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Prairie Dale Cemetery Prairie Dale Cemetery Prairie Dale Cemetery
This cemetery was walked, cataloged & recorded April 15 2002. Researched and copyrighted by Gayle M. Garrett a life long Trego County resident.
Located from intersection U.S.-24 & U.S.18 NORTH OF BOGUE 10 MILES (N.) - 2 MILES (E.)-TURN (N.) 0.3 of MILE (N.) or TO END OF ROAD



BAILEY Miriam 4/17/1876 2/16/1892 Daughter of: S. F. & Mary
BECK C. E. ------------- 5/11/1909 Aged: 51years
BECK Mather ------------- 5/11/1909 Aged: 11mo. 9da. Daughter of: C. E. & R. Beck
BODEY Daniel ------------- 4/19/1896 Aged: 86yr. 9mo.
BENNETT T. L. ------------ 10/4/1898 Aged: 64yr. 2mo. 4da.CIVIL WAR VETERAN
BROWNLEE Jane ------------- 3/24/1902 Aged: 66yr. 11mo. 26da.Same stone as: WalterIn Honor of: Father & Mother
BROWNLEE Walter -------------- 5/21/1903 Aged: 68yr. 7mo.Same stone as: JaneIn Honor of: Father & Mother
BUNDLE Frank -------------- 8/1/1896 Aged: 17yr. 11mo. 2da.
CARY Mary M. 7/29/1850 12/5/1920 Mother
Same stone as: Sylvester N.
CARY Sylvester N. 1/8/1846 1/10/1914 Father
Same stone as: Mary M.
CARY James F. 3/19/1856 3/6/1933 Same stone as: Harvey Nathan
CARY Harvey Nathan 6/21/1886 1887 Son
Same stone as: James F.
GRAY Mary Jane 5/26/1856 12/9/1919  
------------ ------------- ------------ --------------- Old Yellow stone
No Information Left on it
HOYT Bess ------------- -------------- Infant Daughter of: D. G. & A. M. Hoyt
HOYT Don C. 1844 1887 VETERAN CO. B. 29th IOWA INF.
Same stone as: Harriet M.
HOYT Harriet M. 1849 1919 Same stone as: Don C.
HOYT Irene E. ----------- 10/27/1888 Aged: 69yr. 1mo. 22da.
HOWARD George W. 4/17/1867 6/8/1892 Son of: T. A. & R.
KATES Dorha -------------- 12/14/1890 Aged: 27yr. 6mo.
McCLURG Opal Mae 1/24/1909 8/15/1964 Same stone as: Everett H.
Married: 4/30/1930
McCLURG Everett H. 4/22/1904 2/22/1984 Same stone as: Opal Mae
Married: 4/30/1930
MORRISON Johnnie ------------ ------------- Son of: J. & F. E. Morrison
No dates
NICHOL Sidney G. 1881 1939 Same stone as: Nellie M.
NICHOL Nellie M. 1883 1960 Same stone as: Sidney G.
NICHOL Sadie L. A. 2/16/1912 9/10/1920 Daughter of: S. G. & N. M. Nichol
NICHOL Ann ------------- 5/26/1856 Aged: 75yr.
Same stone as: Francis
NICHOL Francis ------------- 6/10/1908 Aged: 88yr.
NICHOL James ------------ 9/15/1914 Aged: 52yr.
NICHOL William 1/1/1861 3/9/1939  
NICHOL Lucy 1/3/1852 8/7/1930 Same stone as: Matthew W.
NICHOL Matthew W. 3/31/1843 1/20/1928 Same stone as: Lucy
NICHOL John William 10/2/1871 6/19/1953 Husband
Same stone as: Martha J.
NICHOL Martha J. 2/8/1883 4/29/1931 Wife
Same stone as: John William
NICHOL Clara Living   Same stone as: Matthew W.

Sams stone as: Clara
NICHOL Clayton L. 11/12/1907 3/4/1981 Same stone as: Leonard O.
NICHOL Leonard O. 10/30/1904 1/16/1981 VETERAN U.S. ARMY WWII
RIDGLEY George 1896 1897  
RIDGLEY Opal 1906 1906  
RIDGLEY Daisy ----------- 10/25/1888 Aged: 2days Daughter of: W. E. & M. P. Ridgley
RIDGLEY ------------ ------------ 1889  
RUFF Violet R. 10/17/1914 2/22/1996 Same stone as: Arthur W.
Married: 12/25/1938
Their Photo on stone
RUFF Arthur W. 2/3/1913 3/8/1988 Same stone as: Violet R.
Married: 12/25/1938
Their Photo on stone
WALLGREN Luisie C. 6/22/1865 3/25/1937 Same stone as: August T.
WALLGREN August T. 11/12/1846 8/19/1933 Same stone as: Luisie C.
WILCOX Jesse G. 3/25/1865 8/18/1888  

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EMAIL Graham County Coordinator
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