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Bride's Index V

Bride's Name Groom's Name Marriage Date Book Page
Vale, Mary A. Coe, Frank L. January 20, 1904 D 295
Valentine, Ruby Thompson, James A. May 18, 1924 J 103
Vallette, Geneva Lo Bloom, Marlowe May 15, 1930 K 283
Van Fleet, Ria Saunders, Thomas 07/01/1890 A 444
Van Leuren, Helen Beeson, V. J. 09/03/1886 A 238
Vanarsdale, Edith Sanders, Garfield December 19, 1905 E 60
Vanbuskirk, Gertie Mccartney, Frank E. October 21, 1920 I 134
Vancyoc, Anna Andrews, Elva July 28, 1909 E 311
Vandanacker, Nellie Teresa Mcewen, J.C. December 2, 1912 F 395
Vanderfort, Mary Rowe, W. H. Date Not Entered H 59
Vanderpool, Beulah Price, Charles August 11, 1912 F 338
Vanderpool, Mary Snyder, G. E. November 21, 1917 H 139
Vandolah, Labelle Miskimen, Melvin January 2, 1930 K 243
Vandusan, Hattie Clark, Eugene D. 08/17/1887 A 288
Vanhook, Maggie Vamaman, George 10/02/1890 A 459
Vanhorne, Marita Mcmullin, Jess Date Not Entered G 285
Vanhorne, Ola Leonard, Robert May 8, 1918 H 190
Vanhuss, Daisy Cohey, George 12/25/1895 C 42
Vanhuss, Elzina Pearson, Albert F. December 10, 1901 D 122
Vanhuss, Flossie Stark, Wayne January 24, 1920 I 9
Vannaman, Barbara Cornwell, Lewis 07/28/1890 A 448
Vanvalkenburg, Nannie Pool, Norman T. 07/20/1898 C 172
Vanwinkle, Bell Osborn, Martin June 22, 1929 K 176
Vanwinkle, Della Webb, Arthur 10/29/1898 C 193
Vardy, Beckie Thatcher, William 04/28/1887 A 267
Vardy, Mary Vanevery, Judson 05/03/1885 A 149
Varner, Belinda Cook, George 06/10/1886 A 207
Varner, Elnora Phillips, A. J. April 22, 1921 I 193
Varner, Jennie Doll, Otto January 30, 1911 F 156
Vavvalkenbury, Lizzi K. Buckley, J.W. December 12, 1904 D 4
Veal, Dollie Stafford, Elind A. December 11, 1901 D 121
Venaro, Dollie Ryan, E. C. Date Not Entered G 211
Vernon, Minnie Brent, J. F. August 6, 1928 K 50
Vien, Bessie E. Norris, Cyrus 10/29/1882 A 46
Vinson, Marie 5. Markham, Chester A. February 27, 1908 E 217
Virth, Barbara Albert, William 12/28/1893 B 175
Vleit, Lillie Metcalf, Robert A. February 14, 1911 F 163
Vogel, Emma Bruner, Elmer E. 04/26/1893 B 141
Vorbes, Helen Terrell, C.D. June 7, 1906 E 95
Vornauf, Risa B. Beal, Joel N. 05/16/1899 C 229
Vorrath, Minnie Burgmeier, John 12/09/1889 A 409


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