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Although the following directions are for Win95 and using the 32 bit program, the options should be quite similiar for Windows users as well. If you don't have WS_FTP you may download either the 16 bit or the 32 bit program here, as well as read more helpful information on the program.

WS_FTP32 (for Win95 users)

Start WS_FTP32

The first screen you see will say Session Profile.

Session Profile

  1. When the screen comes up click on "New" button under profile name.
  2. PROFILE NAME: Enter name of your county or something to help you remember what this profile is to be used for.
  3. HOST NAME: skyways.lib.ks.us
  4. HOST TYPE: UNIX (standard)
  5. USER ID: enter user id given you by Tom and Carolyn
  6. PASSWORD: enter password given you by Tom and Carolyn
  7. ACCOUNT: leave blank

  8. REMOTE HOST: public_html
  9. LOCAL PC: the path on your computer to your files

  10. Check the "Save Password" box on right of screen if a checkmark is not in the box.
  11. Click on "Save" button under profile name.
  12. Click on "Cancel" button on right side of screen.

The profile box will close. On the bottom of the screen now showing, click on "Options".

A new box will pop open showing several buttons.

  • Click on "Session Options"

    Be sure a check mark is showing or the option is selected in the following boxes, then click on "Save":
    • "Auto update remote directories"
    • "Force lowercase"
    • Transfer Mode: "Auto detect"

    • If the pages you are uploading have the .htm extention on your computer and you want them to have the .html extention after they have been uploaded, put a check mark in the "Convert Extentions" box.
    • If your pages all use the .htm extention on both your computer and in all your code on your pages, be sure the "Convert Extentions" box is not selected.

  • If your pages will ALL have the .html extention after they have been uploaded, click on "Convert Extentions" Button. When the box opens, type .htm in the source box and .html in the destination box, click on "Add" then on "Exit". If htm=html already appears in the box just exit.

    WS_FTP32 is now configured to upload your pages. Click on connect, select the name you just gave this session profile and then click on OK. After a few seconds you will see the path to your files on your computer on the left side of the screen and your directory for your files to be uploaded into on the right. Select the files on the left that you want to upload by clicking on them to highlight them [ you can hold down shift or ctrl to select more than one or all of them ] then click on the arrow pointing to your county directory . A little box will pop up showing which file is being transfered and how fast. When all the files have been uploaded you will see them appear in the directory on the right side of your screen. It can take a few seconds (or longer) for this to take place so don't worry when you don't see them instantly. When you see your file names you are finished. Click on the bottom left button "Quit" or Disconnect"...

    CONGRATULATIONS... you have just uploaded your pages.

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