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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.


Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

2003 S-T









Saad			George				05-Jul-03

Sack			Mary Louise (Brungardt)		08-Apr-03

Sadey			Bernadine M.			22-Apr-03

Safely			James H.			05-Oct-03

Safely			James H.			06-Oct-03

Safely			James H.			07-Oct-03

Sage			Eva V.				18-Sep-03

Sageser			Floyd E.			09-Oct-03

Saied			Marjory Tayar			16-Sep-03

Saip			George				02-Dec-03

Salas			Robert				06-May-03

Salazar			Henryetta Louesa (Wagoner)	15-Feb-03

Salazar			Henryetta Louesa (Wagoner)	16-Feb-03

Sallee			Elsie Pauline (Wicker)		04-Mar-03

Salmans			Marion K. 'Sam'			21-Mar-03

Salmans			Marion K. 'Sam'			20-Mar-03

Salmon			Edith A. (Shaw)			13-Feb-03

Saltkill		Mary Louise			16-Dec-03

Salts			Vivian R.			15-May-03

Samarzija		Milan 'Mike'			19-Oct-03

Samek			Mary L.				11-Nov-03

Samek			Mary L.				12-Nov-03

Samek			Mary L.				10-Nov-03

Samford			Vivian				01-Jul-03

Samford			Vivian				02-Jul-03

Samilton		Roosevelt Sr.			17-Apr-03

Samilton		Roosevelt Sr.			18-Apr-03

Samilton		Roosevelt Sr.			19-Apr-03

Sammons			Lucy 'Wanetta'			29-Jul-03

Sample			Helen Berniece			25-Dec-03

Samples			Patrick J.			31-Mar-03

Sampson			Betty June			15-Oct-03

Sams			Clara				18-Jun-03

Sananikone		Kristin A.			10-Mar-03

Sanborn			Hideko Takatsuka		28-Jan-03

Sanborn			Orville J.			17-Oct-03

Sanborn			Orville James			18-Oct-03

Sanborn			Sylvia Vesta (Walker)		31-May-03

Sanborn			Sylvia Vesta (Walker)		01-Jun-03

Sanchen			Al				10-Jan-03

Sanchez			Fernando Rashawn		10-Sep-03

Sanchez			James Thomas			12-Sep-03

Sanchez			Jimmie E.			07-Oct-03

Sandberg		Florence L.			22-Nov-03

Sandberg		Madelon				06-Jul-03

Sander			Donna				30-Oct-03

Sander			Edna N.				30-Jul-03

Sander			John Edmund Jr.			19-May-03

Sander-Herman		Rita M.				05-Dec-03

Sanders			Cecil E.			20-Mar-03

Sanders			Charles V. 'Charley'		01-Sep-03

Sanders			Dennis Lee			01-Feb-03

Sanders			Eldon Lee Jr.			06-Sep-03

Sanders			Hal W.				22-May-03

Sanders			Harry Jewell			22-Nov-03

Sanders			Helen L.			17-Feb-03

Sanders			Inez Dikeman (Bray)		05-May-03

Sanders			Joseph				21-Nov-03

Sanders			Lou Bledsoe			16-Jul-03

Sanders			Mack				15-Oct-03

Sanders			Margaret A.			08-Jul-03

Sanders			Neva Jean			08-Dec-03

Sanders			Thornton			12-Mar-03

Sanders			Wilma L. (Corr)			15-Mar-03

Sanders			Wilma L. (Corr)			16-Mar-03

Sanderson		Frankie Lucille			12-Jan-03

Sanderson		George A.			25-Feb-03

Sanderson		Ira Owen 'Shorty'		28-Oct-03

Sandlin			Nell Margaret			12-Nov-03

Sandusky		Marc				27-Mar-03

Sandy			Gene E.				02-Sep-03

Sanford			Don E.				01-Oct-03

Sangster		Ralph E. 'Dick'			31-Oct-03

Sangster		Robert William 'Bob'		30-Jul-03

Sanow			LaVonne E. 'Vonnie'		22-Dec-03

Santee			Burton				15-Oct-03

Santillan		Guadalupe			05-Mar-03

Sarchet			Loyd Newland			11-Nov-03

Sargent			Linda J.			03-Mar-03

Sargent			Linda J.			04-Mar-03

Sarria			Noel A. 'Bitto'			12-Aug-03

Sartorius		Terence Edward			29-Oct-03

Satterlee		Louis E				29-Jun-03

Satterlee		Thaddeus E			17-Aug-03

Sauceda			Glenda				13-Sep-03

Sauer			Donald E			30-Jun-03

Sauer			Ernest 'Ernie'			29-Jan-03

Sauer			Ernest 'Ernie'			30-Jan-03

Sauer			Fred				24-Sep-03

Sauer			Fred				25-Sep-03

Sauer			Lawn B.				18-Mar-03

Sauer			Phyllis L.			13-Dec-03

Sauer			Phyllis L.			14-Dec-03

Saums			Margaret Elisabeth (Easton)	19-Jan-03

Saums			Margaret Elizabeth Easton	26-Jan-03

Saunders		Franceta Mae			16-Jan-03

Saunders		Franceta Mae			18-Jan-03

Saunders		Harris 'Peanut'			11-Nov-03

Saunders		Kathryn M.			11-Jan-03

Saunders		Kenneth M.			09-Jan-03

Sausen			Esther E.			04-Feb-03

Savage			Bernice				13-Aug-03

Savage			Bernice				14-Aug-03

Savala			Valentina Esquivel		01-Nov-03

Savely			Donald W			03-Aug-03

Savely			Virdie Pauline			08-Jan-03

Saville			Robert L. 'Shorty'		22-Oct-03

Saville			Robert L. 'Shorty'		23-Oct-03

Savolt			Clarence M. 'Clem'		22-May-03

Savute			Mary				18-May-03

Savute			Mary Burnette			16-May-03

Sawatsky		Benjamin J.			17-Feb-03

Sawyer			James O.			23-Jul-03

Sawyer			Jean Medora			23-Jul-03

Sawyer			Sharon Lee			31-May-03

Sawyer			Sharon Lee			30-May-03

Sawyer			Tom F.				17-Nov-03

Sawyer			Tom F.				18-Nov-03

Sawyer			William H.			13-Jan-03

Saxton			William E.			12-Oct-03

Sayer			Eldon F. 'Jack'			11-Dec-03

Sayer			Eldon F. 'Jack'			12-Dec-03

Sayler			Mable O.			07-Oct-03

Sayres			Ruth Elizabeth			27-Aug-03

Scales			Aniya Chantel			08-Jan-03

Scales			Marcia L.			30-Nov-03

Scales			Marcia L.			26-Nov-03

Scarmeas		John H. (Dr.)			17-Nov-03

Scarmeas		John H. (Dr.)			18-Nov-03

Schaar			Albert Herbert			26-Nov-03

Schaar			Albert Herbert			27-Nov-03

Schaar			Albert Herbert			28-Nov-03

Schaar			Florence M.			13-Feb-03

Schaar			Florence M.			14-Feb-03

Schaar			Freddie				14-Jun-03

Schaar			Freddie				15-Jun-03

Schaar			Olga G.				24-Dec-03

Schade			Margaret Elsie			20-Apr-03

Schadegg		Donald				14-Sep-03

Schaefer		Margie Cleo			25-Oct-03

Schaell			Jack James			15-Jun-03

Schafer			Anton Joseph			10-May-03

Schafer			Berthold 'Bert'			07-Feb-03

Schaible		Edith Pauline 'Polly'		23-Apr-03

Schanbacher		Eugene Hoyt			29-Jul-03

Schardein		Joseph D			13-Jul-03

Scharenberg		Paul E.				11-Feb-03

Scharf			Edward F.			12-Dec-03

Scharff			Basil F.			17-Dec-03

Schartz			Kenneth				04-Dec-03

Schartz			Kenneth				05-Dec-03

Schartz			Mathilda Evelyn Weber		09-Aug-03

Schartz			Mathilda Evelyn Weber		11-Aug-03

Schauf			Edwin H.			17-May-03

Schauf			Irene				12-Aug-03

Schauf			Jovita Regina			29-Jun-03

Schauf			Jovita Regina			30-Jun-03

Scheck			Gilbert Eugene 'Gib'		29-Mar-03

Scheferkort		Alice Jessie			03-Aug-03

Scheideman		Blanche Pearl			26-Nov-03

Schemenauer		Helen Margaret			19-Feb-03

Schemm			Leo Alexander			04-Apr-03

Schenk			Clarence J.			28-Nov-03

Schenk			Clarence J.			27-Nov-03

Schenk			Clarence J.			26-Nov-03

Schenkel		John Jr. 'Jack'			07-Nov-03

Scherer			Jerry Thomas			07-Jan-03

Scherer			Jerry Thomas			08-Jan-03

Scherling		Clara I.			14-Apr-03

Scheve			Lawrence J.			02-Jun-03

Schibbelhut		Matt William			21-Feb-03

Schick			Thomas William			06-Nov-03

Schiefelbein		Alice J.			21-May-03

Schierling		Bernhardt T. 'Barney'		29-Mar-03

Schifferdecker		Eva M.				08-Jan-03

Schiffler		Kathleen T. (Kennedy)		06-Mar-03

Schiffler		Kathleen T. (Kennedy)		07-Mar-03

Schild			Edward B.			09-May-03

Schild			Edward B.			10-May-03

Schill			Betty M.			28-Aug-03

Schilling		Robert E 'Bob'			29-Jun-03

Schilling		Robert E 'Bob'			30-Jun-03

Schilling		William D			23-Nov-03

Schindler		Julie				07-May-03

Schindler		Virgie L.			05-Nov-03

Schisler		Lavern Alfred			25-May-03

Schlachter		Ernest R. M.D.			25-Apr-03

Schlachter		Ernest R. M.D.			26-Apr-03

Schlachter		Ernest R. M.D.			27-Apr-03

Schlaegel		Darin M.			07-May-03

Schlatter		Lorne				04-Jul-03

Schlegel		Sandra Ruth (Leonard)		15-Oct-03

Schlegel		Sandra Ruth (Leonard)		16-Oct-03

Schlegel		Wanda S.			13-Aug-03

Schlehuber		Lloyd J.			08-Dec-03

Schleicher		Ruth Adell			25-May-03

Schlesener		Eugene J.			18-May-03

Schlesener		Harvey E.			09-Mar-03

Schlesener		Ida				10-Sep-03

Schlichting		Blondine L			26-Oct-03

Schlick			Theresia (Haffner)		13-Feb-03

Schlochtermeier		Karen Ruth			09-Jul-03

Schmalzreid		Dorothy Mae			25-Aug-03

Schmatjen		Wanda Wilma (Wycoff)		27-Nov-03

Schmedeman		Inez L.				17-Dec-03

Schmeissner		Helen M. (Simon)		01-Jul-03

Schmeissner		Helen M. (Simon)		02-Jul-03

Schmidt			Alberta R.			05-Mar-03

Schmidt			Alberta R.			06-Mar-03

Schmidt			Alexius J. 'Lex'		10-Jan-03

Schmidt			Andy				11-Nov-03

Schmidt			Anna C.				09-Aug-03

Schmidt			Claudine Lavesta		27-Nov-03

Schmidt			Daniel J.			11-Mar-03

Schmidt			Elsie F.			22-Nov-03

Schmidt			Esther Klassen			25-Sep-03

Schmidt			Floyd Harry			06-May-03

Schmidt			Frieda Anna			12-Jan-03

Schmidt			Frieda Anna			13-Jan-03

Schmidt			Hedwig H.			04-Mar-03

Schmidt			Irene M.			08-Apr-03

Schmidt			Joyce Irene			08-Nov-03

Schmidt			Katie Dyck			27-Sep-03

Schmidt			Kiliana Frances			05-Mar-03

Schmidt			Larry A.			08-Jan-03

Schmidt			Lavina M. Hoskinson		30-May-03

Schmidt			Leonard R.			14-Jan-03

Schmidt			Lloyd G.			25-Jun-03

Schmidt			M.				21-Nov-03

Schmidt			Maxine M.			06-Jun-03

Schmidt			Menno R. 'Fish'			12-May-03

Schmidt			Olin J.				30-Nov-03

Schmidt			Richard E			29-Jun-03

Schmidt			Richard E			30-Jun-03

Schmidt			Richard E			01-Jul-03

Schmidt			Richard E			01-Jul-03

Schmidt			Robert F.			16-Nov-03

Schmidt			Rose E.				01-Feb-03

Schmidt			Selma				31-Jul-03

Schmidt			Theresa 'Terri'			22-Jul-03

Schmidt			Thomas Eugene			31-Aug-03

Schmidt			Velma				23-May-03

Schmidt			Velma D.			20-Apr-03

Schmidt			Virgil P.			11-Feb-03

Schmidt			Virgil P.			12-Feb-03

Schmidtberger		Armella				07-Jun-03

Schmidtberger		Dale Joseph			22-Oct-03

Schmidtberger		Lewis C				06-Jul-03

Schmitt			Phyllis M.			31-Oct-03

Schmitt			Thomas E. 'Tom'			08-May-03

Schmitz			Edith				14-Mar-03

Schmitz			LaVern R.			12-Sep-03

Schmitz			Mrs. Wilfred J. (Donna)		24-Jul-03

Schmitz-Pritz		Carolyn Sue			11-Jun-03

Schnakenberg		Marvie M			03-Aug-03

Schneider		Garnold Howard			24-Jan-03

Schneider		Leila E				26-Oct-03

Schneider		Melba D.			09-Jan-03

Schneider		Reinhold Jacob 'Ray'		05-Apr-03

Schneider		Reinhold Jacob 'Ray'		06-Apr-03

Schneiderjohn		Maxine E.			12-Jan-03

Schnelle		Kainoa Weslee			01-Oct-03

Schnelle		LaBruce F.			13-Sep-03

Schnelle		Marguerite Stone		06-Aug-03

Schnetzer		Elsie June			14-Nov-03

Schneweis		Richard J. 'Dick'		08-Sep-03

Schnieder		R. J. 'Ray'			04-Apr-03

Schnug			Alice L.			29-Sep-03

Schoemaker		Arthur				02-Nov-03

Schoen			Clarence			25-Nov-03

Schoenecker		Anna M. 'Annie'			11-Nov-03

Schoenecker		Anna M. 'Annie'			12-Nov-03

Schoenecker		Jean Ann (Hermes)		09-May-03

Schoenecker		Jean Ann (Hermes)		10-May-03

Schoenhofer		David W.			04-Jan-03

Schoenhofer		David W.			05-Jan-03

Schoenhofer		Joan				24-Jan-03

Scholler		Myeerah 'Dee'			28-Dec-03

Scholler		Myeerah 'Dee'			31-Dec-03

Scholler		Myeerah D. 'Dee'		21-Dec-03

Schooler		Harold				09-Nov-03

Schooler		Harold				10-Nov-03

Schooling		Francis Franklin 'Frank'	17-Jun-03

Schoonover		Betty V.			11-Apr-03

Schott			Melvin C.			06-Nov-03

Schott			Verna Joann			03-Jun-03

Schrader		Hannelore 'Ann'			06-May-03

Schrader		James Lee			17-Apr-03

Schraeder		Shantel Marie 'Boo Bear'	02-Jul-03

Schrag			Herman J.			03-Jun-03

Schrag			Joshua T.			04-Mar-03

Schrag			Laura R.			15-Feb-03

Schrag			Orlin M.			17-Jan-03

Schreck			Lloyd George Joseph		09-May-03

Schreffler		Letha F.			07-May-03

Schremmer		Clara Ann			23-Jul-03

Schriner		Adolph F.			07-Nov-03

Schriner		Randy L.			18-Nov-03

Schrock			John S.				02-Jul-03

Schroeder		Clifford L.			07-Sep-03

Schroeder		E.K. (Dr.)			15-Oct-03

Schroeder		Edwin G.			29-Mar-03

Schroeder		Geraldine R. 'Gerry'		29-Oct-03

Schroeder		Lawrence R 'Bud'		26-Oct-03

Schroeder		Ruby Lee			30-Aug-03

Schroeder		Ruth E.				21-Feb-03

Schroeder		Wilma Ruth			15-Jan-03

Schrott			Ella				06-Sep-03

Schuber			Ella Hamm			02-Sep-03

Schuber			Ella Hamm			03-Sep-03

Schuck			Alta				30-Nov-03

Schuckman		John T.				28-Dec-03

Schuessler		Wanda Jo			30-Nov-03

Schugart		Elva M.				01-Apr-03

Schuhs			Stephan T. Jr. 'Steve'		14-Oct-03

Schul			Emogene 'Jean'			11-Sep-03

Schuler			Lee Anne			09-Nov-03

Schuler			Lee Anne			10-Nov-03

Schulte			Harold C.			20-Feb-03

Schulte			O.A.				18-Nov-03

Schulte			Oscar A.			16-Nov-03

Schulte			Oscar A.			17-Nov-03

Schulte			Otto H.				30-Oct-03

Schultz			Bertha Mary (Peppercorn)	11-Feb-03

Schultz			Bertha Mary (Peppercorn)	12-Feb-03

Schultz			Cornelia Christina (VanEyk)	21-Jan-03

Schultz			Lucille 'Lucy'			14-Dec-03

Schultz			Mary L. (Leach)			15-Apr-03

Schultz			Vernon A. 'Friday'		20-Mar-03

Schulze			Joseph M.			15-Jan-03

Schumacher		Herbert H.			18-Apr-03

Schump			JoAnn				05-Jun-03

Schupman		Margaret			30-Dec-03

Schussele		Joseph Halbert 'Mike'		25-Mar-03

Schuster		Nadine				04-Feb-03

Schwab			Geneva O.			31-Dec-03

Schwabauer		Hildegarde Keller		18-Nov-03

Schwarm			Keith Henry			06-Jan-03

Schwartz		Alice E.			07-Nov-03

Schwarz			Anton E 'Tony'			28-Jul-03

Schwarz			Anton E 'Tony'			29-Jul-03

Schwarz			Anton E 'Tony'			27-Jul-03

Schwegman		Linda Sue			16-Jan-03

Schweitzer		Eunice L.			11-Feb-03

Schweitzer		Eunice L.			13-Feb-03

Schweitzer		Roy Dean			14-Feb-03

Schweitzer-Stokes	Marybel Allice			30-Jun-03

Schwind			Allen K.			09-Dec-03

Schwind			Allen K.			10-Dec-03

Schwind			Cecilia A.			15-Oct-03

Schwind			Cecilia A. (Hilger)		14-Oct-03

Schwindt		Jacob Carl			27-Nov-03

Schwyhart		Paul D.				26-Jan-03

Scobee			Virginia Elizabeth		08-Jul-03

Scott			Annie Laura			16-Aug-03

Scott			Beulah A.			22-Jan-03

Scott			Christine A.			04-Nov-03

Scott			Clyde S.			17-May-03

Scott			Gerald				12-Jun-03

Scott			Gertrude 'Gretie'		27-Apr-03

Scott			Hazel Mae			27-Aug-03

Scott			Ida				01-Jan-03

Scott			Jeff W.				15-Jul-03

Scott			JoAnn				15-Apr-03

Scott			JoAnn				16-Apr-03

Scott			Mace Leroy			26-Sep-03

Scott			Margaret H			14-Jul-03

Scott			Margaret Helen			15-Jul-03

Scott			Margaret M.			22-Jan-03

Scott			Mary Mildred			12-Sep-03

Scott			Robert H.			11-Dec-03

Scott			Rose G.				15-Oct-03

Scott			Ruth				26-Oct-03

Scott			Virginia Mae (Coleman) Blair	11-Apr-03

Scott			William 'Bill' Smith		29-Mar-03

Scott			William Robert 'Bill'		28-Oct-03

Scribner		Max E.				05-Jun-03

Scriven			Elsie Marie			16-Dec-03

Scriven			Elsie Marie			17-Dec-03

Scrivner		Bernice				07-Mar-03

Scrivner		Janet Ann			03-Jun-03

Scrivner		Janet Ann			04-Jun-03

Scroggins-Arnold	Mary L.				05-Dec-03

Seal			Velma I. 'Boots'		28-Jan-03

Seamster		Ellen C.			23-May-03

Searl			Goff O.				08-Jul-03

Sears			Edna M.				07-Jun-03

Sears			Jeanne Karen			13-Apr-03

Sears			Jeanne Karen			14-Apr-03

Sears			Michael E. 'Mike'		19-Jun-03

Sears			Wesley Floyd			13-May-03

Sears			William Edwin 'Diz'		16-Mar-03

Seaton			Debra Ann (Clark)		05-Jan-03

Seaton			Garrett J. 'Gary'		25-Sep-03

Seaton			Keith L.			05-Aug-03

Seba			Arlyn J.			19-Apr-03

Seburn			Catherine			03-Dec-03

Sechler			Floyd B.			27-Jan-03

Seck			Vincent L.			07-Sep-03

Secord			Neva Opal			02-Feb-03

Secrest			Billy Lloyd			22-Sep-03

Sedbrook		Wilma P.			06-Aug-03

See			Harold F.			02-Feb-03

See			Jane Kathryn			02-Jun-03

See			Jane Kathryn			03-Jun-03

Seefeld			Gwendolyn Naomi			02-Dec-03

Seefeld			Gwendolyn Naomi			03-Dec-03

Seefeld			Regina Ann			04-Nov-03

Seefeldt		Genevieve I.			12-Nov-03

Seeger			J.D. 'Duke'			11-Jun-03

Seeger			Stephen A. 'Steve'		07-Jun-03

Seeger			Stephen A. 'Steve'		08-Jun-03

Seeman			Andy Jr.			04-Jan-03

Seese			Carl Robert			11-Oct-03

Segerhammar		Paul W.				28-Jan-03

Segerhammar		Paul W.				29-Jan-03

Seglem			H. Faye (Brickley)		31-Oct-03

Seibel			Esther Penner			30-Oct-03

Seibel			Ray D.				24-Jul-03

Seidel			William T. 'Bill'		23-Feb-03

Seidl			Agnes M. (Ebenkamp)		23-Oct-03

Seidl			Agnes M. (Ebenkamp)		24-Oct-03

Seiler			Linda M.			17-Dec-03

Seiler			Linda M.			18-Dec-03

Seiler			Susan Clara			19-May-03

Seiler			Walter D.			24-Aug-03

Seiler			William F.			03-Jan-03

Seimers			Hylas Otto 'Johnny'		25-Feb-03

Seirer			Edna M.				21-Dec-03

Seirer			Edna M.				22-Dec-03

Seitz			E. Jeanne			12-Jun-03

Selby			Barton C			20-Jul-03

Selby			Helen				04-May-03

Selby			Stephen P.			27-Mar-03

Self			Trinna Gale (Williams)		09-Dec-03

Selichnow		Kenneth F.			22-Mar-03

Sell			Lester				26-Jan-03

Sell			Rosalie E.			02-Mar-03

Sellers			Elsie F.			31-Jan-03

Sellers			Elsie F.			01-Feb-03

Selph			Merle W. Sr.			09-Dec-03

Selvig			Florence			04-Jun-03

Selzer			Phebe Mae			25-Oct-03

Semmel			Judy Ann			14-Oct-03

Semple			James Craig			10-Mar-03

Semple			James Craig			11-Mar-03

Servis			Nancy M.			26-Mar-03

Sessin			Fred Jr.			19-Nov-03

Sessler			Frances T.			16-Nov-03

Setzkorn		Elmer Theodore			03-Apr-03

Sevart			Dana E.				16-Jul-03

Sewart			Harriett F.			03-Apr-03

Sewell			Ruth Virginia			24-Jan-03

Sewell			Tokiko				11-Jun-03

Sexton			Elizabeth Ruth 'Betty'		29-May-03

Sexton			Isaac W. 'Bill'			31-Dec-03

Sexton			Terry Lynn (Lacrone)		03-Sep-03

Seyb			George				03-Apr-03

Seymore			Dwight H.			04-Jun-03

Shabazz			Gene M.				20-Feb-03

Shackelford		Mabel C.			29-Oct-03

Shackelford		Matthew Clay			23-Oct-03

Shackelford		William Ira			15-Apr-03

Shaddy			Alfred Eugene			08-Mar-03

Shade			Judy K.				20-Aug-03

Shafer			Winford C. Sr.			18-Dec-03

Shaffer			Bessie 'Betty'			22-Sep-03

Shaffer			Bessie 'Betty'			24-Sep-03

Shaffer			Bessie 'Betty'			25-Sep-03

Shaffer			Velma R.			26-Sep-03

Shaffer			W.R. 'Bub'			22-Dec-03

Shaft			MaryLou (Rymph)			11-Feb-03

Shandol			Irene				20-May-03

Shandol			Irene				21-May-03

Shane			Elberta Martha			05-Aug-03

Shank			Ray F.				08-Jun-03

Shank			Ray F.				07-Jun-03

Shanks			Lloyd Beryl			09-Dec-03

Shannahan		Albert J. 'Al'			09-Jan-03

Shannon			Jacob Doyle			09-Aug-03

Shannon			Mildred V.			06-Mar-03

Shannon			Mildred V.			07-Mar-03

Shannon			Oleta R.			08-Mar-03

Shapland		Irene E.			07-Nov-03

Shapley			Philip H.			16-Mar-03

Shapley			Philip Howard			18-Mar-03

Sharp			Adeline M.			16-Sep-03

Sharp			Ida Mae				25-Mar-03

Sharp			Ida Mae				24-Mar-03

Sharp			Pauline E.			07-Jun-03

Sharp			Raymond A.			06-May-03

Shaver			Denny B.			11-Aug-03

Shaver			Denny B.			12-Aug-03

Shaver			Dortha Marie 'Dot'		25-Sep-03

Shaver			Dortha Marie 'Dot'		28-Sep-03

Shaw			Calvin R.			19-Nov-03

Shaw			Frank				05-Dec-03

Shaw			Frank				06-Dec-03

Shaw			George Bowen Wood		20-Aug-03

Shaw			Horace W.			20-Nov-03

Shaw			Howard W			29-Jun-03

Shaw			Marilyn Kay			15-Feb-03

Shaw			Opal K.				14-Apr-03

Shaw			Opal Mae			24-Mar-03

Shaw			Reese M. 'Cam'			24-Nov-03

Shaw			William T. 'Bill		22-May-03

Shaw-Williams		Betty Jewel			30-Nov-03

Shay			Douglas E.			10-Nov-03

Shay			Douglas E.			11-Nov-03

Shea			Larry Eugene			19-Jan-03

Shear			Elden E. Sr.			24-Sep-03

Shear			Elden E. Sr.			25-Sep-03

Shearer			David L.			30-Jul-03

Shearer			David L.			01-Aug-03

Shearer			Ruth V.				11-Dec-03

Shears			Frances P. 'Fran'		04-Dec-03

Shears			Frances P. 'Fran'		05-Dec-03

Sheck			Marcile Sue			22-Nov-03

Sheehan			Helen L.			13-May-03

Sheehan			Helen L. 'Bunny'		14-May-03

Sheehan			Helen L. 'Bunny'		15-May-03

Sheffler		William A.			21-May-03

Shehi			Elbert 'Duck'			23-Oct-03

Sheil			Michael E			29-Jun-03

Shelby			Jess Eugene 'Sonny'		02-May-03

Sheldon			Tom G.				29-Apr-03

Shell			Connie Rae			29-Sep-03

Shellhammer		Mabel P.			18-Oct-03

Shellhammer		Mabel P.			19-Oct-03

Shellhammer		Mabel P.			20-Oct-03

Shelor			James D.			30-Dec-03

Shelton			Bernadene Isabel		04-Apr-03

Shelton			Lilla M.			11-Jul-03

Shepard			Larry E.			03-May-03

Shepard			Lester C.			11-Apr-03

Shepard			Stuart L.			02-May-03

Shephard-Moore		Tom				23-Aug-03

Shepherd		Dorothy L. (Dottie) (Hickey)	24-Dec-03

Sherbert		Lyndsay Rae			27-Jul-03

Sherbert		Lyndsay Rae			26-Jul-03

Sherer			Ralph Vernon			10-Jun-03

Sherman			Claude Raymond			13-Sep-03

Sherman			Dorothy M.			22-Aug-03

Sherman			Matha				12-Aug-03

Sherrod			Barbara J.			21-Jan-03

Sherrod			Barbara J.			24-Jan-03

Sherwood		E. Lena				11-Jan-03

Sherwood		E. Lena				12-Jan-03

Sherwood		Ella Leona			10-Jan-03

Sherwood		Jack				02-Jan-03

Sherwood		P. Bruce			20-Nov-03

Shidler			Ted				12-Nov-03

Shields			Allen L.			25-Jun-03

Shields			Carroll Jay			12-Aug-03

Shields			Donavon Burk			01-Oct-03

Shields			Donavon Burk			02-Oct-03

Shields			Doris M.			25-Aug-03

Shields			Doris M.			26-Aug-03

Shields			Doris M.			27-Aug-03

Shima			David Frances			03-May-03

Shiner			Rebecca				15-Dec-03

Shiner			Rebecca				16-Dec-03

Shinkle			Cecile Mae 'Peggy'		12-Jan-03

Shinkle			Donald Rex			13-Dec-03

Shinkle			Donald Rex			14-Dec-03

Shiplet			Wayne Elbert			17-Feb-03

Shiplet			Wayne Elbert			18-Feb-03

Shire			Lowell				19-Jun-03

Shirk			Genevieve E. 'Jeannie'		28-Jun-03

Shirk			Genevieve E. 'Jeannie'		29-Jun-03

Shirley			Betty J.			16-Apr-03

Shirley			Eugene Ray			03-Jun-03

Shirley			John Ray			15-Mar-03

Shirley			John Ray			16-Mar-03

Shirley			John Ray			18-Mar-03

Shively			Barbara J.			30-Aug-03

Shively			John W.				24-Oct-03

Shklar			Robert Karl			27-Nov-03

Shoemaker		Charles 'Buster' Jr.		18-Jun-03

Shoemaker		Mildred A.			25-Sep-03

Shoemaker		Rita Sue (Alberding)		05-Apr-03

Shonk			Carroll L.			17-Dec-03

Shonk			Carroll L.			16-Dec-03

Shoop			Helen Ethel			27-Oct-03

Shoop			Kathie				27-Nov-03

Shoop			Kathie				28-Nov-03

Shope			John W.				12-Jun-03

Shorb-Walters		Janice R. 'Jan'			28-May-03

Shore			Clara				14-Dec-03

Shore			William Harold			09-Dec-03

Short			Florabelle			02-Jul-03

Short			Floyd 'Junior'			09-Mar-03

Short			Jack 'Pat'			31-Jan-03

Shorter			Richard C			14-Jul-03

Shough			Marian D			13-Jul-03

Shoulders		Mark L.				13-Feb-03

Showalter		Anne H.				24-Oct-03

Showalter		Margueritte Marie		31-Aug-03

Showers			Elizabeth G. 'Betty'		05-Dec-03

Showers			Marjorie Lucile			08-Mar-03

Shrack			David Phillip (2nd Lt.)		04-Jul-03

Shrack			George William			11-Apr-03

Shreck			Ruth H.				29-Jan-03

Shrewsbury		Luise Bonrath			06-Apr-03

Shrewsbury		Luise Bonrath			07-Apr-03

Shrewsbury		Sheryl D			29-Jun-03

Shrigley		Diana L.			01-Aug-03

Shriver			Sheila J.			19-Sep-03

Shriver			Sheila J.			21-Sep-03

Shrum			Jeanne				23-Jan-03

Shubert			George D.			19-Feb-03

Shuck			Dustin James			22-Jan-03

Shuck			Viola R.			28-May-03

Shufelt			Eula Jean			29-Jun-03

Shuler			Angeline M.			08-Feb-03

Shull			F. Keith			01-May-03

Shultz			Betty L.			05-Mar-03

Shuman			Harl Eugene 'Gene'		07-Nov-03

Shuman			Margaret Leona			15-Nov-03

Shurley			Noah A. (Dick)			29-Aug-03

Shute			Vivian A.			19-Nov-03

Shutts			Thelma A. (Vreeland)		07-Sep-03

Shutts			Thelma A. (Vreeland)		09-Sep-03

Sibley			James R.			19-Jan-03

Sibrava			Frank E.			02-Mar-03

Sicka			Helen L.			22-Dec-03

Sickmon			Gene D.				24-Dec-03

Sidebottom		Grace Elizabeth			25-Sep-03

Sidener			Delmar George			21-Nov-03

Sidener			Lee D.				12-Apr-03

Sidwell			George Lester			08-Aug-03

Siegel			William A. Jr.			19-Jun-03

Siegener		Sharon				20-Jul-03

Siegmund		Patrick 'Patio'			02-May-03

Sielert			Edward R.'Mutt'			18-Dec-03

Sielert			Floriene Mae			05-Jun-03

Siemens			Gary Dean			24-Nov-03

Siemens			Gary Dean			25-Nov-03

Sigel			Faye Crawford			02-Mar-03

Sigel			John Frederick			26-Dec-03

Sigel			John Frederick			27-Dec-03

Sigel			John Frederick			28-Dec-03

Sigman			Ilene Joy			29-Jan-03

Signer			Mitsuko 'Mitsy' (Itoya)		31-Jan-03

Sikes			Bob				24-Oct-03

Sikes			Bob				25-Oct-03

Sikes			Bob				26-Oct-03

Sikes			Deborah R. 'Daisy'		01-Jan-03

Sikes			Deborah R. 'Daisy'		02-Jan-03

Silhan			Robert J.			26-May-03

Sills			Milton D.			30-Mar-03

Sills			Milton D.			31-Mar-03

Sills			Milton D.			29-Mar-03

Silva			Arianna Andrea			11-Feb-03

Silver			Dixie L.			30-Nov-03

Simmelink		Pauline D			28-Jul-03

Simmon			Tondra Sue			10-Aug-03

Simmon			Tondra Sue			12-Aug-03

Simmons			Billy Taff			20-Nov-03

Simmons			Donald W.			08-Aug-03

Simmons			Donald W.			09-Aug-03

Simmons			Gladys M.			27-Apr-03

Simmons			Joseph P.			09-Feb-03

Simmons			Joseph P.			10-Feb-03

Simmons			Mary Ann			17-Sep-03

Simmons			Melvin A.			30-Mar-03

Simmons			Vera O.				07-Apr-03

Simms			Phyllis I.			29-May-03

Simms			William O.			23-Dec-03

Simon			Blinda Ann			09-Jul-03

Simon			Blinda Ann			11-Jul-03

Simon			Emmett M.			22-Jul-03

Simon			Eugene Edward			19-Mar-03

Simon			LeRoy Urban			27-Jul-03

Simon			LeRoy Urban			28-Jul-03

Simon			Luella Fanabelle (Evans) 'Lu'	16-Jan-03

Simon			Luella Fanabelle (Evans) 'Lu'	18-Jan-03

Simon			Robert S. 'Bob'			12-Jan-03

Simons			Rhetis Ann			14-Feb-03

Simpson			Chrystal Gayle			04-Feb-03

Simpson			Debra S.			26-Mar-03

Simpson			Doris				03-Oct-03

Simpson			E. Verlee			15-Jan-03

Simpson			Herbert A.			16-Aug-03

Simpson			Letha Pearl			27-Dec-03

Simpson			Mary 'Billie'			04-Feb-03

Simpson			Myrtle				22-Jan-03

Simpson			Myrtle				23-Jan-03

Simpson			Winnie				12-Aug-03

Simpson			Winnie				14-Aug-03

Simpson			Winnie				15-Aug-03

Sims			Doris Jean			21-Nov-03

Sims			Rebekah Lee			19-Dec-03

Sims			Ruth E.				28-Jan-03

Sinclair		Andrew Thomas Sr.		18-Mar-03

Sinclair		Andrew Thomas Sr.		19-Mar-03

Sinclair		LaVonne Lennie			03-Apr-03

Sinclair		Linda (Dechant)			13-Nov-03

Singel			Estelle 'Stella'		19-Aug-03

Singley			Mary I.				24-Nov-03

Sinkey			Carol				25-Jul-03

Sinner			Msgr. Emil E.			14-Sep-03

Sinnett			Alycia Renee			30-Jul-03

Sinsel-Cash		Janet				25-Jan-03

Sinsel-Cash		Janet				26-Jan-03

Sion			R. Rae				17-Oct-03

Sion			R. Rae				18-Oct-03

Sion			R. Rae				19-Oct-03

Sipos			W. Maudean			14-May-03

Sippel			Verlin E.			28-Dec-03

Sipult			Donald R.			02-May-03

Sipult			Rose A (Salisbury)		03-Aug-03

Sisler			Timothy Dewayne			08-May-03

Sisney			Vernon D.			07-Jan-03

Sisseck			Charles B.			11-Nov-03

Sites			Peter				23-May-03

Sizemore		Clayton W.			11-Nov-03

Sizemore		Clayton W.			12-Nov-03

Skaggs			Betty L				28-Jul-03

Skaggs			Betty L				29-Jul-03

Skeen			H. Irene			10-Dec-03

Skeen			Melda				04-Oct-03

Skehan			Robert Leo			15-Jan-03

Skidmore		Ricky Lee			09-Jan-03

Skiles			Wilma E.			14-Feb-03

Skilling		Charles J.			30-Oct-03

Skinner			Dorothy CLeona			23-Nov-03

Skinner			Wayne Clark			11-Feb-03

Skolaut			Vernon J.			30-Dec-03

Skov			Ralph H. (Dr.)			29-Jul-03

Skubitz			Dan J.				09-Jan-03

Skubitz			Dan J.				10-Jan-03

Skyler-Wilson		Alvin O.			25-Oct-03

Skyler-Wilson		Alvin S.			20-Oct-03

Slagle			Pearl R.			01-Jan-03

Slaton			Carmen Lorene			16-Aug-03

Slattery		John Byron 'J.B.		06-Aug-03

Slaughter		Cecil Floyd			02-Apr-03

Slaughter		Harry F.			22-Jul-03

Slaughter		Harry F. Sr.			23-Jul-03

Slavens			Tony				23-Sep-03

Slayton			Lorene Beatrice Johnson		20-Mar-03

Sledge			Mildred				15-Feb-03

Sledge			Mildred				17-Feb-03

Sledge			Mildred				18-Feb-03

Sleep			Dorothy				31-May-03

Sleichter		Benjamin E.			06-May-03

Sleight			William Neil			30-Jan-03

Sloan			Harold L.			26-Sep-03

Sloan			Julia B. 'Judy'			21-Nov-03

Sloan			Laura L.			13-Apr-03

Sloan			Laura Luella			08-Apr-03

Sloan			Merle R.			22-Dec-03

Sloan			Olive Lorene (Burdine) Johnson	23-Nov-03

Sloyer			Beulah A.			08-May-03

Small			Donald A.			26-Feb-03

Small			Donald A.			27-Feb-03

Small			Michael D.			21-Jan-03

Small			Michael D.			22-Jan-03

Small			Michael D.			23-Jan-03

Smalley			John L.				29-May-03

Smalley			John L.				30-May-03

Smalley			Kathleen Lou			05-Sep-03

Smalley			Kathleen Lou			06-Sep-03

Smalley			Wallace E.			22-May-03

Smallwood		Donald Dean			01-Mar-03

Smart			Clifford R			29-Jun-03

Smart			Clifford R.			02-Jul-03

Smee			Dorothy E.			12-Feb-03

Smiley			Hugh L.				26-Mar-03

Smiley			Hugh L.				27-Mar-03

Smiley			Mary Alice			25-May-03

Smiley			Mary Alice			26-May-03

Smiley			Matthew Martin			09-Nov-03

Smiley			Vada Loetta			31-Jul-03

Smith			A.C.				11-Nov-03

Smith			Adolphus Dale			11-Aug-03

Smith			Adolphus Dale			12-Aug-03

Smith			Alice Mae			21-Oct-03

Smith			Amanda L.			10-May-03

Smith			Arlie G.			23-Oct-03

Smith			August Frank			02-May-03

Smith			Bernadine Marie			28-May-03

Smith			Bert G.				28-Mar-03

Smith			Bessie M. Kinley		25-Jan-03

Smith			Beulah E.			18-Oct-03

Smith			Blanche R. (Elliott)		15-Apr-03

Smith			Caleb Allen			30-May-03

Smith			Caleb Allen			31-May-03

Smith			Calvin L.			27-Jun-03

Smith			Calvin Nordyke			14-Dec-03

Smith			Captain Addison B.		04-Jan-03

Smith			Carol Sue			23-Sep-03

Smith			Carolyn Jan			18-Dec-03

Smith			Charlen Ajean 'Cha Ree'		25-Aug-03

Smith			Charles C.			04-Jan-03

Smith			Charles Clifford		05-Jan-03

Smith			Charles I.			10-Oct-03

Smith			Clark D Sr			21-Jul-03

Smith			Clark D Sr			22-Jul-03

Smith			Claude				06-Dec-03

Smith			Clyde E.			13-Mar-03

Smith			Cross Xavier			07-Jan-03

Smith			Danny T.			25-May-03

Smith			David Lawrence D.V.M.		02-Oct-03

Smith			David Leon			03-Feb-03

Smith			David Leon			06-Feb-03

Smith			David Warren			04-May-03

Smith			David Warren			05-May-03

Smith			Delois S. (Dee)			24-Mar-03

Smith			Dorothy R.			26-Feb-03

Smith			Edith Mae (Keazer)		22-Jul-03

Smith			Edmund Carl			18-Nov-03

Smith			Edna Blanche			15-Jan-03

Smith			Elizabeth Marie			26-Sep-03

Smith			Ellen Lou			31-Jul-03

Smith			Elmer				26-Oct-03

Smith			Elmer R				07-Jul-03

Smith			Eluta R.			16-Jun-03

Smith			Eluta R.			17-Jun-03

Smith			Emirt R. 'Smitty'		31-Dec-03

Smith			Eric David			31-Oct-03

Smith			Ermon L.			25-Jun-03

Smith			Ermon L.			27-Jun-03

Smith			Ethel Marie			10-Jun-03

Smith			Etheleen			23-Jan-03

Smith			Eva Claycamp			30-Aug-03

Smith			Eva D.				26-Apr-03

Smith			Eva D.				29-Apr-03

Smith			Eva M.				03-Apr-03

Smith			Eva M.				04-Apr-03

Smith			Everett 'Smitty'		08-Oct-03

Smith			Faye L.				19-Mar-03

Smith			Florence L.			02-Mar-03

Smith			George A.			18-Feb-03

Smith			Gerald T. 'Jerry'		25-Sep-03

Smith			Gerald T. 'Jerry'		26-Sep-03

Smith			Harold				29-Mar-03

Smith			Harold E.			27-Mar-03

Smith			Harold E.			28-Mar-03

Smith			Harold E.			29-Mar-03

Smith			Harriet C.			13-Nov-03

Smith			Helen M.			01-Nov-03

Smith			Helen M.			02-Nov-03

Smith			Henry Raymond			03-Oct-03

Smith			Hoyt				02-May-03

Smith			Hubert D.			25-Mar-03

Smith			Jackie L. 'Jack'		29-Aug-03

Smith			James E.			10-Jun-03

Smith			Jerry P.			03-Oct-03

Smith			John Kenneth			24-Jul-03

Smith			Joseph Andrew			05-Feb-03

Smith			Joseph Andrew			06-Feb-03

Smith			June E.				07-Mar-03

Smith			Karston Grant			16-Dec-03

Smith			Kenneth E Sr			13-Jul-03

Smith			Kenneth Hugh			06-Feb-03

Smith			Kenneth Ralph			10-Aug-03

Smith			L Earle				06-Jul-03

Smith			Laura				05-Aug-03

Smith			Laura				06-Aug-03

Smith			Laura				07-Aug-03

Smith			Laura				08-Aug-03

Smith			Lawrence E. 'Larry'		21-Feb-03

Smith			Lawrence N.			08-Nov-03

Smith			Lenora H.			11-Mar-03

Smith			Leon Ralph			07-Oct-03

Smith			Leonard L. 'Roy'		30-Dec-03

Smith			Leoti May			31-Jan-03

Smith			Lina G.				14-May-03

Smith			Lina G.				15-May-03

Smith			Linda A.			22-Mar-03

Smith			Linda A.			23-Mar-03

Smith			Linda K				13-Jul-03

Smith			Linda K				14-Jul-03

Smith			Linda Leigh			09-Feb-03

Smith			Lora Ruth			17-Oct-03

Smith			Lou Ann Coughran		12-Jan-03

Smith			Louis 'Glenn'			17-Oct-03

Smith			Louise				16-Nov-03

Smith			Margaret			30-May-03

Smith			Margaret Ester			25-Nov-03

Smith			Margaret T.			30-Dec-03

Smith			Marilyn L.			31-May-03

Smith			Marilyn L.			01-Jun-03

Smith			Marita E. (Forney)		16-Dec-03

Smith			Mary M.				24-Apr-03

Smith			Merle I				10-Aug-03

Smith			Mildred J.			03-Jan-03

Smith			Mildred J.			04-Jan-03

Smith			Mildred N.			13-Nov-03

Smith			Mildred V.			31-Oct-03

Smith			Minnie L.			21-Feb-03

Smith			Morna				23-Sep-03

Smith			Murrel				06-Dec-03

Smith			Nellie H.			24-Mar-03

Smith			Nellie Virginia			06-Apr-03

Smith			Nelly A.			02-Sep-03

Smith			Nelly A.			03-Sep-03

Smith			Nina E.				14-Jun-03

Smith			Norman L.			13-Apr-03

Smith			Norman L.			14-Apr-03

Smith			Patricia A. 78. 		29-Jun-03

Smith			Patricia A. 78.		        30-Jun-03

Smith			Ralph L.			05-Nov-03

Smith			Ralph L.			06-Nov-03

Smith			Richard I. 'Dick'		22-Nov-03

Smith			Richard I. 'Dick'		23-Nov-03

Smith			Richard Keith			09-Sep-03

Smith			Richard Keith			10-Sep-03

Smith			Richard Keith			11-Sep-03

Smith			Roberta Taylor			17-Jul-03

Smith			Rod Crockett			03-Jan-03

Smith			Rod Crockett			04-Jan-03

Smith			Ronald D.			02-Sep-03

Smith			Roselyn B.			31-Jul-03

Smith			Ross W.				26-Sep-03

Smith			Ross W. age 63			27-Sep-03

Smith			Ross W. age 63			28-Sep-03

Smith			Roy Eugene 'Gene'		24-May-03

Smith			Roy R.				27-May-03

Smith			Ruby Armita			07-Sep-03

Smith			Scott Anthony			05-Apr-03

Smith			Scott Anthony			06-Apr-03

Smith			Selma Ellen			21-Nov-03

Smith			Stephen M.			18-Oct-03

Smith			Stephen M.			19-Oct-03

Smith			Susan Rochelle (Davis)		30-Oct-03

Smith			Susan Rochelle (Davis)		31-Oct-03

Smith			Susan Rochelle (Davis)		01-Nov-03

Smith			Susan Rochelle (Davis)		02-Nov-03

Smith			Thomas E			27-Jul-03

Smith			Timothy W.			30-Jan-03

Smith			Tommy E.			28-Mar-03

Smith			Tyler Jonathan			02-May-03

Smith			Tyrone Eugene			15-May-03

Smith			Vera D.				01-Jul-03

Smith			Violet Lee			08-Aug-03

Smith			Virginia Lee			20-Apr-03

Smith			Virginia Lee			21-Apr-03

Smith			Warren H.			08-Apr-03

Smith			Warren H.			10-Apr-03

Smith			William Boyd			03-Sep-03

Smith			William Donald			14-Nov-03

Smith			William H. 'Bill'		03-Jan-03

Smith			William Harold 'Spike'		08-Nov-03

Smith			William Harold 'Spike'		09-Nov-03

Smith			Wilma Jean			25-Jan-03

Smith			Zola A.				01-Aug-03

Smith-Cutright		Mable Marie			18-Dec-03

Smitherman		Jackie (Foster)			03-Apr-03

Smitherman		Leon Chalmer			14-Jan-03

Smithhisler		Barbara				28-Feb-03

Smithson		Doska R.			27-Dec-03

Smithson		Doska R.			28-Dec-03

Smithson		Geraldine Alma 'Jeri'		07-Sep-03

Smoker			Toni G.				26-Nov-03

Smoker			Toni G.				27-Nov-03

Smullins		Ralph W.			17-Feb-03

Smyres			Edith M.			25-Sep-03

Snapp			Wilma Mary			13-Jan-03

Snapp			Wilma Mary			14-Jan-03

Snapp			Wilma Mary			15-Jan-03

Sneath			Margaret S.			25-Jun-03

Snell			Donald Fay			22-Dec-03

Snell			Freda E.			26-Mar-03

Snell			Freda E.			27-Mar-03

Snellings		Susan S.			08-Aug-03

Snider			Alfred				05-Jul-03

Snider			Alfred				06-Jul-03

Snider			Alfred A.			04-Jul-03

Snider			Anna Lou			31-Dec-03

Snider			Donald Lyle			03-Aug-03

Snider			Margaret E.			07-Apr-03

Snider			Margaret E.			08-Apr-03

Snider			Sarabell 'Sally'		08-Nov-03

Snider			Sarabell 'Sally'		09-Nov-03

Snider			Sarabell 'Sally'		10-Nov-03

Snider			Waylon				25-Dec-03

Snively			Barbara Louise			07-Mar-03

Snyder			Anthony Leon			17-Sep-03

Snyder			Donald B.			28-May-03

Snyder			Duane H.			29-Jan-03

Snyder			Frank R. 'Duck'			07-May-03

Snyder			Frank R. 'Duck'			08-May-03

Snyder			Gene Paul			18-Nov-03

Snyder			George Alan			04-Jan-03

Snyder			James A.			09-Sep-03

Snyder			Julie E. Schmidt		21-Oct-03

Snyder			Kimberley J. Thornbro		17-Nov-03

Snyder			Luella				26-Oct-03

Snyder			Ralph Edwin			19-Feb-03

Socha			Edmund J. Sr.			19-Apr-03

Socha			Edmund J. Sr.			20-Apr-03

Socha			Edmund J. Sr.			21-Apr-03

Soder			John Eric			19-Dec-03

Sodowsky		Elnora M.			22-Dec-03

Soest			James F.			12-Mar-03

Soest			James F.			13-Mar-03

Soldan			Daniel L			26-Oct-03

Soles			Robert 'Bob'			24-Jan-03

Solis			Adeaida R 'Ida'			28-Jul-03

Somers			Audrey Arlene (Joseph)		10-Feb-03

Somers			Audrey Arlene (Joseph)		11-Feb-03

Somers			Howard Leigh			24-Mar-03

Sommer			Clara B.			27-Feb-03

Songer			Elsie L.			26-Sep-03

Sorell			Rita E.				19-Sep-03

Sorensen		Harold L. 'Swede'		07-Mar-03

Sorensen		Harold L. 'Swede'		08-Mar-03

Sorensen		Harold L. 'Swede'		06-Mar-03

Sorenson		Chloris A.			14-Apr-03

Sorenson		Chloris A.			15-Apr-03

Sorenson		Ronald L.			17-Jul-03

Soriano			Christopher Michael		18-Mar-03

Sorrell			Lehman E. 'Lee'			22-Dec-03

Sosa			John D. 'Juan'			22-Dec-03

Sosnoski		Dorothy M. 'Dottie'		03-Apr-03

Soth			Sen Monorom			22-Dec-03

Sottler			Robert Paul			05-Aug-03

Soupene			L.E. 'Shorty' 'Soupy		14-Feb-03

Southern		Jill R. (Horner)		23-Jan-03

Southern		Jill R. (Horner)		25-Jan-03

Souza			Beatrice O.			23-Aug-03

Souza			Beatrice O.			24-Aug-03

Souza			Beatrice O.			25-Aug-03

Sovereign		LeRoy D.			21-Dec-03

Sowden			Ralph DeLore 'Dee'		15-Nov-03

Sowell			Helen May			16-Sep-03

Sowell			Helen May			17-Sep-03

Sowers			Flossie (Briggle)		06-Jul-03

Sowersby		Wayne				05-Jul-03

Spacil			Raymond J.			27-Feb-03

Spade			Mary Elizabeth			22-Aug-03

Spaeth			Shannon L.			11-Nov-03

Spaeth			Shannon L.			12-Nov-03

Spaeth			Shannon L.			13-Nov-03

Spalding		Walter C. Sr.			01-Dec-03

Spangenberg		Esther				22-Jun-03

Spangler		Delbert George			18-May-03

Spangler		Earl G.				09-Feb-03

Spangler		Earl G.				10-Feb-03

Spangler		Josphine Lois Harvey		21-Feb-03

Spangler		Shane T.			11-Jun-03

Spangler		Shane T.			12-Jun-03

Spangler		Shane T.			13-Jun-03

Spangler		Shane T.			13-Jun-03

Spangler		Vivian Claire			07-Apr-03

Sparkman		Bobbie J.			19-Dec-03

Sparks			Addie May			02-Jul-03

Sparks			Betty Jean			11-Jul-03

Sparks			Mary Ruth (Turley) Huffmier	30-Jan-03

Sparks			Opal E.				17-Apr-03

Sparks			Peggy Joan			17-Dec-03

Spath			Thomas Darell			23-Dec-03

Spaulding		Verla Nell (Campbell)		13-May-03

Spaulding		Verla Nell (Campbell)		14-May-03

Speer			Joey				17-Oct-03

Speier			Alvin				24-Jul-03

Spellman		Cleo Lee			01-May-03

Spence			W. Lucile			09-Aug-03

Spencer			Eva Lee				26-Aug-03

Spencer			Henry Charles 'Hank'		25-Jun-03

Spicer			Helen 'Jerry'			21-Oct-03

Spicer			Rose				02-Jul-03

Spidall			E. Juanita			17-Aug-03

Spidall			E. Juanita			18-Aug-03

Spielmann		Edeltraud			11-Dec-03

Spies			Barbara G.			01-Apr-03

Spines			Jack				15-Aug-03

Spines			Jack Jr.			15-Aug-03

Spines			Jack Jr.			16-Aug-03

Spingler		Gladys Louise Bentz (Harvey)	20-Mar-03

Spingler		Gladys Louise Bentz (Harvey)	21-Mar-03

Spivey			C. Loyde			11-Dec-03

Spivey			Mary Elizabeth			26-Mar-03

Spivey			Mary Elizabeth			27-Mar-03

Spohn			Donna				24-Jun-03

Spohn			Irma June			08-Mar-03

Spohn			Omie C.				04-Nov-03

Spohr			Herbert H.			10-Mar-03

Spong			Lester R.			01-May-03

Sporn			George Edward			27-Apr-03

Spradlin		George Lee			20-Jul-03

Spradlin		George Lee			21-Jul-03

Spradling		Charles Lenard			21-Oct-03

Spradling		Donna L.			05-Aug-03

Sprague			Nita Marie			18-Aug-03

Sprague			Nita Marie			17-Aug-03

Sprecker		Talia Lea			13-Aug-03

Spreier			Edith G.			23-Sep-03

Spreier			Frank				01-Jun-03

Springer		Norman C.			30-Apr-03

Springer		Norman C.			01-May-03

Springston		Rosalee				31-Dec-03

Sproul			Irma Watson			27-Aug-03

Sprout			Anita Corfield			07-Feb-03

Sprout			Anita Corfield			08-Feb-03

Sprout			Geraldine M. 'Geri'		04-Dec-03

Spruill			Nolan E.			11-Jun-03

Spurlock		Karen K. Rowles Parrish		14-Jun-03

Spurlock		Karen K. Rowles Parrish		15-Jun-03

Squire			Winifred Irene			15-Jan-03

Sr. Reinolda		ASC				01-Apr-03

Sroufe			Mary Margaret			05-Mar-03

St. Clair		Emelene F.			08-Jun-03

St. George		Dorothy Pauline			02-Jul-03

St. John		Betty J.			09-Mar-03

St. Peter		Charles 'Pete'			23-Dec-03

St. Peter		Charles 'Pete'			21-Dec-03

Staab			Leo H.				16-Oct-03

Staab			Serena M.			16-Dec-03

Staats			Boyd G.				03-Mar-03

Stacey			Raymond L.			20-Oct-03

Stacy			Lynn H.				10-Dec-03

Stacy			Lynn H.				11-Dec-03

Stafford		Joseph Daniel			03-Oct-03

Stafford		Lillian Jeane			01-Sep-03

Stafford		Mary E.				09-May-03

Stafford		Robert W. 'Rob' (Dr.)		01-Sep-03

Stage			Evelyn R.			07-Jan-03

Stagner			Betty Ann			03-Oct-03

Stahl			Mary J. 'Jody'			25-Apr-03

Stahlheber		Betty Lorraine			14-Jan-03

Stahly			Delmar L.			04-Jul-03

Stahly			Delmar Louin			09-Jul-03

Stailey			John T.				28-Oct-03

Staley			Catherine Ann (Billye)		09-Dec-03

Staley			Donna J.			16-Jun-03

Staley			Donna J.			17-Jun-03

Staley			Lorene Elaine			16-Oct-03

Staley			Waunita A.			13-Aug-03

Stalford		Gerald				17-Aug-03

Stallard		James E.			14-Apr-03

Stallard		James E.			15-Apr-03

Stallbaumer		Helen Anne			08-May-03

Stallbaumer		Helen Anne			07-May-03

Stambach		Fred				13-May-03

Stamback		Audrey M.			28-Feb-03

Stamm			Mary M.				07-Jun-03

Standiford		Marjorie M. (Ayers)		12-Jan-03

Standiford		Marjorie M. (Ayers)		13-Jan-03

Standiford		Marjorie M. (Ayres)		11-Jan-03

Stanfield		Glenn D.			30-Sep-03

Stanfield		Glenn D.			01-Oct-03

Stanfield		Jewel S.			16-Sep-03

Stanfield		Jewel S.			17-Sep-03

Stanfield		Othel				07-Aug-03

Stanford		Helen J.			13-Jun-03

Stanford		Helen J.			14-Jun-03

Stanford		Helen J.			15-Jun-03

Stangle			Floreine			02-Nov-03

Stangle			Floreine			03-Nov-03

Stangle			Floreine			04-Nov-03

Stanley			Doris M.			12-Jul-03

Stanley			Evelyn A.			08-Mar-03

Stanley			Francis Dale			01-Jul-03

Stanley			Luther E.			09-May-03

Stanley			Vincent E.			04-Jan-03

Stanley			Vincent E.			05-Jan-03

Stanley			Wanda Rose			23-Dec-03

Stansbury		Pearl Sue 'Pat'			25-Jul-03

Stansbury		Pearl Sue 'Pat'			27-Jul-03

Stanton			Betty A.			04-Nov-03

Stanton			Ruth Gilbert			19-Nov-03

Stanwix			George W.			25-Jul-03

Stanwix			George W.			26-Jul-03

Staples			Elijah Jacob			13-Jul-03

Staples			James Paul			08-Jan-03

Staples			S. Jack Jr.			02-Jul-03

Stapleton		Elmer Edward Sr.		04-Feb-03

Stapleton		Max Lee				24-Dec-03

Stapleton		Max Lee				25-Dec-03

Starbuck		Amelia 'Millie'			27-Dec-03

Stark			Bernice				20-Mar-03

Stark			Carmon E. 'Gene'		14-Jun-03

Stark			Carmon E. 'Gene'		15-Jun-03

Stark			Elsie Mae (Deed)		22-Sep-03

Stark			Herbert Johnson 'Buss'		21-Jan-03

Stark			Katherine Louise 'Kathy'	30-Mar-03

Stark			William 'Bill'		18-Jul-03

Starkebaum		Dorothy L.			25-Mar-03

Starks			Donald L.			16-Jan-03

Starks			JoAnn Miller			21-Jan-03

Starlin			Estell Jr.			05-Jan-03

Starner			Ethel E.			25-Dec-03

Starnes			Calvin Austin			28-Aug-03

Starnes			Jeremy R.			23-Jul-03

Starr			Dorothy Irene 'Penny'		06-Dec-03

Starr			Jeffery Clark			22-Sep-03

Starrett		Bertha M.			12-Apr-03

Startz			Charles K.			21-Nov-03

Stary			Bertha M. 'Bert'		11-May-03

Stasiewicz		Edward				07-Dec-03

States			Irene Sophia			04-Nov-03

States			Paul W.				07-Jan-03

Statham			Clara M.			02-Oct-03

Statham			George A.			09-Jul-03

Staub			Helen Virginia			28-Jan-03

Stauffer		James F. 'Jim'			05-Aug-03

Stauffer		Jim F.				06-Aug-03

Stavely			Richard W.			03-Oct-03

Stavely			Richard W.			04-Oct-03

Stavely			Richard W.			05-Oct-03

Stayton			Roy F.				19-Jun-03

Steadham		Beatrice			15-Nov-03

Steadham		Beatrice			18-Nov-03

Steakley		Ray S. (Rev.)			27-Apr-03

Steakley		Ray S. (Rev.)			26-Apr-03

Stearns			Carol				04-May-03

Stecher			Marguerite (Fry)		15-Oct-03

Stecklein		Alex				26-Jun-03

Stecklein		Catherine			26-Oct-03

Steele			Art				08-Sep-03

Steele			Dorothy A.			11-Sep-03

Steele			Dorothy A.			12-Sep-03

Steele			John M. 'Jack'			26-Feb-03

Steele			Joseph Wade			29-Jul-03

Steen			Ann				02-Apr-03

Steeves			Donald R.			11-May-03

Steiger			Ora Ellen			05-Mar-03

Stein			Leslie Layne			26-Jan-03

Steinberger		Stella M.			12-Jan-03

Steiner			Kenneth H.			28-Jun-03

Steinert		Dorothy Helen			18-Nov-03

Steinert		Elizabeth Lee			25-Jun-03

Steinert		Gladys L.			12-Jun-03

Steinert		Jody				19-Jun-03

Steinert		Martha				07-Aug-03

Steinkirchner		Arlene B.			17-Mar-03

Stenstrom		Violet Z.			19-Feb-03

Stephan			Jacqueline J.			22-Aug-03

Stephan			Jacqueline J.			23-Aug-03

Stephen			Anthony Kenneth			24-Mar-03

Stephen			Anthony Kenneth			25-Mar-03

Stephens		DeAnn E. (Miles)		25-Oct-03

Stephens		Ethel L.			03-May-03

Stephens		Gene Dale			06-Jan-03

Stephens		Gene Dale			07-Jan-03

Stephens		Hilda Ophelia			31-Jan-03

Stephens		Hilda Ophelia			02-Feb-03

Stephens		Hubert Haldon 'Hal'		02-Nov-03

Stephens		Hubert Haldon 'Hal'		03-Nov-03

Stephens		Michael Eugene			07-Jan-03

Stephens		Michael Eugene			09-Jan-03

Stephens		Pauline L			20-Mar-03

Stephens		Pauline L.			21-Mar-03

Stephens		Robert L.			10-Oct-03

Stephens		Robert L. age 91		12-Oct-03

Stephenson		Allen James			02-Feb-03

Stephenson		Allen James			03-Feb-03

Stepp			James P.			08-Jul-03

Stepp			James P.			09-Jul-03

Sterbenz		Clara A.			21-Oct-03

Sternberger		LuElla M (Benson)		06-Jul-03

Sterneker		Marie B.			25-Nov-03

Stetler			Jerald D. 'Jerry'		10-Jul-03

Stetler			John K. 'Jack'			17-Dec-03

Stetler			Loretta 'Lorie'			25-Nov-03

Steven			Melvyn J.			13-Mar-03

Steven			Melvyn J.			14-Mar-03

Stevens			Albert				14-Jan-03

Stevens			Lila Mary			28-Aug-03

Stevens			Olive				30-Apr-03

Stevens			Sara 'Artie'			02-Aug-03

Stevens			Vera M.				09-Oct-03

Stevens			Vera M.				10-Oct-03

Stevens			Vera M.				11-Oct-03

Stevenson		Lura O.				22-Jan-03

Stevenson		Mary Lee			13-Mar-03

Stevenson		Maxine				05-Jan-03

Stewart			Barbara Jean			28-Dec-03

Stewart			Billie Jean			03-Mar-03

Stewart			Billie Jean			05-Mar-03

Stewart			Billie Jean			06-Mar-03

Stewart			Charles F.			18-Jul-03

Stewart			Charles F.			19-Jul-03

Stewart			Charles F.			21-Jul-03

Stewart			Donald W. 'Don'			23-Feb-03

Stewart			Eleanor Faye			10-Sep-03

Stewart			Ethel W.			30-Dec-03

Stewart			Frank J.			03-Sep-03

Stewart			Frank J.			04-Sep-03

Stewart			Geneva May			25-Jun-03

Stewart			James				02-Nov-03

Stewart			James E. 'Jeb'			19-Dec-03

Stewart			John Alex			02-May-03

Stewart			Johnny D.			04-May-03

Stewart			Kenneth S			14-Nov-03

Stewart			Ocie Maurine			28-Apr-03

Stewart			Ocie Maurine			30-Apr-03

Stewart			Richard L. 'Dick'		16-Jul-03

Stewart			Roland W. 'Rollie'		30-Nov-03

Stewart			Vera L.				14-Dec-03

Stice			Eugene K.			01-Apr-03

Stickney		Mary Beth			01-Jul-03

Stidham			Vernell				24-Dec-03

Stidham			Vernell				28-Dec-03

Stiggins		Max 'Lynn'			06-Mar-03

Stika			Carolyn H.			25-Dec-03

Stika			Carolyn H.			26-Dec-03

Stika			Ernie				28-Jun-03

Stillings		Joe				27-May-03

Stillwell		Robert L. Jr. 'Bob'		21-Nov-03

Stimatze		Lawrence L. 'Red'		29-May-03

Stinchcomb		William J. 'Bill'		10-Sep-03

Stinemetz		Zelia May			11-Jun-03

Stiner			Charles 'Chuck'			30-Sep-03

Stingley-Nash		Jerrie Rene			21-Nov-03

Stinnett		Lillian L.			09-Apr-03

Stinnett		Margaret C. (Craig)		05-Oct-03

Stinnett		Margaret C. (Craig)		12-Oct-03

Stirling		Gladys M.			27-Jul-03

Stirling		Gladys M.			26-Jul-03

Stirling		Gladys Maxine			28-Jul-03

Stites			Darrell L.			26-Mar-03

Stites			Jack Frank			07-Jan-03

Stith			Howard R.			18-Sep-03

Stith			Mary				07-Jun-03

Stith			Mary				08-Jun-03

Stithem			Ronald D. 'Ron'			16-Sep-03

Stithem			Ronald D. 'Ron'			17-Sep-03

Stockebrand		Wenona I. 'Toby'		21-Dec-03

Stockemer		Bernetta Frances (Orth)		07-Oct-03

Stockhaus		Karl E.				26-Oct-03

Stockhaus		Karl E.				27-Oct-03

Stocki			Scott				08-Aug-03

Stocki			Scott T.			08-Aug-03

Stocki			Scott T.			09-Aug-03

Stokes			Bobbie Lou			04-Dec-03

Stokes			Robert T.			10-Dec-03

Stokes			Ulysses Sr.			16-Apr-03

Stokes			Ulysses Sr.			17-Apr-03

Stoll			Margaret Elizabeth		17-Apr-03

Stoll			Mary W.				16-Aug-03

Stoll			Sandra Lynn			07-Sep-03

Stoll			Sandra Lynn			08-Sep-03

Stoltenberg		Robert L.			13-Sep-03

Stone			Alice J.			12-Oct-03

Stone			Ernest L. 'Bill'		14-Sep-03

Stone			Hazel Mae			13-Feb-03

Stone			Jean Rae (Cotter)		27-Dec-03

Stone			Juanita Y. 'Nita'		31-Aug-03

Stone			Juanita Y. 'Nita'		30-Aug-03

Stone			Juanita Y. 'Nita'		03-Sep-03

Stone			Steven R.			09-Sep-03

Stone			Steven R.			10-Sep-03

Stone			William Luther 'Stoney'		22-Jul-03

Stone			William Luther 'Stoney'		23-Jul-03

Stonebraker		J. Paul				31-Oct-03

Stonecipher		Jackie				24-Aug-03

Stonecipher		Jackie				25-Aug-03

Stonecipher		Lorin R.			06-Aug-03

Stoner			Oren Paul			27-Mar-03

Stonestreet		Irene Dorn			23-Apr-03

Stoops			Lloyd Wayne			02-Feb-03

Storer			P. Jenefee			22-Nov-03

Storer			P. Jenefee			23-Nov-03

Storey			Alma Jewel			26-Mar-03

Storey			Alma Jewel			27-Mar-03

Storey			Alma Jewel			28-Mar-03

Storey			Alma Jewel			29-Mar-03

Storrer			Randy Hunter			07-Dec-03

Stoskopf		A. Emerson			10-Aug-03

Stotts			Curtis Wayne			03-Dec-03

Stotts			Curtis Wayne			04-Dec-03

Stotts			Leland K. 'Lee'			10-Jul-03

Stotz			Erma Ruth			01-Aug-03

Stout			Alice				05-Sep-03

Stout			Esther H.			05-Jul-03

Stout			Helen Myrna			27-Feb-03

Stout			Jack				04-Apr-03

Stout			Patricia Louise			08-Dec-03

Stout-Burns		Morine L.			26-Mar-03

Stoutimore		Melveta Glee 'Sue'		06-Nov-03

Stovall			Florine				08-Jan-03

Stovall			Florine				09-Jan-03

Strahm			Orville B.			13-Jun-03

Strahm			Patricia Lynn			25-May-03

Straight		Evelyn R.			17-Jun-03

Straight		Mary Frances Wyse		22-Mar-03

Strait			Pauline C.			16-Apr-03

Strasser		Catherine Barbara Bollig	18-Dec-03

Strasser		Leo A.				21-Jan-03

Straughter		Sheldon				22-Aug-03

Straughter		Sheldon				26-Aug-03

Strawn			Eva T.				22-Nov-03

Streck			Adelia				23-Feb-03

Streck			Al				09-Sep-03

Streck			Al				07-Sep-03

Strecker		Chester L.			27-Oct-03

Strecker		Frieda Christina		11-Apr-03

Strecker		Henry J				18-Aug-03

Strecker		Ignatius J.			21-Oct-03

Stremel			Angelica ASC (Sister)		09-Dec-03

Stremel			Edward L. 'Ed			14-Jan-03

Strickland		John J.				12-Dec-03

Strickland		Mary J.				24-Jun-03

Stripling		Eva 'Britchie'			19-Jul-03

Stroble			Velma C. 'Grandma'		31-May-03

Strodtman		Ashlyn Lanae			03-Oct-03

Strodtman		Ashlyn Lanae			05-Oct-03

Stroh			Joe J.				21-Mar-03

Stromberg		Benard Mayos			30-Dec-03

Stromberg		Helen				11-Dec-03

Stromberg		Wayne J.			13-Jan-03

Stromberg		Wayne J.			15-Jan-03

Stromer			Margaret Elizabeth		14-Nov-03

Strong			Michael T. 'Mike' Jr.		10-Dec-03

Strong			William L. 'Bill'		24-Sep-03

Stroot-Mease		Vera O.				23-Feb-03

Strothman		Melvin H			27-Jul-03

Stroud			Charles Brett			28-Aug-03

Stroud			Charles Brett			26-Aug-03

Stroud			Loren Wayne			26-Aug-03

Stroud			Loren Wayne			28-Aug-03

Stroud			Merina Jean			01-Jan-03

Stroud			Merina Jean			16-Jan-03

Stroup			Dorothy J.			28-Feb-03

Stroup			Willis 'Brownie'		04-Jan-03

Strouse			Gary D.				24-Jun-03

Struble			Jack L.				06-Jun-03

Struble			Mary P. (Gorman)		02-Aug-03

Struble			Mary P. (Gorman)		03-Aug-03

Struble			Mary P. (Gorman)		04-Aug-03

Struebing		Beulah Bernice 'Bea'		21-Oct-03

Strunk			Lucille				06-Feb-03

Stuart			Kathryn L. 'Katie'		22-Jul-03

Stuber			Esther				26-Apr-03

Stuber			Esther				27-Apr-03

Stuber			Fred D.				20-Dec-03

Stuber			Freda				31-Dec-03

Stuber			Joe				03-Aug-03

Stuber			Ralph J. 'Joe'			05-Aug-03

Stuber			Ralph J. 'Joe'			04-Aug-03

Stuber			Tyler Kevin			02-Nov-03

Stuck			Ralph E.			04-Mar-03

Stuck			Ralph E.			05-Mar-03

Stucky			Elsie E.			01-Oct-03

Stucky			Ericka				14-Apr-03

Stucky			Jonathan P.I. 'Jonas'		10-Jun-03

Stucky			Olga K.				19-Oct-03

Stucky			Oliver G.			04-Feb-03

Stucky			Oliver G.			13-Feb-03

Stucky			Vicki Sue			20-Jan-03

Stucky			Vicki Sue (Meeks)		22-Jan-03

Stude			Vera B.				04-Feb-03

Studebaker		Rebecca Lee			01-Jun-03

Studer			Bernice Louise			23-Jan-03

Stueckemann		Marjorie L. Peggy		09-Dec-03

Stuever			Gertrude Elizabeth		24-Jun-03

Stuever			Gertrude Elizabeth		25-Jun-03

Stuewe			Howard Doyle			20-May-03

Stuewe			Peter K.			22-Oct-03

Stuewe			Peter K.			23-Oct-03

Sturdy			Theron Fred			23-May-03

Sturgeon		Ryon Keith			26-Dec-03

Sturm			Faye Jean			27-Aug-03

Sturm			Faye Jean			28-Aug-03

Sturm			Frank C.			05-Jan-03

Sturm			Frank C.			06-Jan-03

Sturm			Richard Carl Jr.		06-Jun-03

Stutzman		Mildred R.			20-Jul-03

Subera			Calvin Miles			30-Dec-03

Subera			Louis				04-May-03

Subera			Louis				05-May-03

Sublett			James Arthur			18-Dec-03

Suchy			Marcelline Ann			26-Aug-03

Suelter			Ruth N.				25-Oct-03

Sueltz			Emma Belle			12-May-03

Suggs			Parzedia V.			17-Jan-03

Suiter			Edna Zuriah			31-Jan-03

Suiters			Robert J. III 'Bob'		11-Dec-03

Sullivan		Daniel Charles Jr.		01-Aug-03

Sullivan		Donald L			27-Jul-03

Sullivan		Donald L			28-Jul-03

Sullivan		Donald L			29-Jul-03

Sullivan		Donald L.			07-Aug-03

Sullivan		Jerry L.			20-Apr-03

Sullivan		Louise				25-Sep-03

Sullivan		Paul L.				05-May-03

Sullivan		Paul L.				06-May-03

Summers			Jack				05-Jun-03

Summers			Phyllis A.			11-Apr-03

Sumner			Walter T.			01-Jan-03

Sumner			Walter T.			02-Jan-03

Sumner			Walter T.			03-Jan-03

Sumpter			Eldon L.			02-Jul-03

Sumpter			Eldon L.			03-Jul-03

Sunderland		Bud				16-Dec-03

Sunderland		Walter V.			23-Jan-03

Sundquist		Doris I.			18-Dec-03

Sundquist		Ralph W.			14-Oct-03

Sundvall		Roy A.				03-Dec-03

Super			Clara				18-Dec-03

Suppes			Eugene E. 'Gene'		30-Mar-03

Suppes			Eugene E. 'Gene'		29-Mar-03

Surshenko		John				21-Nov-03

Suter			Susan J.			27-Sep-03

Suter			Susan J.			28-Sep-03

Sutherland		Helen Elizabeth			29-Jun-03

Sutherland		J.R. 'Jinx'			17-Jul-03

Sutherland		Nathaniel Edward		03-Sep-03

Sutterfield		Jimmie D.			09-May-03

Sutton			David George			18-Apr-03

Sutton			David George			23-Apr-03

Sutton			G. Lynn				20-May-03

Sutton			Ruth M.				18-Mar-03

Sutton			Ruth M.				19-Mar-03

Swafford		Duane K				30-Jun-03

Swafford		Frank O. Jr.			20-Aug-03

Swaim			Judith Ann (Winegarner)		31-Jan-03

Swaim			Lillian (Burk)			20-Oct-03

Swaim			Lillian (Burk)			21-Oct-03

Swaim			Lillian (Burk)			22-Oct-03

Swain			Merle D.			17-Oct-03

Swallow			Mary Ruth			04-Sep-03

Swan			Fern A.				18-Dec-03

Swan			Fern A.				19-Dec-03

Swaney			Chester A. 'Chet'		27-Apr-03

Swaney			Ivan A.				26-Mar-03

Swanson			Dorothy L. (Brown)		20-Oct-03

Swanson			Susan Lee 'Sue'			17-Apr-03

Swart			Marcia Kay			08-Jan-03

Swartwood		Karen R.			26-Oct-03

Swats			Virginia L.			09-Sep-03

Swayze			Nila Wray			09-Mar-03

Swedberg		Paul I.				30-Jul-03

Sweely			ret. Lt. Col. Joe W.		15-Jul-03

Sweet			Helen Anderson			04-Nov-03

Sweet			Richard 'Dick'			03-May-03

Sweet			Richard 'Dick'			04-May-03

Sweet			Richard 'Dick'			05-May-03

Swenson			Hazel E.			17-Dec-03

Swenson			Hazel Evangeline		18-Dec-03

Swick			Dean W.				05-Jul-03

Swick			James Edward			12-Apr-03

Swift			Kelley 'Dale'			15-Mar-03

Swindle			J.T. 'Pete'			15-Jan-03

Swinney			Linda Sue			11-Mar-03

Swinney			Linda Sue			12-Mar-03

Swinton			Joe D. Jr.			30-Dec-03

Swisher			Gene				13-Dec-03

Swisher			Marie Maude			25-Apr-03

Switzer			Doyle D.			25-Jun-03

Swope			Conrad C. 'Con'			17-Dec-03

Swope			Conrad C. 'Con'			18-Dec-03

Swope			Marguerite A.			09-Jan-03

Sylvester		Dorothy				16-Oct-03

Symes			Juanita Elizabeth		07-Jan-03

Symes			Marcella Mae			15-Jul-03

Symes			Rosa B.				07-Jan-03

Symes			Rosa B.				08-Jan-03

Symonds			Dorothy Mae			10-Nov-03

Syphrett		Dan A.				08-Oct-03

Tacha			Blanche E			14-Nov-03

Taggart			William (Billy) Roy		30-May-03

Taggart			William (Billy) Roy		31-May-03

Talavera-Garcia		Zachary Joe			25-May-03

Talbert			Nancy Rowena			25-Jan-03

Talbert			Thomas M. Jr.			19-Mar-03

Talbert			Thomas M. Jr.			20-Mar-03

Talbot			Shirley Anne			01-Jan-03

Talbott			L. Stanley			09-Mar-03

Taliaferro		Florence (Columbia)		27-May-03

Taliaferro		Florence (Columbia)		28-May-03

Talkington		Florus				11-Aug-03

Tallchief		Dolores Kay 'Dee'		25-Nov-03

Tallman			Jenny Lou			02-Apr-03

Tallman			Leona Pauline			22-Aug-03

Tallman			Vada Fay			25-Nov-03

Tammen			Charles Lee			24-Jun-03

Tammen			Georgia Dawn			05-Mar-03

Tammen			Rosena 'Rose'			05-May-03

Tammen			Ted Harry			26-Jun-03

Tandy			Anna B. 'Ann'			04-Jan-03

Tandy			Anna B. 'Ann'			05-Jan-03

Tandy			Anna B. 'Ann'			06-Jan-03

Tanner			Elmer Charles			20-Dec-03

Tanner			George W.			27-Mar-03

Tanner			Maurice W.			21-Apr-03

Tapia			Margarita B.			02-Dec-03

Tarbet			Howard 'Brick'			05-Sep-03

Tarbet			Shirley E.			04-Oct-03

Tarr			Albert O.			12-Oct-03

Tarr			Albert O.			13-Oct-03

Tate			Esther Lee			04-Mar-03

Tate			Esther Lee			05-Mar-03

Tate			Felice 'Cookie'			31-Oct-03

Tate			Felice 'Cookie'			01-Nov-03

Tate			Felice 'Cookie'			02-Nov-03

Tate			Kenneth L.			04-Oct-03

Tatro			Beulah F.			18-Dec-03

Tatro			Mary Ethel			18-Jun-03

Tatum			Kenneth E.			31-Jan-03

Taylor			Betty Jean			02-Jan-03

Taylor			Charles S.			31-Dec-03

Taylor			David B. Sr.			27-Nov-03

Taylor			David Lee			27-Jan-03

Taylor			Deborah E.			10-May-03

Taylor			Donald E.			16-Sep-03

Taylor			Donald E.			17-Sep-03

Taylor			Eartha Beatrice			30-Mar-03

Taylor			Eartha Beatrice			31-Mar-03

Taylor			Eartha Beatrice			02-Apr-03

Taylor			Eldon Robert 'Red'		24-Dec-03

Taylor			Eldon Robert 'Red'		25-Dec-03

Taylor			Eugene E.			07-Mar-03

Taylor			Fran				19-Dec-03

Taylor			Francis E. 'Mickey'		08-Mar-03

Taylor			J. Edward Jr.			13-Oct-03

Taylor			James				18-Jan-03

Taylor			Lloyd				01-Apr-03

Taylor			Lola M.				13-Jan-03

Taylor			Martha J.			23-Aug-03

Taylor			Mary G. (Brown)			10-Mar-03

Taylor			Oscar M. Jr.			29-Oct-03

Taylor			Peotry Alexzondra		14-Mar-03

Taylor			Richard L. 'Dick'		21-Nov-03

Taylor			Samuel B.			22-Dec-03

Taylor			Samuel B.			24-Dec-03

Taylor			Teddy F.			18-Mar-03

Taylor			Tessie Isobell			08-May-03

Taylor			Thelma G.			02-Jan-03

Taylor			Verna I.			28-Mar-03

Taylor			Wesley Jay			17-Dec-03

Taylor			Willa Mae			01-Mar-03

Taylor			Willa Mae			03-Mar-03

Taylor			William D. 'Bill'		17-Jan-03

Taylor-Anderson		Pauline Agnes 'Peg'		09-Feb-03

Taylor-Holbert		Janice Lee			14-Jul-03

Teach			Clara Anna			08-Nov-03

Teats			James E.			27-Feb-03

Tebbe			Mabel F.			02-Oct-03

Tedder			Christopher Lynn		13-Feb-03

Tedder			Dedra J.			22-Oct-03

Tedder			Dedra J.			23-Oct-03

Tedder			Dedra J.			24-Oct-03

Teer			Laura Jean (Brown)(Chapman)	24-Nov-03

Teer			Marvin E.			27-Mar-03

Tegarden		Glen Oakley			05-Mar-03

Teichgraeber		Robert A. 'Bob'			24-Apr-03

Teichgraeber		Robert A. 'Bob'			25-Apr-03

Telfer			Evelyn				20-Feb-03

Telford			Barbara S.			24-Apr-03

Telford			Barbara S.			25-Apr-03

Telford			Leona M.			14-Sep-03

Temaat			Lucida A.S.C. (Sister)		28-Oct-03

Temaat			Lucida A.S.C. (Sister)		29-Oct-03

Tener			Doris M				26-Oct-03

Tener			Sharon K.			11-Jun-03

TenEyck			George R.			28-Aug-03

Tennant			Bonnie Wynema			17-Jun-03

Tennant			Forest S. Sr.			03-Aug-03

Tennyson		Lula Mae			24-Jul-03

Tennyson		Lula Mae (Bragg)		22-Jul-03

Tepe			Bret D.				25-Sep-03

Tepe			Harold A.			06-Sep-03

Ternes			Aaron J.			22-Apr-03

Ternes			Aaron James			23-Apr-03

Terrell			Lynn Roaten			02-Feb-03

Terrell Woods		Elizabeth F.			13-Apr-03

Terrell Woods		Elizabeth F.			14-Apr-03

Terrones		Jacqueline (Schroeder)		21-Aug-03

Terrones		Jacqueline (Schroeder)		22-Aug-03

Terry			Emalyne 'Em'			23-Mar-03

Terry			Emalyne A.			21-Mar-03

Terwort			Sue M.				16-Sep-03

Terwort			Sue M.				17-Sep-03

Teter			Emma J.				14-Feb-03

Teter			Paulyne W.			21-Aug-03

Teter			Paulyne W.			22-Aug-03

Tetirick		W. Lucille Maechtlen		26-Jul-03

Tevis			J. Eric Larson			28-Oct-03

Thalmann		Marguerite E.			28-Apr-03

Thao			Pa				16-Aug-03

Thao			Pa				17-Aug-03

Tharp			James Russell			17-Jul-03

Thetford		James O.			28-Mar-03

Thibodeau		Walter W.			01-Feb-03

Thibus			James L. 'Jim'			19-Nov-03

Thiel			Rebecca E. (Bowdish)		10-Sep-03

Thiesen			Anna				08-Nov-03	

Thiesen			Anna				09-Nov-03

Thiessen		Anna W.				07-Mar-03

Thiessen		Eva				25-Jul-03

Thiessen		Gladys D.			24-May-03

Thiessen		Gladys D.			25-May-03

Thiessen		Lorene K.			19-May-03

Thiessen		Lorene K.			21-May-03

Thill			Nicholas 'Nick'			05-Mar-03

Thimes			RoseMary			12-Apr-03

Tholen			Alfred H. (Dr.)			23-Aug-03

Tholen			Thomas Edward			30-Sep-03

Thomas			Audrey				13-May-03

Thomas			Banard				04-Jul-03

Thomas			Barney Howard			08-Dec-03

Thomas			Beatrice 'Pearl'		21-Aug-03

Thomas			Billy Joe			24-Dec-03

Thomas			Blanch				08-Jun-03

Thomas			Carole Ann			01-Nov-03

Thomas			Charles P. Sr.			02-Sep-03

Thomas			Clifford			19-Jul-03

Thomas			Donald Eugene (Gene)		28-Jul-03

Thomas			Dorothy H.			23-Mar-03

Thomas			Evelyn				23-Jul-03

Thomas			Floyd				12-Feb-03

Thomas			JoAnne 'Jody' Helton		29-May-03

Thomas			JoAnne 'Jody' Helton		30-May-03

Thomas			JoAnne 'Jody' Helton		31-May-03

Thomas			June				18-Aug-03

Thomas			Kyle Gregory			05-Oct-03

Thomas			L. Theola			24-Oct-03

Thomas			Laura Frances (Nichols)		10-Jan-03

Thomas			Laura Frances (Nichols)		11-Jan-03

Thomas			Laura Frances (Nichols)		12-Jan-03

Thomas			Lena Lucille (Powell)		09-Jul-03

Thomas			Lyndalee			06-May-03

Thomas			Lyndalee			05-May-03

Thomas			Reeta Jean			21-Nov-03

Thomas			Rhonda R.			08-Dec-03

Thomas			Rhonda R.			09-Dec-03

Thomas			Rhonda R.			10-Dec-03

Thomas			Richard E.			01-Jan-03

Thomas			Richard L.			19-Sep-03

Thomas			Robert L.			14-May-03

Thomas			Robert L.			15-May-03

Thomas			Robert L.			16-May-03

Thomas			Robert L. 'L.T.'		05-Mar-03

Thomas			Robert L. 'R.T.'		06-Mar-03

Thomason		Max Edward			10-Aug-03

Thomi			Glenn E. (Rev.)			26-Aug-03

Thompson		Betty J. (Woydziak)		11-Dec-03

Thompson		Cleo V. (Pegg)			03-Jan-03

Thompson		Cleo V. (Pegg)			02-Jan-03

Thompson		Dean W.				02-Jan-03

Thompson		Edgar Roy 'Jack'		27-Apr-03

Thompson		Edward Nelson Sr.		22-Jul-03

Thompson		Ellen Arlene			29-Jun-03

Thompson		Eva M.				10-Sep-03

Thompson		Evelyn				13-Mar-03

Thompson		Evelyn				14-Mar-03

Thompson		Glenda Berneice Gunther		30-Jan-03

Thompson		Hazel F.			19-Nov-03

Thompson		Jack Clark			21-May-03

Thompson		James R. 'Jim'			29-Oct-03

Thompson		Jenny R.			02-Oct-03

Thompson		Jessie Lee			03-Apr-03

Thompson		Jessie Lee			04-Apr-03

Thompson		Lloyd Kenneth			12-Aug-03

Thompson		Lloyd Kenneth			13-Aug-03

Thompson		Marjorie Eileen			28-Aug-03

Thompson		Martin Dean			11-Mar-03

Thompson		Merle L.			14-Apr-03

Thompson		Norman J.			04-Jan-03

Thompson		Oliver Eugene			04-Oct-03

Thompson		Oliver Eugene 'Gene'		05-Oct-03

Thompson		Oliver Eugene 'Gene'		06-Oct-03

Thompson		Ralph Earl			18-Jul-03

Thompson		Ralph Earl			19-Jul-03

Thompson		Raymond S.			18-Jul-03

Thompson		Raymond S.			19-Jul-03

Thompson		Reggis R. Sr.			29-Mar-03

Thompson		Ruby 'Bobbie' 75		11-Oct-03

Thompson		Ruby 75				10-Oct-03

Thompson		Ruth W.				14-Apr-03

Thompson		Ruth W.				15-Apr-03

Thompson		Stella				21-Jan-03

Thompson		Teddy				17-Jun-03

Thompson		Teddy				16-Jun-03

Thompson		Terry L.			31-May-03

Thompson		Wayne				01-Jul-03

Thompson		William Sims			20-Dec-03

Thompson		Z. Lucille			01-Mar-03

Thompson		Z. Lucille			02-Mar-03

Thomson			Glen L.				01-Jun-03

Thomson			Harold K.			05-Feb-03

Thomson			Waymeth				24-Jul-03

Thongsavanh		Sengthet			29-Aug-03

Thornburg		Robert E. 'Bob'			23-May-03

Thorne			Charles Paul			04-Feb-03

Thorne			Harold L.			19-Apr-03

Thornton		Anna				17-Dec-03

Thornton		Gary D.				22-Jan-03

Thornton		Jana M. Dobbs			01-May-03

Thornton		Jane M. Dobbs			02-May-03

Thornton		Nina				06-Sep-03

Thornton		Terrance F. 'Terrible Terry'	13-May-03

Thorpe-Loy		Delphia Leona (Scott)		24-Sep-03

Threlkeld		Eva M. 'Pat'			25-Apr-03

Throgmorton		E. Louise Hawes			13-Sep-03

Thul			Mildred L. (Witthar)		15-Mar-03

Thuma		`	Donald J.			09-Jul-03

Thurber			Roy E. 'Gene'			11-Jun-03

Thurman			Orville W.			20-Dec-03

Thurman			Orville W.			21-Dec-03

Thurow			Arnold William Sr.		18-Feb-03

Thyfault		Kenneth D.			18-Apr-03

Thygerson		Hazel Isolina			17-Dec-03

Tice			Ersel Henton			23-May-03

Tice			Iva B.				20-Jan-03

Tiday			D. Dean				14-Jan-03

Tidwell			Julie Ann			08-Nov-03

Tiffany			Ronnie V.			04-Apr-03

Tiger			Timothy				10-Aug-03

Tiger			Timothy A.			12-Aug-03

Tiger			Timothy A.			13-Aug-03

Tilcock			Jayden Sheree			09-Nov-03

Tillery			Ruby R.				08-Jul-03

Tilley			Dale Lynn			16-Nov-03

Tillis			Joe B. Jr.			02-Oct-03

Tillis			Joe B. Jr.			03-Oct-03

Tillman			Louis Watson			16-Oct-03

Tillman			Louis Watson			17-Oct-03

Tilton			Dorothy I.			21-Sep-03

Timm			Dale J.				07-Nov-03

Timmerman		Jarold L.			18-Nov-03

Timmerman		Jewell Marie			01-Jul-03

Timmons			Claude L.			14-Feb-03

Timmons			Jerry D.			19-Feb-03

Timmons			Jerry D.			20-Feb-03

Timmons			Violet R.			19-Dec-03

Tims			Virgil E. 'Butch'		04-Jun-03

Tinder			Thelma				12-May-03

Tindle			Shirley Jean (Palmer)		28-Sep-03

Tinkel			Joseph 'Tubby			11-Aug-03

Tinsley			Zola E.				19-Jun-03

Tipton			Dexter Lee			01-Apr-03

Tipton			Thomas H.			23-Feb-03

Tipton			Thomas H.			28-Feb-03

Tipton			Thomas H.			01-Mar-03

Tisdale			Eugene L. 'Gene'		16-Oct-03

Tisdale			Eugene L. 'Gene'		12-Oct-03

Tittel			Albert				01-Feb-03

Titus			Doris A.			23-Mar-03

Titus			Marian I.			26-Apr-03

Tjaden			Annie Mardelle (Harrington)	28-Feb-03

Tockert			Theodosia (Sister)		27-Sep-03

Todd			Dwight Oneil			20-Oct-03

Todd			Lorene L.			14-Dec-03

Todd			Lorene L.			16-Dec-03

Todd			Lorene L.			19-Dec-03

Todd			Roberta				24-Dec-03

Todisco			Marna Bridgens			28-Feb-03

Toedman			Charles Edward			30-Nov-03

Tolar			Alice Mae			01-Apr-03

Tolbert			Dorothy L.			13-Nov-03

Toledo			David				12-Nov-03

Toledo			David				13-Nov-03

Toledo			David				14-Nov-03

Tolle			E. Thayne			21-Dec-03

Tolles			Helen Frances			10-Apr-03

Tolleson		C. Robert 'Bob'			25-Nov-03

Tolleson		C. Robert 'Bob'			26-Nov-03

Tolliver		Jack L				03-Aug-03

Tomek			Naomi (Davis)			20-Dec-03

Tomlins			Ruth M.				11-Sep-03

Tomlinson		Hazel H.			23-Feb-03

Tomlinson		Louise				24-Jun-03

Tompkins		Jonathan P.			24-Apr-03

Tompkins		Thomas Andrew			10-Jul-03

Tongier			Paul Edward			19-Feb-03

Tonn			Ruby Alvina			29-Apr-03

Tonne			Msgr. Arthur			24-May-03

Tontz			Dorothy 'Dottie'		14-Jul-03

Toombs			Don T. Jr.			20-Apr-03

Toomer			John W				30-Mar-03

Torkleson		Una N.				28-Mar-03

Torneden		Crystal Dawn			23-Oct-03

Tornquist		Ella Maye			11-May-03

Tornquist		Ella Maye			12-May-03

Torres			Anselmo O. 'Sach'		21-Jun-03

Torrez			Paul Jr. 'Wedo'			21-Mar-03

Torrez			Susana D. (Garcia)		06-Aug-03

Toureau			Joyce C.			15-May-03

Tower			Cecil O.			26-Jul-03

Towle			Francis D. (The Honorable)	27-Dec-03

Townsend		Rita Jean Hineman		25-Mar-03

Townsley		Evelyn J. (Ambler)		07-Jun-03

Townsley		Evelyn J. (Ambler)		08-Jun-03

Towson			Rosella				14-Dec-03

Tracy			Alma LaVerne (Decker)		30-Jun-03

Tracy			Avis Anna Mosby			23-Aug-03

Tracy			Lila F.				20-Aug-03

Traffas			Melvin George			01-Jul-03

Tramba			Trent Norman			24-Mar-03

Tran			Lon Thi				11-May-03

Tran			Thanh				14-Dec-03

Tran			Thanh				15-Dec-03

Traut			Terry L.			15-Nov-03

Traver			Irene A.			09-May-03

Travis			Mamie O.			24-Jan-03

Traw			Jack H.				17-Jul-03

Traw			Jack H.				18-Jul-03

Treadwell		Bud R.				16-May-03

Treder			Ella L. (Smith)			20-Nov-03

Trefethen		M Elaine			22-Jul-03

Trefethen		Marvel Elaine			27-Jul-03

Trehethen		M Elaine			21-Jul-03

Tremaine		Dorothy E.			23-Jan-03

Trembley		Grant Wright			18-Jul-03

Trent			Albert Lucas			24-Oct-03

Trent			Jack				07-Nov-03

Trent			Wilda M. (Graham)		03-Feb-03

Trenton			William Bobey			11-Jan-03

Trevolt			Harold (Rev.)			02-Jan-03

Trezvant		Freddie Lee Sr.			04-Mar-03

Trezvant		Freddie Lee Sr.			07-Mar-03

Trigg			Connie Lynn			31-Oct-03

Trim			Ward D				18-Aug-03

Trimble			Fern Mae			03-Apr-03

Trimble			Fern Mae			04-Apr-03

Trimble			Jessie T. (Raymond)		10-Nov-03

Trimble			Steven Wayne			24-Sep-03

Trimmell		Jessie Marie			16-Jan-03

Triplett		Ann Zola			12-Apr-03

Trippel			Leota B.			09-Nov-03

Trost			Ruth S.				07-Jun-03

Trost			Ruth S.				08-Jun-03

Trotter			Christopher Levi Jerome		24-Aug-03

Trotter			Christopher Levi Jerome		25-Aug-03

Trotter			Christopher Levi Jerome		26-Aug-03

Trotter			Christopher Levi Jerome		27-Aug-03

Trotter			Christopher Levi Jerome		28-Aug-03

Trotter			Larry Dean			01-Feb-03

Trousdale		Tomy N.				29-May-03

Trout			Anna Lee			09-Aug-03

Trout			Anna W.				07-Mar-03

Trout			Merle E				29-Jun-03

Troutman		Dale R				20-Jul-03

Troutman		Mavis L.			17-Feb-03

Troutman		Mavis Lucille			18-Feb-03

Troutman-Sack		Kathryn Gail			19-Mar-03

Troxell			Richard L.			23-Jun-03

Troxell			Rosalind M. 'Roz'		28-Aug-03

Troyer			Annie Gustava			23-Feb-03

Troyer			Leroy Vernon			29-Mar-03

Troyer			Ruby M.				16-Oct-03

Troyer			Ruby M.				17-Oct-03

Troyer			Vera America			27-Feb-03

Truax			Eloise				07-Jan-03

Trubey			L. Monsolete			25-Dec-03

Trudell			Leo J.				07-Oct-03

Truhlar			Lee R.				06-May-03

Truitt			Theo G. (Dr.)			27-May-03

Trummel			Alma M.				30-Nov-03

Trump			Dana Dea (Lake)			18-Mar-03

Trump			Dana Dea Lake			23-May-03

Trump			Lois A.				02-Apr-03

Truong			Lang Thi			07-Feb-03

Truong			Tuoi Thi			28-Nov-03

Tubbs			Harden H.			09-Feb-03

Tubbs			Harden H.			11-Feb-03

Tubbs			Harden H.			15-Feb-03

Tubbs			Harden H.			16-Feb-03

Tucker			Carl Herbert III 'Herb'		09-Oct-03

Tucker			H. Vee Jr.			28-Apr-03

Tucker			John				05-Dec-03

Tucker			John				06-Dec-03

Tucker			John				07-Dec-03

Tucker			Joseph M. Jr.			10-Jan-03

Tucker			Mary Ann Hirst			20-Aug-03

Tucker			Maxine Gertrude			07-Aug-03

Tucker			Pat				12-Mar-03

Tucker			Paul				13-Mar-03

Tucker			William H. 'Bill'		17-Dec-03

Tucker			Yolanda E.			04-Apr-03

Tuders			David William			01-Apr-03

Tuders			David William			02-Apr-03

Tull			Gladys I.			12-Jan-03

Tull			Gladys I.			13-Jan-03

Tull			Gladys I.			14-Jan-03

Tull			Jodie S.			01-Jul-03

Tull			Jodie S.			02-Jul-03

Tullis			Gary				12-Feb-03

Tullis			Gary				16-Feb-03

Tunnell			Allie Mae			12-Dec-03

Turek			Julia Anne			07-Mar-03

Turley			Moyne Luzina Shehi		05-Jan-03

Turley			Moyne Luzina Shehi		06-Jan-03

Turley			Moyne Luzina Shehi		07-Jan-03

Turner			Atlas				31-Mar-03

Turner			Bob				06-Mar-03

Turner			Bob				07-Mar-03

Turner			Darrel E			13-Jul-03

Turner			Darrell Allen			25-May-03

Turner			Darrell Allen			26-May-03

Turner			Delphine L. 'Annie'		03-Mar-03

Turner			Eleanore Elizabeth		31-Jan-03

Turner			Eleanore Elizabeth		01-Feb-03

Turner			Helen L.			20-Sep-03

Turner			Helen L.			21-Sep-03

Turner			Hulon (Dr.)			03-Jun-03

Turner			Hulon C. (Dr.)			04-Jun-03

Turner			Hulon C. (Dr.)			05-Jun-03

Turner			Hulon C. (Dr.)			06-Jun-03

Turner			Hulon C. Sr. (Dr.)		03-Jun-03

Turner			Kenzy Benton			20-Jun-03

Turner			M.J. 'Frank'			29-Jan-03

Turner			Thomas E. 'Tom'			02-Jun-03

Turner			Thomas E. 'Tom'			03-Jun-03

Turney			VonDean				03-Aug-03

Turney			VonDean				04-Aug-03

Turpin			Riley Corbin			22-Feb-03

Turpin-Bacon		Freda Mae			17-Apr-03

Turrentine		William M.			27-May-03

Tuttle			James Edward			19-Aug-03

Tuttle			Jeffrey S.			25-Nov-03

Tuxhorn			Alberta M.			15-Feb-03

Tuxhorn			Lila May			27-Mar-03

Tweedy			Frank A.			03-May-03

Twietmeyer		Edwin August Herrman		29-Dec-03

Twomey			Eunice V. (Stricklin)		28-Oct-03

Tyndal			Frances L. (Perdue)		20-May-03

Tyree			Eunice Ann Myers-Easley		12-Nov-03

Tyree			Eunice Ann Myers-Easley		13-Nov-03

Tyrell			Esther I.			19-Nov-03

Tyrell			Kenneth E.			28-May-03

Tyson			George V.			07-Nov-03

Tyson			Margaret L. 'Marge'		10-Mar-03

Tyson			Sharon M.			18-Jul-03


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