Mrs.)                                 Mar-96

Becker            Randal Wayne                              8-Jul-79

Becker            Tobias B.                                20-Oct-79

Beckwith          Brian Lee                                10-Nov-79

Beeghley          Alice M.                                  1-Nov-79

Beeman            Harry Decator, Sr.                        8-Jul-79

Beeman            Ray C.                                   17-Nov-79

Beeson            Hazel B. (Mrs. Harry)                    14-Jul-79

Behl              Ethel Mae (Mrs. George F.)               24-Oct-79

Behnke            LaVerne D.                                2-Oct-79

Behrens           Albert Jay                                  Mar-75

Beishline         Dean Ray                                 17-Aug-79

Bekker            Abe J. (Mrs.)                               3-200

Belcher           Frank                                    13-Dec-79

Bell              Alexander R.                                3-107

Bell              Berniece (Mrs. George)                   26-Jul-79

Bell              Goldie E. (Mrs. Charley)                 29-Sep-79

Bell              Grace Ellen (Mrs. Lloyd W.)               6-Sep-79

Bell              Harry A.                                 25-Jul-79

Bell              Mary Ellen (Mrs. Verlon)                  1-Aug-79

Bell              Mary M. Howe (Mrs. Randy)                15-Aug-79

Bell              True Balus                               27-Nov-79

Bell              Walter (Mrs.)                               Mar-34

Bellamy           Jennie Myrle (Mrs. W.B.)                 17-Nov-79

Bellinger         John S.                                  27-Dec-79

Bellman           Mylinda J.                                  3-226

Benbow            Ronald                                      16-Mar

Bence             Merle J.                                    3-149

Bender            Ben                                         3-175

Bender            Erdene N.                                   3-198

Benford           Arthur (Mrs.)                               Mar-51

Benford           Arthur (Mrs.)                               Mar-52

Benish            Esther I. (Mrs. George)                  11-Sep-79

Benjamin          Elizabeth (Mrs. Maurice)                  4-Jul-79

Bennett           Clara F. (Mrs. Ernest)                    4-Aug-79

Bennett           John Thomas                                 3-148

Bennett           Neil (Mrs.)                                 Mar-79

Bennett           Rodney O.                                   3-171

Benning           Esther (Mrs. Bernard)                    14-Sep-79

Bensch            Helen June (Mrs. Carl A.)                19-Jul-79

Bense             Eunice I. (Mrs. Charles E.)               3-Jul-79

Bentley           Theresa Marie                            29-Sep-79

Benton            Richard Lee                                 3-197

Bercaw            Earl Eugene                              21-Oct-79

Berg              Eletha (Mrs. Mervin)                     15-Sep-79

Berg              Opal (Mrs. Olen)                         23-Oct-79

Bergen            Eugene K.                                   3-212

Berger            Eva R. (Mrs. William)                     9-Nov-79

Berggren          Harold W.                                 5-Oct-79

Bergley           Eva S. (Mrs. Harlow)                     16-Sep-79

Bergley           Harlow                                      Mar-70

Berglund          Carol C.                                 12-Dec-79

Bernat            Ruth P. (Mrs. Francis)                   21-Jul-79

Berner            Charles A.                                1-Nov-79

Bernhardt         Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry)               9-Dec-79

Bernstorf         Olin R.                                   9-Aug-79

Berry             Clyde                                    24-Sep-79

Berry             LeRay                                       05-Mar

Berry             Paul Dwight                                 3-157

Berry             Roy W.                                   18-Nov-79

Berschauer        Bradley Kent                                3-116

Bertram           William B., Jr.                             3-212

Bessenbacher      Patricia L. (Mrs. Charles)               17-Nov-79

Best              Michael E.                                  3-184

Bestwick          Floyd (Mrs.)                                3-135

Bestwick          Floyd (Mrs.)                                3-136

Beyer             Vernon O.                                 3-Nov-79

Beykirch          Anna (Mrs. Erich)                         8-Nov-79

Beymer            C.E.                                     13-Sep-79

Bezemek           Joseph                                    5-Nov-79

Bezemek           Mildred (Mrs. Frank)                     24-Dec-79

Bible             Connie (Mrs.)                               05-Mar

Biby              Goldie Viola                                Mar-53

Bideler           Ella Mae (Mrs. Monty)                     2-Aug-79

Biesterfeld       Katherine (Mrs. George)                  28-Aug-79

Biggs             Edward B.                                 5-Aug-79

Biggs             Mary J. (Mrs. Clarence)                   3-Jul-79

Billings          Jennie (Mrs. W.E.)                       27-Jul-79

Bills             Mattie (Mrs. John A.)                    11-Nov-79

Bills             Mattie (Mrs. John A.)                    12-Nov-79

Bills             Ocie Dale                                   3-109

Bilson            Paul (Mrs.)                                 3-131

Bilton            Ruth A. "Bert"                           23-Jul-79

Bily              James W. (Mrs.)                             3-228

Binford           Eilleen (Mrs. Earle)                     30-Aug-79

Bing              Priscilla "Kate" (Mrs. Roy)              27-Oct-79

Bird              Charley (Mrs.)                              3-208

Bird              Ralph Wilbur                                3-141

Bird              Russell M.                                4-Dec-79

Bishop            Lorus M.                                 23-Nov-79

Bishop            Lorus M.                                 24-Nov-79

Bishop            Ollie                                    27-Sep-79

Bishop            Paul (Mrs.)                                 Mar-81

Bissing           Frances E. (Mrs. Alex)                   18-Sep-79

Bitter            F. H. (Mrs.)                                11-Mar

Bittner           Leo A.                                      3-150

Bjork             Hazel E.                                 15-Jul-79

Black             Charles L.                               12-Nov-79

Black             Clarence (Mrs.)                             Mar-36

Black             Emanda L.                                 2-Oct-79

Black             Vernon L.                                12-Oct-79

Blackburn         Clem, Jr.                                21-Aug-79

Blackburn         Roy F.                                    7-Jul-79

Blackman          Robert D.                                 1-Nov-79

Blackman          Robert D.                                 4-Nov-79

Blackmore         Jack W.                                  17-Nov-79

Blackwood         Norma G.                                    3-101

Blair             Leslie Eugene                             4-Dec-79

Blakey            Dee O.                                      Mar-94

Blameuser         Mary F. (Sister)                            3-139

Blanchard         Claud Henry                               5-Aug-79

Blanchard         Irvin H.                                    3-135

Bland             Burma J. (Mrs. John)                     11-Sep-79

Bland             Burma J. (Mrs. John)                     12-Sep-79

Bland             John W. (Mrs.)                              Mar-78

Bland             Narvella                                    3-205

Blaney            William Burdette                            3-130

Blank             L. E. (Mrs.)                                3-115

Blankenship       Guss D.                                  23-Oct-79

Blankenship       John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-97

Blankenship       Otho W.                                     3-196

Blankenship       Woodie                                   17-Sep-79

Blanton           Richard                                  25-Oct-79

Blarcom           Irvin Van                                   3-101

Blasdel           Irma A. (Mrs. Tyler D.)                  26-Aug-79

Blevens           James Howard                             18-Jul-79

Blevins           Paul Delbert                              7-Nov-79

Block             Peter W.                                 29-Jul-79

Blocker           Anna D. (Mrs. Otto)                      16-Aug-79

Bloir             David (Mrs.)                                Mar-71

Bloir             Irma (Mrs. Vigil)                        25-Nov-79

Blom              Ruben                                    28-Aug-79

Blomberg          Philip W.                                   3-142

Blondell          Joan                                     26-Dec-79

Bloom             Creeta (Mrs. Floyd)                      11-Dec-79

Bloom             Orville E.                               28-Aug-79

Bloomfield        Sam                                      15-Aug-79

Blossor           Nathaniel (Mrs.)                            Mar-47

Blythe            John T.                                   5-Nov-79

Boatright         Bert E.                                  16-Nov-79

Bock              Barbara A. (Mrs. Paul)                   14-Oct-79

Boes              Bertha M. (Mrs. William)                 24-Oct-79

Bogart            Clarice L. (Mrs. Clarence)               26-Jul-79

Boggs             L. Fern (Mrs. Wallace)                   26-Sep-79

Bogle             Connie M. (Mrs. Gale)                    25-Nov-79

Bogle             Randall L.                                  Mar-83

Bogle             Ray L.                                   28-Nov-79

Bohannan          Victor C.                                29-Sep-79

Bohannon          Nadine (Mrs. Max A.)                      9-Nov-79

Bolack            Frank R.                                 31-Aug-79

Bolan             Christine (Mrs. Harold)                   4-Sep-79

Bolen             Emerie L.                                28-Jul-79

Boley             Anna Mary (Mrs. Noah)                     4-Dec-79

Bolinger          Albert (Mrs.)                               3-210

Bolt              Fred (Mrs.)                                 3-238

Bolte             A. L.                                       Mar-67

Bolton            Henrietta (Mrs. John)                     7-Dec-79

Bolton            Luke                                      3-Nov-79

Boman             Paul                                        3-228

Bomhoff           Bill P.                                  20-Oct-79

Bomhoff           Harry R. (Mrs.)                             3-122

Bomholt           John (Mrs.)                                 3-239

Bomholt           Mary (Mrs. Carl)                          5-Jul-79

Bond              Charles                                  25-Dec-79

Bond              Eugene (Brother)                            Mar-84

Bond              James                                     6-Jul-79

Bone              Joseph J.                                 1-Aug-79

Bonewell          Arthur R.                                   3-207

Bonner            William Jennings                          9-Jul-79

Bontrager         Elsie (Mrs. Mervine)                     18-Sep-79

Bonus             Norman L.                                 5-Jul-79

Bookless          Katie E.                                  1-Nov-79

Boone             James F.                                  4-Aug-79

Boone             Raymond Cecil                            28-Sep-79

Boor              Cheryl Virginia (Mrs. Leon)              17-Jul-79

Booth             Elinor M. (Mrs. Harold)                  22-Dec-79

Boothe            Audrey Mary                              30-Dec-79

Boothe            Audrey Mary                              31-Dec-79

Boothe            Wilma (Mrs. W.G.)                        25-Dec-79

Boren             Emma (Mrs. Andy)                          2-Sep-79

Borgendale        Llewellyn V., Jr.                         9-Oct-79

Born              Frederick Aloysious                      18-Dec-79

Bornhauser        Alvin L.                                    3-238

Bortrager         Marvin D.                                   3-239

Boruss            Ruby A. (Mrs. William)                   14-Nov-79

Bosch             William                                  21-Nov-79

Boshears          Effye (Mrs. Albert)                      17-Nov-79

Bosse             Evelyn                                   13-Dec-79

Bosse             Grace (Mrs. A.L.)                        28-Nov-79

Bostick           Noel P.                                  18-Sep-79

Boston            George "Lightning"                       13-Dec-79

Boston            George "Lightning"                       17-Dec-79

Bosworth          Mary G. (Mrs. Frank)                     28-Dec-79

Both              Theodore F., Sr.                            3-140

Botkin            Melvin L.                                   Mar-72

Botterweck        Clarence O.                                 3-199

Bottorff          Anna (Mrs. Marsh)                         6-Oct-79

Botts             Victoria E.                              10-Aug-79

Boudreau          Virginia L. (Mrs. Joseph H.)             29-Oct-79

Boulanger         Gertrude (Mrs. W.J.)                     25-Nov-79

Bourgett          John B.                                   4-Dec-79

Bourland          Anna C. (Mrs. Richard)                   30-Aug-79

Bourn             Cherry L.                                28-Oct-79

Bourn             David J.                                 29-Aug-79

Bourne            Irma L.                                   1-Dec-79

Bouse             Jerry G.                                  4-Nov-79

Bovard            Charles J.                                  3-240

Bowers            Viola Eay (Mrs. Claude E.)                6-Oct-79

Bowker            Ray L.                                   29-Oct-79

Bowler            Samuel Nathan "Booper"                   19-Nov-79

Bowman            Dr. Harold S.                             8-Oct-79

Bowman            Gus T., Jr.                              29-Dec-79

Bowman            Gus T., Jr.                              30-Dec-79

Bowman            Lillian                                     Mar-52

Bowman            William G.                               29-Oct-79

Bowring           Joseph A.                                19-Dec-79

Bowring           Joseph A.                                20-Dec-79

Boyce             Fred Garnett                             15-Oct-79

Boyce             W. C. (Mrs.)                                Mar-91

Boyd              Ben H.                                   18-Dec-79

Boyd              Neal D.                                  30-Aug-79

Boyd              Ralph H.                                 13-Dec-79

Boyd              Robert, Jr. (Mrs.)                          3-217

Boyer             Aaron Christopher                        28-Aug-79

Boyer             Charles C.                               15-Aug-79

Boyer             Ruth C. (Mrs. Henry)                     21-Dec-79

Boyett            Chester Lee                                 01-Mar

Boys              Marie T. (Mrs. Burch)                     4-Jul-79

Bozarth           Roy C.                                      3-156

Bozone            Clyde                                    18-Sep-79

Brace             Mark A.                                     08-Mar

Brack             Emil                                        Mar-89

Brack             Pauline (Mrs. William)                   23-Jul-79

Bradbury          Delbert C.                                  Mar-62

Bradbury          Delbert C.                                  Mar-64

Bradford          Roy                                         3-226

Bradley           Cecilia Lowry                               3-145

Bradley           Kenneth E.                                9-Aug-79

Bradshaw          Elva V. (Mrs. Fred)                       5-Dec-79

Brady             Bessie Mae (Mrs. Hugh)                   20-Dec-79

Brady             Edward C., Jr.                            7-Jul-79

Brady             Robert                                    7-Aug-79

Bragg             H. L. (Mrs.)                                3-201

Brake             Beth Ann                                    3-173

Bramblett         Dudley L.                                   3-236

Bramwell          Amy (Mrs. Leo V.)                        12-Nov-79

Bramwell          Leo V.                                   29-Aug-79

Brand             Leo A.                                    7-Nov-79

Brandon           Mary E. (Mrs. Charles)                   29-Dec-79

Brandt            Hazel P. (Mrs. Wilbur)                   20-Oct-79

Brann             Julia K. (Mrs. E.E.)                     21-Dec-79

Brannock          Sylvia A. (Mrs. Harry)                   17-Nov-79

Branson           Travis Eli                               25-Dec-79

Branson           Wesley                                      Mar-62

Branson           William H.                               11-Aug-79

Brant             Ernestine (Mrs. Earl)                    25-Dec-79

Brant             Robert J.                                31-Aug-79

Bratton           Ivan G.                                  21-Nov-79

Bratton           Robert A.                                   3-151

Brawner           Claude H. (Mrs.)                            Mar-63

Bray              Gregory A.                                  3-212

Bray              Winnie (Mrs. James H.)                   25-Dec-79

Brazda            Dorothy A. (Mrs. Adolph)                 25-Dec-79

Brazda            Frank (Mrs.)                                Mar-58

Brazell           Robert F.                                23-Aug-79

Brazil            William A.                               12-Dec-79

Breast            Marie D. (Mrs. Arthur K.)                28-Aug-79

Breazeale         Virginia A. (Mrs. Charles)               10-Oct-79

Brees             V. L. (Mrs.)                                03-Mar

Brehm             Merle H.                                 21-Dec-79

Breising          Helen M. (Mrs. Carl M.)                   6-Oct-79

Brennan           Paul G.                                     3-179

Brenner           Roy (Mrs.)                                  Mar-55

Brewer            Abbie                                       3-141

Brewer            Homer W.                                 27-Dec-79

Brewer            Vernon Lee                                9-Aug-79

Brewley           Stanley C.                                  Mar-88

Brewster          Daniel Fred                                 3-238

Brial             Carl                                        Mar-41

Bridges           Dovie I. (Mrs. Byran)                    15-Nov-79

Briggs            John (Mrs.)                                 02-Mar

Briggs            Sara K. (Mrs. Fred)                      25-Nov-79

Brightup          Donald L.                                 5-Aug-79

Brightwell        Lather                                    7-Oct-79

Briley            Floyd N.                                 18-Dec-79

Brilke            Juanita                                  28-Aug-79

Brink             Janel D. (Mrs. Scott)                     2-Oct-79

Brinkley          Rex O.                                      3-216

Brinnon           Imogene Carson (Mrs. Bill)               14-Sep-79

Britt             Virgie                                      3-133

Broadbent         Bertha A.                                25-Nov-79

Broadbooks        Roy R.                                   21-Aug-79

Broadfoot         Elwood T.                                13-Aug-79

Broadway          P. C. (Mrs.)                                Mar-79

Broadwell         Charles                                   4-Dec-79

Brock             Lee R.                                    5-Aug-79

Brockett          Zella (Mrs. Olen G.)                     13-Jul-79

Broden            Milton John                              23-Dec-79

Brodhagen         Rozena M. (Mrs. Ernest J.)               27-Nov-79

Brooker           Mary (Mrs. Ray B.)                       22-Oct-79

Brookover         Pearl M. (Mrs. Sam)                       3-Aug-79

Brooks            Carl (Mrs.)                                 3-122

Brooks            Chester Howard                              Mar-77

Brooks            Floyd Boyce                              28-Dec-79

Brooks            Lloyd (Mrs.)                                3-221

Brooks            Rufus R.                                 28-Dec-79

Brookshire        Edith May (Mrs. John)                    24-Sep-79

Brooner           Roger (Mrs.)                                3-206

Brotton           Hugh E.                                  12-Oct-79

Brown             Albert (Mrs.)                               Mar-62

Brown             Alfred R.                                   3-121

Brown             Archie D.                                10-Nov-79

Brown             Arthur (Mrs.)                               3-123

Brown             Arthur K.                                   16-Mar

Brown             Benjamin H.                              17-Oct-79

Brown             Bernice E.)                               3-Dec-79

Brown             Burrell Mack                                3-231

Brown             Calvin A.                                   Mar-64

Brown             Calvin A.                                   Mar-65

Brown             Carrie May                               11-Jul-79

Brown             Cecil                                    21-Nov-79

Brown             Charles Patrick                             09-Mar

Brown             Charley E.                                  Mar-97

Brown             Clarence B.                              29-Aug-79

Brown             Clifford C.                              27-Nov-79

Brown             Dorothy M.                               26-Nov-79

Brown             Doug C.                                  27-Dec-79

Brown             Edwin M. "Ted"                           30-Dec-79

Brown             Esker Lee                                   3-128

Brown             Florence L.                               8-Oct-79

Brown             Garaldine M. (Mrs. Emmett)               23-Oct-79

Brown             George (Mrs.)                               Mar-39

Brown             Henry J. (Mrs.)                             3-149

Brown             Jack                                        3-211

Brown             James Joseph                             31-Aug-79

Brown             Johnnie W.                                  Mar-51

Brown             Joseph F., Jr.                           21-Dec-79

Brown             Killis E.                                29-Dec-79

Brown             Lawrence H.                                 3-101

Brown             Len W.                                    1-Aug-79

Brown             Maybelle K.                                 3-118

Brown             Mertie (Mrs. John A.)                    19-Dec-79

Brown             Mildred V. (Mrs. Wallace)                 5-Nov-79

Brown             Olna Devern "Brownie"                     9-Aug-79

Brown             Opal I. (Mrs. Bryan)                     21-Nov-79

Brown             Orville E.                                  3-202

Brown             Owen F.                                  20-Nov-79

Brown             R. B.                                       3-109

Brown             Ralph L.                                    3-180

Brown             Sam A.                                    6-Dec-79

Brown             Theodore (Mrs.)                             Mar-55

Brown             Thomas G.                                 9-Oct-79

Brown             Verne C. (Mrs.)                             Mar-33

Brown             Vonda Hesper Dean (Mrs. Richard)          7-Dec-79

Brown             Wallace                                     Mar-50

Brown             Ward C.                                     Mar-95

Brown             William F.                               25-Jul-79

Brown             William L.                               21-Nov-79

Browne            Virgil S.                                   Mar-64

Brownell          Mary (Mrs. J.L.)                         22-Nov-79

Brownlee          W. Dwayne                                 1-Aug-79

Broyles           Ace C. (Mrs.)                               Mar-37

Broyles           Ace Charles                                 3-177

Bruce             Brady James                              21-Nov-79

Brumback          Robert L.                                31-Oct-79

Brumbaugh         Myrtle L. (Mrs. William A.)              17-Nov-79

Brummett          J. E.                                       3-146

Bruner            Carl George                                 17-Mar

Bruner            John (Mrs.)                                 3-173

Bruner            Terry L.                                 27-Sep-79

Bruning           George C.                                10-Aug-79

Brunk             Eugene W.                                 6-Sep-79

Brunn             Jake O.                                     3-134

Brunner           Daniel C.                                 1-Sep-79

Brunner           Henry (Mrs.)                                3-127

Brunner           Lillian (Mrs. Jacob)                     28-Aug-79

Bryab             Lawrence E.                                 Mar-38

Bryan             Glenice H. (Mrs. Charles)                11-Oct-79

Bryan             Melissie (Mrs. Ed)                       30-Dec-79

Bryant            A. C.                                       3-227

Bryant            Cherry L. (Mrs. Steven)                  18-Sep-79

Bryant            Cherry L. (Mrs. Steven)                  19-Sep-79

Bryant            Elizabeth E.                                3-234

Bryant            Harold T.                                   3-181

Bryant            Leonidas                                 25-Sep-79

Bryant            Lewis (Mrs.)                                3-203

Bryant            Malinda E. (Mrs. Ray)                    28-Oct-79

Bryant            Mary (Mrs. Floyd)                         1-Sep-79

Bryant            Robert Franklin                             Mar-46

Bryant            Willie                                      3-151

Buchanan          Buck (Mrs.)                                 3-101

Buchanan          Garnett                                     3-206

Buchanan          Harry (Mrs.)                                05-Mar

Buchanan          Otis Everett                              9-Jul-79

Buchanan          Owen (Mrs.)                                 3-186

Buck              Ruby (Mrs. Fred)                         26-Jul-79

Buckbee           Elizabeth (Mrs. Roy)                     24-Jul-79

Buckles           John Edwin                                4-Dec-79

Buckman           Emmett                                      14-Mar

Buckman           Robert G.                                15-Nov-79

Buddie            Fred A.                                     Mar-82

Buehler           D.A.                                     11-Nov-79

Buehler           D.A.                                     12-Nov-79

Buell             Earl E.                                     3-160

Buffington        Harold L.                                 2-Nov-79

Buffington        Zim                                         02-Mar

Buffington        Zim                                         07-Mar

Bufford           Pledger                                     3-130

Buford            Clarence N.                                 Mar-50

Buhrer            Arnold G.                                10-Nov-79

Buhrer            Emma R. (Mrs. Arnold)                    26-Aug-79

Bull              Pauline                                  13-Sep-79

Bulleigh          Ernest L.                                19-Dec-79

Buller            Margaret (Mrs. David J.)                 18-Dec-79

Bullock           V. E.                                       3-165

Bulmer            Shad Travis                              13-Nov-79

Bundy             James Joseph                             13-Aug-79

Bunker            Clyder                                      3-173

Bunker            Ivan M.                                   3-Dec-79

Bunton            Roscoe Edwin                                24-Mar

Bunyard           Harvey Daniel                               3-182

Buoy              Modena (Mrs. John)                        1-Sep-79

Burch             Carol S.                                 28-Sep-79

Burchart          Herbert G.                                3-Nov-79

Burden            Will (Mrs.)                                 Mar-86

Burden            Will (Mrs.)                                 Mar-88

Burdick           Ernest J.                                20-Sep-79

Burdorf           Richard                                     Mar-94

Burenheide        Alfred H.                                23-Oct-79

Buresh            Laudie                                   28-Nov-79

Burgan            Verda Wilson (Mrs. Charles)              17-Jul-79

Burgan            Verda Wilson (Mrs. Charles)              18-Jul-79

Burgardt          Barbara K. (Mrs. John)                   21-Dec-79

Burger            Dayna Nichole                            17-Dec-79

Burghart          Alex                                     20-Nov-79

Burghart          Veronica (Mrs. Andrew)                   23-Jul-79

Burgner           Karen N.                                    Mar-79

Burk              Carl E.                                  12-Sep-79

Burk              James J.                                 27-Jul-79

Burk              Vera Alma (Mrs. Fred)                     1-Sep-79

Burka             Henretta (Mrs. Frank)                    17-Oct-79

Burke             Edward                                      3-185

Burke             Edward                                      3-186

Burke             Elda M. (Mrs. Elbert)                    26-Sep-79

Burke             John P.                                  19-Dec-79

Burke             Robert Q.                                   3-120

Burkett           Leo Brian                                24-Nov-79

Burkhart          Helen (Mrs. William A.)                  22-Nov-79

Burnam            Henry (Mrs.)                                3-166

Burner            Inez Adell                               21-Jul-79

Burnett           Arthur (Mrs.)                               3-168

Burnett           Kathryn S.                               29-Aug-79

Burnett           Martha Alice (Mrs. Jerl D.)               5-Nov-79

Burnett           Ralph Elliott                            20-Jul-79

Burnham           Ralph "Shorty" Smith                     11-Oct-79

Burns             Fern W. (Mrs. Harry E.)                  12-Jul-79

Burns             Howard B.                                   3-140

Burns             James L. "Bud"                           11-Sep-79

Burns             James L. (Mrs.)                             Mar-72

Burns             James W.                                 20-Nov-79

Burns             Mable E. (Mrs. Robert)                   22-Sep-79

Burns             Troy E.                                   5-Dec-79

Burrell           Ruth Alice (Mrs. Leslie)                 26-Nov-79

Burries           Elmore                                   24-Jul-79

Burris            Marvin                                    3-Nov-79

Burroughs         Kirby W.                                 21-Aug-79

Burrus            James Robert                             24-Oct-79

Burry             Benjamin Franklin                         9-Sep-79

Burton            Rose Evelyn (Mrs. Robert)                 2-Sep-79

Burton            Ruth M. (Mrs. Houston)                   25-Nov-79

Burtsfield        Jennie M. (Mrs. Edward)                  22-Dec-79

Bury              George                                   22-Jul-79

Bury              George (Mrs.)                               3-207

Busbee            Seabren F. "John"                        18-Sep-79

Busby             Benjamin T.                              21-Dec-79

Busby             Clyde O. "Mick"                          30-Jul-79

Bush              Darwin                                      3-172

Bush              Darwin                                      3-173

Bush              John R.                                     3-153

Bush              Robert                                   30-Oct-79

Bush              Thomas J., Jr.                            2-Nov-79

Bush              Walter J. (Mrs.)                            3-219

Bush              Walter O.                                10-Jul-79

Bushart           L.M.                                      3-Dec-79

Bushey            Mitchell H.                              18-Dec-79

Buss              Verena D. (Mrs. Raymond)                 29-Jul-79

Busse             deSales (Sister)                            3-218

Busselle          John R.                                  22-Jul-79

Buster            Don (Mrs.)                                  28-Mar

Buswell           W. Oliver                                   Mar-52

Butcher           Marilyn                                     13-Mar

Butler            Boyd E.                                     3-192

Butler            Carl W.                                   9-Aug-79

Butler            Earle H.                                    3-196

Butler            Lee                                      20-Jul-79

Butler            Raymond L.                               25-Aug-79

Butler            Teddy                                       3-228

Butler            Teddy                                       3-231

Butterfield       Mandell J.                               28-Oct-79

Butterfielld      Everette J.                                 3-104

Butters           Pearl V. (Mrs. George)                   31-Jul-79

Button            Frieda C. (Mrs. Leo)                     20-Nov-79

Buxton            Mabel E. (Mrs. Frank)                    12-Sep-79

Buzzi             Richard (Mrs.)                              3-231

Bybee             John (Mrs.                                  3-215

Byers             Eugene                                   19-Sep-79

Byfield           Mae (Mrs. Thomas)                        13-Jul-79

Bynum             Glen L.                                  20-Sep-79

Byram             L. W.                                       3-128

Byrd              David Wayne, Jr.                         28-Dec-79

Byrum             J. Sam                                   19-Jul-79

Cable             Tandy V.                                 20-Dec-79

Cade              Marvin R.                                10-Jul-79

Cadle             Howard (Mrs.)                               3-182

Cadwallader       Claude P.                                   24-Mar

Cain              James (Mrs.)                                3-108

Cain              John                                        3-234

Cain              L. O. (Mrs.)                                3-108

Calbeck           John E.                                  14-Aug-79

Caldwell          Clarice May (Mrs. William Leo)           26-Oct-79

Caldwell          Joshua P.                                27-Oct-79

Caldwell          Roscoe J.                                   3-207

Caldwell          Sarah K. (Mrs. Andrew)                   30-Nov-79

Caldwell          Susan Gilkeson (Mrs. Alan)               20-Jul-79

Caley             Wilbur W.                                 8-Jul-79

Calhoun           Audrey (Mrs. David)                      19-Oct-79

Calhoun           George L.                                14-Jul-79

Calkins           Ralph T.                                 16-Nov-79

Call              Alma I. (Mrs. Steward)                    7-Nov-79

Callaghan         Marie L. (Mrs. Charles)                   6-Jul-79

Callas            Gus (Mrs.)                                  3-158

Callaway          Edna K.                                   6-Dec-79

Callender         Harry B., Jr.                            28-Jul-79

Callon            Herbert R. (Mrs.)                           Mar-47

Calvert           Chester C.                                6-Oct-79

Calvert           Hazel A. (Mrs. Chester)                  11-Oct-79

Calvert           James O.                                  7-Nov-79

Calvin            Linn                                      6-Dec-79

Cameron           Clarence E.                                 3-135

Cameron           Lucy E.                                     3-231

Cameron           Samuel F.                                24-Sep-79

Campbell          Arlis                                       17-Mar

Campbell          Bertha M.                                12-Jul-79

Campbell          Elliott (Mrs.)                              3-235

Campbell          Esther A.                                27-Dec-79

Campbell          Floyd B.                                  3-Jul-79

Campbell          Floyd Gilbert                            21-Jul-79

Campbell          Ila                                         Mar-51

Campbell          Myrtle N. (Mrs. Ralph)                   10-Sep-79

Campbell          William R.                                  Mar-43

Campbell          Willma M. (Mrs. Luther)                   6-Jul-79

Campos            Robert L.                                19-Nov-79

Canaday           Gladys (Mrs. Earl)                        2-Nov-79

Candlyn           Dorothy R. (Mrs. T. Fredrick)             3-Nov-79

Canfield          Fred                                        3-218

Cantrell          Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-218

Cape              Gerald A.                                15-Aug-79

Caplinger         Bertha                                      3-228

Capps             Clarissa A.                                 3-219

Capps             Lester L.                                14-Aug-79

Carden            Robert                                   11-Jul-79

Cardwell          Nancy (Mrs. Timmothy)                     2-Jul-79

Cardwell          Timmothy J.                               2-Jul-79

Caresio           John, Sr.                                   3-117

Carey             Harley E.                                   3-149

Carey             Thadene                                     3-127

Cargill           Clarence Hillmon                            29-Mar

Carie             W. David                                    3-110

Carlisle          Todd David                                2-Nov-79

Carlock           Devona Jill                               1-Nov-79

Carlock           Devona Jill                               2-Nov-79

Carlson           Doris Frances (Mrs. Harry)               27-Aug-79

Carlson           Dorothy (Mrs. Harry)                     25-Aug-79

Carlson           Egan S.                                  18-Aug-79

Carlson           Fred (Mrs.)                                 3-183

Carlson           Inez A. (Mrs. Erland)                    30-Dec-79

Carlson           Myrtle M. (Mrs. Frank)                   14-Oct-79

Carlson           Verna A.                                 26-Sep-79

Carmichael        Ray Frank                                 9-Oct-79

Carney            Lawrence W. (Mrs.)                          3-147

Carney            Lawrence W. (Mrs.)                          3-148

Carpenter         Benjamin M., Sr,                            3-140

Carpenter         Beulah Margaret (Mrs. Walter T.)         12-Nov-79

Carpenter         Flossie V. (Mrs. Edmund)                 18-Oct-79

Carpenter         Milton DeNorval                           6-Sep-79

Carpenter         Myron A. "Buddy"                          2-Oct-79

Carpenter         Walter Thomas                            25-Sep-79

Carr              Betty L. (Mrs. Homer)                     2-Sep-79

Carr              Leo A.                                      Mar-72

Carr              Ray Delbert                              19-Dec-79

Carr              Ross R.                                  14-Sep-79

Carr              Willie F.                                   Mar-56

Carrell           Jimmie D.                                23-Dec-79

Carrico           Melvin                                   10-Oct-79

Carroll           Maude A.                                    3-130

Carson            Colleen (Mrs. Paul D.)                    6-Jul-79

Carson            Edna May (Mrs. Clyde)                    21-Nov-79

Carson            Elmer C.                                 22-Nov-79

Carson            Gertrude (Mrs. E.A.)                     28-Dec-79

Carson            Mary                                        Mar-78

Carte             Earle O.                                  4-Nov-79

Carter            Bernice Beatrice (Mrs. Artie)             9-Sep-79

Carter            Clifford                                 11-Aug-79

Carter            James W.                                 24-Nov-79

Carter            Mary E.                                     Mar-81

Carter            Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-148

Carter            Ruth W. (Mrs. Ernest)                    25-Dec-79

Carter            William B. "Dub"                          9-Oct-79

Carter            Willie (Mrs.)                               Mar-75

Cartwright        Dennis M.                                19-Jul-79

Cartwright        Viola D. (Mrs. Oliver)                   24-Aug-79

Caruthers         Verna Lewellen (Mrs. Max)                20-Jul-79

Carver            Mildred Barnes                              3-159

Carvey            Clarence E.                              18-Sep-79

Case              Alice H. (Mrs. Howard)                    7-Oct-79

Casebeer          Clara (Mrs. John)                        17-Nov-79

Casebeer          Clara D. (Mrs. John W.)                  16-Nov-79

Casebolt          Leonard L. "Doc"                         22-Nov-79

Casey             Elsie Jane (Mrs. Arthur Ray)             25-Nov-79

Casey             John D.                                  25-Sep-79

Casey             Lora A. (Mrs. Alex)                      19-Oct-79

Casort            Fred W.                                  27-Jul-79

Castaneda         Crisanto M.                              24-Jul-79

Casteel           Charles E.                                9-Sep-79

Caster            Sylvia A. (Mrs. Lloyd)                    7-Oct-79

Castillo          Anna Mae (Mrs. Paul C.)                   8-Oct-79

Castor            Forrest R.                                  3-204

Castoreno         Frank                                     4-Nov-79

Cates             D. Spencer                               10-Oct-79

Cathey            Florence E. (Mrs. Jason)                 16-Sep-79

Catlong           Stafford                                    03-Mar

Cauble            Loyd Brown                               11-Sep-79

Caven             Athallie (Mrs. Ira)                      24-Oct-79

Cavenah           Glen                                        Mar-76

Cavin             E. M. (Mrs.)                                3-218

Caywood           William H. (Mrs.)                           3-180

Cervantes         Simon                                     7-Oct-79

Chadwell          Norman L.                                18-Jul-79

Chaels            John (Mrs.)                                 3-226

Chaetwood         L. W.                                       3-240

Chain             Matthew John                             26-Jul-79

Chamberlin        J. Everett                                  Mar-87

Chambers          Edith (Mrs. Ray)                         14-Dec-79

Chambers          Ethel L. Howard (Mrs. Clyde)             31-Jul-79

Chambers          Herbert F.                               11-Dec-79

Chambers          Lowell L.                                   3-208

Chambers          Mattie T. (Mrs. Emmett)                  17-Jul-79

Chambers          William Robert                              3-109

Chamness          Ira (Mrs.)                                  3-221

Champ             Mildred V. (Mrs. Gerald)                 17-Oct-79

Champeny          Arthur (Mrs.)                               15-Mar

Champeny          Arthur S. (Brig. Gen. )                     3-135

Chandler          Ralph P.                                    14-Mar

Chandler          William W.                                  12-Mar

Chandler          William W., Jr.                           3-Aug-79

Chaney            Clyde                                    31-Jul-79

Chaney            Edward                                    8-Sep-79

Chapman           Raymond Vanloan                          15-Dec-79

Chappell          Lana L. (Mrs. Richard)                   18-Aug-79

Charles           Clinton H.                                  3-218

Charlet           Edward                                      15-Mar

Chart             Shawna Lynn                              20-Dec-79

Chase             Amos L.                                  22-Dec-79

Chasey            George (Mrs.)                               24-Mar

Chavez            Aracado L.                                  Mar-77

Chavez            Clara (Mrs. Roy)                         11-Nov-79

Chavez            Mary Lilliam                                Mar-53

Cheatham          Margaret (Dr.)                              Mar-52

Cheatham          Paul G.                                   5-Oct-79

Cheek             Yewell                                      3-214

Chermok           Patrick J.                               21-Sep-79

Cherry            Clarence C.                                 3-159

Chew              Edwin Ira                                   3-115

Childers          Sherman B.                               26-Nov-79

Childers          Sherman R.                               28-Nov-79

Childs            Douglas E.                                3-Aug-79

Childs            Florence M. (Mrs. Arthur)                 4-Jul-79

Chinn             Violet R.                                21-Dec-79

Chippeaux         Mary Edith (Mrs. Emile)                  17-Aug-79

Chipteaux         August (Mrs.)                               Mar-98

Chitwood          Myrtle M. (Mrs. Tom H.)                  13-Oct-79

Choc              Miles G.                                 27-Nov-79

Choi              Michael                                  31-Aug-79

Christian         George A.                                17-Nov-79

Christian         Marjorie F. (Mrs. Wendell)               23-Aug-79

Christiansen      Edna (Mrs. Lloyd)                        18-Sep-79

Christlieb        Bessie (Mrs. George)                      3-Aug-79

Christman         G.                                          3-142

Christopher       Robert W.                                16-Jul-79

Christy           James William                             2-Aug-79

Chumbley          Charles W.                               22-Aug-79

Church            Edgar L.                                    Mar-99

Church            Mashel D.                                22-Nov-79

Churchill         Chester V.                                1-Oct-79

Cibes             Phillip (Mrs.)                              3-218

Claassen          Albert (Mrs.)                               3-238

Claassen          Anna (Mrs. Paul)                         31-Dec-79

Claassen          E. J. (Mrs.)                                08-Mar

Clack             Jessie (Mrs. Ben)                         3-Jul-79

Clagett           Verda F.                                 11-Dec-79

Clanton           Curt A.                                     Mar-38

Clanton           Ed E.                                     5-Aug-79

Clareen           Anna Mae                                 29-Jul-79

Clareen           Lois                                     17-Oct-79

Clark             A. H. (Mrs.)                                Mar-53

Clark             A. H. (Mrs.)                                Mar-56

Clark             Albert Nelson, Jr.                       23-Oct-79

Clark             Clarence C.                                 3-223

Clark             Clifford "Tip"                           27-Jul-79

Clark             Doyle                                    29-Dec-79

Clark             Eugene (Mrs.)                               Mar-70

Clark             Floyd                                    24-Jul-79

Clark             Francis N.                               16-Aug-79

Clark             James R.                                    3-211

Clark             Joann (Mrs. J. Frank)                     7-Oct-79

Clark             John W.                                     3-145

Clark             Lawrence "Windy"                         14-Jul-79

Clark             Ola J. (Mrs. Peter J.)                    9-Nov-79

Clark             Ray D.                                      3-216

Clark             Sarah (Mrs. Fritz)                       11-Aug-79

Clark             Viola Pearl (Mrs. William)                7-Sep-79

Clark             Ward Beecher                             25-Dec-79

Clark             William L.                               23-Aug-79

Clark             Wilma J. (Mrs. John)                     16-Jul-79

Clark             Zelma (Mrs. Clifford)                    15-Nov-79

Clarke            Frank Wilbert                               3-195

Clasen            Jeanna Diane                              4-Jul-79

Classen           Linda                                       Mar-94

Classen           Peter L. (Mrs.)                             07-Mar

Claycamp          Amalie M. (Mrs. Ernest)                  10-Dec-79

Claycomb          Royal                                     1-Dec-79

Claycomb          Royal                                     2-Dec-79

Cleary            Patrick H.                               28-Jul-79

Cleek             Bettie (Mrs. Charles Marshall)           10-Sep-79

Clemensen         Tom T.                                      Mar-85

Clements          William J.                               13-Jul-79

Clemmer           Fern C.                                  20-Jul-79

Clemonts          Eddie                                    28-Oct-79

Clemonts          Eddie                                     5-Nov-79

Cleveland         Frances (Mrs. Clarence)                  11-Aug-79

Clevenger         Mark A., Jr.                              4-Nov-79

Clevenger         Roy Francis                                 3-189

Clevenger         Winifred Elizabeth (Mrs. Will H.         14-Oct-79

Click             Eleanor J.                               15-Dec-79

Clifford          John (Mrs.)                                 3-183

Clifton           Bert H.                                  24-Oct-79

Clifton           John                                     23-Jul-79

Cline             Betsy (Mrs. Eddie)                       20-Nov-79

Cline             Betsy (Mrs. Eddie)                       21-Nov-79

Cline             Cloyse C.                                12-Oct-79

Cline             Gerald L.                                31-Jul-79

Cline             Grace F. (Mrs. Noble)                    24-Sep-79

Cline             John (Mrs.)                                 3-198

Cline             Lloyd A.                                 28-Nov-79

Cline             Neva M. (Mrs. Clyde)                     25-Sep-79

Cline             Russell Fay                               9-Dec-79

Cline             Walter G.                                 6-Nov-79

Clinton           Harold Eugene                               Mar-92

Clinton           Ida F. (Mrs. Charles)                    22-Nov-79

Clinton           Rev. John J.                             25-Nov-79

Clocksin          Rev. Victor A.                           30-Sep-79

Cloe              Connie J.                                   Mar-73

Clogston          Clare                                       3-149

Clogston          Will T.                                     3-104

Closser           Ethel M.                                    07-Mar

Clough            Jack Ferguson                            29-Sep-79

Clouse            Albert James                             14-Dec-79

Clouse            Georgiana Isabel (Mrs. Cecil)            17-Aug-79

Clowe             Myrtle (Mrs. Bernie)                     16-Nov-79

Clum              Lee                                      25-Oct-79

Clune             Rosa M. (Mrs. James)                      1-Sep-79

Clyma             May F. (Mrs. Fred)                        1-Jul-79

Coady             Peter Joseph                             20-Oct-79

Coady             Ruby M. (Mrs. Pete)                      21-Sep-79

Coats             Mary Horner (Mrs. Charles)               19-Nov-79

Cobb              Charley                                  25-Oct-79

Cobb              Nellie (Mrs. Bert)                       15-Oct-79

Coberly           James L.                                  7-Dec-79

Cobler            Marion Arthur                            30-Dec-79

Coburn            Otto Richard                              3-Nov-79

Cochran           Enid Joyce                                8-Jul-79

Cochran           James Edwin                                 Mar-94

Cochran           John Emison                              29-Sep-79

Cocking           Wilbur G.                                20-Sep-79

Cocking           Wilbur G.                                21-Sep-79

Cocking           Wilbur G.                                22-Sep-79

Cody              James William                             3-Sep-79

Coen              Ruby Mae (Mrs. Russell)                   7-Jul-79

Coffey            G. H. (Mrs.)                                3-221

Coffey            Hazel Beatrice                            1-Sep-79

Coffey            Mike                                      7-Nov-79

Coffey            Ona (Mrs. Richard)                        4-Oct-79

Coffey            Ray (Mrs.)                                  11-Mar

Coffman           John Hines                                  15-Mar

Coffman           Uel J.                                   18-Jul-79

Cofield           Pearl C.                                    Mar-85

Cohee             Louis                                       3-168

Cohee             Raymond R.                                  3-160

Cohlmia           Lillie (Mrs. Ellis)                      14-Sep-79

Coine             Forrest                                     3-234

Colbert           Pearl                                    22-Jul-79

Colborn           Frank F.                                    06-Mar

Coldiron          Pearl G.                                 18-Aug-79

Cole              Arthur F.                                11-Nov-79

Cole              Charles C.                                  3-173

Cole              James Ralph                                 Mar-51

Cole              R. Minnie (Mrs. Ben)                     27-Oct-79

Cole              Ray R.                                   10-Oct-79

Cole              Richard Lee                              11-Jul-79

Cole              Robert E.                                   3-147

Cole              Sarah Ann                                   3-128

Coleman           Betty M. (Mrs. Lon)                      12-Jul-79

Coleman           Byron T.                                  7-Dec-79

Coleman           William                                     3-233

Coles             Roy William                              27-Jul-79

Colladay          Sarah G. (Mrs. Glover S.)                11-Oct-79

Colliatie         Baby Boy                                 12-Jul-79

Collier           Amy Frances                              25-Dec-79

Collier           Esther B.                                 2-Dec-79

Collier           Esther B.                                 3-Dec-79

Collier           Henry Madison                            30-Dec-79

Collier           James                                       3-134

Collier           Noah P.                                     Mar-70

Collier           Noah P.                                     Mar-71

Collier           Norm P.                                     Mar-83

Collingham        Belinda                                  10-Aug-79

Collins           Jim D.                                      3-231

Collins           John W.                                  18-Jul-79

Collinson         Grover Wilson                            18-Dec-79

Colmery           Harry W., Sr.                            25-Aug-79

Colson            Patricia M.                              22-Aug-79

Colwell           Rex R.                                   15-Nov-79

Comer             Frances L.                               12-Oct-79

Comer             Ray                                         3-149

Comer             Sadie A. (Mrs. Theodore)                 12-Oct-79

Comfort           Larry                                     4-Dec-79

Comstock          Carol N. (Mrs. Donald)                   26-Oct-79

Comstock          Harry Herbert                            26-Oct-79

Conard            Mable (Mrs. Joe)                         14-Dec-79

Conchola          Hallie Irene (Mrs. James)                 7-Nov-79

Conchola          Hallie Irene (Mrs. James)                 8-Nov-79

Condit            Sterling L.                              15-Sep-79

Condon            Leo W.                                      3-116

Conger            Eva Hoskinson                            16-Oct-79

Conkle            Harry Lewis                                 Mar-91

Conkle            Harry Lewis                                 Mar-94

Conley            James Ray                                28-Nov-79

Connally          Irene M. (Mrs. Ollie)                     8-Jul-79

Connally          Irene M. (Mrs. Ollie)                    10-Jul-79

Connelly          James B.                                 19-Nov-79

Conner            Cora E. (Mrs. Leo)                       24-Nov-79

Conner            Esther M. (Mrs. Charles W.)              10-Sep-79

Conner            Leo W.                                      Mar-51

Conner            Leonard (Mrs.)                              Mar-95

Conner            Michael L.                               29-Dec-79

Conner            Travis H.                                   3-169

Conover           Mary Ann (Mrs. Leston)                    6-Jul-79

Conrady           Joshua Michael                           26-Nov-79

Conroy            Gladys W. (Mrs. Raymond P.)              18-Dec-79

Constable         Lillian (Mrs. Emeral)                     5-Nov-79

Constant          Riley E. "Gene"                           6-Sep-79

Contrad           Eunice G. (Mrs. Leroy)                   24-Nov-79

Conway            Margaret P. (Mrs. J. Richard)             4-Nov-79

Cook              Alma (Mrs. Clarence)                      2-Sep-79

Cook              Beth G. (Mrs. Marion)                     7-Nov-79

Cook              Calvin L.                                29-Oct-79

Cook              Carl Daniel                               6-Aug-79

Cook              Clarence C.                                 14-Mar

Cook              Edwin (Mrs.)                                Mar-51

Cook              Harry (Mrs.)                                3-145

Cook              Jason V.                                    3-197

Cook              Olive Grace                                 3-164

Cook              Olive Pearson (Mrs. Ralph)               16-Dec-79

Cook              Preston William                           6-Jul-79

Cook              Wanda W.                                 29-Oct-79

Cook              William                                     3-100

Cooke             Arthur D.                                   19-Mar

Cooley            Art (Mrs.)                                  3-210

Cooley            Glen W.                                  18-Aug-79

Cooley            Helen (Mrs. Lawrence)                    24-Sep-79

Cooley            John "Brad"                              28-Sep-79

Cooley            Velma Faye (Mrs. Loren)                  24-Dec-79

Coombes           Albert L. "Cy"                            2-Nov-79

Coomes            Clarence (Mrs.)                             3-137

Coomes            M. Eulalia (Sister)                         3-228

Coon              Charles                                     3-236

Coon              Jasper A.                                   3-207

Coonfer           William A.                               12-Oct-79

Coonrad           Dick (Mrs.)                                 3-129

Cooper            Edward L.                                   3-224

Cooper            Esther C. (Mrs. Marcena L.)              30-Sep-79

Cooper            Glen D.                                  31-Oct-79

Cooper            Irmyle J.                                   3-163

Cooper            John A.                                  17-Oct-79

Cooper            Mary E.                                     Mar-99

Cooper            Zetta G. (Mrs. Frank)                    24-Aug-79

Copeland          George W.                                29-Jul-79

Copeland          Mattie H. (Mrs. Nathaniel B.)            12-Nov-79

Copeland          Mattie H. (Mrs. Nathaniel B.)            14-Nov-79

Copening          Dorothy Kuhn (Mrs. Robert)                5-Oct-79

Coplan            Lewis Levi                                4-Dec-79

Copp              Margarie G.                                 3-139

Copp              Margarie G.                                 3-140

Copple            S. Jolley                                23-Aug-79

Corban            George Dorsey                               Mar-45

Corbett           Dorothy F. (Mrs. Edwin, Sr.)              4-Nov-79

Corbett           John L.                                  29-Oct-79

Corbin            John Wesley                                 3-137

Cordell           Elmer E.                                 11-Aug-79

Cordes            Ruth E.                                  12-Oct-79

Cordova           Mel E. Hargis                             6-Jul-79

Core              Karah Dawn                               11-Oct-79

Corey             Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-189

Corfman           Robert N.                                17-Oct-79

Corn              John L.                                     Mar-50

Corn              Vesta T. (Mrs. Elmer)                    30-Aug-79

Cornett           Steve C.                                 20-Aug-79

Cornwell          Shannon Lee                               4-Oct-79

Corser            Delbert M.                               24-Sep-79

Cory              Samuel (Mrs.)                               3-135

Coryell           Bessie B. (Mrs. Treber M.)               14-Dec-79

Corzine           Roy L.                                    5-Nov-79

Cosby             Jason W.                                 20-Oct-79

Cosby             Wesley O.                                   3-226

Coslett           Edward M.                                22-Jul-79

Coslett           Edward M.                                23-Jul-79

Coster            Otto H.C.                                30-Dec-79

Cotral            Kara                                        Mar-50

Cotter            Floyd B.                                 16-Jul-79

Couey             Reba M. (Mrs. William G.)                 1-Jul-79

Cougher           Gladys                                    2-Oct-79

Coukoulis         Gary Lee "Corky"                         31-Oct-79

Coulter           Bennett C.                                  03-Mar

Coulter           Edwin G. (Mrs.)                             07-Mar

Council           Chris                                       3-142

Counsell          Deffie Mae                                  Mar-42

Countee           Fay G. (Mrs. Rev. W.B.)                  19-Dec-79

Courson           Bill Harold                                 3-142

Courter           Ray V.                                      3-167

Covell            Esther F. (Mrs. John)                    27-Sep-79

Covert            Gerald L.                                   Mar-99

Cowan             Dr. Guy L.                               13-Aug-79

Cowell            Grace L. (Mrs. Charley)                   6-Sep-79

Cowles            Dr. George                                9-Dec-79

Cox               Arthur J.                                23-Sep-79

Cox               Elmer B.                                    04-Mar

Cox               Glenn J.                                  8-Dec-79

Cox               Glenn J.                                  9-Dec-79

Cox               Hadley A.                                   05-Mar

Cox               John C.                                   1-Jul-79

Cox               John S.                                  16-Jul-79

Cox               Michael Craig                            11-Jul-79

Cox               Peter M.                                    3-128

Cox               Tamplin J.                               24-Jul-79

Cox               Vernon J. "Cotton"                       13-Sep-79

Cox               William                                  21-Oct-79

Cozadd            Walter F.                                 1-Aug-79

Crabill           Russell K.                               20-Oct-79

Crabtree          Rowena R.                                   3-184

Crabtree          Rowena R.                                   3-185

Crabtree          Victor H.                                25-Dec-79

Crabtree          Albertina "Tina" (Mrs. Leonard)           2-Nov-79

Craft             Blanche A.                               17-Oct-79

Craft             Hazel Beatrice                            5-Sep-79

Craft             James Lamar                              14-Oct-79

Craig             James                                       20-Mar

Craig             Luther V.                                27-Sep-79

Craig             Luther V.                                28-Sep-79

Craig             Nellie P. (Mrs. Lee Roy)                 13-Dec-79

Craig             W. Floyd                                 25-Aug-79

Crain             Wally                                    10-Dec-79

Crandall          Darel D.                                    3-185

Crandall          Earl Preston                              8-Dec-79

Crandall          Mabel C. (Mrs. V.C.)                      2-Nov-79

Crane             Wally                                     9-Dec-79

Cranford          Curtis L.                                14-Nov-79

Cranshaw          Bishop Donald Henry                       8-Jul-79

Crawford          Carl W.                                     3-153

Crawford          Clyde E.                                  7-Dec-79

Crawford          Jewell (Mrs. Kenneth)                    21-Jul-79

Crawford          John E.                                  10-Sep-79

Crawley           Ann Kane                                 12-Oct-79

Crawley           Lillian (Mrs. William P.)                25-Jul-79

Creath            Orville Clyde                            28-Aug-79

Creekmore         Dallas H.                                 8-Nov-79

Crevoiserat       Charles A.                                  3-159

Crew              Marion                                      Mar-51

Crichton          Betty LaVerne (Mrs. Jack)                12-Oct-79

Crider            Ray Clyde                                22-Nov-79

Criger            Marian (Mrs. Ralph)                      26-Jul-79

Crisler           Gerald Dayton                               26-Mar

Crissman          Gipson O.                                24-Aug-79

Crissman          Jipson O.                                23-Aug-79

Crittenden        Lawrence                                    22-Mar

Crocker           William (Mrs.)                              3-226

Cron              Joseph M.                                 1-Dec-79

Cronan            Emmett A.                                   Mar-40

Croney            LaVerne E.                                  3-149

Croney            Marion E. "Dutch"                        16-Sep-79

Cronk             Jack S.                                     3-218

Crosby            Clara O'Connor (Mrs. Charles D.)          7-Aug-79

Cross             Dorothy (Mrs. Harold J.)                 14-Dec-79

Cross             Leo E.                                   26-Jul-79

Crossfield        James "Guy"                               7-Jul-79

Crossfield        James "Guy"                               9-Jul-79

Crossley          Arden F.                                 12-Sep-79

Crossno           Wally                                       Mar-78

Crotts            Russell (Mrs.)                              3-183

Crouch            Arthur T.                                 9-Jul-79

Crow              Cleveland (Mrs.)                            19-Mar

Crow              Misty Dawn                                9-Dec-79

Crowdus           Roy                                         3-112

Crowl             Eugene (Mrs.)                               3-216

Crowley           Charles Lawron                              3-159

Crownover         Jess B.                                     3-193

Crownover         Jess B. (Mrs.)                              3-150

Cruisinberry      John W.                                     3-144

Crum              Earl Z.                                     3-136

Crum              Francis H.                                  3-109

Crumley           Laddie Young                             14-Dec-79

Crump             Mary (Mrs. Charles)                       7-Nov-79

Crump             Mary (Mrs. Charles)                       8-Nov-79

Crupper           Mary (Mrs. Richard)                      13-Sep-79

Crupper           Mary (Mrs. Richard)                      14-Sep-79

Crupper           Stanley Arthur                            8-Sep-79

Cruse             Clinton (Mrs.)                              Mar-95

Crutcher          R. Bruce                                 26-Sep-79

Cullins           Bryan L.                                 18-Jul-79

Culp              David Robert                                Mar-99

Culp              Gladys (Mrs. Ben)                        15-Jul-79

Culver            Clyde F.                                    15-Mar

Cummings          Esther (Mrs. Perry K.)                   31-Oct-79

Cummins           Cary E.                                     Mar-94

Cundiff           William F.                               17-Dec-79

Cunnigham         Harvey                                      Mar-86

Cunningham        Ernest                                      15-Mar

Cunningham        Geneva L.                                   3-193

Cunningham        James Toy                                24-Jul-79

Cunningham        Ralph W.                                  8-Oct-79

Curley            Ethel L. (Mrs. John)                      2-Oct-79

Curran            J.C. Neal                                28-Oct-79

Curran            Corilla M.                               12-Sep-79

Curran            Corilla M.                               13-Sep-79

Curry             Meuli A. (Mrs.)                             3-122

Curtis            Colonel J. (Mrs.)                           3-121

Curtis            George A.                                   3-216

Curtis            Harry, Jr.                               24-Dec-79

Curtis            Margaret M. (Mrs. Clarence)              11-Jul-79

Curtis            Rosaline Ismay                              02-Mar

Curts             Elmer                                    19-Jul-79

Cutbirth          Alva Leona (Mrs. Clayton)                20-Aug-79

Dace              Carl Chester                             31-Dec-79

Dadisman          Walden A.                                   31-Mar

Dagel             Virgil (Mrs.)                               3-104

Dague             Joseph C.                                   3-107

Dahl              Stella Nellie Marie                      29-Dec-79

Dailey            John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-58

Dainty            William J.                                1-Nov-79

Dalagar           Leon G.                                     Mar-90

Dale              Louis A.                                 29-Oct-79

Dale              Thelma E.                                   Mar-32

Dalgety           Edna G. (Mrs. David)                     11-Dec-79

Dalke             Emil C.                                  28-Dec-79

Dallen            Ronald (Mrs.)                               Mar-98

Dalton            Cecil M.                                    3-113

Dalton            Lowell A. (Mrs.)                            3-177

Dame              Terri Lynn                               20-Aug-79

Dameron           James                                     8-Dec-79

Danberger         Timothy                                     3-136

Dancer            Steven M.                                   3-175

Daniel            Christopher A.                           30-Oct-79

Daniel            Harold A.                                   3-153

Daniel            Henry B.                                 10-Nov-79

Daniel            Quillian C.                              26-Jul-79

Daniel            Wayne                                       3-207

Daniels           Carl E.                                  13-Sep-79

Daniels           Helen B. (Mrs. James I.)                 28-Aug-79

Daniels           Henry                                    17-Oct-79

Daniels           J.W. "Cap"                               17-Aug-79

Daniels           Mathew T.                                 9-Dec-79

Daniels           Oscar L. (Mrs.)                             3-172

Dannelley         Paul E.                                     3-107

Dannelly          Paul (Mrs.)                                 Mar-40

Dannels           Ira (Mrs.)                                  3-236

Darby             Edgar (Mrs.)                                3-150

Darcy             Rose M.                                  13-Jul-79

Dark              Gretchen M. (Mrs. Palmer)                18-Dec-79

Darling           Grace E. (Mrs. William L.)               21-Dec-79

Darling           Robert M. (Mrs. LaVerne)                 20-Jul-79

Darling           Vera W. (Mrs. Howard)                    10-Dec-79

Darr              Dr. George H.                            14-Nov-79

Dauber            Frank                                       3-155

Daugherty         Carl L.                                     3-223

Daugherty         Victor M.                                   3-128

Daum              Dan Lee                                   6-Nov-79

Daum              Edward J.                                   Mar-90

DaVault           Frances Henrietta "Etta" (Mrs. B          3-Nov-79

David             Edna (Mrs. Roy)                          22-Aug-79

David             Nettie Josephine                         29-Oct-79

Davids            Herbert (Mrs.)                              3-150

Davidson          L.D. (Mrs.)                                 20-Mar

Davidson          Lenna E. (Mrs. Frank)                     4-Dec-79

Davidson          Leona H. (Mrs. Frank C.)                  5-Nov-79

Davidson          Lorane "Pud"                              4-Dec-79

Davidson          Lula (Mrs. Lloyd)                        30-Aug-79

Davidson          Ross B.                                     3-159

Davies            Gertrude White (Mrs. Robert, Sr.          1-Dec-79

Davies            Gordon H.                                 5-Sep-79

Davis             Billy Joe                                19-Sep-79

Davis             Cloyce A.                                   3-196

Davis             David L.  (Lt. Col.)                        3-200

Davis             Dennis DeWayne                           29-Aug-79

Davis             Dorothy L. (Mrs. Joe)                    31-Dec-79

Davis             Edith "Babe" (Mrs. L.W.)                 25-Dec-79

Davis             Edith (Mrs. Charles H., Sr.)             21-Dec-79

Davis             Eileen Grace (Mrs. Marcus D.)             3-Oct-79

Davis             Elsie Sarah Rowe (Mrs. Walter)            2-Oct-79

Davis             Enola E.                                    3-186

Davis             Enola E.                                    3-188

Davis             Floy A. (Mrs. Robert)                     8-Dec-79

Davis             George (Mrs.)                               3-209

Davis             Grace (Mrs. Ralph)                       16-Nov-79

Davis             Harley S.                                   3-177

Davis             Harold                                      3-233

Davis             Leemont L.                                  3-149

Davis             Marie C. (Mrs. Clifford)                 27-Dec-79

Davis             Mary Elizabeth                           31-Aug-79

Davis             Minnie E.                                21-Sep-79

Davis             Oliver W.                                13-Dec-79

Davis             Pansy (Mrs. Sylvester)                   26-Jul-79

Davis             Paul S.                                     3-224

Davis             Ray                                         Mar-50

Davis             Troy F.                                  20-Dec-79

Davison           Charissa J.                                 3-190

Davolt            Harry                                    28-Dec-79

Dawson            Floyd D.                                    Mar-72

Dawson            Isaac "Newt"                              2-Sep-79

day               Abby Gael                                   3-148

Day               Charles Dale                             30-Dec-79

Day               Essie R. (Mrs. Joe)                      10-Nov-79

Day               Lloyd Clifford                              09-Mar

Daymude           Steve Ray                                20-Sep-79

Dean              Albert LeRoy                                21-Mar

Dean              Curtis DeVaughn                           8-Dec-79

Dean              Ethyl V. (Mrs. Orval Ray)                10-Jul-79

Dean              Eva May                                  16-Nov-79

Dean              Eva May                                  17-Nov-79

Dean              Lester Burton                            18-Jul-79

Dearsmith         Ada H. (Mrs. William A.)                 23-Sep-79

Deatherage        Karen                                    27-Aug-79

Deatrick          Hazel L. (Mrs. Cary)                      8-Sep-79

Deatrick          Viola (Mrs. Ambrose)                     13-Jul-79

Debbrecht         Henry H. (Mrs.)                             3-131

DeBerry           D. H.                                       3-188

DeBrot            George E.                                   Mar-62

Deck              Errett (Mrs.)                               Mar-90

Deckard           Mamie P. (Mrs. John W.)                   1-Jul-79

Deckert           Dan A.                                      Mar-78

Deem              Martha (Mrs. Charles)                    17-Aug-79

DeFord            Micheal S.                               25-Nov-79

DeGrafenread      Yolanda                                   9-Jul-79

DeGrafenread      Yolanda                                  10-Jul-79

DeGratte          Eva Mae (Mrs. Ben)                        6-Aug-79

DeGratte          Eva Mae (Mrs. Ben)                       10-Aug-79

Dehl              Stella Nellie Marie                      28-Dec-79

Dehm              George M.                                24-Sep-79

Deighton          Robert A.                                23-Sep-79

DeJarnette        Maude E. (Mrs. James N.)                 14-Aug-79

DeJarnette        Maude E. (Mrs. James N.)                 15-Aug-79

DeLapp            Clara (Mrs. Frank)                       13-Jul-79

DelCastillo       Maria (Mrs. Rosalio)                      5-Sep-79

DeLong            Raymond                                     31-Mar

Delsie            Albie D. (Mrs. John)                      3-Sep-79

Demaree           Harry A.                                    21-Mar

Deneau            Walter (Mrs.)                               3-181

Denison           Emma E. (Mrs. Clarence I.)               10-Aug-79

Denison           Inez May (Mrs. Carl)                      7-Aug-79

Dennis            Carrye Ann (Mrs. C.G.)                   11-Oct-79

Dennis            Nancy E. (Mrs. Ernest)                   12-Oct-79

Dennison          Edward M.                                22-Nov-79

Denny             Lloyd L. (Mrs.)                             3-231

Denny             Sam H. (Mrs.)                               Mar-77

Densmore          Helen P. (Mrs. Lyle)                     13-Sep-79

Depew             William "Bill"                           23-Jul-79

Deragisch         Martin J.                                21-Nov-79

Deschino          Salvatore                                 6-Nov-79

Dessenderger      Dorothy (Mrs. Arthur V.)                 14-Dec-79

Dettmer           Ernest W. "Bus"                           8-Sep-79

DeVore            Carl (Mrs.)                                 Mar-75

DeVore            James E.                                 14-Jul-79

DeVore            John Martin                              12-Dec-79

DeVry             Henry W. (Mrs.)                             3-122

Dewey             Charles (Mrs.)                              Mar-97

Dewlen            Edith (Mrs. Earl)                        16-Jul-79

Dewlen            Vern L.                                   9-Dec-79

Dexter            Floy (Mrs. Lester Mike)                  24-Sep-79

Dey               Virginia (Mrs. Marquis)                  29-Jul-79

Dice              Claude                                      Mar-98

Dice              Claude                                      3-101

Dick              James C.                                 20-Nov-79

Dick              John                                     31-Jul-79

Dickens           Stanton V.                                3-Jul-79

Dickey            Opal L. (Mrs. Oscar)                     19-Sep-79

Dickey            Preston L. (Mrs.)                           3-113

Dickinson         Harry F.                                 30-Dec-79

Dickison          Philip C.                                   3-120

Diebold           George J.                                26-Dec-79

Diederich         Francis P.                               23-Jul-79

Diedrich          Stanley M., Sr.                             3-119

Diemart           Clyde R.                                    04-Mar

Dies              Hulda                                       Mar-46

Dietrich          Charles (Mrs.)                              Mar-68

Dietz             Belle (Mrs. S.A.)                        18-Oct-79

Diggs             Iva (Mrs. Sammy)                          3-Nov-79

Dighero           Domnic A.                                   3-109

Dilbeck           Hester A. (Mrs. Joseph)                  16-Aug-79

Dill              William C. (Mrs.)                           3-176

Dilley            George Edgar "Ed"                         2-Oct-79

Dillman           Eugene Franklin                           7-Aug-79

Dillon            Floyd L.                                 14-Oct-79

Dillon            Jeremy Edwin                             17-Aug-79

Dilts             Louise E. (Mrs. Lester)                  24-Jul-79

Dirks             Art B.                                   10-Dec-79

Dirks             Herman J.                                21-Dec-79

Dishman           Earl L.                                  17-Aug-79

Distio            Marie                                    21-Sep-79

Ditgen            Lawrence L.                                 3-150

Dix               Nina (Mrs. Phil)                         26-Nov-79

Dixon             Anna (Mrs.)                                 3-202

Dixon             Leon P.                                  18-Nov-79

Dixon             Mary A. (Mrs. Rol)                       11-Jul-79

Dixon             Virginia M. (Mrs. Dudley)                 8-Nov-79

Doakes            Dale David                               10-Jul-79

Dodge             Clifton B., Jr.                             Mar-61

Dodge             Harrry E.                                 1-Oct-79

Dodge             Jerenne (Mrs. Allen)                     17-Nov-79

Dodge             Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-121

Dodson            Bessie A. (Mrs. William F.)              15-Aug-79

Dodson            Jesse E. "Barney"                        20-Jul-79

Dodson            Richard L.                               24-Oct-79

Dody              Virgil O.                                 4-Aug-79

Doebele           Emmert P.                                23-Nov-79

Doherty           Harold T.                                16-Sep-79

Dohm              Louis William                               3-136

Dolbow            Earl L. (Mrs.)                              Mar-46

Dold              Frederick L.                                Mar-89

Dole              Arthur J.                                28-Jul-79

Dole              Fannie M.                                22-Dec-79

Dole              Trevor Collin                               Mar-46

Doll              Fred                                     11-Nov-79

Doll              Harold (Mrs.)                               3-131

Dome              Adam J.                                     3-166

Dominguez         Nicholas A.                              25-Sep-79

Donaho            Ira M. (Mrs. Thomas)                     19-Oct-79

Donahoo           Minnie E. (Mrs. Orville)                 31-Aug-79

Dondlinger        Leo J.                                      09-Mar

Donmyer           Glen D.                                     29-Mar

Donnelly          Curtis E.                                30-Aug-79

Donovan           Robert (Mrs.)                               02-Mar

Doolin            Maxine (Mrs. William)                    18-Nov-79

Dooling           Roy T.                                      3-209

Doonan            Clarene Cecil                               03-Mar

Doran             Benjamin F.                               4-Aug-79

Dorland           Mable (Mrs. Edward, Sr.)                 22-Jul-79

Doron             Ben (Mrs.)                                  3-224

Dorr              Helen E. (Mrs. Louis E.)                 30-Jul-79

Doshier           Thomas F.                                26-Aug-79

Dotson            Richard                                  23-Oct-79

Doudican          Robert B.                                   3-129

Dougherty         Andy                                     28-Nov-79

Dougherty         Louis John                               25-Aug-79

Doughty           Jeffrey S.                               25-Jul-79

Douglas           Dale I. (Mrs.)                              28-Mar

Douthett          Judi                                        3-163

Dowell            C. M.                                       3-143

Downey            Jerry I.                                    3-115

Downing           Francis                                  11-Oct-79

Downing           Oval                                     20-Sep-79

Downing           Roswell B.                                9-Dec-79

Dowty             Rev. Enos                                24-Sep-79

Doyle             Nellie A. (Mrs. Ira E.)                  25-Oct-79

Doyle             Patrick                                  16-Aug-79

Drake             Larry Dean                                  3-108

Drake             Paul H.                                     3-117

Dreiling          Alfred Roy "Fritz"                        2-Dec-79

Dreiling          Alfred Roy "Fritz"                        3-Dec-79

Dreiling          Alfred Roy "Fritz"                        4-Dec-79

Dreiling          Ben F., Sr.                              14-Nov-79

Dreiling          Mary M. (Mrs. Adolph)                     6-Aug-79

Drenchfield       Claude H.                                   3-162

Drew              Gladys Alice (Mrs. George N.)             6-Jul-79

Drew              Pauline Jane                             23-Dec-79

Dreyer            Roy                                      18-Sep-79

Drietz            Ted                                      23-Oct-79

Drolte            Marie (Mrs. Floyd)                        3-Nov-79

Drouhard          Albert (Mrs.)                               3-198

Druchl            Ethel Marie (Mrs. Walter L.)             27-Nov-79

Drum              Wauneta (Mrs. Birch)                     17-Nov-79

Drumm             James William                            20-Sep-79

Drummond          Donald William                           19-Dec-79

Druse             Martin F.                                   Mar-58

Drylie            John Edward                              17-Jul-79

Duckers           Sadie B. (Mrs. Charles)                  14-Dec-79

Duckett           Pirl                                        07-Mar

Duffek            Jeffrey Allen                               Mar-85

Duffield          Armstrong                                   3-103

Duffy             D. E. (Mrs.)                                Mar-87

Duffy             Helen D.                                  8-Oct-79

Dugan             Wallace E.                               27-Dec-79

Dumars            Arthur S.                                23-Sep-79

Dumler            Donald B.                                20-Sep-79

Dunafon           Charles I.                               16-Oct-79

Dunagan           Joyce M. (Mrs. Lavernon)                 22-Sep-79

Dunagan           Norman R.                                   Mar-86

Dunaway           Shannon Lynn                                3-104

Dunbar            Olive M. (Mrs. Oscar)                    27-Dec-79

Duncan            James G.                                 21-Oct-79

Duncan            John                                     26-Dec-79

Duncan            John S.                                  12-Sep-79

Duncan            Wayne Kent                                  3-197

Dunham            James J. (Mrs.)                             3-115

Dunlap            Hugh L.                                  11-Dec-79

Dunlop            Lena (Mrs. Roy)                           8-Aug-79

Dunmire           Margaret (Mrs. Roy)                      26-Oct-79

Dunn              Charles I. (Mrs.)                           3-185

Dunn              D. R.                                       Mar-86

Dunn              Sadie (Mrs. Curtis)                      31-Oct-79

Dunnington        Charles (Mrs.)                              3-113

Dunsworth         Edgar W.                                  1-Oct-79

Dunsworth         Opal Marie (Mrs. Ewell)                  29-Oct-79

Durbin            Verna A. (Mrs. Brice)                    16-Jul-79

Durmire           Clarence Cross                            4-Oct-79

Durst             Earnest P.                               27-Oct-79

Duryea            Stella (Mrs. John)                        8-Aug-79

Dusack            Chester W.                               18-Dec-79

Dush              John T. (Mrs.)                              Mar-84

Dutcher           George Allen                              1-Sep-79

Dutcher           George Allen                             19-Sep-79

Dutton            Ida E. (Mrs. E.A.)                        3-Nov-79

Duvall            William E.                               24-Sep-79

Duvaul            Claudie Edward "Tooter"                  25-Dec-79

Dwyer             Bernard T.                                  3-236

Dwyer             Mae E. (Mrs. Lloyd)                       3-Oct-79

Dwyer             Roy W.                                    9-Aug-79

Dyas              Charles E.                                  3-152

Dyck              Frank E.                                    3-222

Dyck              John E.                                  17-Sep-79

Dye               Paul V.                                     3-176

Dyer              Alfred E.                                 2-Aug-79

Dyer              Francis H.                               25-Aug-79

Dyer              Grover "Bob"                              3-Oct-79

Dyer              Hartel R.                                25-Dec-79

Dyer              John E.                                  19-Sep-79

Dyer              Silas M.                                    3-179

Dyer              William H., Sr.                             28-Mar

Dykes             Edward A.                                20-Nov-79

Eagle             Guy L.                                      Mar-55

Ealey             James (Mrs.)                                Mar-68

Earl              Raymond Eldorus                           9-Dec-79

Earnest           Gladys D. (Mrs. Seth)                     3-Dec-79

EAsley            Milton Lee                                  Mar-51

Easley            Samuel (Mrs.)                               3-176

Easley            Samuel E.                                   3-116

Easter            Charles W.                               14-Jul-79

Eastin            Earl                                        3-237

Eastman           O. J. (Mrs.)                                3-158

Eastwood          Kenneth W.                               30-Nov-79

Eaton             Floyd (Mrs.)                                10-Mar

Eaton             Robert W.                                28-Sep-79

Ebel              August R.                                29-Jul-79

Eck               David                                    28-Nov-79

Eck               Mary Helen (Mrs. John P.)                18-Jul-79

Eck               Ray (Mrs.)                                  Mar-48

Eckert            Lawrence E.                              10-Sep-79

Eckles            Opal M.                                  15-Oct-79

Ecoff             Martha Nancy                                Mar-86

Eddy              Lola B. (Mrs. Clarence)                  13-Sep-79

Ediger            Curt                                     21-Nov-79

Edins             Paul H.                                     Mar-41

Edmonds           Russell Lee                                 3-239

Edmondson         Lena Bell (Mrs. George)                  25-Aug-79

Edmondson         Lena Bell (Mrs. George)                  28-Aug-79

Edson             Jerry W.                                    3-105

Edwards           Clint J.                                    3-194

Edwards           Esther Marie                             17-Sep-79

Edwards           Florence L.                                 26-Mar

Edwards           Henry (Mrs.)                                3-168

Edwards           Ira E.                                      Mar-46

Edwards           John D.                                  17-Aug-79

Edwards           Mary (Mrs. Bill)                         22-Jul-79

Edwards           Mildred E. (Mrs. W.L.)                    7-Sep-79

Edwards           Orville (Mrs.)                              Mar-44

Edwards           Roy W.                                      27-Mar

Edwards           Tom Davis                                30-Jul-79

Edwards           Warren B.                                   3-187

Egan              Opal D. (Mrs. Blain)                      9-Dec-79

Egge              Ralph T.                                    3-168

Eggert            Clayton "Jake"                           24-Dec-79

Ehart             W. Mark                                     Mar-55

Ehrlich           Carl C.                                  20-Sep-79

Ehrlich           Esther McCorkle                          22-Jul-79

Ehrlich           Hannah (Mrs. Jacob)                       3-Nov-79

Ehrlich           Hannah (Mrs. Jacob)                       5-Nov-79

Eickhoff          Linda Wilson (Mrs. Roger)                21-Oct-79

Eidson            Loretta (Mrs. Daniel)                     6-Sep-79

Eidson            Nellie Johnson (Mrs. Gaines)             27-Aug-79

Eiklor            Frank O.                                 29-Oct-79

Eilert            Blane                                       08-Mar

Eilert            Harry (Mrs.)                                3-208

Eilts             Ida Catherine (Mrs. George)               1-Jul-79

Eining            Henry (Mrs.)                                3-157

Eisele            Hester A. (Mrs. William)                 12-Oct-79

Eisenbrandt       Mary H. (Mrs. Arthur)                     2-Oct-79

Eklund            Rev. Carl W.                             21-Aug-79

Ekstrum           J. W.                                       3-108

Elder             Charles F.                                  3-231

Elder             Leonard Franklin                          3-Nov-79

Eldred            Albert G.                                   21-Mar

Elkouri           Eid (Mrs.)                                  Mar-48

Eller             Frieda E. (Mrs. Henry)                   15-Oct-79

Ellingham         John C.                                  28-Dec-79

Ellington         Mary (Mrs. W. Clark, Sr.)                 1-Jul-79

Ellington         Mary (Mrs. W. Clark, Sr.)                 2-Jul-79

Elliott           Alta (Mrs. Verl)                          2-Sep-79

Elliott           Everett J.                               10-Dec-79

Elliott           Fannie (Mrs. Elton)                       3-Nov-79

Elliott           John C.                                     09-Mar

Elliott           Joseph O.                                   Mar-91

Elliott           Kimberly Ann                              7-Sep-79

Elliott           Ned (Mrs.)                                  Mar-81

Elliott           Paul                                        3-173

Elliott           Walter A.                                12-Dec-79

Elliott           Lucille (Mrs. James)                     21-Nov-79

Ellis             Adrienne I.                              26-Sep-79

Ellis             Algie H.                                    Mar-95

Ellis             Martin J.                                   16-Mar

Ellis             Max M.                                    4-Dec-79

Ellis             Michael J.                                  3-158

Ellis             Michael J.                                  3-159

Ellison           Emma I. (Mrs. Earl)                       9-Jul-79

Ellison           Ethel B. (Mrs. Howard)                   21-Sep-79

Ellsaesser        Raymond W.                                  3-106

Ellsworth         Earl                                     24-Dec-79

Elm               Orville E.                                6-Sep-79

Elpers            Clem C.                                     3-106

Elrod             Howard                                    5-Dec-79

Else              Rev. Warren H.                           14-Jul-79

Elser             Jessie O.                                22-Oct-79

Elston            Donald (Mrs.)                               3-101

Elwell            Bessie Jane (Mrs. Harve)                 10-Sep-79

Ely               Louis (Mrs.)                                3-210

Embrey            Glenn L.                                    Mar-60

Emerson           Josephine                                21-Aug-79

Emerson           Mamie Pearl (Mrs. Onnie)                  3-Jul-79

Emert             Glenn J.                                 11-Dec-79

Emley             Luretta A. (Mrs. Riley C.)               22-Oct-79

Emmerich          Ruby L.                                     3-105

Endicott          Daniel (Mrs.)                               3-102

Endsley           Adelia (Mrs. Elam)                       29-Oct-79

Endsley           Alvin G.                                 13-Sep-79

Engelbrecht       Ben C. (Mrs.)                               3-168

Engelbrecht       Helen C. (Mrs. Walter)                   20-Aug-79

England           Henry A.                                 28-Sep-79

Engle             Harry E.                                    Mar-44

Englezos          Nicholas                                    3-191

Englund           Viola Jane (Mrs. Lee)                    18-Dec-79

Enns              Anna A. (Mrs. Dietrich)                  20-Oct-79

Enns              Ernest                                   27-Sep-79

Ensminger         Vernon D.                                18-Aug-79

Ensor             George (Mrs.)                               3-233

Ensz              Melvin H.                                17-Aug-79

Epp               Paul R.                                   7-Aug-79

Erdtmann          Clara P. (Mrs. George)                    7-Sep-79

Erickson          Albert (Mrs.)                               3-168

Erickson          Esther H. (Mrs. John V.)                  7-Jul-79

Erickson          Faye M. (Mrs. Lynn)                       6-Sep-79

Erickson          Leonard (Mrs.)                              3-152

Ericson           Hannah O. (Mrs. Guest)                    6-Nov-79

Erker             Emil J.                                     23-Mar

Ernest            Charles L.                                4-Aug-79

Ernsting          William                                   3-Jul-79

Erwin             Effie E. (Mrs. Carl)                      9-Dec-79

Erwin             Lottie S.                                15-Sep-79

Escalante         Michael Anthony                          16-Jul-79

Escareno          Inocencia (Mrs. John)                     9-Sep-79

Escareno          Steven E.                                23-Sep-79

Eshom             Charles M.                                  3-149

Espinosa          Henry I.                                 19-Jul-79

Essig             Mary E.                                  22-Nov-79

Estabrook         John L.                                   5-Nov-79

Estes             Omer (Mrs.)                                 11-Mar

Estrada           Leonardo J. (Mrs.)                          08-Mar

Etherton          Elsie H. (Mrs. Ray)                      24-Sep-79

Euell             Clene (Mrs.)                                3-125

Eusenbise         Carl                                        3-189

Eustace           Eugene (Mrs.)                               Mar-51

Euthon            Manning L. "Sarge"                        9-Jul-79

Evans             Arthur                                    1-Oct-79

Evans             Dorothy M. (Mrs. Henry)                  29-Sep-79

Evans             Evan (Mrs.)                                 3-117

Evans             Johnny L. (Mrs.)                            3-124

Evans             Lela (Mrs. Burton)                       25-Nov-79

Evans             Rodney M.                                   3-118

Evans             Roy A.                                      3-134

Evenson           Elvin N.                                    Mar-85

Everett           Glenn David                              17-Dec-79

Everett           L. Price                                    3-189

Evering           Edward (Mrs.)                               3-104

Evers             Caroline A. (Mrs. Clair)                 14-Sep-79

Ewals             Raymond L.                                4-Nov-79

Ewing             Bessie A.                                24-Nov-79

Ewing             Melvin C.                                27-Oct-79

Ewing             Paul B.                                     3-164

Ewy               Harold R.                                   Mar-50

Eyler             Evelyn M. (Mrs. George)                  29-Nov-79

Eyman             Harry M.                                  4-Nov-79

Ezell             Bettie N.                                   3-189

Faber             Bernard M. "Ben"                         29-Dec-79

Fail              Ollie S. (Mrs. Ora)                      27-Dec-79

Fairbanks         Judith Marie                             13-Jul-79

Fairbanks         Norris                                      Mar-55

Fairchild         Virginia H. (Mrs. Art)                   31-Aug-79

Fallis            Lester D.                                30-Oct-79

Fankhauser        Glenn LeRoy "Jeff"                       28-Jul-79

Fanning           Bill                                        3-130

Farha             Hal A.                                      3-165

Farley            Loren                                       3-109

Farmer            Frank C.                                    3-185

Farney            Hattie L. (Mrs. Timothy)                  2-Nov-79

Farney            Lydia C. (Mrs. Benjamin)                 17-Nov-79

Farquer           James R.                                 20-Sep-79

Farquer           James R. (Mrs.)                             Mar-85

Farr              Delbert William                           9-Dec-79

Farrell           Bernard S.                                  3-104

Farris            Ivan L. "Pop"                            11-Nov-79

Farris            Lena                                     12-Dec-79

Farthing          Stanley M.                                9-Dec-79

Fassnacht         Robyl (Mrs.)                                3-207

Fast              Francis E.                                  28-Mar

Fatheree          William B.                               27-Aug-79

Fatheree          William B.                               28-Aug-79

Faucette          Andrew                                    4-Jul-79

Faulconer         Mark Eldon                                  3-200

Faulcones         Joe D.                                      3-189

Faulkner          Senia (Mrs. Vibert)                       9-Dec-79

Faust             Mary C.                                  20-Nov-79

Fear              Edith Beryl (Mrs. Herbert)                5-Dec-79

Feaster           William M.                                  3-192

Feather           Jimmy J.                                 23-Nov-79

Fedro             Frank                                    13-Dec-79

Feeback           Hattie P. (Mrs. Roy)                      8-Dec-79

Fegel             Edward Emil                              26-Jul-79

Fehl              Olive (Mrs. Charles)                      2-Sep-79

Feiden            Milt C. (Mrs.)                              3-154

Feil              Lea (Mrs. Andrew)                        17-Aug-79

Feist             Henry L.                                    3-200

Felix             Richard R.                               27-Oct-79

Fence             Albin C.                                    3-194

Fenimore          Thomas (Mrs.)                               Mar-39

Fennell           James Aaron                                 3-112

Fenton            Mildred A. (Mrs. Darrell)                28-Aug-79

Fergeson          Ronald D.                                16-Nov-79

Fergeson          Ronald Dean                              15-Nov-79

Ferguson          Dwight                                      3-226

Ferguson          Dwight                                      3-229

Ferguson          Hellen Maria                             18-Jul-79

Ferguson          Ira B. "Ike"                             25-Aug-79

Ferguson          Robert D. (Mrs.)                            3-212

Ferguson          Ruby Mae                                  7-Sep-79

Ferren            Goldie (Mrs. Ted)                        21-Nov-79

Ferren            W. "Woody"                                  Mar-61

Ferrie            Ruth Mandell (Mrs. Frederick Wil         24-Jul-79

Ferrin            Blanche F. (Mrs. Ellis)                  13-Oct-79

Ferris            James (Mrs.)                                Mar-71

Fesler            Elener May                                9-Sep-79

Ficarra           Louise M.                                   Mar-60

Fiegel            Walter A.                                   3-111

Field             Randall K.                                1-Jul-79

Fields            Ethel G. (Mrs. Torrence)                 16-Jul-79

Fields            Sherman (Mrs.)                              Mar-36

Fifer             Fletcher G.                              22-Oct-79

Fildes            Jesse (Mrs.)                                3-118

Filippi           Fernando "Buddy", Jr.                    17-Oct-79

Finck             Alberta Louise (Mrs. Virgil)             24-Nov-79

Findeiss          John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-71

Fink              Edin                                        3-226

Finley            Willie (Mrs.)                               10-Mar

Firsching         John G.                                     Mar-59

Fischer           Herman Fredrick, Sr.                      4-Jul-79

Fiscus            Dora (Mrs. Marion)                       15-Dec-79

Fishburn          Laura Margaret                              03-Mar

Fisher            Frank                                     6-Sep-79

Fisher            Gerald Edmund                            18-Jul-79

Fisher            Gracie M.                                27-Sep-79

Fisher            Joshua D.                                   3-109

Fisher            Lawrence                                 19-Sep-79

Fisher            Robert "Bobby" Charles                   22-Aug-79

Fisk              Jimmie W.                                   19-Mar

Fisk              Lloyd Raymond                             5-Nov-79

Fisk              Lloyd Raymond                             6-Nov-79

Fiske             F. Clinton                                  3-157

Fitz              Louie (Mrs.)                                03-Mar

Fitzgerald        George Robert                            11-Oct-79

Fitzgerrel        Rev. John M.                             30-Oct-79

Fitzgibbons       Paul Edward                              27-Nov-79

Fitzwater         Lewis (Mrs.)                                3-142

Flack             Lena M. (Mrs. A.C.)                       1-Aug-79

Flagler           Anna M.                                  28-Aug-79

Flax              Frank I.                                 29-Dec-79

Fleer             Edwin F.                                    3-210

Fleming           Anice L. (Mrs. Jefferson)                29-Jul-79

Fleming           Anthony (Mrs.)                              Mar-51

Fleming           Archie D.                                14-Nov-79

Fleming           Clara Marie (Mrs. Floyd)                 25-Nov-79

Fleming           J. C.                                       26-Mar

Fleming           Jerome G.                                   3-121

Fleming           Jessie M. (Mrs. Floyd)                   22-Nov-79

Flesher           Ivan "Gene"                              15-Jul-79

Flesher           Ivan "Gene"                              17-Jul-79

Fletchall         James Henry                              24-Sep-79

Fletcher          Edgar                                    28-Nov-79

Fletcher          Gladys (Mrs. Fred N.)                    18-Sep-79

Fletcher          Guy E.                                    2-Dec-79

Fletcher          Melvin A. "Buck"                         13-Aug-79

Fletcher          Worth A. (Dr.)                              25-Mar

Flinchum          James M.                                    23-Mar

Flinsbaugh        David                                     5-Sep-79

Flock             Audress L.                                  3-211

Flores            Miguel (Mrs.)                               Mar-33

Flores            Timothy Allen                               3-225

Floyd             Alfred                                      3-120

Flummer           James Myron                              23-Sep-79

Folkerts          Carl E.                                  27-Sep-79

Folley            Walter L. (Mrs.)                            3-110

Foltz             Gordon E.                                   3-132

Foos              Reinold                                     Mar-55

Foos              Samuel G.                                   3-197

Foos              William H.                               16-Nov-79

Foote             Ralph S.                                 20-Aug-79

Force             Daisy (Mrs. Mahlon D.)                    7-Sep-79

Ford              John H.                                  10-Dec-79

Ford              John W. (Mrs.)                              3-155

Ford              John Wayne                                  Mar-96

Ford              Mary Alice (Mrs. Floy V.)                 6-Sep-79

Ford              Nellie (Mrs. Edwin)                       9-Aug-79

Ford              Susan Leona (Mrs. Robert)                 6-Sep-79

Ford              Sylvia M. (Mrs. Fred)                    12-Jul-79

Ford              Walter C.                                28-Nov-79

Foreman           Alanson (Mrs.)                              Mar-69

Forgy             Elmer A.                                 21-Sep-79

Forinash          Joseph L.                                25-Dec-79

Forinash          Leigh A. (Mrs. Joseph L.)                25-Dec-79

Fornwalt          Oliver                                   31-Dec-79

Forpahl           Greg (Mrs.)                                 Mar-84

Forrest           Miriam L.                                   Mar-62

Forrester         John Vincent                             25-Jul-79

Fortner           Virgil                                    8-Jul-79

Fortney           Glenn Curtis                              8-Jul-79

Fortune           Lester (Mrs.)                               3-162

Foskuhl           John Thomas                               2-Dec-79

Foster            Addie R.                                 30-Dec-79

Foster            Kate D. (Mrs. Ernest O.)                 24-Dec-79

Foster            Lesta Margaret (Mrs. Jim E.)             13-Dec-79

Foster            Loren Leonard                             8-Dec-79

Fouse             Leon F.                                   8-Nov-79

Foushee           Josie Mable (Mrs. William)               15-Dec-79

Fowler            Melvin                                   19-Dec-79

Fowler            Ralph H.                                    Mar-78

Fowler            Thomas Bruce, Jr.                        21-Oct-79

Fowler            Thomas Bruce, Jr.                        25-Oct-79

Fox               Charles E.                                  Mar-33

Fox               Daneil E.                                14-Jul-79

Fox               Edward Jackson                              3-186

Fox               Ira A.                                      3-146

Fox               William Elmer                            30-Jul-79

Fox               William J.                                8-Aug-79

Francis           David J.                                 17-Jul-79

Francis           Leslie                                   16-Sep-79

Frank             Agnes (Mrs. George)                      14-Aug-79

Frank             Elvenor C. (Mrs. Henry W.)               19-Oct-79

Frankhousser      William Vertis                           18-Jul-79

Franklin          Jim W. (Mrs.)                               Mar-44

Franklin          Robert Ashley                            19-Jul-79

Franklin          Stephen S.                               16-Nov-79

Franklin          Stephen S.                               18-Nov-79

Frankum           Stanley H.                               13-Dec-79

Frantz            Cornelius (Mrs.)                            3-237

Fravel            Paul Eugene                              15-Aug-79

Frayne            Lawrence                                    3-195

Frazee            Rena (Mrs. Fred A.)                       8-Nov-79

Frazier           Erskine E. (Mrs.)                           Mar-75

Frazier           Irma L. (Mrs. Lee J.)                    24-Dec-79

Frazier           Thomas William                           25-Dec-79

Free              Charles (Mrs.)                              3-185

Freeburne         Clarence Stanley                         30-Dec-79

Freeland          Mabel Alice (Mrs. Sidney)                23-Nov-79

Freeman           James (Mrs.)                                17-Mar

Freeman           James (Mrs.)                                19-Mar

Freeman           Lester G. (Mrs.)                            3-231

Freimuth          Ethel (Mrs. John)                        24-Oct-79

Frendle           Daryl (Mrs.)                                Mar-88

Frere             Augusta V. (Mrs. Adrian)                 12-Oct-79

Freund            Frederick A.                             12-Nov-79

Freund            Walter (Mrs.)                               3-135

Frevele           Susanna Bitsko (Mrs. Elmer)              12-Dec-79

Frey              Arthur J. (Mrs.)                            11-Mar

Frick             Elmer C.                                    3-160

Friend            Florence (Mrs. Vern)                     30-Nov-79

Friesen           Daniel B.                                30-Dec-79

Friesen           Dietrich W.                              15-Sep-79

Friesen           Frank E.                                 21-Jul-79

Friesen           John D.                                  13-Oct-79

Friesen           Lydia (Mrs. Jesse)                       19-Dec-79

Friesen           Rev. Abraham                             24-Aug-79

Frisbie           Infant Twin Daughters (No Names)         12-Jul-79

Fritz             Lillian (Mrs. George)                    21-Aug-79

Fritzler          Mary (Mrs. Henry)                         2-Nov-79

Froemming         Sarah Addie (Mrs. August)                16-Dec-79

Froese            Earl Ralph                                5-Aug-79

Frost             Florence Lucille (Mrs. Frank)             8-Sep-79

Frost             Rose (Mrs. Garland)                      13-Oct-79

Frudy             Annie                                    30-Dec-79

Fry               Hattie E.                                 5-Jul-79

Fry               Juanita Marie (Mrs. Alvin L.)            31-Oct-79

Fry               Mary                                        20-Mar

Frye              Leonard M., Sr.                             3-221

Fugit             Afton J. (Mrs. Eldon)                    28-Nov-79

Fulghum           Marshall (Mrs.)                             Mar-91

Fulghum           Patrick J.                               31-Jul-79

Fulk              Anna May (Mrs. Hal)                       8-Sep-79

Fulk              Richard (Mrs.)                              3-119

Fulkenberg        Hun (Mrs.)                                  3-212

Fulks             Wallace V.                                3-Jul-79

Fullbright        Trim                                     17-Nov-79

Fullbright        Trim                                     22-Nov-79

Fuller            Eloise D. (Mrs. Lawrence)                14-Oct-79

Fuller            Floyd Vernon                              6-Aug-79

Fuller            Marilla                                  17-Jul-79

Fuller            Roland G.                                   3-208

Fuller            Sandra K. (Mrs. Leroy)                   24-Nov-79

Fulton            Lester                                    8-Aug-79

Fultz             Larkin W.                                28-Oct-79

Funderburgh       Corenea A.                                  3-202

Funderburk        John William                                Mar-40

Funk              Ben F.                                    4-Dec-79

Funk              Ben F.                                    5-Dec-79

Funk              Frank A.                                 26-Sep-79

Funk              Harold M.                                18-Dec-79

Fuqua             Ernest W.                                   3-218

Furlong           Jim                                         3-138

Furnas            Cora A. (Mrs. Opal)                      15-Jul-79

Furthmyer         Agnes E. (Mrs. John)                     10-Dec-79

Futhey            Cecil M.                                    23-Mar

Fyfe              Mary E. (Mrs. Franklin)                  19-Jul-79

Gable             Earnest A.                                6-Jul-79

Gable             Richard "Pete"                           30-Aug-79

Gadbury           Clifford C.                              16-Oct-79

Gaddy             Janice G.                                28-Aug-79

Gaeddert          Abe A.                                    1-Aug-79

Gafford           Clarence R.                               9-Jul-79

Gagnon            Edwidge L. (Mrs. Francis)                29-Nov-79

Gagnon            Rene                                     13-Oct-79

Gaines            Fannie Saffell                           10-Sep-79

Gaines            Richard A.                                7-Jul-79

Galleher          Martin D.                                   Mar-90

Galloway          Frank (Mrs.)                                Mar-42

Galloway          Frank (Mrs.)                                Mar-45

Galloway          Jack                                      6-Aug-79

Galloway          Samantha                                 23-Sep-79

Gandy             Grover (Mrs.)                               23-Mar

Gann              Nickolas R.                               7-Oct-79

Gannaway          Ida B. (Mrs. Jesse)                       2-Aug-79

Ganson            Ralph                                       Mar-44

Gant              Ruth R. (Mrs. Pete)                      16-Sep-79

Garansson         Carl J.                                   8-Aug-79

Garcia            Antonio                                  31-Oct-79

Garcia            Israel G.                                 2-Sep-79

Gardner           Don                                         3-168

Gardner           Ernest Vay                                1-Aug-79

Gardner           Kelly Elizabeth                          23-Sep-79

Gardner           Lelia B.                                  7-Nov-79

Gardner           Leslie (Mrs.)                               3-212

Garland           Sylvester (Mrs.)                            Mar-70

Garlick           John A.                                  10-Nov-79

Garloch           Gerald L.                                24-Dec-79

Garner            James E. "Jim"                           18-Sep-79

Garrett           Esther (Mrs. Thomas R.)                   6-Jul-79

Garrett           Floyd E.                                  7-Dec-79

Garrett           Grace Belle                                 3-228

Garrett           Lennis Irene (Mrs. Curtis)                4-Aug-79

Garrett           Lennis Irene (Mrs. Curtis)                6-Aug-79

Garrett           Richard R.                               31-Dec-79

Garrison          Lawrence (Mrs.)                             Mar-32

Garrison          Linn Albert                                 3-228

Garten            Arbilla A. (Mrs. Frank)                  27-Aug-79

Garverick         Anna Belle (Mrs. Ray)                    28-Nov-79

Garvey            Walter W. (Mrs.)                            3-133

Garvey            Walter W. (Mrs.)                            3-135

Gaskill           Willard (Mrs.)                              Mar-50

Gaskins           Jack                                        3-119

Gaskins           James (Mrs.)                                3-125

Gaskins           James (Mrs.)                                3-128

Gass              Carney B.                                19-Jul-79

Gaston            Benard (Mrs.)                               1-195

Gates             Robert R.                                   3-163

Gatterman         LeRoy (Mrs.)                                23-Mar

Gaudreau          Robert F.                                 3-Oct-79

Gaudreau          Robert F.                                 4-Oct-79

Gavin             Clarence Patrick                         15-Aug-79

Gavin             Clarence Patrick                         16-Aug-79

Gearhart          Mildred I. (Mrs. Gerald)                 26-Sep-79

Gebhart           Morrill (Mrs.)                              3-208

Gechter           Leota (Mrs. Harry)                       13-Jul-79

Gee               Agnes Long (Mrs. Harry F.)                8-Sep-79

Geenfield         Clarence R. (Mrs.)                          3-188

Geer              Larry E.                                 11-Sep-79

Geffert           E. Bess                                  23-Dec-79

Gegen             Albert J. "Skip", Sr.                    27-Jul-79

Gehlback          Audrey (Mrs. Clyde M.)                   22-Dec-79

Gehrer            Frank Joseph                             11-Sep-79

Geibel            Maurice F.                                1-Nov-79

Geide             Richard F.                                  3-211

Genzler           William (Mrs.)                              3-215

George            Esther E. (Mrs. Harlan)                  26-Sep-79

George            Marjorie L.                              28-Jul-79

George            Mary Florence (Mrs. Harold)              25-Aug-79

George            Richard L.                               23-Jul-79

Geraty            Ida F. (Mrs. William)                    23-Sep-79

Gibbins           Philip W., Sr.                              3-199

Gibbs             Charles W.                                  26-Mar

Gibbs             Neil (Mrs.)                                 3-130

Gibson            Clara May (Mrs. Clarence)                17-Jul-79

Gibson            Geraldine C. (Mrs. Carmel)               15-Nov-79

Gibson            Hubert L., Sr.                              3-134

Gibson            John W. (Mrs.)                              3-177

Gibson            Margaret L. (Mrs. Fred)                   8-Nov-79

Gibson            Vida M. (Mrs. Walter E.)                 12-Aug-79

Gibson            William H., Jr.                          31-Oct-79

Gideon            Roger A.                                 22-Dec-79

Giefer            John J.                                  19-Oct-79

Giersch           Marcella (Mrs. Ollie)                    14-Dec-79

Giesbrecht        Mary (Mrs. Frank)                        25-Nov-79

Giesen            Charles H.                               16-Jul-79

Giesen            Charles H.                               17-Jul-79

Giessel           Frank J.                                  9-Aug-79

Gilbert           F. Emerson (Mrs.)                           3-125

Gilbert           Ramona A. (Mrs. Ernest)                   6-Dec-79

Gilbert           William O.                                  3-147

Gile              Billy H.                                    Mar-72

Gillespie         Charles Becker                           15-Dec-79

Gillespie         John C.                                   5-Dec-79

Gillespie         Lawrence N. (Mrs.)                          3-190

Gillespie         Maggie M. (Mrs. Glen H.)                 21-Sep-79

Gillette          Bryce Irwin                               6-Dec-79

Gilliam           Norwood C.                               14-Oct-79

Gillum            Roy E. (Mrs.)                               3-114

Gilmore           Carol                                       3-189

Gilmore           Fred R.                                     3-139

Gilmour           Bill J.                                  11-Aug-79

Giltner           J. D.                                       3-137

Ginder            Irene J. (Mrs. Paris)                    20-Nov-79

Gingrass          Eva L. (Mrs. Peter E.)                    3-Nov-79

Ginn              Hazel A. (Mrs. Thomas)                   23-Aug-79

Gipson            John I.                                  24-Dec-79

Githens           Robert F.                                28-Aug-79

Gittrich          Elsa Ione (Mrs. Henry H.)                20-Dec-79

Glaser            Golda (Mrs. George)                       6-Oct-79

Glass             John H.                                  31-Aug-79

Glass             L.C.                                      7-Aug-79

Glass             L.C.                                     10-Aug-79

Glaze             Ivan (Mrs.)                                 3-239

Glazier           Eva Finney                               12-Nov-79

Glazier           Ruth (Mrs. Edgar)                        18-Oct-79

Gleason           David                                     6-Sep-79

Gleason           Mary N. (Mrs. David)                     18-Oct-79

Gleason           Mrs. Verla A.                             8-Jul-79

Glenn             Betty M.                                    3-193

Glenn             Charles A. (Mrs.)                           Mar-37

Glenn             Earl Lee                                 23-Nov-79

Glenn             William M.                               28-Nov-79

Gleson            John D.                                     3-182

Glock             Carl                                        3-217

Glover            Charles W.                                  Mar-64

Glover            Charles W.                                  Mar-65

Goble             Kenneth (Mrs.)                              Mar-99

Goddard           Elmer (Mrs.)                                3-131

Goddard           Raymond Vanloan                          18-Dec-79

Godsoe            Gene Edwin, Jr.                           8-Jul-79

Godwin            Grance M. (Mrs. Jesse)                   18-Oct-79

Goebel            Howard W.                                   3-215

Goens             Scott A.                                  3-Aug-79

Goering           Anna Mae                                  1-Aug-79

Goering           David J.                                    14-Mar

Goering           Heinhold (Mrs.)                             18-Mar

Goetz             Alfred Peter                                Mar-56

Goetz             John Solomon                                3-193

Goff              Irene E. (Mrs. Harry)                    12-Jul-79

Gohr              Henry                                    27-Jul-79

Goings            Luther (Mrs.)                               3-180

Golden            Jennie M. (Mrs. Samuel B.)                5-Aug-79

Golden            Lida Jane (Mrs. Charles F.)              25-Oct-79

Goldsmith         James E.                                 18-Dec-79

Goldwater         Clarence V.                              19-Oct-79

Golightly         John                                     31-Oct-79

Gomez             Lewis P.                                  8-Jul-79

Gonder            Flo G. (Mrs. Vincent)                     8-Oct-79

Good              Fridolin                                 20-Dec-79

Goodall           Samuel                                   29-Oct-79

Goodall           Samuel                                   31-Oct-79

Goodrum           John I.                                     Mar-48

Goodson           Flossie Dale (Mrs. Robert T.)            22-Oct-79

Goodson           Flossie Dale (Mrs. Robert)               23-Oct-79

Goodway           Basil (Mrs.)                                3-111

Goodwin           George Robert                             3-Jul-79

Goodwin           Lorine (Mrs. Arthur)                     25-Aug-79

Goodwin           Ray Frank                                 7-Oct-79

Goolsby           Douglas Allen                            14-Dec-79

Goracy            Rev. Joseph C.                            6-Dec-79

Goracy            Rev. Joseph C.                            7-Dec-79

Gordon            Alice C. (Mrs. Walter)                   16-Dec-79

Gordon            Burvle William                           14-Dec-79

Gordon            Glen Harrison                               Mar-41

Gordon            Jack (Mrs.)                                 Mar-44

Gordon            James W.                                    Mar-65

Gordon            Ray                                      11-Oct-79

Gordon            William B. "Dub"                          6-Oct-79

Gordon            William C.                               31-Aug-79

Gore              Clarence (Mrs.)                             14-Mar

Gore              Howard L.                                  3--190

Gore              Leslie Mack                                 Mar-36

Gorentz           Joseph C. (Rev.)                            15-Mar

Gorges            Peter J.                                 11-Dec-79

Gorospe           Alejandro F.                                Mar-63

Goss              Cleta (Mrs. Jess)                         6-Oct-79

Goss              Richard D.                                  3-106

Gott              Asa (Mrs.)                                  07-Mar

Gott              Bill L., Jr.                             30-Jul-79

Gott              Helen H. Lynn (Mrs. Henry V.)             4-Dec-79

Gottfrid          Edith H.                                 29-Nov-79

Gottschalk        Steve F.                                    Mar-86

Gottschick        George L.                                25-Sep-79

Gough             Jessie L.                                23-Aug-79

Gouvion           Paul F.                                   8-Jul-79

Graber            Ben W.                                   24-Aug-79

Graber            Emma C. (Mrs. John)                      16-Nov-79

Graebner          Paul N.                                  29-Aug-79

Graf              Alta M. (Mrs. Nick)                       2-Sep-79

Graham            Charles B.                                  3-108

Graham            D. D.                                       3-204

Graham            Ellis W.                                    Mar-91

Graham            Ellis W.                                    Mar-93

Graham            Essie (Mrs. Percy)                       28-Sep-79

Graham            Lee K.                                    8-Aug-79

Graham            Walter F.                                16-Jul-79

Graham            William M.                                  Mar-39

Grainger          Dola M. (Mrs. W. Lou)                     1-Jul-79

Gransberry        Lillie (Mrs. Irving James)               22-Jul-79

Gransson          Martha P. (Mrs. Arthur)                  11-Aug-79

Grant             Freanor R.                                6-Oct-79

Grant             William F. (Mrs.)                           Mar-69

Grattan           Benjamin F.                              11-Oct-79

Gravel            Truman (Dr.)                                08-Mar

Graves            Gladys O. (Mrs. Burl)                    14-Dec-79

Graves            Mildred (Mrs. Leonard)                    3-Sep-79

Graves            Mildred Pauline (Mrs. Robert)             3-Dec-79

Graves            Terry L.                                    Mar-79

Graves            Troy E.                                  22-Oct-79

Gray              Charles E. (Mrs.)                           3-223

Gray              George W.                                20-Aug-79

Gray              James Hugh                                8-Sep-79

Gray              Joseph K.                                21-Aug-79

Gray              Joseph K.                                22-Aug-79

Gray              Lael B. (Mrs. William)                    1-Dec-79

Gray              Lee R.                                   23-Jul-79

Gray              Lee R.                                   25-Jul-79

Gray              Mary B.                                  30-Oct-79

Gray              Minnie B. (Mrs. Burt H.)                  9-Sep-79

Gray              Virgil Glen                              22-Dec-79

Green             Arnet                                     7-Aug-79

Green             Dr. E. Ray                               22-Jul-79

Green             Dr. E. Ray                               23-Jul-79

Green             Emil (Mrs.)                                 3-125

Green             Fannie E.                                25-Jul-79

Green             Frank C.                                 24-Sep-79

Green             Gladys (Mrs. Herschel)                   14-Jul-79

Green             Helen (Mrs. W.R.)                        14-Nov-79

Green             Henry P.                                 23-Sep-79

Green             Henry P.                                 24-Sep-79

Green             Katherine (Mrs. Percy)                   13-Jul-79

Green             Martha Adeline                            5-Nov-79

Green             Mary S. (Mrs. D.C.)                       5-Oct-79

Green             Rev. Thomas W., Jr.                      22-Jul-79

Greene            Clara Mae (Mrs. John)                    19-Oct-79

Greene            Hugh C.                                  17-Oct-79

Greene            Myrtle (Mrs. W. M.)                      26-Sep-79

Greene            Rev. Thomas W.                           21-Jul-79

Greenfield        Elmer M.                                 11-Jul-79

Greening          Norman C.                                 7-Jul-79

Greenman          Florence N. (Mrs. Edward R.)             20-Oct-79

Greenstreet       Capt. John T.                            23-Oct-79

Greenway          Nellie (Mrs. William)                    15-Jul-79

Greer             Harry                                    26-Jul-79

Gregg             Edward S.                                   21-Mar

Gregg             Ethel (Mrs. Ollie)                       27-Sep-79

Gregg             Jeanne Cantwell (Mrs. Odis)               7-Sep-79

Gregorious        Fred (Mrs.)                                 Mar-47

Gresham           Leah B. (Mrs. Thomas A.)                  8-Nov-79

Gresl             George J.                                 6-Dec-79

Grett             Lucille R. (Mrs. Clarence)                2-Sep-79

Grey              Paul W.                                     3-128

Griffin           Andrew J., Jr.                              3-212

Griffin           Dora D. (Mrs. Harry)                     31-Jul-79

Griffin           Esther F. (Mrs. Otto)                    19-Dec-79

Griffin           Jessie (Mrs. Michael H.)                 21-Oct-79

Griffing          Donald (Mrs.)                               Mar-96

Griffith          Archie U.                                 4-Aug-79

Griffith          Curtis E., Jr.                           15-Jul-79

Griffith          James (Mrs.)                                3-195

Griffith          James F. (Mrs.)                             3-175

Griffith          Jessie M.                                   3-227

Griffiths         Elbert A.                                26-Sep-79

Grigsby           Howard D.                                   3-181

Grill             Myrtle (Mrs. Paul)                       27-Sep-79

Grim              Earl Eugene                                 Mar-41

Grimes            Charles                                     3-191

Grimes            Ferrill (Mrs.)                              3-224

Grimes            Gerald M.                                   3-233

Grimes            Ira L.                                      3-186

Grimes            Mark                                        01-Mar

Grimes            Nettie L.                                   3-222

Grimmett          Carrie L. (Mrs. Solomon)                 30-Jul-79

Grimmett          Carrie L. (Mrs. Solomon)                  1-Aug-79

Grimwood          Frank L.                                    3-220

Grindley          Elva Harriet (Mrs. Harry)                 9-Oct-79

Grinter           Louise                                   25-Aug-79

Grisamore         Yolanda                                     3-159

Grochowsky        Francis J.                                3-Jul-79

Groening          Anna (Mrs. A.U.)                          7-Aug-79

Gronau            Leo F.                                   18-Jul-79

Gronniger         William "Bill"                           20-Sep-79

Gross             Opal (Mrs. Charles)                      16-Nov-79

Grout             C. Ray                                      Mar-94

Grove             John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-95

Groves            Troy                                      8-Nov-79

Grubb             John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-58

Grubb             Paul Thomas                              26-Aug-79

Gruber            William G. (Mrs.)                           Mar-47

Gruver            Mae E.                                    7-Jul-79

Gudde             Bernard H.                                  Mar-81

Guerrero          Guadalupe (Mrs. Refugio)                 26-Sep-79

Guertin           Isidore (Mrs.)                              Mar-66

Guertschow        Herbert C.                                  20-Mar

Guesnier          John F.                                  17-Jul-79

Guice             Shane Evans                                 Mar-95

Guinn             Paul                                      7-Sep-79

Guizlo            Harold P.                                19-Jul-79

Guizlo            Harold P.                                21-Jul-79

Gunn              Maurice L.                               15-Oct-79

Gustafson         Robert N. (Mrs.)                            3-138

Guthrie           Guy S.                                    2-Dec-79

Guthrie           John Harvey                              12-Dec-79

Guy               Ernest (Mrs.)                               Mar-51

Guy               Junior                                    3-Jul-79

Haag              Hazel P. (Mrs. Cass, Sr.)                11-Dec-79

Haag              John A.                                  10-Oct-79

Haak              Adolph (Mrs.)                               Mar-95

Habernigg         Wallace M.                                1-Sep-79

Hach              Wilma L. (Mrs.)                             3-209

Hackler           Ned (Mrs.)                                 3--178

Hackler           Ned (Mrs.)                                  3-179

Hackmaster        Glen H.                                     3-104

Haddock           Florence (Mrs. Charles W.)               27-Jul-79

Hade              Dwight E.                                12-Dec-79

Hadley            Lola Ellis (Mrs. Gurney)                 18-Aug-79

Hadley            Paul Gerald                                 Mar-58

Hadorn            Mary Beth (Mrs. Robert)                   9-Jul-79

Hagar             Major                                    29-Oct-79

Hagee             Ollie M. (Mrs. Alonzo)                    1-Jul-79

Hageman           William "Bill"                           27-Dec-79

Hagen             Carrie (Mrs. John)                        4-Dec-79

Haggard           Jane Adelle (Mrs. Elvin)                  3-Dec-79

Haggard           Jane Adelle (Mrs. Elvin)                  4-Dec-79

Hagins            Jesse Lloyd                                 Mar-49

Hague             Iva M. (Mrs. Loren)                      23-Aug-79

Hague             William (Mrs.)                              3-185

Hain              Clara (Mrs. Edward)                      10-Aug-79

Haines            Frank L.                                    08-Mar

Haire             Clayton C.                               11-Dec-79

Hale              Claude C.                                   Mar-70

Hale              Jackie Ray                                  3-198

Hale              Joan (Mrs. Richard E.)                    8-Aug-79

Hale              Letha (Mrs. Dean)                         7-Dec-79

Hale              Letha (Mrs. Dean)                         9-Dec-79

Hall              Allen L.                                 30-Sep-79

Hall              Edith                                    20-Jul-79

Hall              Flora (Mrs. L.R. "Vestie")               20-Sep-79

Hall              James Edward                             31-Dec-79

Hall              Katherine J. (Mrs. Cecil)                27-Jul-79

Hall              Milo V. (Mrs.)                              09-Mar

Hall              Myrta (Mrs. J. Frank)                     9-Dec-79

Hall              Pauline (Mrs. Merritt)                   26-Sep-79

Hall              Warren                                   17-Aug-79

Hall              Z. Hurshel                                  3-207

Hall              Zillah M. (Mrs. Millard)                 25-Dec-79

Halldorson        Mike (Mrs.)                                 3-148

Halldorson        Mike (Mrs.)                                 3-150

Hallett           Fossie (Mrs. Guy)                        24-Nov-79

Hallman           Cinton M.                                 4-Aug-79

Hallman           Franklin                                 28-Sep-79

Hallmark          Julian                                    3-Sep-79

Hallmark          Julian G.                                 4-Sep-79

Hallock           Myron S.                                    3-144

Hallum            Ryan Strauss                             20-Dec-79

Halsey            Clyde                                       Mar-41

Halstead          Howard W.                                25-Dec-79

Halstead          Leroy                                       3-213

Hamilton          Andrew J.                                 8-Jul-79

Hamilton          Berniece (Mrs. Lowell)                    1-Jul-79

Hamilton          Garry R.                                  6-Aug-79

Hamilton          John A.                                   7-Jul-79

Hamilton          Leslie (Mrs.)                               3-151

Hamilton          Richard H.                                5-Jul-79

Hamker            Russell E.                                  3-163

Hamlin            Grace M.                                 23-Nov-79

Hamm              Katrina S.                                  Mar-36

Hamman            William Neil                             31-Aug-79

Hammer            William Ira (Mrs.)                          3-130

Hammond           Earl "Doc"                               21-Jul-79

Hammond           Fern I. (Mrs. Lee F.)                     4-Nov-79

Hammond           Gene B.                                     3-172

Hammond           Leota Mary (Mrs. William Earl)           18-Sep-79

Hammond           Nora (Mrs. Benjamin)                     24-Dec-79

Hampel            Adolph (Mrs.)                               Mar-93

Hampton           Gertrude G. "Jon" (Mrs. W. Leon)         24-Sep-79

Hampton           Maude (Mrs. Wade)                         8-Nov-79

Hancock           Martha Ann (Mrs. John)                   16-Sep-79

Handlin           Hester Ann (Mrs. Clinton)                19-Oct-79

Handlin           Richard J.                                4-Jul-79

Hanes             Loei (Mrs. Earl)                         24-Oct-79

Hangen            Ralph E.                                    06-Mar

Hanifan           Thomas M.                                24-Nov-79

Hanks             Hugh C.                                  26-Sep-79

Hanley            Barbara Seeley                           13-Jul-79

Hanna             Bernard                                     Mar-58

Hannah            Donna L. (Mrs. William G.)               21-Nov-79

Hannigan          Lucy F. (Mrs. Frank E.)                   1-Oct-79

Hansarik          Amanda L.                                   3-114

Hansen            Donald C.                                26-Nov-79

Hansen            Robert L.                                27-Nov-79

Hanshew           D.W. "Bill"                               1-Sep-79

Hanson            Glenn F.                                 25-Dec-79

Hanson            Henry F. (Mrs.)                             3-108

Hanson            James L.                                 29-Nov-79

Hanson            Lois Elaine (Mrs. Gerald)                 7-Nov-79

Hanzlick          Wayne E.                                  9-Oct-79

Happ              Edward                                      3-146

Harbert           Leona Theresa (Mrs. Alfred A.)            4-Aug-79

Harden            Anna M. (Mrs. Clarence)                  10-Aug-79

Harder            Anna M. (Mrs. Arthur)                    28-Oct-79

Hardesty          Minnie E.                                10-Aug-79

Hardesty          Phillip D.                                  3-196

Harding           Asa C., Jr.                                 3-117

Harding           Harold H.                                11-Jul-79

Hare              Donald L.                                 6-Oct-79

Harlow            Oscar Walker                                3-208

Harmon            Karen Elaine                             18-Oct-79

Harmon            Karen Elaine                             19-Oct-79

Harold            Robert L.                                   3-227

Harper            Jennie C. (Mrs. A.D.)                    18-Jul-79

Harper            Lewis W.                                  7-Sep-79

Harper            Margaret L.                              26-Oct-79

Harper            Mary E. (Mrs. John)                       2-Aug-79

Harper            William N.                                8-Aug-79

Harreld           Rena May                                 18-Sep-79

Harrier           William (Mrs.)                              3-110

Harriman          Harriett G.                              18-Dec-79

Harrington        Pearl M. (Mrs. Roscoe E.)                27-Jul-79

Harris            Andrew H.                                 3-Dec-79

Harris            Carny C.                                 20-Nov-79

Harris            Caroline P. (Mrs. Loy)                    2-Aug-79

Harris            Cecil W.                                    Mar-97

Harris            Ethel Mae                                12-Aug-79

Harris            Ethel Mae (Mrs. John D.)                 14-Aug-79

Harris            Lena                                     13-Dec-79

Harris            Maxine L. (Mrs. Homer)                   12-Dec-79

Harris            Noval W.                                    3-218

Harris            Ray H.                                      3-231

Harris            Richard                                  25-Dec-79

Harris            Sophia T. (Mrs. Joseph)                  19-Aug-79

Harris            William                                  24-Oct-79

Harris            William                                  25-Oct-79

Harrison          Bertha M. (Mrs. John)                    25-Aug-79

Harrison          Charles "Bus"                            25-Oct-79

Harrison          Darrell Lee                               8-Oct-79

Harrison          George E.                                 2-Aug-79

Harrison          Harvey                                      3-153

Harrison          Marie B. (Mrs. Marion)                   10-Nov-79

Harrison          Sandra D.                                12-Nov-79

Harrison          Sandra D.                                13-Nov-79

Harrod            Irene (Mrs. Charles)                     27-Dec-79

Harrod            Robert L. (Mrs.)                            3-201

Harroff           Lloyd F.                                 29-Aug-79

Harrow            Helen                                     7-Jul-79

Hart              Allan W.                                 21-Sep-79

Hart              Arthur M.                                11-Jul-79

Hart              Clara                                     7-Oct-79

Hart              Clarence E. (Mrs.)                          3-127

Hart              Ida M.                                    1-Oct-79

Hart              Jessie (Mrs. Charles)                     2-Dec-79

Hart              Lois (Mrs. Eldon E. )                    11-Aug-79

Hart              Tandy Gene                                7-Dec-79

Hart              Ward E.                                  29-Nov-79

Harter            Goldie (Mrs. Andrew)                     15-Jul-79

Hartford          Melba J. (Mrs. Charles)                  18-Aug-79

Hartford          Melba J. (Mrs. Charles)                  19-Aug-79

Hartig            Herman                                   26-Sep-79

Hartley           H. D.                                       3-131

Hartley           Leslie Dale                               2-Sep-79

Hartman           Howard (Mrs.)                               3-230

Hartman           Lawrence C.                                 Mar-65

Hartman           Lester "Chub"                            15-Nov-79

Harton            Jessie                                   24-Jul-79

Harton            Jessie                                   25-Jul-79

Hartung           C. V. (Mrs.)                                3-199

Harvey            Dave M.                                  11-Oct-79

Harvey            Eatherean                                   Mar-96

Harvey            Olive Lee                                   09-Mar

Harzman           Alvin G.                                 14-Sep-79

Haselwood         Ethel C. (Mrs. Leslie)                   23-Jul-79

Haselwood         George Eugene                            19-Dec-79

Haskell           Willard Vernon                           17-Oct-79

Hasting           Harold LeRoy                                Mar-70

Hastings          Eugene E.                                   3-221

Hasty             Carrie A.                                   3-192

Hasty             Howard (Mrs.)                               3-146

Hataway           Lota Mary (Mrs. Ray)                     27-Dec-79

Hatch             Bradley Neil                              7-Nov-79

Hatch             John C.                                     3-205

Hatcher           James H.                                    3-119

Hate              Dwight E.                                13-Dec-79

Hatfield          Georgia                                     Mar-63

Hatfield          Harold R.                                22-Nov-79

Hatfield          Rebecca J.                               19-Nov-79

Hatfield          Vernon (Mrs.)                               28-Mar

Hatfield          W. Gale                                   1-Aug-79

Hathaway          Frances (Mrs.)                              16-Mar

Hattan            Georgianna                               26-Nov-79

Hauck             Lawrence E.                              24-Oct-79

Haughey           Elmer H.                                    3-219

Hauprich          Raelene                                  20-Dec-79

Haupt             Helen G. (Mrs. Ed)                       17-Dec-79

Haupt             Herbert (Mrs.)                              26-Mar

Hauser            William H.                               30-Dec-79

Havercroft        Glen E.                                     3-138

Hawkey            Alfred S. (Dr.)                             3-183

Hawkins           Delbert (Mrs.)                              3-146

Hawkins           Mary L. "Molly"                           5-Jul-79

Hawkins           O. Floyd (Mrs.)                             3-187

Hawkins           Pearl (Mrs. Lennie)                       2-Oct-79

Hawkins           Pearl (Mrs. Lennie)                       4-Oct-79

Hawley            Earl T.                                  31-Aug-79

Hawley            Frank (Mrs.)                                3-109

Hawley            Walter E.                                   3-188

Hawn              Ethel                                       Mar-66

Haws              Nina C.                                     Mar-79

Hay               Albert O.                                11-Sep-79

Hayaner           William C. (Mrs.)                           3-225

Hayden            Fred (Mrs.)                                 Mar-81

Hayes             Barbara L. (Mrs. Bennie W., Sr.)         18-Oct-79

Hayes             Ernest O.                                16-Sep-79

Hayes             Nelle M. (Mrs. Ray Wiley)                 2-Jul-79

Hayes             Orrie E.                                 18-Nov-79

Hayes             Rodney D.                                   3-208

Haynes            Margaret (Mrs. Jeff)                      8-Oct-79

Haynie            Dorsey A.                                 8-Nov-79

Haynie            Thelma L. (Mrs. Alvin)                    8-Aug-79

Hays              Ella Risetta                              3-Sep-79

Hays              Ella Rosetta                              4-Sep-79

Hays              Harold R.                                   3-197

Hays              Harriet Pearl Shutts                      8-Aug-79

Hays              Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-114

Hays              Vina (Mrs. James)                        13-Nov-79

Hazelet           John C.                                  20-Nov-79

Hazen             Jerry M.                                    Mar-37

Hazen             Jerry M.                                    Mar-39

Hazlett           Frank                                       3-168

Hazzard           William E.                                6-Nov-79

Heacock           Lola Blanche (Mrs. Charles)               4-Sep-79

Hearle            Hazel V.                                    Mar-97

Hearring          Pearl E. (Mrs. James)                    29-Jul-79

Heaston           Marilou (Mrs. David)                     14-Aug-79

Heath             L. S. (Mrs.)                                3-146

Heathman          Wanda Jean                                2-Nov-79

Hebble            Jetta                                       Mar-52

Heberling         Lulu Reed                                24-Dec-79

Hedges            Regina Lynn                                 3-235

Hedrick           LaVonna                                  31-Aug-79

Hedstrom          Delbert Carl                             20-Jul-79

Heeke             Cletus                                   31-Oct-79

Heffron           Carl J.                                     13-Mar

Heflin            Albert T. "Buck"                         30-Oct-79

Heide             Marvin D.                                10-Nov-79

Heighmeyer        Mary A. (Mrs. Ira)                       24-Oct-79

Heikes            Herman (Mrs.)                               3-157

Heil              Claude E. (Mrs.)                            3-185

Heilman           Edwin                                    12-Jul-79

Hein              Chester (Mrs.)                              Mar-83

Heinlein          Beecher                                  13-Oct-79

Heinlein          Mamie Belle (Mrs. Henry)                 12-Dec-79

Heinrich          Leslie A.                                24-Oct-79

Heinsohn          Otto V.                                     3-105

Heinz             Emma (Mrs. Charles)                       1-Oct-79

Heinz             Michael K. "Mickey"                      18-Oct-79

Heinze            Ted A. (Mrs.)                               3-157

Hekel             Fred W.                                     3-238

Helberg           Joyce (Mrs. Marion)                      30-Oct-79

Helgeson          Arthur (Mrs.)                               3-111

Hellard           John M. (Mrs.)                              Mar-55

Helliker          Kenneth                                     17-Mar

Helm              Iva M. (Mrs. Walter)                     23-Oct-79

Helm              Lloyd L. "Fred"                           8-Sep-79

Helmer            Verna June                                8-Dec-79

Helms             Leroy W.                                    3-213

Helms             Mary Maxine (Mrs. Joseph William         19-Sep-79

Helms             Maudeen (Mrs. Wade)                       7-Nov-79

Helms             Otha B.                                     26-Mar

Helphingstine     Eugene R.                                   3-202

Helsel            Mack N.                                   2-Dec-79

Helser            Loretta (Mrs. Jack)                       5-Sep-79

Helt              Thomas C. (Mrs.)                            Mar-50

Hendershot        Marie                                       3-195

Henderson         Charles A.                                  Mar-43

Henderson         Eleanor (Mrs. Charles)                   29-Jul-79

Henderson         Estelle A. (Mrs. W.H.)                    5-Oct-79

Henderson         Joseph H.                                 9-Dec-79

Henderson         Paul V.                                  12-Nov-79

Hendricks         Darrell F.                               26-Jul-79

Hendrickson       Myrle M. (Mrs. Carroll)                  30-Dec-79

Hendrix           William A.                                  3-117

Henness           Roy (Mrs.)                                  14-Mar

Henney            Margaret (Mrs. Joe)                       9-Oct-79

Henning           Joseph P., Sr.                              Mar-63

Henning           Thomas Peter                                3-122

Henry             Charles C. (Mrs.)                           3-150

Henry             Floyd N.                                 20-Jul-79

Henry             John M.                                     31-Mar

Hensley           Daisy L. (Mrs. Lee)                      24-Aug-79

Henwood           Barbara J. Powell                        11-Sep-79

Hephner           Elmer R.                                    3-144

Hephner           Irvin E.                                    15-Mar

Heptig            Mathew M.                                26-Sep-79

Herb              Ervin E.                                 25-Jul-79

Herder            Charles William                             11-Mar

Herder            Charles William                             13-Mar

Herl              Bruno T.                                 20-Oct-79

Herman            Jack L.                                   4-Nov-79

Hermes            Gertrude (Mrs. Henry)                    25-Jul-79

Hermes            Henry A.                                 22-Aug-79

Hernandez         Guadalupe O.                             14-Jul-79

Hernandez         Tony, Jr.                                   3-179

Hernandez         Virginia E.                              23-Aug-79

Herr              Owen C.                                     Mar-88

Herrin            Clark                                    24-Aug-79

Herrin            Clark                                    25-Aug-79

Herring           Jon                                      17-Nov-79

Herrington        Joseph (Mrs.)                               3-170

Herrman           Cynthia C. (Mrs. Julius)                 21-Nov-79

Herrman           Herbert J.                               27-Dec-79

Herrman           Herbert Joseph                           24-Dec-79

Herrman           Isadore (Mrs.)                              3-131

Herrman           Jamie Machelle                            6-Oct-79

Hersh             Ida D.                                    5-Sep-79

Hershberger       William B.                               28-Nov-79

Hertweck          Pearl (Mrs. John)                        20-Nov-79

Hesket            Juanita W. (Mrs. Elmo)                   24-Jul-79

Hess              Arzena                                   27-Jul-79

Hess              Lawrence (Mrs.)                             3-121

Hess              Lawrence W.                                 23-Mar

Hess              Patrick A.                               11-Sep-79

Hess              Rose A. (Mrs. John)                      24-Sep-79

Heston            Marshall David "Kip"                      2-Oct-79

Heter             Harry J.                                 16-Oct-79

Hetzel            Grace M. (Mrs. George)                    9-Sep-79

Hetzke            Clifford T.                                 3-213

Heublein          James R., Jr.                             3-Aug-79

Hiatt             Bertha M. (Mrs. William)                 15-Nov-79

Hiatt             William E. (Mrs.)                           31-Mar

Hibbs             Elsie G. (Mrs. Clay)                      1-Oct-79

Hibbs             H. Lambert                                  3-236

Hickerson         Dollie "Dot" (Mrs. Col. E.L.)             2-Nov-79

Hickle            Chester I. (Mrs.)                           10-Mar

Hicks             Gerald W.                                13-Dec-79

Hicks             Leland M.                                 5-Sep-79

Hickson           Russell W.                                9-Jul-79

Hickson           Vivian R. (Mrs. Raleigh)                  9-Nov-79

Hiebert           John                                      8-Sep-79

Hiebert           Matilda (Mrs. Roy)                       18-Aug-79

Hiebert           Rachel (Mrs. Herman)                     31-Dec-79

Hiebert           Roy F.                                   10-Jul-79

Hiebert           Ted (Mrs.)                                  3-115

Hieger            Paul                                        3-103

Higbee            Glenn A.                                  2-Sep-79

Higgins           Everett S.                                  3-147

Higgins           Mary C. "Mae" (Mrs. Fred)                25-Dec-79

Higgins           William J. (Mrs.)                           Mar-81

Hight             William I.                               27-Nov-79

Hightower         James Otis                               30-Dec-79

Hildebrandt       Laura I.                                    3-225

Hill              Archie Lee, Jr.                          26-Oct-79

Hill              Archie Lee, Jr.                          29-Oct-79

Hill              C. Grovere                                  28-Mar

Hill              Hannah (Mrs. Claude)                     27-Oct-79

Hill              James                                    13-Sep-79

Hill              James J.                                    Mar-75

Hill              John T.                                  26-Nov-79

Hill              Lula (Mrs. R.E.)                         29-Jul-79

Hill              Ned A.                                      Mar-62

Hill              William H.                               21-Sep-79

Hilldebrand       James (Mrs.)                                Mar-91

Hillig            Fred F.                                  23-Oct-79

Hillman           Clarence W.                              15-Jul-79

Hillman           George (Mrs.)                               3-159

Hillman           Ora B. (Mrs. Coy)                        16-Jul-79

Hills             Faith (Mrs. Ivan)                         5-Dec-79

Hime              Chester Harold                           25-Jul-79

Hinderliter       Daniel Ernest                            23-Oct-79

Hiner             William (Mrs.)                              24-Mar

Hines             Agnes Teresa (Mrs. W.H.)                  3-Sep-79

Hines             Agnes Teresa (Mrs. W.H.)                  5-Sep-79

Hines             Leda (Mrs. Lindley)                      17-Oct-79

Hinnen            Terry (Mrs.)                                3-190

Hinson            Floyd J.                                    3-105

Hinton            I. Ethel                                 23-Oct-79

Hinton            James L.                                    3-142

Hinz              Eddie                                    20-Sep-79

Hipps             Eileen P.                                 5-Jul-79

Hirschler         Martha M.                                 1-Nov-79

Hix               Leo                                       1-Nov-79

Hladik            Ida M. (Mrs. John F.)                    20-Aug-79

Hladik            Ida M. (Mrs. John F.)                    21-Aug-79

Hoag              Mary Serita (Sister)                        3-232

Hoang             Julie Tran                                  3-136

Hobaugh           Lila A.                                     28-Mar

Hobbs             Pearl R.                                 29-Sep-79

Hobelman          Cecilia C. (Mrs. Herman)                 22-Sep-79

Hobson            Fred D.                                     3-194

Hochmuth          Esther (Mrs. Walter)                     19-Sep-79

Hock              Paul E.                                  31-Aug-79

Hockett           Don H.                                   17-Nov-79

Hodge             Myrtle A. (Mrs. Lesley)                   8-Aug-79

Hodge             Myrtle A. (Mrs. Lesley)                   9-Aug-79

Hodges            Carla E. (Mrs. Ed)                       26-Oct-79

Hodges            Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-206

Hodgson           Roy C.                                      Mar-68

Hodson            Clifford Darrel                          19-Dec-79

Hoefgen           Edith (Mrs. Leonard)                     14-Dec-79

Hoelscher         Paul W.                                     3-148

Hoeme             Otto H.                                  29-Jul-79

Hoff              Marion                                   16-Aug-79

Hoffer            Lydia C. (Mrs. Fredrick)                 26-Dec-79

Hoffman           Anna W. (Mrs. Fred)                       1-Sep-79

Hoffman           Dallas Wade                                 3-190

Hoffman           Mary A.                                  27-Aug-79

Hoffman           Mary A.                                  29-Aug-79

Hoffman           Raymond J.B.                             15-Sep-79

Hoffman           Robert W. (Mrs.)                            Mar-37

Hoffman           Robert W. (Mrs.)                            Mar-39

Hoffman           Vernon O.                                   3-174

Hogg              Melvin C.                                   3-234

Hohnson           Robert L.                                17-Sep-79

Hokanson          Lula (Mrs. Axel)                         13-Dec-79

Holbein           Marianne                                 28-Dec-79

Holcomb           George  (Mrs.)                              3-157

Holcomb           John E. (Mrs.)                              3-102

Holcomb           Milton B. (Rev.)                            3-138

Holdeman          Charles L.                               22-Aug-79

Holdeman          Esther D. (Mrs. Joseph)                  17-Oct-79

Holden            Charles Richard                             3-113

Holder            Anna Catherine                              3-155

Holder            Kay E. (Mrs.)                               3-116

Holingsworth      Judge C.                                    3-193

Holl              Barton A.                                   Mar-45

Hollabaugh        Earl P.                                  12-Oct-79

Holland           Clarence L.                              23-Dec-79

Holland           Lecil M. "Jack"                          13-Aug-79

Holley            Archie B.                                 4-Nov-79

Holliday          Nina                                        3-222

Holliday          Raymond D.                                  3-181

Hollins           Louis                                       3-199

Holloway          Cecelia S. (Mrs. Henry)                  24-Aug-79

Holloway          Sara Lou                                    3-155

Holm              Carl V.                                  17-Jul-79

Holman            Fred                                        3-231

Holmes            Arthur R. (Mrs.)                            3-121

Holmes            Aylene (Mrs. Vern)                       11-Aug-79

Holmgren          John H. (Mrs.)                              3-108

Holmquist         A. A.                                       Mar-66

Holmquist         Frances K.M. (Mrs. Raymond)               3-Sep-79

Holroyd           Leland B.                                 4-Oct-79

Holstin           John H.                                   8-Nov-79

Holstine          L. Bazil                                 11-Nov-79

Holstine          L. Brazil                                10-Nov-79

Holt              Charlene (Mrs. James E.)                 24-Aug-79

Holt              Charlene (Mrs. James E.)                 26-Aug-79

Holt              Judith Ann (Mrs. David)                  19-Oct-79

Holt              Mabel (Mrs. Calvin)                      15-Oct-79

Holt              Paul Leroy                                  3-152

Holtry            William Milton                           28-Aug-79

Holtry            William Milton                           31-Aug-79

Holtsclaw         Art                                         3-174

Holuska           Minnie M. (Mrs. Joseph)                   8-Dec-79

Hommertzhein      William P.                                  Mar-94

Honnold           Charles A.                                6-Nov-79

Hood              Charles W.                               30-Nov-79

Hood              William D. (Mrs.)                           20-Mar

Hood              William D. (Mrs.)                           23-Mar

Hook              Frank, Sr.                                  31-Mar

Hook              Myrtle Irene (Mrs. Bert)                  1-Jul-79

Hooker            Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-198

Hoopes            Bertha (Mrs. Henry)                       1-Sep-79

Hoover            Helen I. (Mrs. Frank)                     9-Nov-79

Hoover            Ida M. (Mrs. C.O.)                       18-Sep-79

Hope              Gladys M. (Mrs. Burt)                    28-Dec-79

Hopkins           Anna (Mrs. David)                        20-Oct-79

Hopper            Stephan Leo                                 3-188

Horn              Larry Dean                               13-Sep-79

Hornback          Albert F.                                29-Oct-79

Hornbarker        Helen G. (Mrs. Cecil)                     3-Sep-79

Horner            Arnold Leroy                              4-Nov-79

Horner            Dona (Mrs.)                                 3-181

Horner            Ernest E.                                18-Dec-79

Horney            V. O. (Mrs.)                                Mar-79

Horton            Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. John E.)            18-Aug-79

Hoshaw            Sheryl Lynn                                 3-182

Hoss              J. M.                                       3-114

Hostetter         Harry                                       3-185

Hottell           Rev. Alvin E.                            11-Jul-79

Houghton          Thomas (Mrs.)                               3-129

Housel            David (Mrs.)                                3-224

Houser            Frank                                    16-Oct-79

Houser            Kenneth E.                               27-Dec-79

Hovan             Andrew                                   30-Jul-79

Hovan             Andrew                                   31-Jul-79

Hovious           Dorothy M.                                7-Aug-79

Howard            Dorothy (Mrs. Harry D.)                   9-Dec-79

Howard            Emmett                                      3-215

Howard            James Leslie                              4-Dec-79

Howard            Lloyd T.                                  2-Oct-79

Howard            Perrin W.                                   29-Mar

Howard            Russell                                     3-185

Howard            Susan                                    19-Dec-79

Howbert           Stephen H.                                  3-210

Howell            Adda Alice (Mrs. Edwin Thomas)            9-Sep-79

Howell            Charles (Mrs.)                              26-Mar

Howell            dau of Ralph                                3-156

Howell            James V. (Mrs.)                             3-153

Howell            Merle                                       3-209

Howell            Othel Dean                                  3-227

Howell            Paul (Mrs.)                                 Mar-78

Howell            Ralph L.                                 25-Oct-79

Howell            Victor (Mrs.)                               3-191

Howrey            George (Mrs.)                               3-230

Hoy               Daisy Taylor (Mrs. Edgar)                21-Aug-79

Hoy               Daisy Taylor (Mrs. Edgar)                23-Aug-79

Hoy               Henry H.                                    3-160

Hoyer             Albert W.                                20-Jul-79

Hoyt              Alice B. (Mrs. Donald P.)                 6-Aug-79

Hoyt              Emeril (Mrs.)                               Mar-33

Hoyt              Grace B. (Mrs. Doyal)                    12-Oct-79

Hoyt              Lee E.                                    9-Aug-79

Hoyt              Walter (Mrs.)                               02-Mar

Hrencher          George Valentine                         18-Dec-79

Hrenchir          Josephine (Mrs. Nick)                     8-Jul-79

Hubbard           John (Mrs.)                                 3-193

Hubbard           Loyd L.                                  22-Nov-79

Hubbard           Loyd L.                                  24-Nov-79

Hubble            William R.                                1-Nov-79

Huber             Lyman T.                                    Mar-55

Huber             Lyman T.                                    Mar-58

Hubert            Cecil Allen                              14-Sep-79

Hubin             Jo Lynn                                  10-Nov-79

Huddleston        Donald E. (Mrs.)                            3-200

Huddleston        Frances C.                                4-Dec-79

Huddleston        Warren "Barney"                          31-Oct-79

Hudson            Carolyn J.                                6-Aug-79

Hudson            Ida (Mrs.)                                  Mar-53

Hudson            Lillie Naoma                              8-Sep-79

Hudspeth          Howard M., Jr.                           19-Aug-79

Hueser            Mona M. (Mrs. Robert)                    11-Sep-79

Huey              Jenna Marie (Mrs. Henry Clay)             2-Dec-79

Huffington        Rex D.                                   17-Nov-79

Huffman           Marvin D.                                 7-Nov-79

Huffman           Nina Lydia (Mrs. Omer)                    5-Nov-79

Huffman           Ralph                                       3-173

Huffmaster        Charles (Mrs.)                              3-165

Huggins           Austin W.                                22-Dec-79

Huggins           James B. (Mrs.)                             28-Mar

Hughes            Bessie (Mrs. Charles)                     8-Aug-79

Hughes            Harry W.                                  1-Nov-79

Hughes            John P.                                     3-111

Hughes            John William                                3-135

Hughes            Lloyd D. "Jack"                          16-Nov-79

Huguenin          Ida E.                                    4-Dec-79

Hull              Earnest                                     3-140

Hull              John William, Jr.                           20-Mar

Hull              Lester L., Jr. (Mrs.)                       3-191

Hull              William T.                               26-Aug-79

Hullihan          Joseph (Mrs.)                               3-240

Hullinger         James Frank                              30-Oct-79

Huls              Elmer F.                                  8-Oct-79

Hulse             Aaron John                                  3-119

Hulse             Aaron John                                  3-120

Hulse             Harry P.                                 14-Jul-79

Hulsopple         James W.                                    3-121

Hultberg          Alice G. (Mrs. Carl)                     13-Oct-79

Hultberg          Deloss (Mrs.)                               Mar-66

Humboldt          William R.                                7-Oct-79

Humphrey          William M.                                8-Dec-79

Humphreys         Francis A.                               15-Dec-79

Humphries         Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-151

Hunnell           Kenneth E.                                  Mar-87

Hunnell           Patrick Kelly                               Mar-87

Hunt              Ernest (Mrs.)                               3-233

Hunt              Ernest (Mrs.)                               3-236

Hunt              Eunice M. (Mrs. John)                    27-Jul-79

Hunt              Franklin L.                               3-Dec-79

Hunt              Herbert (Mrs.)                              Mar-33

Hunter            Charles (Mrs.)                              22-Mar

Hunter            Jerry L.                                    3-165

Hunter            Maynart R.                                  Mar-84

Hunter            Rosa P. (Mrs. Charles H.)                 4-Nov-79

Hunter            Willis W.                                27-Dec-79

Hurd              Thomas A.                                19-Aug-79

Hurley            Grace A. (Mrs. Ollie)                    23-Sep-79

Hurn              Kenneth E.                                  21-Mar

Hursh             Edna (Mrs. John E.)                       7-Sep-79

Hurst             Harold (Mrs.)                               Mar-58

Hurst             Marien Pearl                              9-Sep-79

Hurst             Warren P.                                25-Nov-79

Hurt              Loren Vearl                              11-Dec-79

Huser             Theodore (Mrs.)                             08-Mar

Huss              Laura (Mrs. Glenn)                       18-Nov-79

Huston            Laura Mae                                22-Dec-79

Hutchens          Izella M. (Mrs. Ernest)                  10-Dec-79

Hutcherson        Walter L., Jr.                           14-Jul-79

Hutchinson        Minnie L. (Mrs. Jess)                     6-Jul-79

Hutchinson        Roland R. (Mrs.)                            Mar-81

Hutson            Harrison (Mrs.)                             18-Mar

Hutson            Orville (Mrs.)                              3-204

Hutto             William Andrew                           22-Aug-79

Huxtable          Catherine                                   15-Mar

Hyde              Pearl F.                                 22-Dec-79

Hyde              Stayton J.                               26-Nov-79

Hyde              Stayton J.                               29-Nov-79

Hyson             Tammy Renea                                 Mar-47

Ice               Rollah C.                                   3-105

Ilsley            Owen (Mrs.)                                 06-Mar

Immele            Edwin J.                                    3-217

Ingalls           Bessie I. (Mrs. Herbert)                 30-Dec-79

Ingram            Glen J.                                  17-Aug-79

Inks              John Andrew                                 3-140

Inlow             Paul "Skeet"                             23-Oct-79

Inman             Christopher J.                              3-189

Inman             Fred (Mrs.)                                 3-146

Iott              Charles G.                               25-Jul-79

Ireland           Emmett (Mrs.)                               Mar-53

Ireland           Robert                                      3-164

Irick             Carl Lewis                                  05-Mar

Irick             Carl Lewis                                  07-Mar

Irwin             Edward (Mrs.)                               3-159

Irwin             William E.                                  3-104

Isaac             Pete K.                                  31-Oct-79

Isaacs            Charles                                  19-Sep-79

Isaacson          W.                                       18-Nov-79

Isely             Frank Crawford                           21-Jul-79

Issac             Hattie (Mrs. Legora)                     11-Jul-79

Issac             Hattie (Mrs. Legora)                     12-Jul-79

Jacka             Edith Holloway                              3-124

Jacks             Curtis A.                                17-Aug-79

Jackson           Albert (Mrs.)                               Mar-91

Jackson           Delmont M.                                4-Dec-79

Jackson           Diaz H.                                     3-155

Jackson           Edith G. (Mrs. Roy B.)                   15-Oct-79

Jackson           Gordon W.                                   3-117

Jackson           John T. (Mrs.)                              Mar-50

Jackson           Keith (Mrs.)                                3-142

Jackson           Lella May (Mrs. Floyd)                   31-Dec-79

Jackson           Lisa R.                                  23-Aug-79

Jackson           Nicholett Jo                              2-Oct-79

Jackson           Sammy Gene                                3-Jul-79

Jackson           Sammy Gene                                5-Jul-79

Jackson           Summerfield J. "Jack"                    27-Nov-79

Jackson           Summerfield J. "Jack"                    29-Nov-79

Jacobs            Bobby Ray                                11-Jul-79

Jacobs            Bobby Ray                                13-Jul-79

Jacobs            Clarence H.                              29-Dec-79

Jacobs            Grace (Mrs. Corliss)                     14-Jul-79

Jacobs            Marguerite Lillian Jacobs                 5-Oct-79

Jacobs            Marvin Joseph                            29-Aug-79

Jacobs            Mildred                                     3-212

Jacobs            Thomas P.                                31-Oct-79

Jacobs            Thomas P.                                 1-Nov-79

Jacobs            Thomas P. (Mrs.)                            3-107

Jacobs            Wayne                                    24-Nov-79

Jacobson          Bernard E.                                7-Sep-79

Jacobson          Gordon J.                                   3-137

Jacques           Edna F. (Mrs. R.T.)                      24-Jul-79

Jacques           Edna F. (Mrs. R.T.)                      25-Jul-79

Jacunski          Paul P.                                     3-184

James             Edna M. (Mrs. Selzy)                      6-Nov-79

James             Ethel S. (Mrs. Jimmie)                    6-Jul-79

James             Florence                                    Mar-95

James             Jimmy E.                                  8-Jul-79

James             Louise                                   23-Aug-79

James             Truman (Mrs.)                               3-237

Jameson           Josephine E.                                3-235

Jameyson          Howard E.                                   3-221

Jansen            Marvin                                   27-Jul-79

Jansen            R. L. (Mrs.)                                3-135

Janssen           William H., Sr.                           7-Nov-79

Jantz             Lloyd C.                                 13-Dec-79

Jantz             Milferd                                  29-Oct-79

Jantz             Robert C.                                 1-Nov-79

Jantz             Virgil W.                                28-Nov-79

Jantzen           Arnold Robert                            18-Aug-79

January           C.C. "Whitey"                            23-Aug-79

Janzen            Martha                                      3-223

Jarmer            Cyrik L. (Mrs.)                             3-120

Jarnagin          Willard B.                                  Mar-56

Jarred            Forrest, Jr.                             20-Sep-79

Jarvill           Fred R.                                     3-225

Jaynes            Orin (Mrs.)                                 Mar-95

Jean              Wesley C.                                 4-Aug-79

Jeardoe           Orlie Robert                             21-Jul-79

Jefferies         Theodore J.                                 3-160

Jefferson         Betty Jo (Mrs. Van T.)                   22-Nov-79

Jeffries          Earl S.                                   2-Aug-79

Jelinek           George                                      Mar-35

Jenista           Dwain Allen (Rev.)                          26-Mar

Jenkins           Amos (Mrs.)                                 Mar-71

Jenkins           Frank (Mrs.)                                3-120

Jenkins           J. Floyd, Jr.                               Mar-45

Jenkins           James                                       Mar-56

Jennings          Fay O. (Mrs.)                               Mar-71

Jensen            Rose (Mrs. Anton)                        27-Sep-79

Jernigan          Verna L.                                    3-141

Jessup            Robert F.                                20-Nov-79

Jeter             Lester (Mrs.)                               Mar-34

Jewell            Alfred W.                                23-Jul-79

Jewell            Ester M. "Tex"                           23-Aug-79

Jewett            Samuel E.                                   Mar-55

Jilg              Joseph F.                                17-Oct-79

Jilka             Ethel A. (Mrs. George)                   23-Oct-79

Jockers           Charles Orval                               3-199

Johannes          W. Raymond                               24-Sep-79

Johansen          Max                                      26-Nov-79

Johns             Leroy F.                                    Mar-66

Johnson           Alice C. (Mrs. John)                     14-Aug-79

Johnson           Alice M. (Mrs. Earl)                      6-Sep-79

Johnson           Alma J. "Nita" (Mrs. Earl)               29-Dec-79

Johnson           Axel (Mrs.)                                 25-Mar

Johnson           Beatrice (Mrs. John)                     31-Jul-79

Johnson           Charles Benjamin                            3-155

Johnson           Curtis (Mrs.)                               3-143

Johnson           David V., Jr.                            26-Sep-79

Johnson           Dennis (Mrs.)                               3-149

Johnson           Dennis (Mrs.)                               3-153

Johnson           Dora E. (Mrs. J.T.)                       2-Oct-79

Johnson           Elizabeth A.                             18-Dec-79

Johnson           Ernie (Mrs.)                                3-208

Johnson           Ethel (Mrs. J.G.)                        16-Aug-79

Johnson           Everett V.                               27-Nov-79

Johnson           Fay (Mrs. Ross)                          14-Nov-79

Johnson           Forest F.                                11-Jul-79

Johnson           Fred (Mrs.)                                 18-Mar

Johnson           Gladys M. (Mrs. Ernest W.)                5-Aug-79

Johnson           Gus (Mrs.)                                  3-141

Johnson           Halma (Mrs. Wilbert)                     21-Sep-79

Johnson           Harry (Mrs.)                                3-215

Johnson           Harry (Mrs.)                                3-219

Johnson           Harry A.                                    3-165

Johnson           Harry R.                                    13-Mar

Johnson           Hazel A. (Mrs. Louis)                    21-Sep-79

Johnson           Herbert L.                                  3-240

Johnson           Ines K.                                     Mar-94

Johnson           Irene B. (Mrs. Elmer J.)                 29-Nov-79

Johnson           Joe (Mrs.)                                  3-231

Johnson           John V.                                   7-Nov-79

Johnson           Johnnie                                     Mar-36

Johnson           Joseph Noel                              17-Aug-79

Johnson           Kevin R.                                 15-Sep-79

Johnson           Leonard                                  26-Dec-79

Johnson           Les L. Mrs.)                                Mar-56

Johnson           Leslie W.                                16-Nov-79

Johnson           Mary Ellen                                1-Jul-79

Johnson           Mary R. "Mike"                           30-Dec-79

Johnson           Mary R. "Mike"                           31-Dec-79

Johnson           Parker J.                                17-Oct-79

Johnson           Patricia L. (Mrs. Marvin)                 1-Nov-79

Johnson           Robert F. "Bob"                           9-Dec-79

Johnson           Robert V.                                 2-Dec-79

Johnson           Rudolph (Mrs.)                              3-126

Johnson           Ruth E. (Mrs. Fred)                      27-Jul-79

Johnson           Ruth Stewart                              2-Sep-79

Johnson           Stuart E. "Jack"                         28-Aug-79

Johnson           W.T. "Bill"                              27-Jul-79

Johnson           Walter M.                                 2-Sep-79

Johnston          Bertha (Mrs. Porter)                     17-Sep-79

Johnston          Dolores L. (Mrs. J.C.)                    3-Jul-79

Johnston          Jerry L.                                 26-Aug-79

Joines            Robert S.                                 6-Oct-79

Jonas             Ethel (Mrs. Barton)                       3-Dec-79

Jones             Adra C.                                  11-Oct-79

Jones             Adra C.                                  12-Oct-79

Jones             Amber Dawne                                 3-206

Jones             Annie                                    20-Oct-79

Jones             Benjamin (Mrs.)                             3-188

Jones             Blanch A.                                 7-Jul-79

Jones             Cedric Woodson                           27-Jul-79

Jones             Charles (Mrs.)                              21-Mar

Jones             Christopher L.                           17-Aug-79

Jones             Claud                                       14-Mar

Jones             Claude (Mrs.)                               Mar-85

Jones             Clyde                                    17-Sep-79

Jones             Donald D.                                   3-141

Jones             Doris Evelyn                                3-114

Jones             Edith Fegtly (Mrs. Charles E.)           29-Oct-79

Jones             Edith Fegtly (Mrs. Charles E.)           31-Oct-79

Jones             Everett (Mrs.)                              Mar-39

Jones             Everett King                                Mar-85

Jones             Fawn G. (Mrs. R. Frank)                  13-Jul-79

Jones             Frank C.                                 10-Nov-79

Jones             Gaylan R.                                 4-Jul-79

Jones             Gertrude L.                                 3-123

Jones             Glen E.                                   6-Nov-79

Jones             Herbert C.                               29-Oct-79

Jones             John E. (Mrs.)                              Mar-61

Jones             John H.                                     3-111

Jones             John L.                                   9-Nov-79

Jones             Juanita (Mrs. Clyde)                      1-Oct-79

Jones             Leola Warren (Mrs. Montgomery)           12-Oct-79

Jones             Leona P.                                 15-Jul-79

Jones             Lester (Mrs.)                               3-176

Jones             Lewis L.                                    Mar-99

Jones             Lloyd                                       Mar-71

Jones             Lottie M. (Mrs. Alva)                     9-Sep-79

Jones             Madge                                    17-Sep-79

Jones             Mary (Mrs. John)                         23-Aug-79

Jones             Olive M. (Mrs. William)                  21-Oct-79

Jones             Paul H.                                     3-216

Jones             Perl G.                                  18-Oct-79

Jones             Rhena Lynn                                5-Sep-79

Jones             Richard                                     Mar-78

Jones             Richard O.                               13-Nov-79

Jones             Robert L.                                24-Sep-79

Jones             Robert L.                                25-Sep-79

Jones             Ronnie                                      3-159

Jones             Rosalie Irene (Mrs. Lex H.)              25-Nov-79

Jones             Roy E.                                      3-192

Jones             Ruth M. (Mrs. John)                       8-Aug-79

Jones             Stephen (Mrs.)                              3-179

Jones             Tom N.                                   31-Oct-79

Jones             Una                                      11-Jul-79

Jones             Veneta B. (Mrs. Merle)                   30-Dec-79

Jones             Veneta B. (Mrs. Merle)                   31-Dec-79

Jones             Vrian C.                                    3-199

Jones             Winnie M.                                 2-Sep-79

Jordan            Carrie E.                                20-Nov-79

Jordan            Ira B.                                   10-Dec-79

Jorgenson         Annie H. (Mrs. Louis)                    10-Oct-79

Joseph            Louise Barrow (Mrs. Morris)              18-Nov-79

Josephson         Clifford C.                              22-Sep-79

Joslin            William R. "Bob"                         28-Sep-79

Joswiak           Bennie Floyd                              5-Aug-79

Joy               John R.                                     Mar-77

Joy               Ross H.                                     22-Mar

Judd              Warren G.                                   Mar-37

Juergensen        Rev. Carl F.                             20-Jul-79

Julian            Elta M. (Mrs. Floyd)                     25-Sep-79

Julian            Ruth Laurine (Mrs. Raymond)               5-Aug-79

Junkins           Thomas J. (Mrs.)                            Mar-68

Justice           Harold A.                                   3-195

Justice           Raymond                                  24-Oct-79

Kaba              Joseph Anthony                           12-Oct-79

Kaeberle          James "Red"                              31-Oct-79

Kahler            Franklin Wallace                            Mar-60

Kahn              Hugo (Mrs.)                                 Mar-97

Kailer            David                                       Mar-34

Kaiser            Cora O. (Mrs. Joe)                        9-Oct-79

Kaiser            Louis Henry                              14-Jul-79

Kaljumaa          Melissa M.                                  3-145

Kallail           Kenneth                                     Mar-45

Kallenberger      Lucy Mae (Mrs. Ira)                      29-Jul-79

Kalm              E.C. "Pop"                                6-Nov-79

Kamen             Sherman                                     3-227

Kapp              Wilford                                   3-Jul-79

Karl              Fred C.                                   8-Oct-79

Karl              Georgia A. (Mrs. Otto)                   23-Sep-79

Karleskint        Mary L. (Mrs. Joseph C.)                 26-Oct-79

Karstensen        Rev. Karl J.                              3-Oct-79

Karzenmeier       son of David                                3-225

Kasha             Harry (Mrs.)                                Mar-91

Kasper            Kenneth D.                                  16-Mar

Kasper            Kenneth D.                                  19-Mar

Kasper            Susan (Mrs. D.P.)                        23-Aug-79

Kater             H. Sam                                      3-233

Kaufman           Cora (Mrs. Gilbert)                      21-Sep-79

Kaufman           Jacob J.                                 21-Oct-79

Kaufman           Marvin B.                                   3-188

Kaufman           William J.                                  Mar-57

Kaup              Cecil                                    12-Jul-79

Kautzer           Harry P.                                    Mar-60

Kauzlerich        Bessie Edith (Mrs. John)                 11-Oct-79

Kaylor            Lillie A. (Mrs. Charley)                 22-Aug-79

Kazda             Rosie C. (Mrs.)                             3-160

Kearn             Carl M.                                   7-Jul-79

Kearns            Homer A.                                    14-Mar

Keasling          Dottie Sue                               27-Dec-79

Keber             Al (Mrs.)                                   Mar-80

Keefer            George William                           14-Aug-79

Keeler            Bessie M. (Mrs. Charles)                 12-Oct-79

Keeler            Lela Mae (Mrs. Ray)                      22-Dec-79

Keeley            Ray J.                                      3-102

Keely             John W. (Mrs.)                              22-Mar

Keener            Edith V. (Mrs. John)                     22-Aug-79

Keener            Glenn E.                                 25-Dec-79

Kehr              Ernie                                    18-Sep-79

Keiter            Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-114

Keith             Charlotte                                25-Oct-79

Keith             William Andrew                           21-Aug-79

Kelce             Ted L.                                      Mar-35

Kellenbarger      Betty Jo (Mrs. Frank)                    22-Jul-79

Kellenbarger      Betty Jo (Mrs. Frank)                    23-Jul-79

Keller            Frank (Mrs.)                                Mar-84

Keller            Harry S.                                    3-237

Keller            Icy (Mrs. Oscar)                         17-Oct-79

Keller            Viola L. (Mrs. Darwin)                   16-Jul-79

Keller            Willard E.                                  3-217

Kelley            David E.                                    3-221

Kelley            Gerald Lee                                  Mar-47

Kelley            Lillian A.                               11-Sep-79

Kelley            Lincoln Oliver                           16-Sep-79

Kelley            Marcia L.                                 4-Jul-79

Kelley            Ruble (Mrs. Tom)                         13-Aug-79

Kellogg           Ray E.                                   13-Sep-79

Kellum            Albert H.                                 6-Nov-79

Kelly             Amy                                         Mar-52

Kelly             Joe P. (Mrs.)                               3-222

Kelly             Mabelle N. (Mrs. Elston)                  2-Aug-79

Kelly             Margaret M. (Mrs. Ernest)                20-Dec-79

Kelly             Mary Ann (Mrs. Russell)                   4-Oct-79

Kelly             Nellie E.                                   3-218

Kelly             William H. (Mrs.)                           3-107

Kelsey            Thomas Everett                              Mar-65

Kemp              Guy R.                                    3-Dec-79

Kemp              Mabel Eloise                             26-Aug-79

Kemper            Everett R.                                  3-117

Kempke            Richard                                     3-188

Kendall           Alfred Russell                            4-Jul-79

Kendall           Charles E.                                  24-Mar

Kendall           Donna Lee (Mrs. William H.)              14-Dec-79

Kendall           Donna Lee (Mrs. William H.)              15-Dec-79

Kendall           Will                                     16-Jul-79

Kenesson          Carl (Mrs.)                                 15-Mar

Kennedy           Jack (Mrs.)                                 3-182

Kennedy           Jane (Mrs. John)                         10-Sep-79

Kennedy           Lela (Mrs. John)                         27-Sep-79

Kennedy           Loren William                             8-Aug-79

Kennedy           Myrtle (Mrs. Joe)                        11-Aug-79

Kennedy           Myrtle (Mrs. Ralph)                      16-Aug-79

Kennedy           William Scott                            20-Jul-79

Kenney            Mildred Mary                              8-Dec-79

Kenney            Pearl (Mrs. Don)                         15-Sep-79

Kent              V.M. "Blackie"                            2-Sep-79

Kenyon            John J., Sr.                              6-Sep-79

Kepler            Paul E.                                  30-Jul-79

Kerley            Winfield Ray                             28-Aug-79

Kern              Walter S.                                22-Jul-79

Kerns             Albert S.                                 1-Oct-79

Kerns             Floyd E.                                 28-Jul-79

Kerr              Nancy Ann                                   3-129

Kersberger        Neil (Mrs.)                                 Mar-72

Kerschen          Agatha C. (Mrs. Nick)                    28-Oct-79

Kerwood           Martha Ella (Mrs. Riley)                 13-Aug-79

Kessinger         Tom (Mrs.)                                  Mar-99

Kessler           Lewis W.                                    3-136

Keyser            Plass (Mrs.)                                3-237

Kidd              Joetta Louise (Mrs. Cecil)                5-Sep-79

Kiefer            Fred E.                                     Mar-65

Kieferle          Thelma May                               30-Aug-79

Kiefner           Faye L.                                     3-191

Kiekenapp         George H. (Mrs.)                            3-121

Kiger             Frederick E.                             14-Sep-79

Kile              Roy R.                                      3-113

Killer            Stazie (Mrs. R.W.)                       23-Aug-79

Killingsworth     B. C.                                       3-101

Killion           Fred Leo                                 20-Aug-79

Kimbell           Charles Ray                              25-Oct-79

Kimber            Daulty                                    2-Jul-79

Kimber            Daulty                                    5-Jul-79

Kimber            Daulty                                    6-Jul-79

Kimmel            Garman O. (Mrs.)                            Mar-46

Kimsey            John F.                                  18-Dec-79

Kimzey            Harry W.                                 31-Jul-79

Kincannon         J.W. "Jake"                              16-Dec-79

Kindblade         Charles Elston                           31-Oct-79

Kinder            Joseph W.                                   3-178

Kindle            Joy F. (Mrs. Roy)                         1-Jul-79

King              Dennis W.                                13-Dec-79

King              Earl D.                                     3-187

King              Earl L.                                  11-Oct-79

King              Ernest (Mrs.)                               3-180

King              Ernest L.                                26-Nov-79

King              Herbert                                     Mar-96

King              Herbert                                     Mar-97

King              Ila I. (Mrs. Donald)                     24-Jul-79

King              Lewis V.                                 12-Oct-79

King              Marvin H.                                 6-Jul-79

King              Michelle Kay                             28-Jul-79

King              Nancy J. (Mrs. William)                  15-Oct-79

King              Paul (Mrs.)                                 17-Mar

King              Robert Deane                             30-Jul-79

King              Ruth                                        3-193

King              Ruth B. (Mrs. Samuel)                     3-Jul-79

Kingry            Ora Carl                                 17-Jul-79

Kingry            Ora Carl                                 18-Jul-79

Kinkaid           H.A. "Jack"                               5-Nov-79

Kinkead           Anna Margret (Mrs. E. Lyle)              30-Dec-79

Kinley            Allene (Mrs. Robert O.)                  11-Oct-79

Kinney            Barbara J. (Mrs. George)                 15-Sep-79

Kinney            R. H.                                       3-143

Kinsall           Barney B. (Mrs.)                            3-237

Kintzel           Otto F.                                   5-Sep-79

Kippenberger      Joe (Mrs.)                                  3-210

Kippes            Joseph                                    1-Sep-79

Kirk              Gertrude C. (Mrs. James E.)              29-Jul-79

Kirk              Porter A.                                 8-Jul-79

Kirkendall        Floyd L.                                 29-Nov-79

Kirkendall        Floyd, Sr.                               30-Nov-79

Kirkland          Eunice H. (Mrs. John)                     6-Nov-79

Kirkpatrick       Bessie B. (Mrs. Robert)                   1-Dec-79

Kirkpatrick       Ross E.                                     3-133

Kirkwood          Robert G., Jr.                           29-Nov-79

Kirmayer          Helen M. (Mrs. Carl M.)                   5-Oct-79

Kiser             John (Mrs.)                                 3-151

Kiser             Robert F.                                24-Aug-79

Kisner            Earl                                        Mar-75

Kissling          Anna L.                                  31-Aug-79

Kistler           Eugene (Mrs.)                               Mar-46

Kistner           Marjorie (Mrs. Robert)                   21-Aug-79

Kitch             Glayd V.                                  7-Aug-79

Kitchens          Kevin W.                                 13-Sep-79

Kittelson         Gladys I.                                16-Oct-79

Kittle            Elmer L.                                 16-Dec-79

Klaassen          Abraham H.                                  3-202

Klaassen          Irvin H.                                    Mar-69

Klaus             Anna (Mrs. Isidore)                       9-Dec-79

Klausmeyer        Joe H.                                    3-Jul-79

Kleier            Jason F.                                    3-125

Klein             Adam (Mrs.)                                 3-240

Klein             Margaret Dorothy                            3-202

Klein             Maxine W. (Mrs. J. George)               18-Oct-79

Klein             Stanley G. (Mrs.)                           3-196

Klenke            Mary C.                                     3-207

Kline             Vicki (Mrs. Marvin)                       3-Dec-79

Klinge            George                                    2-Jul-79

Klopp             James Martin                                3-222

Klopp             William Milo                                3-233

Klotz             Clayton C.                               31-Oct-79

Klumpp            Margaret T. (Mrs. Charles J.)            16-Nov-79

Knaak             Heather Marie                               3-204

Knapp             Phyllis J. (Mrs. Cleo)                    8-Aug-79

Knepp             Lester                                   26-Jul-79

Knepple           Letha (Mrs. Marsh)                       12-Sep-79

Knetz             John                                     15-Aug-79

Knight            Lyle                                      3-Sep-79

Knight            Olin (Mrs.)                                 3-103

Knoblauch         Drew Lynn                                   3-207

Knobloch          Don                                       7-Nov-79

Knoeppel          Albert H.                                11-Oct-79

Knoffloch         John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-82

Knofflock         James E.                                  4-Oct-79

Knoll             Teresa Ann (Mrs. John)                    8-Oct-79

Knott             Maurice H.                               29-Aug-79

Knowles           Brent A.                                 20-Dec-79

Knox              Leela (Mrs. W.S.)                         4-Jul-79

Knox              Ralph S.                                 23-Oct-79

Knudsen           Russell R.                                8-Sep-79

Koberstein        Walter V.                                 5-Oct-79

Koby              Alfred (Mrs.)                               3-185

Koby              Alfred S.                                 9-Oct-79

Koch              Emil Wilhelm                              5-Aug-79

Kocsis            Johnny L.                                29-Dec-79

Koehn             Lewellen Dean                               01-Mar

Koehn             Lincoln A. "Butch"                       20-Sep-79

Koehn             Malinda (Mrs. Pete)                      27-Aug-79

Koehn             Rev. David J.                            13-Dec-79

Koehne            Grace S. (Mrs. Albert)                    2-Dec-79

Koehne            Henry A.                                  5-Dec-79

Koenigs           A.J. "Ollie"                              2-Dec-79

Koenigs           Emil                                      2-Dec-79

Koepke            Robert M.                                   Mar-66

Koerner           Coileen K.                                  3-166

Koerner           Philip A.                                   3-215

Koester           Rose Marie (Mrs. E.H.)                   31-Aug-79

Kohler            John Robert                                 3-128

Kolarik           Mary Ann (Mrs. Vernon)                    1-Aug-79

Kolb              Albert T.                                31-Oct-79

Konantz           W. Earl                                  29-Jul-79

Konecny           Joseph E.                                   3-122

Konkel            Dorothy M. (Mrs. Hubert)                 20-Sep-79

Koogle            Donald                                   12-Sep-79

Kooken            George (Mrs.)                               Mar-67

Koonce            Arch J.                                     3-202

Kopper            Martha M.                                   28-Mar

Kornstett         Carl A.                                  30-Dec-79

Korrell           Esther (Mrs. Lou)                        27-Sep-79

Koster            Henry J. H.                                 3-122

Koster            John G.                                  25-Jul-79

Kozaka            Anita P. (Mrs. John)                     19-Oct-79

Kraisinger        Wilbur "Steve"                           24-Dec-79

Kramer            William L.                               11-Dec-79

Krames            Leonard Robert                              03-Mar

Krannich          Clyde E.                                 20-Sep-79

Kraus             Clifford                                 20-Nov-79

Kraus             Frank (Mrs.)                                3-204

Krauth            Mida M. (Mrs. Arthur)                     1-Sep-79

Krebbs            Fred H.                                  18-Oct-79

Krebbs            Fred H.                                  19-Oct-79

Kreger            Janice G.                                 2-Jul-79

Krehbiel          Esther V. (Mrs. Herbert)                  2-Oct-79

Krehbiel          Lee M.                                   12-Jul-79

Krehbiel          Peter O.                                 23-Nov-79

Kreller           Bob W.                                      3-222

Krentzel          Eddie A.                                 17-Nov-79

Krepps            Eula (Mrs. Lloyd)                         3-Jul-79

Krider            Leroy (Mrs.)                                3-236

Krier             Leonard A.                                  3-112

Krizek            Edgar B.                                  7-Nov-79

Kroeger           Kelly M.                                 14-Oct-79

Kroeker           Lamenta (Mrs. Jacob)                      1-Sep-79

Kropp             William J.                                  3-131

Krotz             Frank F.                                 22-Jul-79

Krotz             Frank F.                                 23-Jul-79

Krouch            William G.                                7-Oct-79

Krump             Anthony M.                                  3-166

Kruse             Herman F.                                14-Sep-79

Kubik             Mabel (Mrs. Harry)                        8-Aug-79

Kueck             Ruth E. (Mrs. Herbert F.)                28-Oct-79

Kuhns             Arnold T.                                   3-111

Kumberg           Carl M. (Mrs.)                              3-177

Kuntz             James (Mrs.)                                3-171

Kuschnereit       Joel "Sam"                                5-Oct-79

Kuschnereit       Joel "Sam"                                6-Oct-79

Kutilek           Kody Jeff                                 2-Dec-79

LaBounty          Ralph Emerson                             6-Aug-79

Lackey            Cheryl A. (Mrs. C.W.)                    27-Oct-79

Lackey            Elizabeth Ann (Mrs. Tom)                  4-Sep-79

Lackrone          Ishmal Jacob                             11-Oct-79

Lacy              Leroy Leon                               14-Dec-79

Ladd              John                                     13-Oct-79

Lady              Lela Mary (Mrs. William)                  1-Dec-79

Lafferty          Alta Lorraine                            28-Dec-79

LaFoy             Jessie L. (Mrs. Homer)                   11-Aug-79

Lagerston         Amos W.                                  30-Dec-79

Lagree            Tillie (Mrs. Ely)                        17-Nov-79

Lahey             Albert L.                                 7-Jul-79

Lair              Doretha Jane (Mrs. Cleybert)              4-Dec-79

Lais              Martha (Mrs. John)                       29-Nov-79

Lake              Carrie C. (Mrs. Charles W.)               5-Nov-79

Lake              Margaret E.                               3-Sep-79

Lake              Rena (Mrs. John)                         20-Dec-79

Lamb              Edgar E.                                    3-131

Lamb              Ella A. (Mrs. Alvie)                      9-Jul-79

Lamb              Harry                                    15-Oct-79

Lamb              Henry W.                                    3-185

Lamb              Inez (Mrs. Riley)                        26-Oct-79

Lamb              W. Clarence                                 Mar-64

Lamberson         Wilber Lee                                2-Nov-79

Lambert           Donald R., Jr.                           10-Nov-79

Lambert           James F.                                 23-Jul-79

Lambert           Joe W.                                   23-Aug-79

Lambertz          Jerome W., Sr.                            7-Jul-79

Lamborn           Benjamin V.                                 09-Mar

Lambrechtse       Kenneth                                     24-Mar

Lamer             Jack L.                                   8-Dec-79

Lampe             Elmer F.                                  8-Oct-79

Lampe             Elmer F.                                  9-Oct-79

Lampe             Wilbert H.                                  27-Mar

Lampken           Elmer                                       3-177

Lance             Sherry N.                                   Mar-54

Land              Elbert H., Sr.                           21-Aug-79

Land              Elbert H., Sr.                           22-Aug-79

Landon            James L.                                    07-Mar

Landwehr          Raymond F.                                  27-Mar

Lane              Jerry D. (Mrs.)                             3-183

Lane              John Carl                                 3-Sep-79

Lane              Myrtle May (Mrs. Thomas)                 28-Dec-79

Lane              Myrtle May (Mrs. Thomas)                 29-Dec-79

Lane              Odie M. (Mrs. A.J.)                       1-Nov-79

Lanfear           Vincent W. (Dr.)                            3-101

Lang              Lucy (Mrs. Sam)                          29-Oct-79

Lang              Lucy (Mrs. Sam)                           1-Nov-79

Lang              William W.                               24-Dec-79

Lange             Alice E.                                    3-131

Langenwalter      Samuel F.                                17-Nov-79

Langford          Gilbert C.                               26-Aug-79

Langley           Mary E. (Mrs. Clarence)                  12-Aug-79

Langloys          Adam A.                                  23-Aug-79

Langloys          Luie                                     20-Aug-79

Lanier            Lizzie (Mrs. Frank)                      26-Aug-79

Lanier            Lloyd A.                                 14-Sep-79

Lank              Patricia E. (Mrs. Robert)                28-Sep-79

Lanning           Philo (Mrs.)                                Mar-34

Lansdown          Katie                                       3-192

Lansdowne         J. E. (Mrs.)                                3-141

Lansdowne         Joseph                                      Mar-56

Lanterman         Alfred O. (Mrs.)                            28-Mar

Lanterman         Harold Dewey                             21-Dec-79

Lantz             Earl (Mrs.)                                 Mar-68

Lantz             John O.                                  28-Sep-79

Lantz             Mariam S. (Mrs. William)                 14-Jul-79

LaPlant           Fay Hay (Mrs. Lee)                        1-Nov-79

Larkin            Flora Mae                                   24-Mar

Larkin            George J.                                31-Jul-79

Larkin            William Robert                              Mar-95

Larson            Bonnie Beatrice (Mrs. Robert)            28-Jul-79

Larson            Charles H.                                  18-Mar

Larson            Daniel N.                                 4-Sep-79

Larson            Joseph C.                                 4-Dec-79

Larson            Virginia Mary                               Mar-99

LaRue             Ernest C.                                   Mar-55

Lary              Jerry L.                                    Mar-49

Lashley           Donald F.                                14-Sep-79

Lashley           Donald F.                                16-Sep-79

Latas             Lucille Patricia (Mrs. John)              1-Aug-79

Latchaw           Howard R.                                25-Nov-79

Lattimore         Edith M. (Mrs. Albert)                   29-Jul-79

Lattin            Ellen Lorraine (Mrs. Ramon L.)            1-Aug-79

Latus             Lucille Patricia (Mrs. John)             31-Jul-79

Laughlin          Effie (Mrs. Jim)                          7-Oct-79

Laughlin          Marjon A.                                15-Dec-79

Laurie            Oliver N.                                17-Jul-79

Laverty           Fred H.                                   1-Jul-79

Lawless           Fannie (Mrs. Henry)                       3-Nov-79

Lawless           Iva R. (Mrs. Richard)                     2-Jul-79

Lawrence          Bertha Pore                               5-Nov-79

Lawrence          Ernest R.                                   21-Mar

Lawrence          John A.                                     Mar-64

Lawrence          Norma B. (Mrs. William)                  29-Oct-79

Laws              Arvan Wallace                               Mar-62

Lawson            Ivan J.                                     3-204

Lawson            Lon T.                                   18-Sep-79

Lawson            Marty Wayne                               7-Sep-79

Lawson            Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-212

Lawson            Virgil F., Sr.                           13-Oct-79

Lawson            W. Douglas                               21-Oct-79

Layland           David Riley                                 Mar-50

Lazaro            Dolores A.                               19-Sep-79

Leach             Nellie E. (Mrs. Cecil)                    5-Jul-79

Leader            Ruth A. (Mrs. Marion)                     1-Aug-79

Leahy             David D., Jr. (Mrs.)                        3-228

Leap              Floyd M.                                    Mar-84

Learned           Josephine M. (Mrs. Ralph)                22-Dec-79

Leasure           Mark A.                                  11-Jul-79

Leatherman        Ida F. (Mrs. Perry W.)                   31-Oct-79

Lebow             Lillian (Mrs. Ray)                       10-Nov-79

Lee               Arthur (Mrs.)                               Mar-76

Lee               Charles C.                               23-Sep-79

Lee               E. R. (Mrs.)                                3-142

Lee               Fred J.                                     21-Mar

Lee               Gage (Mrs.)                                 3-179

Lee               Harry G. (Mrs.)                             Mar-81

Lee               Jake                                        Mar-88

Lee               Raymond W.                                  Mar-87

Lee               Richard (Mrs.)                              3-105

Lee               Shawn Tyre                               14-Jul-79

Lee               Thomas                                   29-Oct-79

Leeper            Earl (Mrs.)                                 Mar-33

Leerskov          Leo N.                                    4-Dec-79

Lees              Anna Marie (Mrs. J.C.)                   16-Jul-79

Leet              John D.                                  31-Oct-79

Legg              Bobby D.                                 27-Nov-79

Legge             Richard D.                                  3-149

Lehner            Hattie (Mrs. Carl)                       27-Sep-79

Lehner            William Oscar                            21-Jul-79

Leibold           Charles J.                               19-Oct-79

Leigh             Jim                                         3-234

Leighty           Richard D. (Mrs.)                           3-234

Leiker            Adrian L.                                   3-189

Lemcke            Fred C.                                     03-Mar

LeMoine           Mildred M. (Mrs. Clarence)               18-Dec-79

Lemon             Herman (Mrs.)                               3-129

Lemont            David (Mrs.)                                3-184

Leniton           Josephine C.                                3-192

Lentell           Jess                                     28-Dec-79

Leonard           Harold                                      3-188

Leslie            Paul (Mrs.)                                 3-197

Lessman           Louise C.                                20-Nov-79

Lessor            Katherine E. (Mrs. Phillip)              28-Oct-79

Lester            Bertha (Mrs. Max)                        22-Nov-79

Letterman         C.E. Gene                                 4-Nov-79

Letterman         W. E.                                       3-183

Leverich          Troy Edward (Mrs.)                          3-119

Lewark            Robert Renner                            21-Aug-79

Lewis             Benjamin S.                              18-Sep-79

Lewis             Charles A.                               16-Sep-79

Lewis             Ella Velleda (Mrs. Dan J.)               20-Aug-79

Lewis             Esther (Mrs. Benjamin)                   30-Jul-79

Lewis             Ethel E.                                 14-Aug-79

Lewis             Ethel J. (Mrs. Emery)                    29-Sep-79

Lewis             Ferrell James                             8-Dec-79

Lewis             Fred                                        3-225

Lewis             George L.                                   3-150

Lewis             Gregory Eugine                           19-Aug-79

Lewis             Gregory Eugine                           20-Aug-79

Lewis             Harold R.                                   Mar-87

Lewis             Harry W.                                  2-Sep-79

Lewis             John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-32

Lewis             Joyce R. (Mrs. Charles D.)                2-Nov-79

Lewis             Joyce R. (Mrs. Charles D.)                3-Nov-79

Lewis             Juanita S. (Mrs. Harold)                 31-Jul-79

Lewis             Lee (Mrs.)                                  01-Mar

Lewis             Marilyn Nease                             6-Dec-79

Lewis             Nellie Edith (Mrs. Cecil)                16-Oct-79

Lewis             O. L., Jr.                                  Mar-54

Lewis             Samantha                                    01-Mar

Lewis             Wesley (Mrs.)                               Mar-78

Lewis             William G. (Mrs.)                           18-Mar

Lewis             William R.                                  Mar-99

Lewis             William R. (Mrs.)                           08-Mar

Libel             Martin                                      Mar-82

Lick              Eula A. (Mrs. Alfred)                    26-Nov-79

Liddell           Andrew (Mrs.)                               Mar-65

Lidmore           Nathan W.                                 4-Jul-79

Lienemann         Emma                                     21-Aug-79

Lierle            Theresa R. (Mrs. A.A.)                    8-Sep-79

Lies              Jerry A.                                  6-Dec-79

Liester           Jason Kelley                             22-Aug-79

Lietzke           Glenn C.                                 30-Oct-79

Lietzke           Lewis (Mrs.)                                3-165

Liggett           Bill (Mrs.)                                 3-125

Light             Daryl C.                                  9-Oct-79

Lill              Genevieve                                   3-119

Lillian           Royce                                     7-Sep-79

Lilly             Thomas, Jr. (Rev.)                          Mar-93

Lincoln           Frances                                     Mar-36

Lindbeck          Emma Ruth (Mrs. Fred)                     3-Jul-79

Lindbeck          Vinnie M.                                30-Dec-79

Lindberg          Marilynn M. (Mrs. Charles A.)            22-Oct-79

Lindeburg         James A.                                 20-Oct-79

Lindeman          Ralph D.                                 21-Jul-79

Lindenberger      Theodore W.                              16-Aug-79

Lindholm          Archie Leroy                             19-Sep-79

Lindly            Clarence E.                               1-Jul-79

Lindsey           Clara B. (Mrs. Guy)                      23-Oct-79

Lindsey           Wilber Lee                               28-Dec-79

Lindshield        Paul J.                                  16-Nov-79

Lindsley          Fenton A.                                21-Aug-79

Lindt             Sam (Mrs.)                                  3-137

Linley            C. C.                                       3-169

Linn              Jemima M. (Mrs. Jacob)                   29-Oct-79

Linnebur          Betty M. (Mrs. A.N. Boyd)                27-Dec-79

Linot             Virgil R.                                24-Aug-79

Lippencott        George F.                                   22-Mar

Lipscomb          Mae G. (Mrs. James)                      19-Oct-79

Liptrap           Pearle                                      3-106

Lira              Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-132

LIrley            Brian R.                                    Mar-77

Lister            Pearl (Mrs. Clarence)                     2-Aug-79

Litke             Bernjardt "Ben"                           1-Dec-79

Litsey            Enzie B. (Mrs. Harley)                   27-Aug-79

Little            Orlen (Mrs.)                                3-200

Little            Patricia Ann                             12-Dec-79

Little            Shirley Ann (Mrs. Harlan G.)             11-Oct-79

Litton            Louise (Mrs. Will)                       11-Oct-79

Lively            A.M.                                     16-Sep-79

Lively            Beauty (Mrs. Prince)                     17-Oct-79

Lively            Beauty (Mrs. Prince)                     18-Oct-79

Lively            Jay C.                                   25-Oct-79

Lively            Timothy (Mrs.)                              3-233

Livengood         Stanley R.                               23-Aug-79

Livesay           Cleo C.                                   7-Dec-79

Lloyd             Clara (Mrs. Merl R.)                     14-Dec-79

Lloyd             George E.                                 1-Dec-79

Lockard           Nellie C. (Mrs. James)                   22-Aug-79

Lockard           Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-207

Loflin            Leigh                                    13-Aug-79

Loflin            Ruth I. (Mrs. William R.)                28-Nov-79

Logan             Dwane O.                                    11-Mar

Logan             Frances Dollie (Mrs. Roy)                17-Aug-79

Logan             Lancelot                                    Mar-94

Logan             Ronald Dean                               9-Sep-79

Logan             Ruah M. (Mrs. Roy)                       25-Dec-79

Loggins           Clifford                                 23-Nov-79

Lolley            Jimmie (Mrs.)                               3-112

Lollis            Myrtle F. (Mrs. Benjamin)                31-Aug-79

Lollis            Myrtle F. (Mrs. Benjamin)                 2-Sep-79

Loman             Elva (Mrs. Jack)                          7-Dec-79

Lomas             Ralph B.                                    Mar-99

Lonberger         Michael Eugene                           23-Dec-79

Lonberger         Teresa Louise (Mrs. Michael E.)          23-Dec-79

Long              Bernie (Mrs.)                               3-133

Long              Daniel W.                                   3-177

Long              dau of Richard F.                           Mar-33

Long              Florine (Mrs. Herschel)                  12-Jul-79

Long              Helen (Mrs. Fred)                         9-Sep-79

Long              Hobert                                      3-216

Long              Iva (Mrs.)                                  3-212

Long              John S.                                     3-157

Long              Terry Wayne                                 3-228

Long              William H.                               27-Oct-79

Longnecker        Mamie                                       Mar-60

Longwell          Frank (Mrs.)                                Mar-98

Looney            Harvey E.                                   Mar-63

Lorenz            Harry                                    20-Sep-79

Lorenz            Helen L. (Mrs. Herman B.)                 2-Dec-79

Lorg              Peter (Mrs.)                                3-103

Loucks            Peter B.                                 23-Sep-79

Loudick           Oscar H.                                  8-Jul-79

Louis             Olive M. (Mrs. Robert)                   14-Sep-79

Loutzenhiser      Ray Clyde                                22-Nov-79

Loutzenhiser      Ray Clyde                                24-Nov-79

Loutzenhiser      Ray Clyde                                26-Nov-79

Love              Marvin                                      3-191

Lovkhart          Floyd E.                                    3-109

Low               Clarence A.                              14-Sep-79

Lowder            Lula M. (Mrs. Walter)                    19-Oct-79

Lowe              Donald L.                                10-Oct-79

Lowery            Wililam H. (Mrs.)                           3-167

Lucas             Clarence A., Sr.                          2-Sep-79

Lucas             Gertrude E. (Mrs. Edward Orton)           6-Sep-79

Lucas             Gertrude E. (Mrs. Edward Orton)           7-Sep-79

Lucas             Irene Elizabeth (Mrs. Elmer)              2-Sep-79

Lucas             Maude E.                                 27-Nov-79

Lucas             Ray Lee (Mrs.)                              3-171

Ludeman           Arthur H.                                   Mar-55

Lundberg          Clara M. (Mrs. Arthur)                   10-Dec-79

Lunden            Emma C.                                  15-Dec-79

Lundquist         Martha (Mrs. Abner)                      13-Jul-79

Lungstrum         David C.                                 21-Dec-79

Luper             Paul Allen                                  Mar-47

Lupton            Claude                                      3-226

Lust              Bonnie (Mrs. Elmer                        8-Dec-79

Luster            Beulah M. (Mrs. Benjamin)                 1-Aug-79

Luthan            Justin J.                                   3-172

Luttrell          Frank S.                                    Mar-97

Lutz              Lucy M. (Mrs. Adolph)                    22-Sep-79

Lydric            Alice M.                                    3-202

Lyles             Brady Lee                                25-Jul-79

Lynch             Dean (Mrs.)                                 Mar-91

Lynes             J. Marvin                                   3-200

Lynn              James H.                                  9-Jul-79

Lyon              Leonard R.                                7-Nov-79

Lyons             Flutcher D., Jr.                            Mar-93

Lyons             James Arthur                                Feb-48

Lytle             Claude E.                                   Mar-77

Lytle             Gilbert (Mrs.)                              3-236

Lytle             Martha (Mrs. Harry)                       4-Oct-79

Lytle             Richard A.                                  3-145

Maben             Esther Rich (Mrs. Norman G.)             27-Sep-79

Mabie             George (Mrs.)                               3-143

MacDonald         Edward E.                                   Mar-47

MacFarland        FrankJ. (Dr.)                               Mar-73

Machesney         Roy H.                                      3-112

MacKay            A. Peter                                    05-Mar

Mackey            Ernest E.                                19-Oct-79

Mackey            Lucas V.                                 24-Sep-79

Mackie            David (Mrs.)                                3-163

MacLachlen        James A. (Mrs.)                             3-190

Madden            Katherine Marie (Mrs. Stephen J.         24-Sep-79

Madding           Royce E.                                    Mar-72

Madison           Gertrude E. (Mrs. Roscoe)                15-Jul-79

Madl              John J.                                   9-Nov-79

Maerz             Marion P.                                26-Oct-79

Magathan          Zula M. (Mrs. Frank)                     22-Aug-79

Magee             C.W. "Charlie"                            5-Dec-79

Maggard           Erna Louise (Mrs. D.I.)                  28-Jul-79

Maginness         Grace E. (Mrs. William)                   8-Dec-79

Maginnis          Velda F. (Mrs. Dean)                      8-Nov-79

Magner            Charles Arthur                              Mar-47

Magnuson          Myrtle O. (Mrs. George)                   7-Nov-79

MaGruder          Emma Marie (Mrs. William W.)             27-Jul-79

Maguire           Melvin F.                                   Mar-39

Mah               Tzu C.                                   24-Oct-79

Mahan             Edna (Mrs. Jacob)                         2-Oct-79

Maher             Cletha I. (Mrs. Bernard)                 18-Nov-79

Mahley            Paula                                    12-Nov-79

Mahon             Christopher M.                              Mar-75

Mahoney           Elmo J.                                     Mar-57

Maier             Dr. Frederick                            20-Sep-79

Main              James                                    24-Sep-79

Main              Randy E.                                 25-Nov-79

Mainzer           Peter W.                                    Mar-81

Makepeace         Dana (Mrs.)                                 3-127

Makovec           Florian J. "Skeeter"                      4-Jul-79

Malcolm           Winston W.                                  3-102

Maley             Dennis, Sr.                              25-Jul-79

Mall              Nellie N. (Mrs. Frederick)                1-Jul-79

Mallery           Ralph E.                                  8-Sep-79

Malmgren          Mark E.                                   3-Dec-79

Malone            Ida Mable (Mrs. William)                  6-Oct-79

Malone            John Arthur                                 15-Mar

Malone            John Charles                                Mar-91

Malone            Lester F.                                 1-Nov-79

Malone            Scott Howard                              4-Dec-79

Maloney           Avery (Mrs.)                                3-184

Maltbie           Charles Allen                            16-Aug-79

Manas             Anthony M.                               13-Sep-79

Mandevill         Dow                                      16-Nov-79

Mangan            Norbert (Mrs.)                              3-124

Mangels           Irven M. (Mrs.)                             3-193

Manges            John D.                                   5-Oct-79

Mangles           Marilyn                                     3-102

Manire            Irene M. (Mrs.)                             Mar-41

Mankoff           Bessie (Mrs. Henry)                      13-Jul-79

Mankoff           Dorothy (Mrs. Fred)                      20-Dec-79

Mankoff           Dorothy (Mrs. Fred)                      21-Dec-79

Manley            Charles E.                               28-Aug-79

Manley            Charles E.                               29-Aug-79

Mann              Abbie (Mrs. George)                       1-Aug-79

Mann              Beatrice B.                              19-Sep-79

Mann              Ethel Wolf (Mrs. James)                  29-Aug-79

Mann              Florence J. (Mrs. Alvin)                 12-Sep-79

Mann              Katie Eugenia (Mrs. Roy)                  8-Jul-79

Mann              Lewis E.                                    Mar-85

Mann              R. W.                                       3-219

Manning           Richard L., Jr.                          20-Sep-79

Mans              Robert B.                                25-Dec-79

Mans              Robert B.                                26-Dec-79

Mansfield         Jeannette A. (Mrs. Royce)                28-Oct-79

Manske            Fred W.                                  22-Jul-79

Manuel            Florence L.                                 3-153

Maple             Ozia Edna (Mrs. Elester)                  8-Aug-79

Marcellus         Glen                                     15-Nov-79

Marconet          Alma (Mrs. Harry)                         8-Dec-79

Marcum            Joe (Mrs.)                                  3-134

Margrave          Homer E.                                 23-Oct-79

Marhenke          Bess (Mrs. Charles)                      10-Nov-79

Marhofer          Lucinda (Mrs. M.J)                       21-Oct-79

Mark              Samantha                                 17-Nov-79

Mark              Samantha                                 17-Nov-79

Markland          Russell F. (Mrs.)                           3-233

Marks             Judy (Mrs. Ernest G.)                    17-Aug-79

Marley            Dorothy M. (Mrs. Frank)                  20-Oct-79

Marley            Dorothy M. (Mrs. Frank)                  21-Oct-79

Marley            Virgil L.                                   3-234

Marnell           Anna R. (Mrs. Philip)                     4-Sep-79

Marquardt         Albert (Mrs.)                               Mar-97

Marris            Nina U. (Mrs. H.A.)                      21-Aug-79

Marrs             Otto F.                                  19-Oct-79

Marschel          Loretta K. (Mrs. David B.)               25-Aug-79

Marsden           Estella D. (Mrs. Daniel)                 10-Jul-79

Marshall          Ada (Mrs. Sim)                           29-Nov-79

Marshall          Charles (Mrs.)                              3-179

Marshall          Eliza Belle (Mrs. William J.)             3-Jul-79

Marshall          Joe C. (Mrs.)                               3-142

Marshall          John Scott                                  3-150

Marshall          John William                                3-134

Marshall          Marjorie                                  6-Aug-79

Marshall          Marjorie                                  7-Aug-79

Marshall          Millard (Mrs.)                              3-200

Marshall          Thomas                                      16-Mar

Marteney          Archie C.                                 7-Oct-79

Martin            Bertha L. (Mrs. James C.)                27-Dec-79

Martin            Cloyd J. (Mrs.)                             3-170

Martin            Clyde O. "Mick"                          29-Jul-79

Martin            Darrell A.                                2-Sep-79

Martin            David C., Jr.                               3-177

Martin            Del                                         3-129

Martin            Elmer Dave                               12-Nov-79

Martin            Elvera Klepper                              3-194

Martin            Emma J. (Mrs. Victor D.)                 15-Dec-79

Martin            Estella (Mrs. Horace)                    15-Jul-79

Martin            George D.                                25-Nov-79

Martin            Harley E.                                   3-201

Martin            James V.                                  3-Aug-79

Martin            Joe P.                                      Mar-68

Martin            Kermit O.                                   Mar-89

Martin            Lloyd C.                                    3-133

Martin            Louise (Mrs. Webster)                     7-Sep-79

Martin            Lytle H.                                  6-Sep-79

Martin            Mary Ann Alice (Mrs. Franklin)           29-Dec-79

Martin            Merle H.                                  7-Aug-79

Martin            Norine D. (Mrs. John A.)                 12-Aug-79

Martin            Orville O.                                  3-147

Martin            Raymond (Mrs.)                              Mar-83

Martin            Richard F.                               29-Oct-79

Martin            Robert                                      3-110

Martin            Robert H. (Mrs.)                            3-181

Martinez          James                                       Mar-94

Martinson         Charles G. (Mrs.)                           3-225

Martinson         Charles G. (Mrs.)                           3-226

Martinson         Emma V. (Mrs. Edward)                    18-Nov-79

Martinson         Thomas N.                                20-Nov-79

Marvin            Glenn Edward                             17-Aug-79

Marvin            Harold W. (Mrs.)                            3-151

Marvin            Lenora O. (Mrs. Frank)                   19-Oct-79

Marvin            Marion                                      29-Mar

Maser             Jerry G.                                 24-Jul-79

Mashak            Earl J.                                     07-Mar

Mason             Alice M. (Mrs. Jack)                     17-Oct-79

Mason             Anita Hazel                                 3-118

Mason             Beverly R.                               15-Aug-79

Mason             Harrie L.                                30-Nov-79

Mason             Maudie May (Mrs. Edward)                 17-Dec-79

Mason             Otis Wesley, III                         11-Dec-79

Mason             Otis Wesley, III                         12-Dec-79

Mason             Ruth H. (Mrs. George)                     8-Oct-79

Mason             Sadie (Mrs. Paul)                         2-Sep-79

Massions          W. J. (Mrs.)                                3-127

Mast              Mary D. (Mrs. Leon L.)                   26-Jul-79

Mast              Mary D. (Mrs. Leon L.)                   27-Jul-79

Mastellar         Harry W.                                 25-Aug-79

Masterson         Edna H. (Mrs. Avy)                        6-Oct-79

Masterson         John F.                                  31-Jul-79

Mathenson         William (Mrs.)                              3-224

Mathes            Stephen Jon                               7-Sep-79

Mathews           Frank J.                                    3-139

Mathiot           Bertha M. (Mrs. Robert)                   8-Oct-79

Matics            Myrtle A. (Mrs. Cecil E.)                18-Dec-79

Matlack           W. Wayne                                 24-Sep-79

Matlock           Veda G. (Mrs. Jessie H.)                 16-Oct-79

Matter            Josephine Louisa                         23-Oct-79

Matthew           Charles H.                               21-Aug-79

Matthews          Sally S. (Mrs. Lan)                      31-Aug-79

Mattocks          Vernon H.                                16-Sep-79

Mattox            Bertha L. (Mrs. George E.)               14-Sep-79

Matz              William (Mrs.)                              3-160

Mauch             Clara P. (Mrs. George)                   10-Sep-79

Mauer             Charles (Mrs.)                              3-216

Maughlin          Ralph R.                                    3-196

Mauler            Erwin (Mrs.)                                3-168

Mavers            Teresa K. (Mrs. Anthony)                 12-Oct-79

Maxey             Charlie (Mrs.)                              3-136

Maxfield          Carroll A. "Max"                         21-Aug-79

May               James R.                                 22-Nov-79

Mayer             Floyd (Mrs.)                                3-204

Mayes             Jimmy L.                                 26-Sep-79

Mayhew            Delos G.                                 18-Sep-79

Mayhew            John Henry                                  3-190

Mays              Alma L. (Mrs. Ernie)                     10-Jul-79

McAhren           Edgar L.                                  7-Nov-79

McAllister        John W.                                   4-Aug-79

McAnulty          Ruth E. (Mrs. Charles)                   23-Oct-79

McAree            Perry (Mrs.)                                Mar-67

McBee             Cleele J.                                19-Nov-79

McBurney          Francis D.                               13-Dec-79

McCab             Charles                                     3-156

McCain            Charles Patrick                          25-Sep-79

McCain            Wayne                                    26-Jul-79

McCall            Guinn A.                                  7-Oct-79

McCall            N.C.                                     11-Oct-79

McCall            Oral D.                                   4-Aug-79

McCall            Oral D.                                   5-Aug-79

McCammon          Bessie                                      3-133

McCandless        Thomas R. (Mrs.)                            3-171

McCants           Tom, Sr. (Mrs.)                             3-126

McCarrier         Wayne E.                                    Mar-42

McCarty           Gene E.                                  15-Sep-79

McCarty           Warren R.                                15-Aug-79

McCleary          Tedrow A.                                   3-213

McClellan         V.O.                                     15-Nov-79

McClelland        W. P. (Mrs.)                                Mar-85

McClelland        W. P. (Mrs.)                                Mar-87

McClenny          Naomi A. (Mrs. Don)                      21-Oct-79

McClintick        Curtis G.                                   3-180

McClintock        Leslie M.                                   3-148

McClung           Charles E.                                  Mar-76

McClure           Albert F. (Mrs.)                            3-130

McClure           Bruce                                    15-Sep-79

McClure           Eva Wilma                                29-Jul-79

McClure           Flora (Mrs. James)                       13-Jul-79

McClure           James H. (Mrs.)                             3-101

McClure           Maggie May                                9-Dec-79

McClure           Mildred E. (Mrs. Lee D.)                  4-Aug-79

McClure           Robert E.                                24-Aug-79

McClure           Ross I.                                  22-Sep-79

McCluskey         John (Mrs.)                                 21-Mar

McCollum          Michael A.                               24-Aug-79

McCord            Willie                                      3-158

McCormack         Alma A. (Mrs. Peter J.)                  18-Nov-79

McCormick         Harry S.                                 15-Sep-79

McCormick         Rev. Benjamin G.                          4-Dec-79

McCort            William M.                               18-Aug-79

McCowan           Jermie Meno (Mrs. Ora)                   29-Oct-79

McCoy             Catherine                                28-Dec-79

McCoy             Catherine                                29-Dec-79

McCoy             Dr. Alice                                20-Aug-79

McCoy             Edward A.                                16-Nov-79

McCoy             John E.                                     3-201

McCoy             Marguerite F. (Mrs. Archie)              15-Oct-79

McCoy             Roy E.                                      Mar-65

McCoy             Ruth (Mrs. Miller)                       10-Aug-79

McCoy             Waldo Curtis                                3-171

McCracken         Curtis Eugene                            16-Jul-79

McCracken         Marie (Mrs. Floyd)                       31-Jul-79

McCracken         Nellie B. (Mrs. Claude L.)               18-Oct-79

McCray            Willie                                      3-155

McCreary          Earl D.                                     3-105

McCreary          Edmund E.                                   Mar-70

McCreery          Darlene (Mrs. Theodore)                   1-Nov-79

McCreight         Dr. E.J.                                 12-Oct-79

McCreight         Lucille (Mrs. Stewart)                    2-Oct-79

McCullough        Maude S.                                 30-Jul-79

McCullough        Rex                                      11-Jul-79

McCumber          Abbie M. (Mrs. Owen)                      3-Jul-79

McCune            Leonard G.                                  3-143

McCune            Matthew Lee                                 3-153

McCune            Mellie O.                                   3-216

McCurdy           Opal (Mrs. Harry)                         5-Sep-79

McCurdy           Opal (Mrs. Harry)                         6-Sep-79

McCurry           Cora Lee Workman (Mrs. Walter)            6-Dec-79

McCurry           Vera May (Mrs. Arthur)                   14-Aug-79

McCutchen         Marvin L.                                23-Dec-79

McCutchen         Marvin L.                                24-Dec-79

McDaniel          Bill (Mrs.)                                 3-141

McDaniel          John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-58

McDaniel          John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-61

McDaniel          Leo B.                                      3-224

McDaniel          Madeleine (Mrs. Glenn)                    2-Dec-79

McDaniels         D.T. "Mac"                               17-Nov-79

McDonald          Effie K. (Mrs. Charles)                  10-Jul-79

McDonald          James D.                                  2-Dec-79

McDonald          Jessica Ann                                 3-239

McDow             Harlan Wellington                         6-Aug-79

McDow             Harlan Wellington                         8-Aug-79

McDowell          Earl                                     31-Jul-79

McDowell          Samuel G. (Mrs.)                            3-186

McElheny          Michael G.                                  3-104

McElligott        Mary                                        Mar-57

McElroy           Hughes Elwood                               04-Mar

McElwain          Ivyl C.                                  26-Aug-79

McFall            Ray E.                                   28-Jul-79

McFarland         Elonzo (Mrs.)                               3-195

McFarland         Florence A.                              23-Jul-79

McFate            Ralph D.                                    3-146

McGaffin          Wililam E.                                  Mar-48

McGahey           Fanny                                       3-167

McGahey           Michael Sean                              8-Nov-79

McGarigle         Betty Jane (Mrs. Clyde M.)                3-Sep-79

McGarigle         Betty Jane (Mrs. Clyde M.)                4-Sep-79

McGarth           Tom G.                                      Mar-91

McGaugh           Flossie B. (Mrs. Eugene)                 11-Sep-79

McGeary           Bennie C.                                   3-129

McGee             Hubert                                      Mar-57

McGehee           Beverly J. (Mrs. Stan)                   27-Aug-79

McGehee           John (Mrs.)                                 3-115

McGhee            Lloyd                                    24-Nov-79

McGinnis          Aileen (Mrs. Charles)                    14-Oct-79

McGinnis          Ima A. (Mrs. William Earl)               26-Aug-79

Mcginnis          Merle E.                                    3-125

McGinty           John (Mrs.)                                 3-131

McGlade           Rose Lee                                  3-Sep-79

McGlothlin        Ray L.                                    9-Aug-79

McGlothlin        Ray L.                                   10-Aug-79

McGlynn           Maurice L.                                2-Sep-79

McGowen           Hency                                    17-Jul-79

McGrath           Edith C.                                 27-Aug-79

McGrew            Mary Elizabeth                            6-Nov-79

McGuire           A. Della                                 21-Sep-79

McHugh            Howard J.                                12-Sep-79

McIlwain          Berniece V. (Mrs. Ralph H.)              17-Jul-79

McIntyre          Elmer F.                                    3-184

McIntyre          Herman T.                                   3-146

McIrvin           George (Mrs.)                               13-Mar

McKay             Archie L.                                   Mar-45

McKay             Clifford W. (Mrs.)                          Mar-50

McKay             Elsie May (Mrs. Wade)                     4-Jul-79

McKay             Zelma M. (Mrs. Harry)                     8-Dec-79

McKean            Harry Lee                                   3-120

McKedy            Galen E.                                 16-Sep-79

McKee             Wallace C.                                2-Oct-79

McKellip          Randall Raymond                          24-Jul-79

McKeone           Bernard "Jerry"                           9-Oct-79

McKinnell         Norma Ruth                               21-Oct-79

McKinney          Wesley Dale                              12-Jul-79

McKinsey          George D.                                 7-Oct-79

McKitrick         Byron W.                                    3-125

McLane            Lyle W.                                     3-182

McLaren           Glen C.                                  19-Dec-79

McLaughlin        Orville (Mrs.)                              3-204

McLean            Ralpg                                       3-145

McLendon          Carlyle E.                                  Mar-88

McLeod            John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-98

McLeod            Leroy "Babe"                             30-Nov-79

McLeod            Marvin D.                                18-Sep-79

McManness         George G., Sr.                           28-Dec-79

McManness         George G., Sr.                           29-Dec-79

McMillen          A.E. "Mac"                               18-Oct-79

McMillin          Allen B.                                    3-215

McMillin          Mark                                     14-Dec-79

McMullen          James E.                                  1-Dec-79

McMullin          Ella (Mrs. Frank)                        13-Jul-79

McMurphy          Helen A. (Mrs. Dewey)                    26-Jul-79

McMurray          Martha C.                                   3-179

McMurtry          Amanda P. (Mrs. E.B.)                     6-Oct-79

McNally           John (Mrs.)                                 3-170

McNeely           Osa M. (Mrs. W. Roy)                     19-Aug-79

McNeill           G. S. (Mrs.)                                3-132

McNeish           Florence Alma (Mrs. George)              11-Dec-79

McNett            Clarence F.                               3-Aug-79

McNichol          Fannie (Mrs. Harry)                       3-Sep-79

McNichol          Fannie (Mrs. Harry)                       4-Sep-79

McNish            Marjorie (Mrs. William M.)               10-Nov-79

McNutt            Joanne                                      3-138

McNutt            Ralph B.                                  7-Jul-79

McOsker           Minnie M. (Mrs. Howard)                  14-Dec-79

McPhail           Charles E.                                6-Sep-79

McPhail           Corliss A.                               18-Sep-79

McQuey            Edna (Mrs. Lowery)                       29-Jul-79

McQuiller         Patricia L. (Mrs. Frenchy J.)             3-Sep-79

McQuilliam        Loyd L.                                     02-Mar

McQuitty          Elva E.                                     3-189

McReynolds        Fanny (Mrs. Robert)                      25-Jul-79

McSpadden         Kathryn Welton (Mrs. Elvie)              19-Dec-79

McVay             Elizabeth Ann                               Mar-71

McVay             Hattie Edith (Mrs. William N.)            1-Dec-79

McVey             Ernest J.                                   3-219

McVicker          Carlton F.                                9-Nov-79

McViczr           R. Rhoades                                  3-168

McWhithey         Walter V.                                   3-165

Meacham           Lorene (Mrs. E.D.)                        4-Nov-79

Mead              Burnice E. (Mrs.)                           3-238

Meade             Clifton (Mrs.)                              Mar-90

Meads             Theodore (Mrs.)                             3-145

Meairs            Cline W.                                    23-Mar

Mealy             Thomas P.                                30-Sep-79

Means             Anne (Mrs. Dale)                         19-Nov-79

Means             Harry J.                                  6-Dec-79

Means             Lulu R. (Mrs. Roy)                       14-Jul-79

Mears             John                                        19-Mar

Medeiros          Chuck                                    20-Oct-79

Medley            Junior L.                                 7-Dec-79

Meek              Lillie (Mrs. Samuel)                     31-Oct-79

Meeker            James Edward, Jr.                           06-Mar

Meekma            Peter (Mrs.)                                04-Mar

Meetz             Carl (Mrs.)                                 Mar-54

Meier             Jacob                                    23-Sep-79

Meister           Bertha (Mrs. John)                       16-Nov-79

Meitner           Edward J.                                 5-Oct-79

Melcher           Paul A.                                     3-102

Melkus            John Emery                                2-Sep-79

Mellecker         Joseph                                   15-Nov-79

Melson            Bessie (Mrs. George)                     29-Sep-79

Melson            Edna (Mrs. Joe)                           7-Jul-79

Melson            Gerald D.                                14-Sep-79

Melton            Jeffery Wayne                               3-129

Mendenhall        Burl C.                                  17-Nov-79

Mendenhall        Calvin                                    3-Jul-79

Mensch            Lester F.                                   3-177

Mercado           Juan                                     21-Jul-79

Mercer            Clifford H.                              12-Oct-79

Mercer            Orville O.                                5-Oct-79

Merchant          Frances G. (Mrs. Henry)                  25-Aug-79

Merdes            Kathryn (Mrs. Ed)                         4-Oct-79

Meredith          John William                              8-Nov-79

Meredith          Raymond (Mrs.)                              Mar-34

Meredith          Raymond I.                               30-Sep-79

Meredith          Raymond I.                                1-Oct-79

Merrick           Gladys M. (Mrs. John V.)                 25-Nov-79

Merrick           Joseph (Mrs.)                               3-129

Merrifield        Katherine R. (Mrs. Raymond)              30-Oct-79

Merrihew          Marie (Mrs. Dewey)                       15-Nov-79

Merriman          Jack W.                                     3-205

Merritt           Clark (Mrs.)                                3-177

Merritt           Otie C. (Mrs. Frank W.)                  23-Oct-79

Merriwether       Arthur (Mrs.)                               3-148

Merryman          Glenn (Mrs.)                                3-142

Mertes            Kathryn (Mrs. Ed)                         5-Oct-79

Merz              Lance Dean                               19-Aug-79

Messenger         Lester A. (Mrs.)                            3-106

Messner           Phillip E.                               11-Sep-79

Metcalf           Charles J. "Dick"                        12-Nov-79

Metcalf           Fae Sigmond                               9-Dec-79

Meter             Ben                                         3-163

Metz              Louis (Mrs.)                                Mar-41

Metz              Louis (Mrs.)                                Mar-43

Metzdorf          Rev. Eric O.                              9-Jul-79

Metzen            Ralph T.                                 18-Aug-79

Meuschke          Lester E.                                18-Oct-79

Meyer             Abe                                      16-Aug-79

Meyer             Carl H.                                   1-Aug-79

Meyer             Frederick (Mrs.)                            02-Mar

Meyer             Robert G.                                17-Oct-79

Meza              Doroteo Margarito S.                     29-Nov-79

Michener          George Samuel                            22-Oct-79

Michener          George Samuel                            25-Oct-79

Michener          Harriette Aurelia (Mrs. George S         28-Aug-79

Michlitsch        Martha M. Needham (Mrs. Leander)          4-Nov-79

Mickey            Pearl                                    12-Oct-79

Middendorf        Anna                                      4-Sep-79

Middendorf        Ejnar B., Jr.                               3-119

Middleton         Barbara C. (Mrs. Arthur)                 29-Oct-79

Middleton         Ray (Mrs.)                                  3-166

Mies              Matt (Mrs.)                                 Mar-90

Mikes             Katie Irene                                 Mar-36

Mikesell          Gary E.                                     3-235

Milam             Fannye Ruth (Mrs. H.B.)                  16-Dec-79

Miles             Edith M.                                 22-Dec-79

Miles             Major (Mrs.)                                Mar-69

Miles             Milo, Jr.                                   Mar-41

Miles             Paul (Mrs.)                                 Mar-86

Milhon            William R. "Bob"                          1-Oct-79

Millar            Robert S.                                   3-123

Millard           Hubert A.                                   Mar-88

Miller            Ava M.                                   21-Dec-79

Miller            Beulah H.                                23-Aug-79

Miller            Beulah H.                                26-Aug-79

Miller            Carl Victor                              18-Dec-79

Miller            Chalmers H. "Chink"                      19-Aug-79

Miller            Clara M. (Mrs. Harold E.)                16-Dec-79

Miller            Cleadus M.                               12-Oct-79

Miller            Curtis L.                                22-Jul-79

Miller            Donald W.                                 1-Jul-79

Miller            Earl                                     26-Nov-79

Miller            Earl D.                                   8-Aug-79

Miller            Earle R.                                    Mar-69

Miller            Edith Elma (Mrs. Robert)                  1-Dec-79

Miller            Effie Jane Pauline (Mrs. Frank)          15-Oct-79

Miller            Elmer W.                                 27-Nov-79

Miller            Flora B.                                 28-Dec-79

Miller            Frank H.                                 15-Aug-79

Miller            Frank J. (Mrs.)                             Mar-90

Miller            G. William "Bill"                         9-Oct-79

Miller            Gladys J. (Mrs. Karl)                     1-Dec-79

Miller            Hattie                                    5-Nov-79

Miller            Helen Elizabeth                          14-Oct-79

Miller            Herbert M.                               10-Aug-79

Miller            Homer A.                                    Mar-70

Miller            James A. (Mrs.)                             Mar-39

Miller            Joseph C. (Mrs.)                            3-202

Miller            Karl J. (Mrs.)                              Mar-37

Miller            Lee                                         Mar-46

Miller            Lester                                      3-184

Miller            Lorna L. (Mrs. Marvin)                    3-Nov-79

Miller            Lyla Jeanne (Mrs. William)               23-Nov-79

Miller            Margaret                                    3-197

Miller            Martin J.                                21-Jul-79

Miller            Mary "Kate" (Mrs. Owen)                  15-Dec-79

Miller            Marybelle (Mrs. John)                     8-Jul-79

Miller            Max (Mrs.)                                  3-127

Miller            Max H.                                   10-Sep-79

Miller            Melvin M.                                 4-Dec-79

Miller            Middleton S.                             23-Dec-79

Miller            Mildred A. (Mrs. Earl)                   12-Oct-79

Miller            Mollie (Mrs. Edward)                     26-Jul-79

Miller            Myrtle L.                                15-Jul-79

Miller            Pearl (Mrs. Nathaniel)                    8-Sep-79

Miller            Robert C.                                   23-Mar

Miller            Roscoe T.                                   07-Mar

Miller            Walter H.                                 7-Sep-79

Miller            William Dennis                           28-Dec-79

Miller            Willis R.                                27-Dec-79

Milleson          Anna R. (Mrs. Laurence)                   7-Nov-79

Millington        James H.                                 25-Sep-79

Mills             Alfred B.                                27-Sep-79

Mills             Delores Ann Link                         25-Dec-79

Mills             Edith B. "Milly" (Mrs. Charles D          7-Dec-79

Mills             Elsie                                     4-Jul-79

Mills             Grace A. (Mrs. William C.)               25-Jul-79

Mills             Laura Freeman (Mrs. Louis)               19-Dec-79

Mills             Maxine (Mrs. Arnold)                      7-Nov-79

Mills             Pamela Alane                             11-Jul-79

Mills             Pamela Alane                             12-Jul-79

Mills             Thomas (Mrs.)                               3-134

Millspaugh        Lawrence P.                              12-Sep-79

Milner            Theresia (Mrs. Calvin)                   12-Oct-79

Milroy            Nellie Goodwin (Mrs. Robert)             23-Dec-79

Miltner           Elmo F.                                  25-Jul-79

Miner             Charles M. (Mrs.)                           Mar-62

Miner             Mary Green                                6-Dec-79

Miner             Raymen L.                                   3-143

Minka             Nicholas C.                                 3-160

Minton            Billy (Mrs.)                                Mar-56

Misuns            Karlis                                   14-Aug-79

Mitchell          Bertha A.                                23-Aug-79

Mitchell          Bertha A.                                24-Aug-79

Mitchell          Carrie B.                                   Mar-53

Mitchell          E. Hubert                                   3-146

Mitchell          Elsie M. (Mrs. James L.)                  8-Oct-79

Mitchell          Emert E.                                  9-Oct-79

Mitchell          Howard (Mrs.)                               Mar-96

Mitchell          John B.                                  16-Dec-79

Mitchell          Joshua Lee                                7-Sep-79

Mitchell          Katherine L.                             21-Dec-79

Mitchell          Lester B.                                18-Oct-79

Mitchell          Otto Neal                                 9-Oct-79

Mitchell          John B.                                  18-Dec-79

Mize              Eldon H.                                    3-211

Mize              Forrest O.                               14-Dec-79

Mize              Katie S.                                    14-Mar

Mize              Lillian O.                                8-Oct-79

Moberly           W. H. (Mrs.)                                3-176

Mobley            Daisy C. (Mrs. Edward)                   30-Oct-79

Moddelmog         George (Mrs.)                               3-145

Moeder            Monsignor John M.                         8-Jul-79

Moeller           Walfred J. (Mrs.)                           09-Mar

Moffitt           George (Mrs.)                               3-171

Moffitt           George (Mrs.)                               3-174

Mogan             Carey D.                                 21-Aug-79

Mohesky           Mary Jo                                     25-Mar

Mohr              Esta L. (Mrs. Joe C.)                     8-Jul-79

Mohr              Fred W.                                     Mar-77

Moler             Elsie E. (Mrs. Samuel)                   15-Jul-79

Moler             James (Mrs.)                                Mar-58

Mollnow           Norbert G.                                  Mar-83

Molter            Steven                                      3-239

Molz              August W. (Mrs.)                            05-Mar

Monckton          Everett T.                                  3-232

Monk              James Micke                               1-Jul-79

Monroe            Ronald                                   30-Oct-79

Montgomery        Adrian D.                                   Mar-60

Montgomery        Alonzo                                      Mar-49

Montgomery        Errol                                     7-Oct-79

Montgomery        Henry M.                                    3-178

Montroy           Robert (Mrs.)                               3-188

Moody             Guy Doyne                                28-Oct-79

Moomey            Wilmer L.                                25-Nov-79

Moon              Henrietta P. (Mrs. Spence)               10-Sep-79

Moore             Charles William (Mrs.)                      3-130

Moore             Eva Mae (Mrs. Ben)                       10-Jul-79

Moore             Gene R.                                     3-154

Moore             Harold C.                                30-Aug-79

Moore             Jack Kenney                                 Mar-63

Moore             Joe (Mrs.)                                  3-104

Moore             Joey C.                                  10-Sep-79

Moore             John R.                                  25-Sep-79

Moore             Joseph F., Sr.                              15-Mar

Moore             Joseph Ross                                 18-Mar

Moore             Keith (Mrs.)                                3-172

Moore             Leland (Mrs.)                               Mar-83

Moore             Lora M.                                     3-182

Moore             Neva E. (Mrs. J. Everard)                 7-Sep-79

Moore             Norma D. (Mrs. Francis)                   4-Dec-79

Moore             Phillip R.                                  Mar-37

Moore             Ray I.                                   20-Dec-79

Moore             Renwick E.                               13-Aug-79

Moore             Robert                                   17-Dec-79

Moore             Robert A.                                   Mar-69

Moore             Ruth E.                                  31-Jul-79

Moore             Viola (Mrs. Harris)                      18-Jul-79

Moore             Virginia (Mrs. Gerald)                   17-Jul-79

Moore             Warren D.                                 9-Sep-79

Moorehouse        Clarence (Mrs.)                             3-174

Moran             Carl M.                                     Mar-67

Morarity          Thomas M.                                22-Aug-79

Moreen            Henrietta (Mrs. Phillip)                  5-Nov-79

Morehead          Gene (Mrs.)                                 Mar-75

Morehouse         Clyde                                    15-Aug-79

Moreland          Roy F.                                   14-Nov-79

Moreno            Raymond Lee                                 3-182

Morgan            Alice G. (Mrs. Kephart)                  21-Dec-79

Morgan            Clark R.                                 10-Oct-79

Morgan            Elizabeth A. (Mrs. George F.)             1-Oct-79

Morgan            Herbert E.                               23-Nov-79

Morgan            Herbert E.                               24-Nov-79

Morgan            James P.                                  8-Dec-79

Morgan            John T.                                     3-191

Morgan            Kevin William                            16-Dec-79

Morgan            Lena W. (Mrs. Maynard)                   16-Dec-79

Morgan            Lucille                                     18-Mar

Morgan            Robert C.                                22-Aug-79

Morgan            Tommy (Mrs.)                                3-215

Morgan            Wilma (Mrs. Maurice)                     16-Nov-79

Morisse           Otto (Mrs.)                                 3-160

Morlan            Zell Perry                               10-Sep-79

Morlock           Melvin O.                                10-Nov-79

Morris            Betty J.                                  1-Nov-79

Morris            Charles Hicks                            12-Nov-79

Morris            Claude N.                                   Mar-96

Morris            Dodd Lee                                  7-Dec-79

Morris            Don M.                                   21-Aug-79

Morris            Edward Oral                                 3-174

Morris            George Samuel                            20-Nov-79

Morris            John Henry                               11-Dec-79

Morris            V. Virginia (Mrs. John B.)               10-Oct-79

Morris            V. Virginia (Mrs. John B.)               11-Oct-79

Morrison          Elizabeth (Mrs. George)                   5-Sep-79

Morrison          Laura D. (Mrs. Clarence)                 20-Aug-79

Morrow            Frank                                       3-127

Morrow            Hiram D.                                 26-Oct-79

Morrow            Willa Dean (Mrs. Bill)                    8-Jul-79

Morse             Mildred B.                                  3-191

Morss             John Franklin                            23-Sep-79

Morton            Munson Lonnie                            21-Aug-79

Moseley           Perry Lee                                 8-Sep-79

Moser             Fred S.                                  16-Jul-79

Moses             Barbara                                  22-Sep-79

Moss              Harold                                    9-Sep-79

Moss              Lloyd (Mrs.)                                Mar-87

Moss              Miles (Mrs.)                                15-Mar

Moss              Richard                                     Mar-85

Moter             Pearl (Mrs. William)                     12-Jul-79

Mott              Glenn R.                                    Mar-63

Mott              James E. (Mrs.)                             Mar-36

Mounger           Henry                                    27-Dec-79

Mount             Buell W.                                 31-Aug-79

Moxham            Kimberly D.                                 3-214

Muchmore          Ethel Mae                                   3-178

Muckenthaler      Ed C. (Mrs.)                                3-167

Mueller           Matilda (Mrs. Henry)                     25-Oct-79

Mueller           Walter H.                                29-Jul-79

Mueller           Walter H., Sr.                           30-Jul-79

Mull              John F.                                  27-Nov-79

Mullen            Mattie (Mrs.)                               Mar-58

Mullendore        Charles W.                                  Mar-72

Muller            Gus J.                                   30-Nov-79

Mullin            Myrtle Elizabeth (Mrs. Alvin E.)          8-Jul-79

Mullin            Nellie (Mrs. Fred W.)                     2-Dec-79

Mullins           Radius C.                                 6-Dec-79

Mundell           Chales F. (Mrs.)                            Mar-48

Munn              Marvin L. "Bill"                         17-Oct-79

Munro             Fleeta C. (Mrs. C.F.)                     4-Jul-79

Munroe            Nellie Alice (Mrs. Alfred)                3-Nov-79

Munsell           Homer A.                                  6-Sep-79

Munson            Charles Edward                            8-Nov-79

Munson            Oza Eae (Mrs. Orson)                     21-Dec-79

Munson            Oza Mae                                  22-Dec-79

Munson            Paul Rex                                    3-225

Murdock           Ethel Mrie                                4-Oct-79

Murdock           Helen E. (Mrs. Curtis)                    7-Dec-79

Murguia           Louis P.                                 15-Jul-79

Murken            Walter J.                                 3-Sep-79

Murphy            Albert L.                                   3-208

Murphy            George J.                                30-Oct-79

Murphy            Mary (Mrs. Harry)                        18-Aug-79

Murray            Alma Jean "Bidd"                         10-Sep-79

Murray            C. Edward (Mrs.)                            Mar-66

Murray            Eva L.                                    1-Aug-79

Murrell           William G.                                7-Jul-79

Murrow            Hugh W.                                     3-185

Musgrove          Glen Clifton                             25-Dec-79

Mustard           Thomas D.                                   3-208

Myers             Barbara E.                               16-Oct-79

Myers             Cecil K.                                 12-Oct-79

Myers             Charles (Mrs.)                              3-130

Myers             Daphna (Mrs. Ralph)                      29-Aug-79

Myers             Elmer                                    20-Nov-79

Myers             Fanklin (Mrs.)                              Mar-54

Myers             Goldie N. (Mrs. Jesse)                    2-Aug-79

Myers             Jacob Preston                             4-Jul-79

Myers             Jerry (Mrs.)                                3-183

Myers             Jessie Lorena                            29-Dec-79

Myers             LeRoy J.                                 21-Aug-79

Myers             Mary E. (Mrs. Elmer)                     26-Aug-79

Myers             Mary Goldie (Mrs. Chester)                6-Sep-79

Myers             Mrs. Anna                                 5-Dec-79

Myers             Randy Dwayne                              2-Nov-79

Myers             Rosamond Kistler (Mrs. Ira)              28-Dec-79

Myers             Vannessa Joyce (Mrs. Robert)              8-Dec-79

Myers             William (Mrs.)                              Mar-39

Myres             Jess Albert                                 Mar-54

Nace              James G.                                    Mar-44

Nace              Maud (Mrs. Charles)                      26-Oct-79

Nagy              Bradley                                     3-175

Nagy              Brian                                       3-175

Nahoel            Ethel (Mrs. Tony)                        26-Dec-79

Najera            Raymundo (Mrs.)                             3-193

Nance             Trudy Ann (Mrs. Dennis)                  18-Jul-79

Nantkes           Wayne (Mrs.)                                Mar-93

Napier            Delno                                       Mar-85

Nash              Grace O. (Mrs. Newman C.)                 6-Aug-79

Nason             Maudie May (Mrs. Edward)                 18-Dec-79

Nath              Carl William                              1-Dec-79

Nation            Charles (Mrs.)                              3-220

Nattier           Maude (Mrs. Albert)                       6-Sep-79

Naus              Edna O. "Connie"                          6-Oct-79

Naus              Kenneth C.                                  15-Mar

Neal              Howard (Mrs.)                               3-192

Nearhood          Franklin                                 25-Nov-79

Nebelsick         Kenneth J.                                  3-146

Needham           Harlowe Ray                                 Mar-49

Neel              John (Mrs.)                                 3-200

Neeley            A. F. (Mrs.)                                Mar-53

Neely             Melvin E.                                 7-Sep-79

Neese             Della O.                                 23-Aug-79

Neff              Effie J. (Mrs. Thomas)                    3-Aug-79

Neher             Charles (Mrs.)                              Mar-33

Neidens           Ruben                                     9-Aug-79

Neidens           Ruben                                    10-Aug-79

Neill             Eliza M.                                 11-Jul-79

Neilsen           June (Mrs. Charles)                      26-Jul-79

Neiman            Mary Margaret (Mrs. Howard H.)           13-Aug-79

Nejdl             Fred C., Sr.                             14-Dec-79

Nelson            Augie (Mrs.)                                Mar-76

Nelson            Augie E.                                  9-Oct-79

Nelson            Howard Love                                 3-171

Nelson            J. Edward                                 7-Sep-79

Nelson            Lee G.                                      3-193

Nelson            Leola Mae                                   Mar-88

Nelson            Lucille V.                               11-Jul-79

Nelson            Melvin A.                                 9-Nov-79

Nelson            Melvin A.                                10-Nov-79

Nelson            Norman (Mrs.)                               3-137

Nelson            Paul R.                                  24-Aug-79

Nelson            Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-143

Nelson            Rev. Paul N.                             23-Nov-79

Nelson            Verlon L.                                22-Dec-79

Nelson            Walter A.                                   11-Mar

Nelson            Walter M.                                28-Sep-79

Nessley           Herbert (Mrs.)                              21-Mar

Neves             William A.                                9-Oct-79

Nevil             Matthew Lowell                           15-Aug-79

Neville           Valerie (Mrs. Dennis)                    23-Dec-79

New               Zoe Z. (Mrs. Samuel)                     24-Nov-79

Newberry          Clifford                                    3-205

Newby             Lenn H.                                  18-Aug-79

Newby             Ray Frank                                 7-Oct-79

Newcomer          Glenn (Mrs.)                                21-Mar

Newell            E. Raleigh                               25-Dec-79

Newell            Hubert O.                                 2-Aug-79

Newell            Minnie M. (Mrs. Logan)                    5-Dec-79

Newell            Roger K.                                    3-157

Newkirk           Dewey E.                                 16-Sep-79

Newlon            Rosa                                     26-Sep-79

Newman            John (Mrs.)                                 3-148

Newman            Virgil F.                                   3-114

Newsom            Trice H.                                 28-Nov-79

Newton            Clifford I.                                 3-102

Newton            John L.                                  15-Dec-79

Nguyen            Noi                                      15-Dec-79

Nguyen            Oanh                                        3-190

Niblack           Chester Ray                                 11-Mar

Nicholas          Essie (Mrs. Norman)                      28-Aug-79

Nicholas          Toni Michelle                            26-Aug-79

Nichols           Arnold A.                                   3-219

Nichols           J. C. (Mrs.)                                3-196

Nichols           Tom (Mrs.)                                  Mar-44

Nichols           Virgil M.                                 2-Oct-79

Nichols           Welcome H.                               26-Aug-79

Nicholson         George                                      3-119

Nicholson         Vivian W. (Mrs. Marvin E.)                3-Nov-79

Nickel            Daniel B.                                 3-Dec-79

Nickel            Frank B.                                    3-119

Nickel            Nelda L. (Mrs. John)                     27-Dec-79

Nickell           Mary L. (Mrs. Elmer)                      5-Aug-79

Nickels           Wayne (Mrs.)                                3-225

Nickerson         Geneva (Mrs. Vester)                      4-Oct-79

Nielson           Catherine (Mrs. Hans P.)                  2-Nov-79

Niernberger       Dr. E.A.                                 19-Jul-79

Nies              Christina (Mrs. John)                     1-Aug-79

Nighswonger       Perry (Mrs.)                                Mar-48

Nightengale       R. A.                                       3-156

Nihiser           Oscar                                    24-Jul-79

Nikkel            Wayne L.                                    3-155

Nimmo             Margaret (Mrs. Theodore)                 16-Nov-79

Nims              Ellen (Mrs. Gene)                        14-Nov-79

Nisbet            Martin O.                                18-Nov-79

Nistler           John E.                                   5-Jul-79

Nixon             Cethas C.                                   24-Mar

Nixon             Ellis H. "Buck"                          28-Oct-79

Nixon             Ralph A.                                 17-Jul-79

Noakes            Glenn R.                                  9-Sep-79

Noble             Albert (Mrs.)                               3-224

Noble             Elmer B.                                    Mar-86

Noble             George E.                                17-Aug-79

Noble             George E.                                27-Aug-79

Noel              Marvin D.                                23-Sep-79

Noggle            Arthur W.                                21-Oct-79

Noland            Rossia B. (Mrs. Egbert)                   3-Dec-79

Noll              Sherwood "Jack"                          23-Jul-79

Nooney            Everett D.                               18-Nov-79

Nordstrom         Cecil E.                                 12-Oct-79

Norman            Edward H.                                12-Nov-79

Norman            Edward H.                                13-Nov-79

Norman            Floys (Mrs.)                                3-131

Norris            Emma L. (Mrs. Alexander)                 11-Sep-79

Norris            Eugene Sherman                            2-Oct-79

Norris            Milo M.                                   4-Nov-79

Norris            Peggy Jo (Mrs. Gerald L.)                 4-Aug-79

Norris            Rebecca West                                Mar-67

Norsworthy        R.M.                                     18-Dec-79

Northcutt         Tom L. (Mrs.)                               3-195

Norton            Larry K.                                    3-239

Nottingham        Johnny                                      Mar-44

Novak             John E.                                     3-211

Novak             John Fred                                   18-Mar

Novak             Mary K. (Mrs. Frank)                     29-Jul-79

Novotny           Violet Evelyn (Mrs. R.R.)                29-Dec-79

Nowell            Glen R.                                   4-Oct-79

Noyce             Harold A.                                   3-193

Noyes             Ralph, Sr.                                7-Jul-79

Nulik             Agnes                                       13-Mar

Nuss              H. E.                                       3-233

Nuss              Paul                                     14-Oct-79

Nusser            John K.                                  26-Oct-79

Nusz              Henry J.                                    31-Mar

Nutt              William Odell                            28-Aug-79

Nutter            Ada Grace                                16-Jul-79

Nyberg            Miriam Louise (Mrs. Walter C.)           10-Sep-79

Nyberg            Miriam Louise (Mrs. Walter C.)           11-Sep-79

Oakes             Elwood William                           14-Aug-79

Oaulson           Emmett (Mrs.)                               3-211

Obenhaus          Ervin H.                                 20-Nov-79

Oberst            Albert E.                                15-Dec-79

Obodonski         Stanley (Mrs.)                              3-152

O'Brien           Margaret (Mrs. Fred)                      1-Aug-79

O'Brien           Ruth Ann "Pat"                           12-Aug-79

O'Bryan           Elmer (Mrs.)                                3-206

O'Bryan           Iola Mae (Mrs. Earl)                     24-Oct-79

O'Bryan           Terry Lee                                   3-103

Ocker             Earle (Mrs.)                                Mar-36

Ocker             Earle (Mrs.)                                Mar-88

Ocker             Gladys L.                                19-Jul-79

O'Connell         Ruby Lee                                 30-Sep-79

O'Connor          James L. (Mrs.)                             3-101

O'Connor          Johanna                                     3-148

O'Connor          Lawrence S. (Mrs.)                          3-214

O'Connor          Lawrence S. (Mrs.)                          3-215

O'Dell            Jack Duane                               30-Oct-79

Oden              Cassy Lou                                   3-144

Oder              Bessie Sarah (Mrs. L.B.)                 10-Dec-79

Offord            Burl                                        3-213

Ogden             Harley (Mrs.)                               3-227

Ogle              Horace (Mrs.)                               3-188

Ogle              Horace (Mrs.)                               3-189

Ogletree          Earl L.                                   9-Dec-79

Ogletree          Earl L.                                  10-Dec-79

Ogren             John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-40

O'Hara            Hazel E. (Mrs. Carl)                     14-Dec-79

Ohl               Leo J. (Mrs.)                               Mar-41

Ojers             Harry S.                                  4-Nov-79

Ojile             John                                     27-Jul-79

O'Keefe           Terry                                     7-Oct-79

Olberding         Charles                                  18-Sep-79

Olden             Chauncey                                  1-Aug-79

Olden             Monica L.                                   3-203

Olds              A. Dean                                  25-Dec-79

Olenberger        Edward S.                                18-Jul-79

Oles              Beverly J. (Mrs. Herman F.)              30-Aug-79

Oliphant          Jesse Ryan                                8-Jul-79

Oliver            Jane Imogene (Mrs. Clyde R.)             20-Oct-79

Oliver            Moses F.                                    3-178

Oliver            Nina R. (Mrs. Robert O.)                 18-Oct-79

Oliverius         Frank A.                                    3-157

Olivier           Dan F.                                   29-Dec-79

Olivier           Leona (Mrs. Eugene)                       9-Oct-79

Olivier           Margaret K. (Mrs. Dan)                   23-Nov-79

Ollek             Richard E.                               25-Aug-79

Ollek             Ruby (Mrs. August)                       11-Dec-79

Olson             Clell                                    21-Dec-79

Olson             Frances C. (Mrs. Ole)                    23-Sep-79

Olson             Mildred I. (Mrs. Oscar)                  12-Sep-79

Olson             Nels A.                                  29-Sep-79

Olson             Ray Leo                                   6-Jul-79

Olson             Wanda (Mrs. Lennart)                     18-Nov-79

Oltjen            Henry (Mrs.)                                3-138

O'Millian         William J.                               25-Sep-79

O'Neal            Byron E.                                    02-Mar

O'Neal            Hazel (Mrs. George)                      25-Nov-79

O'Neal            John L.                                   6-Jul-79

O'Neal            William Gerald                           12-Dec-79

O'Neill           Jesse Joseph                             20-Jul-79

O'Neill           Nora                                     19-Oct-79

Opdycke           Harold R.                                 2-Dec-79

Opperman          Charles H.                                5-Oct-79

Oram              Opal J. (Mrs. Samual)                    24-Sep-79

O'Reilly          Paul Richard                             30-Sep-79

Orf               Bertha Lilly (Mrs. Harold)               16-Sep-79

Orindgreff        Charles David                               3-212

Ornduff           Guy (Mrs.)                                  3-205

Ornelas           Manuel E.                                30-Oct-79

O'Rourke          Patrick                                   8-Oct-79

O'Rourke          Patrick                                   9-Oct-79

O'Rourke, Jr.     Albert James                              1-Jul-79

Orr               Garland E. (Mrs. Albert)                  5-Oct-79

Orr               Grayson                                  29-Oct-79

Orr               William G.                                  Mar-68

Orth              G. W. (Mrs.)                                Mar-91

Orth              Glenn H.                                    3-107

Orth              Joseph P.                                 2-Sep-79

Ortiz             Tirso (Mrs.)                                01-Mar

Ortmann           Carl J.                                  20-Nov-79

Osborn            CArol (Mrs.)                                3-226

Osborn            Lizzie (Mrs. Ernest)                     13-Dec-79

Osborne           Augrey M.                                   Mar-96

Osborne           George (Mrs.)                               3-198

Osborne           George W.                                 1-Jul-79

Osburn            Ora Dean                                    3-173

Osburn            Roy W.                                      Mar-65

Oshlo             Lucille (Mrs. George)                    13-Jul-79

Oster             Peter John                                  3-179

Ostlind           Mabel I. (Mrs. Dan)                      31-Jul-79

Ostrander         Opal Y.                                  22-Aug-79

Ott               Carlyn L.                                28-Nov-79

Ott               F. Lewis                                    3-140

Ottman            Nolan F.                                  6-Nov-79

Ourada            Edward J.                                28-Nov-79

Overman           William G.                               30-Sep-79

Overstake         Jay (Mrs.)                                  Mar-68

Overstreet        Creigh (Mrs.)                               Mar-84

Overton           Arlie E.                                    3-101

Overton           Blanche E.                                6-Dec-79

Owen              Harry L. (Mrs.)                             Mar-38

Owens             Blanche M. (Mrs. Clarence)               13-Dec-79

Owens             Clarence M.                                 3-100

Owens             David (Mrs.)                                3-182

Owens             Lewis B.                                 22-Dec-79

Owens             Loren (Mrs.)                                Mar-43

Owens             Robert C.                                20-Aug-79

Owsley            Perry L.                                    3-220

Oyler             Jesse R.                                 19-Aug-79

Oyler             Raymond P.                                  Mar-62

Pace              Clifford                                 23-Nov-79

Paden             Ella (Mrs. Merritt)                      30-Dec-79

Padgett           Arthur R., Sr.                              06-Mar

Padgett           Sam (Mrs.)                                  16-Mar

Page              Clarence M.                              21-Dec-79

Pagenkopf         Ed (Mrs.)                                   3-187

Pallett           Loren A.                                  9-Sep-79

Palma             Sally (Mrs. Fred)                        13-Jul-79

Palmer            Etalee W. (Mrs. Orian)                    5-Aug-79

Palmer            Hollis L.                                   3-224

Palmer            James                                       09-Mar

Palmer            Jimmie Lee                                5-Oct-79

Palmer            Rex L.                                      3-157

Palmer            Rita E. (Mrs. E. E.)                     26-Sep-79

Palmitier         Lee A.                                   24-Nov-79

Palmquist         Anna (Mrs. George)                       23-Oct-79

Paltanavage       Vincent A.                                  3-226

Panning           Louise (Mrs. Edward)                     23-Jul-79

Pappan            Pearlie K.                               30-Sep-79

Pappas            Ethel Gertrude (Mrs. George)             30-Dec-79

Parcel            Frank E.                                    3-204

Parker            Elmo D.                                   1-Dec-79

Parker            Gerald (Mrs.)                               Mar-84

Parker            Ida L. (Mrs. Arthur)                     28-Aug-79

Parker            Louis (Mrs.)                                3-221

Parker            Neita W. (Mrs. Ervin)                     9-Dec-79

Parker            W. E. (Mrs.)                                3-139

Parker            Wesley Eugene                            19-Dec-79

Parker            Wesley Eugene                            20-Dec-79

Parker            William Earl                                3-218

Parker            Winifred (Mrs. William)                   5-Jul-79

Parks             Dan John                                    Mar-58

Parks             James (mrs.)                                3-103

Parks             Ollie (Mrs.)                                3-151

Parks             Orville (Mrs.)                              3-236

Parks             Phillip H.                               28-Nov-79

Parmele           William (Mrs.)                              Mar-75

Parnell           Mattie Jones (Mrs. Richard)              18-Sep-79

Parnell           Ray D.                                   20-Sep-79

Parr              J. Andrew "Andy"                         21-Sep-79

Parret            Rosa E. (Mrs. James)                     22-Nov-79

Parrish            A. G.                                      Mar-73

Parrish           E. Osie (Mrs.)                              19-Mar

Parrish           Thomas L.                                   Mar-65

Parsons           Charles                                  29-Jul-79

Parsons           Ella (Mrs. Leslie)                       17-Jul-79

Parsons           Estelle                                  26-Aug-79

Parsons           William H.                                1-Oct-79

Partridge         S. L.                                       3-149

Pasquil           Simeona (Mrs. Cornelio)                   4-Dec-79

Passmore          Dick J.                                   2-Dec-79

Passmore          Steve                                    17-Nov-79

Patchin           Herbert L.                                  3-145

Pate              Benjamin                                 22-Sep-79

Paton             David                                    27-Jul-79

Patrick           Betty (Mrs. Harold M.)                   21-Aug-79

Patry             Gary W.                                   3-Sep-79

Patterson         Carl F.                                   5-Jul-79

Patterson         Charles O.                               25-Dec-79

Patterson         Clive M.                                 27-Jul-79

Patterson         Glenn (Mrs.)                                3-189

Patterson         Harry P., Sr.                            19-Nov-79

Patterson         Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-199

Patterson         Thelma M. (Mrs. James)                   10-Aug-79

Patterson         W. A. (Mrs.)                                22-Mar

Patton            Earl C. (Mrs.)                              3-142

Patton            James W.                                 16-Sep-79

Patton            Rev. Dwight Lyman                        27-Aug-79

Paul              Charles W.                               31-Aug-79

Paul              Ethel O.                                    3-195

Paul              Harris                                      3-171

Paul              Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-153

Payan             Carri Lynn                               20-Nov-79

Payne             Clyde A., Jr.                               3-112

Payne             Esther Pearl (Mrs. R.B.)                 20-Nov-79

Payne             George S.                                   3-105

Payne             Grace (Mrs. Ivan)                         1-Jul-79

Payne             Keith Walter                              3-Jul-79

Payne             Muriel (Mrs. Fred)                       21-Jul-79

Payne             Olive E. (Mrs. Emery)                    25-Jul-79

Payne             Richard J. (Rev.)                           Mar-37

Payne             Walter V.                                   3-168

Paynter           Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Charles R.)           25-Nov-79

Payton            Kay Newton                               30-Aug-79

Payton            Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-181

Peace             Codova M.                                 2-Jul-79

Peace             Cordova M.                                5-Jul-79

Peachey           Medina G. (Mrs. Dewitt)                   7-Dec-79

Peacock           Laurance A.                               8-Oct-79

Peacock           Laurence A.                               7-Oct-79

Peacock           Loyd E.                                   4-Oct-79

Peacock           Wilbur Scott                             11-Jul-79

Peaney            Magdalena M. "Maggie" (Mrs. Robe          8-Dec-79

Pearce            Fannie B. (Mrs. Cecil)                   18-Aug-79

Pearson           Antha B. (Mrs. William)                   9-Aug-79

Peck              Charlotte (Mrs. William A.)              19-Jul-79

Peck              Charlotte (Mrs. William A.)              20-Jul-79

Peck              Clayton (Mrs.)                              3-171

Peck              Wilbur (Mrs.)                               3-194

Peel              Charley A.                               29-Nov-79

Peitz             Brandy Lynn                              18-Aug-79

Peitz             Ruth M. (Mrs. Herman J.)                 13-Sep-79

Pelsma            Alice (Mrs. John)                        15-Oct-79

Peltzer           Elizabeth Ann                             9-Oct-79

Pemberton         Lee E.                                   17-Oct-79

Pendergraft       Jack M.                                  25-Aug-79

Pendergraft       James H.                                    3-218

Pendergraft       Ollie Marcus (Mrs. James H.)             12-Oct-79

Penn              George William                              3-234

Penner            Peter C.                                 22-Jul-79

Pennington        Ava E. (Mrs.)                               05-Mar

Pennington        Benjamin C.                               5-Nov-79

Pennington        Edra Robinson                            12-Jul-79

Pennington        Elmer W.                                    Mar-34

Pennington        Lowell (Mrs.)                               Mar-51

Pennington        Monte William                             9-Aug-79

Pennington        Monte William                            10-Aug-79

Penny             Clark T.                                    Mar-85

Penrod            Nabel O.                                    3-151

Penry             Susie (Mrs. Francis)                      1-Jul-79

Pentecost         Helen M. (Mrs. L.L. "Dutch")             12-Oct-79

Penwell           H. Neil                                  12-Aug-79

Penzler           Lester F., Sr.                              Mar-50

Peoples           Marie                                    15-Nov-79

Peoples           Marie B. (Mrs. Marion)                   14-Nov-79

Percifiled        Charles Kenneth                             3-240

Pereira           Joseph A.                                20-Dec-79

Perera            Edna (Mrs. Ray)                          24-Jul-79

Perish            Arthur W.                                   Mar-58

Perkins           Leonard Lee                              28-Nov-79

Perkins           Minnie M. (Mrs. Ivan)                    31-Oct-79

Perkins           William F.                               20-Oct-79

Perry             Charles Henry                               3-215

Perry             Earnest (Mrs.)                              3-140

Perry             Marie Anna (Mrs. Willie)                 29-Jul-79

Perry             Raymond Eldorus                          11-Dec-79

Pesek             Katherine                                11-Jul-79

Peterman          Etta (Mrs. Otto)                         28-Aug-79

Peters            Bertrand Uriah                           29-Sep-79

Peters            Boniface A.                                 3-210

Peters            Dr. Edward A.                            15-Nov-79

Peters            Monroe David (Mrs.)                         3-190

Peters            Philip L. "Pete"                         27-Sep-79

Peters            Philip L. "Pete"                         28-Sep-79

Peters            Robert L.                                18-Jul-79

Peters            Sister M. Matilda                        22-Aug-79

Petersen          Frank Roy                                 4-Oct-79

Petersen          Fred H.                                  20-Oct-79

Petersen          Thomas H.                                 9-Sep-79

Peterson          Clarence L.                               7-Sep-79

Peterson          E. H. (Mrs.)                                3-223

Peterson          Edwin E.                                 24-Oct-79

Peterson          Emory R.                                  4-Oct-79

Peterson          John K.                                   1-Aug-79

Peterson          Laura Belle (Mrs. Emory)                 22-Dec-79

Peterson          Leota M. (Mrs. Virgil)                   10-Sep-79

Peterson          Richard H.                               30-Aug-79

Peterson          Teckla V. (Mrs. Reuben)                   5-Oct-79

Petford           John J.                                     3-159

Petitt            Leonard Lee                               2-Dec-79

Petker            Robert Allen                             27-Nov-79

Petrowsky         Anna (Mrs. Arndt)                         6-Nov-79

Pettigrew         Mabel Theta (Mrs. Charles, Jr.)          11-Dec-79

Pettigrew         R. D. (Mrs.)                                3-145

Pettit            Evelyn E. (Mrs. Cassius)                 31-Jul-79

Peyton            Jess (Mrs.)                                 Mar-95

Pfautz            Cecil E.                                    3-240

Pfenninger        Nora (Mrs. Howard)                       15-Jul-79

Pfitzinger        Bill                                        Mar-60

Pfluger           Edwin (Mrs.)                                3-120

Pfrehm            William E.                                  3-200

Pfund             Milton R.                                28-Jul-79

Phalen            Osborne C.                               21-Aug-79

Phenneger         Andrew                                      3-168

Phillips          Corintha M.E. (Mrs. Herman)               1-Jul-79

Phillips          Earl Victor                               1-Aug-79

Phillips          Edward (Mrs.)                               Mar-46

Phillips          Ellis G.                                    3-235

Phillips          Jane L. (Mrs. Charles)                   26-Aug-79

Phillips          Johnnie W.                                1-Nov-79

Phillips          Lee, Jr.                                 27-Jul-79

Phillips          Madeline W.                                 3-187

Phillips          Minnie M. (Mrs. Samuel)                   3-Aug-79

Phillips          Pearl J. (Mrs. Walter)                   24-Aug-79

Phillips          Virginia Lee (Mrs. Frank R.)              9-Nov-79

Phillips          William S. (Mrs.)                           3-186

Piatt             Russell (Mrs.)                              3-225

Pickerill         Floy Pearl (Mrs. Carl Lee)               29-Jul-79

Pickering         J. Ira                                    9-Nov-79

Pickrell          Ronald D.                                29-Sep-79

Picolet           Anna (Mrs. Antoine)                       3-Dec-79

Pierce            Dayton D., Sr.                              3-121

Pierce            Fred                                     13-Nov-79

Pierce            Howard K.                                   3-196

Pierce            Howard K.                                   3-198

Pierce            Jim (Mrs.)                                  23-Mar

Pierce            Robert David                              6-Jul-79

Piersall          Chester (Mrs.)                              3-136

Pierson           Elmo C.                                   1-Oct-79

Pierson           Jack (Mrs.)                                 05-Mar

Pike              A. H. (Mrs.)                                3-171

Pike              Rosalie (Mrs. Charles)                   24-Sep-79

Pilkington        Gertrude F. (Mrs. Leroy)                  7-Aug-79

Pilkington        Harry H.                                 16-Nov-79

Pinaire           Marion B. "Bill"                         12-Jul-79

Piner             Dr. Pressley M.                           9-Aug-79

Pink              Louis (Mrs.)                                03-Mar

Pinkerton         Jason R.                                 19-Jul-79

Pinnecker         Oral (Mrs.)                                 3-215

Pinnell           George D.                                14-Dec-79

Piper             James J.                                    3-212

Piper             Raymond L.                                9-Aug-79

Pipkin            May L. (Mrs. Con)                        19-Aug-79

Pipkin            Ruth R. (Mrs. Herbert)                    8-Dec-79

Pippig            Hazel (Mrs. Herbert)                     29-Nov-79

Pippin            Clarice Kathleen Wells (Mrs. Ira          5-Nov-79

Pippin            Robert Gene                               3-Dec-79

Pippin            Robert Gene                               4-Dec-79

Pirtle            Hester A. (Mrs. Harvey B.)               19-Nov-79

Pirtle            Martha                                   17-Aug-79

Pitt              Alexander (Mrs.)                            3-173

Pitts             Eldon W.                                    3-137

Pitts             Hattie M. (Mrs. Robert)                  27-Oct-79

Pitts             Howard C.                                21-Oct-79

Pitts             Lester (Mrs.)                               3-230

Pizzo             Charles P.                               14-Oct-79

Place             Anna Marie (Mrs. George)                 27-Nov-79

Platt             Grace (Mrs. Bert)                        19-Dec-79

Ploughe           Dr. Joseph                               20-Sep-79

Plummer           Jesse S., Jr.                               06-Mar

Plute             Stephen Ray                              28-Aug-79

Podschun          Henry Norman                             17-Sep-79

Poe               Charles Merle                             6-Jul-79

Poland            Bessie L. (Mrs. Pinkney)                 24-Sep-79

Poland            Helen E. (Mrs. Walter)                    6-Nov-79

Poland            Nell J. (Mrs. Budd)                      20-Sep-79

Polk              Francis (Mrs.)                              Mar-43

Polk              Harriett E. (Mrs. Charles)               30-Dec-79

Pollock           Emma C. (Mrs. Will)                      29-Nov-79

Pollock           Jim (Mrs.)                                  3-187

Pomery            Norma Jean                                  Mar-95

Pomrenke          Doris (Mrs. Carl)                        14-Dec-79

Pooney            Kern T.                                     3-143

Poos              Herman F. (Mrs.)                            3-162

Pope              Jeramy                                   26-Aug-79

Pope              Rev. Elmer E., Sr.                       27-Oct-79

Pope              Tolbert Dwane                            21-Dec-79

Popejoy           Elizabeth (Mrs. A.W.)                    18-Aug-79

Popp              Garold                                      08-Mar

Popp              Louis                                       3-185

Portenier         Nicholas John                               Mar-66

Porter            Charles E.                               21-Sep-79

Porter            Gerald (Mrs.)                               Mar-68

Porter            Hobart                                   20-Jul-79

Porter            William Francis                             3-214

Porterfield       Margaret E. (Mrs. Frank)                 23-Sep-79

Poschen           Francis M.                               20-Jul-79

Posey             Eva M. (Mrs. Paul)                        1-Dec-79

Posey             Walter A.                                28-Sep-79

Post              Frank Lloyd                                 3-122

Postlethwaite     Charles Walter                            7-Aug-79

Postlethwaite     Charles Walter                            8-Aug-79

Poston            Irene (Mrs. Albert)                      24-Jul-79

Potter            Christine F. (Mrs. Leroy)                13-Jul-79

Potter            Lloyd E.                                    Mar-58

Pottorff          Geraldine (Mrs. George)                  27-Dec-79

Pottorff          Harry F.                                 25-Oct-79

Potts             Clarice N. (Mrs. Benton)                 21-Aug-79

Potts             Floyd C.                                    11-Mar

Potts             Mattie (Mrs. Gene)                        9-Dec-79

Potwin            G. R. (Mrs.)                                3-121

Pouncey           Emmett Edwin                             26-Aug-79

Pouncil           Agnes (Mrs. Avana)                       16-Dec-79

Pound             Catherine "Kay" (Mrs. Don)                5-Jul-79

Pounds            Opal K.                                  22-Nov-79

Povenmire         Frank A.                                 21-Jul-79

Powell            Gregory Lloyd                               Mar-54

Powell            Harry H. (Mrs.)                             Mar-60

Powell            John                                     11-Aug-79

Powell            John S.                                  10-Aug-79

Powell            Katheryn A. (Mrs. Frank)                 24-Dec-79

Powell            Lester Amos                              25-Sep-79

Powell            Lorene M. (Mrs. Dale)                    24-Nov-79

Powell            Noah "Buck"                               8-Oct-79

Powell            Pansy M. (Mrs. John)                     21-Sep-79

Powell            Wilbur (Mrs.)                               3-219

Powers            Arthur A.                                   3-204

Powers            Dale (Mrs.)                                 3-166

Poyner            Elsie Pearl (Mrs. Leo)                   25-Jul-79

Pracht            Henry R.                                 27-Jul-79

Pracht            Louis J., Jr.                            24-Dec-79

Prater            Daniel R.                                 9-Oct-79

Prater            Roberta E. (Mrs. Gayle)                   8-Aug-79

Prather           John E.                                     3-143

Prather           W.G. "Bill"                               9-Sep-79

Pratt             George William                              3-129

Pratt             Helen L.                                  2-Aug-79

Pratt             Lena Mae (Mrs. Elmer)                    24-Jul-79

Pratt             Mabel T. (Mrs. Charles)                  14-Dec-79

Pratt             Pauline (Mrs. George)                    12-Nov-79

Pray              George W.                                28-Oct-79

Prechal           Louis (Mrs.)                                3-160

Prentice          Ray B. (Mrs.)                               Mar-69

Preston           Rodney (Mrs.)                               Mar-98

Prewitt           George R.                                   3-181

Price             Charles Walter                              3-186

Price             Homer                                    14-Dec-79

Price             Josephine (Mrs. Jess)                     2-Jul-79

Price             Manning                                     3-118

Price             R. K.                                       3-215

Price             Rex W.                                   16-Sep-79

Price             Robert M.                                   3-148

Price             Velvest Wyman                            15-Dec-79

Prideaux          Jolene K.                                28-Nov-79

Prine             John (Mrs.)                                 3-131

Pringle           Jean K. (Mrs. James F.)                   4-Nov-79

Prochaska         Jerry                                    30-Aug-79

Prock             Fern (Mrs. Elmer)                         9-Jul-79

Proctor           Carroll C.                                1-Nov-79

Proctor           Earl H. (Mrs.)                              3-221

Proctor           William L. (Mrs.)                           Mar-38

Proffitt          Jimmy D.                                    3-127

Propp             Benjamin P.                               7-Jul-79

Propps            Tom (Mrs.)                                  3-207

Prouse            Billie Gene                               6-Sep-79

Pruitt            Dorothy V. (Mrs. Alfred)                  2-Jul-79

Pryor             Delila W. (Mrs. Irvin L.)                 7-Jul-79

Pryor             L.C. "Bud"                               28-Aug-79

Pryor             M.F. "Hap"                               28-Oct-79

Ptyor             Florence E.                                 3-104

Puckett           Claude W.                                22-Oct-79

Pudden            Ruth (Mrs. Leo)                          23-Aug-79

Puetz             Ben J.                                   26-Jul-79

Puetz             Ben J.                                   27-Jul-79

Puetz             Bertha A.                                23-Jul-79

Pulaski           W.S. "Bill"                              15-Dec-79

Puls              Max L.                                      3-204

Puls              Max L.                                      3-206

Puls              Myrtle (Mrs. Henry)                      30-Jul-79

Puls              Myrtle (Mrs. Henry)                      31-Jul-79

Puls              Ted (Mrs.)                                  3-178

Purcell           Ruth M. (Mrs. John)                       5-Aug-79

Purdy             Hazel (Mrs. George)                      28-Nov-79

Pursell           Henry Franklin                           24-Aug-79

Pursselley        Pauline M. (Mrs. Woody)                  14-Nov-79

Purves            Robert                                      11-Mar

Quaney            Lawrence F., Sr.                            23-Mar

Queen             George (Mrs.)                               3-118

Quick             Edward Mathews "Teddy"                   25-Dec-79

Quigley           Madge                                     4-Jul-79

Quimby            Joseph H.                                28-Sep-79

Quinley           Olen P.                                     3-142

Quinn             Edwin T.                                 21-Sep-79

Quinn             Julia C.                                  1-Sep-79

Quirin            Mattie E. (Mrs. Phillip)                  2-Oct-79

Quiring           Florence R. (Mrs. Prentice)               7-Nov-79

Quiring           Orville K.                                8-Aug-79

Rabourn           G. Merritt                                  3-222

Radcliff          Daniel B.                                   Mar-67

Radcliff          Elmo L.                                  17-Jul-79

Radcliffe         Maxine F. (Mrs. Charles)                  8-Aug-79

Rademacher        Zetta L. (Mrs. Ernest)                   19-Dec-79

Rader             Dale (Mrs.)                                 3-125

Rader             Kirk J.                                  25-Nov-79

Radke             Esther Ruth (Mrs. Otto)                   1-Jul-79

Radke             Harvey                                      21-Mar

Radtke            Margaret B.                              11-Oct-79

Ragan             Matilda A. (Mrs. Dolph)                  11-Dec-79

Ragland           C. Maxine                                24-Oct-79

Rains             Cecil C.                                    Mar-72

Rains             Robert Lee                               19-Dec-79

Rairden           Jean N.                                     3-167

Ralston           Ed                                       28-Dec-79

Ralston           Ralph Olin                               28-Jul-79

Rambo             Mary I. (Mrs. Warren)                    20-Sep-79

Ramey             Hazel I. (Mrs. F.O.)                     18-Aug-79

Ramey             Hazel I. (Mrs. F.O.)                     19-Aug-79

Ramey             Helene L.                                20-Sep-79

Ramirez           Juan A.                                  24-Aug-79

Ramsay            Marie I.                                    Mar-56

Ramsay            Walter D.                                18-Dec-79

Ramsey            Chester T.                                  3-171

Ramsey            Fredric W.                               15-Jul-79

Ramsey            Mary A. (Mrs. Austin)                    22-Jul-79

Ramsey            Preston H. (Mrs.)                           Mar-32

Ramsey            Wanda Lynn (Mrs. Robert L.)               5-Aug-79

Randall           Dionicio A.                               1-Aug-79

Randall           Herbert E.                               20-Oct-79

Randall           William A.                                  3-113

Rankin            H. R. (Mrs.)                                3-222

Rankin            Max (Mrs.)                                  3-122

Rankin            Max (Mrs.)                                  3-124

Rankin            Myrtle E. (Mrs. Ira)                      5-Oct-79

Rankin            Ted N.                                   24-Sep-79

Ransone           Minnie J.                                   3-197

Rapp              Jacob Conrad                             24-Nov-79

Rassette          Louis N.                                 21-Jul-79

Ratcliff          Nuel N. (Mrs.)                              3-141

Ratcliffe         Thomas W.                                27-Sep-79

Ratcliffe         Thomas W.                                28-Sep-79

Rate              Dr. Robert G.                            27-Oct-79

Rate              Dr. Robert G.                            28-Oct-79

Ratliff           Floyd L.                                 31-Aug-79

Ratts             Von                                       7-Jul-79

Ratzlaff          Herman George                             1-Oct-79

Ratzlaff          Margaret L. (Mrs. Raymond)               19-Jul-79

Ratzlaff          Margaret L. (Mrs. Raymond)               20-Jul-79

Rauckman          William G.                               23-Jul-79

Rausch            Frances L. (Mrs. Leo)                    26-Jul-79

Rausch            Heather J.                                4-Dec-79

Rausch            Jeffery Allen                               3-110

Rausch            Louise (Mrs. Peter)                      30-Dec-79

Ravenstien        Wilmer "Red"                             20-Dec-79

Rawlins           Leona (Mrs. Ben)                         24-Oct-79

Ray               Cloie H.                                 23-Oct-79

Ray               Cloie H. Revells                         21-Oct-79

Ray               Foster Earl (Mrs.)                          3-175

Ray               Harry (Mrs.)                                3-163

Ray               Howard William                              Mar-67

Ray               Nancy Lee                                12-Aug-79

Rayborn           Minnie (Mrs. Orville)                    24-Sep-79

Raymond           Ernest O.                                 5-Oct-79

Razook            Imell M.                                    3-186

Rea               O. Opal (Mrs. Rollin)                     5-Sep-79

Rea               Opal (Mrs. Rollin)                        6-Sep-79

Read              Franc L. (Mrs. Frank)                     2-Dec-79

Real              Gertrude                                 27-Dec-79

Real              Gertrude                                 28-Dec-79

Ream              Arnold (Mrs.)                               3-109

Reams             Arthur D.                                28-Oct-79

Reaugh            Clarence M.                              19-Aug-79

Rebein            Matilda M. (Mrs. Tony)                   28-Aug-79

Recob             Paul O.                                  12-Dec-79

Recob             Paul R.                                  11-Dec-79

Rector            Cecil C.                                 21-Nov-79

Rector            Cecil C.                                 24-Nov-79

Redden            Clarence A.                              19-Dec-79

Reddick           Mary Alice (Mrs. Clyde)                   7-Aug-79

Rediker           Josie J. (Mrs. HarryP                    28-Aug-79

Redington         Hazel M. (Mrs. Daniel)                   21-Aug-79

Redmond           Anna (Mrs. Owen)                          3-Nov-79

Reed              Clemons (Mrs.)                              Mar-86

Reed              Clemons (Mrs.)                              Mar-88

Reed              Dale Y.                                     Mar-79

Reed              Dale Y.                                     Mar-81

Reed              Edith E. (Mrs. Tom)                      27-Nov-79

Reed              Marian (Mrs. William O.)                 17-Jul-79

Reed              Marian (Mrs. William O.)                 18-Jul-79

Reed              Tamara Alicia                            19-Dec-79

Reed              Tom J.                                   16-Dec-79

Reed              Walter "Jabo"                            31-Jul-79

Reed              Walter "Jabo"                             1-Aug-79

Reeder            Charles I.                               19-Nov-79

Reeder            Edith C.                                 22-Nov-79

Reese             Helen R. (Mrs. Fred R.)                  23-Sep-79

Reese             Martin                                   17-Aug-79

Reeves            Ben                                         3-151

Reeves            Elmo M.                                     3-178

Reeves            Elsie H. (Mrs. Harry)                     3-Aug-79

Reeves            John D.                                     3-156

Reeves            Mary (Mrs. Noble)                         2-Aug-79

Reeves            Ned (Mrs.)                                  Mar-78

Reffner           Marie                                       Mar-54

Regier            Edward W.                                30-Sep-79

Regier            Mary (Mrs. Isaac B.)                      8-Oct-79

Regnier           Duward L.                                23-Aug-79

Regnier           Elizabeth H. (Mrs. Adrian)               27-Sep-79

Reheard           Blanche E. (Mrs. Fredrick)               20-Nov-79

Rehm              Frank L.                                 13-Dec-79

Reichardt         Charles Edgar                            18-Sep-79

Reichenberger     Frances K.                                3-Dec-79

Reid              Raymond R.                                  Mar-39

Reid              Roy L., Sr.                              10-Dec-79

Reider            Minnie                                   12-Dec-79

Reif              Paul (Mrs.)                                 08-Mar

Reinecke          Clifford T.                               4-Oct-79

Reinecker         Donald P.                                 1-Dec-79

Reiner            Dietrich C.                                 3-118

Reinhardt         Beverly Gene (Mrs. Mark)                 20-Oct-79

Reiserer          Jack (Mrs.)                                 3-136

Reitz             Joy K.                                      Mar-93

Releford          Bernard N.                                  3-236

Remley            Claude W.                                 6-Dec-79

Remmert           Jessie B. (Mrs. Eugene)                   6-Jul-79

Reneau            Jess R.                                   7-Dec-79

Reneau            Merle (Mrs. Lee)                          5-Dec-79

Renfro            Charlotte Ann                             6-Oct-79

Renfro            Charlotte Ann                             7-Oct-79

Renicker          Jay (Mrs.)                                  01-Mar

Rennick           Dora I.                                     3-212

Reno              Roy Joe                                   5-Aug-79

Rentfrom          Clyde                                    13-Jul-79

Resnick           Florence (Mrs. Heim)                      9-Dec-79

Resnick           Florence (Mrs. Heim)                     10-Dec-79

Rethorst          Virgel Dan                               17-Aug-79

Reusser           Mabel (Mrs. Abraham)                      7-Aug-79

Revard            Lowell A. (Mrs.)                            3-237

Reves             John L.                                  22-Jul-79

Rexford           Sister M. Eva                             5-Jul-79

Rexroad           Ruth M. (Mrs. Minor)                     13-Dec-79

Reynard           Willis Dale                                 3-110

Reynolds          Brownlee David                            9-Dec-79

Reynolds          Hazel E. (Mrs. Cornelius)                 7-Jul-79

Reynolds          Hazel E. (Mrs. Cornelius)                 8-Jul-79

Reynolds          James C.                                 20-Nov-79

Reynolds          Judy (Mrs. Jimmy)                        11-Oct-79

Reynolds          Lawrence J.                              18-Aug-79

Reynolds          Orpha E. (Mrs. John)                     25-Jul-79

Rhea              Caleb Marshall                            5-Sep-79

Rhoades           Harold Wayne                              8-Nov-79

Rhoads            Vernon E.                                 1-Jul-79

Rhodes            Jay Vincent                                 Mar-94

Rhodes            Oris W.                                  17-Jul-79

Rhudy             Mary A. (Mrs. Melvin)                    27-Nov-79

Rhymes            Shirley A. (Mrs. John H.)                 5-Dec-79

Ribera            Cruz (Mrs. Eufrosino)                    14-Jul-79

Rice              Charles (Mrs.)                              Mar-80

Rice              Edward F.                                14-Oct-79

Rice              James M.                                 19-Sep-79

Rice              Mae Sula                                    Mar-39

Rice              Mary Frances                             11-Jul-79

Rice              Shirley Becker                              3-160

Rich              Ella Albertine (Mrs. Glenn)              17-Oct-79

Richard           Bert (Mrs.)                                 3-240

Richard           Forrest E.                               15-Sep-79

Richard           Gus P.                                      3-152

Richards          H. R. (Mrs.)                                3-218

Richards          Jon I.                                   18-Sep-79

Richards          Leafio (Mrs. J.R.)                       10-Nov-79

Richards          Thomas E.                                 4-Jul-79

Richards          William (Mrs.)                              Mar-79

Richards          William A. (Mrs.)                           Mar-83

Richardson        Derward                                     Mar-67

Richardson        Elizabeth                                18-Oct-79

Richardson        John E.                                  25-Sep-79

Richardson        John L.                                  20-Sep-79

Richardson        Joyce M. (Mrs. William C.)               11-Nov-79

Richardson        Lee R.                                      Mar-83

Richardson        William H.                                  3-103

Richmeier         Desiray Ann                               2-Aug-79

Richmond          Bertha M. (Mrs. Thomas)                  28-Dec-79

Richmond          Jennifer Lynn                            30-Jul-79

Richter           Otto H.                                     Mar-57

Ricke             Norbert William                          11-Sep-79

Rickman           James D.                                 12-Jul-79

Rickman           James D.                                 13-Jul-79

Riddle            Nora P.                                  24-Aug-79

Ridenour          Edith Alice (Mrs. Glenn)                 23-Oct-79

Rider             Harold V.                                 1-Sep-79

Riedel            Severin A.                               18-Oct-79

Riegle            Edith (Mrs. Earl)                        29-Dec-79

Riesen            John H.                                  27-Aug-79

Riffel            Abe A. (Mrs.)                               3-168

Riffel            Henry C.                                    3-147

Riffel            Marie Kathrine (Mrs. John Henry)         12-Jul-79

Riggert           Edwin A.                                 13-Aug-79

Riggs             Nellie H. (Mrs. Wilfred)                 12-Sep-79

Riggs             W. Orville (Mrs.)                           3-166

Rike              James D.                                    3-163

Riker             Dan Clyde                                   3-211

Riley             Douglas L.                               19-Oct-79

Riley             Mary                                        Mar-63

Riley             Regina Lynn                               7-Nov-79

Riller            Ava M.                                   20-Dec-79

Ringer            Charles D.                                  Mar-81

Ringo             William L., Jr.                             Mar-87

Rink              William                                     3-201

Ripstra           J. G. (Mrs.)                                Mar-98

Rishel            Genetta B. (Mrs. A. Burt)                15-Oct-79

Rising            K. Roger                                 24-Nov-79

Ritter            Victor                                      Mar-79

Ritzman           Carl (Dr.)                                  Mar-43

Rivera            Rosa Gonzales (Mrs. Manuel)              17-Nov-79

Rivers            Virgie Lee (Mrs. John)                   30-Dec-79

Roach             Inez S. (Mrs. Clifford)                   4-Oct-79

Roach             Raymond (Mrs.)                              3-193

Roark             Clytie A.                                24-Sep-79

Robben            Phillip A.                                  Mar-77

Robbins           William N.                                  Mar-41

Roberts           Byrl C.                                     3-200

Roberts           Denton O.                                25-Sep-79

Roberts           Ellis (Mrs.)                                3-188

Roberts           George S.                                   3-225

Roberts           Georgia (Mrs. Carl)                      16-Jul-79

Roberts           Gladys Fern (Mrs. James R.)               6-Nov-79

Roberts           Harley                                      Mar-54

Roberts           Harrietatte                                 24-Mar

Roberts           Henry P. (Mrs.)                             Mar-81

Roberts           Homer                                       Mar-57

Roberts           Homer                                    22-Jul-79

Roberts           Mary                                     25-Aug-79

Roberts           Pearl J. (Mrs. Marvel)                   23-Jul-79

Roberts           Ralph W.                                  8-Dec-79

Roberts           Sylvia (Mrs. Andrew)                      1-Jul-79

Robertson         Donald E.                                 7-Dec-79

Robertson         Dorothy M.                                  3-214

Robertson         Garnett (Mrs. William)                   19-Oct-79

Robertson         Myrtle O. (Mrs. Owen)                     3-Aug-79

Robertson         Robert D.                                29-Sep-79

Robey             Oren A.                                     13-Mar

Robinson          Benjamin P.                               6-Jul-79

Robinson          Clifford R. (Mrs.)                          3-140

Robinson          Dessie (Mrs. Clarence)                   13-Sep-79

Robinson          Edward W.                                 5-Aug-79

Robinson          Harold (Mrs.)                               Mar-68

Robinson          Josephine E.                                06-Mar

Robinson          Kay Lyn                                     3-175

Robinson          Robert, Jr.                                 3-226

Robinson          T. Dwight                                 4-Oct-79

Robinson          William J.                               21-Dec-79

Robison           James "Bus"                               7-Nov-79

Robl              Bernard N.                                7-Dec-79

Roblin            Nina Pearl (Mrs. William)                19-Dec-79

Rochelle          Carrie Johnson (Mrs. Gary)               27-Dec-79

Rochelle          Carrie Johnson (Mrs. Gary)               28-Dec-79

Rodfus            Pearl M. (Mrs. Barney)                   13-Jul-79

Rodgers           Leonard L.                               14-Aug-79

Rodman            Tracy D.                                    Mar-98

Rodman            Tracy Lee                                   Mar-99

Rodriguez         Joe R.                                   18-Sep-79

Rodrock           Fannie Ethel (Mrs. J.L.)                  8-Oct-79

Rodrock           Sean McGale                              29-Aug-79

Roedel            Janet M. (Mrs. Dean L.)                   6-Oct-79

Roehr             Wallace W.                               18-Aug-79

Roepka            Frank                                    21-Sep-79

Roets             Frank (Mrs.)                                Mar-41

Roff              Roy D.                                   20-Aug-79

Rogers            Floyd J. (Mrs.)                             3-142

Rogers            Harry D.                                    Mar-56

Rogers            Isaac C.                                 27-Nov-79

Rogers            John L.                                  26-Sep-79

Rogers            Lillie Beatrice (Mrs. Oscar)              6-Aug-79

Rogers            Lillie Beatrice (Mrs. Oscar)              7-Aug-79

Rogers            Rosabelle (Mrs. Harold)                  15-Dec-79

Rogers            William (Mrs.)                              3-221

Rogers            Zella M. (Mrs. Charles)                   8-Aug-79

Rogge             Hada (Mrs. George)                       19-Sep-79

Rohner            Ralph E. (Mrs.)                             Mar-60

Rohner            Ralph E. (Mrs.)                             Mar-62

Rohr              Clarence                                  1-Oct-79

Rohr              Robert P.                                29-Nov-79

Rohrbaugh         Ben H.                                      28-Mar

Rojas             Marie Lemon (Mrs. Camilo)                 4-Jul-79

Rojas             Pilar (Mrs.)                                3-174

Roll              Cramie W. (Rev.)                            3-174

Rollings          Jennie Mae (Mrs. Everett)                 3-Nov-79

Romine            Lillie J. (Mrs. Claude)                  23-Aug-79

Roney             Effie I.                                  6-Oct-79

Roper             Golda A. (Mrs. Omar)                     20-Sep-79

Roper             Ralph Emerson                               3-139

Rose              Mary H. (Mrs. Jack)                      21-Nov-79

Roseberry         Dan (Mrs.)                                  Mar-37

Roseblade         Thomas Nicholas Douglas                  24-Sep-79

Rosenbaum         Jess G.                                     3-231

Rosenbaum         Merriel A. (Mrs. Walter)                 12-Dec-79

Rosenberger       William (Mrs.)                              Mar-78

Rosner            Mary Esta (Mrs. William E.)              30-Sep-79

Ross              A. J.                                       3-101

Ross              Elmer A.                                 30-Aug-79

Ross              Elmer A.                                 31-Aug-79

Ross              Fred                                     21-Sep-79

Ross              Leslie C. (Mrs.)                            3-172

Ross              Robert C.                                   Mar-71

Ross              Virgil E.                                12-Nov-79

Ross              William T.                                9-Dec-79

Rossdutcher       Charles W.                                  3-140

Roston            Mrs. Virginia H.                         14-Oct-79

Roth              Earl J.                                  11-Jul-79

Roth              Earl J.                                  14-Jul-79

Roth              Lorene V. (Mrs. Chester)                 12-Sep-79

Roth              Lucy A. (Mrs. Linus)                     25-Aug-79

Roth              Samuel Ora                               12-Nov-79

Roth              Ted (Mrs.)                                  3-185

Rotha             Marjorie (Mrs. Marion)                   18-Aug-79

Rotrock           Bertha A. (Mrs. Walter)                  29-Jul-79

Rouse             Bertha May (Mrs. Wilburn)                11-Oct-79

Rouse             Lawrence E.                                 3-178

Routon            C.N. "Shorty"                            15-Sep-79

Routon            Tillie B. (Mrs. William J.)               1-Nov-79

Rowe              Carl L.                                     3-156

Rowland           Bertha A. (Mrs. Clarence)                17-Dec-79

Rowland           Harry W.                                  1-Nov-79

Rowland           Natisha M.                               12-Aug-79

Rowley            Robert G.                                   3-234

Rowsey            Walter William                           17-Dec-79

Rowsey            Walter William                           18-Dec-79

Rowton            Frank J.                                    Mar-50

Royalty           LeOpal (Mrs. Cecil)                      21-Nov-79

Royer             Kenneth M.                                6-Sep-79

Royse             Clarence A.                              12-Oct-79

Royse             Minnie M. (Mrs. Harley)                   5-Oct-79

Royse             Sidney I.                                30-Oct-79

Royston           Cornis (Mrs. John C.)                     9-Jul-79

Rozar             James M.                                    Mar-97

Ruby              Earl L., Sr.                              5-Dec-79

Ruckle            Ora M. (Mrs. George)                     29-Nov-79

Rudman            Lester A.                                13-Dec-79

Ruff              Marie E.                                 13-Sep-79

Rugh              John M.                                  25-Dec-79

Ruhnke            Robert D.                                   3-147

Ruick             Martha Bennington                        27-Oct-79

Ruick             Martha L. (Mrs. Allen W.)                17-Nov-79

Ruiz              Daniel E.                                   Mar-87

Ruley             Oneita C. (Mrs. Leo K.)                  31-Oct-79

Rumfelt           John Steven                               4-Nov-79

Rundle            Ralph P.                                    3-186

Runyan            Francis A.                               31-Jul-79

Runyon            Isabelle L.                              30-Nov-79

Runyon            Isabelle L.                               1-Dec-79

Rupp              E. W.                                       3-149

Rupp              Virgil J.                                   3-228

Rupp              William E. (Mrs.)                           Mar-54

Rupright          Bertha (Mrs. John)                       21-Nov-79

Rush              Robert K.                                 4-Nov-79

Rushing           Arch V.                                     3-183

Rushing           Luther R.                                 8-Aug-79

Rushing           Wilma W. (Mrs. Arch)                     17-Jul-79

Russell           Charles B.                               23-Sep-79

Russell           Frances C. (Mrs. Charles)                18-Aug-79

Russell           John H.                                  21-Dec-79

Russell           John M.                                     3-111

Russell           Paul W.                                   6-Nov-79

Russell           Robert Arthur                               3-122

Russell           Rose (Mrs. Joseph L.)                    10-Nov-79

Ruth              John Robert                                 3-193

Ruth              Robert W. (Mrs.)                            3-238

Ruthenbeck        Harvey                                      Mar-38

Rutherford        Billy E.                                    3-197

Rutherford        H. Ray (Mrs.)                               3-130

Rutherford        Ray D.                                   23-Sep-79

Rutkey            Gerrald K.                                  14-Mar

Rutkowski         Frank (Mrs.)                                3-102

Rutledge          Arvel Armin                                 Mar-50

Rutschman         Fred (Mrs.)                                 Mar-51

Ryan              Dr. Edward J.                            15-Dec-79

Ryan              Jerry N.                                 23-Jul-79

Ryan              John Thomas                              29-Nov-79

Ryan              John Thomas                              30-Nov-79

Ryan              Leo "Jack"                               26-Aug-79

Ryan              Roy                                         Mar-33

Ryan              Walter Lee                               30-Oct-79

Ryser             Henry J.                                 15-Aug-79

Sabourin          Walter E.                                   3-192

Sadowski          Henry J.                                  3-Dec-79

Saferite          Ernest H.                                   3-217

Saft              Betty B. (Mrs. Carl)                     26-Oct-79

Sager             Marjorie                                  6-Aug-79

Sagerty           Violet M. (Mrs. Paul)                     3-Sep-79

Saint Clair       James J.                                  3-Dec-79

Salisbury         Mark Masters                              7-Jul-79

Sallen            Lawrence A.                                 02-Mar

Salome            Frank                                       3-122

Salser            Harold A.                                27-Nov-79

Saltsman          Charles H.                               23-Sep-79

Salyer            Don Garwood                               2-Dec-79

Salyer            Don Garwood                               3-Dec-79

Sample            Gordon R.                                   Mar-61

Samples           Albert Frederick                         20-Jul-79

Samples           H. P.                                       3-135

Sampson           A. Glenn                                 27-Nov-79

Samuelson         Robert E.                                18-Dec-79

Samuelson         Robert E.                                19-Dec-79

Sanborn           Elvessa A. (Mrs. Thomas)                 14-Sep-79

Sanborn           Wanda M. (Mrs. Keaver)                    5-Jul-79

Sanchez           Isador                                    6-Aug-79

Sandberg          Robert Lee                               17-Jul-79

Sander            Bonnie Margaret (Mrs. Melvin)            26-Oct-79

Sander            Bonnie Margaret (Mrs. Melvin)            27-Oct-79

Sanders           Edgar J.                                  6-Sep-79

Sanders           George H.                                16-Nov-79

Sanders           Hazel C. (Mrs. Velma)                     8-Sep-79

Sanders           James (Mrs.)                                3-224

Sanderson         John (Mrs.)                                 3-115

Sandoval          Mrs. Bartola Silva                       17-Jul-79

Sandoval          Nicholas N.                                 3-140

Sands             Emery Ray                                   3-167

Sanford           Kenton P.                                21-Aug-79

Sanford           Max William                                 3-130

Sanford           Max William                                 3-131

Santee            Jack (Mrs.)                                 28-Mar

Sapp              Clare B.                                 22-Aug-79

Sargent           Paul E. (Mrs.)                              Mar-67

Sargent           Wilmer R.                                26-Sep-79

Sarver            Homer I.                                    3-160

Satterlee         Ina (Mrs. Orville)                       20-Nov-79

Sauder            Levi L.                                     3-133

Sauers            Harold                                   26-Jul-79

Sauerwein         Ellen (Mrs. Clarence)                    13-Oct-79

Saunders          Marie R.                                    Mar-93

Saunders          Samuel (Mrs.)                               Mar-34

Sawhill           Frank W.                                    Mar-65

Sawhill           Frank W.                                    Mar-66

Sawyer            Raymond F.                                4-Dec-79

Sayers            Theodore E.                               8-Jul-79

Scanlon           Byron B.                                 26-Oct-79

Scantlin          W. Wayne                                  7-Jul-79

Scarborough       John R.                                     3-157

Schafer           Jake A.                                  27-Nov-79

Schafer           Joe                                         3-180

Schaible          Charles "Chuck"                           8-Nov-79

Schall            Inez (Mrs. George Wesley)                 8-Sep-79

Schall            Virginia (Mrs. Harry)                    17-Dec-79

Schaller          Anna Marie                               27-Jul-79

Scharenberg       Carrie                                   23-Oct-79

Scharnhorst       Sharon M. (Mrs. Jim)                      8-Nov-79

Schaude           Ralph H. "Buck"                          27-Jul-79

Schauf            Maria Girrens (Mrs. Francis)             19-Jul-79

Schauner          Lenora (Mrs. Charles)                    21-Dec-79

Schbeider         Walter A. (Mrs.)                            3-174

Schermerhorn      Eleanor                                     Mar-71

Schermerhorn      Leo L.                                   15-Sep-79

Scheulen          Henry John                               11-Dec-79

Schick            Esther (Mrs. Henry)                       5-Oct-79

Schildknect       Oscar F.                                 28-Jul-79

Schirmer          Mona M.                                     Mar-67

Schlachter        Elizabeth "Betty Ann"                    15-Jul-79

Schlesinger       Floyd (Mrs.)                                3-230

Schlitzer         M. Evelyn (Sister)                          3-134

Schmidt           Alex                                      4-Dec-79

Schmidt           Arthur H.                                 9-Jul-79

Schmidt           Catherine Ann                               3-176

Schmidt           Cherie Lynn                              26-Nov-79

Schmidt           Edward A.                                   3-155

Schmidt           Jesse A.                                 29-Sep-79

Schmidt           Katrine                                  18-Oct-79

Schmidt           Margaret (Mrs. Kenneth)                  22-Sep-79

Schmidt           Myrtle L. (Mrs. Frank H.)                13-Nov-79

Schmidt           Sam C.                                      Mar-60

Schmidt           Theresa E.                               16-Nov-79

Schmitt           Dale (Mrs.)                                 Mar-83

Schneider         Matt B.                                     Mar-61

Schneider         Matthew J.                               11-Sep-79

Schnelldacher     Rhoda A.                                 17-Nov-79

Schnelle          Rev. C. Willis                           20-Aug-79

Schneller         Doll (Mrs.)                                 3-203

Schnewein         Cecilia (Mrs. Edward)                    18-Sep-79

Schniepp          Carl J.                                   8-Aug-79

Schnitzler        Fred C.                                     27-Mar

Schoemaker        Roy C.                                   17-Oct-79

Schoen            Victor P. (Mrs.)                            3-129

Schoenecker       John (Mrs.)                                 3-190

Schoenecker       Mary A. (Mrs. Hubert)                    22-Sep-79

Scholfield        Beulah Fern (Mrs. Walter B.)             29-Dec-79

Scholle           George W.                                   3-127

Scholz            Ida (Mrs. Franz)                         30-Nov-79

Schooley          Earl A.                                  25-Sep-79

Schoonover        Lewis W. (Mrs.)                             07-Mar

Schorn            Eunice C. (Mrs. Harold F.)               31-Oct-79

Schrader          William C.                               14-Nov-79

Schraeder         Frank O.                                  1-Nov-79

Schrediner        Leslie A. (Capt.)                           Mar-61

Schreiner         Carl H.                                  19-Sep-79

Schreiner         Sister Alfonsa                           13-Dec-79

Schrock           Martha (Mrs. Freedly)                    23-Nov-79

Schroeder         Adolf J.                                    3-190

Schroeder         Clayton Henry                             6-Oct-79

Schroeder         Helen E. (Mrs. Walter)                   12-Nov-79

Schuessler        Allen M.                                 31-Dec-79

Schuessler        Caroline C. (Mrs. Allen M.)              28-Dec-79

Schuette          Edward S.                                10-Sep-79

Schul             Mildred (Mrs. Fred M.)                   27-Nov-79

Schulke           Elmer A.                                  4-Dec-79

Schulte           Edward Joseph, Jr.                        9-Sep-79

Schulte           Louis M.                                 19-Aug-79

Schultz           Alfred R.                                23-Nov-79

Schultz           Bertha                                      3-236

Schultz           Erich Paul                                5-Dec-79

Schultz           Katie                                     3-Dec-79

Schultz           Marie K. (Mrs. Harrie)                   21-Oct-79

Schultz           P. Daniel                                16-Nov-79

Schuyler          Alicia C.                                15-Oct-79

Schuyler          Alicia C.                                17-Oct-79

Schwartz          Esther (Mrs. Robert)                      7-Dec-79

Schwartzman       Francis (Mrs.)                              3-166

Schwatken         Dorothy M. (Mrs. Erbin)                  11-Oct-79

Schwatken         Dorothy M. (Mrs. Erbin)                  12-Oct-79

Schwegler         Belle (Mrs. Jacob)                        4-Dec-79

Schweizer         Ralph Clifford, Jr.                      27-Sep-79

Schwennesen       Calvin D.                                16-Oct-79

Schwensen         Elizabeth "Bess" (Mrs. J.M.)             20-Oct-79

Schwensen         Elizabeth "Bess" (Mrs. J.M.)             23-Oct-79

Schwertfeger      Anna (Mrs. Frank)                         5-Oct-79

Schwindt          John A.                                  26-Aug-79

Schwintz          James (Mrs.)                                3-173

Scoggan           Blanche (Mrs. Glenn)                     10-Oct-79

Scothorn          Raleigh                                   6-Sep-79

Scott             Byron L.                                 12-Jul-79

Scott             Connie L. (Mrs. Benjamin)                26-Jul-79

Scott             Connie L. (Mrs. Benjamin)                27-Jul-79

Scott             Cora A. (Mrs. Richard)                   25-Jul-79

Scott             Donald G.                                   3-218

Scott             Glenn A.                                  1-Sep-79

Scott             Halbert                                     Mar-58

Scott             Halbert                                     Mar-64

Scott             Henry S.                                    Mar-90

Scott             Homer C.                                    3-145

Scott             Michael L.                                  3-219

Scott             Michael L.                                  3-220

Scott             Rex L.                                   20-Jul-79

Scott             Walter (Mrs.)                               3-134

Scott             William L. "Scottie"                      5-Sep-79

Scruggs           Robert P.                                25-Oct-79

Seago             Eugene Lester                            22-Dec-79

Seaman            A.Z.                                     17-Sep-79

Seaman            Kamela Lynn                              10-Jul-79

Seaman            Lawrence A.                              21-Nov-79

Sears             Lula J. (Mrs. John)                      12-Oct-79

Seaton            Robert George                               3-201

Seavey            Ralph D.                                    3-156

Sebastin          Alshond                                     Mar-97

Sebes             John Thomas                              20-Aug-79

Sechler           Nyna (Mrs. Archie)                       22-Jul-79

Seckman           Michael Lee                               5-Sep-79

See               Loyce P. (Mrs. Earl)                      5-Jul-79

Seeney            John E.                                     3-230

Seery             Fay I.                                      Mar-54

Segler            Bert (Mrs.)                                 3-218

Seidel            Theda M. (Mrs. Al)                       14-Nov-79

Seimers           Wanda L. (Mrs. Hylas)                    27-Nov-79

Sekavec           Thomas                                   17-Jul-79

Sekavec           Thomas                                   18-Jul-79

Selby             Herbert A.                               27-Aug-79

Sell              Howard (Mrs.)                               3-112

Sellberg          Ellen A. (Mrs. Arthur)                    3-Oct-79

Sellers           Gerald T.                                   3-215

Selman            Bertha E. (Mrs. Russell)                 25-Dec-79

Selsor            Rosa Ethel (Mrs. Fred)                   27-Sep-79

Seltman           Louis (Mrs.)                                14-Mar

Seltmann          Rosa (Mrs. Andy)                          3-Jul-79

Selvage           Leland W.                                25-Oct-79

Sence             Walter                                   25-Nov-79

Serrault          Lucille (Mrs. Glen)                       1-Aug-79

Sevantez          Leo (Mrs.)                                  3-125

Severns           Ralford "Cot"                            11-Aug-79

Severson          Rachel Thayer                               Mar-85

Seward            Margaret Louise (Mrs. Darrell)           20-Dec-79

Sexton            Rutha (Mrs. I.W.)                        22-Aug-79

Seyb              Fredrica C. (Mrs. Jacob)                 27-Aug-79

Seymour           Luster (Mrs. Andrew)                     25-Oct-79

Seymour           Margaret C. "Kitty" (Mrs. Robert          7-Aug-79

Seymour           William "Ted"                            29-Aug-79

Shacklett         Fred B.                                  10-Dec-79

Shadid            William (Mrs.)                              3-196

Shadwick          Joseph C.                                   3-144

Shaffer           Grace L. (Mrs. Ernest)                   30-Nov-79

Shank             Alta (Mrs. Harry)                        21-Dec-79

Shank             Guy M.                                      Mar-39

Shank             O.E.                                     13-Dec-79

Shanks            Lisa Marie                                  3-193

Shannon           Etta P.                                  12-Oct-79

Shannon           Virginia L. (Mrs. H. G.)                  7-Oct-79

Shannon           Virginia L. (Mrs. H.G.)                   6-Oct-79

Sharbono          LeRoy G.                                 31-Dec-79

Sharpe            Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-177

Shaw              Arthur (Mrs.)                               3-208

Shaw              Charley E.                                3-Jul-79

Shaw              George Kenneth (Mrs.)                       3-158

Shaw              George Kenneth (Mrs.)                       3-159

Shaw              Katie E. (Mrs. Theodore)                  9-Nov-79

Shaw              Kenneth Ray                                 Mar-66

Shaw              Margaret M. (Mrs. William Clark)         26-Aug-79

Shaw              Nellie (Mrs. George)                     20-Dec-79

Shay              Grace Mae (Mrs. William)                 20-Sep-79

Shearer           Hazle A. (Mrs. Orland)                   17-Oct-79

Shearhod          Roy E.                                      Mar-91

Sheddy            W. E.                                       29-Mar

Sheets            Jeanette S.                              19-Oct-79

Sheets            W.S. "Jack"                              17-Dec-79

Shelby            Edith (Mrs. Frank D.)                    22-Sep-79

Shelby            Nellie Edith                             24-Sep-79

Sheldon           CLarence (Mrs.)                             3-180

Shelhorn          Charles F.                                  3-102

Shelinbarger      Ken                                      18-Nov-79

Shellenberger     Rev. Dr. Thomas M.                       14-Oct-79

Shellhammer       Crissie E. "Mawing" (Mrs. Fred)          29-Aug-79

Shelly            Joseph C.                                   3-149

Shelor            Wyatt E.                                    3-157

Shelton           Arthur E.                                17-Nov-79

Shelton           Charles R.                                  09-Mar

Shelton           Dorothy                                     Mar-77

Shelton           George D. "Bill"                         25-Dec-79

Shelton           George D. "Bill"                         27-Dec-79

Shelton           John M.                                  29-Oct-79

Shelton           Mildred W. (Mrs. Raymond)                18-Jul-79

Shepard           Wesley J.                                14-Dec-79

Shephard          L. C.                                       3-134

Shepherd          Bertha B. (Mrs. Max)                      4-Aug-79

Shepherd          Lexie B. (Mrs. John)                     21-Aug-79

Shepler           Darrell                                  14-Oct-79

Shepler           Darrell F.                               15-Oct-79

Sherman           Arthur R.                                   3-193

Sherman           John Briggs                                 Mar-79

Sherman           John Briggs                                 Mar-81

Sherman           Will C.                                  10-Nov-79

Sherraden         Jessica Pauline                          19-Dec-79

Sherrard          Dollie E.                                17-Nov-79

Sherron           Doris V. (Mrs. John)                      6-Dec-79

Shideler          Fred G. (Mrs.)                              3-238

Shields           Geoffrey Bryan                              19-Mar

Shields           Ivan W.                                     Mar-86

Shinn             Leon W.                                     Mar-90

Shinpaugh         Virgil E. (Mrs.)                            3-212

Shipley           Alfred                                    6-Nov-79

Shipley           H. Val (Mrs.)                               Mar-96

Shipley           Renate Lee                               27-Dec-79

Shipman           Jack (Mrs.)                                 3-209

Shipman           Paul R. (Mrs.)                              26-Mar

Shippy            Howard Earl                              22-Dec-79

Shockey           Dewey (Mrs.)                                3-121

Shoemaker         George W.                                   3-112

Shoemaker         Mary Chilton (Mrs. Joe)                  16-Aug-79

Shofner           Robert                                   28-Oct-79

Shogren           Delbert                                     Mar-99

Sholton           Fern                                        20-Mar

Sholtus           Frances Q. (Mrs. Leon)                   16-Aug-79

Shook             Ralph W.                                 30-Dec-79

Shoop             Wayne                                       Mar-57

Shorb             Thomas J.                                16-Jul-79

Shore             Opher D.                                 18-Dec-79

Short             Mertie E.                                22-Aug-79

Short             Pearl E. (Mrs. Herschel)                  7-Sep-79

Short             Pearl E. (Mrs. Herschel)                  8-Sep-79

Shrewsbury        Buren W.                                 21-Jul-79

Shrout            Frances "Flossie" (Mrs. Otis)             5-Jul-79

Shroyer           Blanche M. (Mrs. Archie E.)               5-Nov-79

Shuart            Mary A. (Mrs. Edward R.)                  2-Nov-79

Shuck             Ruby L. (Mrs. Sheldon)                   14-Sep-79

Shuey             Ethel W.                                 19-Aug-79

Shuker            W. H. (Mrs.)                                3-202

Shull             Clarence L.                              10-Oct-79

Shull             Daniel William                           21-Jul-79

Shull             Eddie E.                                  1-Aug-79

Shumaker          Ted J.                                      3-177

Shunk             W. Owen                                     Mar-77

Shupe             Lena                                      3-Nov-79

Sickelbower       Elvin (Mrs.)                                3-164

Sidebottom        Heather Ann                              25-Sep-79

Siefkes           John E.                                   6-Jul-79

Sieg              Henrietta P. (Mrs. John)                 16-Dec-79

Siemens           Rhoda A. (Mrs. Jimmie)                   30-Oct-79

Sigars            James W.                                    Mar-94

Silcott           Eston C.                                    3-210

Sillix            Stella (Mrs. Floyd)                      22-Aug-79

Silver            Edith D.                                 22-Nov-79

Simmonds          Earl                                     30-Dec-79

Simmons           Adria Lynn                               27-Sep-79

Simmons           C.B. "Tiny"                               3-Sep-79

Simmons           Donna Jeanne (Mrs. Vergil)                5-Aug-79

Simmons           Emerald "Pete" (Mrs. Cecil)              22-Nov-79

Simmons           Vesta A. (Mrs. Carl)                     13-Sep-79

Simnitt           W.A. Walt                                16-Sep-79

Simon             Al (Mrs.)                                   3-153

Simon             Albert S.                                   Mar-86

Simon             Dennis M.                                23-Dec-79

Simon             Mary Helen                               11-Sep-79

Simon             Mary Helen                               13-Sep-79

Simon             Patrick J.                               17-Nov-79

Simons            Joseph E.                                 3-Aug-79

Simpson           Doris L. (Mrs. Lorne)                     4-Jul-79

Simpson           Faye (Mrs. Louis)                        21-Oct-79

Simpson           Harvey W.                                27-Jul-79

Simpson           Martha E. (Mrs. Lloyd R.)                19-Aug-79

Simpson           Wallace Bruce                            24-Dec-79

Sims              F. Ray                                   25-Nov-79

Sims              George L.                                   3-102

Sims              John (Mrs.)                                 3-117

Sims              Thale H.                                 29-Nov-79

Sinar             Myrtle M.                                   3-156

Sinclair          Harry Lavern                             13-Oct-79

Sinclair          Ida (Mrs. Walter)                        29-Jul-79

Singleton         Arthur                                    7-Oct-79

Sinnett           Lee Roy                                     3-118

Sinnett           Roy Ralph                                   Mar-81

Sipult            Glen R. "Dutch"                          14-Sep-79

Sitz              Paul F.                                   5-Oct-79

Six               Dale M.                                     3-232

Sizemore          Joseph C.                                   3-179

Sizer             Darlene                                  11-Oct-79

Skaggs            Dean, Sr.                                17-Nov-79

Skelton           Ray                                         3-185

Skelton           Robert G.                                   3-146

Skibbe            Forrest E.                               29-Jul-79

Skillen           Clarence J.                              13-Dec-79

Skinner           Clara Rose (Mrs. Siler H.)               24-Sep-79

Slasor            Charley R.                                  Mar-77

Slater            Adgie Helen (Mrs. Jay I.)                17-Aug-79

Slater            LeRoy I.                                    Mar-50

Slater            Paul R. (Mrs.                               Mar-39

Sloan             Gene R.                                  22-Jul-79

Sloan             Robert W.                                22-Sep-79

Sloan             Russell M.                                  3-102

Slover            Renne W.                                 22-Nov-79

Slusser           Bertha A. (Mrs. Wilson)                  14-Dec-79

Slyter            Sylvester                                   3-155

Small             Martha C. (Mrs. John)                     1-Sep-79

Smiley            Elizabeth T.                             24-Dec-79

Smith             Alfred A.                                   3-153

Smith             Alfreda (Mrs. Paul L.)                   27-Aug-79

Smith             Alicia A. (Mrs. Clifford)                24-Sep-79

Smith             Alma (Mrs. Roy)                          13-Dec-79

Smith             Alvin                                       Mar-95

Smith             Alvin T.                                  8-Aug-79

Smith             Andrea D.                                18-Sep-79

Smith             Andrew M.                                   Mar-43

Smith             Anna Belle (Mrs. Charles E.)              7-Oct-79

Smith             Arabelle M.                              18-Aug-79

Smith             Azor C.                                  18-Oct-79

Smith             Berry Lee                                   3-207

Smith             Bessie E. (Mrs. J.E.A.)                  29-Nov-79

Smith             Bessie E. (Mrs. John)                    28-Nov-79

Smith             Bessie M.                                24-Dec-79

Smith             Blaine Lowell                            14-Dec-79

Smith             C. Merle                                 21-Oct-79

Smith             Claude S.                                27-Dec-79

Smith             Clifford Lee                             23-Aug-79

Smith             D. Gail                                  11-Nov-79

Smith             Daniel Conlee                            29-Dec-79

Smith             Daniel Conlee                            30-Dec-79

Smith             Daniel Conlee                            31-Dec-79

Smith             Dave J.                                     3-238

Smith             David K.                                    3-204

Smith             Dorothy (Mrs. John)                      10-Oct-79

Smith             Elmer C.                                 12-Sep-79

Smith             Elmer E.                                  9-Aug-79

Smith             Eugene H.                                24-Jul-79

Smith             Eugene H.                                26-Jul-79

Smith             Fay                                       5-Dec-79

Smith             Flora (Mrs. Steve F.)                    16-Jul-79

Smith             Floyd E.                                  4-Dec-79

Smith             Floyd E.                                  5-Dec-79

Smith             Frances Mildred (Mrs. Oscar A.)           5-Dec-79

Smith             Francis W.                                  Mar-52

Smith             Frank E.                                    16-Mar

Smith             Gayle (Mrs. Garl)                        14-Dec-79

Smith             Gladys D. (Mrs. John)                    19-Jul-79

Smith             Gladys M. (Mrs. J.M.)                    25-Aug-79

Smith             Grace E. (Mrs. O.G.)                     29-Aug-79

Smith             Harold                                      3-170

Smith             Harold                                      3-171

Smith             Harry Jay                                   3-133

Smith             Harry W.                                 20-Dec-79

Smith             Helen                                    29-Sep-79

Smith             Herbert J.                                  Mar-77

Smith             Herbert T.                               13-Oct-79

Smith             Homer E.                                    3-180

Smith             Ike                                      23-Aug-79

Smith             Iva L.                                   13-Sep-79

Smith             James A.                                    3-159

Smith             Jesse Marion                             19-Dec-79

Smith             Jesse Marion                             20-Dec-79

Smith             John                                     22-Dec-79

Smith             John S.                                  10-Aug-79

Smith             Joseph M.                                21-Dec-79

Smith             Julia Mae (Mrs. Shelley)                 24-Jul-79

Smith             Katherine                                   3-163

Smith             Larry D.                                 15-Nov-79

Smith             Lawrence E.                              17-Nov-79

Smith             Lora J. (Mrs. Oscar)                     29-Nov-79

Smith             Lorneil G.                               23-Sep-79

Smith             Lydia E. (Mrs. John)                     14-Sep-79

Smith             Margaret I.                              12-Nov-79

Smith             Margaret Irene (Mrs. Leonard)            12-Nov-79

Smith             Marguerite P. (Mrs. Robert K.)            8-Dec-79

Smith             Marguerite P. (Mrs. Robert K.)            9-Dec-79

Smith             Marvin C.                                   3-178

Smith             Mary Z. (Mrs. Zames O.)                  15-Nov-79

Smith             Maurice N.                                  3-210

Smith             May "Pat" (Mrs. C.W.)                    31-Jul-79

Smith             Mildred Lee (Mrs. Rona)                  12-Nov-79

Smith             Mildred Lee (Mrs. Rona)                  15-Nov-79

Smith             Minnie (Mrs. Ira)                         1-Dec-79

Smith             Nettie May (Mrs. Jacob W.)               13-Dec-79

Smith             Nettie May (Mrs. Jacob W.)               14-Dec-79

Smith             Olga C. (Mrs. Carroll)                    7-Nov-79

Smith             Opal E. (Mrs. Clyde)                     27-Nov-79

Smith             Orville W. "Smitty"                       1-Aug-79

Smith             Oscar M. "Smitty"                        24-Oct-79

Smith             Rhiannon E.                                 3-201

Smith             Richard Curtis                              24-Mar

Smith             Ronald Eugene                             1-Dec-79

Smith             Ronald Eugene                             2-Dec-79

Smith             Roy R.                                    1-Dec-79

Smith             Sam M.                                    1-Dec-79

Smith             Thomas E., Sr.                           15-Jul-79

Smith             Tola (Mrs.)                                 3-168

Smith             Vernus (Mrs. Herman)                     29-Oct-79

Smith             Versea                                    4-Jul-79

Smith             Versea                                    7-Jul-79

Smith             Walter Lee                                3-Nov-79

Smith             Walter P.                                15-Jul-79

Smith             Wanda L.                                 13-Jul-79

Smith             Warren Arnold                               3-114

Smith             Willard L.                               12-Oct-79

Smith             William A.                                  3-179

Smith             Willie (Mrs.)                               3-165

Smith             Wilma E. (Mrs. Carl)                     27-Sep-79

Smith             Wilson Boyd                                 3-133

Smith             Woodrow J., Jr.                           7-Oct-79

Smith             Roy                                      24-Jul-79

Smither           Elbert S.                                   3-152

Smoot             Ira                                      12-Oct-79

Smyser            Bobby J.                                    Mar-48

Smyser            Vernice L.                               28-Jul-79

Snavely           Minnie V. (Mrs. Fred)                    19-Nov-79

Sneath            Foreda R.B. (Mrs. James)                 28-Sep-79

Snell             Fred J.                                     Mar-41

Snell             Pearl Hattie (Mrs. Thomas)               11-Sep-79

Snider            Florence A. (Mrs. Lee)                   16-Jul-79

Snider            George                                      Mar-57

Snider            May C. (Mrs. Floyd)                      10-Nov-79

Snodgrass         Garth L.                                 25-Dec-79

Snowberger        Nellie M. (Mrs. Dan)                      6-Jul-79

Snyder            Bertha (Mrs. Irving)                      1-Sep-79

Snyder            Clifford O.                                 Mar-53

Snyder            Edith                                    28-Oct-79

Snyder            Francis E.                                  3-211

Snyder            Frederic                                    09-Mar

Snyder            Nettie May                                  Mar-68

Socolofsky        Ruth Elizabeth                            7-Nov-79

Soderstrom        Hazel M.                                 23-Oct-79

Soderstrom        LaVern W.                                23-Oct-79

Soellner          John                                        Mar-51

Solbach           Ivan J.                                     31-Mar

Solby             H. Eugene                                   05-Mar

Sollenberger      Olive P. (Mrs. Percy)                    20-Oct-79

Solter            C. E. (Mrs.)                                Mar-65

Solter            Robert L.                                   08-Mar

Somers            Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-156

Sommerhauser      Edward N.                                   3-225

Sonntag           Gerald D. (Mrs.)                            Mar-46

Sonora            Jose                                     17-Nov-79

Sooby             Bessie                                      Mar-47

Soper             Edna (Mrs. J.M. "Speck")                  8-Aug-79

Sorrell           Corwin (Mrs.)                               3-132

Soukup            Charles                                  18-Jul-79

Souter            Margie B. (Mrs. James)                    8-Oct-79

South             William L.                               27-Sep-79

Southard          Jacqueline S. (Mrs. Larry)               22-Sep-79

Southwick         Mary H. (Mrs. Edward)                    13-Sep-79

Sowers            Eugene C.                                27-Dec-79

Spain             Vrgyll                                    6-Jul-79

Spangler          Edward R.                                 8-Dec-79

Sparks            John                                        31-Mar

Sparr             Sterl                                     1-Aug-79

Sparr             Sterl (Mrs.)                                3-119

Sparwasser        Nellie L. (Mrs. Herman)                  16-Dec-79

Spear             Mamie R. (Mrs. Clinton)                  28-Sep-79

Spears            Marian (Mrs. Dean)                       21-Sep-79

Spease            Myrtle E. (Mrs.)                            3-156

Speer             Flossie Ellen (Mrs. Wallace)              5-Aug-79

Speer             William E. (Mrs.)                           Mar-91

Spellman          Margaret (Mrs. Albert L.)                24-Oct-79

Spence            Lina Mae (Mrs. Raymond)                  31-Aug-79

Spencer           Blanche M. (Mrs. Charles)                23-Aug-79

Spencer           Osa J. (Mrs. Thomas)                     30-Dec-79

Spencer           Roy E.                                      Mar-65

Spencer           Thomas (Mrs.)                               3-184

Spencer           Wallace K.                                  Mar-62

Spengler          Jeremy Gerald                            30-Nov-79

Sperry            Buel A. "Pete"                           20-Sep-79

Spessard          Keller                                   15-Jul-79

Spezarth          Ann and Diane                               Mar-68

Spicer            Maude E. (Mrs. Z.N.)                     11-Jul-79

Spies             Barbara Ann                              12-Dec-79

Spies             Barbara Ann                              14-Dec-79

Sprague           George A.                                10-Aug-79

Spriggs           Vernon                                   26-Oct-79

Spring            Alonzo                                      3-175

Springer          Lois (Mrs. Elmer E.)                     30-Oct-79

Sprott            Jesse A.                                 14-Jul-79

Spunaugle         Daniel R.                                 7-Oct-79

Spurgeon          Booker T.                                20-Aug-79

Spurgeon          Booker T.                                21-Aug-79

Spurrier          Harvey                                      3-213

Squires           Clyde P.                                    3-117

Squires           Winifred (Mrs. Clyde)                    30-Oct-79

St. Clair         James                                     1-Dec-79

Stabler           Robert T.                                14-Dec-79

Stackley          William                                     Mar-42

Stafford          Mina (Mrs. Charles L.)                   23-Sep-79

Stahlheber        Norman B.                                24-Nov-79

Stahlman          Dee Edward                               27-Sep-79

Stalford          Joslin P.                                 7-Dec-79

Stamback          Nellie Julia (Mrs. Hazen)                10-Oct-79

Stambaugh         H. Vane                                  24-Nov-79

Stanaland         C. Hayden                                   3-144

Stanberry         Sam                                         3-187

Stancil           Gerald W. (Mrs.)                            03-Mar

Standley          Roy A.                                   25-Dec-79

Stanfield         Bessie W. (Mrs. James)                   12-Aug-79

Stanfield         Lillie M. (Mrs. Willard)                 22-Sep-79

Stanford          Zina (Mrs. Francis)                       1-Oct-79

Stanford          Zina O. (Mrs. Francis)                   29-Sep-79

Stankey           Florence M. (Mrs. Melvin)                11-Sep-79

Stanley           Elsie M. (Mrs. Fred E.)                  20-Oct-79

Stanley           Owen V.                                   4-Dec-79

Stanley           Owen V.                                   5-Dec-79

Staples           Velma (Mrs. Robert)                       3-Sep-79

Stark             Daniel C.                                29-Aug-79

Stark             Dr. E.F.                                 24-Jul-79

Stark             Jason A.                                    3-220

Starkey           Bonnie Lee (Mrs. Ennis)                   3-Nov-79

Starkey           Linda Denise                              3-Dec-79

Starkey           Linda Denise                              7-Dec-79

Starks            Ella Ball (Mrs. John)                    12-Jul-79

Starks            Fredrick Jess                            16-Jul-79

Starmer           Shanna M.                                28-Aug-79

Starne            Max (Mrs.)                                  09-Mar

Starns            Avice                                    23-Oct-79

Starr             Russell                                     Mar-98

Starrett          Raymond F.                                7-Nov-79

Stauder           Jerry W.                                    3-238

Stauffer          Herbert Dean                                Mar-78

Stauffer          Mary Ann (Mrs. Earnest)                  20-Sep-79

Stauffer          William Hamilton                         10-Sep-79

Stauth            Belle (Mrs. Vernon Griffith)             21-Dec-79

Steck             Ned Bion                                  4-Nov-79

Steed             Wilbert                                     3-130

Steeg             Charles W.                               13-Aug-79

Steele            Amelia (Mrs. Walter)                      6-Nov-79

Steele            Elve (Mrs.)                                 3-117

Steele            George A.                                 9-Dec-79

Steele            Harriet A. (Mrs. Thomas)                 18-Aug-79

Steele            Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Leo)                4-Sep-79

Steele            Henry                                       3-137

Steele            Nina D. (Mrs. Clarence)                  15-Nov-79

Steen             Warren (Mrs.)                               Mar-71

Steeper           Mary L. (Mrs. Eric)                      29-Sep-79

Steeples          Florence (Mrs. George)                   25-Dec-79

Steffen           Hazel Beatrice (Mrs. Louis)              25-Aug-79

Steffen           Louis Litt                                2-Sep-79

Steffens          Caroline M. (Mrs. Charles)               28-Sep-79

Stegman           Sophie K.                                28-Dec-79

Steinbacher       Sarah E.                                 15-Dec-79

Steiner           Christine E. (Mrs. Martin)               29-Oct-79

Steiner           Leonard (Mrs.)                              3-146

Steinert          Henry                                    23-Nov-79

Steinert          Paul R.                                  28-Dec-79

Steinle           Henry D. (Mrs.)                             3-139

Stephan           Vincent A.                               23-Aug-79

Stephen           Ray Clyde                                23-Nov-79

Stephens          Arthemis Kessler                          1-Sep-79

Stephens          C. E. (Mrs.)                                3-189

Stephens          Don                                       5-Jul-79

Stephens          James D.                                    Mar-60

Stephens          Mary Belle (Mrs. John)                    4-Nov-79

Stephens          Pearl (Mrs. Jesse)                        2-Oct-79

Stephens          Ray Clyde                                24-Nov-79

Stephens          Roy (Mrs.)                                  Mar-67

Stephens          Shandi Renee                             17-Dec-79

Stephens          Stellar Pascall (Mrs. Daniel)            24-Jul-79

Stephenson        Gladys Ann                               26-Oct-79

Stephenson        Hulda (Mrs. Marvin)                       1-Dec-79

Stephenson        Roy H.                                      3-120

Sterling          Helen Orr (Mrs. George)                  29-Aug-79

Stern             Mary (Mrs. Simon)                        11-Aug-79

Stevens           Leslie C.                                   3-102

Stevens           Ted W.                                    3-Aug-79

Stevens           Tom (Mrs.)                                  Mar-97

Stevenson         Merril D.                                   3-218

Stevenson         Roy H.                                   19-Aug-79

Stewart           Anna B. (Mrs. Jasper)                     6-Jul-79

Stewart           Anna Belle (Mrs. Russell)                17-Aug-79

Stewart           Arthur J.                                 5-Jul-79

Stewart           Dorothy R. (Mrs. James)                   4-Jul-79

Stewart           Eric R.                                  19-Oct-79

Stewart           George B.                                 6-Jul-79

Stewart           Harold Lee                               12-Nov-79

Stewart           Lee (Mrs. Roy)                            9-Dec-79

Stewart           Luella M. (Mrs. William W.)              22-Dec-79

Stewart           Lutie (Mrs. Clarence)                    11-Jul-79

Stewart           Lutie (Mrs. Clarence)                    12-Jul-79

Stewart           Robert A. (Mrs.)                            3-168

Stewart           Sherley                                     3-215

Stewart           Shirley A. (Mrs. Jay)                     8-Nov-79

Stewart           Van Russell                                 3-178

Stewart           Wayne W.                                    Mar-76

Stiers            May W.                                   31-Dec-79

Stiles            Herman                                      3-167

Stiles            Herman                                      3-168

Stimatze          Orban                                    20-Jul-79

Stinle            Dale D.                                     3-149

Stinle            Dale D.                                     3-150

Stinson           Mabel Jean                                  3-232

Stockman          Adra L. (Mrs. Henry C.)                  11-Sep-79

Stockton          Lura (Mrs. C.B.)                         25-Oct-79

Stoddard          Robert K.                                   3-135

Stoffel           Albert (Mrs.)                               3-201

Stokes            George B.                                 7-Dec-79

Stokes            Lelia Rose (Mrs. Sykes B.)               12-Nov-79

Stokesberry       Edith M. (Mrs. George)                    3-Dec-79

Stoltz            Robert S.                                29-Sep-79

Stone             Hattie V. (Mrs. Elmer)                   17-Nov-79

Stone             James Arthur                                3-103

Stone             Luther T.                                   3-228

Stone             Robert R.                                   3-193

Stone             Samuel B.                                   3-172

Stone             W. Faye                                   6-Aug-79

Stoneberger       Ward (Mrs.)                                 Mar-79

Stonebraker       Nellie M. (Mrs. David)                   24-Oct-79

Stonehouse        Olga Jacob (Mrs. Paul J.)                26-Aug-79

Stoner            Milton J.                                10-Nov-79

Stonestreet       Clyde (Mrs.)                                3-209

Stong             Vern                                     29-Sep-79

Storey            Alika May & Carla Lee                       Mar-65

Storey            Mark Travis                              30-Jul-79

Story             Dwight A.                                25-Jul-79

Stout             Lysle K.                                 24-Oct-79

Stout             Richard R.                                  3-110

Stout             Richard R.                                  3-111

Stovall           Cleveland Bill                           16-Oct-79

Stovall           Cleveland Bill                           18-Oct-79

Stover            Frank S. (Mrs.)                             3-165

Stoy              Fred                                        Mar-40

Stoy              Lewis Edwin                                 3-206

Straight          Maurice E.                                  3-226

Strain            Arthur J.                                12-Dec-79

Strait            Zela (Mrs.)                                 3-221

Strange           Clovis E. "Toby", Sr.                     2-Aug-79

Strange           Lee                                         24-Mar

Strange           Ruth E. (Mrs. C.B.)                      23-Oct-79

Strathe           Nora M. (Mrs. Sam)                        2-Oct-79

Straub            Sarah "Sadie" (Mrs. S.A.)                27-Jul-79

Strawn            Raymond L.                               29-Nov-79

Strella           Howard L.                                19-Jul-79

Stribner          Albert (Mrs.)                               Mar-44

Strickler         Robert D.                                 9-Aug-79

Strimple          Evelyn E.                                   06-Mar

Stringer          Lois (Mrs. Elmer E.)                     31-Oct-79

Stringham         Andrew L.                                 5-Dec-79

Stripling         Jimmy                                     8-Nov-79

Stroh             Aaron                                       3-179

Stromer           Ray H.                                      3-203

Stuart            John B.                                     18-Mar

Stuart            Laura                                    27-Aug-79

Stuart            Laura                                    29-Aug-79

Stubby            Irene (Mrs. Victor)                       1-Sep-79

Stuber            Albert (Mrs.)                               23-Mar

Stuber            Patrick G.                                  3-209

Stuber            Virgil L. "Mike"                         30-Dec-79

Stuckey           Floyd C.                                    21-Mar

Stuckey           Ray (Mrs.)                                  3-208

Stuckle           Paul Eugene                              22-Oct-79

Stucky            Edward (Mrs.)                               3-121

Stucky            Michael Joe                              26-Oct-79

Stuffing          William Earl                                Mar-52

Stumm             Charles E. (Mrs.)                           3-200

Stumps            John                                     15-Aug-79

Sturgeon          Oletta B. (Mrs. Arthur)                   5-Oct-79

Stutes            Ulysses A. "Bud"                         17-Sep-79

Stutzman          Ben F.                                    1-Nov-79

Stutzman          Jacob M.                                 16-Jul-79

Sugimoto          Nashiki                                     Mar-76

Sullivan          Anna Mae                                    19-Mar

Sullivan          Harold W.                                29-Sep-79

Sullivan          Joe E., Jr.                              26-Aug-79

Sullivan          Leolin M.                                   Mar-81

Sullivan          Patricia (Mrs. Terrance)                 17-Aug-79

Sullivan          William (Mrs.)                              3-214

Sumner            Nora E.                                  27-Sep-79

Sumner            Rufus                                    23-Oct-79

Surber            J. Howard                                15-Nov-79

Sutherland        Jean L.                                  24-Jul-79

Sutherland        Loren B. (Rev.)                             3-197

Sutter            Effie R. (Mrs. Joe)                      28-Dec-79

Sutter            Effie R. (Mrs. Joe)                      30-Dec-79

Sutton            Fred E. (Mrs.)                              13-Mar

Sutton            Letha LaVerne (Mrs. Jesse)                4-Nov-79

Sutton            Lynn                                     24-Aug-79

Svitak            John J.                                  11-Dec-79

Swafford          William M.                                  3-156

Swaim             Marshall (Mrs.)                             Mar-45

Swaim             Rev. Donald N.                            9-Aug-79

Swain             Lenora F.                                   3-166

Swan              Katherine L. (Mrs. P.A.)                 15-Aug-79

Swander           Roy (Mrs.)                                  Mar-34

Swaney            Roy V.                                    6-Nov-79

Swanger           Daniel Richard                              Mar-83

Swanson           Ethel A. (Mrs. Liscomb)                  17-Oct-79

Swanson           Jean L.                                  27-Dec-79

Swanson           Jean L.                                  28-Dec-79

Swartz            Francis B.                                  Mar-50

Sweedlum          Verne S.                                    Mar-61

Sweeney           James L.                                  6-Dec-79

Sweeney           John J.                                  26-Aug-79

Swem              Kenneth William                             3-217

Swepston          Henry                                       Mar-38

Swingle           Harold H.                                15-Oct-79

Swisher           Anna (Mrs. Allen R.)                      4-Jul-79

Syrus             Gene (Mrs.)                                 3-238

Taber             Henry A.                                 10-Sep-79

Taborn            Earl (Mrs.)                                 3-216

Tafolla           Nabor                                     1-Jul-79

Talbert           Delbert                                     3-153

Talbott           Francis H.                               14-Dec-79

Talbott           Francis H.                               15-Dec-79

Talley            John Lewis                               14-Sep-79

Tallman           Joseph Robert                             5-Aug-79

Tallman           Minnie R. (Mrs. James)                   15-Oct-79

Tanner            Larry L.                                    3-164

Tanner            Oliver A. (Mrs.)                            3-213

Tarr              Mabel (Mrs. Robert J.)                   19-Oct-79

Tarrant           Melvin B.                                   28-Mar

Taton             Darrel E.                                21-Sep-79

Taton             Ralph Everett                               29-Mar

Tatro             Daniel (Mrs.)                               3-212

Tatro             Ursula Maria (Mrs. A.W.)                  8-Jul-79

Tavolino          Maria S. (Mrs. Roberto)                   1-Sep-79

Taylor            Alice T. (Mrs. John T.)                   3-Nov-79

Taylor            Belle Griffith                           28-Aug-79

Taylor            Beulah B. (Mrs. L.L.)                     7-Jul-79

Taylor            Exie L. (Mrs. Robert L.)                  5-Dec-79

Taylor            Exie L. (Mrs. Robert L.)                  9-Dec-79

Taylor            Hoover L.                                 1-Nov-79

Taylor            Kim Renelle                              13-Oct-79

Taylor            Lloyd L.                                    3-206

Taylor            Mary                                     19-Dec-79

Taylor            Mildred (Mrs. Darrell)                    6-Oct-79

Taylor            Tamara Lynn                              23-Dec-79

Taylor            Ursa Sarah (Mrs. Bob)                    23-Dec-79

Taylor            Virgil C.                                20-Oct-79

Taylor            W. B.                                       3-225

Taylor            William F.                                  3-149

Taylor            William L. (Mrs.)                           07-Mar

Taylor            William Paul                                Mar-78

Teague            Floyd D.                                    3-215

Teel              Glenn, Sr.                               27-Dec-79

Teel              James A.                                    3-125

Teem              William                                     Mar-33

Teetzel           Clyde W.                                 11-Oct-79

Tegner            Anna Williams                            16-Jul-79

Tempel            Walter E.                                   3-178

TenEyck           George Edward                               Mar-33

Ternes            Albert J.                                   02-Mar

Ternes            Albert J.                                   03-Mar

Ternes            Mathias (Mrs.)                              29-Mar

Terrell           J. Lewis                                    Mar-85

Terrones          Thomas (Mrs.)                               3-217

Terry             Laurence D.                                 Mar-88

Terry             Laurence D.                                 Mar-90

Teters            Esther M.                                10-Dec-79

Tewell            Ethel                                    25-Aug-79

Thackeray         Florence May (Mrs. Edward)                6-Dec-79

Thalheim          Elsie                                    13-Oct-79

Tharp             Dale                                     15-Sep-79

Tharp             Forest C.                                   Mar-34

Tharp             Iva (Mrs.)                                  3-180

Tharp             John T.                                     Mar-35

Tharp             Lewis (Mrs.)                                Mar-97

Thatcher          Marsal (Mrs.)                               3-188

Thaw              Georgann (Mrs. Harry)                    16-Oct-79

Thayer            Richard White                            18-Jul-79

Theseng           Henry (Mrs.)                                3-107

Thille            Murray Nelson                            28-Dec-79

Thimm             Ernest                                   28-Aug-79

Thmmesch          Math, Sr.                                   31-Mar

Thogmartin        Laurel Dale                              20-Oct-79

Thomas            Ardis Beverly                             4-Dec-79

Thomas            Billie Ann (Mrs. Chalk Dewayne)          30-Nov-79

Thomas            Carl "Max"                               18-Sep-79

Thomas            Charley Floyd                               31-Mar

Thomas            Erma Lee (Mrs. Ambrose)                  29-Jul-79

Thomas            Essie Frye (Mrs. John)                   16-Jul-79

Thomas            George F.                                15-Dec-79

Thomas            George W.                                   3-148

Thomas            Gerald L. "Bus"                          14-Sep-79

Thomas            Ina (Mrs. Carl)                           1-Sep-79

Thomas            Jay B.                                      Mar-41

Thomas            Joseph P. (Mrs.)                            17-Mar

Thomas            Lewis W.                                    3-226

Thomas            Matilda (Mrs. George)                    21-Oct-79

Thomas            Maurice L.                               26-Oct-79

Thomas            Megan Ann                                28-Nov-79

Thomas            Thomas Morgon                             2-Nov-79

Thomas            Thomas Morgon                             3-Nov-79

Thomas            William M.                                  3-222

Thomason          Guy M.                                    6-Sep-79

Thomason          Helen H. (Mrs. Al)                        2-Jul-79

Thome             Wilfred J.                               12-Nov-79

Thompson          Ada May (Mrs. Samuel)                    22-Oct-79

Thompson          Andre Jean                                  3-175

Thompson          Arthur W. (Mrs.)                            Mar-35

Thompson          Delora Franklin                          20-Dec-79

Thompson          Harold Oscar                             10-Sep-79

Thompson          Harry (Mrs.)                                Mar-80

Thompson          Jeffrey Frank                            22-Sep-79

Thompson          John A.                                   8-Sep-79

Thompson          Joseph W.                                16-Nov-79

Thompson          Lisa M.                                  16-Oct-79

Thompson          Mary Maxine (Mrs. Joseph William         16-Sep-79

Thompson          Neal                                      3-Jul-79

Thompson          Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-142

Thompson          Samuel F.                                29-Jul-79

Thompson          Terry Wayne                                 3-109

Thompson          Virgil                                      3-131

Thompson          Virgil A.                                12-Nov-79

Thornton          Andrew                                      3-197

Thornton          Clem W. (Mrs.)                              Mar-73

Thorp             Edgar                                       03-Mar

Thorpe            Claude E.                                 3-Jul-79

Thrasher          Albert O.                                   3-167

Thrisk            James Lester                                3-186

Throckmorton      Ray J.                                      Mar-40

Thudin            Clyde F.                                 12-Dec-79

Thuillez          Doris Marie                                 Mar-98

Thurley           Mable Schrock                            12-Dec-79

Thurman           Forrest                                     02-Mar

Tibbets           Alan F., Sr.                                05-Mar

Tibbetts          Dean Ray                                 20-Aug-79

Tibbits           Archie H.                                   3-150

Tibbits           Ava R.                                      11-Mar

Tice              Elias                                       3-204

Tiffany           Walter A.                                15-Dec-79

Tiger             John Washington                          19-Oct-79

Tillery           Franklin L.                               2-Dec-79

Tillman           Joe D.                                   20-Aug-79

Tillot            Fayth G. (Mrs. C.M.)                     22-Nov-79

Tinckell          Ella E.                                  13-Sep-79

Tindle            Ava R.                                      3-153

Tingley           Marguerite L.                               3-156

Tinker            Jean Wall                                16-Dec-79

Tinkler           Wilfred "Chub"                           29-Oct-79

Tinkler           Wilma (Mrs. William)                      7-Sep-79

Tischauser        Christine A.                                3-144

Tittman           John B. (Mrs.)                              Mar-91

Titus             Mary F. (Mrs. Clarence)                  29-Sep-79

Tobler            Merle Margaret (Mrs. George)             20-Oct-79

Todd              Orval R. "Toddy"                         18-Nov-79

Toedman           Arthur D.                                24-Jul-79

Tomlin            Hazel E.                                    3-163

Tomlinson         Anna M. (Mrs. Alfred)                    29-Oct-79

Tomlinson         Roy Clyde                                31-Aug-79

Tomlinson         Roy Clyde                                 1-Sep-79

Tomlison          John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-68

Toms              Harry                                    12-Oct-79

Torline           Leonard (Father)                            3-198

Torrence          Vera M. (Mrs. Lee)                        7-Dec-79

Torres            Joe A.                                   22-Dec-79

Torrey            Esther                                   17-Aug-79

Torrez            Lucio Gamez                              11-Dec-79

Towles            Charles E.                               29-Aug-79

Tracy             Marion E.                                   3-109

Tracy             Ruby (Mrs. Howard G.)                     1-Oct-79

Trager            Brian Lee                                22-Sep-79

Train             Marjorie C. (Mrs. Emory)                 17-Aug-79

Travis            E. Carl                                     31-Mar

Travis            Ira Derwin                                4-Nov-79

Traylor           Angela Marie                             19-Dec-79

Treadwell         William I.                                8-Nov-79

Trefethen         Shirley Ann (Mrs. Lee M.)                 8-Dec-79

Tregellas         Edwin L.                                  5-Nov-79

Tregellas         Edwin L.                                  6-Nov-79

Trego             Edgar (Mrs.)                                18-Mar

Trenton           Leota (Mrs. Gayle)                       19-Dec-79

Tretbar           Fredric W.                               12-Jul-79

Triana            Victor Q.                                   3-208

Triber            Rose M.                                     3-108

Triboulet         Selwyn                                    5-Jul-79

Triboulet         Selwyn "Jim"                              6-Jul-79

Trickel           Leighton                                  7-Sep-79

Tripp             Flora Elizabeth (Mrs. Ralph)              3-Oct-79

Tripp             Julia E. (Mrs. Samuel)                   29-Nov-79

Tritle            Nellie E. (Dr.)                             15-Mar

Trout             Elmer                                       21-Mar

Troutman          David Lee                                   3-172

Trowbridge        Mary Ellen (Mrs. Arthur)                  7-Aug-79

Troxel            Dorothy Nadine (Mrs. Charles Ray          4-Nov-79

Troy              B.F. "Lunker"                            12-Nov-79

Troyer            Allen Abram                              27-Oct-79

Troyer            Eunice M. (Mrs. Wilbur)                   9-Jul-79

Truesdell         James S.                                    3-166

Truong            John Paul                                16-Dec-79

Truster           Ernest L.                                   Mar-50

Tucker            Betty (Mrs. Roland)                      28-Sep-79

Tucker            Clyde W.                                 27-Nov-79

Tucker            Dallas L.                                 9-Dec-79

Tucker            Dallas L.                                10-Dec-79

Tucker            Floyd R.                                 30-Dec-79

Tucker            Fred J. (Mrs.)                              Mar-70

Tucker            Fred J. (Mrs.)                              Mar-72

Tucker            Gerald Myers                                3-204

Tucker            Hannah M. (Mrs. Arvin)                   31-Aug-79

Tucker            Isis F.                                   8-Nov-79

Tucker            Mary A. (Mrs. Leonard)                   14-Sep-79

Tucker            Ronald Lee                                  3-148

Tucker            Rose K. (Mrs. Dennis)                    24-Dec-79

Tucker            Rosemary (Mrs. Wallace)                  20-Jul-79

Tucker            Samuel (Mrs.)                               3-216

Tucker            Vickie Lynn (Mrs. Roy)                    6-Nov-79

Tuckwood          Jesse E.                                    Mar-70

Tunison           Fred (Mrs.)                                 Mar-84

Turner            Andrew Jackson                           24-Jul-79

Turner            Bruce E.                                 15-Aug-79

Turner            Cleta B. (Mrs. Clinton)                   7-Oct-79

Turner            Cliifford (Mrs.)                            3-177

Turner            E. E. (Mrs.)                                Mar-81

Turner            Elbert S.                                21-Dec-79

Turner            Esther (Mrs. Clifford)                   26-Jul-79

Turner            Georgia E. (Mrs. Will)                   29-Sep-79

Turner            Hazel Waldena                            11-Aug-79

Turner            James (Mrs.)                                3-158

Turner            Kenneth Lloyd                               3-199

Turner            Lewis (Mrs.)                                03-Mar

Turner            Lewis (Mrs.)                                05-Mar

Turner            Lewis (Mrs.)                                08-Mar

Turner            R.B.                                     18-Dec-79

Turner            Wendell T.                               15-Sep-79

Turpen            Caroline (Mrs. Frederick)                28-Nov-79

Tuttle            Fern (Mrs. Lee)                          10-Jul-79

Tuttle            Henry G.                                 31-Jul-79

Tuttle            Myrtle E. (Mrs. G.W.)                    24-Nov-79

Tuttle            Trainor J.                               13-Sep-79

Twombly           Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. Archie)              1-Aug-79

Twyman            Chester D.                               28-Oct-79

Twyman            Chester D.                               30-Oct-79

Tyler             John                                        3-228

Uhls              Ada (Mrs. Woodford)                       9-Oct-79

Ullrich           John E. (Mrs.)                              3-202

Uncapher          Willia E. (Mrs. Daniel)                  28-Dec-79

Underwood         Joe                                         3-227

Unkel             Robin L.                                 17-Nov-79

Unrein            Herbert J.                               16-Aug-79

Unruh             Carrie (Mrs. Frank)                      22-Sep-79

Unruh             Howard                                   30-Nov-79

Unruh             John H.                                     Mar-64

Unruh             Joseph P.                                 6-Aug-79

Unruh             Lena (Mrs. Ed)                            3-Nov-79

Unruh             Nancye (Mrs. Dean)                       17-Oct-79

Unruh             Reuben P.                                   3-195

Unruh             Verlin G.                                18-Oct-79

Upton             Alberta Jo (Mrs. Edwin)                   8-Dec-79

Urban             Edward J.                                   3-179

Urban             George S.                                12-Oct-79

Urban             Jacob (Mrs.)                                3-143

Urban             June J. (Mrs. Joe)                        7-Jul-79

Urban             Vida C. (Mrs. Walter)                    24-Jul-79

Urbom             Edmond D.                                   3-129

Urton             Joe C.                                    1-Sep-79

Utter             Virgil M.                                   3-145

Utz               Floyd (Mrs.)                                23-Mar

Vader             Eugene (Mrs.)                               3-219

Vail              Mary L. (Mrs. Raymond)                   26-Aug-79

Vaile             Donald Homer                             23-Oct-79

Vaile             Donald Homer                             24-Oct-79

Valadez           Juan L.                                  22-Oct-79

Vale              Richrad E. (Rev.)                           3-228

Valentine         William J.                                6-Sep-79

Valerius          Archur G. "Bud"                           3-Aug-79

Valle             Arnulfo C.                                  3-133

Valliere          Robert E., Sr.                              3-145

Van Arsdale       Laura H.                                    3-221

Van Arsdale       Laura H.                                    3-222

Van Der Voorn     John M.                                  13-Jul-79

Van Dyke          Leeann Mae                                  3-167

Van Dyne          John T.                                  26-Jul-79

Van Fossen        Leona (Mrs. Raymond)                     27-Sep-79

Van Gotten        Frank (Mrs.)                                3-138

Van Hoose         Louise                                      Mar-71

Van Laningham     Marion Andrew                               05-Mar

Van Outryve       Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Julius)               11-Nov-79

Van Sicklen       Norton H.                                   3-194

Van Winkle        Denzel F. (Mrs.)                            Mar-44

Van Wyns Berghe   Rosemary (Mrs. Richard)                  26-Sep-79

VanAmurg          Ben H.                                      Mar-33

VanAntwerp        Earl J.                                  24-Nov-79

Vanarsdale        Merrill                                     3-151

Vanatta           Mone E.                                     3-235

Vanatta           Myrtle M. (Mrs. Chester C.)               4-Jul-79

Vanbalarcon       Irvin                                       Mar-99

VanBoskirk        George G.                                26-Oct-79

Vance             Charles E. "Dazzi"                       14-Sep-79

Vance             Oather, Jr.                                 3-104

Vance             William D.                                  3-216

Vanderen          Delena                                   11-Nov-79

Vanderhoff        Damien E.                                   Mar-69

Vanderlip         Herbert D.                                  3-153

VanderMeyden      Dirk                                     29-Sep-79

Vanderpool        Ralph H.                                    Mar-77

Vandeventer       Mark Alan                                   3-230

Vanhaverbeke      Virginia P.                              10-Oct-79

Vaniman           Laurence R.                              28-Aug-79

VanLeeuwen        Anthony L.                                7-Dec-79

VanMeter          Leon B.                                  15-Jul-79

Vann              Carl A.                                   8-Dec-79

Vann              Willard H.                                1-Dec-79

Vanscoyoc         Otho L.                                     3-219

Varble            George (Mrs.)                               Mar-62

Varble            George W.                                   3-129

Varner            Fred H.                                  25-Sep-79

Varner            Grant                                    27-Nov-79

Varney            Viola R.                                    3-236

Vasco             Frank L.                                  1-Nov-79

Vaughn            David                                     3-Jul-79

Vaughn            Harold M.                                24-Aug-79

Vaughn            Larry Eugene                             20-Oct-79

Vaughn            Nora M. (Mrs. Guy)                       25-Nov-79

Veach             Elija Bell                                  Mar-53

Veeder            Merlon (Mrs.)                               Mar-72

Venjohn           Anna (Mrs. John)                         29-Nov-79

Verboom           John, Sr.                                16-Oct-79

Vermillion        Edna Mary (Mrs. Earl)                     8-Dec-79

Verner            Eunice (Mrs. Elbert)                     11-Dec-79

Vestle            Lee A.                                   27-Aug-79

Vestle            Lee A.                                   30-Aug-79

Vestring          J.A. "Bus"                                2-Aug-79

Vetter            Edmund W.                                   3-224

Vialpando         Antonio (Mrs.)                              3-113

Viebol            Kathryn Kay                              18-Dec-79

Viele             Myrtle (Mrs. George)                      3-Oct-79

Vine              Jessie W. (Mrs. Cecil)                   25-Jul-79

Vogan             Charles V.                               13-Dec-79

Vogan             Olive E. (Mrs. Charles)                   6-Dec-79

Vogel             David J.                                 26-Oct-79

Vogt              Gary A.                                  21-Nov-79

Vogt              Henry J.                                 23-Jul-79

Vogt              Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-195

Vogts             Frederich John                              3-188

Vogts             Martha M. (Mrs. Carl)                    25-Oct-79

Vogue             Timmy W.                                    Mar-88

Volosin           Katherine H. (Mrs. Andrew H.)             7-Sep-79

Von Magnus        Felix (Mrs.)                                Mar-75

Von Schriltz      Bessie R. (Mrs. Burrell H.)              12-Nov-79

Voran             Robert Eugene                             7-Nov-79

Voress            Martha L. (Mrs.)                            Mar-69

Vorhies           Laurel L.                                 6-Aug-79

Voshell           Dana L.                                  10-Nov-79

Voth              Edward (Mrs.)                               Mar-49

Voth              Maricha (Mrs. John J.)                   27-Nov-79

Voyles            John F.                                     29-Mar

Waddell           Claude O.                                   3-201

Waddell           Michael J.                                  Mar-32

Waddell           Tarry (Mrs.)                                Mar-94

Wade              Draphus "Swede"                          25-Jul-79

Wade              Roy (Mrs.)                                  3-180

Wadley            Viola N. (Mrs. Raleigh)                  22-Oct-79

Waggoner          Byron R.                                  1-Nov-79

Waggoner          Cora B.                                  13-Sep-79

Wagley            Elva Lena (Mrs. Harold)                  12-Nov-79

Wagley            Harold K.                                   3-204

Wagner            Dorothy Cotton (Mrs. Amir)                4-Oct-79

Wagner            Dorothy Ruth (Mrs. Earl)                 21-Sep-79

Wagner            Grant B.                                    Mar-64

Wagner            J. Wayne                                    3-128

Wagner            Nellie Velma (Mrs. Donald)               24-Aug-79

Wagner            Samuel                                   15-Aug-79

Wagoner           Bolney L.                                30-Nov-79

Wagoner           C.D. "Bill"                              20-Sep-79

Wagoner           Volney L.                                 1-Dec-79

Wahn              Baz                                      14-Dec-79

Waits             Mabel Belle (Mrs. Edgar)                 15-Dec-79

Wakefield         Ray                                      30-Aug-79

Wakerfield        Ray                                      29-Aug-79

Walbourn          Charles L.                                  3-148

Walden            Jean L. (Mrs. Isaac)                     22-Nov-79

Waldron           Frank C. (Mrs.)                             3-166

Waldschmidt       Paul J.                                     3-137

Wales             Bessie L. (Mrs. Bill)                    26-Oct-79

Walker            Bertha M. (Mrs. Oscar)                   24-Jul-79

Walker            Carleton T.                              28-Oct-79

Walker            Chan B.                                   8-Oct-79

Walker            Charles E.                                7-Aug-79

Walker            Clarence B.                              20-Nov-79

Walker            Grace Arvilla (Mrs. Aaron)               20-Oct-79

Walker            Gus H. (Mrs.)                               3-184

Walker            Hazel B.                                  3-Dec-79

Walker            Irene (Mrs. Charles)                     22-Oct-79

Walker            Jay Alan                                  4-Jul-79

Walker            John J.                                     Mar-88

Walker            John P.                                  27-Nov-79

Walker            Merritt F.                               31-Dec-79

Walker            Myrl G. (Mrs. Bud)                        1-Jul-79

Walker            Niles H.                                 18-Oct-79

Walker            Robert M.                                19-Dec-79

Walker            Robert M.                                28-Dec-79

Walker            Sadie L.                                 16-Oct-79

Walker            W. Fred                                     3-174

Walker            William H. "Jack"                         7-Dec-79

Wall              Robert Earl                               6-Nov-79

Wall              Roy                                       7-Nov-79

Wallace           Elsie (Mrs. Arnold)                      21-Sep-79

Wallace           Gertie May (Mrs. Arthur)                 13-Oct-79

Wallace           Rev. Cecil T.                            24-Aug-79

Wallace           Robbie (Mrs. Leslie E.)                  21-Sep-79

Wallace           W. B. (Mrs.)                                3-189

Walline           Curtis L.                                   3-130

Wallingford       Janice L.                                   Mar-99

Walls             Deril Edward, Jr.                        22-Dec-79

Walls             Deril Edward, Jr.                        23-Dec-79

Walters           Fern (Mrs. William)                       8-Oct-79

Walters           Florence A.                                 08-Mar

Walters           Verba E.                                    07-Mar

Walters           Verba E.                                    08-Mar

Walters           Willie (Mrs.)                               Mar-81

Walterscheid      Alan Lewis                                8-Aug-79

Walterscheid      Sister M. Thrasilla                       7-Aug-79

Walton            Leone (Mrs. Joe)                          5-Oct-79

Walton            Lucile (Mrs. Francis)                    12-Oct-79

Walton            Luther M.                                 5-Dec-79

Warbinton         Ward                                     24-Oct-79

Ward              Letcher Clee                              7-Sep-79

Ward              Lillie                                      3-150

Ward              Lloyd L. (Mrs.)                             Mar-43

Ward              Margaret S. (Mrs. Reginald)              27-Aug-79

Ward              Mary Ellen                               24-Aug-79

Ward              Minnie                                   19-Oct-79

Ward              Ned F. (Mrs.)                               3-182

Ward              Ollie (Mrs.)                                3-134

Ward              Rufus C.                                 29-Sep-79

Ward              U.E.                                      7-Dec-79

Ward              William T.                                  3-166

Ward              William T.                                  3-167

Warehime          Bert                                      5-Dec-79

Wareing           Ralph W.                                    3-101

Warkentin         John K.                                     3-170

Warlen            Irene C.                                 24-Sep-79

Warnbogans        Ernest F.                                   20-Mar

Warner            Berry                                       3-136

Warner            Julia B. (Mrs. Ray)                       7-Dec-79

Warner            Ruth H. (Mrs. Roy)                       14-Nov-79

Warner            Steven M.                                 3-Jul-79

Warning           George W.                                10-Dec-79

Warnock           Clyde E.                                    3-116

Warren            Fred C., Sr.                             13-Dec-79

Warren            Ralph J.                                  9-Dec-79

Warren            Roy E.                                   21-Dec-79

Warren            Stephen A.                               16-Nov-79

Warren            Stephen C.                               17-Nov-79

Warrington        Arlo V.                                  30-Aug-79

Warta             Frank C.                                 25-Oct-79

Wartick           Archie "Doc"                              4-Jul-79

Wartick           Avis M. (Mrs. Sherman)                   27-Sep-79

Wartick           Avis M. (Mrs. Sherman)                   28-Sep-79

Warwick           Faye F.                                  31-Dec-79

Wasemiller        Eva E. (Mrs. Jacob)                      29-Nov-79

Washburn          Donald "Sparky"                           5-Dec-79

Washburn          Lee                                         3-111

Washburn          Louis (Mrs.)                                3-235

Washington        Charles W.                                  3-164

Waskiewicz        Edward R.                                11-Oct-79

Wassall           John J., Sr.                              3-Sep-79

Wasson            Gladys R. (Mrs. Roy)                     10-Sep-79

Waterbury         Dwane Edmond                             10-Aug-79

Waterland         Elizabeth (Mrs. Russell)                  3-Jul-79

Waters            John                                      1-Sep-79

Waters            Kenneth L.                               20-Aug-79

Watkins           Ben L.                                      01-Mar

Watkins           Harvey F.                                20-Oct-79

Watkins           Homer                                       3-102

Watkins           Mary (Mrs. Myron)                         8-Dec-79

Watkins           Ressie Mae                                  3-225

Watson            Arthur (Mrs.)                               Mar-69

Watson            Dale L.                                  24-Dec-79

Watson            Edith (Mrs. Floyd)                       20-Nov-79

Watson            George A.                                20-Sep-79

Watson            George J. (Mrs.)                            3-129

Watson            John T.                                   1-Sep-79

Watson            Margaret B. "Maggie" (Mrs. Orvil         19-Oct-79

Watson            Walter (Mrs.)                               Mar-95

Waymire           Ethel M. (Mrs. Henry)                     6-Nov-79

Wear              Henry Clyde                               8-Oct-79

Wear              Oliveia May (Mrs. David)                  5-Sep-79

Weatherbie        Elzia                                     1-Oct-79

Weaver            Dave L.                                  31-Jul-79

Weaver            Harold (Mrs.)                               3-140

Weaver            Jim                                      12-Jul-79

Weaver            Lee (Mrs.)                                  Mar-83

Weaver            Minnie (Mrs. Clarence)                   20-Jul-79

Weaver            Paul (Mrs.)                                 3-102

Webb              Daniel E.                                 7-Aug-79

Webb              Daniel E.                                 8-Aug-79

Webb              Horace G.                                11-Jul-79

Webb              Norman                                      Mar-48

Webb              Roman A.                                 22-Oct-79

Webb              Roman A.                                 23-Oct-79

Webb              Willie (Mrs.)                               3-177

Webber            Elizabeth J.                             12-Oct-79

Weber             Aloysius (Mrs.)                             Mar-71

Weber             Anthony Matthew "Tony"                   16-Dec-79

Weber             Edgar L.                                 16-Jul-79

Weber             Edgar L.                                 17-Jul-79

Weber             Everett R.                               16-Dec-79

Weber             Harry C. (Mrs.)                             3-176

Weber             J.P.                                     16-Sep-79

Weber             Jerome F.                                 1-Jul-79

Weber             Jerome F.                                   3-240

Weber             Leo "Jack"                               27-Aug-79

Weber             Leon E.                                     3-202

Weber             Mary C. (Mrs. John)                       8-Jul-79

Weber             Neva V.                                     3-212

Weber             Paul                                        3-189

Weberg            Earl (Mrs.)                                 3-137

Webster           Agnes B. (Mrs.)                             3-206

Webster           Juanda Marie                             26-Aug-79

Webster           Lee M. (Mrs.)                               Mar-83

Webster           Theresa                                   8-Nov-79

Webster           Theresa                                   9-Nov-79

Webster           Walter (Mrs.)                               Mar-62

Webster           Walter C.                                10-Aug-79

Weddle            Cecil A. "Pete"                          23-Nov-79

Weddle            Charley (Mrs.)                              3-213

Wedel             Christina V. (Mrs. Herman)               10-Nov-79

Wedell            Hazel Houstoh                               2-144

Wedman            Francis                                   7-Dec-79

Weed              Willie Elmer                             18-Jul-79

Weesner           Mary M. (Mrs. Reed E.)                   21-Nov-79

Wegner            Pearl (Mrs. Raymond)                     10-Aug-79

Wehling           Emma Tressie (Mrs. John F.)               9-Oct-79

Wehling           Lillian M. (Mrs. Henry)                   4-Oct-79

Wehrman           Emma Elizabeth Truax (Mrs. Claud          1-Dec-79

Weide             Ethel Mae (Mrs. Walter)                   6-Nov-79

Weidner           Adolph P.                                25-Jul-79

Weigand           William Myers                               Mar-46

Weigester         Margaret Ayres                           31-Dec-79

Weikal            Dennis, Jr.                              22-Aug-79

Weikal            Ora J. (Mrs. John M.)                     6-Nov-79

Welch             Harry                                       3-121

Welch             Noel                                     25-Dec-79

Welch             Noel                                     27-Dec-79

Welch             Robert L.                                 3-Dec-79

Wellborn          Emma C. (Mrs. Curtis)                    17-Aug-79

Wellborn          William Harold                           28-Aug-79

Wellington        Wilbur "Bill"                            12-Jul-79

Welliver          Tonya M.                                    3-234

Welliver          Tonya M.                                    3-236

Wellman           Alford C.                                   Mar-96

Wellman           Encil V., Sr.                             2-Dec-79

Wells             Agnes J. (Mrs. Lonnie)                   16-Nov-79

Wells             Ida (Mrs. Cecil)                         17-Sep-79

Wells             John R.H.                                 9-Jul-79

Wells             Joseph A. "Red"                           8-Oct-79

Wells             Leslie L.                                   3-186

Wells             Mary A.                                  28-Jul-79

Wells             Orma (Mrs. George)                       15-Nov-79

Wells             Terra Dawn                                3-Nov-79

Wells             William J.                               28-Oct-79

Welsh             Leon S.                                     3-184

Welsh             Lyle Birney                              13-Jul-79

Welsh             Robert C.                                18-Nov-79

Welsh             Thomas W.                                29-Jul-79

Welsh             Willard                                  22-Sep-79

Welty             Harry E.                                 14-Aug-79

Wemmer            Joseph M.                                   3-170

Wendler           Loretta L. (Mrs. Martin J.)               1-Nov-79

Wendler           Martin J.                                   3-131

Wendt             Louis H. (Mrs.)                             Mar-90

Wendt             Vera (Mrs. Erich)                        11-Nov-79

Wengle            Anna R.                                     3-178

Wengler           Elizabeth M.                             25-Aug-79

Wenke             Brenda C.                                   3-170

Wenninger         Clare Cynthia (Mrs. Charles)             14-Sep-79

Wentling          Joetta Kay (Mrs. Rocky)                  21-Nov-79

Wentworth         Beryl (Mrs. John)                        24-Aug-79

Wentworth         O. C. (Mrs.)                                Mar-78

Wentz             Ruth E. (Mrs. Earl)                      25-Sep-79

Werbin            Sadie A. (Mrs. Theodore)                  9-Oct-79

Werner            Theodore J. "Tete"                        2-Sep-79

Werner            Timothy Wesley                           26-Jul-79

Werra             Leo J. (Mrs.)                               3-160

Werther           Frank Elmer                              22-Oct-79

Wess              Leo A. (Mrs.)                               3-108

Wessels           G. A. (Mrs.)                                3-163

Wessels           G. A. (Mrs.)                                3-164

West              David Stanley                               Mar-53

West              Helen Louise (Mrs.)                         3-116

West              John A. (Mrs.)                              3-177

West              Josephine M.                                3-168

West              Lyman A. (Mrs.)                             3-159

West              Nellie S.                                   Mar-78

West              Nikki Lyn                                   3-128

West              Rachel E. (Mrs. Charles)                 31-Jul-79

West              Velma M.                                  5-Dec-79

West              Virgil I.                                31-Jul-79

West              Walter E.                                   14-Mar

Westerman         Henry W.                                 16-Jul-79

Weston            Annie B.                                  6-Jul-79

Weston            Annie B.                                  8-Jul-79

Weverling         R. D. (Mrs.)                                3-150

Whaley            Lester Tom                               30-Aug-79

Wharry            Clifford                                 19-Dec-79

Wheeler           Charley E.                               30-Nov-79

Wheeler           Charley E.                                1-Dec-79

Wheeler           Jack W.                                   5-Jul-79

Wheeler           Nellie Almyra (Mrs. Theodore)            12-Jul-79

Wheeler           Nellie Almyra (Mrs. Theodore)            13-Jul-79

Whipple           Earl Emerson                             25-Jul-79

Whipple           Larry D.                                    3-179

Whisler           Timothy L.                                1-Dec-79

Whistler          David B.                                  6-Aug-79

Whistler          Minnie Maude (Mrs. Robert)               28-Nov-79

Whitaker          Harold W.                                29-Nov-79

Whitaker          JAmes Stanley                               3-110

Whitaker          Neola (Mrs. James)                       19-Aug-79

White             Aaron (Mrs.)                                3-125

White             Charles Minor (Capt.)                       16-Mar

White             Darl G.                                     3-144

White             Edward (Mrs.)                               3-122

White             Frank E.                                 30-Dec-79

White             Frank H.                                 30-Aug-79

White             Hattie B. (Mrs. David)                   18-Nov-79

White             Lee                                       8-Aug-79

White             Leroy                                       Mar-90

White             Lucy Alice (Mrs. Joel)                   24-Nov-79

White             Lyle (Mrs.)                                 3-117

White             Paul H.                                     30-Mar

White             Thelma J.                                 1-Nov-79

White             Walter E.                                   3-172

White             William (Mrs.)                              Mar-94

Whited            Chester Wilson                              Mar-55

Whitehead         William LaVern                            6-Jul-79

Whitehurst        Max (Mrs.)                                  3-208

Whiteman          W. S. (Mrs.)                                3-208

Whitesell         Genevieve E. (Mrs. Val)                  20-Jul-79

Whiteside         Velma Mary (Mrs. John)                   13-Aug-79

Whiteside         Victor (Mrs.)                               3-208

Whiting           George (Mrs.)                               Mar-79

Whitlock          Virginia L. (Mrs. Bert)                  11-Aug-79

Whitney           Jennie (Mrs. Howard)                     27-Jul-79

Whitney           Lee R.                                   11-Dec-79

Whitson           Nettie L. (Mrs. Calvin)                  19-Sep-79

Whitson           Walter (Mrs.)                               04-Mar

Whittecar         George P.                                19-Oct-79

Whitted           Fred (Mrs.)                                 Mar-89

Whittemore        Jeremy                                      3-175

Whitwam           C. D. (Mrs.)                                3-163

Wiant             Clifford D. (Mrs.)                          Mar-41

Wickliffe         William                                     Mar-91

Wicks             Kenneth E.                                6-Aug-79

Widdowson         Edna E. (Mrs. John H.)                   24-Aug-79

Widiger           DuMont "Duke"                            12-Nov-79

Widup             Juanita E. (Mrs. Lyle)                   21-Oct-79

Wiebe             Esther (Mrs. Dick)                       25-Sep-79

Wiebe             John P.                                     3-116

Wiechman          Martin A. (Mrs.)                            3-171

Wiederstein       William                                  27-Aug-79

Wiedman           August Charles                           12-Nov-79

Wiemeyer          Rosena M.                                   3-201

Wiggins           Keith E.                                    3-220

Wiggins           Vaughn E.                                21-Nov-79

Wiggins           Vera F. (Mrs. Harold)                     7-Oct-79

Wight             Ollie O.                                 30-Aug-79

Wight             Pearl E.                                  6-Oct-79

Wilber            Fred W.                                     3-174

Wilber            Fred W. (Mrs.)                              3-116

Wilcome           James R.                                 20-Sep-79

Wilcox            Cecil W.                                 25-Oct-79

Wilcox            Jimmie C.                                   3-146

Wilcox            Lanette                                  14-Oct-79

Wilcox            Roy E.                                      3-112

Wildgen           Maurice A.                               25-Jul-79

Wiley             Carl L.                                     Mar-49

Wiley             Lyle (Mrs.)                                 3-157

Wiley             Mary D.                                     3-128

Wiley             Norman Max                               31-Aug-79

Wiley             Ralph (Mrs.)                                3-231

Wilhite           Lowell                                      3-183

Wilkerson         Clifford Lyle                            25-Sep-79

Wilkins           Mary Ruth (Mrs. Loren B.)                26-Sep-79

Wilkinson         Cecil                                    21-Nov-79

Wilkinson         Lester                                      Mar-42

Wilkinson         Lura May (Mrs. Alfred)                    1-Dec-79

Willard           Essie S. (Mrs. Francis M.)               10-Aug-79

Willard           Harlow F.                                 7-Nov-79

Willard           Helen                                       3-193

Willard           Izetta (Mrs. Stephen)                     2-Aug-79

Willer-Peterson   Ada W. (Mrs. Paul)                        4-Jul-79

Willett           John A.                                     Mar-84

Williams          Alta (Mrs. William)                      15-Sep-79

Williams          Cecil A.                                    Mar-45

Williams          Claire Leone                                28-Mar

Williams          Clarence                                    24-Mar

Williams          Claude M.                                20-Aug-79

Williams          Clifford                                 12-Jul-79

Williams          Clyde (Mrs.)                                3-136

Williams          Coy L. "Red"                             22-Nov-79

Williams          Debra M.                                    3-195

Williams          Diane E. (Mrs. Peter)                     3-Sep-79

Williams          Dora Lettie                              28-Jul-79

Williams          Dr. Gene V. "Yogi"                        7-Jul-79

Williams          Eli Asa                                   7-Oct-79

Williams          Everett (Mrs.)                              3-166

Williams          Floyd                                    14-Aug-79

Williams          George E.                                   3-103

Williams          George E.                                   3-104

Williams          Geraldine Iva (Mrs. Boscoe)               6-Oct-79

Williams          Henry M.                                 13-Dec-79

Williams          Henry V.                                 20-Dec-79

Williams          Ina (Mrs. Carlos)                         6-Oct-79

Williams          Irene M. (Mrs. Paul)                     29-Sep-79

Williams          James Earl                                8-Sep-79

Williams          James Earl                               12-Sep-79

Williams          James O. (Mrs.)                             Mar-75

Williams          Kelly                                    20-Jul-79

Williams          L. L. (Mrs.)                                3-211

Williams          Manthus Ollie May (Mrs. Alfred)          14-Oct-79

Williams          Ray O.                                      23-Mar

Williams          Tommy                                       17-Mar

Williams          Vera Larkin (Mrs. Judge I.N. "Ik         19-Aug-79

Williams          Walter L.                                28-Sep-79

Williams          William Earl                              7-Nov-79

Williams          Willie                                    1-Oct-79

Williams          Willie, Jr.                                 3-151

Williamson        Cleveland Bill                           19-Oct-79

Williamson        Earl W.                                   2-Nov-79

Williamson        Floyd (Mrs.)                                3-237

Williamson        Glenn A.                                  3-Nov-79

Williamson        T. Phillip                                9-Aug-79

Willis            Effie Mae (Mrs. John)                    26-Dec-79

Willis            Hazel (Mrs. W. Guy)                       4-Oct-79

Willoughby        Bertha M. (Mrs. Ernest)                  23-Aug-79

Willoughby        Bertha Mae (Mrs. Ernest)                 24-Aug-79

Willoughby        Clarence E.                                 Mar-93

Willoughby        Jerome R.                                19-Oct-79

Wills             John Milton                              21-Dec-79

Wilson            Ailene                                    7-Oct-79

Wilson            Albert C.                                   Mar-52

Wilson            Alva D.                                  14-Oct-79

Wilson            Anna D.                                     29-Mar

Wilson            Benjamine F.                             10-Oct-79

Wilson            Billy L.                                    3-214

Wilson            Carl                                        Mar-90

Wilson            Carrie Chapman (Mrs. William)            13-Aug-79

Wilson            Carrie Chapman (Mrs. William)            14-Aug-79

Wilson            Charles E.                                  3-104

Wilson            Charlotte (Mrs. Nathan)                   8-Aug-79

Wilson            Chester H., Sr.                             3-209

Wilson            Chester H., Sr.                             3-211

Wilson            Clint W.                                 25-Aug-79

Wilson            Debra Jean                                  3-156

Wilson            Edwin A.                                  7-Dec-79

Wilson            Erma Brodie                              21-Dec-79

Wilson            Frank S.                                 21-Aug-79

Wilson            George                                      3-231

Wilson            Harold (Mrs.)                               Mar-46

Wilson            Harold (Mrs.)                               Mar-48

Wilson            Harold E.                                 5-Nov-79

Wilson            Harvey C., Sr.                           10-Jul-79

Wilson            Howard J.                                15-Jul-79

Wilson            James O.                                 21-Aug-79

Wilson            James O.                                 15-Dec-79

Wilson            James W.                                  9-Sep-79

Wilson            Jennifer Ann                                3-142

Wilson            Lester A.                                   3-101

Wilson            Lloa (Mrs. Harvey)                       27-Nov-79

Wilson            Lynda (Mrs. Alvin)                       22-Jul-79

Wilson            Maurice                                     29-Mar

Wilson            Rhonda May                                  3-142

Wilson            Robert A.                                   3-151

Wilson            Robert B.                                   3-199

Wilson            Susan Beth                                  Mar-71

Wilson            Tarcy E.                                    3-135

Wilson            Virginia (mrs. Thomas H.)                25-Nov-79

Wiltfong          William J.                                  3-109

Wimmer            Edward C.                                21-Aug-79

Winans            Bradford D.                              22-Oct-79

Winchester        Olive (Mrs. Joe)                         29-Oct-79

Windholtz         Ferdinand A.                             31-Dec-79

Windholz          Ferdinand A.                             30-Dec-79

Winegarner        Daisy (Mrs. Gilbert)                     22-Sep-79

Wingert           Carrie May (Mrs. Samuel)                 10-Nov-79

Winkelpleck       Bertha B.                                24-Sep-79

Winkinson         Frank C.                                  6-Nov-79

Winkley           Lee                                       8-Oct-79

Winn              Hurschel "Joe"                           14-Oct-79

Winn              Hurschel "Joe"                           15-Oct-79

Winsor            Ella Rutherford (Mrs. Wilbur)            28-Oct-79

Winter            Georgiana "Short" (Mrs. Paul)            20-Jul-79

Winterhalter      Joseph P.                                17-Nov-79

Winters           Eldon J.                                 11-Oct-79

Winters           F. Gerald                                24-Dec-79

Winters           George D. (Mrs.)                            06-Mar

Winters           Lillie M.                                   3-145

Winters           Lillie M.                                   3-147

Wise              Elmer H.                                 21-Dec-79

Wise              Melvin F.                                   03-Mar

Wise              Willard W.                                1-Dec-79

Wise              William R.                                  3-124

Wiseman           Howard J.                                12-Nov-79

Witcher           John Anthony                                3-226

Withers           Fern Evalyn (Mrs. Lloyd)                  2-Oct-79

Withington        Ona P. (Mrs. Lewis)                      18-Dec-79

Witter            Robert L. (Dr.)                             Mar-37

Wittman           Albert G., Jr.                              3-179

Wixom             Grant M.                                 19-Oct-79

Woertendyke       Ruth B. (Mrs. Howard P.)                 24-Nov-79

Wold              Patricia J.                              26-Oct-79

Wolf              Celestine                                29-Oct-79

Wolf              Harold E.                                26-Sep-79

Wolf              Kenneth (Mrs.)                              3-206

Wolf              Ray                                      29-Nov-79

Wolfe             Buster (Mrs.)                               3-179

Wolfe             Charles W.                               20-Nov-79

Wolfe             Fred (Mrs.)                                 3-193

Wolfe             James Wallace                             7-Sep-79

Wolfe             Roy E.                                   19-Aug-79

Wolff             Emma Lou (Mrs. Howard)                   12-Nov-79

Wolfkill          Florence O. (Mrs. Merrill)                3-Sep-79

Wood              Abel W.                                     3-190

Wood              C. S. (Mrs.)                                Mar-35

Wood              Eddie (Mrs.)                                Mar-98

Wood              George Wesley                               3-191

Wood              Harold P., Sr.                           21-Aug-79

Wood              Harry David                               9-Dec-79

Wood              Mary E. (Mrs. John)                      14-Dec-79

Wood              Nonie G. (Mrs. Jesse)                    16-Dec-79

Wood              Opal N. (Mrs. Arthur)                    13-Oct-79

Woodard           Allen A.                                  9-Oct-79

Woodard           Barbara S.                                  3-231

Woodard           Lura E. (Mrs. Claude)                    30-Oct-79

Woodbridge        Judson (Mrs.)                               03-Mar

Woodman           William                                  19-Oct-79

Woodmansee        Nancy Ann                                 5-Oct-79

Woods             Vernon (Mrs.)                               Mar-56

Woods             Walter W.                                   3-177

Woods             William C.                                  3-197

Woodward          L. M. (Mrs.)                                3-173

Woodworth         Nancy (Mrs. Gilbert)                     13-Sep-79

Woolard           Gertrude E. (Mrs. Ira)                    8-Dec-79

Woolard           Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. Claren         13-Sep-79

Woolery           Ethel Faye                                  3-149

Woolery           Fred L.                                     3-215

Woolery           Stanley                                     3-234

Wooley            Richard C. (Mrs.)                           3-189

Woolfolk          Samuel (Mrs.)                               3-210

Woolwine          Delmar G. (Mrs. Charles)                 25-Sep-79

Workman           James T.                                    3-177

Worley            Carter, Sr. (Mrs.)                          3-227

Worrell           Orville K., Jr.                             3-181

Worth             Ben F.                                   10-Jul-79

Worthington       Thelma M. (Mrs. Charles T.)              18-Sep-79

Wosylus           Henry, Jr.                                  29-Mar

Woydzisk          Eva Williams                                3-239

Wright            Adrian Morris                            10-Jul-79

Wright            Ardyce E. (Mrs. Lester)                   6-Jul-79

Wright            C. Richard                                3-Jul-79

Wright            Charles W.                                  3-205

Wright            Christopher                               1-Dec-79

Wright            Edwin Leroy                                 Mar-78

Wright            Eulah May (Mrs. William H.)              17-Sep-79

Wright            Frank J.                                    Mar-94

Wright            Gladys (Mrs. Walter)                     18-Aug-79

Wright            Gregory W.                                  3-180

Wright            Horace                                    4-Oct-79

Wright            James C.                                 28-Nov-79

Wright            Jessie O. (Mrs. John A.)                 24-Aug-79

Wright            Jimmy M.                                  5-Aug-79

Wright            John                                        3-170

Wright            Joseph T.                                   3-133

Wright            Leona M. (Mrs. Quinten)                  14-Dec-79

Wright            Lila Louise                              24-Oct-79

Wright            Lois (Mrs. Albert)                       14-Nov-79

Wright            Martin A. "Bart"                         13-Dec-79

Wright            Orville R.                               12-Dec-79

Wright            Pierce (Mrs.)                               3-163

Wright            R. A. (Mrs.)                                3-184

Wright            Wayne W.                                 14-Nov-79

Wright            William Sheldon                           1-Dec-79

Wyant             Herbert (Mrs.)                              Mar-51

Wyatt             Richard White                            17-Jul-79

Wyckoff           Albie D. (Mrs. John)                      1-Sep-79

Wycoff            Esther Marie (Mrs. Charles B.)           28-Sep-79

Wycoff            Robert T.                                 4-Oct-79

Wyer              Harrison (Mrs.)                             3-128

Wylie             Clarence B.                              26-Aug-79

Wyrick            P. C. (Mrs.)                                Mar-99

Wyss              Johnnie F.                                  3-231

Wyssenbach        E. E. (Mrs.)                                04-Mar

Wyssmann          John (Mrs.)                                 3-179

Yadon             Ola (Mrs. William)                       26-Aug-79

Yakle             Glen H. (Mrs.)                              3-181

Yanda             Franklin (Mrs.)                             3-166

Yeager            Mary Ella Smith                          19-Aug-79

Yeary             Steven M.                                17-Aug-79

Yetschke          Chloe (Mrs. Clarence)                     5-Nov-79

Yock              Nina Belle (Mrs. Charles M.)             14-Jul-79

Yocum             Betty L. (Mrs. William)                   4-Jul-79

Yoder             Lois E. (Mrs. Keith)                     29-Aug-79

Yoder             Tillie (Mrs. Levi M.)                     4-Nov-79

Yoder             Tobias C.                                22-Jul-79

York              Frances S. (Mrs. Don)                    23-Aug-79

York              Francis S.                               22-Aug-79

Youle             Robert Deane                             27-Jul-79

Young             Bessie (Mrs. William)                    25-Aug-79

Young             Earl A.                                  14-Aug-79

Young             Edyth S. (Mrs. Earl)                     31-Dec-79

Young             Hazel (Mrs. Frank)                       21-Dec-79

Young             Hazel (Mrs. Frank)                       22-Dec-79

Young             Helen Blanche                            12-Sep-79

Young             Helen Blanche                            13-Sep-79

Young             Lenora V. (Mrs. Harold)                  25-Nov-79

Young             Mary L. (Mrs. Robert)                    30-Aug-79

Young             Richard (Mrs.)                              Mar-80

Young             Robert E.                                   Mar-39

Young             Shedrick J.                                 3-196

Young             Thomas (Mrs.)                               3-181

Young             Thomas (Mrs.)                               3-182

Young             Tommie E.                                   3-144

Yust              Truly E.                                    3-235

Zackula           Daisy (Mrs. Michael)                      7-Oct-79

Zahn              Earl A.                                  16-Dec-79

Zahn              Orpha Lee (Mrs. Leonard C.)               5-Sep-79

Zakoura           Ralph M.                                  9-Nov-79

Zamorano          Merced                                      3-155

Zankter           William A.                                  Mar-84

Zarcone           John (Mrs.)                                 3-110

Zaring            John A.                                     Mar-47

Zaudke            Norbert Albert                              3-114

Zehner            Theodore C.                              21-Sep-79

Zeman             Betsy L.                                    Mar-37

Zenner            Lawrence Eugene                          12-Dec-79

Zerbe             Daniel John "Jack"                       28-Oct-79

Zerener           Albert C.                                15-Dec-79

Zerger            David Lee                                29-Oct-79

Ziegler           Marie (Mrs. Richard)                     22-Nov-79

Zielke            John (Mrs.)                                 Mar-69

Zilliox           Addie O. (Mrs. Frank)                     7-Oct-79

Zimmerman         Ada M. (Mrs. John P.)                    31-Jul-79

Zimmerman         Bert (Mrs.)                                 3-121

Zimmerman         Earle M.                                  4-Jul-79

Zimmerman         John                                        Mar-69

Zimmerman         John (Mrs.)                                 3-152

Zimmerman         Laura M. (Mrs. B.F.)                      5-Oct-79

Zimmerman         Orie E.                                     3-187

Zimmerman         Prudence V. (Mrs. Robert)                 6-Aug-79

Zink              Louis C.                                    Mar-46

Zornes            Aca W.                                      18-Mar

Zornes            Orval Dean "Blackie"                      4-Dec-79

Zugmier           Sylvia M. (Mrs. George)                   8-Dec-79

Zumbrun           Lola A.                                  12-Sep-79


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