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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Mary Broker.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries



Abbett            Milton T.                 I85

Abbott            Claude Harrison          II84

Abelar            Jose                    II208

Abney             Glenn                   II183

Abshier           Lucrissie                II11

Achey             Henry Arthur             II23

Achuleta          Emilie K.                II88

Ackerman          Dana Marie              II108

Ackerman          Everett H.              II170

Ackley            Ronald Lee               I204

Adair             May C.                    I43

Adair             Victor L.               II223

Adam              Charles David            II69

Adams             Bonnie S.                I220

Adams             Byron L.                 I131

Adams             Claron E.               II217

Adams             Dona M.                 II183

Adams             Earl A.                  I240

Adams             Frank                     I68

Adams             Katie M.                  I87

Adams             Mary A.                 II193

Adams             Nichole D'ann           II228

Adams             Vernon M.                I180

Adamson           John S.                  I159

Addington         Mazie (Mrs.)             I103

Addis             Elmer Stanton            I204

Adell             Mary E.                  I174

Adkins            Hazel B.                 II85

Adkins            Lydia                    I108

Adkins            Shirley Janette         II179

Adler             Pearl M.                II183

Agnew             Vernie A.                 I69

Ahlberg           Sue                      II27

Ahlberg           Sue                      II28

Ahlerich          Rose Ruth                I124

Ahlerich          Rose Ruth                I135

Ahrens            Mollie L.                I209

Ahring            Jonn W.                   II8

Aiello            Muriel Betty            II212

Aikins            Virginia Lea              I27

Ailers            Mabel L.                 II82

Akers             Margaret June            II53

Akers             Richard Edwin            I112

Akers             Richard Edwin            I113

Akin              Jesse L.                 I153

Akin              Opal                      I65

Akins             Helen Lucille            II93

Albers            Clara Elizabeth         II127

Albert            Loren D.                 II93

Alden             Laura F.                 I134

Alderman          George H.                I177

Alderson          Robert Max               II46

Alderson          Robert Max               II48

Aldrich           Horace M.                 II5

Aldrich           Shane V.                   I7

Aldridge          Clarence Edward           I12

Aldridge          Grace Ellen                I3

Aldridge          Grace Ellen                I5

Aldridge          Phil P.                  II15

Aldrup            Joyce                   II203

Aldrup            Vera Joyce              II204

Alexander         Bailey R.                I116

Alexander         John L.                 II173

Alexander         Kenneth L.               I210

Alexander         Michael Morris          II135

Alexander         O. E.                     I56

Alexander         Ruth K.                  I197

Aley              Donald Reed             II205

Aley              Donald Reed             II207

Aley              Treva                    I200

Aley              Treva                    I201

Alfaro            Ralph Camillio          II194

Alford            Charley Earl             II34

Alip              Minnie Elizabeth        II175

Allan             Manford J.                I60

Allen             B. R.                    II85

Allen             Beatrice                  I89

Allen             Beatrice                  I91

Allen             Curtis Darell           II167

Allen             Dean D.                   I98

Allen             Della                    I108

Allen             Della Verl Huebner       I112

Allen             Donald M.                 I14

Allen             Dora M.                  I208

Allen             Faye O.                  I171

Allen             Glenn C.                 II51

Allen             Grace Mabel (Mrs.)        I66

Allen             Gussie Pete               II8

Allen             J. Beryl                 II26

Allen             Jane Nettye             II129

Allen             Johnson L.               I159

Allen             June                      I85

Allen             Lee                      II30

Allen             Lon J.                   I130

Allen             Mary Jane                I202

Allen             Mary Margaret             I45

Allen             Mildred M.               I132

Allen             Peggy Rose              II100

Allen             Robert H.               II103

Allen             Roberta McGrath         II116

Allen             Roy R.                   I114

Allen             Ruby                      I20

Allender          Arlene                   II84

Allensworth       Audrey D.                 I72

Alley             Anna Jane               II219

Allison           Carolyn Sue             II148

Allison           Carolyn Sue             II152

Allison           Charles Frederick        I167

Allison           Hugh F.                 II168

Allison           Hugh F.                 II169

Allison           John R.                   I52

Allison           Vinnie L.                I104

Alllison          Sadie A.                 I230

Alloway           Irene                   II109

Alltizer          Beulah                   I225

Ally              Emma L.                   I57

Almquist          George D. (Rev.)         II94

Almquist          Oscar J.                 II82

Alspaugh          Leona P.                 II55

Altenread         Edna May                 II69

Alter             Harlan A.                  I9

Alterman          Bess                    II198

Alumbaugh         Elva                     II38

Alumbaugh         Rita A.                  II93

Alvord            Alta                     I238

Alyward           Robert A.                 I61

Amann             Leonard J.                I94

Amaro             Juan M.                 II199

Ambler            Dwight Jr.               I163

Ambrose           Clara I.                 I139

Ames              Mayme E.                II159

Amos              Irene B.                II131

Amstutz           Gladys                    I15

Anderson          Addie A.                II142

Anderson          Agnes C.                 I235

Anderson          Alfred Oren              I115

Anderson          Alice L.                 I112

Anderson          Amanda                    I28

Anderson          Amy J.                   II51

Anderson          Berta Belle              I181

Anderson          Carl S.                 II108

Anderson          Cecil Anna                I45

Anderson          David Leslie            II150

Anderson          Donald Lee              II101

Anderson          Elmer                    I104

Anderson          Ethel                   II212

Anderson          Ethel I.                 II72

Anderson          Frank Louis             II214

Anderson          George T. J.            II146

Anderson          George T. J.            II149

Anderson          James E.                 II19

Anderson          John                    II173

Anderson          John T.                 II211

Anderson          Laurin L.                 I34

Anderson          Leonard Dale             I225

Anderson          Leonard Dale             I228

Anderson          LeRoy W.                 II82

Anderson          Louise                   II21

Anderson          Lucille W.              II172

Anderson          Lucille W.              II174

Anderson          Lulu L.                 II230

Anderson          Marie M.                 II66

Anderson          Mary Ellen               I154

Anderson          Mary L.                  II27

Anderson          Mary L.                  II28

Anderson          Orville O.              II207

Anderson          Robert Eugene           II153

Anderson          Roby Charles            II151

Anderson          Roy B.                     I6

Anderson          Sylvia E.                 I84

Anderson          Walter P.               II115

Anderson          Walter Woodburn          II41

Anderson          Walter Woodburn          II42

Anderson          William J.              II180

Andreoli          Douglas G.               I162

Andrew            Iva Gertrude             I176

Andrews           Edna (Mrs.)              I181

Andrews           Ethelyn                  II13

Andrews           Roy N.                   II91

Andrews           Timothy L.               I124

Andrews           Wilbur M.               II221

Androes           Lena (Sister)            I228

Andrus            Thelma M.                I225

Angell            Sarah A.                 II34

Angelo            Faye L.                  I150

Anglemyer         James H.                II114

Ankerholz         Florence Irene           II85

Ankerholz         John O.                  II93

Ansbro            Margaret E.               I39

Anstaett          Lawrence                 I103

Anstaett          Marie B.                  I53

Anthony           Lily M.                  I122

Antonio           Iona Marie                I45

Apel              Elizabeth               II191

Apel              Mathias                  II87

Appel             Richard Dean              I68

Applegate         Harry M.                 II55

Appleton          Harry C.                II121

Appleton          Mark                      II8

Apt               Ada                     II110

Arb               Elizabeth Shaw            I13

Arbuckle          Charles A.              II113

Arbuckle          Eva M.                  II184

Arbuckle          Mae                     II183

Archer            Dennis Dale             II150

Archer            Helen Mae               II139

Archer            Katharine L.             I130

Archer            Roby                    II195

Archibald         Spencer E.               II47

Arensdorf         Frank H.                II187

Argo              Robert F.                 I97

Armagost          Amy L.                   I113

Armbrust          Hazel A.                  I67

Armentrout        C. Keith                  I49

Armitstead        Dale Edward              II84

Armour            Everett A.               II77

Armour            Katie B.                II230

Armour            Leah                      II8

Armstrong         Effie A.                 II39

Armstrong         Geneva Maude             II68

Armstrong         Paul G.                 II186

Armstrong         Russell V.                I66

Arnall            Fred W.                  II16

Arndt             Frances                  I199

Arner             Edna E.                 II208

Arnett            Delmer Elwood            II93

Arnett            Delmer Elwood            II94

Arnett            Donald E.                I230

Arnold            Fred G.                 II109

Arnold            Hazel Alice             II159

Arnold            James Clyde             II110

Arnold            James Thomas              II1

Arnold            Lee William              I144

Arnold            Lois E.                  I189

Arnold            Margaret R.              II66

Arnold            Marie V.                  I54

Arnold            May                     II166

Arnold            Ray                      I134

Arnold            Rhonda Lea               I110

Arnold            Robert Allen             II87

Arnold            Walter W.                I208

Arrington         John J.                  II33

Arrington         John J.                  II35

Arrowsmith        Merlin L.                I196

Arterburn         Wayne Lee               II172

Arthur            Lydia                    II68

Arthur            Robert C. (Capt.)        II77

Arvidson          Bernard                 II145

Asbell            William W.              II110

Ash               Berchie E.               I190

Ash               C. Elmer                 II84

Ash               Charles Alex            II104

Ash               Nelson D.                 I78

Ash               Ralph W.                  I64

Ash               Teri Lynn                II11

Ashel             Inf twins of Aaron       I191

Ashenfelter       Beulah L.                 I39

Ashford           George Marion            I218

Ashford           George Marion            I220

Ashford           Otto F.                 II114

Ashley            George Lee Roy (Dr.)     I174

Ashley            Leo F.                     I9

Ashton            Opal F.                  I159

Ashton            Opal F.                  I160

Askew             Mildred C.                I58

Asmann            Herbert A.                 I5

Asmussen          Evelyn L.                II55

Asperk            Felix                    I183

Astle             Clifford E.               I64

Atha              Edith June               II34

Atherton          E. L.                      I5

Atherton          Helen J.                 II30

Atkins            Sophia A.                I134

Atkinson          Harriet                 II165

Atteberry         Alice                    II65

Attebery          John J.                 II128

Atwater           Robert L.               II200

Atwood            Lena J.                  I170

Atwood            Nellie Blanch           II180

Audiss            Everett L.                I73

Auernheimer       S. Jim                    I23

Augustine         Roy Lee                 II113

Augustus          Raynee D.               II176

Augustus          Raynee D.               II177

Aumiller          DeAnna                   II62

Austin            Bertram A.              II197

Austin            D. T.                     I57

Austin            Ira O.                   II21

Austin            James B.                 I101

Austin            LeRoy Jr.                I108

Austin            Mollie Still             I109

Austin            Nellie Pearl             I107

Austin            Tillie                   II63

Avery             William H.              II150

Axelson           Christina H.             I127

Axelton           M. C.                     I74

Axman             Judy K.                 II149

Ayers             Ethel F.                  I70

Ayers             Stella M.               II202

Ayres             Nathan W.               II211

Baalmann          Lena                    II139

Babb              Celia                   II113

Babb              Minnie Z.                 I46

Babcock           Mary Jane                I104

Bachman           Ida E.                  II106

Bachofer          Margaret K.               I49

Back              Arthur C.               II203

Back              Won Sun                  I132

Backhus           Martha M.               II120

Backhus           Sophie Louise            I223

Bacon             Charles W.                I49

Bacon             Preston M.                I76

Baenisch          Charles O.               II82

Baeumel           Charles C.              II142

Bafus             Harry L.                II131

Bagley            Emma B.                 II126

Bahl              Blanche (Mrs.)            I35

Bahr              Frances A.              II168

Baier             George                   I188

Bailey            Blanche B.               I188

Bailey            Charles L.               II37

Bailey            Harriett                  I63

Bailey            Lucille A.               II52

Bailey            Mark                     I234

Bailey            Naomi M.                  I13

Bailey            Paul E.                  I232

Bailey            Rose M.                 II111

Bain              J. Doug                 II193

Baird             Cecil D. (Dr.)           I209

Baird             Ethel L.                 II21

Baird             Lena                     II11

Baker             Athol W.                II100

Baker             Athol W.                II101

Baker             Bill B.                  I209

Baker             Cecil W.                II100

Baker             Charles M. Jr.           I186

Baker             Dale G.                   I18

Baker             Dale G.                   I19

Baker             Donald Paul              II69

Baker             Elva Margaret            I173

Baker             Ethel L.                II130

Baker             George H.                I110

Baker             Helen Elizabeth          II66

Baker             James M.                 I160

Baker             Joseph George           II164

Baker             Leta Scroggins           I207

Baker             Lloyd                   II185

Baker             Lois                     I207

Baker             Loren Clinton             I47

Baker             Mary E. Cook             I223

Baker             Mary L.                 II216

Baker             Mary Leda                 I62

Baker             Mary Leda                 I64

Baker             Minnie S.                 I20

Baker             Robert S.                 I61

Baker             Viola V.                 I212

Baker             Virgil Murley           II137

Balay             Ernest C.               II160

Balch             Joe F.                   I122

Balch             Joe F.                   I123

Baldwin           Gaynette Su                I1

Baldwin           Ruth Viola               I108

Baldwin           Viva M.                  I232

Bale              Charles W.               II77

Bales             Robert Wendell          II210

Ball              David Ariel               I70

Ball              Helen E.                 I240

Ball              Maggie F.                 II8

Ballard           Anna L.                  II28

Ballard           Carl Homer                I35

Ballard           Harold E.               II159

Ballard           Levolia                  I142

Ballard           Levolia                  I146

Ballard           Madeline                II129

Ballinger         Lee F.                    I68

Balls             Clara B.                  I81

Balls             George E.                I197

Bally             Anna                    II170

Balzer            Ernest J.                 I26

Bamberry          George K.               II125

Bamford           Etta V.                  I147

Banbury           Arthur L.                 II2

Bangle            Helen                    I172

Banks             Maude M.                 II73

Banks             Riley Warren Sr.        II230

Bankston          Merrel                    II1

Banman            Selma F.                II189

Banninger         Neil Robert              II12

Bansemer          Vernon R.                I196

Barb              Esther B.                II93

Barb              Lillie Ida               II39

Barb              Pansy Mae                I224

Barber            Carl J.                 II135

Barber            John D.                  I138

Barber            Marvin Sheldon            I69

Barbera           Elizabeth P.             II15

Barfield          Esther G.                I211

Barhydt           Alma B.                  I127

Barker            Charles W.               I156

Barker            Fern                    II195

Barker            Flossie B.              II210

Barker            Garry Lynn              II111

Barker            Mariann B.               I193

Barker            Michael Terry             I80

Barker            William Jesse             I43

Barkley           Belle W.                  I57

Barkley           Pete                     I188

Barlow            Orville C.               II20

Barlow            Ralph B.                  I74

Barnard           Jesse J.                II196

Barnes            Carol                    I223

Barnes            Claude L.                I152

Barnes            Edna Esther             II130

Barnes            Louis M.                II100

Barnes            Olive                    I194

Barnes            Retha                     I98

Barnett           Harvey H.                 II9

Barnett           James David               I35

Barnett           Joseph                    I81

Barnett           June L.                 II183

Barnett           Lillian May              II59

Barnett           Marie                   II185

Barney            Guy F.                   I186

Barnhart          Estella May             II202

Barnhill          Frank B.                 I113

Barns             Mable I.                II128

Barnthouse        Edna M.                 II222

Baron             Sam                       I20

Barr              Alva                     I179

Barrera           Ida Romana               I187

Barrett           C. Glenn                 I225

Barrett           John M.                   I23

Barrett           Letha E.                II110

Barrett           Mildred                 II215

Barrett           Nona E.                  II62

Barrett           Oma                     II162

Barrett           Sadie Mansfield         II117

Barrett           Vernon L.                 I79

Barron            Adeliada                 I209

Barron            Sarah Olive             II175

Bartel            Frieda                  II115

Bartel            Kathleen                II137

Barten            Fred E.                  I102

Bartholomae       Helen Ruth              II223

Bartholomew       Lillian Dora            II210

Bartlett          Hollie C.                II67

Bartola           Opal                     I192

Barton            Edith (Mrs.)             I200

Barton            Elizabeth Youngmeyer     I166

Barton            Fred J.                  I176

Barton            James B.                II131

Barton            James B.                II133

Bartsch           Augusta                   I89

Bartum            Mae Allen                 I60

Base              Ruby L.                  II90

Base              Shane A.                 II99

Bash              Clarence L.               I19

Basham            Rose B.                 II109

Bass              Eva Lena                 II72

Bass              Jessie                   II77

Bass              Mabel A.                 I131

Basye             Vera                     II35

Batchman          Katie Irene                I9

Batdorf           Fred W.                 II111

Batdorf           S. Guy                  II173

Batemon           Harold R.                II29

Batemon           Sharlene E.                I3

Bates             Oscar G.                 I224

Bath              Thomas W.               II141

Batman            Harold G.                II98

Batman            Robert Glenn            II173

Batt              Bertha                   I117

Battin            Merritt Earl            II127

Baty              Merle (Mrs.)             II54

Baugh             Lottie Ellen            II159

Baugh             Lottie Ellen            II166

Baugh             Mary Jane (Mrs.)          I57

Baugh             Stella Mae              II229

Baughman          Bill Deo                II169

Baughman          Bill Deo                II170

Baum              Delores Maxine            I87

Baum              Harry Moore              I179

Bauman            Wilma R.                 I104

Baumgartner       Lauren J.                 I95

Baumunk           Jon                      II27

Baumunk           Stella L.                I177

Bausch            Julia M.                  I50

Baxley            Dennis F.                 I30

Baxter            Clarence J.             II144

Baxter            Earl                     II40

Baxter            Mary Jane                II43

Baxter            Maude                    I118

Baxter            Maude                    I122

Bayer             Faye                      I59

Bayless           Nancy E.                II207

Bayless           Walter                    I98

Bays              Virginia                  I22

Bays              William R.              II105

Baysinger         William D.                I57

Bazil             Lottie Arlena           II153

Beacham           Emma V.                 II149

Beagley           Dora Mae                  I71

Beagley           Wilma DeLong              I77

Beal              Alfred H.                I204

Beal              Charles L.              II125

Beal              Herbert E.               I160

Beal              John P.                  I190

Beal              Patricia Ruth            I213

Beal              Pearl R.                  I52

Beale             George O.                I111

Beals             Hazel B.                  I88

Beals             Hazel Bernice             I89

Beam              Jesse D.                II181

Beaman            Aletha E.               II127

Beaman            Dora M.                   I70

Beaman            Edmond Hugh              II46

Beaman            Robert Oliver            II97

Bean              Lutisia G.              II163

Bean              Maude                    I232

Bear              Johnson                  I229

Beard             Arthur O.                II24

Beard             Claudine                II174

Beard             Pauline M.               I136

Bearden           Edith                   II103

Bearden           Edith                   II104

Bearss            Vivian F.               II101

Beasley           D. William              II139

Beat              William Fred             II75

Beat              William Fred             II76

Beatie            Jesse Gladys            II154

Beattie           Wilbur                   II35

Beatty            Ira A.                   II26

Beatty            Ralph P.                II178

Beaty             Gene                     I223

Beaumont          Clifford Clayborn         I79

Beaver            Jack W.                  II50

Beavers           Oscar G.                 I127

Becannon          Orville                   I32

Bechtel           M. A.                     I72

Bechtelheimer     Russell Roy              II42

Bechthold         Henry                   II127

Beck              Eva Dora                  I56

Beck              Flossie May               I76

Beck              Harold T.                II11

Beck              Ocie                     I114

Beck              Penny G.                 II35

Becker            Craig D.                 II28

Becker            Eugene (Rev.)             I25

Becker            Eugene (Rev.)             I27

Becker            Herman T.               II104

Becker            Joseph M.                 I98

Becker            Levi                    II114

Becker            Otto                     II89

Beckerman         Fred J.                  I240

Beckett           Josie May                I209

Beckett           Mary M.                   I20

Beckett           Nancy Ethel               I30

Beckham           Sam                       I54

Beckman           Lawrence                 II66

Beckman           Roderick G.             II117

Beckner           Ellen Gardner           II203

Beckstrom         Selma                   II153

Bedell            Frances                  I102

Beebe             James E. V. Jr.         II184

Beemer            Esther Leddy              I11

Beemer            Esther Leddy              I13

Beery             Iven J.                   I36

Beeton            Mildred Olga             II78

Beggs             Alice D. (Mrs.)           II5

Beggs             Robert R.                II26

Behner            Ned                      II76

Behnke            Verna L.                 I230

Beisley           Hazel E.                 I213

Beitz             Mable                     I49

Belair            Hubert B.                 I39

Belanger          Muriel                    I55

Belanger          Opal Marie               I121

Belcher           Betty                     I56

Bell              Alma M.                   I69

Bell              Bryan Lee               II122

Bell              Charles E.               I113

Bell              Clifton P.               II24

Bell              Darlene Kay               I40

Bell              Eula                     II78

Bell              Faye                     II85

Bell              George                    I11

Bell              Glen E.                  I154

Bell              Glenn M.                II190

Bell              James Jr.               II163

Bell              Jesse A.                II129

Bell              Mabel M.                 II30

Bell              Mary                    II197

Bellamy           Scott R.                II202

Bellesine         James K.                II147

Belshaw           George R.               II199

Belshaw           George R.               II200

Belt              Ethel                    I237

Beltran           Francisco G.             I107

Benbrook          Ira R.                    I89

Benbrook          Velma L.                 I202

Bence             James Allen               I23

Benedick          Mamie B.                 II85

Benefield         Luther Gene               II4

Beneke            Lydia                     I12

Bengston          Raymond G.               I217

Benne             Louis                    I181

Bennett           Arthur L.                I187

Bennett           E. E.                   II133

Bennett           Elsie Fern              II168

Bennett           Ernestine                II83

Bennett           Flossie                   I97

Bennett           Frances C.                II7

Bennett           Linnie E.                I167

Bennett           Mary L.                   I26

Bennett           Rose M.                  I215

Bennett           Russell Dean             II29

Bennett           Velma E.                 II69

Bennett           Willie                   I141

Bennett           Willie                   I142

Benning           John J.                   I85

Benoit            Dale Jerome             II217

Benskin           Raymond H.               I194

Benson            Charlie O.                I85

Benson            Major Lou                I155

Benson            Noah V.                 II204

Bentley           Margaret S.              I152

Benton            Earnest                  II84

Benton            Earnest                  II86

Benward           William O.              II102

Benward           William O.              II103

Benway            Augusta                   I81

Berends           Karla M.                  II5

Berends           Walter                  II122

Berg              Edna P. (Mrs.)           II75

Berg              Edna P. (Mrs.)           II76

Berg              Helen Florene            I193

Bergan            John I.                 II124

Bergen            Isaac W.                 II26

Bergen            Isaac W.                 II27

Bergen            John K.                 II102

Berger            Edward E.                II70

Berger            Laura E.                 II78

Berges            William R.              II189

Bergholt          Jessie M.                I155

Bergkamp          Fred B.                  I186

Bergman           Charles F.               I130

Bergman           Eugene E.                 I20

Berkenmeier       Helen                    I201

Berkihiser        Helen                   II163

Berlin            Anna Landon             II176

Berndt            Grace                    I232

Berndt            Rudy                    II115

Bernhardt         Leo G.                   I108

Bernhart          Robert M.                II38

Bernstorf         Ira V.                    I65

Berry             Bertha                    I80

Berry             Edith Frances           II188

Berry             Lambert A.               I233

Berry             Mabel L.                 II82

Berry             Mabel L.                 II83

Berry             Marion A.                II48

Berry             Rimal N.                 I183

Berry             Vera M.                 II117

Berthelson        Walter L.                 II9

Bertram           Charles Rudolph          I140

Beshears          Shirley Colleen         II168

Bessel            John J.                   I19

Besser            James                   II140

Best              William F.              II128

Bestgen           Harold                   I232

Betlach           Helen                    I206

Betts             Ruth J.                 II131

Betzold           Herbert G.               I176

Beuke             Irene F.                II133

Beumeler          Inez E.                  II75

Beurskens         Nettie Bailey            II88

Beutler           Ivan Neal               II107

Bevan             Iva                      II16

B'Hymer           Lucien C.               II144

Bibler            Chester Linn             I119

Bibler            Lottie Mae                I98

Biby              Richard                  II29

Biby              Richard                  II31

Bickford          Dwight Loyal            II153

Bicknell          Peggy Ann               II143

Bideler           Charles D.               I119

Bideler           Monty M.                 I186

Bidler            Monty M.                 I184

Biege             Ray R.                   I151

Biegert           Stanley Edward            I97

Bieker            Edwin J.                  I34

Bieker            Lyla M.                  I176

Bieker            Wendelin J.              II84

Bieler            Ethel B.                 II50

Bieler            Thomas D.                I232

Biffle            Bessie Bernicey          II67

Bilderback        Mary Elizabeth          II106

Billinger         Peter P.                 I171

Billings          Roy H.                   II14

Billings          Roy H.                   II16

Bills             Blanche E.              II176

Bills             Everett L.                I45

Bills             Everett L.                I48

Bilson            Diane L.                 I231

Biltz             David Joseph              II9

Bilyeu            Jeff R.                  I232

Binder            Harold Wayne              I31

Binder            Margaret                 II75

Bird              Benjamin Harvey           I95

Bird              Herman C.               II161

Bird              Leona                     I81

Bird              Mary Ella                I157

Bird              Mary Ella                I158

Bird              Mildred I.              II187

Birdick           Sanford S.                II1

Birket            Clifford W.              II34

Bishop            Anna L.                   I97

Bishop            Bert                     I147

Bishop            Charles E.                I16

Bishop            Elmer                     I38

Bishop            George Dewey            II154

Bishop            Hazel M.                 I162

Bishop            Jean                    II179

Bishop            John W.                  I105

Bishop            Lillian E.              II199

Bishop            Mary                    II214

Bishop            William F.              II124

Bitner            Roy Lee                  II40

Bittle            Thurman                 II192

Black             Floyd E.                II145

Black             John H.                   I46

Black             Robert H.                 I76

Blackburn         Cecil Lee                II57

Blackburn         Katie S.                 I123

Blackburn         Stanton E.               II42

Blackford         Gloria C.                I186

Blackledge        Harriet S.                I38

Blackwell         Gerald Leroy            II117

Blackwell         James Corbett Jr.       II100

Blackwell         Marjory                  II64

Blaine            Norma Jean Baird         II26

Blair             Claire                   II59

Blair             Edward E.                 I49

Blair             N. Edward                I172

Blake             Edgar Jackson             I26

Blakemore         Everett F.              II217

Blandin           Charles C.               II51

Blandy            Benjamin H.             II226

Blankenship       Mabel E.                 II73

Blankinship       Yola Marie              II143

Blanks            Laura V.                 II63

Blasi             Lorraine R.               I89

Blasingame        William Pate             II96

Blatchford        Ellis W.                  I55

Blazer            Floyd W.                 II96

Blecha            Maurice R.               II48

Bledser           Annie D.                II141

Bleger            Virginia N.             II141

Bleger            Virginia N.             II142

Bleich            Josephine M.             II85

Blevens           Bessie E.                II98

Blevins           Terry L.                  II2

Blex              Victor D.               II103

Bliss             Loren Dewayne           II116

Block             Jacob A.                 I109

Block             Martin C.                I238

Blocker           Carson Wesley            I153

Blocker           Carson Wesley            I154

Blood             Leonard C.               II70

Blood             Vera                     I231

Bloomfield        Merl                    II150

Bloomfield        Merle                   II150

Bloss             Ehel B.                   I70

Blosser           Mrytle                  II193

Blosser           William E.               I149

Blount            Justin A. (Dr.)           I35

Blount            Maude                     I75

Blount            Walter Lee Sr.          II231

Bloxom            Dorothy Blanche          I123

Bludnick          M. Eusebius (Sister)    II181

Blue              James Earl               II80

Blue              William A.              II146

Blumanhourst      Oliver B.                II88

Blumenshine       Lottie B.               II106

Blumenstein       Alma                      I95

Board             Vinnice R.                I94

Boatman           Mary J.                 II207

Boatright         Verna V.                  I56

Boaz              Ina B.                   II90

Bobbitt           Helen Grace              I185

Bock              Roy                      I134

Bock              Selma M.                 I192

Bodecker          Laura                   II192

Boegel            John R. Sr.              II30

Boehm             Gladys K.                I202

Boettger          Frank                    I224

Boettger          Thomas W.                 I37

Bogart            Nellie G.               II193

Boger             Ludwig                   II30

Boggs             Hazel                   II162

Bogle             Florence H.              I188

Bogle             Justin Wade             II103

Bogle             Justin Wade             II105

Bogle             Shawna Lynn             II103

Bogle             Shawna Lynn             II105

Bogle             Tara Sue                II103

Bogle             Tara Sue                II105

Bogner            Edward J.               II181

Bohanan           Rosa T.                  II32

Bohannan          Kenneth W.               II80

Bohannon          Daniel Sr.               I225

Bohannon          Earl C.                 II215

Bohannon          Louis Franklin           I156

Bohay             Lazerne A.              II151

Bohling           Hattie L.                II14

Bohnert           Timothy L.               I131

Bohnstehn         Billy                     I35

Bohrer            Martha R.                II97

Bohrer            Nellie Lindsay (Mrs.)    I120

Bokland           Erle W.                  II30

Boland            Myrle J.                 II83

Bolen             Arnold L.               II160

Boles             Edward L.                I116

Boley             Hazel M.                  I95

Boley             Lee                      I167

Bolin             Gerold E.                 I46

Bolinger          Cecil Arnold             II26

Bolinger          Ernest F.                 I51

Bollhorst         William R.                I31

Bollman           John Paul               II228

Bolman            Helen Elizabeth          II17

Bolman            Helen Elizabeth          II17

Boman             Glenn George              I81

Bombardier        Ronald A.                 I72

Bond              Anna                     II80

Bond              Zulletta B.               I13

Bone              J. Grant                   I8

Boner             Richard Carl              I90

Bongiorni         Timothy Aaron            I140

Bonham            Ross E.                  I104

Bonham            Velma                    I120

Bonilla           Christopher L.            I69

Bonney            Ina G.                   II16

Bonto             Virgil (Rev.)            II65

Booker            Venerable                I187

Bookless          Cleo J.                  I119

Boorom            Mary Elizabeth          II157

Booth             Cleo M.                  I233

Boothby           Harry James             II166

Borchers          Ben W.                    I16

Borden            Daisy B.                   I9

Borders           Ross E.                   I90

Bordner           Julia A.                 II51

Borger            Audine                  II225

Born              Gerald F.                 II8

Borne             Ruth Marie              II164

Bornholdt         Mary M.                   I98

Borra             Mary L.                 II168

Borth             Ephraim E.               I175

Borthick          Lillian                   I80

Boshell           Dorothy M.                I80

Bosman            Rosevelt                II157

Bossell           Gary L.                  I102

Boswell           Mandy M.                  I94

Botkin            Christopher Wayne       II204

Botkin            Glenn L.                II125

Botkin            John Bill                 I79

Botterweck        Augusta                    I9

Bottoms           Naomi P.                 I124

Botts             Helen G.                  I72

Boucher           Kathaleen L.              I32

Boucher           Kathaleen L.              I34

Boughner          Frank D.                 I116

Boulanger         Evertt                   II40

Bouldin           Pearl G.                 II13

Boundry           Austin J.                I149

Boundry           Austin J.                I150

Bourdette         Hazel F.                 II42

Boutros           Stefania                II211

Bowden            Clarence E.              I203

Bowers            Anna D.                  I112

Bowers            Charles O.               I177

Bowers            Fred I.                  II19

Bowhay            Lazerne A.              II156

Bowker            Wilbert                  II43

Bowlin            Eva J.                   I203

Bowling           George Conrad            I221

Bowlus            George R.                I221

Bowman            Eleanor C.               I207

Bowman            Lester S.                I166

Bowyer            James                    I174

Bowyer            Rozella L.               I137

Bowyer            Tina Mae                II134

Boyd              Della V.                 I102

Boyd              Edith M.                II199

Boyd              Elmer S.                II181

Boyd              Helen E.                II111

Boyd              Vera H.                  I184

Boydston          Lora                     II51

Boyer             Aldula                    I56

Boyer             Angela Fay               I192

Boyer             Arley L.                  I51

Boyer             Charles                  I217

Boyer             Glenn A.                II138

Boyer             Glenn C.                II206

Boyle             George W.                I145

Boyne             Thomas H.                 I18

Boys              Margaret Lucille         II82

Bozeman           Earl G.                   I71

Bozman            Sumner O.               II122

Brack             Adolph                    I52

Brack             Dan E. Sr.               II73

Brack             Hannah                   I189

Bracken           Arch Charles              II2

Bracken           Arch Charles              II5

Brackhahn         Roxie Ann                I159

Brackney          Frances                    I3

Bradbury          Cecil L.                  I99

Bradbury          E. Leo (Rev.)             I18

Braddy            Minnie Agnes              I48

Braden            Arthur W.                I199

Braden            Beulah                    I65

Braden            Kennedy                 II199

Brader            Rolla M.                 II66

Bradfield         Ferne                    I140

Bradford          Beulah M.                I238

Bradford          Nicholas Alan           II211

Bradford          Orla E.                 II113

Bradley           Edmond Clarence          I102

Bradley           Ervin                     I66

Bradley           Kenneth P. Jr.          II213

Bradley           Retta E.                II177

Bradrick          Elbert H.                 I33

Bradshaw          Ethel M.                 I152

Bradshaw          Ralph A.                 II48

Bradshaw          Ralph O.                  I70

Bradshaw          Ralph O.                  I71

Brady             John K.                   II9

Bragg             Esther May                I39

Bragg             Frances A.               II17

Braitsch          Roman P.                II219

Brake             Mathilda M.              II13

Braley            Clarence L.              I174

Braley            Inez                    II174

Braley            Paul E.                 II218

Brand             Bernard Alexander       II229

Brandt            Robbie Jean                I7

Brandt            Robert F.                I185

Brandt            Robert Fred              I183

Brane             Winnie A.                 I41

Branham           Ethel M.                 II95

Branine           Walter C.                II70

Brannan           Daisy                    I194

Brannan           Frank Carol                I9

Brannon           Versie                   II53

Branson           Dale A.                  I183

Branson           Travis T.                I114

Brant             Betty Jean                I17

Brant             Eugene L.               II207

Brasfield         Walter                    I12

Brask             Zella Marie              I174

Bratcher          Jeanne                   II97

Bratt             James F.                 I197

Brattin           Charley F.              II187

Brauner           Walter A.                I171

Bray              Blanche                 II147

Brazda            Adolph                    I85

Brazda            Alvina A.                II77

Brazell           William Haman            I149

Brazil            Leonard A.                I14

Brazle            Erma L.                   I42

Brazle            Retha M.                  I27

Brazle            William P.               II82

Brecheisen        J. Oliver                 I67

Brecheisen        James Marvin            II165

Breeden           Charles A.                 I6

Breene            Aubra E.                 I110

Breene            Aubra E.                 I111

Brehm             Fern                     II12

Brehm             Loretta E.                I10

Brehm             Loretta Elizabeth         I12

Breitenbach       Bernard F.              II186

Breitenbach       John A.                   I40

Breitweiser       Ray                      II52

Breitwieser       Robert H.                I204

Brenner           James Herbert           II113

Brethour          Raymond U.               II66

Bretz             George H.                I123

Breuer            Mattie                   I214

Brewer            Dolores M.               I169

Brewer            Earl III                II148

Brewer            Esther                   I220

Brewer            Glenn F.                   I3

Brewer            Helen Lorene              I17

Brewer            Helen Lorene              I18

Brice-Nash        Ted                      I206

Brickey           Curtis Lowell             I10

Bridges           Bill Gene                I148

Bridwell          Eva B.                    I45

Bridwell          Eva B.                    I47

Brierly           J. B. Jr. (Lt. Col.)     I184

Briggs            C. Blaine III            I240

Briggs            Hallie Mae               I215

Briggs            Jeanetta Pearl           II25

Briggs            Lester M.                II91

Bright            Glenn B.                  I22

Brighton          Kenneth L.               I165

Brigstocke        W. O.                    I124

Briles            Eunice L.                  I3

Briley            Julie Kaye                I57

Brillhart         Maybelle R.               I14

Brinkman          Floyd W.                 I240

Brinkmeyer        Merle Marie               I31

Brinson           Roy A.                  II164

Brion             Venus M.                 II25

Bristol           Ella G.                 II116

Britenfield       Richard                 II207

Britton           Howard E.                II30

Broadbent         Henry                    I226

Broadhurst        Stan R.                   I14

Broadwater        Guy W.                    I91

Brock             Vivian C.               II105

Brock             William E. (Dr.)         I100

Brockman          Ada                       I38

Brockmeier        Louise                   II99

Broddle           Shirley F.               I159

Broddle           Shirley F.               I161

Broman            Elmer C.                 I205

Brooke            Edith                   II147

Brooke            Myrtle                     I5

Brooke            W. Ray                   I187

Brooker           Ray B.                   II16

Brooks            Banner                    I27

Brooks            Dulcie H.                I146

Brooks            Edna                     II82

Brooks            Edward H.                  I3

Brooks            Helen R.                II173

Brooks            Irene Jeanetta           I116

Brooks            John Henry               I163

Brooks            Lottie Belle              I44

Brooks            Martha Ellen               I7

Brooks            Martha Ellen               I8

Brooks            Paul E.                   I20

Brooks            Ray Emerson             II184

Brooks            Travis John             II206

Brooks            Verna                   II133

Brookshire        Alberta G.              II128

Brothers          Caroline E.               I13

Brothers          Veneta F.               II200

Brotherton        Ada                     II214

Brough            Leroy I.                 II90

Broughton         Robert Kale               I26

Brown             Alma I.                  II94

Brown             Annie                   II100

Brown             Annie F.                II227

Brown             Arthur L.                II26

Brown             Barbara Jean            II112

Brown             Bess R.                  I116

Brown             Bessie M.                 I86

Brown             Carolyn S.               II60

Brown             Charles F.               II11

Brown             Charles Harrison          I91

Brown             Clarence A.              I152

Brown             Cleveland                II25

Brown             Curtis N.               II230

Brown             Curtis S.                I169

Brown             Edna Lola                 I19

Brown             Elgie                    II48

Brown             Florence Mae              I22

Brown             Floy V.                  II35

Brown             Francis Marion           I203

Brown             Georgia C.               I224

Brown             Gladys P.               II230

Brown             Grace D.                 I164

Brown             Harlow J.                II55

Brown             Harold A.                II95

Brown             Harry L.                II169

Brown             Helen                    II43

Brown             Helen E.                 I212

Brown             Henry J.                 II28

Brown             Henry Jr.                I149

Brown             Henry Jr.                I153

Brown             Hubert Sr.               I147

Brown             Jacob L.                 II67

Brown             James F.                II159

Brown             James Frank             II157

Brown             Jami Dee                II166

Brown             Joseph E.                II80

Brown             Joseph M.                I109

Brown             Josie R.                 I234

Brown             Juanita P.               I144

Brown             Leo V.                   II89

Brown             Mabel Crowell            II88

Brown             Marion Lee                I69

Brown             Mary Alice               I107

Brown             Maude                      I6

Brown             Miles A.                 I195

Brown             Mistie Jean             II124

Brown             Ray E. Sr.               I230

Brown             Rositta                 II231

Brown             Vera E.                 II185

Brown             Wallace E. Jr.          II198

Brown             Walter Ray              II117

Brown             Wendelin L.              II64

Brown             Wilber W.                I219

Brown             William J.              II158

Brown             William Luther            I73

Browne            C. Clayton (Dr.)         I229

Browning          Edna Iona                II96

Browning          Wanda June               I121

Browning          William P.                I32

Brownlee          Ethel L.                  I20

Bruce             Charles E.              II219

Bruce             Elzina Brewer            II14

Bruce             James S. II               II2

Bruce             Marcella J.              II26

Bruce             Thomas Joseph           II229

Bruch             Margie M.                II73

Brucker           Albert J.               II103

Bruey             Rose                     II91

Brugmann          Corrinna Belle          II176

Brugmann          James Ray               II153

Bruhn             Mathilda Freda           I200

Brumbaugh         Leona G.                II155

Brumley           Joe S.                    I18

Brune             Adam A.                   I91

Brunel            Margaret D.               I83

Brungardt         Bennie J.               II223

Brungardt         Dorothy E.               I187

Brungardt         Edward C.               II140

Brungardt         John J.                   I63

Brungardt         Monty C.                 II48

Brunk             Jay Orville              I206

Brunk             John K.                 II158

Brunk             John K.                 II160

Brunk             Melva G.                II140

Brunk             Peggy                   II169

Bruns             Harold L.                II23

Bruns             Otto L.                 II114

Bruntzel          Willa J.                  I34

Bryan             E. L.                    I172

Bryan             Myrtle May              II229

Bryant            Alvin                    I207

Bryant            Dale M.                  II88

Bryant            David Mark              II217

Bryant            Dorothy I.               II71

Bryant            Genevieve W.             I173

Bryant            James A.                 II80

Bryant            Jay                       I87

Bryant            Nettie P.                II27

Bryant            Zadel Pearl              I116

Bryson            Forrest Orville          II88

Buchanan          Bertha Eva              II132

Buchanan          John W.                  II41

Buchanan          Kenneth Ray              I184

Buchanan          Lula M.                  II29

Buchanan          Olen Lester Sr.          I134

Buchanan          Russell C. Sr.           I169

Buchannan         Lula M.                  II27

Buchenau          Lola Marie               I176

Bucher            Hannah A. (Mrs.)         I173

Bucher            Hannah A. (Mrs.)         I174

Buchman           Doris                   II215

Buchman           Helen R.                II153

Buck              Amanda                   I125

Buck              James W. Sr.             I231

Buck              Nettie Frances          II204

Buckland          Goldie Ruth               I88

Buckley           Cecil W.                 I118

Buckmaster        Lyllian Irene             II9

Buckner           Leonard Clifford         I113

Buckner           Nadine                  II206

Budde             Carl H.                   I32

Budetti           Frances G.              II136

Budke             Margaret M.              I193

Buell             Martin Dwayne           II115

Buenning          Emerson L.              II152

Buffington        Alfred O.               II116

Buhler            Elva L.                   I17

Builta            Rosa                     I208

Bujarski          Ruth L.                 II193

Bula              Elmer H.                  I44

Bullard           Grove T.                II144

Bulleigh          John                      I11

Bullock           Janetta Marie            II73

Bumgardner        Dean S.                  I224

Bumgardner        Sylvia                   II18

Bunch             Maggie H.               II141

Bundick           Stonewall Jackson        I155

Bunker            Mary A.                  I150

Bunker            Victor W.                I119

Bunn              Caroline                II147

Bunn              Caroline                II148

Bunton            Norma S.                II222

Buntschuh         Berta (Mrs.)            II172

Bunyan            Clarence A.               I62

Bunyard           Viola Bell              II175

Burch             Clynthia Agnes           I114

Burch             D. H.                    I140

Burch             Liberty S.               I118

Burch             Maudie                   I197

Burch             Willie Ray               I123

Burcher           Margaret Caroline        I162

Burdett           Albert A.                II96

Burdge            Walter R.                 I29

Burdick           Ernest A.               II115

Burford           C. P.                   II108

Burgardt          Angelus James           II130

Burgardt          Mary Frances              I13

Burgardt          Wilfred                 II110

Burge             Mildred E.                I11

Burgess           Ethel F.                II207

Burgess           Howard                   I132

Burk              Bonnie A.                II90

Burk              Lula B.                 II184

Burk              Ruby Edith               II35

Burke             John                     II25

Burke             Loretta                 II124

Burke             Loretta                 II127

Burke             Paul E. Sr.                I3

Burke             Ralph T.                  I59

Burke             Stella Pearl             I158

Burke             Susie Hannah              I38

Burket            James M.                 I192

Burkett           Alta S.                  I140

Burkett           Cleta                   II151

Burkholder        Susan Michelle            I56

Burks             Aubrey Vardell            I14

Burley            Forrest W.               I232

Burlingame        Mabel M.                 II90

Burnett           Sylvia M.                I174

Burnett           Vivian M.                 I32

Burnette          James D. (Rev.)          I111

Burns             Carl W.                 II171

Burns             Corliss M.                I47

Burns             Gerold C. Sr.            II61

Burns             Gerold C. Sr.            II62

Burns             Harry L.                II100

Burns             Janice L.                II30

Burns             Joseph F.               II120

Burns             Leo C.                   II55

Burns             Leo C.                   II57

Burns             Paul F.                   I53

Burr              Fred W.                   I72

Burrell           June                    II211

Burris            Ethel H.                 I203

Burrow            William Martin            II6

Bursack           Earl A.                 II227

Bursack           Johnni Pauline            I15

Burt              Richmond F.               II6

Burtins           Robert H.                II16

Burton            Dorothy V.               I116

Burton            Jean B.                  I201

Burton            Rose                      I49

Burton            William J.               I170

Burtsfield        Maxine J.               II139

Buryanek          Carrie S.                II56

Busch             Mamie C.                 I112

Busch             Mamie C.                 I116

Busch             Rhea                    II143

Busenbark         Maude E.                 II76

Busenbark         Walter Russell            II7

Busenitz          Albert H.               II108

Bush              Emmett Limon             I117

Bush              Fred D.                  II83

Bush              Freida Esther            II85

Bush              James L.                 I109

Bush              John H.                  I220

Bush              Ogeal                    I104

Bush              Robert T.               II181

Bush              Zachariah               II105

Bush              Zeporia M.              II219

Bush              Zetoria M.              II218

Bushong           Sam T.                   I133

Buss              Amy M.                   I158

Buss              Wess J.                  II66

Busse             Aloysius J.              II75

Butcher           Ward H.                  I240

Butler            Doris                   II142

Butler            Jimmie A.                II91

Butt              Max E.                   I172

Butt              Max E.                   I173

Butterfield       Alice                   II126

Butts             Alvin Lee                 I78

Butts             Claude E.                II13

Butts             Margaret E.              II61

Bux               Theresa                  II52

Buxton            Orpha A.                  I19

Buzynski          Mary A. Lambert         II208

Bybee             Dwayne J.               II150

Byers             Dolly Lantz             II137

Byers             George Earl             II185

Bynorth           Douglas W.               I159

Byrd              Gail R.                 II212

Byrnes            James J.                 II87

Byrom             Daniel Dwayne            I133

Cabeen            Hugh B.                  II52

Cabral            Elizabeth Victoria      II101

Cabral            Elizabeth Victoria      II102

Cabrales          Carmen                   II69

Cade              Hamilton A.              I162

Cade              Mary Louise             II218

Cade              Robert A.                 I14

Cadek             Adolph                  II113

Cadek             Anna Margaret            I199

Cadwell           Earl M.                  I167

Cadwell           Hazel M.                 I131

Cagle             Lodemia Matilita         I206

Cahoone           Hazel Marie              II36

Cain              Esther J.                II92

Cain              Ivy (Mrs.)               I119

Cain              Lelia I.                 I183

Calderon          Joe                      I109

Caldwell          Clyde                   II194

Caldwell          Elza                    II133

Caldwell          Ralph H.                  I14

Calfee            Arthur H.               II226

Calhoun           James E.                 II31

Calhoun           Laradell                  I86

Calhoun           Lee E.                  II135

Calkins           Don                     II108

Call              Arnold R.               II148

Call              Edward M.                 I29

Call              Jack W.                   I74

Callender         Eldon S.                  I56

Callesen          Vira Mae                II121

Callis            Harold E.                 I63

Calloway          Odocca Gibson           II205

Callstrom         B. Martin                I180

Callstrom         B. Martin                I182

Calvert           Lewis F.                  I22

Calvert           Ruben                   II214

Calvet            Geraldine Ann McKeage   II137

Calvin            Woodrow Wilson           I124

Cameron           Lottie M.               II103

Campbell          Anna Mae                 I127

Campbell          Bradley L.              II119

Campbell          Caroline F.             II145

Campbell          Cora M.                 II210

Campbell          Frank E.                  I87

Campbell          Helene                  II210

Campbell          James Albert            II132

Campbell          Jessie W.               II115

Campbell          Mary Kathryn              I69

Campbell          Roy S.                    II6

Campion           William J.               II81

Campos            Adam Keith              II229

Canaday           Leo Ernest               II96

Candelas          Santiago                 I223

Cann              May (Mrs.)               I238

Cann              Mrs May                  I240

Cannady           Margaret Beth            II74

Canning           Mabel A.                  I42

Cannon            Arthur C.                I204

Cannon            Charles V. (Rev.)        I165

Cannon            William                  I187

Cantrell          Ada Mae                  I114

Cantrell          Coyita A.                 I81

Cantrell          Peter J.                 II95

Cantrell          Peter T.                 II92

Canzoneri         Vincent                   I31

Canzoneri         Vincent                   I33

Capell            John D.                 II211

Caplinger         Dora Vivian               I41

Caraway           Frances                  II98

Card              Relford                  I139

Cardova           Roseanna M.             II145

Carey             Florence (Rev.)          II27

Carlburg          Gus E.                  II130

Carley            Edna A.                 II195

Carley            Joseph W.                I225

Carlisle          Straud Franklin          I193

Carlos            Edward Bernard           II37

Carlos            Mabel M.                  I14

Carlson           Carl A.                  I190

Carlson           Clarence W.              II24

Carlson           Clarence W.              II25

Carlson           Dora (Mrs.)               I40

Carlson           Edna Mae                 II43

Carlson           Eva M.                    I28

Carlson           Hans O.                   I59

Carlson           Helen B.                 II98

Carlson           Mae                      II37

Carlson           Ruth Rose                  I4

Carmichael        Blanche M.                I72

Carnahan          Daryl Clifford          II207

Carnahan          Wayne L.                II138

Carnes            Cecil C.                  I20

Carnes            Mae Laura                I151

Carnes            Orain                    I142

Carney            Una V.                  II169

Carolina          Rosanna                  I175

Carothers         Kenneth                   I32

Carothers         Quentin R.               I219

Carpenter         Charles F.               I155

Carpenter         Charles P.                I61

Carpenter         Elizabeth                 I98

Carpenter         John E.                  I161

Carpenter         Ray E.                   I147

Carr              Adah B.                  II31

Carr              Everett M.              II121

Carr              Lillian                  I114

Carr              Lola R.                   I30

Carr              Mabel S.                 I221

Carr              Roy S.                   II27

Carr              Zelma L.                  I35

Carrick           Mildred N.               II30

Carrigan          Mary C.                  I123

Carroll           A. Leo                  II213

Carroll           Connie Sue               I165

Carroll           Grace Elizabeth           I66

Carroll           Granville B. (Rev.)      I176

Carroll           Inez Wartick             II46

Carroll           Lester D.                I235

Carroll           Theodore O.              I182

Carrothers        William H.                I57

Carson            Cornelia                 II89

Carson            Dorothy Ruth            II123

Carson            Dorothy Ruth            II124

Carson            Edith                    II36

Carson            Frances H.               I121

Carson            J. C.                   II231

Carson            James J.                II206

Carson            Ray F.                   I182

Carstens          Vern Louis               II58

Carter            Albert L.                 II7

Carter            Albert Lee                I15

Carter            Alice W.                 I157

Carter            Alma Jane                 I64

Carter            Alma Jane                 I65

Carter            Amanda H.                I122

Carter            Amanda H.                I130

Carter            Anne H.                  II15

Carter            Arthur L.               II225

Carter            Arthur L.               II227

Carter            Barbara M.               II84

Carter            Barbara M.               II86

Carter            Berniece Palmer          II90

Carter            Carrie E.               II100

Carter            Carrie N. (Mrs.)         I169

Carter            D. Warren                II42

Carter            Donald Gene             II139

Carter            George                   I234

Carter            Harold D.                 I34

Carter            Iola V.                  I187

Carter            J. O.                     I43

Carter            John Edward               I67

Carter            John M.                  I153

Carter            John M.                  I155

Carter            Louis B. (Mrs.)           I66

Carter            Madison J.               I222

Carter            Ransom Rollie            I151

Carter            Raymond H.              II217

Carter            Sarah Lu                  I76

Carthrae          Faye E.                  I161

Cartright         Clyde A.                II190

Cartwright        Fay L.                   I214

Cartwright        Floyd M.                  I30

Cartwright        Leon R.                  II56

Cartwright        Minnie K.                I122

Carver            Beulah Esther           II163

Carver            John E.                  II88

Carver            Josephine               II207

Carver            Rex F.                   II60

Cary              Kenneth N.               II66

Case              Luella A.                I199

Casebier          Pearl                    II74

Casebolt          Warner P.               II126

Casey             Frank B.                II214

Casida            Lee Allen                II85

Casner            Lillie                   II20

Caspar            Agnes                    II61

Caspar            Agnes J.                  I49

Casper            Scott Jessey             I141

Casper            Scott Jessey             I142

Casteel           Olive I.                 I143

Caster            Charles Thomas             I6

Castillo          Mellissa A.               I28

Castle            Leonard                 II178

Casto             Mattie J.               II154

Castor            Mack B.                  II99

Castor            Rafael                  II230

Cather            Hallie M.                 I28

Cathers           Edwin C. (Dr.)           I163

Cathey            James A. III             II61

Catlin            Bessie Lee               I225

Catlin            John Ellis               II74

Caton             Cleora                   I121

Cauble            Mirtie                   I109

Caudillo          Dolores                  I230

Caudle            William H.               I100

Cauldwell         Grace                     I56

Cavallaro         Renato                    II1

Cavallaro         Renato                    II5

Cave              Abner H.                  I84

Caylor            Lawrence                II190

Cayton            Francis H.               I111

Cerday            Ada R.                    I34

Chadd             John E.                 II128

Chadwick          Alma H.                   I43

Chadwick          Bess B.                  II12

Chaffain          Cora May                II118

Chaffee           Jewell E.                II85

Chaffee           John Franklin           II213

Chafin            James Carl              II186

Chalmers          Helen                    I175

Chamberlain       Lillian E.               I218

Chambers          Gladys                    I69

Chambers          Hazel P.                  I95

Chambers          Leslie C.                II18

Chambers          Lydia                     I46

Chambers          Mary                      I17

Chambers          Mattie Mayall           II178

Chambers          Zelma Fern                I37

Champenois        Bonnie Agnes Warne       I217

Champenois        Bonnie Agnes Warne       I219

Chance            Lela Gordon (Rev.)      II196

Chancellor        William                  I211

Chapman           Iva M.                  II217

Chapman           Kathryn Skripsy         II113

Chapman           Stella Pearl            II119

Chapman           Susie                    II64

Chapman           Velma C.                 I184

Chapmon           Christine A.              I22

Chard             F. Elmer                   I3

Charles           Clyde Cameron            I142

Charles           Ruthanna W.              II82

Charvat           Robert G.                 I98

Chastain          Jack R.                 II148

Chastain          Ruth                      I84

Chavez            Cayetano Claude            I2

Cheek             Patty A.                 I129

Cheney            Charles R.                I13

Cheney            Olive Esther              I17

Chesky            Gladys Holmes           II145

Chesnut           Ona Pearl               II136

Chew              Gladys                  II217

Chichester        Anna Beulah               I90

Childers          Annabelle               II113

Childs            Catherine V.            II114

Childs            Lura M.                   I30

Chisholm          Jesse                     I24

Chism             Kathryn M.               II50

Chlumsky          Edward J.               II204

Choate            John M.                 II101

Chrisman          Gladys V.               II210

Chrisopher        Helen M.                  I61

Christiansen      Arthur Sanford           I146

Christy           Louis                     I54

Christy           Rebecca                  II46

Christy           Rebecca                  II47

Chronister        Arthur                    I91

Chroust           Lada                    II229

Church            C. Raymond               II71

Church            Elgar L.                 I178

Church            Estell M.                II85

Churchill         Jerry Clair              I172

Churchill         Jerry Clair              I174

Churchill         Ralph D.                 I101

Churchill         Walter E. Jr.            I151

Churchward        Marguerite Lehmann       I119

Churchward        Marguerite Lehmann       I122

Ciskowski         Emma                    II134

Cisneros          Bobby Joe               II137

Claassen          Allie H.                II227

Claassen          Mary                     II43

Clacomb           C. May                   II88

Claiborne         George R.                I154

Clanton           Archie L.                II63

Clapp             Marion G.                II96

Clark             Agnes A.                II172

Clark             Albert B.                I215

Clark             Bernard B.               I147

Clark             Bobby J.                  I36

Clark             Calvin E.               II142

Clark             Earl B.                   I50

Clark             Edna M.                   I26

Clark             Edward Noland            I236

Clark             Elgin                    II64

Clark             Ethel                    I206

Clark             Goldie Dunagan            I52

Clark             James C.                 I117

Clark             Jeanette F.              I233

Clark             Josephine Elizabeth      I141

Clark             Judy Arlene              I137

Clark             Leslie E.                II17

Clark             M. Edith                  I19

Clark             Marguerite R.           II158

Clark             Mary                      I94

Clark             Mary Elizabeth           I177

Clark             Mary Elizabeth           I180

Clark             Mary Etta                I232

Clark             Mary Lou                 II64

Clark             Mary N.                 II149

Clark             Myrtle T. (Mrs.)         I143

Clark             Myrtle V.                 I41

Clark             Nellie E.                 I21

Clark             Nora V.                   I65

Clark             Perry A.                 II62

Clark             Ralph P. Sr.            II150

Clark             Rena                     II37

Clark             Rena                     II38

Clark             Robert B.                I143

Clark             Robert B.                I145

Clark             Sarah Ellen             II215

Clark             Shirley D.                I61

Clark             Thomas B.                I137

Clark             Vernon                    I53

Clark             William M.              II146

Classen           George A.               II168

Clawson           LaVina                    I99

Clay              George P.               II188

Clay              George Phillips         II105

Clay              Leland H.                II80

Clay              Lucius                   I148

Clayborne         John F.                  I211

Claycomb          C. May                   II87

Claycomb          Geneva E.                I154

Clayton           A. Lee                  II177

Clayton           Lavern R.                I220

Clayton           Lavern R.                I224

Clayton           Lawrence Elmer           I129

Clayton           Philip Kenneth           II36

Clayton           Ronnie Lee               II50

Cleary            Edna I.                 II114

Cleary            Edna I.                 II115

Clegg             Glenn F.                 II40

Cleland           Alice                    I186

Clemens           David C.                 I171

Clement           Lela Ann (Mrs.)          I203

Clement           William R.              II159

Clements          Alice May                II68

Clemmer           James A.                  I64

Clemmer           Mary Mooney               I83

Cleveland         Lena M.                  I121

Clevenger         Will H.                   II7

Clewell           Bessie                   I193

Clewell           Roy J.                  II116

Click             Daisy L.                 II95

Clifford          Gladys L.                I204

Clift             Kate                     I207

Cline             Bertha L.                 I90

Cline             Eira W.                  I234

Cline             Mary Edna                 I67

Cline             Rex R.                    I65

Cline             Vera A.                  I188

Cline             Viva                     II19

Clink             Gary A.                   I73

Clinton           Sadie                   II224

Clogston          Mary R.                   II5

Close             Carl Kenneth            II208

Close             Carl Kenneth            II210

Close             Dewey R. (Rev.)           I61

Clossen           Maude                   II203

Cloud             Cleo J.                  II80

Cloud             Cleo J.                  II81

Cloud             Lillian G.              II140

Cloud             Nellie B.                II50

Cloud             Robert Clem             II223

Clough            Virgil J.                 I32

Cloyed            Ada C.                    I59

Clum              Bruce C.                II191

Clupny            Ida Mae                 II152

Clutter           May Hill (Dr.)          II164

Clyburn           Edna P.                   I35

Clyburn           J. Ray                    I46

Clymer            W. Warren               II158

Coates            Rachel May               II64

Coats             Sherman                  I235

Cobb              Caroline                II167

Cobb              Clara J.                  I78

Cobb              Rollin E.                II59

Cobbs             Anna Mae                 I197

Coble             Altavert                II206

Cochran           Cale                     I172

Cochran           Jessie I.                I208

Cochran           Mary Anna               II167

Cochran           Minnie                  II158

Cockrell          Leon A.                  I200

Cocoran           Ella Ruth                 I94

Cody              Myrtle L.                  I5

Coe               Max M.                   II71

Coester           Kevin Ray                I167

Coffey            George Bruce             II87

Coffey            Mary E.                 II195

Coffman           James O.                 I181

Coffman           Mildred                  II45

Cohen             Mildred                 II227

Cohen             Samuel M.                 I76

Colby             Charles W.                I78

Cole              Ada P.                  II111

Cole              Alva Allen              II206

Cole              Bart F.                 II112

Cole              Danielle Anne           II166

Cole              Joseph E.                I135

Cole              Josephine                 I55

Cole              Lee Andrew                 I1

Cole              Lorena Eva               I211

Cole              Neale N.                 I161

Cole              Pearl K.                 II64

Cole              Teresa Agnes             II81

Coleman           Chester E. V.           II133

Coleman           Garnett F.               II22

Coleman           Helen M.                  I95

Coleman           Ona Utz                  II50

Coleman           Ronald C.                 I43

Coleman           S. Rayene                I148

Coleman           Sidney J.               II229

Coleman           Thelma N.               II168

Coleman           William D.               I168

Colgin            Edwin A.                II150

Colle             John C                   I198

Colle             John C.                  I196

Collett           Judy K.                 II158

Colley            Herman H.               II144

Colliatie         Peter Paul                I39

Collins           Beulah Elsie             I240

Collins           Dolores Emma             I201

Collins           Edna Mae                II169

Collins           Froy L.                  II20

Collins           George B.                 I41

Collins           John R.                   I68

Collins           Leo J.                   II89

Collins           Ray C.                    I36

Collins           Vesta Thornberry         II45

Collins           William R.              II125

Combrink          Bertha L.                 I65

Combs             Esther                   I209

Combs             Lewis E.                 II56

Combs             Nancy                   II194

Combs             Nancy                   II195

Combs             Robert Dean              I207

Combs             William A.              II154

Comes             Julia R.                 II25

Compton           James E. Jr.             I211

Compton           Mary Catherine           II24

Conard            Martha L.                I134

Conderman         J. D.                    II43

Condiff           Maudie L.                I188

Condit            Myrl                      I23

Cone              Claude Oscar              I36

Cone              Mariam L.               II197

Cone              Marian L.               II196

Conley            Ella B.                 II158

Conley            Harold R.                 I71

Conn              Rhoda Ellen              I134

Conrad            Bert                     I151

Conrad            Johnnie Arza            II132

Conrad            Johnnie Arza            II134

Conrardy          Benjamin Michael          I31

Conrod            William D.               II35

Constantino       Marguerhit              II192

Converse          Loren John              II191

Cook              Bertha M.                 I94

Cook              Carmon E.                 I30

Cook              Charles E.               II37

Cook              Don H.                  II195

Cook              Eugene V.                I136

Cook              Eulah L.                  I28

Cook              Everett W.                I41

Cook              Frank A.                 I108

Cook              Garnett L.               I127

Cook              Harry Ivan               I209

Cook              Henry C.                 I102

Cook              Jack H.                  I123

Cook              John Arthur             II181

Cook              Lowell E.                II75

Cook              Milo Benjamin            I181

Cook              Ray V.                    II6

Cook              Robert O.                I230

Cook              Shaun Michael           II230

Cook              W. Harold                I155

Cook              William G.               I220

Cook              Zelia I.                II112

Cooke             Marie V.                 II94

Cooke             Marie V.                 II95

Cooksey           Everett                  I220

Cooley            Carl Cleveland           II80

Cooley            Thomas W.                I208

Coon              Oral W.                 II166

Coonfer           Vera Belle               I240

Coonrod           Bertha A.                 I95

Coonrod           Carrie M.                I223

Coonrod           Guy R.                  II173

Coonrod           Louise Myrtle           II110

Coonrod           William Arthur           II21

Coons             Elisabeth                 I76

Coons             Jessee E.                 I65

Cooper            Alice                    I108

Cooper            Alice                    I113

Cooper            Annabel                 II193

Cooper            Carl Theodore           II192

Cooper            Evelyn M. Williams        I25

Cooper            F. Eugene                 I85

Cooper            Martha Evelyn            I145

Cooper            Pearl                     I58

Cooprider         Lizzie                   II14

Coover            William M.                I95

Copeland          John O.                  I213

Copenhaver        Ralph                     I51

Coplin            Billy Dean              II127

Copp              Freda B.                II218

Copp              Freda B.                II225

Copp              Micahel W.              II191

Copple            Herschel A.             II164

Copple            Joyce                     I88

Corbin            David Daniel             II51

Cordes            Laura T.                 I102

Cordova           Teodula                  I170

Cordry            Estelle G.               I136

Corkill           Atlee                   II212

Corley            Eva M. (Mrs.)            I134

Corliss           Dencie W.               II140

Cornelius         Lloyd N.                  I70

Cornelsen         Theresa A.                I58

Cornick           Lawrence C.              II45

Cornwell          Sylvia S.                I144

Correll           Ernest E.                 I76

Correll           Jared Preston            I113

Cory              R. Wayne                 II38

Cory              William H.              II156

Corzine           Grace M.                II186

Cosby             Lew Morgan                II8

Coss              Edith M.                II107

Costantino        Marguerhit              II193

Costo             Mattie J.               II153

Cott              Bertha M.               II159

Cottingham        Helen C.                 I185

Cottle            Lucy J.                 II147

Couch             Ida S.                   I132

Couch             Orcel                     I71

Couchman          Lawrence Helth           I131

Coulson           Dale D.                 II220

Coulson           Vauna Jean              II219

Coulter           Edward C.               II229

Courtney          China Ellen             II130

Covault           Ruby Anna                I157

Covell            Sherman J.                I80

Covell            Sherman J.                I81

Covell            Tom G.                   I205

Covert            Mary E.                 II112

Cowel             Ira Raymond             II132

Cowens            Ernest K.                I200

Cowsill           Charles Louis           II119

Cox               Charles Kenneth          I162

Cox               Charles Louis           II177

Cox               Dorothy V.                I17

Cox               Elizabeth Throckmorton   I205

Cox               Eva L.                   I144

Cox               George E.                II96

Cox               Guy Thomas               II67

Cox               Harold Bernard            I32

Cox               Harriett Mae            II225

Cox               James R.                 I194

Cox               Jarrott H.                I78

Cox               Marjorie M.               II7

Cox               Mary Liza                I193

Cox               Mildred Faye             I186

Cox               Monta E.                 I198

Cox               Nellie Buchanan           I45

Cox               Opal Swem               II145

Cox               Thelma                   I226

Coy               Stephen Neal             I225

Coyle             John Patrick             I237

Coyne             Justin                    I89

Crabtree          Alice M.                 I219

Cracraft          Grace Heath              II39

Cracraft          Velma                     II3

Craft             John E.                 II150

Craft             William Hollis           I104

Cragg             Bessie M.                 I23

Cragun            Lela E.                   II8

Craig             Erwin O.                 II93

Craig             Fred Sr.                II210

Craig             George L.               II144

Craig             Warren Lloyd            II130

Crain             Chester H.              II176

Crain             George R.               II168

Cram              S. Winston              II226

Cramer            Catherine E.              I89

Cramer            Catherine E.              I90

Cramer            Helen                    I185

Cramer            Roy A.                    I91

Crandell          Thomas Allen             II65

Crane             Clifford F.             II155

Crane             Ernest Mathew            I164

Crane             Glenise Viola Bell      II155

Crane             Helen                     I92

Crane             Lee                       I64

Crane             Randy Edward             I156

Craver            Wilson                   I189

Crawford          Faun M.                  II84

Crawford          Glenn H.                 II68

Crawford          Hilton Jr.              II219

Crawford          Hilton Jr.              II225

Crawford          Ida May                 II164

Crawford          Mabel G.                 I220

Crawford          Violet M                II171

Crawford          William Wesley            I41

Creamer           Robert V.                I140

Creason           William M.               II74

Creech            Deborah Anne              I74

Creed             Lehman A.                 I83

Creed             Michael Wayne            I225

Creegan           William Jr.              I175

Creek             Berl                     I103

Crego             Laura A.                 I138

Cress             Esther                    I22

Cress             Marie L.                 II74

Crick             Eugene E.               II219

Crider            Delbert J.               II45

Crider            Luvenia (Mrs.)             I9

Criger            Albert Louis             I224

Criger            Paul                     I213

Criner            Mabel Mossman (Mrs.)     I108

Crippen           Grace M.                II185

Criser            Etta Jane                 I90

Crisp             Chandlee R.               II4

Crisp             Gary Lee Jr.            II230

Crispell          Hazel R. (Mrs.)           I35

Crist             Rose P.                 II219

Critchlow         H. M.                    I200

Crnolatas         Rose J.                   I24

Crockett          Estine                   I211

Cronan            Martha H.               II161

Cronhardt         Donald A.               II122

Cronk             Nellie P.                 I64

Crook             Harold                  II100

Crook             Harold                   II99

Crooks            Corinne                  I191

Crosby            H. E.                    I143

Crosley           Charles R. V.            II89

Crosley           Estella H.                I22

Croslin           Hayes M.                  I31

Croslin           Hayes M.                  I34

Cross             Bertha                    I59

Cross             Carrie E.                 I50

Cross             Dale                      I22

Cross             Danny R.                  I67

Cross             Duane Richard            I146

Cross             Lydia J.                 I143

Cross             Mavais                   II51

Cross             Mavis                    II53

Cross             Neil                    II120

Cross             Robert                   I169

Cross             Viola M.                 I214

Crossfield        Frances                  I219

Crosswhite        Mindie N.               II172

Crouch            Vera                    II135

Crough            Margaret Abbie           I223

Crouse            Barbara L.                I88

Crouse            Ethel                    I184

Crow              Allie                   II151

Crow              Harold William          II223

Crow              Harry E. Sr.              I71

Crow              James H.                II180

Crow              Kathryn M. Burris       II122

Crow              Kathryn M. Burris       II124

Crow              Margaret Abbie           I223

Crow              Pauline L.               I131

Crow              Ruben George            II193

Crowder           William Carter (Rev.)    II83

Crowe             Eva Mae                 II126

Crowe             Jessie                   II73

Crowe             Nell                     II93

Crowell           Charles B. Sr.          II179

Crowford          Elva May                  I44

Crowley           John Richard            II168

Crownover         Deward L.               II221

Crowther          Dennis S.                II76

Crum              Amelia M.               II120

Crum              Lola W.                  I147

Crump             Flora H.                 I213

Crumpacker        Leo F.                    I23

Crumpacker        Louise N.                  I6

Cruse             Matilda                  I220

Crutcher          William C.               I178

Crutcher          William C.               I179

Cruz              Kelly                    II22

Culler            Minnie E.                I190

Culpepper         Dan M. Jr.                II1

Culver            Linda R.                 I111

Culver            Mary Z.                   I66

Cumings           Lola Fern               II229

Cumley            Alpha I. Goode           II24

Cumley            Lawrence C.              I183

Cummans           Eva E.                   II92

Cummings          Bessie E.                 I51

Cummings          Carl D.                  I170

Cummings          Edith M.                 II91

Cummings          Eunice M.                I170

Cummings          Mary Gladys              II63

Cummings          Robert George             I57

Cummings          Robert George             I59

Cummins           Robert                  II219

Cunliffe          Ora L.                  II210

Cunningham        Anna D.                   I52

Cunningham        Benjamin Harding          I85

Cunningham        Donald E.               II109

Cunningham        Nyna                     I151

Cunningham        Pauline                  II10

Cunningham        Robert Lorie            II193

Cunningham        Roger D.                  I86

Cunningham        Rosa M. (Mrs.)           I143

Currie            William Lee              I147

Curry             Harold F.                II53

Curtis            Dawn                     I104

Curtis            Doris Faye (Mrs.)        I163

Curtis            Herbert B.               I108

Curtis            Ida                      II66

Curtis            Iva F.                   I228

Curtis            William F.                I91

Cushman           Edwin L.                 II48

Cutright          Paul                    II231

Czarnowsky        Roscoe                  II147

Dabner            Rachel W.                 I83

Dack              Mary Alice              II180

Dacus             Hattie Pearl             I190

Dafford           Roy (Dr.)                I150

Dague             Ruby                     I217

Daharsh           Della F.                 II62

Dahlstrom         Ernest N.                 I78

Dailey            Dan                     II130

Daily             Addie Elizabeth          I209

Daily             Leonard                  I182

Daily             Robert F.               II147

Dale              Mabel J.                II113

Dale              Marie                    I238

Dale              R. Murl                   II5

Daley             Elvin J.                 I219

Dalke             Charles                  II97

Dalsing           George Wayne              I72

Dalton            Cleo I.                  II43

Dalton            Flora Marie             II107

Dalton            Neoma M.                  I99

Dalton            Willard P. Jr.          II131

Daly              Thomas L.                I228

Dandurand         Geraldine P.             I102

Danford           Adah                      I23

Daniel            Billy J.                  I51

Daniel            Mary Ann                 I157

Daniels           Lee M.                  II110

Daniels           Walter Edward            II37

Daniels           Walter Edward            II40

Danielson         Nellie M.                 I86

Danley            Perry Dean                I72

Danylyk           Joseph C.                 I68

Darby             Henry                    I113

Darling           Lewis G.                 II67

Darling           Marcella                II163

Darmon            Deborah Kay               II5

Darmon            Deborah Kay               II8

Darnall           Robert                    I11

Darnell           Charles W.              II142

Darrah            Sadie L. (Mrs.)          I143

Darroch           Georgia                  I240

Darrow            Laura P.                II112

Darrow            Lucile M.                  I1

Dassow            Duward W.               II145

Daub              Ruby                     II71

Dauber            Wesley R.               II137

Daughenbaugh      Blanche                 II167

Daugherty         Albert                   II62

Daugherty         Ethel S.                 I235

Daugherty         Isaac W.                 I190

Daugherty         Marion E.                 I87

Dauner            Maggie                    I40

Dauner            Sadie Ewbank             II30

Davee             Florence Marie            I39

David             Jerald J.                I152

Davidson          Cecil G.                  I81

Davidson          Cecil G.                  I83

Davidson          Harry P.                  I68

Davies            Beatrice R.                I3

Davies            Erma May                   I6

Davis             Amanda                   II18

Davis             Andrew L.                 I80

Davis             Andrew L.                 I84

Davis             Bertha                   II88

Davis             Bessie                    I52

Davis             Beulah B.                 I42

Davis             Charles N.              II193

Davis             Christie Ann             I187

Davis             Clyde E.                  I42

Davis             Cora A.                 II197

Davis             Dewey Mae               II211

Davis             Dorothy V.               I229

Davis             Earl E. Sr.              I214

Davis             Earnest M.               II65

Davis             Edna                     I201

Davis             Ella Whitzel            II197

Davis             Era                      I199

Davis             Eugenia                 II204

Davis             Floyd G.                  I79

Davis             Frances Elizabeth          I7

Davis             Franklin D.             II143

Davis             Franklin D.             II149

Davis             Fred Elmer                I14

Davis             Fred R.                  I108

Davis             George E.                I155

Davis             Grace May               II227

Davis             Hallie                   I210

Davis             Harold L.                I114

Davis             Hazel                    I183

Davis             Hazel                    I200

Davis             Hazel Ilene               I10

Davis             Hazel J.                  I87

Davis             Hazel W.                 II24

Davis             Irvin G.                 I187

Davis             Jack J. (Dr.)              I6

Davis             James H.                II201

Davis             Jerome D.               II112

Davis             John Carl               II216

Davis             Kathryn Anna             I157

Davis             Lennie                  II116

Davis             Lester L.               II165

Davis             Lillian Mattie          II194

Davis             Lillian Mattie          II195

Davis             Lottie                   II87

Davis             Michael Dale             I140

Davis             Myra A.                 II216

Davis             Myrle M.                II204

Davis             Omar T.                  I177

Davis             Pauline                  I151

Davis             Pearl G.                 II43

Davis             Ralph E.                 I150

Davis             Thomas E.               II200

Davis             Thomas Gary               I44

Davis             Wilma Lee                 II5

Davison           Joe M.                  II137

Davisson          Ross Alvin               I104

Dawes             Joseph J. Jr.             I89

Dawson            Donald Lee               I165

Dawson            Grace E.                 I195

Dawson            John Wilbur              I103

Dawson            Kathryn Sue              II19

Dawson            Margaret A.             II114

Day               Delbert Jack             II85

Day               Early                    II37

Day               Forrest J.               I237

Day               Frankie                 II198

Day               Marguerite              II105

Day               Robert C.                 I65

Day               Robert C.                 I67

Day               Shirley D.                I70

Deal              Gary Edward              I216

Dealy             Margaret Agnes           II83

Dean              David Earl              II117

Dean              Edmund A.                 I30

Dean              Elsie J.                II187

Dean              Glen Cleveland           II99

Dean              Howard L.               II166

Dean              Loretha M.              II119

Dean              Minnie                   I201

Dean              Myrtle B.                I221

Dean              William A.               I110

Dear              Allie                   II180

Dearing           Thomas D.                 I49

Deat              William Fred             II74

Deatty            Ralph P.                II175

Debbrecht         Henry H.                   I7

Debes             Clara                     I17

Debold            Anna M.                 II208

DeBose            Bessie H.                 II1

DeBuhr            Arnold A.                 I12

DeBuhr            Merritte F.              I111

Dechant           Martina                  II48

Deck              Carrie Jan                I40

Deck              Phillip G.              II178

Deck              Roy F.                   I164

Decker            Cora (Mrs.)              I103

Decker            Jacob H.                 II19

Decker            Mary L.                  I121

Decker            Mary L.                  I122

Decker            Maude                    I131

Decker            Norman Edward            II22

DeCow             William Lewis            I216

Dedmon            Ruth L. (Mrs.)            I72

Deeble            Pearl                     I12

Deeder            Charles Irvin           II129

Deeds             Mildred D.               I187

Deering           Rufus                    II21

Deering           Rufus E.                 II19

Dees              Sarah A.                 I140

Defebaugh         Dee Pearl                 I27

Deffenbaugh       Margaret L.             II185

DeFrance          Florene                 II112

DeGarmo           Ethel Eldora             I200

DeGarmo           Lawrence                II218

DeGarmo           Robert Donald           II191

Dehart            Lyndle E.                II88

DeHart            Mary Virginia           II125

Deichman          Kathryn E.               I150

Deister           Grace E.                II231

Delaney           Emmett D.               II194

Delano            Hazel Dudgeon             I79

Delay             Anna B.                 II223

Delcamp           Joe E.                   II87

DeLong            Earl                     II26

DeLongy           Marvin G.                I153

Delp              Arlie                    II89

DeLuna            Luis                    II222

DeLuna            Luis                    II225

Deming            Earl                    II208

Demko             Mike                      I22

Demo              Everett M.                II7

Demo              James L. Sr.            II107

DeMoss            Kenneth Harold           II84

Deniston          Charles L.               I235

Denker            Urban A.                  I93

Denner            Nellie Florence         II100

Dennett           Alice                    II81

Dennett           Cecil A.                  I87

Dennett           Lily May                 II87

Denney            Lloyd E.                 I137

Denney            Lucille (Mrs.)          II137

Denney            Lucille (Mrs.)          II138

Denning           Barbara                 II202

Dennis            Betty                   II193

Dennis            Murray                  II224

Dennis            Murray                  II229

Denniston         Bertha W.               II171

Denny             Allen                    I199

Denny             Rhoda P.                  I59

Denson            Hattie Barbara Wade        I7

Denson            Hattie Barbara Wade        I8

Denson            LaMar Charles              I7

Denson            LaMar Charles              I8

Dent              Iva Jane                 I132

Denton            Orville F.               I162

Denton            Robert H.                II81

DePointer         Harry                   II187

Deringer          Floyd E.                 II76

Derr              Theodore A.               I42

Derryberry        Dovie D.                 II59

Derstein          Florence                  I62

Deselle           Benjamin Charles          I91

DeShazo           Orville                  I163

Deshler           Robert Duane            II164

Desper            Minnie M.                I153

Dester            Minnie M.                I154

DeTar             Frank                    I117

DeTienne          Jennie M.                II78

Detrich           Norma J.                 I147

Detter            Bruce C.                  I28

Deuel             Ivan Brown               I222

DeVier            Lillian E.               I202

Devlin            Fern A.                  I198

DeVore            Beatrice                 I189

DeVore            Derek Alan              II163

DeVore            Noble J. (Dr.)          II217

DeWald            Anna E.                 II132

DeWall            Henry A.                II208

Dewbre            Earl L.                   II4

Dewees            Everett L.                I15

Dewees            Mable                     I86

DeWeese           John                      I64

Dewing            Lottie M.                 II9

DeWitt            Arthur                  II195

DeWitt            Dora Mae                 II31

DeWitt            Dorothy E.               II13

DeWitt            Elbert H.                II78

Dewrock           Velvie G.                I205

Dewyer            William                  I200

Dick              Anton W.                II132

Dick              Anton W.                II133

Dick              Daniel D.               II107

Dick              Lillian                 II193

Dick              Vanis M.                 II21

Dickens           Daisy L.                 I232

Dickens           Delpha Elizabeth         II47

Dickerson         Davida                   I223

Dickerson         Irene F.                  I54

Dickerson         Kathy                    II99

Dickey            Charles M.               I209

Dickey            John Woods                I31

Dicks             Blanche N.              II164

Dicks             James Thomas             I164

Dickson           James A.                 I142

Dickson           Ollie J.                 II64

Diebold           Joseph                   I175

Diebold           Joseph                   I176

Dielman           Frederick C.              I70

Diener            Rachel                  II100

Dienst            Eugene S.               II193

Dietler           Angela Lea               I154

Diets             Milton C.                I221

Dietz             Rudolph J.               I170

Diggs             Alta Lenore               I70

Dikeman           Delbert E.                I70

Dill              Kenneth C.                I81

Dill              Robert J.                I167

Dillard           Clara W.                 I122

Diller            Howard E.                II53

Dillinger         Marie Schrock            II91

Dillman           Reta Viola               I193

Dillon            Ethel Susan              I200

Dilworth          Zilmon                    I43

Dimick            Gertrude E.              II92

Dimick            Jesse C.                  I18

Dimick            Jesse C.                  I19

Dimmick           Ira R.                    I95

Dimmitt           Lizzie Ethel              I23

Dimond            William F.                I21

Dingledine        Henry                   II207

Dinkel            Dixie Lee                 I44

Dinkins           Eldon E.                 I180

Dinning           Don B.                    I75

Dionne            Merrill C.               II67

Dir               Carol                     I56

Dirigo            Darrell D.                I23

Dirks             Alice Ann                I184

Dirks             John A.                   I22

Dirks             Raymond H.               I237

Ditto             John C.                  I123

Divens            Sundra Faye               I27

Divine            Orville E.               I121

Divine            Paul L.                   I39

Dix               Laverna M.              II105

Dixon             Blanche E.              II137

Dixon             Fred                     I205

Dixon             Helen A.                 I136

Dixon             Patricia                 II60

Dixon             Riley M.                II187

Dixon             Robert McDuffy           II97

Dixon             Zealla Marie            II194

Dixson            Patricia                 II58

Doane             Clara L.                  I46

Dobbins           Lorene                    I91

Dobson            Lee Raymond              I187

Dodge             Amelia (Mrs.)            I108

Dodge             Laura Elizabeth          II73

Dodge             Mary Elizabeth            I39

Dodson            Fred                    II205

Dodson            Gertrude                 I163

Dodson            Louise M.                I192

Dodson            Ruth Francis             II13

Doerksen          Connie F.                II20

Doherty           Augusa                  II227

Doherty           Bonnie May               II11

Dohrman           William C.              II160

Doile             Nellie A.               II104

Doles             Hattie A.                 I19

Dolezal           Corinne                   I69

Dollar            Elsbeth B.                I56

Dollard           Dorothy Opal             I105

Domme             George Bernhardt         I165

Donal             Effie May                 II7

Donaldson         Ida L.                  II166

Donaldson         Paul J.                   I95

Donham            A. Lucille               II66

Donie             Arthur L.                 I22

Donohue           Tara Ann                 II37

Donovan           John E.                  I165

Dooley            Jessie                   I222

Dooley            Mabel E.                 I118

Dooley            Mabel E.                 I121

Dooley            Ruth                     I106

Dooling           Hestor B.               II128

Dooling           Loss                    II178

Dorland           Pearl                     I63

Dorman            Robert Gene              I191

Dormois           Minnie D.                I151

Dorner            Clarise                  I110

Dorner            Nicholas F.               I59

Dornhoffer        Thomas C.               II202

Dorrell           Jimmy Dean               II10

Dorsett           Sara Christine          II127

Dorst             Nora Ellen                I74

Dory              Cessna                     I3

Doshier           John D.                  I142

Doss              Paul J.                  I151

Dotts             Jessie D.                II23

Doubrava          Anna J.                 II160

Dougherty         John M.                  II14

Douglas           Florence J.             II122

Douglas           Grace N.                  I70

Douglas           Ralph                    I176

Douglas           Walter                   II91

Douglass          James Andrew             II93

Dove              Tracy Eugene             II76

Dow               Bessie C.                 I94

Dow               Marleen F.               I108

Dow               Vina                     II94

Dowd              Ida May                 II214

Dowdy             James M.                 I204

Dowers            Marion Victoria           I27

Dowling           Florence A.              I185

Dowling           Forrest C.               I117

Downey            Jessie C. (Mrs.)         I103

Downing           Earl E.                 II211

Downing           John L.                  I200

Downing           Marvin Theodore          II56

Downs             Jack E.                 II179

Downs             Tracy Lynn               I170

Doyle             Archibold               II158

Doze              Dudolph William          I156

Doze              Rudolph William          I157

Dozier            Susie Pauline           II175

Dozier            Susie Pauline           II177

Drady             T. Terrence             II164

Drake             Alma                     II55

Drake             Alma                     II59

Drake             Anna V.                  II34

Drake             Barbara                 II126

Drake             Dorothy L.              II216

Drake             Ruby H.                 II191

Drake             Shirley                   II6

Drake             Wilbur P.                  I6

Dratalik          Ella                     II98

Draughon          Clara Mae                 II7

Dravis            Emma B.                 II148

Drees             Barbara                  I214

Drehmer           Lee A.                    I19

Dreiling          Frances E.               I151

Dreiling          Raymond M.              II190

Dreiling          Richard P.               II17

Dreiling          Robert P.                II13

Dreiling          Sophia B.                I170

Dresie            Grace                    II61

Dresie            Grace                    II62

Dresser           Ruth Pruett             II185

Dressler          Marguerite L.           II122

Drevnick          Pete F.                   I55

Dreyer            Albert A.                II30

Driscoll          Grace G. (Mrs.)          I104

Driscoll          Helen                   II102

Driskill          Raymond J.               II18

Driver            William Albert            I99

Droegemeier       Francis G.               I193

Droste            George P.               II115

Drouhard          Bula M. (Mrs.)           I183

Drury             Florence Ward             I12

Dryden            Eva                       I49

Dryden            Grover E.               II111

Dryer             William Frank              I3

DuBois            Helen Clare              I199

Dubrin            Alice M.                 I217

Duckworth         Charles Webster          I168

Dudley            Lytta                    II65

Dudley            Minnie Jane              I226

Duer              Eva                      I204

Duerksen          Paul                     II97

Duffey            Lula Cowgill            II166

Dufield           Bernice V.               II24

Duft              James B.                II110

Dugan             Clarence E.             II122

Dugan             Maurice L.              II141

Duke              Calvin J.               II226

Dulohery          Robert Bernard           II98

Dumler            Sam                      II23

Dunaway           Mary Etta                I127

Dunaway           Mitchell Clifton        II132

Dunbar            George A.                 I95

Dunbar            Tammy D.                 I234

Dunbaugh          Leonidas Jr.            II214

Duncan            Howard                    I53

Duncan            James C.                 I174

Duncan            James C.                 I175

Duncan            Leona Gilbert           II128

Duncan            Vevia E.                  I98

Dundas            Lilah A.                 II43

Dungan            Lottie M.                 II3

Dunham            Francis M.                I40

Dunham            Francis M.                I43

Dunham            Lelia M.                 II78

Dunham            Nellie                   I101

Dunkelberger      Orville L.                I61

Dunkin            Elmie May                I103

Dunkin            Elmie May                I104

Dunlap            Johnnie Ross              I99

Dunlop            Roy A.                   II47

Dunmire           Roy L.                  II139

Dunn              Charles Elvin             I32

Dunn              Charlotte M.            II125

Dunn              James Ellis              I233

Dunn              LeEtta Edina              I41

Dunn              Mamie H.                II207

Dunn              Sam                       I28

Dupree            Earl C.                  I136

Duran             Senaida                  II19

Durand            Theresa                  I176

Durant            Ruth A.                 II221

Durbin            Ephie E.                 I146

Durkin            Bernice Wynne             I65

Durler            John Jacob              II135

Durst             Norman H.               II129

Dusenbery         Gordon L.                II61

Dutch             Raymond F.              II118

Dutton            Ethan A.                II215

Dutton            Hunter                   I164

Dutton            Ira S.                  II215

Dutton            Wilbur O.                I106

Duver             William L.                I46

Duwe              Henry                   II188

Dvorak            Lydia L.                 II94

Dvorznak          Gayle Keller             I176

Dwyer             Benjiman B.             II130

Dwyer             Katheryn                 I144

Dwyer             Matthew F.                I94

Dwyer             Ralph Otis               II64

Dyck              Bill                      I51

Dyck              Elmer P.                 I182

Dyck              Martha                   II17

Dye               William E.                I84

Dyer              Chester J.                I54

Dyer              Delia M.                  I34

Dyer              Ethel A.                  I77

Dyer              Grace F.                II153

Dyer              Virgil                   I136

Dysart            Minnie Elizabeth        II183

Dyson             Truman E.                I223

Eaglin            Claude F.                 I19

Eaglin            William                 II213

Eakins            Andrea M.               II152

Earl              Stella Osborne           I123

Earle             Laura Mae                I149

Earle             Laura May                I147

Earle             M. Lovina                II18

Early             John Port                II72

Early             John Port                II73

Earlywine         Lixey Leo                II26

Earnest           Ruby M.                   I58

Easley            Dale D.                   I29

East              Clarence L.              I170

Eastep            Marjorie Lynn            II40

Easter            Harold F.                II12

Easterday         E. E.                     I28

Eastwood          Claudia                  I231

Eastwood          John A.                   I91

Easum             Rosabelle                 I14

Eatinger          James W.                  I80

Eaton             Ada Frances               I23

Eaton             Bell                      II3

Eaton             Mary D.                  I193

Eaves             Patricia Herr            I226

Eaves             Patricia Herr            I230

Ebbersole         Heidi                   II187

Ebel              Jean                     II13

Eberhardt         Billy Joe               II159

Eberhart          Ed W.                   II229

Eberhart          Gesina H.               II157

Eby               Hermas R.                I169

Eck               Herman                    I91

Eckelberry        Julia L.                 I197

Eckert            Arnell L.               II142

Eckhardt          Ida M.                  II134

Eckhardt          Vere U.                  I203

Eckles            Augusta L.              II202

Edberg            Armour (Rev.)            I134

Eddens            Nobbie                  II187

Eddens            Nobbie                  II188

Edge              Frances L.               I151

Ediger            LeRoy G.                 II49

Edison            Myrtle                   I146

Edmiston          Patricia A.              I203

Edmondson         Mark W.                  I118

Edson             Martha Frances            II2

Edson             Melvin H.                I123

Edwards           Alta                      I54

Edwards           Bessie Ethel              I71

Edwards           Blanche                  II76

Edwards           Clarence Wayne           II28

Edwards           Cleo D.                  II85

Edwards           Ella S.                 II201

Edwards           Forrest E.               II32

Edwards           Harold J. (Dr.)          I121

Edwards           James K.                II211

Edwards           Jodie Lynn                II7

Edwards           Kathryn                 II163

Edwards           Leon E.                 II121

Edwards           Martha Elizabeth         II72

Edwards           Preston L. Sr.          II210

Edwards           Theda B.                II165

Edwards           Velma                    II62

Edwards           Velma                    II62

Edwardson         Ralph E.                  I40

Egan              Michael J.              II197

Egbert            Janet                     I73

Egbert            Janet M.                   I7

Egbert            Nora M.                 II186

Eggen             Blanche                  II48

Eggers            Clara M.                 II85

Eggleston         Clarence E.               I30

Egley             Edna O.                   I54

Egner             Karl B.                  II40

Ehler             Byron                   II173

Ehlers            Walter                   II91

Ehling            Amos W.                  I233

Ehrig             John                    II198

Ehrlich           Albert E.                 I61

Ehrlich           David H.                II117

Eichenauer        Floyd Otto                I86

Eichorn           Ethel                   II218

Eis               Charles Loren III        I178

Eisenhour         Henry Clay              II132

Eisenhour         Vivian L.               II150

Eisenring         Elizabeth                II85

Eisiminger        Ralph M.                 II41

Eitel             Orville                  II85

Ekstrum           Ella Irene               I196

Elam              John C. Sr.              I116

Elder             Walter H.               II206

Eldridge          John Wallace              I59

Eldrod            Marie                    I181

Elgin             Verjean L.               II42

Elkins            Ethel Leona               I57

Elkins            Everett L.               I134

Elkins            Glenn Richard             I14

Elkins            Mary Marie                I65

Eller             Vyrl O.                  I204

Ellingboe         Enock H.                 I240

Elliot            Iva L.                  II145

Elliott           Barbara Jean              I85

Elliott           Dasha Laree             II169

Elliott           Hazel                     I85

Elliott           Henry E.                 I101

Elliott           John C.                  I121

Elliott           Loren E.                II156

Elliott           Marion Sherwood         II112

Elliott           Maxine E.               II174

Elliott           Mildred                  I140

Elliott           Pat                        I1

Elliott           Pat                        I2

Elliott           Treva E.                 II97

Ellis             Bernice                 II180

Ellis             Carl R.                 II197

Ellis             Earl D.                 II165

Ellis             Emma K.                 II130

Ellis             Howard A.                I203

Ellis             Jacob L.                  I89

Ellis             Lena H.                  I158

Ellis             Richard L.               I195

Ellis             Rollie Lee              II208

Ellis             Ruby E.                 II145

Ellis             Walker                  II109

Ellis             William B.              II149

Ellison           Leonard E.              II164

Elliston          Elbert C.                II46

Ells              Leota D.                 I225

Elmire            Harvey A.                I208

Elrod             Sadie May                II51

Els               Edward R.                II76

Elsea             Wilbur G.                I149

Elsen             Nicholas R. Sr.          I239

Elsey             Margaret                II230

Elsworth          Guy V.                     I4

Elving            Danny E.                 I175

Elving            Lydia                    I202

Ely               Don                       I89

Emberton          Ted Hunter               I103

Embrey            Jess F.                 II138

Emerson           Robert Deal              I213

Emming            Clara                     I31

Emmitt            Paul Wesley               I68

Emory             Clarence E.             II135

Emrie             Earl L.                   I39

Emrie             Ferne M.                 II93

Ems               Fanchon                 II112

Endicott          Jay R.                   II11

Eng               Charlotte Elizabeth Le   I216

Engel             Elliott A.               I156

Engel             Fidelis Sr.             II175

Engel             Hortense                 II85

Engel             Marion A.               II132

Engel             Price C.                  I21

Engel             Raphael (Rev.)           I221

Engelke           Lorena H.               II106

Engelland         Roy                      I192

Engle             Arthur J.                 I68

Englehardt        John L.                  I172

Engleman          Scott T.                 I234

Engles            Tyler R.                 II46

English           Dorothy Bradrick          I56

English           Gladys                  II131

English           Mary                     I181

English           Merritt A.               I131

Engstrom          Mettie M.                I143

Enloe             Ernest T.               II103

Enloe             Ernest T.               II104

Enns              Leonard                 II211

Enns              Marianna (Sister)        II23

Enser             Gary L.                  I212

Ensley            Robert Carl              I104

Ensminger         Alvin                     I72

Ensz              Margaret L.              I217

Enz               Margarethe              II224

Epley             Ann E.                   I151

Epley             Willissa May             II15

Epp               Frederic O. (Dr.)        I104

Epp               Helena                  II168

Epp               Margaret                  II4

Erbar             Cecil F.                II117

Erdwein           Lillie Marie               I7

Erhard            Susie L.                   I4

Erickson          Agnes M.                 I127

Erickson          Dale R.                  I162

Erickson          Dale R.                  I163

Erickson          Faye M.                  II50

Erickson          Florene                 II184

Erickson          Julius                    I57

Erickson          Madge                    I162

Erickson          Madge                    I163

Erickson          Mary T.                   I63

Ericson           Alfreda I.              II150

Erker             Frances J.               II84

Erkolein          Henry D.                  I97

Ernest            Leah E.                   II2

Ernst             Robert L.                 II9

Erwin             Frances Fitz-Gerald (D  II152

Erwin             Fred                     II63

Erwin             Jack                     I113

Erwin             Tressa                   II31

Eshom             Nadine M.               II196

Eskew             Stella                    I50

Eskew             Stella                    I52

Eslinger          Helen Oneida            II108

Espinoza          Hector L.                I147

Esplund           Edith M.                  I79

Esquibel          Charlotte                I101

Esquibel          Filipa Segura           II215

Essells           Emma H.                  II39

Essells           Warren W.                 I70

Essex             James E.                II109

Essex             Minnette V.              I129

Estabrook         Herman W.                I131

Estes             Boyd J.                  I157

Estes             Clara E.                   I2

Estes             Kenna Marie             II213

Estes             Ray Dale                 I115

Estill            Helen Margaret          II214

Eustice           Cora Marie               I107

Evans             Claude E.                 II3

Evans             Eva                     II118

Evans             George J.               II231

Evans             John Wesley             II110

Evans             Lenora A.                 I47

Evans             Ludie W.                 II73

Evans             Ludie W.                 II74

Evans             M. B.                    I184

Evans             Ruth                    II172

Evans             Ruth                    II228

Evans             Ruth E.                 II194

Evans             Sherman M.              II143

Evans             Vera Ella                 I23

Evans             Vera Ella                 I25

Evans             Vera M.                  I108

Evans             Vera M.                  I110

Evarts            Ralph E.                  II9

Everett           Elizabeth A.             I127

Everett           Halley Linden             I22

Everett           Lorraine E.               I10

Everett           Lorraine E.               I11

Everett           Nancy Joyce             II167

Everhart          Billy Dean               II59

Everhart          Mabel E.                 I240

Evinger           Pearl K.                II104

Evinger           Ray                      II42

Ewers             Walter G. (Mrs.)        II100

Ewert             Faye B.                   I43

Ewertz            Clara                   II139

Ewing             C. A.                    II70

Ewing             Ernest S.                I184

Ewing             Fred W.                 II151

Ewing             Harold A.                  I3

Ewing             Pat                      II73

Ewing             Ralph Lee                I234

Ewing             Walter Kenneth           I218

Ewy               Emma O.                  II62

Ewy               Walter E.                I157

Exline            William C.               II26

Exum              George C.                I115

Eye               Elton Lee                 I53

Fagan             Harold T.                 I38

Fagerberg         Fern Elva                I236

Fahrbach          Nora M.                  I218

Fairbanks         William                 II170

Fairchild         George (Col.)           II144

Falen             Cecil D.                 I197

Faler             Cora M.                 II153

Faler             Geraldine S.             II59

Falkenburg        William                  II97

Falta             Selma M.                II230

Falwell           Florence P.               I24

Fancher           Bryan                   II142

Fanning           John I.                    I8

Fanning           Myrne A.                  I55

Farha             Evelyn S.                I187

Faris             Maude E. Lamb           II125

Farley            Bessie D.               II160

Farmer            Aletha Jean              II67

Farner            Thomas R.               II169

Farney            Lola                    II101

Farr              Randy Ray                 II7

Farrell           Forest W.                I200

Farrell           Genevieve C.             II39

Farrell           Pearl M.                II115

Farris            James G.                  I39

Farris            Jana Lea                 I104

Farris            Najeba                  II155

Farris            Pearl W.                II119

Farrow            Bobby Lynn               II53

Farrow            Daniel Glen              II53

Farrow            James C.                 II65

Farwell           Bertha E.                I215

Faubion           Leon Wesley               I31

Faubion           Omel Dale               II212

Faubion           Omel Dale               II213

Fauchier          Henry F.                 II63

Faulconer         Esther K.               II205

Faulk             Irene A.                 I205

Faulkner          Mary Louise              II73

Faure             Ruth E.                  I151

Favour            Myrtle                   I107

Fay               Lawrence T.             II219

Feaster           Gerald G.                 I79

Feaster           Zephyr                  II118

Fee               Ruth T.                 II107

Fehr              Herman A.                 I10

Feige             Martha                   I131

Feinberg          Alta C.                  II21

Felix             Jack                    II134

Fell              Clarence W. Sr.           I64

Feller            Neil A.                 II144

Fellers           Bessie F.                 I95

Fellis            James R. Jr.              I30

Fenimore          Bertha A.                II43

Fensky            Carl H.                  II53

Fenwick           Eunice A.                 I56

Ferguson          Alice G.                 II30

Ferguson          Armel N.                II193

Ferguson          Nellie                  II205

Ferguson          Nellie Mae              II208

Ferguson          Nellie Mae              II211

Ferguson          Ralph G.                 I134

Ferguson          Roy                      I232

Ferguson          Seamoqua Reacheal Finl  II202

Ferguson          Timothy Ray              I111

Ferman            Richard L.                II3

Ferman            Richard L.                II4

Fernz             James A. Sr.            II108

Ferraro           Joe                     II133

Ferrell           Asa Ray                   I10

Ferris            Charles A.              II179

Fester            Eugene Robert            I213

Fetrow            Harry                     II7

Fiedler           Emil                     II62

Field             Elmer I.                  I60

Field             Velma L.                 I168

Fielder           Brett Wayne              I111

Fielder           Opal G.                  I121

Fielding          Opal A.                   I65

Fields            A. Dewey                  I20

Fields            Ernest W.                 I60

Fields            Fannie A.               II199

Fields            Park                     I131

Fields            Totie                    II41

Fiene             Jacob Leonard            I103

Fike              Floyd                    II59

Fike              Gary Gene                 I51

Fike              LaVinnie Alice           I147

Fillman           Viola                    I155

Fillpot           Floyd H.                  I40

Fillpot           Melvin G.                 II1

Finch             William Wayne           II148

Fincham           Myrtle E.               II200

Findley           Tate Edward               II3

Fine              Claude                   I147

Finke             William D.               II36

Finkenbinder      Bryce B.                II125

Finley            Charles D.                II6

Finley            Cortez Lamont           II221

Finley            Mervin M.               II127

Finley            Norman E.                 II3

Finnerty          Joseph L. Sr.            II49

Finnup            Isabel M.               II193

Finsley           Eva M.                  II220

Firmin            Susie Marie Hammer       II92

Fischer           Conrad J.                I228

Fischer           Mikael Alan              I169

Fiscus            Ada                       I41

Fisher            Anna M.                 II110

Fisher            Annice                    II9

Fisher            Bertha                   I234

Fisher            Catherine                II21

Fisher            Douglas                   II2

Fisher            Douglas                   II3

Fisher            Douglas Earl              I56

Fisher            Ernest D.                 II7

Fisher            Estella Belle             I28

Fisher            Frank H.                  I55

Fisher            Fred                     I137

Fisher            Lillian C.                I95

Fisher            Lillian M.              II122

Fisher            Myrtle M.               II148

Fisher            Ralph D.                II202

Fisher            Sherla Lee              II103

Fisher            Walter D.                II15

Fisk              Ira                      I207

Fitch             Myrtle                  II222

Fitzgerald        Edward L. (Dr.)           I22

Fitzgerald        Frances L.                I52

Fitzgerald        Gene                     II98

Fitzgerald        H. W. (Dr.)               II7

Fitzgerald        Harvey Ernest             I88

Fitzgerald        Ira O.                   I216

Fitzgerald        Vivian L.                II95

Fitzgerald        Michael D.              II119

Fitzmaurice       Woodrow W.               II32

Fitzsimmons       Blanche B.               I220

Fitzwater         Irene Christina         II137

Fitzwater         Lewis Coleman            I110

Fix               Charles E.               II97

Flack             Vivian Frances           I115

Flaherty          Clinton M.               II39

Flaherty          Henry I.                II190

Flanagan          Mildred Viola             I49

Flandermeyer      Viola P.                II207

Flanders          Bessie                   I116

Flanders          Helen M.                  I48

Flattery          James J.                 II59

Fleetwood         Lyman                    II90

Fleickinger       Amos J.                   I34

Fleming           Edith J.                II189

Fleming           Elsie I.                 II31

Fleming           Grady Lee                I138

Fleming           Lloyd R.                 I112

Fleming           Lloyd R.                 I113

Fleming           Nora Jane               II112

Fleming           Shirley F.                I45

Flesher           Helen L.                II193

Fletcher          Clancy Jo                 I13

Fletcher          Pauline                  II23

Fletcher          Randal Kim              II142

Fletcher          Walter C.                II28

Fletcher          Walter C.                II29

Flick             Lena                    II201

Flickinger        Bertha J.                 I80

Flickinger        Stanley H. (Dr.)          I87

Flickner          Peter J.                  I49

Flood             Charles C.               I158

Flora             Ida C.                    I51

Florence          Charles Foster          II186

Flournoy          Julious                   II6

Flournoy          Terry                     II7

Flournoy          Terry                     II8

Flournoy          Terry                     II9

Floyd             Harry J.                 II76

Fly               Elizabeth M.             I111

Flying Out        Lynn Allan               I153

Flynt             Billy B.                  I99

Flynt             Tooksie B.              II164

Fogle             John B. Jr.              II83

Foight            Nicholas Elmer           II64

Foley             Glenn A.                  I80

Foley             R. Dennis               II211

Foley             Richard C. M. Sr.        II24

Folk              Sadie E.                 II64

Folkerts          Mary F.                  I193

Folkerts          Otto J.                  I124

Foltz             Lucille L.                I79

Fontaine          Frank                    II44

Fooshee           Don W.                   II47

Foot              Cecil P.                II133

Foote             Alma V.                 II181

Foraker           Ethel B.                  I37

Foraker           Jennifer LeAnn           II15

Forbes            Clovis M.               II107

Forbes            Margaret L.              II46

Forbes            Thelma A. Sherwood        I62

Forbes            Thelma A. Sherwood        I65

Force             Howard L.                II13

Forcum            Grace Laura             II112

Ford              Clarence A.               I86

Ford              John L.                  II91

Ford              John L.                  II92

Ford              John Paul               II208

Ford              Mamie L.                II227

Ford              Nina Mae                 II99

Ford              Tell O.                  I212

Foreman           Ben                      II55

Foreman           Ruby Risser               I71

Fornwalt          Freda E.                II198

Forrest           James S.                  I71

Forristal         William L.              II229

Forsblom          Derrol E.                 I62

Forsblom          Derrol Edward             I64

Forshey           Judy K. Rollins          II29

Forst             Alex                     I205

Forst             John G.                  I165

Forste            Glenn W.                  I31

Forster           Charlotte               II210

Forster           George W.               II125

Forster           William Earl             II15

Fortey            Don D.                  II125

Fortney           Bland C.                 II19

Fortney           Elizabeth S.             I177

Foster            A. W.                    II18

Foster            Bernice Bowling           I10

Foster            Carl Lyman               II26

Foster            Donald S.               II138

Foster            Earnest A. Sr.           II75

Foster            G. Neal                    I9

Foster            Harwood George           I181

Foster            James E. Jr.            II119

Foster            James E. Jr.            II120

Foster            Jo                       II17

Foster            Laura L.                 II21

Foster            N. Edward               II172

Foster            Nola M.                 II104

Foster            Paul Lyman               II24

Foster            Roy John                II225

Foster            Rubie A.                II175

Foulke            E. D.                    I141

Fountaine         Mertha Ann              II204

Foust             Mary                     I161

Foust             O. Dale                 II213

Fowler            Avanel L.                 I17

Fowler            Carl A. Sr.              I187

Fowler            Harry O.                 I193

Fowler            Opal                      I84

Fowler            Richard                  II63

Fowler            Wayne A.                  I23

Fowler            William F.                I66

Fox               Claude T.                I119

Fox               Jerome H.               II102

Fox               Theodore                 I167

Fox               Theodore                 I169

Fox               Walter                   I200

Fraipoint         Ida W.                  II188

Frakes            Margaret B.             II167

Frambers          Rhoda Mae                II93

France            Billie                   I169

France            Iona Belle               I121

France            Laura Belle               I28

Franchione        Susan A.                 I111

Francis           Mildred Magdalene        II33

Franco            Francisco M.            II187

Frank             James Thomas            II183

Frankenfeld       Mabel I.                 I205

Frankhauser       Lewis Lee                I159

Franklin          Josie A.                II222

Franklin          Lloyd C.                 II77

Franklin          Zilpha Dell               II2

Franks            Katie M. (Mrs.)           I52

Frantz            Alta M.                 II113

Frantz            Birdie                   I142

Franz             Carl W.                  II30

Fraser            Grace (Mrs.)              I15

Fraser            Juanita                 II181

Frazier           Claude L.               II186

Frazier           Ella Faye                I117

Frazier           James Ivan               I152

Frazier           Lloyd R.                 II47

Frazier           Lloyd R.                 II49

Frederick         Charlotte E.               I9

Frederick         Forrest                 II147

Frederick         Gladys M.                I189

Frederick         Leo                     II186

Fredrickson       Hazel M.                  I32

Freed             Crystal Dawn            II186

Freeman           Fred S.                  I125

Freeman           Jack                    II180

Freeman           Kenneth B.               II86

Freeman           Roger M.                 I233

Freeman           Roy M.                    I65

Freeman           Roy M.                    I66

Freeman           Verna E.                 I207

French            Alice M.                II106

French            Marson H. Jr.            I224

French            Marson H. Jr.            I225

French            Melba                   II216

French            Reuben H.                I137

French            Richard Matthew            I2

French            Russell W.               II36

Frerking          Rudella                  II61

Freund            August Frederick          I15

Frey              Elma                    II106

Frey              Julia M.                 I125

Frey              Myrtle F.               II116

Frey              O. C.                    I118

Frey              Walter F.                I114

Fricker           Gladys B.               II110

Friedel           Aline W.                II118

Friend            Howard D.                II13

Friend            Jack                      I17

Friesen           Anna                      II4

Friesen           Sarah                     I24

Friesen           Tina                     II85

Friess            John B. (Mrs.)            I33

Frisbie           Bessie                  II194

Frisbie           Emmitt W.                 I14

Frisbie           Juanita Marie             II8

Frisbie           Viola D.                  II2

Friskel           John C.                  II48

Fritz             Junior T.                 I85

Fritzler          Jonas                    II60

Froelich          Frank J.                 II13

Froese            Abraham F.               I212

Froese            Mary Ann                II191

Frohreich         Milton E.                 I87

Froman            Kate                       I1

Frost             Jack R.                 II222

Frost             Loyd D.                 II143

Fry               Adah W.                   II8

Fry               Don M.                    I52

Fry               Jennie (Mrs.)             I89

Fry               Mary Margaret           II116

Fry               Pauline B.                I83

Fry               Pauline B.                I84

Fryer             Robert L.                I228

Frymeyer          Gladys R.               II157

Frymyer           Charles W.                I65

Fuff              Irene B.                 II32

Fugate            Josie                     I66

Fuhlhage          Loleta                   II72

Fuhlhage          Loleta C.                II70

Fulk              Louisa                   I112

Fuller            Allen Emigh Sr.         II100

Fuller            Clarence L.              I194

Fuller            Dora D.                  I226

Fuller            Edmund L.                II55

Fuller            Elnora                  II172

Fuller            Emma Elizabeth           I240

Fuller            Justin Robert            I134

Fuller            Lillian B.              II228

Fuller            Muriel L.                I227

Fuller            Orneta Marie             I156

Fulop             Charles T. (Maj.)         I94

Fulton            Clarence J.              I119

Fulton            Guy                       I20

Fulton            Lola May                 II18

Fulton            Robert L.                 I59

Fultz             Mary M.                 II132

Fundenberger      Mabel L.                 I173

Fundenberger      Mabel L. (Mrs.)          I174

Funk              Amber Starr             II174

Funk              Golda E.                 I179

Funk              Joe W.                    I80

Funk              Joe W.                    I82

Funkl             Christanna              II105

Furr              Eddy Duane               I155

Gadberry          Darrell Emerson          II10

Gadbury           Garry L.                 I200

Gaddie            Marie                   II107

Gaddie            Renna F.                 II15

Gadeke            Julius F.                I216

Gaete             Luis O.                  I137

Gagne             Gertrude M.               I17

Gagnebin          Margie E.               II120

Gagnebin          Margie E.               II121

Gailey            Daniel                   I199

Gale              Margaret Emma            I222

Gallagher         Patrick James             I91

Galloway          Stanley M.               II94

Galloway          Stanley Milton           II93

Galmeister        Frank L.                 II36

Galvan            Donaciana                II15

Galyardt          Jake                     II96

Galyean           Carrie M.               II107

Gambill           Steven Malcolm          II165

Gamble            Ida Mae                   I82

Gann              Mae L.                  II110

Ganoung           Emma Grubbs              II11

Ganther           Roy R.                   I167

Garansson         Arthur G.               II203

Garansson         Arthur G.               II204

Garber            Frank E.                 II92

Garber            Marvin S.               II192

Garcia            Abraham F.               I122

Garcia            Ernesto Cruz              I23

Garcia            Stephen Keith            II91

Gard              Bernice L.               II54

Gard              Mabel I. (Mrs.)          I157

Gardenhire        Alberta                  II64

Gardiner          Barbara Seymour          II66

Gardiner          Beulah Mable            II161

Gardner           Anna                     II56

Gardner           Carrol                  II171

Gardner           Charles W. Jr.           I204

Gardner           Derrel L.                 I30

Gardner           Harriet Ada             II197

Gardner           Ina May                 II187

Gardner           John Franklin            I185

Gardner           Jola Jael                II18

Gardner           Lottie B.                I238

Gardner           Myrtle                   II35

Gardner           Myrtle                   II36

Gardner           Nancy E.                 I192

Gardner           Raymond H.              II132

Gardner           William H.               I141

Garey             Eva M.                    I59

Garibaldi         Savannah J.             II147

Garland           Louise M.               II230

Garlick           Edna Ruth                II65

Garlick           Elizabeth E.             II36

Garlow            Velora E.               II149

Garmon            Benjamin V.              I177

Garner            Curtis Jr.               I173

Garner            Gladys L.                II55

Garner            Jessie F.                 I76

Garner            Sonora M.                II65

Garnett           John E.                   I11

Garnica           Joe L.                   I162

Garrett           Jesse Clyde              I192

Garrett           Steven Michael             I6

Garrigues         Edith L.                II175

Garrione          Alphonso J.              II43

Garrison          Abraham Chart            I111

Garrison          Jessie Bell               I47

Garrison          Shelly Ann                I69

Garrison          Viva M.                   I49

Garrity           Geraldine R.             I132

Gartner           W. L.                    II43

Garver            Flora Augusta           II179

Garver            Gary R.                  II72

Garver            Virgil I.               II131

Garvin            Irene M.                 I184

Garvin            Morris                   I123

Garvin            Morris                   I125

Gary              Earl Milton              I188

Gashler           Anna                      I85

Gaston            Glen O.                 II161

Gates             Harold                   I236

Gates             Lenda                     I63

Gatton            Leland R.                II90

Gaughan           Joseph Daniel            I140

Gaughan           Thomas O.                II18

Gaulding          Kenneth W.               II36

Gault             Lora G.                  I109

Gaunt             Susie C.                 II59

Gawthrop          Nellie                    I27

Gayden            Ella Lauretta            I211

Gaylor            Lynne M.                 I189

Gean              John E.                 II147

Gear              Elizabeth A.            II146

Gear              Elizabeth A.            II147

Geer              Ethel M.                 I134

Geering           Linda Sue               II189

Gegen             Louise A.               II210

Gehlen            George H.               II166

Gehr              Roscoe                    I99

Geil              D. Orville                II5

Geiman            Lindell                   I86

Geist             Charles W.               II13

Geist             Leona F.                  I69

George            Bert F.                  I164

George            Jessie E.                I188

George            Johnnie                  I199

George            Velma Edith (Mrs.)        I61

Gerhardt          Pete                    II216

German            Royal Albert            II168

Gerringer         Larry                    I129

Gerritzen         Fred T.                   I87

Gerteis           Florence A.              II17

Gerteis           Florence A.              II18

Ghan              Lucy                     II95

Gibbs             Gertrude L.             II204

Gibbs             Kathlyn K.               II13

Gibbs             Larry D.                 I196

Gibbs             Mamie L.                 I142

Gibson            Carrie A.               II191

Gibson            Edward L.               II203

Gibson            Esther C.               II175

Gibson            Louis G.                  I70

Gick              Lydia Anna                I15

Gideon            Leslie Oren              I189

Giersch           Gerald Leo               II89

Gieschen          Valerie Anne             II44

Gifford           Ada Pauline              II88

Gifford           Hazel A.                 I192

Gifford           Sylvia L.                I204

Giggy             Jennifer Suzanne         II76

Gilbert           Evelyn                    I64

Gilbert           Myron Lee                II66

Gilchrist         Verna A.                   I4

Giles             William Ray              I119

Gilfillan         Mary Bonnie                I9

Gilger            Roy B.                  II177

Gill              Albert Louis             II37

Gill              Jeffrey Kirt             I142

Gill              Kelly Renee              I239

Gill              Paul Everett              I72

Gillen            Agnes Lenora              I84

Gillen            Laura                     I62

Gillespey         Marea                   II195

Gillespey         Walter A.                I211

Gillespie         Erma G.                  II57

Gillett           Merton F.                I194

Gillett           Nettie M.                 I17

Gillette          Arthur R.                I108

Gillham           Johanna                   I89

Gillispie         Ruby N.                  II11

Gillmore          Don C.                   I181

Gilman            John H.                 II210

Gilmore           Dale Edward             II138

Gilmore           Hattie Jane               II8

Gilmore           Joseph E.                I205

Gilmore           Letitia C.               II65

Gilmore           Werwin W.               II124

Gilreath          Glenn                    I177

Gingrich          Helen Florence          II223

Gintzler          Sandra S.                 I28

Gisel             Pearl F.                 II73

Gisselbeck        Mary Lynn               II185

Gladden           W. Sidney               II139

Glasco            Martha Boettger         II226

Glasco            Willard M.               I206

Glasgow           Carrie                   I187

Glasse            Isa                      I211

Glassman          Edgar C.                II230

Glaze             Brad Allen              II101

Glaze             Clarence H.             II127

Glaze             Ivan L.                  II75

Glazier           Kenneth Dale             I107

Gleason           Bertle M.                II84

Gleason           Edith S.                II142

Glenn             Albert Byron            II220

Glenn             Erlene Marie            II119

Glenn             Ida Mae                  II53

Glenn             Marie                    I131

Glick             Luella E.                I157

Glover            Eugene                  II197

Glover            Eugene                  II199

Glover            Eugene                  II202

Glover            Raymond W.               I236

Glymph            Tyree                     I85

Gnagey            Bertha Alice              I98

Goble             Kathryn Eunice          II194

Goble             Kathryn Eunice          II195

Godbout           Nell E.                 II114

Goddard           Paul A.                  II24

Goddin            LaVerna                  I152

Godding           LaVerna                  I154

Godfrey           Edgar D.                  I33

Godinez           Andrew A.                I220

Goeller           Ethel                    II12

Goering           Adolph G.                 I47

Goertz            Anna Adrian              I194

Goertz            Ethlyn S.                I166

Goertz            Gustav                  II163

Goerzen           Sarah                     I35

Goetz             Albert J.                  I9

Goff              M. B.                    II31

Goff              Mae                      I176

Goff              Ruby J.                   I44

Goggin            Nilus (Rev.)              I70

Goheen            Alice Burns               II5

Golay             George E.               II163

Goldsberry        Susie                    I183

Goldsmith         Stella                   II88

Goldsmith         William Walter          II219

Goltry            Dorothy I.                II2

Gomer             Dawsey                    I17

Gonzales          Angelita E.              I215

Good              Alma L.                  II33

Good              Berniece V.             II193

Good              Richard L.               I167

Good              W. Hugh                  II84

Goodall           Mary                    II196

Goodall           Mary                    II197

Goodall           Mary                    II199

Gooden            Clyde Orville            I178

Goodloe           Erin Pearl                 I7

Goodloe           Everett J.               I208

Goodman           Berry R. Sr.              I22

Goodnight         Kenneth R.              II152

Goodsell          Merrill E.                I57

Goodwin           Benjamin H.              I191

Goodwin           Carey Ruth                I16

Goodwin           George A.               II215

Goodwin           Kenneth D.               I111

Goodwin           Martha Ellen            II180

Goodyear          Lisa F.                 II186

Gooing            Mack A.                 II131

Goracke           Michael Lee               I33

Gordon            Columbus                  I39

Gordon            Columbus                  I41

Gordon            Francis L.               II92

Gordon            Iva Irene               II196

Gordon            Jack Conrad              I159

Gordon            Kate                     II55

Gorges            John A.                   II7

Gorges            Martha C.               II100

Gorges            Martha C.               II101

Gorges            Steven W.                I142

Gorman            Robert G.                I192

Gormley           Joseph W.                 I37

Gormly            Jerry John (Staff Sgt.   I131

Gorrell           Charles Thomas          II126

Gorsuch           Walter R.               II179

Gosch             Albert J.                I203

Gosnell           Frank S.                 I233

Goss              Esther T.                I180

Goss              Kenneth Lyle              I35

Gossman           Wilma                    I238

Gottberg          Florence F.              II26

Goucher           Jim                      I179

Gough             Cissney B.                 I4

Gould             George W.                II96

Gould             Lee C.                  II200

Gould             Ruth Cobb               II200

Gould             Steve G.                II223

Goulden           Eugene J.                II73

Gourley           Lylian A.                II62

Gow               Leona M.                II205

Gow               Leona M.                II207

Gowder            James Houston (Rev.)      I71

Goyen             Laurence Leeland          I49

Graber            Anna                    II144

Graber            Gerad Linden            II176

Graber            Harold W.               II208

Graber            Morris D.                 I40

Graber            Richard L.               II74

Graber            Thelma M.               II144

Graber            Tillie S.                 I83

Grabham           Merle Eugene             II16

Grace             Claude B.               II191

Grady             Pearl                     I43

Grady             Ralph Loring            II184

Grady             Verna M.                 II50

Graf              Ernest Edward            II21

Graff             Stacy B.                 I103

Gragg             Glenn West                I64

Gragg             John W.                 II121

Graham            Charlotte E.             II73

Graham            Everett J.               II59

Graham            Gladys Theodore          I116

Graham            Hobert                  II186

Graham            Hobert                  II188

Graham            Marie                    I173

Graham            Opal                     II32

Graham            Orval                    I136

Graham            Pearl A.                  II1

Graham            Samuel Vest              I130

Graham            W. Arlo                 II148

Graham            W. Donald                II12

Graham            Walter E.                II54

Grajeda           Delores                    I2

Gramm             Gladys                    I32

Gramse            E. Imogene               II39

Grandle           Harvey Marion II (Dr.)   II94

Grandon           Martha W.                 I90

Granger           George E.               II166

Granger           Ola                      I167

Granger           Richard B. Sr.           I184

Grant             Harold G.               II132

Grate             Carl                    II212

Grate             Pearle M.                I114

Graue             Emmett L. Jr.            II78

Graves            Alease W.                I209

Graves            Benjamin Frank            I34

Graves            Bertha C.                I171

Graves            Clifford R              II161

Graves            Hazel L.                 I211

Graves            Ira L.                   I179

Graves            John W.                  II63

Graves            John W.                  II65

Graves            Lucile Walls (Mrs.)      I130

Graves            Nona M.                  I193

Graves            Orie W.                  II77

Graves            Vern Cecil Sr.             I8

Gray              Anna B.                  I171

Gray              Betty                    I209

Gray              Beyrl                    II71

Gray              Charles Curtis           I175

Gray              Cynthia Faye              II2

Gray              Eva M.                    I71

Gray              Lawrence E.              I212

Gray              Margaret A.              II46

Gray              Verlin D.                  I6

Gray              Wallace H.               I141

Graybeal          Myrtle M.                I211

Greathouse        Jerome Harold             I14

Green             Alan James Jr.            II5

Green             Andrew A.                II24

Green             Anna Laura              II129

Green             Brandi Dawn              II37

Green             Burleigh                  I39

Green             Christopher Michael      II89

Green             Cornell                  II23

Green             Cornell                  II24

Green             Jean                     I110

Green             Jerry Ray                I144

Green             John G.                   I55

Green             Lida                     II14

Green             Logan N.                 I207

Green             Mable E.                 II84

Green             Rosy Alta               II187

Green             Ruth                     II75

Green             Thomas M.               II140

Green             Virdine B.               I187

Green             Wendell Eugene          II149

Greenberg         Dora                     II11

Greene            Artus V.                 I133

Greene            Bonnie D.               II118

Greene            Lucile Jeanette          II56

Greene            Mabel Francis            II61

Greenfield        Alta B.                  II81

Greenup           Lawrence W.               I44

Greenwood         Floyd M.                 II27

Greenwood         Goldie M.               II226

Greenwood         Ione                     II19

Greenwood         T. J.                   II106

Greer             Edward F.                II28

Greer             Pat                     II151

Greer             Robert C.                I162

Greer             Robert Paul               I60

Greever           Emma E.                    I1

Gregg             Maud Agness              II17

Gregory            C. O.                  II169

Gregory           C. O.                   II168

Gregory           Frances L.               II54

Gregory           Julia Ann               II121

Gregory           Myrtle B.               II106

Greiner           Ethel M.                 I217

Grether           Denise                  II194

Grey              Gordon V.               II227

Grey              Oliver R.                I195

Griffin           Alexander Patrick         I91

Griffin           Andrew L.                 I55

Griffin           Charles                  I227

Griffin           Leo J.                    I48

Griffin           Leo P.                   II13

Griffin           Vera A.                  II58

Griffith          Edwin                     I14

Griffith          Harry L.                II176

Griffith          James E.                II205

Griffith          Orville L.                I79

Griffith          Raymond C.               I137

Griffith          Raymond C.               I138

Griffith          Thomas Vandergriff Jr.  II225

Griffith          Willie A.                I182

Griffiths         Dora Lee                 II91

Grigsby           Wanda Jeanett           II113

Grim              Arlis B.                II225

Grimes            Faigh Daigh               I92

Grimes            Jeffrey David            II65

Grimes            Lucy Ellen               II50

Grimes            Lucy Ellen               II53

Grimes            Virginia                  I89

Grimmett          Edmond R.                I202

Grimmett          Ernest W.                I115

Grimsley          Bruce Darrol Jr.          I92

Grimwood          Dorothy M.              II184

Grindstaff        Marguerite L.            I191

Groene            Regina                    I36

Groff             Matthew                  I188

Grokett           Wilborn                  I239

Grommon           Charles Lloyd            I194

Groneman          John G.                 II150

Gropper           John J.                 II141

Gross             Angela Rey              II151

Gross             Elmer J.                II104

Gross             Seraphine                I194

Grosshans         Elmer                    II63

Grosvenor         Theodore                  I60

Groth             Caroline                 I175

Grotheer          Rudolph Victor           I161

Grout             Nellie E. (Mrs.)          I38

Grove             Francis J.              II155

Grove             Gladys Pearl             II78

Grove             H. T.                   II167

Grove             Jessie M. (Mrs.)          I91

Grove             John L. (Dr.)             I63

Grove             William E. (Dr.)          I12

Grover            Charley B.               I236

Grover            Ernest W.                 I14

Grover            Mary Ellen              II186

Groves            Amos E.                  II14

Groves            Elbie E.                II145

Groves            Lucile M.                I130

Groves            Ruth M.                  I168

Grub              Gladys M.                II17

Grubb             Bruce (Mrs.)              I33

Grubb             Elizabeth               II142

Gruenloh          Garry G.                 II89

Grunke            Wenona                   I138

Guerrero          Luis G.                  II49

Guerrero          Luis G.                  II50

Guerrero          Manuel                   I165

Guest             Ella R.                   I60

Gugler            Ralph C.                II176

Guhr              John B.                 II164

Guilkey           Isabel                  II205

Guillen           Jennie J.                II44

Guillen           Jennie J.                II46

Guillen           William D.               I188

Guinn             Tressa E.                I233

Gullette          Pearl                    I139

Gum               Jerald                   II87

Gumerson          William Dow               I24

Gumfory           Edith E.                 I132

Gunckel           Wade John                I170

Gunter            Mary Ann                  I97

Gunther           Henry I.                  I41

Gurwell           Edna May                  I79

Guss              Theodore Earl Jr.         I74

Gust              Ella E.                  I204

Gust              Ella E.                  I205

Gustafson         Clifford A.              I229

Guthridge         Joyce L.                II124

Guthrie           Dorothy E.              II107

Guthrie           Henry M.                 I193

Guthrie           Lee C.                    I52

Guthrie           Pearl                   II177

Guthrie           Thomas Lee              II172

Gutierrez         Francis N.               II78

Gutshall          Carol                    I163

Gutzmer           Karl E.                 II199

Guy               Frances                 II193

Guy               Paul D.                 II104

Gwin              Raymond B.               I226

Haack             Hans Peter              II121

Haack             Leonard E.              II107

Haaga             Emmet                     I61

Haas              Chester W.               I130

Haas              Mary Lula                II66

Haas              Theodore H.               I55

Haase             Ernest J.               II222

Haase             Walter H.                II18

Habarta           Ernest F.                I225

Haberlein         Mary Waitt               II37

Habiger           Joseph B.                I108

Habiger           Martha M.                 I72

Habiger           Wylma L.                   I9

Hack              Lyle                    II196

Hacker            John L.                   I56

Hackler           Nettie B.               II196

Hackney           William Robert           I129

Haddan            Newton R.               II113

Hadden            Stella A.                I214

Haddock           Duke R.                 II214

Hadijski          Constantine               I55

Hadley            Darrell                 II105

Hadley            Eldon L.                 II94

Hadley            Estella M.               II33

Hadley            James O.                  I47

Hadley            Perry A.                  I83

Hadorn            Anna Laura              II107

Hadsell           Della May                II17

Haefling          Shirley C.               I140

Haefner           Peter J.                II207

Hagaman           Abbie L.                 II15

Hageman           Emma Marie               I109

Hagen             Margaret B.             II107

Haggard           Blanche                 II222

Haggerty          Pauline                 II171

Hagler            Paul W.                  I224

Hague             Leonard                    I9

Hahn              Francis K.                I49

Haigler           Edith Irene              II54

Haines            Alta P.                  I168

Haines            Flossie M.               II46

Haines            Herbert Harold           II68

Haines            Mary                     II66

Haines            Robert Laurin            II97

Haines            Victor R.                I184

Halcom            Ella Mae                  II7

Halderman         Cecelia P.                I22

Hale              Albert Lee               I214

Hale              Charles E.                 I8

Hale              Claude M.                I202

Hale              Effie M.                  I73

Hale              Oscar P.                  I99

Halen             Russell                  I141

Haley             Eva                      II82

Hall              Bernice                  I203

Hall              Clarence Harrison        I222

Hall              Donald N.                 I70

Hall              Edith C.                 I195

Hall              Frances                  I221

Hall              Gillie Lucile Simmons    II75

Hall              Gladys M.                I132

Hall              Jacqueline Ann            I28

Hall              James Robert             I158

Hall              Jerry Lee                  I2

Hall              Kathleen Rhea           II214

Hall              Larry Steven             I207

Hall              Leonard C.               II18

Hall              Lloyd L.                II139

Hall              Marie Dorothy            I226

Hall              Maude D.                 I152

Hall              Paul Edward              I123

Hall              Ruth                     I133

Hall              Sadie J.                 II17

Hall              Thurman A.               I134

Hall              Wendy Sue                 I30

Hall              Zona Dee                 I232

Hallacy           Francis A.               II25

Hallock           Maude L.                 I209

Hallock           Melvin J.                 I95

Halsted           Doris                    I168

Haltiwanger       Lavona                   I149

Hamill            Harold C.               II179

Hamilton          Arthur D.                 I87

Hamilton          Bessie A.                II89

Hamilton          C. E.                   II160

Hamilton          Charles C.                I38

Hamilton          Daryld Max                I92

Hamilton          Florence A.              II68

Hamilton          Gladys                   II12

Hamilton          Gladys                   II14

Hamilton          Jack Lamar              II184

Hamilton          James V.                 I163

Hamilton          Marguerite Alice         I151

Hamilton          Millie Ann                 I5

Hamilton          Robert A.                I191

Hamilton          Rochell                   I22

Hamilton          Rochell                   I26

Hamilton          Theodore Frank           I156

Hamilton          Walter Earl             II128

Hamlett           Walter E.                I168

Hamlin            Harry C.                II187

Hamm              Alice Proctor             I19

Hamm              Dale A.                   I25

Hamm              H. Dale (Dr.)            I214

Hamm              Hilliard L.              II68

Hamm              Ida May                  I124

Hamm              Lucile                    I21

Hamm              William C.              II116

Hamma             Lurissa M.              II182

Hamman            Clarence V.               I66

Hamme             John J.                  I194

Hammeke           Louis                     I85

Hammerman         Paul                     II79

Hammerschmidt     Joseph                   I157

Hammill           Bessie E.                I234

Hammond           Deborah Anne            II149

Hammond           Elizabeth                I174

Hammond           Iva M.                  II115

Hammond           Iva M.                  II116

Hammond           Margaret May             II84

Hammond           Ray                     II190

Hammond           Robert N.                 I28

Hammond           Ruth                     I123

Hammons           Cecil H.                II203

Hampshire         Iza L.                  II178

Hampton           Grace                    II80

Hampton           Jennie Myrtle            I204

Hampton           Jim M.                  II155

Hampton           Robert L.                I134

Hampton           Stacy Ann                I200

Hanby             Rita Jo                  I204

Handcock          Robert C.                I211

Hands             Mittie B.                I196

Handy             Elizabeth               II129

Hanes             Charles                   I99

Haninger          Steven R. Jr.             I88

Hanke             Arthur                  II226

Hanke             Jack A.                   I16

Hanks             Dallas Ray               I201

Hanna             Cora I.                 II206

Hanna             Dicy                    II211

Hanna             Dicy                    II214

Hanna             Edna                     II10

Hanna             Edna                     II11

Hanna             Kermit R.                II87

Hanna             Kermit R.                II88

Hannah            Jack D.                  I187

Hannawald         John                    II110

Hannigan          Frank E.                 II36

Hansberry         John H.                  II67

Hansberry         John H.                  II68

Hansen            Albert Henry              I94

Hansen            Doris M.                II140

Hansen            Elizabeth A.              I76

Hansen            George A.                I130

Hansen            Paul LeRoy              II100

Hanson            Arnold                  II223

Hanson            Ruth C.                   I86

Hantla            Agnes L. Sealey         II145

Hantla            Olivia M.               II159

Hanzlick          Vernon A.                 I75

Harden            James W.                  I44

Harden            Ruby N.                 II101

Hardesty          Karl                     I117

Hardin            Oda Missouri            II190

Harding           Harriette Elizabeth (M   I201

Harding           Virgil                    I28

Hardwick          Joyce                    I197

Hardy             Alta (Mrs.)               I70

Hardy             Frederick E.             I202

Hardy             Lucille M.                I94

Hardy             John                     II18

Hardy             John                     II19

Hare              Arlie                   II142

Harg              Ray R.                  II135

Hargadine         Verlin C.               II106

Hargis            Estella V.                II6

Haring            Mary V.                  I147

Harlan            Thomas C.                II99

Harman            Willis S.               II101

Harmon            Helen Ruth               I184

Harms             Earl C.                  II19

Harms             Elizabeth Clara          I227

Harms             Emma                      II5

Harms             Evelyn Irene             II83

Harms             Franklin                 II93

Harms             Leonard                  I179

Harms             Sara                      I67

Harold            Gertrude J.              II34

Harpenau          Joseph C.               II153

Harper            Dean B.                   I95

Harper            Enoch                    I103

Harper            Enoch                    I104

Harper            Joseph Roy               I167

Harper            Kurt                     I152

Harper            Nellie O.               II199

Harper            Russell O.              II144

Harrel            Anna                    II186

Harrington        Dean E.                  II83

Harrington        Homer B.                 II19

Harrington        Homer B.                 II21

Harrington        Oliver C.               II134

Harrington        Parks                   II109

Harris            Abigail                 II141

Harris            Bert R.                  I184

Harris            Bertha Jane             II153

Harris            Calvin                   I162

Harris            Carrol G.                I214

Harris            Charles E.                I66

Harris            Clare B.                 I197

Harris            Flossie M.               I180

Harris            George E.                I189

Harris            Goldie Rachel (Mrs.)     I141

Harris            Helen M.                 II97

Harris            Jane S.                  I193

Harris            Janette E.                I16

Harris            John Wesley              II13

Harris            Lois Irene              II138

Harris            Mary L.                  I187

Harris            Mary Lorraine           II198

Harris            Maude May                I108

Harris            Mayree Violet            I130

Harris            Myrtle                   I146

Harris            Myrtle                   I147

Harris            Mytle (Mrs.)              I90

Harris            Norma K.                  I49

Harris            Oakley Davidson          II14

Harris            Rose                      I43

Harris            Ruth J.                 II185

Harris            Ruth J.                 II188

Harris            Sara B.                 II139

Harris            T. J.                   II193

Harris            Walter B. Sr.           II199

Harrison          Clarence E.             II167

Harrison          Gladys Sade              I228

Harrison          Josie                   II179

Harrison          Opal A.                   II9

Harrold           Roy                      I227

Harshman          Mary V.                 II185

Hart              Bill E.                   I19

Hart              Darcy Kay                I158

Hart              Etta Belle               I148

Hart              John Walter               I85

Hart              Leonard M. B.            I152

Hart              Mable H.                  I83

Hart              May B.                   I175

Hart              May B.                   I176

Hart              Warren M.                II91

Harte             George Lee               I168

Hartenberger      Mary M.                 II203

Hartenbower       Harvey W.               II191

Hartford          John F.                 II207

Hartgrove         William Thomas           I189

Hartle            Elno                      I10

Hartley           Albert Lee               I100

Hartman           Evan Harris              I194

Hartman           Walter H.               II230

Hartman           Walter H.               II231

Hartman           Walter Lee               I170

Hartman           Willis Lloyd            II137

Hartmann          A. J.                     I84

Hartnell          Bernard Ralph            II69

Hartwick          Carolyn Marie            I227

Hartwick          Jarrel Dee               I119

Hartzell          Susan M.                  I41

Hartzfeld         G. Wilson               II119

Harvey            Ben C.                  II118

Harvey            Elsie E.                 I150

Harvey            Glenn S.                 I207

Harvey            Guy W. (Rev.)           II165

Harvey            John L.                  II79

Harvey            Marie Elsie (Mrs.)       II36

Harvey            Olga Olivia             II219

Harvey            Valaria (Mrs.)           I121

Harville          Walter J. Jr.            I224

Hase              Lloyd J.                 II52

Haselhorst        Norbert B.                I58

Haskard           Frank J.                  I74

Haskell           Helen                     I84

Hassell           Ricky Wayne              I201

Hassenpflug       Dora                      I48

Hassler           Marea M.                  I46

Hassler           Margaret L.               I47

Hastings          Doyle S.                  I57

Hastings          Fred E. (Dr.)             I20

Hastings          Hazel Maude               I69

Hastings          Ralph Lorenzo           II167

Hastings          Ralph Lorenzo           II169

Hatcher           Mabel I.                II186

Hatcher           Paul W.                 II206

Hate              Dwight E. Jr.            I115

Hate              Eric Eugene              I115

Hatfield          Arvilla M. (Mrs.)       II178

Hatfield          Clara A.                 I209

Hatfield          Garcell M.               I216

Hatfield          Maude                    I139

Hatfield          Phillip W.              II166

Hatfield          R. Reed (Dr.)             II2

Hatter            Wilson Dale              I154

Haughey           R. Grace                 II53

Hauke             Minnie E.               II122

Haunstein         Cleva                    II55

Hauptly           Daisy Esther             I212

Haury             Earl R.                  II90

Hauschild         Carl                    II109

Hauschild         Carolyn                 II150

Hauser            John L.                  II43

Hauser            Margaret M.               I20

Hauser            Martha                   I206

Havens            Ella Mariam              II17

Hawk              Emerson                 II113

Hawkins           Adrian G.               II176

Hawkins           Charlene (Mrs.)          I168

Hawkins           Clarence R.              I155

Hawkins           Merle K.                 II12

Hawkins           Murlee M.                II33

Hawkins           William T.               I127

Hawkinson         August W.                 I57

Hawkinson         Ethel                    II99

Hawks             Dessie Mary             II122

Hawn              Christy Eugene           I239

Haworth           Frank J.                 II23

Hawthorn          Donald                   I227

Hawthorne         Lily M.                  II48

Hay               Ernest A.                I208

Hay               Ollie L.                II195

Haycraft          Georgia J.               I180

Hayden            Altha                   II103

Hayes             Albert Melvin             I35

Hayes             Ava Lorene              II159

Hayes             Blanche Estella          II15

Hayes             Donald Mac II           II126

Hayes             Fern B.                  I136

Hayes             Gilbert (Mrs.)          II215

Hayes             Horace T.                II42

Hayes             Phillip R.               II27

Hayes             Viola Joan               I183

Haynes            Carl R. Sr.               I57

Haynes            Marguerite              II206

Haynes            Vesta J.                  I85

Hays              Bettie                   II73

Hays              Roy Frank                I221

Hays              Tereasa Lynn             II73

Hazen             L. Orville                I58

Hazen             William Everett          II63

Hazlett           Lila R.                  I145

Hazylett          Thelma M.                 I63

Hazylett          Thelma M.                 I67

Heacock           Kevin E.                II162

Head              George William             I6

Headlee           Edith                     I61

Headrick          Roy W.                  II189

Healey            Katharine Latham         I219

Healey            William C.               I205

Heath             Albert                   I132

Heath             Claude S. Jr.             I25

Heathman          Iola Florence           II113

Hebb              Ruby F.                 II164

Heckathorn        Helen E.                II176

Heckendorn        Wayne S.                 II57

Heckes            Ethel May                I176

Heckman           Myrtle                    I12

Hedges            Orville Samuel           I147

Hedinger          Otis F.                 II191

Hedrick           Opal                     I218

Heenan            Helen Mary               II96

Heflin            Mary Ellen               I161

Hefner            Dorothy Maxine           I142

Hefner            Nelson F.                I115

Hege              Charles R.               II27

Hege              John D.                  I219

Heggy             Etta Belle              II127

Heglund           Mildred                  II59

Heide             Myrtle P.                I207

Heidebrecht       Gus D.                  II129

Heidel            Arthur B.                I102

Heidel            Esther G.                I221

Heidenreick       Charles Webster         II131

Heigele           Genevieve E.             II39

Heimerman         Edward M.                I226

Hein              Anna Mae                  I31

Heins             Harriet C.                I16

Heintz            Elizabeth A.              I41

Heinze            Audrey Mae               I101

Heisler           John T. III              I107

Heitman           Winnie Ruth             II103

Heitschmidt       Hannah B.                II50

Held              Jeanne B.                I240

Heldenbrand       Pearl Hetrick           II205

Heldstab          Mayme I.                 I191

Helfrich          Bryan Lee                I153

Heline            Edith                     I74

Heller            Lola M.                   I79

Heller            Orrin Russell            I171

Heller            Roy T.                   I167

Helm              Birdie L.                II54

Helm              Birdie L.                II58

Helm              Loyd Walter             II198

Helmers           Edward T.                  I1

Helmick           Kenneth Lloyd           II218

Helmley           Elnora (Mrs.)            II10

Helms             Dale R.                   I29

Helms             Gabe C.                 II208

Helsel            Bertha (Mrs.)            I137

Helten            John N.                  I218

Helvie            Amanda M.                I191

Helwig            Maribeth                 II26

Hemberger         Ruby W.                    I8

Hembree           Lura B.                   I71

Hemken            Gus E.                    I73

Hemphill          Bruce                     I17

Hemphill          Ethel                    II78

Hemphill          Margaret Ellen            I83

Hempler           Obed H.                  I124

Hency             Mary F.                 II141

Henderson         D. Ray                   I233

Henderson         Dona Jean               II148

Henderson         Dorsey                   I143

Henderson         Esther L.                I172

Henderson         Henry G.                 II85

Henderson         Hosea A.                  I17

Henderson         Josea A.                  I15

Henderson         Marjorie                 I111

Henderson         Marjorie B.              I110

Henderson         Mildred                  I177

Henderson         Murray R.                I165

Henderson         Robert Dean             II167

Henderson         Sarah E.                II190

Henderson         Similia M.               I220

Henderson         Thomas Eudene            II11

Henderson         Thomas Eudene            II12

Hendon            Hazel O.                II155

Hendricks         Allen O.                  I32

Hendrickson       I. A.                   II193

Hendrix           Barbara K.              II193

Hendrix           Wayne                   II156

Henegar           Earl                      I38

Henley            William H.              II122

Hennenhofer       Ruby M.                  II84

Henrion           Paul (Dr.)              II137

Henrion           Paul Bruce (Dr.)        II136

Henry             Ann R.                  II171

Henry             Charle Neil               I74

Henry             Charlie                 II125

Henry             Jessie                  II168

Henry             Patrick E. Jr.            I24

Henry             Pery Andrew             II177

Henry             William D.               II81

Henry             William D.               II82

Hensch            Ethel Elizabeth         II196

Henshaw           Ervene Latham            I127

Henshaw           Ervene Latham            I129

Hensiek           Elsie D.                 II43

Hensley           Elizabeth J.            II105

Henson            Charles L.               I225

Hentzen           Cryil                     I54

Hepler            Ira M.                   II43

Herchock          John Jr.                 I196

Hereford          Alice P.                II173

Herman            Lawrence G.               I91

Hermann           Anthony A. (Rev. Msgr.  II135

Hermanson         Joe L.                    I74

Hermes            Robert V.               II226

Hernandez         Maria A.                   I8

Hernandez         Salome P.                 I20

Hernandez         Teresa A.                 I87

Herold            Maude May                I189

Herold            Maude May                I190

Herrick           Frances Amy             II135

Herrick           Frances Amy             II135

Herrill           Raylene Ann              II22

Herrin            Willis Keith            II187

Herring           Leah Lane                II51

Herrington        Eunice M.                II97

Herrington        Melvin A.                II98

Herrman           Eustachius              II179

Herrman           Eustachius              II180

Herrman           Thomas F.               II206

Herron            Veradean                 II84

Hersch            Emery R.                 II34

Hersh             Martin                     I6

Hershberger       Donald R.                 I75

Hershberger       Nadyne M.                II60

Hershberger       Orene                   II174

Hershey           Kenneth L.              II141

Hershorn          Lillian                 II107

Herzig            John Rex                  II3

Herzog            William A.               II67

Heskamp           Leonard J.              II211

Heskamp           Leonard J.              II213

Hess              Albert A.                I148

Hess              Charlie                 II107

Hess              Franklin C.               I95

Hessler           Harry O.                 II97

Hetherington      Howard                   I176

Hetzel            Mary Gertrude            I122

Hetzel            Milton J.                 I62

Heuszel           Dennis L.               II183

Hewitt            Flora L.                 I195

Hewlett           Willard M.               I134

Heyden            Kathryn                 II119

Heyen             George E.               II117

Hiatt             Carl                      I84

Hibbard           Pearl S. Scarth          I160

Hibee             Irene                   II229

Hickey            Margaret                II184

Hickey            May                     II177

Hickman           James Clarence            I35

Hicks             Clayton C.               I138

Hicks             Earl                      I98

Hicks             Frank J.                 II27

Hicks             Lona A.                   I38

Hicks             Millard Fillmore (Dr.)    I89

Hicks             Millard Fillmore (Dr.)    I90

Hiebert           Jacob                    I115

Hiebert           Margaret P.              II19

Hiebert           Nathan Wayne             I182

Hiebert           Olga N.                   I27

Hieger            Alfred Emil              I160

Hiett             Catharine M.              II3

Hiett             Loula Alberta             I37

Higbee            Denton C.                II75

Higbee            Earl M.                  I129

Higgins           Earmer Lee               I101

Higgins           Earmer Lee               I103

Higgins           Earmer Lee                I99

Higgins           Edna M.                   I32

Higgins           Gregory                   I69

Higgins           Joi Ann                   I69

Higgins           Jon Garth                 I69

Higginson         Marcia                     I9

Hightower         Louise                    I60

Hildebradt        Jesse N.                  I35

Hildebrand        Ben                       I38

Hildebrand        Grace E.                II140

Hildebrandt       Jesse N.                  I34

Hildreth          Anna K.                   I46

Hildreth          Chester Owen            II131

Hildyard          Erma F.                   I71

Hilfinger         Faye                     II52

Hilgenbert        Adam                      I48

Hill              Anna W.                   I35

Hill              Audrey Lee                I14

Hill              C. Marie                 I209

Hill              Chauncy                   I59

Hill              Cleveland                 I80

Hill              Erma                    II174

Hill              Ernest W.               II190

Hill              Ethel A.                  I84

Hill              James T.                II174

Hill              Jessie Louise            I140

Hill              Joseph J.                II66

Hill              Katherine V.              I30

Hill              Lina Dell                I231

Hill              Mack A.                   I64

Hill              Margaret P.               I75

Hill              Maryann                 II170

Hill              Maryann                 II171

Hill              Orville S.               I211

Hill              Phil J.                   I10

Hill              Ruth P.                   II3

Hill              Vera F.                  II10

Hillard           John P.                  II65

Hillis            Virgil W.               II122

Hills             George D.                 I97

Hills             Kimberly Kay             II88

Hilton            Brenda Sue                I55

Hinchman          June                    II199

Hinds             George W.                II29

Hines             Cora B.                   I45

Hines             Cora B.                   I48

Hines             Donna M.                 II80

Hines             Oscar                    II85

Hinman            Charles E.               I172

Hinman            Charles E.               I188

Hinners           George                  II135

Hinshaw           Elsie D.                II226

Hinshaw           Michael L. Jr.           II53

Hinshaw           Minnie Ethel            II155

Hinthorn          John T.                  I131

Hinton            Gordon Thomas            I216

Hinton            Shirley E.               I129

Hinton            Shirley E.               I130

Hintz             Ethel Irene               I77

Hinz              Robert Ray              II225

Hinzman           Richard                  I161

Hipp              Julius T.                II20

Hirleman          John E. Sr.              II35

Hirschler         Ira Robert               I211

Hirt              Lillian                 II169

Hirt              William                 II103

Hiser             Debra Elaine             II95

Hitchcock         Cliff Sawyer             I162

Hittle            Raymond C.               II39

Hix               Tilden L.                I153

Hix               Tilden L.                I154

Hlatky            Ralph                     I90

Hoadley           Martha Jane              I119

Hoag              Clarence M.              II75

Hoag              Nora                    II141

Hoagland          Richard R.               I109

Hoagland          Richard R.               I111

Hobbs             Howard                  II230

Hobbs             Richard W.                I59

Hobbs             Richard W.                I60

Hoch              Harry H.                II115

Hockaday          Grace A.                II203

Hockett           Mary M.                   I35

Hockett           Naomi Elizabeth          I155

Hockett           T. B.                    I214

Hodges            Irvin Joe                I103

Hodges            Margaret                  I35

Hodges            Russell O.              II125

Hodgin            Ruth P.                  I238

Hodson            N. Raymond                I27

Hoefer            Danita Christine        II144

Hofer             Daniel James              I63

Hoffine           Earl William             II65

Hoffman           A. W.                     I62

Hoffman           Agnes                    I137

Hoffman           Carl W.                   I85

Hoffman           Earl G.                 II116

Hoffman           John Franklin            I129

Hoffman           Mary Elizabeth           I230

Hoffman           Roy E.                   II24

Hoffman           Thelma D.                I152

Hoffmann          Paul B. (Dr.)            I172

Hogan             Mildred                 II184

Hogan             Patrick A.               I200

Hogarth           Cleo Ray                  I74

Hogeboom          Lawrence E.               I56

Hogue             Adrian B.               II148

Hohrer            Bill D.                 II106

Hoke              Merton A.                II47

Hoke              Merton A.                II48

Hoke              William                 II108

Hokr              Mary L.                   I49

Holcomb           Katherine                 I57

Holcomb           Velma                    II93

Holdeman          Joseph                   I177

Holder            Lester Ray                I38

Holderman         Grover C.                II51

Holding           Helen E.                  I28

Holding           Leo Lowell              II146

Holecek           Emma                      I59

Holgerson         Minnie Anna             II144

Holiday           Lloyd C.                 I191

Holister          Donald E.                II56

Holland           Crystal Lea              II72

Holland           Effie Marie               I46

Holland           Gerald                   I164

Holland           Gerald                   I167

Holland           Guy J.                   I125

Holland           Lettie C.                 I39

Holland           Robert W.                I208

Holland           Roy                     II195

Holland           Roy                     II197

Holley            Constance E.             I114

Holley            Wayne                   II153

Holliday          Robert Dwight             I14

Holliday          Robert L.                 I74

Holliday          Ruy                     II154

Hollingshad       James Noel Sr.          II199

Hollingsworth     Pearly Etta              I112

Hollingsworth     Peggy H.                  I72

Hollingsworth     Peggy H.                  I74

Hollis            Lewis J. (Rev.)          II37

Hollister         Max S.                   I206

Hollon            Eunice                  II152

Holloway          Clara Ellen              I107

Holloway          Elta May                II177

Holloway          Lawton Robert             I86

Holman            William M.               II76

Holmes            Aubrey Glen             II141

Holmes            Bill                     II50

Holmes            G. E.                     I74

Holmes            Josie E. (Mrs.)          I194

Holmes            Kenneth E.                I41

Holmes            Mabel E.                 I107

Holmes            Millie Christina         I158

Holmes            Rosa                    II177

Holmes            Shelby E.                I191

Holstegge         Frank W.                  II3

Holt              Bert A.                 II218

Holt              Brandy Michelle           I47

Holt              Chrles Ambrose            I36

Holt              Eunice D.                II28

Holt              James L. Sr.            II196

Holt              Leroy Bryan              I161

Holt              Lola N.                 II222

Holt              Virgil W.                I177

Holt              William                 II100

Holtke            Richard W.               I158

Holtzman          Alvah Scott               II7

Holzer            Reuben E.                 I43

Holzmeister       Daniel                   I177

Honn              Calvin R.                I203

Honn              Myrtle Mae              II138

Honomichl         Carl A.                  I168

Hontz             Gertrude (Mrs.)         II174

Hoofer            Carl B.                 II120

Hoofnagle         Mabel                    I102

Hook              Shirley F.               I209

Hook              Velma Edith              II76

Hooker            Ida M.                    I97

Hootz             Floyd H. Sr.            II100

Hoover            Alonzo Lee              II176

Hope              Mary                    II154

Hopkins           Clara M.                 II19

Hopkins           J. S.                     I91

Hopkins           Leroy                    I101

Hopkins           Lillie Rose (Mrs.)       I203

Hopkins           Nelle M.                 I167

Hopkins           Robert W.                 I97

Hoppock           Oscar E.                II137

Hoppock           Oscar E.                II139

Hoppock           W. D.                    II45

Hopson            Clarence                II191

Hopson            Clarence                II193

Horacek           Rocky E.                  I40

Horine            Frank Reid              II144

Horn              Elmer David              I173

Horn              Henry W.                 I213

Hornbaker         Earl D.                   I73

Hornbaker         Earl D.                   I74

Hornbaker         Norma M.                II207

Hornbek           Mary E.                  I212

Hornberger        Olive B.                 II60

Horne             Beulah A.                 I76

Hornecker         Charles                  II23

Horner            Max M.                   I141

Horner            Viola M.                 II92

Hornung           Anthony J.              II150

Horst             August F.               II200

Horst             Ruby D.                 II116

Horton            Aura B.                 II204

Horton            Fern L.                  I165

Horton            Hubert J.               II137

Horton            Margaret Mae             II17

Horton            Margaret Mae             II18

Horton            Mary Margaret            I108

Horton            Wyman H.                II108

Horvath           Julius L.                 I69

Horvath           Julius L.                 I71

Hosier            Nellie B.                I138

Hoskinson         Gertrude M.              II22

Hosler            Clifton H.              II109

Hosmer            Neva Drew                I108

Hostetler         Pearl                    I116

Hostetter         Abram E.                  I46

Hotle             Mabel                      I4

Hotze             Pauline Fanning         II196

Houck             Orville Curtis           I103

Houghton          Alfred J.               II228

Houk              Earl F.                 II173

Houk              Roscoe L.               II166

House             Clyde H.                  I55

House             Edgar F.                  I49

House             Edward V.               II141

House             Gladys                   I192

House             Gladys                   I193

House             Junior Lee               I123

House             Raymond                  I200

House             Raymond H.                I32

Householter       Blanche L.              II103

Houser            Faye V.                   I35

Houser            Kittie                  II149

Houser            Ron M. Jr.               II81

Housman           Harold W.                I185

Houston           Charles E.               II47

Houston           Charlotte Inez          II121

Houston           Eldon Pete               II54

Housworth         Rozena S.                I110

Houtz             Earl M.                  I123

Hover             Fay A.                   II63

Hovey             Hubert Brooks           II202

Howald            Edna M.                  II65

Howard            Anna (Mrs.)              I142

Howard            Elizabeth                I153

Howard            Frances Vermell           I30

Howard            John Donald              I130

Howard            Mary Margaret           II204

Howard            Mary Margaret           II205

Howard            Tena                     I226

Howard            Elizabeth A.              I72

Howdeshell        Lee R.                   II61

Howe              Hattie Lou              II128

Howe              Maryellen L.             II58

Howell            Maxine Elliott          II174

Howell            Pearl M. Cook (Mrs.)      I39

Howell            Rhoda Marie              II34

Howell            Thelma                  II151

Howery            Effie                    II79

Howes             Robert Henry            II205

Howland           Donald L.                 I98

Hoy               Jack E.                 II222

Hoye              Joseph R.                I225

Hoyer             Clara Frederecka          I31

Hoyt              Goldie M.                 I92

Hoyt              Jack E.                 II221

Hoyt              Winnie W.               II216

Hrabe             Kelli                    II68

Hrabe             Retha Louise             II57

Hubert            Eula Irene                I47

Hucke             Amber Marie               I99

Huckstep          Gladys                  II125

Huckstep          Mary Margaret           II167

Huddleston        Raymond O.                I54

Hudgin            Leander                   I55

Hudson            Edward Walter           II175

Hudson            Minnie Belle             I115

Hudson            Randy (Dr.)               I93

Huebner           O. A.                    I101

Huey              Howard                   II42

Huey              Howard                   II43

Huey              Marion Clay Sr.         II122

Huff              Darrell Alvin            I102

Huff              Gertrude M.               I79

Huff              Manly Dewey             II144

Huff              Manly Dewey             II149

Huff              Willie L.                II84

Huffington        Caryl Clifford            I81

Huffman           Cordia A.               II179

Huffman           Leo Floyd                I214

Huffman           Lou R.                   II93

Huffmaster        Raymond A.                I73

Huggins           William H.               II32

Hughes            Alice E.                 I238

Hughes            Berniece Ethel            I87

Hughes            Glenn Clifford           II35

Hughes            John P.                 II117

Hughes            John P.                 II118

Hughes            Juanita Mae              II67

Hughes            Lena B.                 II117

Hughes            Leon Kendall             I202

Hughes            Leon Kendall             I203

Hughes            Maxine L.                II71

Hughes            Shobe O.                 II68

Hughes            William Allen            I223

Hughey            Harold H.                II20

Hull              Altha G.                 I123

Hull              Claire                   I204

Hull              Harrie Ewing               I7

Hull              Ida                       I81

Hull              Tammy Lynn              II170

Hull              William A. Sr.            I70

Humbard           Carl C.                 II101

Humbard           John W.                 II175

Humbert           Bessie F.                I223

Humbert           Howard F.                I201

Humble            Jane M.                  II15

Humphrey          Claude N. (Dr.)           I68

Humphrey          Grace Lulu              II126

Humphrey          Henry A.                 I100

Humphrey          Hubert                  II111

Humphrey          Hubert                  II113

Humphrey          Wes                      I213

Huna              Mary                     I202

Hungerford        Bertha Marie             I208

Hunsecker         O. T.                   II119

Hunsley           Bernice E.                I75

Hunsley           Cora I.                 II144

Hunt              Charles A.               I214

Hunt              Paula                    I174

Hunter            Anthony Leo             II144

Hunter            Arizona V.                I82

Hunter            Brian Joe               II208

Hunter            George Arthur           II147

Hunter            Harry                     I43

Hunter            Max Edward               I193

Hunter            Orville V.              II148

Hunter            Sarah Anna                I94

Hupp              Ada Alice                II30

Hupp              Elmer G.                 I188

Hupp              Elmer G.                 I189

Hurd              Harry H.                II196

Hurd              Leonard J.               II54

Hurley            Annabelle               II212

Hurley            Helen E.                  I76

Hurley            Lawrence                  I43

Hurley            Sam                       I56

Hurlock           Delbert L.              II223

Hursh             Raymond Hugh            II135

Hurst             John                    II117

Hurst             Thomas C. (Dr.)          II29

Hurst             Thomas C. (Dr.)          II34

Hurt              Mary                    II133

Hurtt             Aaron                    I213

Huseman           Elsie C.                II137

Huskey            Clyde E.                  II8

Huston            Robert L.                II63

Hutchcock         Susan Jane                I43

Hutchens          Curtis C.                II98

Hutcheson         Elsie                    I121

Hutchison         Vernon Ray               I131

Hutsler           Warren                  II166

Hutsler           Warren                  II167

Hutton            Alvin C.                 I233

Hutton            Evelyn L.                II48

Hutton            Frieda H.                  I6

Hutton            Mearl I.                II197

Hutton            Nancy Brewer            II134

Hutton            William Wayne           II104

Hyle              George C.                I235

Hylton            LaFayette                 I16

Hyndman           Harold (Dr.)             I228

Hysom             Fronia K.               II106

Ihde              Ruth Naomi               I174

Iliff             Richard O.               II39

Iliff             Richard O.               II41

Imel              Harold                   I196

Imes              Frances J.                I39

Ingalls           Hazel I.                 I224

Ingersoll         Hattie                   II90

Ingmire           Della                    I136

Ingram            A. J. Alton              I157

Ingram            Robert Richard            I27

Ingrim            Bonnie                    I40

Inman             Ruby C.                  I101

Innis             Mona                     I155

Inscho            Gladys                    II2

Inslee            William A.               I219

Ireland           Zona A.                 II166

Irion             Albert Walter             I51

Irvin             Ava Ruth                II108

Irvin             Hazel Z.                II225

Irving            Virgil LaVon            II130

Isa               Zubaidah                 I227

Isaac             Jill Christine           II88

Isaac             Mary Prather              I35

Isaacs            Chad Michael            II162

Isaacson          Flossie Pearl            I123

Isaacson          Hilda                    II43

Isackson          Elaine E.               II229

Isenbart          Mable F.                  I21

Isle              Emma A.                   I61

Israel            Claude M.               II223

Ivy               Madison Jr.              I238

Jabara            Edward                  II153

Jabara            George H.               II181

Jabara            Julia                    I145

Jack              Byron P.                 II57

Jack              Eugene W.                II57

Jackson           A. O.                    I174

Jackson           Clara Lovisa            II147

Jackson           Flory B. (Mrs.)          I122

Jackson           Grace Hyde                II4

Jackson           James Jr.                II47

Jackson           Letha C.                 II50

Jackson           Lewis Carl              II170

Jackson           Lois G.                 II167

Jackson           Lucille                  I103

Jackson           Mary Josephine           I116

Jackson           Mastin D. Jr.           II192

Jackson           Nina M.                   I20

Jackson           Oliver                   I146

Jackson           Rachel Elizabeth        II155

Jackson           Robert Lee              II195

Jackson           Russell L.               I236

Jackson           Thelma B.                 I30

Jackson           Warren G.                I237

Jackson           Warren G.                 II2

Jackson           Willie Lee Jr.           I124

Jackson           Willie Paul               I79

Jacob             Heather Dawn            II193

Jacobs            Andrew R.                 I94

Jacobs            David Ray                  I5

Jacobs            Irene                   II125

Jacobs            Johnnie Kenneth          II57

Jacobs            Nettie                   I198

Jacobs            Patricia Ruth             I26

Jacobs            Regina                  II229

Jacobsen          J. G. (Rev.)             II58

Jacobson          Norma Kenway             I124

Jacobson          Norma Kenway             I127

Jahay             Emmett                    I91

Jakovac           Gwen                    II194

James             Albert                   II62

James             Austin R.                I174

James             Charles Everitt          I140

James             Ethel N. (Mrs.)           I78

James             Hazel T.                 I156

James             Isaac C.                 I103

James             Max Franklin             II75

James             Numa L.                 II145

James             Sadie                   II150

James             Signe Marie             II184

Jameson           Charles Francis          I101

Jameson           James Doyle             II142

Jameson           Sanford R.              II126

Jamison           Henry T.                 II12

Jander            William A.              II106

Janders           Robert H.                II38

Janicke           Harry O.                 II54

Janicke           Harry O.                 II55

Janicke           Wilmerth                II199

Janke             Sam                      II52

Janke             Tillie                   I234

Jansen            Henry                    II28

Jansen            Vida May                 I207

Janssen           Ernest O.               II147

Jantz             Amanda                   II53

Jantz             Andrew B.                 I71

Jantz             Elizabeth Wadel          II55

Jantzen           Rose Hackney            II225

Janzen            Clara A.                II181

Janzen            Herbert Will             I116

Jarrell           Wallace                  I194

Jarvais           Roy C. Jr.              II147

Jasper            Earl W.                   I27

Jay               Tillie R.               II154

Jaymes            Ralph E.                II191

Jayne             Vere                     I201

Jaynes            Homer C.                 I122

Jeanmonod         John L.                  I110

Jeeter            Valjean                 II177

Jefferies         Victor H.                II50

Jefferson         Geraldine Crumble       II228

Jefferson         Geraldine Crumble       II231

Jeffries          Claude H.                I198

Jeffries          Myra Evangeline           I50

Jellison          David Eugene             I157

Jenkins           Barbara Nell            II222

Jenkins           Basil E.                  I53

Jenkins           Charles C.               I164

Jenkins           Earl                     II18

Jenkins           Jack Page               II187

Jenkins           Mary A.                 II212

Jenkinson         Elmer B.                  I21

Jenkinson         Virgil L.               II198

Jenkinson         Walter                    I55

Jenner            Fay                       I14

Jenner            Hazel                   II132

Jenner            Hazel                   II134

Jennings          Clifford L.               I51

Jennings          Mae Belle               II166

Jensen            Clara Fay                 I98

Jensen            Doris W.                 II73

Jensen            Pearl B.                 I236

Jerauld           Lottie M.                II17

Jerman            Ben F.                  II122

Jerrick           Marie T.                II114

Jessup            Arthur M.                 I92

Jewell            Ella Rose                II18

Jewett            Edson C. Sr.              I15

Jewett            Ethel M.                 II23

Jilg              Paul F.                  II69

Jimenez           Carlos                  II173

Jimison           Horace E.               II102

Jimison           Pearl                   II115

Jinks             Charles Wesley            I95

Jirak             Joseph S.                 I86

Joerg             Achsah M.               II158

Johannes          Eralene                   I22

Johannes          Olga                    II116

Johanning         Leo August                I60

Johansen          Jack                    II195

Johanson          Julia                   II125

Johndrow          Susan T.                 II42

Johns             Emily E.                  I46

Johns             Fred B. Jr.             II107

Johnson           Albert W.               II106

Johnson           Alta Mae (Mrs.)           I69

Johnson           Ann Lynn                 II68

Johnson           Axel E.                  II26

Johnson           Bessie E.               II227

Johnson           Carl Aaron               II34

Johnson           Cecelia Ann (Mrs.)        I44

Johnson           Clayton L.               I219

Johnson           Clayton Raney            I140

Johnson           Clifford Lee            II203

Johnson           Clifford O.               I99

Johnson           Clyde Morris             I215

Johnson           Corliss C.              II101

Johnson           Corliss C.              II102

Johnson           Coy V.                  II153

Johnson           Daissie M.               I202

Johnson           Dalton W.                II89

Johnson           Delbert B.              II184

Johnson           Delbert E.               II49

Johnson           Della C.                  I10

Johnson           Dorthy Leoma              I58

Johnson           E. Maxine Stroer          I66

Johnson           Earl H.                 II101

Johnson           Edel J.                 II173

Johnson           Edith                    II24

Johnson           Elgard C.                 I41

Johnson           Ella May                 I231

Johnson           Elmer B.                II176

Johnson           Elmer J.                II186

Johnson           Elvis Olen               I165

Johnson           Emma U.                  I148

Johnson           Esther                   I183

Johnson           Ethel                    II39

Johnson           Evelyn Loushbough        I158

Johnson           Florence Mildred          I47

Johnson           Frank                     I19

Johnson           Fred W.                  I213

Johnson           George W.                 I74

Johnson           Grace                   II216

Johnson           Harold E.               II151

Johnson           Harold R.                 II8

Johnson           Hazel Alta               I157

Johnson           Hazel Marie               I49

Johnson           Ida                      II80

Johnson           Ida                      II81

Johnson           J. R.                    II53

Johnson           John T.                  I153

Johnson           Kathryn A.               I162

Johnson           Keith Dale              II135

Johnson           Kenneth Allen Jr.        II22

Johnson           Lawrence E.              II33

Johnson           Lawrence E.              II33

Johnson           Leonard J.              II186

Johnson           Les                      I208

Johnson           Lowell M.               II112

Johnson           Lytha Ann                I167

Johnson           Mary Eliza                I35

Johnson           Mary Eliza                I39

Johnson           Mary J.                  I201

Johnson           May Jewel                I205

Johnson           Nellie M.                I140

Johnson           Paul J.                  I175

Johnson           Pauline                  I225

Johnson           Pearl C.                  I81

Johnson           Philip N.                II65

Johnson           Rama F.                  I224

Johnson           Ray C.                   I240

Johnson           Robert C.                I189

Johnson           Ruby F.                   I87

Johnson           Ruth E.                 II199

Johnson           Samuel Leo                I19

Johnson           Sedalia Ladon           II204

Johnson           Shirley M.              II119

Johnson           Sophie E.                II76

Johnson           Steven L.                 I60

Johnson           Sylvia Fern              I207

Johnson           Thomas J.                I127

Johnson           Van Lloyd                I195

Johnson           Verne K.                  I76

Johnson           Willard E.                 I4

Johnson           William H.               I100

Johnson           William Z.              II150

Johnsosn          Walter H.                 II5

Johnston          Beth L.                   I30

Johnston          Dana A.                  I192

Johnston          Esther S.                II87

Johnston          Harry E.                  I28

Johnston          Mary K.                  I154

Johnston          Paul Covey (Dr.)         I240

Johnston          Penny N. (Mrs.)         II160

Joiner            Betty Lou                II55

Jones             Albert Corbin             I20

Jones             Alberta Mary              I87

Jones             Alberta Mary              I91

Jones             Andrew B.                 I88

Jones             Angie                    I228

Jones             Bernice Ethyl            II85

Jones             Charles E.               I160

Jones             Charles Lester            I61

Jones             Daisy F.                  I90

Jones             Dorothy Irene           II212

Jones             E. J. (Mrs.)              I89

Jones             Edith E.                II166

Jones             Elnora                    I74

Jones             Emery L.                II176

Jones             Floyd R.                 I228

Jones             Frank                   II108

Jones             Fred Raymond             II31

Jones             Freddie M.               I161

Jones             George N.               II100

Jones             Gladys E.                 I78

Jones             Gregory Allen             I80

Jones             Gregory Allen             I83

Jones             Grover C.                I194

Jones             Harry L.                II224

Jones             Helen F.                II185

Jones             Henry H.                  I91

Jones             Iona Williams             I86

Jones             Isaac                     II4

Jones             J. Frank                II132

Jones             John W.                  I139

Jones             John W.                   I24

Jones             Joseph                    I64

Jones             Joseph                    I66

Jones             Josephine Louise (Mrs.    I70

Jones             Juanita Carrie           II49

Jones             Kate Aileen               I21

Jones             Kevin M.                 I170

Jones             Lloyd R.                  I31

Jones             Lloyd R.                  I33

Jones             Lucy M.                  II48

Jones             Marjorie M.             II163

Jones             Mary Edyth               I115

Jones             Mildred D.               I162

Jones             Myrtle L.                II14

Jones             Norman L.               II195

Jones             Oma Fay                    I2

Jones             Oma Fay                    I4

Jones             Otis T.                  II58

Jones             Ralph D.                II129

Jones             Ray William             II146

Jones             Ray William             II147

Jones             Renea Denise             II18

Jones             Rosalie Mae             II213

Jones             Roy E.                    I85

Jones             Varyle                   I194

Jones             Vernon F.                 I34

Jones             Walter H.                I190

Jones             William E.               I208

Jones             William E.               I209

Jones             William H.               II70

Jones             William J.                I86

Jones             William O.              II156

Jones             Willie Sr.               II11

Jones             Willie Sr.               II12

Jones             Willie Sr.                II9

Jontra            Charles William          I238

Jordan            Bertie                   I107

Jordan            Fred L.                  I171

Jordan            Willie A.                I161

Jorg              Newton                   II26

Jorgensen         Bonnie Anderson          I118

Joseph            Bernie L.               II136

Joseph            Lyda E.                 II147

Joseph            Morris (Dr.)            II117

Joseph            William Martin          II204

Joslin            Jeffrey Dean            II111

Joy               Art                      II68

Joy               Dove E.                   I79

Joyner            Carl P.                 II179

Juarez            Ray                        I8

Judd              Elenora C.               I124

Judd              Geneva Graden             I24

Judy              Darrell Eugene           I174

Juel              Hartvig Mielsen          I238

Juhre             Caryl S.                 I156

Julian            Roy                       I61

Jumper            Jeffrey Edward           II97

June              Laperia                   I11

June              Laperia                   I12

Jungle            Roy D.                  II222

Jurado            Bonifacio               II181

Jury              Jami Audrea             II104

Just              Fred H.                 II102

Just              Fred H.                 II103

Justice           Lola I.                 II173

Kabler            Levi Lilburn             II23

Kaelson           Paul A. Jr. (Dr.)       II224

Kaff              Lawrence                II107

Kahre             Robert F.                I170

Kail              Joseph J.                 II1

Kain              Opal (Mrs.)               I64

Kaine             Helen G.                 I101

Kaine             Helen G.                  I99

Kaiser            Joseph C.                II97

Kaiser            Joseph C.                II98

Kalis             Julia S.                II136

Kalis             Julia S.                II138

Kallail           Charles                  I179

Kaltenbacher      Ferd H.                  I239

Kaminke           Opal A.                 II141

Kane              Ralph K. Sr.             I156

Kannapel          Permelia A.                I4

Kantz             May M.                  II196

Kappelman         Anna                    II109

Karber            Paul T. Sr.             II160

Karlin            Georgia                  I201

Karns             Ralph M.                 I154

Karolus           Jane L.                  I138

Karr              Grace May                II42

Karstetter        Earl L.                   I40

Karstetter        Joseph Forrest             I5

Kasenberg         Fred H.                  I214

Kasselman         Nanee                     I89

Kastens           Lissie                    I56

Katzenmeier       Mildred H.               II10

Kauer             Mary Amelia              I187

Kauer             Rita Bernadette          I225

Kauffman          Harry S.                  I10

Kaufman           Alvin D.                 II74

Kaufman           John W.                   I22

Kaufman           Ruby G.                  II95

Kaufmann          Mary Pearl                I35

Kaul              Merle F.                II175

Kay               Betty J.                 II66

Keas              Charles L.               I119

Keas              Elmer LeRoy               I44

Keck              Al W.                   II160

Keck              Thekla Helen              I61

Keehn             Barbara C.               II94

Keeler            Etta                      I53

Keeler            Lester L.               II187

Keeling           Everett M.               I199

Keeney            Don                      I216

Kehler            Lydia                   II201

Keif              Ruth F.                  II84

Keil              Clifford DeWitt           I77

Keith             Ada A.                   II26

Keith             Lura D.                   I22

Keith             Pearl I.                  I95

Kellar            Joel                     II76

Kelleher          Inez G.                  II77

Keller            Alice Dodd                I81

Keller            Arbey J.                 I140

Keller            Beulah Mae                 I2

Keller            Cecil W.                II104

Keller            Clara May                I122

Keller            Gilbert (Mrs.)           I200

Keller            John Earl                I160

Keller            Nannie E.                 I61

Keller            Victor E.                I161

Kelley            Arthur R.                II20

Kelley            Charles Emmett           I103

Kelley            Goldie R.                I166

Kelley            Lawerence E.            II165

Kelley            Robert M.               II199

Kellogg           Pearl Mae               II164

Kellum            Blanche                  I136

Kelly             Edith T.                 II91

Kelly             Frank C.                 I160

Kelly             Garold Calvin           II223

Kelly             Grace (Mrs.)             I134

Kelly             J. D.                   II150

Kelly             Kempton                  II74

Kelly             Leroy Jr.                 I30

Kelly             Leroy Jr.                 I31

Kelly             Lillie V.               II166

Kelly             Martha                     I6

Kelly             Melissa                 II124

Kelly             Michael Eugene Jr.        I16

Kelly             Patricia J.              I217

Kelly             Pearl E.                 II44

Kelly             Rodney A.                 I73

Kelly             William E.              II173

Kemmer            Elsie L.                 II42

Kemp              Naomi Louise (Mrs.)       I38

Kemp              William Jr.               II6

Kemper            W. W.                     I16

Kempton           Lawrence F.              II24

Kendall           Cleve                    II82

Kendall           Patricia                II183

Kennedy           Jack H.                  II43

Kennedy           Kelly                   II130

Kennedy           Leonard Clarence          I86

Kennedy           Lillian E. (Mrs.)         I55

Kennedy           Mary Patti                 I1

Kennedy           Morris K.                II97

Kennedy           Richard D.              II111

Kennedy           William J. Jr.            I44

Kenner            Lelon H.                II149

Kennerly          Betty J.                 II81

Kenney            Earl                     II39

Kenney            Nellie A.                II24

Kent              Albert E.               II193

Kent              Anna Belle              II134

Kenworth          Jack W. (Staff Sgt.)    II221

Kern              Charlotte                II64

Kern              Edward A. Jr. (Maj.)    II200

Kern              Mildred I.                I47

Kerns             David M.                 I215

Kerns             Delmond                 II230

Kerns             Hazel C.                  I15

Kerns             Royal R.                  II4

Kerns             Ruth O.                  II21

Kerr              Nida                    II121

Kerschen          Mathias                   I71

Kerschen          Victor                    I43

Kerwin            Marcellus E.              I70

Kessler           Viola M.                II132

Kessler           Viola M.                II134

Kettell           Raymond A.               I205

Ketzner           William E.                I80

Keys              Rozay                    I204

Kibett            Merla Marie              I234

Kidd              Claudia E.               II96

Kidd              Roby L.                  I225

Kiddoo            Lucile                   II24

Kiley             Harold J.               II173

Kilgore           Russell Hobart           I160

Kill              Alice May                I167

Killian           Howard S.                I185

Kimber            Floyd I.                II112

Kimble            James M.                 II59

Kimble            W. C.                    I119

Kime              Richard A.               I228

Kimmel            Garrett W.                I94

Kimple            Stanley G.               II18

Kincaid           Ernest L.                I172

King              Angela A.               II102

King              Anna Mae                II175

King              Anna Marie                 I9

King              Charles Dewey Sr.        II15

King              Charles Dewey Sr.        II16

King              Cleo                     II55

King              Cleo                     II60

King              Gene                     II95

King              Harold J.                II92

King              Henry                   II192

King              Howard W.                I134

King              James K. Jr.             I102

King              Josephine A.            II106

King              Lydia R.                II163

King              Margaret                  I29

King              Richard A.                I69

King              Robert B.               II201

King              Velma F.                II189

King              Walter Joe              II181

King              Walter L.               II131

Kingston          Lillian E.              II217

Kiniry            Kenneth Paul              I20

Kiniry            Kenneth Paul              I21

Kinkead           A. Ray                   II12

Kinkelaar         Anna J.                 II116

Kinsey            A. L.                    I134

Kinsey            Vergie                   I116

Kinsey            Virgil W.                II78

Kinzel            Stephen L.                I48

Kinzer            Margaret H.              II80

Kipp              Charles P.               I145

Kipp              William T.               I117

Kirby             Myrtle M.                 I60

Kirby             Sara Elizabeth          II105

Kircher           William E.               II24

Kirchoff          Louis F.                 II17

Kirk              Beatrice                  I64

Kirk              Charles Ray             II145

Kirk              Clifford J. (Rev.)       I131

Kirk              Earl                      I45

Kirk              Evelyn E.               II134

Kirk              Max M.                   I152

Kirk              Ora W.                    I26

Kirk              Phyllis H.               I171

Kirkham           M. Ross                  I226

Kirkhuff          Pearl Viola              I191

Kirkhuff          Pearl Viola              I192

Kirkland          Eldon Bee               II106

Kirkpatrick       Amanda Orpha            II172

Kirkpatrick       Kathleen McMillan        I238

Kirkpatrick       Nellie Mae                I98

Kirksey           Gertrude                 I122

Kirksey           Gertrude                 I124

Kirkwood          James Neal              II158

Kirschbaum        Jack R.                  II21

Kiser             Archie                   I124

Kiser             Archie                   I129

Kiser             Edgar Byron              I155

Kiser             Lennie G.                I127

Kisner            George J.                I232

Kissack           Harry J.                 I149

Kistler           Jack Kenneth             I132

Kitch             Harold J.                I224

Kitch             Harold J.                I225

Kittel            George J.                II99

Kivett            Merla Marie              I235

Klaassen          Margaret Emilie         II146

Klassen           Abram H.                 II57

Klassen           D. S.                    I185

Klassen           Dennis                   II31

Klassen           Jacob G.                 I146

Klassen           Katie                    I188

Klatt             Mary                     II84

Klaus             Anna M.                  I121

Kleier            Della                   II135

Klein             Halcie E.                I202

Klein             Pauline L. (Mrs.)        I188

Klein             Raymond D.                I70

Kleinschmidt      Ferdinand A.             I199

Kleiss            Marie E.                 I113

Kletchka          Edmond P.                I158

Kletchka          Frances C.               II19

Klindworth        Marie S.                II179

Kline             Beatrice E.              I238

Kline             Howard C.                II47

Kline             Pearl                    I229

Kline             R. B.                     II7

Kling             Margaret                II196

Klingberg         Martin Andrew (Rev.)     I215

Klingenberg       Herman                    I64

Klinker           Dora                    II219

Kloefkorn         Earl W.                  II50

Klotz             Lena                     I114

Klug              Albert A.                I162

Knapp             Everett E.              II219

Knapp             Pearl E.                 I229

Kneebone          William J.               II79

Kneeland          Gladys                   I119

Knickerbocker     Ivan                     II60

Kniebel           Carl H.                  I221

Knifley           Mildred Cloy             II96

Knight            Emma E. (Mrs.)             I9

Knight            Fred T.                 II219

Knight            M. Olin                  I162

Knight            Marvin R.                 I68

Knight            Naomi J.                  I74

Knight            Stella M.                 I40

Knight            Tommie Isaac             I222

Knight            Walter E.                I209

Knipe             Helen                    I113

Knobloch          Daisy Mable             II115

Knoblock          Daisy Mable              II89

Knock             Edna E.                 II192

Knocke            Hilda                   II110

Knoct             Jim                       I53

Knoeppel          Ellen P.                 II79

Knoll             Wendelin                 II94

Knollenberg       Geneva                   II93

Knott             Charlie M.               II18

Knox              George Daniel            II81

Knox              Harleigh B.              II34

Knox              Mary G.                 II213

Knox              Nellie Mae               I113

Knust             Earl L.                  I160

Koch              Karl K.                 II193

Koch              Ralph H.                 I201

Kocher            Joel O.                  I164

Kocian            Conrad C.                II97

Kock              Frances E.                 I3

Koehn             Daniel H.                 I67

Koehn             Daniel L.                II36

Koehn             Daniel L.                II37

Koehn             David W.                  I74

Koehn             Dena                     I106

Koehn             Ervin                   II111

Koehn             Julia V.                 I240

Koehn             Ralph                   II101

Koehn             Roy J.                   I116

Koehn             William                   I68

Koehne            Lena                    II131

Koehne            Maybell E.              II125

Koehne            Melvina                 II142

Koenemann         Ethie J.                  I68

Koenig            Karl                     I204

Koerner           Alfred                  II126

Koerner           Carl Albert             II116

Koett             Lawrence F.              I205

Kofford           Leo                     II171

Koger             Garnet W.                I209

Koger             Virgil                    II5

Kohlhaas          Charles A.                II1

Koll              Adeline L.               I197

Kolter            Pauline M.                I73

Komarek           William J.               II45

Konkel            Clarence D.              I197

Konnis            Andrew E.                 I29

Konnis            Andrew E.                 I32

Koontz            Elbert E. (Rev.)        II216

Koontz            Mary Jo                  I148

Koontz            Vera L.                  II69

Korbel            Rose                    II195

Korff             Gustave L.               I195

Korn              Gracie E.                II97

Korte             Paul R.                  I207

Kosanky           Louis                    I196

Kowalsky          Barbara                  II61

Kraai             Eddie Wayne              I201

Kraai             Eddie Wayne              I202

Kraft             James                     I44

Kral              Florence F.              II57

Kralicek          Elizabeth                II30

Kralik            George A.                 I71

Kramer            Carl E.                 II122

Kramer            Kari Lynn                I165

Kramer            Margaret M.              II90

Kramer            Tina                     I227

Kratky            Peter John               II67

Kratz             Nora E.                 II116

Kraus             Clara Linscheid          II10

Krause            Lulu Alice               I212

Krauss            August                    I22

Kreader           Genevieve               II176

Krebsbach         Barbara                   I26

Krehbiel          Gideon J.                I210

Krehbiel          Joshua K.                 I88

Krehbiel          Kenneth R.              II171

Krenzin           Maude I.                 I132

Krepps            James Floyd              I157

Krepps            Stella M.                I136

Kretchmar         Joe Sr.                    I8

Kretzer           Virginia                 I113

Kretzmeier        Orville L.               II18

Kreutzer          Roman Richard            I206

Kriese            Ilo C.                   I183

Kroeker           Glen E.                  I129

Kroeker           Mary Katherine             I6

Kroening          Paul                     II73

Kroening          Walter H.                  I3

Krohn             Warren A.                I185

Krueger           Ray R.                    I65

Krug              Gerald H.               II226

Krug              Myrtle Caywood             I2

Kruger            Ora Belle                I229

Kubin             Emma Lee                 I170

Kubin             John M.                  I164

Kuch              Allan L.                  I31

Kuehuhoff         Edwin                    II35

Kuffler           Eldon Richard           II107

Kuhn              Fred O.                 II228

Kuhn              Wanda                     I12

Kuhn              Wanda                      I9

Kuhns             Samuel Allen             II20

Kuhns             William H.              II118

Kukula            Dolores P.               II16

Kumberg           Merlin Joe              II176

Kummr             Walter H.                II73

Kunkel            Verna                   II230

Kuntz             Matilda M.               I131

Kunze             Lawrence                II108

Kunze             Leo C.                    I79

Kunze             Tracy P.                  I43

Kussman           Gerald                    I73

Kutina            George F. (Dr.)         II103

Kutnink           Paul E.                  I166

Kuxhause          Emanuel                 II195

Laase             Myrtle                   I206

Lacey             John William             I131

Lackey            Theodore Elton          II178

Laczik            Elizabeth               II213

Ladage            Elra E.                   I20

LaFary            Gertrude R.             II126

Laffere           Anna M.                   I27

Lafferty          Oscar                   II117

Laham             Magia Jenny               I44

Laham             Mary E.                   I21

Laidlaw           Walter H.               II150

Laing             Ronald B.                II53

Lair              Orville                 II103

Lair              Orville                 II104

Laird             Lem W.                    I40

Lake              Marvin Dale             II129

Lallement         Lawrence A.             II197

Lamb              Clyde                     I44

Lamb              H. H.                     I37

Lamb              Ida                     II153

Lamb              Lavinia                  I121

Lamb              Richard M. Sr.          II115

Lambdin           Bess M.                  II74

Lamberson         Cora E.                   I95

Lambert           Beulah Burrows           II61

Lambert           Clara Belle              II10

Lambert           James                    I174

Lambert           Verene Ann              II164

Lambky            Carl R.                   I98

Lambrecht         Adam A.                 II197

Lamia             Mary Ann                 I203

Lamoreau          Beryl Marie               I87

Lampe             Edith                   II142

LaMunyon          James Troy              II101

Lancaster         Cecil O.                II198

Lancaster         Fred D.                  II71

Lance             Frank J.                 II48

Lance             Jane Ellen               I190

Land              Anna                     I114

Land              Clotee                  II139

Land              Dean C.                   I28

Landis            Albert Lloyd             I208

Landis            Claude O.                II51

Landis            Harrison B.             II146

Landis            William I.               I134

Landon            Daniel Ross              I226

Landon            Gladys M.               II106

Landrum           Clara E.                  I45

Landrum           Howard L.                 I27

Lane              Allen P. Sr.             I174

Lane              Dallas Leo               II43

Lane              Emma                      I26

Lane              Glenn                   II109

Lane              Jasper Rolla             II28

Lang              Helen E.                 I131

Lang              James R.                 II52

Lange             Jospeh D.                 I60

Lange             Lavada Faye              II98

Lange             William J.              II223

Langford          Leonard C.               I185

Langley           Clara M.                  I70

Langley           Cora Mae                  II4

Langley           Cora Mae                  II5

Langman           Anton                    II30

Langrehr          August                  II197

Langshaw          George R.                II17

Langton           Belle                     I43

Lankard           J. E.                   II131

Lantz             Harry Andrew             I142

LaPuma            Helen                    II53

Larcom            Goldia May               II23

Larimer           Wilbur R.               II229

Larimer           Wilbur R.               II230

Larsen            Augusta                   I49

Larsen            Lottie                  II163

Larsen            Mima                     I155

Larsen            Rancy Lane               II14

Larson            Edith S.                II113

Larson            George R.                I110

Larson            Larry L.                 I223

Lassey            Pearl J.                 I234

Lassman           Henry C.                 I179

Lassman           Katherine Ladine          I31

Lassman           Katherine Ladine          I36

Latas             Zola Mae (Mrs.)          I143

Lathrop           Marie Leydig              I55

Latimer           Howard Joseph             I12

Latta             Lester V                 I219

Laubhan           Martha Marie             I231

Lauderbough       Katie F.                  I37

Lauderdale        James Ralph Sr.           I75

Laughlin          Darlyne                  I172

Laurance          Ruth (Mrs.)              I141

Laver             Harley                    I51

LaVoie            Albert L.                 I10

Law               Jane May                  I74

Law               Ray                      II55

Lawler            Elfie L.                II200

Lawless           Robert E.                I198

Lawrence          Charles Edward            I20

Lawrence          Charlie Henry            II27

Lawrence          Samuel K.                I111

Lawrence          Wesley Eugene           II146

Laws              Walter                  II107

Lawson            Claracy                 II216

Lawson            Jack J.                  II57

Lawson            Violet Pearl            II135

Lawson            Wesley A.                  I5

Lawson            Wesley A.                  I6

Lawton            Vi                       II62

Lay               Joseph Nichols           I220

Lay               Joseph Nichols           I222

Lay               Katherine Marie          I113

Laypath           Alex                    II206

Layton            Harriet                  I212

Lazzers           Harold Eugene           II213

Leach             Inez Irene               II31

Leahmann          Leroy E.                 I216

Leap              Stella B.                I136

Lear              Bill                     I185

Lear              Lela M.                   I70

Learned           Anna M.                 II165

Leas              Donald W.                II28

Leatherbury       Tenie B. (Mrs.)         II194

Leathers          Anna                    II162

Leckington        Hyron Floyd              I114

Leddy             John                    II131

Lee               Charles                   I55

Lee               Charles T.               I198

Lee               Clifford H.             II113

Lee               Donald J.                 I57

Lee               Hazel                    I232

Lee               James R.                 I222

Lee               Lucy F.                  I200

Lee               Marion O.               II197

Lee               Mary Patricia           II201

Lee               Maude                     I85

Lee               Myrta S.                  I18

Lee               Myrta S.                  I19

Lee               Norman                  II201

Lee               Ross B                   II37

Lee               Roy E.                  II163

Lee               Willard J.               I196

Leeber            Roscoe C.                II13

Leek              Ionia Calvert            I127

Leeper            Ulan G.                   I27

Lefever           Maude                    I134

Leggett           Rachel                   I235

Lehman            Paul M.                  I133

Lehman            Roy C.                  II125

Lehner            Emma                     I161

Lehning           Fred W.                  II14

Lehr              V. L.                   II183

Leighty           Ivan                     I181

Leiker            Alexander P.               I3

Leiker            Angela                  II207

Leiker            C. F.                    II68

Leiker            Celestine               II168

Leiker            Isidore J.               I209

Leiker            Veronica                  II3

Leis              Anna M.                  I139

Leis              Rebecca Marie            II13

Leistikow         Maurine P.               II12

Lemaster          Edmond                  II110

LeMaster          W. P.                    II56

Lembeck           William                  I123

Lemmons           Darrell B.               I163

Lenehan           Emma                     II79

Lenker            Effie A. (Mrs.)          I233

Lennen            Madge Julia (Dr.)        II27

Lent              Paul R.                 II168

Lentz             June                    II212

Lenz              Fred C.                  II36

Lenz              Virgil Kenneth           I173

Leon              Sextos G.                II39

Leonard           Carrie Blanche          II135

Leonard           James Floyd              I193

Leonard           Ray W.                   II71

Leonard           Robert J.               II223

Leroy             Mary Edna                I226

Lervold           Chester A               II178

Lesher            Margaret Davis            I21

Leshley           Floyd                    I203

Leslie            Alice Jane               II87

Lester            Bryan                    II35

Lestishen         John                     II24

Letourneau        Reina A.                  I37

Lettman           Bernice M. (Mrs.)         I20

Leubbert          Emil W.                  I136

Leuze             Rosa                       I2

Levi              Mary Lou                 II24

Levitt            Leo B.                    I35

Levsns            Lyman C.                  I53

Lewallen          Charles W.              II101

Lewerenz          Erwin E.                II165

Lewis              Bruce                    I28

Lewis             Bertha C.                II73

Lewis             Birdie Mae               I191

Lewis             Clarence L.               II6

Lewis             Duras Earl                I66

Lewis             Earl Bennett             I180

Lewis             Earl G.                  II29

Lewis             Edna L.                 II133

Lewis             Edna L.                 II136

Lewis             Ethel                    I175

Lewis             Gladys N.                 I56

Lewis             James R.                 I130

Lewis             Opal Marie              II199

Lewis             Samantha                II229

Lewis             Samuel A.                I201

Lewis             Sigrid                   II32

Lewis             William J.              II122

Lewis             William J. Sr.           II68

Lewman            Lawrence Clayton         II22

Lichtenberg       Roy C.                  II175

Liddecke          Kathryn                 II169

Liddekee          Robert Lester             I12

Lideman           Flora M.                 I158

Liebert           Fred F.                   I20

Liebl             Harold L.                 I43

Liebl             Harold L.                 I44

Liegl             Leopold J.                I78

Lies              Edward B.                I187

Lies              Emily Anne              II121

Lietzke           Ralph Edward            II136

Lieurance         Eunice R.               II143

Light             Earl T.                  I104

Light             Edythe                   I137

Lilley            Samuel M.                 I95

Lillich           Edwin                     I22

Lilly             Mildred                  I227

Linch             Noble L.                II221

Lind              George Winfield           I31

Lindaberry        Mable A.                  I69

Lindaberry        Mary A. (Mrs.)            I68

Lindamood         Lillie E.               II228

Lindblad          Jason Dale                 I3

Lindblade         Selma Ruth                I83

Linden            Frank C.                II162

Linden            Irene                    I150

Lindenberg        Maybelle                  I28

Lindenman         Forrest E.              II192

Linder            Dora                     I166

Linder            Raymond Lee              I138

Lindly            Everett William          I180

Lindner           Ellen                     I49

Lindquist         Nora R.                  I158

Lindsey           Blanche M.               I193

Lindsey           Emma                    II195

Lindsley          Alta May                II181

Lindt             Samuel C.                  I5

Linenberger       Herbert (Rev.)            I60

Lingenfelter      Louis L.                II195

Lingon            Ruby                    II215

Linhart           Artie A.                   I5

Lininger          Thelma H.                 I16

Link              Marie A.                II133

Linn              Mabel                    II83

Linn              Ralph R.                II106

Linnabarry        Lester L.                I192

Linnebur          Urban F.                 I153

Linneman          Harold B.                II11

Linnens           Boyd Wilson             II195

Linot             Mary Regina             II173

Linscheid         Melissa Ann              II84

Lint              Clara M.                  I34

Lippencott        David Chandler          II103

Lipperd           Marguerite L.            II89

Lipps             Howard N.                 I41

Lisman            Thomas DeWitt             I16

Lister            Nellie R.               II114

Litchfield        Elmo V.                   I86

Litchfield        Tessie                   I240

Litke             Thomas B.                II96

Litteer           Alma                     I162

Little            A. L. Sr. (Rev.)          I28

Little            Clyde E.                 I114

Little            Fern I.                  II51

Little            Grace M.                II113

Little            Joe N.                   I118

Little            Maybell Ann              I176

Littlepage        Emma Huffman              I65

Littrell          Kenneth George          II187

Litwin            Eva                     II120

Lively            Edward O.                I114

Livingston        Emma B.                   I33

Livingston        James Clarence           I173

Livingston        James Clarence           I174

Lizar             Clara K.                 II31

Lloyd             Edmond Lee               I127

Loader            Mary C.                  II94

Lobaugh           Arthur                  II221

Lobingier         Mamie Cecil             II129

Lobmeyer          Nicholas J.             II100

Lochridge         Hollis E.                II58

Lock              Fannie Bertha           II213

Lock              Judith Ann                I59

Locke             Clinton D.              II135

Locke             Donald J.                  I7

Locke             Mae E.                   I204

Lockert           Laura M.                 I209

Lockert           Laura M.                 I210

Lode              Betty Lou               II187

Loeb              Addie                   II193

Loeckle           Adrian V.                II58

Loehr             John Michael            II121

Loepp             Herman Sr.               I202

Loewen            Abram E.                  I41

Loflin            Martha D.                 I74

Logan             Donald                    I75

Logan             Esther Marie             I176

Logan             Jerilyn Dell             I193

Loggan            Delilah E.               I205

Loggins           Clementine Miller (Mrs    I48

Logsdon           Delbert E. Sr.           II93

Logsdon           Mabel                   II218

Lohmann           Katharina                I214

Lohnes            Ollie Frances            I198

Lohrentz          Anna R.                 II124

Lohrenz           Jeremy Reed             II141

Long              Bessie J.                II16

Long              Betty L.                 I198

Long              Bryan Duane              I158

Long              Daniel Francis           II11

Long              Daniel Francis           II12

Long              Darrell L.               II53

Long              Emily                   II133

Long              G. Ruby                  I112

Long              Gerald Ivan              I170

Long              Harry                     I18

Long              Izil Polson              II53

Long              Joseph F.                I209

Long              Kenneth D.              II226

Long              Lester                    I46

Long              Lula May                  I76

Long              Marian P.                I121

Long              Mary (Mrs.)              I138

Long              Merle                   II158

Long              Ora                      I183

Long              Pauline L.               II51

Long              Pierson                  I232

Long              Winnie A.                I168

Longan            Franklin Harold           II8

Longbine          Dale O.                  I201

Longhofer         Adelaide                II228

Longmire          Lillian L.                I14

Longston          Anna                    II183

Longworth         Frances Mae             II177

Looker            Arthur Ray               I104

Looker            Lucille                   II5

Looney            Arlie M.                 II37

Lopeman           Hazel M.                  I31

Lorang            Clara                    I114

Lord              Bert                    II151

Lord              Myrtle                     I1

Lorenz            Clara                     I15

Lorenze           Elmer F.                 II74

Lorson            Ralph A.                 II97

Loshbough         Lawrence F.             II204

Loskot            Mary                     II83

Lott              Samuel Sr.               I186

Loucks            Ruth                     I208

Louderback        Cora A.                 II128

Lovan             Myra                     II77

Love              Floyd (Mrs.)             I107

Love              Harry C.                II165

Love              Marie                     I62

Love              Rosie B.                 II85

Love              Rosie B.                 II90

Love              Ruby                    II169

Loveland          Anna I.                  I120

Loveland          Glen O.                  II85

Loveless          A. C.                   II214

Lovendahl         Mary M.                 II138

Lovett            George Patrick          II115

Lovett            William M.              II101

Lovette           George Patrick          II116

Loving            Alberta C.               I221

Lowe              Elizabeth A.             I186

Lowe              Katherine L.             I186

Lowe              Katherine P.             I186

Lowe              Kenneth E.               II95

Lowe              Lawrence J.              I186

Lowe              Leonard L.               I142

Lowe              Minnie May (Mrs.)        II62

Lowery            Robert Hampton             I9

Lowman            Beyhan Cengiz            I143

Lowman            Florena D.                I48

Lowmaster         Carl W.                 II146

Lowrance          Walter H.                I119

Lowrey            Lisa Lane               II179

Lowry             Donald E.                I153

Lowry             Elva Rose                I163

Lowry             James Wesley            II135

Lowry             Jason Allen              II25

Lowry             John A.                   I47

Lowry             John Albert               I46

Loy               Alice C.                 I120

Loy               William F.              II122

Loyd              Charles G.               I160

Lubbers           Eike R.                  I177

Lucas             Margaret                II168

Luceus            Laura Jane                I73

Luckhardt         Carrie                  II221

Luera             Anselmo                   I68

Luger             Eva A.                   I138

Luginbill         Lena                    II150

Lugrand           William L.               I177

Lugrand           William L.               I179

Lukens            Ira M.                   II99

Lumley            Grace                    I183

Lund              Michael A.                I11

Lundberg          Elvin H.                 I136

Lunderman         Clay Nelson              I133

Lunnam            Mary Myrle              II186

Lunsford          R. R.                      I5

Lunt              Helen F.                 II72

Lupfer            Ralph                    I140

Lupton            Naomi M.                II116

Lutes             Alvin J.                 I146

Lutz              Joseph H.                 I74

Lutz              Stella                    I18

Lutz              Walter H.                 I55

Ly                Tu Nhu                   I198

Lyda              Henry M.                 I223

Lyday             Prentis Jr.             II111

Lyday             Prentis Jr.             II112

Lynch             George E.                II52

Lynch             Ida Mae                   I75

Lynch             Maxine                  II107

Lyon              Ethel K.                II140

Lyon              Gertrude L.              I177

Lyon              Melody                   I168

Lyon              Milton F.                 I30

Lyon              Vashti M.                 I15

Maas              Raymond                  I212

Mabe              Clarence                II151

Mabie             Jesse C.                  I42

Mace              Marion Willis           II166

Macey             Grace O.                II127

MacFarland        Katie B.                 I104

MacFarlane        Katie B.                 I105

Macha             Joe J.                  II188

Machado           Clarence                  I38

MacIvor           Donald H.                I183

Mackey            John W.                 II156

Mackey            Joseph E.                 I79

Macklin           Renold E.                 I22

Maclaskey         Joseph H.                I232

MacLean           Mabel G.                II190

MacLennan         Grace                    I127

Macy              Baby                      I27

Madden            Billye Louise            II18

Madden            Clyde L.                 II87

Maddix            Harold T.                II66

Maddox            Mabel                   II170

Maddy             Lloyd G.                  I13

Mader             Sylvester                I186

Madison           Elmer Alfred            II168

Madison           Margaret M.               I84

Madison           Margaret M.               I86

Madrigal          Marvin                   I113

Maes              Rena                      I12

Magee             Ruth L.                   I90

Magers            Ella A.                 II132

Magie             Guy O.                    I87

Magner            Leonard J.               II76

Magner            Leonard Jefferson        II74

Magnson           Arthur B.                 I55

Magnusson         Dessa Mae               II225

Magnusson         Mac                       I28

Magson            Hazel M.                 II88

Mahaffy           George C.               II158

Mahaffy           George C.               II160

Mahan             John H. (Sgt.)          II185

Mahoney           Paul P.                  II35

Mai               Louis                    I186

Main              Jewell Irene              I77

Main              Oren W.                   I49

Maine             Michael Allan            I197

Mainzer           Edna M.                 II185

Mainzer           Edna M.                 II187

Majerus           Bertha E.               II191

Majors            Ethel Lienhardt          II60

Majors            Linda R.                 I161

Malaby            Averill L.              II172

Malaby            Duane D.                 II44

Malcolm           Edith M.                 II49

Malecki           Teddy S.                II133

Mall              Sue A.                   I216

Mallon            Stella Irene              I22

Mallonee          Morton                    I63

Mallonee          Nina J.                  II34

Mallory           Harry L.                II221

Malloy            Faye Vivian             II228

Maloan            Jerry Edward             II18

Malone            Donnie M.                II16

Maloney           Pebble                  II222

Maloney           Walter Lee Sr.          II178

Maltby            Eunice U.                 I50

Maltby            Vernelle                II188

Mandevill         Marie                   II113

Mangels           Amy Jean                  I14

Mangels           Floyd C.                 II42

Mangels           Hazel Zelma (Mrs.)        I99

Manier            Courtnie Rae            II133

Manis             Mary B.                  I145

Manley            Staci Marie              I112

Manly             Clarence H.             II155

Manly             James Harold Lloyd      II131

Mann              Fredrick E.               I50

Mann              Fredrick E.               I52

Mann              Harold                    II1

Mann              Margaret                 I152

Mann              Martha Haubold (Mrs.)     I68

Mann              Olga                     I130

Manners           Merryl M.               II226

Manning           Alpha Mae                II80

Manon             Iva Viola                II41

Manriquez         Max                     II226

Manriquez         Nicolasa                  I51

Mantz             Dell J.                 II114

Mantz             Henry J. Sr.             I213

Manus             Sarah M.                 II99

Mapel             Melvin L.               II161

Mapel             Melvin L.               II164

Mapel             Melvin L.               II165

Mapes             Marvin T.                  I5

Mapes             Roy P.                    I14

Maple             Eunice Mae               I131

Maple             Eunice Mae               I133

Maples            Barton                   I224

Maples            Elizabeth               II119

Mar               Wah                      I224

Mar               Wong Shee               II192

Marak             Catherine E.             I199

Marak             Charles Alexander        I143

Marcotte          Elizabeth Johanna        II21

Marcoux           Stella A.                I104

Marcum            Mildred Riggs            II85

Marcure           James                    I111

Mardis            Robert D.                II85

Mares             Patricia A.             II157

Mares             Patricia A.             II158

Margheim          John Ludwig              II35

Marine            Allen R.                 II63

Marisch           Lilly M                   I48

Mariska           Victor L.               II153

Mark              Radie Jane               I238

Mark              W. Juanita               I101

Marker            Maryl J.                 II32

Markham           Fred Grant               I112

Markley           Earl W.                  I195

Markowitz         Gertrude (Mrs.)          I123

Marks             Matthew Mork              I89

Marlar            Cecil G.                II199

Marler            Irene M.                II205

Marley            George E.                II17

Marley            George E.                II19

Marley            Sarah                      I3

Marley            Sarah                      I8

Marlier           Tom C.                   I124

Marmor            Bernice I.               I143

Marris            M. Beatrice                I4

Marrs             Omer S.                   I90

Marsh             James T. III              II2

Marsh             Nellie Josephine         I222

Marshall          Ben C.                    I25

Marshall          Freddie Anderson          I87

Marshall          J. C.                     I49

Marshall          Jay H.                   I235

Marshall          Laura G.                 II75

Marshall          M. Avis                   I91

Marshall          Rosella G.              II128

Marshall          Ruth                     II32

Marten            Anna W.                  I212

Marten            Minnie M.                I178

Martens           George K.                I161

Martin            Angela Mary               I15

Martin            Bernadina Catherine      I155

Martin            Claire L.                 II5

Martin            Clell A.                  I13

Martin            Dale Frances             I235

Martin            E. Lucile               II114

Martin            Elgin W.                 I189

Martin            Elsa                     I159

Martin            Ethel Marie              I147

Martin            Florence                II231

Martin            Florence E.               II1

Martin            Floyd W.                 II27

Martin            Frederick Y. (Rev.)     II163

Martin            Grace M.                 I229

Martin            Harold U.                I190

Martin            Hazel V.                II215

Martin            Malinda Belle           II171

Martin            Martha Guyla             I152

Martin            Mary Lou                 II40

Martin            Max R.                  II111

Martin            Octavia                  II85

Martin            Parker W.               II144

Martin            Robert Elmer             II18

Martin            Viroqua H.              II156

Martin            Wythe                    I225

Martin            Pauline E.               I104

Martindell        Leonora J.               I190

Martinez          Hilary T.                 I59

Martinitz         Noton Herman             II25

Marty             Glen M.                 II156

Martz             Isabelle Hopkins (Mrs.   I145

Martz             Isabelle Hopkins (Mrs.   I146

Marvin            Bertha (Mrs.)            I138

Marx              Dora Marie              II170

Marymee           William                  II52

Mashburn          Clara Mae                II63

Mashburn          Virginia Ann             II50

Mason             Frances S.                I65

Mason             Garnet Paul               I22

Mason             Garnet Paul               I24

Mason             Kathleen J. Humphrey      I21

Mason             O. K.                   II113

Mason             Paul Edward              I119

Mason             Robert O.                I236

Mason             Tena                    II142

Mason             Thayne E.               II163

Mason             Versa E.                 II87

Mason             W. Clark                II191

Masquelier        Gary G.                 II229

Massey            Christy Michelle         I206

Massey            Everett Ralph           II120

Massey            Everett Ralph           II122

Massey            Francis                  I130

Massey            J. Carl                 II145

Massey            Kenneth T.               II35

Massoth           Margaret                 I225

Masters           Alma Gail                I167

Masters           Edward R.               II169

Masters           Edward R.               II172

Masters           Glenn                   II184

Masterson         Arlene                   II74

Matchett          Brian Screen              I86

Matchett          Edgar H.                 I200

Mateson           Dorothy                  I136

Mathenia          Walter Lee               I156

Mathenia          Walter Lee               I157

Mather            Gerald Duane              I14

Mather            Roy                       II9

Mathes            Bertha E.                 I20

Mathew            Ira Earl                 II10

Mathews           Harold C.               II146

Mathews           Lucien B.                 II2

Mathias           Joseph                  II120

Mathis            Almira R.                 I47

Mathis            Debra Jean               I176

Mathos            Jennifer Marie          II208

Matlack           Orval M.                 I117

Matlock           Patricia L.               I30

Matoy             George C.                II24

Mattal            Clara M.                 I201

Matthews          Emma R.                  II78

Matthews          Marion F.                I151

Matthews          Robert M.                 I39

Matthews          Ruby G.                  I163

Matthews          Ruby G.                  I164

Mattingly         Katherine O.             I121

Mattock           Cora Bell               II116

Mattson           Elna M.                 II124

Mattson           Lawrence B.              II59

Matzek            Idus                       I5

Matzen            Mary S.                 II109

Mau               Carl F.                  II72

Mauck             Grace Delaine           II164

Mauck             Truman Wilford          II154

Mauk              Kyle D.                  I169

Mauney            Eva Lamoine (Mrs.)       I155

Mausolf           Edward H.                I213

Maxwell           Inf dau of Jimmy          I40

Maxwell           William Harrison         II97

May               Ann T.                  II207

May               Bessie Florence         II186

May               Dewey W.                 I195

May               F. William (Dr.)         I220

May               Goldie                   I225

May               Lauretta                II104

May               Leonard                 II178

May               Thomas G.                 I43

Mayden            Etta O.                   I70

Mayer             Alice B.                II198

Mayes             Albert E.                II83

Mayfield          Arlie                    II32

Mayfield          Sylvia M.                II62

Mayrath           Catherine                I218

McAfee            Clara F.                   I6

McAfee            Gertrude Mae             I134

McAfee            Gertrude Mae             I137

McAlister         Clare                     I64

McAlister         Nellie (Mrs.)             I59

McAlister         Samuel Clarence            I5

McAllister        Gladys M.                 I50

McArthur          Ethel May                 I88

McAtee            Bill                      I56

McBeath           Elizabeth Caton           I57

McBee             Donald R.                 I40

McBratney         Leslie A.                I127

McBride           Anna                     II20

McBride           Elsie                    I180

McBride           Elza                     II19

McBride           Hattie                   I206

McBride           Tilla                    I199

McBridge          Elsie                    I177

McCabe            Mattie                  II101

McCabe            William E.               II14

McCall            Carl H.                  II94

McCall            Mancel W.                I237

McCance           Grace                    II32

McCann            Carol                     I59

McCants           William A.              II156

McCarroll         Parl R.                   I30

McCart            Henry P.                 I134

McCarter          Donald E.                II46

McCarthy          Edward J.               II196

McCartney         Cleo E.                   I85

McCarty           Dennis A.                I133

McCarty           Gertrude                  I86

McCarty           Howard J.                 I66

McCaslin          Floyd Chester            I221

McCausland        Ross                     I169

McCausland        Ross                     I171

McCay             Susan Ione               I133

McClain           Bonnie C.                II51

McClain           Katy A.                   I23

McClallen         Glenn G.                II183

McClanahan        Day W.                   II79

McClanahan        Day W.                   II80

McClaren          Leto Harper              II68

McClarnan         Madalyn                   I47

McClellan         Scott K.                  II5

McClelland        Lula Inez                II59

McCloskey         Raymond A.               II87

McClure           Ann Irene                I149

McClure           John P.                  II14

McClure           Linda Kay                 I69

McClure           Tommey J. F.             II59

McClymonds        Beulah B. (Mrs.)          I43

McCollister       Martha H.               II181

McCollister       Merilda Millie          II216

McCollister       Ora B.                   I160

McCollum          Clayton C.               II61

McCollum          Kathryn                  I235

McConnall         Neva Helen               I101

McCorkle          Arie E.                  I188

McCorkle          Helen Joyce             II139

McCorkle          Roy H.                   I209

McCormick         Govey                   II103

McCormick         Govey                   II104

McCormick         Ivy Pearl               II140

McCormick         Murry J.                  I42

McCoy             Alice                    I158

McCoy             Carl A.                   I27

McCoy             Opal Ann                II157

McCoy             W. Glenn                II127

McCoy             W. R.                    I225

McCoy             W. R.                    I226

McCracken         Bessie A.                II66

McCracken         Fred W.                  I113

McCracken         Wendell S.               I144

McCrary           Lisa Marlene             I201

McCready          Arthur James             I187

McCready          Lucy                    II155

McCrory           Rebecca                  I184

McCue             Hubert W.               II186

McCulley          Anna G.                  I215

McCulley          Ralph R.                II194

McCullough        C. A.                     I18

McCullough        Mildred                 II193

McCullough        Rex Elliott              II43

McDade            Amos                     II91

McDaniel          Carl C.                   I57

McDaniel          Earl R. Sr.             II218

McDaniel          Eddie                    I158

McDaniel          Harold B.               II116

McDaniel          Helen A.                 I234

McDaniel          James Scott (Dr.)       II187

McDaniel          Louis H.                 I119

McDaniel          Oscar L.                  I64

McDaniel          Paul P.                  II21

McDaniels         Eddie                    I157

McDaniels         Malachi                  I114

McDonald          Eleanor                  I232

McDonald          Eleanor Maxine            I52

McDonald          Lyndell W.              II218

McDonald          Mary Cyntha                I7

McDonald          Silas S. Sr.             I148

McDowell          Alice Mae               II133

McDowell          Alice Mae               II136

McDowell          Beatrice B.             II171

McDowell          Edward S.                 I68

McDowell          Flynn W.                 II80

McDowell          Kenneth P.               II13

McDowell          Myrtle                   II96

McDowell          Wanda Lyn               II136

McDuffee          Betty Beatrice            I19

McDuffee          Harrison P.             II126

McDuffee          Harrison P.             II127

McElroy           Howard R.                 I99

McElwain          Emma E.                  I161

McElwee           Minnie M.                 I71

McEndree          C. E.                    II25

McEntire          Anna                      I65

McEwen            Laura S.                II167

McFadden          Frank D.                   I3

McFadden          Maxine                  II204

McFarland         Chandler Walker           I41

McFarland         Minnie G.                 I39

McFarland         Nell D.                  II30

McFarland         Nettie M.                 I78

McFrederick       Wilma R.                II207

McGaugh           Peggy D.                  I64

McGee             Elbert W.               II109

McGee             Fred J.                   I43

McGee             Harvey P.                I129

McGee             Harvey P.                I130

McGehee           William K.                 I3

McGhee            Ethel                   II179

McGill            Flora M.                 I223

McGill            Marthalene               I203

McGinnis          Lottie Belle            II162

McGlade           Ruth E.                   I44

McGlinn           James Leroy              I145

McGlynn           W. E.                   II126

McGolden          Mary E.                   I39

McGonigal         Hazel Irene               I27

McGonigal         Ruth                      I63

McGonigle         Marian Ruth              II93

McGowan           Martha Wilkinson         I146

McGrady           Virgie Belle (Mrs.)       I64

McGrath           Everett A.               I157

McGrath           Margaret J.              II87

McGrath           Mark G.                  I197

McGregor          Alfred Dean             II108

McGregor          Ralph                   II137

McGregor          Roy                      II31

McGrew            Ora C.                   II94

McGrew            Raymond Edward          II204

McGuire           Alvin                    I209

McGuire           Eli F.                  II215

McGuire           Ernest Charles           I151

McGuire           Ernest Charles           I153

McGuire           Leroy                     I43

McGuire           Marguerite               II71

McGurrin          Vivian L.                 I91

McHarg            Robert Clayton          II171

McHugh            Alfred J.                I208

McHugh            Mary Editha               I17

McIlvaine         Jessie M.               II120

McIntosh          Claude L.               II177

McIntosh          William D.                I32

McIntyre          Fred H.                 II111

McIntyre          Gilbert Eugene          II147

McIntyre          Michael M.               II36

McIntyre          Rodney L.                 I52

McKaig            Frank                     I43

McKay             Ada Mae                 II158

McKay             Robert N.               II213

McKay             Ruth E.                  I123

McKay             Ruth E.                  I127

McKay             Ruth G.                  I195

McKee             George E.                  I8

McKeever          Sada                      I71

McKellar          George T.                I163

McKenna           Katherine T.              I28

McKenna           Pauline M.               II97

McKenzie          Owen O.                 II102

McKibben          Lloyd V.                II227

McKibbin          Alice                     I74

McKibbin          Alice                     I76

McKim             Bessie                    I89

McKim             John Barney               I56

McKinley          Agnes                     I74

McKinley          Dava Joy                II126

McKinley          James Harold             I159

McKinney          Agnes Thompson            I45

McKinnis          Kendall A. (Lt.)         I146

McKissick         James William             I22

McLain            Arthur Lee (Dr.)        II185

McLain            Raymond W.               II49

McLaren           Delmar Dean             II128

McLaughlin        Henry                    II22

McLaughlin        Kenneth N.              II210

McLean            Duncan                  II223

McLean            Esther                   I113

McLeod            Kathrynne E.            II112

McLinn            Ruth E.                  I211

McLoud            Vinnie B.               II144

McMahan           James C.                 I151

McMahon           Arthur Edward            I219

McMahon           Cecile B.                I155

McMahon           Peter T.                  I40

McMains           Marie                    II16

McManaman         Juliet Creig             II85

McMannis          Robert                     I3

McMath            Helen E.                II144

McMichael         George W.                I113

McMillan          A. W.                     I67

McMillan          Keith B.                 II95

McMillan          William P.               II42

McMillan          William P.               II45

McMillen          Ernest W.               II177

McMillen          Floyd                     I74

McMinimy          Maurice Irvin           II104

McMullen          Cecil                    I229

McMullen          Smith                   II227

McMullen          Tonie Susanna            II61

McMullen          Wilmeta                   II8

McMurphy          Rozetta                  II33

McMurray          Bonnie R.                I181

McMurray          Earl C.                 II132

McMurray          Virginia                II169

McMutt            Roy                      I215

McNaul            James A.                 I138

McNeice           Guy O.                   I108

McNeice           Marie C.                 I122

McNeil            James Jr.               II210

McNichols         Mabel V.                  I44

McNickle          Orval Clifford           I209

McNicol           Mary Beth                II10

McNown            Harold W.                I112

McNown            Thelma E.               II150

McPhail           Margie L.                I175

McQueen           Paul N.                   I51

McQueen           Wyvetta                 II190

McQuey            Lowery                    I64

McQuire           Mabel                    II31

McReynolds        Argyle Lavern           II162

McReynolds        Reba                     I175

McVay             Martha Killian           I216

McVean            Lucy L.                  II36

McVey             Carl Alvin               II34

McVey             Rex                      I180

McVey             William H.               I163

McVicar           Arch H.                  I183

McVickers         Blanche                  II89

McWhirt           Thaddeus Burr            I238

Mead              Nettie J. (Mrs.)          I10

Meade             Clifton W.                I91

Meade             Wesley E.                I233

Meade             Wesley E.                I234

Meadows           Oscar T.                 I227

Meadows           Robert Eugene             I48

Meadows           Sadie L.                 I137

Means             Ralph                    I158

Means             Ralph                    I160

Means             Thelma                   II82

Means             Violet D.                I178

Mease             Bertha L.               II222

Mease             Glenn H.                 I205

Meckenstock       William F. III            I17

Medlock           Dorothy Lee              I125

Meehan            Alta B.                  I180

Meehan            Clara                   II142

Meeker            Clarence                II193

Megredy           Richard A.              II224

Mehl              Ethel E.                II108

Mehl              Oliver W.                II39

Mehlhorn          Clarence H.               I15

Mehlhorn          Clarence H.               I17

Meier             Beulah                   II23

Meier             Elizabeth (Mrs.)         I131

Meier             Harrison A.              I201

Meier             Henry                   II166

Meier             Meinard                   I35

Meier             Wanda J.                 II92

Meile             Carrie Nee                I43

Meirowsky         James V.                II170

Meisenheimer      James                     II7

Mellon            John E.                  I182

Mellor            Ocie G.                 II138

Mellor            Ocie G.                 II139

Mellott           James L.                 II99

Melton            Tommy                     I98

Melton            Wesley Eugene            II87

Mendez            Marie M.                II147

Menefee           Oda D.                  II134

Menefee           Wilma Louise              II8

Meng              Isabelle                 I142

Menges            Joseph M.               II116

Menges            Joseph M.               II117

Menzies           Carl R.                  II92

Mercer            Loys W.                 II231

Mercer            Ruth L.                  II26

Mercer            Thomas G.                II68

Mercier           Helen M.                  II2

Meredith          Creet                    II85

Meredith          Madge                   II173

Meredith          W. John                 II181

Meredith          Wayne J.                   I3

Merrell           Ruth                     II24

Merrifield        Raymond E.               II21

Merrill           James Russell           II121

Merrill           Mamie                     II7

Merriman          Eula B.                   I95

Merritt           Lillie P.                I224

Merritt           Lillie P.                I225

Merryman          Dot M.                     I7

Merryman          Raleigh                   II6

Mersman           Christopher A.           I111

Mervine           Rose                     II84

Mesenger          Muriel                    I13

Mesker            Mary Agnes              II223

Messerschmidt     William N.               I137

Metcafe           Wilma Jean                I65

Metcafe           Wilma Jean                I68

Metts             Vada Charlet            II213

Metz              Mary E.                 II210

Metzger           Anita                    I198

Metzinger         M. Agnesina (Sister)     I226

Metzinger         M. Lucy (Sister)        II167

Metzler           Mollie                    I62

Meyer             Clarence H.             II110

Meyer             D. Eileen Schmidt        II86

Meyer             Elsie                    I137

Meyer             Fred William             I220

Meyer             Hilda O.                 I119

Meyer             Ida A.                   I116

Meyer             Ida Ada                  I117

Meyer             Jack                     II18

Meyer             Kathryn                   I73

Meyer             Martin                   I233

Meysing           Mary M.                  I155

Meysing           Mary M.                  I158

Meysing           Mary M.                  I160

Meza              Bonifacia Diaz          II222

Michael           Charlie C.               I137

Michael           George L.                 I82

Michael           Nellie L.               II186

Michaelis         Walter A.               II176

Michaels          Catherine Tumy            I95

Michalek          Carrie Elsie              I71

Middleton         Margaret M.             II200

Mielke            Alvin Walter             II69

Mies              Fred J.                  II55

Milam             Alberta                  I215

Milam             Clara L.                   I9

Mildfelt          Ruby Jean                II88

Milks             Gary S.                 II213

Miller            Ada                       I90

Miller            Albert R.                I190

Miller            Alma Florence (Mrs.)      I35

Miller            Arnold                   I216

Miller            Clair M.                 I115

Miller            Clara Barton             I176

Miller            Clara U.                  I59

Miller            Clarence E.              I193

Miller            Clifford D.              II38

Miller            Conrad E.                 I49

Miller            Corey J.                 I217

Miller            Dale G.                  I158

Miller            Dollie Ida               II59

Miller            Donald L.                II80

Miller            Edmund J. (Rev.)          I25

Miller            Edwin                   II195

Miller            Ella M.                  I132

Miller            Elsie C.                   I5

Miller            Evelyn D.                 I74

Miller            Everett Lewis            I138

Miller            Florence B.             II172

Miller            Floyd W.                II191

Miller            Frances Pearl           II182

Miller            Frances Pearl           II185

Miller            Frances R.              II102

Miller            Fred W.                    I2

Miller            George M.                I138

Miller            Gottfried G.             II16

Miller            Grace                   II140

Miller            Guy                      II18

Miller            Hattie                   II59

Miller            Hattie Irene            II101

Miller            Henry E.                II197

Miller            Hulen M.                  I71

Miller            Ida                      I219

Miller            Jack Landon               II4

Miller            Jill Leann                I55

Miller            Karen Sue                II27

Miller            Karen Sue                II28

Miller            Katherine                II32

Miller            Laila                    I129

Miller            Lee L.                   I139

Miller            Leon R.                  I149

Miller            Louis F.                 II56

Miller            Lydia B.                  II1

Miller            Mae L.                  II145

Miller            Marvin R.                II78

Miller            Mildred E.                I12

Miller            Myrle C.                  I35

Miller            Myron                   II213

Miller            Nettie L.                 I48

Miller            Opal                     II52

Miller            Ovella                  II146

Miller            Phillip W.               I226

Miller            Ralph E.                 I119

Miller            Ray                      I232

Miller            Raymond D.                I20

Miller            Rebecca Jane            II178

Miller            Rebecka                   I47

Miller            Sidney S.                I166

Miller            Stella                  II151

Miller            Steven Milton             I66

Miller            Theodore R.               I39

Miller            Thomas Arthur           II221

Miller            Toni Louise              I181

Miller            Toni Louise              I183

Miller            Tracey Gladys           II158

Miller            Tressa Lee                I54

Miller            W. F.                     I39

Miller            Winnie L.                II13

Milligan          Billy A.                 I123

Million           John Alfred               I91

Mills             Cordelia Irene           II82

Mills             Dorothy Faye            II206

Mills             Herman Eugene           II161

Mills             Jennie                   I217

Mills             Jennie Elizabeth          I99

Mills             Merlin Lee Sr.           II77

Milner            Orvale E.               II103

Milow             Earlen Galloway         II103

Minard            Thelma L.               II225

Minard            William Henry           II148

Miner             Genereuse Catte           I74

Miner             Loring V.               II107

Minge             John Ezra                I212

Minkler           Edith                    I113

Minnich           Jessie D.               II219

Minor             Clarence L.              I205

Minor             Gale C.                  II67

Minor             Julia O.                  I51

Minor             Levi A.                   I65

Minter            Cecile                   II92

Misak             Ty Leighton               I82

Misner            Blaine Howard            I183

Missildine        T. Alcoque               I216

Mitchell          Annie J.                 I134

Mitchell          Daisy                   II189

Mitchell          Earl W.                 II153

Mitchell          Edd R.                    II1

Mitchell          Ethel E.                 I134

Mitchell          Eula                    II157

Mitchell          Frank (Mrs.)             I144

Mitchell          George P.                 I92

Mitchell          George P.                 I94

Mitchell          Glenn H.                 II36

Mitchell          Helen D.                  II3

Mitchell          Herman E.                I155

Mitchell          Hiram Paul              II169

Mitchell          Hirman Paul             II172

Mitchell          Ida Belle                 I59

Mitchell          Joe Donald                I35

Mitchell          Lawrence                   I6

Mitchell          Lawrence                   I8

Mitchell          Linda A.                  I89

Mitchell          Michael T.               II39

Mitchell          Thelma                   I172

Mitchell          Vernon T.               II205

Mitten            Russell T.                I74

Mitten            Russell T.                I75

Mixon             Goldie                   II98

Mizer             Sheridan Sr.             I115

Mock              Lulu M.                   I46

Mock              Sandi J.                  I69

Modesitt          Minnie Margaret          II64

Moeckel           Esther A.                I142

Moegling          Herman A.                I148

Moehring          Marie M.                II149

Mog               Elizabeth                I109

Mog               Fred F.                    I4

Mogle             Homer B.                II157

Molleker          Wesley Paul              I215

Mollohan          Eva                      I195

Monares           Maria                    II42

Mondt             Ada Laurie (Mrs.)        I141

Monical           Kenneth E.              II135

Monks             Arthur E.                I165

Monroe            Freeda                    I68

Montee            Donald I.                II23

Montee            Robert Leslie            I170

Montgomery        Cecil G.                 I127

Montgomery        Lee J.                   I140

Montgomery        Michael A.              II108

Montgomery        Reva                      I55

Montgomery        W. Donald                I139

Montoya           Angel L.                  I79

Moody             Adelaide J.              I140

Moody             Norma F.                  I76

Moody             Richard B.                I32

Moody             Richard B.                I33

Moon              Hughlyne                 I156

Moon              Lee C.                   II78

Moon              Myrtle Mae               II98

Moon              Natasha M.              II127

Mooney            Elvin B.                  I16

Moore             Ada V.                  II172

Moore             Arabella D.                I8

Moore             Benjamin F.               II2

Moore             Bertha                  II227

Moore             Bradley W.               I199

Moore             C. Ruth                  I221

Moore             Carol Brown               I32

Moore             Claude Herman             I97

Moore             Claude S.                II76

Moore             Earl L.                   I57

Moore             Ethel R.                II128

Moore             Eula                      I18

Moore             Floyde A.                 I37

Moore             Fred W.                 II156

Moore             James R.                II127

Moore             Kenneth M.                I72

Moore             Lester E.                II95

Moore             Lonnie T. Jr.           II202

Moore             Luella Mae                I12

Moore             Nellie                     I1

Moore             Pearl Anna               I211

Moore             Richard H.               I138

Moore             Robert M. Sr.            I143

Moore             Robert M. Sr.            I144

Moore             Roxie Ann                I103

Moore             Roxie Ann                I107

Moore             Sidney S.               II102

Moore             Sidney S.               II103

Moore             William (Rev.)           I110

Moore             William (Rev.)            I99

Moore             William Lloyd           II159

Moore             William Robert           I215

Moore             Wilson                    II3

Moore             Woody R.                II139

Moorehead         Rose                     I131

Moos              Frank N.                II121

Moots             Beatrice Holt             I74

Moots             Lottie L.                I223

Morava            Daniel Loy               II68

More              Claude E.                I129

More              Kirtus G.                I234

Morean            Marian C.                I230

Moreland          Ramie Alice              II66

Morfitt           Goldie L.                I112

Morgan            Cecil B.                II136

Morgan            Charles Wesley           II98

Morgan            Charley J.               I169

Morgan            Charley J.               I172

Morgan            Orran Leland              I16

Morgan            Christine R.             I194

Morgan            Harold R.                I235

Morgan            Hazel Dell               I205

Morgan            L. Maurine               I197

Morgan            Leslie                   I236

Morgan            Leslie                   I238

Morgenstern       Margaret W.              I232

Morgridge         Neva                    II124

Morilla           Charles L.               I171

Moris             Leora                   II112

Mork              Eleanor Lydia            I169

Morlan            Ernestine               II163

Morrill           Edith Elizabeth         II216

Morris            Beulah Mae              II108

Morris            Dale L.                  I175

Morris            Darrah Nichole            I12

Morris            Dick L.                  I195

Morris            Dick L.                  I196

Morris            Forest M.               II205

Morris            Forrest L.                I80

Morris            Gaylord B.                I47

Morris            Gladys M.                 I26

Morris            Glen C.                   I91

Morris            Hiram O.                  II1

Morris            Hiram O.                  II2

Morris            Ida Bell                II202

Morris            Ida Bell                II205

Morris            Ida M.                  II114

Morris            Ida M.                  II115

Morris            James Oliver               I3

Morris            John Robert              II66

Morris            John W.                  I201

Morris            Leanna                   I218

Morris            Louis H.                 I166

Morris            Martha L.               II110

Morris            Roberta                   I66

Morris            Traviata Jean           II130

Morrison          Bill Herbert            II186

Morrison          Dockie A.                I139

Morrison          James N.                II215

Morrison          Leda S.                 II222

Morrison          Russell W.               II46

Morrison          Ruth                     I229

Morrison          Ruth O.                  I210

Morrison          William D.              II151

Morrisset         Margaret                  I61

Morrissey         Larry L. Sr.             I201

Morrissey         Madelyn M.               I108

Morrow            Eula R.                   I48

Morrow            Grace                   II114

Morse             Arthur Charles          II154

Morse             Beatrice I.               I81

Morse             Grace Lucille            I186

Morss             Lawrence L.               I90

Mort              Cecil Edward               I5

Morton            Edith L.                  I35

Morton            Grant W.                II134

Morton            Jimmie W.                II78

Morton            Joshua                   I238

Morton            Roscoe Falls (Dr.)      II151

Morton            Walter French            II56

Morz              Marie                   II176

Moser             Ernest Marion             I17

Moses             George                   II27

Moses             Jesse C.                II127

Moses             Margaret Josephine      II227

Moses             Myrtle                  II110

Moses             Pearley                  II75

Mosher            Bob L.                   I101

Mosqueda          Laura A.                  I13

Moss              Abe                      II37

Moss              Bessie M.                I172

Moss              Garnette                II138

Moss              Henry Sr.               II124

Moss              Nellie May               II72

Motley            E. W.                   II204

Motley            Mae Lee                  I214

Mott              Nora M.                  I114

Mott              Pearl Irene               I43

Moudy             Goldie                   II79

Mount             Brandy Lea                I47

Mount             Lorene O.                II86

Mount             Margaret                  II9

Mount             Mary M.                   I89

Mount             Steven                    I10

Mountain          Maude S.                 I167

Mountz            Clarence K.              I234

Mourning          Edgar Oliver              I22

Mourning          Eileen                   II96

Mourning          Minnie Lee               I142

Moyer             Harold L.               II157

Moyer             Harold L.               II158

Moyer             Harrison E.              I201

Moyle             Frances Pauline           I50

Moynihan          Paul C.                   I44

Moynihan          Paul C.                   I48

Mozingo           Dewey L.                II214

Mozingo           Ethel V.                 II18

Mueller           Esther E.                I172

Mueller           Lydia                    I217

Mueller           Wallace                   I70

Muir              Myrtle B.                I172

Mullen            Flossie J.               I177

Mullen            Flossie J.               I199

Mullen            Lorene M.                I185

Mullen            Lotia O.                   I5

Mullenix          George M.               II169

Mulligan          Clarence A.              I155

Mullins           Lawrence S.              I146

Mulvaney          James F.                II162

Mumford           Bonnie G.                I157

Mun               Edith                   II202

Munch             Baronius W.             II208

Mundt             Donna Fay                I107

Munger            Richard J.               I164

Munns             Irene                   II106

Munson            Bessie L.                I121

Munson            Nellie May               II18

Murdock           Curtis H.               II190

Murphy            Clarence L.             II213

Murphy            Jewell R.               II110

Murphy            Kelly                   II157

Murphy            Laurence E.              II69

Murphy            Lester W.                 I66

Murphy            Lillian A.              II112

Murphy            Martha                   II32

Murphy            Mary (Mrs.)              I107

Murphy            Robert W.                II45

Murray            Charles                   I70

Murray            Flora                    I106

Murray            Mary Catherine           I168

Murray            Olive M.                II204

Murray            Ralph M.                II158

Murray            William L.              II145

Murrell           Ruby E.                  I116

Murrell           Sue                       I31

Murrell           Sue                       I35

Murrow            James D.                 I172

Murrow            Leland C                 I110

Murrow            Virgil Keith            II101

Muse              Agnes M.                  I59

Muse              Marianne                  I60

Muse              Marie S.                II141

Mutch             Esther C.                I133

Muth              Helene Gertrude Baird     I31

Myers             Albert                  II144

Myers             Benjamin F.              II99

Myers             Clarence B.             II227

Myers             Clarence J.             II223

Myers             Clyde E.                II187

Myers             Eleanor I.               II24

Myers             Ethel                    II36

Myers             James A.                II125

Myers             Lloyd R.                 I157

Myers             Lyle F.                   I54

Myers             Naomi                    II89

Myers             Nellie E.                I130

Myers             Percy Lee               II175

Myers             Ruth M.                  II22

Myers             Wallace                  I177

Myers             Wilbur O.                 I28

Myers             Yettersten M.             I14

Myles             Clifford Dave           II126

Myles             Clifford Dave           II127

Myles             Clifford Dave           II128

Nace              Thomas E. Jr.            I184

Nacheff           Persian N.               I140

Nagley            Cora Mae                 I112

Nail              Jane                     I113

Nall              Noretta May              I197

Nance             Lillian Edna              I42

Nangle            Marie                     I43

Napier            Nile D.                 II104

Nash              Charles H.               I231

Nash              Elza G. Jr.              I129

Nash              Genevieve R.              I73

Nash              Glenn L.                 I218

Nau               Adelia                    I95

Nauert            William J.              II164

Naumann           Leo H.                    I42

Naumann           Leo H.                    I43

Navarro           Anastacio               II175

Neal              Dorothy                 II177

Neale             Irene                    I165

Nebergall         Jessie                   I118

Needham           Minnie                   I147

Neel              Clyde Benson Sr.          I77

Neel              Clyde Benson Sr.          I81

Neel              Laura E.                 II97

Neely             Thomas J.                 I53

Neer              Larry Alan Jr.          II208

Neff              Anna B.                  II89

Neff              Ida Pearl                 I53

Neff              James Frank               I54

Neff              Katherine Rieg          II179

Neff              Lois                     II82

Neff              Nancy A.                  I39

Negley            Zora May                II196

Neil              Alice Enloe               I87

Neil              Alice Enloe               I89

Neil              Lloyd L.                II111

Neil              Mae V.                  II126

Nellans           Blanch                  II126

Nellans           Mac Ernest               II59

Nelson            Beulah M.                I148

Nelson            Billy George             II85

Nelson            Charles C.               II90

Nelson            Dell                     I180

Nelson            Edith (Mrs.)             I168

Nelson            Fern I. H.               I133

Nelson            Fern I. H.               I135

Nelson            Harold V.               II131

Nelson            Hertha Elizabeth          I83

Nelson            Irene                     I55

Nelson            Ivy Marie                I144

Nelson            James Russell           II157

Nelson            John Z.                  I148

Nelson            Lena                    II222

Nelson            Lena J.                 II221

Nelson            Lewis G.                II179

Nelson            Marie Emma                I24

Nelson            Melford E.              II208

Nelson            Michael A.               I232

Nelson            Naomi                   II105

Nelson            Nels George             II139

Nelson            Otto C.                   I40

Nelson            Pamela                   I226

Nelson            Pamela                   I227

Nelson            Rosella B.               II88

Nelson            Rosie Lee                II88

Nelson            Sewell G.                 I86

Nelson            Trena                     I92

Nelson            Trena                     I94

Neptune           Ada P.                    II6

Ness              I. R.                    I163

Neth              Glenn C.                II211

Neth              Holland G.               II96

Neufeld           Herman B.               II114

Neussen           Clayton L.               I136

Neussen           Louis A.                II128

Neville           Alta                    II179

Nevius            Lester L.                I195

New Berry         Nobel J.                II193

Newacheck         Hazel                    II68

Newell            J. C.                     I28

Newell            J. C.                     I29

Newell            Leota W.                 II32

Newell            Samuel J.                I106

Newhouse          Helen M.                 I125

Newkirk           Hazel Pauline            I130

Newkirk           Helen                    I231

Newkirk           Helen (Mrs.)             I229

Newland           Dale T.                   I32

Newman            Charles K.               I139

Newman            Jane                     I117

Newman            Jesse Clyde              II41

Newman            Thomas S.               II230

Newman            William Lee               I51

Newton            Effie C.                 I170

Newton            Gertrude                 II51

Newton            Harold H.               II153

Newton            Harold H.               II155

Newton            Loren J.                  I86

Ney               William Hortez           I151

Nichol            Avis                     I197

Nichols           Betty M.                 I100

Nichols           Cora                      II7

Nichols           Eula Edith              II208

Nichols           L. Wilbur                 I23

Nichols           Mabel E.                  I78

Nichols           Margaret B.               I22

Nichols           Mary Virginia             I20

Nichols           Moyne Eileen             II50

Nichols           Ozro (Mrs.)               I33

Nichols           Robert E.                I195

Nichols           Roy L.                   I107

Nicholson         Alice Pauline            II40

Nicholson         Harvey Everett           II99

Nicholson         Pearl L.                II146

Nicholson         Ruth I.                  I208

Nicholson         Thomas Leon             II185

Nicholson         William                  I163

Nickel            Bertha                   II85

Nickel            David S.                 II39

Nickel            Robert James             I223

Nickell           James Thomas             I232

Nickell           Melvin M.                 I33

Nickell           Mildred                 II218

Nickle            Amos W.                  II79

Nicodemus         Norene E.               II215

Nicolet           Inez E.                 II112

Nicolet           Laura E.                   I5

Nicoll            Henry P.                II201

Nicoll            Richard                 II157

Niedert           Mae Louise               II55

Niedert           Mae Louise               II56

Nielsen           Jessie N.                 I10

Nielsen           Russell                   I97

Niemann           Felix J.                 I172

Nienke            Wanda F.                 I137

Nier              Melvin J.                II66

Niethamer         Terry Glenn              I190

Nietling          Dorothy V.               I141

Nikakis           Paul J.                 II134

Nite              Austin David             I218

Nix               Henry E.                  I50

Nix               Urma L.                  II82

Nixon             Dorothy K.               II63

Noaker            Thelma V.               II185

Noble             Dorothy Fern             I201

Noblette          Effie E.                II180

Noel              Louis L.                II140

Noeller           Elaina Monique          II200

Noland            Marie Elizabeth         II205

Nold              Regina M.               II102

Noll              Corinne L.               I177

Nordstrom         Wanda L.                II156

Norfleet          Horace R.                II18

Norlin            Barbara A.               I116

Norman            Frances Rebecca          I199

Norman            Lewis                     I27

Normandin         Ernest L.               II117

Norquist          Velma A. (Mrs.)           I43

Norris            Dora Alice              II100

Norris            Ewin D.                   I75

Norris            Joseph E.                I118

Norris            Leah F.                  I238

Norris            Leah M.                   I55

Norris            Mildred W.              II156

Norris            Thomas R.                II22

North             Michael Joe              II27

North             Orval L.                II174

North             Orval L.                II175

Northcutt         Marion E.                I149

Northrup          Alice C.                II168

Northway          Elmer C.                  II5

Norton            Esther Naomi             I108

Norton            Frances Rebecca          I197

Norvell           Elsie R.                 I215

Norwood           Evalue M. (Mrs.)          I26

Nossaman          Melvin Lee               II99

Notestine         Wayne                   II116

Nuessen           Louis A.                II128

Nufer             Lena                     I238

Nunley            Maurice L.               I182

Nuss              Amalia                   II83

Nutt              Willie                  II175

Nutter            Oscar Lee Roy            I117

Nye               William Jean             II22

Oakes             Thomas Earl              II16

Oakley            Jesse E.                II222

Obee              Ora                       I29

Obenchain         Mamie Elizabeth          II44

Obenland          Carroll                  II67

Oberer            George A.                 I68

Oberg             Carl Arthur             II227

Obholz            Pete J.                   I37

O'Brien           Grace Louise (Mrs.)       I26

O'Brien           Lynn Alson              II166

O'Brien           Mahala N.                I103

O'Brien           Nahala N.                I101

Ochoa             Senona N. (Mrs.)         I130

Ochs              Amelia                  II213

Ochs              Ida Popp                II231

Ochs              Myrtle Lois             II213

Ocker             Jim                     II207

O'Connell         Harold                     I9

O'Connor          Avis                     I212

O'Connor          Joseph M.               II170

O'Daniel          Dixie G.                 I166

O'Daniel          Donald E.                I237

Odom              Richard E. (Dr.)          I95

O'Donnell         Elmo                    II183

O'Donnell         Elmo L.                 II184

O'Donnell         Pat P.                   I189

Oerke             Leo Eugen               II163

Oesterhaus        Bertha F.               II177

Offutt            Benjamin A.              I137

Ogden             Esther A.                I210

Ogden             Pearl                   II223

Ogelsbay          Eldorna C.              II185

Ogle              Louis R.                  I58

Oglesbee          Christine D.              I69

O'Grady           Emma Lou                II152

O'Halloran        Dorothy Evangeline       I225

O'Hara            Gordon                   I142

Ohlson            Alma P.                  II29

Ohman             Jane L.                 II100

Ojeda             Concepcion               I231

Old               Ravia B.                  I79

Oldham            Eva R.                   II70

O'Leary           Marion B.                I136

Olick             Maggie F.                 I72

Oliphant          Riley O.                 I155

Oliver            Amy                        I8

Oliver            Anson Cory                I50

Oliver            Beatrice                 I212

Oliver            Edith E.                II125

Oliver            Reuben C.                 I28

Oliverson         Helen E.                 I204

Olivier           Eugene                    II5

Olivier           Joseph H.                II14

Olivier           Matthew Stephen          I234

Oller             Roy William              I134

Olmstead          Rodney P.                I100

Olsen             Anna A.                 II163

Olsen             Laura                     I72

Olson             Carl W.                 II173

Olson             Edith                    II56

Olson             Elmer L.                  I73

Olson             Inez Hodge                II5

Olson             Nancy Mary                II6

O'Mara            James L.                 I133

O'Melia           Minnie M.               II214

O'Melia           Minnie M.               II214

O'Neal            Doris Darlene           II175

O'Neil            Kenith S.                I121

O'Reilly          Flossie                  II92

O'Reilly          Patrick A.              II180

O'Reilly          Patrick A.              II181

Ornelas           Joe Jr.                   II9

O'Rourke          Harold William            I64

Orr               Aubrey Neil              I233

Orr               Dora I.                  I149

Orr               Dora I.                  I151

Orr               Lucy Maude              II162

Orr               Lucy Maude              II163

Orr               Wilbert Ed                I38

Orr               Wilbert Ed                I40

Ortiz             Jesus                     I30

Ortiz             John G.                   I69

Osborn            Earl I.                  I236

Osborn            Jess William             I199

Osborn            Newell L.                I137

Osborne           Louie M.                  I85

Osment            Wilma K.                II170

Osmer             Ruth I.                  I180

Osmon             Allen                     I14

Osner             Janet Lynn               II42

Ostenberg         Flossie                   I10

Ostram            Lenart                   I167

Ostrander         James W.                 I110

Ostrander         Raymond C.              II151

Ostrander         Roy Mailon               I232

Ostrander         Velma F.                  I45

Ostrom            Lenart                   I165

Oswalt            Hattie P.               II140

Otensmeier        Elmer J.                 I191

Otey              Allene S.                II48

Otey              Cora M.                   I12

Ott               Andrew D.                II27

Ott               Charles Edward            I45

Ott               Roy                     II145

Otte              Herman                   I169

Ottensmeier       Elmer J.                 I190

Ottley            Walter J.                 I54

Otto              Arthur H.               II181

Otto              Arthur H.               II184

Otto              Mildred R.              II176

Oursler           Eunice Belle             II60

Overall           Betty Ann                 I91

Overholser        Raymond V.                I16

Overholt          Goldie Edith             II29

Overholt          Iyla N.                 II183

Overholt          Orval O.                II103

Overley           Georgia Travis          II125

Overstreet        J. Ross                  I222

Owen              Myron R.                  I75

Owen              Warren A.                II93

Owen              William Allen             II2

Owens             Addie M.                  I62

Owens             Anna Mae                  I47

Owens             Charles R.               I202

Owens             Jim W.                   I112

Owens             Mable Minnie              I97

Ownbey            Elmo D.                    I5

Oxford            Conley                   I225

Oxford            Farris                   I150

Oyer              Rachel W.               II187

Ozbun             Wallace E.              II109

Paasch            Alfred Wesley           II227

Paasch            Ella L.                   I61

Pabst             Donna L.                  I76

Pace              Hugh                     II79

Packebush         Charles W.                I28

Packer            Chester J.                I51

Packer            Loren Arnold            II180

Packwood          Mabel E.                 I191

Padgett           Bernal A.                 I51

Padgett           Clarinda Belle           I207

Padgett           Myrtle A.                I152

Page              Helen E.                  I90

Page              Zenda                   II212

Pahl              Oscar                     II6

Painter           Harold A.                 I66

Painter           Roy B.                   I233

Palan             Emerson O.               I214

Palmer            Arthur J.               II193

Palmer            Catherine A.             I129

Palmer            Floy Earl                I232

Palmer            Hazel Lorene             I229

Palmer            Kara                    II199

Palmer            Lorene E.                 I83

Palmer            Louisa M.                  I2

Palmer            Louisa M.                  I4

Palmer            Orville E.               II69

Palmer            Ralph L. Sr.             I164

Palmer            Samuel E.                  I1

Palmer            Tony Lee                 II62

Palmquist         Eleanor                  II95

Pangburn          Vera P.                  I195

Pankratz          Ben F.                  II142

Pankratz          Fred Sr.                 I155

Pankratz          Susan A.                 II98

Pannell           Inf dau of Curtis         I47

Pape              Lillian T.              II149

Pape              Lillian T.              II152

Parish            Robert G.               II115

Park              Ethel May                I201

Park              Maude L.                 I195

Park              Nell                      II2

Park              Nell                      II3

Park              Nelle                     II4

Park              Paul J.                  I210

Parker            Charles W.               II40

Parker            Ediston L.               I213

Parker            Hannah B. Broughton      II69

Parker            Kenneth Dean             II54

Parker            Olive M.                 I228

Parker            Paul B.                   I46

Parker            Paul B.                   I47

Parker            Pearl                    I130

Parker            Ruby B.                 II218

Parker            Velma F.                 II12

Parker            William I.               I239

Parks             George                     I3

Parks             Maude                   II180

Parks             Sarah Lynn                I35

Parmley           C. C. (Dr.)              II71

Parr              John Wesley              I140

Parret            Frank A.                II181

Parriott          Ethel W.                II102

Parrish           Anna                     II78

Parrish           Fay C.                     I3

Parrish           Pearl                    II87

Parson            Dorothy Marie            II62

Parson            Lottie E.                I157

Parson            Lottie E.                I160

Parsons           Charlene S.             II136

Parsons           Earl                    II184

Parsons           Elsie                     I30

Parsons           Hazel                    II20

Parsons           Robert E.               II205

Parsons           Verne A.                 II85

Partridge         Floyd L.                  I76

Pasco             Everett Brooks          II177

Pashia            M. Bertrille (Sister)    II96

Paske             Horace A.                II61

Pate              Fern                     I175

Pate              Fern                     I176

Patten            Ollis O.                  I18

Patterson         Earl Ross                 I33

Patterson         Emily J.                II103

Patterson         Faye E.                  I237

Patterson         Floyd L.                 II52

Patterson         Gary Kelvin             II118

Patterson         Judy K.                  I227

Patterson         Linda F.                 II90

Patterson         Ralph Waldo              I102

Patterson         Robert A.                II61

Patterson         Ross W.                  I115

Patterson         Ross W.                  I117

Patterson         Ruby                     II90

Patterson         William D.              II190

Pattinson         Darwin G.                I232

Patton            Mineva                  II179

Patton            W. David                 II24

Paul              Pearl                    I123

Pauley            Bertha Susie (Mrs.)      II77

Pauli             Lowell C.                 I14

Paulin            Milo J. (Rev.)           I102

Paulin            Milo J. (Rev.)           I104

Pauls             Marie F.                II124

Paulsen           Melvin C.                 I37

Pauly             Earl C. Sr.              I134

Paxton            James E.                 I206

Payden            Lorenzo W.              II128

Payne             Enid L.                  I215

Payne             Eva M.                   I165

Payne             Henry C.                II177

Payne             Herbert W.               II69

Payne             Jack                    II145

Payne             Julia                   II135

Payne             Limmie Thomas           II147

Payne             Milo S.                  I163

Payne             Ullysses A.              I116

Peacock           Frederick Cecil           I36

Peacock           Margaret Jane            I161

Peake             Lura E.                  I123

Pearl             Ruby Clovis               I99

Pearson           Edmond L.                 I63

Pearson           Edmond L.                 I68

Pearson           Edmond L.                 I70

Pearson           Eva Lee                   I79

Pearson           L. Betty                II111

Pearson           Lila May                 I119

Pearson           Otto N.                  I216

Pearson           Terry Dale               II49

Peck              Kenneth D.              II222

Peck              Sarah Kelly              I100

Peckens           Jesse W.                 I215

Peckham           Delmas                  II116

Peckham           Delmas                  II119

Pedersen          Anna                    II175

Pederson          Perry                     I31

Peel              Henry E.                 II34

Pegg              Mary Gladys              I143

Pegg              Raymond E.               I107

Pehde             Helen                    I148

Pember            Ruth                    II121

Pendergrass       Jess A.                 II132

Pendergrass       Pat                      I231

Penka             John                     II79

Pennell           David H.                  I11

Pennell           David H.                  I12

Pennell           Edgar T.                II212

Penner            Frances E.                I89

Penner            Katherine E.             II40

Pennington        Andrew A.                 I13

Pennington        Lance A.                 I176

Pennington        William D.              II198

Penrose           Cora Elizabeth          II154

Penrose           Lulu Mabel              II138

Penrose           Lulu Mabel              II141

Penrose           Orville Wayne            I106

Peoples           Leonard A.                II3

Percival          Earl                      I61

Percy             Lillian M.               II93

Percy             Max J.                   I237

Perilla           Teofilo Pilar             I34

Perkins           Calvin Lee               II48

Perkins           Doan Freeman              I10

Perkins           Icey M.                  I214

Perkins           James H.                 II46

Perkins           Lottie R.               II166

Perkins           Paul W.                  II96

Perry             Daniel W.               II223

Perry             Edward                   I146

Perry             Ezekiel                  I151

Perry             Lucille                  I213

Perry             Willie M. (Mrs.)          I73

Perry             Willie M. (Mrs.)          I75

Pershall          Fred W.                   I44

Peschka           Cynthia A.              II103

Peschka           Cynthia A.              II104

Petak             Mae Lee                  I217

Peter             Allen                    II42

Peters            Frederick C. (Dr.)        I44

Peters            Lena                     I164

Peters            Letha Ruth                I92

Peters            Marie E.                II163

Peters            Roland E.               II145

Peters            Roland E.               II146

Peters            Tell A.                  I187

Petersen          Mary Etta               II231

Peterson          Adelia M.                II98

Peterson          Andrew J.                II76

Peterson          Beth L.                   I17

Peterson          Curtis                   I158

Peterson          Edith                    II94

Peterson          Effie V.                II227

Peterson          Estella                  I231

Peterson          Harold E.                 I61

Peterson          Helen B.                 II46

Peterson          John (Mrs.)              I236

Peterson          John H.                 II156

Peterson          John Titus               I140

Peterson          Joseph                  II191

Peterson          Leona A.                II111

Peterson          Lolita V.                 I72

Peterson          R.                       I204

Peterson          Vergie                   I234

Peterson          Wayland S.               I104

Petitclerc        Lorene                  II103

Pettaway          Louis E.                  I51

Pettay            Martha                   II46

Pettigrew         Dora N.                  I220

Petty             Roy Gilbert               I84

Petty             Thelma                   I143

Peyton            Clay Edward              I200

Pfaff             Teenice C.                II4

Pfannenstiel      Isidore                  II78

Pfeifer           Dulie Mae                II34

Pfeiffer          Glenn Lee               II111

Pfeil             Rose M.                 II118

Pfieffer          Clareda                  I204

Pfingsten         Edward A.               II112

Pfizenmayer       William F.              II147

Pflughoeft        Clara K.                  I23

Pharo             Susan A. Lilley          I206

Phenneger         Howard J.                I138

Phenneger         Samuel                    I34

Philbrick         Bertha                   I132

Philips           Mark E.                  I236

Phillips          Beatrice                  I14

Phillips          Benjamin Wayne          II169

Phillips          Bessy May                II55

Phillips          Blanche                 II142

Phillips          Cora E.                   I17

Phillips          Edith Viola              I188

Phillips          Elener M.                I139

Phillips          Eva M.                   I213

Phillips          Fred                      I24

Phillips          Gertrude                  I95

Phillips          Ida Mae                 II131

Phillips          Jesse E.                 I231

Phillips          Marie V.                 II65

Phillips          Marie V.                 II66

Phillips          Mildred                   II5

Phillips          Oscar W.                  I23

Phillips          Sinda Lorene              I34

Phillips          Thelma                  II195

Phillips          Twila H.                 I167

Phillips          Will                    II154

Phillipy          John Ernest              I201

Philpott          Mabel T.                 II64

Phipps            Anna B.                  I159

Phipps            William P. T.           II133

Pichler           Carl P.                 II103

Pickens           Mary Jeanette            I157

Pickering         Wayne B.                  I87

Pielsticker       William Frederick          I1

Pieratt           Clark                    I190

Pierce            Darrel H.                 I47

Pierce            David D.                 I121

Pierce            Eunice                   I102

Pierce            Jan E.                   I114

Pierce            Lawrence                 I200

Pierce            Lawrence                 I201

Pierce            Marguerite G.           II183

Piland            Clarence E.             II100

Pilkington        Bessie M.               II111

Pilon             Pauline M.                I97

Pink              Cora Blaylock           II231

Piper             George A.                I146

Pipkin            Con E.                   II26

Pirtle            Homer                    I212

Pisell            Clyde F.                II138

Pitcher           Virgil W.                I182

Pittman           Minia V.                  I51

Pivonka           Bessie M.                II65

Platt             P. Arnold               II165

Platt             Roy Ira                 II189

Pletcher          Beulah B.               II120

Plumb             Walter S.               II144

Plummer           Myrtle M.                 I27

Plummer           Virgil R.                  I4

Plute             Goldie                  II100

Poage             Howard Dale              I204

Podboy            Katherine                I136

Podrebarac        Leonard F. (Dr.)        II223

Poe               Elizabeth F.              II6

Poe               Grothe Williams          II35

Poe               Russell O.               I106

Pogue             John A.                   I61

Poindexter        Jessie M.                I170

Polan             Catherine H.             I198

Poland            Alice Mae                I237

Poland            Louis M.                II154

Poland            Walter H.                I165

Poland            Walter Henry             I166

Polk              Myrtle I. (Mrs.)         II59

Pollak            Edward C.               II200

Pollan            Charles D.               II41

Pollard           Violet                    I79

Polley            William A.                I71

Pollock           Alleyne K.              II112

Polson            Ralph E.                 II55

Polzin            Ethel Irene              II64

Pomery            Edna E.                   I20

Pommeranz         Mary D.                 II103

Ponce             Ysidora                   I24

Pond              J. Carl                 II179

Pool              Lyndon E.                II59

Poore             Tonibell                II130

Pope              Margaret Jeanine          I54

Porter            Allen L.                 II82

Porter            Bill J.                   I23

Porter            George M.                I224

Porter            Harry W. Sr.              I75

Porter            JoAnn                    I194

Porter            Mary Jewel                I11

Porter            Tressie M.                I83

Portley           J. D.                   II174

Poschen           Pete                     II22

Poschen           Pete                     II23

Posey             Floyd J.                  I16

Posey             Sylvia Mae                 I2

Post              Charles B.              II107

Post              Harry Edwin              I225

Postier           Floyd L.                 I214

Poteet            Dorothy B.               II61

Potochink         Anton David               I49

Potter            Albert Joe               I187

Potter            George C.                I227

Potter            Harvey H.                I174

Potter            Leslie                    I35

Potter            Mary Grace                I22

Potter            Monte D.                 I219

Potts             Charles E.                I39

Potts             Max                       I76

Potts             Thelma G.                I132

Potts             Thomas Jerry             I151

Potts             Thomas Jerry             I153

Potucek           Frank R.                 I175

Poundstone        Arthur W.               II186

Powell            Chester Byron           II177

Powell            Dilver O.                 I60

Powell            Emma R. (Mrs.)            I83

Powell            Harrell Eugene             I5

Powell            Helen Marie               I82

Powell            Helen Marie               I84

Powell            Lee R.                   II59

Powell            Linda S.                II140

Powell            Mary                      II1

Powell            Phyllis Ann             II164

Powell            Phyllis Ann             II165

Powell            Ruth V.                II108.

Powers            Daniel A.                I179

Powers            Jesse E.                  I10

Powers            Mavis V.                 I114

Powers            Nettie Louetta           I234

Pownell           Albert T.                I223

Pownell           John H.                  I131

Pracht            Mary Olive               I212

Pracht            Michael Howard            I27

Prackish          Edward                   I190

Prater            Joshua Andrew            I213

Prater            Rhoda Mae                II71

Prater            Walter W.                 I87

Prater            Walter W.                 I88

Prather           Roy S.                   I196

Prather           Vernon Glen              I200

Pratt             Della                    I240

Pratt             Hazel M.                  I66

Pratt             Lisle C.                II198

Pratt             M. C.                    I218

Pratt             Mable                    I171

Pray              Alta                     I203

Pray              Lucy P.                  I134

Prchal            Louis                    I216

Preisser          John Michael            II206

Pressney          Nettie M.                 I48

Preston           Francis L.              II217

Preston           Orville O.              II146

Preston           Robert Eugene            I100

Preston           Robert Eugene            I101

Priboth           Millie E.                I181

Priboth           Millie E.                I182

Pribyl            Anton                     I30

Price             Cecil L.                 II31

Price             Dallas Donovan            I74

Price             Juanita (Mrs.)            I86

Price             Maggie C.                I200

Price             Petra C.                 II73

Price             Robert H.               II155

Prichard          Neil W.                 II175

Prichard          Ray A.                   I134

Prieb             Kenneth R.               I211

Prieb             Kenneth R.               I212

Priest            Florence E.               I55

Priestly          Dora Ann (Dr.)            I21

Prill             Donna Teresa             I124

Prilliman         Ted L.                  II159

Prince            Owen Washington (Rev.)  II114

Prisock           Jess                      I95

Pritchard         Helen K.                 I233

Pritchett         Raymond Francis          I175

Pritz             Docia V.                  I91

Prive             Cora E.                  II98

Prochaska         Emil G.                  I113

Prochaska         Henry                    II49

Proesch           Ellie L.                 I234

Prohart           Fred Fritz               II71

Prosser           Babe R.                   I40

Prosser           Cecil L.                 II10

Provence          Edward N.               II120

Provost           Lucienne Rousseau         I77

Pruett            Sidney                   I188

Pruitt            Fred E.                   I84

Pruitt            Leroy C.                 I182

Pruitt            Leroy C.                 I186

Pruitt            Maud                     II97

Prunty            Ethel M.                  I25

Prunty            Ruby E.                 II224

Pryor             Belvia Lucinda           II83

Pryor             Nessa Evans              II84

Pryor             William W.                I27

Ptacek            Frank C.                 I136

Puckett           Ella May                 I193

Puckett           Ernest B.                I191

Puckett           Fred D.                  I188

Puckett           Maggie M.                I227

Puckett           Margaret E.             II211

Pugh              Frank R.                II160

Pugh              Mary Elsie                I63

Pugh              Opal Maye                I240

Pugh              Ruthann Iolene           II22

Pulis             Claude A.               II145

Pulis             Vera G.                  I165

Pulliam           Susie (Mrs.)              I69

Pummill           Elva H.                   I24

Purcell           Nancy R.                II100

Purciller         Burt Frank               I116

Purdum            Warren Dale Sr.         II205

Purdunn           Flora                   II162

Purdy             Lloyd                    I161

Purdy             Sara Ann                II196

Purser            Norma Fay                 I80

Purvis            Beulah                    I35

Purvis            Oscar C.                  I24

Puryear           Gideon G.                I161

Putnam            Bruce L.                 II36

Putnam            Maurine H.               I121

Putnam            Nellie                   II39

Putter            Erma Emma                I121

Putter            Lyle Eugene               II5

Puyear            Roy Dale                 I184

Pyeatte           George P.               II147

Pyle              John Thomas (Rev.)       I117

Pyle              Kempster Warren          I199

Quade             Donald E.                II97

Querry            Dean                    II144

Query             Cleta F.                II225

Quick             Irene Woolsey            I149

Quick             Jessie D.                 I16

Quigley           Ruth J.                  I129

Quillen           Lucille J.                I74

Quinlisk          Leslie                    I39

Quinlisk          Leslie                    I40

Quinlisk          Verna                     I39

Quinlisk          Verna                     I40

Quinton           Preston T.               II82

Raaf              Ella                    II205

Racy              Clifford N.             II185

Rademacher        Arthur A.                 I66

Rader             Fred Lyle                 I27

Rader             Marie C.                 II14

Rader             Nona Frances            II146

Rader             Ted                      II51

Radford           Sara K.                   I30

Radke             Joann (Mrs.)              I13

Radtke            Fred J.                  I109

Rafler            Sarah Francis            I215

Rahm              John Earl               II113

Raimey            Mayme                    I176

Rainbolt          Bentley                   I99

Raine             Sam                      II13

Raleigh           Julia Alice              II37

Ralls             Jasper D.                I116

Ralston           Charles Edwin            I147

Ralston           Virden W.                II50

Ralston           Virgil Eugene            II84

Ramage            Frances M.               II73

Ramey             Eva M.                   I223

Ramey             Mary E.                    I9

Ramirez           Domingo                   II8

Ramsdale          Elsie Faye               I221

Ramsey            LeRoy H.                 I165

Ramsey            Marie Huffman           II213

Ramsey            Mildred                 II214

Ramsey            Mildred V.              II215

Ramsey            Ralph A.                 II21

Ramsour           Ethel A.                  I60

Ranabargar        Dona C.                   I57

Randall           John W.                  I131

Randall           Lennie                    I73

Randle            Josephine S.              I87

Ranes             Christine               II166

Rankin            Calvin M.               II207

Rankin            Calvin M.               II209

Rankin            Florence M.             II143

Rankin            Goldie M.                 I85

Rankin            Mabel                    I114

Rapp              William P.               I210

Rash              Oval J.                   II5

Rataj             Agnes T.                  I68

Rathbone          Vivian S.                 II2

Rathbun           H. V.                     I72

Ratzlaff          A. K. (Dr.)               I58

Ratzlaff          Helen L.                  I45

Ratzlaff          Marie                    II66

Rau               Michael Paul            II135

Rau               Vincent                  II32

Ravenkamp         Charles F. Jr.           II39

Ravenscroft       Sydney                    I86

Ravenstein        Fred                     I240

Ravenstein        Walbert James            I203

Ray               Alton C. Sr.              I73

Ray               Bessie M.                II68

Ray               Ernest A.                 I16

Ray               Eva Mae                   I68

Ray               Georgeanna               I144

Ray               Helen L.                  I45

Ray               Jamie Lynn              II145

Ray               Susie D.                II188

Ray               Zella Irene McHenry     II114

Ray               Zennelle E.               I64

Rayas             Felix                    I158

Raymer            Dewey G.                II124

Razey             Floyd                    I233

Rea               Landis M.                II37

Rea               Rollin K.                 I68

Read              Charles F.                I33

Read              H. M.                     I85

Reaksecker        Lena M.                  I180

Reaksecker        Lena M.                  I181

Real              F. Fern                 II183

Reaves            Phillip Ray              I172

Reavley           Lucy E.                 II144

Rebstock          Marion A.                II96

Redd              Paul                       I6

Reddick           Charles A.                I14

Reddick           Olga                     II57

Reddins           Willard O.              II101

Redfearn          Robert Dale               I65

Redgate           Carma J.                II191

Redinger          Robert Leon              I238

Redman            John P. Sr.              II73

Redman            John P. Sr.              II75

Redmon            Charles B.                I11

Redmon            Charles B.                 I9

Redmon            Edgar W.                  I65

Redmon            Edgar W.                  I66

Redmond           Dreva Boone             II210

Redmond           Owen J. Sr.              I233

Rednour           William R.                I44

Reece             Bertha E.                I231

Reed              Ann L.                   II15

Reed              Ann L.                   II16

Reed              Arthur Earl              I139

Reed              Arthur Earl              I141

Reed              Bess L.                 II143

Reed              Bess L.                 II146

Reed              Bethel E.               II149

Reed              Candace                  I199

Reed              Don P.                    II2

Reed              Douglas H.              II215

Reed              Ethyl Neighbors         II129

Reed              Fannie E.                I111

Reed              Floyd James              I140

Reed              Ida Pearl                 I44

Reed              James E.                II207

Reed              John Quincy (Dr.)        I193

Reed              Leo Albert               II34

Reed              Obie                      I20

Reed              Raymond James            I146

Reed              Robert William           II98

Reed              Sarah R. (Dr.)           I227

Reed              Steven Scott             I161

Reed              Wilbur S.                I237

Reeder            C. C.                     I40

Reeder            Myrtle K.                II25

Reeder            Nettie Catherine         II75

Reedy             Bessie K.               II200

Reedy             Clara Marie              I136

Reedy             Clara Marie              I137

Reedy             Clara Marie              I138

Reef              James Junior              I86

Rees              Jean D.                    I2

Reese             Carl                      I51

Reese             Merle M.                II204

Reese             Victor E.               II175

Reeves            Earl Eugene             II213

Reeves            Ida C.                   I179

Reeves            Royce W.                 II49

Reffner           Fred                      I67

Reffner           William A.               II94

Regan             Aloysius P.              I158

Regan             Delia V.                  I22

Regan             Katherine B.            II140

Regas             Grace M.                  I11

Regehr            Linda                   II105

Regier            Charlotte B.            II219

Regier            Charlotte B.            II221

Regier            Gustav H.                II72

Regier            Selma G.                  I71

Rehme             Selma Marie             II121

Rehn              Estella Rachel            I18

Rehn              Estella Rachel            I19

Reichuber         Edwin H.                  I45

Reid              Betty R.                  I68

Reid              Glen H.                   I17

Reid              Kenneth                 II111

Reida             Albert C.                I193

Reida             George Roland            I134

Reilly            Charlotte H.               I4

Reimer            Agnes                    II34

Reimer            Bertha                    I25

Reimer            Nannie E.               II172

Reinecke          David Allen              II35

Reinfelds         Arvids                    I57

Reinhardt         Kenneth R.                I14

Reinhardt         Opal Mary                I175

Reinolds          Bertha                   I111

Reiss             Gerald O.                II37

Releford          Edith A.                II165

Remmert           William H. (Mrs.)        I207

Renfro            George E.               II103

Rengersoll        Hattie                   II89

Renick            Starla Renee             II43

Renn              Emily                    I180

Renner            Bertha L.                I131

Renner            Patrick William (Fr.)   II186

Renstrom          Morris                  II163

Renteria          Mario E.                II113

Replogle          Helen Burnett           II194

Repp              Myrtle                   I213

Requena           Pedro Gabriel            II86

Reser             M. Bessie                I123

Rethorst          Doris F.                 I159

Reusser           Emma                      I37

Reveal            Chauncey W.              II42

Rexroad           Minor J.                 I207

Reyes             Ruben (Dr.)              I136

Reynolds          Debra Lee                I170

Reynolds          Ernest R.               II201

Reynolds          Howell Percy             I136

Reynolds          Opal W. (Mrs.)            I85

Rezeau            Ruth R.                 II140

Rhiness           Paul T.                  I167

Rhodes            Elmer N.                II204

Rhodes            Ollie L.                 I139

Rhodes            Pollie L.                I138

Rhodes            Preston D.                I67

Rhoten            Morris Lee               II73

Rice              Bessie Ann               II53

Rice              Flora Dale               I166

Rice              Frances Roberta           II9

Rice              Le Grande               II122

Rice              Zatha V.                  I72

Rich              Eva                       I70

Rich              Gertrude Cochenour       I211

Rich              Pearl R.                 II85

Richard           Blanche F.                I52

Richard           Marguerite              II170

Richard           Thomas J.               II204

Richards          Anna                    II229

Richards          Anna Mae                  I85

Richards          Billie S.                I228

Richards          Meri                    II229

Richardson        Dorothy Mae              I149

Richardson        Edward L.               II184

Richardson        Eliza J.                 I125

Richardson        James E.                II133

Richardson        Orvel                   II172

Richardson        Roy                      II35

Richardson        Russell Roy              II60

Richardson        Stella M.               II133

Richardson        V. B.                   II118

Richardson        Wilbert Allen            I116

Richcreek         Maryann T.              II156

Richerson         Kenneth A.              II140

Richert           Mary                     I222

Richman           Sandra Sue              II188

Richmeier         Mary                     I110

Rickards          Lydia M.                 I156

Rickers           Damon R.                 II37

Ricketts          James C.                II214

Ricksecker        Martha                    I76

Riddell           Hugh C.                   I86

Riddiough         Thadine L.               I121

Ridell            Pauline P.               II17

Rider             Anna Lauretta            I188

Rider             Estella E.              II211

Rider             Stella                   II35

Ridge             Dewey S.                II217

Ridgeway          Harry G.                 I153

Ridgley           Pearl Helen              II17

Ridgway           Leland T.                II43

Riedel            Theodore C.                I9

Riedl             Ethel P.                II227

Riedl             Frank C.                II169

Riege             Ruth E.                  I168

Riegel            Jerry M.                II195

Riepe             Harold                   II61

Rigby             Gretta L.               II217

Riggs             Carl C.                   I76

Riggs             Deloss D.                I114

Riggs             Lester W.                 I84

Riggs             Mary Geneva              II98

Riggs             Orville                  I101

Right             Brian Keith                I2

Right             Vera M.                   I81

Rigsby            Lola                    II133

Riley             Allen C.                 II34

Riley             Anna M.                  I207

Riley             Bernard Sherman         II129

Riley             Charles L.              II176

Riley             Doris                    I176

Riley             Earl J.                  I162

Riley             Katharyne                I183

Riley             Katherine G.             I133

Riley             Sadie M.                II210

Rilling           Elizabeth                II62

Rindom            Ora G.                  II197

Rindt             Norman F.                 I51

Rinehart          Mary Alice               II19

Ring              Jacob N.                 I198

Ringle            Mary D.                  I131

Ringle            Robert O.                 I68

Ringquist         Jacob A.                 I140

Rinke             James Frank              II30

Rios              David Joseph            II228

Rios              David Joseph            II230

Rioz              Micayla M.               I146

Ripper            Mary                     II71

Ripper            Mary                     II72

Risch             Irma Irene               I195

Rise              Emil Alvin              II159

Rishel            Clara                    I188

Risinger          Neva Gertrude           II128

Risinger          Ronald D.               II126

Risley            Rena Woods               II95

Ritchey           Pauline                 II208

Ritchey           Tim Wade                II167

Ritter            Frederick J.             I199

Rivera            Joe R.                    I39

Rixse             Minnie R.               II140

Rixse             Raymond R.               II84

Rizley            Elvin E.                II106

Roads             Kenneth Wayne            I203

Roark             Lawrence                II218

Robb              Ethel S.                  I78

Robbins           George F.                I164

Robbins           Harry Neal               II34

Robbins           Lucy J.                  II45

Robbinson         Robert Anthony          II129

Roberson          Lenord L. Sr.            I134

Roberson          Wade                    II230

Roberson          Wendy Lea               II127

Roberson          Wendy Lea               II129

Roberts           Agnes                     I91

Roberts           Barbara J.                I73

Roberts           Emma                    II121

Roberts           Flossie Mae              I134

Roberts           George W.                I114

Roberts           Gomer L.                  I92

Roberts           Ida Ellen                I180

Roberts           Ida R.                  II208

Roberts           Irene V.                 II87

Roberts           Jamie H.                  II4

Roberts           John A.                 II177

Roberts           M. Ruth                  I209

Roberts           Margaret                II213

Roberts           Margaret Eaton            I20

Roberts           Marvel A.                 II3

Roberts           Norah K.                 I217

Robertson         Bessie M.               II200

Robertson         Geneva V.                 I99

Robertson         Geneva Van Leu           I100

Robertson         James B.                  I17

Robertson         Lester                    I44

Robertson         Loren R.                  I80

Robertson         Mabel                     I30

Robertson         May F.                   I205

Robertson         Ollie V.                  I78

Robertson         Ralph Richard             I21

Robineet          Marie C.                 I191

Robinette         Dorotha Maude             I75

Robins            Verna                    I227

Robinson          Alice J.                 II28

Robinson          Betty Jean (Mrs.)         I35

Robinson          Billy                    I230

Robinson          Edwin T.                II168

Robinson          Emily                     I22

Robinson          Emily                     I26

Robinson          Howard L.                 I87

Robinson          Ila Pearl               II230

Robinson          John A. Jr.              II16

Robinson          John A. Jr.              II20

Robinson          Johnny                  II175

Robinson          M. V.                     I21

Robinson          Mabel                   II169

Robinson          Mary Alice              II178

Robinson          Owen R. (Dr.)            I235

Robinson          Ray E.                    I55

Robison           Sarah V.                II194

Robison           Thomas J.                I200

Robison           Toots                    II95

Robl              Robert W.               II162

Robson            Elnora                  II115

Robson            Jean Ann                  I17

Rock              Wayne Alan               II11

Rockhold          L. H.                   II228

Rockhold          Paul Vernon             II131

Rockwell          Lola M.                  I158

Rodkey            Nola R.                 II202

Rodman            Pearl May                I154

Rodriguez         Alejandro (Mrs.)          I33

Rodriguez         Guadalupe               II133

Rodriguez         Marlin Gregory           II64

Rodrock           Ruth T.                  I116

Roe               Bertha                    I51

Roe               Ted W.                  II121

Roecker           Paul Aaron               II22

Roehrman          John C.                  I150

Rogers            Alfred L.                I221

Rogers            Alonzo F.                 I99

Rogers            Edgar                    II55

Rogers            Edna                     I157

Rogers            Edna M.                  I156

Rogers            Edon Hazen                II1

Rogers            Floyd Clifford            II7

Rogers            Homer B.                 II45

Rogers            Kathryn Elizabeth       II167

Rogers            Margaret S.             II177

Rogers            Selden D.                I138

Rogg              Julia L.                II131

Rogge             Edgar C.                 I217

Rohling           Henry H.                  I33

Rohlman           Alzira                   II28

Rohman            Maurice Gene            II173

Rohr              Edna M.                   I10

Rohr              George P.                I131

Rohr              Gerhardt                 II88

Rohr              Ruby Catherine Oswald    II36

Rohrer            Adam                     I176

Rohrer            Bill D.                 II108

Rohrer            Dot M.                    I95

Rohrer            Stella Elizabeth        II134

Roles             Robert Jasper            I206

Rolfs             Roland J.                 I19

Roll              Wilber L.                I113

Rollins           Helena (Mrs.)           II169

Rombold           Charles R. (Dr.)        II216

Rome              Nick                      I34

Romey             Daniel Jospeh           II157

Romig             Everett A.                I14

Romine            Marguerite Beatrice      II72

Ronsick           Dell D.                 II206

Root              Frank E.                 I115

Root              Lallah Glenn (Mrs.)      I172

Roots             Pearl S.                II226

Rorabaugh         Adah Smith               I109

Rork              William Phillip          I203

Rosbrook          Grantley                 II99

Rose              Estella                 II191

Rose              Ethelyn L.              II225

Rose              Glen R.                   I57

Rose              James A.                   I4

Rose              John Franklin            II17

Rose              Orval G.                 II41

Rose              Ray W.                   I221

Rosebrook         Tansy A.                 I191

Rosecrans         Lyle Landon              II50

Rosecrans         Vincent J.                I63

Rosenberger       W. A.                    I195

Roser             Lloyd G. Sr.            II154

Rosiere           C. E.                    II83

Rosington         Shirley D.               I197

Ross              Azee V.                  II68

Ross              Azee V.                  II69

Ross              Bob                        I5

Ross              Bobbie                  II138

Ross              Bobbie                  II139

Ross              Delno W. (Maj.)          I145

Ross              Eugene E.               II229

Ross              Everett L.              II175

Ross              Everett L.              II176

Ross              Grace                     I54

Ross              John A.                   I29

Ross              Marion Lee               I107

Ross              Norton S.                 I24

Ross              Oda V.                  II225

Ross              Vida May                  I35

Ross              Winifred (Mrs.)           I67

Roth              Edgar                     I16

Roth              Emanuel                  I117

Roth              Rose T.                  I114

Rothfuss          Harry J. (Rev.)         II158

Rothfuss          Harry J. (Rev.)         II159

Roths             Mary A.                   I50

Rottler           Fred L.                  II93

Roundy            Edna                      I65

Rounkles          Lala                    II149

Rounkles          Lala                    II150

Rous              Rose                      I78

Roush             Zeta M.                  I172

Roush             Zeta M.                  I174

Routon            Joshua Ezekiel           I209

Rovenstine        Mona                     II19

Row               Harold L. (Dr.)         II177

Rowe              Edna I.                 II109

Rowe              Luellic E.              II217

Rowe              Luellic E.              II219

Rowe              Willis                  II150

Rowin             Letha F.                 I112

Rowl              Billy Gene               I179

Rowland           Will Sherman             I238

Rowley            Taylor A.                I149

Rowsey            Sarah Catherine          II23

Rowton            Mary E.                  I201

Rowton            Mary E. Lewis            I203

Roy               Doshia E.                I118

Royse             Walter Raymond            I73

Rubendall         Eva Mae                   II6

Rucas             Clarence W.              II52

Rucker            Link Bradley            II119

Ruddick           Alvin E.                  I14

Rude              John R. Sr.               I73

Ruder             Mary                     I181

Rufer             Howard L.               II106

Ruffner           Georgia Mae               I82

Ruhr              Edith May                I198

Rumbaugh          Fred R.                 II197

Rumpf             Earl F.                    I3

Rumpf             Earl F.                  II80

Runco             Corbett Bronson          I155

Rundquist         Arvid                     I94

Rundstrom         Paul                     I232

Runyan            Melba L.                 I215

Rupf              Zelma Sager              I134

Ruppert           Barbara M.               II42

Rusch             Inez                      I54

Rush              Charles                   I28

Rush              Erick Anthony            II73

Rush              Lonnie L.                I123

Rush              Margaret Mary (Mrs.)     I130

Rush              Peter                     I75

Rush              Zona M.                 II185

Russell           Alma                      I59

Russell           Anna E.                   II1

Russell           Dorothy Eula             I141

Russell           Elizabeth                I168

Russell           Esther P.               II174

Russell           Frank P.                II142

Russell           Frank P.                II148

Russell           Jessie                  II179

Russell           O. C.                     I28

Russell           Ralph F.                 I177

Russell           Reb                      I105

Russell           Roxie F.                II156

Russell           William W.               II21

Russum            Florence Ellen           II91

Russum            Richard E.                I13

Rust              Leslie W.               II124

Ruth              Wilbur R.                 I16

Rutherford        Bessie W.                II97

Ruthstrom         Carl G.                   I79

Rutledge          Ida E.                    I66

Rutledge          Lura E. (Mrs.)            I43

Rutschman         Marlin Keith              I73

Rutschman         Marlin Keith              I74

Rutter            Doris J.                  II6

Rutter            Vere R.                  I180

Ryan              Delbert                  II34

Ryan              Francis R.               I177

Ryan              John Alexander           I208

Ryan              Thomas J. Jr.           II134

Ryden             Ernest J.                I174

Ryf               Artie I.                 II13

Rylant            Hazel V.                 I212

Rymph             Alice N.                  I16

Ryon              Jack O.                   I57

Rypkema           Kathilyn S.              I176

Saar              Elsie L.                 I107

Saccanne          Esther Naomi            II173

Sack              John M.                  I164

Sack              Josie R.                 I147

Sack              M. Ethelbert (Sister)     I15

Saffle            Charles R.                I77

Sage              Glen Gordon             II162

Sager             George E.                 I57

Sahlberg          Virginia E.              I183

Sailing           Lorene M.                 I62

Sailor            Margie Beverly          II174

Salas             Anthony J.              II214

Salazar           Antonio G.                I54

Saling            Helen Lillie             I150

Salisbury         Billy Max                I231

Salisbury         James M. W.              II10

Sallee            Harry C.                  I81

Salts             Cora B.                  II51

Salyer            Barbara C.               I146

Salyer            James T.                 I203

Salyers           Jeanette                 I234

Samms             Ella Elizabeth           II95

Sams              Bessie H.               II175

Sams              Lloyd E.                  II2

Samson            John H. (Rev.)          II179

Samuels           Sherma K.               II136

Sanborn           Rolla B.                 II28

Sancher           Byron                   II140

Sand              Lola Belle              II210

Sandell           George H.               II125

Sander            Alexander J.              I46

Sanders           Allen Jr.               II172

Sanders           Burdette                 II64

Sanders           Carrie M.                II81

Sanders           Eldon Neal               I217

Sanders           Florence M.              I137

Sanders           Griffin I.               II78

Sanders           Hazel Hartley           II105

Sanders           Irene M.                 II16

Sanders           Joe E.                   I174

Sanders           Leo C.                    I43

Sanders           Lillie                   II57

Sanders           Otis C.                 II179

Sanders           Pamela S. Schnepel       I186

Sanders           Roy W.                   I237

Sanderson         Karl Henry              II196

Sandez            Paul                     II75

Sandon            Sam Russell              I165

Sandoval          Nancy Ann                 I67

Sanford           Owen A.                    I4

Sanger            Fern A. (Mrs.)            I54

Sanger            Merrill                  I131

Sansbury          Christopher W.           II84

Sanseda           Phillip                 II159

Sapp              Susan D.                 II95

Sappington        Lee B.                   I159

Sappio            John G.                   I24

Sarg              Harry W.                  I67

Sargeant          Ruth                     I101

Sargent           Hugh Esten               II52

Sartin            Anna B.                  I141

Sattler           Clara Edith              I216

Sattler           Lester K.               II141

Saubers           Henry O.                II193

Sauers            Melvin                  II143

Saums             Paul E.                   I12

Saunders          George G.                II14

Saunders          Lelia M.                  I34

Sauter            Catherine (Sister)      II160

Savage            Charles H.                 I3

Savage            Russell F.              II108

Savage            Ruth Goodrum             I120

Savio             Carolina A.             II126

Savolt            Maxine R.                II93

Savute            John                      I36

Sawtelle          Emmet S.                II147

Sawyer            Perniecie A.              I56

Sayler            Elsie L.                  I79

Scarborough       Carolyn                  II42

Scarlett          Fred C. Sr.              II45

Scates            Lucy J.                   I54

Schaar            Wiliam A.                I159

Schackenberg      John Henry              II131

Schaechtele       Robert F.                 I20

Schaechtele       Robert F.                 I22

Schaede           Myrtle                   II56

Schaefer          Catherine Rockwell        I26

Schaefer          Catherine Rockwell        I27

Schaefer          J. Earl                 II182

Schaefer          J. Earl                 II184

Schaffer          Dan                     II215

Schaffer          Fern D.                 II206

Schank            Amelia A. (Mrs.)          I11

Schank            M. F.                    I220

Scharff           Charles W.              II179

Schattenberg      Carl H.                   I82

Schaub            Stella C.               II147

Schauf            Steven M.                I132

Schauner          Francis Jr.              I113

Scheck            Wendelin                 I153

Scheib            Sophia                   I229

Schell            Grace F.                 I141

Schelley          Rock Wade                 I31

Schenk            Anna Rosetta             II68

Schenkofsky       Mary                     I197

Schenkofsky       Mary                     I199

Scheuerman        Peter                   II143

Scheufler         Lena                     I229

Schields          Delbert R.                I35

Schiffelbein      John                     I141

Schiffelbein      Wendelin J.              I189

Schill            Flora H.                 II94

Schiller          Eva                     II175

Schiller          Marvin A.               II125

Schimitz          Leona G.                 I122

Schimmel          Corda E.                 I108

Schimmel          Joy                      II38

Schimmels         Stephanie Karen           II2

Schlatter         Jesse C.                 II39

Schlatter         John N.                 II101

Schlatter         John N.                 II102

Schlehuber        Edward                    I44

Schley            Adeline L.              II183

Schlicht          Charlotte E.              I62

Schlup            Frank                    I161

Schmelzla         Gerald Albert            II36

Schmidt           Barbara (Sister)          I24

Schmidt           Ben H.                    I11

Schmidt           Edwin                    II26

Schmidt           Esther                     I2

Schmidt           Ethel F.                II119

Schmidt           Etta                     I171

Schmidt           Francis R.                I93

Schmidt           Gertrude                 II49

Schmidt           Harlow L.               II198

Schmidt           Helena                   II76

Schmidt           Lavern L. (Rev.)         I213

Schmidt           Leona H.                 I164

Schmidt           Lodie                    I189

Schmidt           Marie G.                 II59

Schmidt           Mary P.                  II67

Schmidt           Oliver H.               II117

Schmidt           Ottilia D.               I114

Schmidt           Paul W.                 II206

Schmidt           Ronald Lee               I151

Schmidt           Virgil                   I148

Schmidt           William A.               I235

Schmitt           Emilie Rothermel         I146

Schmitt           Harold E.               II211

Schmitz           Henry J. Jr.            II171

Schmultz          Godfrey                 II139

Schmutz           Clara                    I203

Schmutz           Minnie                   II19

Schneider         Henry                    I133

Schneider         Herman F.               II131

Schneider         Jacob                    I138

Schneider         Sarah                     I25

Schneider         Verona                    I64

Schneider         William H.               I113

Schnell           Joseph H.                I127

Schneweis         Katherine A.              I88

Schnieders        Arnold L. II             II37

Schnurr           Pearl                    II78

Schoen            Kiley Marie              II69

Schoenfeldt       Leora                   II169

Schoenhofer       Bridget L.              II124

Schofield         Irvin E. Sr.             II53

Scholle           Charly A.                II48

Scholle           Violet Marie              I57

Schon             Flossie A.               I219

Schooley          Burt                     I115

Schoonover        Agnes                     II4

Schoonover        John L.                 II126

Schoonover        Lillian F.               II73

Schovee           William J.              II217

Schraag           Marcella M.              II98

Schrag            Bertha                   II84

Schrag            Eva                      I141

Schrag            John H.                  I204

Schrater          Edward                    II3

Schreck           Ethel M.                  I72

Schreefer         Clara Nan                 I83

Schreffler        David S.                 II99

Schreffler        Reba W.                 II199

Schriber          Lela B.                 II136

Schriner          Edith                     I85

Schriver          Ruby L.                   I26

Schroeder         Albert                   II42

Schroeder         Alvin J.                 II89

Schroeder         Bill Sr.                II173

Schroeder         Edward G.                I204

Schroeder         Elma                     I176

Schroeder         Frieda                  II197

Schroeder         Lena Wedel               II41

Schroeder         Mary                     I158

Schroeder         Mildred P.                 I2

Schroeder         Rudolph F.                I68

Schubert          Herman E.                 I79

Schueler          Agnes B.                II177

Schulte           Bonaventure John           I8

Schultz           Julius                    I32

Schultz           Karoline                 I189

Schultz           Letha M.                 I108

Schultz           Neva Rose Tate            I45

Schultze          Don H.                  II114

Schulz            Lillian E.                I12

Schumacher        Rickey Lee               I181

Schupp            Oscar V.                 I146

Schurr            Leona E.                 II42

Schurter          Charity A.               I202

Schuster          Christopher W.           II56

Schuster          Eva                      II54

Schuyler          Malvin E.               II135

Schwab            Edna R.                 II229

Schwarm           Mary Edith               I176

Schwartz          Herbert                 II148

Schwartz          Norman (Dr.)             I227

Schweim           Lydia H.                 I176

Schweiter         Jennie H.                I164

Schwemmer         Arnold H.                I141

Schwemmer         Arnold H.                I142

Schwender         Gilbert T.               II34

Schwertfeger      Mildred Mae              II95

Schwertfeger      Orville Frank            I235

Schwindt          Irene                     I44

Schwinn           Louis M.                 I221

Schwinn           Wilhelm                   I64

Schwintz          Charles A.               I214

Schwyhart         Wilbur G.               II200

Schwyhart         Wilbur G.               II202

Scobee            Edwin A.                  I67

Scobee            Edwin A.                  I68

Scofield          Judy Joan                I204

Scott             Cecil R.                II173

Scott             Charles E.               I177

Scott             Charles Henry             I77

Scott             Dora                    II202

Scott             Dustin Michael           I164

Scott             Edna                      I51

Scott             Elsie B.                 II13

Scott             George Elmer             I121

Scott             Gracey V.                 I67

Scott             Hugh Edward              I107

Scott             James B.                  I28

Scott             Jewell A.                I214

Scott             John E.                  I229

Scott             Katie Irene             II154

Scott             Lenore H.               II202

Scott             Marie (Mrs.)             I103

Scott             Murdis A.               II184

Scott             Nita F.                 II148

Scott             Nita F.                 II149

Scott             Osta P.                   I77

Scott             Rowena M.               II151

Scott             Samuel Alonzo             I12

Scott             Veneta                   II71

Scott             Virgie L.                II78

Scott             Walter A.                I173

Scott             Walter Lane               I34

Scott             Willis                   I141

Scovel            Ernest Claude            II91

Scovel            Ira Ernest               I106

Scoville          Leslie R.                I180

Seaburn           Eugene T.                I197

Seaburn           Jay                      I206

Seacat            Russell H.                I44

Seal              Howard H.                I111

Seaman            Chester F.              II157

Sears             Eunice                   II13

Sears             Iola P.                  II15

Sears             John                     I196

Sears             Pacifique J.            II226

Sears             Pacifique J.            II228

Sears             Pearl L.                 I160

Secrest           Aloha G.                   I8

See               Lester                    I52

Seely             Dora (Mrs.)               I36

Seger             Allie                   II183

Sehrt             Albert                    I44

Seibel            Lola A.                  II33

Seibel            Sam                       I75

Seidel            Andrew Everett           I165

Seidl             Rudolph W.                I63

Seifert           Harry George              I57

Seiler            Edward                    I48

Seiler            John Sr.                 II16

Seim              Beulah L.               II163

Seipp             George W.                 I78

Seitz             Betty J.                 I206

Seitz             Wilberta                  I32

Seiwert           Mary                      I69

Seiwert           Werner C.                I198

Seley             George N.                II98

Sell              Edna Pearl              II144

Sell              Louise                  II212

Sell              Luetta Pearl             II17

Sellers           Maude G.                II230

Selves            Ethel Irene (Mrs.)       I174

Senior            Clara B. (Mrs.)           II4

Sentney           Roscoe B.                I116

Serviss           Lee                      II93

Settergren        A. Lyle                 II146

Settle            Ruby O.                 II210

Sevart            Alma                       I2

Sewell            Blanche E. (Mrs.)         I83

Sexson            Lloyd L.                 I188

Sexton            Floyd W.                II156

Sexton            Naomi I.                   I5

Seymour           Marbelle E.               I44

Shackelford       James A.                II150

Shadday           Harold William           I215

Shade             Kenneth F.               II75

Shadley           Lafey J.                II101

Shadomy           William Dean             II49

Shafer            Minnie D.               II103

Shafer            Wallace E.              II206

Shaffer           Anna A.                  II15

Shaffer           Avanell N.              II181

Shaffer           Bernice M.               II58

Shaffer           Kathryn Ethel             I99

Shaffer           Margaret Louise           I52

Shamburg          Bill E.                  II18

Shanelec          Joseph A.               II103

Shank             Emory M.                 I153

Shank             Glenn Virgil             I155

Shank             Harriet A.               I178

Shankland         Harold                   I187

Shanklin          Claude J.                II34

Shanklin          Robert L.                I130

Shanklin          Robert L.                I132

Shannon           Dorraine L.             II181

Shannon           Harry J.                  I50

Shannon           Mary Louise                I7

Shannon           Nancy J.                 II21

Shannon           Velma R.                 I201

Sharbonno         Ellsworth E.             I222

Sharkey           Anthony J.                II4

Sharkey           Anthony J.                II6

Sharp             Beedie L.                I177

Sharp             Harry L.                  I98

Sharp             Jenny Sue               II122

Sharp             Lewis J.                  I77

Sharp             Lorenzo D.              II139

Sharp             Lottie                   II37

Shaver            Mabel                   II107

Shaver            Patricia A.             II227

Shaver            Scott Edward             I196

Shaw              Audrey M.                II91

Shaw              Benjamin Phillip         II94

Shaw              Frances Mary             I177

Shaw              Howard E.                I147

Shaw              N. Stanley               II82

Shaw              Ruby A.                  II65

Shawger           Stephen H.               I114

Shawver           Ernest B.                 II3

Shawver           Ernest B.                 II5

Shawver           Ernest B.                 II6

Shea              James L.                II165

Shea              Maurice J.              II106

Sheaks            Clyde F.                  I79

Shean             Deann                      I6

Shean             Leann                      I6

Shearer           George L.                 I97

Shears            Leo G.                  II144

Shedd             Gary Andrew             II211

Sheel             Emera Frederick          I140

Sheen             Elizabeth L.            II100

Sheer             Anna Drussel            II206

Sheets            Harley C.                II53

Sheets            Mary Juanita             I140

Sheetz            Frank L.                   I8

Sheetz            Glenn R.                 I176

Sheiver           Maurine                  I231

Shelburn          Lota                     I115

Sheldon           Dawn Renee               II22

Sheldon           Everett                   I67

Shelley           Carrie K.                 II9

Shelley           Glenn Eugene             I230

Shelton           Bill E.                    I3

Shelton           Cora A.                 II119

Shelton           Earl                      I52

Shelton           John R.                  I206

Shelton           Mary C.                   I47

Shelton           Richard P.               I146

Shelton           Richard Parkard          I145

Shepard           Everett                   I57

Shepard           Hershel Joe Jr.         II115

Shepard           Keith D.                  I83

Shephard          Etta                      I20

Shephard          Lula M.                  II42

Shepherd          Emmett Noel              I151

Shepherd          Ervin R.                 II85

Shepherd          Mari Roxanne            II226

Shepherd          Melvin D.                II69

Shepherd          Moneta Elizabeth          I23

Shepherd          Moneta Elizabeth          I25

Shepherd          Pearl H.                II101

Shepherd          Pearl H.                II102

Shepherd          William E.              II181

Sheppard          Bessie R.                I102

Sherbon           Ora J.                  II154

Sherer            Ruby L.                   I71

Sherman           Irene Elizabeth           I48

Sherman           Paul Oliver               I72

Sherwood          Charles A.                I66

Sherwood          James W.                II133

Sherwood          Richard Theodore           I6

Sherwood          Rose M.                   I70

Shields           Jason Matthew             I69

Shields           Jean L.                  II79

Shilling          Shelby                  II226

Shiner            Ena Mae                  I139

Shinkle           Anna R.                  I101

Shinkle           Ralph E.                II121

Shinkle           Stephen A.               I224

Shinn             David June               I136

Shinn             Rebecca Mae              II58

Shipers           Anna V.                  II87

Shipley           Francis Joseph           II67

Shipley           Mae                     II177

Shipman           Nellie                  II142

Shirley           Eva Belle                  I9

Shirley           Irene Carter            II117

Shirley           Maude                   II211

Shively           Fred C.                 II126

Shively           Lora Ethel               II89

Shklar            Florence M.             II122

Shoaf             Julia E.                II170

Shoaf             Sadie                    II99

Shock             Waitman T.              II128

Shockey           Dale E.                  I200

Shoemaker         Lula                      I36

Shook             Clifford O.               I32

Shook             Goldie Bell              I189

Shook             Luther                   I232

Shook             Opal O.                   I21

Shoop             Hazel P.                 I223

Shoop             Orrin A.                II151

Shoopman          Gale E.                   I10

Shore             Ernest                   II17

Shore             Margaret C.              II81

Shore             Margaret C.              II82

Shore             Pearl Jane              II228

Short             Byron B.                II117

Short             Laura                    I134

Showalter         Glenna                   I180

Showalter         Keith N.                 II99

Showalter         Loella P.                 I19

Shrakes           Velma W.                 II53

Shriver           Carrie E.                 II5

Shriver           Charles A.              II156

Shryack           Robert A.               II148

Shuff             Frances                  I116

Shuler            Edwin Ray                II82

Shuler            Ruth                     I181

Shuler            William E. (Rev.)         I23

Shull             Ada C.                  II219

Shultz            Ethel R. (Mrs.)           I79

Shumate           Charles                 II208

Shumate           Charles                 II210

Shumway           Ivan V.                 II189

Shumway           Ivan V.                 II192

Shuss             Hilma I.                II221

Shuster           Mary Elizabeth           I109

Shutt             Louie Alfred              I21

Shutts            Howard J.                II36

Sickelbower       Elvin L.                  I50

Sickelbower       Elvin L.                  I52

Siderwicz         Jerome Michael          II229

Siebert           Mildred M.                I20

Siebert           Stephen J.                I10

Siemsen           Emma                     I187

Siene             Jacob Leonard            I101

Sifers            Fannie                  II161

Sigel             Lora Mae                 I153

Sigg              Crystal Dawn              I90

Sike              LaVinnie Alice           I146

Sikes             Brian L.                 I192

Silbaugh          Phyllis A.                I80

Silke             Anna Mae                 II50

Sill              Clarence M.               I98

Sill              Ralph M.                 II21

Sills             Willie Lee Sr.          II128

Silva             Eugene Steven             I79

Silva             Steven Eugene             I74

Simmons           Al                        I81

Simmons           Al                        I83

Simmons           Clyde                     I94

Simmons           Eliza M.                 I100

Simmons           Everett F.                 I5

Simmons           Linda (Mrs.)             I138

Simmons           Odra R.                  I201

Simmons           Paul E.                 II103

Simmons           Renzella A.              I216

Simmons           Thagel A.                I207

Simmons           Waldo J.                II174

Simms             Grace A.                II191

Simon             Dora Iris                II81

Simon             Esther D.                 I64

Simon             Josephine A.             I236

Simon             Richard E.               I226

Simon             Vivena M.                 I81

Simons            Dorothy                 II117

Simons            Ida (Mrs.)                I43

Simons            Lester Charles            I32

Simons            Lucy J.                 II192

Simons            Myrtle                   I117

Simpson           A. Malcolm               I237

Simpson           A. Malcolm               I238

Simpson           A. Malcolm                II6

Simpson           Blanche M.               I237

Simpson           Dorothy Jane            II100

Simpson           Dot                     II103

Simpson           James Harold             I194

Simpson           Myron L.                II200

Simpson           Myron L.                II201

Simpson           Orville M.              II185

Simpson           Pansy                   II114

Simpson           Thomas D.                II46

Simpson           Thomas H.                I149

Sims              Ben T.                    I55

Sims              Frank                   II158

Sims              Howard E. Sr.            II83

Sims              John Lafayette          II205

Singleton         Fred W.                  I103

Sink              Clarence F.             II125

Sink              Harry Arnold               I5

Sinkhorn          Ormal Arden               I12

Sipes             Lela M.                 II107

Sise              Mary Lois                II66

Sissom            Kent A.                  II42

Sisson            Barton                    I66

Sites             Emma E. (Mrs.)           I204

Sitts             Lyle W.                   II1

Sitz              Edward Carl              I226

Siwula            Alice C.                 II62

Skaggs            Lonita Von               I129

Skean             Ruby                    II112

Skeen             Velma                    II64

Skiles            Ruby A.                   I94

Skinner           Faye Viola (Mrs.)         I32

Skinner           Salana Marie             I184

Skinner           Willard                   II1

Skipworth         Tom Sr.                  II19

Slade             Edith Stella               I5

Slade             Ferne Henry               I86

Slantz            John Clark               II54

Slapar            Frank                   II193

Slater            Wanda I.                II186

Slattery          William F.              II135

Slayton           Bobby John                 I3

Sledd             Earl                     II41

Sledge            Ruth F.                  II77

Sleeper           Harry Cecil              II13

Slentz            Jane                     II57

Slentz            John Clark               II56

Slinkard          Vita Lorraine             I66

Sloan             Adeline                  I208

Sloan             Edna G.                  I127

Sloan             Finis H.                II162

Slocum            May                       I35

Slusher           Charles Elmer            I162

Small             John R.                  II97

Small             Thomas R.                 I76

Smalley           Donna L.                 II37

Smallwood         Elmer L.                 I200

Smart             Carmen                   II96

Smart             Charlie A.               I114

Smart             May E.                  II183

Smiley            James B.                  I54

Smiley            K. Alberta               I110

Smiley            M. E.                   II218

Smiley            W. A. (Dr.)              II32

Smith             Abbie Darr               I200

Smith             Alpha Josephine          I159

Smith             Arthur F.                I197

Smith             Aurora G.                II71

Smith             Bernice L.              II199

Smith             Carl B.                 II138

Smith             Carl E.                  II78

Smith             Carrie                  II151

Smith             Carrie                    II6

Smith             Charles F.                 I6

Smith             Charley D.               II68

Smith             Chester                 II129

Smith             Chester                 II131

Smith             Chester                 II132

Smith             Clifford                II213

Smith             Clifford N.              II52

Smith             Debra Lynn              II142

Smith             Delila                   II72

Smith             E. Paul                  I233

Smith             Edith M.                  I69

Smith             Edith M.                  I71

Smith             Edward A.               II192

Smith             Eleanor                  I119

Smith             Ella (Mrs.)              I146

Smith             Elza S.                  I136

Smith             Emma Lee                II120

Smith             Emma Lee                II124

Smith             Erma A.(Dr.)            II156

Smith             Ethel A.                 II80

Smith             Ethelyn K.               I100

Smith             Eugene H.                  I6

Smith             Eula Orletha             II40

Smith             Frank E.                 II91

Smith             Frank Lester              I32

Smith             Fredric K.               I161

Smith             Gladys M.                I219

Smith             Hazel Marguerite         II44

Smith             Herbert R.                I51

Smith             Hester E.               II147

Smith             Ira Anna                II154

Smith             Irene B.                  I28

Smith             Irene C.                 I165

Smith             Jack C.                  II50

Smith             Johnnie Ray              I176

Smith             Juanita Watson            II8

Smith             Laura A.                  I75

Smith             Laural D.               II116

Smith             Lena                     I105

Smith             Leta M.                 II150

Smith             Lewis Roy                I179

Smith             Lloyd H.                 I133

Smith             Mary Geneva             II156

Smith             Max A.                   II91

Smith             Merl E.                  I167

Smith             Michael R.               II81

Smith             Michael R.               II81

Smith             Minnie B.                I205

Smith             Minnie Vernal            I213

Smith             Mollie C.                  I4

Smith             Morgan Ray               II46

Smith             Nancy Jo                 II74

Smith             Naomi E.                  I30

Smith             Nell E.                  I115

Smith             Nellie Faye              II81

Smith             Nellie Faye              II82

Smith             Noah Wilson              I119

Smith             Nora A.                  I195

Smith             Nora Elizabeth          II121

Smith             Olive Van                I122

Smith             Ollie V.                 II73

Smith             Ollie V.                 II78

Smith             Orvil S.                II195

Smith             Owen E.                  II64

Smith             Pearl M.                  I64

Smith             Phil                    II125

Smith             Ray H.                   I197

Smith             Ray W.                   I144

Smith             Raymond R.               II54

Smith             Rhoda M.                  I28

Smith             Robert F.                 I39

Smith             Robert J.                I174

Smith             Robert M.                I225

Smith             Robert O.                 I99

Smith             Roy J.                   I161

Smith             Sarah D.                 I136

Smith             Skelt Jim               II177

Smith             Ted D.                   I150

Smith             Theda H.                 II68

Smith             Theodore Manford        II214

Smith             Thomas Jason              I11

Smith             Vacel                   II219

Smith             Valerie M.               I152

Smith             William A.               I161

Smith             William A.               I172

Smith             William C.               I133

Smith             William Darrell          I136

Smith             William F.               I168

Smith             William F.              II203

Smith             William J.              II176

Smith             William U.               I188

Smith             William W.               I139

Smith             Willie C. Jr.            I163

Smith             Wilma B.                II228

Smith             Eula M.                   I89

Smith             Ruth L.                   I95

Smithhisler       Samuel Elmer             I187

Smock             Marguerite              II151

Smoot             Jamey Craig              II43

Smoot             Robbie                    I43

Smotherman        Bernice C.                 I1

Smyres            Robert D.                II95

Smyser            Billy E. Sr.             I150

Smyser            Billy E. Sr.             I151

Snare             Harry C.                 II13

Snavely           Dennis Joe Jr.            I83

Sneath            Fowler                  II199

Sneath            Laura V.                  I20

Sneed             Sibyl M.                 II74

Sneeringer        Adrian                   II98

Snell             Debra Marie              I240

Snider            Dorothy E.              II190

Snider            Ernest A.                I216

Snider            John M.                 II184

Snider            Juanita                  I190

Snider            Minnie Elna (Mrs.)      II195

Snider            Troy A.                 II188

Snodgrass         Lacy Lou                 II15

Snook             Clifton H.              II141

Snook             Mabel                    I150

Snowden           Avery E.                  I17

Snowden           Mildred F.              II171

Snyder            Earl                     I180

Snyder            Gay D.                   I101

Snyder            Irving G.                 I67

Snyder            James O. Sr.             I145

Snyder            Kenna Louise             II89

Snyder            Mabel E.                 I195

Snyder            Mabel H.                 I122

Snyder            Marjorie G.              I167

Snyder            Mary E.                  II94

Snyder            Mary V.                  I201

Snyder            Nancy                   II111

Snyder            Paul V.                  I179

Snyder            Paul V.                  I180

Snyder            Ralph R.                II211

Snyder            Russell B. (Dr.)        II122

Sobba             Anna B.                 II202

Sobba             Edward A.                 I46

Socwell           Glenn C.                 I153

Solf              Gilbert E.               II74

Solida            Jody Ann                II216

Solis             Maximiliana              II80

Soliz             Ylaria                   I196

Solomon           George E.                I197

Solter            Ada May                  I118

Solze             Crystal                  I101

Solze             Ned G.                   I108

Somers            Philip M.                I158

Sommer            Arlene Ann               I205

Sommerhauser      L. T.                    II78

Sommers           Ernest G.                 I23

Son               Jennie Mae              II101

Son               Vernon L.               II108

Sondergard        Norman C.                I121

Songer            Clarence D.             II147

Songer            Fern E.                 II162

Sonntag           Roger Alan               II64

Soper             Norah                   II224

Sopwith           Lady Phyllis             I182

Sorenson          Paul D.                  I225

Sorenson          Walter                   II46

Souders           Lillian D.              II105

Soukup            Marie                   II227

Soukup            Mary F. (Mrs.)            I88

Soukup            Shirley Ann             II212

Soule             Clyde H.                 II70

Southard          George W.                 I83

Southard          L. Wilber               II112

Southard          Laura A.                 I209

Southard          Robert R.                 I83

Sowders           A. Glenn                II126

Sowell            Elton C.                II197

Sowell            Nelson                   I187

Sowers            Ellis C.                II230

Sowers            Lloyd Henry               I76

Spaeth            Lillian                   I29

Spain             Bessie M.                I131

Spain             Dorothy                 II197

Spain             Ralph T.                  I34

Spain             Raymond                  II69

Spangler          Ellis H.                 II77

Spangler          Lloyd E.                 I141

Spark             Riley                   II114

Sparks            Howard Cleve             II79

Sparks            Maude Christine          I232

Sparks            Murray W.                 I81

Sparks            Murray W.                 I82

Sparks            Noel E.                   I12

Sparks            Peggy                    I144

Sparks            Peggy                    I145

Spath             John F.                  II11

Spaulding         Ben C.                  II179

Spaulding         Frank                   II180

Speaks            Alta V. (Dr.)           II205

Spears            Ida Agnes                 I76

Spease            Thomas John Sr.           I23

Specht            Leroy E.                 II50

Speck             Hilda M.                  I59

Speck             Louis J.                II181

Speck             Yetta (Mrs.)             I116

Speer             Clyde W.                II198

Spence            Leona                   II160

Spencer           Derek Robin              I232

Spencer           John A.                   II5

Spencer           Lee Albert               II91

Spencer           Leona M.                II181

Spencer           Leonard R.                I98

Spencer           Marjorie L.              I112

Spencer           Ralph H.                 I217

Spencer           Richard T.               I122

Spencer           Robert D.                I137

Spencer           Rudolph                   II8

Spencer           Sarah E.                 I232

Spencer           U. Blanche              II126

Sperry            P. Everett               I196

Spink             Paul William             I134

Spitzer           Marie                   II185

Spitznogle        Effie                    I104

Spivey            Grace A.                II198

Spore             Arnold K.                II14

Spradlin          Hawley Dean              I181

Sprague           Pauline                  I130

Sprague           Pauline                  I132

Sprague           Pauline Stubbs           I133

Sprague           William Irvin            I162

Sprecher          Kathern                 II180

Sprecker          Brian Eugene             I213

Spreier           Christine                 I34

Spreier           Nettie May                II9

Spriggs           Ethel Mae (Mrs.)        II165

Springer          Joshua Ray              II128

Sproul            Frank E.                II136

Sprowls           Ada                     II219

Spurgeon          Betty                    I170

Spurling          Ida Bell                 I212

Spurling          Ida Bell                 I213

Squib             Robert G. Jr.            I240

Srader            Clarence Obid             I38

Stach             Otto H.                   I32

Stackhouse        John W.                 II202

Stacy             Orvel E.                 II43

Stafford          Bert R.                  I163

Stafford          Geneva Grace             II15

Stafford          Geneva Grace             II16

Stafford          Marjorie D.               I54

Stafford          Mildred C.                I75

Stahl             Jerry L.                 I144

Stahl             Larry Eugene             I231

Stahlheber        Martha D.                I215

Stahly            Alvin P.                 I118

Stahly            Amanda E.                I163

Stainbrook        Blanche M.               II95

Stainbrook        Pearl E.                 II23

Stair             Clara E.                 I179

Staley            Charles E.               I221

Staley            Grace M.                 I189

Staley            L. Clarence              I223

Stalker           Fern H.                  II94

Stallard          Robert L.                 I60

Stallman          Bessie                    I12

Stambaugh         Russell T.               I136

Stamey            Helen Jane               II58

Stamm             Edward L.                I154

Stamps            Nina                     I124

Stamps            Nina                     I127

Stamps            Nina Bessie              I129

Stanbrough        Lester                   II16

Stancer           Glenn R.                II231

Standley          Henderson Burk            I95

Stanfield         Ira O.                   I192

Stang             Leo                      I132

Stang             Leo Francis             II158

Stanger           Florence                 I108

Stanhope          Opal G.                   I82

Stanley           Dorothy Marie           II170

Stanley           Pearl                    I203

Stanley           Pearl (Mrs.)             I200

Stanley           Rena Mae                 I164

Stanton           James L.                  I94

Staples           Charles G.               I113

Stapleton         Anna                      I24

Stapleton         Iva                      I195

Stapley           Delbert L.               II63

Staplin           George Wilson           II113

Starichenko       William A.              II214

Stark             Emma Elizabeth            I40

Stark             Michael Wayne           II210

Starke            Janie Elizabeth          II98

Starkey           Flossie L.               II87

Starks            Elsie L.                 I123

Starks            Silva                    I208

Starnes           Alberta                 II215

Starr             Bertha M. (Mrs.)         I183

Staude            William W.               II28

Staudinger        Joseph (Rev.)            I190

Stauffer          Amy R. B.                II46

Stauffer          B. F.                    I237

Stauffer          Gerald Lee                I73

Stauffer          Hazel                   II166

Stauffer          Mary L.                  I114

Stauth            John P.                  I180

Stavropoulos      Geroge P.                 I53

Steadham          Stella F.                II91

Steadham          Stella F.                II92

Stearns           Fred G.                 II123

Stearns           James William             I70

Stebbens          Flora Anne               II75

Stebbins          Nina D.                 II135

Stebbins          Ralph                    II59

Stecker           Cecil B.                   I8

Steeby            Roy K.                  II103

Steele            Allen T. Jr.             I147

Steele            Edith Alma              II208

Steele            Iva                      I134

Steele            Julius E.               II188

Steele            Virginia Lucille           I2

Steele            William T.                I53

Steeley           Horace I.                 I61

Steenrod          Larry O.                 I100

Steffan           Anna J.                  II93

Steffens          Anna M.                  II11

Stein             Anna E.                 II158

Stein             Joseph M.                II93

Stein             Ray M.                    I66

Steinberg         Esther                  II227

Steiner           John                      I69

Steinheuser       Otto C.                  I125

Steinhoff         Dorothy                  I238

Stemple           Charles N.               I122

Stenzel           Milton R.               II153

Stephen           Ralph W.                 II15

Stephens          Albert                  II228

Stephens          Betty Lucille            II99

Stephens          Cheryl Sue               II61

Stephens          Dillard K.               II61

Stephens          Edgar                   II219

Stephens          Martha E.               II164

Stephens          Mary Ellen               I182

Stephens          Susan Marie              I134

Stephens          Willard M.               I201

Stephenson        Claude L.               II172

Stephenson        Leroy B.                II206

Stephenson        Mary L.                 II132

Stephenson        S. Harold               II168

Stephson          S. Harold               II170

Stepps            Harry                    I104

Stepps            Harry                    I107

Sterling          Anna B.                 II165

Sterling          Helena                    I32

Sternberger       Helen                    I209

Sterrett          Inabel                    I80

Stetler           Albert H.                 I14

Stevens           Bonnadean A.            II139

Stevens           Donald G.                II23

Stevens           Elma                    II183

Stevens           Grover C.                I153

Stevens           J. Clair                  I24

Stevens           Jimmy Lee                I223

Stevens           Merle Dale              II142

Stevens           Merle Dale              II143

Stevens           Rita A.                 II191

Stevens           Roy W.                  II108

Stevens           Ruth R.                  II98

Stevenson         Alice P.                II182

Stevenson         Arthur                   II13

Stevenson         Michael V.              II211

Stevenson         Opal                      I79

Stevenson         Rilla H.                II130

Stever            Jerry Dean               II31

Steward           William E.              II231

Stewart           Alfred D.                I112

Stewart           Carlene E.               II82

Stewart           Carlene E.               II83

Stewart           David W.                II174

Stewart           Donald Franklin         II135

Stewart           Donald W.                 I33

Stewart           Ethel Marie               I71

Stewart           Ina Blanche             II202

Stewart           Julia Eleanor             I59

Stewart           Louise                   I150

Stewart           Marion A.                I139

Stewart           Nancy Fisher               I8

Stewart           Sybil                   II210

Stewart           William G.              II199

Stickel           Henry Franklin             I3

Stickel           Leeta M.                 II47

Stierwalt         Muriel J.                I141

Stiff             Howard                   I236

Stiff             Howard                   I238

Stiles            Thelma                  II153

Stille            Pauline M.               II29

Stiller           Alice E.                  I48

Stiller           Emma E.                  II49

Stillman          Lydia Faye              II126

Stine             Daniel W.                I156

Stine             George L.                 I52

Stine             Jack                     I223

Stitt             B. Wayne                II137

Stiver            Martha                  II181

Stock             Fred G.                  II89

Stocker           Ruth K.                   I47

Stocker           Vern Leslie              I226

Stockett          James A.                 II21

Stockham          Laurence L.              II64

Stocking          Travis Dale              II61

Stockman          Josephine A.             I193

Stockton          Ethel Klopfstein         II17

Stockwell         Frances                    I1

Stockwell         Frances                    I2

Stoddard          Anthony Wayne             I57

Stoddard          Maude E.                II120

Stofer            Idanel                   I197

Stokes            Fay L.                   II87

Stokes            Kenneth W.               II31

Stokes            Robert                   I110

Stokes            Sallie B.                 I86

Stolz             Rita Ann                  II4

Stone             Betty J.                II217

Stone             Clara M.                II148

Stone             Faye V.                 II196

Stone             Jessika Dianne           II23

Stone             Margaret Lavon           I170

Stone             Mary                      I48

Stone             Mary P.                   I50

Stone             Roy J.                   I207

Stone             Ruth Spooner             I127

Stone             Ryan Del                  I55

Stonebraker       Dessa                   II107

Stoneburner       Genevieve M.            II131

Stoppel           Bertha                   I234

Stoppel           Ernest B.               II197

Storm             Frances M.              II127

Storm             Frank H.                 I108

Stormont          Roderick H.               I59

Storrer           Carol F.                II181

Story             George M.                II15

Stotler           Lee                      I133

Stott             Effie Ethel             II231

Stotts            Anna N.                 II112

Stotts            Nellie Rebecca            I30

Stotts            Richard B.                I44

Stoughton         Mary Julia                I47

Stout             M. Lee                  II226

Stout             Sara E.                 II194

Stovall           Paul                      I16

Stovall           Paul                      I21

Stow              Emmett                   I138

Strache           Loretta D.              II165

Strackeljohn      Alice J.                 I185

Stranathan        Carmelita               II163

Strandberg        Theresa                 II140

Strasser          Louis G.                  I39

Strate            Mildred P.                I22

Stratmann         Rose                     II14

Stratton          Gene D.                  I116

Stratton          Gene D.                  I117

Stratton          Virginia V.              II81

Straub            Leona                     I16

Straub            Violet                   II42

Strawbridge       Zella May                 I30

Strawn            Eula Mae                 I103

Strean            Pearl White              II87

Streiff           William F. Jr. (Dr.)      I88

Strella           Bessie                    I55

Strella           Katharine A.             II15

Strella           Victor J.                 I34

Strickland        Lee A.                    II3

Strickland        Lee A.                    II5

Strickler         Alice Tressa             I235

Stringer          Jack O. Sr.             II231

Strobel           Anna H.                 II107

Stroda            Gladys                  II133

Stroede           Emil                     II45

Strohm            Walter William Sr.       I175

Strome            Elizabeth C.               I1

Stromquist        A. V.                    I227

Strong            Mabel B.                 I120

Strong            Marie C.                II100

Stroot            Cleo Pearl               II99

Strotkamp         Eva                      I219

Stroud            Mabel                     II1

Stroud            Phillip May              I224

Strouse           Carl W.                  II34

Strouse           Myrtle A.                II98

Struckman         Felicia                 II219

Stuart            Eldred                    I32

Stuart            Hunter R.                I184

Stuart            Jack William              I17

Stuart            William R.              II158

Stuckey           Dorsey C.               II166

Stuckey           Leo                       I14

Studley           Herbert J.               II10

Stueve            Gilbert Carl             II45

Stuffing          Imal Spalding            I230

Stufflebean       Lena                     I221

Stuhlsatz         Stacy Lynn                 I4

Stumfoll          Dorothy N.              II143

Sturdevant        Elizabeth Ann            I205

Sturdivant        Hazel                    I167

Sturgeon          Evalena                  II59

Sturgeon          Marie                     II8

Sturges           Mary Catharine            I20

Stuteville        Jennifer Kate            I113

Stutzman          Edna M.                   I33

Stutzman          Percy L.                 I118

Subera            Frank Jr.               II141

Suellentrop       Robert C.                 I19

Suenram           Carl W.                    I2

Suesz             Floyd L.                II226

Suits             Fred Jr.                 II16

Sullivan          Dovie Lee                II18

Sullivan          Maria A.                 I203

Sullivan          Wayne R.                 II76

Sultz             Edgar Dwight             I202

Summer            Janice E.                II24

Summers           Pearl C.                II163

Summey            Clara N.                  I29

Sumner            Milton T.                 I66

Sumner            Scott William           II138

Sumner            Scott William           II140

Sunderlin         Roger B.                 I165

Surber            F. Pearl                 II15

Suse              Norma Jean                I54

Sutherland        Ellen H.                  I60

Suttee            Camille                  I190

Sutter            Stanley V. (Rev.)        II94

Sutterfield       Elmer R.                 II81

Sutterfield       James S.                  I78

Sutton            Dockie Clarence          I160

Sutton            Mattie L.               II179

Sutton            Robert Leslie           II129

Sutton            Timothy Esplund          I161

Sutton            William Newton          II187

Swabby            Jessie Mildred          II142

Swafford          Maridon Charles           I26

Swaggert          Lavina                   II75

Swank             Helen R.                 I223

Swanson           Arvin G. (Rev.)         II155

Swanson           Ernest A.                I218

Swanson           Frances S.                I55

Swanson           Lila Ann                 I112

Sward             John I.                   II8

Swart             Twylah J.                II77

Swartz            Noralee                  I161

Sweazey           Leona R.                 I107

Swedberg          Bernadine               II205

Sweney            Miles W.                 I175

Swenson           Etta V.                  I140

Swett             Guy R.                  II157

Swick             Charles L.                I20

Swift             Isla M.                 II158

Swihart           Leslie Clinton            I57

Swindell          Marvin                   I142

Swindell          Marvin                   I143

Swinford          Wilda E.                  I17

Swingle           Alden                    I162

Swisher           B. Lawrence             II106

Swisher           B. Lawrence             II108

Swisher           Earl L.                  I226

Swisher           Harold H.                I230

Switzer           Carrie Inez             II191

Switzer           Lyle S.                   I34

Switzer           Maggie                    I77

Switzer           Wilbur Gordon           II125

Swope             Nathan Harold            I234

Syfert            Leroy H.                  I12

Sykes             Eulalia                 II166

Szymanski         Chester                 II202

Tabor             Samuel Maurice           II85

Tafolla           Maria C.                 I197

Talbot            Artie C.                II140

Talkington        Ottis E.                  I57

Tankersley        Raymond                 II171

Tannahill         Egbert L.                 I44

Tannehill         E. O.                     I71

Tanner            James H.                II118

Tanner            Vic A.                    I95

Tapia             Betta J. Silvernail (M   I205

Tapp              Kirk Alan               II157

Tappan            Violet Marie             I192

Tapscott          U. T.                   II133

Tarrant           Alton                     I40

Tarrant           Ansel B. (Dr.)          II207

Tate              George Allen             II52

Tate              Helen                    I213

Tate              Huella                     I6

Tate              Julian James            II186

Tate              Verlie Mae               II76

Tatro             Gerald F.                 I11

Tatro             Gerald F.                 I12

Tatro             Ralph J.                II211

Tatro             Ralph J.                II212

Tatum             Henry M.                 I184

Tatum             Sarah M.                 II45

Taylor            Aesta                     I90

Taylor            Blanche F.              II122

Taylor            Charles Thomas           II47

Taylor            Charles Thomas           II48

Taylor            Coralie M.               I195

Taylor            Donald Paul               I30

Taylor            Dorothy Mae (Mrs.)       I107

Taylor            Emanuel                   I91

Taylor            Genevieve F.             II60

Taylor            George A.               II104

Taylor            Ida Hester               II36

Taylor            Kenneth W.               II35

Taylor            Leona                    I228

Taylor            Lewis E.                II227

Taylor            Manita B.                I153

Taylor            Margaret A.               I63

Taylor            Mary Alice              II151

Taylor            Mary Bess                I140

Taylor            Mary E.                   I73

Taylor            Oliver R.               II148

Taylor            Rena B.                  I232

Taylor            Robert L.                I208

Taylor            Robert L.                I209

Taylor            William Paul              I61

Taylor            Zetta M.                  II5

Teague            Richard D.              II117

Tearney           Jean                      I78

Teasley           Maud May                 I182

Teed              Florence                  I48

Teeter            Mary Hannah              I141

Tegler            Margaret                  I39

Temaat            Gregory L.              II203

Temple            Glenna H.                I170

Templer           Ernest S.                II73

Templer           Ernest S.                II74

Templeton         Frank H.                II172

Templeton         Grace                     I99

Templeton         Mabel Lee                I102

Tennant           Stanley E.                I78

Ternes            Martin                   II54

Terry             Clarence E.               I20

Terry             G. Virginia              II47

Terry             John F.                  II61

Terry             Kerby A.                II192

Terry             Paul S.                  I209

Tesh              Letha Dolores           II187

Testorff          Robert L.                II69

Testorff          Robert Louis             II67

Teter             Agnes M.                 II11

Teter             Grace E.                 I161

Teter             Mary L.                 II147

Teter             Phoebe L.                 I54

Teter             Ruth                     II17

Teter             William                  I218

Teter             William                  I220

Tetrick           Florence M.              I106

Tetrick           Lester H.                II78

Tevis             Hester W.                  I4

Thach             Anna Mary                 I45

Tharp             Francis E.               I117

Tharp             Lorena Babe               I65

Thayer            Caryl                    II40

Theurer           Sophie M.               II132

Thibault          Emily E.                  I22

Thibault          Emily E.                  I24

Thibus            Hugh E.                  II85

Thiessen          Kaete                   II223

Thimmesch         Emil J.                 II200

Thoma             Paul David                 I1

Thomas            Alice P.                 I150

Thomas            Archie C.                I206

Thomas            Bonnie E.                 I78

Thomas            Daisy M.                 I220

Thomas            Donita                    II6

Thomas            Gertrude                 I180

Thomas            Gilbert W.              II225

Thomas            Glen E.                  I149

Thomas            Harry N.                 II39

Thomas            Henry C.                 II81

Thomas            Jethro                    I98

Thomas            Lyle E.                  I179

Thomas            Lynn Sue                II226

Thomas            Margaret Weber           II29

Thomas            Martin M.               II138

Thomas            Roy V.                  II100

Thomas            Vera T.                   I84

Thomas            Walter                   II89

Thomason          Edward J.               II144

Thompson          Belle P.                  I63

Thompson          Charles Ward            II176

Thompson          Clarence                II114

Thompson          Ethel E.                  I95

Thompson          Grace                   II116

Thompson          Hazel                    I165

Thompson          Helen                    II26

Thompson          James R.                 II28

Thompson          James R.                 II57

Thompson          John William              I33

Thompson          John William              I34

Thompson          Josephine R.             I192

Thompson          Lisle W.                  I53

Thompson          Louis Marguerite          II9

Thompson          Mabel Shelley            II33

Thompson          Marshall (Rev.)         II129

Thompson          Mary A.                 II217

Thompson          Mary C.                 II182

Thompson          McCager W.                I67

Thompson          Nellie E.                I149

Thompson          Nellie G.                 I65

Thompson          Ralph Richard            II90

Thompson          Reedis                   II84

Thompson          Robert Taylor            I185

Thompson          Tracy Dean              II161

Thompson          Victor W.                I184

Thompson          Walter J.                I150

Thompson          Willard Lee              I107

Thompson          William D.                I91

Thompson          Wilson                    I18

Thomson           Harry Everett           II219

Thomson           Iva L.                    I41

Thomson           Susanne E.               II79

Thomson           William Alexander         I24

Thorburn          James A.                 II12

Thorns            John C. (Rev.)            I32

Thornton          Clyde A.                II141

Thornton          Earl Junior             II186

Thornton          Elsie Adelene            I230

Thornton          Mary Anna                I138

Thornton          Maudie B.                II38

Thornton          Ray                      II92

Thorp             Harry A.                 II95

Thorstenberg      Ino E.                  II226

Throndson         Alma                    II185

Thrush            Frank                   II136

Thuma             Harold L.               II141

Thuma             Viola C.                  I94

Thurman           Frances E.              II172

Thurman           Rosetta M.               I154

Thurman           Walter J. Sr.             I23

Thurston          Gertrude                II162

Tibbitts          Malcolm E.               I121

Tiberghein        Richard H.               I195

Ticer             Carl Lavern             II157

Tiemeyer          Catherine M.            II210

Tierney           William Granville        II76

Tierney           William Granville        II77

Tierrez           Francis N.               II77

Tiers             Myrtle M.                 I67

Tilden            Wanda L.                  I39

Tillett           Carmie                    I19

Tillman           Jerry                     I10

Tillman           Jerry                     I12

Tilson            Fern L. (Mrs.)           I189

Tilton            Elizabeth H.            II112

Tilton            Mabel L.                 I167

Timberlake        Bloyce E.                I224

Timm              Fred                     I239

Timmons           George M.               II222

Timms             Louie T.                 II25

Tinkler           Jim                      I217

Tippie            Opal L.                  I235

Titus             Benjamin A.              I192

Tockert           Florence (Sister)         I79

Todd              Gerald J.                 I41

Todd              Marjorie L.              I149

Toedman           Virginia L.              I150

Toevs             Edward E.               II137

Toews             Sarah                     I60

Toland            Dayton R.                 II6

Toland            Lydia Ellen             II162

Toler             Freda A.                 II58

Toman             Gary D.                  I132

Tomberlin         C. J.                    I170

Tompkins          George R.                II96

Toney             William E.               II80

Toot              Jack                    II216

Toot              Leatha M.                I113

Toothaker         Birdie                   II55

Tope              Laura Q.                 II26

Torance           Edna                     II39

Torrey            Roy H.                    I57

Torrington        Ruth Dorsey              I238

Tosh              Jim                      II36

Tosone            Beverly Ann              I121

Tosone            Kay E.                  II152

Tower             Ansel E.                 II51

Towner            Harry J.                 I149

Towns             Louise M.               II113

Towns             Ralph M.                 II43

Townson           Nelle E.                II156

Townson           Nelle E.                II157

Travis            Chester                 II136

Trayer            Paul                    II107

Treat             Barbara J.               II60

Treat             Mary Dell                II88

Treece            Rose Ann                 I149

Trego             Lillian M.              II117

Trenary           Donald M.                I137

Trenary           Gladys Irena             II38

Trenary           Melvin L.                II17

Trible            Harold David               I7

Trick             Bessie Marie            II226

Trickey           Mark Allen               I118

Trimble           Johnnie Ray             II133

Trimble           Kenneth W.              II215

Trimble           Kermith W.              II212

Trimble           Kermith W.              II213

Trimmell          Bradly G.               II145

Trimmer           Herman H.                I176

Tristan           Lauri Ann                II94

Trost             Mabel Marie             II158

Trotter           Michael A.               I162

Trout             Barbara A.              II147

Troutman          Quindora Connie          I147

Trowbridge        George F.                 I66

Troyer            Edith                    I117

Troyer            Paul J.                   I13

Troyer            Sarah A.                 I161

Truax             Richard P.               II83

Trubey            Edith A.                  I56

Truhlar           Frank C.                 I192

Trullinger        Gertrude A.             II200

Trummel           Eulah                    II68

Trussell          Victoria Beaty          II166

Tucker            Beatrice B.              I162

Tucker            Henry Vee                I181

Tucker            Kathryn M.               I176

Tucker            Lenita K.                I119

Tucker            Sarah P.                II215

Tucker            William Hobart Sr.       I130

Tuell             William Moore            I199

Tuepker           Beryl C.                 II50

Tull              Frank M.                 I154

Tunis             Bertha Jessie            I158

Turk              Roscoe                    I29

Turkle            Vera Muriel               I60

Turner            Betty E.                 I164

Turner            Bud L. V.                I208

Turner            David C. Jr.             II89

Turner            Edward V.                I145

Turner            Gene E. (Lt. Col.)        I47

Turner            Harry L.                II204

Turner            James E.                II217

Turner            Lottie A.                I205

Turner            Mary                      II9

Turner            Rose M.                  I206

Turner            Sarah                   II154

Turner            Willard C.              II164

Turney            Bruce                     I68

Turney            Ola L.                   I123

Turrentine        Charles James            II28

Tuttle            Clarence H.               I11

Tuttle            Ella L.                 II226

Tway              Harry Edwin              II88

Tweedy            Dean                     I148

Tweedy            Robert Francis           I212

Twining           Inf dau of Ronald        I171

Twyman            Hubert                  II194

Tye               John Randolph Jr.        I197

Tyler             Ernest E.                I113

Tyler             Valdivia                 I175

Ukena             Edward R.               II120

Ullerly           Addie M.                  I25

Ullery            Addie M.                  I27

Ulmer             Elizabeth M.              I32

Ulmer             Elizabeth M.              I34

Ulrich            Christopher Michael     II205

Umbach            William F.              II139

Umschied          Donald Vincent           II82

Underwood         Charles William           I49

Underwood         Harry W.                II210

Underwood         Howard N.                II48

Unholz            Ralph E.                 II87

Unrein            Angela A.                II98

Unruh             Albert (Rev.)             II6

Unruh             Bernard B.               I197

Unruh             Daniel                   II91

Unruh             Elisabeth                I221

Unruh             Elizabeth B.              I47

Unruh             Elizabeth J.             I166

Unruh             Elmer W.                 I222

Unruh             Ferdinand G.            II156

Unruh             Irwin William            II23

Unruh             Irwin William            II25

Unruh             Jacob J.                II212

Unruh             Lena                    II226

Unruh             Leo J.                    II9

Unruh             Leslie                    I89

Unruh             Lizzie                   II53

Unruh             Mary                    II112

Unruh             Orlando E.               I214

Unruh             Wilda                   II120

Unruh             Willie Mae              II112

Upham             Ralph Edward             I115

Uphoff            Thomas Lester            I226

Upshaw            Raymond E.              II231

Upson             Ethyl                    I171

Urban             Linus G.                 I163

Urban             Verna Lee                II51

Uselman           Everett LeRoy            II81

Utt               Ada Estelle              I185

Utterback         Wallace L.               II24

Utz               Dale                     II59

Utz               Floyd H.                  I15

Utz               Floyd Jr.               II184

Valentine         Carl J. Jr.             II218

Valentine         Carl J. Jr.             II223

Valyer            George Thomas           II120

Van-Deest         Mabel L.                 II47

Van der Smissen   Linda E.                II207

Van Leer          Blanche                 II216

VanArsdale        Loy                      I172

VanArsdale        Maude G.                 I218

VanAuken          Howard M.                 I90

Vanberg           Joe L.                    I71

Vanboening        Rory Michael             I165

VanBoskirk        Pearl D.                 II26

VanBuren          Dorothy Margaret        II183

VanBuskirk        Harold F.                II26

Vancil            Pearl A.                II181

VanCleave         Anna                    II215

Vandaveer         Martin                   I140

Vanderhoff        William                   I77

Vandermark        Randy Dewayne            I204

Vandervert        Okla Homer              II112

VanDoren          Robert                   I177

VanDuker          Robert Eugene           II101

VanDuker          Robert Eugene           II102

Vann              Hannah P.                 I31

VanSant           Earl W.                  I177

VanScoyoc         Lloyd M.                  I79

Vantuyl           Harold E.               II203

VanValkenburg     Marilyn                  I124

VanVleet          Ford S.                   II1

Vanvleet          Ford S.                   II2

VanWagner         Rodney                     I7

VanWagner         Rodney                     I9

Varelman          Ben                      I223

Varian            Gertrude E.             II103

Varian            Gertrude E.             II105

Vaughan           Pauline                  II37

Vaughn            Derek Wesley             I194

Vaughn            Earl                     I163

Vaughn            Ethel C.                 I194

Vaughn            Nellie Jane              I186

Vaughn            Vernon R.                 I91

Vaughn            Victoria A.               II9

Vavra             James Anton              I197

Veazey            Alma B.                   I78

Veltman           Alice E.                  I22

Venell            Katherine E.             II37

Verning           Orval M.                  I26

Vess              Betty                    II40

Vestal            Garrett L.                II5

Vestering         Harry Thomas              I94

Vetaw             Andrew D.                 I30

Vickers           Ray Junior                I34

Victor            Marvin D.               II185

Vidricksen        Ruby M.                  I120

Viele             Dorothy F.              II187

Vieux             Ernest M.               II226

Vikturek          Joseph                   I127

Vile              Charles E.               II12

Vinduske          Bessie Frances            I18

Vinson            Paul L.                  I125

Vinyard           Lahoma T.               II157

Vodraska          Georgia (Mrs.)            I88

Vogan             Charlie Clifford          I32

Vogel             Grace K.                 I227

Vogel             Martha Caroline          I237

Vogelman          Lewis                      I1

Vogt              Beulah M.                 I46

Vogt              Jacob J.                  I45

Vogts             Lester R.                II50

Volk              Ross Allen                I13

Volkland          Erle W.                  II31

Vollweider        Hans                      I84

Volosin           John H.                  I237

Voltz             Theodore W.              I164

Vonderwall        Ronald W.               II213

Vonfeldt          Clarence A.             II135

Vonfeldt          Ralph J.                 II39

Voorhees          Sadie M.                 I127

Vosper            Mary Minnette             I78

Vosper            Mary Minnette             I79

Voss              Inez V.                 II125

Vossman           Gerald H.                 II9

Votaw             Jesse W.                  I47

Voth              Ernest F.                II98

Voyles            Retha Aretta             I213

Voyles            Retha Aretta             I215

Vreeland          Bess Ethel               II96

Vulgamore         Ralph C.                II177

Waber             Henry C.                II171

Waber             Henry C.                II174

Waddell           Katherine Davis           I12

Waddell           Mabel                    II96

Wade              George Elliott           II31

Wade              Lois Ellen               I195

Wade              Lucille                   I74

Wade              Octavo                   II16

Wade              Wallace Russell           II8

Wadewitz          Lillie M.                 I16

Wadley            Arthur                   I123

Wagg              Joshua James             I112

Waggoner          Jesse H.                II167

Wagner            Cecil F.                II115

Wagner            Ivan B.                  II12

Wagner            John                      I80

Wagner            Nellie Mae              II187

Wagner            Ralph Lee                 I57

Wagner            William H.               I137

Wahler            Virginia Lee              I75

Waite             Louise H.               II146

Waits             Florence E.              II64

Wakefield         Ross M.                  II32

Walcher           Forrest A.              II124

Walck             Henry L.                 II22

Walden            Charles W.                I13

Walden            Charles W.                I14

Walden            Irvin L.                 II81

Waldorf           Edith D.                  I44

Waldschmidt       Adrian                  II146

Walizer           Theodore R.             II141

Walk              David Arthur              I34

Walker            Allene                   I198

Walker            Arthur Raymond Sr.        I97

Walker            Calvin H.                II61

Walker            Charles Wayne           II180

Walker            Donald E.                I203

Walker            Donald E. Jr.           II227

Walker            Earl R.                  I142

Walker            Ernest B.               II106

Walker            Ernest Norman            I233

Walker            Eula Scott                I80

Walker            Eula Scott                I81

Walker            Gertrude                 II42

Walker            James A.                II107

Walker            Jennie Catherine         I217

Walker            Joseph                   II51

Walker            Laura Elizabeth         II181

Walker            Lavana                    I95

Walker            Lillian M.                I40

Walker            Lloyd A.                II226

Walker            Olive M.                 I116

Walker            Willard Wesley          II226

Walker            William A.                I16

Wall              Arnold J.               II169

Wall              Virgie Woods             I216

Wallace           Arthur                   I235

Wallace           Carroll Leroy             I55

Wallace           Eric Justin              I108

Wallace           Lucille D.              II117

Wallar            Adeline M.               I114

Waller            Harvey W.               II224

Walline           Louise R.               II194

Wallingford       Buelah E.                I187

Walls             Wilma I.                 I136

Walsh             Barbara A.               I214

Walta             Ed                        I60

Walter            Elmer S.                 I155

Walter            Harry H.                 I194

Walters           Blanche O.                I70

Walters           Elsie Mae                 I27

Walters           Hannah G.                 I53

Walters           Herbert J.              II115

Walters           Herman                  II200

Walters           James E.                II150

Walters           James E.                II152

Walters           JoAnn                      I2

Walters           Leona May                I163

Walters           Nenette G.                I55

Walters           Ollie                    I158

Walters           Otis E.                 II113

Walton            Maude C. (Mrs.)           I95

Waltrip           Cliffie M.               I223

Walworth          Letha Leona               I51

Wambsgans         Etta Mable                I97

Wampler           Clell E.                II120

Wampler           Rose R.                  II57

Ward              Anna L.                   I33

Ward              Clarence J.              II25

Ward              Elmer Wesley              I79

Ward              Lisa Ann                 I169

Ward              Maimon M.               II177

Ward              Marion Irthis            I226

Ward              Myrtle Marie            II103

Ward              Victor Orville            I98

Ward              Vivian                   II96

Wardell           Fannie                    I54

Ware              Alene                    I212

Warford           Mae                      I130

Waring            Glenn C.                 I109

Warkentin         Sarah                   II160

Warne             Paul F.                  I123

Warner            Inez M.                   I50

Warner            Jack L.                  II87

Warner            Lena G.                   I48

Warner            Stanley H.               I175

Warrell           Leo E.                   I211

Warren            Billie Lee                I51

Warren            Carl A.                  I160

Warren            Clarence Earl Jr.        I143

Warren            Cora Bragg               II72

Warren            George                  II169

Warren            Marilyn J.               I148

Warren            Marilyn J.               I150

Warren            Millie Mae               I195

Warren            Ralph N.                  I31

Warren            Thelma I.                II36

Wartick           Dallas Ethel            II165

Washburn          Claribelle              II216

Washington        J. W. Sr. (Rev.)         II60

Washington        J. W. Sr. (Rev.)         II62

Washington        J. W. Sr. (Rev.)         II64

Washmon           Robert L.               II168

Wasinger          Martin                   II21

Wasinger          Victor A.                I213

Wasson            Billy Joe                 I32

Waters            Jessie Fern             II111

Waters            Joseph H.                 I14

Waters            Marty G.                II189

Waters            Mary Eleanor             II65

Waters            Robert                    I83

Waterson          Irene E.                 I149

Watkins           Stanley Jr.              I146

Watson            George R.(Dr.)          II114

Watson            John A.                  II51

Watson            Landy Clare Jr.          I210

Watson            Lizzie                   II13

Watson            Merle C.                  I46

Watson            Robert L.                I107

Watson            Sidney E.                I103

Watson            Vinnie                   I109

Watson            Vinnie                   I113

Watson            Walter R.               II176

Watson            Walter R.               II176

Watt              M. Cecile               II103

Wattenstrom       Ruby E.                  I212

Wattenstrom       Ruby E.                  I213

Wattree           Marjorie J.               I29

Wattree           Marjorie J.               I32

Watts             Eugene                  II103

Watts             Eva Elizabeth           II215

Watts             Eva Elizabeth           II219

Watts             Hillary G. Jr.           I183

Watts             Nora Iva                 II32

Watts             Una                     II158

Watts             Virgil B.                II52

Waugh             Philip W. (Dr.)           II1

Waugh             Thomas O.                I142

Way               Seth                     I176

Wayfer            Mary Lou                II135

Wayland           Theora M. (Mrs.)        II162

Waymire           Katherine               II183

Weatherbie        George                   I240

Weatherby         Frances                   I95

Weathers          Emma Edna               II160

Weaver            B. T.                    II71

Weaver            Dorothy A.                I69

Weaver            Elsie E.                II162

Weaver            Frank                    II21

Weaver            Georgetta                II43

Weaver            Mary C.                   I61

Weaver            Vernon L.                II17

Webb              Charles                   I44

Webb              Charlotte Maxwell Jenk    I50

Webb              Harry Lee                 I88

Webb              Hazel E.                  I81

Webb              Wayne                    I205

Webber            Pearl E.                  II2

Weber             Bob                       I10

Weber             Frances J.                I69

Weber             Frederick                 I24

Weber             Julia Ann               II172

Weber             Lena                    II169

Weber             Mary Elizabeth           II62

Weber             Raymond Andrew            I52

Weber             Ruby Faye                 I59

Webster           Mary Louise              I121

Webster           Sylvia H.               II135

Webster           Walter C.                II71

Wedd              Blanche R.               II78

Wedel             Susie                    I125

Wedel             Walter C.                I173

Weed              Guy W.                    I91

Weeks             Edward Lee               I220

Weeks             Lettie M. (Mrs.)         I114

Weesner           Frederick                I197

Wegley            Paul Burton                I3

Wehking           Bessie B.                 I13

Weide             Jennie D.                I202

Weidner           Joyce                   II214

Weigel            Harriet D.               II97

Weigel            Joseph P.                II58

Weigel            Katie                    I209

Weigel            Sophia                  II125

Weigl             Mabel M.                II113

Weikal            Marvin E.               II227

Weiler            William L.              II185

Weilert           Otto M.                  I163

Weinhold          Richard                  I113

Weinmaster        Henry                     I34

Weis              Frank                   II101

Weis              Frank                   II103

Weisflock         Emily J.                II126

Weisner           John J.                  I230

Weiss             George K.                II30

Weiss             Norris E.                I227

Weiss             William M.              II198

Weiss             William W.               I183

Welch             Charles E.               I235

Welch             Freda                   II183

Welch             Irene C.                  I73

Welch             Isa Marea               II208

Welch             Luella B.                II23

Welch             Luella B.                II25

Welch             Nancy E. (Mrs.)          I155

Welch             Weston Howard            II25

Welker            Mary Delphina            II79

Welker            Mary Delphina            II80

Wellner           Herman (Mrs.)            I150

Wells             Archie                   I183

Wells             Dorothy                  I224

Wells             Edel M.                 II151

Wells             Eva J.                   II49

Wells             Mary E.                  II35

Wells             Myrtle                   II17

Wells             Myrtle                  II195

Wells             Noah W.                 II131

Wells             William H.              II198

Wells             William L.                 I9

Welsch            Englehardt               I194

Welsh             C. Stanley              II216

Welty             Dorothy W.               II64

Wendt             Cora Belle                I45

Wendt             Martha B.                I107

Wenger            Virgil F.                 I12

Wenrich           Gale K.                  I197

Wensel            Alan LeRoy               I202

Werth             Larry Stanley            I110

Wesbrook          Bertha A.                 I98

Wescott           Fred Eugene              I172

Wesley            Anthony J.                I18

Wessel            Robert L.                I228

Wesseler          Anna M.                 II166

West              Eldon                   II204

West              Esther                  II203

West              Esther Mary               I45

West              Homer E.                 II29

West              I. W.                    I157

West              John L. (Dr.)            I151

West              Kniehl                   I118

West              Lee A.                   I167

West              Ray A. (Dr.)            II201

Westbrook         Velma T.                 II25

Westerfield       Ira F.                   I100

Westerman         Ethel                     I11

Westerman         Frank L.                  I67

Westerman         Mary K.                 II113

Westfall          Ernest C.                I206

Westfall          Issac Earl               I121

Westfall          Lottie                   I230

Westfall          Viola M.                 I213

Westwood          Amy Elizabeth            I140

Wetzel            Christina Mae            II71

Wetzel            Harry W.                 I108

Wetzel            Lawrence J.               I46

Wetzel            Lawrence J.               I47

Weyand            Billie                    I13

Weyant            Clara E.                II173

Weyant            James Edwin               I95

Weymouth          John F.                   I77

Whaley            King T.                  I187

Wheat             Effa D.                  II35

Wheat             Eva Jewel                II91

Wheat             Seymour                 II135

Wheeler           Corlie E.                I101

Wheeler           Edna Mae                II116

Wheeler           Floyd M.                II228

Wheeler           James                    I208

Wheeler           Margaret Elizabeth        I36

Wheeler           Marvel                   I174

Wheeler           Mary I.                   I32

Wheeler           Virginia Lee             I144

Wheeler           Wyle Doran              II194

Whetstone         Oliver Edward            I134

Whetzell          Anna                     I127

Whinery           Edna Viola               I232

Whipple           Corban                   I197

Whisler           Oscar C.                II107

Whisler           Richard C.              II113

Whitcraft         Charles Omer             II51

White             Audrey                    I66

White             Beulah Violet             II2

White             Blanche V.               II51

White             Edith B.                  I61

White             Ethel                   II103

White             Ethel                    I236

White             F. F.                   II166

White             Gladys                  II140

White             Goldie M.                 II8

White             Grace Mae                I149

White             H. B. Jack              II184

White             Harold E.               II179

White             Hilda G.                II114

White             Isiah                    I191

White             Jonathan Thomas           I49

White             Josephine                I221

White             Lester A.               II131

White             Lillian F.                 I8

White             Lillie Mae              II128

White             Lillie Mae              II129

White             Lindsey D.                I85

White             Mabel M.                 II72

White             Marvin C.                II57

White             Mildred F.              II211

White             Richard A.               II50

White             Walter E.                 II3

Whited            James Hue                 I13

Whitehurst        Orville L.              II135

Whitekiller       Grace L. Sargent         II12

Whiteman          Maud M.                   I69

Whitesel          Harlan E.               II129

Whiteside         Jason Michael            II71

Whitfield         Hazel I. (Mrs.)           II6

Whitfield         Hazel I. (Mrs.)           II8

Whitfield         Hazel I. (Mrs.)           II9

Whiting           John L.                  I166

Whiting           Mary Elizabeth            I16

Whitley           Eva                      I171

Whitley           Glenn                     I41

Whitmer           Frank                    I206

Whitney           Betty West               I177

Whitney           Madgealeen               I218

Whitney           Ray                     II139

Whitney           Scott                   II194

Whitney           W. Cecil                 II14

Whitson           Bryan J.                 II89

Whitson           Lee A.                   II91

Whitt             Henry Lloyd                I1

Whittaker         Matthew                   II4

Whitted           Berton Edward           II169

Whitton           Cora P.                 II170

Whitton           Krista Diane            II165

Wicker            Lester                  II210

Wickizer          Waldo E.                 I240

Wideman           Roy P.                   II49

Widiger           Edna                    II156

Widner            Samuel Roy               I192

Widow             James A.                 I119

Widow             James A.                 I124

Widup             Hanson                   I104

Wiebe             Marcia C.                II73

Wiebe             Virgil Marion            I171

Wieck             Winston D.              II127

Wiedeman          Grace S.                 I178

Wiederhold        Bernadine M.             II21

Wieland           Vera McGuire            II156

Wiens             Edward R.                I221

Wiens             Harold C.                II14

Wiens             Justine M.               I110

Wiese             Laura E.                 II78

Wiesenthal        Walter E.                I110

Wiesner           Alfred C.                I224

Wiggers           Lena                    II135

Wight             Marie                   II141

Wightman          Wade                      I56

Wilbright         Martha E.                I221

Wilbur            Frances Coffey           II28

Wilbur            Marion Arthur           II119

Wilburn           Carl Dean                I214

Wilcox            Bertha McJilton         II138

Wilcox            C. C.                   II204

Wilcox            Louvie                    II1

Wilcox            Ralph D.                  I29

Wild              Bessie A.                 I53

Wilder            Harry W.                 II79

Wiles             Clara A.                 I107

Wiley             Gladys                   I187

Wiley             Harold W.                 II7

Wiley             Howard O.                I140

Wilhelm           Clare                     II8

Wilhelm           Leah                     I125

Wilhelm           Lydia Elizabeth         II143

Wilhelm           Sam                     II112

Wiliams           Henry L.                  I39

Wilke             W. Kenneth               II13

Wilkerson         Charles N.                I40

Wilkerson         Goldie E.                 II2

Wilkerson         Joseph Jr.               II57

Wilkerson         Merle E.                 I198

Wilkins           Adeline                  II66

Wilkins           Angelica                  I66

Wilkinson         Arnetta E. (Mrs.)        II43

Wilkinson         Giles A.                 II49

Wilkinson         Hershal                 II106

Wilkinson         Jennie Lowry             I208

Wilkison          Neva L.                  I132

Wilks             Henry Allen              I197

Will              Otto E.                 II180

Willaby           Sylvester LeRoy          I193

Willbanks         Geraldine               II187

Willcox           Glenice Bernadine        II34

Willcoxen         Warren J.                II34

Willems           Jacob J.                II137

Willey            Maggie E.               II112

Willhite          Gladys P.               II174

Willhour          Ray Leslie                I48

Williams          Arthur E.               II175

Williams          Avenell                 II226

Williams          Bertha Pearl             II56

Williams          Clarence R.              I200

Williams          David J.                 I217

Williams          David J.                 I220

Williams          Elinor                   I142

Williams          Elisha                  II194

Williams          Elsie                    II89

Williams          Elsie                    II91

Williams          Emmett M.                I236

Williams          Eva Fay                  II55

Williams          Floyd L.                II221

Williams          Homer DeWitt              I74

Williams          Howard P.                I150

Williams          Ida H.                   I160

Williams          James Allen             II127

Williams          James Allen             II129

Williams          Joseph Clark            II132

Williams          Joseph H.                I155

Williams          King E.                 II155

Williams          Lois Jean                I155

Williams          Mable F.                  I50

Williams          Marjorie I.              I113

Williams          Marjorie J.             II219

Williams          Mark Allen              II177

Williams          Marquita Lee            II133

Williams          Martha E.                II88

Williams          Maxine                  II231

Williams          Mildred E.                I15

Williams          Minnie Ruth              II95

Williams          Murel L.                  I58

Williams          Myrtle                    I89

Williams          Neal                     II93

Williams          Ollie E.                II206

Williams          Roy Allen               II119

Williams          Roy E.                    I32

Williams          Roy R.                   I179

Williams          Sybil La Doris           I169

Williams          Timothy F.               I199

Williams          Verna L.                II227

Williams          Verner F.                 I24

Williams          Virginia L.              II31

Williams          Walter H.                I107

Williams          William M.                I20

Williams          Willie                   II57

Williams          Willie                   II60

Williams          Zeffer Lee                I60

Williams          Zeffer Lee                I63

Williamson        Brock Thomas             II23

Williamson        Hazel Ruth              II167

Williamson        Ray O.                  II150

Williamson        Rosa                      I56

Willig            Leona C.                II151

Willis            Benjamin F.              I206

Willis            Betty Jo                 I117

Willis            Fred                     II73

Willis            H. Rex                   II60

Willis            Lela H.                  I198

Willis            Lyle J.                 II102

Willis            May                     II142

Wilson            Andrew                   II81

Wilson            Anna Lydia                I80

Wilson            Arnaud J.                II61

Wilson            Bessie A.               II226

Wilson            Carl D.                  I222

Wilson            Chester H.               II20

Wilson            Clyde M.                II143

Wilson            Eathel Louisa            II37

Wilson            Edward O.                  I9

Wilson            Elizabeth R.             II62

Wilson            Eris Boyne              II183

Wilson            Frederick Earl           II20

Wilson            Gail                     I210

Wilson            George                   I168

Wilson            George A.               II231

Wilson            Harley Clement           II54

Wilson            Iva M.                     I1

Wilson            James                     I33

Wilson            Leslie G.               II164

Wilson            Lola Ann                 I230

Wilson            Louise Hattie           II121

Wilson            Lucy Belle               I228

Wilson            Mannie R.                 II9

Wilson            Merwyn Glenn            II223

Wilson            Nellie B.                I153

Wilson            Ray L.                    I20

Wilson            Rena Lanora              I197

Wilson            Robert                   I200

Wilson            Robert W.                II53

Wilson            Ronald J.               II180

Wilson            Sherman Lee             II200

Wilson            Sherman Lee             II206

Wilson            Shirley Marie            I122

Wilson            Tina Jo                  II62

Wilson            Vea                      II43

Wilson            Virginia Graham          I153

Wilson            Virginia Graham          I154

Wilson            William Guy              I118

Wilson            William T.              II142

Wilson            Woodrow                 II140

Wimsatt           Leslie                   I149

Winbigler         Richard L.               II16

Winchell          Felix Horace            II204

Winchester        Anthony James            I218

Windes            Maude Viola                I8

Windle            Forrest P.               II12

Winegarner        Faye O.                   I16

Wineinger         Claude V.                 I20

Wines             D. J.                     I79

Winfrey           Iola C. (Mrs.)            I86

Winger            Lolo                     II82

Wingert           Brian A.                  I30

Winget            Neoma                     I19

Winkelman         Don F.                   I129

Winkelman         Don F.                   I130

Winkle            Sarah T.                  I61

Winkley           J. William               I108

Winsor            Edna M.                  II19

Wint              Harold T.                 I25

Wint              Harold T.                 I27

Winter            Orwin Lee                 I55

Wintercheid       Harvey L.                I167

Winters           Eva                     II195

Winters           Frank M. Sr.            II189

Winters           W. E.                   II170

Wintle            Harry                    I219

Winzeler          Mary Elizabeth           II92

Wirth             Anna B.                 II229

Wirth             Charles E.               I111

Wise              Constance                I113

Wise              Leroy A.                II106

Wise              Lowell A.                I197

With              Pearl M.                 I130

Witham            Matilda C.                I77

Witham            Verda                     I20

Witmer            Frances M.               II80

Witt              Clara Agnes              I185

Witt              Ella                     II95

Witte             Kimberley Renee          II45

Witters           Sophia                  II178

Witthar           Margaret E.               I10

Wittig            Henry Jr.                 I23

Wittner           Chester Leroy           II220

Witwer            John Al                  II64

Wodarz            Ronald D.                I164

Wodman            Georgiana M.            II108

Wodson            Malcolm                 II196

Woermann          Alma Mary                II33

Wohlford          Olan F.                   I90

Wohlgemuth        Luella                  II179

Wohrley           Wayne                    I183

Wokaty            Otto H.                  I224

Wolf              Anna C.                  II14

Wolf              Bernice M.              II135

Wolf              Kenneth F.               II52

Wolf              Mattie A.                I140

Wolfe             Fred A.                 II230

Wolfe             Harold E.                II79

Wolfe             James R.                II192

Wolfe             William D.                I89

Wolgamott         Clifford W.               I21

Wolkow            Lillian                  II30

Wollman           Estel                   II217

Wolters           Theodore J.              I233

Womeldorff        Mae                     II111

Wong              Bak Nguey                I220

Woo               Shin Gleun Park           I65

Wood              Albert W.                II34

Wood              Bertha                    I89

Wood              Chauncy C.               I223

Wood              Dalphus O'Neal           II96

Wood              Faye Hillig               I44

Wood              Ida B.                  II184

Wood              Ira Vincent              II78

Wood              Ira Vincent              II79

Wood              Kenneth D.               II28

Wood              Lavina                   I209

Wood              Marie Heller            II169

Wood              Paul C.                  I158

Wood              Peter A.                II221

Wood              Robert Milton           II147

Wood              Robert Vance              I19

Wood              Robert Vance              I24

Wood              Steven B.                I121

Wood              Vesta H.                  I74

Woodall           Walter L.                I177

Woodard           Bonita Mae                I74

Woodard           Ellen S.                II116

Woodard           Fred E.                  I168

Woodburn          Louis E.                 I102

Woodland          Alice M.                  I21

Woodland          Owen W.                   I62

Woodland          Owen W.                   I64

Woodrich          Willis F.                II89

Woodring          R. Verne                   I3

Woodrow           Wilson                  II221

Woodruff          Frank C.                  II9

Woods             Alva E.                   I76

Woods             Edith C.                 I215

Woods             Edna Lenora             II131

Woods             Elizabeth                I116

Woods             Irene J.                II103

Woods             Lenard L.                II95

Woods             Virginia B.             II219

Woods             W. A.                     I13

Woodworth         Beryl Harbin              I81

Woodworth         Gertrude E.              I227

Woolen            Willis W.               II172

Wooley            Grace G.                  I36

Woolwine          Larry L.                II161

Wooster           Betty Davidson          II221

Wooten            Blanche Grace            II81

Worford           Mary V.                   I18

Work              May                       I55

Workman           James Michael           II177

Workman           Leslie L.                 I79

Worley            George Wilbur           II134

Worley            Glenn Lester            II171

Woydziak          Gerald J.                I196

Wratchford        Everett Franklin          I19

Wray              Stanley R.               I229

Wright            Anna J.                 II103

Wright            Beulah L.                I160

Wright            Carrie C.                II49

Wright            Carrie E.                II92

Wright            David D.                 I142

Wright            Glen H.                 II190

Wright            Harry J.                 II40

Wright            John C.                 II181

Wright            John F.                 II146

Wright            Joy Sayre                II41

Wright            Lloyd                    I142

Wright            Madie A.                  I16

Wright            Marie                   II105

Wright            Mildred                  I157

Wright            Murry Eugene             II24

Wright            Nora Mae                II137

Wright            Orville L.                I57

Wright            Sandra K.                I227

Wright            W. A.                     I59

Wright            Wayne A.                 I167

Wunderlich        Paul                    II138

Wurm              M. Alezander (Sister)    I204

Wurth             Arthur E.                I223

Wyant             Cecil E.                 II72

Wyant             Philip T.                I148

Wyant             Philip T.                I150

Wyatt             Daisy                     I54

Wyatt             Elise Chisman            I191

Wyatt             Jessie Jr.                I77

Wyckoff           Margaret H.               I98

Wycoff            Grace L.                  I14

Wynn              Ervin Jr.                I176

Wynn              Ervin Jr.                I179

Wyrick            George C.               II207

Yackley           Roy A.                   I166

Yarnell           Ruby C.                 II203

Yaryan            Albert                   II18

Yates             Enerette                 I138

Yates             Jasper C.               II133

Yates             Lee Dennis               I204

Yeager            James A.                II205

Yelton            Annette                  I130

Yencic            Frances Stefina         II187

Yenni             John                     I157

Yenser            Willard Irwin             I89

Yenser            Willard Irwin             I91

Yeubanks          Floyd Arvel              I216

Yoder             Ivan L.                  I144

Yoder             Margaret Marie           I218

Yohon             Marie F.                II202

Young             Arthur J.                 I75

Young             Arthur V.                 I82

Young             Bessie                  II171

Young             Carrie May              II207

Young             Cecil J.                  I57

Young             Earl V.                   I48

Young             Elta                      I44

Young             Ethel                    II95

Young             Feldor J.                II30

Young             Grace E.                 I181

Young             Hannah Fox (Mrs.)        I160

Young             Helen                     I10

Young             Irvin                    II78

Young             Keith                   II144

Young             Leona May               II118

Young             Leonard E.                 I1

Young             Paul V.                 II188

Young             Ralph A.                 I205

Young             Ralph Richard            II76

Young             Stella C.                I229

Young             Theodore B.               I32

Young             William G.                 I3

Youngblood        Bobby Lee               II122

Youngdahl         Charles                  I143

Younger           Dale C.                  II18

Youngman          John Robert             II100

Youngman          John William (Rev.)      I163

Younkin           Margaret E.              II32

Yount             Katherine J.            II125

Younts            John W.                   I30

Yuskelis          Barbara                  I122

Zackery           Thirl                    I111

Zamorano          Lupe G.                  II98

Zane              Harvey W.               II179

Zane              Harvey W.               II181

Zaragoza          Luis                     I214

Zearley           Emma (Mrs.)             II138

Zehr              Edith                     I81

Zehr              Ross A.                 II194

Zeiset            Wilfred                  I206

Zelinkoff         Beatrice                II177

Zeller            Mildred M.              II140

Zenner            John J. (Msgr)          II161

Zentz             Lena Ethel              II175

Zepeda            Manuel S.                II75

Zepeda            Simon                    I198

Zernickow         Flora Catherina         II219

Zickefoose        Hazel N.                II174

Ziegler           Maurine J. (Mrs.)        I180

Ziegler           Teresa E.                I158

Zielke            Evelyn Wiebe            II139

Zigler            William A.              II177

Ziller            Claud Albert            II140

Ziller            Claud Albert            II141

Zimmerman         Alvin L. (Rev.)          I214

Zimmerman         Cora Mae Murphy          I146

Zimmerman         Darrel L.                II65

Zimmerman         Dina                      I19

Zimmerman         Garry L.                 I231

Zimmerman         John                    II154

Zimmerman         John A.                 II184

Zimmerman         John Earl                 I65

Zimmerman         Lila May                 I157

Zimmerman         Lydia                    I146

Zimmerman         Willard W.                I99

Zinn              Mary                    II148

Zirkel            William F.              II222

Zoglman           Roman                    I101

Zollars           Elmore B.               II117

Zook              Abner J.                 I160

Zook              Abner J.                 I161

Zook              Wava Judith             II231

Zorger            Marguerite                I56

Zrubek            Ramona Ann                 I5

Zuendel           Ella                     II57

Zugmier           Ross E.                   I79


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