Brush Creek Cemetery

Graham County Kansas

This cemetery was walked and recorded by Gayle M. Garrett, September 25, 2001

Brush Creek CemeteryBrush Creek CemeteryBrush Creek Cemetery
Pictures Added March 13, 2002 - taken by Gayle Garrett

Brush Creek Cemetery is located 3.2 miles south and .2 miles east of the Penokee Cemetery in Graham County. It sits at the top of a rise. Climb the hill to the south of the road along the east side of the fence and then take the trail next to the fence up the rest of the hill. There is a visible gate at the top of the rise.

------------ Dragie ------------ 6-15-1892 Damaged stone,
Last name missing
BEEBER George H. 1-16-1889 7-14-1891 Son of John & Mary Beeber
BIDDLE Nettie O. ------------ 5-24-1888 Aged 21 yrs., 11 mos., 5 days,
Wife of E. E. Biddle.
BIDDLE Elias E. 1856 1898  
BOSSLER Mary 7-1832 7-20-1879 Aged 63 years.
Conflicting information appears on stone.
COLVALT Samuel B. ------------ 1-22-1889 Aged 22 yrs., 8 mo., 10 days.
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ Parts of 2 yellow stones with dates missing
DARROW Dorothy Irene 2-4-1911 7-2-1911  
GOFF Frankie 6-10-1887 4-1-1889 Son of C. E. & T. F. Goff, Jr.
KNOUF Jacob 8-11-1848 4-20-1898  
------------ ------------ ------------ ------------ Missing, Broken stone,
Located in Knoff graves.
KNOUF N. A. ------------ 5-14-1889 Aged 64 yrs. , 25 days.
KNOUF Lidia C. 11-8-1826 11-11-1909  
KNOUF Floyd Clayton 7-11-1914 4-4-1916 Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. N. A. Knoff.
TURNER Infant ------------ 10-26-1889 Aged 2 days, Infant son of W. H. & M. V. Turner.
TURNER ------------ ------------ ------------ Bad stone,
broken off
4-12?, 2yrs. 8mos., 7days.
Probably a Turner stone, by location in the cemetery.
TURNER Essie ------------ 11-3-1885 Aged 6 yrs., 9 mos.
Daughter of S. G. & S. E. Turner.
TURNER Grace E. ------------ 4-5-1879 Aged 18 yrs., 3 mos., 21 days.
Daughter of S. G. & S. E. Turner
TURNER Sarah E. ------------ 1-16-1879 Aged 54 yrs. 7 mos., 3 days.
Wife of S. G. Turner.
TURNER S. G. ------------ ------------ VETERAN CO. 10th.
N. Y. H. A.
No dates on stone.

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