Smith Cemetery
K7 S shoulder N of College Ave.
Lenexa, Olathe Twp, Johnson, KS

Latitude, Longitude:   Map
38 56' 05.52" N, 94 51' 11.27" W
38.934900, -94.853100

Driving Directions:
From K7 S and College Ave in Lenexa KS, take College Ave exit and turn west (right) on College Ave. Hedge Lane runs next to the exit ramp, turn north (right) on Hedge Lane and follow it until you see a parking area on the east (right) side of the road.

About this Cemetery:
This cemetery consists of one stone on the shoulder of Kansas State Highway 7. The stone is surrounded with large iron pipes to protect it from the mowers. The stone is on the east end of the enclosure facing the highway and is filled with overgrowth and bushes. A child's whistle in the form of a football is tied to the iron pipe beside the stone. Hedge Lane runs beside the highway on the west side, and there is a parking area where you can easily and safely walk to the stone.

Cemetery Contact:
Kansas Dept of Transportation
Topeka, KS

Transcription by Linda Lewis, 28 Aug 2005
This is a complete transcription by reading and photographing the gravestones. Photos available upon request.